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Bank Street College of Education (graduate school), Morningside Heights, Manhattan, next to Columbia University ​thank you for being here today we're going to sort of jump right on into our program because we have several presenters and when you hear about some of the great things that that's going on the first presentation can be by dan st. Louis a manufacturing solutions center and this is one of the hidden jewels here in Catawba County if you're not familiar with this this is something that you need to really become familiar with and as you're talking to people outside of Catawba County let them know that kind of resource we have and I said outside the topic any but it may be just as important to let people inside the top mechanic is Dan is love people that don't know about what's going on and the resources that you have available so we welcome you this morning and I'll try to keep it all in as quick as I can work you know you guys we all know that where we've been hit in the last several several years as far as the economics you know loss of jobs and everything and I won't go into all the details but word we're part of the community college system work we've been around for 20 years now we started off as a hoser Technology Center and we kind of grown quite a bit we started off with the county appropriation we had legislation very early on to to work throughout the entire state and that has helped us quite a bit we're a very different program in that we don't function just simply on on training or anything else that's part of what we do certainly but we were a lot more on economic development everybody we have came out of industries so we're a little bit different in the way we've grown we actually were started from the industry in this area we're state and federally funded and also supporting about sixty percent the county's last year with recent MSC projects we hit 44 counties we hit 46 states last year so we get into quite a bit of different areas but you might think well why the world would I help somebody an hour you know well maybe we help somebody in our they buy the packaging here maybe they buy their yarn back in Gaston County so it really doesn't you really don't want to be in just one area thing ties in there's there's a lot of times we make you don't just stop at a county line or a border is if you you know we found that you know almost always if you work with with folks in it there's tightness and there's tie backs and it helps the overall um we did for about 17 years work mostly with hosiery but we started branching out because for us it's all about jobs what can we do to help with jobs um and we've got a lot of equipment it will go over some of the services that we have that would help other other industries and we we've always worked very closely with it could be anything from a company's largest event and Vista to a housewife with real good ideas and so we you know that's a real broad broad spectrum um but it's always it doesn't matter what industry it's the same issues and in most cases and you know bill from working with both you know it's access to capital it's knowing what your time restraints are and what your product is you know a lot of folks think hey I got a great idea how you know everybody in a world of love and I just it's never the idea it's the implementation of that idea and that's that's what really makes it regardless of what it is so we had when you're starting to get a lot of requests from other industries and certainly we will help them but it doesn't help if I'm give them a hoosier card and they're in metalworking and furniture or something else so we officially changed our name and we've worked with a number of different entries and we are working with different industry right now we probably got pretty close to 20 projects in the process right this minute that we're working on new developments or new ideas we're trying to help an entrepreneur go forward some of our service of what we do we have a testing center they got started from the industry we back in about 2,000 I started getting cut earlier man started getting called um then I got a 10-10 what I don't know they just rejected 20,000 dozen well I but I got to have a 9999 what I don't know they're got it sits lab up Massachusetts well who else happened what kind of machine is I don't know who else has one of those machines well nobody they're the only ones that have it so basically they you know what they were doing as in the industry what was happening to us labs were going to retailer and say oh by the way we'll get you a better product Ron we're gonna get you a better product in by the way it won't cost you anything could we're gonna charge s over here you know and by the way to you know if we charge him to two hundred fifty dollars will give you 50 so you know it's a good deal for the UH for the retailer offices they bought into it but as an industry we get this call and we can't we don't mind being tested but we hadn't done our homework as far as laying out exactly how we wanted to be testing so you could be set up you know if it could be dams super duper tests and we can convince and it sounds good start making money so we got a group together started working on test methods and after a three-year project ended up about a hundred people on that committee we had NC State we had the College of textin we had three different associations we had there was about 40 different manufactures we came up with the way we want to be tested that was great I

didn't want a testing lab but we had to roll out how to put 180 people there the Walmart Kmart those folks the world everything changed over they all changed their method I was happy I didn't have a test method testing laughs and the wall one but by about a month afterward I got a call from a large manufacturer about to lose an 80 million dollar order for a test method we knew with plus or minus thirty percent it wasn't attachments and so he called me on Thursday we pick we went up Friday ran two tests wasn't anything wrong with his with his socks and he got a bit we over the we ran his tests that Friday sent the results in Saturday they got their business back monday and tuesday i had a call from retailers in hey would you do our testing cousin I've got one part-time person in the whole and that will grow within that was that's been like that and was one of the best things that we ever did because it helps if we can test a lot of different things um and I'll go over some of the things that we do um we actually got our ISO certification where CPSC certifies that we can do Consumer Product Safety Commission testing for lead and other things we are on their website and everything else but um we're a little different in that we don't just test our little niches we actually help other testing labs we just want folks to do it right what we do is if if there's a problem