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■ TENS of thousands of dollars need to be invested by Murrindindi Shire Council in ridding Yea of its wasps plague, say local traders. Food business owners say they are losing trade as word spreads amongst tourists and caravaners to avoid the town.

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Pressure on ‘Dindi Shire

Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor Cr Charlie Bisset this month urged community members to report or destroy nests. “Council will act quickly to remove nests on Council-managed land and infrastructure,” Cr Bisset said.

● Bruce Batten at Flowerdale Hall on Saturday

History seeks home ■ The Whittlesea Historical Society is putting pressure on the City of Whittlesea to find it a permanent home. Bruce Batten, of Wollert, a City of Whittlesea Citizen of the Year, has approached all Councillors, in his role as President of the Society.

The Society is currently housing its collectionitems in private homes, including the best of its valuables in a secure safe. The Society wants a permanent address, preferably in the Whittlesea township, that is easily accessible to members of the public.

● The 2017 football-netball season is fast approaching. Yea played Longwood in practice matches on Saturday, winning all games. Kinglake excelled at home against Coldstream. Photos, coverage inside.

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A Quality Tile and Timber flooring store. FLOORBOARDS/TILES

Landmark event ● Heath Vine, Belinda Hocking and Mark Brooke were pictured at the Landmark Harcourts marquee at the Alexandra Cup races on Saturday. Belinda manages the Alexandra real estate company; Mark is the General Manager of Landmark Harcourts.


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Fatherand-son team in action

■ Seymour Highway Patrol members didn’t expect the plethora of alleged offences they uncovered when they intercepted a truck in Broadford. The 45-year-old male driver, who was allegedly using a mobile phone at the time, underwent a roadside drug test which indicated positive to methylamphetamine. The Bundoora man was also found to be allegedly a disqualified driver, with the truck, tipper and trailer all being unregistered.

● Ross and John Roycroft at the Flowerdale Hall auction on Saturday

■ For decades, the Roycroft name has been synonymous with auctions of antiques and collectables throughout Victoria. Father-and-son Ross and John Roycroft held another of their popular events last weekend, with the Flowerdale Hall packed with bidders for the latest offering. The Roycrofts have been part of Flowerdale for many decades.

Latest News


■ Murrindindi Shire Council says that the company that prepares dog and cat registration notices is running late. Due date for registrations has been extended to April 28.

Paths cash

■ Murrindindi Shire Council last week accep ted a tender from North Central Construction for the 2016-17 path program. Total project costis $399,995.20 (ex GST).

■ A neighbour to the Tanglewood Music and Arts Festival says Murrindindi Shire Council needs to better its efforts in policing planning permit conditions it set. “I visited the Festival on two occasions during the course of the event and observed substantial drug use,” said Greg Salter of Thornton. “I was even approached by a dealer trying to sell me MDMA and acid. “You could also smell marijuana in the air. “Copious amounts of alcohol was being consumed with intoxicated people everywhere. “I have grave concerns about the organizsers’ fire mitigation plan along with their ability to contain a fire should it start. “The festival camp site is just five metres off my boundary fence, immediately next to a paddock which had 900mm high grass and some

100 head of cattle during the Festival. “There were so many drug affected patrons out of their minds; patrons out of control of their senses and very capable of starting a fire, even unintentionally,” Mr Salter said. “I also observed an unaccompanied young girl about three years old, walking along my boundary fence. “When asked where her parents were, she replied that she didn’t know. This was evening. “If this child had ended up on my property in a paddock with two bulls, the result may have been catastrophic.” Mr Salter has raised his concerns with the Council, and asked to meet with

Shire officials to discuss the planning permit conditions. “The Festival organisers were fantastic during their initial event 14 months ago; they did everything correctly - removing all rubbish and festival materials, eturning the site back to farming land when finished,” Mr Salter said. He said the cleanup after the most recent festival had many shortcomings. “I approached the organisers endeavouring to work through the issues and my concerns. “The organisers believe they are not in breach of permit conditions or that there are any problems associated with the event. “I vehemently stress that this is not a

Fast food thief

■ Police are investigating following a burglary at a Mansfield fast food store earlier this month. Investigators have been told an unknown man attended the Chenery St store about 2am on Wednesday, March 8. The man ransacked the shop before leaving with an amount of cash. Investigators have released CCTV images of a man that they believe may be able to assist with their enquires.

music festival. It is a drug festival,” Mr Salter claimed “It will only be a matter of time before you have a death, se-

rious drug overdose sexual assault or even a rape at this event,” he warns the Council. “Has Murrindindi Council as the responsible authority carried out a post site inspection to insure that all structures and materials have been removed from the site? Has all re-vegetation taken place?”


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'Tea & Coffee Available • Model Holden Cars Display & Old Bottle & Wood-Turned Items for Sale

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Murrindindi Newspapers

■ The story of Yea newsagent Lynne Bailey rushing to her High St shop, dressed in her pyjamas, was told to State Parliament last week by Eildon MLA Cindy McLeish. Talking about rising crime levels in Murrindindi, and across the state, Ms McLeish said: “In Yea, Lynne Bailey from the newsagent came down from her house in her pyjamas one night. “I think she was on the scene of the break-in much quicker than the Police because she lives quite close to her business. “She has had enough of it. She has had enough of breakins at her premises for cigarettes and cash,” Ms McLeish said.

Damage to shop ■ Ms McLeish told State Parliament about other break-ins in the Yea area. “Chisholm and Shaw Automotive, which has recently changed hands, has been subject to a couple of very targeted break-ins, because we know the thieves have shopping lists,” Ms McLeish said. “It is not just a petrol station and an automotive centre; they also sell chainsaws. “On the first occasion the thieves went in they were only in for a few minutes. “They went exactly where they wanted to go, whipped the 10 or 12 chainsaws off the wall, and in two or three minutes they were gone. “They were well out of there before the Police came down.

Long Shots

From Our Files - 30 Years Ago Tuesday, March 31, 1987

Homewood wins

Thanks to many

edit or@L ocalP aper editor@L ocalPaper aper..c om. om.aa u

with Ash Long, Editor “For the cause that lacks assistance, ‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do”

“The second break-in was in the first week of February. “Again 10 chainsaws were taken. They were in and out. But this time on top of the theft of the chainsaws the thieves broke open a whole bunch of oils. “They spilt them all through the shop, and they damaged batteries. Not only were the chainsaws stolen but there was also a lot of damage done to the shop,” Ms McLeish said.

Stocco episode ■ Ms McLeish told of fugitives Gino and Mark Stocco terrorising the region. “Also in the Murrindindi shire a couple of years ago the Stocco father and son terrorised their way around Castella, Glenburn and Yea. “A lot of the townsfolk and people in the rural areas who were very worried about this were ex-

tremely critical of the no-pursuit policy. “The Stoccos were spotted in Castella on the Melba Highway, and they were unable to be pursued when police had a clear sight. “Because of that, they were not apprehended at that time. “This chase went on for days. At the time I went down to the Yea Recreation Reserve, and there were about five or six helicopters. “The amount of manpower on the ground that was dispatched in the pursuit of these crooks was incredible. “All that the people in the town were talking about was the cost of the helicopters and the deployment of staff. “If they had been able to pursue the men in the first instance, they may have been apprehended and that cost may not have been necessary. “They are certainly not critical of the police, but they are very critical of some

Yea school days, 1898-style Local Phone Numbers FIRE BRIGADES (fire only) ............ 000 Local Brigades ............................... 000 POLICE (emergencies only) ............ 000 Kinglake ............................... 5786 1333 Seymour ............................... 5735 0200 Whittlesea ............................ 9716 2102 Yea ....................................... 5 7 9 7 26 30 263 57 AMBULANCE .................................... 000 Alexandra Hospital ............. 5772 0900 Northern Hospital, Epping .. 8405 8000 Seymour Hospital ................ 5793 6100 Yea Hospital ........................... 5 7 36 0400 57 S TATE EMERGENC Y SER VICE ......... 000 EMERGENCY SERVICE ■ Lifeline ........................................ 13 11 14 Nursing Mothers Helpline .... 9885 0653 Poisons Info. (24 Hours) .......... 13 11 26 RACV Roadside Assistance ........ 13 1111 RSPCA ................................... 9224 2222

of the decisions that were made at the higher end — the softness around law and order, the tsunami in crime that is happening,” Ms McLeish said.

Editor’s Diary

■ Several weeks ago your Editor had to undergo an emergency operation at Heidelberg. This was followed by some further unexpected major prostate surgery last Tuesday night at Warringal Hospital. I have been unwell for the past seven months, with doctors and specialists trialling a series of four different medications. The surgical renovators last week inserted a TV camera, where a TV unit has never previously been! And they performed a ‘green light laser’ surgery which has hopefully repaired the problems. By last Saturday, your Editor was again patrolling the streets of Yea, Alexandra, Kinglake and Whittlesea. The talented medical practitioners have been wonderful. And so too have our Local Paper readers and advertisers, who have sent several hundred messages of goodwill. Every one of them is treasured.

Page by Page

■ Last week’s Local Paper carried a death notice for Marianne Tootal Page (nee Broadhurst), widow of the late Bert Page. The Page family conducted the Alexandra Standard newspaper business until the late 1980s. Like Tom Dignam at Yea, they were ‘old school’ operators where civility and service were their hallmark qualities.

Daylight saving

● Noel Moore, Trevor Aldous and Gary Pollard ■ “They’ve Been Waiting Since 1964: Homewood Are Premiers” was our frontpage headline on March 31, 1987. The 1986-87 Yea District CricketAssociation premiership trophies were accepted by Homewood captain Trevor Aldous from former player Noel Moore and YDCA President Gary Pollard, following the Grand Final against Molesworth.

Life member

■ Greg Garlick was made a Life Member of the Yea Junior Cricket Association. He joined Malcolm Sundblom and Brian Greenwood with that honour. Darren Moore received a trophy for his hat-tick in the season. The ‘Border’ team was premier. ‘Hughes’ was runner-up.

Peter Seymour OBE

■ The death of Peter Seymour OBE, “known particularly well in Cathkin and Alexandra”, was noted in our March 31, 1987, issue. Mr Seymour was co-founder of the Sydney Youth Orchestra and its Musical Director at the time of his death. He attended school in Alexandra and at Ivanhoe Grammar. He studied in England before returning as Music Master at Sydney Grammar School.

Store expands

■ “It was a busy weekend for Ian and Margaret Findley, proprietors of Yea Licensed Goodfellows,” we reported. “The Findleys have completed extensions to their supermarket by adding a new fruit and vegetables/soft drinks section. It was constructed by local men Bill and Peter Wilson. “An army of 10 workers helped on Saturday and Sunday to move stock into the new attractive section. It features laminated shelving constructed by Ern Hunt of Molesworth.”

Microwave night

■ A ‘microwave evening’ at Yea High School, in aid of the Yea Community Centre, raised $604. Organisers Marni Sloane and Marian Pearce attracted a gathering of 98 people. Demonstrations were given of microwave fod preparation and technique.

