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I just called to say a I love you. I just called to say a how much I care. I just called to say a I love you... And I mean it fr f om the bottom of my heart. —Stevie Wonder

tin ina valentino

Can you hear me now? I talk to my mom all the time. Not sure how good the connection is

between here and heaven, especially since most of us don’t even have reliable internet when it’s snowy, breezy or rainy. I tell her about my day; about how I hate washing the kitchen fl f oor on my knees; about how I miss rushing home in time fo f r Jim Cornelison to sing the national anthem befo f re the Blackhawks game and eating nachos together; about the people who never fa f il me; about how I just can’t seem to perfe f ctly poach an egg; about how I almost tried to pay fo f r my Covid test with my Costco card. I don’t have any old voicemails to replay just to hear the sound of her voice, only a fe f w too-short videos on my phone—one of us sizzling up a fi f let in a cast iron pan at 11 o’clock at night because we were hungry and couldn’t sleep. Signs fr f om heaven are fa f r and fe f w between but the most recent one came through loud and clear. W thin days of discovering the Instagram account @mywindphone, a fr Wi f iend living in Florida shocked me by making a long distance call to heaven fo f r me on the divine concept fo f r phone that began in 2010 in Japan. While Itaru Sasaki was mourning the loss of his cousin; something compelled him to purchase an old phone booth and rig up a rotary phone inside of it with no intention of ever connecting wires or hearing a dial tone. He gave the phone booth a name: Kaze No Denwa, which translates to “The T lephone of the Wi Te W nd.” It gave him great comfo f rt to go out to his garden, pick up the phone and “talk” to his cousin when his grief was too much to bear. One year later, an earthquake that resulted in a merciless tsunami washed cities and tens of thousands of lives fr f om the fa f ce of the earth with 30-fo f ot waves. Miraculously, Sasaki was able to salvage his fr f agile phone booth, not only moving it to higher ground over looking the Pacifi f c Ocean but inviting devastated survivors to use his old black rotary phone to cal their lost loved ones and experience even the slightest bit of relief. Since that time, countless people have made the pilgrimage to one of the most remote places on the planet to fi f nd peace—and the inspiration to create wind phones of their own. W nd phones are known to exist in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Wi Kingdom—with more than 150 scattered throughout the United States. Like the one in Safe f ty Harbor, Florida, spearheaded by Laura McCullough who lost her son. age 27. The white trellis booth with an old brown phone also has a small chalkboard fo f r messages. Just days aft f er being mesmerized by the history of the wind phone, I saw a notifi f cation on my Instagram account fr f om a fr f iend, Rebecca Nissen. It was a picture of the letters MAV A (fo f r my mom) and a heart in yellow chalk. She made the 20-minute drive to “call” her late husband, Norman Sr. It was more than a coincidence; it was my mom reminding me that “some days miracles are just good people with kind hearts. “ Amy Dawson launched and Instagram accounts aft f er losing her 25-year old daughter. “My wish is that your path leads you to a Te T lephone of the Wi W nd as you walk with grief, a place where the wind will take your words to the ones you love who have walked ahead.” W th your support, I hope to establish a wind phone location in the Neighbors circulation area. I will Wi reach out to mayors and park r districts seeking out a quiet place where anyone can pick up the phone, say the things they wish they had said, things that they would like to say again and, of course, just to say I love you. I think, together, we can make this happen. As Nicholas Spark r s wrote, “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can fe f el it.” Happy Va V lentine’s Day, neighbors.

PICK UP A COPY AT ONE OF THESE LOCATIONS BellW l ooD n Bellwood Public Library n Mickey’s Drive-In n Gioacchino’s Ristorante & Pizzeria n Bellwood Village Hall n Currency Exchange on Mannheim n Center at Stevenson Park BeRkeley n Torres Fresh Market n Republic Bank n JK Restaurant n Berkeley Village Hall n Berkeley Public Library BeRWyN n Lucky Dog on Harlem Avenue BRoaDVieW n Broadview Village Hall n Broadview Family Restaurant n Lucky Dog on Cermak n Dunkin Donuts on Roosevelt elMHURst n Harlo Grill #2 n Lezza Spumoni & Desserts n Elmhurst Metra Station elMWooD Pa P Rk n Judy’s Gaming Cafe n Armand’s Pizzeria on North Avenue n Russell’s BBQ n Elmwood Park Village Hall n Elmwood Park Public Library n Elmwood Park Recreation Center FoRest Pa P Rk n Forest Park Village Hall n Harvest 365 n Ed’s Foods n Starship Restaurant FRaNkliN Pa P Rk n Leyden Community Center n Leyden Township Main Office n Pet Paradise Supermarket n Serna’s Grill, 25th and Grand n Franklin Park Metra Station n Lulu Belle’s Pancake House n Al and Joe’s Deli n American Legion Post #974 n Smart Wash Laundromat n Franklin Park Public Library n Park District of Franklin Park n Franklin Park Village Hall HillsiDe n Hillside Village Hall n Russo’s Chapels n Q’s Restaurant & Pizza n Hillside Public Library May a WooD n Carnitas Don Alfredo Original n Stairway of the Stars n Poor Boy, 1st & Roosevelt n Maywood Village Hall

MelRose Pa P Rk n NEW Sugar Milk Cafe n NEW Oh-Mar Fresh Seafood n Tom’s Steak House n Carnitas Don Alfredo Original, corner of 25th and Lake Street n Melrose Park Village Hall n Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce n Sahara Home Care on North Avenue n Westlake Urgent Care on Lake Street n Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel n Dunk Donuts on Lake Street n Lucky Dog on Lake Street n Melrose Park Public Library n Sacred Heart Church n Harlo Grill #1 on North Avenue n Veterans Park District Leoni Complex n 7-11 on Broadway n PNC Bank, Winston Plaza n Scudiero’s Bakery & Deli n Pan American Bank n Melrose Currency on Broadway n St. Paul Lutheran Resale Shop n IHOP in Winston Plaza NoRtHlake n Northlake City Hall n Cuomo To Go n Grant Park Recreation Center n Northlake Public Library n Casa Scalabrini Village NoRtH RiVeRsiDe n Catie’s Place Gaming Cafe n North Riverside Village Commons n North Riverside Public Library RiVeR FoRest n Yolk Restaurant on North Avenue n River Forest Chocolates n River Forest Public Library RiVeR GRoVe n Quasthoff’s Florist n Catie’s Place Gaming Cafe n Triton College n Rich’s Fresh Market n Dunkin’ Donuts: River and Grand n Dunkin’ Donuts near 1st and Belmont n Bargains in a Box n Blondie’s Diner n River Grove Public Library n River Grove Village Hall n River Park Moose Lodge scHilleR PPaRk n Al & Andy’s Restaurant n Mobil Gas Station, 25th & Irving n Gambino’s Fresh Market stoNe Pa P Rk n Shwings Shrimp & Wings n Firehouse Subs WestcHesteR n Westchester Food Pantry

Have a suggestion for a busy drop location? let us know!

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High-traffic distribution in the towns including Oak Park and River Forest, Bellwood, Berkeley, North Riverside, Forest Park, Hillside, Maywood, Melrose Park, Westchester as well as Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Northlake, Schiller Park, River Grove and other communities. Neeighbor orstm has the edge over other N publications when it comes to readership. Tina Valentino Executive Editor and Contributor Winner of a Peter Lisagor Aw A ard for Exemplary Journalism Dee Tintori • Account Executive Mailing Address P.P O. Box 1501, Melrose Park, IL 60161-1501 Phone 708.343.0205 E-mail: ww READ ISSUES ONLINE AT A WWW. W ISSUU.COM No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any manner without permission. Opinions and advertisements expressed are those of the writers themselves and are in no way to be construed as statements, positions or endorsements by in particular, inc. © 2023 Neighborstm is a trademark of in particular, inc.


Veterans Park District invites active adults/ seniors to monthly bingo and lunch events at Grant Park, 44 W. Golfview Drive in Northlake and Bulger Park, 16th and Hirsch in Melrose Park. Visit with friends, play bingo, enjoy lunch and prizes for the winners. $10 per person. Register in advance by calling 708-343-5270. Upcoming dates are: February 7 at Bulger Park and February 14 and 21 at Grant Park March 6 at Bulger Park and March 20 at Grant Park For more active adult events and trips, visit and follow Veterans Park’s Facebook page.

