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Welcome Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. We offer a progressive, well supported learning environment with wide-ranging opportunities for students from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12. We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender specific classes. In Early Learning through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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Mentone Grammar is currently experiencing very high demand for enrolments now and into the future.

We invite you to visit us at Mentone Grammar to see our students and staff in action. Initially, joining one of our School Tours is the best way to find out what happens at our School.

As you can imagine, this is a good situation for our School and clear indication that the School is doing great things.

Take the opportunity to meet with us so that, together, we can discuss our TogetherApart-Together coeducation model and explore the benefits it will offer your children.

We really appreciate that people are so interested in our School and, if you are aware of anyone who wishes to be on our future waiting lists, we would appreciate you reminding them that it is critically important to access our website to register and pay a (non-refundable) registration fee per child online.

This will provide you and your sons and daughters with an opportunity to have your questions answered in detail.

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School Tours Monday 4 May 9.30am Open Day Saturday 15 August 9am – 12 noon School Tours Thursday 22 October 9.30am Please register online: or contact me at: if you wish to arrange a private tour or to discuss enrolments and opportunities available for your sons and daughters at Mentone Grammar. Mentone Grammar is now accepting Scholarship applications for 2021 entry. Applications close on Friday 31 January 2020 please refer to our website for further information.

We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place in the preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion.



I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR


02 Front Cover: World Challenge – Borneo, September 2019

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our student guides from across the Campus.



YEARS 10-12


02 Foundation students celebrate 100 Days of Learning

with a classroom visit from mums, dads, special friends dress ups and cupcakes.



FROM THE CHAIR PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME The theme of this edition of the Mentor focuses on the diversity of our programs and it truly highlights the great breadth of offerings available to a Mentone Grammar student. So often I hear our students talk about the amazing opportunities they have, and these have only increased in number as we have grown as a School. The introduction of girls into our School, whilst controversial at the time, has been the making of our School as it has enabled us to grow in number and, as a result, provide great breadth to our programs but it has also allowed our School to grow its culture into the one that exists today - one of great positivity, great opportunity and a desire to be the best we can in all that we undertake. Our students are socially more aware, and our mantra of happiness and good health is certainly enhanced within our community-based setting.

As mentioned in a previous edition of the Mentor, the Mentone Grammar Board is not a representative Board. Whilst there are Directors who are current or past parents and Alumni there are some who have no direct association with the School. All Directors, however, have skills and knowledge which enable the Board to fulfil its roles, namely the appointment of the Principal, to whom they delegate the responsibility of the day-to-day operation of the School; the support and appraisal of the Principal; ensuring that the school is financially viable and run in a way that ensures risks are minimised and that it complies with all relevant legislation; setting the School’s strategic and educational goals; and monitoring itself and others to see that the School’s goals are being achieved. All Directors work in a voluntary capacity and most have senior roles in the commercial sector. Because of work commitments, the Board meets in the evening and Board sub-committees meet early morning. However, from time to time the Board meets for a whole day or longer to consider matters that require greater discussion and consideration. In August the Board met for a day to consider the strategic direction for the School in the period between now and the School’s Centenary in 2023. This day-long session had been preceded by a lot of earlier work and research. The meeting was held at the School on a normal, working school day, that venue chosen for good reason.

It is some time since I reported on the progress of coeducation at Mentone Grammar and, in particularly the growth in girls’ enrolments. Girls now account for 40 per cent of our total population; their academic performance has improved over time as have their engagement and success in sport. Our girls are thriving in our Cadet Unit and engaging in increasing numbers in all of the other programs on offer within the School. Our Waiting Lists for future enrolments for girls highlight the fact that the number of girls in the School will continue to grow over time. All in all, the evolution of our co-ed School is most pleasing indeed. It is worth noting that our boys are also thriving in this contemporary environment which is equally pleasing.

We commenced our day observing classes in action starting in Eblana and ending up in the Year 12 Study Centre. Over the course of three hours we visited an Eblana cross-age reading group, a Year 7 Boys’ lesson where they were teaching each other about the correct use of the apostrophe using the popular computer game Minecraft, a Year 8 Boys’ Literature Circle, a Year 5 Girls’ Robotics class where they were designing cars followed by Year 12 students undertaking self-directed learning in the Year 12 Study Centre. We also had morning tea with the Head Prefects and student leaders.

As our School continues to evolve, the opportunities available to our students will continue to grow and, from our experience of this, our students will increasingly find themselves in a happy, healthy, high achieving place.

What better way to provide context for a day considering Strategic Direction! Whilst the Board’s total focus is on strategy and policy rather than operational matters, it was good to experience a practical reminder of the reason we were all there –

My thanks to all who contribute to this amazing place. Best wishes to all,

‘to develop resilient young people with a wide range of skills, interests and attributes to take their place in a changing world in an environment which challenges and motivates within a caring community.’ For this reason, it was appropriate that the Board’s strategic planning discussions were held surrounded by staff and students going about their daily work of teaching and learning.



B Com, B Ed, Grad Dip Curriculum, Dip Ed, FACE, FACEL, AAIM, MAICD Educational Consultant Mr Ross Joblin (DEPUTY CHAIR)

LLB (Hons), Dip CorpMgmt, FAICD, FCIS Company Executive Mr Simon Appel OAM PhC, FAIM, FAICD Pharmacist Rev. Kevin Pedersen B. Theol, B.Marketing, Dip Min Minister of Religion Mr Troy Riley BA (Politics/History) Company Director Mrs Gigi Williams B App Sci, FRPS, FBCA, FAIMBI Ms Amanda Codila BA (Psych), MA (Psych) Human Resources Manager Ms Kylie Watson-Wheeler BA (Politics and English Literature), Grad Dip (Communications, Marketing and PR) Managing Director Mr Chris Hewison MBA, Grad Dip Management, B Bus (Property) Executive Director Property & Chief Procurement Officer Mr Darren Murphy B Comm LLB (Hons) Lawyer

There couldn’t have been a better reminder of the core purpose of the School in the Board’s deliberations on strategic direction.





Mr Malcolm Cater B Bus (Acc), Dip Ed, MACE, MACEL, MLM Ed Ms Nicole Bradshaw (BUSINESS MANAGER)

B Bus (Acc), CPA, GAICD


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



LEARNING A FUTURE FOCUS Teaching and Learning at Mentone Grammar School has been underpinned by the research of Professor John Hattie and Emeritus Professor Dylan Wiliam since 2015. It has included explicit strategies for teachers to engage students in learning, has ensured high expectations, and led to the development of assessment practices that enhance levels of understanding. This has served the School well and is evidenced by strong VCE results and the continued development of our expert teaching staff into some of the best teachers in education today.

In the book Against All Odds: A History of Mentone Grammar, author James Rundle retells that one of the original aims of the School was ‘To provide a classical, general and modern education.’ Almost 100 years later this aim continues to guide us. By honouring and celebrating the past, and acknowledging the journey that is currently underway, we can look forward and begin to embrace an aspirational future, a future that ensures we continue to be one of the top Independent Schools in Australia. An extensive consultation process began in February and has included a series of workshops and forums across the School. Drawing on the expertise of our community we asked staff, students and parents their beliefs about how children learn most powerfully and deeply, and how we as a school should be responding to the global trends that are influencing the world around us. As we uncovered our beliefs as a community, and explored our current practices, we triangulated this with a comprehensive review of the research literature. Through this exploratory work, our community told us that children learn most powerfully and deeply through a strong relationship with their teacher and by seeing relevance in what they are learning. Our community was unanimous in its belief that the fundamental aspect of a modern education is learning how to learn, and believes that this can be achieved by ensuring our School has a curriculum that is a coherent and connected learning system; a common set of teaching practices to support learning that includes a model of inquiry, project-based learning and learning directly from the instruction of others; and that this should be underpinned by a common definition of learning



Some exciting new initiatives are currently under development including a new professional learning structure for our teaching staff, the introduction of philosophical inquiry in Eblana, and the introduction of an innovative new elective structure in Bayview. This vision for teaching and learning will launch early 2020 alongside the school’s new strategic plan ‘Heading towards our Centenary’.


What do we believe about how children learn most powerfully and deeply? What matters most in our School? How well do we know the children we serve? What are their collective hopes, dreams, challenges and fears? What are the larger global shifts that inform our work?



What is the role of a teacher?

Collaboration in planning. Teachers share  their ideas and research to plan for their future classrooms.

‘If you have seen further than others it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.’ Nowhere have Isaac Newton’s words sounded truer than at Mentone Grammar. Over almost a century of shifting norms in a changing world, successive Headmasters and Principals have each continued to advance teaching and learning at the School by honouring and building on the founding philosophy:


'The educator should ask himself, first, not “Will the child pass his examinations as the result of my teaching?” but rather “Will he be a happy and moral citizen?' First Speech Night Address, Headmaster H. L. Tonkin, 1923. In the School’s Jubilee Year, 1983 – Headmaster Keith Jones advocated ‘a caring community in which the personal identity and development of each [child] are, at all times, paramount and in which [children] may grow intellectually, spiritually, morally and physically into positive, responsible and concerned adults’. Fast forward 96 years to where Mentone Grammar is the winner of The Age ‘Schools that Excel’ Award and the new 2020 Teaching & Learning vision is built on the strong foundations of the current school philosophy: ‘Our goal is to add value in all that a young person does at the same time as ensuring they are happy, healthy young people.’ Principal Mal Cater.

Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

What is the value of a curriculum?


03 & 04


What skills and knowledge do students need to thrive in the future?

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that includes disciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge, experiential learning opportunities, and a wide range of skills and key literacies. The level of engagement from our community has been extraordinary, and the excitement is palpable as we develop a future-focused plan, informed by the latest research, that will shape the future of teaching and learning at the School over the next five years. By developing this shared language of what we value in learning, we will have a philosophical direction that will guide everything we do. It will respect the work that has been done to date, but also look to broaden and extend it, as we ensure a full alignment in purpose and language right across the School and, most importantly, supporting our shift towards a more empowered and innovative learning culture, it will bring us together around a focal point for collaboration.


We’ve come a long way. C. C. Thorold in action in the 1930s.


All children are artists. Picasso






ADVENTURES At our recent parent and teacher interviews and School Tours I have had time to reflect on questions parents ask our staff. Questions such as, ‘What do we do in the kindergarten?’ and, ‘What are the benefits of attending kindergarten, for their child?’ The value of kindergarten is that it provides children with the opportunity to interact with other children in a safe, structured group environment under the guidance of supportive, nurturing staff. Our ELC is play based, allowing children to learn by doing, to take considered risks, to challenge the way they think, to celebrate their endeavours and those of their peers. Learning and play are not incompatible. Learning best takes place when children are engaged and enjoying themselves - happy, healthy and engaged children is what we do best inside and outside of our happy Campus.


Book Week dress ups and endless stories are a highlight on the ELC calendar.


A big day out. Making buns with the local baker at the Mentone shops.


A surprise visit from the ‘big students’ from the senior campus.

Kindergarten prepares children for the rigours of school. Children leave our ELC feeling good about themselves, they socialise well and trust their peers and their teachers.


03 02


Everyday is a mix of inside and outside play.


Footy with dad after a special Father’s Day breakfast together.


