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October 2013 3rd : Ladies Meeting - Den 4th : Bar Duties for Izotsha School 5th : Official pool fence hand over at Hibberdene Mercury Childrens Home 9th : Combined Directors and Club meeting with official visit by D.G Heather Hardman 17th : Projects Meeting - Den 24th : Lions Expo Meeting - Den 26th Lions Bingo - Lions’ Den November 2013 1-3 : District 410-C Midyear Conference - Sierra Ranch, Mooi River 7th : Ladies Meeting - Den 14th : Directors Meeting - Den 21st : Lions Expo Meeting - Den 23rd Lions Bingo - Lions’ Den 28th : Club Meeting - Den Birthdays : October : 1st : Martin Rundle 5th : Jean Masson 13th : David De Jong 13th : Jeff Smith 21st : Mike Rodda 22nd : Gary Vogt 22nd : Bondi Horsley 28th : Antoinette Stoppel 28th : Joey Van Niekerk 29th : Ronald Tarboton November : 2nd : Jenny Vogt 5th : Fred Babumba 8th : Anita Hulley 14th : Gary Baker 15th : Samantha Plumbly 16th : Alastair Warman 19th : Myrna Masson 23rd : Peter Mc Killen 24th : Gayle Wallis 26th : Richard Borradaile 30th : Marcia Mc Garry


an you believe it, the first quarter of our Lionistic year is behind us and already we can add a few more notches to our club's successes. The 27th Lions Leadership Retreat was in my opinion the best one I've attended. No doubt it is because of the skills and experience of everybody involved. It was great to see the sheer number of Lions and Ladies involved. Every year the quality of young Leaders amazes me and this year was no exception. Our cataract operations will also go ahead as planned. Dr. Trevor Steyn, together with his entire medical team and Port Shepstone Lions will once again restore the gift of sight to 12 patients. Let us not forget our own Lion Dr. Hilton's contribution. The Bingo afternoons are as popular as ever. Listening to the old folk you realize how they look forward to visiting us at our club. I would like to see more Lions get involved and make themselves available for this worthwhile event. Fellow Lions, there is no doubt that our club is entering the troubled waters of financial insecurity and it is vitally important for us to support our fund raising Director and his team with their plans and

upcoming events. We need to take back control of our events and be hands on in the decision making process as well as the execution of such events. We cannot rely on only one large project per year. It is too risky. Let's really get involved and give Lion Kelvin all the support and help he need to make our planned Lions Expo a success but also remember to support the smaller fund raising events. They are just as important. Have a great month and don't forget the fellowship and socializing. Andre Beneke Club President


ort Shepstone Lions hosted their 27th Annual Leadership Retreat from 13-15 September at Camp Anerley. 40 Grade 11 pupils, recently selected for the Port Shepstone High School Executive Council of Learners (previously known as the Prefects Council) attended the camp. The full weekend program commenced shortly after they arrived at the camp on Friday with a talk on Lions Clubs International presented by Past District Governor Denis Meyer. This was followed by the official opening address of Club President Andre Beneke. The group was thereafter broken up into 5 colour coded teams and took part in team-building exercises. After supper the group participated in a very enjoyable ice breaking exercise and a sing-a-long before heading off to bed. The group had an early rise on the Saturday morning for exercises and a delicious breakfast prepared by the Lion Ladies. Then it was down to business, with lectures on leadership theory, communication, goal setting, innovative engineering, people

to people relationships and conflict management. The various presenters included Pastor Trevor Downham, Mr Chad Broom, Miss Kerry Mc Killen, Lions Rob Bing and Peter Mc Killen. After lunch the group participated in a very enjoyable and challenging “Amazing Race� together with many Lions and Lion Ladies who acted as marshals throughout the course. When the Grade 11's arrived at the Lions' Formal Dinner, held at Port Shepstone Country Club on the Saturday night, they were almost unrecognisable. The mud stains had been replaced with glittering make-up and elegant evening wear, and the dirty shorts had become smart suits. The guest speaker for the evening was Mrs Di Van Dyk who motivated everyone present with her inspiring words. On Sunday, the group, once again had an early start for exercise and a delicious breakfast prepared by the Lion Ladies. Then it was on to morning devotions with Mr Damian Williams and more lectures on motivation/choices presented by Lion Hilton Horsley, ECL in action and their evaluation of the weekend. The afternoon session was dominated by the strenuous and very enjoyable obstacle course

which was marshalled with much laughter by all Lions present. The Retreat was, once again, a huge success and hats off to Course Conveners, Hilton and Bondi Horsley and their dedicated team of Lions and Lion Ladies. The entire project was fully funded by the Club's charity account and with generous sponsorships and support. Leadership development of our youth is one of the core projects of Lions Clubs International and this project is one of the signature service projects of the Port Shepstone Lions Club.

