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about asba For nearly 40 years, the arizona small business association (asba) has been a trusted source in creating opportunities for businesses to make money, save money and achieve amAZing results. With a membership of almost 5,000 businesses, representing over 300,000 employees, asba is the second largest trade association in the state and the only statewide association dedicated to serving small businesses. From outstanding value to an extensive range of support and services, asba is committed to making Arizona the best place for launching and growing your business.

in this issue small business doing big things pg. 2 the importance of collaboration pg 4 cut costs, not benefits pg 6 . . . and more.

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Donna Davis

Did you know that 97 percent of the businesses in Arizona are classified as small business? The federal definition of a small business is one that has 500 employees or less, leaving almost all of Arizona’s business to fall into the small business category. Because of that, it is imperative that the small business community unite and have our collective voices heard. We need to be committed to and passionate about preserving a prosperous community that is sustained by competitive businesses. How do we do that? One way is through collaboration and cooperation.

At asba, we have our Member-2-Member Marketplace Do business with one another. which encourages our members to do business with each other. Let’s grow our own. Buy local. Whenever possible, shop local and keep more money in our state. Barter. You’ll be amazed at what you can get if you just ask for it. Have a voice. Hold our elected officials accountable for focusing on key legislation aimed at stimulating the economy and creating jobs. Don’t get off into the weeds. Stay focused. Sometimes we want to do it all, but that isn’t always the best way to grow your business. It is best to focus on a few things and do them well. Constantly retool and retrain. In a fast-paced world with increasing complexity, it’s critical to update yourself and your team with timely education and training. We help individuals work smarter and earn college credit with convenient, low-cost educational programming through our 24/7 online asba|academy (over 300 courses offered). Any of us who currently run a small business (or have in the past) know that it takes resourcefulness, resiliency and courage. There are ups and downs in the market that test your business, but the ones that make it through are stronger and more resilient than before. The important thing is to remain focused on the goal and the reason you started your business. Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we have. Let’s join together and leverage our collective resources and influence. Join the action; get involved. A candle loses nothing lighting another candle. – Donna Davis • ceo • arizona small business association

entrepreneurs are optimistic The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser – in case you thought optimism was dead. – Robert Brault Entrepreneurs have just weathered six months of the worst conditions in decades. You know very well how your business is faring, but do you know how your experience compares to that of your peers? In a recent survey conducted by, 42 percent of respondents reported that their experience was

“not as bad as it could have been” and 25 percent reported that they “did surprisingly well.” Obviously, while this question measures outlook rather than actual results, it indicates that a full two-thirds of the small business community is in a positive frame of mind. Now, that’s amAZing!


small businesses doing things


by: whitney fletcher, asba marketing + events director doing amAZing things? email

Blinded by mass layoffs and the financial mishaps of Fortune 500 companies, we have overlooked a smaller but more important transformation: the increasing number of small businesses doing BIG things. Here are three examples of small businesses doing amAZing things to save money, make money and create opportunities for themselves and the Arizona economy.

saving money Company: Jobing Owner: Aaron Matos Established: 1999

For more than 10 years, Jobing has been a pioneer in online employment marketing and branding. They were the first to bring the power of local community networking to the Internet by building a strong network of community-based job boards focusing on local industries and professions to help drive

talent to employers where they needed it most, in their own hometown. They continue to build upon what they know and add new products and services to offer their clients a more comprehensive approach to employment marketing. Jobing is more than just a job board - they help organizations build their employment brand, talent network and ultimately hire great local people. With Jobing Technology Services, they are helping businesses create more effective recruitment-branding strategies that allow them to get the most from their

marketing efforts and ultimately lower their cost-per-hire through comprehensive branded marketing materials and technology solutions. With their new suite of products, companies can reach candidates in more places, while still targeting the right audience, and manage their campaign from one easy-to-access location. This also cuts down on the added time it would normally take to manage a multichannel campaign—which lets our HR and recruiting professionals spend more time on other important responsibilities.

From left to right: Holly Schor, Director of Community Marketing; Shawna Adams, General Manager Tucson; Brian Mohr, Sr. VP of Operations & General Manager Phoenix; Greta Suda, AVP of Community Marketing at the September 1, 2010, Arizona SHRM Annual Conference.


