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Social Impact Founders Club ARE YOU? Ready to pursue your dreams? Want to live a life of purpose? Want a business that creates positive impact? Want to make money and do good? Have an idea and not sure what to do next? Want to amp up your side-hustle? Running or volunteering with a non-profit and want to create more sustainability?

Benefits •Community of like-minded social entrepreneurs •Peer mentorship and accountability •Private community chat group •Monthly skills webinar •Access to expert mentors through the MentHer Rotation Signature programme •As I Am Purpose Planner (digital) •Profile in MentHer Magazine

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Publisher’s LETTER

M a k e Yo u r M a r k “She was part of a group that helped tilt the world just a tiny bit the right way. Yes, she, one tiny person, was part of it. Hardly noticeable, true, but “hardly” was more than nothing. “Hardly” made all the difference in the world in how she saw herself.” ― Ray Smith, The Magnolia That Bloomed Unseen


Publisher MentHer

Founding Editor Ntsiki Mkhize

Production M e D 8 M e d i a ( P T Y ) LT D

Contributors Alice Dlamini ANDE Grow thWheel Joni Peddie Kelebogile Molopyane Kholeka Mkhize Phumi Körber Thendo Mulaudzi Vimbai Schwalm


s 2021 draws to a close I wonder what your reflections are. Have you felt heard and seen this year? Do you look at your list of goals and feel gratitude over what you’ve been able to accomplish or a little dread over what you didn’t get around to doing? I wonder what the voice inside you is saying. Is it cheering you on with joy and endearment not only over what you have done, but also who you are? Or is imposter syndrome sounding its opinion a little too loud? We often have a list of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” and in that we miss the beauty of what actually did happen – what we did, what we accomplished, what we survived, who we remained or bloomed and became in the process. On my list there’s definitely plenty still to do, but I find rest and contentment in what I did this year; the projects launched, the people connected with and the lives touched. The journey of a thousand steps doesn’t seem to be much in a single step, but as you take everything in your stride, it all adds up and those many steps become the journey to making

your mark. This issue being the final one for the year, is here to celebrate and remind you of all the big and small ways in which you have and continue to make your mark. I’m also excited in this issue to present to you our first annual Top Social Impact Founders List, celebrating female founders making a social impact through their business or non-profit. I hope their stories inspire you to push on. In all you do may you remember the words of Maya Angelou “I come as one, but stand as ten thousand” - where you show up, you bring the zeal, valour and patience of those who came before you and you open the path for the hopes and dreams of those who will come after you. You my dear, are part of those tilting the world in the right way, continue to unapologetically make your mark. A blessed festive season and prosperous 2022 to you all!

N t s i k i M k h iz e Founding Editor

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MEET OUR MENTORS Showcasing Social Impact Founders Club mentors

33 TECHNOLOGY Women Riding The Tech Wave by Kelebogile Molopyane

9 LEADERSHIP Don’t serve ego! by Alice Dlamini

36 ADVERTORIAL Applied Knowledge is Power Solar Enegy Solution by Neo Enzel

11 RELATIONSHIP Transform Your Self-Talk Transform Your Relationships by Vimbai Schwalm

41 RESILIENCE Emotional Resilience to make your mark by Joni Peddie


43 WELLNESS Nutrition and wellness over the Festive Season by Kholeka Mkhize

BOOK CLUB Audacity by Lebo Lion Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Katleho Paballo Makupu

16 MENTHER MAGAZINE TOP SOCIAL IMPACT FOUNDERS LIST 2021 Announcing Nomennes Feature 27 STYLING Rock A Statement Piece by Phumi Körber



51 CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to our contributors

31 WEALTH Plan To Win - How to hit the ground running by Thendo Mulaudzi

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The Social Impact Founders Club brings together experts leading in their respective fields and who have exceptional experience supporting entrepreneurs, individuals and teams, to share their insights to help you start and grow a social enterprise that reflects your passion and purpose.



Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University Micaela is a Programme Leader for the MSc Social Innovation at GCU and leads the module on Social Innovation and Alternative Economic Forms. Her interest is social innovation and the social economy is: Understanding the contextual determinants of social innovation and social enterprise development and performance; understanding the dynamics of local (and regional) economics; and the involvement of voluntary and community organisations in delivery of public services.

The Social Entrepreneur Coach Kat has a background of growing a successful social enterprise herself inspiring the next generation around business for good, through her unique education programme. She grew this successfully by mastering her own aligned method of selling to corporates, so she didn’t have to be dependent on grant funding or sponsorship. Kat now helps social entrepreneurs achieve their vision for social and environmental change. She specialises in helping you attract more clients and customers through confident, aligned sales, mindset and visibility strategy.




Social Entrepreneur &


Lecturer, JBS


WENDY CHALMERS-MILL Wendy began her career in the medical profession working in Occupational Health addressing the associated costs of not addressing wellbeing at work. She holds qualifications in Corporate Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming. For the last 20 years she has specialised in corporate management particularly in this field of resilience, wellbeing and human communication. Wendy has a published book, articles and papers. She’s lectured widely throughout the UK and has regularly been interviewed on television and radio.

ADELAIDE SHEIK Adelaide is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Dr Kenneth Kaunda Resource Centre and serves on the board for BigFish Film School. She holds a MBA and is currently completing her PHD in Organisational Effectiveness in Social Enterprises. Adelaide has been exposed to the corporate and non-profit sector in managerial positions for over 21 years. She recently joined the Business Management team lecturing Entrepreneurship and is involved in the academic coordination for the continuous education programmes. on new business growth, corporate sales and client management.

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PRECIOUS MVULANE GAD Consulting Services Inc., CEO Precious is an award winning business woman, author and content developer. Her expertise lie in finance, compliance and governance. Precious has 20 years’ experience in multiple finance roles and has been involved with governance structures for the past 14 years. She is the owner of GAD Consulting Services Inc. a Training, Publishing and Development organization that aims to educate, empower and enable leaders to achieve organisation objectives academic coordination for the continuous education programmes.


MODIEGI MULAUDZI Lefa Communications, MD & Founder Modiegi is an experienced professional within the Digital Communication and Media space. She founded Lefa Communications; a Digital marketing and corporate communications agency. Modiegi is currently completing her Masters of Science in Digital Marketing Communication with the University of Salford. She also holds a B.Com in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg, among other things.


REALENE CLARKE Indica Founder A mother of four daughers, she recently founded Indica - a girls’ active wear brand, using charcoal bamboo and meaningful prints to remind girls of the key values of confidence, bravery and siterly love. Raele cofounded Springage, a youth-led innovation consultancy which was acquired by Deloitte in 2016. She is a South African, living in Hong Kong. She holds a B.Com degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. She is a former Miss South Africa Teen 2004 and a Wold Economic Forum Global Shaper, having attended Davos three times.


LOUISE STEYL U Rise, Founder and Owner Louise is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach passionate about helping women find ultimate career fulfilment. In addition to individual coaching, she consults to organisations on building strengths-based teams, and also facilitate corporate learning programs. Louise has a strong academic record in Political Science, and continued her studies in mainly leadership, personal development and corporate sales programs. She’s had a successful corporate career in leadership roles focusing on new business growth, corporate sales and client management.

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Chief Social Entrepreneur MentHer, Founder Ntsiki is a certified Five Lens Practitioner with a Masters in Social Innovation. An international speaker and facilitator, some of her topics include resilience, mentorship, social entrepreneurship and social marketing. Ntsiki gave her first TedTalk at TEDx Cumbernauld Women, Scotland in 2019 and was featured as the youngest speaker at the International Speakers Summit 2019 and the Epic Entrepreneur Conference 2020. She is the self-published author of My Hall of Mentors – lessons learned along a journey of success.