WINSTON PLAZA! melrose park


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an amazing neighbor

Speaker Welch honors Eddie Mae “Mother” Stegall

She thought she was at Illinois House Speaker Welch’s District Off f ice to share her thoughts on his job performance last month, illinois House speaker emanuel “chris” Welch invited eddie Mae “Mother” stegall to his off f ice in Westchester for what she assumed was a friendly chat but, surrounded by her family, y Welch took the opportunity to read her House Resolution 551 which he sponsored to honor her decades of service at Miracle Revival cathedral, 2010 st. charles Road in Mayw y ood and caring, inspiring

leader. r “she has been a beacon of hope for many families who need it most. she has proven that we can change lives when we respond with love and kindness,” said Welch. “she is well known for consistently extending a helping hand to those in need. it’s important that people like Mother stegall get to see and smell the roses for their work. God bless her always, added the speaker. r


“Mother stegall has stood as an unwavering pillar within the congregation of Miracle Revival cathedral, leaving an indelible mark since her presence began in 1984,” said Welch as he read the Resolution. “For nearly four decades, Mother stegall’s exemplary commitment and leadership have shaped the spiritual landscape.” the Resolution also notes her pivotal role in launching a community Health awareness initiative and the church’s annual community Health Fair. “your commitment to community service and recognition of local heroes, like Mother stegall, who have since retired, inspire us all to aspire to greatness,” said the stegall family in a statement. Pictured, Speaker Welch and Mother Stegall with her children and daughter-in-law, including Tiffany Burns, Michael Stegall, Mathis Stegall, Teshann Stegall, Melody Stegall-Dorsey and Risa Stegall.

such as milking the cows, feeding the chickens, etc.,” recalled Walker.r Nearly three quarters of a century after Edwin Walker left his family’s farm, the closeness of his family continues to enrich his life. Upon graduating from The Choate School, Walker returned to his native Ke K ntucky, y where he attended Centre College of K Kentucky (CCK), in Danville. He was an outstanding college student, and graduated from CCK in 1954 “magna cum laude.” His outstanding undergraduate work resulted in a Fulbright Scholarship, which supported one-year of graduate studies at the University of Heidelberg, in Heidelberg, Germany (1954-1955). In 1955, Walker began a twelve-and-a-half year period of service in the U.S. Marine Corps. During that time he attained the rank of Major and served in some of the “hottest hot-spots” in the world, including Guantanamo Bay, y Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis; Ko K rea (post-war); and Vietnam, in 1968. Throughout his military service, Major Walker demonstrated an abiding interest in faith and religion. Among his many awards and citations is a Certificate of Merit, which he earned from the U.S. Navy, y Chief of Chaplains. Religious faith played a central role in the unfolding of Mr.r Walker’s post-military career as well, graduating from Nashotah House Seminary in There are many individuals Wisconsin in 1971 with a Masters in Divinity degree. He who have made extraordinary served as Curate, Rector and Chaplain/Coordinator of Social contributions to the civic life of Services at churches and centers across the nation. Edwin Maywood (and the surrounding Walker first became acquainted with Maywood in 1987, communities), but any when he became Executive Director of The Way Back Inn, a comprehensive review of those transitional living facility for adult males, recovering from contributions would not be alcoholism and substance abuse, as well as other forms of complete without consideration abuse and mental illness; he served there until 1996, and of the magnanimous life of Mr.r then served in numerous positions, including The Salvation Edwin H. Walker,r IV. V The word Army. Since 1989, he has served as President/CEO of the “service” and the name Edwin Walker,r align on multiple Maywood Chamber of Commerce, and has worked diligently fronts. Mr.r Walker has performed exemplary service on behalf to bring new members into the organization. of God, country, y people in need and Maywood, over a lifeBut Major Walker is perhaps best known for his work time that now exceeds eight decades. with the Maywood Bataan Day Organization (MBDO), which On March 17, 1932, in the town of Richmond, Ke K ntucky, y hosts a commemoration for Maywoodians who served, Edwin H. Walker,r IV was born to Edwin H. Walker,r III, his suffered and died on the Bataan Peninsula, in the Philippines, father; and Ly L nn Evans Walker,r his mother.r He grew up on his during World War II. He has been particularly instrumental in parents’ farm near Paint Lick, Ke K ntucky, y in southeastern helping MBDO maintain close ties with the Office of the Garrard County. “As a child, I assisted my father with chores, Consulate General for the Philippines in Chicago. With the support of the consulate, many Chicagoland Remembering Maj a or Edwin H. W Walker IV Filipinos and Filipino-Americans attend the as a member of the Board of Directors of the Mayw y ood chamber of annual Maywood Bataan Day commemoration. commerce and a cultural historian, Dan Perkins knew edwin Walker well Walker has worked tirelessly to maintain and crafted this exceptional story when Walker was still in his 80’s. last Maywood’s standing on the world’s stage, and month, Major Walker passed away at age 91. Walker worked to “ensure his efforts are mostly unacclaimed—and he has that the annual Mayw y ood Bataan Day events on the second sunday in no objections. No account of Bataan Day— september each year were held without fail, and with all the appropriate pomp, circumstance and respect they deserve. through his eff f orts, Mayw y ood or the Village of Maywood—past or present, Bataan Day became one of the last regularly held memorial services for the would be complete without acknowledging an heroes of WWii and especially those who fought and died on the Bataan unsung local hero, Mr.r Edwin H. Walker IV. V Peninsula in the Philippines,” according to the Mayw y ood Bataan Day Rest in peace, friend. organization. see page 38 to help defray his funeral expenses.

Edwin Walker


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h VOTED #1 h IN WESTERN SUBURBS! Stufffed, Pan and Thick Pizzas & Lasagna, Spaghetti Sauce & Panzarotti in a Tr Tribune surv r ey!

Food experts from Chicago Tribune all agreed that Gioacchino’s has created a taste that placed them among the best pizza restaurants out of 98 in the Chicagoland area. Gioacchino’s was also selected #1 in the western suburbs in three categories: Thick, Pan and Stuffed Pizza.

Best Spaghetti & Meatballs By Sun-Times Critic Pat Bruno

However, pizza isn’t all that Gioacchino’s excels in. Among their delicious home made specialties are Lasagna, Cheese and Meat Ravioli, mouth-watering Mostaccioli; also Chicken Vesuvio, Veal Scallopini, Veal a la Marsala, Veal a la Francaise, Veal Parmigiana, Baked Mostaccioli, Chicken Cacciatore, Fettuccine Alfredo, Perch, French Fried Shrimp, Italian Bacala, Fish Platter and many other Calabrese-style dishes, including their own Pizza Puffs called Panzarotti.

708-544-0380 • 5201 ST. CHARLES ROAd • BELLWOOd Hours: Tuesday thru Thursday, 11am-11pm • Friday and Saturday, 11am-Midnight Sunday, Noon to 11pm • Closed Mondays. WE DELIVER! Ask us for details. KITCHEN CLOSES 30 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING TIME. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.




Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24


REGULAR MOSTA T CCIOLI OR SPA P GHETTI W/BREAd FOR 2 only $995 Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24






Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24


BROASTEd CHICKEN 8 PCS + Small Cheese Pizza + Side of Mostaccioli $ 00

Just 20 Reg. Price $2750

Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24



Just $1295 Reg. Price $2150

Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24



ioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24




Gioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24



ioacchino’s • 544-0380. MUST ADD TAX. Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering. P-Up/Delivery only. Prices subject to change without notice. Expires 2/29/24

WELCOME to the neighborhood


GREAT FLEA MARKETS la Provincia. River Grove Mayor Dave Guerin welcomed the owners of a new business, La Provincia, a Columbian restaurant and bar located at 8166 W. Grand Avenue. “We warmly welcome you to a gastronomic journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of Colombian cuisine. We are proud to offer a unique experience where authenticity and flavor are found in every bite. More than a restaurant, we are a culinary destination that invites you to explore, savor and enjoy. We extend an open invitation to you to immerse yourself in this unique experience that captures the very essence of Colombian food and hospitality, y ” according to the owners. Hours are 9 am to 11 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Check out the menu on the La Provincia Facebook page or call 630-549-9487.




