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WELC Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. We offer a progressive, well-supported learning environment with wide-ranging opportunities for students from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the Middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender specific classes. In Early Learning through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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Front Cover Emma Maggio and Ben Lofthouse star in Les Misérables, Creativity Centre 2017



YEARS 10-12




Enrolment applications at Mentone Grammar may be submitted at any time. We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your child in your preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion. Please note that you will need

to register online and pay a non-refundable registration fee per child. The acceptance of your registration will place your child on our waiting list for the requested year of entry and year level.

We invite you to visit us at Mentone Grammar to see our students and staff in action. Initially, joining one of our School Tours is the best way to find out what happens at our School. Take the opportunity to meet with us so that, together, we can discuss our Together-Apart-Together coeducation model and explore the benefits this will offer your children. This will provide you and your sons and daughters with an opportunity to have your questions answered in detail.

Please join us for our first 2018 School Tour (and Scholarship Testing) Saturday 17 February 2018, 9.30am & 11am Please register online: or contact me at: if you wish to arrange a private tour or to discuss enrolments and opportunities available for your sons and daughters at Mentone Grammar.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR



01 Eblana students performing in

Giraffe’s Can’t Jump - Wakakirri 2017.

02 Registrar Pernilla Eklund Allan visits Eblana, Junior Campus.



The latest resource developed within our School is the amazing Creativity Centre. I have had the pleasure of touring a number of people through this wonderful resource and, by far, their biggest reaction is, WOW! The resource not only is a stunning feat of architecture and a stimulating centre for the teaching and learning of a number of subject areas within our School but, most important of all, it makes a massive statement about where the School is at and where the School is going. The location of the Creativity Centre was deliberately chosen to make a significant statement, alongside the Sports Centre. Whilst Sport is an important element of a Mentone Grammar education so too are the Arts and we want students to be able to transition between these two spaces with great comfort knowing that they will be applauded for their talents in both. Ideally we want students to be fully engaged in both of these centres as it is at that point that their brain will be fully stimulated and developed. In establishing the rationale for this learning centre we consulted with a number of educational leaders and one in particular, Professor Brian Caldwell, who has published a number of papers on the importance of the Arts in the development of an adolescent brain and the overall impact such areas of study will have on improving their performance. This research convinced us that this centre was an essential element for this School at this time. One cannot underestimate the philosophical statement that this resource is having and will continue to have for a long time, on what Mentone Grammar stands for. I am proud to lead a School that makes such a strong statement about the interaction/interface of the Arts and Sport – it is integral to the contemporary School we are evolving. We want young people to be engaged in both aspects of their development (Sport and the Arts) and it will be wonderful to see the impact of the Creativity Centre for the year levels to come. I commend the work of all who contributed to this development and hope that it brings great joy to many in the years ahead.



Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

A NEW CHAIR FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS At the Board’s AGM held in July 2017, Mr Simon Appel OAM, stepped down as Chair of the School Board. He will remain on the Board as a Director. Mr Appel first joined the Board in 1989 and served the School for five years as a Board Member. Mr and Mrs Appel travelled interstate for work purposes for a number of years and following Mr Appel’s return to Victoria he rejoined the Board in March 2004 and was appointed Chair of the Board in May 2004. During Mr Appel’s tenure, the School has transformed into a contemporary coeducational School. He oversaw the decision to become a coeducational school and managed the School through a challenging period following this announcement.


He also oversaw the transition of Principals from Mr Argall to my present appointment. Substantial growth in enrolment numbers and major changes to the School’s infrastructure have occurred during Mr Appel’s leadership of the Board, including the building of the Science Wing, the Sports and Function Centre, Eblana, Greenways, the refurbishment of the Year 7 Learning Centre, the installation of a classroom at Shoreham and the wonderful new Creativity Centre. Alongside all of this, the Board Mr Appel has led has also seen major changes in our age-and-stage appropriate programs for students. So much has been achieved during his tenure and we are all, I am sure, incredibly grateful to him for the leadership he has shown during this dynamic phase of the School’s history. We will pay further tribute to Mr Appel at end of year gatherings. The Board unanimously voted in Mr Geoff Ryan AM as the Chair of the Board of Directors. Mr Ryan is an Old Mentonian who joined the Mentone Grammar Board in 2011. He was Principal of Westbourne Grammar from 1990 to 2010 and was Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar in 1965. Mr Ryan will be the fifth Chair of the Mentone Grammar Board and I am sure our Community joins in wishing him well for his leadership of the School Board. Mr Ryan will attend a number of School gatherings to be introduced to the School Community more formally.




01 Bayview students explore their exciting new Arts space.

02 Year 12 students enjoying a quiet space in the Centre.

03 Retiring Chair Simon Appel OAM (left) and Chair Geoff Ryan AM inspect the new Thorold Theatre complex.


FROM THE CHAIR I recently enjoyed a full day at the Mentone Campus spending time with Principal Mr Cater and the four Heads of Campus, watching students at work before a visit to the Keysborough Playing Fields. Whilst I have been a member of the School Board for the past seven years, the Principal felt it would be a good idea for me to have a ‘refresher’ to enable me to better fulfil my new duties as Chair. I found the day both interesting and enjoyable. As a Board member, most of my visits to the School occur either in the evening (Board meetings) or very early in the morning (Risk, Audit & Finance and Property committee meetings). To truly get a feel for a school I believe you need to see it in action; to see staff and students involved in the business of learning. As someone who has spent my entire working life in schools, I think that I can tell very quickly if a school is a good school; in fact, in most cases I can tell within the first five minutes of arriving. Whilst quite a lot can be learned from studying the School’s formal documentation such as the prospectus, website, curriculum documents, examination and NAPLAN results, nothing is quite as valuable as actually being in the school during its operation. Within five minutes I could tell Mentone Grammar is a good school. How? Firstly, the appearance of the School (its buildings and grounds) was neat, welcoming and obviously cared for. Secondly, staff and students were clearly happy to be there and engaged in what they were doing. In my experience students who respect their surroundings and feel safe, happy and engaged, learn. And in the final analysis that is what good schools are about. These things may seem obvious; however, they are not present in every school and their absence is every bit as obvious. The students’ involvement in their learning was obvious - in the Early Learning Centre where children were listening to a story, in Year 6 where students were working in pairs on a peer review of each other’s writing; in the students working on Robotics in the Creativity Centre; in Year 11 students carrying out a science experiment, and in the Year 12 students working in the Library after classes had ended. It was especially obvious in the Greenways student (part of the team operating the Greenways Café for the week) who took longer than anticipated making a coffee for Mr Cater and me, as he made the Principal’s café latte three times before it was, in his view, good enough to serve. In that particular instance, Visible Learning was very visible! Mentone Grammar is a very good school striving always to be even better. Observing that at first hand was both reassuring and inspiring. GEOFF RYAN AM CHAIR


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

KEITH JONES ORATION 2017 IN MEMORY OF MR KEITH JONES – Headmaster of Mentone Grammar from 1960 – 1987, the Keith Jones Oration is an inspiring time-honoured tradition. Each year the School invites an influential, high calibre speaker to address invited guests and senior students. This year we were fortunate to have two thought provoking guests whose unique stories addressed the theme: What Freedom Means to Me.

In September, we welcomed Young Australian of the Year Jason Ball and Leon Egan to Mentone Grammar where they had the opportunity to present in the comfortable surrounds of the new Thorold Theatre. The audience was enthralled as both orators shared inspirational stories of how they overcame personal challenges, found friendship, acceptance and support, and made their own paths to success. Jason and Leon’s moving presentations were followed by a question and answer panel with Head Prefects, Ryan Buckler and Charlotte Sutton, and left senior students, staff and VIP guests captivated by the powerful messages they shared. Jason Ball is an LGBTI advocate and campaigns to challenge homophobia in sport and drive cultural change within the AFL. Jason is also an ambassador for Beyond Blue and passionately highlighted the damaging impact that discrimination has on the mental health and wellbeing of the LGBTI community. Leon Egan is a leader in Indigenous Affairs who focuses on cultural awareness through education. Leon is well known to our Community as he was also instrumental in helping to develop Mentone Grammar’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). He has worked as the Indigenous Education Program Manager at AFL SportsReady and as Indigenous Advisor to the Hawthorn Football Club. Leon shared his personal story that included a childhood changed by domestic violence and how he truly felt freedom when his mother and siblings found the courage to break away and start a new life. Following the Oration, Jason and Leon shared lunch with our senior students who felt very privileged to have such access to two amazing advocates, who were both incredibly generous with their time and personal stories. Along with our Mentone Stories series of speakers, Mentone Grammar is proud to offer students such opportunities to learn from a diverse range of speakers who connect with our students and the issues that concern them today.




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OUR EARLY LEARNING CENTRE GOES FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH. Following our Centre’s exceptional rating from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development at the end of 2016, we have continued to build our wonderful program in 2017. This accolade is a credit to all of the staff who create such an amazing, inclusive program for all the children in our care and to the strong, collaborative support we enjoy from our Mentone Grammar families. We continue to offer best practice in every way. Some of our program highlights include a new beach/bush kindergarten program. It has been very successful and our students were very excited to visit our School’s beachside property at Shoreham and our local beach as part of our exploration of the great outdoors and nature. We also have embedded sustainability into our program, with children learning how to lessen their carbon footprint by recycling paper, re-using materials such as boxes brought from home, switching off lights when leaving a room, using water wisely, composting, growing food for us to eat, just to name a few. It is wonderful for the children to be so empowered by action at such a young age.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017



Libby Chislett, Director of ELC. 01 

02 & 03 A big day out. A bus ride to the Keysborough

Playing fields for fun and games with mum for Mother’s Day.

Dressing up and having fun with books during 04  Book Week is a special time in the ELC.

05 & 06 Learning about all things indigenous from

special visitor Murrundindi who brought along his didgeridoo!

07 A morning with Dad. Father’s Day is celebrated with a breakfast for 200!

08 & 09 A Footy Morning with Dad is the best way to celebrate Father’s Day and footy finals!

