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Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - Page 39

Movies, DVDs

With James Sherlock

Reviews by Aaron Rourke

What’s Hot and What’s Not in DVDs and Blu-Rays

● Oscar winners Jodie Foster (front), Kate Winslet (right) Christoph Waltz (rear) and Oscar nominated John C. Reilly just as the mayhem is about to begin in Roman Polanski's biting comic satire Carnage. FILM: CARNAGE: Cast: Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly. Genre: Comedy. Year: 2011. Rating: M. Running Time: 76 Minutes. Format: DVD and BLU-RAY. Stars: ****1/2 Verdict: Two pairs of parents hold a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in a fight, but as their time together progresses growing childish behaviour throws the meeting into utter chaos. Roman Polanski's delightfully biting satire based on the play "Le Dieu du Carnage" (God of Carnage) by Yasmina Reza is powered by a razor sharp script and four great talents at their peak, a mesmerizing, cruelly funny tour-de-force filled with savage wit and explosive lightning bolt rapid fire verbal fireworks superbly delivered under the tightly skilled direction of a master filmmaker and storyteller. FILM: THE DUELLISTS: Cast: Harvey Keitel, Keith Carradine. Genre: Drama. Year: 1977. Rating: M. Running Time: 100 Minutes. Format: DVD. Stars: **** Verdict: Visionary Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott's feature film debut based on Joseph Conrad's The Duel is a grand, sweeping Napoleonic age epic of an officer in the French army who insults another officer and sets off a 30 year feud as they cross swords time after time again in an attempt to achieve justice and preserve their honour. Scott excels by creating a sumptuous, visually breathtaking and stunningly beautiful experience filled with haunting and unforgettable images that compare to such legendary filmmakers as David Lean and Stanley Kubrick. FILM: EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE: Cast: Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Thomas Horn. Genre: Drama. Year: 2011. Rating: PG. Running Time: 129 Minutes. Format: DVD and BLU-RAY. Stars: ** Verdict: The sometimes moving but not completely fulfilling journey of a nine-year-old amateur inventor who searches New York City for the lock that matches a mysterious key left behind by his father, who died in the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Fine performances from Tom Hanks, Max Von Sydow and Sandra Bullock, but what grates it down is the performance of the son who gets on the nerves throughout, however, the final payoff makes it all somewhat worthwhile, but only just. FILM: WOODY ALLEN - A DOCUMENTARY: Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Sean Penn, Martin Scorsese, Naomi Watts. Genre: Documentary. Year: 2011. Rating: M. Running Time: 195 Minutes. Format: DVD and BLU-RAY. Stars: ***1/2 Verdict: An insightful and entertaining feature length documentary on legendary Oscar winning actor, comedian writer, producer and director, Woody Allen, through the man himself, a revealing journey from his childhood haunts to his recent movie sets. Filled with many anecdotes from those who have worked with him and know him best, with very few stones left unturned, and even at 195 minutes it isn't long enough. Other interviews also include Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, and many more.



Top 10 Lists

● Helen Mirren with James Mason cinematic artist, whose own love for light, colour, and life has given us some of the greatest celluloid works ■ (PG). 107 minutes. Available now ever made. on DVD. Hopefully its DVD release will be A wonderful ode to the intoxicat- successful enough to see the film reing power of nature and the kind of leased on Blu-Ray, where its use of creative love it can inspire, Age Of colour and location will look stunning. Consent is a warm and absorbing exRATING - ***½ perience that washes over you, made by one of the true masters of cinema. Based on the autobiographical novel by famed artist Norman Lindsay, the story centres on successful ■ (MA). 129 minutes. Still showing painter Bradley Morahan (James at Cinema Nova. Effective, mostly realistic look at Mason), who has become jaded by the now business-orientated art world the French CPU (Child Protection around him, and has lost his love for Unit), and how its officers deal with so many soul-destroying cases. painting. To try and rekindle that love for Following the unit is photogra'light, colour, and life', Morahan returns to his home town in Queensland, pher Melissa (played by co-writer/diand isolates himself in a run-down rector Maiwenn) who, as her assignshack on an island located along the ment continues, becomes more inGreat Barrier Reef. volved with the group than she should. It is here he meets the young, freeWell-acted by all, there are scenes spirited Cora (Helen Mirren in her that feel distressingly real, and the feature film debut), who lights a cre- way the officers try and cope with the ative spark within the artist, but doesn't grim subject matter each day is exrealise the feelings of hope and self- pertly handled, never veering into worth he instills in her. over-the-top melodrama. Legendary director Michael Powell A conventional romantic subplot in(The Edge Of The World / The Thief volving Melissa unfortunately never Of Bagdad / The Life And Of Colonel rings true and feels unnecessary, inBlimp / A Matter Of Life And Death / stead of us more appropriately seeing Black Narcissus / The Red Shoes / this dark world through her camera Peeping Tom) isn't interested as much lens. in making a bio-pic about an artist as A more natural, hand-held camera he is in allowing us to understand the style is thankfully employed, instead artistic process itself, and this is what of the intrusive, heavy-handed shakymakes this such a fascinating film. cam that plagues so many movies of Powell beautifully uses the colours this type today. and sounds of nature, as well as the A very worthy companion piece to vibrant, uncorrupted persona of Cora Children Of The Dark (2008) and Sito show how an artist can be illumi- lenced (2011). nated and enlightened by the world RATING - **** around him, and how he can then put that world on canvas. He also shows what a small window of opportunity true artistic inspiration can be. Mason (Odd Man Out / North By Northwest / Lolita / Cross Of Iron / ■ (PG). 91 minutes. Coming Soon. The renowned Studio Ghibli deThe Verdict) gives one of his most relaxed performances, and brings the liver the goods again, giving audiperfect spirit to the role of Morahan. ences a charming film filled with Mirren (The Queen / Excalibur / lovely characters, genuine emotion, The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, And and of course gorgeous animation. A high school student whose life is Her Lover) is terrific as Cora, and encapsulates her naive but genuine love kept busy by helping her grandmother, for life in a convincingly natural man- who has turned their family home into a sharehouse, starts to get a taste of ner. Jack MacGowran is just too abra- the world outside when she meets a sive as Morahan's unwanted friend male student who runs the school paNat Kelly, and Michael Boddy is per. Set during 1964 when industry and cartoonish as the dim-witted local cop. The Great Barrier Reef is breath- culture was changing significantly, we takingly shot, and it's amazing to see see how many of the students were how much Australia has changed in developing a more open-minded view of the world around them. 43 years. Characters are nicely written, and Lovingly restored to its original version (paintings that were supposed the meticulous, hand-drawn animato appear during the opening credits tion and sound design are again a joy are back, as is Peter Sculthorpe's ex- to behold, making this stand above the cellent music score), Age Of Consent typically loud, computer-animated is an under-rated (and perhaps mis- films that flood cinemas now. RATING - **** understood) film made by someone - Aaron Rourke who can be definitely described as a