SHOP LOCAL WITH US! for more information, call 708-344-7300 or visit

starbucks. Maywood Mayor Nathaniel George Booker has announced that Starbucks will open at 1st Avenue and Harrison in 2024. “Soon everyone will be able to drive by 1718 S. 1st Avenue to enjoy what many travel to other communities to enjoy. Working to bring this project to Maywood was an amazing experience. We are looking to cut the ribbon early in the second quarter of 2024. Starbucks has signed a 15-year lease agreement for their new Maywood home. For more new business, see page 12 of this issue.

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Kids Now Eat





check out the new hARLo speciAL boARd! HARLO GRILL #1 2300 W. NORTH AVE. MELROSE PARK

7 DAYS A WEEK • 708-344-8353 PLAY OUR SLOTS!



News from the Mayor’s office

welcome to Melrose park

SHOP LOCAL One simple way that EVERY person can make a difference in the community is to shop Melrose Park. EVERY PURCHASE MATTERS. • For every dollar spent at a local business about $.67 stays in the community • Local businesses hire local employees • You strengthen your local economy and invest in the community This message is a friendly reminder from the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce & Community Development 900 N. 25th Av A e., Melrose Park 708/343-9500 • ww

coming soon and Recently opened! Mayor Serpico and the Village of Melrose Park are anticipating the grand opening of the new Chili’s Grill and Bar located at 915 W. North Avenue to open as soon as February 26. Chili’s offers a menu of American foods inspired by Te T x-Mex staples, including the Big Mouth Burger,r fajitas and baby-back ribs. The brand’s full-service bar offers the signature Presidente margarita. Chili’s also has an exclusive delivery program with DoorDash. With more than 1600 restaurants in 29 countries, Melrose Park will soon be added to the list of successful locations. Pollo campero At Pollo Campero, they say “location is everything” and construction crews are hard at work on the new highly-visible location on North Avenue in Melrose Park (next to the new Chili’s), expected to open in early 2024. Launched in 1971 in Guatemala, the iconic franchise has over 350 locations around the world. Generations of family recipes bring their signature “flavorful” chicken and menu items to life, with its handbreaded chicken, sides and drinks prepared fresh daily. Watch for updated information. oh-Mar Fresh seafood Bringing something new to Melrose Park is Oh-Mar Fresh Seafood, 1512 W. Lake Street. Using 100% fresh products prepared to order,r the menu specialties include a Seafood Tower appetizer with layers of octopus, shrimp and tuna as well as Mexican seafood favorites such as ceviches, shrimp and fish tacos, shrimp torta and several sushi and vegan dishes. Open Monday-Thursday, y 10 am to 8 pm and Friday-Sunday, y 10 am to 9 pm. Delivery with Grubhub. Now serving alcohol. Call 708-483-6142 and follow on Instagram and Facebook. cafe Gaspar: tr t y yo y ur luck Now open at 2209 Division is a new, w friendly place for gamers to gather.r Cafe Gaspar not only features Universal Gaming’s hottest slots, beer and wine, complimentary coffee, tea, soda and snacks but patrons will marvel at the many pictures of people and places from Melrose Park history on the walls. Open daily from 9 am to midnight, players must be 21 or older.r Follow Cafe Gaspar on Facebook for updates/specials.

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GOTTA BE SHWINGS! TRY R OUR ART R ICHOKES & SOUPS! THE FRESHEST FOOD YOU’LL EVER HAVE. Our chicken and fish are always fresh, never frozen.

1743 n. Mannheim Rd. in stone park 1/2 block south of north Av A enue on Mannheim

www. w Mon-sat,, 11am-11pm sun, 11am-7pm delivery with uber.reats.shwings


oRdeR eARLy foR the supeR bowL - sundAy, feb. 11


Please join us for our monthly Z om Co Zo C ff ffee Ch C at. t Gain insights into the market, especially in these uncertain times. Contact Emily at for details.

3416 Harlem Avenue, Riverside 708-853-9252 |

Proviso east class of 2003 Fund Now accepting scholarship applications The Proviso East Class of 2003 Fund is now accepting applications for this year’s scholarship available to seniors at Proviso East High School. The mission of the Proviso East Class of 2003 Scholarship fund is to assist in funding a fellow Proviso East Pirate’s future educational or entrepreneurial aspirations. The recipient of the scholarship will exemplify f qualities that are characteristic of a well-rounded student and community member.r The scholarship fund committee hosts fundraising events to develop and expand relationships with Class of 2003 alum, students, staff and community members. The Scholarship Fund also promotes social, educational, and professional development among P. P E. students while continuing to bring the Proviso Township community together through positive engagement. To learn more or submit applications please send an email to, visit Proviso East’s school website or P Participate, Be a sponsor or Just save the Date for the Forest Pa P rk st. Pa P trick’s Day Pa P rade The 28th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Forest Park is set for Saturday, y March 2, starting at 1 pm. Bring out the shamrocks and get ready for the parade that “is the best in the west!” Entries include bagpipers, marching bands, Irish dancers, local business entries, Medinah Shriner parade units, police and fire departments and much more. The parade kicks off at 1 pm from Madison and Van Buren and travels east on Madison to Elgin. Any local business or organization interested in getting in front of more than 8,000 parade-goers should consider participating in or sponsoring the event. For more details about cost and availability, y visit, send an email to or call 708-366-2543. @tr t ailside Museum The Trailside Museum is located at Chicago and Thatcher Avenues in River Forest. To pre-register for programs, call 708-366-6530. Most programs need advanced registration. Call or stop in for details. Follow Trailside Museum on Facebook or visit for a complete list of February programs. Owls of Trailside. Family program. Meet one of Trailside’s ambassador owls. Learn about the fascinating owls that call Trailside home and visit one of the ambassador owls. Must register.r Saturday, y February 10, 1:30 pm.

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@leyden to t wnship Recreation center At the Bradley A. Stephens Community Center,r 2620 N. Mannheim in Franklin Park; for more information, visit the website at or call 847-451-5144. Center Chefs, Mondays, 5:30 to 7 pm for ages 7-14. Upcoming dates are February 5 and March 4. Fee is $20 for residents and $30 for non-residents. Community Art Days. Mondays at the Community Center between 5:30 and 6:30 pm for ages 7-14. Session 2 begins February 12; Session 3 begins March 11. Fee is $20 per session for residents and $30 for non-residents. Glow Dodgeball Nights for ages 7-12. Fridays, February 23 and March 15, 6 to 8 pm. Fee is $5 per child.

Law a Off ffice of Gab a ri r el M. Caporal ae 7646 W No N rt rth Avenue Elm l wood Pa P rk r

Gab a ri r el M. Cap a oral ae Att ttorn r ey e at Law

Residential a & Commercial a Closings Loan Modifi f cations & Short Sal a es Foreclosure Defe f nse Bankr k uptcy c Protection Estate Planning (Will l s/T / rusts) Estate Administration (Probate) Corporate Formation Real a Estate Tax a Appeal as

Cal a l your local a at a torney e fo f ra


cap a ora r le legabe@y @ www.cap a ora r le l la l

@Pa P rk District of Franklin Pa P rk For more information on these programs, contact the Park District of Franklin Park, 9560 Franklin Avenue at 847-455-2852 or Seed Swap, Saturday, y February 10, 11 am to 12:30 pm at Centre at North Park. Are you a gardening enthusiast looking to expand your plant collection? Join the Park District and the Village of Franklin Park Tree Preservation Commission for an opportunity to exchange various seeds and connect with plant lovers. FREE. symphony of oak Pa P rk and River Forest presents tw t o Deans of american Music The Symphony of Oak Park & River Forest performs music by two deans of American music at its concert on Sunday, y February 18, 4 pm at Concordia University’s Chapel in River Forest. Associate Conductor Maurice Boyer will lead the orchestra in William Grant Still’s Symphony No. 2 “Song of a New Race” and Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait. The concert begins with Johannes Brahms’s Concerto for Violin and Cello with Michelle Wynton, violin, and William Cernota, cello. A free preconcert conversation begins at 3 pm, and a reception follows the concert. Free parking is available in the garage at 1125 Bonnie Brae in River Forest. Tickets are $30 in advance, and $35 on concert day. Students through college are admitted free of charge. This program is sponsored in part by grants from The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, the Illinois Arts Council Agency, y and the Oak Park Area Arts Council. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit SymphonyOPRF.Forg or call 708-218-2648.

