Beirut Design Week 2016: DIRECTORY

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A WORD FROM THE DIRECTOR For five consecutive years, we have been growing as a design community in Lebanon and coming together at the beginning of each summer to celebrate the creative essence of our city during Beirut Design Week. With turbulent times in the region and the undeniable, serious crisis in waste management that is taking over our country, we, the design community, have decided to address this topic in our own creative ways. In the spirit of solidarity with all of our residents, we believe that designers have a direct impact on people’s awareness, life choices, and values; and therefore our work must always aspire to inform, and produce with conscious and ethical standards. As the theme for Beirut Design Week 2016 unfolds with more than 200 events that will be taking over the city over nine days, we intend to explore what we believe is “Growing Sustainably�, and, as always, through educational and entertaining interactions, we hope to learn and exchange with one another. Sustainability should not, however, only be a theme that we take on for a year but rather a lifelong challenge to rethink what we produce and consume, and how our behaviors affect society and the environment.

We, the Beirut Design Week team, have put together this Directory as a publication that will remain on the bookshelves of the entire community of designers and design lovers for years to come. We wanted to make sure that this timeless piece resource is not discarded to become more waste but rather a fond memory of a community that came together for nine days and challenged themselves to bring awareness through their creative process about sustainability. Our deepest appreciation goes to each participant of Beirut Design Week that has supported us in keeping this vibrant platform and community alive of the past five years. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Without them, Lebanon would not be the creative, intellectual, and powerful country it is today. I believe that our culture, no matter how vast the challenges we face, will remain unique because of our need and passion to create.


Co-founder and Director, Beirut Design Week President of the Board | MENA Design Research Center

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AALTO+AALTO For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Aalto+Aalto is a Helsinki-based design office working with products, spaces and exhibitions. Their aim is to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story. They are inspired by time-tested old techniques, all kinds of factories and flea markets. Their special skill is managing to make things which are imaginative and different but still simple and timeless. Their work has been widely exhibited, is included in the collections of the Design museum in Helsinki and in Quebec and has been awarded the iF golden product design award. Aalto+Aalto are Elina Aalto and Klaus Aalto.


ACADEMIE LIBANAISE DES BEAUX ARTS Avenue Emile Edde, Sin el Fil, Lebanon +961 1 480 056 Facebook: AcadĂŠmie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts

The Design Department at ALBA has for mission to build a community of socially engaged designers. The BA in Product Design is a 3-year project-based curriculum presenting a user-centered approach. The Global Design MA defines design as a creative problem-finding and solving approach and as a multi-disciplinary collaborative practice. The twoyear curriculum is based on new design practices such as service design, design for social impact, design thinking, and systems thinking.

AL MOHTARAF Sanayeh Garden, Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 748 447 Facebook: Al Mohtaraf Instagram: almohtaraf

Founded ahead of its time in 1981, AlMohtaraf is a regional design think-tank and a workspace for the passionate creative and communication thinkers in the region. Fusing artistic design thinking with cultural forms of intelligence, we help our partners explore and discover the opportunities and solutions needed to build, shape and make relevant the very meaning and culture of a brand, business, product, service and space.


ALICE EDDE Old Souk St, Byblos, Lebanon +961 9 943 023 Facebook: Alice Edde Instagram: aliceedde

Inspired by her love of travel and the places she’s been, Alice Eddé is a maven for quality and beautiful products that truly reflect their place of origin. With a passion for artistry, traditional skills and materials, Alice decided to create an eponymous brand, Alice Eddé, which commissions fashion, garden and home products that champion home-grown craftsmanship. From flowerpotsand leatherwork made in Byblos, to soaps made in Tripoli, the Alice Eddé brand truly reflects the creativity and magic of the Lebanese artisan.

ANDBROS For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Andbros is a design company of four creative professionals, founded in 2011 and based in Helsinki. In a short period of time, it has taken its place as one of the most interesting companies in the business. The award-winning Andbros products are inspiring, imaginative, ethically produced and ecological – not to mention a lot of fun!


ANDCO. Gouraud St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 231 001 Facebook: Andco.

Andco. is an independent creative collective based in Dubai, Beirut and Toronto. We are bold, focused, passionate and simple: a team of ambitious perfectionists who trust in a cooperative process. Through our multi-arts platform we bring together strategy and creativity, planning and innovation, ideas and their implementation. We are in love with what we do but also love juicy burgers, Lego, action figurines, Moleskine, quirky art, good wine and great music.

ARAB CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE Mrad Bldg 4th floor, Selim Rustom Baz St, Ashrafieh, Sassine, Beirut, Lebanon Facebook: Arab Center for Architecture Instagram: arabcenterforarchitecture

The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA) is an archives center aiming at raising awareness about architecture and urbanism within civil society. Its ambition is to provide a public forum for debating the present and future of architecture and cities.


ARCHITECTURE ET MÉCANISMES Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 661 738 Facebook: Architecture et Mécanismes Instagram:

Architecture et Mécanismes is an ongoing exploration of systems and scales; an Architectural, Furniture and Product Design portfolio.

ART ON 56 TH 56th Youssef Hayeck St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 570 331 Facebook: Art on 56th Instagram: arton56th

Art on 56th Gallery is an independent visual art gallery founded by Noha Wadi Moharram in 2012, and is rooted in Gemmayzeh, the capital’s booming artistic and cultural neighborhood. The gallery’s mission is to promote both established and promising contemporary Lebanese artists in addition to presenting a roster of Middle Eastern and International artists. The gallery exhibits artworks in a large variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and work on paper, photography and video installation. This results in a colorful exchange, highlighting the powerful meaning of images and material artistry within a society.


ATELIER KHALED EL MAYS Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 939 131 Facebook: Atelier Khaled El MAYS Instagram: khaledelmays

ATELIER KHALED EL MAYS, a Multi-disciplinary design studio that focuses on Furniture Design, Interior Architecture and Graphics in Space.Khaled, born in Lebanon, earned a degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut and an MFA in digital arts from Pratt Institute in New York. His work tackles multiplicity and repetition, it is always process based mutations, and the outcome is an instance of purity and balance extracted from pools of visual data. Since the launch of his debut collection, RHIZOMES, in 2013, Atelier Khaled El Mays has been published and exhibited in national and international media and venues.

ATELIER S/Z Gouraud St, Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 587 929 Facebook: Atelier S/Z Instagram: ateliersz_sibylletamer

Sibylle Tamer a Lebanese Artist, obtained a degree in Fine Arts at ALBA Lebanon, and later on joined Parson’s school of design in New York City. She exhibited her masterpieces in France, Italy, New York, the Middle East & Lebanon. She selected her way of life to see the frustrations and problems of this ugly world that inspires her, and that she tries to transform through her work.Designs such as the “Why you…?! Why me…?!”A shisha concept, also the backgammon dice game with a twist, to awaken old Lebanese traditions in a new notion. The Why, not?! A ceramic teapot displayed at Turin’s museum in Italy.


BADGUÈR The Pink Bldg, Der Melkonian St, Bourj Hammoud, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 240 214 Facebook: Badguèr

Badguèr is a Non-Profit Organization, established in 2012. Badguèr is a representation of a community, the spirit of a people to be shared.The association contributes to the sustainability of the Armenian cultural heritage and its transmission to the new generation, seeking also to enhance it according to the requirements of modernity.

BARBARUS Beirut, Lebanon +961 81 753 257 Facebook: BARBARUS Instagram: barbarus_lab

Barbarus explore one’s material relationship to objects, using mundane/disregarded materials to make into unexpected belongings. Dry land by Barbarus is a series of clay packages containing a selection of clay buttons. The use of clay/earth hints to themes of permanence/impermanence & one’s association to earth & handcrafted. The packaged object is presented with a found rock used as a tool for fracturing the packaged object, consequently revealing its content, the buttons.


BARJIS DESIGN Sadat St, Abdulla Al Mazro Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 350 933 Facebook: Barjis Design by Hala Habib Instagram: barjisdesign

Barjis Design adds splashes of color to your house with inventive Home Furniture and accessories. Preserving culture is another mission of ours. Barjis game and Palestinian embroidery are popular highlights in our works and designs. Barjis Design furnishes homes with unique pieces that add splashes of colour to your homes. We customise A La Carte while preserving culture is another mission of ours. We pledge diversity in ideas and design.

BEIRUT ARAB UNIVERSITY Debbieh main road, Beirut, Lebanon +961 7 985 090 Facebook: Beirut Arab University Instagram: beirut_arab_university

Since its establishment in 1962, Beirut Arab University has been committed to offering outstanding educational programs and to provide a nurturing environment for academic creativity and development of leadership skills, promoting social responsibility, whilst respecting diversity and multicultural understanding. Positioning itself at the forefront of the Middle East Educational Institutions and working from a world heritage site, we endeavor to actively forge new International links between academia and practice, research and dissemination of knowledge for our educators and students.


BEIRUT CAFE RACERS Armenia St, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 053 520 / +961 3 779 544 Facebook: Beirut Cafe Racers Instagram: beirutcaferacers

A custom vintage motorcycle garage turning bikes into works of art, hand crafted from the ground up. Engine upgrades, tuning, fabrication, coffee and apparel.

BEIRUT MAKERS Beirut, Lebanon Facebook: BeirutMakers Instagram: beirutmakers

The conjunction of the being able to describe forms precisely thanks to the assistance of computers tools has empowered a new kind of creatives. Bridging between designers and craftsmen, a new generation who controls and organize informations to pilot machines is born: the makers. K. Aoun, H. Ankouny, A. Awad, S. Bachir, M. Bustros, K. Chaya, G.CrĂŠdoz, M. Ghrayache, F. Harb, C. Jreijiri, M. Moukarzel.


BEIT WARAQ Nabeh El Laban St, Ras El Nabeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 659 848 Facebook: Waraq Instagram: WARAQ_Org

Beit WARAQ is a project initiated by WARAQ in 2012, located in a traditional Lebanese house in a decentralized neighborhood. It serves as a physical platform that actively promotes education, artistic expression and technical support within the art of printmaking, illustration and animation. Beit WARAQ serves as a co-working space where artists have access to equipped studios to produce alternative publications, paper-based products and animated shorts.

BERNARD MALLAT WALID ZEIDAN Mallat center 2, 4th floor, Hazmieh, Lebanon +961 5 953296/ +961 1 320 852 Facebook: Bernard Mallat Architects Facebook: Walid Zeidan Architects

Bernard Mallat & Walid Zeidan joined forces in Beirut in 2006. While they operate under both their names, they create as one team in a variety of fields from Architecture to Interiors, object design and urban design. They operate a concept driven design firm whose efforts relishes challenging preconceptions and provoking the viewer/user. Although based in Beirut they’ve created works in Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East.


BEYOND REFORM & DEVELOPMENT Khoury Bldg, Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 397 492 Facebook: Beyond Reform and Development

Beyond Reform & Development (BRD) is a missiondriven consulting firm and a social business specializing in policy research, public management and capacity development, with headquarters in Beirut, serving clients across the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa region; Beyond works with a team of multidisciplinary, dynamic and seasoned consultants.

BIRUTA Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 989 141

‘Biruta’ is an invitation to develop different ways of thinking about Beirut in order to build a new relationship with the city. The audio walk guides the visitor through seven sections of the city, blending fictional and factual narratives. Experiencing the multifaceted soundscape overlaid with their individual exploration of the urban environment, the user’s view of their surroundings changes, making them see and read the city afresh.