Age Of Consent


From Up On Poppy Hill

THE AUSTRALIAN BOX OFFICE TOP TEN: 1. ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT. 2. TED. 3. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. 4. BRAVE. 5. PROMETHEUS. 6. THE THREE STOOGES. 7. THAT'S MY BOY. 8. ROCK OF AGES. 9. MEN IN BLACK 3. 10. A ROYAL AFFAIR. NEW RELEASES AND COMING SOON TO CINEMAS AROUND AUSTRALIA: JULY 5: KATY PERRY: PART OF ME, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, A HAPPY EVENT BOL BACHCHAN, TED. JULY 12: HYSTERIA, NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, BARFEE. THE DVD TOP SELLERS: 1. THIS MEANS WAR [Comedy/ Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine]. 2. PROJECT X [Comedy/Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper, Thomas Mann]. 3. JOHN CARTER [Action/Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Bryan Cranston]. 4. THE ARTIST [Comedy/Drama/ Romance/Jean Dujardin, John Goodman]. 5. CARNAGE [Comedy, Drama, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly]. 6. CONTRABAND [Action/Drama/ Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster]. 7. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE [Drama/Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock]. 8. MAN ON A LEDGE [Action/ Drama/Jamie Bell, Sam Worthington, Ed Harris]. 9. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN [Drama/True Story/Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh]. 10. THE GREY [Thriller/Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney]. Also: J.EDGAR, UNDERWORLDAWAKENING, SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, SAFE HOUSE, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, HUGO, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, SHAME, WAR HORSE, THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. NEW RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS ON DVD THIS WEEK: CORIOLANUS [Drama/Ralph Fiennes, Gerald Butler, Vanessa Redgrave]. HEADHUNTERS [Thriller/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Aksel Hennie]. DEMOTED [Comedy/Sean Astin, David Cross, Michael Vartan]. LULLABY [Romance/Drama/Rupert Friend, Forest Whitaker, Clemence Poesy]. PHILLY KID [Action/Chris Browning, Sarah Butler]. SHELTER [Thriller/Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers]. NEW & RE-RELEASE CLASSICS ON DVD HIGHLIGHTS: JOHN WAYNE Ultimate Collection: Volume One [12 Movie Classics - No Titles Listed]. JOHN WAYNE Ultimate Collection: Volume Two [13 Movie Classics - No Titles Listed]. Turn To Page 43

Page 40 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Melbourne


Lovatts Crossword No 32 Across

2. Supervisory (position) 7. Pays brief visit (5,2) 11. Rule 17. Yacht pole 18. Untruth 19. Spanish cheer 20. Ellipse 21. Hangover symptom 22. Decreased 23. Woeful 26. Unfilled space 28. Citizen soldiers 29. Adolescent 31. Existence 34. World computer link 36. Archfiend 39. Female equines 41. Roused 43. Suspension of workers (3-3) 46. Morocco's capital 47. Writer, Emily ... 49. Frolicked 51. Pharaohs' tombs 52. Repaints (car) 53. Short-sighted 54. Lieu 55. Flip in air 56. Ill-treatment 61. Featured musicians 64. Nautical speed unit 65. Fellows 66. Extending 67. ... or nay 69. Possessor 71. US coins 74. Not apparent 76. Penny-pincher 78. Elderly horse 79. Phlegm condition 81. Anti-terrorist squad (1,1,1) 83. Wigwam 84. Aunt's husband 86. Scented purple flower 89. Desert illusions 90. Humility 93. Roll (dice) 94. Sailor's yes (3,3) 97. Made (wage) 100. From India or China 101. Saviour 103. Subway 106. Long letter 108. Short-circuited 109. Mistake (4-2) 110. Untied 111. Islamic governors 112. Renowned 113. Power group 115. Salon worker (4,7) 118. Minor roads (4,7) 121. Be without 124. Early harps 128. Hickory tree nut 129. Aimed 130. Cosmos scientists 134. Brings up (child) 135. Excessively fat 136. Overshadow 137. Fragrance 138. Existing

