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Yea Ball Photos

● Turn to Pages 27-30 for a fourpage pictorial liftout from the Yea Football-Netball Club Mid-Winter Ball.

Father of Alexandra

● Go back in time and meet one of the fathers of Alexandra: Frederick Wheeler. Page 15.

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Kinglake history

● Discover the history of the Kinglake Football Club. Special feature: Pages 37-38.


Dream it. Build it. Live it.

Dream it. Bu

● Collingwood Football Club Cheer Squad’s Jeff ‘Joffa’ Corfe was welcomed by fellow Magpies fan Russell Akers when he visited the Yea Tigers clubrooms. Outside his Magpies notoriety, Joffa works to help the disadvantaged.

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Taking Off Weight Naturally ● A friendly and encouraging atmosphere without diets is offered at the Thursday night meetings held by the Talking Off Weight Naturally (TOWN) club of Yea at the RSL clubcrooms in Snodgrass St. Pictured (standing, from left) are Leo Mackrell, Merry Farr, Richard Thomas, Bereniece Thomas, Anne Butterworth, Marge Hudson, Andy Russell, Marg Kilmartin, Kath Jansen, Judi Newman, Marg Thompson, Steve Rumney and Jan Jones, with (seated) Andrew Potts and Jill Russell.

Latest News

Burglary: South Morang man charged Police arrest

T igers midwint er ball mid-wint winter

■ A 21-year-old South Morang man was arrested at a property on Friday morning. Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit detectives have charged a man following an alleged aggravated burglary in California Gully in February. He has been charged with aggravated burglary with a firearm, aggravated burglary with a weapon, aggravated home invasion with a firearm, aggravated home invasion with a weapon and intentionally cause serious injury. The man was to appear at Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court. The aggravated burglary allegedly occurred on February 24. The investigation remains ongoing and anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic. The Local Paper is, by far, the largest circulating local newspaper in Murrindindi Shire. Phone 5797 2656 for advertising.

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● Yea Football-Netball Club identities Jess Armstrong and Brad Watts (President) were at the Mid-Winter Ball at the Yea Shire Hall on Saturday night. Photos, P27-30.

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Your Stars with Kerry Kulkens

Local News

Shadow Cabinet visits Friendly welcome at Yarck

ARIES: (March 21-April 20) Lucky Colour: Brown Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: 1-1-7-3 Lotto Numbers: 7-12-14-21-28-35 Travel is indicated and it may be lucky financially as well. A contact from the past could be beneficial. Somebody may be asking for financial assistance, but be very careful. TAURUS: (April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: 2-4-1-3 Lotto Numbers: 7-13-14-24-30-32 Many will be spending quite a bit of money on themselves. A lucky period for you in general, especially financially. GEMINI: (May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: 4-1-7-3 Lotto Numbers: 4-12-19-27-38-42 Your love life is looking good. Some financial gains to be made through real estate dealings. And, a past venture that did not take, could now be successful. CANCER: (June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Purple Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: 5-1-4-8 Lotto Numbers: 5-15-17-23-29-36 A few surprises in store whilst travelling. However, your patience will be tested at home, be tactful and tolerant. Many will become aware of their outlook and take more care in their appearance. LEO: (July 23-August 22) Lucky Colour: Orange Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: 4-8-1-9 Lotto Numbers: 8-15-16-24-29-42 A very happy period with a lot of activity on the social scene. Quite a few changes taking place and a financial windfall is indicated. VIRGO: (August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Beige Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: 2-9-3-1 Lotto Numbers: 11-15-23-35-37-40 A very good period for you financial through real estate dealings. Also, an undertaking from the past is now coming good. If concentration is lacking, a nasty accident could occur. LIBRA: (September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Orange Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: 2-9-6-3 Lotto Numbers: 9-14-19-27-36-42 The romantic scene is in for a good time. There could be some travel coming up. Be careful when driving. SCORPIO: (October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: 2-7-1-4 Lotto Numbers: 7-12-14-28-42-44 There may be some strain in the family relationships. Better to keep your nose out of other people's business. A few changes are coming up and this could make your life much more exciting. SAGITTARIUS: (November 23- December20) Lucky Colour: Light Blue Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: 1-3-2-1 Lotto Numbers: 7-3-12-21-28-45 You should be careful with problems with health as this is not the time to play around. People close to you will be willing to help, assistance is easier to come by now.

● Matthew Guy ■ Local MLA Cindy McLeish will be host when the State Opposition Leader Matthew Guy and the Shadow Cabinet visit this month. The community luncheon will be held at 'The Memo' Memorial Hall, Maroondah Hwy, Healesville, from 12 Noon-1pm on Monday, July 31. The Victorian Coalition Shadow Cabinet team meets regularly with communities across rural and metropolitan regions.

● Paul Creighton and Tanya Rusden offer a friendly welcome at the Yarck Hotel.

Timber, possums can co-exist: Coalition ■ Eildon MLA Cindy McLeish has called on the Andrews Labor Government to support local timber jobs following a report showing the industry has lost $14 million because of current policy. "The future of thousands of jobs in Victoria'sforest industry is in the hands of Daniel Andrews.

● Cindy McLeish

“It is now up to him whether he will back local jobs, or continue to undermine the viability of our timber industry," Ms McLeish said. The latest Government review of the effectiveness and impact of timber harvesting exclusion zones around Leadbeater's Possum colonies has finally been released

Birthday sale at Alexandra

CAPRICORN: (December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: N/A Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: 5-1-1-4 Lotto Numbers: 5-11-27-35-42-44 Not the best time to get involved in family problems for decisions of the money kind should be thought through very carefully and for help, consult the experts. AQUARIUS: (January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: 6-9-3-1 Lotto Numbers: 13-18-24-29-36-39 Do not let other people talk you out of ideas you already know are good ones. Some surprise gains also indicated soon and possibility of more fame or public exposure. PISCES: (February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Mauve Lucky Day: Saturday Racing Numbers: 8-9-3-1 Lotto Numbers: 11-18-24-3-26-36 Someone could be paying you something that they owe you or your long lost relative could leave you something. Not a good time to accuse anyone of anything so that love life can prosper.

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● Country Tech at Alexandra is holding its birthday sale. Pictured at the Grant St store are Vaughan Jackson and Daniel Kriss.

after months of delay, Ms McLeish said. "The Government's report indicates that timber harvesting and conservation of Leadbeater's Possum can co-exist. “The Andrews Government must get on with recommended comprehensive survey work because this review shows population estimates were inaccurate and have distorted government policy," Ms McLeish said. She said the review confirmed: ■ More possums have been detected than expected with 618 confirmed colonies. ■ More than 90 per cent of the possum's potential, or most likely occupied, habitat in the Central Highlands has never been surveyed. "Daniel Andrews must decide if he's backing a $7 billion industry that support up to 50,000 jobs across Victoria, or if he's going to sacrifice all of that in order to save a couple of inner city Labor seats with Greens preferences next election," Ms McLeish said.

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Murrindindi Newspapers

■ Local Police mounted a top security operation for the Court appearance of a man charged with this month’s armed robbery on Pollard’s Yea Ampol Service Station. Unifortm and plainclothes police, along with local CIB detectivesw ringed the Yea Magistrates’ Court for the appearance of Charles Laing. Amongst those to secure the surroundings of the Court were Acting Sgt Graeme Broadbent and Sen. Const. PeterAbrahams, Seymour’s Detective Terry Pearce, policewoman Sen. Const. Fiona Stevens, Det. Sgt. Ian Welch and Sen. Det. Jim Sullivan from Alexandra, and Sgt Jim Carroll.

● Cathy McGowan, MHR ■ Local government leaders joined Indi MHR Cathy McGowan for an informal lunch thios month at the Yea home of AdeleandJohn Anderson. They shared the concept of Cittaslow, which extends the idea of locality and making the most of where you live. Yea has been a member of Cittaslow since 2011, part of an international network of communities and towns that focus on sustainability and selfreliance in areas including food and wine, heritage, the arts and urban planning. Ms McGowan said the meeting was a chance to encourage other Indi towns to see how they might participate in this growing movement.

Festival planning

■ Brad Quilliam advises that Kinglake’s ‘Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival’ will be held over the October 13-15 weekend. There will be sounds of banjos, mandolins, fiddles and double bass as music takes over the town. The Festival invites musicians to participate in workshops, jam sessions, and performances including chalkboard. Music lovers can listen to acoustic music, share ideas, learn new musical skills and enjoy a weekend

● Offering a warm hello on winter days at the Yea Newsagency are Sam Parsons and Lyn Bailey. The girls have been particularly busy, especially with ticket sales for last night’s $50 million jackpot in Oz Lotto.

Long Shots

Hearings held ■ The Economy and Infrastructure Committee of State Parliament held a public hearing on Monday (July 17) on its inquiry into VicForests operations. Key government agencies were among those presenting at the hearing at Parliament House.

Veteran cars

edit or@L ocalP aper editor@L or@LocalP a u

with Ash Long, Editor “For the cause that lacks assistance, ‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do”

of performances in a scenic setting. The Festival will showcase the best the region has to offer, in a family-friendly event with something for everyone. There will be an auction held during the Bush Dance, a CWA bake-off, and a Beard Competition supporting White Ribbon Charity. The weekend will

host a bush dance with two-course meal, Bluegrass concerts Friday, Saturday and Sunday, music and clogging workshops, pickers breakfast, gospel concert and a community concert showcasing the children of Kinglake and surrounds, performing their own bluegrass songs accompanied by acclaimed Carter and Carter.

Yea, 107 years ago

■ The RACV MidWinter Rally was held at the weekend with pre-1919 cars making their way through Yea, Molesworth and Caveat to the Ruffy General Store. Sunday’s return journey took in the Highlands, the Cheviot Tunnel, then outside the Royal Mail Hotel, Yea.

Meeting at Yea ■ The next ordinary meeting of Murrindindi Shire Council is scheduled to be held at the Yea chambers at 6pm on Wednesday next week(July 26).

Short Shots

Local Phone Numbers FIRE BRIGADES (fire only) ............ 000 Local Brigades ............................... 000 POLICE (emergencies only) ............ 000 Kinglake ............................... 5786 1333 Seymour ............................... 5735 0200 Whittlesea ............................ 9716 2102 Yea ....................................... 5 7 9 7 26 30 263 57 AMBULANCE .................................... 000 Alexandra Hospital ............. 5772 0900 Northern Hospital, Epping .. 8405 8000 Seymour Hospital ................ 5793 6100 Yea Hospital ........................... 5 7 36 0400 57 S TATE EMERGENC Y SER VICE ......... 000 EMERGENCY SERVICE ■ Lifeline ........................................ 13 11 14 Nursing Mothers Helpline .... 9885 0653 Poisons Info. (24 Hours) .......... 13 11 26 RACV Roadside Assistance ........ 13 1111 RSPCA ................................... 9224 2222

From Our Files - 30 Years Ago Tuesday, July 21, 1987

Security alert

Our Team Editor: Ash Long Features Editor: Peter Mac Credit Manager: Michael Conway OAM, Fas ction Debt R o very astt A Action Ree cco ery,, 040 2 142 866

Editor’s Diary

● A photo of High Street, Yea, from 1910, has been shared by Alan Thorley, who curates the Yea and District Historical Society page on social media.

■ Glass House Dept. Another local newspaper company’s Visitors Guide spells the village north-east of Alexandra and Yea as ‘Yark’. ■ Collingwood Football Club Cheer Squad leader ‘Joffa’ was a hit at the Yea Football Netball Club on Thursday. Is there a chance that he might return for the Yea Races in summer?

6 stand for 5 spots

■ Six people nominated - but only five were to stand - for the Yea Council elections to be held on Saturday, August 1. There were four vacancies on the Council. Mrs Stella Reid had nominated but was told by the Acting Shire Secretary, Nick Zandbergs, that she was not on the voters’ roll. The five to stand for election were Arnold Exton, Ray Hutchinson, Bruce Kindred, Ian Macintyre and Bill Wilson.

Funeral rules

■ Yea Council has issued instructions of how many staffcan take time off to attend the funeral of a work colleague. Shire Councillors decided that time off be granted for up to three Council staff members to attend the funeral of a work colleague, with any other staff attending to make up the time subject to consultation with their Supervisor or alternatively forfeit pay for the time lost.

Kinglake slum

■ Currajong Avenue in Kinglake was a slum area, according to retiring Councillor Ian Sharp. “I have always said it was a slum area and I am sorry it exists.”

Cec’s surprise

■ Yea butcher Cec Cook received a surprise when he received a copy of The Fighting Tiger, Richmond Football Club’s newsletter. Cec, a former Tigers Seconds player, saw a photo of his twin brothers - twins Keith and Fred - run onto the ground in 1944 to play their first games for Richmond. Keith was President of the Richmond Former Players and OfficialsAssociation in 1959. The twins also played in the Grand Final against Fitzroy in 1944, and both served the Tigers with distinction.

Footy flashes

■ Yea Football Club President John Quinlan noted the 25 current players who had represented the Club in either Firsts or Reserves in 50 or more occasions: Peter Aldous, 166. Trevor Aldous, 100. Trevor Apps, 80. Greg Barker, 133. Malcolm Bett, 163. Peter Cunningham, 51. Brendan Dignam, 79. Vincent Dignam, 139. Haydn Drysdale, 198. Bruce Elliott, 62. Adrian Evans, 153. Larry Finch, 450. Greg Garlick, 163. Les Gates, 269. Dick Ivey, 176. Dom McCarthy, 67. Doug McLarty, 88. Ian McLarty, 87. Glen McMaster, 217. G, McMaster, 167. John Quinlan, 235, Joe Sier, 70. John Slavin, 62. Mick Spagnolo, 78. John Wilson, 80.

Jackets question

■ “What the hell, we’ve got to supply jackets to keep them warm, I don’t know!” said Shire President Cr David Lawson, when confronted with a request by Council outdoor staff to be supplied with Bluey jackets. The staff request was refused.

News Briefs Wasps on the way

■ Yea Wetlands is joining the fight against European Wasps. A message was placed on social media this week: “It's almost that time of the year when the queens take flight. Knock off a queen and you stop tens of thousands of wasps from being created. “YeaWetlands, Murrindindi Shire Council and other stakeholders are going to try and tackle the problem but we need your help.” More details are promised to be released soon.

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 11

Local News School resumes

Eyes down

■ Classes have resumed for students at schools throughout the region, following the mid-year holidays. Term 3 continues until September 22. The next holidays are from September 23 until October 8.

At Kinglake Pub

■ Entertainer Nick Cushen will perform at the Kinglake Pub on Saturday, August 5. Nick enoys getting the crowd involved with the music, often with people getting up on stage to join in with the singing or playing the guitar.

Recovery plan

■ A plan which will guide waste and resource recovery infrastructure in the Goulburn Valley for the next 10 years was this week approved after almost three years in development. The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan was announced by the Acting Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Richard Wynne and promotes greater recovery of valuable resources from waste, through development of appropriate, well-sited infrastructure. This approach minimises the waste sent to landfill and the long-term costs to households, industry and government. Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group Chair, Seema Abdullah said the plan covers the Campaspe, Shepparton, Strathbogie, Moira, Murrindindi and Mitchell local government areas. "This Plan addresses the needs created by projected population growth and expectations of our regional community when it comes to this essential service. "We have been fortunate to have had significant stakeholder interest and input in the development of our Regional Implementation Plan, which has helped us to understand the projections and community sentiment on various waste topics," Ms Abdullah said. The GV Implementation Plan is one of seven regional implementation plans that will provide an understanding of their region's waste and resource recovery infrastructure needs, environmental and financial performance, projected waste volumes, urban growth and industry demands. The regional plans will inform updates to the 30 year state infrastructure plan which will incorporate regional priorities and opportunities. The alignment that this creates is a huge advantage as it provides certainty of direction for those wishing to invest in the space.

Central Goldfields CEO charged ■ Central Goldfields Shire Chief Executive Officer Mark Johnston has been hit with over 40 charges following a comprehensive investigation by the Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate. The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate presented Mr Johnston with 41 charges in total including two charges under the Local Government Act relating to conflict of interest, 34 charges under the Crimes Act relating to obtaining financial advantage by deception, and five charges of false accounting. The charges were filed in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last Friday. Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf said the charges were laid after a long and complex investigation with several matters dating back a number of years. LGICI investigators raided the council’s shire offices in September. Central Goldfields Shire Council Mayor Geoff Lovett has been advised of the matter, the LGICI confirmed. The matter is listed for initial hearing at the Maryborough Magistrates’ Court onAugust 31. In a statement, the LGICI said no further comment can be made as the matter is now before the courts. Mr Johnston was appointed Central Goldfields Shire CEO in 1995, following amalgamation of the City of Maryborough, the former Shire of Tullaroop, Shire of Bet Bet and the Shire of Talbot and Clunes. - Maryborough District Advertiser

Water inquiry

● Janet Butler of Alexandra and Irene Deller of Taggerty enjoy the new Thursday morning bingo sessions at the Yea Bowls Club.

Local News

Fresh look for Show ■ Whittlesea Show has a new look for 2017, with the theme ‘Food comes from farms’. Secretary Tracey Goss says plenty of preparation is underway for the 158th show which will be held on the November 4-5 weekend. A new-look website has been launched, says WAS PresidentRoss Draper. Sherrie Lee has been appointed to the position of VAS Ltd Next Generation Chairman. Sherrie is considered a wonderful Ambassador for local agriculture and especially the Whittlesea Show. State Finals of the VAS Ltd Junior Ambassador Awards were held this month. The panel of three judges interviewed the ninefinalists throughout the afternoon. The presentations were held at the evening dinner of the VAS Ltd 14th Annual Convention. First prize went to Jacob Heard of the Midlands Group ($700 prize money and trophy).

● Tracey Goss, Whittlesea Show Secretary Second prize went to Tess Runting of the Central and South Gippsland Group ($300 prize money). Congratulations have been extended to Shannon McLean who represented the Whittlesea Show and the Central and Upper Goulburn Group. Ticket boxes at the Whittlesea Showgrounds have had an upgrade and the white seats around the oval are being replaced. The Avenue of Honour at the Showgrounds has had a trim. Trade Space applications are now open. The 2017 program of entries will be available at the website from September 1. Entries will be taken in categories including horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, alpacas,

■ Eildon MLA Cindy McLeish is calling on local residents to have their say on the use of environmental water following the establishment of a Parliamentary Inquiry. "For those people living alongside Lake Eildon and the Goulburn River, water is central to our way of life and to the strength of our community. That's why it is so important that Parliament better understands how environmental water is used and managed," Ms McLeish said. The Victorian Parliament's Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee is inviting community input to the inquiry, with public submissions due by 25 August 2017. Under the terms of reference for the inquiry, the Committee will assess: ■ the role of environmental water management in preventing or causing 'blackwater' events ■ the use of water management tools such as carryover and their impact on the availability of water for irrigators ■ any barriers to more efficient use of environmental water and how those should be addressed ■ the fees and charges applied and whether they differ from those imposed on other water users. "As well as making submissions to the inquiry, locals are also welcome to forward their views directly to my office," Ms McLeish said.

ABC at Mernda ● The new Whittlesea Show poster woodchop, young ing a Judges Workperson’s competition, shop weekend at the farm and garden, art, Bendigo Show photography, craft, Grounds on August cookery and horticul- 12-13. ture, education and Sessions include ambassador competi- jams and preserves, tions. and cooking. Topsy Ring, Fun There is a $30 free Dog Show and Young each day which inPerson’s Competition can all be entered on cludes workshop, morning and afterthe day of the Show. The free Circus noon tea and lunch each day. will return this year. whittleseashow. The Northern tricts Group is hold-

● Hard at the work at the St Luke’s Op Shop, Yea, this week were (from left): Dawn Sundblom, Lesley Monteath, Indianna Hocking and Rachael Hocking.