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With an eye to the future we have also introduced simple coding into our program and it is amazing to see how children have no fear of taking on technology. By providing them with these simple opportunities within their digital world, we hope to ready them for greater digital interaction for later learning. The world is their oyster, and their potential is boundless! I look forward to seeing these children having a real and positive influence in their future world … and to think this is all done through play! Through listening to our children’s voices, by empowering them to become global citizens, by planning explicit intentional teaching opportunities, providing open ended activities for our children to see what they can achieve, or how they can fix a problem, our aim is to build confident learners. Resilience, persistence and self-belief are all key areas we work on daily. We have also enjoyed some shared learning opportunities between our 3YO groups and 4YO groups by attending incursions and excursions together, along with lots of visits to each other’s rooms. We have also introduced shared lunchtimes into the weekly timetable. These new opportunities have come about through discussions with parents, staff, children and the School’s Foundation teachers. I cannot wait to see where the future takes us and our youngest students. I know where ever it is; it will be with a smile on our face and love in our hearts as we follow their path through school and life beyond. LIBBY CHISLETT DIRECTOR OF ELC


TAKE YOUR SEAT... OUR NEW CENTRE OPENS! After an exciting week of events, the new Creativity Centre opened in June and the festivities continued right through to September. In what is a stunning building, the Centre is purpose built with stylish studios to best accommodate the exciting future of music, performance, the visual arts, food, wood and digital technologies at Mentone Grammar. Central to the light filled building is a high-tech recreation of what many would remember as Thorold Hall. The new Thorold Theatre is a sophisticated auditorium that has already hosted a number of memorable events. To acknowledge and thank the generous members of our Community who supported the building through donations or sponsorships, guests enjoyed a Red Carpet Official Opening on 2 June. In a proud moment, retiring Chair of the Board of Directors, Mr Simon Appel OAM, expressed his heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to the amazing resource with a commemorative lapel pin. If you would like to sponsor a room or seat please contact Rae Byrom, Director of Development on 9581 3280 or


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017


Richard WK Lo

Daminder and Michele Gill

Craig Prior and Sarah Tozer

Dr Thomas WG Lo

Svend and Emily Samild

Grant and Samantha Berry

George and Sonya Hadjiyannakis

The Mentonians Association

Geoff Ryan AM

Jan Drinan

Suzanne Ashley

Malcolm Cater

Geoff Cupples

Margie Flavell

Allen Hicks

Andrew Newman

Tim Appel and Family

Alison Ingram

Chris and Reina Barlow

Nicholas Bountroukas

The Richmond Family

Lee Michell

Amy Stokes

Jennifer Callahan

Peter McKinnon and Family

Maree Dinger

Mark Welton

Kathy Rosenberg

Steve Kitto

Sue Villanti

Caroline Rothberg

Debra LeNepveu

Mizz De Zoysa-Lewis

Lee and Steve Michell

Kim d’Alquen

Sarah Tozer and Craig Prior

Michelle Nicholson

Dr Peter NB Lo


Heather Stone Mark Pearman and Family Jitti Rachjaibun Morris Winestone Rae Brown Chris Williams Svend Samild and Family Ian McBeath Peter and Coral Rogers Eril Deighton

Branislav Selacki Michelle Welton Christopher Newnham Jill Murphy Serana Smith Tracey Levey Stephanie Higgins Robert Maluga Carolyn Growdon

Jason McNamara Kerryn Ewart Greg Holledge Helen Lockett Carol Siedle Michael Stone Gerard Mullins Russell Vinning Peter Draper Grant Holland and Family Jennifer Cummins Peter Ellix and Family David Ryan Lani Demura James Oxley Michelle Warmuz

Joanna Cotsopoulos

Drew and Geoff Pearson

Wendy Scott

Trudy Brooks

Sandra Lenton

Lap-tak Ng

Jane Sheppard

Paul Gamble

Melissa O’Sullivan

Mark Roberts

Lewis Dundas

Rick Plumridge

Stuart Turner

Anthony Moir

Jennifer Lamb

Steve Moir

Karen Love Sweeny and Family

John Adeney

Peter Skene

Shane Dormer

Martin Massey

Greg Wilkinson

Karen Leonard

Ric Clarke

Anthony Blaskett and Family

Jo Mallows

Glenn Shepherd

Rae Byrom

Craig Chambers Vic Stroumos Ian Mahoney Andrew Oxland and Family Karen Kemp Prof. Glenn Bowes Neeta Dawar Harishan Tharmarajah

Listing correct as at 12 October 2017


ROOM DEDICATIONS Our School has been very privileged to include in its history some very notable educators, leaders and generous benefactors. With the opening of the Creativity Centre, the School had the opportunity to honour the influence of five notable luminaries who have all impacted greatly on the life of Mentone Grammar. The following inscriptions summarise their contributions:

KARL DULDIG ART STUDIO Art Master 1945 -1967 In 1945, Mentone Grammar was proud to appoint renowned artist and sculptor, Karl Duldig, as Art Master. His 23-year association with the School signalled an era of extraordinary craftsmanship, artistry and leadership. His work is held by major galleries in Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian War Memorial, and the National Gallery of Victoria, and by private collectors in many parts of the world. Duldig Studio, a public museum and art gallery in Malvern East, is dedicated to his art.

ALLEN HICKS ART STUDIO Art Teacher and Sports Coach, 1971-2013 Allen Hicks is a man of many talents and interests. Quite apart from his chosen vocation of teaching, his roles have spanned: professional artist, keen footballer and coach, Major in the Army Cadets, bushman responsible for the organisation of a number of scientific expeditions and highly observant collector of the curious. For over 42 years, Mentone Grammar was extremely fortunate to have Allen on its academic staff. He is fondly remembered as an Art Teacher with a remarkable gift for drawing out the creative talents of young people; a profoundly kind and compassionate man.

THOROLD THEATRE John Jeffery (J.J.) Thorold, Proprietor and Principal, 1939 -1960 John Jeffery Thorold is honoured for his outstanding leadership of Mentone Grammar during a time when Australia was in the midst of war. Assuming responsibility for the School after the passing of his father, Charles Campbell (C.C.) Thorold, in 1939, a 26-year-old Jeffery led his team during the events of the Pearl Harbour bombings, the fall of Hong Kong, the invasion of Malaya and many other significant political world events. During a period of uncertainty and fear, Mentone Grammar not only survived but saw spectacular expansion which is credited to Jeffery’s business acumen as a trained Accountant, passion for the School in honour of his father and the reassurance and support he afforded parents in the local community during times of adversity.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

LEWIS PLUMRIDGE MUSIC STUDIO Director of Music, 1982-2008 Mentonian 1956-1961 Lewis studied at Mentone Grammar from 1956-1961. He gained a Bachelor of Music, and a Diploma of Education at the University of Melbourne. Lewis later completed his Bachelor of Education after serving in the RMC Army Band at Duntroon, Canberra. He was employed for five years as the Director of Music at Whitmore High School in Harrow, London and was the Organist and Choirmaster at St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church in Cricklewood as well as an accompanist for his wife, singer, Carole McKenzie. Lewis joined Mentone Grammar as the Director of Music in 1982, to a newly-built Music School. After 27 years of service, he is acknowledged for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Music program and his impact on individual student achievement. Many Mentonians, who have gone on to pursue study and careers in Music, hold fond memories of Mr Plumridge and the way he would endeavour to make every single musical performance of the highest standard. Lewis’ two sons are also Mentonians, Christopher Plumridge and Richard (Plumridge) McKenzie.

MARY JONES THEATRETTE Mrs Mary Jones was married to Mentone Grammar’s fourth Headmaster, Mr Keith Jones, who led the School from 1961-1987 through a time of great success. Together, they formed an extraordinary partnership that will long influence the spirit and ethos of Mentone Grammar. With Mary’s support, Keith worked tirelessly to improve the School’s infrastructure, academic standards and sporting success, seeing significant enrolment growth during his 26-year tenure as Headmaster. Mary was a staunch and loyal supporter of Mentone Grammar, taking great pride in the School’s successes. Even after Keith’s passing, Mary attended most of Mentone Grammar’s major functions, most notably Founders’ Day and the Keith Jones Memorial Oration. Mary has been described as a ‘true matriarch of Mentone Grammar’. Our Early Learning Centre is also named in her honour.

Sponsorship and theatre seat naming opportunities are still open for members of our Community, to make an indelible contribution to the education of the Arts at Mentone Grammar. All enquiries are most welcome. Please contact Rae Byrom, Director of Development at: or telephone 9581 3280. All contributions are tax deductible.


OFFICIAL. OPEN. BLESSED. The celebrations concluded in September with a formal assembly and a traditional blessing from our Anglican Archbishop, The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier to mark the official opening of the Centre. The School Community was very fortunate to welcome back opera singer and Mentonian Blake Fischer (1992), who joined emerging performer, current Year 9 student Harrison Dart, who felt privileged to join Blake on stage to sing, I am the Pirate King, from Pirates of Penzance. Singer Kelsey Cotton (2012) shared the stage with Sarah Green (Year 11) for a beautiful rendition of, For Good, from the stage show Wicked. For Blake and Kelsey, who remember their time at School singing in the old Thorold Hall, it was a reminder to the audience of just how far the Arts at Mentone Grammar has expanded and the incredible opportunities that come from providing professional standard Arts technologies and specialist resources. The sound and lighting capabilities of the Theatre were again on show that evening when the entire School was excited to welcome Daryl Braithwaite on stage for another celebration of things old and new. For some, it was a nostalgic trip back to the days of Countdown and white satin suits, for most it was a moment to feel proud of their School, that loves to share its successes and to do what it always does so well – bring generations of Mentonians together to enjoy their big, happy School. What a night! Now that the party is over, the Centre is now filled with students coming and going to classes full of incredible sounds, images, production and creativity. We welcome visitors to our School at any time. Please visit our website to view our calendar of upcoming events. We always have an exciting offering of events, exhibitions and concerts that we are proud to share with our wider community. Book a seat! To organise a Private Tour of Mentone Grammar and our Creativity Centre, please contact our Registrar, or attend an upcoming School Tour.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017 was a moment to feel proud of their School, that loves to share its successes and to do what it always does so well – bring generations of Mentonians together...



