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‘Best British movie to date! A complex, mind confusing , emotional movie.’



This movie has a variety of different aspects such as romance, jealousy, horror and psychological challenges. All bring in and attract different audiences which gives the movie a great appeal to more that one audience which has shown to be quite popular.


The star actress, Rabia Azam has been very brave to take on a mentally tough role as it challenges the acting of a psychologically disturbed girl who seems to be quite dangerous. Azam said, ‘personally being a calm and collected person, this role was difficult as I had to understand the mind of someone psycho. It was a challenge, but a challenge worth taking’.


Empire Reader Screening See Naomi Dattani and Ramita Kahlon’s newest exciting psychological thriller starring new British actor Rabia Azam


abia Azam, a new addition to the British Film Industry who has taken a new thriller filled role as a psychologically disturbed young girl causing a series of ‘mad’ events. April 2011 EMPIRE 50

Directors Naomi Dattani and Ramita Kahlon both said to Empire that it was a great experience to take on a new horror genre which really challenged the minds of actors and the crew cast themselves. Being able to understand the codes and conventions to achieve a successful eye opening movie to what may be experienced less glamorised in homes today. Dattani said ‘it was a chance as a new director appeal to different audiences that reflected real life values in the world today of jealousy, and no one giving love and care for a young person. It’s already hard to achieve a life itself, but overcoming other stresses takes a lot of courage. Adults will enjoy and sympathise with this young girl who is lonely most of the time through the film.

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Overall, the movie has fast and slow paced scenes, building suspense and confusion as the narrative goes along. It accelerates to more difficulties, more murders and more questions. This budgeted film has achieved a vast amount and considerably the best British movie to date! Being a British low budget movie, Empire’s screening expressed real emotion, technicality and cinematography that was achieved in the movie. Only working with a small budget, the effects on intense make up and stunt scenes made this film very successful. The whole of the cast has achieved a massive goal, and Enigma is the movie to watch!

Elisha depressed trying to wash her sorrows down the drain

support. Tension builds within the home, mother or girl? This confusion grasps arguments, fights, and intense emotions real tension and suspension through the ‘Elisha’ played by Rabia Azam, an leads to something fatal. What happens? movie which relates to the chain of adopted young fifteen year old is brought murders that continuously seem to arise into a family of four who is shown to be The nature of ‘Elisha’s’ character in the near neighbourhood where happy loving, innocent and caring. Although changes drastically yet is secretive. A families are destroyed. Is this girl experiencing a difficult life in the past, more psychologically disturbed young psycho? Is it all a terrible nightmare? Elisha manages to adjust, have romance girl, experienced many upsetting events, Who’s to blame? leads to her increase in jealousy for From an audience’s point of view, a ‘who but unfortunately leads to pregnancy. others. Through various nights through has done it’ narrative has been released Her struggles in life increase with pressures from parents who have strict reflection of herself, she writes diaries of through the trailer in order to grasp mysterious riddles. Who posts them, the attention and sympathy for the young girl morals to strive for the best with their The director’s goal was to achieve an exhilarating, audience capturing thriller that involved morals to some extent but more exaggeration on the young girl’s life and how her past and present experiences have led her to commit murders.

played by Rabia Azam.

A room with no windows or doors Walks in the night, grows in a day, is found where there is death and decay....

April 2011 EMPIRE 50


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