BOKJA Mukhallassiya St, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 975 576 Facebook: Bokja Design Studio Instagram: bokjadesign

Bokja explores the concept of modern day clutter. There is a naturally occurring accumulation of possessions and information that takes place in ones life span. One can see projections of this condition in private spaces as well as in urban spaces. Bokja seeks to promote a dialogue referencing an individual’s relation to clutter, hinting at themes of horror vacui, perceived ownership, and sustainability.

BOO ABBOOD Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 537 726 Facebook: booabbood Instagram : booabbood

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Amanda and Jo received their MA in Interior Architecturespecializing in product design - from the AcadĂŠmie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA). They nurtured their talents through the development of several projects, such as tables, lighting, furniture, with different new materials that got particular recognition of design lovers. Subsequently, they ran interviews in high profile medias. They exhibited as well in Beirut, Salone del mobile milano and Design Days Dubai gaining a worldwide exposure and reputation in the design industry.


BOSHIES Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 641 434 Facebook: boshies Instagram: boshies.beirut

Boshies is a Lebanese brand that designs fezinspired hats. The Boshi hat is unisex and aims at reviving the identity of the tarbouche through a casual and modern shape. Its main distinctive element is a minimalist band stripe that revisits the traditional tassel. The first collection includes four monochrome colors: red, blue, kaki and black. Boshi is social responsible as it is handmade at the atelier of IRAP, the renown deaf and hard of hearing school for children in Lebanon.

CANDYFORNIA STUDIO Monot St, Saifi, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 333 820 Facebook:Candyfornia Studio Instagram: candyforniastudio

CANDYFORNIA STUDIO is an inflated version of reality. Our vision is Hyper real. We create fairytales for grown ups and businesses for Beliebers. We are the jolie laides, the haute volĂŠe and demimondes of the creative circus. Our chicken pox is designed by Yayoi Kusama and our drugs are prescribed by Damien Hirst. We are the Dorothys looking for their Rubys and the Charlies for their Golden Tickets. We are the mean girls at Coachella and the silent punks at Burning Man.


CARWAN GALLERY D-Beirut Bldg, Seaside Road, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 686 089 Facebook: Carwan Gallery Instagram: carwangallery

Carwan gallery opened in Beirut to promote a theory and practice that recalls the concept of the voyage as a slow, concentrated exploration, full of discovery and exchange: Western contemporary design is invited to interact and evolve with the timehonored techniques of Eastern craft, creating a flow of influences and vitality between the cultures. With the mission of internationalizing design in the Middle East, the gallery exhibits bespoke projects and limited edition objects,focusing on special commissions of internationally renowned architects and designers, using carefully chosen materials and methods of production.

CEDAR ENVIRONMENTAL Catafago St, Furn el Chebback, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 389 409 Facebook: Ziad Abi Chaker

Cedar Environmental (CE) is an environmental/ industrial engineering organization who has gained fame by developing the ZERO WASTE approach to Municipal Solid Waste treatment. CE has developed local solutions for accelerated composting, slaughterhouse waste management, Plastic bags recycling technology dubbed ECOBOARD and management of expired pharmaceutical pills. CE is also very active on the social scene having launched the GREEN GLASS RECYCLING INITIATIVE for LEBANON (GGRIL) in 2013, established the 2

bag sorting system in the Black/Blue combination sorting, and currently working to roll out as many street recycling bins as possible all over Beirut and Mount Lebanon to facilitate recycling for all concerned citizens.


CHIDIAC ARCHITECTES & DESIGN Charkiyé road, Broumana, Lebanon +961 71 836 985 Facebook: chidiac architectes Instagram: chidiacarchitectes

Alfred Chidiac graduated in 2003 from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. In June 2007 he started his own office, Chidiac Architectes. Together with his team, he seeks to create harmony in the projects he undertakes. His philosophy is to establish a dialogue with the environment. With an intricate attention to detail, Chidiac explores minimalistic volumes that reveal sophisticated techniques and an unrivalled mastery in the simultaneous use of steel, concrete and wood.

CLICHÉ LAB Tripoli, Lebanon +961 3 196 959 Facebook: Cliché Lab Instagram: clichelab

Cliché lab is workshop space/gallery for industrial lighting and furniture designs. Based in Lebanon, the laboratory is a space where multi-scalar domestic objects are fabricated and produced. Cliché lab hybridizes the cliché concepts with original ideas inspired from Industrial articulations. Founded by Mustapha Saleh (Architect), And Raffy Kalkoul (Antique Collector, Restoration Expert).


COLORTEK Kassaa Bldg, Musseitbeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 303 414 Facebook: Colortek Kassaa Instagram: colortekpaints

Colortek is an international paints brand with a retail decorative concept conceived as a designer space where customers can browse through a wide selection of wall to floor decorative solutions within an inviting and clearly organized space. Unique decorative finishes, extensive know-how in the production, sales and application of decorative coatings and products manufactured following international safety and performance standards place Colortek at the forefront of a growing wall and floor decorative paints market.

CORK LIVING Metropolis Bldg, Tabaris, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 331 801 / +961 71 055 400 Facebook: Cork Living Instagram: cork_living

Nowadays, comfort is a major component nestled at the heart of modern living. Being relaxed in one’s residence has proved indispensable in ensuring renewed liveliness for the day to come. We, at Cork Living, are on a diligent commitment to keep up with the new, fast-paced world and its insistence on functionality, practicality and smart location management. At the cutting edge of contemporary design and Scandinavian style-inspired practicality, our items come from London, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. Brands to name only few: Tom Dixon, Menu, Muuto, Design House Stockholm.


CREATIONS BY WAEL FARRAN Pasteur St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 569 777 Facebook: Creations By W|F Instagram: creationsbywf

Refined, luxurious, fearless, bespoke & completely of the moment, these are the essential elements of Wael Farran’s signature style. Drawing his inspiration from the city of culture & contrast, brings his unique point of view to private residences, An avid artist, creator and collector with 15 years of diverse experience and a particular passion for tables, the designer owns and manages two companies:‘Wael Farran Interior Architecture’&‘Creations by WF’.

CREATIVE CLOSETS Dora highway , Sad El Bouchriyeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 876 002 Facebook: Creative Closets Instagram: creative_closets

creative closetsŽ, was founded in Saudi Arabia in 1998, both introducing the concept and defining the custom closet to the Middle East. By continuing to set new standards in craftsmanship, innovation, and customer care, we have become the region’s leading manufacturer of storage solutions with eleven showrooms in six countries across the GCC, Middle East and North Africa. Our reputation has been built on a true understanding of delivering a customized product with an unparalleled level of service and customer care. We strive to remain

the industry leader and the most trusted source for customized contemporary, innovative and long lasting household storage solutions in the markets we serve. We are committed to excellence in customer service while maintaining a high standard of employee care and supplier relations.


CREATIVE SPACE BEIRUT Armenia St, Mar Mikael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 867 888 Facebook: Creative Space Beirut Instagram: creativespacebeirut

Creative Space Beirut is a free school for fashion design offering quality creative education to talented youth who lack the resources to pursue a degree at increasingly costly institutions. In an effort towards self sustainability, the school is partially funded by CSB ready-to-wear, a brand of one-size-fits-all garments with a nomadicinspired aesthetic, designed through collaborations by Creative Space Beirut founders and students. The school and brand share a studio and materials. 100 % of CSB ready-to-wear’s profits support the free fashion program.

CYNTHIA RAFFOUL JEWELRY End of Gouraud St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 443 491 Facebook: Cynthia Raffoul Instagram: cynthiaraffouljewelry

Cynthia Raffoul is a Lebanese-French designer in fine Jewelry. In November 2008, she opened her jewelry shop in the heart of Beirut. Her designs are high-end contemporary jewelry, full of stories, for today’s women with always an unexpected twist of originality and poetry.



Daan Roosegaarde, creative director of the social design lab Studio Roosegaarde, delivers unimaginable technology to the world – in the most literal way. With studio’s in Rotterdam and Shanghai, he develops innovative, interactive landscapes that are accomplished through the objective of pulling technology ‘out of the screen’ and integrating it into the real world. The key to accomplishing this task, believes Roosegaarde, is his Dutch attitude of artist-entrepreneur, which he

considers equal parts “priest and entrepreneur” in order to perfectly merge technology and creativity. Through the creation of social designs that instinctively respond to sound and movement, he is able to pursue the widest possibilities of technological innovation.


design / craft

‫ﺗﺼﻤﻴﻢ‬ ‫وﺣﺮﻓﺔ‬

Gourard St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 376 475 Instagram: damjdesign

DAMJ is a unique atelier specializing in architecture, furniture, lighting, interiors and interactive installations. Architect and designer, Ahmad Khouja, whose work draws inspiration from mathematical and organic patterns, initiated DAMJ. The workshop fabricates his designs, as well as those of numerous local artists and designers. Classes and workshops are offered in: drum making, carpentry, parametric modeling, digital fabrication and percussion.


DANIELE KIRIDJIAN Gouraud St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 577 668 Facebook: Danièlekiridjian Instagram: Danielekiridjian

After Graduating from Esmod Beirut, Daniele Kiridjian worked in the French capital, but after a while she preferred to come back to Lebanon and to team up with Amer Jabali, the pioneer of the Brand Deviations. Eight years later they both decided that it’s time to launch the brand Daniele Kiridjian.

DESIGN FOR CHANGE Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 319 898 Facebook: Design For Change Lebanon

Design For Change (DFC) is the largest global movement that gives children and teenagers the opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. DFC Lebanon offers a design-thinking workshop for young adults to create and implement projects that correspond to the needs of the Quarantina sector. The resulting projects will be included in the national competition for the most successful initiative.


DESIGN IN BEIRUT Gebara Bldg, Jal El Dib, Beirut, Lebanon +961 4 716 599 Facebook: designinbeirut Instagram: designinbeirut

Design in Beirut is based in Lebanon and is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of architects, interior designers and engineers who are specialized in providing architectural lighting design services for residential and commercial projects. Our philosophy is to achieve the optimal lighting scheme by marrying esthetics and functionality. We also develop site-specific custom made lighting products. These unique fixtures reach perfection through a long process of experimentation.

DESSINE-MOI UN Ĺ’IL Gouraud St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 209 329 Facebook: Dessine-moi un oeil Instagram: dessinemoiunoeil

Dessine-moi un Ĺ“il is an art project by Dima Boulad based on automatic drawing. It all started with her realization that every time she starts doodling, she draws an eye incisively and obsessively. She started exploring how these illustrations can grow beyond the margin, and spreading them on various surfaces, from furniture to murals. She has exhibited her work in 8mm space, 6:05 by Depeche Mode, JABAL exhibition by Beirut Art Fair, and Beirut Design Week.


DIANE FERJANE 55 Pharaon St, Mar Mikael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 948 526 Facebook: Boutique Diane Ferjane Instagram: diane_ferj

Combining a contemporary aesthetic with an appreciation of the past, Diane Ferjane looks to Lebanese history and tradition for inspiration. The heart of my collection will always be the craftsmanship and the story the garment tells; everything starts from my obsession for details and my love for tradition.