Across 139. Abandon 140. Alluring 143. Natural disaster, ... wave 144. Vote in 147. Film 150. Extinct bird 151. White flower (7,4) 155. Not justified 157. Chime 158. Smell 159. Concur 162. Snapshots 164. Harrowing trial 167. Doctor 168. Rid of lice 169. Comfy seat (4,5) 172. Journalists' credits (2-5) 173. Polite 174. Unassuming 177. Deprive of food 180. Islands 181. Flight from reality 183. Reconstructed 184. Notorious gangster (2,6) 186. Potato variety 187. In vain, to no ... 188. Fulfilled (demand) 191. Actress, ... Diaz 195. See next page (1,1,1) 197. Megastars 198. Earphones 200. Idiocy 202. Middle-distance runner 203. Weeding implement 205. Protrudes (6,3) 206. ... de Cologne 208. Pleasant 209. Fireproof material 212. Funeral guests 215. US Mormon state 217. Feeble 220. Capital of Iowa, Des ... 222. Hiding game 224. Close watch (5,3) 226. Fries lightly 228. Wife, the ... 229. Bake (meat) 230. Crazier 232. Check 235. La Scala city 236. Dallas is there 238. Well-meaning person (2-6) 241. Spot 242. Admonish 243. Gain through will 244. Singer, ... Horne 246. Require 252. Mental stress 253. Renounce throne 254. Eyelid swelling 255. Focal point 256. Rug 257. East European 258. Opposition 259. Shipping route (3,4) 260. School project



1. Right on target (4-2) 2. Dr Jekyll's alter ego (2,4) 3. Ark builder 4. Moves (towards) 5. Recognise 6. Peru beasts 7. Battery segment 8. Grass 9. Weary sound 10. Xmas 11. Responds 12. Contraptions 13. Crocodile relatives 14. Taverns 15. Small lump 16. Wine jug 24. Trophies 25. Addressed crowd 26. Shaking motion 27. Listing articles 28. Actors Gibson or Brooks 30. Lamb's mother 32. Lack of aptitude 33. Instructors 35. Lament 37. Defence force 38. Beastliest 39. Raider 40. Glimpse 42. Map guide 44. Chooses 45. Thrifty 47. Long-snouted monkey 48. Ice-free Norwegian port 50. Rounded roof 53. Ponder 57. Freedom from guilt 58. Bare 59. Rocket ship crew 60. Talks keenly 62. Mountaineer's tool (3,3) 63. Oppress 65. Judi Dench stars in ... Henderson Presents 68. Aviator, ... Johnson 70. Vigilantly 72. Admission 73. Old photo colour 74. Open sore 75. Dessert, ... caramel 77. Kenya & Tanzania region (4,6) 80. Letter jumbles 82. Italian city 85. Come together 87. Daunted 88. Prince Edward, ... of Wessex 91. Biblical garden 92. Auction 95. Containing nothing 96. Upwardly mobile young people 98. Ripped apart, torn ... 99. Naked models 102. Group loyalty (6,2,5) 104. Nimble-fingered 105. Helps 107. Piercingly 113. Flowered 114. Requested from menu 116. US cotton state 117. Betrayal crime 119. Cavalryman 120. Codswallop 122. Accomplish 123. US motorbike stuntman, Evel ... 125. Extract (metal) 126. In the Arctic Circle 127. Specifically (2,3) 128. Sacred song 130. Astern

131. Weight unit 132. Record label (1,1,1) 133. Droop 141. Pseudonyms 142. US Rhode Island resort 145. Lengthy (4-6) 146. Droll plays 148. Totally preoccupies 149. Unable to read and write 152. Behaved 153. Louts 154. Finish 155. Great Bear constellation, ... Major 156. Jockey 160. Congers or morays 161. Native American tribespeople 163. Stitched garment edges 165. Cain & ... 166. Vending machine 167. Hitler book, ... Kampf 170. Vile act 171. Largest Turkish city 175. Leaves out 176. Praise highly 178. Panic 179. Current (permit) 182. Prison occupant 185. Progressed (4,2) 188. Names used wrongly 189. Most easily offended 190. Cigar dust 192. Almond biscuit 193. Most corroded 194. Flightless bird 195. Trite remark 196. Band 199. Induces 201. Made amends 204. Rowing aids 207. In present condition (2,2) 210. Companies 211. Samples (wine) 213. Coral bank 214. Safari 216. Large yacht 217. Scavenge 218. Tardiest 219. Your school, ... mater 221. Slip up 223. German or Greek 225. Eastern veils 227. In the past, long ... 228. Russian space station 231. Putrefy 233. Four score 234. Toughen (steel) 235. Liqueur, crème de ... 237. Afternoon nap 239. Most senior 240. Enfold 245. Urges on, ... up 247. Junior Scouts 248. Epic tale 249. Notion 250. Highest point 251. Windmill arm

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Solution on Page 29

















20 22

23 27












36 43





















54 55





65 69








74 79






85 90




76 81


94 101







83 87



















112 113
































137 140



136 139








158 159









174 181







203 208









230 236



243 247










253 255







256 259













201 206









193 200





204 209


179 184

191 198






183 186






257 260


Page 42 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Observer Victorian Sport


■ They are coming out of the red and blue corners, like in a title fight, with controversy over the two kilo weight claim mooted forfemale jockeys by the Australian Racing Board. Victorian Jockeys Chief Executive, Des O'Keefe, said that stats showed that a number of female riders had dropped off once their girls lost their claims and joined the senior ranks. O'Keefe suggested that there could be a bit of a backlash from some of the girls who would be too proud to accept it. He added that the proposal had no appeal whatsoever, and said standout females such as Clare Lindop, the leading rider in South Australia and a winner of the Victoria Derby on Rebel Raider; Michelle Payne, a winner of several Group Ones; Nikita Mc Lean (Beriman) who won the Emirates Stakes on Tears I Cry, and one of the best going around, Linda Meech, who rides a number of horses for the Peter Moody stable, and a lot of winners. Clare Lindop felt it was a 50-50 situation, but it would be handy getting another two kilos off a topweight. Linda Meech knocked the situation, but did admit she would be quick to take up the offer adding a fair bit of cash into the account, with more winners. Michelle Payne who has suffered some very bad falls said that she would