Railway support

■ Cr Dougal Drysdale said the TallarookYea Railway Preservation Society should be supported by the Yea Council, if there was State Government support for the multi-million dollar project. Cr Ian Clark asked that month’s Council meeting if the Society realised that most of the railway track had been pulled up.

Maurice’s honour

● Alan Thorley, who curates the Yea and District Historical Society page on Facebook, has located this 1898 photo of students at Yea State School, then located at the Pioneer Reserve.

■ Daylight saving this year concludes on Sunday (Apr. 2). Don't forget to put your clocks backwards one hour at 3am. Enjoy the extra hour's sleep.

■ The Immediate Past President of the Yea RSL Sub-Branch, Maurice Spanjer, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. The certificate bore the signature of Bruce Ruxton, Victorian RSL State President. Ed Davies, Vice-President, was chosen to be Sergeant-Major of the 1987 ANZAC Day march, with Col Egan appointed to lead with the banner.

Just Briefly Sat. Pizza Night

■ Steels Creek Tennis Club is holding a Pizza Night from 5pm this Saturday (April 1). There will be live music. Cost: families, $55; couples, $35; singles, $20. Bring-yourown drinks and chairs. Soft drinks and chocolates will be for sale on the night. RSVP: Mark , 0411 111 839.


■ The tardy roll-out of the NBN to businesses in the outer north-east was raised in State Parliament last week by Eltham MLA Vicki Ward. “My constituency question is for the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade in the other place. Minister, ● Vicki Ward the rollout of the national broadband network (NBN) in this state has been shockingly slow, including in my electorate of Eltham. Households are now, according to the NBN’s website, which I have not seen, starting to get the rollout in suburbs like Eltham and Montmorency with the hybrid coaxial cable; however, suburbs like Research and Eltham North are still waiting. “Just as important are my small businesses. I refer to Quists Coffee, an excellent manufacturer in Research, a business which has operated since 1938, which is still waiting for the NBN to be rolled out. “In fact the industrial areas of Eltham and Research are still waiting for their NBN. The manner in which the Turnbull government has managed the roll out of the NBN is absolutely appalling. “Minister, how can residents and local businesses in Eltham electorate, including those running out of the Eltham and Research industrial areas, keep the planned rollout of the NBN accountable to promised time lines and the best possible service?”

Legal service push

■ Eildon MLA Cindy McLeish has pushe din State Parliament for money from the Attorney-General to provide the necessary funding and support to ensure that the Yarra Ranges branch of the Eastern Community Legal Centre in Healesville is able to remain open. “The Eastern Community Legal Centre offers free legal assistance from its offices in Healesville and at outreach locations in the east, a very valuable service to the area,” Ms McLeish told the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday (Mar. 22). " It can be tough because the Yarra Ranges itself is Melbourne’s largest municipality, and it has pockets of severe economic and social disadvantage. "Interestingly and very importantly they have had some 455 clients; 61 per cent are women. This is quite telling because the areas of disadvantage in the UpperYarra certainly experience family violence, and I know that the Andrews Labor Government spruiks their work in the area of family violence," Ms McLeish said.

Yea Market on Sat. ■ The next Yea Community Market is due to take place this Saturday (Apr. 1) at the Yea Railway Station reserve.

Dairy farmers meet

■ Indi MHR Cathy McGowan has congraulated local dairy farmers for going to Canbefrra to state their grievances. Ms McGowan said the Alpine Valley Dairy Pathway Project meetings on Wednesday (Mar. 22) with senior government ministers were productive and demonstrated the leadership in the dairy industry in Indi. Issues discussed included farm succession and transitions, improving agricultural education outcomes, efficient and productive use of water, access to reliable and affordable power and connectivity, and sustainable employment and investment growth.

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 9

Local News

Fee for Rail Trail? ■ Mansfield Shire Council - eager to fund a $700,000 deficit in its annual budget - has suggested a user-pay levy for the Great Victorian Rail Trail, to help balance its budget. Mansfield Council Chief Executive Officer Alex Green told the Mansfield Courier newspaper that staff and councillors had all brainstormed during numerous meetings over the past few weeks on what measures would have to be taken to help find $700,000. Mr Green said the first of the services to be cut back would be the economic and tourism department – by more than $100,000, school crossing supervision may be handed back to VicRoads, no new assets or renovations to be carried out, and the ‘free vouchers’ for rubbish refuse and garden waste.

● The Great Victorian Rail Trail at the Cheviot Tunnel Some asset sell- one of those councils The idea of a useroffs were being con- to go broke – so we pays scheme for the sidered but these were need to do something,” Rail Trail comes just “one-off” solutions. he said. days prior to the Cycle Mr Green also said Murrindindi Shire Dindi event being conpolitical change will Council last month ducted by the Rotary not happen until a cri- announced that a Clubs of Yea and Alexsis happens – that cri- planned surplus bud- andra. sis may well be sev- get will now produce Cyclists are asked eral councils going an unexpected $1.1 to donate for their use broke. million loss for the of the Rail Trail on the “I don’t want to be 2016-17 financial year. day.

Local Politics

McLeish hard on crime ■ Eildon MLA Cindy McLeish last week took the Andrews Labor Government to task about rising crime rates locally, as well as statewide. “I certainly grieve for Victorians who have to suffer under the Andrews Labor Government, and they are suffering in so many ways,” Ms McLeish told the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. “Crime and law and order issues are out of control. In the two years this Labor government has been in, crime is up by 20 per cent. “The total offences reported in December 2014 was 459 362, and the total offences two years later was 552 005. That is an increase of over 20 per cent. “We know that there is a tsunami of crime in Victoria. “Sadly in September last year Victoria took on the mantle of being the murder capital of Australia. That is certainly not something to be proud of. “Think about what we had in Victoria and where we are now. We have gangs running wild on the streets. “People are absolutely incensed and scared about carjackings. “We have so much drug-related crime. We have riots in our justice system. We have seen the youth justice system out of control. “Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people are up by 36.3 per cent. Arson is up by 15.3 per “cent. Aggravated burglary - this is absolutely scary - is up by 64.4 per cent; that is someone entering your home with a gun or a knife,

● Cindy McLeish MLA even if someone is not home. Motor vehicle theft is up by 43.6 per cent. “Escaping custody is up by 25.6 per cent. Resisting or hindering an officer is up by 193.7 per cent. These are absolutely extraordinary numbers. “I have got many police stations in my electorate, none of which are open 24 hours. They report the rise of the theft of numberplates electorate-wide and across the state. “Those numberplate thefts are then leading to burglaries with the stolen plates or petrol drive-offs with stolen plates. “I know in my electorate there has been quite a bit of such activity. The lack of police resources is worrying, and it is worrying that the government took so long to recruit more. “We have had a number of police stations close, and we have had the impact of the twoup policy, which has certainly reduced the amount of policing in country Victoria. “In fact I do not have a 24-

torate. The closest ones are in Lilydale, Seymour, Benalla and I think Eltham. “Many of the police stations are a sergeant plus five, and they are certainly not 24 hours. If you have a sergeant plus five, and you have one on leave, which is normal — I know a station that has somebody on maternity leave, a position that is not replaced — and someone else is off on stress leave, all of a sudden we are left with a sergeant plus two. “Then if someone else has annual leave planned, you know, we are very, very light on the ground in that area. “The police are actually worried in my electorate that crime is not being detected because they do not have the resources at the moment to do it. “They are not confident that when additional police are recruited that any will be deployed to regional areas. “I want to move on to Murrindindi and have a look at some changes there. Crimes against the person have increased 55.6 per cent. Sexual offences have gone from 21 offences in 2015 to 74 offences in 2016 — the most recent figures. That is a 252 per cent increase. “With arson, there has been an 82 per cent increase. “Offences for the cultivation or manufacture of drugs are up 225 per cent. This seems to be quite common in country Victoria. People are obviously going to areas where they think they may not be easily detected,” Ms McLeish

Here’s where to grab your weekly copy ● ALEXANDRA. Foodworks. 102 Grant St. ● ALEXANDRA. Landmark Real Estate. 56 Grant St. ● ALEXANDRA. Murrindindi Shire Offices. Perkins St. ● ALEXANDRA. Newsagency. 82-84 Grant St. ● ALEXANDRA. Simpsons Fuel. 25 Aitken St. ● ALEXANDRA. Totally Trout. 2/42 Downey St. ● BUXTON. Post Office. 2187 Maroondah Hwy. ● DIAMOND CREEK. Newsagency. 62A Main Hurstbridge Rd. ● DOREEN. General Store. 920 Yan Yean Rd. ● EILDON. Foodworks. 18 Main St. ● ELTHAM. Newsagency. 2/963 Main Rd. ● FLOWERDALE. Community House. 36 Silver Creek Rd. ● FLOWERDALE. Hazeldene Store. 6 Curlings Rd. ● FLOWERDALE. Hotel. 3325 WhittleseaYea Rd ● GLENBURN. United Petroleum. 3883 Melba Hwy. ● HEALESVILLE. Newsagency. 195 Maroondah Hwy. ● HURSTBRIDGE. Newsagency 800 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd. ● KANGAROO GROUND. General Store. 280 Eltham-Yarra Glen Rd. ● KINGL AKE. Bakehouse. 10 WhittleseaKinglake Rd. ● KINGL AKE. Foodworks. 12 Main St. ● KINGL AKE. Library. 19 WhittleseaKinglake Rd. ● KINGL AKE. Pub. 28 WhittleseaKinglake Rd. ● KINGL AKE. United Petroleum. 2 Kinglake-Glenburn Rd. ● LAURIMAR. Newsagency. 8/95 Hazel Glen Dr. ● LILYDALE. Newsagency. 237 Main St. ● MANSFIELD. Foodworks. 119 High St. ● MERNDA VILLAGES. Post Office. 50 Mernda Village Dr. ● MARYSVILLE. Foodworks. 49 Darwin St. ● MOLESWORTH. Hungry Horse Hotel. 4364 Goulburn Valley Hwy. ● MOLESWORTH. Store.4353 Goulburn Valley Hwy. ● NARBETHONG. Black Spur Inn. 436 Maroondah Hwy. ● PHEASANT CREEK. Flying Tarts. 888 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd. ● PHEASANT CREEK. Store. 884 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd. ● RESEARCH. Post Office. 1544 Main Rd ● SEYMOUR. Newsaqgency. 66 Station St ● ST ANDREWS. Store. 10 Caledonia St. ● STRATH CREEK. Post Office. 8 Glover St. ● TAGGERTY. Store. 26 Taggerty-Thornton Rd. ● THORNTON. Store. 1365 TaggertyThornton Rd. ● TOOLANGI. Tavern. 1390 Myers Creek Rd. ● WATTLE GLEN. Peppers Paddock General Store. 13 Kangaroo GroundWattle Glen Rd. ● WHITTLESEA. Bowls Club. 101 Church St. ● WHITTLESEA. Champions Supa IGA. 2/ 16 Church St. ● WHITTLESEA. El-Azar Milk Bar. 13 Church St. ● WHITTLESEA. Foodworks. 65 Church St. ● WHITTLESEA. Newsagency. 45 Church St. ● WHITTLESEA. Royal Mail Hotel. 29 Beech St. ● YARCK. Hotel. Maroondah Hwy. ● YARCK. Store. 6595 Maroondah Hwy ● YARRA GLEN. IGA. 1/38 Bell St. ● YARRA GLEN. Newsagency. 32 Bell St. ● YEA. Amble Inn Cafe. 24 High St ● YEA. Bakery. 44 High St. ● YEA. BP. 31 High St ● YEA. Cafe Christies. 17 High St ● YEA. Country Woman. 6 Station St. ● YEA. Foodworks. 10 High St ● YEA. Library. 15 The Semi-Circle ● YEA. Manna Fest. 94 High St. ● YEA. Marmalades. 20 High St ● YEA. Mint and Jam. 46 High St ● YEA. Newsagency. 74 High St ● YEA. Peppercorn Hotel. 21 Station St. ● YEA. Provender Bakery. 56 High St ● YEA. Rendezvous. 10 High St ● YEA. Royal Mail Hotel. 88 High St. ● YEA. Take-Away. 68 High St

Page 10 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pith and Par Master of Theology ■ The Rev. Chris Carolane, known to many for his former work as Chaplain at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Plenty Campus at Mernda, graduated on Friday as a Master of Theology. The ceremony was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral. East Melbourne.