Domus Academy and NABA, world top ranked Academies, are located in Milan and offer a wide range of BA, MA, Academic Masters and Summer courses in the field of Interior and Product Design, Fashion and Graphic Design, Multimedia and visual arts. All courses are accredited by the Italian Ministry Education. The practical methodology,based on the learning by designing approach, and proximity to the Design Industry are distinctive elements and key of the success of these world-renowned institutions.


ELIE RIACHI Biakout St, Zalka, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 105 706 Instagram: elieriachi

Elie Riachi portrays the designer’s vision in the world of design through timeless yet modern representations of traditional Lebanese elements in furniture and products. The designs are locally made and executed by local Lebanese craftsmen. The Elie Riachi brand is a Beirut based brand that pays tribute to the Lebanese culture in a contemporary context, by using the traditional resources and man power to deliver contemporary yet traditional innovations ofLebanese fine furniture.

ESMOD Roustom Basha St, Ain El-Mreisseh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 361 242 Facebook: Esmod Beirut Instagram: esmodbeirut

ESMOD was founded in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, master tailor of the Empress EugĂŠnie, inventor of the mannequin, supple measuring tape and the First written Fashion method. ESMOD is the First University in the world and the largest international network of 21 universities in 15 countries. ESMOD is present in Lebanon for 17 years. The number of students who graduated exceeds the thousand and most of them work for prestigious brands or created their own brand. The scope of services offered by ESMOD Beirut has expanded in recent

years, offering a range of short courses and workshops tailored to the needs of the market: Visual Merchandising; World of Fashion; Fashion Business; Social Media and Fashion; Lingerie; Consulting & Relooking; Computer-based Pattern Drafting etc.


FARRA 155 Main St Mekalles, Metn, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 687 000 Facebook: Farra Design Center Instagram: farradesign

FARRA has always been the avant-garde of the regional furniture industry. In over than seven decades, FARRA moved from raw material connoisseur and supplier, to become one of the largest italian furniture importer and distributer in Lebanon. Ever since its inception, FARRA has been highly praised by customers and possesses arguably one of the strongest brand recognition in the region. The company now specializes in the furniture and decorating business for high-end residental housing as well as commercial buildings.

FLUID Main Hamra St, Rasamny Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 353 635 Facebook: FLUID - Brandmakers

Fluid is a dedicated award-winning branding agency that is successfully working with clients locally and abroad through its base in Beirut. Fluid has a vast digital and marketing experience resulting in franchising success in the region.


FOC DESIGN Banks St, Elissar, Metn, Lebanon +961 4 924 866 Facebook: Fadia O Chaker Design Instagram: fadiachaker

Fadia O Chaker Design Company built its reputation by creating luxury interior spaces that is although simple but attractive and with high end finishing .It is specialized in residential, commercial spaces, yachts and Hotels design. On the other hand, FOC team has a valuable understanding of different cultures and lifestyles by having experience in working internationally with clients from Middle East and Europe.

FOREANDAFT MENSWEAR Pharoun St, Mar Mikael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 346 758 facebook: ForeandaftMenswear Instagram: foreaftmen

ForeandAft is an Italian menswear multi brand store. Bringing to Beirut the best of Italy’s craftsmanship and knowledge. This year and for Beirut Design Week, ForeandAft will be hosting 3 local artists, offering young talents a platform to showcase their work.


GALLERY 392RMEIL393 392 gouraud, Sursock, Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 567 015 Facebook: 392rmeil393

392 rmeil 393 is a non profit organization that hopes, by virtue of its accessible and beguiling spaces to attract a new young audience to the delights of creativity not yet contaminated by a price tag The gallery�s aim is to provide a stage, a forum, a voice and a context to emerging creative talent that has not been roped into the traditional, commercial or trendily intellectual gallery scene. Presenting Richard Yasmine, an interior architect and product designer, his inspiration comes from everyday life, objects and emotions, the human body, its physiology and its needs, but also from an internal chaos combined with a certain innate sensitivity, sometimes extreme and provocative and

even not expected by others but still minimal, bold, and straightforward without disguising or hiding the reality, and definitely with this touch of fantasy that will always be his signature.

GEEK EXPRESS Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 972 370 Facebook: Geek Express Instagram: geek_express

Located in the heart of Beirut, Geek Express is a creative space and an art gallery that specializes in comic, pop and street art. We feature limited edition drawings and prints, as well as collectible figurines, and other iconic items. Geek Express aims to curate anything that sparks your imagination, including art and recently introduced DIY’s. We are a platform for anybody who wants to convert creative ideas into reality.


GEORGES AMATOURY STUDIO Ardeco gallery, Trabaud St. Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 338 785 Facebook: Georges Amatoury Studio Instagram: gastudio_

Chasing forgotten Mid-Century design icons led Georges Amatoury to create his signature line, GEORGES AMATOURY STUDIO, with one objective in mind: creating timeless furniture that will travel through time. Hybridity, elegance and purity characterize his design that combines, in a sensual and incisive way, noble materials like ebony, lacquer with refined polished, oxidized metals, treated marble and stone. Radical freedom tone, absolute master and perfect finish, whether signed and numbered pieces-unique or limited series- all are proudly hand-made, designed and produced in Lebanon and exported all around the

world and displayed in Beirut, Paris & Dubai. During Beirut Design Week, under the theme of sustainable design, Georges Amatoury Studio will turn salvaged historic aircraft parts like the reverse shovel from the Lockheed Constellation and the blade of the C 131 into dazzling, one of kind designs.

GHAIN Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 701 821 Instagram: GHAIN_LB

Ghain is collaboration between Ghaith Adib (Origami artist) and Ghaleb Hawila (Arabic Calligrapher) to explore different ways to present our artworks, by mixing different forms of art in a contemporary and remarkable way. LS1.1 Is a decorative lamp, made from a single sheet of paper with an Arabic calligraphy designed phrase. This piece will take the oriental style to a new level.


GHASSAN SALAMEH Khatchadourian St , Mar mikhael , Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 691 709 Facebook: salamehghassan Instagram: ghassan.salameh

After acquiring a master degree from European Design Labs in Madrid, Ghassan Salameh set up his studio in Beirut to focus on lighting, furniture and object designs. As an interdisciplinary conceptual and solution oriented designer, his projects occupy an in-between space where product design and conceptual art meet. Contemporary and experimental, his work is inspired by details from daily life, often unnoticed yet crucial in shaping our experiences. More importantly, it pays tribute to local craftsmanship and presents it with new possibilities. As a child observing his father, a metal craftsman, at work, he began to think of design as

a way to preserve a dying tradition by restoring its original function: problem solving. He believes that design is about challenging traditional craftsmanship by creating new complexities of form and technique and opening it to new territory; that each object he designs and produces is a celebration of a successful marriage of concept and labor, a fusion of creativity,expertise, history, technology and method. His experimentation with different materials found in the local market, is a further acknowledgment of traditional handicraft pushed across new limits.

GILT Gouraud St 752, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 997 676 Facebook: Gilt Beirut Instagram: giltbeirut

Gilt is a restaurant bar realized and manifested by Marwan Keyrouz, an entrepreneur whose foresight in aligning music, design, and culinary excellence had created a distinguished, comprehensive experience. Its trendsetting dĂŠcor designed by Architect Issam Barhouch is flawlessly integrated into a restored historic building located on 752 Gouraud St. The menu of Mediterranean, Asian and Peruvian fusion, designed by Chef Maroun Chedid, sets Gilt apart from other restaurants of its caliber.


GREEN TARA HOUSE GALLERY Aabrine, Massabni, Lebanon +961 1 203 299

Green Tara House Gallery offers a selection of exotic home and personal items including rare antique furniture, carved lamps, fine fabrics, precious paintings, handmade carpets & home linen, Tibetan singing bowls, scarfs, clothing & jewelry, decorative & personal objects, imported from Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Kashmir, Bhutan, Egypt and Syria to name a few... Green Tara’s items are hand picked with passion and chosen for their inspiring beauty and energy.

HADI MAKTABI Tabaris, Sursock Tower, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 330 310 Facebook: Hadi Maktabi Instagram: hadimaktabi

Public unveiling of our new installation whereby the textured finesse of Oriental rugs is fused in a revolutionary manner with gritty industrial substances to create a symbiosis that is both Street Art & Fine Art. Refinement and design meet youthful rebellion and protest. The installation and accompanying limited edition artworks were done in collaboration with ASHEKMAN, the team of local calligraffiti artists, and is strongly embedded in the social life of our city of Beirut.


HANDASSAT WORKART Kassis bldg, Damascus Highway, Hazmieh, Lebanon +961 3 289 544 Facebook: HANDASSAT/ Workartshop Instagram: handassat/ Workart_workshops

Handassat and Workart invite you to an URBAN NIGHT TOUR and TALK during Beirut Design Week, to discover the neighborhoods of Beirut by night, to uncover and experience the district’s changing dynamics and Architectural identity. The tour will highlight Gentrification, urban development, new forms of occupation, identity shifting and their effects on users and the environment as well as Architectural Heritage. Followed by a friendly discussion and drinks, we will take over a public space, transforming it into a sociocultural interaction, provoking questions about thearchitecture, the community, and the urban

development through the years, while modifying its substance and perception.

HANNA ANONEN For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Hanna Anonen has graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. She has worked as a product and spatial designer in diverse projects with different companies. As a designer Hanna Anonen is very versatile and functional. Sensitivity to colours and materials is distinctive to Hanna’s work. Products designed by Hanna, combine various materials in a beautiful and harmonious way.


HASSIDRISS Omar El Daouk St, Idriss Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 057 507 Facebook: Hass Idriss Instagram: hassidriss_official

Leading a creative army and surrounded by a string of women; HassIdriss experiments withdistinguished tailored fits that accentuate a woman’s best feature. By combining pieces from traditional technics all the way to state of the art technology and by using controlled cuts, intricate hand embroidery and moulage, his garments can attest his prodigy.

HEEL Tabaris, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 344 110

Heel Athens Lab proposes an alternative production model based on teamwork, parity and fair work terms. We fit in a world of creation, resistance and freedom designing and producing in Greece. We are in constant search of ideas and ways of recycling all our materials and fabrics, contributing to sustainable development. The raw materials we select are friendly for both people and environment. For us fashion awareness is not just another marketing term but a goal for a better future.


HENRY DAKAK JR 277 abdel wahab el inglizi, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 203 844 Facebook: HHD Henry Dakak Jr Instagram: henrydakakjr

Henry Dakak Jr. is a Lebanese designer, based in Beirut. His brand HHD offers a wide range of designs including bespoke furniture, different products, and fine jewelry. Henry’s creations merge traditional and contemporary styles while conserving the art of master craftsmanship, its handiwork and knowledge. Each new HHD collection is born from an avant-garde laboratory that mixes the present and the past in innovative ways.

IGA Qobayat St, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 448 844

With the growing real estate pressure & lack of interest in the spreading soulless fancy towers & posh neighborhoods; the hunt for a last bastion with an authentic character in Ashrafieh’s outskirts began. The Target: a land with serious issues; undesired by developers. The low budget operation “Saving Private Building” triggered the converted architecture & up cycling concepts. An improvised approach to renovate a Hybrid Old Timer led to a total transformation in an Architect’s mindset by IGA.