The Port Shepstone High Executive Council of Learners - Elect (ECL) pose for a group photo upon their arrival at Camp Anerley.

Photo left : Course Convener, Lion Hilton Horsley explaining the rules of the camp to all attendees. Photo Right : Club President Andre Beneke delivers his welcome address to all attendees.

Welcome Address

The Volcano Challenge

The Icebreakers

The Volcano Challenge


The Icebreakers

Lion Jeff Smith

The Icebreakers

Breakfast is served

Leadership Retreat Weekend Saturday 14th September

Lion Peter Mc Killen

Breakfast is served

Breakfast is served Chad Broom Lion Rob Bing

Pastor Trevor Downham

The Cooking Challenge

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The Cooking Challenge

Lion Nico De Jong

The Amazing Race

Leadership Retreat Formal Dinner Saturday 14th September

Amazing Race winning team The Top Table

Lions & their Guests

Course Convener Lion Hilton Horsley

Guest Speaker Mrs Di Van Dyk

International Reply Toast to our Guests 1VDG Martin Rundle Lion Rob Bing

MC Extrodinaire! Lion Jeff Smith

Lions & their Guests

Party Time!

Course Attendees : 2014 Port Shepstone High School Executive Council Of Learners Joshua Brauteseth Nathan Broom Sanele Cele Cebo Cele Christopher Dreyer Bayley du Plessis Sinazo Dzanibe Ayanda Gasela Kirsten Houston Britney Ireland Naveen Isaac Jason Love Sicelo Mabaso S’thabile Mavundla Mahluleli Mbali Sinethemba Mbatha James Mellors Thembilihle Mnani

Pamela Mpinge Andiswa Mqedlana Yamkela Mqwebedu Rose Msomi Mpendulo Mthembu Eselu Ndlwana Minenhle Ngcobo Donovan Paine Anesu Pawandlwa Yogeshan Pillay Athi Ralarala Alicia Rito Liske Scholtz Sade Short Thobeka Shozi Asha Singh Robynne Theron Bianka Thom Keenan Van Der Berg Emilie Wood Prosperity Zangwa Anelisa Zimema All attendees were presented with a certificate (right) which can be included with their C.V. for later life.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke ROCK 'N RIDE 4 RHINO ( was an epic conservation project that imvolved a 10,000km motorcycle adventure around Southern Africa, from for April – Sep 2013. It was conceived by Jason Hartman (2009 SA Idol and founding director of Men of the Trees SA) and Dave Estment (ex-professional superbike racer, professional wildlife photographer and videographer, and founding trustee of the Wild Imaging Trust) - both passionate dirt bikers and conservationists - in partnership with Damien Mander (former Australian Army Special Operations sniper and founding director of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation). The purpose was to raise R20,000,000 to help fund the extensive equipment, manpower, resources and communication channels required to effectively combat the poaching scourge that it threatening our wildlife and our planet. The funds raised will be divided between the three trusts. The core objective of each were as follows: !

To raise awareness and funds to be used for clearly defined and co-ordinated conservation projects focussed on the protection of our wildlife and environment (


To implement social upliftment and self-sustainability programs and initiatives that support communities, thereby addressing the needs that can drive poaching (


To communicate via video, still images and internet platforms in order to educate, inform and provide exposure for conservation projects, while catalysing effective action (

Our local Yamaha Dealer : Lion Ronald & Lion Lady Mary Jane

Their goal is to create a culture of conservation for the entire population with the aim of highlighting awareness of the fact that everything is inter-connected and that the collapse of one species can lead to the collapse of an entire ecosystem. The tragedy of the brutal slaughter of our rhino makes this an indicator species to highlight the plight of many lesserknown but equally threatened species. Combined together these trusts form a holistic approach towards conservation and humanitarian projects; the two of which must go hand in hand if they are to be successful. Donations are fully deductible as the beneficiaries are registered Section 18a organizations, simultaneously benefitting sponsors' BEE status. Octagon, a highly respected, leading auditing firm in Johannesburg is managing all funds received for this important, high-profile initiative. Key Focus Points of the Tour: Schools: Interactive presentations to schools formed the backbone of the Rock 'n Ride 4 Rhino tour. These took place at approximately 90 privileged schools, reaching up to 70,000 students and engaging them in a 10 week Philanthropy Challenge, an innovative new tool developed in Australia that they are introducing to South Africa. It teaches students the act of doing something for a worthwhile cause without receiving anything in return. Funds raised by the students will go to Rock 'n Ride 4 Rhino with a percentage of the funds being given back to support local outreach initiatives. Jason Hartman Gigs: Jason performed songs from his debut album On the Run, as well as his new album All or Nothing at the schools and appropriate venues throughout the journey to generate additional value, interest and enthusiasm among locals. Conservation Activities: Specific events took place en route to highlight and support conservation efforts already taking place around Southern Africa, with particular relevance to rhino.