● Rev. Chris Carolane

Optimistic Council

■ It is an optimistic local Council that schedules a community workshop in Yea at the same time as Saturday football and netball events at the start of the season. Murrindindi Council has timetabled a ‘Have Your Say’ workshop from 3pm-5pm on Saturday (April Fools Day).

Kinglake hearing

■ The C57 (Kinglake Service Centre) panel hearing has taken place, Cr Margaret Rae told last week’s meeting of Murrindindi Shire Council held at Yea. “Additional information was requested and has been submitted. The report is now anticipated to be lodged. “A recent decision by Council to refuse a permit application for a house lot excision in Extons R d, Kinglake Central, was based on the need to support the potential agricultural use of this and surrounding land. “This application has now been considered by Victorian Civil andAdministrative Tribunal and Council’s decision was supported by VCAT,” Cr Rae said.

Tourism changes

■ Cr Jackie Ashe, who holds the Economic Development portfolio on Murrindindi Shire, reported on tourism industry developments when she spoke at the Council meeting last Wednesday (Mar. 22): “Victoria Tourism Industry Council and Tourism Australia/Visit Victoria briefings were held on March 6. Access to Tourism Australia image library is a new innovation that will be very useful for us. “Visit Victoria announced a stronger marketing focus for regional Victoria and admitted that this sector had been neglected for some years. Key words were ‘bespoke’ and ‘visitor experience’,” Cr Ashe said.

Works underway

■ Crushed rock resheeting of gravel roads in Murrindindi Shire is well underway with a quarter of the program already completed, Cr Eric Lording told last week’s Shire meeting. The sealed roads program is 50 per cent completed and on schedule. The Homewood Hall Bridge replacement has been completed. The Bakers Lane Toilet upgrade is underway with toilets closed until the end of the month. Stage 2 of the Yea Saleyards upgrade is on schedule with the B Double ramp installation works undertaken in the past two weeks.

More investment?

■ Murrindindi Council’s Development Assessment Team has been meeting with a number of businesses interested in investing further in Murrindindi Shire, Cr JackieAshe informed last week’s Council meeting. “The Development Assessment Team brings together the relevant areas of Council (for example, planning, building, economic development, environmental health) to work with businesses in relation to new developments/investment in an integrated manner, clarifying expectations and options.”

Journalist away ■ The Local Paper was unable to attend last Wednesday’s Council meeting. Reports have been compiled from Council draft minutes.

Council News

Grants announced ■ The latest round of the Murrindindi Shire Council's Community Grants has just been announced. Four community projects have received grant funding: ■ Toolangi-Castella Community House receives $1448 for its 'Soccer on the Hill" Project, which brings young migrants from inner city locations together with youth in Toolangi, Castella and Kinglake Ranges to play soccer. ■ The Y Water Discovery Centre receives $5000 to enhance usage of the area via landscaping and access to the facility . ■ The Alexandra Football/Netball Club was granted $1000 for the purchase and installation of a new cricket pitch cover at the home grounds in Williamson St. ■ Life Saving Victoria received $3875 for its 'Sink or Swim' aquatic safety education program designed for primary and secondary aged children in the Murrindindi Shire. Community Service Portfolio Councillor, Sandice McAulay, said Council is pleased to be able to help out with funding these terrific projects. "The grants are aimed at projects and events that have a clear community benefit.

sion are available from Council's website at www.murrindindi. or by calling Council's Grants Coordinator, Sandy Keath on 5772 0393.


■ Cr Leigh Dunscombe, the Kinglake Ward representative on Murrindindi Council was unable to attend last Wednesday’s Shire meeting.

Speaker ● Cr Sandice McAulay “We are also keen applications will be asto ensure that the sessed in June and grants are provided to again in October," Cr groups and organ- McAulay said. isations that might "The Community have exhausted other Grants Program avenues of funding to gives community get a project or idea groups, organisations off the ground. and service clubs the "I would encour- chance to undertake age any groups or initiatives that might organisations with a otherwise remain out project in mind to get of reach. on to Council's “Funding of up to a website and have a total of $5000 to suplook at the guidelines port their goals is availand submit an applica- able; however their tion to Council. goals must align with “Applications can Council's objectives be submitted at any around enhancing time of the year, how- community health and ever there are three well-being, access specified assessments and inclusion". undertaken. Grant guidelines, “In addition to the application forms and round just announced, deadlines for submis-

■ Eamon O'Flaherty spoke against the matter of NarbethongVegetation Removal in the open forum section of last Wednesday’s meeting of Murrindindi Shire Council held at Yea.


■ Murrindindi Mayor Cr Charlie Bisset declared an indirect Conflict of Interest in a matter being discussed at last week’s Council meeting. She saids the matter was due to a conflicting personal interest in the comunity grants matter. She left the Chamber at 6.37 pm prior to consideration of the item.

Thanks for having your say ■ Murrindindi Shire Council is saying 'thank you' to the community for getting involved in the 'Have Your Say' campaign. The new Council says it has been busy working on the creation of a new Council Plan which will guide its work for the next four years. As part of this process, Councillors have been asking the community to have a say in helping to plan and shape a better future for Murrindindi Shire. The 'Have Your Say' campaign ran from February 17 until March 19. Councillors and Council staff ran 'pop-up' stalls at events across the Shire and had surveys available in numerous locations, in addition to Council offices and libraries. Council also used its new Facebook page to ensure as many people as possible had the chance to fill out the survey. Mayor Cr Charlie Bissetsaid Councillors were thrilled with the response to the survey. "We have heard from more

Shire which is over 10 per cent of the Shire's population. “A wide range of ages is represented in the responses and we have a good level of response from communities right across the Shire. "While the community's involvement so far has been great, the conversation with the community is far from finished. “Based on the community feedback we have received so far, Councillors have developed some key focus areas or themes which will inform Council's work for the next four years. "Now Councillors want to test and prioritise those focus areas at workshops with the community to ensure the community agrees that we are on the right track. “And even if you didn't fill out a survey, you can still be involved in this stage of the process". "We have already had workshops in Alexandra and Kinglake and have two more happening in Marysville (from 1pm - 3pm, on Thursday

March 30 at the Marysville Community Centre) and in Yea (from 3pm - 5pm, on Saturday April 1at the Yea Council Chambers)" said Cr Bisset. "On behalf of all Councillors, I would like to thank those in the community who have already joined the conversation and encourage those that haven't yet done so to come along to one of our workshops to help us complete this important work for the future of our Shire," said Cr Bisset. To find out more about the workshops or to RSVP, please contact Council's Community Engagement Coordinator Trudi Ackerman on 5772 0313. - Contributed

19 apply

■ Some 19 businesses have so far completed applications for the Murrindindi Business Awards, CrJackieAshe told last week’s Council meeting. Businesses are being encouraged to apply, Cr Ashe said.

Your Stars with Kerry Kulkens ARIES: (March 21-April 20) Lucky Colour: White Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: It would be a good idea to keep people around you happy as you might need their assistance very soon. Some of the jobs ahead might not be to your liking but essential in the long run. TAURUS: (April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Peach Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: More chance to enjoy yourself and better prospects in your career matters its up to you to take advantage of the opportunities, it should be an exciting time for you. GEMINI: (May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Orange Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: You should be able to get back things that you feel have been lost. Many new friendships that could mean some readjustment in your personal life and increased interests in new ideas. CANCER: (June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Red Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Not the time to take risks in career and financial mattes. Do check all appointments and bookings and you should be doing well during this period. Some luck in games of chance. LEO: (July 23- August 22) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Before you change your mind make sure that information you have is the right one. Some difficulties could be found in your personal relationships so try to keep calm at all times. VIRGO: (August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Cream Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Maybe you are moving too fast for some others and communications are not working well. Improvements might be gradual but the more you think about it the better it will be. LIBRA: (September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Silver Lucky Day: Sunday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Your personal affairs could be heading towards a big change so keep your plans flexible and your work details well. Some of the ideas from your past could come in handy now. SCORPIO: (October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Very progressive period in which you could be forced to travel even your heart is not in it. In the long run what you achieve during this period will be most useful in the future. SAGITTARIUS: (November23- December 20) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Family celebrations are possible and someone cold bring you a surprise package. Busy but satisfying time and your charm will be at its best so ask for those special favours now. CAPRICORN: (December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Orange Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: You might be rushing into things that you are not too familiar with so give yourself a chance to learn. You could be annoying someone that you should really be impressing at the moment. AQUARIUS: (January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Cream Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Best bet would be to take things easy and then decide what is best in your situation. Many others options are possible than the one you have been thinking of, advance with care. PISCES: (February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Violet Lucky Day: Saturday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Thee are some plans that could be adjusted or deferred as the period progresses, but mostly you should be having a smooth run. Take care of your health matters now.