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Everything in our store is made with love!


RIVER FOREST CHOCOLATES, 7769 LAKE STREET • 366-0891 Open Mon-Sat, 10-5 • •gift cards always available


We Believe That Chocolate Makes Every Day A Little Bit Sweeter!

it’s time to



SNACK ATTACK Gaining independence in the kitchen off f ered at 2 locations

Embark on a tasty journey filled with fun, learning and mouth-watering snacks. Become a snack superstar and impress your family with your culinary talents. Snack time will never be the same! All cooking equipment and ingredients are provided during the class. Preregistration is required. Ages 5-10, Tuesdays, February 20 through March 12, 5 to 6:15 pm at Bulger Park, 1601 Hirsch Street in Melrose Park; or Saturdays, February 24 through March 16, 10 to 11:15 am at Grant Park, 44 W. Golfv f iew Drive in Northlake. Fee is R$50/NR$60.


or call the office at 708-343-5270 for more information on Batting Cages and the Golf Simulator,r Early Childhood, Athletic Programs, Fitness Classes at Cimbalo Fitness Center,r Active Adults and Special Recreation Programs. Follow VPD on Facebook.

VPD SPORTS! WE’VE GOT GAME! n soccer.r VPD staff will lead players in specific drills to improve their overall understanding of the game. Ages 8-12, 5-5:45 pm on Thursdays, February 15-March 7. Fee is R$55/NR $70. Classes are held at George Leoni Complex, 800 N. 17th Avenue in Melrose Park. n Mini Basketball. This four-week clinic, led by VPD staff,f focuses on developing ball handling, passing, and shooting. Players will significantly improve their basketball skills! Ages 4-7 on Tuesdays, February 13March 5, 4-4:45 pm. Fee is R$55/NR$70. Classes are held at Grant Park, 44 W. Golfv f iew Drive in Northlake. n Baseball. Players will rotate through different stations and drills. Learning and having fun is the number one goal! VPD staff will help players improve their overall understanding of the game while having a blast! Each class is 45 minutes. Ages 8-12 on Thursdays, 5-5:45 pm February 14-March 6. Fee is R$55/NR$70. Classes are held at George Leoni Complex, 800 N. 17th Ave, Melrose Park. YOUTH PROGRAMS n alphabet adventures. Each week your child will be introduced to different groups of letters in the alphabet, their sounds and shapes. Children will lean through books, flashcards, hands on activities and crafts. Ages 2-5 (2’s and 3’s with adult) from 10:15 to 11am on Tuesdays, March 19 through April 23. Class is held Bulger Park Community Center,r 1601 Hirsch Street, Melrose Park. Fee is R$50/NR$60. n Make yo y ur own easter Basket Workshop. Hop over to Bulger Park to make a “glowtastic” Easter basket. Be creative, using mesh ribbons, paint, painted eggs and other festive materials. Ages 6+ from 5:45 to 7:45 pm on Tuesday, y March 12. Workshop is held at Bulger Park Community Center,r 1601 Hirsch Street in Melrose Park. Fee is R$30/NR$40. TAKE A DAY TRIP WITH VPD n Halim time and Glass Museum in evanston. For active adults. Discover a world of beauty and craftsmanship on a guided tour featuring displays with over 1,100-time pieces, including tower clocks, pocket watches, automations and more. The Louis Comfort Tiffany Tour features his paintings, housewares, decorative arts, mosaics and his beautiful windows. Lunch in the Museum Café is provided. Lunch options available at registration. For Active Adults on Thursday, y March 14, (departure) from 9:30 am Cimbalo Fitness Center in Melrose Park or 9:45 am Grant Park in Northlake. Estimated return at 2:45 pm. Fee: $85.

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Family Indoor

Garage Sale & Flea Market


Time to clean out your attic, closets, or garage for items to sell. Upsell your baby clothes, toys, games, tools, books, and anything else you have. Or just come out and shop!Concessions will be open for snacks.

2-8x3 ½ tables are available on a first come, first serve basis. Set up time is 8-9 AM. Call us for a registration form. Registration deadline is April 21. Fee: R $25 / N $35

Registration is required to reserve your space. (708) 343-5270 | VPDPARK.ORG | FOLLOW US ON

Westlake Urgent Care NFP

Suffering from heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain, bloating, belching? A simple in-office blood test for the H PYLORI INFECTION just might provide you with the answers you need and treatment for relief can start right away. Test covered by insurance.


1419 W. Lake Melrose Park 708/690-1911

Open 7 Days Walk-Ins Welcome Sick Today...Seen Today

Experienced staff. Convenient care for the community.

Since 2005, they have been doing what they love and sharing it with others.

they started it all. don Alfredo & his wife doña chela

Carnitas Don Alfredo — original— estiLo MichoAcAn

NOW IN BENSENVILLE Bensenville’s DeCampana Plaza

223 W. Grand Avenue 630/422-7769

M-F, 8am-8pm • SAT, 6:30am-8pm SUN, 6:30am-6pm

our lady of Mount carmel Pa P rish/shrine Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish/Shrine is located at 1101 N. 23rd Avenue in Melrose Park. For more information, call the Rectory at 708-344-4140. Upcoming events include: Saturday, y February 3 and Sunday, y February 4, Feast of St. Blaise. Mass followed by Blessing of the Throat. Saturday, y February 3, 5:30 pm and Sunday, y February 4, all Masses. Friday, y February 9, Our Lady of Lourdes. Trilingual Mass followed by anointing of the sick at 6:30 pm. Wednesday, y February 14, Ash Wednesday. English: 8 am, Noon, 6 pm; Italian at 5 pm; Spanish at 3 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm. Friday, y February 16 and 23, Stations of the Cross in English, Spanish and Italian at 7:30 pm. Thursday, y February 22, Altar & Rosary Evening of Recollection with Fr.r Joseph Tito. Donation is $20 and includes Mass followed by dinner and reflection in the OLMC gym. Saturday, y February 24, Feast of St. Toribio Romo. Spanish Mass at indoor procession, 3:30 pm. St. Anthony Fish Fry. Get tickets and save the date: Friday, y March 8, 5:30 to 8:30 pm in the parish gym. Wine/beer (extra) and entertainment plus a raffle. Tickets are $15 each; $10 for children under 12. All proceeds benefit the Feast of St. Anthony set for June 16. Call the rectory at 344-4140 for tickets. sacred Heart & st. eulalia Pa P rish events Sacred Heart Church is located at 819 N. 16th Avenue and St. Eulalia Church is located at 1825 N. 9th Avenue in Maywood. The community is invited to these upcoming events. Ash Wednesday. English Mass at 8 am at Sacred Heart; Bilingual Mass at both Sacred Heart and St. Eulalia at 7 pm. Ashes will be distributed from 11 am to 1 pm at Sacred Heart and 4 to 6:30 pm at both churches. Men’s Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner,r February 9 at Sacred Heart, Tickets are $55 each. Call 708-344-0757.


2501 W. Lake, Melrose Park 708/338-0844

@yoUR local cHURcHes

15 N. 1st Ave., Maywood 708/343-3351

Closed Monday. TU-SAT, 8am-6pm, SUN, 8am-5pm We deliver with doordash and UberEats

st. Pa P ul lutheran and st. Pa P ul Resale shop All are invited to worship with neighbors at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 11th and Lake in Melrose Park. Sunday English service is at 9 am; Spanish service begins at 11:30 am. The St. Paul Resale Shop located at 11th and Lake Street in Melrose Park reminds area residents that the Shop offers low prices and friendly service on a variety of items from clothing to furniture, home decor,r a children’s room, glassware and much more.. Check the St. Paul Resale page on Facebook for special discounts and updates on donation days. Hours of operation are Monday, y Tuesday, y Thursday, y Friday, y 10 am to 4 pm; Wednesdays from 10 am to 6 pm; and Saturdays, 9 to 3 pm. Closed on Sundays. For more info, call Marlene at 708-7194443, ext. 402.