They are able to cooperate and negotiate, they develop good listening skills and are able to persist with challenging tasks. Importantly, they are ready to work productively as part of a team. When walking through our six rooms I am amazed by what the children are doing, whether it is with blocks, learning how to construct a famous structure such as the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to writing out menus to use in their pop up cafes they have created, to exploring the wonders of dinosaurs and getting right the complicated names of dinosaurs such as Compsognathus or Yangchuanosaurus. They are very good at learning about their own bodies and the functions of their major organs. Children constantly amaze us; they are such capable individuals and if we support and provide the tools to help them learn then the sky is the limit. I cannot wait to see the journey these inspiring children take through school and beyond and I am sure we will all be very proud of their confidence, compassion and endeavours. LIBBY CHISLETT DIRECTOR


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019





It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences – Audre Lorde


Eblana embraces diversity and inclusion. We share our learning with hundreds of young individuals who are unique in their own combination of ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability and learning styles, and our experiences are richer for their differences. A diverse population enriches our experiences, and we love nothing more than sharing and learning from different perspectives. A genuine respect for different learning styles and abilities is reflected across all classrooms in Eblana, with differentiated tasks and activities woven into our teaching every day. There are also many special events throughout the year that explicitly teach our students the importance of celebrating diversity. Harmony Day sets the tone for our year, with a day set aside in the calendar to celebrate the theme ‘Everyone Belongs’. Tying in seamlessly with our School Values of Respect and Caring, this day offers our students the chance to reflect on and celebrate the rich mix of cultures that make up our school community. Easter was celebrated this year by not only looking at the Australian Easter traditions, but by inviting our children with a Greek heritage to share their experiences and customs. Eggs dyed red and cracked together for good luck soon became as popular as the chocolate variety in Eblana! As the language studied by all Eblana students (and a growing number of teachers), Chinese Cultural day is an important one in our calendar. Celebrated to honour the Chinese culture, the children dressed up and experienced elements of Chinese culture such as Tai Chi, Chinese puzzles, musical instruments, Chinese games, traditional dragon dancing, and Chinese cuisine for lunch. Our Year 1 students explored the differences in school life from 100 years ago to now.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

This unit culminated in an immersion day, where the students dressed for school as they may have many years ago. Travelling back in time they spent the day writing on slateboards, lining up ‘ladies before gentlemen’ and sitting in rows. There is no better way to learn about how things were different, than to be immersed and experience it yourself! Foundation students celebrated 100 days of Foundation, also dressing up, this time as 100-year olds! There was much excitement as students welcomed parents to celebrate alongside them. The classrooms were buzzing with families playing games, doing puzzles, reading and enjoying a morning together, topped off with special cupcakes. Our year has included many other celebrations and experiences, such as excursions to the MCG, Scienceworks, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the HMAS Melbourne, the Melbourne Museum, Healesville and Chesterfield Farm. We celebrated Book Week, National Simultaneous Storytime, Wakakirri, Footy Colours Day, Indigenous Celebration Week, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more. Mentone Grammar’s School values are at the forefront of all that we do. Reflecting on these, our students really do value that each and every one of us brings something important to make up our very special place called Eblana. JESSICA RICHARDS HEAD OF EBLANA

In my role as Teacher/Librarian in the Finlay Anderson Library, I teach students from the ELC to Year 4 and thought this was the perfect age to introduce students to a Sustainability Initiative. As we move through a time of growing environmental concerns, it is important students adopt a ‘sustainable lens’ in how they go about their daily lives. Thereby the Eblana Growing Greener Initiative started, part advocacy, part education, but all delivered in a hands-on engaging manner. It is through close engagement with their natural surrounds that a connection to the environment is formed.

OVER THE LAST 12 MONTHS WE HAVE STARTED A LARGE NUMBER OF ACTIONS: • We were the lucky recipients of a CERES grant program that has unlocked a series of educational workshops and incursions. • We have relocated the Greenhouse to the Eblana Magic Garden for growing seeds. • We have formed a Green Team with over 36 Year 4 students signing up for a role in the team. • We have initiated group planting sessions involving Year 3 and Year 4 students with their ELC and Foundation buddies. • We now have Waste free Wednesdays - to reduce the amount of waste in students’ lunch boxes. • We compost our food scraps. • We have hung bee and insect houses to encourage bees and insects into our garden. • We are reducing and reusing everyday waste by making bottle cap mobiles for the garden.

The journey has just begun in 2019, the support and encouragement from staff, students, parents and our Community has been overwhelming. I am very excited to see where the Eblana Green Initiative will take us. BELINDA MCKINDLAY


BAYVIEW YEARS 5 AND 6 In addition to Shoreham Year 5 students attend Learning Journeys to the Immigration Museum, Old Treasury Building and Sovereign Hill. Each of these are planned specifically to complement and enhance the Humanities Curriculum that focuses on Democracy, Geography and Migration. Year 6 also has many opportunities to experience Learning Journeys, with visits to Melbourne Museum, Chinatown and Canberra. A prime example of how Learning Journeys link to curriculum, in particular, Civics and Citizenship, is the much-anticipated Year 6 Learning Journey to Canberra. In May each year students disembark the aeroplane full of enthusiasm, primed and ready to immerse themselves into everything Canberra has to offer. By the end of the week when students have visited the Australian War Memorial, Parliament House, Old Parliament House, MOAD, the EEC, rose gardens, National Library, High Court, AIS, National Gallery, the Arboretum, Questacon and the National Capital Exhibition, the students leave Canberra tired, yet satisfied with all the new information, experiences and knowledge they have gained.


All Learning Journeys take our students out of the classroom and provide them with activities that undoubtedly involve each individual.

Real, lifelong learning opportunities occur daily with some of the most unforgettable learning happening when Years 5 and 6 students attend Learning Journeys and organised visits from expert presenters. Such events are specifically planned to ensure relevant, rich experiences beyond the classroom and culminate in a depth of learning and understanding. All Years 5 and 6 students spend three days at the School’s Shoreham property for activities that have been specifically planned to both educate and provide new experiences. Whilst at Shoreham the students participate in numerous activities and while the experience is exciting, the learning intentions are varied and well thought out to ensure each individual has the best experience possible.



• develop and demonstrate appropriate personal and interpersonal skills

• understand the contributions of volunteers in society

• practice and build upon problem solving and teamwork skills • engage with their peers and take initiative as part of community living

• collaborate in group tasks and organise shared experiences that involve making suggestions and decisions and engaging in transactions

build upon their appreciation of the natural environment and how it contributes to people’s wellbeing (First Settlement failure and founding of Melbourne)

• recognise the unique natural resources around Mornington Peninsula.

socialise and maintain relationships with peers and their teachers by sharing information about their personal experiences and social activities

• challenge themselves by participating in a variety of physical activities designed to stretch them physiologically, behaviourally and socially in diverse contexts and environments (surfing) • build upon their appreciation of the natural environment and how it contributes to people’s wellbeing.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



REIMAGINING LEARNING IN THE KEITH JONES LEARNING CENTRE Everyone can be creative. Global ChangeMakers provides a space for students to nurture their creative confidence and potential. As our Year 6 students tackle human-centred projects, they are stewards of possibility - searching for outcomes and diving deep into the unexpected and unknown. During their project-based learning, they develop empathy, agility as problem solvers and thinkers, skills to collaborate, and an action mindset - a bias towards doing and making things happen. Our Global ChangeMakers frame their challenges around a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. Before stepping into their complex, real-world problems, they play games (e.g. I'm a tree, Fail Test, Yes And, Yes Let's). These exercises help boost our students' energy, shift them to a more creative mindset, teach them to accept and celebrate mistakes and nurture camaraderie. Guided by the Design Thinking Process and relevant tools, the students wrestle with discomfort, examine possibilities, make meaning, persevere with, pivot around and punt ideas as they work towards solutions. Pitching their ideas to their peers and a judging panel provides a unique opportunity for our students to communicate their concept succinctly and receive valuable feedback. In Term 4, with revised pitch decks ready and competencies to carry them well beyond Year 6, our students will celebrate and share their ambitious journeys with their families and the broader School Community. PIP MADDEN YEAR 6 TEACHER AND MENTOR


BAYVIEW YEARS 7 AND 8 There’s something very special about the Learning Journeys that students in Years 7 and 8 have the privilege of attending during their time at Mentone Grammar.

When you look up, all you can see are stars.


When the Melbourne winter sets in during Term 2, our Year 7s pack their bags and jet off to Central Australia to increase their understanding of Indigenous culture. By way of significant Australian landmarks like Uluru and Kata Tjuta, they head to the Watarrka National Park and a small aboriginal outstation community called Lilla, a place whose name translates to ‘sweet water’. Sitting in the shadow of the George Gill Mountain Range, students have the opportunity to see how the local kids learn, and to hear the stories and traditions of the community from the people who live there. Whilst on their trip, they sleep in swags each night, wrapped in a blanket of stars that are often lost in the light pollution back in Melbourne. They have the opportunity to connect with the earth; to walk the red rock cliffs of Kings Canyon, to skirt the base of Uluru and hear about its importance to aboriginal cultural identity, and they develop an understanding of the geology of the landscape that surrounds them.

They are only away for five days, but the memories and learning last a lot longer. One year on, but under the same stars, Mentone Grammar students set off for another journey as Year 8s. Readying passports, packing suitcases and waving goodbye to their family for ten days, they board planes that take them overseas to China, Nepal, Cambodia or Vietnam. Titled ‘Cultures, Communities and Civilisations’, students embark on these journeys to immerse themselves in the fabric of their chosen country, visiting significant sites like the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors or Angkor Wat. They test themselves physically on the Annapurna trek or by cycling through the Karst landscapes of South China. They also build their understanding of how their own lives compare to the lives of the children growing up in these countries, visiting schools to spend time with local children. Upon their return, they have metaphorically grown just a little bit taller and show what they have learned by presenting a film of their trip to their parents. Having learnt some cinematography before departure, they use their filming skills to capture the footage whilst travelling and then edit it themselves to create a personal narrative of their time overseas. Providing students with these two significant experiences so early on in their lives gives them the opportunity to build their global awareness, confidence and empathy. Both are journeys in the sense of travel, but they are also journeys in the sense of personal growth and exploration, leaving students with memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. JAMES WALTON HEAD OF BAYVIEW


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



DIVERSE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES IN GREENWAYS This year, our Greenways students have embarked on an exciting journey. They are busy young people with vast opportunities. I am often amazed at the broad range of interests, depth of knowledge and different backgrounds in our community and what an interesting and diverse learning environment this creates at Mentone Grammar. Learning opportunities are not bound by the four walls of a classroom. Learning exists in many facets of life and one of our important roles is to encourage the search for these opportunities. In and around their Learning Journeys, Greenways students have also undertaken a journey of investigation and enquiry as part of a Personal Project. This is a project-based learning prospect where students are encouraged to start with a big idea that explores an area that they are passionate about. One of the aims


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

of this unit is to enable students to take responsibility of their own learning, to develop their personal organisational skills and learn to manage their time. The project runs for three terms and there are checkpoints along the way that students need to meet. It also allows students to work within a self-paced environment that is closely monitored by Personal Project mentors. The topic chosen by each student at the beginning of the year needed to be challenging, have enough scope to be sustainable long-term and

align with a Focus Area. The Personal Project also helps to acquire the skills to promote learning and to develop greater global awareness, international understanding, and an appreciation of cultural diversity. The aim is not simply to display knowledge, but to apply what students have learnt and showcase this at our Personal Project Exhibition Night, in a public forum. Diverse learning opportunities also exist amongst our broader community. One of our aims is to provide our students with

experiences that prepare them for life beyond Mentone Grammar. This involves taking an active role, offering service and developing relationships within the wider community. A small group of Greenways students have nurtured our ongoing relationship with The Yarrabah School throughout 2019. Yarrabah is a small school that caters for students with an intellectual disability and other associated conditions. The students are of mixed ability and the school caters for students from Kindergarten to 18 years of age. Our students have had the

fortunate opportunity to work with various age groups. Many of these students face the day-to-day challenges of communicating and functioning within their networks. Socialising with adolescents and working as part of a team are extremely important parts of the learning process for both Yarrabah and Mentone Grammar students. Through this experience, they have started to build relationships, social connectedness and share a genuine concern for others.

the students have gained a deeper understanding of the world around them and have broadened their horizons, so they are well equipped for life beyond Greenways and Mentone Grammar. NATALIE MCLENNAN HEAD OF GREENWAYS

I am proud that Greenways students embrace such diverse opportunities with enthusiasm. Through these experiences,



coaches, is certainly reflective of the positive culture we enjoy within our School. It is always pleasing to see the hard work pay off for our students, as was evident at the Winter Sport Awards evening.