ILONA LENARD For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Based on my recent Omniverse series of acrylic paintings I have selected two of them to interpret as wall carpets using the Jacquard weaving technique. Jacquard weaving allows me to rethink the stratified depth that characterises my original paintings. The Omniverse paintings are the compilation of hundreds of one-second intuitive gestures with acrylic markers on the canvases, down on the floor of my studio. I paint fiercely from every angle around the floor bound canvas as to create a weightless universe with no explicit top, side or downside. I gave the series the title Omniverse as to emphasize their parallel worlds from one painted universe to the other.

IRON LADY EKLEKTA Hangars Baladi, Corniche el Nahr, jisr el wati, Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 151 646 / +961 1 426 511 Facebook: Iron Lady - Stainless Steel and Metal Wall Art/ Eklekta Instagram: ironlady_wallart

Mary Sarkissian is a metal artist. Interior designer by education, she uses laser technology, to create stainless steel wall sculptures, which she then forms & shapes by hand. A combination of factors such as Mary’s passion for metal, her background in interior design & the talent of her crafty hands, created an unplanned collection, which turned from a hobby to an actual business. The latest Iron Lady collection is a unique, one-off yet simple art pieces that provoke the attention.This will be displayed at Eklekta gallery.



IED – Istituto Europeo di Design is the international network of design schools.IED is present in Italy, Spain and Brazil in the most vibrant capitals where IED Design, IED Fashion, IED Visual Arts and IED Communication united by the common denominator of “learning by doing” forge strong bonds with the local industry thanks to real projects developed in cooperation with companies and the faculty made up by professionals.

IWAN MAKTABI Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 336 301 Facebook: Iwan Maktabi Instagram: iwanmaktabiofficial

Iwan Maktabi is the Leading Carpet Gallery in Lebanon. It is a purveyor of antique and decorative fine carpets, textiles and Islamic Arts. Iwan Maktabi is the third generation of the prominent Maktabi family dedicated to the art of carpets. The carpet collection of Iwan Maktabi spans various styles and periods. In addition, Iwan Maktabi offers its clients Islamic Arts pieces as well as rare textiles. They spread their services throughout the Middle East, the Gulf and Europe.


JESSE BOWLEY Beirut, Lebanon +961 78 901 724 Instagram: jessemarionbowley

Jesse Marion Bowley is a printmaker and artist-inresidence at American Community School Beirut. Her design vocabulary is heavily influenced by a life abroad in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, where her appetite for geometry, simplicity and asperity has been nourished. Recent projects include monoprints and hand-blocked textiles. Expressed within a strict color palette, her works are consistently minimal, but invigorated by painterly and irregular patterning.

JOEFISH Goureaud St, Tohme Bldg., Gemayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 570 060 Facebook: joefishworld Instagram: joefishworld

Joe Fish began as an idea. Trapped in an unwholesome advertising industry, he felt like a goldfish swimming in circles. He made up his mind to strike out on his own, in search of a place where the seaweed is greener. On February 7, 2010, Joe Fish was officially founded as a creative boutique agency. Like-minded individuals soon joined in, average Joes with hearts bigger than their egos, and together they formed a team with a wide range of talents and a common love for their craft.


JOHNNY FARAH Akl St, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 974 808 Facebook: JohnnyFarahOfficial Instagram: johnnyfarahofficial

Established in New York in 1980 Johnny Farah offers high-end leather goods including handbags, belts, shoes and accessories. Leather and brass hardware are custom made for every item, the result is meticulously handcrafted collection with a distinct signature style. The accessories are molded from premium quality vegetable-tanned hides; this tanning process preserves the natural beauty of the leather. The hardware is made from hand-molded high quality solid brass that age beautifully, giving more character to each piece. Johnny Farah pieces are designed and manufactured in Lebanon. The label is sold in Europe, USA, the Middle East,

and Asia. Johnny Farah’s early influences came from Copenhagen in the 70s while living there; he developed a particular interest in the simplicity and practicality of Scandinavian architecture and furniture design. His encounters with architects Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner were the catalyst to move from mechanical engineering school to leather design.

JOOST SEEGERS For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Joost Seegers graduated from the Artez Arnhem in 2015. He works independently from his studio in Nijmegen. Various aspects in life as well as every-day objects inspire him. The elements of little mechanical objects, fascinate him due to their linear constructions and moving joints. He is practical and experimental in his way of thinking. During his process of creativity, experiments with materials and shapes stimulate his fantasy. His work is characterized by movement and clear-cut constructions. The work aims to be perceived as astonishing and sympathetic.


JOY MARDINI DESIGN GALLERY Rehban St, Quarantina, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 443 263 Facebook: Art Factum Gallery Instagram: artfactumglry

Based in Beirut, Joy Mardini Design Gallery produces and exhibits contemporary pieces of design that are exclusively conceptualized and created for the JM brand. Having been in the design scene since 2012, the gallery works on representing Lebanese, regional, and international designers, whose products are carefully pre-selected, curated, and presented in solo/group exhibitions, as well as showcased at international fairs. Each piece of design work is carefully hand-crafted and fabricated by renowned production houses, granting a flawless assortment of open, limited, or unique edition products that revolve around the distinct style of

their designers. Joy Mardini Design Gallery’s aim is to propagate its products onto an international platform, as well as maintain its global standard as a leading design gallery in the Middle East.

JUDY STRATEN ART & DESIGN For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Judy Straten changed her gallery into a newspace for innovative and creative thinking. Consulting Connecting Realising (CCR) are in this the leading thoughts. Consulting: Giving advice and initiate new ideas based on her international experience and knowledge of the most recent developments in the area of creative industry in the broadest sense of the word with focus on art and design. Connecting:Both in form as thinking new impulses will be given to initiatives, experiments or projects which are designed for new connections and the content of the creative mind in a good cohesion within the society. Finding connection of creative disciplines with different fields.

Realising: Acting from the principle that a change never has been established without guts, experiment and an effective approach. Without these tests or practical’s results were never been achieved as a feasible perspective on the horizon. CCR gives interpretation and meaning to a new movement what’s happening in the world at this moment. From an early or rough concept you can give meaning to something, with only the experience of “now” to make a step to the future. To create a wider platform Judy curates international presentations with limited editions, one-offs and collectables by emerging designers and artists.


KALAKITSCH Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 865 920 Facebook: Kalakitsch Instagram: kalakitsch

Kalakitsch is an upcycling fashion project aimed at raising funds for the creation of a sewing workshop in arcenciel’s boutique social. The first collections have been developed using ties donated to arcenciel, which initially have no value. Using the quality fabric of the ties, we design and craft items such as bags, necklaces, or scarves. The result is unique, valuable pieces, which are a witness of time, stories, and fashion trends across the last decades.

KARINA SUKAR STORE Al Arz St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 567 678 Facebook: Karina Sukar Store Instagram: karinasukarstore

During her 20 years long expertise in interior design and architecture Karina Sukar has entered the world of bespoke furniture design, resulting in the launch of her flagship showroom location in Central Beirut. The meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship her unique items embody a new era homage to the raw materials such as wood, marble, steel and glass. Her approach is to always be able to custom tailor any of her line items for the unique setting of any home or retail. Her aesthetic in design never compromises comfort and assures a sustainable and enduring conversation piece.


KAROLINE LANG Sassine Square, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 336 292 Facebook: Karoline Lang Instagram: karoline_lang

Karoline Lang has maintained strong codes in her aesthetic with streamlined cuts and a structured fit as the brand’s DNA.Though always focused on the goal of making women feel empowered,feminine and beautiful, the designer never veers far from the essence of her label;the masculine elements, presented this season in the revisited & xsreconstructed shirt.With fabrics as cotton,jersey, crepe & leather making up the core of KLs SS16 collection, the designs emit a contemporary & stylish vibe.

KHAWATEM ART & JEWELRY Metropolis, Tabaris, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 215 850 Facebook: Khawatem Art and Jewelry Instagram: khawatem_art_and_jewelry

Khawatem is a concept jewelry boutique, nested in the heart of Achrafieh, featuring handcrafted rings in limited editions along with an open art space for hosting multi-disciplinary artists from all over the globe.


KITE Deeb Bldg, Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 571 032 Facebook: KiteCreative Instagram: kitecreative

We develop strategies that allow for the relaying of narratives with a lasting impact. We build brands with solid personalities as well as identity systems that creatively address function, culture, audience, context and media.

L’ARTISAN DU LIBAN Centre St. Antoine, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 564 907 Facebook: Lartisan du Liban Instagram: LartisanduLiban

Founded in Beirut in 1979, L’artisan Du Liban is a social enterprise aiming at preserving Lebanese handicrafts and cultural heritage through creating modern and innovative designs using traditional materials and methods. L’artisan du Liban seeks to maintain the fine balance between design and tradition, innovation and continuity, aesthetics and functionality and between the value of the handmade and the concurrency of mass manufacturing.


LEBANESE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 786 456 / +961 9 547 254 Facebook: LAU - School of Architecture & Design Instagram: lau_fashiondesign

The Department of Design at LAU offers a rich multicultural experience in graphic and fashion design. Our faculty has worldwide academic and professional experience, promoting an international outlook colored by a Middle Eastern heritage. We mentor our students toward a flexible mindset, allowing them to tackle tomorrow’s design challenges with an “out of the box” approach while adhering to sound design principles.

LEBANESE ARCHITECTURE CLUB Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 142 974 Facebook: Lebanese Architecture Club Instagram: lebarchclub

Founded in 2014, the Lebanese Architecture Club is a youth-led organization based in Beirut with a vision to develop a leading community of young active architects and designers in Lebanon. Under these 3 main pillars: education, social impact, and youth development, the club works to provide architecture and design students and recent graduates with a platform to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom setting. The club engages in projects and collaborations with leading organizations locally and internationally, such as Beirut Design Week and UN Habitat, as well as hosting various events and activities.


LIZA Metropolitan Club, Doumani, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 717 105 Facebook: lizabeirut Instagram: lizabeirut

After opening Liza Restaurant in Paris 2005, Liza and Ziad Asseily return home in 2013 to open Liza Beirut above the Metropolitan club in the heart of Ashrafieh. Under the creative direction of Maria Ousseimi, the playful aesthetic of Liza Beirut combines work of Lebanese artisans with contemporary designers both local and abroad, against the backdrop of a 19th century palace. Gray Gardens Plant Studio began in Beirut, 2015 by Danya Ahmed and Abdallah Kassem with a mission to present domestic greenery in an alternatively beautiful aesthetic. Combining bizarre plants and raw materials, each piece stands as an emblem

of the dichotomy between the natural and built environment. The collaboration between Liza Beirut and Gray Gardens begins with an empty bottle and a consciousness to minimize material usage. The focus of the collaboration lies in subtle yet impactful changes to transform the empty glass vessels into a shelter to house happy plants. Partial benefits will go to support The Lebanese Organization For Green Schools “LOGS”, a newly incorporated NGO. Their vision of a greater Lebanon begins at school, planting ideas of environmental responsibilities and citizen values. Their motto is “Green starts at School”.

MADE FOR BRANDS Nasra Area Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 424 498 Instagram: mfbstudio

We are a studio specialized in storytelling for brands. Every brand and institution has a story to tell, we make sure it’s narrated in the most memorable and effective way. The idea is to engage in a conversation between a user and a brand; to do that, we explore the brands, create all needed tools (brand identity, strategy, graphic elements), and share them with the right audience.