VANESSA BLUEN The Consultant Powerhouse, MD & Founder Vanessa has integrated what she loves doing with her business focus – working with individuals in organisations at all levels to realise their potential, challenge their work and personal paradigms, build critical skills and play to their strengths. She supports youth development organisations in building leadership, entrepreneurial capability and business confidence. The Consultant Powerhouse supports JSE listed companies, corporates and SMEs with customised learning and development and coaching initiatives across the full range of economic sectors, building high performing, resilient and competitive organisations. MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS

MATHAPELO MONTSHO Why Cook, Co-Founder & Co-Owner An advocate for SMMEs, especially women in business. Mathapelo through her entrepreneurship journey has managed to find ways to be innovative in business, finding different ways of adding value to clients, and winning new clients who have grown with Why Cook over the years. Why Cook is a 100% female black owned, level 1 BEE catering company. In addition to her role at Why Cook, Mathapelo is a mentor at Focused Network, she holds an MBA from Regent Business School, and is currently doing her Doctorate of Management in Technology and Innovation with Da Vinci institute. CREATING A MEANINGFUL STRATEGY

DR. SANTIE VON BELOW Fundtech Consulting CC, Founder | Author | Management and Leadership Lecturer and Consultant. Owner of Fundtech Consulting CC, which serves SMME’s in their start-up and growth phases, as well as larger organizations that are in need of strategic market alignment and leadership development.A part-time lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University, George Campus, RSA. She lectures business management subjects to students in the fields of marketing management, management, tourism, sports management, game ranch management as well as forestry management.

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Don’t serve ego! Life is so easy and yet so very complicated at the same time. To un-complicate and realign purpose and vision as a leader in my own sphere of influence this is what I live by, Micah 6:8, “ and this is what He requires of you, to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God”.


eaders are often forged in the heart of adversity and the depths of challenges and when they emerge their goal is not self-seeking, it is to nurture other leaders and celebrate others’ successes. Leaders never focus on the weaknesses or shortfalls of those they have been entrusted to walk the journey with because it is not about what each person lacks, it is about what each person brings to the table and how to meticulously arrange the melody of that uniqueness into something extraordinarily beautiful. Picture this; you walk into a flower shop and see the many categories of beautiful flowers, beautiful yes, but all stand alone. Now take

the different flowers and put them together – now you have a priceless floral arrangement. That is exactly what leaders do. They understand that no one person can achieve and be a perfect human being and a perfect solution on their own. They assemble all they

various parts of the body to create a priceless masterpiece. Appreciating that human beings, though unique on their own, are an interdependent species, hence we co-exist for a reason. One of the many lessons I have learnt about leadership is that it is a slow, progressive and often painful process. Almost like the metamorphosis of a butterfly or that of a bee. Both start off in a cocoon; dark, slimy and in an enclosed space and it seems there is no room to grow. You feel claustrophobic and wrapped up like a mummy, unable to see, breathe and move freely. Time in the fiery furnace forges you not only inwardly, but on the outside you slowly become this magnificent sight that is able to sore to great heights. If you were to break out prematurely you

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would not make it. Prematurely accelerating your gift will make you birth an Ishmael and you will lose out on your birthright of being born an Isaac. King David was anointed at 18 years of age by Samuel and appointed almost 12-13 years later to be king to succeed Saul. In the 20 years, he killed Goliath, fought battles he never thought he would when he was a shepherd boy, enlisted mighty men to be his allies and gain wisdom through adversity and hardship of being hunted down like an animal by king Saul. David overcame all these challenges to emerge as one of the greatest kings that ever lived because he led with humility and served others before him. David received favour because he understood that his responsibility was far beyond that of spilling blood everywhere. He had to shepherd God’s people for His [God’s] glory. The effectiveness of an organisation and individuals is based on the strength of leadership (Maxwell, 2007). A leader will always take risks in her position and for her people that she is leading. This is how you make a mark on the people you are leading. There is no gain playing small. How you make a mark on the people that you are leading, how you succeed in building a strong team depends on your ability to lead with honesty, integrity, humility and honour. A leader never tries to be better than those they are leading; they

ensure that those they are leading are better than them. To truly inspire greatness in people and in a team, don’t try and show them how great you are, but show them how incredible they are. A leader never stops learning from everyone in the team. A true leader has a growth mindset. They view obstacles as opportunities to innovate and create beauty. When people realise that they are allowed to grow, believe in themselves and to take risks – they are allowed to fail because no one is perfect – they thrive. Failure is no longer who they have associated themselves to be, rather an event in their lives to grow and learn from. Failure should never define anyone. Though a leader is just and fair, courageous and brave, humble, cooperative, collaborative, inclusive, kind, humble and all these other beautiful qualities one must never forget that they ought to be wise as a serpent. Matthew 10:16 say, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”. We are after all living in this world that is full of everything that would rob us of the good that we humans possess. Discernment is a special characteristic that enables a leader to be a good judge of character and the environment they are in. Being unapologetically shrewd minus pride.


1. Leadership is a journey

not a race. God raises leaders progressively over time, so don’t rush the process - pride goes before a fall.

2. Let the seasons build your

character and perseverance so that you are able to handle the next storm.

3. Be courageous in all trials

and don’t let the storm break you. Bend with the wind and stand straight back up, stronger, taller and leaner. Your passion, intelligence and diligence will serve you well.


Be comfortable outside your comfort zone - physically, mentally and spiritually.

5. Optimism will always

serve and lead you in the right direction.

6. Appreciate criticism - there

is always room for improvement.

7. Be kind to others - many

people are facing more trials than they let on.

8. Be grateful especially when it seems there is nothing to be grateful for.

9. Let God lead you - you will never ever go wrong.


Finally, “If serving is beneath you, then leading is beyond you” - unknown.

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From the moment we are born we are in relation with ourselves, people, things, situations, concepts, etc.


ll of these relationships are important to our survival and our ability to live the most fulfilled and meaningful lives. Of all these relationships the relationship with the self is most imperative. This relationship with self is, in essence, the most fluid and consistent relationship that each of us will ever have. How we treat ourselves and talk to ourselves becomes an important aspect of harnessing healthy loving relationships with all the people, elements and aspects of life. In the times were are living in; Change, Disruption, Uncertainty, Volatility, Complexity, Ambiguity and Diversity are constant and consistent aspects that challenge how we relate to others, situations and circumstances. Taking time to go within and nurture our relationships with ourselves is extremely important for how we show up to life in all its uncertainty and at times of turbulence. How each of us best celebrate our personal wins and lick our personal wounds

in the places we have fallen is encapsulated in our self-talk. In my career and personal life experience I have come to find that a great way to harness a healthy and loving relationship with the self, and healthily navigate the times we are living in, is through deeper awareness of our self-talk. Self-talk is our internal dialogue with our selves. It is that inner voice that is influenced by our subconscious mind and is

expressed through our thoughts, beliefs, values, ideas and unconscious biases. Self-talk can be expressed both in a positive and in a negative way. It is very personal and unique to each individual and can be reassuring and supportive or painful and diminishing. Along the journey of growing our relationship with ourselves the awareness of our self-talk needs to become a point of focus. It is in being aware of ourselves that we can shift our negative selftalk to positive self-talk and truly transform our lives. Positive self-talk is the key to transforming our lives and transforming our relationship with ourselves and thus our relationship with all aspects of our lives. We can say that positive self-talk is a powerful and effective tool for stress reduction and positive changes in our lives, especially in these times we are facing. We want to embrace and practice positive self-talk because it enhances our wellbeing and helps us to better manage our stress.

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The effects of positive self-talk can present themselves through improved: • Self-confidence • Self-esteem • Vitality in the body • Immune function To transform our relationship with ourselves we need to be mindful and aware of what negative self-talk is. Negative self-talk happens when we are in a state of selfblame. When we focus on bringing all our attention to the negative elements of a situation, circumstance or person and do not acknowledge or choose to ignore all of the positive

• Life satisfaction • Mental health • Positive outlook on life • Stress symptoms elements of a situation. Negative self-talk also occurs when we expect the worst and are unable to bring logic or reason to persuade our focus. It can also show up in our outlook on life, seeing and experiencing the world in a linear fashion of black and white or good and bad without a middle ground for categorising or processing and adjusting to life events.

• Pain release • Physical wellbeing • Mindset

Negative self-talk shows up in scenarios and statements like: • I am unable to change my mind • I am going to do badly at this • I disappoint everybody and myself • This will never work out for me • I am out of shape • I am not loved or lovable • I am a disgrace • I am a failure • Making decisions is hard for me • It is my fault • Nothing ever works out • I do not belong here

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MENTHER RELATIONSHIP Once we are aware of the negative inner dialogue that we are expressing to ourselves, we are then able to start the process of shifting the thought and feeling into a positive one. Below are four tips on how to improve your self-talk so that you can truly transform your life.