you know say it's colorfast or something I can bring a diary with 40 years experience if it's a problem with the streaks or whatever we've got ways to we've got folks who worked in yarn industry so it's how do we solve the problem not just doing the testing fact we we let other labs come in will show what we do we help them we go up there so it's not a competition type thing that we do stuff that they don't want to which is which is fine that's where we where we go some of the testing we we do and we're adding stuff to this all the time I won't read the whole list on some of the things we can do antimicrobial testing we are ISO certified on that you know when you see the you know 99 percent at the only kill or whatever on fabrics things like that we do that we're adding more testing that we're looking at doing a plastics testing some of this thing because the antimicrobial is a it's a big deal a lot of folks wanna want to know we're one of the only compression testing lab for textiles where we can do in the western hemisphere where we can do graduated compression testing for you know like if you got into embolism stockings or whatever to give you the millimeters of mercury like you know just like your blood pressure so they're building garments to do that we're looking at how do we do that for upper body stuff because you see that as a a big thing with the Under Armour's and those kind of things in the world so those kind of fun so we deal a lot with a lot of different folks these are some of our customers we currently test for about 250 different people throughout the country may know a few of these folks on there and a lot of them come here it's everything from textiles and network security two batteries you little we've got to come down out of the western part of the state I mean the eastern part of state does these little batteries when you if you if you your plane crash it in the water and you pull on the little best and then what in the battery gets her the they go competent the buoyancy compensator gets wet you know your little life preserver well it automatically kicks on we've made some prototypes and stuff for the battery holder so we're do a lot a lot of different things in and all this over the years doing this testing it really helps us because we've got some connections to of these companies with with the targets of the world and then came arts and those look so we know retail we work with those bugs so sometimes we can help get things in help entrepreneurs get their product out there oh we do some training no doubt of most of its customized it's in plant we work with other other folks we really don't care who because we're never going to run enough classes to earn big fte's or anything else of full-time equivalents is which is where in education you get a lot of you are funding from so we don't really our classes are a lot smaller and things I can't we'll we'll farm it out to other folks if we can't do it and that's that's perfectly fine and that's kind of our philosophy anyway a lot of things on we have a lot of partners our 3d modeling we haven't you know sins here with the NCC et that's a huge partnership for us they said helps us so much I mean we've got our most expensive piece of equipment over in his lab you know it makes a lot of sense because I can you can use our equipment if he needs if he lets us use it use theirs it's kind of a unique partnership but it's been great for us and I appreciate it see it I can't say it enough because it helps our customers because the if you're a manufacturer you don't care who solves the problem and that's kind of Selassie anyway we don't it doesn't matter just as long as it gets solved there's enough problems out there for everybody to go around you've ever been in manufacture you know that um so we have a lot of partnerships to reverse engineering and that helps us so much when you have an entrepreneur or a larger company that needs something done if we can get it done quickly and parted and certainly his Lavin's you know plastics and other things that is just it's fabulous to be able to have a resource like that in his cabin and that's what the taxpayers would rather have any way they don't want me to recreate what he's gotten and by person we've been very careful about what we buy and how we get things so that we're not trying to duplicate other folk stuff sometimes it happens but we try not to here's an example of a local company that was getting prototypes made in China was taking him several weeks to get it done and it wasn't right half the time and then you're communicating trying to go back and forth and and uh we were able to do this and it's being sold right now at walmart and other places and it's been worth several million dollars so we here's another one

that came in the drawing we actually drawing with on the napkin we actually helped them put it into cad get the product prototype that's an example of it they're it's a local company just down the street from here um actually we found the person to do that well thats it did some of the metalworking work on this we do did some of the prototyping initially we found a company out of marrying to supply the london stock and found another company to do the machining so it all kind of works out and it goes from beginning the end and that's in harley-davidson motorcycles right now um we also do some things on the marketing side where which is a little different from a typical community program on college program we over the years we knew back in we started this probably in 97 trying to learn that we're still learning about how to how to try to get things to the marketplace but uh we worked a lot with the internet international sales through the Department of Commerce and both North China and the US Department of Commerce we had a grant that was given to us back to 2005 we've been working on trying to get small guys to work together to go sell we pulled together 54 companies over to our three-year grant where was the 3300 out 396 thousand dollar grant but we turned a fifty three two one return on investment on that on that grant in actual new sales assistant stuff they were already doing this is new sales phone companies and it's still going on which is what you want a nice thing about that is the we've got a group right now of 14 furniture manufacturers saw what the textiles and hosiery guys did and they're pulling together to try to sell they've been if the last two high point shows called american furniture exporters we don't have a grant for them we're trying to pull it together but they saw what what the textile guys did and their dairy joint marketing itself because if you're a small guy how are you going to it's hard to get your get attention in a show or in another country or something like that but if you pull it all together it's you can you can be able to have a lot better present you sell more State University of New York at Fredonia.