MAKE SENSE Beirut, Lebanon +961 70 614 847 Facebook: MakeSense

MakeSense is a global non-profit social enterprise that aims to bring concrete solutions to real social and environmental problems for all causes.4 years since our launching, we have mobilized over 25,000 wonderful contributions from people and over 1,500 active change makers in more than 100 cities to solve over 1,300 social challenges worldwide and partnered up with big corporations as well, such as Cisco, Danone, etc and the top universities in Paris ESSEC, HEC Paris etc.

MARGHERITA Ghandi St, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 740 619 / +961 3 674 418 Facebook: margherita.abihanna Instagram: bymargherita

Margherita (Ghita) Abi-Hanna launched her own line of contemporary jewelry in 2010 after graduating with a master degree in accessories design from Domus Academy in Milan. Her eponymous brand Margherita strives to create unique designs, for the most part carefully hand-crafted by Lebanese artisans. Her objective is to develop pieces with a value beyond the purely visual and decorative aspects, by working on the emotional and symbolic realm. Margherita’s designs incorporate architectural lines through different material, offering hand made, timeless items. The company’s fashion forward approach targets a trend-setting

customer, courageous enough to stand out and wear bold statement pieces. Margherita’s debut collection was selected for the 2010-2011 season of Starch Foundation and has exhibited during Berlin, Milan and London Fashion Weeks and her work has been featured in many fashion publications including Elle Oriental, L’Officiel Levant and the German Vogue website as well as in Deanna Farneti Cera’s book “Fashion Jewellery: Made in Italy”. She was also a finalist in the ITS 2012 Jewelry competition held in collaboration with Swarovski in Trieste.


MAX LIPSEY For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Max Lipsey is an American designer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After receiving a BA at New York Univeristy, he graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven Bachelors in 2007. His studio, since 2008, has been a personal platform to: develop and self-produce his own designs, work with companies on mass production, and reach out to initiate group projects. His personal work reflects his fascinations with nature, material, craft, history and making...and to bring these fascinations into an object.

MDAWAR Beirut, Lebanon Facebook: Mdawar

Each year, over 70 million glass bottles are imported to Lebanon, and are simply dumped in landfill sites. In the absence of a recycling industry, these waste bottles take up a vast amount of space. The Mdawar project responds to this ecological threat by employing a zero fuel, eco-friendly, upcycling technique, which is easily replicable in order to address the magnitude of the problem. It also provides much demanded designer homeware to a burgeoning urban market. The Annealed glass of these otherwise wasted bottles makes the finished Mdawar products high-quality and suitable for hot drinks.


MENA DESIGN RESEARCH CENTER Armenia St, Dora, Lebanon +961 1 249 082 Facebook: MENA Design Research Center

The MENA Design Research Center is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded in 2010, it became one the region’s few institutions that focus on Design as a multidisciplinary tool for development and research. The main focus of the MENA DRC is to focus on the role of Design in education, culture, entrepreneurship, and social impact. In 2012, the center initiated and organized the first Beirut Design Week, which set a new standard for Beirut as the Design Capital of the Middle East & North Africa.


MILIA M Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 990 336 Facebook: Milia m Instagram: miliam_studio

Milia Maroun is the designer behind Lebanon-based fashion label Milia M. Born and brought up in Beirut, Maroun studied fashion design at Esmod in Paris before becoming a lingerie designer and then subsequently launching her own label in 2000.Her aesthetic is one underpinned by a sense of romance and fun, all the while remaining sophisticated, sleek and contemporary. She designs for today’s modern, always moving, cultured woman – her own travel is a source of constant inspiration.

MINOTTI BEIRUT Akkawi St, Ivory Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 333 767 Facebook: Minotti Beirut Instagram: minottibeirut

Striving For Excellence Worlwide In Quality And Unique Design, Minotti’s Secret To Success Is Based On Fine Italian Details. Minotti Collections Are Designed By Minotti Studio In Collaboaration With Renowned Architect Rodolpho Dordoni. Each Piece Is Made In-House, According To Craft Processes, Designed To Emphasize Care For Details And Finishes. Represented In An Elegant MonoBrand Store Located In Akkawi Street, Achrafieh, Minotti Beirut Showcases The Luxurious And Timeless Minotti Collections.


MIRNA SABBAH FATIMA KARNIB Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 856 046 Instagram: mirnasabbahstudio

I am a simple form. I want to encourage sustainability. I am decomposable. I can be reused for different purposes. I come in different sizes. I can be tall, short. I can be thin, fat. I come in different colors. I come in different materials. When stacked you can create a composition to help me build a beautiful family. I am here to help you change your consumption patterns. Every ‘CUBE’ needs a story.

MURIEL A Selim Bustros St, Achrafieh , Beirut, Lebanon. +961 1 336 363 Facebook: Muriel A Jewellery Instagram: murielajewellery

Muriel A is a concept store located in Achrafieh, where one can find the trendiest accessories and jewelryÂŹ brands, as well as our creations in gold mixed with precious stones. We are here to advise and help you to find the unique piece you are looking for in a wide price range, which makes our store a unique one in its diversity and personalization. As gemologists, we are also here to propose certified stones for all occasions such as engagement rings.


NABIL GHOLAM ARCHITECTS Beirut, Jisr el-wati, St 90, Bldg 110, 2nd floor, Lebanon +961 1 423 513 Facebook: nabil gholam architects Twitter: @nga_architects

Since its foundation nga has been committed to the design of humane architecture aligned with society’s needs, programmatic requirements and a deep respect for the natural environment. Over 20 years the Beirut based practice led by architect Nabil Gholam has in a wide range of built projects gone beyond simple functional solutions to achieve complex architectural results that in appearance and experience offer powerful yet subtle balance of a diverse set of needs.

NADA DEBS Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 999 002 Facebook: NADA DEBS Furniture & Design Instagram: studionadadebs

Geometry is the universal language, while love is the driving force behind our creation. Nada Debs craft is not only hand-made, but heart-made. The hand is the story-teller; the guide. The heart is what connects us, not as a nation, but as a global mind. This year, we launch the Organic Collection coinciding with the annual Beirut Design Week. With nature as the basis of design, the collection is harnessed by clean lines of patterned inlay. Geometry is superimposed on naturally shaped material. Furniture and home accessories are introduced through a mĂŠlange of metal, tropical wood and glass. We continue to push the boundaries of innovative craft. It is what we love to do.


NADA ZEINEH 16 sursock St, Cassir Bldg, Achrafieh, Lebanon +961 1 448 156 Facebook: nounzein Instagram: @nadazeineh

Nada Zeineh creates hand crafted jewelry in gold plated brass or silver and semi-precious stones. Architect by training she is inspired by geometric forms and by the rich patrimony of the Middle East. Every piece of her work is born from a dream, a souvenir or what she calls a “collective memory�. The old civilizations, the fauna, the flora or the ethnic jewelry of the region are different elements of this memory that she reinterprets in order to create simple, light, playful and timeless pieces.

NARINÉE Beirut/Milan +39 346 2769231 Facebook: Narinée Instagram: narineedotcom

Through a collection that manages to find the balance between minimalist forms and intricate patterns, Narinée Tchilinguirian gracefully showcases elements of Armenian architectural and cultural heritage. Blending refined traditional craftsmanship with contemporary manufacturing techniques, each piece is uniquely curated as an aesthetically bold adornment that carries a narrative,a story, an inspiration.


NIEK VAN DER HEIJDEN For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

The atelier of van der Heijden, based in Eindhoven is specialized in producing tailor made pieces and series with a unique touch. His goal is to experiment and use the full range of capabilities that the richness off materials offers. Creating new things and possibilities lays in the order of thoughts, elements and how they get connected. Using his knowledge and skills allows Niek to work intuitive. His pieces are balancing between the borders of art and design.

NK BY NOUR KAYS 602 Matta Bldg, Makdissi St, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 479 930 Facebook: NK by Nour Kays

NK by Nour Kays collects and repurposes used plastic carrier bags in Lebanon. This results in the creation of a new material and a collection of handmade bags, pouches, and accessories. The products are water resistant, light and durable. Every square meter of this material diverts more than 30 plastic bags from landfill sites and vortexes, lessening the harm on the fauna, flora and human health.


NOBRAND The Blue House #13/ 1st Floor, Gemmayze , Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 444 080 Facebook: NOBRAND Instagram: nobrandagency

Nobrand is a global creative agency specialized in luxury branding and hospitality. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon at the famous landmark “The Blue House�, it offers tailor-made branding (luxury brand development, brand positioning, and restaurant concepts), web solutions, design and development, e-commerce applications, optimization, and e-branding consulting for esteemed clientele throughout the Middle East and the Gulf mainly, and with projects performed around the globe.

NOOR HAYDAR Gouraud St, Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 811 357 Facebook: Noor Haydar art Instagram: noor_haydar_art

A multidisciplinary artist working with paint, installation, film and sculpture. She studies the blurred boundaries between desirability and repulsion, presence and absence. Constant displacement has led to an obsession with holding on to bits of the physical self that are lost. She fossilises hair in resin globes and arranges make-up pads and fibre sheets in diarised patterns. Her most recent work addresses gender behaviour in public spheres through the easy access to digital mediums.


NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY Zouk Mosbeh, lebanon +961 9 208 000 Facebook: Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Instagram: ndulebanon

Raw Talents features the work of 10 emerging NDU photography students at various stages of their studies. Blanche Eid, Carmen Yahchouchi, Cynthia Ghoussoub, Marc Charbel Mattar, Charbel Al Khoury, Hassan Farhat, Maria Chehwan, Tracy Majdalani, Yara Bsaibes and Tarek Haddad present their contemporary series in a group show.

NOUR HAGE Paoli Buikding, Beirut, Lebanon +961 71 392 506 Facebook: Nour Hage Instagram: nourhage_

Nour Hage is an award-winning designer of readyto-wear & accessories. Her aesthetic is deeply rooted in the Japanese worldview of wabi-sabi, a belief in transience and imperfection. The clothes in her collections bear frayed edges proudly. She is a graduate of Parsons Paris, mentor at the Creative Space Beirut & the Paris College of Art’s Middle East ambassador. She is also involved in entrepreneurship programs through UN Industrial Development Organization & the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


OLIVIER VAN HERPT For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Just as the advent of digital fabrication has democratised manufacturing for the masses, the works of van Herpt seek to reconnect design with the human touch. Drilling deep into the design process, he flattens the production chain standing between designer and user with his innovative machines that are really tools which empower making. By opening up the industrial machine, the designs of van Herpt invites all of us to collaborate in creating a world no one of us imagined possible.

ONE MELROSE Patriarch Houwayek St, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 989 123 Instagram: one_melrose

One Melrose is a multi-brand concept store that caters different styles from casual to eveningwear clothing and accessories; a place of discoveries that offers a complete shopping experience. With international designer brands handpicked from the biggest fashion cities, our passion allows us to host a community of trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts.


OS ∆ OOS For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Studio OS ∆ OOS is a design studio for small objects to larger spatial concepts; The studio tries to find the balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and the user. The majority of work borders the line of design (in the industrial/ functionality sense) and autonomous objects; best described as contemporary objects derived from concept, yet rationalised to give them purpose. Oskar Peet (NL/CAN) and Sophie Mensen (NL) are both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven (2009), and started the firm in 2011. Both live and work currently in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

PARALX Abi Chahla (49th St), Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 819 711 Facebook: PARALX Instagram: paralx_world

PARALX {par-uh-laks} is a young, award-winning Architecture and Design practice based in Beirut. Through its collaborative-based design process, PARALX [Parallel Practice] engages professionals with diverse backgrounds & nationalities and works closely with them to reach integrated design solutions. PARALX is currently establishing itself in various design niches, including new construction, interiors & digital fabrication, with projects around the ME region.