Visit Kerry Kulkens Magic Shop at 1693 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave Phone/Fax 9754 4587 Like us on Facebook

What The Papers Say Sex pest alert

■ Healesville High School has boosted security after being told a serious child sex offender will leave prison and return to his home just metres from its front gate (this week). The school installed cameras, deemed an area closest to the man’s home off-limits to students and increased schoolyard super-vision by teachers. The man, in his early 70s, is being released after serving his full 17-month sentence for six counts of sexual assault committed many years ago. - Herald Sun

Heartbroken lady

■ The community is being urged to stand by a single mother-of-three who was crippled by a routine medical procedure, leaving her family heartbroken. The St Vincent de Paul Society of Victoria and Diamond Valley Leader are calling on people to dig deep to support Greensborough’s Kathy Jones, 47, who was paralysed after she had a rare reaction, called Guillain-Barré syndrome, to her routine flu vaccination in April 2015. - Diamond Valley Leader

Financial woes

■ Mansfield Shire chief executive officer Alex Green has promised to get council’s financial woes out of trouble. At well attended community meetings held across the shire last week residents heard the concerns of councillors and council officers in regards to the $700,000 shortfall in the upcoming budget. At the Mansfield township meeting, Mr Green openly admitted that a spending spree on new assets, lower percentage increases in rates, rate capping and the reduction in the number of government grants had all contributed to the shortfall. - Mansfield Courier

Rail challenges

■ A Hume Corridor Passenger Rail Study shows that patronage on the North East rail service would more than triple if trains were reliable and ran on time. There were 385,000 less train trips in 201516 than could be achieved due to poor services. Sub-standard rail services also impacted the region by $113 million, $55.3 million in gross regional product, 487 jobs and $29.8 million in savings over the 12 months. During the data period up to one in five trains did not meet timetables and 117 train services were cancelled. - Euroa Gazette

One with the lot

■ Seymour Highway Patrol intercepted a truck in Broadford about 2pm Thursday afternoon. The driver of the north-bound truck was initially intercepted on the Hume Freeway as part of Operation Austrans. The operation, which is co-ordinated annually, sees a focus on truck and other heavy vehicle drivers across the state for drugs and alcohol, speed, fatigue and compliance offences. The 45-year-old male driver, who was allegedly using a mobile phone at the time, underwent a roadside drug test which indicated positive to methylamphetamine. The Bundoora man was also found to be allegedly a disqualified driver, with the truck, tipper and trailer all being unregistered. - Seymour Telegraph

Awash with art

■ “We are awash with art in the Yarra Valley.” Artist and gallery owner, Reggie Clarke opened the 2017 Yarra Glen Arts Show with an enthusiastic rundown of the plethora of art events coming up in the Yarra Valley of which the art show was an exciting start. The biennial show filled the Yarra Glen Memorial Hall with hundreds of artworks. - Mountain Views Mail

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 11

Council News

80 Years Ago

Spotlight on: Cr Charlie Bisset Ward: Koriella Tell us about what you do (as a Councillor and in your private life)? Juggle! Being a mother of 10-year-old twins, working as a CEO, being a councillor, retaining my various other community roles, trying to catch up with friends and spending time with my gorgeous husband - I am learning quickly to juggle all of these balls. What do you enjoy most about your role as Councillor? I enjoy being a part of and working in teams and so the opportunity to work as part of another team with the new councillors is wonderful. They are a great bunch of dedicated individuals who offer a wealth of knowledge on so many different levels. I also enjoy having the opportunity to meet more amazing people who live in our community and see their talents in varying roles and getting around to visit the beautiful areas and communities that make up Murrindindi Shire. Being in the role of Councillor and Mayor is just such a privilege.

● Cr Charlie Bisset What surprised in which I have lived you most about your and that these comrole as Councillor? munities provide a Being call a 'young safe nurturing place councillor', I'm the for my family. Having been in baby of the council at Murrindindi Shire for 42! What do you love 16 years, it has been a place to live in most about where you great the different stages of live? life - working as a The natural envi- my professional, raising ronment - the moun- children and providing tains, snow, rivers and opportunities to build the ease of access to my professional skills all of them. and meet amazing I love the people and inspiring individuand the communities als.

What do you hope will be your legacy when your role as Councillor finishes? To help ensure each of the communities in Murrindindi Shire remains viable, vibrant, resilient and safe communities, for future generations. What books are you reading? The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb OMG a great read! Very pertinent to a busy working mother's life. I am also re-reading a few books on the Kokoda Track, as I am heading back to PNG in July to walk the track for the sececond time. I have a family connection to the 2/14 Battalion that fought in WWII. What does a typical weekend look like for you? That's a hard question and one that is season and month-dependent. It's either spending time with my son, taking him to Little Athletics or footy. Horse riding with my daughter at home or at Pony Club, spending time in the garden, catching up on emails, or working with my husband to finish our house renovations, but a nanna nap on Sunday afternoon is always planned! Turn To Page 26

Business awards soon ■ Murrindindi Business Awards applications are closing on April 9. The aim is to celebrate business excellence in Murrindindi Shire. The awards are designed to acknowledge local businesses which are delivering exceptional products and services. The awards seek to identify examples of best practice as well as industry role models which will deliver a sense of pride and inspiration to fellow business operators. Entering the Awards creates an opportunity for operators to evaluate their business from a variety of perspectives and also serves as a powerful business development tool. The awards will assist to build profile and brand awareness for local businesses and could lead to participation in state level awards. “Establishing yourself as an award-winning organisation is a great way to motivate your staff, improve relationships with customers and suppliers, and strengthen your position in your industry,” says spokesman Brad Quilliam. “If you are an exceptional business or young business person under 30 be sure to get your applications in by April 9.”

■ Award for Excellence in Product and Service ■ Award for Excellence in Innovation ■ Award for Excellence in Business with 5 employees and under ■ Award for Excellence in Business with 6 or more employees ■ Young Business Person of the Year Major sponsors for the Awards include FoodWorks Alexandra, Victoria State Government, Murrindindi Shire ● Brad Quilliam Council,Workspace Australia, Nominations are still open Central Ranges Local Learnfor the general public to nomi- ing and Employment Netnate a great business that de- work,, Telstra, Landmark Embling, serves recognition. Those with an exceptional Stantons Accounting Soluproduct or service from a local tions, Saladin Lodge, Sedona business, still have time to Estate, Marysville Caravan nominate them by March 31. and Holiday Park. Further Nomination forms are avail- sponsorship opportunities are able at Council offices in still available. Mentoring Assistance is Alexandra, Kinglake and Yea. The Awards are open to all available for those businesses businesses in Murrindindi requiring it. Further information, includShire. Winners will be announced ing details on the application at the Gala Awards Dinner to process can be found on the Murrindindi Inc website at be held on Tuesday, July 25. Applications are open for Awards in the following cat- awards or by contacting Katrina Bendeman by email egories: ■ Award for Excellence in at info@murrindindiinc. or phone 0488 997 117. Customer Service

From Our Files: March 1936

Teachers at Alex. ■ The half yearly conference of district teachers was held in Alexandra last Friday afternoon. Some interesting specimens of hand work were displayed, unusual ones being stone carving and repousse in wood at Eildon Weir and brush work at Thornton. Mr. Lee, of Crystal Creek, had some wonderful basket work, and cardboard modelling. Alexandra, in addition to a glorious floral display, had some very fine infant handwork on view. Yarck displayed fine project books.

Rates for Council? ■ At at largely-attended meeting of the Eltham Betterment League , Cr Price briefly outlined the position in regard to the Eltham Shire Offices, at Eltham. Re cently much discussion ensued in the council chambers as to whether the office was rateable or not. Cr Price said thatl much unnecessary capital had been made over the question, and effoits were now being made to make the matter one of a personal nature.

Whittlesea mill ■ With the erection of a windmill on the property of Mr J. Danaher near Bency's Store, a little-known link with the early days of-the town is revived. The mill has been erected over a. shaft more than 35 feet deep and which was primarily sunk to feed water, to the engines of a large flour mill .which existed on.the site more than 70 years ago. The shaft 'is beautifully bricked for its full depth and is in an excellent state. Mrs W. Batten, who lives practically opposite can clearly remember the old mill, which in her time was managed by a Mr Pratt.

Kang. Ground fire ■ Left with the clothes he stood up in, Mr Hurrey, a camper on the river below the residence of Mr Bourchier, lost everything in a fire which destroyed his abode on Wednesday morning, when Mr Hurrey was swimming in the river. The fire is thought to have originated from the stove on which the unfortunate owner left his dinner cooking. His losses include two suits more than 50 books and a wireless set. The goods are valued in all at more than £50.


■ Owing to the absence of the President at Bendigo the regular monthly meeting will not be held until Monday, April 6. There was a good muster at the smoke social, at which everybody appeared to enjoy themselves. Several ladies have intimated to the secretary, their interest in the forming of an auxiliary. Any further names will be appreciated and upon receipt of same a meeting will be called. Diggers Hughle McLachlan and Tom Scheffer are at present inmates of the Alexandra Hospital.

Strathewen note

■ The death occurred after a very brief illness of ex-Cr. John Mann, of Strathewen, in a private hospital late on Wednesday night. Deceased was admitted to the hospital only a few days previously and death followed a sudden collapse. The funeral took place today, the cortege moving from his brother's residence at Thomastown. The remains were interned in the Preston General Cemetery, the arrangements being in the hands of Mr H. J. R. Lewis, of Northcote and North Fitzroy.

Plenty Gorge ■ A large number of sightseers and picnickers visited the Gorge over the long weec-end. A number of residents in the Eltham-Hurstbridge district went to the Gorge, after having read of it in last week's issue. This fact goes o show just how little-known the beautiful Gorge really is.

Page 12 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Centrelink exemptions apply when you pre-pay your funeral There are many reasons to pay for your funeral in advance including locking in your wishes at today's prices (for a pre-paid funeral) and easing the financial and emotional burden on your friends and family at a difficult time. Did you know that investing in a pre-paid lowers your total assessable assets and may increase your Age Pension from Centrelink? A pre-paid funeral is fully exempt from the Centrelink asset test. Prepaid funeral expenses There is no need to inform Centrelink about your prepaid funeral expenses if you have a prepaid funeral contract with a funeral director. The contract must outline details of the services to be undertaken, with no more expenses to be paid. Cemetery plots When you purchase a cemetery plot, an interment niche, a mausoleum or any right of interment in a cemetery, there is no need to inform Centrelink. These are not included in your assessable assets by Centrelink, regardless of their value. For more information about Centrelink exemptions, or speak to your financial advisor today.