Ted Ryan

certainly grab the two kilo claim if it comes to fruition, especially as she is getting nearer the date to give it away despite the tender age of around 28. Most of the male riders I spoke to Caulfield recently said "You are joking", most of the girls are very strong in their races and a number of horses seem to settle better for them, so why give the distinct advantage". I loved colleague Matty Stewart's comment n the HeraldSun, when he said it has as much chance of the proposal being approved as Black Caviar running in the Grand Annual at Warrnambool in May. I fully concur; let's leave everything as it is. As the saying goes

Champion put down ■ My colleague at Magic Millions, Greg Irvine, has passed on the news that leading South Australian stallion, Blevic, who won the Victoria Derby in 1994, was euthanised recently. A resident at the Kambula Stud with the O'Toole family, since 1996, he was put down after complications following Colic surgery. A dual Group one winner, Blevic, was enormously popular and a very successful sire. In his`16 seasons at stud, he served 1218 mares with fertility exceeding 90 per cent, which was exceptional. To date he is the sire of 331 winners of over $ 21 million, including 41 stake horses with 24 stakes winners with the calibre of Blevvo, Shewan,Moudre, Exalted Ego, Shablec, Streetcar Magic, Under The Bridge, Sassbee, Exalted Lad and Glaneuse. Daughters of Blevic have already produced the stakes winners Phelan Ready, Alcopop, Pellizotti and Strawberry Filed.

■ I was saddened to hear of the passing of one of the nicest

■ From Page 32

Top 10 Lists BILLY THE KID: Volume One [Western/Buster Crabbe]. SILVER SCREEN COWBOYS: Roy Rogers. SILVER SCREEN COWBOYS: Gene Autrey. NEW RELEASE TELEVISION, DOCUMENTARY AND MUSIC DVD HIGHLIGHTS: THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: The Complete Collection. LIP SERVICE: Season 2. TOP BLU-RAY SELLERS: 1. JOHN CARTER-2D & 3D [Action/Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Bryan Cranston]. 2. THIS MEANS WAR [Comedy/Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine]. 3. PROJECT X [Comedy/Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper, Thomas Mann]. 4. EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE [Drama/Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock]. 5. CARNAGE [Comedy, Drama, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly]. 6. CONTRABAND [Action/Drama/Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster]. 7. THE ARTIST [Comedy/Drama/Romance/ Jean Dujardin, John Goodman]. 8. THE GREY [Thriller/Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney]. 9. MAN ON A LEDGE [Action/Drama/Jamie Bell, Sam Worthington, Ed Harris]. 10. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN [Drama/True Story/Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh]. Also: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, J. Edgar, Safe House, UnderworldAwakening, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, War Horse, Shame, The Adventures of TinTin.

if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Sad news ● Linda Meech Photo by SLICKPIX, phone 9354 5754

Observer Racing

Showbiz Extra

● Michelle Payne Photo by SLICKPIX, phone 9354 5754 people in racing, Kel Chapman, recently. Kel and his team trained many a top horse out of his stables at the ‘Heath’, and was very popular with all and sundry. Without doubt one of his most popular charges was that grand galloper, Samson, who strung together a number of wins in succession at the then new track at Sandown Park, which was opened in 1965. Kel worked with the legendary Tommy Woodcock who looked after the mighty Phar Lap, when he was a young man. In my time in the media I mixed with Kel and his team at the track and nothing was ever a trouble if you wanted anything be a story or a quick chat. I worked with his daughter Jenny on Channel 10 a few years back before she journeyed overseas where she is very popular on air in Singapore and Hong Kong. From all of us at the Melbourne Observer; our deepest sympathy to Jenny and the Chapman family.

■ Racing Victoria recently unveiled the VOBIS Gold Carat, the fifth lucrative feature to be run during the inaugural VOBIS Gold Premier race series. The first is to be held at Caulfield on Saturday January 5, 2013, the $180,000 VOBIS Gold Carat will be run exclusively for VOBIS Gold nominated two-year-olds over 1000 metres. It will be the first of five features in a lucrative series of juvenile races for which owners had to nominate their eligible yearlings with Racing Victoria, by the end of June. All Super VOBIS qualified yearlings (2010 foals) were eligible to be nominated to VOBIS Gold one-off payment of just $1100. This then qualified them for the rich two and three year-old premier race series, as well as competing for lucrative $20,000 bonuses right throughout the career, regardless of age. ■ $280,000 VOBIS Gold Rush (1000 metres 2YO.) Bendigo March 16, 2013. ■ $210,000 VOBIS Gold Stakes (1200 metres 2YO) Flemington April 13, 2013. ■ $ 100,000 Gold Strike (1000metres 2YO Fillies) Warrnambool April 30, 2013. ■ $180,000 Gold Elvstroem Classic (1300metres) Swan Hill June 7, 2013. In addition to the feature races, a minimum of 50 VOBIS Gold Bonus races will be on offer for the first crop of VOBIS Gold nominated horses during the 2012-2-13 season. Each of these races will carry a bonus of $20,000 VOBIS Gold on top of a super VPOBIS Bonus, which ranges in value from $98,000 for country races to $30,000 for metropolitan races. Minister for Racing, Dr Denis Napthine, said "It is fitting that Caulfield, the home of Victoria's premier two year-old race, the Blue Diamond, is named as the location for the hosting of a VOBIS Gold Premier race".