PATCHIL DESIGN STUDIO Ghossoub Bldg, Pasteur St, Gemmayze, Lebanon +961 3 822 423

Patchil is a multidisciplinary design studio with big project experience that fuses a passion for creative visual communication and visual art. From branding to interactive projects, data visualization, space design and exhibitions, we strive to deliver holistic experiences in print, pixels and mixed media. Fueled by dedication, social innovation and curiosity, we collaborate with our clients to create positive impact and social change with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice to provide brand wellness and business growth.

We have designed work for admirable clients from all over the world such as Unesco, Banque du Liban, the president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Visualizing Palestine, Lebanon Support and many others.

PENGUINCUBE Matta bldg, 5th floor, Makdessi st, Hamra, Lebanon +961 1 740 088 Facebook: PenguinCube Instagram: @penguincubers

Founded in 2004, PenguinCube is run by a group of enterprising individuals, working together in a closely-knit team on challenges big and small. Award-winning PenguinCube’s committed work methodology and adoption of a user centric approach brings innovation, impact, and positive energy to the table.


PLATFORM 39 Mgr. Ghophrael St, Ashrafieh, Lebanon +961 1 339 381 Facebook: Platform39 Instagram: @platform39

Hidden on one of the streets of Fassouh, Platform 39 is both a gallery exhibiting works by emerging Lebanese designers and a design store featuring furniture, home and lifestyle accessories. Whether from the Middle East and Africa or from around the World all the products we carry are handpicked with love. Being a platform for creativity, we offer and host workshops and events in our “WagonLab� and organize pop-up culinary experiences at our space.

PLOTIFY Chaker Batrouni Bldg, East Road, Brummana, Lebanon +961 4 860 378 Facebook: Plotify

PLOTIFY Ltd. provides execution and support for any and all renovations and upgrades. We work seamlessly with engineers, interior designers and architects to cover design execution for both commercial and residential space. Our executed works are covered by a blanket one-year warranty. Plotify also provides performance landscape architecture and implementation of both hard and softscapes to create exceptional places where people live, work, and play.


POLYPOD Matta Bldg 204, 226 Makdissi St, Hamra Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 737 933/928 Facebook: Polypod

Set in the rich urban culture of Hamra, Beirut, Polypod bridges multiple design disciplines in a collaborative and creative manner. Polypod offers integrated design services in architecture, master planning, interior design, landscape design, branding, web design, graphics, and information design for local and international clients. Since its founding in 2006 as a boutique design studio, Polypod has grown to 12 designers and has won several international design awards such as the Logo Lounge Volume 9 Award (2015), and the Graphis Poster 2016 Merit Award (2015), the IMA

Outstanding Achievement Award (for three projects 2015), the International Property Award Highly Commended Architecture Multiple Residence in Lebanon (2012), the Graphis Letterhead 7 Gold Medals (one in 2007 and two in 2012), and the ReBrand100 Distinction Award (2009). In 2010, Polypod launched the Creative Series, rebranded Polypodium in 2015, a platform to host and network creative minds in our community.

POP UP CONCEPTS Merehbi Bldg, Salim Boustros, Achrafieh, Lebanon +961 1 200 386 Facebook: Pop Up Concepts Instagram: popupconcepts

“Pop Up Concepts” branches out from what traditional retailing signifies. It combines permanent physical presence with a rotating interior, changing every time into a completely different look and feel. The store’s physical environment constant change creates a hype around the brand and motivates customers.The brand is about injecting dynamism around a specific identity of unconventional men’s accessories and artsy articles.


PUBLIC INTEREST DESIGN - LEVANT Beirut, Lebanon. +961 3 725 187 Facebook: Public Interest Design Levant Instagram: pidlevant

Public Interest Design - Levant (PID) is a nonprofit and multidisciplinary organization operating at the intersection of design-thinking and entrepreneurship. PID works following a human centered approach to create shared value and catalyze needs-based development. In order to fully understand our contexts, we constantly conduct in-depth, on-ground qualitative and quantitative research. We invite our stakeholders to assess their status quo and evaluate their needs with our experts. A responsive, catalyzing framework is built in accordance to the research outcomes, allowing the community

to address their own needs. We create feedback loops and incorporate them in our strategy in order to ensure that the approach taken is ultimately self-sustaining and impactful. Each project undergone is heavily reliant on PID’s ever-expanding network. Accordingly, relevant institutions and agents are coalesced, making use of their resources, know-hows, and influences. PID is the agent that brings these players and stakeholders together to facilitate self-mobilization and continuous growth.

PUBLIC WORKS Art Lab Bldg, Gouraud St, Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 567 205 Facebook: Public Works

Public Works is a design and research studio initiated by Abir Saksouk and Nadine Bekdache in 2012. We see real value in bringing the disciplines of architecture and graphic design together with the study of urbanism. We’re fascinated by the urban and public narratives in Lebanon. We want to engage in it—critically, politically and creatively. As architects and urban planners we aim at producing socially inclusive and sustainable places. As graphic designers we aim at producing socially and culturally relevant representations and disseminating knowledge.

The studio offers professional services in graphic design, architecture, consultancy, development planning and urban research within a common work environment. In addition, it conducts workshops, talks, and seminars as both a research methodology and as a platform to influence public discourse and produce knowledge about urban issues. The studio balances between commissioned work and self initiated projects, an autonomous framework that allows for new possibilities of discussion, exchange and engagement to emerge.



Damascus main road, Hazmieh, Lebanon +961 05 954 854 Hazmieh,Damascus main road, RAIDY, Beirut, Lebanon +961 05 954raidyprintinggroup 854 Ext 332. E: Facebook: Instagram: raidyprintinggroup Hazmieh,Damascus main road, RAIDY, Beirut, Lebanon 05 954 854 RAIDY +961 3D Printing is Ext the332. soleE:distributor of 3D RAIDY 3D Printing is the sole of 3D Printing solutions for Lebanon distributor and the region.

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Official GOLD sponsor Official GOLD sponsor

RALPH MASRI 100 Rue de Madrid, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 566 538 Facebook: RALPH MASRI Instagram: ralphmasri

Born in Beirut in 1989, Ralph Masri had an international upbringing having lived between Lebanon, Canada, France and the UK. At 18 he moved to London to train as a jeweler at Central Saint Martins. Upon graduating he returned to Beirut to set up his eponymous brand, which is now sold internationally. With a love for both fine and fashion jewelry, Ralph fuses both worlds creating statement pieces with a fervent attention to detail and a strong emphasis on artistry and craftsmanship.


RANDA TABBAH Saifi Village, Moukhallassiyeh St, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 975 030 Facebook: Randa Tabbah Jewelry Design Instagram: randatabbahjewellerydesign

Randa Tabbah comes from a long tradition of jewelers and established her own line in 1993 after studying at HBJO, Paris. She developed a unique style, nourished by her passion for semi-precious stones, organic shapes, and rough textures. Together with her daughter Sibylle, they launched thematically inspired collections where each piece tells a story. During BDW, they will be unveiling a limited edition of sculpture jewelry created in collaboration with architect and artist Nayla Romanos Iliya.

RANA SALAM Beirut,Lebanon +961 1 446 216 Instagram: ranasalam

Rana Salam is the founder and Art Director of Rana Salam STUDIO based in Beirut. Rana Salam has been running her own London now Beirut based design studio for over a decade, specialising in brand creation & re-branding, producing distinctive designs for clients that include Harvey Nichols, Villa Moda, Liberty of London, Boutique 1, the V&A and Paul Smith.

drawing on vibrant imagery and merging it with the latest design technology to create a unique vision of Graphic Design & Art Direction. Her work has been widely published in magazines such as, Elle Deco, Wallpaper, Creative Review, Design Week, Aishti, Bespoke, Canvas and Brown Book among others.

A graduate from Central St. Martins and from the Royal College of Art, Rana is among the most celebrated designers known for her understanding and use of Middle Eastern popular art & culture,


RETRIEVING BEIRUT +961 3 397 050 Facebook: Retrieving Beirut Instagram: Retrieving Beirut

Retrieving Beirut is a collaborative exhibition that aims to bring together a group of established and up-and-coming designers and artists to re-imagine and re-interpret in their own language the city of Beirut. Through this initiative, not only we hope to create a positive change in our society, but also highlight our unique cultural and architectural heritage, showcase local craftsmanship and, most importantly, start a conversation about our visions and dreams for a shared future.

RITCHIE VAN DAAL For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

VANDAAL is led by Ritchie van Daal, who graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2015 with the Artificial Selection Project. A love for mechanics, construction and discovering is a driving force behind what is VANDAAL. VANDAAL focusses on the production and design of intricate products and objects, often with a complex mechanical twist. It is Ritchies love for science, industry and craftsmanship in combination with an all-out, no-nonsense, kind of approach forming the foundation for his designs.


ROSA MARIA JEWELLERY 56 Madrid St, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 571 985 Facebook: Rosa Maria Jewellery Instagram: rosamariajewellery

Introducing her eponymous jewellery collection among many other international artists and fashion designers, Rosa Maria made her Concept Store as her mind would picture it- a mixture of material research and craftsmanship. Exclusively reserved for original and authentic pieces, the space blends in art and furniture exhibitions, dedicated to promote the emerging local artistic scene.

Rosa Maria concept store

ROULA DFOUNI Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 522 350 Facebook: Roula Dfouni Instagram: rouladfouni

DRIFT/SS16 Collection «In a dérivé, one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there» Guy Debord, Theory of the Dérive, 1958. The translation of dérive is drift.


RUSH AND REEZ Beirut Souks Bloc M, 4th Floor, Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 737 272 Facebook: Rush & Reez Instagram: rushandreez

Riham and Rasha Hijazi are two sisters in their mid 20’s who have been wearing Hijab since their young years. They have always found it hard to choose garments that fit both their traditions and their modern fashion sense. Realizing that this is a concern of many ladies in the Arab region and many areas across the world, they started their own clothing line. Rush & Reez specializes in printed silk scarves with unique and original patterns and offers a collection of RTW, evening gowns, and Abayas

SAANA JA OLLI For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Saana ja Olli is a designer couple and an awardwinning design company from Finland.They produce their own 100% hemp textile collection manufactured transparently and locally in Finland. Saana ja Olli has released several collections, done design work for various international clients and has been involved on various design projects in different continents.In our works we value rectitude, timelessness and human touch.


SACCAL DESIGN HOUSE Rachid Karami St, Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 512 186 Facebook: Saccal Design House Instagram: saccaldesignhouse

SaccalDesignhouse aims to evoke Emotion and instill a sense of Wonder and Ambiguity that is explored at different scales. Through product design, Saccal Design House aims to explore design in different mediums/materials to invite emotion and even a sense of confusion in the positive sense. Designed elements are not solely thought of as static objects; instead as tools for engendering actions, reactions and sensibilities. They launched their first product collection in June 2015 in Beirut and have been on a journey to showcase their designs around the world.

Their philosophy is simple; whether it is a high rise or a piece of furniture, good design can generate emotion and make life a little more optimistic!