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January is a great time to start your ARTventure!

MAYWOOD FINE ARTS 25 North 5th Avenue, Maywood maywood�


River Forest Youth Baseball & Softball Register for Another Great Season

SIGN UP ONLINE Late fees apply after february 1 Neighbors • 23

YOUR LIBRARY: fun, informative

Valentine’s Day Wednesday, February 14 We deliver love!


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Bellwood Public library. y Located at 600 S. Bohland Avenue; call 547-7393, ext. 4 to register or visit Registration is required for most programs. . Black Chicago Renaissance. Monday, y February 5, 6:30 pm. Learn more from the early to mid-20th century followed by a Q&A and open forum. Computer Basics. Tuesday, y February 7, 1 pm. Zero Waste Living. Wednesday, y February, y 7, 6:30 pm. Tips on reducing waste while saving money and improving your health. Senior Social Hour.r Friday, y February 9, 10:30 to 11:30 am. Join fellow seniors for donuts, coffee and activities. Chinese Zodiac and You. Wednesday, y February 14, 7 pm. Learn about the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the 2024 Year of the Dragon and how your zodiac animal may have hidden qualities you should know! T ch Help. Friday, Te y February 16, 1 to 4 pm. Having issues with your computer or mobile devices? Bring in your tech and receive oneon-one help. Appointments required. Black History Month with Santa Nurullah. Tuesday, y February 20, 6:30 pm. Stories and songs of African people. Banned Book Club. Wednesday, y February 2, 7 pm. Discuss “Stamped” by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Ke K ndi. Sound Bath Meditation. Tuesday, y February 27, 12:30 pm. Enjoy this relaxing, therapeutic session of sounds and vibrations from crystal singing bowls and other instruments. Adult Game Night. Wednesday, y February 28, 7 pm. Snacks will be provided. Chair Yoga, Wednesdays, 11 am. Yoga with Rhonda. Thursdays, 6 pm. Zumba with LaToya. Saturdays, 10 am. Berkeley Public library. y Located at 1637 N. Ta T ft Avenue; call 708-544-6017 or visit the website at For more program info, stop in, visit the website or follow on Facebook. Reminder: The BPL is now a passport acceptance facility. You can now bring in your photo and identify f ing documents and library staff will accept your applications for passports. Applications are accepted by appointment. Notaries are also on staff that can notarize several types of documents. Please call ahead. FREE February programs: Candy Sushi, Saturday, y February 10, 1 to 2:30 pm. Must register.r Crafting Mocktails, Saturday, y February 10, 1 to 2:30 pm. Preschool Play Cafe, February 14 and 28, 11 am to Noon. Story Time, February 14 and 28, 10:30 to 11:15 am. Chair Yoga, February 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2 to 3 pm. Adult Bingo, Monday, y February 12, 1 to 2 pm. Adult Bunco, Monday, y February 19, 1 to 2 pm. Adult Book Club, February 14, 6:30 to 7:45 pm Fit & Strong, Mondays and Thursdays through April 11, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Senior Mondays, February 26, 10:30 am to Noon T a & Mystery, Te y February 9, 10:30 am to 12:45 pm. More library programs on page 26

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Do have aa senior (60+) at and caring for Do you you have senior (60+) at home home and are are caring for them? Did you know that a family member can apply and them? Did you know that a family member can apply and get paid to care for them? They are called Preferred get paid to care for them? They are called Preferred Workers. Preferred Worker is aa family member or Workers. AAthat Preferred Worker is family member or friend friend wants to take care of the client. that wants to take care of the client. Ask Ask us us for for more more information! information!

Quality Quality Homecare Homecare Services Services By By Caring Caring Professionals Professionals

Flexible Hours

Starting pay rate $17.20/hour

Health Insurance



ffor th t e Ap A ril ECLIPSE!

fun, informative

the Franklin Pa P rk Public library invites you to meet Michelle Nichols from adler Planetarium who will talk about the eclipse coming in april 2024. learn where to see them, when to look, how to view safely. y everyone will receive solar eclipse glasses. For ages 10 and up and adults. Monday, y February 12, 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

activities authors • answers Franklin Pa P rk Public library. y Located at 10311 Grand Avenue in Franklin Park, call 847-455-6016 or visit the website at Unless otherwise noted, registration is required for all programs. Knit & Crochet Group. Saturdays, February 3 and 17, 1 to 3 pm. Chair Yoga. By Zoom or by phone. Mondays, February 6 and 20, 3 to 4 pm. Registration is required to email you the Zoom and phone information before the program date. Rockin Tots. New music and movement program for ages 0-5 with caregiver.r Tuesdays, February 6 and 20, 11 to 11:30 am. T ch Tuesdays: Intro to Google Docs. Learn the basics. Tuesday, Te y February 6 and 13, 6 to 7:30 pm. Practical Self-Defense. Learn basic self-defense tactics and concepts, the use of improvised weapons and more. Must register.r Tuesday, y February 6, 7 to 8 pm. Quilt and Sew Club. Wednesday, y February 7, 10 am to Noon. Baby Storytime. Must register.r All ages with caregiver.r Wednesdays, February 7, 14, 21 and 28, 11 to 11:30 am. Craft Supply Swap. Saturday, y February 10 at 1-3 pm. Ta T ke home whatever you want from the selection of donated craft items. Mat Yoga. Participate through Zoom. Registration required to email you the Zoom info before the program date. Mondays, February 12 and 25, 3 to 4 pm. The Great North American Eclipse. Michelle Nichols from Adler Planetarium will talk about the eclipse coming in April 2024. Learn where to see them, when to look, how to view safely. Everyone will receive solar eclipse glasses. For ages 10 and up and adults. Monday, y February 12, 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Family Trivia Nite. Snacks provided. Prizes offered for three rounds of trivia. Grades K-5. Wednesday, y February 14, 5 to 6 pm. Monday Nite Movies. Animated features on the big screen with fresh popcorn. Kids of all ages welcome. This month: “Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse (PG).” Monday, y February 19, 5 to 7 pm. T ch Tuesdays: Intro to Office. Learn the basics. Tuesday, Te y February 20, 6 to 7:30 pm. Friday Flicks. Watch “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” (PG13) on Friday, y February 23, 1 to 3:25 pm. Friends Book Sale. Get great deals on Saturday, y February 24, 11 am to 2 pm. Buy a reusable Friends tote bag full of materials for $5. T ch Tuesdays: Intro to iPad and iPhone. Go over the basics of Te navigation and downloading/uninstalling apps and more. Tuesday, y February 27, 6 to 7:30 pm.

Hillside Public library. y Located at 405 Hillside Avenue, call 449-7510 or visit Follow the Library on Facebook, Instagram and Tw T itter.r All programs are free. Lego Club, February 7 and 21 at 5 pm. Valentine’s Day Storytime and Bingo, February 14, 5:30 pm. Frog and Toad Leap Year Te T a Party, y February 29, 5 pm. T en Te Te T ch Bingo. Collect a Bingo card during February. Each task is technology based at the library. Cards are due March 1. Adult Movie Matinee. February 12, starting at 2 pm. Watch “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.r” Zumba, February 23, 12:30 pm. Limit 15. Narcan Training to prevent deadly overdoses. February 12, 5:30 pm. Mental Health Awareness with NAMI. February 22 at 5 pm. Soundbath Meditation, February 7, Noon. Valentine’s Day Movie, February 14, 10 am, “An Affair to Remember.r” Mixed Stitchers. Every Thursday at 6 pm. Mid-Day Chair and Floor Yoga, every Friday, y 12:30 pm. No class on February 23. Illinois Libraries Present programs February 6 at 7 pm with Jerry Craft; February 20 (TBD) with Julia Quinn. Senior Te T ch Help. Call for an appointment. All AGES/COMMUNITY/FAMILY LY. Black History Month Raffle. Prizes for all ages. Northlake Public library. y 231 N. Wolf Road in Northlake. Register for most programs online at or call the Library at 562-2301 x5. ADULT L S: Miniature Painting Workshop. Explore techniques. Brushes and paints provided. Look at ideas for all your modeling needs. Wednesday, y February 21, 7 pm. Faux Ta T xidermy Wall Mounts with plastic critters. Wednesday, y February 28, 7 pm. CHILDREN: National Pizza Day. Ages 9-13. Make pizzas from scratch. Thursday, y February 8, 6:30 to 7:30 pm Grand Chef Junior.r Ages 9-13. Try to win the title. Saturday, y February 10, 2 to 3 pm. Paint Your Own Squishy. Ages 6-8. Saturday, y February 24, 2 to 3 pm. Northlake Public Library programs continue on page 28

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MONETARY DONATIONS ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR Sponsored by the MSSC Provincial Guild. All proceeds benefit the Sisters.


