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Did you do any individual preparation for Enigma?

The heat interview

(Laughs) Well, yes as it was my first movie and wanted to make a real effort to achieve my highest potential. I do deserve some sweets now!

I love it! Just imagine everyone wants to know about you and only you! It’s a wonderful feeling and I ‘m very grateful to everyone that helped me achieve my goal so early.

Was there any vigorous exercise involved? I just do exercise for whole body every so often but not too intense. I like to stay toned but I don’t lots of muscles as most women don’t. I go to the gym sometimes, really pushing myself to achieve the best result. Long processes, but girls, don’t give up! On fashion, do you aspire to be like anyone?

Moving away from your on going stardom, with the all recent riches, what are you going to spend it all on? I would love to go on holiday to South Africa! Always wanted to go there, and I may take my family. Heat: ‘maybe!?’ No. Of course I will take them, they have supported me so much with every decision I make. Just want to take them and show my appreciation. Heat: ‘You’re are so thoughtful!’

ENIGMA Psycho ‘Elisha’

I love Vanessa Hudgens style, her fashion sense is so beautiful! Being young I am experimenting with different styles, but flowery dresses are my favourite and a way to prove its summer!

“I want my own fashion

Any interest in your own fashion line?

Ooo, well that would something interesting in the future once I secure more jobs. It would be an amazing feeling having fans Simple but so wearing the clothes I design. A comfortable!’ real goal to achieve!


Any secret lovers in your world? Justin Bieber maybe?

‘My favourite sunglasses’

(Laughs) Well, a very successful young man like him who is adored by many females, want chances do I have. Heat: Don’t be so modest! You should be the hottest youngest couple to date! Azam (Shy and quiet) I have met him once, and he was lovely, but as time goes on anything with anyone can happen.

(Laughs shyly) Well, I’m not going to say anything, but he was so nice to work with, very calm and professional. We have become the best of friends since. Where’s your ideal shopping place? Well, everyone loves Primark because it’s cheap! But I do love Are the Best! Flip Flops River Island, their clothes are amazing, I like to treat myself every so often when I go out. Heat: Well, you’re all famous now, you should be wearing Prada!)

Have you got any plans for the next type of movie you want to do? As it’s only the beginning, I don't mind any role. I need to experience more horror, possibly drama or even comedy! Let’s see what type of movies I fit into. You never know, I could be showing of some unseen talent! (Laughs) Watch this space! Did you ever know you were going to be a smash hit when going into acting? To be honest, as a young person, opportunities come all the time, I always wanted to act in school musicals and was named the drama queen! But just taking any chance through auditions, I hoped one day that something small would come along, but nothing as big as this, and I’m very thankful t everyone. We also found out from our sources that you have another talent?

Watching the movie, we did notice an actor who was played as your boyfriend; any connection?


How do you feel about the sudden media attention?

5 April—12 April 2011

‘Shorts; summer has come!’

Well, urm, talent as in my singing that I do on the side. I wouldn't call it talent. Heat: ‘Why you being modest, we’ve got a little snippet that out readers can check out. Do you mind?’ Of course not, but its only a little hobby at the moment, not sure if I want to go into the music industry just yet. Well Heat readers, here is an exclusive song by Rabia Azam called ‘Believer’. Thank you Rabia for this interview, Our readers must’ve loved reading about you. You will come again in the future? Rabia: Of course, Heat is my favourite magazine!

The heat interview

Rabia Azam “ ”


Photography by Samuel Reed

Wow! Check out Rabia Azam’s undercover fashionable look. The new actress took the main role in the new movie Enigma. Coming into Heat’s interview room wearing a blue summery, flowing dress with no objection to capture the eyes of many! But her figure through a healthy active lifestyle definitely achieves aspirations for others. Being the new young fresh actress in the celebrity world, Rabia Azam has surely taken over many front pages!


Although Azam only 16years old, she is the one to watch in the coming years where her success and popularity will grow massively! She is keeping us entertained with an endless innuendo. A cheeky young woman definitely got Heat laughing with her small jokes and grins. In the movie, her exaggerated scary look even shown in the interview frightened many, but kept them at ease when her signature loud laughing calms the mood. In this exclusive interview we have a fun and exciting talk with the new and upcoming success story for the future...

5 April—12 April 2011

This is her own customized dress!


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