SACOCHE LEATHER WORKS Beirut ,Lebanon +961 3 741 125 Facebook : /sacocheBags Instagram: sacocheleatherworks

Sacoche was created to grab everyone’s attention. Add a special touch to simple looks with unique pieces, interesting rough edges and the beautiful textures of leather. But perhaps the most remarkable trait shared by our products is the perfected art of imperfection. If you like artificially smoothed leather or cookiecutter designs, Sacoche’s products are NOT for you. Instead, if you embrace the true vintage concept and the idea of a bag or an accessory growing old with you, then look no further … you have met your match


SAHAG KHAJADOURIAN Debbas Bldg, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 987 947 Facebook: Sahag Khajadourian Instagram: sahagkhajadourian

Sahag Jewelry was launched by Sahag Khajadourian in 2013 from his workshop in Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon after obtaining a jewelry design certificate from the Gemological Institute of America in London. Sahag also directs, manages and oversees workshops and design processes of local renowned jewelry brands. With an eye for delicate details, Sahag designs every collection to be subtle and chic, lived in and layered. Sahag’s vision is to create jewelry that can transition well and be a wardrobe staple - jewelry that is meant to be worn daily. Sahag Jewelry consists of highly personal pieces designed for both day and night.

The designs focus on both quality and accessibility, and are made to make wearers feel effortlessly stylish. ‘I believe all jewelry should be symbolic of treasured moments - each piece should be an extension of the woman wearing it and must feel like tangible symbols of those she holds dear to her heart, or a happy occasion in her life’. Another aspect of Sahag Jewelry worth mentioning is his passion for painting and particularly oil painting. His art is repeated in his jewelry and the imperfection of oil painting on canvas is reiterated in each of the designs.

SANNE SCHUURMANN For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

To be able to make new improvements in the world of today Sanne believes in a playful and experimental way of working. Her strength lies in the combination and connection of different facets such as colour, material, graphics and shapes. To reach a lasting beauty, every detail counts. In her design process she challenge the known application of materials, crafts and techniques to find innovative solutions and create new ways of using our everyday surrounding. �She thinks with her hands and relies on her intuition.


SARAH’S BAG Rue Du Liban, Tabaris, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 575 585 Facebook: Sarah’s bag Instagram: sarahsbag

As both a fashion label and a social enterprise, Sarah’s Bag creates one-of-a-kind luxury handcrafted bags and accessories that empower both the women who make them and the women who wear them. The signature handwork the label is known for is meticulously crafted by a team of over 200 artisans, among whom are female prisoners, ex-prisoners and underprivileged women in Lebanon. Sarah’s Bag is on a mission to keep traditional techniques alive and fresh by using them to interpret modern designs. An artisan can work up to 25 hours on a single piece to bring these designs to life.

SCALI Sursock Str, Victor Kassir Bldg, Ashrafieh, Lebanon +961 1 568 311 Facebook: Scali Instagram: scalibeirut

Scali, a high end gallery for furniture and home accessories located in the heart of Beirut, is unique with its own handmade designs in addition to tasteful home accessories imported from different international brands such as Brabbu, Bocca do Lobo, L’Objet and many more..


SCENE BEIRUT Chammas Bldg, 3rd floor, Ghabi St, Ashrafieh, Lebanon +961 3 698 248 Facebook: Scene | ‫س‬ Instagram: scene_beirut

SCENE is born out of Beirut, merging the local culture with today’s lifestyle. The city is where the designer takes her daily inspiration; Celine khairallah started the project with the iconic “Heart of Beirut” in 2011. SCENE draws on Lebanon’s traditions and culture with Mediterranean aesthetics: bold lines, Arabic calligraphy and geometrical shapes that makes every item firmly contemporary. SCENE has home decor items, a fashion collection, and stationery products.

SCHIZZO Khatchadourian St, Belikian Bldg, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 566 020 Facebook: Schizzo Instagram: schizzogallery

Design art gallery created by interior architect Léda Keuchguérian & sculptor Raffi Tokatlian. Schizzo suggests furniture & objects, designed by the owners & handmade in Lebanon by a team of artisans. Both artists’ works hold a high dose of modern beauty, infusing aesthetic ideals into objects that might never have been viewed as art. Yet, most items are limited edition, available in a dozen of copies. Along with the founders’ works, Schizzo stays the home of young artists, painters & designers.


SEBASTIAN JANSSON For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

STUDIO SEBASTIAN JANSSON collaborates with ambitious brands, cultivates substantial product design of everyday objects, and merges design processes with holistic brand building. Finnish industrial designer Sebastian Jansson’s nascent vision is both contemporary and international in its expression of form, material and presentation. Through his extensive conceptual cognisance Sebastian and his team has developed projects of considerable diversity – ranging from one-off

gallery pieces to highly industrial products, with both successful growth-stage companies and industrially significant brands. Series of ventures have defined Sebastian Jansson as one of the bright sparks of Finland for a generation of young designers compelled to escape the shadow of Scandinavian modernism. Jansson studied industrial design at Aalto University, Politecnico di Milano and ENSCI-Les Ateliers. Today Jansson is based in Helsinki, and works closely integrated with the industry, directing and developing design of everyday objects.

SECOND ST. Armenia St, Nazaretian Bldg, 1st floor, Lebanon +961 70 656 100 Facebook: SECOND st Instagram:

SECOND.ST was conceived in 2nd St, Alphabet City, New York, where both Sarah Hermez and Tracy Moussi lived while attending Parsons the New School for Design. Disillusioned with the corporate face of fashion and the exclusivity of the design world, they set out to create an alternative path, a SECOND.ST through which the production of modern and dynamic clothing could help foster the talent of budding designers. Through love and labour, Sarah and Tracy devised a plan to support free creative education in a partnership with Creative Space Beirut, a non-profit school for fashion design. A few years later, SECOND. ST, a socially conscious brand with a playful and

progressive take on the classic shirt, was born in their native Lebanon. The SS16 collection is coloured in several shades of blue, with pistachio green and fresh peach pieces to add spring to your step. Second St.’s signature loose, medium and kimono fits are available in various geometric cuts, a mix of solid and checkered fabrics, and original light-hearted cotton and jersey patchwork. New styles are introduced, including sleeveless dresses with cuts and loose, Mao collared items. Frisky accents come in the form of transparent patches, nylon pockets and deep blue collar bands. Comfortable and lively, Second St.’s SS16 collection is designed with playful ambiguity.


SELIM MOUZANNAR Chehade St, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 331 299 Facebook: Selim Mouzannar Instagram: selimmouzannar

Selim Mouzannar is an international fine jewelry designer based in Lebanon. His collections can be found in numerous cities; Paris, Geneva, London, Istanbul, Dallas and Dubai. Pioneer in rehabilitating the Falamenk Ottoman jewelry tradition, Selim takes his inspiration from elements in his life that are dear to him: his city’s old architecture; relations that binds people together; preserving our patrimony and our environment; anchoring our present into our historical heritage.

STARCH FOUNDATION Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 566 079 Facebook: Starch foundation Instagram: starchfoundation

Founded by Rabih Kayrouz, Tala Hajjar and in collaboration with Solidere, STARCH is a non-profit organization that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers. STARCH is an annual program and a rotation of debut collections where four to six young designers are selected each year. The designers will be guided through the process of developing their collections, as well as promoting them (communication, marketing, branding and press). These collections will then be presented for a period of one year at STARCH boutique. Throughout their one-year at STARCH, the designers also get the chance to participate in design related workshops,

seminars and collaborations. Since November 2008, the STARCH boutique devoted to the STARCH emerging designers in opened in Saifi Village, Downtown Beirut.


STTCH INTERIORS Mansourieh main highway, Lebanon +961 78 999 604 Facebook: STTCH Interiors Instagram: sttchinteriors

STTCH Interiors was founded in 2010 by Sara Enan. The journey began with a small design studio that focused on custom-made furniture. Today it has grown to a boutique design house that creates interior spaces with attention to details, sustainability & offers Feng Shui service. STTCH creates experience-based space design, where function meets aesthetics. STTCH takes on commercial & residential projects. Some prominent projects include Edde Sands Resort in Jbeil & Dar Alma Boutique Hotel in Tyre.

STUDIO MIEKE MEIJER For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

Studio Mieke Meijer works within the liminal field between architecture and product design. This enables Studio Mieke Meijer to move freely, regardless of architectural restrictions and outside the boundaries of the traditional product. Manifest in the works of Studio Mieke Meijer are the constructive form language, clean lines and industrial details. These aesthetic characteristics often relate directly to their architectural references.


STUDIO KAWAKEB Nabeh el Laban St, Ras el Nabeh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 659 848 Facebook: Studio Kawakeb Instagram: studiokawakeb

Studio Kawakeb is a visual arts studio based in Beirut and incubated by Beit WARAQ, where they are constantly in contact with other artists and individuals working in the field. The studio was founded in 2015 with the aim of pushing creative boundaries to contribute to a local and regional visual exploration in the fields of illustration, animation and graphic design. Having acquired a set of skills in these practices, the team is also commissioned to give specialized workshops in the region.



Studio Rygalik was established in 2006 by Tomek Rygalik. For the first two years it functioned between London and Lodz, Tomek’s hometown. Since 2009 the Studio is based in Warsaw. This is when Gosia Rygalik joined the team to become a partner in 2012. Studio Rygalik develops a wide variety of comprehensive projects. The focus is on furniture, products and spaces. The scope is wide – from design, development and implementation of new products to site-specific installations and production of limited editions, as well as objects, dining experiences and workshops that explore the relations of design, food and eating. The team

remains on the fringe of distinctly commercial activities, while engaging in cultural practices and building its experimental identity. The work includes projects for ABR, Absolut, Artek, Bozar, Comforty, Dupont/Corian, Heal’s, Heineken, Ideal Standard, Iker, Moroso, Noti, Pfleiderer, ProfiM, Siemens and EU Presidency. Over the last few years the work was exhibited in Berlin, Frankfurt, Lodz, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Tokyo, Poznan, Warsaw, Valencia and Vienna. It was also published internationally in magazine articles and press features, including Icon, Interni, Wallpaper, Experimenta, Blueprint, New York Times and Financial Times.


STUDIO QUEI BERLIN For inquiries and sales regarding this brand, please refer to Beirut Design Week on +961 1 249 082

“We appreciate odd forms, uncommon materials, forward use of handcraft, translated traditions, intriguing stories and conceptualized critique through objects”.William Bagnoli has curated over a dozen world wide exhibitions for the DMY - Berlin Design Festival and The Berlin Design Selection promoting Berlin design and designers. With Charlotte Bräuer, a Diplom Product Designer trained by f.e. Axel Kufus and Dr. Katrin Busch in a conceptual and theoretical approach, he now joined forces to explore how we shape the world around us and how objects, in turn, shape us.They founded together the curatorial studio

QUEI.Through design exhibitions they tell stories about our object world, about a material, about a process and about us, how we use objects, how we see them, how we interact with them. Objects can tell us our desires and fears, our habits and flaws. Most of their sourced and exhibited pieces are single objects or belong to a small series, which allows them to compose visionary works that are not limited by the parameters of mass production and go beyond the boundaries of productiveness, therefore propose an alternative view and widen the spectrum.They live and work in Berlin and love to spread from here the creative energy of this city.