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with w t aan INSTANT POT

fun, informative

the Northlake Public library invites seniors to stop in for a cup of instant Pot Hot chocolate! learn to make hot chocolate using the instant Pot then top off f your cup with endless toppings. For those who attend, a decorative mug will be provided to take home. tu t esday, y February 27, 2 to 3:30 pm.

activities authors • answers Northlake Public library, y continued SENIORS: Winter Potluck. Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Bring your favorite sweet or savory appetizer,r main or side dish when we get together on Tuesday, y February 6, 2 to 3:30 pm. Instant Pot Hot Chocolate. Make hot chocolate using the Instant Pot then top off your cup with endless toppings. A decorative mug will be provided to take home. Tuesday, y February 27, 2 to 3:30 pm. TEENS: Candy Jars. Decorte mason jars with a variety of Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s Day themes with Cricut. Thursday, y February 8, 6 pm. Candy Sushi. Using different types of roll-ups and candy. Thursday, y February 15, 6 pm. River Forest Public library. y 735 Lathrop, River Forest. Visit or call 366-5205 for updates. Coffee Monday. Adult. Monday, y February 5, 10 to 11 am. Eric Morton, Coordinator of Triton College’s School of Continuing Education, will talk about class offerings for older adults. Pop-in Projects. Ages 2 and up. First Tuesday of each month, pop in for the monthly craft project in the Children’s Room. Great Decisions. Adults. Ta T lk about the most pressing international issues in this eight-part series from the Foreign Policy Association. This top: Mideast realignment. Wednesday, y February 7, 1 to 2:30 pm. Story Stretchers, K-2. Wednesdays, February 7, 14 and 21, 4 to 4:30 pm. Crafts, games, storytelling. Evening Book Club. Wednesday, y February 7, 7 to 8 pm for adults. Books available for check out. Toddler Time, 18 months-3 years with a caregiver.r Thursdays, February 8, 15 and 22, 10 to 10:30 am. Family Story Time and Play. Ages 0-6. Fridays, February 9, 16 and 23, 10 to 11 am. Virtual Stories and Crafts for Families. On the YouTube channel second Tuesday of each month. Tuesday, y February 13, 10 am. Afternoon BookClub for adults. Wednesday, y February 14, 1:30 to 2:30 pm. Film Lover Fridays. Adult. February 16, Noon to 3:30 pm.This season: movies based on classic novels. Watch The Trial. This is Orson Welles’ adaptation of the Franz Kafka novel. Snacks will be served, but you may also bring a lunch. Stick around after the film for a discussion led by local film expert Jim Jacob. Brought to you in partnership with River Forest Township.

Tuesday Morning Movies for families. February 20, 10 am to Noon. Watch Ratatouille. Snacks provided. Great Decisions. Adult. February 21, 1 to 2:30 pm. Topic is Climate Te T chnology and Competition. River Grove Public library. y 8638 W. Grand Avenue in River Grove. Visit the website at for updates and virtual programs. Registration is required unless otherwise noted. TTween Lit Speed Read. Saturdays, February 3 and 10, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Ages 9-12. Ta T ke five minutes to get a taste of some popular reads. Must register.r Winter Reading Craft Day. Wednesday, y February 7, 5 to 6 pm. Register to reserve your craft and stop in anytime between 5 and 6 pm to make it. AM Storytime, Thursday, y February 8, 15, 22 and 29, 11 to 11:45 am. PM Storytime, Thursday, y February 8, 15, 22 and 29, 1 to 1:45 pm. Ages 4 and under.r This year’s theme is Months of the Year.r Registration required. Call or email Mrs. Tucker for more information: 708-453-4484 ( Romantic Calligraphy. Saturday, y February 10, 1 to 3 pm. Must register.r Practice new writing styles, create a unique card. Pens and materials provided. Night Ta T les: The Story of Valentine’s Day. Monday, y February 12, 6 to 7 pm. Story, y craft and snack. Ages 9-12. Must register.r Chair Yoga, Saturday, y February 17, 11 am to 12:30 pm. Must register in advance. Evening Ta T les. Wednesday, y February 21 and 28, 6 to 6:45 pm. Ages 5-8. Read a short story, y make a craft, have a snack and play games. Register for each day separately. Call or email Mrs. Tucker for more information: 708-453-4484 ( Book Ta T sting. Thursday, y February 22, 6 to 7 pm. Bring in a book you love or just discovered to talk about. Each person will be given a few minutes to present their case and give others a taste of their favorites. Must register.r Nintendo Game Day. Saturday, y February 24, 11 am to 2 pm. Come in for a gaming bonanza. There will also be board games and snacks. Ages 9-12. Must register.r T en Advisory Board Intro Meeting. Monday, Te y February 26, 6 to 7 pm. For any teens interested in having a say in programs and services the library offers. Consider joining the Board. Applications can be picked up and turned in, questions and suggestions shared. Please register for the meeting.

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NOW OPEN! s t o l S y a Pl Here!

2209 Division #4 Melrose Park, IL


$10 MATCH PLAY Play $10.00 and we will play an additional $10.00 on the machine of your choice. See a staff member to walk you through the process. 2209 Division #4 • Melrose Park, IL 60160 CUSTOMER NAME _____________________________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________ PHONE ______________________________________________________________ Must be 21 or older to game. One coupon per person per day. No copies accepted. After redeeming the coupon with a staff member, $10 must be played in any of our video gaming terminals. Valid only at Cafe Gaspar. Expires 2/29/24.

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Triton will be offering Walking for Fitness (PED C56 302) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feb. 6-May 16, 1-1:55 pm. The class will be held in the R Building (Room R-104), which is part of the George T. T Jorndt Athletic Complex. This is a noncredit class. Students can also enroll in Walking for Fitness (PED 117 001) for credit. Experience the joy and health benefits of walking while having fun! Meeting new people, socializing and listening to music is emphasized during walks. To register,r visit

TritonTalk features est-selling author TritonTa T lk will feature bestselling author Loretta Nyhan on Monday, y February 26, 11 am. Hosted by the Triton College Library, y TritonTa T lk is a series of TEDx-style talks about topics and trends reflective of the college’s vibrant, multinational community. Nyhan will speak about her published work and journey as a writer.r She has authored several books on a variety of topics, mostly focusing on women finding their true selves. “I tell stories and I help other people tell their stories,” she said. When she’s not writing, Nyhan serves as coordinator for Triton College’s Career Services.

FREE EVENT:“PACK THE PLACE” F mily ev Fa event to cheer on Triton teams The Triton College Women’s Basketball Program is celebrating its 50year anniversary by hosting a special women’s basketball alumnae reunion. To honor and cherish the memories created over the past five decades, Triton is inviting all women’s basketball alumnae to campus on Saturday, y February 3, in the R Building Gymnasium. The day will include a Triton alumnae basketball players pre-game reunion reception; 50th anniversary ceremony and a 1 pm game with Lady Trojans vs. Highland Community College. “The Women’s Basketball Program played an important role in the history of Triton College since its inception in 1974,” said Tim McKinney, y sports information specialist and the assistant women’s basketball coach. “I am proud that our institution has been able to provide hundreds of young women the opportunity to compete on the court.” For more information, call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3793.