I spending quality time with me? Am I speaking to myself like I speak to someone who I care for and love?

Become aware of and identify your personal negative self-talk triggers. Certain places, situations and people can trigger our subconscious into negative inner dialogue. Awareness of the frequency and circumstance of negative self-talk helps us to recognise patterns that arise, preparing us to shift our inner dialogue to positive self-talk.

Be kind to yourself as you start to adopt positive self-talk. Allowing yourself to feel and embrace scenarios and statements that are for you and your wellbeing with statements like:

Affirming yourself with positive affirmations daily. Affirmations are a powerful way to inspire positive thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

• I am lovable • I am going to do amazingly at this • I inspire everybody and myself

2. 3.


Have deep curiosity when it comes to your thoughts. Ask yourself; Am I being loving to myself? Is this thought good for my wellbeing? Am

Positive self-talk has the power to transform your life and is a beautiful way to express your magnificent self, grow your relationships with yourself and all aspects of your life. It takes commitment and dedication. When done well, your life can truly be transformed.

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by Lebo Lion “A bold reminder for ALL women to remember to have the AUDACITY to celebrate the blessings they are as people, and then to use that self belief to take over the world’


life guide for the modern woman who seeks the loving guidance of her mother, sister, mentor, & intuition as she navigates through building a successful life. This Book is that wise sage, the confidant, the cheerleader, and the voice of reason & empathy that all women need to navigate through life’s uncertainties. If your intuition had a voice, AUDACITY (the book) is what it would sound like. A life guide for all seasons of life, encouraging women to stand up for themselves, believe in their dreams, and have the courage to build a life they love. In the wake of genderbased violence, discriminatory work practises for women in the work place, the rise of girl child headed households, and the undeniable unsafety of women in South African society, there is a desperate need in our society to help women find their

power, feel protected, and have the courage to speak up. Without strengthening women’s mindsets and continuously reinforcing their self worth, our society cannot be a better and safer place for women. A book like Audacity is the guiding light that women need in order to self actualize and help the communities that they serve & live in. About the Author:

Lebo Lion is a digital game changer who is the first South African woman to have an iTunes top 100 podcast in the predominantly male dominated business category. Her courageous & unconventional voice is not only heard on The Lebo Lion show, but felt in the 1000 SME’s that she has transformed over the past 4 years. Listed as an award winning entrepreneur for the strategic work she has done through her agency for listed companies and pop culture brands, Lebo Lion is the living embodiment of Audacity. In all the work Lebo Lion has done, she believes that the most impactful way to create sustainable change is to help people harness their mindsets. In writing Audacity, Lebo is providing the mindset tools and validation that can help women step into their inner LION. For more information please visit

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reaking The Glass Ceiling need not be hard if you are equipped with the right tools. My book on Breaking The Glass Ceiling stems from lesson learnt along my journey. My key takeaway is to never underestimate being in the presence of other empowered female manager whether in business or in your personal life. In this book I highlight critical questions like who am I, getting clarity on where I am going, tapping into my networks, lifting as I rise and like a phoenix rising again after facing challenges.

Katleho Paballo Makupu

Philanthropist, Ted speaker, published author, consulting actuary and financial solutions mangers

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Top Social Impact Founders List 2021


entHer believes in not only empowering women, but also celebrating them. We are celebrating our first full year of publishing our newly established digital magazine. What better way to mark this achievement than to acknowledge the impact that social entrepreneurs have made in society during these trying times. In our September issue we put out a call for nominations of female founders running an organisation that has a social impact and we were so impressed with the nominees put forward from across the African continent and abroad. The criteria for nominees was that they had to be female founders, operating a social impact focused organisation that is formally registered and running longer than 6 months. We received over 50 nominations and

worked through the list to select the top 20 looking at the amount of impact they’ve had in terms of revenue or grant funding generated, number of people employed or volunteers in service, number of people impacted through their work, percentage ownership by female founders and women of colour, consideration for the LGBTIA+ community, inclusion of persons with disabilities and alignment with the sustainable development goals. The 20 finalists represented here collectively represent a combined 90 years of social impact work, over 140 jobs created, more that R 14 million in annual revenue or grant funding and over 171 000 lives impacted. We hope you are as inspired by them as we are, here’s your Top 20 Social Impact Founders List 2021. Inspire | Connect | Empower




Conscious Shopping, Made Easy


hy did you start? I started LUNTU because I wanted to easily shop from local businesses & support our economy. I checked to see if there was a platform like LUNTU where I can can shop consciously - support local, marginalised business owners & the environment - but I didn’t find one. There was a gap in the market & I decided to fill it. While I was at business school I learned that SMME growth is part of our National Development Plan but local businesses struggle to grow. It’s important for local businesses to grow to close the racial income gap, unemployment & boost our economy.

About the organisation: Registration type: For-profit Business website: Instagram handle: % ownership by women: 100% Years operating: 1 year

Passion to Unify and Empower my Sisters


riven by my passion to unify and empower my sisters, in 2013 I started annual weekend sessions with my sisters and cousins. In these sessions I share my knowledge and experience to empower others, I also invite those who love doing the same. Seeing the impact these sessions had in my family, I was inspired to avail the same platform to other families, girls and women in general. Through the Sister K Foundation, we assist women to realise their true worth and inspire them in becoming the best versions of themselves and fulfilling their purpose.

About the organisation: Registration type: For-profit Operating country RSA Business website: Under Construction Instagram handle: @sisterk_foundation % ownership by women: 75% Years operating: 1 year

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Educated, Elite Black Society


rowing up in the dusty streets of Alexandra township I realised that education was a section that was ignored the most in the hood. Opportunities to further one’s education were often limited to A students. I myself as an A student realised the grave need for change. I took it upon myself to be that agent for change and found a solution that caters for all learners regardless of their marks or academic standing. I started Growth SA, now known as Atlegang Growth SA as a platform to expose learners in townships to an endless stream of educational opportunities. I wanted them to have a fair fighting chance in life, to dream and achieve more than what their surroundings tell them that they are worth.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Atlegang Growth South Africa(PTY)Ltd Website: Coming Soon Instagram handle: _growthsa Industry: Education Years operating: 2 Years Country Headquarters: RSA

Contextualised & Relateable Period Information


e offer contextualised and relateable period information to menstruators and non menstruators through our social media platforms. We create fun and easy to understand information that is easy to digest even for a 9 year old that just started their period. We also sell period boxes that are packed with period products, selfcare goodies and sweets and snacks to make that time of the month a little bearable. Our period box comes in a reusable box that the owner can decorate with the stickers we provide and keep as their keepsake box afterward.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: PetalsSA Period Box Website: Instagram handle: @PetalsSA Industry: Education Years operating: 11 Months Country Headquarters: South Africa

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Personal Growth Mentor


eeing people awaken, transformed and create powerful results in their lifes is why I started this social entrepreunship journey. It is my calling to support people with my gift which helps people living in the power of the now and heal their trauma. And experience more beauty and peace. We are currently at the scaling stage of our business with over tens of thousands of customers and we aim to secure more joint venture partnerships in order to sustain and grow our organisation

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: The Mahima Mindset Website: Instagram handle: @mahimamindset Industry: Training Years operating: 5 Years Country Headquarters: Switzerland

Youth & Women Development


holo Academy a for profit company based in South Africa birthed through a passion for developing the youth and women. As a hundred percent woman of colour owned company Kholo Academy has been operating for the past twelve months with a small staff comprising of two permanent and a handful of volunteers.