Now that Term 3 has reached its conclusion it provides the opportunity to reflect upon recent events and activities. While the cold and wet weather may have tested the resilience of our students, it did not diminish their commitment or endeavour as they engaged in the diverse range of programs about the Campus. Predominantly, of course, students are engaged with learning through their selected subject areas and while the learning strategies employed within our framework of Visible Learning and Formative Assessment assist our students to progress their learning, opportunities for learning often extend far beyond the classroom. Year 11 Geography students began the term with a trip to Phillip Island and the Nature Park Centre as part of their investigation into tourism and environmental sustainability on the island, while our Year 10 Sports Science Students visited the Richmond Football Club to attend the Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership as they brought their classroom lessons regarding athletic performance, coaching, leadership and sports management to life. Our Units 3 & 4 Biology students attended Melbourne University ‘Get into genes, issues in gene technology’ seminars as they developed their understanding of gene technology regulation in Australia to provide an overview of genetically modified crops grown around the world. And that was just within the first week back! Alongside their lessons, students completed the Winter season of AGSV/APSV Sport. While many of our teams enjoyed successful seasons, the efforts of our Girls’ Cross Country team should not go unmentioned, winning the Premiership for the second year running. It is not unusual to see students running around the streets, training on the oval, or practising in the gym when we arrive in the morning. Nor is it unusual to find students undertaking training late into the afternoon. The commitment and endeavour of our students to challenge themselves, and the caring and encouraging manner in which they are supported by their


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

Another group of students and staff that demonstrate a high level of commitment and endeavour are in the Performing Arts, where it appears, at times, that rehearsals are incessant. And yet, there are always smiles on faces and a strong sense of camaraderie as students and staff work towards their final performances. Whether those performances are within dance, drama, vocal, instrumental or combinations of these, they are always highly entertaining and reflective of the talent of our students. Indeed, our Senior Production of FAME again showcased the vocal, dance and dramatic talents of our students, in what was a highlight of the School calendar. Another highlight is the House Competition and the third term is busy with House events. The ever-popular Tug of War, Football and Soccer were key events this term and while weather prevented students from taking part in Cross Country, there were no such problems for the final event of the competition, House Music. House Music has grown into a fitting finale for our competition and it was again wonderful to see all students involved in the various ensembles. While our talented solo and small group performers are often seasoned stage performers, House Music is well beyond the comfort zone of many students. Yet all take part and the smiles, laughter and supportive appreciation for every performance generates a truly wonderful environment and provides a superb afternoon’s entertainment. It is wonderful that our students have such diverse opportunities to progress learning and develop their sense of self and character within and beyond the classroom, on the stage or on the sports fields. No matter their interest, talent, passion or pursuit there is opportunity within our School which, upon reflection, is perhaps the greatest opportunity of all. CAMERON LANCASTER HEAD OF FROGMORE




The VCAL program at Mentone Grammar continues to give students every opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, ideas and values and this year our students are completing additional VET units (Vocational Education and Training) as part of their VCAL studies. The Certificate II in Business equips students with practical administrative skills and includes a focus on customer service and sustainable business practices. Students have applied this knowledge to the running of the Ventura Pizza business on the Frogmore Campus. They have sought feedback from Frogmore students about their product and service, which they have responded to by providing new toppings and making changes to their ordering system. Students are also studying Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, and have taken their knowledge of teamwork, safety, navigation, belaying, bowlines and sweep strokes into the great outdoors, on camps and excursions that have included caving and white water kayaking in the Yarra Valley, rock climbing at Wilson’s Prom and snorkelling at Ricketts Point. Our Intermediate VCAL students have been exploring the pros and cons of living independently and have developed personal budgets based on their prospective incomes. They have learnt to manage personal finances, filled in application forms for rental properties, did the grocery shopping at Woolworths and Queen Victoria Market and visited IKEA to furnish their ‘rental home’ on a shoestring. Meanwhile, the Senior VCAL students have been busy challenging themselves on the Harbour Bridge Climb and navigating their way around Sydney for their Amazing Race project. They put the knowledge and skills attained for running such an event into practice, by creating their own race, for the Intermediate students back in Mentone.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

A highlight of the VCAL program is the various community service opportunities that foster further development of empathy and community partnerships. Our students completed the Scope Young Ambassadors program, which involved class-based sessions to develop skills for communicating with people with a disability; and then attending an ice-skating event, helping people with a disability to get around the ice rink and to engage in conversations. Several students were involved in organising the Year 8 Learning Journey 12km walk, liaising with staff about times and locations, supporting the Year 8 students at checkpoints along the way, and providing them with a gift bag at the end which contained a memoir of their own Learning Journey experiences four years earlier. The students continue to apply many of the skills they have obtained in the workplace to our projects, with the construction of a new decking and seating area adjacent to the pizza oven, and the refurbishment of their learning space in the Frogmore Campus. It is affirming for them to see that we learn a lot from them and the experiences they are having on-the-job or in their training, just as they learn from their teachers and projects here at School. SHELLEY MUIR VCAL COORDINATOR





THE WAY The great success of this September’s annual camp at Puckapunyal Army Base is largely due to all the planning and training that had gone before. This year saw the re-introduction of in-house promotions courses for Senior Leaders (Year 11s) and Cadet Under Officer / Warrant Officers (Year 12) at Shoreham during school holidays. Seventy of our students have taken part in these courses with a further 90 students in Year 10 completing the traditional Junior Leaders course at the end of Term 4. All of these students are commended for their commitment to increasing their leadership capacities by completing stringent training and demonstrating competency in all areas. These students filled the leadership roles within the Unit as we greeted 191 Year 9 ‘recruits’ for their introduction to the Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit. Also demonstrating great leadership, our higher ranked leaders within the Unit conducted ceremonial drill at multiple services throughout the year ranging from ANZAC Day parades to the Vietnam Veterans’ Commemorations and Remembrance Day commitments. It is a mark of respect to our Unit that we are asked by such a wide variety of community groups to provide catafalque parties and student ‘guest speakers’ within their organisations. Training and preparation for these commitments occur outside of normal school hours and our students are thanked for making themselves available for this. Our four main training days ensured our cadets were adequately upskilled and prepared for their five-day camp at Puckapunyal Army Base. In addition, countless hours at lunchtimes were dedicated by the students and staff in opening the Q Store to ensure appropriate uniform and stores were distributed. The Annual Field Exercise was conducted over the final week of Term 3 with 327 students attending and applying themselves to all tasks established and coordinated by the student leaders. The Cadet Unit is student-run, thus we are indebted to the Year 12 students who have completed four years of Army Cadets in their time at School and who have provided such wonderful leadership and support for the unit in 2019. Their contributions have been immense and are greatly appreciated. The Cadet staff is an incredible group who sacrifice time-off to be part of the unit and staff the programs necessary to ensure the ongoing success of the unit. Their hard work and dedication to going ‘over and above’ is greatly appreciated by all. Thank you to all students and staff involved in 2019 for making the cadet year one to remember. STUART BAINBRIDGE OFFICER COMMANDING MGACU


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019


Travelling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.



BORNEO Our adventure to Borneo didn't just start in June. Our teams spend months preparing, planning and fundraising for one of the greatest experiences of their lives. You probably saw us at our fundraising barbeques about the School or out and about training for our epic treks – building funds and fitness. Before we knew it, our teams were speeding through the late-night traffic of Kota Kinabalu (KK) the regional capital city of Sabah, Malaysia. It is the third largest island in the world. Our two World Challenge teams launched into their chosen activities. One team starting their jungle hike in the Crocker Range, the other travelling to KOPEL eco-centre cooperative. The hike was tough with students carrying their packs, food and water and hammocks to sleep in each night. The humidity was also a real test and the hammocks, a novelty that took us a night or two to get 'just right'. Ultimately, these differences were what helped us to connect and learn each other's strengths. Our final day in the Crocker Ranges was spent white water rafting down a river that carved through the valleys we had criss-crossed on our hike. It was a great way to reflect on the places we had been, the bridges we had crossed and a chance to chill out after an exhausting few days. On the other side of Sabah, our community project at KOPEL was fascinating. Each day we did something different; from clearing elephant grass with machetes; planting saplings in the jungle; collecting overhanging seeds along the massive river, all from a boat. We planted different varieties of trees in the KOPEL community nursery; experienced night walks deep into the jungle; visited ancient burial tombs, and then explored caves where swallows build their edible nests (used in bird nest soup-an Asian delicacy). One of our favourite things was cruising along in the speed boats, spotting animals, singing and an occasional race around the river bends. After both teams had been at each site, we met back in KK where we tested the local cuisine and enjoyed stumbling upon cultural surprises. Then, together, we began our preparation for our massive trek up Mt Kinabalu. Double the height of Mt Kosciuszko, our ascent would be split over two days.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

Climbing up 1406m vertically over six hours on the first day, we were able to track our progress from the shelters (or pondoks) every 1km distance we walked. Along the way we were surrounded by gnarled rhododendron trees, carnivorous pitcher plants and more, and more...and more uphill steps. We passed some travellers who had attempted to summit the night before, but the weather had made it too dangerous, so they had to turn back. We hoped the forecast would be more in our favour. That afternoon the rain started. We still had another 90 minutes to walk and although watching the rain can be beautiful and calming, the constant deluge and uphill steps were draining. The trail turned into a creek and everyone had sodden boots. By the time we reached our guesthouse everyone was ready for the buffet food and hot drinks, before turning in for an early start the next morning. When we signed up for a 'challenge' this was definitely ticking that box. We woke up at 2am to perfect conditions and after another three hours climbing, we reached the summit. It was incredible. Like taking a bird's eye view of the planet, but we were still standing on the ground. It was such an awe-inspiring sight, one that will be hard to forget. Overall, it was such an awesome experience. The fact that students get to plan what they want to do, where to go and actually 'own' the trip, is the best! We were visited by orangutans, saw the difference we made in our community project and met lots of funny, interesting locals. I think everyone in our group can agree that if you’re thinking about participating in World Challenge in the future, do it! Ibn Battuta once said… ‘Travelling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’ It’s true. JESSICA RICHARDS & TIM DUIVENVOORDEN TEAM 1