SURSOCK MUSEUM STORE Beirut, Greek Orthodox Archbishopric St, Ashrafieh Sursock Museum +961 1 202 001 Instagram: sursockmuseumstore

In collaboration with Lebanese designers, the Sursock Museum Store proposes exclusive homeware, apparel, accessories, jewelry, games, stationary and more. Art books and merchandise inspired by the Sursock Museum’s permanent collection are also available. All store proceeds contribute to the museum’s mission to promote art practices in Lebanon.


TAMARA BARRAGE Beirut,Lebanon +961 78 881 436 Instagram: tamarabarrage

Tamara Barrage is a designer based in Beirut. Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven with a Masters in Contextual Design. Tamara is engaged in exploring the tactile and sensorial characteristics of various materials. Using an array of experimental techniques, she aspires to better articulate how forms and textures provoke our senses, emotions and memories. She participated in international exhibitions including, House of Today (Beirut), Athr gallery (Jeddah), Design Days Dubai, Maison et Objet (Paris), Biennale Internationale de Design(St Etienne)... Photo by: Marco Pinarelli

TAREK ELKASSOUF Lebanon, Beirut: +961 3 49 11 63 Australia, Sydney: +61 411 871 375

Tarek ElKassouf is a designer based between Beirut and Sydney who creates in three disciplines: Architecture, Urban Planning and Product/ Furniture Design. His work is inspired by geometric patterns and is often spliced with futuristic parametric design. Tarek has been working as an Architect and Urban Planner since 2005; on projects that range from landmarks to developing cities. He has received many awards in international competitions in both fields.

He began refining his third passion, furniture design in 2014 with the launch of ‘The Edge’ series of furniture and lighting. He aspires to create geometric products that are “functional-sculptural pieces”. Tarek was awarded the Silver A’ Design Award in the Young Design Category for The Edge – Beirut in 2015. Two of his works from the series, The Twisted Diamond Lamp and The Dark Edge Table were also awarded a Bronze A’ Design Award and an A ’Design Award respectively.


THE ARTWORK SHOP Adonis St, Ayad Bldg, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon. +961 1 749 646 Facebook: The Artwork Shop Instagram: the_artwork_shop

Established in 1996, in the heart of Hamra, The Artwork Shop is a creative space offering a unique art experience, an extensive choice of learning opportunities, and a vast range of courses and workshops in different art forms for adults, teens, and children. The Artwork Shop prides itself in portfolio preparation for students who wish to apply to recognized art institutes, colleges, and universities abroad. Various events such as art exhibitions and birthday parties are also organized.

THE BAYRUT EXPRESS Sassine, Achrafieh, Lebanon +961 1 338 086 Facebook: The Bayrut Express Instagram: Bayrutexpress

The Bayrut Express is the only Eco Friendly Fashion Concept Store in the Middle East that has Local and international eco Multi brands under one roof, all related to the environment, it includes all kinds of recycled , upcycled products from Lebanon and abroad, collaborating with all NGO & institutions in Lebanon to transform garbage waste recyclables into real fashion.


THE FARM Paloma Bldg, Venezuela St, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 752 510 Facebook: The Farm/Branding and Creative Lab Instagram: thefarmdesign

The Farm is a branding and creative lab. We believe in simplicity, innovation, and smiling through the hardest projects. We are especially proud of how serious we are, all the while never taking ourselves too seriously. From our Beirut office, we travel the world over, with clients across continents. We like to go back to basics, where the fundamentals of design reveal core values, and purity and rawness create timeless brands.

THE RED SHOP Beirut, Lebanon +961 76 955 916 Instagram: theredshopdesign

Scarlet, Folly, Crimson, Coquellicot and Mahogany, The Red Shop is dyed-in-the-wool of color. Playing with both neoteric and antiquated modes of production and display, The Red shop is dedicated to presenting a new array of everyday objects, designs and ornaments, exclusively imagined and produced in red. The Red Shop scours about collaborating with local talent, craftsmanship and industry to produce extraordinary objects for everyday use.


THE SILLY SPOON Ashrafieh, Zahret el Ihsan, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 339 909 Facebook: The silly spoon Instagram: thesillyspoon

The art of living around the table… The Silly Spoon is a fresh and contemporary tableware & home accessories boutique in Ashrafieh that’s focused on the ‘fashion of the table’ in the ‘new homes’. Homes where the table is redefined as more of a living space rather than a place-where-you-justeat. Homes... where strict, rigid& formal tablesettings are replaced with a more modern, creative mix & match approach. Every item at The Silly Spoon, from refined & updated classic tableware to modern-designed items, is carefully hand-picked - by co-founders Léa Majdalani-Ayoub & Jessica Majdalani – with

today’s modern lifestyle in mind, making sure there’s something for everyone & for every table. The selection features pieces & collections by some of the most hip, renowned & contemporary European, Scandinavian & American design labels & studios. This is a subtle way of making sure the famed & classic Silver Spoon makes way for The Silly Spoon.

THEOTHERDADA Sabbagh Bldg, Patriarch Howayeck St, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 976 572 Twitter: theotherdada Instagram: theotherdada

The architecture lab theOtherDada defends an alternative position towards the current practice of sustainability through exploration of the context and medium, invoking new relationships between climate, landscape, and inhabitants. Informed by our research into biomimicry, we aim to connect to the natural ecosystems of sites thus devise new potential living habitats. theOtherDada works within a collaborative process between architects, scientists, botanists, artists, economists and craftsmen.





We believe the world is changing towards a network of local initiatives and people. Innovative technologies help us to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations all over the world. We can share our ideas, skills and questions through the Internet and expand our knowledge with the experiences of people a thousand miles away. Through this process of sharing knowledge and experiences, we become reflective on our own position in this worldwide network and our own perspective on society.

TOMORROWS WITH HEART Paris - Beirut +33 614 018 605 / +961 70 577 671 Facebook: Tomorrows with heart Instagram: tomorrowswithheart

Tomorrows With Heart was co-founded by Lebanese conscious designer Talia Souki. The brand creates high-quality home decor objects that respect the environment and positively affect all the people contributing to the production process. Each collection is inspired by an NGO that they support by giving them a part of their earnings. Their first buyer was Le Bon MarchÊ, Paris & they’re currently exploring crafts from other parts of the world, including Lebanon.


VANINA Armenia St, Saliba market Bldg, Lebanon +961 1 448 173 Facebook: Vanina Instagram: vanina_world

Vanina is a sustainable fashion label that was founded in Beirut in 2007, by close friends Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek. The brand with its motto ‘never fully dressed without a smile’ presents statement pieces of fashion jewelery, accessories and apparel, known for their joyful and audacious spontaneity that the founders qualify as ‘responsably capricious’.

VICK VANLIAN Mkhalsiyye & Aris Kanafani St, Bldg 1064 Saifi +961 1 983 962 Facebook: Vick Vanlian Architecture and Design Instagram: vickvanlianofficial

Vick Vanlian / V World SAL is one of Beirut’s distinguished and leading interior design firms, which specializes in project design/execution and furniture design. We are supported by a network of in-house architects, concept designers and project managers. Each piece of design reflects our unique qualities and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented aim for an authentic timeless work of art!


WASTE Armenia St, Bourj Hammouad, Lebanon +961 1 258 369 Facebook: waste Instagram: waste_lb

WASTE are specialized in making bags and furniture from advertising banners. It began in Beirut in 2006 when the first bag was created by two friends with a vision and passion for the environment. Today Waste own and manage a collaborative designer-tailor workshop and have become international bag and furniture manufacturers. Waste lately developed a taste for vintage furniture, married to their signature component, reused banners. The result gives a refreshing and bespoke touch to any space.

WHITE SUR WHITE Karm el Zeytoun st, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 3 208 732 Facebook: White sur White

White sur White an multi award winning company that helps businesses innovate, develop value from ideas and create ecosystems for users to enjoy a holistic experience. With more than 17 years in design, innovation and architecture experience, our team will bring to life ideas, products, and UX / UI. Working with the world’s most successful companies, White sur White delivers simplicity at the far end of complexity. Our team is made out of some of the finest talents, and can deliver projects ranging from space, product all the way to interface.

With our multi-disciplinary approach in architecture and innovation agency sitting at the intersection of architecture, technology, and materials. We specialised since 1999 in corporate and comercial interiors, Designers of unconventional structures and musical instruments, White sur White has also been heavily involved in the reinvention of vehicles for limited mobility users and smart furniture. Research focuses on sustainability based products for the masses as well as energy, Internet of things, and healthcare.


WONDEREIGHT W8 Bldg, Jisr El Bacha, Lebanon +961 1 494 552/331/332 Dubai: Sheikh Zayed Road – UAE London: 50 Liverpool St, UK

Originating in Beirut and recently expanding to Dubai, WonderEight is a regional design agency working for international and local companies who like to challenge their customers and want to be different and daring. Benefiting from our cultural diversity, we innovate in the fields of branding and visual communication. Our strategic location in the gate of the Middle East allows us to bridge between western and eastern brands and to create concepts that work in their environment while introducing new ways of co-creation. Founded in 1999 by Nasrala brothers Boudy and Walid, today, with Karim Abourizk also on board it gathers a

handful of highly skilled creative designers, web developers and marketing strategists who enjoy a bespoke work environment, made to inspire and interact with the local design and art community. This creative space regroups a design agency, a prototyping workshop a facility for trainings and talks, a handpicked book library and an art exhibition space. This multifaceted environment keeps on renewing itself and creates a constant synergy between us, our clients, and the public.

ZEIDAN CREATIONS Centre Arin, Armenia St, Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon +961 1 246 819 Facebook: Zeidan Creations Instagram: zeidancreations_jewellery

Three generations of inspiration and dedication to the production of exclusive jewelry has led Zeidan Creations by Michel Zeidan & Co. to grow into a passionate family establishment. Strongly influenced by the heritage and culture that surrounds our daily lives. Our philosophy is based on welcoming every client to express their desires in order for them to be translated into high-end fine jewelry items. Step into our world of endless possibilities, our creations are your inspirations.


3D RAIDY BY DOUMIT RAIDY Damascus Main Road, Hazmieh, Lebanon +961 03 23 44 77

Doumit RAIDY ‘s interest for 3D printing started 4 years ago when he attended the first 3D Printing exhibition in London back in 2012. This revolutionary technology triggered his appreciation to Art and helped him develop and create 5 theme sculptures that will be launched during the Beirut Design Week 2016 edition at Minotti Beirut, Akkawi st. The sculptures are 3D printed then polished and hand painted using numerous techniques. 10% of the net proceeds will be donated to Heartbeat, an association helping children with heart diseases.

6:05 CONCEPT STORE St. Nicholas St, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon +961 1 335 450 Facebook: 605 at depechemode Instagram: 605atdepechemode

Named after that famous time of the day, 6:05® is not just a time. It’s an urban culture, a concept store that is alive through fresh fashion, design & lifestyle. A SPACE where you can shop some of the trendiest must-wears, must-haves & mustreads, from the coolest & hippest international brands for MEN, WOMEN & TWEENS. It’s also a SPACE that celebrates all of its ‘friends’ by bringing them together every now & then, around new happenings & experiences. You can spin our CLOCK OF FORTUNE if you’re making a purchase between 6:05pm & 7:05pm, any day, for the chance to win

anything from a pat on the back & a sloppy kiss, to free yoga classes, dinners for 2, concert tickets. and even major surprisediscounts! Feeling lucky? So join our culture.




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