SPACE Our new Creativity Centre has transformed the Visual Art experience at Mentone Grammar for both students and staff. These outstanding teaching and learning facilities include a senior art studio, visual communication and design studio, photographic studio, an open plan multidiscipline series of studios, a research and design studio and a designated studio for visiting artists.

As an art educator with over 30 years’ experience, this is a personal dream come true and a great opportunity for students and staff to build on. This amazing development resonates creativity and the Visual Arts faculty has quickly settled into the studios and the staff share the excitement with their students, of working in such an inspiring space. An artist will never underestimate the beauty of working in natural light and all our custom-built studios provide an abundance of natural light streaming through large windows. Our School Community has embraced the Creativity Centre which is a constant hive of inventive activity. Our Visual Art students now have the opportunity to use these art spaces outside their scheduled class times. VCE students the Visual Arts now run a summer and winter cocurricular program, now in its second season. The highly successful winter season involved students being offered the opportunity to work with a professional oil painter. Just as popular, the program for the summer season is photography based. Visiting artists and designers are often seen in the Visual Art studios. Recently we were delighted to have Nicolas Hogios, a car designer, present to our Years 10 and 11 VCD students in our new art research studio. Nicolas shared his insights and expertise into the world of car design and explained the path he took to achieve success in this highly competitive field of design. A number of our art classes have been practising mindfulness as part of their Visual Art curriculum. Since moving into the Centre the students have been fortunate to be able to practise mindfulness on a regular basis in the research studio, which has complete block out blinds, carpet for students to lie on and a surround-sound system to be used in the meditations. This has assisted students in getting ideas flowing by allowing their ideas to reach their best creative thinking brain, the neocortex.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Currently, our Art and Design exhibition is being showcased throughout the lower gallery of the Creativity Centre and Frogmore corridor. The gallery space is regularly used to exhibit the works of current and past students as well as artworks by staff and artists with School connections. Several works have permanent positions, including sculptures by Cameron Moorhouse (2016). Cameron is currently studying an Associate Degree in Design at RMIT following an amazing output of artwork during his final year in 2016. His sculpture, Extinction, returned from the National Gallery of Victoria and now is permanently located outside the research studio. The amazing winged angel created by Cameron and donated by Mentone Grammar’s class of 2016 as a thank you gift to the School, upon the completion of their studies, sits outside the senior art studio. Marc Shermon’s (2016) award winning photographic work, Onerous, also selected for Top Arts 2017, hangs permanently in the photographic studio entrance. The Creativity Centre is truly stunning and an inspiring space to work in, the creative talents and unique vision of a new generation of artists will benefit from this remarkable resource. We all look forward to showcasing the School’s Art & Design Exhibition during October, the first in the inviting Gallery Space in the Centre. KIM WOOTTON FACULTY COORDINATOR - VISUAL ARTS




What an exciting time for Technologies! Our move into the new Centre has seen all three Design Technology disciplines all together in one amazing space. The inspiration that comes from a well-resourced shared space has taken everyone by surprise. For both staff and students there is a great sense of limitless creative freedom. The light-filled glassed areas, where we can see what is happening in each of the spaces, create a very inclusive, supportive environment. It promotes a sense of curiosity and we have welcomed the attention of the many visitors to the Centre.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Everyone loves food, so the aromas and action within the central Food Technology area attract a lot of interest. Across the way, the technologies 3D printing processes and Robotics are intriguing and the printed products have amazed visitors to our Centre. It is a joy to see the looks of amazement from our students when a technical creation, that they have designed, comes to life. Looking out onto the beautiful sculptured outdoor spaces, the Design Technologies Materials is a peaceful but exciting place to work. The wood craft that is being produced in that area is very impressive. Central to the work rooms are communal break out areas where students now meet to collaborate in relaxed, comfortable spaces. It has also been a pleasure to share our new resources with other groups and classes from each Campus. Food is universal and always brings people together, so we have also been busy sharing our love of food with VCAL students, languages classes and cultural activities about the School.

The feedback is that our students absolutely love having a well-designed space where they can share the best in technology to create even better works. For Middle Years students, the learning that has been shared in the kitchen has included education around lifestyle and health and the importance of good nutrition to improve health and performance. Students have examined effective selfmanagement, decision making strategies, dietary requirements, and impact of healthy food choices through practical and inquiry based learning. They have developed food preparation and presentation skills that included a unit on Modern Australia with a Hot Twist that incorporates little-known indigenous ingredients. We have also explored many multicultural foods and global food issues. For our more senior students they have explored food and health issues particular to adolescence through practical and inquiry based learning. Topics include safety and hygiene, creative recipe adaptation, time and kitchen management, food preparation skills along with nutrition and food science. In the Design Technologies Materials space our Year 7s have designed and created their own individual analogue clocks with excellent results. In Year 10, students have been given the brief: ‘Carefully placed lighting can greatly enhance the atmosphere of a living area. Design and make a compact table on which to place a small lamp.

The table should be elegant in appearance and should display the functional simplicity of handcrafted joints’. In the Year 9 Digital Technology-HTML classes students are engaged in creating a website from the ground up using either Text Wrangler or Notepad ++ as their text editor. In exploring Digital Storytelling students have just finished learning how to create a stop motion animation in Animate CC and some students have even finished creating a Rotoscope movie. In Robotics our Year 8 classes have been working with EV3 Robots and programing in Lego Mindstorms. Currently they are programing their robots to play music and utilise the ‘Wait Until’ command. It has been a lot of fun and students are enjoying the success that comes with this new skill set and the surprising outcomes that come with creating a functioning robot. Solving real world problems using computer coding can be difficult! Year 8 students are currently coding small robots to simulate tasks that robots may be asked to do in the not too distance future. Understanding coding and the potential for robotics is a highly desirable attribute for the many workplaces our students will move into beyond school. In Year 7 students are developing skills in Computer Aided Design in order to create a number of small 3D printed objects. They are working towards creating their very own working 3D printed lamp. In Year 10 students are exploring 3D printed Robotics, merging the fields of 3D Printing and Programmable Electronics to turn their ideas into reality. They have made their own robots and through learning the mechanics of electronics and coding they have been able to make their robots come to life. In another example of how these disciplines intersect, Year 9 students have been combining 2D and 3D applications to their design briefs for wood technologies, creating some impressive results. It is this wonderful connectivity of creativity and supporting technologies, all in one space, that makes working in the new Creativity Centre both inspiring and fun. We look forward to many more collaborations as we build and grow interest in these fascinating future crafts. Follow us at: mentonegrammartech on Instagram. TESS MONDA FACULTY COORDINATOR – TECHNOLOGIES




Transformation, change and emergence could well describe the experience of the Performing Arts in 2017, where opportunity, creativity, passion, art, expression and skill are immanent and emergent.

It’s been a long journey to finally settle into the spacious performing arts floor of the new Creativity Centre, however, our resilient performers didn’t miss a beat still delivering on impressive auditions, lessons, rehearsals and stellar performances, right up until our move during Term 2. For the final Bayview Soiree held in the, now demolished, Keith Jones Gymnasium, experienced performers such as the Bayview Choir, Bayview Band and Orchestra combined their contributions with new performers to complete a balanced, uplifting and satisfying program for all. Naturally, none shall miss the uneven acoustics of the gymnasium but the enduring memory of the many fine performances will encourage all into the future. Although highlights of the Soiree were certainly to be found in the large ensemble performances, the solo and small ensembles provided plenty of variation. It will be a delight to see our Bayview performers reach new heights with the superb acoustics of the new Thorold Theatre. Once again the Community Sports Day was a highly anticipated and valuable performance opportunity in the Performing Arts calendar. Primarily a forum for Rock Band Experience ensembles and other contemporary styled acts, a spot on the program is highly prized and the performances joyfully spirited. Community attendance for this event continues to grow from year to year. Our involvement with the Generations in Jazz competition for stage band and choir continues apace. The Cat’s Meow and Froggers jazz band are strong contenders, and always greatly enjoy the experience. The preparation for the second term excursion to South Australia is thorough and demanding, both musically and physically, and this year’s trip has unearthed even more talent within the jazz genre.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Friday Evening Around the Piano, perhaps for the last time in Greenways, was an evening of elegance, polished performances and refined sonorities. To my mind the Greenways auditorium is a tremendous venue for this particular concert. It offers a theatre in the round experience, quality acoustics and the type of proximity to the performers that makes the experience of chamber music so enjoyable. The Singers Concerts are another jewel. Essentially low key in nature they always proffer some astounding performances and surprising new singers. This year, the Cre8tive Dance performance took pole position in the new Creativity Centre theatre. The event entitled, Belonging, was thoughtfully themed around related contemporary issues and partly choreographed by senior students. Overall, 56 Performing Arts students inaugurated the stage with a fine and moving performance. An Eblana Concert is a showcase for the Eblana instrumental music program. The June concert was the second event to ‘tread the boards’ of the new Thorold Theatre stage. Always a miscellany of musicians, the Eblana choir, piano soloists, a viola duet, a violin duet and other string soloists demonstrated the depth, opportunity and quality of the Eblana music program. The traditional Winter Concert was the final Performing Arts event of a most significant, perhaps historic and transformational term. Replete with choirs, jazz bands, soloists, chamber groups, rock bands and the Senior Orchestra; the concert was no less than a cornucopia of memorable items. Amongst the many highlights were solo items by Performing Arts Captains; Nicholas Sheppard, Where I Want to Be, and Anna Mallows I Dreamed a Dream.