Triton College is hosting the annual family event “Pack the Place,” to cheer on the men’s and women’s basketball teams. No registration is required and all community members are invited. “Pack the Place” is a free event and includes complimentary hot dogs, popcorn, beverages and prizes. No alcohol is allowed on Triton’s campus. Men’s Basketball: Triton Trojans vs. Kankakee Cavaliers, Thursday, y February 8, 5 pm in the Robert Collins Center Gymnasium (R Building). Women’s Basketball: Triton Trojans vs. Kankakee Cavaliers, Thursday, y February 8, 7 pm in the Robert Collins Center Gymnasium (R Building). “As the name suggests, we intend to ‘pack the place’ for our basketball teams,” said Johnny Urbina, director of Student Services. “These will be the last home games that the two teams will play back-to-back this season.” For more information, please contact

CELEBRATING NEW NURSES Pinning g cere r mony n applauds 26 students

Triton College’s Associate Degree Nursing Pinning Ceremony was recently to celebrate the 26 graduating nursing students. Vianey Waters from Bellwood deeply moved the audience as she shared the heartfelt reasons behind her and her classmates’ aspirations to become nurses. “Some of us enjoy caring for others, but it goes deeper than that. Often, we had situations where we felt alone and no one was there for us. We joined a career where it’s our job to care for people when they’re going through difficult times. We don’t ever want others to feel alone like we did.” Triton College's Nursing Program provides students with a basic knowledge of nursing theory and practice, humanities, and social and biological sciences. Graduates earn an Associate in Applied Science degree and qualify f to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination for the registered nurse. Neighbors • 30

Starting or restarting college?

There is still time to register for spring!

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NEIGHBORS aguilar, Macario. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. altamira, Juan. Husband of Francisca; father of Adan Altamira, Jilliane Gaffney, Eva and Spencer Raisanen; grandfather of Nalu and Alejo Altamira; brother of four; uncle, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. battista, Joe Vito. Husband of the late Consiglia; father of Michael, Giuseppe, and Guy; grandfather of Jaydon and Carter; brother of Guy Battista, Lisetta Battista, Rachele Di Cosola and Anna Angelilli; uncle, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. bEck, Christine. Preceded in death by her grandfather August Cristensen, her mother Irene Bennett and her stepfather Richard Bennett. Chris is survived by her children Nina (Andy), and Jacob (Ashley); grandchildren Cameron, Hunter, Brantley, Merrily, and Liam; siblings Lynda and Robert (Dawn); cousin and friend of many. To celebrate Chris' legacy, you are invited to meet on February 17th at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. burtoN, Efrem, of Maywood. Father of Cameron Burton and Brandon Burton; former spouse of the late Mona Lisa Sykes; brother of Monica Burton and the late Eddie Burton III; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. cErvaNtEs, Anastasia. Mother of Emilia (Marcos) Pena, Armando (Domitila), Alejandro (Maria), Octaviano (Rosana), Carlos and Liobardo (Veronica); grandmother of 12; sister of Luz Orozco, Feliciano, Jesus, Amado, Maria Santos, the late Juan, and the late Espiridion; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. cErvoNE, Judith, nee Bondmass. Wife of the late Guy John Cervone Jr.; mother of Ric Cervone; niece of James “Dukie” Palermo; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. cruz, Isaiah A. Son of Michelle Rivera and the late Angelo Cruz; grandson of George and Maria Cruz and William and Carmen Rivera; brother of Amber Cruz, Alexa Cruz, Jorge Cruz, Ojani Cruz, Julissa Quinones, and Jazlyne Quinones; nephew, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. chEsvick, Catherine “Cathy,” of Northlake. Daughter of Clarence and Lucille Chesvick; sister to Edward (Laura) Chesvick, Theresa (Terry) Bickle, Mary (Tim) Cleaveland, Ronald "Ronny" Chesvick, Donald "Donny" Chesvick, and Susan (Bernardo) Palos; aunt and friend of many. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. chEttiath, Elsamma J. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. cortilEtti, August “Gus,” of River Forest. Husband of Jean, nee Arnone; father of Gina (Keith) Veselak and Justine (Fred) Peterson; grandfather of Olivia, Caroline, Rex, and Jett; brother of the late Mona (the late Maurice Powers), the late Charles Cortiletti, and the late Louise (the late Fred) Cafasso; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. dEaN, Willie. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park.

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Do You Have New or Clean, Gently-Used Coats and Blankets To Share? Len Gassmann, President of Action Painting in Melrose Park, is working with several churches and agencies to provide coats and blankets to the homeless and needy. If you have these items to share, call 344-3399 for pick-up information or drop off at the Action Painting office, 2209 Division Street in Melrose Park during business hours. THERE IS NO DEADLINE. This is an on-going effort. Thank you.

dE saNtiago, Francisco, of Bellwood. Husband of Guadalupe; father of Arnulfo, Alvaro, Mauricio and Jesus; father-in-law of Sharalee and Bryanna; grandfather of Rosalee and Nicolas; brother of Jose, Luz, Rodrigo, Olga Libia, and Luis. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. diaz, Maria, of Berkeley. Wife of Ernesto Diaz; other of Cecilia (Stefano) Meni, Dina (Alexander) Valenzuela and Andrea (Michael) Yovakim; grandmother of Alessandro, Carlo, Santiago and Anthony. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. diaz, Daniel. Husband of Hortencia; father of Jose D. (Yuselim) Diaz, Sonia (Ricardo) Diaz and Luis M. (Jessica) Diaz; grandfather of 9; brother of Adolfo, Hortencia, Roberto, Irma and Antonio; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. EvaNs, Katherine C., of Melrose Park. Survived by her children Chantelle Marie Johnson, Arianna Engwall, Greg Engwall and stepdaughter Melanie Evans; grandchildren Athena Zamfoti, Alexander Engwall and Paisley; aunt, cousin and friend of many. A lifelong singer and performer with an extended family. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. garcia, Abraham Guzman. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. grabarczyk, Sr. Marilyn, C.R. Member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection. Sister of Teresa Otradovec, Bonita and James Brown, Joanne and Joseph Paprocki, and the late Donald and Bernice; aunt and friend of many. Taught in preschool, grade school and high school for many years and served as a Hospital Chaplain. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. guEriNE, Sandra. Wife of the late Guy "Deon" Guerine; mother of Gordon (Shirle), Deandra Tidaback, Joseph, and the late Ken (Tina); grandmother of Jeff Guerine, Troy, and Katelin Tidaback; sister of Michael Duncan, Pamela Taylor, the late Jerry Duncan, Larry Duncan, and Beverly Irwin; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. guzmaN, Patricio. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. hassElbErgEr, Jack. Served as Rosemont Director of Public Safety for 25 years and also a Village of Rosemont Trustee. Husband of Merle, nee Pater; father of Jeff; brother of Robert (Linda) and the late William and James; brother-in-law of Nancy and Eileen Hasselberger; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. holmEs, Robert “Bobby” Jr. Father of Theresa (Victor) Gonzalez and Stephen; grandfather of Xavier Rivera and Adriana Holmes; brother of Silvio, Nicholas, and Kim; uncle, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. josEph, Jose. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. k layil, Aleyamma. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, ka 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. k llidukil, Abraham. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, ka 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. Notices continue on page 36

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• Enjoy 6 HOT SLOTS in a clean, friendly, comfortable atmosphere • Free coffee and soda for gamers • Big-screen TVs • Plenty of Parking