The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 13

Page 14 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 15

Court Lists Mansfield Magistrates’ Court - Criminal Case Listings Wednesday, March 29 Plaintiff / Informant / Applicant vs Defendant / Accused / Respondent. Information Division. Victoria Police - Krickic, B (22069) v Crouch, Luke Matt. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police - Crawford, G (37574) v Russell, Matthew Leigh. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Lampkin, B (33527) v Smith, Joseph Joshua. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v Mcnair, Lisa Margaret. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Woodstock, S (39399) v Russell, Matthew. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police - Simmons, D (39325) v Nightingale, Joshua. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - King, D (28083) v Blincow, Paul Andrew. Solo Unit Victoria Police - Krickic, B (22069) v Thomas, Bohdi Jack. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police - Watkins, R (33441) v Casdorff, Anthony John. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Gordolo, C (30144) v Varagic, Jovan. UniAlexandra Victoria Police - Bronsgeest, P (27313) v Lovick, Scott Wade. Uni-Jamieson Victoria Police - Thompson, I (32126)v Foley, Steven James. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police - Thompson, I (32126)v Love, John. UniMarysville Victoria Police - Gordolo, C (30144) v Letchford, Adam. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Mchugh, N (31345) v Nicol, Shane Francis. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Mchugh, N (31345) v Ball, Shamus James. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Pelling, K (35629) v Brown, Rhys Colin. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Reed, R (30544) v Russell, Mathew Leigh. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Lampkin, B (33527) v Johnston, Andrew Thomas. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Reed, R (30544) v Cremona, Emmanuel. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Major, S (32000) v Bastin, Michael. UniEildon Victoria Police - Watkins, R (33441) v Frost, Darcy. UniMansfield Victoria Police - Collyer, P (23702) v Beare, Christopher Russell. Uni-Marysville Community Corrections Centre - Parkinson, B v Beale, Prudence. Community Corrections Centre Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v George, Vaughan William. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Gillard, P (22715) v Westgate, Christopher. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - Lampkin, B (33527) v Ball, Dion. UniMansfield Victoria Police - Lampkin, B (33527) v Letchford, Adam. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Pelling, N (35235) v Jovanovic, Matthew. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v Hudson, Nathan Christopher. Uni-Alexandra

Victoria Police - Dunsford, A (28464) v Cairney, Dean. Ciu-Alexandra Victoria Police - Bronsgeest, P (27313) v Foots, Dean Thomas. Uni-Jamieson Victoria Police - Gordolo, C (30144) v O'brien, Gregory John. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Murphy, S (32065) v Letchford, Adam. Ciu-Benalla Victoria Police - Collyer, P (23702) v Beare, Christopher Russell. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police - Brodley, P (32351) v Suggate, Erik Jorgen. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - Bronsgeest, P (27313) v Leon, Peter Samuel. Uni-Jamieson Victoria Police - Reilly, P (34803) v Divakar, Pradeep. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police - Wellings, L (36730) v Gemenis, Natassja.Uni-Eltham Victoria Police - Major, S (32000) v Docking, Daniel. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police - Pelling, N (35235) v Fogarty, Kearen. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Pritchard, S (28117) v Ulusoy, Ayten. Prosecutions-Shepparton Seymour Magistrates’ Court Thursday, March 30 Victoria Police - Batten, S (38514) v Thomas, Matthew. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Bortolotto, C (40740) v Berry, David. UniSeymour Victoria Police - O'neill, J (40075) v Byriell, Geoffrey Noel. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Houguet, B (40313) v Wicks, Darryl Mark. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Trimble, J (27800) v Crozier, Michael. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police - Bortolotto, C (40740) v Gates, Robert. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Couldwell, Samantha. Melbourne Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Clarke, Tanya. Melbourne Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Tucker, Timothy. Melbourne Victoria Police - Garbutt, S (33632) v Marmo, Lisa. UniKilmore Victoria Police - Wells, B (37438) v Bryson, James Robert. Highway Patrol-Seymour Contents of Court Lists are intended for information purposes only. The lists are extracted from Court Lists, as supplied to the public, by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, often one week prior to publication date; for current Court lists, please contact the Court. Further details of cases are available at www.magistratescourt. The Local Papper shall in no event accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided. The information is provided on the basis that persons accessing it undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. No inference of a party’s guilt, innocence or liability should be made by publication of their name as a defendant. Court schedules may be changed at any time for any reason, including withdrawal of the action by the Plaintiff/Applicant. E&OE.

Victoria Police - Schulze, J (29318) v Blattman, Angela. Ciu-Wangaratta Victoria Police - Cook, K (41646) v Burgess, Shane. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Erdeljac, N (40309) v Donson, Tracey. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Wells, B (37438) v Gray, Casey SarahAnne. Highway PatrolSeymour. Victoria Police - Brown, T (29986) v Hillerbrand, Ashley. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Dowell, C (24892) v Muscat, Grace. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police - Schulze, J (29318) v Daniel, Scott. CiuWangaratta Victoria Police - Coleman, R (39955) v Godfrey, Matthew. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Carland, J (34285) v Berry, David Graham. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police - Fidler, T (41595) v Musgrove, Ross Hayden. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Sibillin, D (31691) v Robinson, Peter Stuart. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Caldwell, M (37460) v Pollett, Leah. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Fidler, T (41595) v Pollett, Leah. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Rhead, A (40227) v Blattman, Angela Karen. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Barclay, J (36190) v Davison, Kel. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Barclay, J (36190) v Deng, Geu. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Barclay, J (36190) v Almosawy, Zainab. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Williams, G (37972) v Blattman, Angela Karen. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Williams, G (37972) v Daniel, Scott. UniSeymour Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Young, John. Melbourne Victoria Police Stephenson, A (38746) v Fisher, Mary. Uni-Wyndham North Victoria Police - Telfer, J (38560) v Turner, Matthew. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Balas, J (31653) v Christall, Brian. Solo Unit Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v Newbould, Aron. Melbourne Victoria Police - Basse, E (41359) v Al Ghazzawi, Issam. Uni-Shepparton Victoria Police - Bortolotto, C (40740) v Townsend, David John. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Baker, N (36147) v Doyle, Danielle. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Gardner, B (38946) v Saunders, Chris Wayne. Mechanical Investigation Unit Victoria Police - Wright, A (31459) v Chirico, Melina Jodie. Highway PatrolSeymour Victoria Police - Mcpartlan, M (22827) v Canning, Aaron Lee. Highway Patrol-Wallan Victoria Police - Gray, K (33459) v Lacey, Jarred John. Uni-Kilmore Turn To Page 18

Steve Pierrehumbert and Brett Medson

Sentry Temperature Monitoring protecting you from food stock losses Brett Medson and Steve Pierrehumbert joined forces more than three years ago after a huge need was found in the food industry. Right across the food industry it is regulation that food temperatures need to be recorded each day and what happens when you’re having a day off? Or a fridge breaks down? This was the challenge that Brett and Steve decided to overcome. After three years of research and development they have produced the Sentry Temperature Monitoring System, designed and built in Australia. The system is so good it is HACCP approved and is trusted by many businesses in the Yarra Valley. Brett says: “The system emails all the paperwork for compliance each day as well as it notifies you by SMS should a fridge or freezer go out of a preset range”. The systems are currently installed in restaurants, butchers, hotels, wineries, abattoirs across Victoria and now moving further afield into other states and New Zealand. If you would like a demonstration for your business or more information please visit the website AVOID COSTLY STOCK LOSSES! • HACCP certified temperature monitoring and alert system • Automatic foodsafe compliance reporting • Affordable and easy to install, no wifi required • Five year Warranty

For more information contact 1300 261 688

Page 16 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Local People

Couple engaged for 15 years Limestone pair tie the knot

● Michele and John Phillips at the Peppercorn Hotel, Yea.

● John and Michele Phillips at Limestone.

■ Newly-married couple John and Michele Phillips wonder if their 15-year engagement might be a record breaker in the Yea district. The Limestone couple were married on Saturday, and celebrated with family and friends at the Peppercorn Hotel, Yea, on Saturday night (Mar. 23). A feature of the celebrations was a Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupe. The vehicle was of special significance as John worked with Mercedes-Benz for 21 years in sales and marketing. “It was a very limited production and is now highly sought after by classic car enthusiasts,” said the groom. The small wedding was a family affair. Guests say they were delighted with the high quality of food and service they received at the Peppercorn Hotel. “We have been together for 15 years and this may be a record in Yea for the longest engagement period,” John laughs.

● Happy couple Michele and John ride in luxury.

● Mr and Mrs Phillips sign their marriage documents on Saturday

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 17

Metropolitan and Regional Victoria

GARNET BAILEY 5799 2007 ALL HOURS Offering a caring and professional service throughout the Mitchell and surrounding Shires A LOCAL, WHO KNOWS LOCAL NEEDS

Prices start from $2500 • Kilmor e • Br oadf or d•W allan • R omse y Kilmore Broadf oadfor ord Wallan Romse omsey • Whittlesea • Lanc efield • R omse y Lancefield Romse omsey • Nagambie • Ale xandr a •Y ea & Dis tricts Alex andra Yea Districts

Page 18 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Local Paper


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Incorporating Yea Advertiser, Kinglake Advertiser, Yarra Ranges Advertiser, Diamond Valley Advertiser and Whittlesea Advertiser

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TATE. - Robert (Bob). 28.3.1933 21.3.2017 Loved husband of Ann. Loved father of David, Peter and Judy. Loved Grandpa of Chris and Eleatha, Samantha, Jessica, Laura and Great Grandpa of Noah. Sadly Missed

FOWL HOUSE. QIQ Fix Colour bond fowl house. Green 1.52 W x.775 D X 1.5 H Flatpacked still in the box. New. $190. Yea. 0428 597 500. HAY. Small sqaure bales. $6 each. Buxton. Phone Ron 0409 860 867. HOT WATER SERVICE. Mains Pressure Everhot 315 Lt. Elec HWS . Only used for 6 months. Cost over $1000, sell for $300. Yea. 0428 597 500.

FUNERALS TATE. - A Service to Celebrate the Life of Mr Robert (Bob) Tate will be offered at St Andrew's Uniting Church, Downey Street, Alexandra on WEDNESDAY (Mar. 29, 2017) at 2.00 p.m. Followed by Private Cremation


YEA AGRICULTURAL, PASTORAL & HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. The AGM will be held at the YWater Discovery Centre at 7:30pm on April 11, 2017. All Welcome 0417 340 838 RENT WANTED. Wanted for Mature Woman 55+ and an older 13 year old Papillon Dog very quiet. Hi I am June, I am looking for a rental with my 13 year old dog Max anywhere in the northern suburbs:Greensborough, Bundoora, Mill Park, Epping, Lalor, Thomastown, Whittlesea, South Morang, Eltham, Warrandyte, Diamond Creek, Preston, Regent, Northcote, Thornbury, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg West or Heidelberg, or anywhere in the northern suburbs, I have a small Older 13 year old Papillon Dog , who lives in the backyard, and is very quiet, and never barks. Phone: 0459 500 811 WANTED. Room to rent in Yea area. Single MYNAH. Bird Cages. lady, employed. No pets. Non smoker. Please give a call $45. Available Tues0434 826 839 day and Thursday at Yea Men’s Shed. H-K

RE-COVERED Fabric lounge suite sofa and 2 armchairs. $100. Condition: used. Yea Phone: 0477 022 286 L-O


Road Management Act 2004 PROPOSED ROAD MANAGEMENT PLAN 2017 In accordance with Section 54(5) of the Road Management Act 2004, Murrindindi Shire Council (Council) gives notice that it has conducted a review of its Road Management Plan. The purpose of the review, consistent with the role, functions and responsibilities of the Council as a road authority under the Act, is to ensure the standards in relation to, and the priorities to be given to, the inspection, maintenance and repair of the roads and the classes of road to which the Council's Road Management Plan applies are safe, efficient and appropriate for use by the community served by the Council. The review applied to all of the roads and classes of roads to which the Road Management Plan applies. A copy of the Council's proposed Road Management Plan may be inspected 9:00am5pm at the Council Offices, Alexandra, Yea and Kinglake or on Council's website at by searching 'Road Management Plan'. Members of the public are invited to make written submissions on the proposed Road Management Plan. Written submissions should be marked 'Proposed Road Management Plan 2017' and addressed to the Manager Infrastructure Assets, Murrindindi Shire Council , PO Box 138, Alexandra VIC 3714. Written submissions must be received by 5pm on Monday 1 May 2017. Anyone who wishes to speak in support of their written submission is invited to speak at a Council briefing session held on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at 6.30pm at the Alexandra Council Chambers. For further information please contact Council's Manager Infrastructure Assets John Canny on 5772 0333 or via email at