Jason Hartman performing live at Spillers Wharf Heritage Day weekend in Port Shepstone.

Motorcycle Community: As a headline sponsor, Yamaha SA provided state-of-the-art motorcycles for Dave and Jason to ride as well as incorporated mass rides and gigs throughout their dealer network across Southern Africa. Criterion Yamaha at Spillers Wharf in Port Shepstone which is owned by Port Shepstone Lion Ronald Tarboton played host to the local gig. Public Participation: An exclusive group of adventure bikers and wildlife enthusiasts joined paid, off-the-beaten-track sections of the tour in Botswana and Namibia as well as at the Hoedspruit base of the International AntiPoaching Foundation. Media Coverage: The entire adventure was captured via photographs and film by the Wild Imaging Trust team, TV networks, live-stream broadcasts by online radio, newspapers and magazines, and shared widely through social media platforms including the Port Shepstone Lions’ Facebook Page and Group Why Rock 'n Ride 4 Rhino - what set them apart? ! Unique, unforgettable adventure that combined the freedom of the motorcycling spirit with the raw energy of rock 'n roll, resulting in an irresistible recipe to engender a national culture of conservation by finally making the concept cool ! Introduced the phenomenal Philanthropy Challenge for the first time in South Africa, taking up the baton from Australian school children who are raising funds for rhino amongst other endangered species ! Engaged 70,000+ students, their parents and large numbers of the general public in a unified, vibrant effort to help save rhino, as the indicator species of the greater global conservation crisis ! Collaborated in action; this was a ground-breaking partnership between 3 non-profit organisations and high profile individuals that contribute powerful, complementary skills towards achieving the common goal of rescuing rhino and rolling out a far-reaching conservation solution ! Exceptional platform for raising local and international awareness for rhino and other endangered species, supporting Southern African tourism, promoting our heritage and culture, whilst highlighting a broad spectrum of conservation and associated humanitarian projects


ur thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent terror attacks in Nairobi, Kenya. Local Lions have responded, volunteering at hospitals and helping the victims. In addition, Lions Clubs International Foundation is providing aid to those who are injured through a special grant for medical supplies.

7 Cardinal Rules For Life 1) Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present. 2) What other people think of you is none of your business. 3) Time heals almost anything Give it time. 4) No one is in charge of your happiness. Except you. 5) Don’t compare your life to others and don’t judge them, you have no idea what their journey is all about 6) Stop thinking too much It’s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it. 7) Smile You don’t own all the problems in the world.

Our sincere congratulations to Lion Kelvin and Lion Lady Anita Hulley who are celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary on 1st October. We wish them many more happy years together!

Lion Mervin & Lion Lady Lyn Curnow together with their daughter-in-law, Lion Lady Inika and the grandkids visited Turkey and Poland during September.

Lion Mike & Lion Lady Yvonne Rodda attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Jessica in Perth, Australia.

Port Shepstone Lions Club 2013-2014 Board Of Directors President : Andre Beneke Imm.Past President : Jean Masson Fundraising : Alastair Warman Service Projects : Jeff Smith House & Entertainment : Dale Mc Garry Secretary : Charles Wallis Treasurer : Richard Borradaile Membership : Kevin Ross Public Relations : Denis Meyer Bar Manager : Alister Love Lions Alert : Andre Beneke (Acting) Lion Tamer : Clayton Curnow Tailtwister : Barry Van Der Veen Lion Ladies President : Estelle O.Neill Lion Ladies Secretary : Anna Compion Lion Ladies Treasurer : Jane Massey Newsletter Editor : PDG Denis Meyer email : Web Site :

Zone Visit : Zone Chairman Kevin Ross addresses the Shelly Beach Lions Club during his official visit on Wednesday 25th September. Sheppie Lions Denis Meyer and Laurie Lourens also visited the meeting which was followed by the usual excellent fellowship and fun that is synonymous with the Shelly Beach Lions Club.

On 10th September, Club President Andre celebrated his birthday with some of the Sheppie Lions clan at Schooners Galley in Umtentweni. Kevin Ross, Mike & Yvonne Rodda, Andre, Clayton Curnow, Jeff Smith and Gary Baker enjoyed some great fellowship together.

Club Facebook Page : oneLionsClub Club Postal Address : P O Box 509 Port Shepstone 4240 Club Street Address : Lions’ Den Ambleside Road, Umtentweni

Alley Cat’s new competition! Nico showing signs of exhaustion after a gruelling Amazing Race challenge...

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