What keeps you going? The exponential impact I could have on one person and their economic participation

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Kholo Academy Website: Instagram handle: @kholoacademy Industry: Training Years operating: 1 Years Country Headquarters: South Africa

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EmPOWERed Flower Girl

Hope to Heal Foundation

Empowered Flower Girl

A helping hand

launched Empowered Flower Girl to empower young people who were experiencing bullying as well as other social challenges. I wanted to help them and the adults who work with them. Young people have amazing potential to create change. Empowered Flower Girl gives them the confidence, tools and support to do so. What keeps you going? I am inspired by the many amazing young people we’ve trained and recognized as well as their potential to make an impact in the future.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: EmPOWERed Flower Girl Industry Education and consulting Website: Instagram handle: @empoweredflowergirl Years operating: 11 year


faught a 6 year legal battle and the justice system failed me. I made a commitment to offer services to women and children who are failed by the justice system. I had no idea that I will be working with the most henious organised crime in the world, Human Trafficking. Today I am working with national and global stakeholders in the field of human trafficking. What keeps you going? My passion to help the undeserved citizens of this world is what pushes me to do more. I want to see visible positive change in every community and people living free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Hope to Heal Foundation Industry: Civil Society Website: Instagram handle: @seema_hope_to_heal_foundation

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MaxIQ Space

Amazi SHEtribe

Space Stem Programmes

Ecosystem of Impactful


MAZI is an ecosystem of impactful offerings that empowers women to become economically active. We are a SHEtribe of women that come together to create opportunities for other women who are marginalised and excluded. We do this by encouraging and enabling women to invest in their self-care and self-development through the AMAZI ecosystem of AMAZI Nail Bars, AMAZI Products and AMAZI Digital tooling platform.. Our mission is to direct your Rands in a meaningful way to fund that change through our Impact solutions through our Rands and Change eco-system.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: AMAZI SHETRIBE Industry: Education And Wellness Website: Instagram handle: @amazishetribe Years operating: 5 Year Country Headquarters: South Africa


eeing a young person realise that they can participate in the global space economy is what drives this cutting edge technology company from United State of America. Lead by a dynamic director and officer Judi Sandrock, the company aims to grow from strength to strength in their efforts in offering Space programs to the youth. Bringing Space STEM opportunties to youngsters in communites which have never had access before.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: MaxIQ Space Years operating: 6 year Industry: Space programs for students Website: Instagram handle: @MaxIQ Space Country Headquarters: USA Years Operating: 7 Years

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Clothes to Good


Empowering Mothers, Children with disabilities


Opportunities for young women to access tools to succeed


lothes to Good is a textile recycling and disability empowerment organisation. We empower mothers of children with disabilities through micro-business development, create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. We work extensively in the ECD (Early Childhood Development) space, providing resources to low-resourced ECD centres produced by people with disabilities and made mostly from recycled materials and training to teachers.

yisa operates as a charitable organization with multiple programs, activities and services that directly and indirectly promote the wellbeing of young women.

About the organisation:

Name of Organsation: Oyisa_za Years operating: 2 Years Industry: Youth development and empowerment % Ownership by Women: 100% Instagram handle: @Oyisa_za Country Headquarters: South Africa

Name of Organsation: Clothes to Good Years operating: 10 Years Industry: Textile/Fashion/recycling/Disability Website: Instagram handle: @clothes2good Country Headquarters: South Africa

Oyisa creates opportunities for these young women to have access to tools that will assist in creating healthy lifestyles, initiate sustainable careers, and building communities that value sustainability and consistence.

About the organisation:

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SheDad Foundation

Marang Career Information Centre

Transforming Boys & Men in Africa

Potential to Achievement



We do this through coaching, mentoring, skills development programs, art and sports, identifying and nurturing their talents.

About the organisation:

e are a catalyst for the positive transformation of the boy child and men in Africa. It is an educational and life coaching concept designed to address attitude imbalance among young adults within our society through moral and psychological training that help them get their rightful position as leaders in family and the society we live in that is “raising responsible men”.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: SheDad Foundation Industry: Education and Consulting Website: Instagram handle: @shedadfoundation Country Headquarters: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda Years operating: 3 Year

ohn Taolo Gaetsewe district is a rural District with more than 165 rural villages , ther is a need to adress child and youth care development, issues affecting women and children, career development , HIV and AIDS and other chronic illnesses including non communicable disease and gender based violence and femicide, this initiative was started to adress such, to be able to transform women and girls potential to achievement, many people do not know their purposeand we exist to help them discover their purpose.

Name of Organsation: Marang Career Information Centre Industry Community Development Registration type: Non-Profit Organisation Country Headquarters: South Africa Years operating: 5 Year

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Pugu Hills Eco Cultural Tourism

I Love my Body

Self Love and Self Care

Commited to Tourism and Protecting Nature


female led community based eco and cultural tourism enterprise located at Kisarawe District 25km south west of Dar es salaam city. We are committed at offering tourism activities that are focusing on both nature and local experience while respecting and protecting both nature and community. We are legal entity registered with Tanzania Tourist Board under cultural tourism progam. In a nutshell we are gender, environmental and community sensitive cultural tourism enterprise.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Pugu Hills Eco Cultural Tourism Years operating: 6 year Industry: Travel & Tourism Website: Instagram handle: @puguhillsecoculturaltourism Country Headquarters: Tanzania Years Operating: 7 Years


e provide mobile beauty therapy treatments while promoting self-love and self-care among women. We also run a sanitary pad drive where we collect and distribute sanitary pads to women in need in the community of Umgababa in Durban. We have also started selling self-care products to help contribute towards sanitary pad drive. sa operates as a charitable organization with multiple programs, activities and services that directly and indirectly

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: I Love my Body Years operating: 6 year Industry: Beauty and Wellness Website: Comings Soon Instagram handle: @ilovemybodyza Country Headquarters: South Africa Years Operating: 7 Years

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LUNGIE MNYAMANA Eminent Pearl Communication



e partner with brands and organisations that want to make an impact in society through purpose driven marketing and behaviour change programs. We align purpose to brand which is the strategy part, come up with programs that bring that purpose to life which is the implementation part. We then help brands communicate that better to stretch their impact. What keeps us going is seeing people’s lives change along the way and working towards something so the next person who comes after me does not start from scratch because I began.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Eminent Pearl Communication Years operating: 2 year Industry: Beauty and Wellness Website: Instagram handle: @Eminent.pearl Country Headquarters: South Africa




heba Feminine is a proudly South African brand created by women, revolutionising the way people who menstruate, experience periods and rediscover pride in their bodies. We believe in no compromises to menstrual care and have therefore created an expansive organic and biodegradable feminine health product range which includes organic cotton and biodegradable tampons, sanitary pads, pantyliners, menstrual cups and bamboo wet wipes. We have also curated an online space where you can access reproductive and sexual health education. A place where we can all access the information we need in order to make well informed and healthy decisions for ourselves and the planet.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Sheba Feminine Industry: FMCG Manufacturing Website: Instagram handle: @shebafeminine Number of employees: 3 Years Country Headquarters: South Africa

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Earthly Touch Solution



artly Touch Solution offers alternative, innovative and affordable building material that is environmentally friendly. This was driven by a passion to contribute the eradication of plastic pollution whilst at the same time offer decent shelters, help create jobs and skills in communities we operate in. The business was born out of the need to build a classroom for Khensani’s Collection, an organisation I had taken over which offers extra classes to students in Diepsloot. students in Diepsloot.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Earthly Touch Solution Indusry: Construction Website: Instagram handle: @earthlytouchfoundation Number of employees: 2 Years Country Headquarters: South Africa

Jarumi Consulting Ltd



hen the pandemic hit, more women than men lost their jobs and many sought to turn to self-employment as a means to survive, but the gaps in understanding how a business works and how to sustain this was too wide. Jarumi was started to identify gaps and help women in start ups run successful businesses. Throughout the journey, what keeps me going is my family, the drive to see change, being told no or I am not capable of achieving something drives me to want to achieve even higher than the limits set. My curiosity. My motto: It always seems impossible until it’s done.

About the organisation: Name of Organsation: Jarumi Consulting Ltd Indusry: Business & Project Management Website: Instagram handle: @jarumiconsulting Number of employees: 1 Year 2 Months Country Headquarters: Kenya

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ROCK A STATEMENT PIECE ‘Tis the season for wedding celebrations, matric dances, Christmas parties, and that means it’s the season for statement pieces and this year we are turning it up a notch with maximalism. Whether you’re going to work or a night out on the town, one can never leave the house without a head-turning bold fashion statement piece. Make your outfit pop with a bold necklace, a pair of earrings, an oversized scarf or just some stacked bracelets. We’ve compiled a short list of statement essentials to make you stand out from the crowd this summer.

Nail designs With sunny summer days here, get creative with your nails. Pop some colour, add some designs, add some stripes, glitter or any form of pattern that your heart desires. The beauty is you don’t have to look far for inspiration - Instagram, Pinterest or Wisi-Oi Marketplace has got you!

The must-have scarf Scarves are truly the statement masterpiece that scream timeless elegance. Whether you prefer it wrapped around your neck, or as a headband, or simply tied-up as a handbag accessory, you can never miss the beat with a scarf.