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making money Company: Cullum Homes Owner: Rod and Kim Cullum Established: 1985 Founded in 1985, Cullum Homes is one of the oldest and most reputable luxury homebuilders in Arizona. The Scottsdale-based business specializes in custom and semi-custom homes in affluent areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area such as Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Silverleaf, Firerock and Desert Mountain. Cullum Homes was the proud recipient of a Custom Home magazine Pacesetter Award for innovation, and has been listed twice among the “Fastest-Growing Residential Construction Companies” ranking in BUILDER magazine. Their projects have been profiled in both local and national publications. Over a year ago, Cullum Homes developed a plan which was to refocus, retool and rebuild. They achieved a major milestone in August when they broke ground on The Village at Paradise Reserve at 40th Street and Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley. This lock-and-go lifestyle community

will consist of 32 single-family homes that have a smaller footprint, but with the same craftsmanship, superior design and luxury amenities that have become their hallmarks over the past 25 years. This project is one of the first new home communities to be built

From left to right: Eddie Strong, Director of Architecture for Cullum Homes; Scott Schiabor, VP of Paradiso Development Corporation; Bob Sahd, President of Paradiso Development Corporation; Rod Cullum, President of Cullum Homes; and Brad Cullum, Project Estimator in August 2010 at The Village at Paradise Reserve jobsite.

creating opportunities Company: Sports Buzz™ Haircuts and Talking Trash Waste Removal Owner: Joe Higgins Established: Sports Buzz™ Haircuts 2002 and Talking Trash 2004

Owner, Joe Higgins, at one of Sports Buzz™ Haircuts locations in Tucson, Arizona.

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in the State of Arizona since the real estate market downturn deepened significantly in 2008. It is estimated to infuse $64 million in construction materials and labor into the local economy, providing much-needed jobs to the local building community.

Joe is currently the owner of two very successful businesses in the Tucson, Ariz., market. In 2002, he launched his first Sports Buzz™ Haircuts location. Sports Buzz™ is a unique, sports-themed hair care concept that markets and caters predominantly to men and children. The brand grew to six locations in Tucson within four years and has been visited by 40,000-50,000 Tucsonans since its opening. The brand has become an integral part of the Tucson landscape. In 2004, Joe won a contract to be the trash service provider for Ad Vision, which sparked the birth of Talking Trash Waste Removal. Currently, Talking Trash services 22 homeowner associations in Green Valley and the Tucson foothills. Talking Trash has grown rapidly in a highly competitive industry that is dominated by multi-billion-dollar firms by providing superior service, tailored to the customer. Joe has been a serial entrepreneur all his working life. Joe’s first business at age 18 was a dry cleaning delivery business serving the San Diego area. Joe has been involved in 14 different startups and launches from all types of industries from agriculture to oil spills to cell phones and medical labs. He attributes his success as an entrepreneur to being blessed to survive large and small mistakes and to constantly learning from other people’s success. “Success as an entrepreneur is 10% skill, 10% hard work and the rest is being in the right place at the right time and being able to capitalize on opportunities.”


arizona small business association board of directors John Adam Kowalski, Chair Pivot Productions, Inc. Lynn-Paige, Vice Chair PerfectPower, Inc. Donna Robinson, Treasurer Network Dogs, Inc. Holly Schor, Secretary Jobing Kristine Kassel, Immediate Past Chair Benefits By Design, Inc. Patricia Sachs Chess Social Solutions, Inc./ Green Planet Postal Jacob Gregory Clifton Gunderson, LLP Glenn Hamer Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jack Hamlett Mad Science of Scottsdale N.E. Phx Joe Higgins Sports Buzz™ Haircuts Rena Huber APS/AAAME Roy Irwin Irwin Insurance & Investments, LLC Debi Kuehn Kuehn Financial Education Services Matthew McKinney Tiffany & Bosco, P.A. Doug Martin Good News Radio Broadcasting Raul S. Monreal Jr. South Mountain Community College Susan Ratliff Exhibit Experts Brad Specht Wells Fargo Bank Janice Washington AZ SBDC Network