The traditional Winter Concert was the final Performing Arts event of a most significant, perhaps historic and transformational term.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

In Term 3 the Jazz Cabaret literally popped up in the most unexpected and exceptional venue. The Thorold Theatre stage was transformed from a mere performance area into an enchanting and magical jazz club, complete with atmospheric lighting, cabaret tables and a bandstand. Froggers Jazz band, the featured ensemble, provided accompaniment to many experienced and some surprising new vocalists. The senior production of Les Misérables, our first in the new Thorold Theatre, was an enormous achievement for all involved. The preparation took place over many months and opened its much anticipated season in August 2017. The performances were profoundly moving, the singing incredible, the choruses truly uplifting, the sets stunning and seamless, the costumes brilliant and the joy … beyond words. An unimaginable benchmark has been reached. Our Spring Concert was the final Performing Arts event of Term 3 and was a fitting farewell to our Year 12 performers who have given so much on stage over many years. They, along with their peers, demonstrated the depth, variety and quality of the School’s Music tuition. Froggers jazz band, The Cat’s Meow, the Senior Vocal énsemble, Supersax and Kamikaze Crash Helmets are always featured ensembles with a reputation for fine performances. Also featured this time was a new Percussion ensemble, the Mozart Violin concerto no.5 mvt.1 performed by Henry Wang and the aria V’adoro Pupille performed by Zoe Lancaster with the Senior Orchestra. Superb. During Term 4, the final Bayview Concert, the second of the Eblana concerts and the Eblana Christmas Pageant are all pending events, not to be missed. The Carols Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, upon the evening of the last school day, is a special event comprising congregational carols, choir items, an orchestra with soloists and readings by invited community members. It is a highly recommended event, beautifully closing the school year. GAVIN CORNISH HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS DIRECTOR OF MUSIC





This year’s enthralling Dance production was the first performance to be staged in the stunning Creativity Centre’s Thorold Theatre and showcased the high standard of dance across the School. With great technical proficiency and artistry, 53 students from three Campuses performed a variety of dance genres that included ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary, and conveyed messages and meaning around the challenging theme of ‘belonging’. This production was certainly a memorable one for all involved as it sought to enact, in movement, the ways we live now. It enabled the audience to peer into the lives of individuals as they grappled with the question: Where do I belong? Individuality, decision making, effects of external forces and the want and need to fit in collided and fragmented on stage in an audacious, theatrical exposé into the daily trials of surviving in a hyper-connected, hyper-sensitive, globalised society. Throughout the show, the students’ performances highlighted ongoing issues and situations that students deal with today. The want and need to fit in and to be accepted, the feeling of isolation caused through obsession with social media, the impact of social media on wellbeing and how easily images and posts can spread, causing devastation to those involved. Through performance, the dancers explored the influence of media on fashion and body image as well as societal expectations. They told a story of fitting in, decisions and choices and the consequences of them. Belonging was co-directed by Dance and Drama teacher Vanessa Moore and Year 12 student Anna Mallows, along with assistant choreographers Sophie Loughran and Holly Greenhalgh.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Through performance, the dancers explored the influence of media on fashion and body image as well as societal expectations.




Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Most people could not believe they were watching a ‘school show’ and that is testament to the hard work of all the students involved...



The School’s muchanticipated staging of Les Misérables in the new Thorold Theatre exceeded all expectations. A personal favourite of Principal, Mal Cater, this famously complex stage show was an ambitious project but there was never any doubt that Director Louise Daly and Musical Directors Anthony Bingham and Lidia Mancini could achieve what they have. The audition process, that began in 2016, unearthed what seemed an endless procession of brilliant performers from across three Campuses. An enthusiastic cast was assembled and rehearsals began in earnest.

We are so fortunate at Mentone Grammar to have a Performing Arts program that builds confidence and a love of the stage through passionate mentoring, opportunity, generous resources and excellent tuition. This cross-campus ‘family’ of performers shared a journey that will stay with them for years to come. The four sold-out performances were a first for our new Thorold Theatre, which have now created an aspiring new benchmark for theatre at Mentone Grammar. Congratulations go to the talented and hard-working cast, the busy production team off stage: the choreographers, technical crew, hair and make-up team, front of house ushers, costume designers and all the staff, students and alumni involved - who all worked together to create an unforgettable theatre experience. A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR ‘Did you hear the people sing?’ Four sold out shows and four standing ovations later many people heard our people sing and what a song it was! Mentone Grammar’s production of Les Misérables announced the Thorold Theatre in true style. With Interlocking sets, wigs and costumes that were true to the time, stunning lighting that created ambience and highlighted the tone of each scene and a powerful musical score, conducted by Anthony Bingham, set the scene for a truly magnificent show. Our students did not back away from the challenge but instead embraced it with gusto. They all created a show of the magnitude that had not been staged before at the School.

I would like to particularly acknowledge our Year 12 students who gave up a great deal of time in their busy last VCE year to lead the cast in the most professional way. They have all brought so much to the stage, over many years. I thank Nick Sheppard (Valjean), Ryan Buckler (Javert), Anna Mallows (Fantine), Kristi Lenton (Cosette), Jack Bunting (Maruis), Ben Lofthouse (Thenadier), Josh Bowles (Ensemble) and Harry Scopel (Ensemble). Most people could not believe they were watching a ‘school show’ and that is testament to the hard work of all the students involved and the many staff who worked behind the scenes. We are grateful to each and every one of you for your commitment to the process. We are all very excited about the further of the performing arts at Mentone Grammar as that future is bright indeed! LOUISE DALY DIRECTOR



Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Our students did not back away from the challenge but instead embraced it with gusto. They all created a show of the magnitude that had not been staged before at the School.



It was with a great deal of excitement that our teams approached the Winter season, full of optimism and enthusiasm. It was our first within our new Sports Program structure.


For most Firsts squads, they had the opportunity to begin training during Term 1 in preparation for their chosen Winter sport. There were notable higher levels of engagement and professionalism in our teams as they appreciated the privilege of having specialist coaches to oversee their development. Our Football Program has been building steadily over the past five years, to the point where other schools within the AGSV now recognise Mentone Grammar as a significant player. Having Oliver Florent (2016) drafted to the Sydney Swans was a highlight for the School and we look forward with great anticipation to this year’s AFL draft where we have more exceptional students in contention. The First XVIII had a terrific year, finishing second on the AGSV Ladder with a 6-2 win/loss record. Playing Ivanhoe Grammar in a home semi-final, the conditions were torrid with extremely strong winds making the game a scrappy affair. Unfortunately, the team went down in a tight contest, the emotion after the game palpable and reflective of the incredible efforts the squad had made to build the culture and formidable reputation of this sport at our School. Pleasingly, our Intermediate A and Year 8A teams both had excellent seasons, displaying a high level of ability and commitment, the scope of which both auger well for the future. Being able to sustain three Intermediate Football teams was an outstanding achievement and indicates the great depth we have developed. The Year 8A team was crowned ‘Team of the Year’, with another outstanding year losing only one game in seasons of Mentone Grammar Football. We fielded eight Girls’ Basketball teams, including four Junior teams, who all acquitted themselves admirably.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

02 The players all fully committed to the specialised training sessions and the camaraderie across all year levels was a joy to see. A program highlight was the announcement Mentone Grammar student Eliza Hollingsworth being named in the Australian Sapphires Basketball team, to compete at the U/16 Asia Championships. Eliza was offered a place at the Australian Institute of Sport during Term 2 and took the opportunity, moving there to begin Term 3. Pleasingly, the Firsts squad continued to play exceptionally well, finishing the season as the highest ranked of the AGSV Schools and gathering enormous respect for their competitive nature. Led by Craig Mottram and Sean Williams, our Cross Country students were fortunate to be coached by two of Australia’s best middle distance running experts. With an increased focus on technique and diligent application to running programs, designed to enhance performance, it was with great excitement we watched our students grow in confidence and capability as the season progressed. Our team finished third overall for the season, a truly fantastic


 ockey is gathering H momentum as a premier winter sport at Mentone Grammar.

Semi finalists, the First XVIII 02  had a stellar season.

A very special bond 03 

- the First Netball team.

achievement considering the calibre of competition and this area of our Sport Program has continued to make great gains throughout the year. Acknowledgement must be given to our Boys’ team Captain, Corbin McCullough, who but for an erratic alarm clock which saw him start one race 5 minutes after all other runners (a race where he still placed 23rd from 81!), would have been crowned the Boys’ Overall Champion. Not one to let this disappointment faze him, he went on to win the combined AGSV/APS race at season’s end for the second year in a row,

Cross Country champion Corbin McCullough 04  leads the field.

05 & 06 Boys' and Girls' Soccer is benefiting


greatly from the School's association with South Melbourne FC.

Aligning with South Melbourne FC allowed our Soccer players great access to coaches and facilities, in a relationship that provides great potential for the future. Our coaches and players were both able to benefit from the partnership, with selected students being invited to trial with the Club and coaches having the chance to work with some very well credentialed contemporaries.


05 circumstances, against teams that had elite talent among them.

06 a reflection of his standing within the running fraternity. Our Hockey Program had an injection of enthusiasm in the Junior levels, with our Junior A and Junior B sides, made up of Years 7 and 8 students, having outstanding seasons. Our Coaches did a terrific job blending experienced players with less experienced, and the end result was great vindication of the hard work that went into starting a culture change within the sport. Not to be outdone, our Intermediate and Senior teams both performed admirably, often in challenging

Our First XI Hockey team was very competitive in many of its matches, and but for a few lapses in judgement for short periods, really took it up to strong opposition. The team had some very young members, including Evie Stansby, a Year 7 female student not only playing, but excelling, in the First Boys’ competition – in itself a remarkable effort! The future looks very bright as we transition this program back towards its glory days of yesteryear. Our Netball teams collectively had terrific seasons, with great results all across the program. With high participation numbers and a focus on development of skills and enjoyment, their successes were enjoyed by all. This was best emphasised by our First team, that was simply outstanding and had the rest of the opposition looking over their shoulders as they began competing with, and beating, the heavyweights of the competition. The girls were duly rewarded for their commitment to training and high standards as they defeated the previously invincible Ivanhoe Grammar and Caulfield Grammar, among some terrific wins.