SHOWCASE Musical items were diverse in style and genre and included Zoot Suit Riot performed by Froggers, The Empire Strikes Back Medley by MG Orchestra 1, The Dancing Peppers by MG Orchestra 2, Wombat Shuffle Concert Band 1, Orange Coloured Sky by the Cat’s Meow, Super Mario Brothers Main Theme by Vibe, Everlong by the Muzzkateers, Humoresque by the Mentone Trio, The Longest Time by The Saxophone Quartet, Va Pensiero by the Amadeus Opera Chorus, Video Killed the Radio Star by Honest Men and two VCE music solo performances by Ryan White and James Hornibrook. Overall, the concert goer experienced the extraordinary depth and range of our Performing Arts. Music, drama, dance, film, ensembles, soloists, costumes, staging and lighting were all presented with boundless commitment, enthusiasm and joy. GAVIN CORNISH HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS DIRECTOR OF MUSIC

OPERA DREAMS Our new-look winter Showcase celebrated the extraordinary and unique blend of performance styles and genres, highlighting the innovative nature of this year’s Performing Arts program. The Creativity Centre building itself became a special feature of the showcase through the innovative use of numerous performance spaces throughout, in a quasi-festival style format. Dance vignettes were presented in a studio at one end of the building, while drama monologues and plays were presented at the other. Meanwhile, drama works created for film were presented in the Black Box Theatre and larger ensemble items were presented in the Thorold Theatre. The ground floor galleria, incorporating the bleacher steps, became a surprise venue for choir performances, two solo items and an ‘unplugged’ vocal duo. Our Bayview Singers performed the joyous African song Bolingo and the Senior Vocal Ensemble performed the traditional Gospel item Working on a building to an amazed and deeply moved audience. On their travels, audience members were able to view a continuous loop of the Year 7 Superhero Trailers and Year 5 Melodrama Films created by Bayview students in the course of their classroom programs. Our dancers performed 13 solo items, a duo item created for Beauty and the Beast, a Year 10 group composition, a Year 9 learnt group dance work and a combined Years 10, 11 and 12 learnt group dance work. The Drama program included four Year 6 Kabuki group performances, three Year 9 Life Monologues, a drama solo, Robin Hood, and scenes from Ionesco’s, The Chairs, performed by the Theatre Studies Ensemble.

In August, students involved with the Amadeus Opera Chorus had the incredible opportunity to meet international opera singer, Helena Dix. Helena visited the School for a once in a lifetime opportunity – an opera masterclass! It was an incredible opportunity for those of us looking to pursue a career in the operatic arts, and one I am sure we shall never forget. It took months of preparation to select our music and prepare for the class; learning the direct translations for all our songs and spending our lunchtimes rehearsing. It was wonderful to sing with my fellow peers and watch them slowly gain more confidence as Ms Dix praised and corrected our technique and theatrical ability. You could feel the excitement and inspiration in the room as we all sat there listening and learning from one another. We laughed and let go of all our insecurities in that room, letting Ms Dix see who we are as performers and lapping up her critiques and stories in order to receive as much knowledge about our craft before she left. Being able to receive technical help and guidance from someone who has had such an incredible career as Helena was truly magical. She talked about persistence being the key to a lasting and successful career, not just natural talent. This and many other pearls of wisdom she bestowed are messages we shall take into our future musical studies. Thank you to the School for what was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to see how all of us in the Opera Chorus will continue to prosper now that we have a sense of the industry and what we should work on for the future. ZOE LANCASTER YEAR 12


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



Our Cre8tive Dance 2019 production stemmed from the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. This year marked a significant milestone for Dance at Mentone Grammar with 63 students involved from across Bayview, Greenways and Frogmore campuses. They performed to our largest audience since the development of this much anticipated dance event. The students commenced this journey back in 2018 when students auditioned for roles within the performance. The creative team was led by Mrs Vanessa Johnston with supporting staff; Chelsea Byrne, Sophie Loughran and Mentonian Peronel Taylor (2018). Our student leaders were two of our VCE Dance students, Alexandra Richards and Megan Bresnehan, who were supported by our largest group of Year 12s to take part in the program: Joshua Cooley, Olivia Dickson, Mackenzie Howe, Jeremy Miao, Alexandra Watkin and Mia Watkins.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

The performance showcased the passion and dedication of our Dance students, highlighting technical and performance skills learnt across the first semester. Students predominantly focused on the Contemporary style in this production, however, they were also exposed to Jazz and Musical Theatre within some numbers. Audiences were particularly in awe of our Year 10 lead students, Ella McNair as Belle and Taya Brooks as the Beast, with many audience members commenting on how beautiful it was to have two strong female dancers as the lead characters. The cast enthusiasm and exuberance were showcased in the showstopping number, Be Our Guest, where the dancers adorned the stage as cutlery and serving utensils. This theatre opportunity not only highlighted the strength of Dance across the School but also the impressive mentoring and friendships made across each Campus. Congratulations to all.





As the performing arts continues to grow at Mentone Grammar, this year our Bayview students had another opportunity to perform in the Thorold Theatre as the school offered students two production experiences this year, a Semester 1 stage play as well as an end-of-year musical. The Actors, a play by Alex Emerson, is a one act comedy. It starts as our protagonist, Harbo, stumbles into an unfamiliar place, dressing gown on and a toothbrush still in his mouth. He is greeted by the most unlikely vision: a full barbershop quartet singing at him, who call on celebrities composed of pretty famous, but also pretty dead people (such as William Shakespeare) to support Harbo along his journey in this comedy about the afterlife. With a large cast of 30 actors and a short rehearsal period during Terms 1 and 2, it was all hands on deck. I was confident in the students’ abilities after strong representation throughout the audition process, there was certainly a high calibre of performers. As an ensemble, the students worked in two groups as well as a whole. It required a lot of teamwork and discipline to bring this show to life. I am very proud of the cast’s efforts, we had seasoned performers as well as new comers. They all delivered an outstanding show to a very proud audience of parents and friends, and for the School. I look forward to what next year will bring for these great performers. CHRIS STOCKDALE (2010) DIRECTOR


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



FAME - The Musical is the story of a diverse group of students at New York’s City’s celebrated High School of the Performing Arts, who all strive to be successful in their chosen areas of acting, dance or music. It is a story that explores the struggles associated with growing up and striving for success in a highly competitive world, themes that are just as relevant today as they were in the 1980s. FAME was a wonderful showcase of the three tiers of the performing arts; drama, music and dance, and we took the opportunity to highlight the three areas that reflect our own performing arts program here at Mentone Grammar. The students totally embraced stepping back to a less complicated time and creating characters that reflected their parents’ generation rather than their own. Our production showcased the vocal talents of our cast through an eclectic and dynamic score under the guidance of Musical Director Lidia Mancini. Our motivated students also rose to the challenge of mastering some very difficult and dynamic choreography lead by Vanessa Johnston and demonstrated resilience in their approach.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

The lighting, sets, sound and costumes were, once again, impressive and highly professional. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible Year 12 students who have given up so much of their time in a very busy year to lead and mentor our younger cast members, work backstage, help with hair and make up and to play in the Orchestra. They were: Charlotte Bratuskins, Megan Bresnehan, Joshua Cooley, Andrew Lancaster, Helena Papasimeon, Charlotte Pate, Bronte Reark, Vincent Thai-Chan, Ryan White, Matthew Corcoran, Thomas Dyer, Alanah Heidecker, Sophie Leonard, Olivia Dickson, Iona Rich, Emma Rothberg, Holly Svojtka, Mia Watkins, Mekhala Bera, James Hornibrook and Tarn Smith. The Year 12 cast expertise and role modelling skills were outstanding, as they took on much responsibility, including running the warmup sessions and character development work during the rehearsal process. This year’s production was once again a testament to the talented and highly disciplined students we have at Mentone Grammar. They are to be congratulated on the hard work and dedication they embraced and the positivity and fun that they brought to the process. LOUISE DALY DIRECTOR


ART SPACE Fast forward 12 months and Cate Rausz our current Visual Arts Captain is busy helping us prepare for our annual Art and Design Exhibition which opens on Wednesday 23 October. One of Cate’s Studio Arts photographs was selected as the artwork to help promote this year’s exhibition. Cate wanted to explore and focus on the theme of masks. Her work explores how people’s identity is something that is hidden behind both emotional and physical masks. Cate believes that many young people are struggling with identity issues and she wanted to express that it is ok to not know exactly who you are at this age. Exhibiting and sharing their final result with an audience is often what drives students and our Art and Design Exhibition aims to include both final results and the process undertaken by our students. The upcoming exhibition is framed around significant words relating to process, words such as:


In reflection of a highly successful year in the Visual Arts in 2018, we congratulate Imogen Schwarz (2018) whose piece, #adapt (pictured below), featured in this year’s NGV Top Arts exhibition and received the Macquarie Group People's Choice Award. Imogen developed #adapt while studying VCE Art at Mentone Grammar. The Top Arts exhibition, hosted at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, celebrates the outstanding achievements of some of Victoria’s most gifted young artists across a diverse range of media including photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, film and printmaking. This was an incredible achievement by Imogen who was our Visual Arts Captain for 2018.

Our Art and Design Exhibition will showcase work created by students from Year 5 through to Year 12. The student displays will also include process videos on screens and iPads that detail the process involved in creating each of the works. Visitors to our art spaces will have an opportunity to look through VCE visual diaries and our students will be available to happily chat about what was involved in the making of a work. The value of creativity lies not in its results, not in the product of creation, but in the process itself. The learning that takes place during the process of completing an art or design task is just as important than the presentation of the final work. As educators, we know that ‘it’s about the process, not the product’. We welcome everyone to share in the inspiration and creativity of our young artists at this year’s exhibition. KIM WOOTTON HEAD OF VISUAL ARTS








… the list goes on. At Mentone Grammar, it is the entire process, the creative journey that each student takes that we value. Students learn that designing, producing and resolving work is essential to learning and that they are just as important as creating finished art and design works.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019




A season of Sport at Mentone Grammar creates memories that are far more important than the results. Our School is proud to offer a program that caters for all, from those who wish to pursue a professional sporting career to those whose only exposure to sport is through their participation at School. Wherever individual ambition lies, we recognise the important role sport plays in the development of happy, healthy young people, a belief that underpins all aspects of the program. The outcome of this has been a memorable AGSV season of consistent and encouraging results that has seen great joy and competition in equal measure, across all fixtures including Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, AFL, AFLW, Hockey, Netball, Cross Country and Athletics. It is with great excitement that we were able to celebrate two girls’ premierships this season. Led by Craig Mottram, our dedicated Cross Country and Athletics coach and his team, the School is extremely proud of the girls who have worked hard over successive seasons to secure these history making results. Congratulations to everyone who gave the best of themselves over the season. PETER O’GORMAN HEAD OF SPORT - WINTER


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019





OUR GIRLS DO IT AGAIN! The Girls’ Cross Country team had another great year, securing its third successive Premiership in outstanding fashion. Results are always the outcome of focused, determined preparation, commitment and a desire to want to work hard and deliver your best in competition. On 22 July, our girls turned up with an abundance of all of the above and again were too strong for our rival schools. Initiatives including our inaugural Cross Country camp at Shoreham, which tested our athletes’ patience, resilience and work ethic along with our tough hills sessions on Mentone foreshore provided great motivation and fitness to ensure our girls were well prepared for the Premiership round. For many girls, the Premiership round is the first race for the season, so naturally pre-race nerves are high and the fear of the


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

unknown is present in many. But as with great leaders, our Captain, Grace Bunting, was able to calm the nerves by taking the group through a familiar warm up and reassuring everyone that if they give their best, the result will take care of itself. The girls valiantly secured the Premiership by a record margin, beating Yarra Valley by 287 points. To put that into perspective, in 2018 we won by a, then, record margin of 148 points! With great depth and an inclusive environment, Mentone Grammar Cross Country is poised to continue its success for many years to come. CRAIG MOTTRAM CROSS COUNTRY COACH


Mentone Grammar score: 261 points

INDIVIDUAL MEDAL WINNERS Year 12 Winner Grace Bunting Year 12 Bronze Medal Emma Scherger Year 11 Winner Hannah Schmidt Year 10 Winner Cassie Newman Year 9 Silver Tiana Skafte Year 9 Bronze Zoe Leaver Year 8 Winner Claudia Hollingsworth Year 8 Bronze Eliza Schmidt Year 7 Silver Noemi Sniezek Overall Event Champion Claudia Hollingsworth (Year 8) AGSV Representative Selection Claudia Hollingsworth Hannah Schmidt Eliza Schmidt Grace Bunting Gemma Hollingsworth Noemi Sniezek

In 2019, our Girls’ Athletics team created history, winning its first ever AGSV Premiership. This team of athletes has been building over recent years, finishing second on the previous two occasions. The desire in 2019 to go one spot better was clear from the outset.