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Statement handbag Remember the days that we used to use a handbag purely for practical reasons? Well, a handbag has evolved into a fashion statement piece. Whether a bright neon-colored bag or a tote with texture—you can’t go wrong with spring’s assortment of statement-making bags. Need some inspo? have a look at this Graffiti handbag from Wisi-Oi Marketplace

Elevate your headwear game Show-stopping hats are here to stay. Turn heads whilst protecting your head from the sun in statement headwear. South Africa is home to some of the best headwear designers, like this Simon & Mary hat from our very own local talent. If you are still not sure how many accessories are too much, remember the words of our favourite style icon “More is more and less is a BORE” - Iris Apfel.

Written by Phumi Körber - Founder of Wisi-Oi Marketplace. An online thrift marketplace where a community of like minded lovers of fashion can buy & sell their preloved fashion.


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PLAN TO WIN How to hit the ground running THENDO MULAUDZI


he biggest challenge many people have when it comes to the New Year is planning. People will set all these new year’s resolutions and not plan accordingly. Many people, like myself, suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and on several occasions I have suffered from the JAN-U-WORRY effect due to failure to plan my finances for the new year. You simply cannot hit the ground running if you’ve not planned for it. It’s like running a comrades marathon, you’re not

simply going to wake up and run the next day, you need to plan for it. Similarly, if you want to hit the ground running in New Year you need to plan for it well in advance. Many South Africans get paid on the 25th of the month, however in December they get paid 10 days earlier. This effectively means that a paycheque that normally lasts 30 days, now needs to last 40 days and all through a very busy festive season (cue #kedizemba and SBWL). In order to have a good start to the

new year the planning needs to already happen with your November paycheque to ensure that you don’t over spend in November. You need to ensure that November paycheque, earnings or revenue lasts you until the 25h of December even though you get paid early. Often the easiest thing to do is when you get paid on the 15th of December is to move your salary to a savings account for 10 days and “pay yourself back” on the 25th of December. Same with your business finances, budget ahead for the office

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MENTHER WEALTH party/staff treats (even if you’re a one woman or dual partner operation), salaries, supplier orders that close earlier and payments that must be made in the start of the year before revenue starts rolling in – especially if you run a seasonal business. The best way to hit the ground running in the new year is to have a budget. You need to be able to see all your expenses and ensure that your expenses do not exceed your income. Download this budget tool to help you budget for 12 months, you can always make amendments to the fields and amounts as your income and your expense increase. It’s important to start off with savings that are at least 10% of your salary (always pay yourself first) or that can cover your overheads for the first month. As your income grows and you get increases and promotions or your business revenue grows with increased sales or clients, try and put more money towards your savings you can use to pay for a deposit for a car/house, have emergency operating cash or invest back in your business. Your monthly savings contributions will reduce as you buy a house, a car, new investments in your business or adjust to suit your growth needs. In the current global pandemic and economic environment, make sure to pay off your debt, starting with the highest interest rate

bearing obligations first (i.e. credit card, clothing account, loans, etc.). Car loans and bonds/mortgages usually have a lower interest rate as they are more medium or long-term. Always try and delay the instant gratification and save as much as you can, especially when you’re younger and have no obligations. The habits you start in your early years will continue as you grow older. People always expect that big paycheque to pay their debt however it never comes. Consumers should also start watching how much they borrow and if you are already at your maximum borrowing it will get worse as interest rates will increase and your monthly repayments will increase as rates go up. Always make sure you never take the maximum borrowing amount, rather leave a buffer for monthly repayments

for when interest rates do go up. Another great way to plan for December and the year ahead is building a side savings account that you can tap into for December for all those late lunches and Christmas gifts. It’s really simple, you start by saving R10 a week and you increase that by about R10 on a weekly basis. Big goals are easier to achieve when broken down. For example; in week 1 save R10 for the week, increase that to R20 in week 2, R30 in week 3 and increase it incrementally according to the corresponding week of the year. So come week 52 you’ll be saving R 520 that week, this will make sure you will have saved R 14,000 at the end of the year to spend in December – without having to dip into your budget for the next year. If you feel R10 is too little you can start with R20 in week 1; R40 - week 2; R60 week 3 and R 1 040 in week 52 or higher if it suits your budget. Point is to keep it simple so it’s easier to commit, for your personal and start-up savings. It’s within your power and control to hit the ground running, make a difference in your finances, and make your mark as you create wealth over time. Remember, in order to hit the ground running you in the new year you need to plan now.

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WOMEN RIDING THE TECH WAVE and making their mark


here was a time - not so long ago - when technology was like ‘GOLF’ (Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden). To even think of technology and black women in the same sentence seemed like an even bigger crime. Yes, there were women that pushed boundaries and challenged the norm, but the difference then is that they were never recognised for their contribution, never celebrated nor encouraged to keep doing what they were doing. Times have changed and we are grateful for that. We are thankful for platforms such as MentHer, which encourages mentorship by and for women which makes it that much easier for women in various sectors to walk tall and participate fully in the economy. As I prepared for this article, I was pleasantly amazed by the number of women that are riding the tech wave to offer lasting solutions for communities. I chose to focus on these four

powerful women; Dr Mmaki Jantjies, Dr Aisha Pandor, Ms Annette Muller and Dr Maggie Mojapelo and highlight some of their incredible work.

Dr Mmaki Jantjies

Born in Mahikeng, Dr. Mmaki Jantjies was one of the first black South African female PhD computer science graduates in the country at the age of 28 and is currently the Head of the Information Systems academic department at the University of the Western Cape. Amongst

other roles, she has also previously served as a Head of Department at the North West University (being one of the youngest academics to have headed that department). In 2016 she was runner up in 3 categories of the first women in ICT awards by MTN South Africa in leadership recognition, community builder and outstanding women. She was also listed as the Mozilla top 50 people in the world making the internet a better place in 2016. Dr. Janjies researches in ICT4Development and develops mobile software for education in STEM subjects for schools. The content of the applications is also view-able in English and other South African languages to enable language access as well as platform access on mobile phones. She also conducts research about the role that technology can play in enhancing the business and health sector in South Africa.

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Dr Aisha Pandor

Annette Muller

it every day, keep it alive, sometimes even end it, but with that comes all the joy in the world – as you get to sit in it and watch it grow every day.”

Dr. Maggie Mojapelo

Dr. Aisha Pandor is an awardwinning scientist with a PhD in Human Genetics, a business management graduate, and the co-founder of SweepSouth. SweepSouth is an online platform that provides home cleaning services. From their platform you can order, pay for, and manage the home cleaning services from your laptop, phone, or tablet. SweepSouth is the first company on the African continent to offer this Uber-like system and connect professional, experienced and insured cleaners with homeowners. The SweepSouth solution strives to give people access to dignified working opportunities. Dr. Pandor is one of the leading women in South Africa’s tech industry.

Muller is a seasoned tech entrepreneur currently working on her latest venture Flexyforce is an innovative B2B cloudbased software business, used by companies like Showmax, 2Stories and BiB Africa to manage suppliers, freelancers, contract workers, service providers and creatives. Previously, she founded DOTNXT, one of South Africa’s first innovation consultancy firms. According to Annette “Business is like gardening; it’s just another form of being human on planet Earth right now. Something us humans do all over the world, every day. You can help with someone else’s garden, visit one and enjoy it for a while, or start one. And then you must know, that with it comes great responsibility to nurture

Dr Maggie Mojapelo and Dr Malebo Mokotedi

Dr Maggie Mojapelo was born in Atteridgeville and at an early age decided that she was going to be a doctor and improve the lives of the people in her community. Listening to her account at the Innovator Trust event in November 2021 gave me goosebumps. She founded a multidisciplinary private practice - Mediwell - in Dainfern in Northern Johannesburg, which she says, “has become a premier destination for digital health innovation”. Dr. Mojapelo and her partner and daughter; Dr Malebo Mokotedi offer innovative health solutions.