■ ABC Radio Melbourne morning host Jon Faine broadcast his program from Mernda yesterday (Tues.). The radio show was produced from Turner’s Bakery in Schotters Rd. There was a focus on the community fight’s to have the rail network extended from South Morang.

Van resumes

■ Murrindindi Shire Council says its mobile library van service will soon be back on the road, along with a new route and a new timetable. It will also be delivering Council customer services. Council is about to purchase a new prime mover.

Rotary’s work

■ The Rotary Club of Yea’s disbursements in the past year included: Rotary Foundation, $4000; Donations in kind, $1000; St Luke’s, $1000; Cancer - Biggest Morning Tea, $1000; Interplast, $1000; Aquabox, $2000; Disaster Aid Australia, $2000; Defibrillator, Community House, $1000; Australian Rotary Health, $1000; Jane Marks’ Youth Program, $3000; L-to-PProgram via Berry St, $500; Y Water Discovery Centre computer, $950. Payments to community activities included: Community Groups for weekly meals, $26,738; School Bursaries, $1500; Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner, $950; St Luke’s, $500; Rotary Health, mental health research, $1000; Sacred Heart Primary School, $500; Primary Schools, $1000; Ovarian Cancer, $250; Yea High School, $500; Yea AP&H, $720; Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea, $1096; Orange Sky (District Governor partner’s project), $500; Camp Getaway, $250; Ruth Konig Award, $1000; RYLA, $780; Christmas Carols, $1473.

Page 12 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What The Papers Say $3.5m for roads

■ Strathbogie Shire Council has made roads a high priority in the new Council Plan and Budget, investing $3.5 million into the road network in the coming years. “One exciting item in the budget is the lease of an additional heavy grader, which will significantly increase road maintenance. “In the first 12 months, this will mean an upgrade to over 60 of our currently ‘Class 0’ roads, which will receive drainage, gravel spreading and grading work to bring them to a ‘Class 1’ standard.” - Euroa Gazette

Bus stop change

■ “Not everyone would be happy with Strathbogie Shire Council’s most recent proposed idea of changing the parking in High St, Nagambie, especially the removal of V/ Line bus stops back to the now disused train station. “It’s quite a distance away and not a good walk, especially if you’re disabled and/or elderly, as I am. I was hoping to travel to Nagambie by bus, knowing that I would be dropped off in High St and could enjoy a late breakfast near the lake, but should this proposal go ahead, I for one won’t be going there — it will be too hard to manage. Re-think this, please.” - Bronwyn Henry - Seymour Telegraph

Plastic bag free

■ Plastic free July is an international movement that encourages people to reduce - or eliminate - the plastic from daily life, and the Mansfield community has thrown its support behind the idea. Already, a number of Mansfield shops are getting behind Plastic Free July by choosing to not offer them as a choice to customers – these include All Things Natural and Organic, Hoffmans Green Grocer, Jabeta Creations and Country Tales Bookstore. - Mansfield Courier

Black Hat plot

■ A book launched on Sunday 9 July is set to turn the traditional understanding behind the final closure of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station on its head. Author Mick Woiwod launched the book, Barak vs The Black Hats of Melbourne, at the Rosina Auditorium in the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent as part of NAIDOC Week. The latest of Mick Woiwood’s 21 history books, the 350-page volume is the culmination of half a life-time of passion for the history and stories of Aboriginal Victoria and the result of decades of research. - Mountaun Views Mail

Hangar anger

■ More users of the Benalla airfield are threatening to move their aircraft elsewhere after Benalla Rural City Council refused to budge on a sixfold increase in the cost of hangar leases from 75¢ to $5 per year per square metre. Gliding Club of Victoria President John Switala told The Ensign the club was so dissatisfied with the council’s management of the airport redevelopment and the increase in lease charges, the club was looking at other airfields. - Benalla Ensign

Beyond dreams

■ A standard three-bedroom house in South Morang sold a staggering $110,000 beyond its owner’s reserve. Seven bidders competed for the home that sold to a first-home buyer from Bundoora for $690,000. - Whittlesea Leader

Nillumbik shake-up

■ Three new directors have been appointed at Nillumbik Council as the chief executive shakes things up in an organisational restructure. Matt Kelleher was appointed planning and services director, Hjalmar Philipp assumed the role of sustainability and place director, while Rachel Cooper is business and strategy director. - Diamond Valley Leader

Court Lists Seymour Magistrates’ Court - Criminal Case Listings Friday, July 21 Plaintiff / Informant / Applicant vs Defendant / Accused / Respondent. Information Division. Victoria Police - Murphy, B (41953) v Gazzara, Kane. UniMelbourne West Victoria Police - Pert, J (38687) v Gazzara, Kane Michael. Uni-Seymour Police - Gardner, B (38946) v Gazzara, Kane Michael. Mechanical Investigation Unit Victoria Police - Brown, G (37441) v Gazzara, Kane. UniCraigieburn Thursday, July 27 Victoria Police - Willgoose, Av Matthews, Aron. Ringwood Victoria Police - Mclean, S v Matthews, Aron. Collingwood Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (34089) v North, Timothy Ronald. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Paul, Rv Matthews, Aron. Wodonga Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008)v Cameron, Chrisynthia. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Kehagias, S v Matthews, Aron. Broadmeadows Community Corrections Centre - Insana, J v Matthews, Aaron. Broadmeadows Victoria Police - Thomas, S (40419) v Matthews, Michelle. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Pert, J (38687) v King, Johnny. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Broadway, B (42074) v Crosby, Matthew. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Elwers, Rodney Charles. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Reizan Pty Ltd. Melbourne Victoria Police - Ward, B (31894) v Balen, Mario. Family Violence-Shepparton Victoria Police - Stephens, S (40205) v Purcell, Ethan Patrick. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Fawcett, M (39606) v Godfrey, Mathew. Uni-Footscray Victoria Police - Turner, J (34532) v Power, Maurice. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Stephens, S (40205) v Chamberlain, Paul Rex. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Bath, P (28832) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Fletcher-Seales, Stuart Alan. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Mcfarlane, A (39495) v Mcdonald, Simon. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Ioannidis, C (30723) v Young, Gregory John. State Hwy Patrol-North Victoria Police - Bradley, D (36450) v Hogan, Gene. Highway Patrol-Greensborough Victoria Police - Wright, A (31459) v Egan-Halls, Ashlee. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Wright, A (31459) v Agi, Walter. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Garbutt, E (35708) v Daoud, Joseph. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Shortt, T (40203) v Dowson, Hayley. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Baker, N (36147) v Bradford, Gregory Matthew Uni-Broadford

80 Years Ago Mitchell Shire Council Johns, E v Armet, Stephen. Mitchell Shire Council Victoria Police - Archdale, W (40862) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Broadmeadows Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Christall, Brian. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Stephens, S (40205) v Bryson, James Robert. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Coleman, Victoria Police - Wells, B R (39955)v Rae, Lachlan. Uni- (37438) V Bryson, James RobWallan ert. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Baker, N Community Corrections (36147) v Thorpe, David. Uni- Centre - Peacock, T v Holmes, Jacqueline. Seymour CommuBroadford Victoria Police - Telfer, J nity Correction Centre (38560) v Brown, Dale. UniVictoria Police - Rushbrook, Broadford D (39958) v Bryson, James Victoria Police - Murphy, T Robert. Eastern Region Crime (29084) v Reed, Corey. Uni- Squad Gisborne Victoria Police - Chief ComVic Roads - Goldsmith, C v missioner Of Police (00008) v Mr Scaffold Hire Pty Ltd. Vic Taylor, Carol Ann. Office Of Roads The Chief Commissioner Community Corrections Victoria Police - Shortt, T (40203) v Roach, Wayne. Uni- Centre - Peacock, T v Holmes, Seymour Jacqueline Michelle. Seymour Victoria Police - Manton, B Community Correction Centre (38541) v Ball, Debbie. OperaVictoria Police - Pert, J (38687) v Backx, Antony. Unitions Response Team Three Victoria Police - Howell, B Seymour (41055) v Haskell, Jody. UniVictoria Police - Chief ComSeymour missioner Of Police (00008) v Victoria Police - Rhead, A Doyle, Jamie Andrew. Office (40227) v Kurt, Ahmet. High- Of The Chief Commissioner way Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Wells, B Victoria Police - Garbutt, E (37438) v Hamilton, Makayla. (35708) v Kelly, Kieran. High- Highway Patrol-Seymour way Patrol-Seymour Community Corrections Victoria Police - Porter, I Centre - Ridgway, D v (33403) v Zanetti, Michael Munnings, Dwayne. Seymour Ryan. Ciu-Mitchell Community Correction Centre Victoria Police - Porter, I Victoria Police - Chief Com(33403)v Willcocks, Darren missioner Of Police (00008) v Simpson, Barrie Owen. Office Leigh. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police - Garbutt, E Of The Chief Commissioner (35708) v Daniel, Tony Keith. Victoria Police - Edge, J v Highway Patrol-Seymour Matthews, Aron. Melbourne Victoria Police - Sowden, D Victoria Police - Crawford, (36568) v Collins, Christopher G v Matthews, Aron. Kew John. State Hwy Patrol-North Victoria Police - Venkort, S Victoria Police - Infringe- v Matthews, AaronSunshine. ment - Victoria Police InfringeVictoria Police - Sheridan, ment v Matthews, Aron. R v Matthews, Aron. Malmsbury Melbourne Victoria Police - Batten, S Victoria Police - Dawson, A (38514) v Schelzak, Kenneth. v Matthews, Aron. Melbourne Uni-Broadford Friday, July 28 Victoria Police - Murphy, I Mitchell Shire Council (37347) v Kopecky, Michelle Minnitt, T v P Rongoni & S Lee. Ciu-Banyule Rongoni. Mitchell Shire CounVictoria Police - Davidge, K cil (37856) v Foster, William JoMitchell Shire Council Elliot, C v Dimasi, Natalino seph. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Williams, Antonio. Mitchell Shire CounG (37972) v Holmes, cil Mitchell Shire Council Jacqueline Michelle. DtuJohns, E v Crosby, Matthew Seymour Victoria Police - Durling, T Lee. Mitchell Shire Council Victoria Police - Page, J (39965) v Munnings, Dwayne. (38565) v Swanwick, Belinda. Uni-Boronia Victoria Police - Binns Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Jarrett, M Saxby, M (38713) v Munnings, (26710) v Lock, Justin Roger. Dwayne. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Garbutt, E Highway Patrol-Shepparton Australian Electoral Com(35708) v Kopecky, Michelle. mission - Melville, K v Cripps, Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Tait, W Lee Graeme. Australian Elec(37033) v Redenbach, Robert toral Commission Victoria Police - Duff, D Allen. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police - Barclay, J (35543) v Lock, Justin. Uni(36190) v Petrovski, Anthony Nagambie Victoria Police - Aisbett, J Stefan. Highway Patrol(34281) v Fogliaro, Raffaele Seymour Victoria Police - Hodgson, Roberto. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Stephens, A (29261) v Godfrey, Mathew Stanley. Ciu-Mornington Pen- S (40205) v Kelly, Matthew Francis. Uni-Seymour insula Victoria Police - Brennan, G Victoria Police - Kasper, P (38085) v Kopecky, Michelle (32577) v Kelly, Matthew. OpLee. Operations Response erations Response Team Three Victoria Police - Davidge, K Team Two Victoria Police - Wells, B (37856) v Carthy, Justin Mark. (37438) v Bryson, James Rob- Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Mcgovern, ert. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Cook, D A (34197) v Nichols, Jake (30208) v Bryson, James Rob- Stewart. Community Corrections ert. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police - Page, J Centre - Macdougall, M v (38565) v Holmes, Jacqueline. Swanwick, Belinda. Seymour Community Correction Centre Contents of Court Lists are intended for information purposes only. The lists are extracted from Court Lists, as supplied to the public, by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, often one week prior to publication date; for current Court lists, please contact the Court. Further details of cases are available at The Local Paper shall in no event accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided. The information is provided on the basis that persons accessing it undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. No inference of a party’s guilt, innocence or liability should be made by publication of their name as a defendant. Court schedules may be changed at any time for any reason, including withdrawal of the action by the Plaintiff/Applicant. E&OE.

From Our 1937 Files

Kinglake notes

■ A social evening in the Kinglake State School, No. 2188, was held by the School Committee on Saturday, July 3. Dancing was indiulged in, music was supplied by Mr. M. Ryan on his piano accordeon. .Jumping the mat was won by Lilly Thompson and Jeff McLaine. The guessing competition was won by Mrs. Chalmers and the fruit competition by Mrs. Sheridan. Mr. and Mrs. Ron. Pyle are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter. Mrs. McLaine and children were given a farewell tea at the State School, No. 2188 by the Mothers' Club Kinglake children journeyed to Whittlesea last Saturday to play a football match. The match resulted in a win for Whittlesea.

Many complaints

■ W hen the Eltham Council, sitting as a Revision Court, met on. Wednesday to consider the Ratepayers Rolls, it was found that a number of objections and claims for enrolment had been lodged, some not within the specified time. After asking some questions of the new.rate collector (Mr. McAdie) Cr. Hewitt expressed the opinion that the council could not take the rolls as they had not been verified by a statutory declaration. He added that it was not the fault of Mr. McAdie, who had come into the office after many of the entries had been.made.

Doreen: cut legs

■ By a strange series of coincidences four young men at Doreen all cut their, legs over the weekend. The series began on Friday when A. Barnes, who plays football with the Plenty Royers, cut his shin with an axe while working with the State Electricity Commission gang which is sapping poles in the district. On Saturday night, John Brock, son of Mr. Lex Brock, was assisting to start the electric light plant at home when a piece of tin on the belt cut his leg so severely that six stitches had to be in serted. On Monday the accidents again switched to the S.E C. gang when H. McGill cut his ankle with an axe, several stitches had to be inserted. The following day McGill's mate, H. C. Shepperson cut his knee with an axe, and two stitches were necessary.

North Riding poll

■ Mr. G. T. Smith, of Panton Hill, announces in this issue of the decision to nominate for election, at the forthcoming poll for. the Eltham Shire Council. Mr. Smith who has mad this decision in 'response' to requests from many ratepayers will seek to represent the North Riding.

Player reported

■ No 22,of Epping, W. Pratt, hasbeen charged by Field Umpire J. Pope that in the match against Greensborough that he threw the ball at him, and threatened to strike him at the conclusion of the match. The case will be heard before the League Seconds Tribunal next Tuesday night.

South Morang

■ It is stated by residents in the areas where electricity is to be supplied in the Whittlesea Shire, that although residents have signed guarantees, a canvass is being made of the district by officials of the State Electricity Commission asking for good faith money deposits varying from £1 to £2. Residents are so desirous of obtaining the light that they do not like to query the request.

Mrs Little

■ Mrs. Little, a former resident of Kangaroo Giound, who before her marriage was Miss Armsti ong, died at her residence at Camperdown, last week.

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 13

What’s New

Page 14 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Local People

● Marj Hamilton and Mike Hirons

Rotary Club of Yea At Yea Golf Club Photos by Ash Long

● Terry Hubbard and Ken Maxfield

● Jim Osborne, Gary Fitzgerald and Peter Tull

● Will de Castella and David Ngo

● Jule Lynch with Viviane Amaral de Souza

● Guest Garth Symington with Rodney Ridd

● Terry Chaplin, Honorary Member

● Patricia Maxfield, ‘Charlie The Bill, Rotary District Macot, and David Anderson

● Bob Hentschel and Elaine White

● Doug Zerbe and John Sinclair

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 15

Local People

Frederick Wheeler, a father of Alexandra ■ “Mr. F. Wheeler, who has lived in this district for nearly half a century, last week took his farewell to reside in Melbourne,” reported the Alexandra newspaper. “He was born at Henley-onThames, in 1847, and received his early education at the Henley Grammar School. “On leaving school he went to London, and entered the employment of Mr. William Smith, chemist, of Walworth-road. “He remained with him till he left England in 1864 for Australia. “His first position under the Southern Cross was with Dr. James Boyd of Bendigo (then Sandhlurst), as dispenser. “He left him in 1865, to join his brother in Robe-street St. Kilda, as assistant. “He subsequently returned to Dr. Boyd but finally left him in 1866 to take an appointment with Dr. Smart, in Hobart, at the pharmacy at the corner of Liverpool and Murrmay streets. “This place he left in '67, to go to Ghin Ghin, where diggings had broken out, and there was a considerable gold rush. “While at Ghin Ghin he opened a pharmacy in Yea in 1868. Next he settled in Gobur, in 1899, where there was another gold rush. “His next move was to Alexandra in May, 1871, where he remained up to the time of his selling out a few weeks back. “During that lengthy period he occupied many public positions. In 1873 he was elected to the council for Gobur, and thence on, at various periods, for 18 years. “In those days the Shire was divided into Ridings. “He served two years consecutively as President. He was the first treasurer of the Upper Goulburn Railway League, when it was originally formed to extend the railway from Tallarook toward Alexandra, and always took a lively interest in endeavouring to consummate that object. “In the early days he took an active part in securing the erection of an hospital in Alexandra, which greatly profited by his services. “He was appointed a J.P. and altogether held this position for 26 years. “He attended to his duties well and faithfully, and was always esteemed a fair, just and fearless magistrate, adminstering the law as he found it. “At the present time he holds the following offices under the Government. He is Deputy Coronor, the Government's appointee as Commissioner on the Water Trust, the magistrate to give consent to the marriage of minors. “He is also a trustee of the Alexandra racecourse and recreation grounds and a trustee of the cemetery. “He was the first president of the Tourist and Anglers Society, which did so much to first bring Alexandra before the public, and under the notice of tourists and anglers. “As a business man, Mr Wheeler always had his eyes open for the commerical possibilities of the district. “Back in the seventies he started the cordial factory, which has been in active operation ever since. He subsequently boughtt out the business conducted by Mr. Wood at

“In public life, he had taken a leading part in all departments. Mr. Wheeler was one of the best public men the district had had. “It was hard to say good-bye, but he trusted Mr. Wheeler was going to better himself. All his friends wished him and his family joy and good luck. “Mr. Baird said he was sorry to have to say good-bye. He was not in a position to speak of Mr Wheeler's good works in public life, because that was before he came into this district. “But he had been told, had there been no Wheeler there would have been no Alexandra. “He had taken an interest in the mines. They had impoverished him. He still believed there was more gold in the hills than ever came out. “Mr. Wheeler was a good crib player. He (the speaker) knew that, because he was one of his pupils. Mr Wheeler was a good all-round sport. His pluck always stuck to him. “In the council he had been a ruling and moving spirit. Alexandra would never have got the railway except for him. He would be a loss to the town. He had brought up a family. “His son, Eric, was as good a fellow as had been reared in the district. He had the makings of a good man, and if he lived to the age of his father would make the name of Wheeler honoured. He wished him all good fortune (Applause). Mr. T. A. Fox said the question might well be asked, where are the boys of the old brigade? As Mr. Wheeler sat there he had to feel alone. for the companions of other days are either gone from the district, were unable to come, or were under the turf. Turn To Page 37

● Frederick Wheeler, ‘chemist and dentist’ was involved in Alexandra’s early days quently became Lieutenant-Colonel “Mr Wheeler was the local chemSir Frederick Sargood. During this ist. He had been dosing them for over period, he availed himself of attend- 40 years. Now he was leaving them. ing classes in Dr. Bromby's Gram- He (the speaker) wished him, his mar School. wife and family, all prosperity and “On Friday evening last a fare- happiness. well was given to Mr. F. Wheeler, at “Cr. Saunders said he was very Ryan's Miner's Exchange Hotel. It pleased to be present to wish Mr. took the form of a smoke night, and Wheeler good luck. He was sorry a card party. This latter item was a they were losing a good citizen. happy idea, as it softened the stiffnes “He had known Mr Wheeler all so often chlaracteristic of these gath- his life. At first he was scared of him, erings, and it took away the neces- but when he knew him better, he sity of the fulsome repetition which liked him. mark the speeches made on such occasions. “When Mr W. H. Whiting, M. C. notified that tile second part had come he asked Cr. J. T. Murray J.P, expresident, in the absence of the president to take the chair, and then read ● Frederick Wheeler out a long list of apologies for abMansfield. These he sold to Mr sence. Andrews some 13 years back. Pos“Cr. Murray said he was pleased sibly the greatest work of his life as a to be present, and to occupy the post chemist was the discovery and com- of honour, but regretted that the presipounding of a tonic which bears his dent had been unable to attend. “He regretted still more the cause name. “This is widely known, and as of the occasion, the departure of one widely appreciated, as "Wheeler's of their oldest residents. The long list of apologies showed the wide-spread Bitters". “One of the reasons why Mr respect in which the guest of the Wheeler has sold out his business in evening was held. “He had known Mr Wheeler for Alexandra is to have an enlarged opportunity of placing this tonic on many years. He was once known as the market to an extent its virtues the member for Merton, when the shire was divided into ridings. merit. “He represented the district ably “Anyone who has once had a dash of "Wheeler" in his whisky and well. At one time he was opnever dreams of taking his Moun- posed to Mr. Wheeler's policy but later agreed with him. tain Dew without it. “He (Mr. Wheeler) believed in “This tonic should make the name of Wheeler famous throughout Aus- milking the State Cow. She gave good tralia. He is inaugurating a company cream. There were great works to so that it may be manufactured on a be done in those days. Roads had to be opened up. larger scale. “Government aid was needed, “As a Mason he was Master several times, and took an active inter- and Mr. Wheeler got it. He had hold est in founding the Duke of Clarence many public positions. He was nominee of the Government on the WaLodge at Yea. “On frequent occasions, he ter Trust, and while loyal to the Govtravvelled to Wood's Point and ernment kept down the water rate, and made the water available to the Jamieson. “The children wore not forgotten people; he was a J.P., and deputy by him. From its inception he was on coroner; a prominent figure in the the School Board and for many years bowling club; and to the front in many other directions. They were losing was chairman. “While living at St. Kilda he was an old friend, one to whom fortuin the Artillery which was then un- nately or unfortunately they all had ● The Wheeler family gravestone at Alexandra Cemetery der Captain Sargood, who subse- been compelled to go at times.