Our Girls First XI had a fantastic season, scoring 41 goals and mentored a number of younger players who will be part of the fabric for many years to come. Matilda’s star, Lisa DeVanna, coached our Junior A team, much to the thrill of our younger generation who got to know, and learn from, one of Australia’s most prominent players. The girls also had a great season, playing an exciting brand of attacking Soccer. Our Boys First XI, coached by Mentonian Christopher Sweeney, had a solid season; competitive in most matches and taking it up to some of their more fancied opponents. The building blocks for the future were set in place, with many players given exposure at the top level, including the debut of Year 8 student, Harry Durand. The Winter Season was one full of highly commendable individual and team performances and the winds of change that have seen the Mentone Grammar Sports Academy established will no doubt hold our students in great stead for a bright future. PETER O’GORMAN HEAD OF SPORT – WINTER




With an all-new Coaching panel including Craig Mottram, Sean Williams and Australia’s fastest ever U/20 sprinter, Jack Hale, the Athletics Season promised to be a highlight on the Sports calendar. With students from Years 5 to 12 all training together, the Athletics Program provides great mentoring for all emerging athletes and this year was exceptional in so many ways!

With elected Captains Lachlan Moorhouse (Year 12) and Natalie Clucas (Year 11) and their Vice Captains all providing great leadership, there was an increased focus on event specialisation and strong encouragement for students to trial in a variety of events, and not to be limited to previous successes. This became the prevailing attitude, with many students surprising themselves in events they hadn’t previously considered strengths. After weeks of training and trials, Championship Day arrived, with students travelling to MSAC to be greeted by blustery conditions that made individual preparation for each event even more important. Head of Athletics, Craig Mottram, addressed the group, reminding them of the need to look after themselves


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

throughout the day, with an emphasis on hydration and warm up being reiterated. After finishing in fifth place in 2016, high hopes for a successful Boys’ program were soon justified with some outstanding results. Tom Byrne (U/13) set the scene with a scintillating Hurdles victory, and Chris Perkins (U/16) 400m run was outstanding, blitzing a high quality field. Tarlis Reed (U/15) off a limited, injuryinterrupted preparation jumped an impressive 5.41m to win the Long Jump and Will Robertson (U/13) returned from Shoreham for the day, throwing 10.48m to win the Shot Put. It wasn’t just the individual victories that were important; the Open 4 x 800m Relay team (Lachlan Moorhouse, Zac Angus, Kieren Dyer and Brady Watts) came fourth, but most

importantly finished ahead of more fancied teams to gain valuable points. The final event of the day saw our Open 4 x 100m team (James Kerr, Dylan Field, Tom Siedle and Aidan Taylor) finish second, defeating PEGS by 0.07 seconds to claim vital points which ensured our Boys finished second overall, behind an all-conquering Trinity Grammar. Our Girls finished fourth in 2016, with only five points separating the top five. Thus, they were keen to demonstrate improvement based on their high level of commitment to the training program. As with the Boys, some outstanding individual performances underpinned the team’s efforts, with Skye Carter’s (U/16) 400m win full of courage. Summer Leonard (U/13) won the 200m and Shot Put (throwing

9.85m, a new AGSV record!) and ran second in the 80m Hurdles. With the competition incredibly tight heading into the final Relay events, we saved our best for last. The U/17 team (Natalie Clucas, Skye Carter, Lucy Burgess and Chloe Garifalakis) winning their 4 x 100m and, not to be outdone, this was immediately followed by our Open 4 x 100m team (Anna Laidlaw, Belle Leonard, Mia McCulloch and Rebecca Hayes) also taking out the final event of the day. These results saw Mentone Grammar edge 0.5 points ahead of PEGS to ensure another second place finish overall, behind Ivanhoe Grammar. To finish second in both the Boys’ and Girls’ AGSV Athletics Championships is an outstanding achievement and all credit goes to our incredibly committed, hard working students and coaches who give their all both in the lead up to, and on, competition day. As we go from the hunter to the hunted, the challenge is on and we can’t wait to see what Season 2018 presents! 31



History was made on Tuesday 25 July 2017 when our Girls’ team won the AGSV Cross Country Premiership for the first time in its history. Thirty-two girls represented our School in the 3.5km event, ably led by Team Captain, Jessica Ewart-McTigue and specialist Coaches Craig Mottram and Sean Williams.

01 Our 2017 Premiership team. 02 A proud moment for the girls, the first

Cross Country team medal presentation.

Captain Jessica Ewart-McTigue receives the 03 

A unique event combining girls from Years 7 to 12, it was with great excitement and hope the team travelled to Yarra Valley for the race. Understanding the importance placed on each placing, the girls were coached to strive to finish one place higher than they thought they would throughout the race, a strategy that paid dividends in a hotly contested competition. Some outstanding individual performances on the day saw Lucy Burgess (Year 11) finish third and Cassie Newman (Year 8) and Grace Bunting (Year 10) both finish second in their respective year levels. Hannah Schmidt (Year 9) and Jessica Ewart-McTigue (Year 11) finished first in the year levels, with these five runners all keeping our combined points score as low as possible, the aim of the day. Following the event, Lucy, Grace, Hannah and Jessica were all rewarded with AGSV Representative selection, a terrific reward for outstanding results. In a competition that had been dominated by Peninsula Grammar (winners of the event for the previous 10 consecutive years!), our girls showed determination, resilience and a fierce desire to compete as a team. Their reward was a commanding victory, placing first on 413 points, followed by Peninsula on 477 points. Ably led by Craig Mottram (Head of Cross Country) and Sean Williams, our students were fortunate to have two of Australia’s best middle distance Coaches working with them, supporting and guiding them in both the lead up and during the event. Their contribution cannot be underestimated, nor can the incredible level of commitment demonstrated by Mentone Grammar staff, Dr Paul and Mrs Terry Matthew, who had both been the backbone of Cross Country at our School for so long. At the Premiership Dinner, Terry recited how Girls’ Cross Country began at Mentone Grammar, 11 years ago. Two girls participated and the initial training session of a run at the beach, which involved 98 per cent walking and talking, and 2 per cent running when the girls were told there was a rat chasing them! It is fair to say we have come a long way in short time and the future looks bright with so many talented and committed athletes in our midst.

Premiership Cup from Mr Cater.


01 03 32

Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017


FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND 2017 The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, September 2017. Mr & Mrs I Cullen

Mr & Mrs C Roach

Mr & Mrs P Colliver

Mr & Mrs S Nish

Mr & Mrs S Blain-Bartle

Mr & Mrs E Glotzer

Mr & Mrs T Howard

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FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND 2017 The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, September 2017. Mr & Mrs T McCann

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Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

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The MG Parents and Friends Association has a vital role in supporting the wonderful Community we have at Mentone Grammar. Our primary aim is to organise and facilitate friendraising events and secondly, where funds are raised, to return funds back to the Community through a range of projects that have a direct benefit to the School and the students. Once again the Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls were a wonderful success, thanks to our energetic parent volunteers and the organisational magic of Sam Sniezek. Our youngest students arrived first with their present lists and precious dollars keen to get the ‘perfect’ gift. Many knew exactly what they wanted, while others needed some gentle assistance from the mums on hand. It was an absolute delight to see the excitement on their faces and we hope you appreciated their efforts! In September parents from all Campuses came together for a fun night of Cocktails by the Bay, at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. With a beautiful view over the bay we talked, danced and laughed the night away. A huge thanks to our tireless Events VP - Jacquie Phillips, and her enthusiastic band of helpers for creating such a wonderful atmosphere and making the night so relaxed and enjoyable. The P&F continues to support special interest groups within our Community such as the Dads@MG. Mentone Grammar dads and grandads are very welcome to join our next event. In 2018 the P&F will launch a new social, cultural initiative, Mon Ami. Please join us as we visit the French Film Festival, have drinks amongst artworks at the NGV, picnic in the Botanical gardens or learn to salsa at the Spanish Festival in Fitzroy. We are also looking for parents interested in the performing arts, whether it is music, dance, drama or performance, to join Artissimo. We provide ongoing support for the performing arts at MG, whilst making the most of the wonderful productions on show throughout Melbourne. For further information about Dads@MG, Mon Ami or Artissimo please email the P&F at For all information please visit our webpage or email: The P&F would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making 2017 another successful year for our wonderful MG Community. P&F COMMITTEE 2017

2017 COMMITTEE President Mia Le Fevre Taylor Secretary Jo Howe Treasurer Christine Davie and Trudy Brooks Vice President - Events Jacquie Phillips Vice President - Community Relations Julie Ahern Vice President - Retail Neerie Widelski Vice President - Merchandise Renee Riminic Dads@MG Grant Holland Bayview Coordinators Belinda Gourlay and Ros Carruthers Frogmore/Greenways Coordinator Christine Davie Newsletter Editor Andrea Schwarz



DAY 2017

The Mentone Grammar Golfing Community gathered at Woodlands Golf Course in May for fun, friends and the fickle exercise of golf. The Mentonians Association and the Parents and Friends team worked together to ensure another great day of golf for all. Whilst numbers were a little less than the bumper year of 2016 we welcomed more female golfers to the field this year.

The winners of The Mentonians’ Trophy 2017: Svend Samild, Simon and Tim Litchfield and Anthony Holmes, with a score of 57.625.

