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NEW FACE OF BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY DILLI JUTTLA Talks to Cosmo about her new film, her new lifestyle and much MORE. Oh, and we look into the new founding relationship with one of OUTSIDER’s men... Interview SITAL CHANA



he British film industry has a new storm headed towards it. Founded by Joseph Hahn., former DJ of the American band Linkin Park, this new star had risen. At the ages of 17 Dilli Juttla has become a superstar within a few months. Her high rise to success has lead to new people, place and dreams. From her minor roles in various different TV programs to a film role.

Cosmo was lucky to catch a few moments with the gorgeous gal whilst she was taking her break from filming “OUTSIDER” Directed by the famous Sital Chana, fiancé of top actor and singer Joe Jonas. Even though Dilli huge success has made her a huge star we don't know the story behind this girl. Just the excuse Cosmo needs to meet up with the ultimate scary ass actress and get under her skin. It’s time to discover what really makes this strong, sexy super businesswoman tick. So here, in a rare interview,Dilli opens up. and Cosmo’s here to listen... Dilli! How did you get involved in the filming business? “I've always loved acting, but I never took it seriously because its such a tough business. So I started making small videos and uploading them on the internet...Then one day I got a call from Joseph Hahn…And then you know the rest.” You started out in appearances in soaps like Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Then you got you role in Eastenders, how is it different to the movie roles? “The movie was such a big step up. Instead of playing a small role, I was suddenly the centre of such a big production. It was scary and exciting at the same time.” Did you have any training or anything to get you into your character roles? “I wouldn’t really call it training. But me and most of the cast would go out and watch scary movies just for fun and I guess that sort of helped me play my role. I wanted to scare the audience.” When you got the call for an audition for “Outsider” can you remember you exact feelings and emotions? “I was doubtful. Afraid. And extremely excited. If it wasn't for my amazing manager Joseph Hahn I would have said no. The role itself would have been difficult for me to play as I’ve never done something like it before. But having my family supporting me 100 per cent I couldn't turn down the opportunity. When you heard the storyline, what did you think of it? “I loved the story behind it. I felt like I was doing it for the girls” You’re very fit. *laughs* as in health wise. How do you mange to keep in such good shape? “I just don't know... I keep eating and nothing happens *laughs*”

“I just don't know...I keep eating but nothing happens ” Now normally we’ve seen you play really glamorous roles. This time you was more stripped down instead of dolled up. How did you adjust to such a change? “It was very difficult. But the cast helped me adjust and it was a great new experience” With that, what do you think makes a woman sexy? “All I’m going to say is that, girls can read every book, take advice from everyone, wear all the make up and expensive clothes– but nothing will help them. They have to sit down and find who they want to be. Because in reality, it’s our imperfections that truly makes us beautiful. And people who love us for who we are, are the people who we should surrounded by.” What advice would you give to our reader to make them feel more confident with themselves ? “A sexy woman is a woman that holds her head up, gives us a real smile and works what she's got.” When you were a child, how did you think your life would be at 17. I mean your still very young? “Haha, I thought id be in school doing work! Still am... Only this time I’ve got a much more exciting life.” You’ve become a role model to so many girls and I’m sure the boys wouldn’t turn you down. What advice give your fans about following their dreams? “If you really want it. You have to be willing to make those sacrifices. Everything happens for a reason.” During the filming of “Outsider” we heard you found a romance with one of the casting members Mohammed Rahman. What made you both click? “We had so much in common! He was so funny and I found being around him comfortable. There was never an awkward moment, he made it easy to play such a difficult role. What happened next is for me and him to know…” What things did you both have in common? “Our music taste, hobbies, movies, books...And we both love sexy men!” Tell us. Rahman has been known to charm the ladies. What's the most romantic thing he's done for you? “The most romantic thing he's done for me?...hmm..You’ll have to ask him that one. Because I can’t think of anything.” We know about Rahman’s wild adventures so he must have taken you on some wild dates. What ideal dates have you both been on? “The dates are fun and I’ll just say… Very different every time. But in a good way He loves surprising me.” Do you see a future with him? “Relationships are more fun when you take everyday as it comes.”

Dilli and Mohammed took a break from filming


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