Page 16 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 17 p

Local History

125-year anniversary for Yea Freemasons ■ The 125th anniversary of a Masonic Lodge being established in Yea in 1892 will occur this year. But the Lodge’s opening night almost did not occur - because of a last-minute argument with the Yea Shire Council. “We learn that a Masonic Lodge, under the title of ‘The Duke of Clarence’,will be opened in Yea on Thursday, October 6, at the Commercial Hotel, when the installation of officers will take place followed by the customary banquet,” reported the Yea newspaper on September 15, 1892. Within one week, the event had graduated from the Commercial Hotel (now Country Club Hotel) to the Yea Shire Hall: “A large number of invitations have been issued by the Yea Masons to members of the craft in Kilmore, Seymour, Mansfield, and Alexandra, for the opening of the Duke of Clarence Lodge, which takes place at the Yea Shire Hall on Thursday, October 6. “The Grand Lodge Officers will also come from Melbourne to Yea on that occasion, and a large gathering of the brethren is confidently expected.” Members of the Lodge approached the Yea Shire to use the Council Chamber at the Shire Hall for the inauguration. “The deputation from the Duke of Clarence Lodge, consisting of Messrs. J. B. Mummery, C. Anderson, and W. W. Perry, waited on the Council, to request the use of the council-chamber for the inauguration ceremony on Thursday (today),” reported the October 6 issue of The Yea Chronicle. “Mr. Mummery said they were told they could get the hall on paying for it, and they came to the Council to request the use of the councilchamber also for the ceremony in connection with the opening of the Lodge. The hall would be used afterwards. “They did not ask for any rebate, but they might do so afterwards, as they intended to take the hall for 12 conseeutive meetings. “Cr. Condon proposed -"That the request of Messrs. Mummery, Anderson, and Perry for use of Shire HaIl and council-chamber for October 6 be granted on the usual terms." “They had never refused the hall so long as they knew that those who took it would not injure it in any way and he was quite sure these gentlemen would look after it. “Cr. Webster had much pleasure

● Sir William Clarke, 1st Baronet, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria in seconding the motion. He had point of order, contending that it was known the hall let to all sorts of not an amendment but a negative, people, who had left it in a worse and did not comply with the condistate than the blacks in a corroboree, tions of an amendment, which should but he hoped, now that they had be to strike out some words and subpainted it and made it look a little stitute others. decent, that would be put a stop to. “Cr. Sandilands: It is an amend“Cr. Sandilands would like to ask ment on "the usual terms." You can't the Secretary what time it took to re- have every thing your way. move the books and documents. He “Cr. Webster: It is not an amendunderstood it took about half a day to ment. You came here to teach us. shift them to and from. He would pro- We'll teach you, if you're capable of pose an amendment that it be not being taught. granted. “Cr. Underwood (who had been “Cr. Webster rose to a point of on his feet for some time) said he order. Cr. Sandilands said he would wished to say a few words. propose an amendment. Let him do “Cr. Webster: You won't say so. much. “Cr. Sandilands moved, and Cr. “Cr. Underwood: I'll speak to the Underwood seconded-" That in fu- point, anyway, and that's more than ture the sum of £1 be charged for the you do. I do not think the councilrent of the Shire Hall, and the sum chamber should be let to every "Tom, of 10s. for the use of the piano, and Dick, and Harry." 10s. extra for the use of the council“Cr. Condon and the President obchamber for one night; and every jected to that remark. person so renting the hall shall pay a “Mr. Mummery: Is Sir William deposit of 10s., the balance of rent to Clarke included in it ? be paid-before four o'clock p.m. on “Cr. McCormnick was in favour the night the hall is engaged." of allowing the use of the councl“Cr. Webster again rose to a chamber to these gentlemen, and thought they ought to encourage things of that kind; but as they had painted the chamber, they should take steps to preserve it and keep it in better order. “Cr. Ferguson said the whole thing was a storm in a teacup. They let it to everybody, and he could not see why these gentlemen should be refused. It was the ratepayers' money that built the hall; it was the ratepayers who asked for it, and theyshould get it “The amendment was declared out of order, and the motion was then put and carried, Crs. Sandilands and Underwood voting against it. “Mr. Anderson thanked the Council, assuring them they would leave the hall and the chamber just as they found it.” The opening of the Lodge was ● One of the artefacts in the Masonic Temple, until its well covered in the local press. closure, was a photographic collage of Past Masters. “Thursday last will, in years to

● The Yea Masonic Temple in High St, Yea come, be a memorable day amongst Queen. Next day I was waited on by Freemasons in and around Yea. For several brothers at my hotel, the years past the starting of a Masonic well-known old Clarence, and made Lodge in Yea has been talked of, and much of by a shower of invitations at last, owing to the endeavours of to dine out, but in only one case did Bro. Sanders, Bro. Mummery, and I accept. a few others, the object has been at“In London there are some swell tained. lodges, such as the Prince of Wales, “On Thursday last at 4 p.m., the where the initiation fee is 150 guinnew lodge, entitled the Duke of eas. Clarence, was consecrated by Bro. “The commoners, of course, Baker, Acting-Grand Master of cannot afford to pay this, and are Victoria. consequently excluded. “Over a quarter of a century ago I “Even in Masonry, where all are entered the ranks of Freemasons in supposed to be on the same level, New Zealand,” wrote ‘Wanderer’. you find ‘mammon’ alters things. “What changes have taken place “How many people know what since then. Where are the boys of Masonry is? Very few. Well, it may the old brigade! Bro. Lazaar was be summed up in a few words. It is then the "big man " of the order in the a system of mortality, veiled in allesister colony. Yes, where are they gory, and illustrated by symbols. “Masonry is based on the purest gone? Who can answer? “When recently travelling through atoms of virtue, and there is nothing England and America, I found that in it incompatible with your religion the Masonic Order was a powerful or your religious dictums. “Let as hope that in years to organisation in those countries, and that in most cases it was faithfully come I may have the same to say of the latest created babe, the Duke of and efficiently carried out. “In Manchester I was introduced Clarence, in the little but by Past-Master Bro. Kennedy, who, pleasantlysituated township of Yea. “But I am getting out of the track, by the way, also essayed to "prove me" before entering the sanctum. as usual; you will perhaps say “gush“Before we were in it many min- ing" too much. Well, the consecrautes I proved to my examiner's satis- tion ceremony is very impressive, faction that he was a little "rusty,'" and tihe Acting-Grand Master Bro. and the stranger in a strange land in- Baker was assisted by the ActingGrand Secretary Bro. Gosling, structing him. “At the banquet that followed I P.M's. Bros. Blashki and Wheeler, was, with two Canadians, put down and some of the officers of the to respond for the visitors, and I told Alexandra Lodge (the W.M. of the brethern that Australia was still which was conspicuous by his abin existence; that.the people were not sence). “After the consecration, the folaltogether black; that we had some gold and even silver yet left, and that lowing officers were installed: WorshipfulMaster, Bro. Mumit was no mean country ; that we were as loyal as they could afford to be, mery; Senior Warden, Bro. Petch; ● Turn to To Page Page 00 17 and feared God and honoured the

● The Master’s Chair at the Yea Masonic Temple, with the ‘Volume of the Sacred Law’ pictured at front

Page 18 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Local History ● From Page Page 21 17 Junior Warden, Bro. Wightman; Secretary, Bro. Perry; Senior Deacon, Bro. Anderson; Junior Deacon and Treasurer, Bro. Sanders; Tyler, Bro. Patterson. P.M. “Bro. Wheeler efficiently acted as Chaplain throughout the beautiful and impressive ceremony, and a number of visitors were present from Melbourne, Williamstown, Kilmore, Tallarook, and Alexandra. “The banquet that followed was held in Bro. Anderson's Commercial Hotel, and the tastefully laid out dining hall with emblems of the Craft, together with the excellent bill of fare and good attendance, reflected the greatest credit to Bro. Anderson and his worthy lady, Mrs. Anderson. “A little after 9 p.m. the W.M. Bro. Mummery took the chair, having on his right Bro. Baker the ActingGrand Master, and on his left P.M. Bro. Wheeler. “After the good things had been done ample justice to, the Worshipful Master proposed " The Queen and the Craft, the Grand Master Bro. Sir William Clarke and his Officers," coupled with the name of Bro. Baker. “Song, Bro. Blashki, " Boys of the old brigade." Bro.. Baker, in responding, said on behalf of his worthy chief, Bro. Clarke, and himself he heartly thanked the brethren. He would inform the Grand Master on his return from England of the new addition to the ranks. “Like a good father of a family, he liked to hear of an increase in the number; as an old officer he was pleased to be amongst them, and considered it a privilege to be entrusted with the carrying out of the consecration ceremony. “As they had the Acting-Grand Secretary present, he would call upon him to give them some information about the success of the Craft in Victoria. “Acting-Grand Secretary, Bro. Gosing, said that a few years ago, when the charter was established, 136 stations or lodges were in existence, now there were 172, and they were all flourishing. “Bro. Baker was an ardent Mason, and he felt sure that he must often neglect hie own business for the advancement and welfare of the Craft. He thanked the Acting Grand Master for the kind reference to him, aml the brethren present forthe kind attention. “He hoped the Duke of Clarence

‘With the core values of integrity, kindness, fairness and honesty at the centre of all Freemasons’ lives, members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount, and also teaches concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.’ - Freemasonry Victoria

● Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence

Named after Duke of Clarence

■ Yea’s Masonic Lodge, formed in 1892, was named in honour of the Duke of Clarence, who had died earlier in that year at age 28. Albert Victor Christian Edward, from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was the eldest child of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), and grandson of the reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria. From the time of his birth, he was second in the line of succession to the British throne, but never became king: he died before his father and his grandmother, the Queen. Albert Victor was known to his family, and many later biographers, as ‘Eddy’. When young, he travelled the world extensively as a naval cadet, and as an adult he joined the British Army, but did not undertake any active military duties. After two unsuccessful courtships, he was engaged to be married to Princess Mary of Teck in late 1891. A few weeks later, he died during an influenza pandemic. Mary later married his younger brother Prince George, who became King George V in 1910. The Duke of Clarence’s death shocked the British Empire. Shops put up their shutters. The Prince of Wales wrote to Queen Victoria, "Gladly would I have given my life for his". Princess Mary wrote to Queen Victoria of the Princess of Wales, "the despairing look on her face was the most heart-rending thing I have ever seen." His younger brother Prince George wrote, "how deeply I did love him; and I remember with pain nearly every hard word and little quarrel I ever had with him and I long to ask his forgiveness, but, alas, it is too late now!” Source: Wikipedia

● The interior of the Yea Masonic Temple, first opened in May 1915

Lodge would prosper. P.M. Bro. Wheeler proposed "The newly installed W..M., Bro. Mummery," in flattering terms. Song, Bro. Petch " True to the last." Worshiptul Master Bro. Mummery responded. He was once a member of a lodge in Penrith, N.S.W., which was just the same as the Dake of Clarence, and not long ago he was visiting Sydney and took it into his head to visit the place and strange to say the Lodge held its meeting during his visit, and he was delighted to find it grown into a large and important body. “He had no doubt but that their Lodge would do the same. “He had known Bro. Baker for some 15 years. He liked his kind genial face; he liked his character, and he liked to hear of the good opinion others in and out of the Craft bore testimony to of him. “Strange to say that he (Bro. Mummery) was presented by Bro. Blashki with the working tools of a Mason on the present occasion and that he (Bro. Mummery) carried out the same duties when Bro. Blashki was first installed in the chair. “He thanked the brethren for the high honour that they had conferred on him, and promised to work zealously and faithfully for the cause. Song.Bro. McKay, "Jack's come home to-day.” Bro. Baker feelingly responded, complimenting the Freemasons in the district on their pluck in organising the starting of the new Lodge. Bro. Baker proposed "The Past Masters and Masters of sister Lodges." Recitation, Bro. Wheeler, "Advance Australia”. Bros. Blashki, MeKay, and Wheeler, of Mansfield, responded. Song, Bro. Wheeler, " Sally in our Alley." Bro. R.G. Neale responded for the visitors. Song, Senior Warden of the Kilmore Lodge, "I live like a lord." Bro. Baker proposed ' The Officers of the Duke of Clarence Lodge." Song, Bro. Leckie, "Far Away”. The Worshipful Master gave "The Press, and "Wanderer" respsonded Song, Bro. Anderson. "Poor and Distressed Masons" followed, after which the "Host and Hostess,"' who received great praise for tihe sumptuous spread; Bro. Anderson respondeds tating that if Masonry did nothing else, it had that day brought the most respectable looking body of men to Yea that he hal ever witnessed. "God Save the Queen" brought a most enjoyable gathering of the Craft to a close about midnight.” The November 10, 1892, issue of the Yea newspaper reported: “The new Masonic Lodge, the Duke of Clarence, held its first meeting since the consecration at the Yea Shire Hall on Thursday last, when two gentlemen were initiated into the mysteries of ancient Fremasonry . “The lodge is now in full working order, and any gentleman desirous of entering the craft can get full particulars from either of the following brethren: Messrs. Mummery, Sanders, Petch, Perry, Anderson, Williamson, and Wightman.

“The lodge is held on the Thursday on or before full moon, so that brethren from a distance will have the benefit of what has not been inaptly termed the ‘parish lantern’ to light them to their respective dwellings.” By January 1893, the Lodge was attempting to have its £1 monthly rental of the Yea Shire Hall reduced. The Chronicle reported: “From Wm. W. Perry, secretary to the Duke of Clarence Lodge, asking for the use of the council-chamber at a reduction in present price, £1 per meeting being rather more than the funds of the Lodge would allow; and the establishing of the Order in Yea was certain to have a powerful influence for good, they trusted the Council would see its way to reduce the present charge.-Reduction made to 10s. per night, on the motion of Crs Sandilands and Scale.” Cr Sandilands had originally been one of the opponents to the Lodge’s use of the Council chamber. “The annual installation and investiture of officers of the Duke of Clarence Lodge, No. 172, Yea, takes place at the Shire hall this evening, when Bro. J. B. Mummery; the Worshipful Master Elect, will be installed for the second time,” noted the October 26, 1893, issue. “Bro. J. A. Gordon, P.M., assisted by Bro. R. Irvine, W.M., of the Albert Edward Lodge, Alexandra, will perform the duties of Installing Master. “A large number of invitations have been sent by the W.M. to the various lodges in the surrounding districts and Melbourne.” In 1915, the June 3 issue of the Chronicle reported: “The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the new Masonic hall in High -street was performed on Saturday afternoon in the presence of a number of the Masonic fraternity the building is of solid brick, in places the wall being 14 inches thick, and is situated on a block of ground at the corner of High street and Craigie street, immediately opposite the old lodge room. “The size of the building is 25 x 50. and it comprises a lodge room of 25 x 35 and an ante room of 25 x 14. “The proceedings opened with a hymn, after which Bro J. Tosh, the W.M,, de livered an address on freemasonry. “This was followed by the chaplain (Bro. Rev, R. A. Scott) offering up a prayer, after which the secretary (Bro. S. Wall) read the inscription on the stone. “The junior warden (Bro, W. Taite) then plumbed the stone and the senior warden (Bro.J. Gracey) inspected the stone to see that the stone was laid true, Bro. G,. Buckley then placed oil, wine, and grain on the stone, after which P.M. Bro. J. Taite presented Bro. J. C. Sanders, one of the founders and treasurer of the lodge, with a silver trowel, with which the latter tapped the stone and declared it well and truly laid. “Another Masonic hymn was sung and the proceedings closed with the singing of the National Anthem.” The final meeting of the Lodge was held in Yea in October 2015. - Ash Long

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 19

Local People ● From Page 15

Frederick Wheeler “Many would regret his departure. When he (the speaker) came into the district in '82 Saunders was a lad, Stillman was not here, Hill and Coghill and McVeigh were boys and Mr Wheeler was a bright and shining light in the life of the district. “In those days the council got £3 for every £1 raised. The council was a lively body. He was sorry some of the very old men were not able to be present to tell them what Wheeler did. “He was a leading spirit in the Railway League. In those days the railway was no nearer than Tallarook. MrWheeler must feel it deeply leaving a district where he had so many friends. He hoped to see him back again some day. He went with the good will of the whole community. “MrA. Christie said he was very, very sorry Mr. Wheeler was leaving the district. In the Bowling Club there was never a better skipper “What he took up he went in for heart and soul. When he spoke, he carried all with him. He was sorry Mr Wheeler was leaving them.