Our Mentone Grammar Community Golf Day was blessed again with stellar weather. There were definitely no excuses for bad play. The ladies’ longest drive was hotly contested with Dallas Wickenden just stealing the distance from Suzanne Ashley’s (Mentone Grammar Alumni) best drive of the day. The 5th and 11th pins were shaking with Nick Fraser, Emma Padley and Allister Watson all hitting it close. A cut lunch was required to find David Jones’ ball on the 15th as it was so far down the fairway – he took the Mens’ longest drive easily. Winners for the day shot a net 54.125. Congratulations to Wayne Hunter, Anthony Lebranski, Russell Saunders and David Teasdale. Long serving Mentone Grammar Golfers: Paul Burmeister, Tony Rothberg, Mark Armstrong and Dale Duggan were pipped by 0.2 shots with a net 54.33. Bridesmaids again! Richard Veza, Rob Wagner, Brad Lyons and Michael Stratton shot an amazing 57.125 but that only scored third on a day filled with great golfing skill, banter and merriment. We are grateful to our sponsors for the day: LIME Catering, S J Higgins Group, Gallagher Jeffs Consulting, Noone Imagewear, SSAEC Air Conditioning and Hunter Industrials. We look forward to seeing Mentone Grammar’s Golfing Community on course in 2018 for another friend raising round of sand belt golf. We welcome all parents, new to Mentone Grammar in 2018, to join us. BILL MCTIGUE


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

FROM THE PRESIDENT This year, The Mentonians Association has proudly celebrated 90 years as an organisation, with two important celebratory events highlighted in this issue. It is a significant achievement, and has led us to review our journey over the last 90 years via The Mentonian yearbook, which began as a 14-page document in 1927. Soon we will welcome our 2017 Valedictorians as Mentonians and, no doubt, they shall find themselves reflecting on the many happy experiences they shared with each other at their, ‘dear old school!’

AN O’B’S LAMENT I am seated in an office In a noisy city street, Where the constant hum of voices Mingles with the tread of feet There are heaps of work before me, Seated here upon my stool, But my thoughts persist on wandering To the old, the dear old school. (The Mentonian, 1927 p.10)

In 1927, our first report noted the following, regarding the establishment of tradition at Mentone Grammar, the launch the Old Mentonians Society, as it was originally known. On Wednesday, 8th June, a meeting of Old Boys was held in the Headmaster’s house and seventy-five per cent of the eligible old boys attended. In opening the meeting, Mr Tonkin (Principal) outlined the objects and ideals of such a society and after much discussion, a constitution was agreed upon and adopted. The first captain of Mentone Grammar School, Alex J. Hillhouse was unanimously elected the first President. Alex Hillhouse left the school in 1924 and proceeded to the University to study law.

He was Dux of the school in 1923 and 1924. At the University, he has won many distinctions including his “Blue” for athletics. He holds the record for the mile race at the University. From six candidates for the position of hon. Secretary, Chas T. Parnham was elected. C. Parnham was captain of the 1924, 1925 and 1926 cricket elevens, a member of the football XVIII during each of these years and a school Prefect. A.R. Parker, Dux of school in 1925, a member of the athletic teams in 1925 and 1926 and a school Prefect, was elected hon. Treasurer. A.F. Roberts, S.H.J. Smith, H.D. Price, R.J. McIntosh, N. Anderson, H.J. Leeke, J.M. Rogers, A.A. K. Mason, M.H. Levy. Council Meetings held since the formation of the Society have been fully attended, and all members have shown the utmost enthusiasm. C.T.P.

It may be hard for any Mentone Grammar student of today to envisage what it might have been like back in the early years of the Association, but it is true to say that the values, hopes and desires sought for them by their parents, guardians and educators alike, remain as strong today as they did back then. It is more than timely for us to begin to document the history of The Mentonians Association (previously known as Old

Mentonians Association) for current and future generations. As such, we would like to create a book that will capture the essence of our Association. In order to do this, we encourage our Alumni to share their stories with us by sending their recollections to us via email: You are also welcome to write down your recollections and mail them to us. We would also be pleased to receive copies of photos that you may wish to donate to our Archives or we can scan your photographs and return them to you. This project is vital to our strategic growth as an association: ‘how can we determine where we are going if we don’t record and review where we have come from!’ We would be grateful to any of our Alumni, their families and friends, including past staff Alumni if they could support the funding of this project. Should you wish to discuss your story or opportunities for funding assistance with me, please contact The Mentonians Office or email: mentonians.president@


ALEX HILLHOUSE Alexander "Alex" John Hillhouse was an Australian athlete who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics. He was born in Melbourne. In 1932 he finished tenth the 5000 metres event. Born: 31 March 1907 Died: 1983 The Australian Team at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California Alexander Hillhouse is seated far right.



Our Reunion Program for 2017 is almost complete with our one-year Reunion for the Class of 2016 taking place on Friday 24 November.

Members from the Classes of 1992,1997 and 2002 enjoying their first visit to the new Thorold Theatre at their reunion.

This year we welcomed back students from the classes of 2007, 2012, 1992, 1997, 2002, 1977, 1982 and 1987. Despite the age differences, each group enjoyed touring their old School and marvelling at the growth and change, yet appreciating that the life skills and values that they learnt at Mentone, have not changed. The reunions were all happy occasions, involving an evening of reconnection, reminiscing and networking. Fantastic tales of international travel, sporting prowess and connectivity, various university degrees, diverse careers, including those carving out success in trades ensured nonstop conversation throughout the night; with many Alumni continuing on into the early hours. We thank our Principal, Mal Cater for welcoming our Alumni to their respective reunions, some in person and others (whilst on sabbatical) via video, it was appreciated by all. Sincere thanks to our staff, both past and present who take the time to come along and share the good times with their past students. We particularly thank Trevor Stevens, John Mason, Leigh Rowlands, Rohan Murphy, Cameron Lancaster, Tim Wilton, Paul Stockdale and our wonderful students who ably hosted the tours that had some of our Alumni, wish that they could return to the Mentone Grammar of today!

A NOTE OF THANKS Thank you so much for such a memorable evening. The warmth of the welcome and the atmosphere of camaraderie and goodwill that was evident throughout the evening made this a very special time of shared memories. Thank you also for the tour of the Creativity Centre - however, speaking as a somewhat sentimental retired MG teacher, what impressed and pleased me even more than this forward-thinking development, was the thoughtfulness, confidence and poise of the students who conducted the tour. Once again, I was reminded why it is so important to occasionally look back and celebrate the relationships and experiences, which are such an integral part of school life. JOHN MASON


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2017




REUNION A 50-year school reunion is most certainly a milestone and deserving of a celebration! On Saturday 9 September, members of the Class of 1967, partners and past staff, Bob Brailsford and Bob Nottle, attended our inaugural Golden Reunion at Woodlands Golf Club.


The dinner followed a spectacular Friends of Frogmore luncheon held at the School on the day prior, which certainly encouraged a number of our Alumni to travel from interstate and country Victoria to join us for both occasions. The evening commenced with canapés, and good humoured banter, followed by a warm welcome from Principal, Mal Cater who reminded us of the world as it was in 1967 – and what a vastly different world we lived in 50 years ago! The group enjoyed a meal together and then Head Boy from 1967, and long term former MG Board Member, Peter Royston, shared school, camp and cadets experiences, thoroughly entertaining all in attendance. We were delighted to provide each 1967 Alumni with a personal memento; a 50-Year Golden Pin proudly presented by both Mark Pearman (1982) TMA President and Suzanne Ashley Alumni Relations Manager. After a fabulous meal, everyone gathered around the television screen and watched memories of their time at School roll by. The evening was aptly summed up by Richard Breckon who said, ‘I’d like to thank the School for the opportunity to meet other students of my year, several of whom I’ve never seen for 50 years. Faces are different, but voices and mannerisms don’t seem to change very much.’ We thank Peter Newton in Archives for sourcing the photographs for the reunion and offer sincere thanks to Peter Royston for his initiative and commitment, to ensure the success of this special inaugural reunion.

03 Class of 1967 and guests, 01 

celebrating their inaugural Golden Reunion.

From left: John De la Lande, 02 

Richard Breckon, Steve Foley, Bill Dorward, Mike Durack, Keith Callinan.

Peter Crawford, Drew Pearson, 03  Peter Royston, Neville Dunn, Peter Whitton, Greg Kelly, Kim Clarke.



TMA ANNUAL DINNER 2017 The Mentonians Association celebrated its 90th birthday in style at our Annual Dinner. Gathering in the stunning new Creativity Centre Gallery Space, guests enjoyed drinks and canapés on arrival and were entertained by musicians from Panther Productions. A fantastic dinner followed in the Function Centre. Our Master of Ceremonies, Steve ‘Chooka’ Grey (1974) opened the evening with a roll call of honoured guests, including outgoing Chair, Mr Simon Appel OAM, and incoming Chair, Mr Geoff Ryan AM (1965), past TMA Presidents, life patrons and past Drinan Medal recipients. The pride in the room was tangible! A rolling display of photographs detailed the highlights of each decade since The Mentonians Association was founded in 1927 – just five years after the School opened. Our sincere thanks go to Peter Newton (1966) from our Archives Centre who created a timeline of fascinating photographs for the night. Thanks also to Debbie Butler for producing the slide presentation. Our guests were amused and delighted by the old images of themselves, their friends and teachers, events, sporting success and the buildings and classrooms of the day. It was also a moving step back in time as guests remembered the great times, the friendships and those whom are no longer with us.



04 05

TONY DRINAN MEDAL WINNER 2017 SIR ROBERT JACKSON (1928) AC KCVO CMG OBE As a perpetual memorial to an exceptional Mentonian and to recognise the accomplishments of former Mentone Grammar students, the ‘Tony Drinan Award’ is awarded each year to a past student who has achieved outstanding success bringing honour to the School and service to the community. A number of Mentonians, teachers and TMA sports club members were honoured during the course of the evening, with our major award, the Tony Drinan Medal being posthumously awarded to war hero Sir Robert Jackson (1928) AC KCVO CMG OBE.

Master of Ceremonies, Steve ‘Chooka’ Grey (1974). 01  Sir Robert Jackson (1928) AC KCVO CMG OBE. 02 

03 The Tony Drinan Medal. 04 From left: Mentone Hockey Club, Josh Burt (1989), Kate Edwards (Sportsperson of the Year) and Rod Tansey, President.

05 From left: Krista Vardy, Brett Rogers (1982),

Coral Rogers and (Life Patron Award Winner) Peter Rogers (1956).