Primarily focused on SME/Family owned businesses in the northern suburbs, BRC A /L off ers the Acccounting PP/L offers following services: • Year end Preparation and Closure • BAS Preparation and lodgement • Account reconciliation • Financial Report preparation and analysis • Streamlining processes • End to End Payroll Registered BAS Agent and CPA qualified Please contact Debbie on

0403 358 624



COURT LISTS ● From Page 15 Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement v Baruch, Roger. Melbourne Victoria Police - Garbutt, E (35708) v Snowden, Peter John. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Telfer, J (38560) v Turner, Matthew John. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Trimble, J (27800) v Grant, Aaron. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police - Curry, R (40565) v Grant, Aaron. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Cutler, J (33931) v Grant, Aaron. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police - Binns Saxby, M (38713) v Sarson, John Anthony. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Brown, G (37441) v Saunders, Chris Wayne. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Hawkes, David. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Shortt, T (40203) v Grant, Aaron. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Freney, Leonard John. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Malane, B (36738) v Byrne, Tracey. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Barclay, J (36190)v Ellis, Douglas. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Ellis, Douglas. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Burrowes, F (35364) v Newton, Sean Jeffrey. Rpdas Operations Unit Victoria Police - Briant, C (39120) v Callahan, Shaun. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Morton, J (34792) v Chant, Robert John. Highway Patrol-Fawkner Victoria Police - Webster, R (35621) v Bradshaw, Dylan. Uni-Castlemaine Mitchell Shire Council - Elliot, C v Newbould, Aron. Broadford Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Parry, Jamie Dean. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Mitchell Shire Council - Ackers, J v Clarke, Tanya. Broadford Victoria Police - Bennett, N v Newbould, Aron. Kilmore Community Corrections Centre - Waters, S v Sarson, John Anthony. Community Corrections Centre Community Corrections Centre - Kelly, C v Kirk, Daniel Neville. Seymour Community Correction Centre Victoria Police - Allen, M v Esqueria, Tanya. Melton Victoria Police - Roylance, N v Newbould, Aron. Wallan Victoria Police - Wells, B (37438) v Haysom, Robert William. Highway Patrol-Seymour

MYOB, Quickbooks & Xero

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First Aid • All levels of First Aid • Asthma & Anaphylaxis • Advanced Resusciattion • Defibrillation • Remote Area and Oxygen Resuscitation We also deliver courses in Fire Safety Training, Fire Warden & Evacuation Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Introduction to OH&S EmergCareTraining Phone 800 363 742

MAKE UP LUSSO MAKE UP ARTISTRY FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST Specialising in all aspects of makeup applications for special events, including bridal parties, debutante balls, school and theatre productions, formals and any other occasion where you want to shine. Contact Stephanie – 0415 361 755 to discuss your needs for your particular celebration, and I can come to you. Remember that photos are forever so let me help you shine. Website: Facebook:


SALES JOB: WORK FROM HOME Full-Time. Paid weekly. Telephone sales experience desirable. Please phone 5797 2656

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TV Antenna Installations Free to Air and Pay Satellite Installations

Alexandra Electronics

• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations

Gerald O’Brien

52 Albert St, Alexandra 0409 050 495 G-YY16



• Extensions • Verandahs • Carports BUILDING FOR OVER 30 YEARS




RUBBISH REMOVAL DOMESTIC • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL ■ Builders Waste ■ 6m Walk In Bins ■ Household Waste ■ 3m Bins



☎ 0409 997 632











AIRCONDS • SPLIT SYSTEMS Specialist Commercial & Domestic ALL BRANDS Install • Supply • Repair & Service


Affordable O403 498 536 Pensioner Discount Cooling


Fully Licensed LD46125



Kinglake Automotive Services Wheel Alignments, Tyre Sales, Fitting and Balancing Available ■ All mechanical repairs ■ Handbook servicing ■ Roadworthy inspections ■ 4x4 specialist ■ Scan tool diagnostics ■ Iron Man 4x4 dealer ■ Windscreen/ battery sales


29 Jorgensen Pde Pheasant Creek (2 doors up from the gym) Contact Tony: 0427 300 865 5786 5744 (bh)



REDISCOVER YOUR BLISS ... Therapeutic Massage Clairvoyant Tarot Reading Energy Realignment 0487 757 275



GEOFF McLURE 0417 597 224

♦ Brickwork ♦ Concreting ♦ Tiling ♦ Paving Call Bruce Roberts

0412 009 831

Car, Truck Campervan & 4WD Rentals

Call 5735 3050. Bendigo TATA: 5442 9564. Shepparton: 5823 5888



Benny’s Bricklaying

McLURE ANTENNAS Supply and installation of ANTENNAS and all AC C E S SORIES, V AST SS VA S AT E L L I T E S YST E M S SY FOR BLACK S. SPO T AREA OT AS Religious Satellite TV

Offering services out of the Seymour Toyota Service Dept.

Ph. D. Appelman 0417 588 549 5772 1602 A/H




Page 20 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017



• All types of carpentry • General maintenance • Windows • Doors • Fences • Decks • Carports No job too small. 30 years experience

Ph 0409 961 434

Shop 1, 2 Bakers Lane, Alexandra 3714 PH 5772 1403 FOR SALES, SERVICE AND REPAIRS






Debra Loveday 5772 2500. 71 Grant St, Alexandra Celebrating 21 years of conveyancing locally G-YY16 and throughout Victoria







Onsite Computer Repairs Laptop/Desktop Upgrade Virus Removal Internet Virus Data Recovery

M. 0421 101 484 CONCRETING






Fleetwood Concreting

Certificate III General Constriction. Extensions/Renovations. Verandahs & Pergolas. Assisting Owner Builders.


If it’s concrete you need, phone Mac! Any style - any size • Driveways • Paths • Slabs • Foundations • Steps • Crossovers • Plain • Coloured • Stencil • Slate or • Exposed Aggregate All excavations and concrete cutting

Phone 0418 534 973



CARPET CLEANING EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICE 24 HOURS PREFERRED RESTORER TO ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES • Move out clean a specialty • Residential air duct cleaning service www. • Tile and grout/high pressure cleaning steamatic. • Upholstery and rug cleaning

5797 2555 DIRECT 0438 354 886


Sales Direct To Public • Stock & Pet Feed • Farm Chemicals • Animal Health Products • Premium Pet Care • Electric Fencing • Grooming Products 9 Laurel St, Whittlesea (next to Op Shop)


ALEXANDRA CHIMNEY SWEEP Phone Bob 0409 420 673 5772 2316

■ Hydrobath for large or small dogs ■ Turbo dry ■ Flea Rinse ■ Nail Trimming ■ All Natural Products ■ Pet Accessories ■ All Breed Clipping

Phone HANS Mobile: 0448 899 325 Phone: 5797 3338 Email:



0408 944 662 5786 1718




Dog Grooming in Kinglake

Annual Cleaning Recommended


9716 3312

Alexandra & Yea

PREMIX Ready mix concrete

Serving the Shire of Murrindindi for 25 years

sand • screenings • reinforcing steel • plastic

5772 1815 or 0408 576 129

Lot 8 Peterkin Pl, Alexandra. 6 Grevillea St, Yea.


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SAME DAY GLASS All general farm fencing, cattle yards, sheep yards, vineyards, on site welding and oxy work. Tree plantation ripping. 5 hydraulic post drivers and pneumatic drivers. HAY CONTRACTING: Mowing, raking, round and square bales, cartage, loading, unloading. GRASS SLASHING: 4 extra heavy duty slashers. GENERAL FREIGHT: Hay, timber, wool, steel, grapes, machinery



GLEN (HORACE) McMASTER 5797 2921. Mobile 0417 529 809









• Eco smart Electrician • • Everything Electrical • Domestic • Commercial • • Undergrounds • Electrical Design • Solar Installations •

Phone 0418 543 310


Rec No 12906



Electrical Services



AnL Electrical


T&J MITCHELL EXCAVATION TRUCK TRAILER 5 Tonne and 25 Tonne BOBCAT track machines concrete driveways and sheds site excavation - site cleaning low loader hay and silage cartage and silage grab. dams and driveway constructions experienced tradie Tony ph 0408 584 854

• Window, Door and Shopfront Glass Replacement • Same Day Service • After Hours Service Available CALL STEVE Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Cards

0437 581 445



Dingo Mini Digger

“No job too small”

Adam Hetherton - Electrical Contractor REC: 18382. 4 Toora Cres, Healesville 0407 506 215 • Domestic/Commercial/Industrial • Motor Control • Hot Water Services • Extensions/New Homes • Safety Switches • Stoves and Ovens • Underground Cabling • Surge Protection

‘Anything Electrical is Possible!’


Easy Access To Tight Spaces • Trencher • Posthole Digger 100-600mm • Rotary Hoe • 4-in-1 Bucket • Leveller • 3 Tyne Ripper For all your gardening, fencing & building needs

(A CFA recommendation)

Call Will Mob: 0432 991 992 EXCAVATIONS Ph: 03 5797 2235




Studio Chic 0413 687 703 8 William Hovell Way, Yea Specialising in colors, cuts, hair up, makeup, waxing and more! With over 10 years of experience I will create a style that you want!