Police News Looking for Tom

Local People

Vale Ray Williamson ■ Success as an artist was one of the themes addressed at the service of celebration and thanksgiving for the life of Raymond Arnold Williamson, held at St Luke’s Anglican Church, Yea, last Wednesday (July 12). Ray died at the age of 90, having been born on August 22, 1927. He died on Tuesday, July 4. Officiating at the service was Fr Thomas Leslie, with Russell Hogg serving as organist. The arrival music was Time To Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman), followed by Amazing Grace. A slideshow of photographs compiled by Mark Williamson was accompanied by The Old Man (Fureys). The eulogy was delivered by Meg Blair. Mourners recalled Ray’s days as a stock and station agent for Australian Mercantile Land and

● Raymond Arnold Williamson Finance (AML and spect to Ray’s life. The rcessional muF). Tributes were also sic was Largo paid by Jess and Elise (Handel). The service inBlair. A photo tribute, pre- cluded the ringing of pared by Ryan Blair, the family bell at St was accompanied by Luke’s. Son Peter True Blue (John spoke about the history of the bell. Williamson). Chaplain Ian Fr Leslie delivered an address, paying re- Waller invited those

present to ring the bell as a gesture of farewell. Coffin bearers were Philip and Ryan Blair; Mark and Alex Williamson; James, Thomas and Scott Williamson. The cortege proceeded via High St and the Yea Football clubrooms. He had treasured his association with the Tigers. After internment at the Old Yea Cemetery, mourners joined at the Country Club Hotel, once owned by Leslie Williamson. Ray is survived by wife Judith; step-children and grandchildren Sharon and David, Katrina and Ian; Emilyand James; Jessica and Stephanie. Ray’s death is mourned by children Peter and Margaret, David and Gwen, Mark and Liz, Megan and Phil, and their families. Arrangements were in the hands of McCormack Funerals.

McGowan’s portrait ● Tom Cooper ■ Police are appealing for public assistance to help locate missing boy Tom Cooper. The 17-year-old was last seen at his home in Wallan on Friday (July 14). Police have concerns for his welfare given his young age. Tom is described as being 165cm tall with a thin build, black wavy shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. It is not known what Tom was last wearing. Police have released an image of Tom in the hope someone can provide information on his current whereabouts. Anyone with information about is urged to contact Wallan Police Station on 5783 0400.

■ Artist Charles Sluga has entered his portrait of Indi MHR Cathy McGowaninto the Archibald Prize competition. The watercolour portrait was unveiled by Mr Sluga at his Yackandandah gallery in front of a crowd of more than 150 people. The portrait was completed by Mr Sluga after several meetings with Ms McGowan at her home in the Indigo Valley, her office at Parliament House in Canberra and at his gallery. The Archibald Prize is awarded annually.

● Charles Sluga and Cathy McGowan MHR

At the Rotary Club of Yea

At Wellington Sq.

■ Wallan Police seized a quantity of drugs, weapons and cash from a male at the Wellington Square car park, Wallan, this month. The male was charged with drugs and weapons offences and bailed to a later court date on strict conditions.

Theft from car

■ Kilmore Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information regarding a theft from a motor vehicle that occurred at the Coles Express, Kilmore at 4am on Wednesday last week (July 12). A male suspect was sighted breaking into the vehicle. The man is described as Caucasian, mid 30’s, short brown hair, unshaven face and a slim build. The man was wearing a grey hoodie, green puffy vest, blue jeans and black Nike runners. The man was driving a Holden Commodore VT sedan without registration plates.

● Ian Lynch and Les Hall at the Rotary Club of Yea meeting this week.

Snippets Gypsy Dance

■ Gypsy Dance is the focus of a new fourweek short course starting at 4.30pm on Sunday, July 30 at Allwood Neighbourhood House in Hurstbridge. Dance away the winter chills with beautiful gypsy moves to stirring gypsy tunes. Bring out the big skirts and jewels and have fun learning a group dance. Suitable for adults and teenagers of all abilities. Info: Annie 0407 102 578

Plan for safety at Whittlesea ■ Victoria Police has joined forces with community, government and private sector stakeholders to establish an innovative crime prevention and detection body – Safety Alliance Victoria. Launching this week, Safety Alliance Victoria is a formal partnership between Victoria Police, RACV, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers Victoria and Federation University which aims to improve the safety of all Victorians. Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Tess Walsh said it marked a new and exciting era in collaborative crime-fighting. “Safety Alliance Victoria is a dynamic group which understands how important it is that the community not only is safe, but feels safe and that’s what we want to achieve,” Assistant Commissioner Walsh said. “As an alliance our greatest strength will be in our ability to pool our passion, knowledge and resources to provide a collaborative and innovative approach to crime prevention in order to deliver long-term benefits for Victorians.” Safety Alliance Victoria will support a range of campaigns outlined in the Victoria Police Burglary Reduction Strategy, which aims to drive down residential burglaries by 10 per cent over four years Its first piece of work, Protect | Prevent, will be a six-month pilot utilising a recent innovation in traceable liquid property marking, which enables people to mark and register valuable items for future identification purposes. From August, local police and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers will deliver kits containing a unique synthetic DNA code to 1000 homes across Geelong and Whittlesea. Each kit will contain a clear liquid that can be applied to up to 50 valuable items including tablets, jewellery and appliances, and is registered to the people occupying the home. If a marked item is stolen and recovered then police can use a UV lamp to identify the presence of the liquid and then test it to determine the unique DNA code and its registered owner. Police hope the technology will assist people in safeguarding their possessions and homes in order to deter potential offenders. “This pilot is an Australian first; however the technology has already been utilised by police in the UK and New Zealand where it helped achieve significant reductions in burglary offences,” Assistant Commissioner Walsh said. “Because the technology was found to act as a deterrent to thieves, Protect | Prevent will be supported by visual saturation at a local level through street and house signage to help us achieve success.” RACV– one of the founding Alliance partners – said it was proud to play a pivotal role in reducing crime. “RACV knows that the Victorian community wants to see tangible, innovative solutions to tackle crime in our state,” Neil Taylor, CEO and Managing Director of RACV said. “We are a trusted advocate for Victorians both in their homes and on the move, and the strategic alliance is just another way RACV is working for its members in helping to create a safer Victoria.” Further work outlined in the Victoria Police Burglary Reduction Strategy includes improving police practice through more faceto-face contact with victims of residential burglary and their neighbours. - Contributed

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Rural News

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Rural News

STOP PRESS STOCK CLEARANCE NOW ON - JULY All Steel Products 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Personal Shopping Recommended

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On October 4, 2016 at around 10.30am Justin Fitzpatrick was on his way to an appointment in the Yea area. Justin was involved in a car accident before getting to his destination which resulted in his tragic death. His family desperately needs to make contact with the person or company Justin was going to see. Your help will assist in giving the family some closure. Please contact Cheryl on 0425 797 475 or Sam on 0408 486 888.



Ian Charles Vickery "Sapper" 14.01.1949 12.07.2017 Passed away peacefully. Remembered by Gerry, Ian, David, Ben and his loving grandchildren.

BUTCHER Meat Mincer. Stainless Steel with sausage attachment. Brand new. Still in box. Cost $2400. Sell $800. 0402 385 692.

VICKERY. A Funeral Service Celebrating Ian's life will be held on Friday July 21, 2017, at 1.30 pm in the Yea Shire Hall. At the conclusion of the service the cortege will proceed to the Yea Cemetery.

HOUSE. Alexandra. 3BR Handiplank home on 2 acres. Quiet court location. VGC. $410,000. 5772 1659. MOTOR BIKE. Suzuki GS 500F, Blue and white with fairing. Road bike, as new. 12,000 kms. First reg. April 2012. Reg 1G8ZU. EC. $5000. Yea. 0409 579 700.




OATEN HAY Rolls, $40 includes GST. Tatura area. 0419 730 184

TV/WALL UNIT Perfect condition. $150. Alexandra. 5772 1310



Local to Yea providing mowing services large and small. Fully insured. • Ride-on and push mowing • Whipper snipping • Edging • Poisoning • Tip Runs • Other odd jobs Please call for a quote:

Daniel 0401 541 927 or Hannah 0400 768 239


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● Kim Slavin and Tom O’Dwyer

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Kinglake Automotive Services

Primarily focused on SME/Family owned businesses in the northern suburbs, BRC A /L off ers the Acccounting PP/L offers following services: • Year end Preparation and Closure • BAS Preparation and lodgement • Account reconciliation • Financial Report preparation and analysis • Streamlining processes • End to End Payroll Registered BAS Agent and CPA qualified Please contact Debbie on

Wheel Alignments, Tyre Sales, Fitting and Balancing Available ■ All mechanical repairs ■ Handbook servicing ■ Roadworthy inspections ■ 4x4 specialist ■ Scan tool diagnostics ■ Iron Man 4x4 dealer ■ Windscreen/ battery sales

0403 358 624



29 Jorgensen Pde Pheasant Creek (2 doors up from the gym) Contact Tony: 0427 300 865 5786 5744 (bh)






Supply and installation of ANTENNAS and all ACC E S SORIES, V AST SS VA S AT E L L I T E S YST E M S SY FOR BLACK T AREA S. SPO OT AS Religious Satellite TV

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TV Antenna Installations Free to Air and Pay Satellite Installations

Alexandra Electronics Gerald O’Brien

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Benny’s Bricklaying

AIRCONDS • SPLIT SYSTEMS Specialist Commercial & Domestic ALL BRANDS Install • Supply • Repair & Service

Ph. D. Appelman 0417 588 549 5772 1602 A/H

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♦ Brickwork ♦ Concreting ♦ Tiling ♦ Paving

• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations

• Extensions • Verandahs • Carports

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Offering services out of the Seymour Toyota Service Dept.

Car, Truck Campervan & 4WD Rentals

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Page 32 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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murrindindi COMPUTERS

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Fleetwood Concreting

• All types of carpentry • General maintenance • Windows • Doors • Fences • Decks • Carports No job too small. 30 years experience

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Sales Direct To Public • Stock & Pet Feed • Farm Chemicals • Animal Health Products • Premium Pet Care • Electric Fencing • Grooming Products 9 Laurel St, Whittlesea (next to Op Shop)

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CONCRETING Alexandra & Yea





PREMIX Ready mix concrete

Serving the Shire of Murrindindi for 25 years

sand • screenings • reinforcing steel • plastic

5772 1815 or 0408 576 129 Certificate III General Constriction. Extensions/Renovations. Verandahs & Pergolas. Assisting Owner Builders.


Lot 8 Peterkin Pl, Alexandra. 6 Grevillea St, Yea.





EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICE 24 HOURS PREFERRED RESTORER TO ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES • Move out clean a specialty • Residential air duct cleaning service www. • Tile and grout/high pressure cleaning steamatic. • Upholstery and rug cleaning


• Eco smart Electrician • • Everything Electrical • Domestic • Commercial • • Undergrounds • Electrical Design • Solar Installations •

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Adam Hetherton - Electrical Contractor REC: 18382. 4 Toora Cres, Healesville 0407 506 215

Debra Loveday 5772 2500. 71 Grant St, Alexandra Celebrating 21 years of conveyancing locally G-YY16 and throughout Victoria

• Domestic/Commercial/Industrial • Motor Control • Hot Water Services • Extensions/New Homes • Safety Switches • Stoves and Ovens • Underground Cabling • Surge Protection

‘Anything Electrical is Possible!’

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T&J MITCHELL EXCAVATION TRUCK TRAILER 5 Tonne and 25 Tonne BOBCAT track machines concrete driveways and sheds site excavation - site cleaning low loader hay and silage cartage and silage grab. dams and driveway constructions experienced tradie Tony ph 0408 584 854




Dingo Mini Digger

Parker’s Garden and Property Services

Easy Access To Tight Spaces • Trencher • Posthole Digger 100-600mm • Rotary Hoe • 4-in-1 Bucket • Leveller • 3 Tyne Ripper For all your gardening, fencing & building needs

PO Box 66, Alexandra

5772 2978 ELECTRICAL

Studio Chic 0413 687 703 8 William Hovell Way, Yea Specialising in colors, cuts, hair up, makeup, waxing and more! With over 10 years of experience I will create a style that you want!

Call Will Mob: 0432 991 992 EXCAVATIONS Ph: 03 5797 2235


All aspects of gardening and mowing • Handyman service • Painting For a no obligation free quote

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GLASS • Specialising in architectural glazing & aluminium fabrications • Commercial & domestic • Broken glass replacement • Aluminium shop fronts • Mirrors • Splashbacks • Shower Screens • Glass balustrading • Security doors • Flyscreens • Double glazing • Windscreens for machinery

Factory 1/269 Dead Horse Lane, Mansfield

Mob.: 0418 580 171 Ph: 5779 1005



REC: 13433. AU27974 Brad: 0411 875 207 Specialises in: • All electrical service and installation • Melbourne’s BEST Split System Installation. • Free home site inpsection and quote • 24/7 Emergency break down service EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND WORKMANSHIP FROM LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS


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First Aid • All levels of First Aid • Asthma & Anaphylaxis • Advanced Resusciattion • Defibrillation • Remote Area and Oxygen Resuscitation We also deliver courses in Fire Safety Training, Fire Warden & Evacuation Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Introduction to OH&S EmergCareTraining Phone 1800 363 742


All general farm fencing, cattle yards, sheep yards, vineyards, on site welding and oxy work. Tree plantation ripping. 5 hydraulic post drivers and pneumatic drivers. HAY CONTRACTING: Mowing, raking, round and square bales, cartage, loading, unloading. GRASS SL ASHING: 4 extra heavy duty slashers. GENERAL FREIGHT: Hay, timber, wool, steel, grapes, machinery

GLEN (HORACE) McMASTER 5797 2921. Mobile 0417 529 809



SILVER CREEK EXCAVATIONS All excavation works, 6 Ton Excavator, Bobcat & Tip Truck

• Window, Door and Shopfront Glass Replacement • Same Day Service • After Hours Service Available CALL STEVE Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Cards

Ph. Gerry 0414 397 670 Hazeldene

All Suburbs. Domestic & Commercial Bobcat 4in1 including drill & slasher


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(A CFA recommendation)


Page 34 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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AW Cabinets

SPECIALISING IN ALL FACETS OF CABINETRY • Kitchens Latest range of fittings, • Vanities finishes and design for all • Laundries domestic and commercial • Wa r d r o b e s projects • Office fitouts Visit our showroom to view a wide range of samples and trial our display kitchen 42 Aitken St, Alexandra Ph: 5772 1000 Fax: 5772 1088



‘Riverview’ 1560 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Alexandra Phone 5773 2298 Fax 5773 2294 G-YY16






FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST Specialising in all aspects of makeup applications for special events, including bridal parties, debutante balls, school and theatre productions, formals and any other occasion where you want to shine. Contact Stephanie – 0415 361 755 to discuss your needs for your particular celebration, and I can come to you. Remember that photos are forever so let me help you shine. Website: Facebook:



Laminate Caesar Stone Granite

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• Free On-site Quotes & Advice • Latest Radar Detection • Termite Specialist • Termite Treatments (Chemical & Non Chemical) • Pre construction Treatments • Termite & Pre-purchase inspectiions


PLUMBING 20 years experience

WHAT A CRACKER PAINTING SERVICE ✔ Obligation free quotes ✔ All painting work BILL MOORE

0408 320 918 PARTY HIRE

PLUMBER PLUMBER Simon Young 0429 052 166

Relaxation/deep tissue/remedial/trigger point therapy/ pregnancy massage/lymphatic drainage Mobile massage available Open 9am-5pm Monda ednesda Mondayy s ttoo W Wednesda ednesdayy s and 11.30am-7pm Thursdays by appointment at tion SSt,t, Se ymour 9 2-94 SSta ta tation Seymour ymour.. Health fund rebates available Contact Rebecca on 0466 720 323

I am a local guy who has lived in the area for more than 34 years and have 20 years’ plumbing experience. I pride myself in quality workmanship and reliability. • All areas of plumbing • Drainage • New Homes • Hot water installation • Renovations • Gas fitting • Roofing and Gutter • Maintenance and repairs • Septic tanks • Water tanks and pumps • Free quotes

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Pick your autumn colours 2600 Maroondah Hwy, Buxton Phone: 5774 7345









Trade Painter Alexandra, Yea and surrounding areas. exterior and interior painting Competitive rates


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0407 849 252

3877 Melba Hwy, Glenburn 24 HOURS-7 DAYS A WEEK 20 FT SECONDHAND SHIPPING CONTAINERS A-Grade,Premium, B-Grade, C-Grade FREE CAR REMOVAL, CASH PAID SOME CARS Truck,Motorbike,Ferrous,Non Ferrous ,Farm Clean Up Conditions apply Tractor,Earth Moving Equipment,Caravan,Boats (Up To 4 1/2 Tons) Full Tilt Tray Sevice TRADE TOWING METRO/COUNTRY










ABN: 40 971 066 598 Reliable, safe, quality work at an affordable price. FULLY INSURED - WILL BEAT ANY REASONABLE WRITTEN QUOTES

0416 245 784 or 5784 1175






Lic. No. 31281

• Metal Roofing • Guttering and Downpipes • Metal and Timber Fascia • 2 Plank Scaffold For Hire

Phone Matt 0409 546 532 Office 5775 1246 G-J16




M: 0428 390 544 F: 5797 2295



Servicing Murrindindi and Mansfield Shires

5778 9603 JASON 0413 671 066 TREE SERVICES

CLEARCUT Tree Solutions ‘The Technical Tree Removal Specialists’ Contract Arborists and Tree Surgery • • • • • • •

Full insured $10m All tree work, removals & pruning Stump grinding Excavations - 8 tonne offset boom excavator Kanga loader Rural fencing installation Electric fencing specialists

Luke Simeoni M: 0417 361 727 A: St Andrews E:






Star Tree Services QUALIFIED ARBORISTS • • • • •

Tree Removal Tree Surgery & Pruning Consultations & Reports Elm Leaf Beetle Control Mulch & Firewood Sales

5783 3170

Free Quotes. Full Insurance Cover www.treeser

surrounding areas for 25 years. Family owned and operated business.

• Septic Tanks • Treatment Plants • Grease Traps • Portable Toilets • EPA Licensed • Yarra Valley Water Approved Disposal Site

ALL HOURS: 0419 131 958



Secure Undercover Storage. Caravans, Cars, Machinery. Castella- Toolangi.