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UNSPLASH Photo by: Christina @


According to Dr. Mojapelo, Mediwell is a paperless practice where they use electronic health record systems, the Telerad and Telederm telehealth services, a mobile and online booking system, real-time claiming system, digital practicemanagement system as well as an integrated mobile laboratory for patient results to which they provide 24-7 access. From raising awareness about the value and opportunities that come with STEM subjects to creating solutions for domestic cleaning and

maintenance all the way to creating digital medical and creative solutions for the likes of ShowMax, we have women

unapologetically showing up and riding the tech waves like they were born there. I look forward to more personal engagements with these and other women in tech that are marking their mark and letting it be known and never forgotten that they were here. They lived, they loved, and they made their mark while improving lives. Remember as we show up, we make it ok for others to show up too. Here is to a magical festive season. May you remember to take care of yourself and get some rest. See you in 2022!

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unny Africa with its vibrant cultures and eagerness to develop into an economic giant, faces an energy crisis. Media reports that in 2019 estimated that 44% of its 1.35-billion population does not have access to electricity. I ask myself the question: “How is a continent like Africa, with the most suitable conditions for harnessing solar energy to solve electricity shortages, still stay in the dark?” This is concerning, especially when one considers that alternative energy sources, such as solar energy, which could be a viable solution for the continent, started gaining global mainstream popularity since 2005. To add fuel to the fire, a beautiful country like South Africa still exports a large percentage of its coal resources and yet it still has a shortage for its own power output. As the most modernised country in Africa, the Republic of South Africa still experiences load shedding, which by definition is a measure of last resort to prevent the collapse of

the power system country-wide. I recently explored going off-grid for a number of reasons: the first being to be solely dependent on my own responsible use of energy, secondly to not be dependent on a PowerStation that can decide when to ration out electricity I have paid for and lastly to secure a better future for my children and their children by being friendly to mother earth and going green. The barrier that off the grid living presented to me was a shock and made me realise that the real reason behind the slow uptake of more people living off solar power is in the affordability. Through our network of

technology experts and innovators, I managed to connect with the founder of Solectric Power, Fred Ngeri who shared an innovative light at the end of the tunnel. An affordable power solution that requires minimal installation fees, mobile and makes sense to an ordinary home owner like me. Founder and CEO of Soletric Power, Fred Ngeri solution of powering homes by using solar power and being smart about saving electricity shows that there is an alternative to the conventional unreliable coal powered electricity. Having rolled out their solution in Swaziland and offering home owners opportunities such as financing plan and option to purchase the units and solar panels, the question of affordability no longer exists. It is true to say that knowledge is power, however applied knowledge is true power. Visit:


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f e st i ve

Nutrition and wellness over the



Kholeka Mkhize shares useful tips

e’re at the tail end of 2021 and right now most people are looking forward to the holidays, mostly in hopes for a bit of relief from physical and mental exhaustion. One has put down goals to be achieved at the beginning of the year and as one sits down to review those goals and realises that half or a quarter of those goals are ticked and the rest still remain to be carried over into the new year. If you find that all the goals you set out are achieved, well congratulations for the great

achievement!!! Most people and companies have been in a major battle this year due to the effects of the lockdown and COVID-19. Each one of us had to rise above the norm and think outside the box to come up with extra-ordinary initiatives to make it in business and in life generally. As a result, the exhaustion felt right now is somehow unbearable and a good holiday is in order to recoup and be ready to strategise for the new year ahead.

“Make Your


Looking after your health this festive season will be a good start to make your mark, feel better, look better and perform better in the coming year. It’s human nature to have the sense of rewarding oneself after a long year or achievements, and food plays a major role in the rewards celebration; so it is best to also prepare and organise the nutritional celebrations. Here’s some different things to be mindful of that have a big positive impact on our health:

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Budget: Currently the economic environment for most people is unfavourable so plan the celebration menu. • Have a planned menu for the festive season and consider visitors – that’s if any are. • Don’t cheat the menu when in store making purchases, be disciplined and stick to the list to avoid buying unnecessary items. • Don’t stretch the budget just because of “the 13th cheque”, commission or bonus. • Snacks, drinks (including alcohol) and condiments must be part of the menu and budget.

2. •

Holiday food As one plans the holiday budget whether staying at home, visiting family and friends or going on vacation ensure that the food or meals are planned for as well. If travelling with your own vehicle, especially for long distances, food will be an essential part of the trip. Eating in restaurants along the way can be a bit expensive and unhealthy if one does not plan well. One should familiarise themselves with restaurants/ take-away places along the way and their respective menus. You can make selections according to budget and stick to the healthier variety of food.

Avoid meals/combos on the menu as they normally offer fried chips, fried onion rings and cold-drinks; rather choose salads, low carb food and juices/water. It’s always best to buy and prepare at home and pack for the road; that way the type of food, portion sizes and preparation methods can be controlled. On the road there are plenty safe places to stop and eat home prepared food (which you can also plan ahead), ensure to select stops where there’s access to running water to rinse utensils and wash of hands. Prepare plenty of prepacked snacks that you can nibble on en-route to your destination. These can be rather filling and reduce eating stops on the way especially if it’s a long trip to the coast, the bush or a safari or in-land. Braai/barbeque meat is delicious and juicy – and there’s plenty to go around over the festive season. However, over indulgence can contribute to gout, cancer, obesity and heart diseases, so best to consider some substitutes or put some limits to how much you consume.


Seasonal food Summer in the southern hemisphere also means it’s the season of colour and plenty of food naturally.

• •

Eat plenty of fruits that are in season. These seasonal fruits are packed with beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Pick fresh and mildly ripened fruits as most of them complete their ripening cycle even on a table rack. Pick the brightest in natural colour; the brighter the more vitamins. The ones with wrinkles means older, therefore, low nutrient quality.

5. •

Pay attention to appetite It’s very easy to overeat during the festive season if not disciplined. A company of friends/family, movies, or relaxed environment often makes one want to just soothe the mouth with some treats. Listen carefully to the cues from the tummy and only eat when really hungry. Drinking water is a better way of distancing cravings, it rehydrates the body, especially in a season of very hot weather and is very healthy.

Remember you are what you eat, make good nutritional healthy choices, get some fresh air and exercise to keep healthy. Wishing all MentHer readers a wonderful festive season and a productive new year.

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Emotional Resilience to make your mark By Joni Peddie Set yourself up each morning in your morning shower with one of these 7 simple ER (Emotional Resilience) techniques



tiniest problem, added to the turbulence of ‘living through a pandemic’ can seem like way too much! These can be the irritations of running out of milk for your early morning nectar/coffee, a burst geyser or a flat car battery. These examples and many more …are the ups and down of life. If we want to deal calmly, and productively with challenges and adversity we need ER: Emotional Resilience! ER helps us ‘step into the day’, handle daily life stresses and calmly ‘make your mark on the world. Research shows that

people who calmly handle daily life stresses are also far better able to manage major life crises.

‘Every game in life is actually played on the 6 inch ground – between your two ears. We live in our mind which is an unlimited area. Life is great when things are sorted and uncluttered there.’ Martina Navratilova Emotional Resilience tips for your morning shower:

Day One: Flip your thinking 180 degrees Our brains are wired to fear issues and hence protect us. What’s worrying you? Your brain will easily go to the ‘problematic’ issue/things that need solving.

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Link these to your hot tap. As you turn on your hot tap - think about the main ‘issue’ in your life that is draining you, making you feel emotionally, physically or mentally depleted. Then as you turn on your cold tap (which is invigorating) – ask yourself: ‘Is there anyone, anything or a physical activity that can support or invigorate me to help this situation?’ This exercise trains your brain to flip your thinking 180 degrees. It’s the art of always seeing the opposite. We can often balance out ‘draining conversations/ issues’ by recalling ‘invigorating conversations/life situations’.

Day Two: Your P4TD: Phrase 4 The Day As you turn on your cold tap, let your brain freewheel and fill in some of these blanks to come up with an empowering P4TD: I am… I know that I can … I honour… Examples: • I am mindfully present • I know I can make good choices • I honour my healthy body • I am free to laugh a lot today • I honour my slow, deep thinking

Day Three: Plan Micro -bursts Again your brain may be ‘tuning’ into the challenges you face in the day. An extra few doses of more serotonin (happy hormone) will undoubtedly help these. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan micro-bursts of activity threaded throughout your day. Examples: • One minute plank on your bedroom floor after your shower. • One minute of squats every hour next to your desk • Three minutes of stretching before lunch. • Six minute walk around the block at the end of the day. • Motion shifts emotion. Think about the day ahead of you. Commit to ‘micro-bursts’.