NEW RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS ON BLU-RAY THIS WEEK: CORIOLANUS [Drama/Ralph Fiennes, Gerald Butler, Vanessa Redgrave]. HEADHUNTERS [Thriller/Nikolaj CosterWaldau, Aksel Hennie]. DEMOTED [Comedy/Sean Astin, David Cross, Michael Vartan]. LULLABY [Romance/Drama/Rupert Friend, Forest Whitaker, Clemence Poesy]. PHILLY KID [Action/Chris Browning, Sarah Butler]. SHELTER [Thriller/Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers]. LIP SERVICE: Season 2. - James Sherlock

Jersey Boys returns The Jersey Boys will be back in Melbourne on January 10. The hit musical said Bye Bye Baby in 2010 after 13 months here ... but it's working its way back to Melbourne for a special encore and strictly limited 14-week season. Tickets go on sale on Monday (July 16). In Melbourne Jersey Boys played 453 performances and brought $108.3 million into the Melbourne economy. 22 per cent of tickets sold were to visitors from interstate and overseas, and 15% of tickets sold were to visitors from regional Victoria. It is the Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and how four blue collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks became one of the biggest American pop sensations of all time. Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi joined forces to become The Four Seasons, writing their own hits and developing their unique sound to sell over 175 million records.

● Declan Egan, Anthony Harkin, Dion Bilios and Glaston Toft

Page 44 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Observer Victorian Sport Racing Briefs

Won heat at M’borough ■ At Maryborough on Thursday, Monegeetta's Lisa Miles was successful in taking out the 2nd Heat of the Trustees Carisbrook Racecourse Reserve Trotters Handicap for T0 to T2 class over 2190 metres with former South Australian 4-Y-0 Wagon Apollo/ Gale Blaster gelding Chuck Wagon. Stepping cleanly from the 20 metre mark, Chuck Wagon possied mid-field in the moving line, easing wide to follow Atego Lilly three wide at the bell. Taken wide on straightening, Chuck Wagon ran home strongly to gain the day in advance of the roughie Doctor Kovac which followed him home, with Illcryifhewinds (one/one) third after getting held up for a run at a vital stage. The mile rate 2-08.

Driven with aggression ■ Bolinda trainer/driver Chris Alford was also a winner at Maryborough, when Bettors Delight/Forest Glory filly Bellasario greeted the judge in the Maryborough District Advertiser Vicbred Pace for C0 class over 1690 metres. Driven with aggression from outside the front row to cross OP Hands Down inside her, Bellasario just held on to score by a half neck in 1-59.6 over OP Hands Down along the sprint lane, with Majorflex third after racing in the open.

Scored by 4.6 metres ■ At Bray Raceway Ballarat on Thursday, Bacchus Marsh trainer Greg Carr's Armbro Operative/Miss Tina filly Lively Princess finally cracked it for a victory, taking out the Flying Horse Bistro 3-Y-0 Pace over 1710 metres when making her 10th appearance at the races. Driven by Greg Sugars, Lively Princess despite racing in the open for most of the journey, bounded away on straightening to score by 4.6 metres in a rate of 2-02 from General Justice (three back the markers), with Hellfire Angel third after leading from gate two.

Prevailed by a head ■ Daylesford's Mick Barby was also a winner at Ballarat, when 4-Y-0 Flight N Irish/Carly Navigator gelding Seven Ounce greeted the judge in an exciting finish to land the Pace for C0 class over 2200 metres. Driven by Rod Petroff, Seven Ounce settled midfield in the moving line after being restrained from outside the front row, before easing wide in the last lap. In a two horse war all the way up the running with the favourite All I Can Be which led, Seven Ounce prevailed by a head in 2-00.6, with So Thats Flash 34.7 metres away in third place.

This Week’s Meetings ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Wednesday - Shepparton/Ballarat, Thursday - Mildura/Geelong, Friday - Maryborough/Melton, Saturday - Bendigo, Sunday - Redwood Day @ Maryborough, Monday - Yarra Valley, Tuesday - Ballarat.

Horses To Follow ■ Valentino Rustler, Cecinirama, Jimmys Gem, OP Hands Down, Gangsta Prankska, Savannah Way, Toast Mee.

Personal news ■ Australasia's leading reinsman Daryl Douglas became a first time "Daddy" on Sunday July 1, when partner Kerri-Lee gave birth to a boy - Thomas William. By all reports both are doing well. - Len Baker

SENSAQTIONAL NIGHT AT MELTON ■ Bacchus Marsh hobby breeder Shannon Nixon along with family and friends enjoyed the most sensational night ever at Tabcorp Park Melton on Friday July 6, when home bred Art Major/Alluring filly Our Femme Fatale greeted the judge in the $100,000 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series for Two Year Old Fillies over 2240 metres. Trained at Smythes Creek (Ballarat) by the dominating Emma Stewart/Clayton Tonkin partnership who once again enjoyed a "night of nights", Our Femme Fatale driven by Greg Sugars making only her 10th appearance at the races settled mid-field in the moving line from gate four on the second line, with polemarker Glenferrie Shuffle holding out Courageousnquick (gate three) in the run to the first turn. In an interesting tactical affair, the hot favourite Dieing Secret (gate four) also from the Stewart/ Tonkin barn was sent forward within a lap from the one/one to park out, with Im Smouldering one/two from gate two on the second line following her forward to then race in the open. Chris Alford didn't want the leader to get it easy and eased Dieing Secret three wide to occupy the "deathseat" racing for the bell, giving Im Smouldering cover for the final circuit. Racing along the back straight on the final occasion, Getya Wings Out commenced a forward move from three back in the running line, with Our Femme Fatale immediately latching to her back. Taking care of the pacemaker on turning, Dieing Secret went for home, with Glenferrie Shuffle a spent force, Im Smouldering switching down to the sprint lane after following her through and Our Femme Fatale launching a claim out wide with Getya Wings Out in the centre. Finishing full of running, Our Femme Fatale vigorously driven prevailed by 2 metres over Im Smouldering, with Dieing Secret a half metre away in third place 2.4 metres in advance of Getya Wings Out. In splits of 32.6, 30.5, 28.5 and 28.7 for the final 1609 metres, Our Femme Fatale recorded a mile rate of 1-59.6 for the journey.