0488 952 935



Maxwell’s Upholstery

Lounge, Dining, Repaired and Recovered, Chairs and Sofas Made tto o O rrder der ge Range of der.. Lar Large Fabrics, Car and Boat Upholstery

Max Ewert

T : 5774 2201 M : 0417 321 781 E : max@maxwellsuphols tery.c W: www.maxw Skyline Rd, Eildon



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The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 37

Local Sport History

Yea v Kinglake match ANZAC Day Lakers heritage goesonback to 1925 With thanks to the Kinglake Football Club website ■ Kinglake and Yea are the arch rivals of Division 2 of the AFLYarra Ranges comp-etition. Yea won the first 2017 match; Kinglake had victory in the re-match. Local historians note that the Kinglake club was in operation between 1925 and 1980, reforming n 1990. Its premiership pedigree includes wins in 1939 and 1940 (Panton Hill District Football League); and 1994 (Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League). The Kinglake club also has a strong rcord of being runners-up in 1933, 1935 and 1936; as well as more recently in the YVMDFL. Guernsey colours have been: ■ Light blue (until 1940), ■ Green with Yellow "V" (19461981); ■ Yellow with Green "V" (19902000); ■ Green with three yellow "Lightning Bolts" (2002-2007). The "Three Mountain" design shows one large and two small green mountains rise from bottom of jumper to chest area with a yellow background, representing Kinglake East, Central and West. Details of the Kinglake club’;s early history is scrace. One of the early players and officials was John McMahon, born 1876. He played football for Kinglake in his youth and in his later years acted as goal umpire and timekeeper. McMahon supplied transport for the team for quite a few seasons. Kinglake F.C. joined the BourkeEvelyn Football League in 1930. The Kinglake team collected two flags in this era, at a time when the Club and the Panton Hill District Football League were in recess for two seasons, 1937-38. The competition was also in recess from 1941-46, due to World War II. Club history documentation says that a new local league was formed in 1947 by Andy Duff of Panton Hill, Col Sinclair of Hurstbridge, and Jeff Ashton of Kinglake, and known as the Panton Hill Football League (PHFL) and consisted of seven teams - Panton Hill, Wallan East, Plenty,

● Kinglake Football Club players prior to 1900. Photo: D. Hawkins’s Kinglake - A Pictorial History Rovers (Mernda), Hurstbridge, Kinglake, Whittlesea and St Andrews. ■ Ashley Geelan’s research shows Kinglake Football Club was at a Kinglake F.C. competed in this peak during the Great Depression years of the 1930s. league until the club folded at the 1933 (Runners Up) end of 1980 season. Kinglake finished 2nd on ladder The Panton Hill league folded in Second Semi Final: Kinglake d Whittlesea at Doreen by 9pts 1987. Grand Final: Yarra Glen 10.19.79 d Kinglake 4.11.41 at Whittlesea Behind-the-scenes moves were Showgrounds made in 1989 to re-form the King1934 lake Football Club, and the Kinglake finished 4th on ladder organisation was incorporated on First Semi-Final: Panton Hill 10.15.75 d Kinglake 11.8.74 at Hurstbridge April 10, 1990. 1935 (Runners Up) The Club says: “For the first time Kinglake finished 2nd on ladder since August 1980, the Kinglake Second Semi-Final: Results Unknown Football Club tok to the field in the Grand Final: Hurstbridge 15.15.105 d Kinglake 7.8.50 at Venue UnYarra Valley Mountain District (Diknown vision 2) against local rival Panton 1936 (Runners Up) Kinglake finished 2nd on ladder Hill. Second Semi-Final: Results Unknown “It had been nine years since we ■ The Kinglake Football Club’s Grand Final: Plenty Rovers 11.9.75 d Kinglake Score Unknown at played them in the now disbanded executive for 2016 was: Whittlesea Showgrounds ■ President: Clinton Robinson league our clubs formed, the Panton 1937-1938 ■ Vice-President: Craig Stone Hill Football League.” Kinglake FC & PHDFL in Recess ■ Secretary: Aaron Westworth In May 1992, Peter Hale (Senior 1939 (Premiers) ■ Treasurer: Sarah Robinson Squad), Adam Wolfenden (U/18 Kinglake finished 1st on the ladder and Kate Johnson Squad) and Darren McCumber (U/ Second Semi-Final: Result Unknown ■ General Committee: 18 Squad) were selected to repreGrand Final: Kinglake d Hurstbridge Result Unknown at Unknown John Dowdle sent the YVMDFL representative 1940 (Premiers) Kylie Butler side in the inter-league match against Kinglake finished 1st on the ladder Ryan Hurst the SWGFL. Second Semi-Final: Kinglake d Plenty Rovers at Whittlesea Showgrounds Sami Mather In 1994, a flag was returned to Grand Final: Kinglake 7.15.57 d Plenty Rovers 7.12.54 at Whittlesea Brad Quilliam the mountain when Kinglake 15.14 Showgrounds Jacob Cincotta (104) defeated South Belgrave 11.10 1941-1946 Anthony Mcmahon (76) to win the club’s first YVMDFL No football (League in Recess) due to World War II premiership. In 2003, for the first time in 27 On New Year's Eve 1994, the years, Kinglake 13.3 (86) defeated Kinglake Scout Hall (which was also Whittlesea 12.12 (84) by two points. “The response was overwhelmused as football club social rooms ing with supporters spilling onto the was burnt to the ground. It would be several years before ground, hugging players and jumpKinglake FC had club rooms again, ing for joy,” the Club website recalls. “Kinglake coach, Glen Hanlan, only to be confronted with the hortold the Whittlesea Post : "It was like rific Black Saturday fires in 2009. Kinglake had briefly joined the they had won a Grand Final." The Whittlesea coach was sacked Diamond Valley Football League in in response to their loss to Kinglake, 1996. website says. In 1999, the DVFL introduced the theKinglake FC played its last NFL ‘Kinglake Rule’ to take into account (DVFL) game August 18, 2007, the unique weather on the mountain. losing 4.6.30 toon Mernda 30.24 204 The rule stipulated that both clubs would take two points from any match at Mernda. Senior Coach, Michael ‘Moccha’ that was abandoned before half-time. Egan retireed. The leading team's score would On April 12, 2008, Kinglake count towards percentage only, after made its second debut in the Kinglake vs Lower Plenty match was YVMDFL with a home game against called off by the umpires due to a Yea. Brent Gallichio kicked 12 goals "pea soup" fog. for the Lakers to lead the VCFL goal Kinglake Football Club was in kicking for Round 1. recess for season 2001 due to low The seniors made the YVMDFL numbers at pre season training. finals in first year back in that comBy October 2001, Kinglake FC petition, finishing fifth on the ladder, General Manager Leigh Dunscombe to play in the next weekend's Elimiannounced a return to the DVFL for nation Final at Yarra Junction. season 2002. ● Kinglake FC players about 1925. Photo: D. Hawkins’s Kinglake - A Pictorial History ● Turn To Page 38

Club was strong in the 1930s

Page 38 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Local Sport History ● From Page 37

Club formed

■ Aletter from ‘Willie Winner’ announced the formation of the Kinglake Football Club. The cheeky letter was published in the Hurstbridge-based Advertiser newspaper, published by Decimus H. Mott, on Friday, May 2, 1930. The editor announced: “We have received the:following let ter from Kinglake, and think it may be of great interest to readers:“Dear Brother,-We have now. formed a football. team, which will be known as the "Wiregrass Wander ers. "The club has joined the BourkeEvelyn Association, and is drawn to play Mernda in one of the local paddocks next Saturday. “This will be the first match to be played in public, and we all hope not the last. “I have not seen football played before our boys started, but I am convinced that they play, the game just as it should be played. “We have been playing against ourselves lately, but next Saturday we will all be playing on the one side, and,a great side it will be! “We expect to do much better at football than cricket, because we will be playing eighteen men instead of

● Kinglake Football Club Ball, 1936. Photo: D. Hawkins’s Kinglake - A Pictorial History eleven. An extra seven players will our working togs should our parcel mean a big thing to the team: arrive late: “Blue and white jerseys, with “The captain has not been picked white knicks, are to be the colors at yet, and for .the position I expect fully the start of every match, although eighteen or niore applicants. - I hope the first, match may be played in our local cricket umpire will be selected as dispute umpire, because he is very fair. “Should this be arranged we should win the championship. “If other teams follow our .methods in the game. the standard of football (by them) will be greatly improved. “Everyone here is very excited over the future. “I myself, am too excited to write any more. -Yours truly, WILLIE WINNER. Kinglake, 26/4/30. “P.S.-Will let -you know how much we beat Mernda by next week.W.W.” In the next week’s issue, Willie said: “We suffered our first defeat by 7: points, the scores at knock off time being: Mernda, 10 behinds -6 ● From many years, Kinglake Football Club’s traditional ri- 'goals and our team 9 behinds 5 goals. “We are claiming half .a win bevals were Panton Hill, which promoted this 1923 concert at the Kangaroo Ground Hall, in the pages of The Advertiser cause we were winning when the bell rang for smoke-o.” (late Evelyn Observer) run from Hurstbridge.

● Kinglake FC players circa 1950. Photo: D. Hawkins’s Kinglake - A Pictorial History

● A letter to the editor of The Advertiser from Willie Winner announces the formation of the Kinglake FC in 1930.

Local Sport

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 39

Yea Junior Netball At Yea Rec. Reserve Photos: Georgie Wells

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1 Netball: Caitlyn Broderick

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1: Chloe Butterworth.

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1 Netball: Melina Zipsin

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1 Netball: Ebony Edge

y July y 19, 2017 Page 40 - The Local Paper - Wednesday,

Local Sport

Yea Junior Football, Netball At Yea Rec. Reserve

● Yea Under 10s: Aidan Santarossa with Ollie Dredge in the background. Photo: Ian Porter

● Yea Under 10s: Liam Harrison. Photo: Ian Porter

● Yea Under 10s: Neil Granter stand in Assistant Coach. Photo: Ian Porter

● Sophie Butterworth handballing to Ollie Dredge. Photo: Ian Porter

● Yea Under 10 award winners (from left): Tom White (TigerBucks Award), Sam Crosbie (Royal Mail Hotel Meal Voucher Award), Sam Charles (TigerBucks Award), Zack Papadopoulos (Klinge Klincher Award) Chevy Klinge (Klinge Klincher Award). Photo: Ian Porter

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1 Netball: Abby Christie. Photo: Georgie Wells

● Yea Under 14 Div. 1 Netball: Bella Hargreaves. Photo: Georgie Wells

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 41

Page 42 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Local Sport

Yea v Yarra Glen At Yea Rec. Reserve Photos: Rob Clements

● Yea’s Tom O’Dwyer under pressure from Yarra Glen

● Dean Clue (front) and Andrew Chisholm

● Jordan Watts

● Judy Watts

The The Local Local Paper Paper -- Wednesday, Wednesday, July July 19, 19, 2017 2017 -- Page Page 43 43

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:



■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Diamond Creek 23.12 (150) d Watsonia 2.6 (18). Thomastown 19.17 (131) d Lalor 4.7 (31). North Heidelberg 30.19 (199) d Panton Hill 7.2 (44). Lower Plenty 28.13 (181) d Fitzroy Stars 4.3 (27). ■ Ladder. 1. North Heidelberg, 245.91, 44. 2. Diamond Creek, 389.62, 40. 3. Lower Plenty, 194.42, 36. 4. Thomastown, 154.40, 36. 5. Watsonia, 82.08, 20. 6. Fitzroy Stars, 53.26, 8. 7. Panton Hill, 29.20, 4. 8. Lalor, 25.10, 4.

■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave 19.16 (130) d Seville 13.16 (94). Powelltown 17.12 (114) d Alexandra 10.8 (68). Yarra Junction 23.13 (151) d Thornton-Eildon 6.2 (38). Yarra Glen 16.19 (115) d Yea 9.9 (63). Kinglake - Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. Belgrave, 157.51, 48. 2. Seville, 164.12, 44. 3. Powelltown, 119.66, 40. 4. Yarra Glen, 160.46, 36. 5. Kinglake, 109.88, 28. 6. Alexandra, 101.68, 28. 7. Yarra Junction, 82.40, 20. 8. Yea, 54.95, 12. 9. Thornton-Eildon, 37.58, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 14. Saturday, July 22. Alexandra v Thornton-Eildon. Kinglake v Powelltown. Seville v Yea. Yarra Junction v Belgrave. Yarra Glen - Bye.



■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave 24.12 (156) d Seville 3.4 (22). Powelltown 13.10 (8) d Alexandra 8.4 (52). Yarra Junction 9.6 (60) d Thornton-Eildon 5.4 (34). Yarra Glen 14.17 (101) d Yea 3.1 (19). Kinglake - Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. Yarra Glen, 415.70, 52. 2. Belgrave, 334.55, 48. 3. Powelltown, 143.18, 40. 4. Alexandra, 151.34, 32. 5. Seville, 70.54, 24. 6. Yea, 61.87, 20. 7. Thornton-Eildon, 41.93, 16. 8. Kinglake, 35.55, 16. 9. Yarra Junction, 50.52, 12.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 9.9 (63) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 7.7 (49). Woori Yallock 14.10 (94) d Monbulk 10.6 (66). Mt Evelyn 17.19 (121) d Emerald 14.15 (9). Upwey-Tecoma 29.13 (187) d WarburtonMillgrove 13.7 (85). Healesville v Olinda-Ferny Creek. ■ Fixture. Round 14. Saturday, July 22. Emerald v Upwey-Tecoma. Healesville v Mt Evelyn. Warburton-Millgrove v Monbulk. Olinda-Ferny Creek v Gembrook-Cockatoo. Woori Yallock v Wandin.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 16.8 (104) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 2.3 (15). Monbulk 13.7 (85) d Woori Yallock 7.3 (45). Mt Evelyn 14.10 (94) d Emerald 6.2 (38). Upwey-Tecoma 13.15 (93) d WarburtonMillgrove 7.9 (51). Healesville v Olinda-Ferny Creek.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 8.2 (50) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 5.9 (39) . Woori Yallock 13.6 (84) d Monbulk 7.6 (48). Mt Evelyn 10.2 (62) d Emerald 7.10 (52). Upwey-Tecoma 11.17 (83) d WarburtonMillgrove 5.5 (35). Healesville v Yarra Glen. ■ Fixture. Round 14. Saturday, July 22. Emerald v Upwey-Tecoma. Healesville v Mt Evelyn. Warburton-Millgrove v Monbulk. Yarra Glen v Gembrook-Cockatoo. Woori Yallock v Wandin.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave 0 d Seville 0. Kinglake - Bye. Alexandra 47 d Powelltown 43. Yarra Junction 56 d Thornton-Eildon 28. Yarra Glen 43 d Yea 42.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave 0 d Seville 0. Kinglake - Bye. Alexandra 66 d Powelltown 39. Yarra Junction 54 d Thornton-Eildon 15. Yarra Glen 36 d Yea 35.

● Doing important volunteer work at the Yea Bowls Club ahead of the SpringSummer season are Roland Branch and Jeff Green. Jeff is involved in the Friday night bingo sessions held at the club.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave - Bye. Kinglake - Bye. Alexandra 43 d Powelltown 25. Yarra Junction - Bye. Yea 31 d Yarra Glen 20.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Belgrave - Bye. Kinglake - Bye. Powelltown 18 drew with Alexandra 18. Yarra Glen 26 d Yea 10. Yarra Junction 25 d Thornton-Eildon 22.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 106 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 20. Woori Yallock 56 d Monbulk Hawks 40. Mount Evelyn 60 d Emerald 55. Upwey-Tecoma 57 d Warburton-Millgrove 42. Healesville v OlindaFerny Creek.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 99 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 14. Woori Yallock 61` d Monbulk Hawks 25. Mount Evelyn 59 d Emerald 44. Warburton-Millgrove 49 d Upwey-Tecoma 44. Healesville v Olinda-Ferny Creek.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 53 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 15. Woori Yallock 53 d Monbulk Hawks 26. Mount Evelyn 33 d Emerald 30. Upwey-Tecoma 28 d Warburton-Millgrove 24. Healesville v OlindaFerny Creek.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Wandin 37 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 6. Monbulk Hawks 28 d Woori Yallock 22. Mount Evelyn 42 d Emerald 23. Warburton-Millgrove 31 d Upwey-Tecoma 11. Healesville v Olinda-Ferny Creek.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Macleod 10.16 (76) d Eltham 7.8 (50). Greensborough 10.11 (71) d Heidelberg 7.7 (49). West

NORTHERN FOOTBALL LEAGUE: DIVISION 1 SCORES AT A GLANCE West Preston-Lakeside 20.12 (132) d Montmorency 7.8 (50). Whittlesea 14.15 (99) d Hurstbridge 7.22 (64). Bundoora 14.9 (93) d Northcote Park 10.13 (73). ■ Ladder. 1. Northcote Park, 147.00, 36. 2. Macleod, 138.83, 36. 3. Bundoora, 119.96, 32. 4. West Preston-Lakeside, 119.67, 32. 5. Greensborough, 102.09, 28. 6. Heidelberg, 91.96, 20. 7. Montmorency, 88.25, 20. 8. Hurstbridge, 88.14, 16. 9. Whittlesea, 70.38, 12. 10. Eltham, 65.66, 12. ■ Fixture. Round 13. Saturday, July 22. Northcote Park v Macleod. West PrestonLakeside v Greensborough. Montmorency v Whittlesea. Heidelberg v Hurstbridge. Bundoora v Eltham.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Macleod 8.6 (54) d Eltham 8.5 (53). Heidelberg 9.8 (62) d Greensborough 6.8 (44). West Preston Lakeside 21.15 (141) d Montmorency 5.5 (35). Whittlesea v Hurstbridge. Northcote Park 14.10 (94) d Bundoora 5.10 (40).


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Macleod 15.14 (104) d Eltham 11.8 (74). Montmorency 15.13 (103) d West Preston-Lakeside 3.4 (22). Greensborough - Bye. Whittlesea- Bye. Bundoora 21.12 (128) d Northcote Park 4.7 (31). ■ Ladder. 1.Eltham, 143.53, 32. 2. Macleod, 187.78, 28. 3. Bundoora, 196.42, 24. 4. Greensborough, 139.08, 24. 5. Northcote Park, 98.68, 18. 6. Whittlesea, 73.82, 18. 7. Montmorency, 53.90, 4. 8. West Preston-Lakeside, 32.75, 4.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Diamond Creek 15.15 (105) d Watsonia 7.15 (57). Thomastown 12.7 (79) d Lalor 9.8 (62). North Heidelberg 33.16 (214) d Panton Huill 12.3 (75). Lower Plenty 21.16 (142) d Fitzroy Stars 11.6 (72). ■ Ladder. 1. North Heidelberg, 222.39, 42. 2. Diamond Creek, 229.08, 40. 3.Fitzroy Stars, 128.52, 30. 4. Lower Plenty, 169.06, 28. 5. Thomastown, 93.12, 28. 6. Watsonia, 64.98, 16. 7. Lalor, 46.96, 8. 8. Panton Hill, 32.60, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 13. Saturday, July 22. Lalor v Fitzroy Stars. Lower Plenty v Thomastown. Panton Hill v Watsonia. North Heidelberg v Diamond Creek.

■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Diamond Creek 17.7 (109) d Mill Park 5.7 (37). Epping v North Heidelberg. South Morang 21.10 (136) d Banyule 3.5 (23). Lower Plenty 13.9 (87) d St Mary’s 10.12 (72). ■ Ladder. 1. Lower Plenty, 160.55, 48. 2. South Morang, 212.03, 44. 3. St Mary’s, 113.46, 32. 4. Diamond Creek, 191.92, 28. 5. Banyule, 68.84, 12. 6. Mill Park, 65.31, 12. 7. North Heidelberg, 61.04, 12. 8. Epping, 39.35, 0.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Epping 27.10 (17) d Laurimar 6.6 (42). Heidelberg West 24.8 (152) d Reservoir 9.6 (60). Kilmore 7.5 (47) drew with St Mary’s 5.17 (47). South Morang 16.19 (115) d Banyule 9.10 (64). ■ Ladder. 1. South Morang, 207.91, 40. 2. Banyule, 191.99, 36. 3. St Mary’s, 160.29, 34. 4. Epping, 143.14, 28. 5. Heidelberg West, 116.88, 28. 6. Kilmore, 89.75, 24. 7. Mernda, 65.55, 8. 8. Laurimar, 49.85, 8. 9. Reservoir, 28.29, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 13. Saturday, July 22. Laurimar v South Morang. Banyule v Kilmore. Mernda v Epping. St Mary’s v Reservoir.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Epping 18.21 (129) d Laurimar 2.6 (18). Heidelberg West 11.17 (83) d Reservoir 1.5 (11). St Mary’s 21.10 (136) d Kilmore 3.2 (20). Banyule 22.16 (148) d South Morang 8.6 (54). ■ Ladder. 1. St Mary’s, 269.82, 40. 2. South Morang, 190.83, 36. 3. Epping, 169.05, 36. 4. Banyule, 242.71, 32. 5. Heidelberg West, 130.85, 32. 6. Mernda, 73.30, 12. 7. Reservoir, 41.80, 12. 8. Kilmore, 38.48, 4. 9. Laurimar, 28.31, 4.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Greensborough 1 46 d Fitzroy Stars 1 35. North Heidelbereg 1 56 d Bundoora 1 41. West PrestonLakeside 1 51 d Northcote Park 1 36. Diamond Creek 1 59 d Heidelberg 1 37.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Diamond Creek 2 31 d Ivanhoe 1 20. Heidelberg 2 32 d Greensborough 2 37. St Mary’s 1 33 d North Heidelberg 2 24.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Heidelberg 3 22 d South Morang 2 20. Diamond Creek 3 29 d St Mary’s 17. Diamond Creek 4 29 d Ivanhoe 2 15. Bundoora 2 32 d Heidelberg 7 27. Watsonia 1 27 d Heat 1 24.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Watsonia 2 23 d Kilmore 1 16. North Heidelberg 3 36 d Northcote Park 2 20. Heidelberg 4 26 d Diamond Creek 5.