Day Four: Plan the 30 min worry dump time! Much of the everyday anxiety and stress we face results from unwanted intrusive thoughts ‘circulating’ in our heads. We often think of these issues ‘over and over again’. These could be as simple as “did I respond to that email/request?” In the shower, acknowledge these and then plan a specific

time in your day to address these ‘intrusive thoughts’. You could call it your ‘worry period’. Perhaps, ‘ring fence’ 30 mins to do this brain dump, while sipping your coffee after your shower. This is liberating for your brain, and it may ease your mind for the rest of the day. Try jotting down these thoughts in a Journal or even speaking them into your phone. Try the free version of Otter: voice to text.

Day Five: Lavendar breathing Buy lavender shower gel ahead for Day 5. The smell of lavender can be very effective in dealing with anxiety and stress. Benzodiazepines and SSRI antidepressants, can cause headache, dizziness and an effect like being drunk. Lavender, meanwhile, has a relatively quick relaxing influence and no other side-effects. While using your lavender shower gel, combine this with a deep breathing exercise. Use this ‘counting technique to be in the moment’. •

Breathe in for four counts through your nose (hold lavender gel bottle close to your nose). Hold your breath for 7 counts and then breathe out (through your mouth) for

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8 counts. Do this 4 times and then visualise your calm brain helping you though what might be a ‘rollercoaster’ day. Your mind and the body continually feedback and communicate with each other. Taking conscious control of breathing sends a message back to the mind and helps you deal with anxiety and stress. So, when you’re anxious or stressed, which is often accompanied by shallow, quick breathing, try consciously changing it to relaxed breathing, which is usually slower and deeper. You can count slowly while breathing in and out and try putting your hand on your stomach and feeling the breath moving in and out. Lovely to do in the shower!

Day Six: Reframe and ‘release’

about my presentation today.

Reframing can be beneficial when anxiety becomes persistent and gets in the way of everyday life.

Day Seven: Get back into your body - tense and relax each muscle group

• Reframe that to: “This is an ideal opportunity to share my plans/ findings with my colleagues”. I am very nervous about how I will come across in my job interview. Reframe that to: “I stand in my power and this is a chance to meet some new people”.

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety and stress is to think about situations differently. What’s in store for you today/what does your day ‘hold’ for you? Most situations can be reframed and studies show that people who do this naturally — as opposed to trying to suppress their anxiety — feel less anxious in stressful social situations. Example: • I am extremely anxious

You may be familiar with the relaxation technique where you think of the various muscle groups in your body - first tensing then relaxing each one. Try this in the shower: hold onto the taps and stretch each foot and then perhaps do heel raises. ‘Fold over’ and touch your toes. Let the warm water massage your lower back.

Be imaginative and try different (safe stretches). It’s as simple as that. This brings you mindfully into your body. This may help you be ‘mindfully in your body’ during the day. You will quickly realise when you are for example tensing your shoulders, and then breathe deeply while you actively relax them. Practicing relaxation techniques in real-world anxietyprovoking situations is hugely beneficial for your mind, your emotional resilience and naturally for your body too! Step into EACH day as an Emotionally Resilient person: someone able to “roll with the punches” and adapt to life’s challenges and adversity, whether thay are major or minor!


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Win a Resilience Up© Debrief Session valued at R2 400 (includes the Resilience UP© Assessment)

We’re in the business of ‘making’ Resilient People… Resilience is multi-dimensional: Mental Resilience, Emotional Resilience, Physical Resilience, and Purpose Resilience (your sense of meaning and direction, at ‘this stage’ in your life). We need to: become far more selfaware; harness our thinking; acknowledge our feelings; and ‘take action’ / make changes in order to navigate our way, and hopefully live our best & most optimal lives … in these pandemic & turbulent times.

Joni Peddie

C.R.O.W.: Chief Resilience Officer of Wellbeing

Resilient People

Wellbeing & Resilience is easier, when it’s not a solo pursuit!

Burnout has increased by 33% since the start of the pandemic. In what way/s can you become more resilient?

Resilient People = practical ways for people to bounce forward, after adversity. Inspire | Connect | Empower 43


Making the Circle Bigger


t takes a collaborative village of entrepreneurship support organizations to build and sustain a business ecosystem. For Growthwheel South Africa those Village Pioneers started with Sasol Incubation Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Program in 2012 which was cofunded by the Department of Trade and Industry. Sasol inspired other incubation early adopters that included Furntec Bandwidth Barn, The Innovation Hub, Kulea Consulting, NGMindset and others to use the same Framework to support Business Owners. The experiences of this Group of Purveyors led Seda to investigate and adopt the Growthwheel Framework for the national incubation program in 2015 when GrowthwheelSA was formally incorporated into the South African economy. Six years down this journey, Growthwheel SA and the local Entrepreneurship Support Organisation (ESO) Partners are a growing Ecosystem of 300+ ESO’s, Corporate Supplychain enterprise development accelerators, Business Advisors, Mentors. This community of best practice through the integration of a common language, common framework, common tools and

common transparent data, is one of South Africa’s most collaborative coop petition networks focused on building innovative and disruptive ideas to the commercialization and transformation of corporate supply chains. Making the circle bigger goes beyond just the Entrepreneurship Support Organisation’s own sustainability. Growthwheel SA constantly engages policymakers and professional bodies as well as participate in Ecosystem dialogues,

research and quality standards development task-teams to

enhance the professionalism of the Sector. “ Joining ecosystem leaders in the development of the DSBD’s BDS policy framework and incubation standards have been some of the highlights of our intentional contribution to enabling a robust MSME Ecosystem,” says Hilton Theunissen, co-founder of Growthwheel SA. GrowthWheelSA trained over 1,000 Ecosystem Builders who worked with some 30,000+ business owners by integrating GrowthWheel’s Toolbox and actively collaborating with entrepreneurs on the growthwheel cloud platform. Data doesn’t lie and it is why real data together with transparency are so critical to enabling all Stakeholders to make targeted decisions and plan specific interventions to support an SMME’s based on their specific needs. Other than revenue growth, and jobs which serve as key performance indicators, helping entrepreneurs get focused on their ambitions, helping them make decisions

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MENTHER GROWTH and take actions ultimately delivers the outcomes that build resilient businesses and entrepreneurs. “ When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” by Alexander Den Heijer With over 100, 000 new jobs created and millions of market access and supply chain transformation deals among entrepreneurs, the GrowthWheel Ecosystem Partners are realizing the benefits of co-creation towards a common goal focused on collective efforts. It was humbling that the Growthwheel ecosystem was the overall winner for the Global Startup SA and SADC People’s Choice Best Ecosystem Contribution and Support Awards in 2019 and a finalist for the Global Startup International Awards in 2020. The Aspen Network Development Entrepreneurs (Ande) recognize the GrowthWheel Online cloud as the Best Business Support Platform for 2020 which was a testament to the large scale of Digitalisation adoption among small businesses due to Covid19 pandemic and LockdownSA challenges faced by ESO’s and Entrepreneurs. Professionalism, competency and capacity in an unregulated sector, are common global challenges. In the context of SA with the highest unemployment rate and around 80% of startups and small businesses failing, business development services have become an area that is critical for

entrepreneurs to grow and increase their resilience and ability to create jobs. GrowthWheelSA is mapped to the SAQA Business Advisory Continues Professional Program

administered by the Institute of Business Advisors as well as learning outcomes within the SITA National Qualification Framework for Business Advisor Professionals. GrowthWheelSA’s own continuous learning resources further support Business Advisors to constantly stay on top of their game. GrowthWheel was discovered by Entrepreneurship Support Organisations that constantly shapes the Localisation to be relevant to the Stakeholders it serves. The same ESO community constantly inspires and grows the Ecosystem that enables cocreation, collaboration, common ambitions, common bds language, common frameworks, common data that creates the environment for a business owner to grow. It is this common transparency

that proves that targeted 1:1 business advisory and mentorship enable business owners to stay focused on their growth ambitions, to make decisions, to take actions to make them more resilient and sustainable. The Real-time data on a common platform gives all Stakeholders the opportunity to plan better and provide targeted support that grows revenue and creates jobs. GrowthWheel South Africa’s mission is to contribute to the national agenda to enable the startup and small growing businesses to be resilient, sustainable, contribute to the economy and create jobs through strengthening the business development support ecosystem. An intentional focus will be geared towards the woman and youth ecosystem builders to turn back the tide on unemployment in South Africa. “ When Entrepreneurs Grow, South Africa Wins. As we head into a decade of collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Support Organizations and GrowthWheelSA’s 7th year of intentional localization, ” David Madie, creator of GrowthWheel, commits “ every rand our loyal customers invest into our business we put back into delivering the best business advisory platform to help business advisors, mentors enterprise development consultants, incubators, accelerators, hubs and small business centres to be the best they can be to support the Clients. ”