Parker’s Garden and Property Services All aspects of gardening and mowing • Handyman service • Painting For a no obligation free quote

Call Neil, 0419 777 157 email:



PO Box 66, Alexandra

5772 2978

All general earthworks and excavations. Free quotes dams, houseand shed sites, farm tracks driveways, trees, fence lines and scrub clearing. Wide range of machines available. Give us a go we won't disappoint. AH 5796 9129


GLASS • Specialising in architectural glazing & aluminium fabrications • Commercial & domestic • Broken glass replacement • Aluminium shop fronts • Mirrors • Splashbacks • Shower Screens • Glass balustrading • Security doors • Flyscreens • Double glazing • Windscreens for machinery

Factory 1/269 Dead Horse Lane, Mansfield

Mob.: 0418 580 171 Ph: 5779 1005


SERVING THE YARRA VALLEY Aurrum employs 110 local staff YOU LOOKING FOR THE BEST IN RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE? The Aurrum Points of Difference • Clincal care excellence • Gourmer food experience • Outstanding wellness and lifestyle program • Luxury 5 star suites Temporary Respite Car Available: Giving Carers the opportunity to rest, while your loved one is cared for in our safe environment Call 5962 6628. Email: 27 Smith St, Healesville. ARE


Page 22 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017









dermalogica Pilates skincare care products Resistance Training Circuit skin products now Biosurface peel $40.00 Classes from Health MondaySolutions to Friday for Everybody Shop 1/10 High St, Yea 1/10 High Yea 0407 437St, 866 0407 437 866



Pick your autumn colours 2600 Maroondah Hwy, Buxton Phone: 5774 7345






Trade Painter Alexandra, Yea and surrounding areas. exterior and interior painting Competitive rates









AW Cabinets

20 years experience

SPECIALISING IN ALL FACETS OF CABINETRY • Kitchens Latest range of fittings, • Vanities finishes and design for all • Laundries domestic and commercial • Wardrobes projects • Office fitouts Visit our showroom to view a wide range of samples and trial our display kitchen 42 Aitken St, Alexandra Ph: 5772 1000 Fax: 5772 1088



0408 320 918 PEST CONTROL



JUST BENCHTOPS Laminate Caesar Stone Granite

0417 247 380

✔ Obligation free quotes ✔ All painting work BILL MOORE


BARRISTER & SOLICITOR ‘Riverview’ 1560 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Alexandra Phone 5773 2298 Fax 5773 2294 G-YY16



☎ 0488 11 20 40

• Free On-site Quotes & Advice • Latest Radar Detection • Termite Specialist • Termite Treatments (Chemical & Non Chemical) • Pre construction Treatments • Termite & Pre-purchase inspectiions


The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 23















PLUMBER PLUMBER Simon Young 0429 052 166 I am a local guy who has lived in the area for more than 34 years and have 20 years’ plumbing experience. I pride myself in quality workmanship and reliability. • All areas of plumbing • Drainage • New Homes • Hot water installation • Renovations • Gas fitting • Roofing and Gutter • Maintenance and repairs • Septic tanks • Water tanks and pumps • Free quotes

Give me a try, I won’t let you down!



Lic. No. 31281

• Metal Roofing • Guttering and Downpipes • Metal and Timber Fascia • 2 Plank Scaffold For Hire 5 MELALEUCA ST, YEA PETER & LORETTA TRIM B: 5797 2800

Phone Matt 0409 546 532 Office 5775 1246 G-J16



M: 0428 390 544 F: 5797 2295



CLEARCUT Tree Solutions


‘The Technical Tree Removal Specialists’ Contract Arborists and Tree Surgery • • • • • • •

Full insured $10m All tree work, removals & pruning Stump grinding Excavations - 8 tonne offset boom excavator Kanga loader Rural fencing installation Electric fencing specialists

Luke Simeoni M: 0417 361 727 A: St Andrews E:

SEPTIC TANK CLEANING SEPTIC TANK CLEANING BOB WALLACE & SONS Serving the Kinglake Ranges and surrounding areas for 25 years. Family owned and operated business.

• Septic Tanks • Treatment Plants • Grease Traps • Portable Toilets • EPA Licensed • Yarra Valley Water Approved Disposal Site

ALL HOURS: 0419 131 958




Secure Undercover Storage. Caravans, Cars, Machinery. Castella- Toolangi.

0488 952 935



Star Tree Services QUALIFIED ARBORISTS • • • • •

Tree Removal Tree Surgery & Pruning Consultations & Reports Elm Leaf Beetle Control Mulch & Firewood Sales

5783 3170

Free Quotes. Full Insurance Cover


Page 24 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017







Maxwell’s Upholstery

Lounge, Dining, Repaired and Recovered, Chairs and Sofas Made tto o Or d e rr.. Lar ge Range of Ord Large Fabrics, Car and Boat Upholstery



Max Ewert

T: 5774 2201 M: 0417 321 781 E : W : Skyline Rd, Eildon


Anthony: 0417 518 104 TREE CARE


ABN: 40 971 066 598 Reliable, safe, quality work at an affordable price. FULLY INSURED - WILL BEAT ANY REASONABLE WRITTEN QUOTES

0416 245 784 or 5784 1175







Promote your business to local people with a weekly ad in The Local Paper’s Trades and Services Directory. From as little as $5 per week. This includes print AND online! FULL-COLOUR at no extra charge.


For all your Welding & Engineering needs

The Local Paper

Phone 0419 327 189

PHONE: 5797 2656

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Servicing Murrindindi and Mansfield Shires

5778 9603 JASON 0413 671 066 TREE SERVICES

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The Local Paper




• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

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• Free Home/ Farm Delivery


• Flowerdale Hotel • Hazeldene Store • Community House

The Local Paper

PHEASANT CK • Flying Tarts • Pheasant Ck General Store

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• Royal Mail Hotel • Whittlesea Bowls • Newsagency • Champions Supermarket • IGA Supermarket • El Azar Milk Bar

The Local Paper


• Mernda Villages P.O.

To advertise in The Local Paper phone 5797 2656


• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

• Laurimar Newsagency

The Local Paper

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• Doreen General Store


• Hurstbridge Newsagency


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• Taggerty General Store


• Buxton General Store

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• Marysville Foodworks


• Toolangi Tavern

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ST ANDREWS • St Andrews General Store


The Local Paper

YARRA GLEN • Newsagency • IGA

• Black Spur Inn


The Local Paper Phone: 5797 2656 or 1800 231 311.

Fax: 1800 231 312.

Speak with Michael Conway OAM, Director. Phone: 0402 142 866


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• Glenburn Roadhouse


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• Eildon Foodworks

• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

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• Kinglake Pub • United Petrol. • Bakery • IGA S’market • Library

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• Thornton General Store


• Free Home/ Farm Delivery




• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

Fast Action Debt Recovery P/L

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• Molesworth Store • Hungry Horse Hotel

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• Alexandra Newsagency • Alex. Foodworks • Landmark Harcourts • Simpsons Fuel • Totally Trout



The Local Paper

The Local Paper


The Local Paper

The Local Paper

• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

• Strath Creek Post Ofice


• Yarck General Store • Yarck Hotel

Specialised Credit Collection for Tradies Our goal is to recover YOUR money, owed to you as fast as possible; cost-effective for your business without damaging your relationship with the clients

The Local Paper

The Local Paper


The Local Paper

• Newsgency • Foodworks • Country Woman • Yea Library • Manna Fest • Royal Mail Hotel • Provender Bakehouse • Frost Bite • Yea Bakery • Amble Inn • Marmalades • Rendezvous • Christie’s Cafe • BP Yea



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Trades and Services in the Yarra Ranges ASPHALT




Montrose & Ranges District Bobcat Service Trading as Hillside Cartage All aspects of Excavations and Earthworks Driveways, Grading, Repair, Existing and New Material Suppliess Sourced

CALL MARTIN, 0418 121 330



30 yrs. Exp Find us on Facebook to view gallery

✔ Gardening ✔ General Home Repairs ✔ Sliding Door Repairs ✔ Pre-Sale Improvements ✔ Gutter Cleaning ✔ Rubbish Removed ✔ Painting ✔ General Garden Clean Ups



• Paling Fencing • Post & Wire Fencing • Gates • Retaining Walls





At Affordable Prices For a free quote

0433 782 207

Call Liz – 0422 658 752 Or Tracy – 0435 308 428



All Your Garden Needs!

Domestic & Commercial 20 years experience 0408 359 539


• All garden maintenance • Mowing/brush-cutting • Hedge cutting • Weed and blackberry removal • Pre-/sale/lease cleanups • Small jobs too OK! • Rubbish removal • Ride on work

MOW MOW MOW YOUR LAWN 0431 111 504

PAINTER INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Ty DOMESTIC / COMMERCIAL Small jobs or full repaints Over 20 years experience working in the hills FREE QUOTES RING TONY ELKIN 9754 5961 or 0418 385 219



Glenfern Gardening Services

• Pergolas • Decks • Carports • Concreting (all forms) • Renovations • Frames & Roof Trusses • Extensions MICHAEL

• Garden Maintenance • Gutters Cleaned • Small Hedges Pruned • Small Landscaping Jobs, our speciality • Retaining walls installed • Lawn mowing • Rubbish removed Pre-Sale Clean-Ups Free Quotes. Elderly Discount. PHONE ROBERT



On Time Carpentry and Maintenance Solutions

❏ Bathrooms ❏ Kitchens ❏ Decks and Pergolas ❏ Repairs - includes plaster, tiling, doors, windows and rotten timber, etc.

0419 154 677 GLASS MOW MOW MOW YOUR LAWN 0431 111 504





• • • • •

24 Hour Service Drainage/Stormwater Specialist Water/Gas Renewals Blocked Drains General Maintenance New Developments Free Quotes ✆ Jordan



Professional Gutter Cleaning


AnL Electrical

• Pattern Paving • Slate Impression • Bricklaying • Excavations All Other Concreting Needs

QBH Plumbing and Drainage

0431 167 176

“No job too small” John Semenow MOB: 0438 586 024

A/H: 5940 1026


Geoff 0418 389 626 CONCRETE

MOBILE: 0439 401 026

Adam Hetherton - Electrical Contractor REC: 18382. 4 Toora Cres, Healesville 0407 506 215 • Domestic/Commercial/Industrial • Motor Control • Hot Water Services • Extensions/New Homes • Safety Switches • Stoves and Ovens • Underground Cabling • Surge Protection

‘Anything Electrical is Possible!’

• Qualified roof tiler • Powerful vacuum cleans any muck inc down pipe • Public liability & Workcover insurance Over 20 years experience Free Quote

Ph 1300 254 035


1300 859 829 - 0407 356 411 CCTV DRAIN CLEANING Hydro Jet Blocked Drains

For Trades Guide advertising, phone 1800 231 311

Page 26 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

News Briefs Easter Fair at Alex ■ Alexandra’s Rotary Park is the venue for the Easter Fair to be conducted between 10am-3pm on Easter Sunday (Apr. 16). Attractions include market stalls, children’s amusements, local food, live music, face painting and wine tasting.

15 years engaged ■ John Phillips and Michele Willey were married on Saturday after a record 15 year engagement. The couple arrived at Yea’s Peppercorn Hotel on Saturday afternoon in a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 coupe owner by neighbour Greg Smith. The couple owns the Siers Lane Olive Grove at Limestone.

Student payments ■ Indi MHR Cathy McGowan says students in rural areas are the big winners after changes to student payments passed the House of Representatives on Tuesday last week. The Social Services Legislation Amendment (Simplifying Student Payments) Bill 2016 will give all students on income support access to a Health Care Card, reduce the waiting period for the assessment of independent status, and update the geographical classification used for eligibility for the independent rate. Family farms will also no longer be counted towards the Youth Allowance Personal Test.

Whitt. reunion ■ Former students of Whittlesea Technical High School (now Whittlesea Secondary College) held a 40-year reunion on Saturday (Mar. 25) at the Whittlesea Golf Course, Humevale.

