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Sarah Lawrence College ​hi there my name is Justin maruli and I'm the founder and CEO of the realtor drone here to present to you a unique opportunity to become part of an upstart company is going to revolutionize the way to potential buyers view property listings if you've ever purchased a home then you're all too familiar with the monotony of browsing through listing after listing and even worse if you're selling a home to know that your home's listing may be drowned out amongst the crowd of competition the listings begin to blur together as you attempt to prioritize your favorites based on stylized or grainy images what is really setting each listing apart from one another you click through image after image of odd perspective exterior photos that often look great but fail to capture the actual size of the property ensure the listing will provide the specs of the home in the lot but how is it really laid out how close are the neighbors how big is the front yard compared to the backyard if you really want to understand the layout of the property and its relationship to its surroundings then your only real resource is Google Earth and while this is a wonderful tool with many valuable purposes it fails to capture the true essence of the property this is certainly a problem that the majority of us is faced during one of the most important events in our lives but what's the alternative well one word drones and while this technology is already out there what we've done is adapted into a highly efficient service that provides differentiation and competitive advantage to an industry in dire need of an upgrade all while saving Realtors and private Lister's time and increasing their exposure and viewing rates the realtor ground service provides a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for potential home and land buyers that is impossible to match by any human photographer just take a look at this high-definition aerial image of my home just kidding this isn't my home but just look at the beauty of this image and think of the appeal that something like this can add to any listing with 360degree high-definition capabilities the viewer will be subjected to every essence of the homes exterior and property without ever having to leave their computer a realtor drone the vision is clear we want to revolutionize the way the potential buyers view property listings by offering innovative and visually stimulating virtual exterior tours that exceed even the highest of expectations the realtor drone utilizes highly trained drone operators who specialize in this type of navigation to ensure the images like the one you had just seen are not only the standard they're guaranteed these stills and videos are offered as a one-time price point of two hundred fifty dollars perfect for a private seller or as a secondary option which is more suited for our realtor customers that includes a monthly package with negotiable price points depended upon volume but starting at a thousand dollars per month we hope to secure our monthly package customers to long-term contracts in order to benefit them with fixed pricing and mitigate risk to our business from future competition with either option realtor drone copyrighted imagery is hosted on our online cloud border portal where embedded links from the property listings stream flawlessly on any computer tablet or smartphone meaning that this unique experience is available anywhere at any time for our launch market we chose Phoenix Arizona known for its clear blue skies beautiful desert landscape sprawling suburbs and unique and often treacherous landscape all ideal for aerial imagery and though the Phoenix market took a dip several years ago during the housing crisis with over 4500 homes currently on the market recent data shows that the Phoenix market is on the rise in terms of number of sales and median sales price with more homes being listed each day the opportunity for a service such as ours it's not only greater but even more necessary realtor drones target audience within the Phoenix test market consists of private sellers when we feel will benefit the most by utilizing the single use package as well as home realtor agencies of all sizes are adaptable and negotiable price scheme for the monthly subscription plan is sure to meet the needs for any volume of home listings we also feel that there is a great deal of opportunity in the business of commercial real estate and land sales these properties are typically very large which lends to the value that the realtor drone creates by providing a comprehensive and fluid view of the entire property so what kind of barriers to entry exist for this type of service perhaps the largest barrier which was regulatory in nature was recently overcome when the FAA granted approval for the use of drone technology in the real estate industry real charger Ellen seats to take advantage of its first mover position to gain valuable market share of an otherwise untapped sector 4 drone application once the final pieces are in place the only challenge lies within generating exposure and demonstrating the unique value that the realtor Durham provides a value that will undoubtedly prompt Realtors to deviate from the status quo and explore a new realm of imagery that will provide a distinctive competitive advantage for this business venture the ability to move quickly is key as the opportunity beyond the launch market is limitless and on top of all that potential within the real estate industry the value of the service is applicable to a variety of other industries the realtor drone marketing plan

seeks to portray the service as a must-have for any property listing the organization is committed to demonstrating its effectiveness through service guarantees and positioning itself as the go-to resource for creating a competitive advantage and online property listing market the realtor drone team recognizes that word of mouth and in-person consultation and demonstration are powerful tools that must be you to utilize efficiently and effectively as possible the goal is to pair the classic troops on the ground strategy with an effective online social media campaign to draw new customers and create a following that can be translated into increased sales and growing market share one of the characteristics of our company is that we have no brick-and-mortar store from our services based entirely off virtual data transfers and in-person property visits meaning that our sales associates and operators are mobile and able to flow to wherever the services needed this mobility and lack of overhead provides the organization with a great deal of flexibility in terms of cash flow allocation in its infancy realtor drones launch labour model consists of two outside sales consultants and to train drone operators time studies have indicated that operators are able to capable of servicing 12 to 15 properties in any given day depending upon travel time and weather conditions and though drone operation is a highly skill set we estimate that a newly hired operator can be self-sufficient after two weeks allowing for a very quick capacity expansion should the demand call for him realtor drone utilizes two drones for its hero service at this time with a third drone kept this backup to prevent service interruptions due to scheduled and unscheduled machine downtime the equipment plan calls to have a machine reserve of one third of what's in the field in order to support the inherent