Page 44 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Page 45

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:



Muuling, B. Ashton, B. Biinion, A. Smith, B James. Best: J. Marks, J. Clare, T. Russell, B Binion, B. Ashton, C. Tait. Yea. Goalkickers: D. Webb 3, Z. Pell 2, H. Jarvie, T. Lang, P. Evans, R. Aldous. Best: H. Jarvie, C Evans, R. Aldous, D. Webb, Z. Pell, E. Neilson RESERVES YARRAGLEN ........... 2.5, 7.9, 10.14, 14.17 (101) YEA .................................. 2.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 (19) Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: B. Hart 4, Z. Capuano 2, D. Grant 2, P. Teijeiro, L. Crawford, A. Bryans R. Smith, D. Morse, M. Meyer. Best: K. Braun, Z. Capuano, B. Hart, D. Grant, D. Walters, J D’Argent. Yea. Goalkickers: A. Justice, D. Ali, T. Butterworth. Best: A. O’Neill, J. Garlick, R. Ali, J Sundblom, B. Middleton, B. Bullen.

■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. West Preston Lakeside 2 32 d Macleod 1 23. Heidelberg 5 37 d North Heidelberg 4 21. Epping 1 26 d Fitzroy Stars 15. Thomastown 1 24 d Heat 2 20.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. West Ivanhoe 1 34 d South Morang 3 31. Heat 3 19 drew with Watsonia 3 19. Bundoora 3 44 d St Mary’s 29 3. Thomastown 2 29 d Whittlesea 13.


■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Macloed 2 25 d Greensborough 4 22. South Morang 4 36 d West Ivanhoe 2 22. Epping 2 24 d Lalor 17. Watsonia 4 22 drew with Thomastown 3 22.



■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Kilmore 2 29 d Fitzroy Stars 3 13. Hurstbridge 2 22 d Niorth Heidelberg 5 16. West Ivanhoe 3 24 d Montmorency 1 17. Mernda 2 20 d Bundoora 5 8.

● Deb Schickerling and Jill Hargreaves at the Yea Football-Netball Club Mid-Winter Ball held at the Yea Shire Hall on Saturday night.




6. Rochester, 154.74, 32. 7. Echuca, 138.93, 24. 8. Euroa, 56.15, 20. 9. Seymour, 47.42, 10. 10. Shepparton Swans, 34.89, 10. 11. Mooroopna, 45.96, 8. 12. Mansfield, 33.00, 4.

■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. St Martins 24 d Heat 4 22. Watsonia 5 18 d Kilmore 3 14. Heidelberg West 1 38 d Bundoora 4 10. ■ Results. Round 13. Friday, July 14. Montmorency 2 28 d Mernda 3 21. Thomastown 4 23 d Hurstbridge 3 19. Bundoora 6 35 d Heidelberg West 2 21.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Kyabram 8.15 (63) d Shepparton 7.5 (47). Seymour 16.10 (106) d Mansfield 15.9 (9). Rochester 16.25 (121) d Shepparton United 6.4 (40). Tatura 12.8 (80) d Mooroopna 7.4 (46). Euroa 9.7 (61) d Shepparton Swans 4.9 (33). Benalla 11.13 (79) d Echuca 9.12 (66). ■ Ladder. 1. Kyabram, 289.38, 52. 2. Shepparton, 150.37, 40. 3. Euroa, 138.77, 40. 4. Benalla, 126.47, 36. 5. Seymour, 118.65, 36. 6. Rochester, 128.33, 32. 7. Echuca, 96.64, 28. 8. Mansfield, 86.34, 16. 9. Tatura, 97.68, 12. 10. Shepparton United, 48.21, 12. 11. Mooroopna, 58.22, 4. 12. Shepparton Swans, 42.42, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 14. Saturday, July 22. Benalla v Shepparton Swans. Shepparton United v Mansfield. Euroa v Shepparton. Seymour v Tatura. Echuca v Mooroopna. Kyabram v Rochester.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Shepparton 9.10 (64) d Kyabram 6.4 (40). Mansfield 5.14 (44) d Seymour 5.1 (31). Rochester 8.7 (55) d Shepparton United 3.5 (23). Tatura 10.9 (69) d Mooroopna 10.6 (66). eUROA 24.9 (153) d Shepparton Swans 2.7 (19). Echuca 28.13 (181) d Benalla 5.5 (35). ■ Ladder. 1. Euroa, 302.68, 48. 2. Shepparton, 181.53, 44. 3. Rochester, 212.92, 40. 4. Kyabram, 194.59, 40. 5. Mansfield, 152.09, 32. 6. Tatura, 139.18, 28. 7. Shepparton United, 130.58, 28. 8. Echuca, 105.80, 18. 9. Seymour, 116.57, 16. 10. Shepparton Swans, 20.83, 8. 11. Benalla, 14.29, 6. 12. Mooroopna, 39.89, 4.


■ Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 15. Kyabram 12.13 (85) d Shepparton 5.5 (35). Seymour 8.11 (59) d Mansfield 6.2 (38). Shepparton United 14.13 (97) d Rochester 4.3 (27). Tatura 8.13 (61) d Mooroopna 5.5 (35). Euroa 9.10 (64) d Shepparton Swans 5.5 (35). Benalla 10.5 (65) d Echuca 5.7 (37). ■ Ladder. 1.Kyabram, 377.66, 32. 2. Shepparton, 226.55, 40. 3. Shepparton United, 183.92,


■ Results. Round 14. Saturday, July 15. Ardmona v Undera. Girgarre 9.7 (61) d Violet Town 7.12 (59). Merrigum 8.8 (56) d Lancaster 7.10 (52). Murchison-Toolamba 10.8 (68) d Stanhope 10.7 (67). Nagambie 13.15 (93) d Avenel 11.11 (77). Tallygaroopna 20.20 (140) d Rushworth 9.11 (65). ■ Ladder. 1. Nagambie, 200.56, 52. 2. Violet Town, 198.01, 48. 3. Tallygaroopna, 235.44, 44. 4. Stanhope, 210.93, 44. 5. Avenel, 180.34, 36. 6. Merrigum, 116.19, 36. 7. Lancaster, 148.35, 32. 8. Murchison-Toolamba, 96.48, 28. 9. Girgarre, 117.62, 24. 10. Rushworth, 71.09, 16. 11. Longwood, 35.81, 12. 12. Undera, 20.01, 12. 13. Ardmona, 0.00, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 15. Saturday, July 22. Ardmona v Rushworth. Longwood v Undera. Merrigum v Murichison-Toolamba. Stanhope v Nagambie. Tallygaroopna v Girgarre. Violet Town v Lancaster.


■ Results. Round 14. Saturday, July 15. Undera 17.23 (125) d Ardmona 2.1 (13). Girgarre 13.9 (87) d Violet Town 3.8 (26). Merrigum 14.6 (90) d Lancaster 7.7 (49). Murchison-Toolamba 6.7 (41) d Stanhope 4.8 (32). Nagambie 10.10 (70) d Avenel 7.3 (45). Tallygaroopna 13.9 (87) d Rushworth 10.3 (63). ■ Ladder. 1. Tallygaroopna, 265.14, 54. 2. Stanhope, 365.17, 48. 3. Merrigum, 255.19, 46. 4. Murchison-Toolamba, 155.16, 44. 5. Avenel, 132.72, 32. 6. Lancaster, 128.74, 32. 7. Nagamabie, 91.51, 32. 8. Girgarre, 112.15, 28. 9. Longwood, 84.73, 24. 10. Violet Town, 77.84, 20. 11. Rushworth, 46.44, 16. 12. Undera, 42.94, 12. 13. Ardmona, 6.76, 8.


■ Results. Round 14. Saturday, July 15. Ardmona 19.10 (124) d Undera 5.5 (35). Merrigum 17.8 (110) d Lancaster 5.2 (32). Stanhope 14.7 (91) d Murchison 5.7 (37). Tallygaroopna 22.19 (151) d Rushworth 5.2 (32). ■ Ladder. 1. Merrigum, 508.62, 52. 2. Avenel, 370.49, 48. 3. Tallygaroopna, 302.08, 48. 4. Murchison-Toolamba, 251.79, 40. 5. Lancaster, 173.55, 36. 6. Stanhope, 145.80, 36. 7. Rushworth, 64.48, 28. 8. Longwood, 32.01, 20. 9. Ardmona, 25.19, 20. 10. Undera, 24.38, 20. 11.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Woodend-Hesket 19.10 (124) d Lancefield 8.6 (54). Rupertswood 26.37 (193) d Broadford 3.0 (18). Melton Centrals 12.12 (84) d Rockbank 11.11 (77). Riddell 14.11 (95) d Diggers Rest 10.7 (67). Romsey 13.8 (86) d Sunbury Kangaroos 8.10 (58). Wallan 12.6 (78) d Macedon 8.13 (61). ■ Ladder. 1. Rupertswood, 270.69, 40. 2. Macedon, 265.87, 40. 3. Diggers Rest, 203.05, 36. 4. Wallan, 131.60, 32. 5. Romsey, 125.37, 32. 6. Riddell, 120.02, 32. 7. Sunbury Kangaroos, 138.07, 28. 8, Melton Centrals, 59.91, 20. 9. Woodend-Hesket, 93.50, 16. 10. Rockbank, 48.68, 8. 11. Lancefield, 42.79, 4. 12. Broadford, 24.77, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 13. Saturday, July 22. Diggers Rest v Woodend-Hasket. Sunbury Kangaroos v Broadford. Lancefield v Rockbank. Melton Centrals v Romsey. Wallan v Riddell. Rupertswood v Macedon.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Woodend-Hesket 24.15 (159) d Lancefield 1.2 (8). Rupertswood 15.16 (106) d Broadford 4.5 (29). Melton Centrals 18.11 (119) d Rockbank 3.2 (20). Diggers Rest 17.11 (113) d Riddell 3.4 (22). Sunbury Kangaroos 12.12 (84) d Romsey 8.3 (51). Wallan 11.11 (77) d Macedon 0.4 (4). ■ Ladder. 1. Wallan, 451.95, 44. 2. Ruperstwood, 443.23, 44. 3. Diggers Rest, 384.21, 40. 4. Sunbury Kangaroos, 293.18, 40. 5. Melton Centrals, 132.66, 28. 6. WoodendHesket, 80.53, 28. 7. Romsey, 92.92, 16. 8. Riddell, 72.43, 16. 9. Macedon, 55.80, 16. 10. Rockbank, 25.21, 8. 11. Broadford, 25.98, 4. 12. Lancefield, 20.73, 4.

UNDER 18.5

■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 15. Melton Centrals 8.15 (63) d Woodend-Hesket 8.6 (54). Riddell v Diggers Rest. Rupertswood 8.15 (63) d Woodend-Hesket 8.6 (54). Romsey 7.4 (46) d Sunbury Kangaroos 2.12 (24). Wallan 10.12 (72) d Macedon 4.2 (26).

AFL YARRA RANGES DIVISION 2 SCOREBOARD YEA V YARRA GLEN SENIORS YARRA GLEN ....... 4.5, 7.10, 8.15, 16.19 (115) YEA .................................. 1.1, 3.5, 6.7, 9.9 (63) Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: R. McDermott 4, J.

SENIORS POWELLTOWN .... 5.2, 10.5, 13.6, 17.12 (114) ALEXANDRA ................ 7.2, 7.4, 8.7, 10.8 (68) Powelltown. Goalkickers: S. Carter 3, D. Roy 3, M. McLaughlin 3, D. Rees 2, G. Newing 2, R McCrimmon, A. Thompson, M. McArthur, N Moody. Best: J. Rohan, J. Walker, J. Moore, T Hallmark, T. Hallmark, R. Johnson, B. Jackson Alexandra. Goalkickers: S. Heveren 3, L Heard 2, R. Norris 2, S. Hill, J. Styeger, C Heaslip. Best: R. Norris, J. Brereton, J. Purcell B. Woollard, L, Ragg, J. Elkington. RESERVES POWELLTOWN ...... 4.2, 9.5, 10.9, 13.10 (88) ALEXANDRA ................... 0.3, 3.3, 7.4, 8.4 (52) Powelltown. Goalkickers: B. Walker 4, A Moore 2, S. Sanders 2, R. Goodinson 2, M Wood, T. Kelly, P. Miller. Best: L. Miller, C Betka, D. Saunderson, D. Pearson, B. Traynor A. McDowell. Alexandra. Goalkickers: S. Isaacs 5, J. Hamill, J. Noy, R. Carter. Best: R. Carter, D. Bourke, S Isaacs, M. Steiner, J. Hamill, B. Podger-Carroll


SENIORS YARRA JUNC. ..... 6.5, 15.7, 19.10, 23.13 (151) THORNTON.-EIL. .......... 0.0, 3.0, 6.1, 6.2 (38) Yarra Junction. Goalkickers: J. Swinde3n 4 R. Bombinski 3, T. Boxell 2, H. Tindley-Roe 2 A. Chandler 2, T. Armstrong 2, J. Holmes 2, J Bombonski 2, N. Blair, R. Williamson, T. Sword K. Ousley. Best: T. Armstrong, J. Taylor, J Swinden, A. Chandler, T. Boxell, R. Bombinski Thornton-Eildon. Goalkickers: J. Parker 2, D Creed 2, J. Newton, B. Wratten. Best: J. Wratten, T. Keating, J. Ashby, J. Strachan, D. Creed, B Musgrove. RESERVES YARRA JUNC. ................. 3.2, 4.2, 7.6, 9.6 (60) THORNTON-EIL. ............ 2.0, 4.4, 5.4, 5.4 (34) Yarra Junction. Goalkickers: M. Hawkes, B Clarke, A. Sporton, G. Blackburne, L. Stewart Best: B. Wallis, J. Ward, G. McFarlane, A Reddan, B. Clarke, G. Savage. Thornton-Eildon. Goalkickers: M. Robinson 2, J. Taylor 2, A. Bairstow, C. Bullas,m N. De La Rue, D. Lever, B. Freedman. Best: A. Bairstow, M. Sword, C. Bullas, S. Jordan, J. Taylor M. Robinson.


SENIORS WHITTLESEA .......... 2.4, 6.5, 11.8, 14.15 (99) HURSTBRIDGE .......... 4.5, 6.9, 7.17, 7.22 (64) Whittlesea. Goalkickers: J. Sherman 4, A. Fairchild 3, B. Briffa 2, J. Murphy, P. Higgins, N. Andrews, C. Bland, J. Dyson. Best: J. Sherman, J. Ormerod, J. Robinson, P. Higgins, J. Russell, M. Brennan. Hurstbridge. Goalkickers: T. Simpson 3, B. Shaw, L. East, M. Hymus, M. Burton.

Page 46 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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A-GRADE YARRA GLEN ............................ 15, 23, 32, 43 YEA ................................................ 9, 22, 30, 42 Yarra Glen. Goals: Georgia Taylor 33, Nicole Moate 10. Best: Chelsea Birchall, Georgia Taylor, Kali Fraser. Yea. Goals: Meg Sundblom 21, Nikki Watts 21. Best: Nikki Watts, Brooke Lloyd, Sophie Stares. B-GRADE YARRA GLEN ............................. 11, 21, 29, 36 YEA .............................................. 13, 20, 29, 35 Yarra Glen. Goals: Sharnie Gray 29, Kate Sewart 7. Best: Skye Corrigan, Katelyn Vanderkolk, Sharnie Gray. Yea. Goals: Rhiannon Aldous 25, Regina Bell 6, Kate Elliott 4. Best: Rhiannon Aldous, Cindy Newcomen, Kate Elliott. C-GRADE YEA ................................................ 9, 17, 23, 31 YARRA JUNCTION ...................... 4, 11, 17, 20 Yea. Goals: Jessica Armstrong 17, Fiona Purvis 12, Kim Slavin 2. Best: Roby O’Dwyer, Molly Jarvie, Fiona Purvis. Yarra Glen. Goals: Shannae Melis 13, Amy Dennett 5, Brianna Jones 2. Best: Elise Hill, Brianna Jones, Emma Taylor. D-GRADE YARRA GLEN ................................ 3, 9, 19, 26 YEA .................................................... 3, 3, 4, 10 Yarra Glen. Goals: Samantha Chetcuti 11, Karly Tucker 6. Best: Karly Tucker, Michelle Young, Jenivieve Williams. Yea. Goals: Alicia O’Connor 8,Amy Smith-Jones 2. Best: Sarah Lobley, Jillian Hargreaves, Amy Smith-Jones.


A-GRADE ALEXANDRA .............................. 11, 25, 34, 47 POWELLTOWN .......................... 7, 20, 33, 43 Alexandra. Goals: Ellie Hedger 20, Lauren Steyger 15, Rebecca A. Wallis 12. Best: Caitlyn Haggis, Rebecca A. Wallis, Latoya Wards. Powelltown. Goals: Nicole Hajder 31, Georgie Haynes 12. Best: Shane Berriman, Jessica Coffey, Georgia Haynes. B-GRADE ALEXANDRA ................................ 9, 27, 45, 66 POWELLTOWN ........................... 17,24, 33, 39 Alexandra. Goals: Shona Gester 43, Emma Kidd 23. Best: Olivia Twining, Kathyrn Veldman, Shona Gester. Powelltown. Goals: Tayla Morton 15, Sarah Meades 15. Best: Sonja Traynor, Rebecca Brown, Larissa Stirland. C-GRADE ALEXANDRA .............................. 10, 22, 33, 43 POWELLTOWN .......................... 6, 12, 19, 25 Alexandra. Goals: Mandy Gesler 26, Rachel Manthorpe 17. Best: Kelly Cleven, Kate Mullins, Mandy Gesler. Powelltown. Goals: Christine Cole 12, Shelley Gray 11, Jodie M. Stenhouse 2. Best: Alice Hermansen, Christine Cole, Shelley Gray. D-GRADE POWELLTOWN ........................... 5, 11, 15, 18 ALEXANDRA ................................. 6, 8, 14, 18 Powelltown. Goals: Cody Dunne 10, Jessica Morris 8. Best: Cody Dunne, Jessica Morris, Haley Miller. Alexandra. Goals: Jorja Gesler 15, Jaymie Elward 3. Best: Cassandra Read, Shannon Whittaker-Prendeville, Ally Crouch.


A-GRADE YARRA JUNCTION ................... 14, 30, 44, 56 THORNTON-EILDON .................. 3, 11, 20, 28 Yarra Junction. Goals: Amelia Rose Michelle 30, Indiya Bosen 26. Best: Jessica Sweet, Ashley Ula, Abbey Bentley. Thornton-Eildon. Goals: Keely Grace 17, Madison Richards 9, Alyce Bertola 2. Best: Alesha Davison, Danni Lowerson, Kayla




B-GRADE YARRA JUNCTION .................... 15, 25, 38, 54 THORNTON-EILDON .................. 6, 10, 14, 16 Yarra Junction. Goals: Sela Taualii 32, Shelby Lweer 22. Best: Malia Makeleta Ula, Hannah Sciberras, Katelin Borondy. Thornton-Eildon. Goals: Michelle Sloan 13, Madison Richards 2, Lauren Benson 1. Best: Heather Mason, Liana Clark, Meagan Dougherty. D-GRADE YARRA JUNCTION ...................... 7, 14, 19, 25 THORNTON-EILDON .................. 4, 7, 12, 22 Yarra Junction. Goals: Sarah Rovatsos 14, Caitlin Conway 9, Christie Kliska 2. Thornton-Eildon. Goals: Georgina Reggs 16, Sarah Stevenson 6. Best: Georgina Beggs, Ebonni Carlton, Kim Casey.