Yes, we have individual superstars, athletes who perform at the National level, but it is our depth across all our age groups and events that makes our team very hard to beat.

Team Captain, Charlotte Pate, addressed her team at the start of the season and the collective team goal was to win the Premiership. We knew we would have strong competition from Ivanhoe Grammar but the girls were determined. With the injection of some great new young talent our team was stronger than ever and team morale was high.

It is this depth and consistency that kept Mentone on top of the table at every point check throughout the day and ultimately secured our first AGSV Girls' Athletics Premiership, and in doing so, creating history for our School.

Championship day got off to a winning start with the introduction of a new event to the program, the Open 4x400m race. Our team of Ebony McCarthy, Alanah Becker, Claudia Hollingsworth and Riley Spence took the win and in doing so set a new AGSV record of 4.07.74. Not to be outdone, at the exact same time in the field, Emily Ryan smashed the U17 Shot Put to take out first place in a new AGSV record of 14.25m. Throughout the day, the girls competed in over 70 individual and relay events with 18 event wins and over 20 top three finishes.

The girls had an outstanding day and must be congratulated on a superb team effort. The following day, our Mentone girls were back at Lakeside Stadium again with 10 of our superstars chosen to represent Mentone at the Athletics Victoria Nitro competition. This is a very prestigious event with the best schools and athletes from across Victoria competing. Mentone Grammar fielded one Intermediate girls team made up of Claudia Hollingsworth, Ashley Van Rooyen, Cassie Newman, Lily Parsons, Emily Ryan, Olivia Hargreaves, Monique Zahra, Madison Carr and Riley Spence. The girls are entered across a series of different events scoring points for the team.

Our Mentone Team won the Victorian Title and in doing so win the opportunity to head to the National Championships in Perth in December. This result was made even more spectacular when you consider they achieved this only 12 hours after creating history by winning the AGSV Girls’ Athletics championships the day before. None of the above could be achieved without a dedicated team of coaches and staff who share in the ups and downs with our athletes. I personally want to thank our team of coaches, Peter O’Gorman, Stuart Bainbridge and Erin Hunt for all they do to ensure we put our best team on the track, and I hope that all our athletes enjoyed the experience. Bring on 2020. CRAIG MOTTRAM HEAD OF ATHLETICS

Tara van Straatan.



FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND 2019 The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, September 2019. Mr & Mrs M Alapont

Mr & Mrs A Chambers

Mr & Mrs D Fenech

Mr J Hu & Ms X Liu

Mr J Lu & Mrs L Wei

Mr V Panopoulos

Mr & Mrs S Scott-Branagan

Mr & Mrs R Wagner

Mr C & Mrs L Albiston

Mr M Chan & Miss R Wane

Dr & Mrs P Ferguson

Mr W Huang & Ms J Chen

Mr S & Mrs A Luca

Mr & Mrs C Papadopoulos

Mr & Mrs G Scott

Mr R Walker & Ms N Wane

Mr & Mrs S Algeri

Mr & Mrs A Chaplin

Mr & Mrs J Fitzgerald

Mr X Huang & Mrs L Jiang

Mr & Mrs T Lucas

Mr J Papagiannis

Mr & Mrs M Selby

Mr & Mrs B Walker

Mr G Van Ameyden

Mr & Mrs B Chaplin

Mr & Dr J FitzGerald

Mr & Mrs M Huber

Mr R Lynch & Ms T Filiadis

Mr & Mrs S Papayianneris

Mr M Selby & Ms J Stewart

Mr John Wall

Mr T Antoniou & Ms K Farr

Mr D Charles & Ms J Williamson

Mr & Dr N Fletcher

Mr A & Mrs L Hudson

Mr & Mrs T Lyons

Mr & Mrs J Park

Dr A Tucker & Dr J Selman

Dr & Mrs R Walliser

Mr Con & Mrs Mel Apostolidis

Mr N & Mrs J Cheah

Mr & Mrs D Flower

Mr C & Mrs J Hulley

Mr P Magennis & Ms J Haslam

Mr M and Mrs M Parker

Mr J Sha & Ms Q Zhang

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Mr P & Mrs S Appel

Mr S Chen & Mrs M Chang

Mr & Mrs A Fogarty

Mr & Mrs M Humphreys

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Mr K Aravindth & Mrs H Fonseka

Mr J Chen & Mrs L Wu

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Mr & Mrs K Archibald

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Mr N Parsons & Ms L Jackson

Mr & Mrs N Sheppard

Mr W Wang & Mrs W Du

Dr R & Dr S Arcon

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Mr B Pavan & Dr S Nashi

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Mr R & Mrs N Awasthi

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Mr J & Mrs M Raffaut

Mr X Tan & Mrs L Lei

Mr M Zou & Mrs Y Xu

Mr D Boyd & Miss S Ford

Mr & Mrs P Derham

Mr C & Mrs Y Guneysu

Mr & Mrs R Lancaster

Mr S & Mrs R Mudholkar

Mr & Mrs B Rafferty

Mr L & Mrs S Temby

Mr W Xue & Ms X Wang

Mr A Bozic & Ms D Katanovic

Mr G Devereux & Miss J Treagus

Mr G Gupta & Mrs K Rao

Mr & Mrs R Langenfelds

Mr D & Mrs J Murphy

Mr D Ranaweera

Mr A Tezay

Mr Y Yang & Ms F Dong

Mr W Brandt & Ms F Paice

Mr & Mrs I Dimits

Mr U & Mrs I Guvenir

Mr N Lanthois & Ms C Inglis

Mr B Murchie

Mr L Rausz

Mr Sin Thai & Mrs Jade Thai

Mr K Yang & Mrs H Liu

Mr & Mrs D Bresnehan

Mr & Mrs A Distefano

Mr & Mrs N Hall

Mr & Mrs H Latchford

Mr & Mrs A Murray

Mr G Reading

Mrs S Thaker

Mr & Mrs A Yong

Mr Brewer and Mrs Ramon-Michel

Mr M & Mrs H Doig

Mr & Mrs A Hamilton

Mr J & Mrs J Laurent

Mr & Mrs P Nayna

Mr Z Reark & Ms B Roberts

Mr Y Tian & Ms Y Chen

Mr G Yu & Ms Y Li

Mr & Mrs C Bristow

Mr J & Mrs L Donaldson

Mr C Hancox & Ms S Harriott

Mr M and Ms G Lazzari

Mr F Neumann

Mr P & Mrs N Redward

Mr & Mrs S Timm

Mr Y Yu and Ms S Fan

Mr K Brodie & Ms B Morris

Mr & Mrs S Dormer

Mr G Hanson & Ms P Torossi

Mr V Le & Mrs H Cu

Mr & Mrs A Newman

Mr & Mrs M Reinehr

Mr J Tirta & Ms C Sardjono

Mr J Yu & Mrs J Xu

Mr A Bromidis & Mrs E Minasian

Mr & Mrs S Douglas

Ms K Harford

Mr & Mrs P Leander

Mr P Neylan

Mr I Reynolds & Dr J Dixon

Mr & Mrs M Toby

Mr S Zafar

Mr & Mrs G Brooks

Mr & Mrs J Doulgeridis

Mr L & Mrs M Hart

Dr M Ledger

Dr Y Nikolayevsky

Mr M & Mrs V Riach

Mr D & Mrs A Tryfonopoulos

Mr & Mrs Zallmann

Mr & Mrs P Brown

Mr S Driscoll & Ms E Simpson

Mr M Heath & Ms L Sander

Mr J Lee & Mrs E Chae

Mr & Mrs M Nimorakiotakis

Mr & Mrs Rich

Mr & Mrs W Burrows

Mr & Mrs R Zammit

Mr T & Mrs T Bucci

Mr Druvi & Mrs Claire Ruberu

Ms C Hegarty

Mr C Leffler & Ms J Salvana

Mr & Mrs S Nish

Mr & Mrs Richmond

Mr & Mrs M Turco

Mr X Zang & Ms X Li

Mr D & Mrs F Bunting

Mr & Mrs M Duggan

Mr A & Mrs C Heib

Mr & Mrs J Leonidas

Mr & Mrs K Nitschke

Mr & Mrs N Riley

Mr P Turnbull & Mrs K Wilson

Mr J Zeng & Ms Z Yang

Dr & Mrs B Burke

Mr & Mrs E Duman

Mr K & Mrs H Hennessy

Mr D & Mrs M Lettieri

Mr & Mrs D Nixon

Mr & Mrs C Roach

Mr P Udayakumar & Mrs R Prabhakar

Mr T Zhang & Ms X Wang

Mr C & Mrs M Burnside

Mr J Dumoff & Ms R Hughes

Mr & Mrs R Hennig

Mr M & Mrs T Levey

Dr & Mrs D Noble

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Mr & Mrs P Ursprung

Mr H Zhang & Ms J Qiu

Mr & Mrs A Hirst

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Mr A Henry & Ms C Luck

Mr & Mrs R Leydin

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Mr M & Mrs A Roberts

Mr & Mrs S Vallis

Mr P Zhang & Mrs Guo

Prof & Mrs P Butler

Mr P Dykas & Ms A Bondini

Mrs S Higgins

Mr B Li & Ms C Luo

Mr & Mrs L O'Donnell

Mr A Roest

Mr G Van Ameyden

Mr G Zheng & Miss H Shi

Mr & Mrs A Cafarella

Ms K Edwards

Mr S & Mrs S Hill

Mr Y Liao & Ms H Jiang

Mr M O'Rourke

Mr & Mrs J Rosaia

Drs A Van Heerden

Mr W Zheng and Mrs Z Yang

Mr & Mrs S Caldwell

Mr & Mrs P Ellix

Mr M Wuillemin & Mrs C Jordan

Mr A Littleford & Ms C Jupp

Mr & Mrs P O'Sullivan

Mr & Mrs R Rotar

Mr & Mrs D van Straaten

Mr X Zheng & Ms X Meng

Mr & Mrs S Campbell

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Mr P Hodgkinson & Ms C Ramage