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2017

Sir Robert Jackson made a monumental contribution on the world stage, saving countless lives. Although a comparatively junior officer he was, by the outbreak of World War II, thoroughly involved in plans to defend the island of Malta against Axis attack. His brilliant contribution to the success of these plans through his mastery of supply in all its ramifications earnt him great credit in high places. Dr Chad Mitcham of the Australian National University authored Sir Robert’s entry into the ANU Archives, noting that Jackson, ‘was an international logistical genius who displayed exceptional ability in dealing with multinational emergencies’. Showered with honours by the end of his life, his beginnings at a modestly appointed Mentone Grammar School in 1923-1928 were nevertheless promising. We were pleased to have two previous Tony Drinan Medal winners join us at this year’s Annual Dinner. Associate Professor Michael Woodward (1971), awarded the Tony Drinan Medal in 2006 and Geoff Ryan AM (1965), awarded the Drinan Medal in 2007. Geoff now holds the position of Chair of the Mentone Grammar School Board of Directors. The Committee also had great pleasure in acknowledging nine staff members as Honorary Mentonians this year: Paul Stockdale, Briana Walker, Brigid Hicks, Belinda McNeil, Ben Bruin, Isabella Blair, Marianna Tour, Natalie Wilson, Sally Smith; along with special staff guest, Trevor Stevens who began his teaching career at Mentone Grammar in 1985. Trevor is a great friend to The Mentonians Association, regularly hosting tours and catching up with Alumni at our many reunions.



OPENING On 21 September, the official opening and blessing of the new Creativity Centre took place at the School. We were thrilled to welcome back some of our gifted Alumni to perform at this special event.

Here I am proudly pictured with star performers Kelsey Cotton (2012), Blake Fischer (1992) and Blake’s grandparents, Robert and Shirley Charles. Kelsey and Blake performed with two of our current students Sarah Green (Year 11) and Harrison Dart (Year 9) respectively and were accompanied by pianist Ned Dixon (2012). Their brilliant performances were entertaining and inspiring! SUZANNE ASHLEY ALUMNI RELATIONS MANAGER


THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION – ANNUAL CLUB AWARDS With some incredible nominations, the Sports Person of the Year Award saw Kate Edwards from Mentone Hockey Club and Daniel Maitland (2010) from the Old Mentonians Football Club acknowledged as our winners. Club Person of the Year, was awarded to Tim Appel (1986), President of the Old Mentonians Football Club.

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION – LIFE PATRON AWARD In one of many highlights for the evening, Peter Rogers (1956) was fittingly awarded Life Patron of The Mentonians Association. Peter ceremoniously cut our 90th birthday cake along with one of our younger Mentonians, Miranda Ingram (2013).

Well-known former 02 

staff member Judy Beazley and Mentonian Roly Wettenhall (1969) enjoying the formalities.


03 Ned Dixon (2012),

Kelsey Cotton (2012) and her proud mum Angela Cotton.

03 41




On Friday 8 September, 130 Alumni and guests were treated to an extra special Friends of Frogmore Luncheon and a 90th Birthday celebration for The Mentonians Association, having commenced in 1927, five years after Mentone Grammar began operating as a School.

01 Alumni and guests were greeted in the Creativity Centre Atrium, where Year 11 pianist Callum Matthew entertained with a pleasant repertoire. Guests then ushered into the glorious Thorold Theatre and were asked to take a seat. With the stage curtains drawn, there was certainly an air of anticipation. Principal Mal Cater (1981) welcomed our Board Chair Geoff Ryan AM (1965) and Past Board Chair, and current Board Member, Simon Appel OAM along with many special guests, some who had travelled from interstate and country Victoria. Mal updated everyone on the dynamic progress of the School, growth in numbers and the subsequent building program that has significantly changed the landscape of their old School. With the announcement that lunch was served, the curtains opened to reveal a beautiful banquet setting amidst a sea of gold, blue and white – their old School colours. Following a delicious meal and time to reminisce our guests were treated to yet another surprise. Current Performing Arts Captains Nick Sheppard and Anna Mallows mesmerised everyone with a beautiful rendition of, I Dreamed a Dream and Bring Him Home from the recent School production of Les Misérables. They were both magical performances that held everyone spellbound. Our Head of Choral Music, Anthony Bingham (1994) accompanied the students in both performances and then led all in song with, ‘Happy 90th Birthday to The Mentonians Association’. It was fitting that the Principal and The Mentonians Association President, Mark Pearman (1982) cut the cake with Col. Weir’s sword, a great tradition of the School, before our guests enjoyed afternoon tea, including birthday cake, and a walk about their old School.


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017


Friends of Frogmore guests watching Anna Mallows of Year 12 perform. 01  TMA President, Mark Pearman (1982) and Principal, Mal Cater (1981) 02  cut the 90th birthday cake.

Mal Cater (1981) welcoming Friends of Frogmore to the Creativity Centre 03  and Thorold Theatre.


04 From left: Rev. Andrew Stewart, Mark Pearman (1982) TMA President,

Greg Woodward (1975), Jan Drinan, Geoff Ryan AM (1965) Board Chair, Simon Appel OAM, Past Board Chair and current Board Member, Jill Keys, Barbara Campbell (Berg), Norma Cater.

05 From left: Lewis Plumridge (1961), Bob Brailsford and Simon Appel OAM. 06 Guests mingling in the Creativity Centre Foyer. 07 The Mentonians Association, 90th birthday cake.

06 07 04

The luncheon is an annual event and we encourage all our Friends of Frogmore to put it on the calendar for September 2018. Thank you to everyone for coming along and sharing your memories and laughs. Guest John Craven summed it up best:


‘The day was really sensational. What a fabulous job in every respect. I got a surprise when the curtains were withdrawn to a stunning sight. Perfect in every respect, the decorations, the setting on the tables, the service and the entertainment. What a wonderful afternoon. Five stars all around and Mal (Cater) is a first class speaker. Thank you to everyone…greatly appreciated by this old boy!’ JOHN CRAVEN (1963)

SHARING MENTONE MEMORIES…. Look out for our video interviews conducted with Vasil Varlamos (1959), Peter Rogers (1956), Geoffrey Goode (1955), Ian Clapperton (1957) and Bob Nottle (1960) in forthcoming issues of The Monitor, the online newsletter of The Mentonians Association. If you would like to share memories of your time at Mentone Grammar, please contact Suzanne Ashley E: or T: 9581 3254.



SEASON REPORTS Our TMA Clubs have continued to build on their welcoming, collegiate culture and have enjoyed some impressive results this season.



It has been a momentous year for the Mentone Hockey Club. Playing numbers continue to grow as the Club goes from strength to strength. The most exciting news was the completion of the resurfacing work at the start of the season, which has allowed both the School and the Club to benefit from a premium level surface at Keysborough. This coupled with the player shelters and the, soon to be erected, technical bench shelter, really provides a great playing facility. As part of the School’s new delivery model, there has been great consolidation with the School, with the Head of Hockey and many School team members also playing with the Club. We have had on-field success, with the Men’s Section returned to the Premier League. September being Finals time where we had the Men’s Pennant B team in a Grand Final, narrowly going down to MCC. The Women’s Metro B South team, triumphed in a penalty shootout over Monash University to take out the Premiership.

The Men’s Pennant B team. 01 

02 The Women’s Metro B South team.

Two more flags are on offer, with the Women’s Masters 35A on track for a ‘threepeat’ of Premiership success and the Women’s Premier League team is in the Major Grand Final against rivals Hawthorn. The Club has had a significant number of Junior and Masters players selected in either representative or State teams. At the senior level, this was also the case. Tegan Boucher (MG Sportsperson of the Year-2014) was named in the Australian Indoor Team to contest the World Cup in Berlin, Germany in February 2018 with Emily Seccull included as a Touring Party member, who will play in lead-up matches and come into the World Cup team should an injury occur.


Teisha King, who returned to us from the US, joins UK import and GB Women’s Team member, Takara Haines in being selected in the Victorian Women’s team, the Vipers. They will contest the AHL Championships in Perth at season’s end. We also have three of the younger Mentone players just named in the emerging Vipers squad, a stepping stone to the senior squad. They are Gracie Geddis, Abbey O’Brien and MG Sportsperson of the Year-2016, Brooke Anderson. The Club will run a variety of Summer Outdoor and Indoor programs starting late October for Juniors, Open and Masters players, including development programs for new players. We have a level to suit everyone. For details visit the Clubs website at:


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Top row from left: Teisha King, Takara Haines and Gracie Geddis, Bottom row from left: Abbey O’Brien and Brooke Anderson.

OLD MENTONIANS CRICKET CLUB (OMCC) The Old Mentonians Cricket Club is extremely proud to announce that multiple First XI Premiership fast bowler and, more than handy batsmen, Darcy Brown has been appointed as the OMCC First XI Captain for season 2017/18. Darcy has played 106 Matches since debuting for the Panthers. In October 2008, he began playing in the U/17s and since then he has taken 218 senior wickets at 13.00 including two hat tricks; he has taken 36 catches; made 628 runs with two 50s, averaging 13.65 with a top score of 79*. He played in the 2012/13 VTCA Senior Division First XI Premiership, the 2014/15 VTCA South Division First XI Premiership, the 2015/16 MCC Club XI Premiership where he was a key player in all matches. Darcy and the Brown family have been one of the main reasons for the success that the OMCC has tasted in recent years. Father Gary, brothers Mitch and premiership star Sam, have all played at the OMCC with mum Carolyn being a wonderful supporter of her sons and the OMCC. The Old Mentonians First XI look forward to returning to two-day Cricket in Cricket Southern Bayside Competition Division 1 Grade. Old Mentonians will have two English players for the summer to help bolster the playing stocks of the First XI. The Club is still very keen to attract as many new players of all ages and abilities for the forthcoming season, particularly in the sub 20 Age Group and the plus 40 Age Group. The Club plays on Turf at the magnificent Keysborough Playing Fields in Cricket Southern Bayside Competition, MCC Club XI and DDCA. Cricket Southern Bayside is two-day cricket and one-day Cricket; the DDCA Cricket is for Over 40s with eight matches played on Sundays. We will field the same amount of teams as last year – three Cricket Southern Bayside teams, and a DDCA and T/20 XI team. The OMCC is currently looking for additional sponsors. Any family or business that would like to support the Club are encouraged to contact Sven Samild on 0408 398 722 or Finally, as the OMCC is to host two English Cricketers for the forthcoming season, we have organised them cars and work, but we are looking to provide one player with board for the summer. If any family can help in this area please contact either Darryl Stevens 0434 249 588 or Sven Samild. A generous board allowance is paid weekly.