Foot to floor ■ Emma and Clayton had earlier in the night snared the $100,000 Vicbred Super Series Final for Two

Baker’s Delight

Harness Racing

Three out of three wins




with Len Baker

Year Old Colts & Geldings over 2240 metres with outstanding Artsplace/Jadah Rose colt Guaranteed in a rate of 157.2. Bred and raced by Mark & Sue Thompson who hail from Rochester close to Echuca, Guaranteed driven by Chris Alford possied mid-field in the moving line from gate three on the second line, with the South Australian Aspiring Artist from the pole holding out Lennytheshark (gate two), before handing over to Mark Purdon's Border Control (gate two on the second line) entering the straight for the bell. Brent Mangos aboard the other Kiwi hope Major Star had followed Border Control forward, but was left in the open when he crossed to lead, but not for long as Guaranteed after following the pair parked out for the final circuit. With Alford putting the foot to the floor approaching the home turn, the pair raced away from their rivals, with Major Star trying to keep in touch and Lennytheshark giving chase out wide on the track. In a superb staying effort, with quarters of 30.6, 29.1, 28.6 and 29.1 for the last mile, Guaranteed worried Border Control out of the race to score by a half neck, with Lennytheshark running on strongly to be a further 7.4 metres away in third place, with Major Star a metre back fourth.

Magic time ■ Owner Kevin Riseley who had shared in the ownership of the two placegetters Border Control and Lennytheshark, enjoyed his magical moment when home bred Yankee Spider/Lunar Landing filly Spidergirl racing under the banner of Sheron Park Pty Ltd captured the $50,000 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series Final for Two

Year Old Trotting Fillies over 2240 metres, but not before some anxious moments when two false starts were called prior to the race getting under way Trained by David Aiken in Avenel and driven by Chris Alford, Spidergirl wasn't bustled from the pole, with Dora Pepperell flying away from gate six to lead. Quickly away from the markers, Alford allowed Spidergirl to gradually slide forward and assume control within a lap. Always travelling beautifully, Spidergirl making only her second race appearance, toyed with her rivals to score by a conservative 22.6 metres from Dora Pepperell who tried valiantly to keep in touch, with the South Australian No Renege a game third albeit 13.4 metres away after racing in the open. The mile rate 2-04.2.

Parked it ■ Sunraysia (Mildura) trainer/driver Shayne Cramp was in the winners stall at Charlton on Monday when the former Western District 5-Y-0 Artiscape/City Talk gelding Adios Gryphon scored in the Charlton Harness Training Complex Inspections Welcome Pace for C1 class over 1609 metres. Sent forward four wide from outside the front row by Glen Craven, Adios Gryphon parked outside the pacemaker Prominent Art drawn immediately inside him, before surging away approaching the home turn to win in a breeze by 19.5 metres in 1-58.2 over Billy Rattler (one/two) and Prominent Art which held down third. - Len Baker

■ Four year old Christian Cullen/Paulas's Way gelding Uncle Wingnut has hit paydirt after chalking up his third victory from as many starts on Australian soil (all at Charlton), when victorious in the Wally Churchill Memorial Pace for C2 & C3 class over 2100 metres on Monday July 2. Making his first appearance on June 11 at the Donald fixture conducted at Charlton having raced last on May 10 when second at Cambridge, Uncle Wingnut then stepped out in the final on June 18, before fronting up again on Monday to chalk up the hat-trick. Trained at Woorinen (Swan Hill) by Vince Costa who shares the duties with brother Don, Uncle Wingnut raced by the Mobilo family was driven by regular reinsman Michael Bellman who sent him straight to the front from gate two. Rated to perfection, Uncle Wingnut which had registered three wins in his home country, never looked like being beaten and the $1.40 favourite coasted to the wire 2 metres in advance of Texas Terror which trailed after an unsuccessfull bid for the lead from gate four, with the polemarker One Step Closer (three back the markers) using the sprint lane to no avail in finishing third. The mile rate 159.4.

Led throughout ■ Melbourne breeder John Dorrington scored a unique two state double on Monday July 2, when Real Desire/Calories gelding Indulgent greeted the judge in the Bayswater Jayco 3-Y-0 Pace over 1609 metres at Charlton and his 7-Y-0 half sister Joule Count (Safely Kept) the Griffins Lawyers Trotters Handicap for T0 or better class over 2230 metres at Adelaide's Globe Derby Park. Indulgent raced under the banner of Dorro Nominees Pty Ltd, trained by Peter Manning at Great Western and driven by Daryl Douglas, led throughout from gate five in accounting for stablemate Cyclades (Kerryn Manning) which trailed and Out Of Morals (three back the markers - three wide home turn) in a rate of 1-57.9, breaking his maiden status at start number nine. Joule Count trained by Justin Brewin and driven by Wayne Hill outstayed her rivals to defeat Red Bear Roxton and Critique in a rate of 2-09.9 after coming from the 20 metre mark. It was Joule Count's 11th victory in 125 outings.

Favourite tok over ■ What a formidable combination Parwan trainer Philip Chircop and neighbour reinsman Craig Demmler are proving to be in relation to 4-Y-0 Armbro Operative/Hanover Chic gelding Johnny Armbros who chalked up his third victory when successful in the Ian & Cheryl Robertson Pace for C1 class over 2190 metres at Maryborough on Thursday, making it three wins from his last four outings. Leading out from gate two, Demmler restrained to allow the favourite Paint Ball to take over, giving Johnny Armbros the race of the race. Travelling so easily approaching the final bend, Johnny Armbros was eased three wide on straightening even though the sprint lane option was available, before running home strongly to blouse Paint Ball in the shadows of the post by a head in a rate of 2-02.6, with Broadway Classic third after moving to face the breeze.