Mr J Tang & Ms W Liu

Mr M Officer

Mr & Mrs C Rowlands

Mr & Mrs C Vayenas

Mr B Zhong & Mrs C Tang

Mr N Ma & Ms Y Cao

Mr M Evans & Ms H Webb

Mr & Mrs R Holmes

Mr W Li & Ms G Guangwen

Mr J & Mrs K Oliver

Mr D Royale & Ms P D'Avrincour

Mr S and Mrs L Vickers

Mr Y Zhou and Ms D Wang

Mr & Mrs D Carnegie

Mr & Mrs C Ewart

Mr & Mrs G Holland

Mr S Li & Mrs J Zhou

Mr N Oliver & Ms C Terry

Mr H Ruan & Ms X Feng

Mr & Mrs D Vise

Mr J Zhou & Ms Y Yang

Mr & Mrs K Carson

Mr E & Mrs E Falconer

Mr R & Mrs S Hollingsworth

Mr L Liu & Ms J Xia

Mrs C Opie

Mr M Ruigrok & Ms O Brooks

Mr F & Mrs C Vitiello

Mr W Zhu & Mrs P Xu

Mr & Mrs R Carter

Mr X Fang & Mrs W Li

Mr S & Mrs J Holmes

Mr X Liu & Mrs H Dong

Mr & Mrs G Orfanidis

Mr M Ruigrok & Ms O Brooks

Mr J and Mrs H von Zweigbergk

Mr E Zoggia & Ms E Giannakis

Mr & Mrs N Carter

Mr & Mrs S Farrow

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Mr & Mrs F Livolti

Mr D Orlenskiy & Mrs T Orlenskaya

Mr S Ryan & Ms S Corin

Mr & Mrs J Vorster

Mr S Zou & Mrs E Liu

Mr Malcolm J Cater

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Mr & Mrs S Hooker

Mr & Mrs J Lombard

Mr J Orr & Mrs A Lucena-Orr

Mr S Sayasane & Ms K Plastow

Mr I & Mrs L Vrionis

Mr & Mrs A Caughey

Ms L Fedotova & Mr B Fedotova

Mr & Mrs M Howe

Mr & Mrs R Lorinc

Mr J Pan & Ms J Zhu

Mr & Mrs G Schmidt

Mr A Vyshenkov


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019



The Parents and Friends primary role is to organise and facilitate friend raising events and secondarily, where funds are raised, return the funds back to the School Community through a range of projects that benefit the school and students. In 2019, the P&F donated $30,000 to the art installation on the walkway of the Creativity Centre, the installation of the water feature for Greenways, the ELC sensory garden along with a basketball tower for Greenways. Following the many welcome morning teas hosted by the P&F across all campuses earlier in the year, together with The Mentonians, we hosted the Annual Community Golf Day. An earlier start brought in a large number of eager golfers to Woodlands Golf Club for a superb day. In conjunction with The Holland Foundation, we also hosted a fun Trivia Night. Tickets sold out quickly this year and the event was a roaring success with $4,500 being raised and donated to the Eblana Campus for the installation of artificial grass. In September we held our Annual Parents and Friends gala event. This year’s theme was A Midsummer Night’s Dream and was held at the fabulous Okie Dokie. We hosted parents from across all campuses for a night of festivities – capped off by a red-hot dance floor. A huge thank you to our event organisers, Molly Grant and Melinda Lettieri for all the hard work in making the event such a success! Thank you too, to the night’s sponsors: Loan Market, QSR International, Wilson Parking, Vista Eyes and Destination HQ. A reminder for Friday 6 December when we will host our Annual P&F Christmas Lunch at the School. We look forward to you joining us and celebrating the year that has been. Keep an eye out on as booking details will be available soon.

In 2019, the Parents and Friends Association has seen a changing of the guard when we farewelled our longtime standing President Mia Le Fevre. The Mentone Grammar Community sincerely thanks Mia for all her years as President, her commitment and dedication has made the P&F committee what it is today.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

For more information on the P&F and events please check the website, pop in to the P&F Uniform Shop or email us at: I would also like to thank all the organisations and individuals, parents and staff who have helped with our events. We could not be so active in the Community without your support. NATALIE BURROWS PRESIDENT PARENTS AND FRIENDS ASSOCIATION



A DAY ON THE GREEN The Mentone Grammar Golfing Community gathered at Woodlands Golf Course on 3 May 2019 for fun, friends and the fickle sport of golf. It was great to have many more female golfers on course this year. We look forward to even more in 2020. The Mentonians Association and Parents and Friends team worked hard again this year on the organisational front. The weather was a glorious, Melbournian, autumnal display that favoured some of the lowest scores ever seen! The ladies’ longest drive by Kathy Naomidis was a ‘monty’ that humiliated quite a few long hitters of both genders on the day. Tim Leonard put a drive well past Kathy to claim the men’s best drive of the day – if you are in need of more detail, I’m sure Tim won’t be bashful recounting the best eight seconds of his day on course! The 11th hole was peppered close by Dallas Wickerden and Guy Tuthill, both hitting it closest for the day. Winners for the day shot a net 50.875 nearly five shots better than the 2018 result. Congratulations to: Troy McGlone, Andrew Betts, Mark Creelman and Matt Grude. Coming second with 52.75 (which would have won in any other year) was Trevor Paulauskas, Rod Black, Simon Waller and Andrew Bethune who had never played together as a team before! In third place for the day with a tidy 53.25 was Colin Love, Jason Warne, Andrew Oxland (always a bridesmaid) and Geoff Worrell. The winners of The Mentonians Association - R B Johnstone Cup for 2019 were Peter Appel, Tim Appel, Darren Murphy and David Paterson with 55.875. The group was all from the OMFC and won the Community Trophy for their stellar efforts. Runners up were Sven Samild, Anthony Holmes, Simon Litchfield and Tim Litchfield from OMCC. Unfortunately they missed their hat-trick of wins in 2019.

WE ARE MOST GRATEFUL TO OUR SPONSORS FOR THE DAY Bunnings, Noone Imagewear, Hunter Industrial, Woodlands Golf Course, LIME Catering, The Holland Foundation, mhealth Mentone Physiotherapy and Podiatry and the Parents and Friends Association. We look forward to seeing Mentone Grammar’s Golfing Community on course in 2020 for another friend-raising round of sandbelt golf. BILL MCTIGUE


PRESIDENT It was a pleasure to be elected the President of The Mentonians Association at our recent Annual General Meeting. At that meeting Mark Pearman (1982) stood down as President after a decade of wonderful service to the Association and eight years as President. I would like to thank Mark on behalf of the Association for his great work in helping to make the Association as successful and welcoming as it is. It must also be noted that after 16 years as President of OMCC and 11 years on the committee of the Association, Sven Samild (1987) has decided to stand down from both positions and the Committee thanks Sven for his work in both organisations. The newly elected committee listed right, is ably supported by our Alumni Manager, Suzanne Ashley and Development Specialist, Fiona Dallas and we thank them for their continued dedication and commitment to our Alumni and The Mentonians Association. Our calendar of events for next year is being finalised and, like the year just passed, it is packed with reunion events and social gathering for all Mentonians. The Friends of Frogmore lunch is continuing to grow in numbers with 127 attending and the 1969

50 Year reunion having 45 attendees. From the Annual Dinner, held at Woodlands Golf Club, to the year level reunions there is always an event of interest for our members. The Annual Dinner is a special event where the Tony Drinan Medal, sporting and club awards are presented to worthy recipients. This year the Tony Drinan Medal was awarded to John Firth (1969) after a long and memorable career in education and curriculum development. We hope you enjoy reading about our recent reunions and events on the following pages. The Mentonians Association committee and wider Mentone/Mentonians community would like to send our sincere congratulations to Peter Royston (1967), Head Boy in 1967 and winner of the W.S. Leslie Memorial Medal for outstanding Scholarship, Leadership and Sportsmanship; a Past President himself of The Mentonians Association, on the Bayside Aquatics pool being named in his honour. Peter is being recognised for his long-term dedication, service and commitment to the School, the Board and as Deputy Chair of the Mentone Grammar School Foundation. The announcement from the School is recorded below. PRESIDENT

Vice President Jon Ponnusamy (2010) Treasurer Vic Stroumos (1978) Secretary Georgia Ahern (2011) Committee Members: Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986) Mike Durack (1967) Miranda Ingram (2013) Jono Ling (2008) Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Peter Newton (1966) Mark Pearman (1982) Rob Sinclair (1976) Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley

THE PETER ROYSTON AQUATICS CENTRE We are delighted to announce that the Mentone Grammar Aquatics Centre has been named in honour of long-serving Mentonian, Peter Royston (1967). Peter Royston attended Mentone Grammar from 1955 – 1967. During his school years, he was actively involved in a broad range of cocurricular activities most notably as a member of the Mentone Grammar swimming team which won consecutive AGSV premierships in 1965, 1966 and 1967. Peter was a wellrespected leader among his peers and was elected Head Boy in 1967. Continuing his commitment and service to our School, Peter served on the Mentone Grammar Board from 1985 – 2015 including as Deputy Chair for 19 years. Peter also served on the Mentone Grammar School Foundation from 1987 and has held his current position as Deputy Chair since 2012.

01 01


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

President Mark Henricks (1977)

Development Specialist Fiona Dallas


Peter has led an accomplished career as a specialist in Family Law and generously contributed his expertise to the strategic leadership of our outstanding School. The Aquatics Centre as a business will continue to operate under the name Bayside Aquatics.



Peter Royston (centre) with his friends from the Class of 1967 at their Golden Reunion in 2017. 43


On Friday 26 July, we welcomed back over 100 Alumni from the Classes of 1974, 1979, 1984 and 1989 for their 45, 40, 35 and 30-year reunions respectively. Following a warm welcome in our magnificent Creativity Centre, the group enjoyed touring the Frogmore Campus of the School, and were keen to visit the old Thorold Hall, in which the outer grey bricks of the building remain. The entire building remodelled during 2012 and opening in 2013 is now a thriving hub for our Year 9 students and is known as the Greenways Campus where classes rotate though the café, following food handling and Barista training and in addition to their many subject based educational opportunities, they gain practical life skills that will no doubt assist with future part time work. Our Alumni were also pleased to hear that the café donates all of the proceeds to Yarabah Specialist School in Aspendale, via our Social Service program, supporting the local community. Walking back past the School oval the Gregory Fish Library evoked many memories which kept the conversation flowing. The dinner commenced with minimal formality. Suzanne Ashley, Alumni Manager welcomed everyone back to


their old School, and thanked those who had travelled to attend the reunion. Grant Freeman (1989), Adam Freeman (1984) and Rob Gordon (1979) from NSW, Chris Stafferton (1974) from Tasmania and Darren Crawford (1989) from California. The groups thoroughly enjoyed catching up with past staff members, Board Chair, Geoff Ryan AM (1965), John Mason, Tony Dayton and Ian Webster. Principal Mal Cater (1981), provided an interesting School update and sadly advised of the passing of Jon Wyatt in June. We shared a toast to Jon and also those past students that could have been at the reunion but are sadly no longer with us. The remainder of the evening was spent catching up on life since leaving School, and no doubt sharing and embellishing many school memories. Thank you to the following Alumni for helping locate members from their year level: Stephen Grey (1974), Andrew Newman (1979), Sam Ingram (1984) and from 1989 - Josh Burt, Andrew Oxland and Jeremy Longstaff.