J. Geldart, H. Dunsford, B. Thomas, D. McFadzean, D. Allan, D. Ray, J. Southam, J. Sims, D. Wherrett, C. Hibberd, F. McCarthy, A. McDonald, H. Cann, D. Bellingham, J. LaurieRhodes. UNDER 14 ST MARY’S ..................... 4.1, 6.1, 6.3, 7.4 (46) ALEXANDRA ..................... 0.1, 0.1, 0.2, 0.6 (6) St Mary’s. Goalkickers: M. Spence3r 2, R. Loder 2, W. Weeks, D. Gleeson, J. Davey. Alexandra. Team List: B. Miller, J. Gogoli, R. Lucas, B. Goswchnick, B. McCarthy, C. Smith, B. Jack, J. Bourke, B. Humphries, N. Capp, J. Carlton, E. Russell, J. Ferrier, J. King, B. Christie, W. Dunsford, B. Scott, C. Scott, B. Lewindon, H. Walcott, R. Wilson, T. Prothero, W. Southam,. UNDER 12 ST MARY’S ....................... 3.0, 7.2, 9.5, 9.8 (62) ALEXANDRA ...................... 0,1 0.2, 0.5, 0.7 (7) St Mary’s. Goalkickers. O. Munro 3, J. Best 3, S. Brock 2, J. Brock. Alexandra. Team List: H,. Correa, D. Jack, J. Newman, C. Kidd, T. Miljkovic, M. Hillman, D. Bell, H. Bossonnet, B. Fitzpatrick, C. Giovanetti, R. Kirkpatrick, W. Wright, C. Miljkovic, L. Armstrong, C. Twitchett, M. Coutts, C. Howell, C. Collett, B. Weeks, K. Soward-Findlay, C. Hibberd, D. Bevan, T. Meggitt, R. Irvine, C. Hill, N. Murray. UNDER 10 Alexandra. Team List: N. Campbell, A. Cowell, S. Sutcliffe, D. Coller, B. Johnson, W. Clark, A. Dean, C. Bourke, J. Crane, D. Woehl, Z. Wright, H. Sutcliffe, T. Clark, A. Burchall, W. Fallon, T. Thomas, B. Bedggood, C. Bedggood, T. Lucas, M. Prendergast, M. Rowntree, C.Clark.

UNDER 12 ST MARY’S .................................... 2, 9, 11, 17 ALEXANDRA ..................................... 1, 3, 8, 11


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. St Mary’s 10.10 (70) d Alexandra 2.5 (17). Seymour v Broadford. Wandong v Tabilk. Euroa 22.5 (137) d Yea 3.6 (24). ■ Fixture. Round 13. Sunday, July 23. Broadford v St Mary’s. Seymour v Yea. Euroa v Wandong. Tabilk v Alexandra.


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. St Mary’s 7.4 (46) d Alexandta 0.0 (0). Seymour v Broadford. Wandong v Tabilk. Yea v Euroa.


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. St Mary;s 9.8 (62) d Alexandra 0.7 (7). Euroa 6.4 (40) d Yea 1.0 (6).


UNDER 16 EUROA ............................... 2.1, 2.1, 5.4, 6.4 (40) YEA ..................................... 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 (6) Euroa. Goalkickers: M. Mercuri 3, T. Cummins, W. Smyth, S. Leigh. Yea. Goalkicker: R. Slevin. Team List: R. Slevin, J. Crockett, R. Harding, L. Kelderman, M. Lawson, J. Harrison, J. Slevin, B. Davey, D. Ciantar, R. Frankcombe, T. Garlick, F. Archibald, C. Holdsworth-Rose, C. Klinge, L. Zipsin, J. Nai, P. Moon, J. Grech, H. Marks, R. Ockwell, D. Ingham, S. Clue, B. Birchall, S. Gregory, N. Butler, E. Ivill. UNDER 14 Yea. Team List: C. Wilsmore, A. Ross, C. Marks, J. Hamilton, D. Williams, A. Jacobsen, C. Hrading, R. Harding, M. Hargreaves, B. Davey, J. Cudmore, T. Philpot, C. Klinge, R. Hargreaves, H. Marks, L. Donnelly, A. Close, R. O’Dwyer, A. Holdsworth-Rose. UNDER 12 EUROA ........................ 7.2, 12.3, 17.4, 22.5 (137) YEA ..................................... 0.0, 2.3, 2.4, 3.6 (24) Yea. Team List: A. Styles, J. Aldous, Z. Harry, E. Aldous, Z. Firmin, B. Wilsmoire, L. Wischer, J. Young, J. Turvey, C. Marks, D. Williams, J. Harding, C. Hardingt, M. Hargreaves, M. Charlie, N. Beattie, J. Harry, L. Mcmaster, N. Gilbbee, J. Byulbeck, R. Hargreaves, B. Charles, K. Wayne Hildebrand, F. Muller, H. Jackson. UNDER 10 Yea. Team List: C. Sier, W. Granter, Z. Papadopoulos, R. Philpot, J. Porter, C. Besford, B. Bastion, T. White, N. Harry, S. Crosbie, D. Dredge, S. Butterworth, A. Santarossa, E. Noble, R. Marks, E. Slocum, C. Klinge, L. Garlick, J. Tainton-Allen, B. Philpot, C. Marks, S. Charles, A. Antrobus.


UNDER 16 ST MARY’S .................. 2.4, 5.4, 8.7, 10.10 (70) ALEXANDRA ..................... 1.3, 1.5, 1.5, 2.5 (17) St Mary’s Goalkickers: W. O’Sullivan 2, M. Collard, T. Maher, K. Grant, B. Maher, S. Durham, W. Eager, T. Best, D. Cook. Alexandra. Goalkickers. T. Rouget, N. Stewart. Team List: T. Roget, N. Stewart, L. Downes, I. Findlay, L. Jeffery, D. Malcolm, A. Smith, T. Parkinson, A. Gilmore, T. Pedlar, H. Twining,


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Alexandra 39 d St Mary’s 35. Euroa 30 d Yea 16. Tabilk - Bye. Seymour - Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. St Mary’s, 193.48, 40. 2. Euroa, 133.06, 32. 3. Tabilk, 110.47, 28. 4. Alexandra, 96.31, 28. 5. Yea, 53.75, 8. 6. Seymour, 66.93, 4.

UNDER 14. DIV. 1

■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Seymour - Bye. St Mary’s 34 d Alexandra 22. Yea 31 d Euroa 27. Tabilk- Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. St Mary’s, 196.34, 44. 2. Euroa, 148.44, 36. 3. Yea, 141.28, 32. 4. Tabilk, 99.52, 16. 5. Alexandra, 55.16, 16. 6. Seymour, 47.38, 0.

UNDER 14. DIV. 2

■ Ladder. 1. Euroa, 254.05, 44. 2. Yea, 86.99, 20. 3. Alexandra, 41.36, 16.


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. SSt Mary’s 17 d Alexandra 11. Seymour - Bye. Euroa 20 d Yea 0. Wandong v Tabilk. ■ Ladder. 1. St Mary’s, 425.00, 40. 2. Euroa, 297.92, 36. 3. Tabilk, 134.29, 24. 4. Alexandra, 104.46. 4. Seymour, 87.50, 20. 6. Wandong, 29.94, 12. 7. Yea, 25.71, 4.


UNDER 16 EUROA .......................................... 8, 17, 23, 30 YEA ................................................. 4, 9, 12, 16 UNDER 14. DIVISION 1 YEA ............................................. 10, 15, 23, 31 EUROA ........................................... 6, 16, 22, 27 UNDER 14. DIVISION 2 EUROA .......................................... 9, 12, 15, 23 YEA ................................................ 3, 10, 4, 18 UNDER 12 EUROA .......................................... 9, 12, 16, 20 YEA ..................................................... 0, 0, 0, 0


UNDER 16 ALEXANDRA ............................. 12, 24, 28, 39 ST MARY’S .................................. 9, 16, 25, 35 UNDER 14. DIVISION 1 ST MARY’S .................................. 9, 20, 24, 34 ALEXANDRA ................................ 7, 13, 18, 22


Yea 9.9 (63) defeated by Yarra Glen 16.19 (115) For the second week in a row, Yea played three good quarters but were outlasted by their opposition, with Yarra Glen running away by 52 points at the Recreation Reserve. The first term was an arm wrestle until the last five minutes, as the visitors slammed on two late goals to take a 22-point buffer into the quarter time break. The lead stretched to nearly five goals by half-time before the Tigers booted three majors to one in the third, cutting the margin back to 20 points heading into the last term. After David Webb reduced the difference to 15 points, Yea looked set to launch a final challenge but Yarra Glen stood strong, booting eight of the last 10 goals to close out the match. Zac Pell was outstanding for the home side, controlling the ruck and proving a handful when floating forward with two goals, while Cameron Evans continued his purple patch in the midfield. Riley Aldous did a power of work in the middle of the ground, Webb (three goals) was dangerous in the forward line, Tyrone Lang played his best senior game and Harrison Jarvie was in everything once again. The Tigers’ running, short kicking game was on display, particularly in the third quarter, but as was the case against Powelltown last week, it couldn't be maintained for the entire match. Yea travel to Seville on Saturday. Yea. Goalkickers: D. Webb 3, Z. Pell 2, H. Jarvie, T. Lang, P. Evans, R. Aldous. Best Players: H. Jarvie, C. Evans, R. Aldous, D. Webb, Z. Pell, E. Neilson Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: R. McDermott 4, J. Keen 2, J. Clare 2, L. Telford 2, G. Filsell, B. Muurling, B. Ashton, B. Binion, A. Smith, B. James. Best Players: J. Marks, J. Clare, T. Russell, B. Binion, B. Ashton, C. Tait


Yea 3.1 (19) defeated by Yarra Glen 14.17 (101) Yea battled hard but were outclassed by a polished Yarra Glen outfit, eventually going down by 82 points. The Tigers got off to a great start, keeping in touch with their highly fancied opponents with two early goals to trail by five points at the first change. A five goal to zero second quarter effectively killed the contest, and although Yea managed to slow the visitors scoring in the second half, the game was over. Ash O'Neil was a welcome sight in the yellow-and-black with a best on ground performance, Jaryed Garlick racked up possessions at will and Rhys Ali played his second blinder in two weeks. Jack Sundblom continued his excellent season and Ben Middleton produced his best effort in recent weeks, while Brendan Bullen found plenty of the football through the middle of the ground. The Tigers are still in finals contention, sitting one game behind fifth placed Seville and with four winnable games in the next month. A massive game against the Blues in Seville will take place this weekend. Yea. Goalkickers: A. Justice, D. Ali, T. Butterworth. Best Players: A. Oneill, J. Garlick, R. Ali, J. Sundblom, B. Middleton, B. Bullen Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: B. Hart 4, Z. Capuano 2, D. Grant 2, P. Teijeiro, L. Crawford, A. Bryans, R. Smith, D. Morse, M. Meyer. Best Players: K. Braun, Z. Capuano, B. Hart, D. Grant, D. Walters, J. D''Argent.

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YEA NETBALL REPORTS A-GRADE GS - Meg Sundblom. FA - Nikki Watts. WA - Sophie Watts. C- Chelsea Spagnolo. C, WD - Sarah Armstrong. WA, GD - Megan Leatham. GD, GK - Bridget O’Dwyer. NS, WD- Sophie Stares. NS, GK - Brooke Lloyd. ■ It was a slow start for the Yea Tigers before they found their groove. Meg and Nikki were shooting well and working well with both Soph W and Chelsea . Sarah, Megan and Bridget were impressive in defence, pulling in rebounds and taking some amazing intercepts. The second quarter was a much better quarter with Tigers shooting 13 goals to 8. Megan moved into WA, Brooke came on into GK and Soph S came on into WD. Soph played one of her best games of the year and Brooke was impressive defensively. Third quarter was aneven quarter with the Tigers chipping away and making sure they hold possession. Soph W came back on into WA and Sarah moved into the C position. They were effective through the midcourt, driving hard and attacking the ball. The fourth quarter was the Tigers’ best quarter. Working as a team the Tigers showed what they are capable of. It was an amazing game of netball to watch. Well done girls. We hope to see them work harder and come home with the win next weekend when we come up against Seville. Yarra Glen 43 def Yea 42 Goals: M. Sundblom 21, N. Watts 21 Best: N. Watts, B. Lloyd, S. Stares Award: Nikki Watts


GS - Rhiannon Aldous. GA, WA - Regina Bell. GA, WA- Kate Elliott. C, GK - Cindy Newcomen. WD - Chelsea Helder. GD, GK - Lauren Cronk. GD, GK - Rachael Normington. NS, C - Roby O’Dwyer. NS - Molly Jarvie. ■ B-Grade was a close encounter as well, unlucky that we didn't come away with the win. Credit to everyone on not giving up. Rach and Lauren tried everything to shut down the shooters, Chels was amazing in the WD position, shutting down the WA. Cindy and Kate were once again strong in attack, placing the ball wel into Reggie and Rhi. It was a great start to the game, with Yea shooting 13 to 11 goals. Second quarter there was just the one swap in defence with Rach coming out to GD and Lauren dropping back into GK. It wasn't Yea's best quarter and they had to come together to hit the lead. Tigers were just behind Yarra Glen by one goal at half-time. Going into the third quarter little superstar Ruby O'Dwyer was outstanding through the midcourt, working well with Kate, Reggie and Rhi. Defensively, Ruby took some amazing intercepts, as well as Chels. Cindy moved back into the GK position and worked incredibly well with Rach, rebounding and intercepting Yarra Glen's passes. It was even at the end of the third quarter, so the Tigers had to push on and break Yarra Glen. In the fourth quarter the Tigers tried everything to break Yarra Glen but due to some errors Yarra Glen broke back and it resulted in a one-point loss. Credit to all girls for fighting until the end and not giving up. Yarra Glen 36 def Yea 35 Goals: R. Bell 6, R. Aldous 25, K. Elliot 4 Best: R. Aldous, C. Newcomen, K. Elliot Award: Cindy Newcomen


GS - Fiona Purvis. GA - Jessica Armstrong. WA - Molly Jarvie. C - Judy Watts. WD - Emily Aldous. GD - Ruby O’Dwyer.

YEA NETBALL REPORTS GK - Deborah Schickerling. NS, C - Jordan Watts. NS, GA, WD - Kim Slavin. ■ This game meant a lot to the C-Grade girls, holding a secure spot on top of the ladder. It all started with our defensive pressure all over the court, making Yarra Glen cough up possession. Fiona was moving incredibly well, creating space for Jess to hold. Molly and Jude showed some strong drives in attack, whilst, Emily, Ruby and Deb applied some heavy one on one pressure in defence. It was a great start for the Tigers and they couldn't give up. The second quarter Tigers kept working on workload and applying that pressure all the way down the court. The third quarter the Tigers dropped off in intensity but lucky enough we had a decent lead that Yarra Glen couldn't close the gap. Jordan came on into the C and Kim came on into GA. They both slotted in nicely, really stepping up and giving some direction through the midcourt. Deb, Ruby and Emily were still creating turnovers and building on possession and composure. In the last Yea brought it home with a solid 11-goal win. Everyone played so well and its finally showing what we are capable of when we are up against tough sides, like Yarra Glen. C-Grade will now have two games off, which means they will have to do some individual sessions to keep the legs going. Well done C-Graders on yet another wonderful win. Yea 31 def Yarra Glen 20 Goals: F. Purvis 12, J. Armstrong 17 Best: R. O'Dwyer, M. Jarvie, F. Purvis Award: Ruby O'Dwyer


GS, GA - Alicia O’Connor. GS, GA - Amy Smith-Jones. WA, C- Rhiannon Apted. C - Tessa Walton. WD, GK - Jillian Hargreaves. GD - Leisa Peters. GD, GK - Sarah Lobley. NS, WA - India Gillings. NS, GS - Molly Toulson. NS, WA, WD - Harriet Vlamis. NS, WA - Ebony Keenan. ■ It was a slow and cold start for D-Graders, which meant Yarra Glen could stay within. Alicia and Amy were moving well, Rhi and Harriet were communicating well and defenders, Jill, Leisa and Sarah were once again all over every ball. It wasn't their best start, which meant they had to step it up in the second. In saying that the Tigers didn't do just that. There was a lack of communication all down the court and it was very quiet. Molly came on into GS which worked well with Amy. Tess and India were in the midcourt, trying to find some space and do some pre-movements before driving onto the ball. Defenders stayed the same this quarter, as they were outstanding last week. Going into the third quarter, the Tigers had to start again and fight back. Coach Deb gave some direction in hope that the Tigers could lift. Deb put Alicia and Amy back in the goal circle, with Ebony and Rhi running the middle. Jill moved back into GK, whilst Sarah moved out into GD. Going into the last, the Tigers couldn't give up, they had to keep chipping away and working on the little things for the games to come. Bad luck girls. D-Grade will now have a week off and play Thorton-Eildon the following week at TE. Yarra Glen 26 def Yea 10 Goals: A. O'Connor 8, A. Smith-Jones 2 Best: S. Lobley, J. Hargreaves, A. SmithJones Award: Rhi Apted - Lauren Hearn


■ Pressure was tight from the Tigers from the start. Teagan and Ebony rebounded strongly. Hannah B shot beautifully. Jordan W used Caitlyn and Sophie around the ring to position herself better to goal. Vivi stuck tight to her player. It was a close first quarter with Yea only down by 3. Yea 4, Euroa 7. Yea’s mid court has improved a lot this week with the girls leading to the ball making it flow nicely down court. Yea’s defenders made Euroa work hard for every ball. Maggie presented herself well in WA down the court and around the ring. 9-17. The coach made a few changes this quarter with the girls taking a little while to settle. Caitlyn was quick off the line on yeas centre pass. Yea’s passing let them down this quarter which resulted in many turnovers. Yea’s defence remained strong this quarter. 12-23 Jordan W came back on scoring Yea’s first goal. Caitlyn back in C put in 100 per cent all quarter getting many deflects. The whole team played well, many putting into place what they have been working on in training. Great effort Tigers. Final Score 16-30 Royal Mail Award : Caitlyn Broderick. Tiger Bucks : Sophie Danieli . - Michelle Dolman


■ 1st Quarter. Yea started off strong and the defence work by Ruby (GD) and Cassy (GK) they made it difficult for Euroa to score. With great team work through the centre court by Jordyn (C) Melina (WA) and Holly (WD) and in the Yea goal ring with Abby (GS) and Maggie (GA) saw Yea in the lead by the end of the first qtr. Yea 8 to Euroa 6. 2nd Quarter. Yea started with the centre pass and worked the ball down to Abby to add another goal, Euroa kept up the fight to keep adding to their score, but Cassy and Ruby did not make it easy for them. Scoring was goal for goal in the 2nd quarter. Yea 14 to Euroa 13. 3rd Quarter. Yea's intercepting in the Euroa goal circle was in top form grabbing rebounds where possible, Cassy was on fire and was determined to turn over the ball for the centre girls to take it down to our goalers to add to our score. Another tight quarter. Yea 23 to Euroa 22. 4th Quarter. Yea started the last quarter with changes to the centre court with Jordyn (WA), Holly (C) and Melina (WD), Euroa had to worked hard, both teams intercepting the ball up and down the court until Euroa took the goal. Yea fought back and kept the score one goal ahead. Yea were able to extend their lead by another two goals with the determination of Ruby's and Cassy's defensive skills turning the ball over to Yea's advantage. A great game to watch. Well done girls. Final Score: Yea 31 def Euroa 27 Awards: Royal Mail - Abby Christie. Tiger Bucks - Cassy Wilsmore - Sarah Cunningham