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louis, Edward John. Husband of the late Jeannette Louis, nee Fedele; father of Maria and Eddie Louis; brother of JoAnn (Joe) Louis Saenger and the late Sara Louis Kott, cherished brother-in-law of Angela (Tony) Emelio, Mary Jo Fedele, and Dominick (Linda) Fedele; uncle, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. marquEz, Michelle. Mother of Giselle (Brandon) Samuels and Brandy Roldan; grandmother of Nykkol, Nykolis, Joseph, Jaylyn, Olivia, and Lenox; sister of Victoria, Nilda, Doris, Victor, Ruben, and the late Frank, Pito,Tina, and Michael; significant other of Moises Cruz; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. mcbriEN, Calvin, of Berkeley. Husband to Marlene, nee Rakowski, McBrien; father of Joseph (Shannon) McBrien and Kelly (Scott) Pold; grandfather of Joseph, Jr., Sean, Gavin, Justin and Stephanie; brother of the late Kenneth (Patricia) McBrien, the late Barbara Pointer and the late Donna (the late Steve) Lien; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. mEllacE, Carla A. Mother of Peter Caruso, Ariana (Drew) Voelsch, Vincent Caruso, and Lisamarie Caruso; daughter of Angela and the late Aldo Mellace; Lala of Viviana Voelsch, Peter Caruso, and Michael Caruso; sister of Frank (Kristi) Mellace, Sam (Gina) Mellace, Lisa Mellace and the late Maria Mellace; better half to Richie Pynakker; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. militEllo, Cheryl, nee Gleason. Known as “Ms. Cheryl” by countless students/families for over 20 years as the Secretary at Sacred Heart School in Melrose Park. Wife of the late Kenneth Militello; mother of Renee (Patrick) O’Connor, Colette (Craig) Collisi, and Tricia Militello; grandma of Natalie and John Collisi and Paige and Erin O’Connor; sister of Timothy (Paulette), Michael (Margaret), Donald (Vera), Daniel (Martha), Nancy (Don) Unger, and the late Patrick (Deanna), John “Jack” (the late Judith) and Kevin; companion of Joseph Panico; aunt, sister-in-law, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. mirElEs, Martin Morales. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. muNoz, Jesus. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. muNoz, Jose. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. patE, Leon. Father of Kayla Pate; son of LeRoy Pate and Dora Payton; brother of Derrick Pate. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. pErEz, David, of Stone Park. Husband to Laura, nee Renteria; father of Jose David (Maria) Perez, Diana (Jesus Guzman) Perez, Melisa (Bounthene) Phonsaneha and Ernesto (Krystyna) Perez; grandfather of 7; great-grandfather of two; brother of the late Ofelia (the late Gilberto) Franco, the late Jose Luis, the late Salvador and Hector (Susana); uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. pikE, Karen I., of Melrose Park. Wife of James; mother of Jamie (Jalil), Edward and Sharon; grandmother of Kaia, Sammy Jr., Rocco, Brooklyn, Jayla and Jalil Jr.; sister-in-law of Joan and Doris; cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park.

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Providing Funeral Services to the Community. 4500 Roosevelt Road • Hillside, IL 60162


Discover what sets us apart from other funeral homes. • Traditional funerals • Memorial services • Cremations • Guaranteed and non pre-arrangement funerals • 4 spacious chapels • Private family suites • Easy-to-use registry system • TV in each chapel for memorial DVD (42’ monitor)

Joseph A. Russo Owner, Funeral Director and Embalmer


• Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable staff • Overhead sound system for services • Easily accessible from major expressways • Selection room on site • Parking lot accommodates 200 cars • One floor, handicapped accessible • 4 luxurious private cafés

Boormann B

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Funeral Ho Fu H om e


Gerard Morgan, Jr. Funeral Dire r ctor/ r Owner

Richard M. Baczak Funeral Dire r ctor

1600 Chicago Av A enue Melrose Park, Illinois 60160 Phone (70 7 8) 344-0714

www.bormannfu f

Car a bonar aa

FUNERA RAL HOME Michael A. Carbonara, FD Michael L. Carbonara, FD Joseph R. Carbonara

Cal a l Us First

Bus: (708) 343-6161 Home: (708) 865-8124 Cell: (708) 724-7500

1515 N. 25TH AV A ENUE IN MELROSE PA P RK Pre-Ar A ran a gements With or without pre-payment of services Low-Cost Traditional Funerals • Cremations

Memorial Services • Immediate Burials Chap a els Av A ai a lab a le Near a Yo Y ur Home

raFFaElli, Francine M., nee Caliendo. Wife of Ron Raffaelli; mother of Frankie Raffaelli and Anthony (Claudia) Raffaelli; Nana of Angelina, Anthony, and Analisa; sister of the late Camille “Cookie” Benko; aunt, cousin and friend of many. Arrangements by Carbonara Funeral Home, 1515 N. 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. ramirEz, Isabel, of Franklin Park. Husband to Susana; father of Roberto; brother of Edmundo (the late Margarita), Raquel (Jose) Herrera, Ignacio (Eva) Ramirez, Elisa Ramirez and Eva Ramirez; uncle and friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. ruiz, David L. Arrangements by Bormann Funeral Home, 1600 Chicago Avenue, Melrose Park. h spataro, Francis, of Westchester. Veteran of the U.S. Army. Husband of JoAnn, nee DiVincenzo; father of Laura (Jeff, MD) Ryan and Cheryl Spataro; grandpa of Sophia, Eva and Joseph Ryan; brother of Vincent (Janice) Spataro; uncle of many.friend of many. Arrangements by Russo’s Hillside Chapels, 4500 Roosevelt Road, Hillside. sWiEicki, Edward W., of Northlake. Son of Carol and the late Rich; husband of Karen, nee Rodgers; father to Deanna and Ray. Preceded in death by his siblings Rick, Julie and Mary Jo; friend of many. Arrangements by Northlake Funeral Home, 140 E. North Avenue, Northlake. vasilakopoulos, George T. Husband of the late Carole, nee Gurski; father of Theodore (Jill) and Christopher; grandfather of Olivia, Sophia, Nicolas and the late Alexandra; brother of the late Bill (Rina) Vasilakopoulos; uncle and friend of many; special friend of “Betty” and Aileen. In lieu of flowers, donations in George’s name can be sent to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 10050 Ivanhoe Street, Schiller Park, IL 60176. h WalkEr, Major Edwin H. Walker IV, 91, of Maywood. Maywood Bataan Day Organization (MBDO) Vice President, Major Edwin H. Walker IV, a veteran of the United States Marines who earned numerous citations for service to his country, passed away on January 6. Major Walker played a pivotal role in the MBDO for decades, serving in several executive capacities. However, “he will be most remembered for his behind the scenes work to ensure that the annual Maywood Bataan Day events on the second Sunday in September each year were held without fail, and with all the appropriate pomp, circumstance and respect they deserve. Through his efforts, Maywood Bataan Day became one of the last regularly held memorial services for the heroes of WWII and especially those who fought and died on the Bataan Peninsula in the Phillipines,” according to an MBDO statement. In 1987, when Walker became Executive Director of The Way Back Inn, a transitional living program for people recovering from addiction and mental illness, he planted firm roots in Maywood. Walker was Way Back Inn’s Executive Director until 1996. A driving force behind the Maywood Chamber of Commerce, he first became President in 1989 and served as President, CEO or Chairman until the time of his death. Maywood Bataan Day Organization (MBDO) Director Jose R. Galarza, Jr. was a faithful companion to Major Walker. Major Walker’s passion for learning and faith led him to become a Fulbright Scholar and an Anglican priest during his extraordinary life. Major Walker’s church is collecting funds to offset the cost of funeral arrangements. You may leave funds designated for his funeral at the GoFundMe for St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Carol Stream, Illinois: f fundraising-for-saint-innocentorthodox-church. More about Major Walker in this issue.

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n Complete Plumbing Work Commercial & Residential n Sewer Rodding n Sewer Line Replacement n Water Heaters Repairs n Water Heater Replacement n Catch Basins n Sump Pumps n Ejector Pumps n Leaky k Faucets n Fixture Installation n Power Rodding/Jetting n Remodeling Projects Our team is family-owned and operated and brings over 50 years of knowledge, dedication and experience to each service call. Serving Franklin Park, Schiller Park, Elmwood Park, Oak Park, River Forest, Norridge, River Grove, Park Ridge, Rosemont, Melrose Park, Northlake, Forest Park, Harwood Heights, Broadview, Westchester,r Maywood, Stone Park, Berkeley, y Bensenville, Des Plaines, Niles and the surrounding areas.

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