Until next time!




03 9584 4211

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985)

CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957)

Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144 Development Specialist Fiona Dallas 03 8571 4907 (direct) 0427 440 504

BRISBANE Dan Chalmers (1999) CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) SYDNEY Luke Murphy (1990) PERTH Tim Ponnusamy (2006) Phillip Yap (1985) HOBART Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986)

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993) Plymouth John Read (1973) HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992) JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999) MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992)

USA Florida David Pearson (1987) New York Chris Leslie (1982) Arnold Ephraums (1982) Chris Jacob (1999) Vermont Justin Johnson (1985) SINGAPORE David Goh (1961) THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) David Wylie (1973)

Please contact The Mentonians Office: 03 9584 4211 if you would like to become one of our representatives. To ensure that we remain in contact with you, don’t forget to keep your details up-to-date via our website:


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019


TMA 2019






As a perpetual memorial to an exceptional Mentonian and to recognise the accomplishments of former Mentone Grammar students, the Tony Drinan Medal is awarded each year to a past student who has achieved outstanding success bringing honour to the School and service to the Community. John Firth is a man who has built a lasting legacy in the development of Victoria’s education system. John matriculated in 1969 and armed with an outstanding reference from Headmaster, Keith Jones, studied to become a teacher. After qualifying, his career began at Williamstown High School in 1974.


However, curriculum was calling and in 1986 he joined the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Board (VCAB). It was there that he was involved in one of the most significant revisions of the school curriculum in Victoria’s history – the development of the Victorian Certificate of Education (The VCE). John’s dedication to provide Victorian students with world-class senior secondary pathways earned him the eventual appointment to General Manager Curriculum at the Board of Studies, which was established in 1993 to replace the VCAB.



On June 15, The Mentonians Association Annual Dinner was held at Woodlands Golf Club with all of our clubs well represented. Steve ‘Chooka’ Grey (1974) was exceptional as Master of Ceremonies, and skillfully kept the night on track. Following tradition, there was a roll call of esteemed guests, including our Board Chair, Geoff Ryan AM (1965), and 2007 Drinan Medal winner, Principal, Mal Cater (1981), Director, Simon Appel OAM and Barbara Appel, Association President, Mark Pearman (1982) and his wife Kerryn, Bob Nottle CBE (1960), our 2018 Tony Drinan Medal winner and his wife Sue, Past TMA President and 2017 Life Patron, Peter Rogers (1956) and his wife Coral and most important on this special occasion, Mrs Jan Drinan and her husband, Greg Woodward (1975). We also acknowledged our Life Patrons and Club Presidents. The evening commenced acknowledging 10 years of service by the following staff members and inducting them as Honorary Mentonians: Jen Blackburn, *Louise Daly,


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019


Tom Donnell, *Man-Chi Nguyen, Michael Linahan, *David Song and Kym Willett. (*in attendance, pictured above with Principal, Mal Cater). This year we celebrated the success achieved by Dhruv Rodrigues Chico (2016), Dhruv is pictured above with his proud family and Principal Mal Cater. Dhruv developed a passion for athletics whilst at Mentone Grammar, and this year won the prestigious Stawell Gift in April. Dhruv inspired the dinner guests whilst answering questions posed by Jon Ponnusamy (2010), TMA Secretary (now Vice President).

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CLUB AWARDS Our clubs can nominate those who have served for a minimum of 10 years to become Honorary Mentonians. This year, Honorary Mentonian status was conferred upon Peter Snyders from the Old Mentonians Football Club.


Amongst some exceptional nominations, the Sports Person of the Year Award saw Darcy Brown from the Old Mentonians Cricket Club acknowledged as a most deserving winner. Club Person of the Year was awarded to Kate McInnes from Old Mentonians Soccer Club and Peter Snyders from the Old Mentonians Football Club.

Later the Board of Studies became the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and John was appointed the Chief Executive Officer in 2005. In this role John oversaw many wide-ranging innovations that have kept Victoria at the forefront of curriculum and assessment development. Innovations include, Early Years Learning and Development to the continued development and growth in the senior secondary certificates VCE and VCAL, including VET as an integral component of both, from the Victorian F-10 Curriculum to the administration of NAPLAN, and the development of high-quality classroom assessment tools through



‘On-Demand’ to significant increases in the offering of the VCE internationally, especially in China.

John has also worked tirelessly to form partnerships and to collaborate across states and sectors, working closely with the Catholic Education Commission and Independent Schools Victoria and with sister curriculum and assessment agencies around Australia. He is also a founding board member of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. John is now semi-retired but continues to assist in curriculum development and assessment both in Australia and abroad. He has certainly lived up to the faith that Keith Jones placed in him all those years ago. We congratulate John and hope his outstanding achievements and those of the previous recipients will serve as an inspiration to the current generation of Mentone Grammar students. May they also achieve great things.

Nominations for the 2020 Tony Drinan Award are now open. Visit for details.

03 01

John Firth (1969) pictured with his wife, Paula.


John Firth receives the Tony Drinan Medal from Mrs Jan Drinan.

03 04

The Tony Drinan Medal.


John Firth and Principal Mal Cater.

John Firth (centre) with fellow class of 1969 members, Bob Box (left) and Nick Toovey (right).

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION LIFE PATRON AWARD In a night with many highlights, we recognised the lengthy dedication and exceptional service, camaraderie and support provided by Rick Brown to the Old Mentonians Basketball Club and Ken Speers (1974) to the Old Mentonians Football Club. Both Rick and Ken were delighted to accept their awards and expressed their thanks to their families, fellow club and committee members.




*The citations for our 2019 Awards and a photo gallery, can be found on our website www. 47




On Friday 6 September, we were delighted to host 127 Alumni and guests in our Function Centre for our annual Friends of Frogmore lunch. This year’s theme was History of House, focusing on the initial four School Houses. When Mentone Grammar was founded in 1923, the first Headmaster, Henry Lycett Tonkin wasted no time at all instituting a House System, complete with housemasters, captains, and ‘cock’ (cumulative point) House competitions. The first two Houses established in our founding year were Anderson and Jones; forming a strong basis for developing a sense of camaraderie, loyalty between the boys and through regular inter-house challenges, introduced a sense of healthy competition for nearly 40 years. It would not be until 1949 when then Headmaster, Lionel Large, established Were House, followed by School House in 1957, which was re-named Drinan House in 2000 to recognise the contribution of Deputy Headmaster and Old Mentonian - Tony Drinan (1968). Much later, it was the arrival of Headmaster Keith Jones in 1961 which saw the shake-up of the roles and responsibilities within the House system, commenting that 'The varied and manifold problems of over 400 boys are beyond the effective capacities of the Headmaster and Chaplain' and he set about expanding the House system proposing it to be: 'a medium through which every boy can be known thoroughly and afforded a greater measure of encouragement, advice and guidance'. Keith Jones strengthened the role of the Housemaster as he assigned 'experienced masters …to take charge of the guidance of house groups in respect of character, values, morality, discipline and school participation'.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

If we think about our Mentone Grammar Values of today – Respect, Caring, Resilience, Service, Discipline, Endeavour and Integrity, it is clear that our leaders over time had the foresight to recognise that guidance within our House groups was paramount to providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students. This tradition continues today with our House system thriving, and our shared 'values helping to determine our decisions and guiding our lives to accomplish great things'. Our Alumni and friends thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the naming origins of not only the initial four Houses, but also our more recent Houses, specifically- Finlay Anderson and White formed in 1983 by Keith Jones, followed by Lionel Large and Deighton in 1990 by Headmaster, Neville Clark. There was a great deal of ‘House’ banter over lunch, after which we watched a nostalgic video of House competitions from the 1930s -1950s, with narration by our very witty past staff member, Officer of Cadets and member of our Alumni, Phil Kent (1948). A final highlight of this year’s lunch was Principal, Mal Cater introducing Head Prefects for 2020, Hannah Schmidt and Oskar Phillips. Hannah and Oskar provided an update on the School and noted that we now have 1660 students enrolled, of which 623 are girls. The day concluded with those in attendance happily standing under their respective House banners for 2019 group photos!

SHARING MENTONE MEMORIES Look out for our video interviews conducted prior to the Friends of Frogmore Luncheon with Michael Taylor (1955), Peter Dangerfield (1957), Reg Mickelburough (1957), John Ralton (1955) and Ian Price (1959) in The Monitor, the official online newsletter of The Mentonians Association. If you would like to share memories of your time at Mentone, please contact Suzanne Ashley E: or T: 9581 3254.





02 05

Fifty years in the making, five months in the planning and five hours in the celebration - such was the 1969 Golden Reunion on the night of Saturday 7 September at Woodlands Golf Club, hosted by The Mentonians Association and Mentone Grammar. Graduates from the class of 1969 gathered to reminisce about our shared memories of school days and where the last five decades had disappeared to! We all scrubbed up pretty well after such a lengthy time away from the School. Some of our stories actually had a semblance of truth! Many had grown in the intervening years. Funny about that. Principal Mal Cater welcomed everyone, especially those who had ‘come from away’, including Canon Chris Ford (who pronounced a most poignant Grace) all the way from Manchester, UK and Gary Greig from Zanzibar in Tanzania. Geoff Brown, Peter Eldred, Max McGarvie and Brian Barwick had travelled from interstate. Mal also welcomed members of staff from 1969, Geoff Ryan AM (1965) Board Chair, Bob Brailsford, Bob Nottle and Ian Webster.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

Apologies were received from Mike Davies, David Geschke, Gareth Handshin, Peter McKendry, Clive Sondheim, Chris Schrape, Brent and Wayne Speck, Drew Thompson and Gary Timms. A special toast was also proposed for those 1969ers who had passed away. After dinner, Bob Box and Nick Toovey regaled the gathering with a few memories of their own, much to the delight of fellow classmates, including stories about our sporting endeavours (or lack of, except for swimming!), cadets and a few classroom pranks. On behalf of everyone present, Bob and Nick thanked the School for putting on such a wonderful event, especially Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley whose tireless efforts




01 guaranteed the success of the night. Michael Durack, and Peter Newton from the School’s Archives were also thanked for the very flattering photographic display. We looked over the photos and wondered where those young 17-year old boys had disappeared to!


A special feature of the evening was the presentation by Geoff Ryan AM of 50-Year badges as a memento of the occasion.


As we gradually returned to the present, we promised each other not to leave it for another 50 years before we met up with each other again to reminisce about our school days. NICK TOOVEY (1969)

09 Tony Drinan Medal Award Winners, Bob Nottle CBE (1960), 2018, John Firth (1969), 2019, Geoff Ryan AM (1965), 2007.




Bruce Price, Max McGarvie, David Anderson.


Ross McKenzie, Bob Brailsford, John Uren, and Bob Nottle CBE (1960).

Geoff Ryan AM 1965, Board Chair and Roly Wettenhall (1969), Past Board Chair 1996-2004.


Mal Cater, Principal and Canon Chris Ford (1969).



Graham Watts, Chris Whitaker.

John Williams, Vince Brown, Ron Flood and Peter Mainstone Mitchel.