■ 1st Quarter. Yea was up against unbeaten Euroa in Yea - a cold morning but at least the sun was shining. The girls started strong, applying great pressure on the Euroa side who have managed to score a few times. A great intercept by Lily and Olivia has Yea on the board for our first goal. Holly working well in defence and Grace moving the ball well around the court. Euroa lead by 6 goals. 2nd Quarter. Yea needed to step up the pressure. Better passing saw the ball move down the Yea goal area and Maddie moved up this week from Under 12s was on fire in GA position. Sarah and Emma were defending well, keeping Euroa to 3 goals. An awesome quarter from Yea - half-time score: Yea 10, Euroa 12 3rd Quarter. Both sides continue to put the pressure on each other. Olivia and Maddie continue their great form, beautiful passing and talking between each other. Euroa once again kept to three goals thanks to great work by all defenders. We had a close game and it would come


4th Quarter. With only one goal separating them both sides needed a strong quarter. Euroa were applying good pressure, a few turnovers from Yea saw Euroa shooting a few quick goals. Maddie once again stepped up shooting some great goals, unfortunately it was not enough and Euroa tok out another win. Congratulations on a superb effort by all of the team, so close to beating the top side and a real confidence booster with finals just around the corner. Remember to keep training hard, put in 100 per cent effort and stick together as a team. Well done. Final Score: Euroa 23 def Yea 18 Awards: Royal Mail Voucher - Maddie Granter. Tiger Bucks - Holly Granter - Jacqui Canton


■ Q1. The sunshine was out when our very young side took to the court. Ashlee was kept busy in GK and we saw some nice passes between Chloe in GA and Bridie Mc in WA. Finn was playing well in centre. Yea 0, Euroa 9 Q2. Jordyn in GD and Maddie in GA were a welcome inclusion to the second quarter. Milly had her running legs on playing well in WD and intercepted well. Yea 0, Euroa 12 Q3. Euroa were proving to be far too strong, however the defensive work from Bella in WD and Chloe in GD was helping to keep the score down. Tilly kept the ball moving in centre. Yea 0, Euroa 16 Q4. Yea showed some clean skills and great determination for such young ladies. Well done Euroa. Onwards and upwards Yea. Yea 0, Euroa 20 Awards. Royal Mail :Bella. Tiger Bucks: Tilley - Nicole Hahnenfeldt


■ A clear but chilly day in Yea saw the eager Tigers take on ladder leaders Euroa on Sunday. Both teams had a full complement of players, the Tigers relying on the Under 14s to boost its numbers, whilst Euroa had an even spread of bigger bodied players all over the ground. Euroa were off to a fast start and continued at speed to leave the Tigers languishing at quarter-time Yea 0.0 (0), Euroa 9.2 (55). The second quarter saw the Tigers show a bit more desperation and better teamwork.Goals to Charles and Wischer gave the Tiger-faithful something to cheer,and the Tiger backs were lifting in defence to put more pressure on the Euroa forwards.Half-time:Yea 2.3 (15), Euroa 12.3 (75). The third quarter was pretty much all Euroa again but the Tigers were still giving all they had,making Euroa earn their possessions.3/4 time: Yea 2.4 (16) to Euroa 17.4 (106). The final term was once again Euroa's although Yea created quite a few more opportunities than the previous three quarters,just not putting the score on the board,the boys battled against the odds all day,unable to claw back from a poor first quarter. The last quarter highlights were a goal to Beattie and the final siren. Final score: Yea 3.6 (24) to Euroa 22.5 (137). Best players: J. Harry, B. Wilsmore, F. Muller, N. Beattie, B. Charles, E. Aldous. Goals: Charles, Wischer, Beattie . . - Jack McMaster


■ Yea welcomed Euroa for the Round 11 match for the Tigers U10s. The last time these sides met it was a one-sided affair however the improvement the little Tigers have made over the past 10 weeks was hugely evident. Even with a few players away and Assistant Coach Rob Armstrong not available the kids

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Congratulations to this weeks U10s award winners: Tom White (TigerBucks Award), Sam Crosbie (Royal Mail Hotel Meal Voucher Award), Sam Charles (TigerBucks Award), Zack Papadopoulos (Klinge Klincher Award) Chevy Klinge (Klinge Klincher Award). Well done kids

17.12 (114) to Alex 10.8 (68). Awards: Alex Standard $50 fuel card - Ben Cooper, Hoova's @ Mt.Pleasant $20 meal - Jordan Purcell, Corner Hotel $20 meal - Ben Woollard, Corner Hotel 5 pots - Jacob Brereton. NETBALLAWARDS A-Grade won 47 - 43: Corner Hotel $20 meal - Caitlan Haggis, Hoova's @ Mt Pleasant $20 Meal - Ellie Hedger; B-Grade won 66 - 39: Corner Hotel $20 meal - Kelly Ragg, Hoova's @ Mt Pleasant $20 meal - Olivia Twining; C-Grade won 43 - 25: Corner Hotel $20 meal - Kate Mullins; Essence Coffee Lounge $10 meal - Kelly Ragg; D-Grade drew 18 - 18: Corner Hotel $20 meal - Shannon Prendeville; Essence Coffee Lounge $10 meal - Ally Crouch. CLUB NOTES Last Thursday's Rebel Raffles are sponsored by Holmesglen @ Eildon and Mt. Pleasant Hotel, Reddrops Foodworks / Houseboat Sales Lake Eildon, Eildon Bakery / Outdoor Education Group, Alexandra Quality Meats / Alexandra Windscreens and Yea Chinese Restaurant / Bailey Funerals and were won by David Bourke, Terry Hall, Ross Miller, Ryan Carter and Daniel Roper. The Holmesglen @ Eildon Jackpot joker card was not turned and so the jackpot will be worth $500 so come along and buy some tickets at $1 each but you need to be at the Club rooms at 8.00 pm for the draw. Thursday night dinners have two sittings, for juniors and then seniors after their respective training with main course and sweets - adults $15 and kids $10, everyone is welcome. This coming Saturday we return to Rebel Park and host Thornton Eildon for two games of football and three games of netball with everyone invited to stay after the games to enjoy the Club's hospitality in the social rooms. The following Saturday we are at Rebel Park again and host Kinglake with the Club's annual Slaves and Services Auction at 7pm in the social rooms. The function is free entry and everyone is welcome, so if you would like to be involved please contact Ray Steyger.

to Scott Whitehead for umpiring. Under 12s Netball Alexandra 11 defeated by St.Marys 17 Reddrops Foodworks award Rose Hurrey; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Jazmin Collett; Bundalaguah Engineering award Mikaela Krijt. Under 14s Netball (Div 1) Alexandra 22 defeated by St.Marys 34 Reddrops Foodworks award Lily Hillman; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Mia Rouget; Goulburn River Trout award Jorja Gesler. Under 16s Netball Alexandra 39 defeated St.Marys 35 Reddrops Foodworks award Alexia Andreou; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Zarli Hoornweg; Alexandra Physiotherapy award Shona Gesler. A very big thank you to the above award sponsors for their continued support of our junior footballers and netballers in 2017. Next weekend, we travel to Nagambie to take on Tabilk in four games of football and three games of netball with the Under 14 Div 2 netball travelling to Euroa for a game. If anyone can assist with the canteen on home games during the season please speak to Ros Smith to go on the roster. Also, we need volunteers for the canteen, gate and other tasks on Sunday, August 13 when we host junior Finals at Rebel Park so please contact Ros Smith and Ray Steyger. -Ray Steyger


■ The AFL Yarra Ranges League Round 13 last Saturday saw the Rebels travel to Powelltown for two games of football and four games of netball, the oval in good condition despite rain during the week. RESERVES The Reserves, again with many changes to the team, including the return of Daniel Roper after an enforced break, challenged Powelltown for the important third position on the ladder. The game started off even with both sides contesting strongly but the home side settled the better and some undisciplined Alexandra play saw the Demons on top in the latter part of the first and early part of the second quarter. Alex improved their game in the middle stages and was still a chance at three quarter time as they had outscored the home side in the third quarter. Alex started the last positively but Powelltown again was able to close the game down and the bigger stronger home team was able to run out comfortable winners 13.10 (88) to 8.4 (52). Awards: Caltex $25 fuel card - Ryan Carter, Alex Sportspower $20 award - David Bourke, Hoova's @ Mt.Pleasant $20 meal - Daniel Roper, Corner Hotel $20 meal - Jedd Hamill, Corner Hotel 5 pots - Ben Podger-Carroll. SENIORS The Seniors made two changes to the team with Conor Heaslip and Daniel Rouget coming in to replace Will Goonan and Zach Heaslip, the Rebels trying to turn around a five match losing run at the Mill ground, having not won there since 2012. Alexandra began to the Mill end on a cold, still winter's afternoon and despite an early goal to Scott Hill, Alex was mostly on the defensive in the first quarter as Powelltown used the ball more constructively. Four unanswered home team goals set the game up for the home side although Alexandra in their best bit of ball movement from Jack Elkington deep in defence through Jake Steyger and Scott Heveren finished in a Brayden Norris goal before the quarter time siren sounded giving Powelltown an 18-point lead. The Demons kicked the first goal of the second quarter before Luke Heard goaled to keep the Rebels in touch but consecutive Powelltown goals again looked ominous but Alex was doing better in general play and Conor Heaslip ended on a string of hand-passes to goal. Further goals to Heard, Steyger and Brayden Norris answered Powelltown goals as each side added five majors for the term and Alex, although still trailing by 19 points at the main break, was still a chance in the second half. Following early behinds, Alex closed the gap early in the third quarter when Chris Mullins again doing the heavy work in the ruck forwarded to Heveren for a goal. Despite the efforts of Jacob Brereton and Jordan Purcell deep in defence the remainder of the quarter belonged to the home side as Alex fought hard to hold on. Powelltown was out-marking Alexandra in attacking positions although the defence did well to limit the Demons to three goals but the margin had extended to 29 points at the last change. Despite the efforts of Ben Cooper who as usual tried hard all game and Ryley Norris the home side kicked four goals to two (both to Heveren) in the last quarter to win comfortably,


■ The Alexandra Football-Netball Club junior teams returned to Rebel Park last Sunday for round 11 of the 2017 season and hosted St.Marys for competition in four grades of football and three grades of netball. Under 12s Football Alexandra 0.7 (7) defeated by St.Marys 9.8 (62) Essence Coffee Lounge award Dylan Jack; Reddrops Foodworks award Tommy Meggitt; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Mitchell Coutts; Provender Country Bakehouse award Dan Bell; Goulburn River Trout award Nathan Murray; Armstrong Family award Callan Howell; Hadfield Contractors award Kaleb Soward-Findlay; Coach's award Tom Miljkovic. Thank you to Jacob Brereton and Tom Dodemaide for umpiring. Under 14s Football Alexandra 0.6 (6) defeated by St.Marys 7.3 (45) Essence Coffee Lounge award Ryan Lucas; Reddrops Foodworks award Jacob Bourke; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Bowen McCarthy; Provender Country Bakehouse award Kobe Gogoll; Parsons Family award Ben Jack; Smith Family award Bailey Goschnick; Coach's award Brodie Humphries. Thank you to Max Church and Luke Heard for umpiring. Under 16s Football Alexandra 2.5 (17) defeated by St.Marys 10.10 (70) Essence Coffee Lounge award Nathan Stewart; Reddrops Foodworks award David Ray; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Harrison Cann; Provender Country Bakehouse award Angus Smith; Bundalaguah Engineering award Harrison Twining; Parsons Family award Jacob


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Eltham Creekers 5.11 (41) d Wallan 1.0 (6). Darebin 6.9 (45) d Hurstbridge 6.5 (41). Montmorency 14.21 (105) d Yarrambat 1.0 (6). South Morang 5.7 (37) d Greensborough 3.9 (27).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. South Morang 9.3 (57) d Montmorency 9.3 (57). Laurimar 9.12 (66) d Greensborough 3.2 (20) Yarrambat 6.8 (44) d Kilmore 1.4 (10).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Mernda 18.10 (118) d Wallan 1.2 (8). Diamond Creek 7.12 (54) d Eltham 2.0 (12). West PrestonLakeside 6.14 (50) d Northcote 3.5 (23).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Hurstbridge 16.18 (114) d Montmorency 1.0 (6) Bundoora Park 9.5 (59) d Kinglake 2.8 (20) Whittlesea 13.13 (91) d Keon Park 0.0 (0).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Montmorency 4.10 (34) drew with Northcote 5.4 (34) Diamond Creek Womens 3.5 (23) d Eltham 3.4 (22). Wallan 6.14 (50) d Research 3.2 (20).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Kilmore 18.7 (115) d South Morang 5.2 (32). Eltham 5.8 (38) d Darebin 2.3 (15). Greensborough 8.7 (55) d Panton Hill 1.7 (13). Whittlesea 1.13 (19) d Bundoora Park 1.1 (7).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. South Morang 8.11 (59) d Diamond Creek 3.7 (25) Eltham 9.9 (63) d Montmorency 4.5 (29) Laurimar 6.7 (43) d Whittlesea 2.5 (17).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Research 14.9 (93) d Greensborough 3.1 (19) Wallan 10.9 (69) d Northcote Blue 3.4 (22) Mernda 6.11 (47) d Kilmore 1.1 (7).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Northcote Gold v Mill Park. West Preston-Lakeside 15.17 (107) d Hurstbridge 1.2 (8). South Morang 6.6 (42) d West Ivanhoe 5.8 (38).



■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Eltham Black 6.4 (40) d Whittlesea 1.4 (10). South Morang 5.6 (36) d Laurimar 3.4 (22). Yarrambat 12.15 (87) d Montmorency 1.2 (8).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Mil Park 3.6 (24) d Kilmore 3.5 (23). Bundoora Park 4.10 (34) d Northcote Blue 4.4 (28). South Morang 8.4 (52) d Wallan 4.6 (30).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Epping 4.0 (24) d Eltham 2.6 (18). Greensborough 10.7 (67) d West Preston-Lakeside 2.1 (13) Thomastown 8.11 (59) d Wallan 0.3 (3). Mernda 9.8 (62) d Diamond Creek 6.7 (43).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Montmorency 5.3 (33) d Keon Park 1.5 (11). Kinglake v Panton Hill. Northcote Gold 7.11 (53) d Lalor 5.6 (36).

■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. South Morang 9.9 (63) d Whittlesea 8.10 (58). Montmorency 14.17 (101) d Greensborough 6.4 (40). Eltham Black 14.8 (92) d Laurimar 6.4 (40). ■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Mill Park v West Preston-Lakeside. Hurstbridge 13.9 (87) d Mernda 3.9 (27). Kilmore 9.6 (60) d Research 4.4 (28). ■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. South Morang 18.15 (123) d Greensborough 10.8 (68). Montmorency 14.19 (103) d Mernda 4.4 (28). Mill Park 10.17 (77) d Yarrambat 4.6 (30). ■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Whittlesea 11.9 (75) d Research 6.8 (44). Eltham 18.20 (128) d Wallan 4.3 (27).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Kilmore 9.6 (60) d Mill Park 1.4 (10). Yarrambat 3.10 (28) d Whittlesea 2.2 (14). West PrestonLakeside 1.10 (16) d Research 1.7 (13). Laurimar 3.12 (03) d South Morang 2.2 (14). Montmorency 4.9 (33) d Wallan 3.2 (20).




■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Diamond Creek Womens 5.6 (36) d Laurimar 1.3 (9). Montmorency 9.7 (61) d Yarrambat 0.3 (3) Whittlesea 14.10 (94) d Northcote 3.2 (20) Eltham 3.5 (23) d Research 1.2 (8).



■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Wallan 6.5 (41) d Laurimar 4.3 (27). Eltham Black 6.9 (45) d Montmorency 4.10 (34). South Morang 7.7 (49) d Diamond Creek 1.3 (9).


■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Northcote Blue 5.7 (37) d West Preston-Lakeside 3.5 (23). Hurstbridge 3.6 (24) d Epping 0.0 (0) Yarrambat 12.11 (83) d Whittlesea 1.1 (7).

■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Mill Park 13.6 (84) d Eltham Black 8.12 (60). Laurimar 10.6 (66) d West Preston-Lakeside 8.8 (56). Research 17.8 (110) d Diamond Creek 4.2 (26). ■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Greensborough 9.8 (62) d Montmorency 3.10 (28). South Morang 13.12 (90) d Thomastown 4.15 (39). Yarrambat 22.11 (143) d Hurstbridge 3.9 (27). Mernda 9.10 (64) d Bundoora Park 5.10 (40).



■ Results. Round 12. Sunday, July 16. Laurimar 7.9 (51) d Mill Park 4.1 (25). Mernda 4.7 (31) d South Morang 1.4 (10). Northcote Gold

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WHITTLESEA BOWLS CLUB 101 Church St, Whittlesea Phone: 97 16 1966 E-Mail: manager@whittleseabo wls. manager@whittleseabowls. wls.c


Weekly Main Course Specials and Changing Lunch Menu From $10 plus normal bistro menu Function R ooms a vailable Rooms av ation for y our special c elebr your celebr elebra BREAKF AST A VAILABLE BREAKFA AV 11am AY AND SUND AY: 8amYS ATURD 8am-11am TURDA SUNDA EVERY SA EVER Wine lis om pr emium wine gr owing dis tricts listt fr from premium gro districts

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Metropolitan and Regional Victoria

GARNET BAILEY 5799 2007 ALL HOURS Offering a caring and professional service throughout the Mitchell and surrounding Shires A LOCAL, WHO KNOW S LOCAL NEEDS

Prices start from $2500 • Kilmor e • Br oadf or d•W allan • R omse y Kilmore Broadf oadfor ord Wallan Romse omsey • Whittlesea • Lanc efield • R omse y Lancefield Romse omsey • Nagambie • Ale xandr a •Y ea & Dis tricts Alex andra Yea Districts

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5797 8349 Myles Road, Murrindindi Vic 3717 Fax: 5797 8499

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‘Lemon Gum Cottage’ • Tidy 2 bedroom home on a flat block • Large living with split system & gas heater • Front and rear verandah • Single carport and timber lockup garage • Re-stumped & freshly painted $180,000

Renovators Delight, Cute Eildon Cottage • 2 good sized bedrooms • Currently leased for $145 Per Week • Original raw floor boards throughout • Brand new carport, Neat Back yard on 642m2 $155,000



Looking for an Investment property? • Great corner block walking distance to schools and shops • Recently renovated Kitchen and Bathroom • 3 Good sized bedrooms with lots of natural light • Carport and shed for plenty of storage • Currently rented at $215 per week $199,000

200 Acres on the Crystal Creek • Tidy 3 bedroom fibro home with split system • Undercover entertaining deck and double carport • Undulating to rising hill country with part grazing and part bush • Mature nut trees and a variety of fruit trees • Abundant water supply with potable bore and new tanks $495,000


‘Perfect Court Location’ • 4 bedroom brick home • Ducted vacuum system, floor heating, split system • Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe

• Double garage with separate workshop and rear access • Quiet court location and beautiful established gardens $545,000

Sales Specialis ts I Belinda Hocking 04 18 115 55774 Specialists 0418 Sales and Property Services I Jessica Bates 0437 533 236 Property Management I Sarah Brockhus - 0457 537 222

Landmark Harcourts Alexandra 56 Grant Street, Alexandra I 5772 3444


Landmark Har Harcc ourts Y Yee a 5 2 High SStr tr eet, Y ea I 5577 9 7 2277 9 9 treet, Yea

The Local Paper. July 19, 2017  

The Local Paper. July 19, 2017

The Local Paper. July 19, 2017  

The Local Paper. July 19, 2017