col•lab•o•ra•tion by kristen wilson, asba sr. vp, member services + marketing

Collaboration is defined as a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals. In recent years, we have seen a refreshing shift in the level of collaboration between organizations and businesses. Fierce competitors have now become fierce collaborators. The very foundation of this new publication was based off of the idea of collaboration, which is a big reason asba is excited to be involved. A quote we often hear from our CEO, Donna Davis, is, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” True collaboration for asba is a win-win-win situation; we win, our partners win and, ultimately, our small business members win. It is crucial that we come together and share resources as we move toward common goals and objectives. Each and every day, I hear stories of small businesses creating exciting new opportunities, products and services by partnering and aligning with other businesses. Successful businesses who may have once viewed each other as competitors are now even more successful partners. This has included everything from sharing office space, to comarketing to their target audience, to creating entirely new and creative offerings. asba is committed to forming strategic partnerships with our peer organizations in order to ignite the same spirit of collaboration within our small business community. Listed below are a few of the organizations we love to collaborate with, including some of the exciting opportunities that have come from these partnerships. We encourage you to check out each of these organizations as resources for you and your business. (For a full list of our Strategic Partners and Community Alliances, visit Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry asba and the Arizona Chamber collaborate to advance the voice of business at the state capitol. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s goal is to serve as the collective voice for Arizona business at the state legislature. The Arizona Chamber exists to represent the interests of commerce and industry in a way that enhances our state economy.

BNI Arizona BNI provides our members with access to referral groups and best practices on building a referral network. Through our partnership, members of both organizations can access unique incentives and members-only benefits. BNI is the world’s largest referral organization. Better Business Bureau (BBB) asba understands and values marketplace integrity and is pleased to be able to provide additional resources to our members through this partnership with the BBB. BBB is the leader in advancing marketplace trust. They work with businesses of all sizes to encourage, support and showcase marketplace integrity, business ethics and best practices. International Coach Federation (ICF) asba and ICF have partnered to provide complimentary professional coaching sessions to our asba members. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. www.icfphoenix. com or US Small Business Administration (SBA) asba is proud to present the SBA Awards for the State of Arizona at the Enterprise Business Awards Luncheon each year. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small business concerns, preserves free competitive enterprise and maintains and strengthens the overall economy of our nation.

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arizona work comp rates cut 2.8% J by harold gribow, asba safety program director

Good news for employers. The Arizona Department of Insurance approved a 2.8 percent overall rate reduction in workers’ compensation insurance premiums beginning Jan. 1. This is the second straight year the DOI has cut rates, helping to keep Arizona’s workers’ compensation among the lowest in the nation. The recommended rate reductions are in every industry sector: manufacturing, contracting, office and clerical, agriculture, goods and miscellaneous. Actual suggested rate adjustments for each policyholder is different and is determined by the classification code or codes for the occupations performed in the respective business. This means that some businesses may receive base rate premium decreases larger than 2.8 percent, while others may get an increase. The 2.8 percent cut in premium is based on a recommendation submitted in August by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, a national organization that analyzes workers’ compensation and employee injury data and statistics. Also beginning in January, an adjustment will be made to the workers’ compensation indemnity benefits that are paid to injured workers who either will be out of work for a long period of time or are

no longer able to work. This increase is indexed by the average Arizona monthly wage, which has been recalculated to $3,920.75, up from $3,763.44 this year. The arizona small business association (asba), in partnership with SCF Arizona, offers workers’ compensation insurance and an Association Safety Program to assist Arizona businesses, both small and large, with safety training and consultation that will help them understand and reap the benefits of reduced work accidents, fewer workers’ compensation claims and better compliance with OSHA regulations. For more information, please contact Harold Gribow, asba Association Safety Program Director at 602.931.4107 or Todd Dennis, SCF Association Coordinator at 602.631.2212.

membership has its benefits asba members have access to exclusive incentives & discounts. - medical, dental & vision