Proud as punch ■ Josie Justice matriarch of Melton's Justice family, was as "proud as punch" at Tabcorp Park on Friday, when three of her family - sons Lance and John, plus daughter Joanne all provided winners during the evening, the highlight being Lance's return to the sulky aboard champion pacer Smoken Up in the 1720 metre Shire Of Melton Sprint. Joanne snared the Vermont Panels Pace for M1 & M2 class over 2240 metres with rising 13-Y-0 gelding Mister Douglas.

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■ Round 15 started in sensational style with the ‘clash of the Cs’, which no matter their places on the aadder, the injuries or the form-line we are guaranteed a fight to the death. And so it was last Friday night when Collingwood at un-backable odds of $1.20 and flag favourites faced the down and out, much troubled Carlton $4.50 with the line at $1.95 and 30 points start. It was a triumph for ‘Blue-Boy’ Brett Ratten. Congratulations! All week the media burned Carlton coach, Brett Ratten, roasted, basted and devoured him in a feeding frenzy and threw his bones to the wolves. These media ‘experts’ ranted and raved, waved their hands and arms, rolled their eyes in their sanctimonious heads lifted to the ‘footy gods’ in their endeavours to rid Brett from the Blues. They certainly convinced the footy fans. It turned into a ‘birthday bash’ with the fiercely loyal president Stephen ‘Sticks’ Kernahan presiding to celebrate the rebirth of Brett! But for the majority attending it was to banish Brett and his Blues. Those of us who have attended these annual feasts for 60 plus years know to expect the unexpected. And we were served it from the entrée to the sorbet, the sweets and finally the aged port. Will the invited guests ever learn to never write off either Carlton or Collingwood in their annual ‘gettogethers’? Will the media experts ever apologise? Well done to the ‘Blue Boys’ as things were made even more difficult losing the only other tall in the 1st quarter Shaun Hampson and star midfielder Kade Simpson in the 3rd quarter. Surely these regular severe injuries where a player cannot return on medical advice should be replaced by an extra sub. Teams are being unfairly punished. Matthew Kreuzer rucked all day as too did Magpie Darren Jolly, Chris Judd 32D and Dane Swan 31D were tops. Eddie Betts kicked four goals and Nick Duigan’s three in an inspired move by Ratten to play him at CHF. The loss dropped Collingwood from 1st to 4th on the ladder because of percentage differential which highlights how important percentage will be in the make-up of the Final Four and Eight. It will be as good as the 4 points for a match win. There were other unexpected results which will keep us all on our toes in the ‘run-home’ to the Finals. The Bombers were shot down in flames by the accurate shooting of the Saints who fired 74 hits. The loss has dropped Essendon down the ladder from 4th to 6th equal on 40 points with Hawthorn after its mammoth 162 points win over GWS which boosted it to 152.65%, an increase of 13.93%, the highest in the AFL. The Hawks are now 5th on the ladder and once again flag favourites!. WCE’s exciting two point win over North Melbourne at Blundstone Oval in Hobart (the former Bellerive Oval) jumps them into 2nd and put a dent in North’s chances of making the Final 8 dropping from 8th to 11th on 28 points because of its poor percentage. Adelaide holds 3rd equal on 44 points in the Top Four. Fremantle’s 38 points win over the W Bulldogs

Harry Beitzel has them on 28 points equal 8th with five clubs including the Saints in the coveted 8th spot and Freo is 12th. Which confirms the under-statement of the decade - the ladder is compressed, complicated and a conundrum. We can expect 8 weeks of intrigue and constant change in which teams will make the Final 8 and in what order. Here is the current Ladder in its entirety : Syd 44Pts 146.13%; WCE 44Pts 139.93%; Adel 44Pts 123.29%; Coll 44Pts 120.32%; (Top 4); Haw 40Pts 152.65%; Ess 40Pts 127.63%; Geel 36P 112.92%; St Kilda 28P 121.26%; (Top 8); Carl 28P 108.74%; Rich 28P 107.7%; North Mel 28P104.78; Freo 28P 92. %; (12th); Bris 20P; W Bull 20P; Pt Adel 16P; Melb 8P; GWS 4P and GCSuns 0Pts; (18th). Rd 16 Fri: North v Carl (ES-N); Sat. Mel v Freo (ES); Pt Ad v Ess (AS); Rich v GCS (Cairns T); Geel v Coll (MCG-N); Bris v St Kil (G-N); Sunday GWS Giants v Adel (SK-E); W Bull v Haw (ES); WCE v Sydney (Pat S-T).

Hampson out ■ Shaun Hampson met with the Carlton medical team and his specialist to determine the extent of the injury to his right knee injured during Friday night's victory over Collingwood at the MCG. Shaun underwent arthroscopic surgery and will miss the remainder of the 2012 season. General Manager Football Operations Andrew McKay said it was disappointing but important for Shaun to have the surgery to ensure he is ready for pre-season training. "It is obviously disappointing for Shaun, as well as for the team. Importantly the surgery will repair the knee and ensure he is available to resume full training prior to Christmas."