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Gender and Women Entrepreneurship


ANDE Publications Snapshot Survey

n November 2021, ANDE published its South Africa Township Economy Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Snapshot (Ecosystem Snapshot). This publication provides an entrepreneurial ecosystem mapping of the financial and non-financial support available to townshipbased entrepreneurs, as at November 2021. The publication covers research on the townships of the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Gauteng provinces regarding, among other information, the types of support and investment instruments available, and the types of stakeholder interest. This Gender Deep Dive takes a closer look specifically at the

support provided to women entrepreneurs in township economies. It is based on desktop research, data from the Ecosystem Snapshot, and 15 in-depth key informant interviews with entrepreneurial support organisations (ESOs) that intentionally seek to improve the lives of women— either as consumers, employees, business leaders, or suppliers and distributors. We asked them about their reasons for focusing on women, their approaches used in doing so, and which approaches have worked particularly well. This report finds that women entrepreneurs in township economies face a double set of intersecting— and mutually

reinforcing —challenges. On the one hand, there are challenges due to them being women. This includes the multiple competing demands on women’s time, various prejudices and biases against women business owners, and the challenges inherent in women-dominated sectors, which are often less highgrowth than men-dominated sectors. On the other hand, there are the challenges inherent in being based in a township economy, with lower levels of infrastructure and service provision, higher levels of insecurity and crime, and the business challenges of operating in a relatively lowincome context.

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MENTHER SUSTAINABILITY To adequately respond to the realities of township-based women entrepreneurs, the approaches taken by ESOs need to take into consideration both sets of challenges (see below). This report categorises the different approaches observed among ESOs according to which set(s) of challenges they take into consideration.



ESO approaches that take into account the challenges faced by low-income entrepreneurs. These challenges do not necessarily consider the challenges women entrepreneurs face. Such approaches include the use of local languages, catering for low-connectivity environments, and collaborating with industry partners to facilitate connections and referrals.




ESO approaches that take into account the challenges and needs of women entrepreneurs. Examples are a focus on messaging and marketing targeted specifically at women, and channels where women are well represented, flexibility through hybrid programme facilitation and blended learning, as well as mentorship.


ESO approaches that take into account the challenges faced as a result of being both a low-income entrepreneur and a woman entrepreneur. These approaches range from very deliberate programme design involving research and deep human-centered design, setting thoughtful targets, and redefining what ‘entrepreneurship success’ looks like, to offering such particular support as pre-programme assistance to improve applications, field visits to applicants, and access to mental health services.

All three types include what we consider ‘good practices’ for building women’s businesses in township economies, but ultimately it is the third type that we believe is transformative. Within the South African context, our interviews found a prevalence of ESOs using types 1 and 2, and only a handful

ESOs Need Approaches That Cater for the Two Overlapping and Intersecting Sets of Challenges Faced by Township-Based Women Entrepreneurs

of ESOs using type 3. We recommend that ESOs apply type 3 practices across their programmes, that funders seek and support the application of these practices in the programmes they fund, and that researchers dive deeper into the impact of the varying applications of these practices.

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ANDE | South Africa Chapter

ANDE Publications: Gender and Women Entrepreneurship In Search Of Equity:


Is there a gender gap in financing Africa’s early-stage ventures? And are there differences between female and male founders—such as the sectors they choose, or the ambitions they have—that could explain divergent funding paths? As start-up financing in Africa keeps climbing to

new records, these questions are becoming more urgent. To find answers, we leveraged Briter Bridges’ leading industry platform to comb through years of deal flow data and surveyed a random sample of 172 entrepreneurs operating across the continent.


Accelerating Women-led Startups: A South African Perspective

GLOBAL ACCELERATOR LEARNING INITIATIVE “The question of if and how business support programmes – particularly accelerators and incubators – can play a role in entrepreneurial growth in South Africa is at top of mind for donors and government alike. And while there is some evidence that these programmes do have an impact on early-stage businesses, there is less clarity on how they can best serve the needs of often-overlooked

women entrepreneurs. This brief provides a regional review of the intersection of gender and acceleration in South Africa, drawing on GALI’s global findings while highlighting primary analysis of entrepreneur data collected by Catalyst for Growth (C4G), a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) platform for programme monitoring, analytics, and reporting in South Africa.”


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Gender Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool

Building the Capacity for Small and Growing Businesses to Improve the Climate Resilience of Women Farmers “This report was commissioned as a product of the working partnership between Root Capital and Value for Women, with the support of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs and the International Development Research Center. The main objective of this partnership is to build evidence around innovations for gender inclusion within small- and mediumsized agricultural enterprises globally.” READ MORE

SHELL FOUNDATION, VALUE FOR WOMEN A Business-First Approach to Gender Inclusion: How to Think About Gender Inclusion in Small and Medium Enterprise Operations “By investing in gender inclusion, businesses can generate opportunities for women while also furthering their business objectives. In recognition of the opportunities outlined above, the Shell Foundation and Value for Women embark on a partnership in 2016 designed to pilot a holistic framework for gender inclusion in enterprise operations, using a “bottom-up”, business-first approach, aimed at testing the impact of gender inclusion on business performance. The approach first hones in on business challenges, and then designs practical, measurable solutions with a gender lens.” READ MORE


VALUE FOR WOMEN, ASPEN NETWORK OF DEVELOPMENT ENTREPRENEURS, WALMART FOUNDATION “This tool has been developed for businesses to allow them to directly enter data, in order to assess their business operations from a gender perspective at three levels: human capital, productivity management, and market. The tool will walk businesses through a three-step process to collect data about where women are within agribusiness operations, provide a report analyzing the data showing gender gaps in women and men participation as employees and suppliers, as well as highlighting the policies, practices and systems that should be in place for a business to support gender inclusion. Finally, the report will provide recommendations on action steps businesses can take towards increasing women’s inclusion across core business areas.”

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Trailblazers – Portraits of Female Business Leadership in Emerging and Frontier Markets INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION “Part of IFC’s Women on Boards and in Business Leadership Program, the publication features the inspirational personal stories of 20 female business leaders and their advice to other female professionals aspiring to top positions. It highlights the positive impact of their leadership on private sector development in emerging and frontier markets. It also provides key gender facts and data on the status of women on boards and in business leadership around the world.” LEARN MORE

Women’s Empowerment and Business: 2020 Trends and Opportunities BSR, UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT “The UN Global Compact and BSR have been working steadily with companies to inform their approaches and drive progress for gender equality and women’s empowerment. BSR and the UN Global Compact are committed to continuing to support businesses with the tools and insights needed to navigate the coming decade and move from commitment to action on gender equality. Business as usual is no longer working for women or men, but innovative solutions designed with and for women can move us beyond the status

quo toward a gender-equal workplace. The WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool is composed of 18 multiple choice questions across four areas: leadership, workplace, marketplace, and community. The tool also covers four management stages—commitment, implementation, measurement, and transparency—to ensure commitments are coupled with substantive action to implement the WEPs.” LEARN MORE

INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE FOR IMPACT EVALUATION (3IE) “The review aims primarily to synthesize the evidence on the effects of vocational and business training programmes that aim to improve women’s labour market outcomes. It also seeks to improve understanding of the barriers to and facilitators of vocational and business training effectiveness for women. This systematic review by Chinen and colleagues examined the effects on employment, income, sales, and profits. They find

that vocational and business training, on average, leads to minor improvements in women’s economic well-being. Differences in the programmes’ effectiveness suggest that having a gender focus leads to larger impacts on women. The authors conclude that skill-building programmes may be effective when carefully designed with local gender norms in mind.” LEARN MORE

READ MORE ABOUT ANDE Publications: Gender and Women Entrepreneurship

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