Peter Eldred, Mark Pearson, Frank Johnson.


John Uren, Robert Gartside and Geoffrey Brown.


Nick Toovey and Bob Box, 1969 reunion organisers.





As an Anglican School, Mentone Grammar is a bit unusual in that it doesn’t have a Chapel. Many Anglican schools in Australia have a Chapel and it serves as one of the markers of their identity as an Anglican School. Over the course of our history, we have been fortunate to be able to make use of St Augustine’s Anglican Church which sits adjacent to the School. Generations of our students have taken this for granted. It is only when I attend chaplains’ conferences and we discuss Chapel that I am reminded that our School is a bit unusual in this day and age by still making use of our local Anglican Church. While the majority of Anglican schools have an historical association with their local Anglican church, often over time this association has lessened. Not so with our School, where the association between us and the parish remains strong to this day. Every week of the term we have students at St Augustine’s for services and religious education seminars, using the church as a space for worship and for teaching. Because of this, St Augustine’s would see more young people regularly sitting in their pews than the vast majority of Anglican

01 02

Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

In our countdown to the Centenary of our School in 2023, 2019 marks a significant milestone as it is 100 years since the Vicar of St Augustine’s Rev E. Halford Hennell and his church warden J. J. Rogers, first had the idea of establishing a grammar school in Mentone. In the aftermath of the First World War the bayside suburb of Mentone was at the forefront of prosperous development in 1919. On 19 November that year, interested parents gathered in St Augustine’s Parish Hall at 7.30pm to discuss Rev Hennell’s ideas and many were convinced of the need for a new grammar school. However, it would take several years for his initial vision to become a firm reality. School historian James Rundle takes up the story: ‘In 1920 the vicar and vestry of St Augustine's, launched a school for sub-primary and primary classes in the Church Hall. John Aubrey Ball, twenty nine, was appointed Headmaster. Together with his wife and two young daughters, he took up residence in 'Greenways', a rented double story home on the beach side of the railway line in Warrigal (then Moorabbin) Road. In 1921 the vestry acquired the former Mentone College classrooms. Re-erected on the corner of Warrigal Road and Stawell Street. One year on, a number of parents, less than satisfied with John Ball's discipline and accountability, determined to acquire the vestry leased school and property. Led by solicitor J. Alan Anderson, they formed a public Association, incorporated under the Companies Act, and purchased the


Official opening of classrooms 1921 on the corner of Stawell Street and Moorabbin (now Warrigal) Road,including J J Rogers (bow tie); Mr JA Ball (Headmaster) and TF Jones (after whom Jones House would be named when Mentone Grammar was officially

founded in 1923)


1920 classes were housed in Church Hall, seen here on the left of the Church in 1988, no longer standing today.


churches. The church owes a debt to the School for having so many young people regularly worshipping in it, while our School owes a significant debt to the parish for its very existence.

school, together with an additional property at 63 Venice Street where the existing classrooms finally came to rest. Having appointed the new headmaster, Henry Lycett Tonkin, the parent-based school council re-registered the school, scheduled new classrooms, and made provision for more boarders under the care and supervision of the Tonkin family and resident staff.’ By regularly attending St Augustine’s, our students connect with a bigger picture. They are reminded of the larger story they are part of gathering as a year level or a House group. They are connected with a sense of history and reminded of all those who have gone before them in our School. By looking at the many ways the fallen in war are remembered in the church, such as the J. J. Rogers & Family Memorial window, which also dates back to 1919, our students recall all those who have made sacrifices for them, and their individual story is placed in a wider context as part of God’s plans and purposes for our world. St Augustine’s is also where our students share in two markers of our Anglican identity – communion and baptism. We regularly gather as students and staff for communion services at the church. We acknowledge the past by using the chalice that was donated by the 1964 boarders when we share in communion. When our students choose to get baptised and confirmed this takes places in the context of a Sunday Service at St Augustine’s. Our students develop a strong sense of attachment to the church as they journey through our School and find a sense of connection that will service them in good stead as they journey on from our School. In a write up in the local paper in 1920 reporting on plans to open the school the reporter notes the ‘spirit of energy and ambition’ that marked this new enterprise and the hope that the school would ‘become a power in the district’ and that it ‘would prosper in every way.’ If Rev. Hennell could see today the dynamic and thriving school that he envisioned 100 years ago I imagine he would think that it had well and truly delivered on his hopes and dreams when he began it. REV. ANDREW STEWART SCHOOL CHAPLAIN




Whatever good things we build end up building us.




We record with sadness the passing of the following Alumni and extend our sincere sympathy to their families. *Further details are included online in our Monitor newsletter. BILL BAKER (1950)

Former staff member, Jon Wyatt passed away in June. He was a member of staff between 1960 and 1990. His leadership of School House (now Drinan House) was legendary and the House honours him every year by awarding the J. L. Wyatt Medal. His leadership of the House spanned from 1970 until his retirement in 1990. In his final year as Housemaster, Jon succeeded in winning his 16th House Championship in 20 years. Along with this responsibility, Jon was also Master in Charge of Swimming and Master in Charge of Tennis, leading both teams to multiple AGSV Premierships. As a Maths teacher he had high expectations of his students and taught with great rigour throughout his career. His nickname



was ‘Snapper’ which was a reflection of his passion for snapper fishing. Jon is survived by his wife Trish, daughters Johanne and Lesley and sons Ian (1981) and Garry (1986). When Jon retired he was honoured with the appointment of Master Emeritus. He was a legend of our School and we are most fortunate he and his family came into our midst. A Service of Thanksgiving was also held at Mentone Grammar on 23 August to honour Jon Wyatt’s service, friendships and memory, with poignant eulogies from Principal and former student Mal Cater (1981) along with life-long friend and former colleague, Dan Wallace (1965)

As we celebrate the re-opening of our Bayside Aquatics Centre in October– it is timely to look back at the long and at times quirky, history of pools at Mentone Grammar that has helped create an impressive legacy of swimming success for the School and beyond.


Labore et Honore

‘A child must swim’ …The Junior Pool, –1957


A glimpse at the Principal’s records of 1957, show Jeffrey Thorold’s regard for swimming as the sport that would help cultivate a boy’s ‘best personality’.


'…a child must observe, listen, criticise, discuss, read, draw, play, swim, box, debate….and sing'.

(1955) for their wonderful donations of photographs, uniform, copies of The Mentonian and some


Murray Cowdell and Peter Long (1969) wearing their boater hats.

wonderful letters and memorabilia from their time at Mentone Grammar. We also thank Murray Cowdell and Peter Long from the Class of 1969, who came CHRIS ARMSTRONG (1968) Photos

along to their recent Golden Reunion wearing their boater hats and donated them on the night. Peter Long is not donating his MGS blazer, and was quite proud, along with fellow 1969 class member Nick Toovey to still be able to fit into it! We appreciate every donation, however, we are holding very few photographs of the 1950s and early 1960s and would greatly appreciate our Alumni providing originals for us to copy and return, or donate if they are no longer required.

MICHAEL TAYLOR (1955) Photos


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2019

ALAN FREES (1970) Photos, copies of The Mentonian and much more…

As well as enthusiastic fathers, the amateur workforce also included Mentone Grammar schoolboys, probably boarders, selected to volunteer by Mr Thorold. Archival photographic records reveal that the boys not only helped excavate the pit for the

pool, but once constructed and tiled, they also helped paint the lines for the lanes. Peter Newton (class of 67) remembers boarders were allowed to use the pool over long hot weekends in return for cleaning it for the following week’s school activities. The new Junior Pool strengthened the School’s swimming program and undoubtedly contributed to consecutive AGS successes, noted below. The Junior Pool remained in use until it made way for the current Don Ingram Centre.


Thank you to Chris Armstrong (1968), Alan Frees (1970), Brian Pinder (1962) and Michael Taylor

This was the year Mr Thorold conceived Mentone Grammar’s first swimming facility – a Junior School Pool on Warrigal Road. Limited by available funds, Thorold suggested a three lane ‘25m x 20 feet’ outdoor pool. To minimise construction problems, he agreed to coordinate the work himself – if a group of fathers would form a ‘do-it-yourself’ cooperative to build it…and they did.

BRIAN PINDER (1962) Photos, copies of The Mentonian and Uniform items pictured.


By 1972, the Junior Pool was no longer adequate for the School’s needs and thoughts turned to another pool. Whilst then Principal, Keith Jones, did not invite the boys and their fathers to build the new pool, referring to the School’s investment of $25,000, he did ‘invite’ the Mother’s Association and the Parents’ Association to ‘adopt it as a project to reimburse the School over, say, three years’. The fittingly named Jubilee Pool was finished on the day it opened on the corner of Como Parade West and Lucerne Street, 10 February, 1973. It was presented as a gift from the Mother’s Association to celebrate the School’s 50th Anniversary. Records show the Mother’s and the Parents’ Associations rose to the reimbursement challenge, turning in significant fundraising profits over the three years, including $700 raised at a Dog Show late in 1972 (the equivalent of around $7,000 today). The Jubilee Pool boasted six lanes (25m x 42 ft) – and like the Junior Pool before it, became part of the next generation of Premiership swimmers at Mentone Grammar. The School’s swim development program prospered and no less than 26 AGSV Premierships were achieved within this time and prior to its decommissioning in 2017.



1961 – 1970

1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

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FACILITIES R. M. Sykes Shoreham Camp Marine Parade, Shoreham (Melways Ref: 256 J7) Keysborough Playing Fields 756 - 768 Springvale Road, Keysborough The Peter Royston Aquatics Centre Cnr Como Parade West & Lucerne Street Mentone VIC 3194


SWIMMING! By late 1997, Mentone Grammar had become so prominent in swimming it attracted the attention of Melbourne Vicentre – then the No 2 swimming club in Australia, that was looking to expand its operations. It would be Mr Mal Cater, then Master in Charge of Swimming, whose memorable definition ‘Mentone is swimming’ formed part of his persuasive argument for a new indoor pool to facilitate squad training and advance physical education. Headmaster Neville Clark called it ‘the finest program of swim safety and championship training which could possibly be established at any school in Victoria’. The Melbourne Vicentre partnership was agreed upon in 1998, and the all-new Bayside Aquatics Centre opened in 1999.

Bayside Aquatics Reception (03) 9581 3288



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Our purpose is to serve our members and support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, our clubs, special events and other TMA activities.

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In 2020 we will be holding Reunions for the following year groups, in addition to our Friends of Frogmore Lunch.

The Reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate pass you by. Come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you. Please contact Suzanne Ashley at: for dates and details. Friday 11 October 2009 – 10 Year Reunion

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As we now enjoy the new, improved Peter Royston Bayside Aquatics Centre, it is timely that we pay homage and celebrate the School’s original ‘pool guys…and girls’– the fathers, the mothers, the school children and the staff, who through labore et honore helped lay the early foundations for Mentone Grammar’s outstanding swimming culture. Proof, that whatever good things we build, end up building us. SCHOOL ARCHIVIST

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TMA dates for the remainder of 2019

During the Bayside Aquatic Centre’s 20-year history, the School has won an AGSV Premiership no less than 18 times and the swimming program expanded well beyond Mentone Grammar to cater for the greater Mentone community.


Refurbished and now open for bookings

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EST. 1923


Bayside Aquatics Centre-Melbourne Vicentre, 1999.

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Monday 11 November Remembrance Day Service


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