Memo to David Parkin ■ David Parkin is one of the AFL’s most respected and favourite football identities having devoted his lifetime to our game as a player, 1961-74, 211G captain 1969-73, p/shp 1971 and coach with Hawthorn, p/shp 1978, Carlton p/shp coach 1981/2/95. That’s a part of his CV and you

can add radio and TV commentator, motivator and a pillar in education and the arts but did you know he also worked for the AFL as their Umpiring GM, the job Jeff Gieschen now holds down? This is why I need to challenge David’s comments in last week’s Record where-in he advocates umpires’ throw the ball up in the air rather than bounce it. We share a treasured friendship enhanced by our mutual dear friend, the departed Tommy Lahiff, whom I’m sure influenced David to issue those surprising instructions which surfaced last week in Mike Sheahan’s Open Mike classic interview with David prior to the 1982 Grand Final between Carlton and Richmond. Completely foreign to his personality and the sportsman-like way he approached the game, he instructed his players as a unit, if Richmond unfairly downed a smaller Carlton teammate you were to immediately ‘kinghit’ your opponent. It was a Grand-final and it happened. And who was next to the Tiger giant star Mark Lee, 199cm 95.5kgs? The smaller Mario Bortolotto, outsized at 189cm 87kgs but down went the mammoth Mark and Carlton won by 18 points! David has a brilliant football brain. But I cannot have a bar of throwing the ball-up – it would be sacrilegious! It would be similar to the AFL Rules committee banning “bumping” or “high marking” or worse the exciting “soccer dribble” goals. Umpires bouncing the ball is an ‘unique art’ in our game which has stayed the length of time for over 100 years. Just because some, or most, of the current umpires have not mastered it why continually ‘cow-tow’ to their weaknesses? Don’t select them until they have put hours of practice in to perfect the art. I’m ‘red-hot’ on this issue as I feel the umpires’ are responsible for most of the packs and the dying art of high marking and wrestling at boundary throw-ins. They don’t pay the obvious frees and are waiting for the AFL’s interpretations. And David you are not being your true self in wanting or expecting GWS Israel Folau to ‘drop his challenge, dump his AFL career and slink back to the safety-net of Rugby League. I know you well enough if you were

his coach you wouldn’t be giving up on him. Like Sheeds, Izzy’s challenge would be your challenge. This man is no ordinary athlete. He is a born and developed natural State and International champion footballer. He deserves patience, perseverance, persistence, encouragement and above all FAITH.

Round 16 Friday, July 13 North Melbourne vs. Carlton (ES) (N) Saturday, July 14 Melbourne vs. Fremantle (ES) Port Adelaide vs. Essendon (AS) Richmond vs. Gold Coast SUNS (CS) (T) Geelong Cats vs. Collingwood (MCG) (N) Brisbane Lions vs. St Kilda (G) (N) Sunday, July 15 GWS GIANTS vs. Adelaide Crows (SK) (E) Western Bulldogs vs. Hawthorn (ES) West Coast Eagles vs. Sydney Swans (PS) (T)

Rib damage ■ The Greater Western Sydney Giants confirm that co-captain Luke Power suffered cartilage damage to his ribs following a collision in the fourth quarter in last Saturday night’s match against the Sydney Swans. General Manager Football Graeme Allan said Power was expected to miss two matches. He said scans also revealed that midfielder Dylan Shiel suffered a sprained foot and he will be sidelined for three to four matches. “Initially we were concerned that we could be without both Luke and Dylan for an extended period but the scans have cleared them both of any serious damage and we will manage their rehabilitations and returns accordingly," Allan said. Head Coach Kevin Sheedy contest his 900th VFL/AFL game for premiership points as a player and coach last wekkend, with his career so far comprising 251 games as a player for Richmond, 635 games as a coach for Essendon and 13 games as a coach for the Giants. In Round 19 against Port Adelaide at Škoda Stadium the Giants will celebrate Kevin Sheedy becoming the first person in the history of the VFL/ AFL to reach 1000 games as a player and coach, including all premiership, pre-season, international rules and state of origin games.

● David Parkin is named in memory of a former AIS squad member who tragically lost his life in a car accident on his way to training in 2002. All team members vote on the award based on the player who shows exceptional personal qualities, including; respect, honesty, skill and competitiveness. AIS-AFL high performance coach Michael O’Loughlin said Daniher is an outstanding player who has a promising future ahead in the AFL. “Joe is not only an excellent player, but young man and leader. I have loved being involved in his development.” Daniher was presented the Ben Mitchell Medal by former AIS-AFL Academy coach Jason McCartney. The AIS-AFL Academy is part of the NAB AFL Rising Stars Program, which supports grassroots players and football communities and helps young Australians fulfil their dream of playing in the AFL.

Medal for Joe

Finals charge

■ AIS-AFLAcademy’s Joe Daniher has been awarded the Ben Mitchell Medal at the outduction session for the 15th intake in to the AIS-AFL Academy held at Etihad Stadium. Daniher, 18, follows the likes of previous winners David Myers (WA, Essendon FC), Jack Grimes (Vic Metro, Melbourne FC) and Jack Ziebell (Vic Country, North Melbourne FC) in winning this prestigious award voted by his peers. The tall forward/ruckmen, who is 201 cm in height and 89kg in weight, plays for the Calder Cannons in the TAC Cup after graduating from the Aberfeldie Football Club. Eligible father-son selection with the Essendon Football Club, where his father Anthony played, Daniher played his second game in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships on Wednesday, July 4 at Etihad Stadium. The Ben Mitchell Medal winner is the highest award given to a member of the AIS-AFLAcademy squad and

■ As I look across the class of 2012 for the first half of the season, there is no failure rate because that will ultimately be measured at the year's end. Pre-season expectation has materialised for some, others have gone beyond expectation and there are a few who are a bit below expectation. But I'm looking for reasons, not excuses.I think it's been one of the weakest years in football because the inclusion of the two new expansion teams at virtually the same time has diluted the talent pool. I'm a great believer in that your competition is judged on your lowest denominator. And there are still too many sides who haven't looked like making and shouldn't be expected to make the eight. That's disappointing, but I'm still looking forward to what is to come as we charge towards the finals. - Harry Beitzel

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Melbourne Observer. 120711C. July 11, 2012. Part C. Pages 37-48  
Melbourne Observer. 120711C. July 11, 2012. Part C. Pages 37-48  

Melbourne Observer. 120711C. July 11, 2012. Part C. Pages 37-48