The Winter Season has ended and it was yet another great season for the Basketball Club. We had 22 junior teams and four senior teams compete and most ended up in the top half of the ladder, with many fighting it out in Finals. We had three teams make it into a Grand Final, but unfortunately lost. Another two teams made it into Grand Finals, achieving a win in Men’s C Grade Wed and O/35 B. Registrations are almost complete for the summer season with the senior grades now commencing and next week with the junior grades starting after the school holidays. The senior grades continue playing straight after finals, so we do not seize up by having a break!

Men’s over 35 B-grade team, after their finals win.

If any members of the Mentone Grammar Community are interested in playing Basketball or Netball please contact: Renee Rimanic on 0414 433 053 or:


OLD MENTONIANS FOOTBALL CLUB (OMFC) The 2017 season started with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm as we made the jump to C-Grade and welcomed a brand new coaching panel including Steve D'Andrea, Mick Dwyer and Jamie Shanahan. Further to this, we were very excited about the introduction of the Women's team, the Pink Panthers, coached by Shane Hamill.

The Pink Panthers were a roaring success this year, managing to make the Grand Final in their inaugural season and very nearly took out the premiership. The team grew in both confidence and ability, week in week out, and will no doubt continue their success into the 2018 season. A particular highlight was the inclusion on Monique Maitland into the VAFA representative side in recognition of her stellar year. The Men's season came down to the wire in the last round, with five sides equal on 32 points all vying for the elusive 4th place and a Finals berth. The boys did all they could, taking out Hampton Rovers in front of a large crowd but unfortunately our long term rivals, Old Geelong, also won and slipped into the finals ahead of us on percentage, leaving us in 5th place. The Reserves had a challenging year but showed true grit each week and battled through the season. We acknowledge the great contribution of Coach Terry Brennan, for bringing the side together each week and maintaining a great team spirit right through to the final game.

The Men’s senior team in action. 01 

02 The inaugural Pink Panthers team.

It was still a great effort to cement our spot in C-Grade and with a few new recruits and players back from holidays and injury, we are very excited about what next year will bring. We would like to acknowledge the great effort by the playing group and highlight the efforts of Corey Edgeworth and Jack Davis in making the VAFA Premier C Team of the Year. It was an emotional final round for a few players and supporters as the OMFC said farewell to a handful of Club stalwarts. After an incredible contribution to the Club on and off field, Justin Costello, Anthony Palmer, Brad Norton and Tim Speers hung up their boots for the last time (maybe...). All can look back on their contribution to the Club with a great deal of pride as all have left the jersey in a better place after their time. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful sponsors, supporters and to the School, as we would not be able to take the field without such support. In particular, the SOCS support this year has been tremendous, boosting crowd numbers with a high degree of enthusiasm!


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

Next year promises to be a big one for the Panthers, as we will be reintroducing our U19s side in what will be our 50th year anniversary as a Club. We invite all past school players and friends to come down and enjoy the atmosphere of the Club, in a playing or supporting capacity as we actively recruit for the U19s and Pink Panthers for 2018.

OLD MENTONIANS SOCCER CLUB (OMSC) The OMSC had another great year, with our Men’s team finishing seventh and significant improvement from our Women’s team saw them finish fourth. Our Reserves were arguably the strongest Reserves team fielded by the Club in recent years, and despite an undefeated run of 11 games, were beaten by league winners, Chelsea. Our Thirds team had a slow start before a productive second half of the season showed some very impressive improvement, finishing in eighth position.


Seniors Club Champion: Stefan Sepulveda Golden Boot: Marcus Spivey (14 goals)

Back: James Shaw, Steve Poulter, Stefan Sepulveda, Matt Pratt, Phoebe Wegner, Daniela Aldana, Mikaela Howard.

Women Club Champion: Daniela Aldana and Samantha McLean Golden Boot: Phoebe Wegner (28 goals)

Front: Marcus Spivey, Samantha McLean.

Reserves Best and Fairest: Matt Pratt Golden Boot: Matt Pratt (25 goals) Thirds Best and Fairest: James Shaw Golden Boot: James Shaw (7 goals) Tony Dunkerley Award for the Best Young Player Women’s: Phoebe Wegner and Mikaela Howard Men’s: Nic Farrell Julie Samild Award for Best Club Person: Steve Poulter New Life Member: Steve Poulter.




03 8571 4907 thementonians@

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985)

Alumni Relations Manager Suzanne Ashley 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144


CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957)

USA Florida David Pearson (1987)

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993)

New York Chris Leslie (1982) Arnold Ephraums (1982) Chris Jacob (1999)

Alumni Office Coordinator Fiona Dallas 03 8571 4907 (direct) 0427 440 504

CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) SYDNEY Patrick Harrington (1990) PERTH John Adeney (1963) TASMANIA Hobart Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986)

Plymouth John Read (1973) HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992) JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999) MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992)

Vermont Justin Johnson (1985) SINGAPORE David Goh (1961) THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) David Wylie (1973)

Please contact the Mentonians Office if you would like to become one of our representatives. *Note: There is a current vacancy in Qld, as Ross McLeish (1970) has moved back to Melbourne. Sincere thanks for your support Ross!


TMA NEWS VALE REVEREND ALBERT VICTOR STANLEY MADDICK Rev. Maddick served as Chaplain at Mentone Grammar from 1958-1963 and was the first full time Chaplin appointed at the School. It was at this time that the Mitre was added to the School crest. Victor had two sons who attended the School, Andrew and David. David became a music teacher (part time) at the school in the early 1970s. Rev. Maddick is remembered by Mentonians as a very caring presence at the School, particularly concerned with the pastoral care and wellbeing of all students. He was also instrumental in helping to transition the School from a private institution to a school with an Anglican identify. Our thoughts are with Rev. Maddicks’s family. We also record with sadness the passing of the following Alumni and extend sincere sympathy to their families: - Charlie Caulfield (1955) - Rod Grenda (1974) - Paul Gamble (1976)

TMA COMMITTEE President Mark Pearman (1982) Vice President Mark Henricks (1977) Secretary Jon Ponnusamy (2010) Treasurer Vic Stroumos (1978) Committee Members Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986) Phil Harrington (2010) Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Miranda Ingram (2013) Imogen Lawson (2014) Sven Samild (1987) Rob Sinclair (1976) Alumni Relations Manager Suzanne Ashley

Labore et Honore

Alumni Office Coordinator Fiona Dallas

Please Note: Further details are included online in our Monitor newsletters.

MENTONE MEMORIES Thank you to Dave Edwards (1944), Robert Gist (1962,) Keith Callinan (1967), Glen Whitbourne (1986) and David Parker, past staff (1980-1988). John Fisher (1972), former MG Board Member, Mark Henricks (1977), TMA Committee and OMBC Committee Member for donating photographs and memorabilia from their time at Mentone Grammar. Their donations will be held in Archives and displayed at reunions and other special events. We appreciate every donation, however we hold very few photographs from the 1970s and 1980s and, would greatly appreciate our Alumni providing originals for us to copy and return, or donate if they are no longer required.

PANTHER PRODUCTIONS TMA Performing Arts Community For further information please contact Fiona Dallas at The Mentonians Office (03) 8571 4907 or email:


Mentone Grammar SPRING 2017

CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY SCHOOL TOURS 2018 Please join us for our first 2018 School Tour (and Scholarship Testing) Saturday 17 February 2018 9.30am and 11am Please register online: For enrolment enquiries email: or phone 9584 4211 Find us on Facebook mentonegrammar Follow us on Twitter FACILITIES R.M. Sykes Shoreham Camp Marine Parade, Shoreham (Melways Ref: 256 J7) Keysborough Playing Fields 756–768 Springvale Road, Keysborough

CREATIVITY CENTRE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Take your seat and be part of history! It is not too late to sponsor a seat in the new Creativity Centre Thorold Theatre. Seat Sponsorship Join many families and clubs and sponsor a SEAT in the new Thorold Theatre, which will have YOUR NAME on it for the life of the building. Thorold Theatre Seats ($1000 per seat) Room Sponsorship

Mentone Grammar Aquatic Centre Lucerne Street, Mentone Grammar Campus Phone: 9581 3288 Greenways Café Greenways Campus Manager: Katherine Nish Phone: 9584 4211 Parents and Friends Association Friendraising Fundraising Dads@MG Secondhand Uniform Shop President: Mia le Fevre COMMUNITY EVENTS 2018 Visit for details

An opportunity is still open for families and clubs to Sponsor a ROOM. Consider having your name attached to a learning space for the life of the building. Contact Rae Byrom, Director of Development at: or phone 9581 3280. THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION (TMA) Our purpose is to serve our members and to support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, breakfasts, clubs, special events and other TMA activities.

2018 REUNIONS The Mentonians Association Calendar for 2018 will soon be finalised. In 2018, we will be holding Reunions for the following year groups, in addition to our Friends of Frogmore Luncheon. 1968 - 50 Year (Golden) Reunion 1978 - 40 Year Reunion 1983 - 35 Year Reunion 1988 - 30 Year Reunion 1993 - 25 Year Reunion 1998 - 20 Year Reunion 2003 - 15 Year Reunion 2008 - 10 Year Reunion 2013 - 5 Year Reunion 2017 - 1 Year Reunion The reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School, and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate pass you by. Come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you. In addition, the OMFC will be celebrating its 50th Birthday in early June 2018. All past players, members, family and friends are welcome to join in the celebrations!

THE MENTONIANS CAN BE FOUND VIA THE BELOW DETAILS Twitter: @the_Mentonians Facebook: fb/thementonians LinkedIn: The Mentonians



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Geoff Ryan AM – Chair Mal Cater – Principal

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Mentor Spring 2017