nature of eventual technical difficulties as you can see from our organizational chart here the structure of our launch business is relatively tighten it we utilize an outside consultant with a plethora of industry knowledge in contacts to help support sales and marketing efforts and provide crucial guidance to our business currently outside sales reports directly to the president CEO but with near future plans to hire a sales manager to oversee the day-to-day activities of Salesforce and flow down the strategic direction provided by upper manager in addition ecommerce support quality control and digital data analysis reports directly to the president and CEO our organization places a great emphasis on productivity efficiency and continuous improvement because in this high-pressure industry time and efficiency can make or break our success here at realtor drone not only do we want to provide a valuable service to the real estate industry we want to be of service to the community we hope to lend our unique service to community events that will have us as the service itself is applicable in so many different ways this type of involvement is not only beneficial to the community and provided as a charity also benefits our organization by creating visibility enhancing employee morale by knowing that they help to make a difference and also developing key context which are critical for any upstart Business and additionally our employees are provided an opportunity each month to participate in a charity event while receiving compensation and finally we hope to allocate a portion of our annual proceeds to a charity of our choice during the holiday months the benefits gained from these types of activities far outweigh the financial investments required realtor drones major annual goals are centered around market capture market penetration sales growth and efficiency improvement within the first year of operation we hope to capture fifty percent of our launch market reach a hundred thousand in sales and maintain a consistent four-day turnaround time by 2017 one year after our launch we plan to have expanded to Tucson Yuma and Flagstaff Arizona all while achieving fifty percent market share in these areas increasing our head campus or added demand and more than doubling our net sales all while reducing turnaround by fifty percent by 2018 just two years after our launch we have an aggressive goal to capture seventy-five percent of property listings in Arizona and begin expansion into new mexico and nevada we plan to maintain our 2017 turn around time of two days and increase online property listing response rates all we're reaching a critical goal five hundred thousand dollars in net sales the highest risk potential for real traditional services competition high potential for this industry means that success is certain to lure competitors our plan is to mitigate this risk is to utilize our first mover advantage to quickly demonstrate value and secure our customers to long-term contracts which could keep them from being targeted by future competition the risk of labor workforce turnover and ineptitude is projected to diminish and direct correlation with increasing sales because with added cash flow we hope to hire and train floating operators that can not only support unplanned absences but also support of sweden's and capacity requirements the remaining risk factors are inherent in any new business and will mitigate those through concise execution attention to detail and thorough analysis in all decision-making after launching in 2016 realtor drone is expected to operate at a loss through the first three quarters before achieving probability in q4 with net gains of around fifty two thousand dollars the limited overhead structure of the business allows for higher margins and a quicker journey to becoming problem where most organizations fail to reach a break-even point even in the first year in your two of operations realtor drone expects to bring in over 300,000 dollars in net sales which would exceed our 2017 goal that we set at 250 thousand dollars in sales after considering the 10-year operating cash flows net present value of our organization is 1.9 million dollars sales are expected to grow from fifty from year one to year two another

forty percent from year two to three and thirty percent from years three to four and years four to five with a sustained fifteen percent sales growth in the following years given this ten-year valuation of our organization we are more than confident that our initial investment requests of fifty thousand dollars for twenty percent equity state in our business is not only fair but highly desirable as you can see an initial investment of fifty thousand dollars provides the influx of capital needed to maintain a proper ating expenses while sales begin to materialize this capital is crucial to the success of the organization during its infancy and while we hope that potential investors will be involved through development and operations and in this for the long haul as we are we're prepared to liquidate these investments if desired by year 2 through projected increases in cash flows ash predicted in the one-year net sales growth table several assumptions have been used in our financial analysis which include the already secured thirty thousand dollars in initial financing the requested $50,000 an investor contribution and estimated loan payments of a thousand dollars per month as well as investor dividends of one thousand dollars per month the sales trend is expected to mimic that of the Arizona realestate industry so after reviewing the business plan brought forth by the realtor grown organization we are certain that you're as excited as we are about the launch of a program that's going to revolutionize the way that real estate listings are marketed the realtor drone offers a low overhead high-margin cost structure that is only limited by the speed at which you can grow in order to support start-up costs for the launch of our business realtor drone has secured the thirty thousand dollars and financing from a local lender at an interest rate of four percent this funding will go will provide the initial hiring training equipment and software needed to get the business off the ground but realtor drone needs your help which is why we are seeking a supplemental contribution of fifty thousand dollars in return for twenty percent equity stake to support working capital activities association continued market research equipment modification and upgrades consultation fees and expansion opportunities this is an excellent opportunity to gain ownership of an exciting business venture with unlimited upside and potential and as realtor drone begins to make begins its make or of the real estate list business the possibilities for growth and economies of scope are limitless realtor drone has a mission to continuously improve which means investing back into the commute the company to ensure that our technology the services are always the best available given our valve to remain at the forefront of our industry realtor drone may seek additional funding down the road to support growth and robustness initiatives our realtor drone we are very passionate about our business and launching our revolutionary service the right way with the right people and we want you to be one of those people this is our your opportunity to be part of a promising upstart that is taking the way we view property listings to whole new heights Cayuga County Community College.