- life insurance

- short term medical

- prescription coverage

- supplemental plans

- SCF workers’ comp

arizona small business benefits call 602.931.4118 or visit I n B u si n ess M agazi n e


cut costs, not benefits J by steve holgerson, asba vp, member benefits

There are several subsidies available that could help reduce the cost of providing health insurance coverage for your employees. “The Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit” includes $5 million put aside by the State government to hand out in tax credits to health insurance companies which then pass on the credit in the

form of reduced premiums for those companies who qualify. Another tax credit is included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This credit is available to small employers that have the equivalent of 25 full time employees and contribute at least 50 percent toward the cost of single coverage. The maximum credit is 35 percent of premiums paid by eligible small business employers and 25 percent for tax exempt employers. For more information on these credits, please visit our website at Affordable premiums can also be found in the form of HSA (Health Care Savings Account) plans and HRA (Health Reimbursement Account), where a lower-cost high-deductible health plan is purchased, and the cost associated with those deductibles is offset by a tax-deferred health care savings account, or a reimbursement account.  Finally, a qualified health insurance agent is the key in helping you navigate the complicated world of employee benefits.  The expertise of an insurance agent can sometimes make the difference in whether or not you have the most cost-effective, highest quality plan available.  At arizona small business benefits (asbb) we can help you find the plan that is best for you and your employees.

the importance of buying local J by christy coe, asba director, member benefits

Why buy local? Michael H. Shuman, author of Going Local, writes, “Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers.” A 2008 study by Civic Economics determined that just a 10 percent shift in consumer spending toward locally owned businesses would result in an estimated $140 million in new economic activity, 1,600 new jobs, and $50 million in new wages. “Several economic studies have shown that three times more consumer dollars stay right in the community when a purchase is made at a local business,” says Kimber Lanning, Executive Director of Local First Arizona. “People everywhere are beginning to understand how important it is to support the local businesses. The local food movement is booming, and business-to-business deals are on the rise right here at home.”


Create more good jobs: Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally, and in our community, provide the most jobs to residents. Reduce environmental impact: Locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation and generally set up shop in town or city centers as opposed to developing on the fringe. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution. Put your taxes to good use: Local businesses in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the community. asba continues to look for ways to support our local Arizona business community while

providing ways for them to make and save money. Member Perk$ – AZ is asba’s newest opportunity for businesses to do just that by partnering with locally-owned and operated businesses to promote local buying (make money) and to provide unique discounts to asba members (save money).

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featured members Here is just a small selection of additions to the exciting, growing asba community.

1 – 25 employee category • Algae Biosciences, Corp. (Overgaard, AZ) • OrangeSlyce (Tempe, AZ) • Daniel’s Moving & Storage (Tucson, AZ) • West Valley National Bank (Avondale, AZ) • Venture Architects (Yuma, AZ)

26 – 100 employee category • A.T. Construction, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) • Employers Dental Services (Tucson, AZ) • Fortis Landcare (Tempe, AZ) • Hughes Federal Credit Union (Tucson, AZ) • Sonoran Technology & Professional Services (Goodyear, AZ)

101+ employee category • Arizona Biltmore (Phoenix, AZ) • Avnet (Phoenix, AZ) • AGM Container Controls, Inc. (Tucson, AZ) • Comerica Bank (Phoenix, AZ) • Raytheon Missile Systems (Tucson, AZ) For the entire member directory, visit

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with nearly 5,000 members spread throughout Arizona, is an integral resource for asba members small business community. on demand andand in the demand - the new with nearly 5,000 members spread throughout Arizona, is an integral resource for asba members and the small business community.

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a|space, do asba’s exclusive business onlineonline community, features interactive In the all new asba member to member marketplace businesses can host and search for discounts 24/7. Posts businesscan profiles. Businesses can upload photos, documents include both photo and video allowing for maximum creativity and personalization. and Each month and enewsletter featuring new discounts is sent to those who have opted in maximizing your exposure. files; create custom pages with personalized URL’s; link to social Take a minute to visit the new and experience some of the amAZing features for yourself. You will media accounts; connect and chat with others; and add profiles for be glad you did! their employees.

train your employees Through the asba|academy, an online, on-demand, 24/7 learning environment, business owners and their employees can access over 300+ business courses. Employers can also create custom learning plans and track employee usage and progress.

do business online In the all new asba member-2-member marketplace, businesses can post and search for discounts 24/7. Posts can include both photo and video, allowing for maximum creativity and personalization. Each month an e-newsletter featuring new discounts is sent to those who have opted in, maximizing your exposure.

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