Forests over-logged ■ State forest area within Murrindindi Shire – the Rubicon, Marysville and Toolangi forests – have borne the brunt of over-logging despite the devastation of Black Saturday, says the Rubicon Forest Protection Group. “At current rates the forests here will be cut out in 5-10 years, assuming no further fires. Until now this overlogging has been keeping the Heyfield Mill afloat,” says Ken Deacon of the Group. “For the past year the Rubicon Forest Protection Group has been endeavouring to bring the plight of our forests – particularly the Rubicon with its stunning beauty, its rich history and its amazing biodiversity – to public attention. “Last Tuesday, we staged a rally on the steps of State Parliament, to coincide with the rally to be staged by the Heyfield mill workers,” sais Mr Deacon. ● From Page 11

Meet Cr Bisset life routine and spending it focussed on my family. Who inspires you? So many, many people near and afar, however, lately I enjoy watching, listening to and learning from a myriad of world leaders, as well ordinary people who tell the stories that have made them who they are today. Not all are easy to tell or listen to, but I am so inspired by how people, given time, overcome adversity by getting up after being knocked down, roll up their sleeves and just get on with it. My theory is life is short - be kind and tell those special people you love them, take that dream trip and every now and then stop, look back on what you have achieved in life and give yourself a pat on your back. We can't rely on others to acknowledge what we do, it's ok to say "wow, I did a good job at that, given what I had to work with or under the circumstances". Don't ever forget how amazing you are! Ooh ... I am also inspired by Justin Trudeau (don't tell my husband but I have a little crush on the Canadian Prime Minister!) - Contributed

Local History

Alex., Yea ‘specials’ to Games ■ Yea railwayman Lance Adams writes: For the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, the government of the day declared that all Victorian school children (country and metropolitan) should have an opportunity to have a day at the Olympic Games and this district was not left out. To achieve this goal, the then Victorian Railways organised numerous special trains to carry this out. It was probably the biggest railway related event on the line having special trains to Mansfield, Alexandra and Yea. Some of the Senior residents in the various towns in the district would have been school children travelling on that train. At right is the page of the special Olympic timetable printed by the VR in 1956 for the event, relevant to the running of these special workings. This made a suitable impression on the railway staff on the line as it was still talked about when I came onto the line as a Fireman in the 1960s. These special workings also utilised the Inner Circle Railway in Melbourne (Clifton Hill to Royal Park via North Carlton) to return these trains to Spencer Street after dropping off their passengers at Jolimont/MCG. Railway historians will be agog at this information listed in this page.

F ■ It

F ■ It

Personals Bob on the mend

■ Best wishes to Bob Hocking of Alexandra who had a medical tune-up late last week. Bob is the popular Director of Ceremonies at the Albert Edward Lodge at Alexandra.

Sof heads abroad ■ After many years behind the counter at the Amble Inn Cafe in Yea, Sof Vlamis will head abroad after Easter for a four-month holiday.

Ox Fam walk ■ Kristi Bryant (nee Long), formerly of Yea, will participate in the 100-km Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne event, being held April 7-9, that will see teams walk through Warburton, the Dandenong Ranges and Melbourne’s outer suburbs. The event aims to raise $2.5 million, with teams of four raising funds to tackle poverty.

RCH appeal ■ Cheryl O’Halloran will again co-ordinate the Yea collection for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (Apr. 14). Volunteers are still awaiting official approval to be able to conduct the annual roadside collection at the Whatton Pl-High St intersection.

Police Briefs Shooting warning ■ Yea Police have issued warnings to people caught shooting at the Midway Plantation on King Parrot Creek Rd. The land is private property, and shooters have been told to stay away.

Caravan recovered ■ A caravan stolen from the Yea township has been recovered. Police are investigating information towards making an arrest for the theft of the valuable vehicle.

Firearms stolen ■ Thieves have targetted a Glenburn property where they have taken a firearms collection. The theft was reported on Friday (Mar. 24).

● Railway timetable from November 1956 for the special trains to the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Supplied by Lance Adams

Shire News

Tips for phone, internet ■ Murrindindi Shire Council offices in Kinglake, Yea and Alexandra now stock telecommunication information packs. The Top Tips for Phones and Internet brochures, produced by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network cover a range of frequently asked questions about telecommunications. The brochure packs are also available online. Economic Development Portfolio Councillor, Jackie Ashe, said these Top Tips brochures covered matters that were regularly encountered by consumers. "The brochures are full of useful tips and advice. The information in the packs can help consumers navigate the often confusing telecommunications market and the various options available," Cr Ashe said.

"I highly recommend them to local business people and residents alike.” Murrindindi business operators and residents are encouraged to download either the PDF or accessible versions of the brochures, or drop in to one of the Council offices in Kinglake, Yea or Alexandra to source the printed versions. Topics covered by the ACCAN brochures include: ■ How to use less data on your smartphone ■ Tips for picking a good value NBN internet plan ■ What affects the quality of my broadband? ■ How to avoid phone and internet scams ■ How to make a complaint that gets heard ■ Telecommunications compensation - What are your rights?

ACCAN is Australia's peak communications consumer organisation. It aims to empower consumers to make good choices about products and services and also represents the views of consumers to policy makers, government and industry to get a better outcome for all communications users. "I urge people and businesses across Murrindindi Shire who use internet and phone services to take advantage of these easy-to-read and informative Top Tips brochure packs. “They help to make the confusing world of telecommunications clear and help inform decision making relating to the ever-changing telecommunications options available to us all," Cr Ashe said.

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 27

Yea People

Local News Murrindindi Film Society

● Ken Maxfield and Glenda Woods sell raffle tickets as part of the Cycle Dindi lead-up

● David Purcell and Lissi Heffernan

● Philip Webb and Don McLeish at the Yea Rec.

● Gary Cocks and Ian Lynch sell Rotary raffle tickets

Alexandra People

Alexandra on Perkins Market

■ Murrindindi Film Society will open its new season on Friday, April 21, with Luchino Visconti's film adaptation of Thomas Mann's novella Death in Venice. Doors at the Yea Shire Chambers will open at 6.45pm for drinks and nibbles. Made in 1971, the film stars Dirk Bogarde in a memorable performance as Count von Aschenbach, a composer visiting Venice and staying alone at a beachside hotel. He becomes obsessed with the beauty of a young boy, played by Bjorn Andresen, observed at a distance. A cholera epidemic intervenes and leads to a tragic outcome. The world of the Lido in Venice at the turn of the century has been re-created in astonishing detail. The photography has been described as "almost the first seen that is fully worthy of the beauty of Venice". The character Aschenbach in the novella is a writer but for the film Visconti changed his profession to composer. This allows the musical score, in particular the Adagietto from the Fifth Symphony by Gustav Mahler, which opens and closes the film, and sections from Mahler's Third Symphony to become an evocative accompaniment. The season will continue through to September on the third Friday of each month. The screening for May will be what is possibly director John Ford's finest western. My Darling Clementine. It stars Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp, and Victor Mature as the consumptive Doc Holliday. A must for Western fans. Other films to be featured in the program are two Australian productions, Walkabout and Looking for Alibrandi, the 2008 French film Seraphine, and some vintage Hitchcock in Suspicion. Prospective members and first time guests are invited to attend one of our screenings free of charge to experience entertainment in a pleasant social atmosphere. All enquiries to Jill Dwyer, Secretary, on 5797 2480 or

Yea CFA practice

● Roxane Coutts of Marysville and Corrin Buckett of Alexandra promote Barkery Deluxe Dog Treats

● Jody Rolfe and Dylan Davies

● Entertainer Santelle Matcham from Rubicon was at the Alexandra on Perkins Market

● Yea CFA volunteers go through rescue exercises last Sunday ■ Yea CFA Captain Rod Carbis has issued an invitation for new volunteers to attend Sunday morning training at the Fire Station, Pechell St. “With winter quickly approaching we are making the most of this fantastic weather focusing on some of our structual and rescue skills. The brigade was split into three groups that roatated through three training bases, Rescue/BA (breathing appuratus), pumper skills and ladder/rope techniques. “The brigade is struggling to get crews during the day,” Rod said.

Yea Golf Club

● Judy Gay and Christine Siciliano are colleagues at the U3A Murrindindi East ‘Photography For Fun’ group

● Max Hall and Bill Rollason in charge of the sizzle

■ Alan Pell (12) with a net 72 was a five stroke winner from Ken Whitford (10) on 77 with Rob O’Halloran (17) third with 78 on Wednesday golf. Pell only 3 putted 1 green, which for him is good. Rob O’Halloran was NTP on the 18th. Jeff Aurisch won the Club Award on countback from Bill Dredge. Martin Lowe won the putting on CB from Bob Glenister with 28 putts. The Ladies contested the first round of the Kath Homewood Trophy with Adrienne Anglin leading fron Vicki Butler second. Laraine Callander was NTP. A group of about 25 Yea golfers are travelling to Merimbula, Bermagui and Eden.

Page 28 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Local People

Alexandra Cup Race Meeting Photos: Ash Long

● Yea High Country Pipes and Drums: Drum Major Paul Jackson of Merrijig, with Stuart McLachlan of Mansfield at the Alexandra Cup

● Fiona Rogers, Susan Connors and Megan Perry

● Neisha Roberts, Meg Matthews and Suzy Green

● Samara Lovekin and Jessica Bates in the Landmark Harcourts marquee

● David Ross, and William Ross, 8, in the Landmark Harcourts marquee

● Heath Vine, Belinda Hocking and Mark Brooke

● Deb Dalli and Natalie Garner

● Bella Hall, Brooklyn Denyer and Jessica Denyer

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 29

Local Sport

Footy, netball: practice matches ■ Yea and Kinglake each enjoyed success in practice matches last Saturday, ahead of Round 1 of the AFL Yarra Ranges Division 2 competition on Saturday week (April 8). The Tigers were successful in all football and matches against Longwod at the Yea Rec. The Reserves scoreboard showed Yea 9.12 (66) d Longwood 8.6 (56). Yea Seniors coach Mark Beattie was pleased with his young squad’s performance against the Redlegs. It will be a different year for the Tigers. Many of the younger team members have played together in junior grades, and have now graduated to the Senior level. Club officials concede it will be a season of “win some, lose some” as the Tiger players gain experience in the ‘big league’. Club President Brad Watts is optimistic about the season ahead, and the Club’s important place in the community. Club Vice-President Sue Spagnolo headed the volunteers who managed a busy kitchen on Saturday. Volunteer Meagan Callander managed the bar for some of the day, as well as looking after merchandise orders and sales of club memberships. The Yea Football Netball Club has welcomed Raffaele Aiell of ABD Group as a major sponsor, alongside Alister Borrie of the Royal Mail Hotel. Yea will play host to rivals Kinglake in the first round on Saturday, April 8. Other Division 2 matches are: Powelltown v Yarra Junction, Alexandra v Belgrave, Yarra Glen v Thornton Eildon. Seville has the bye. ★ Officially, scores were not kept in the Kinglake vs Coldstream match held at the Memorial Oval on Saturday. However, the scoreboard showed a 24.1616.8 victory to the Lakers. Players from both teams enjoyed drinks in the club bar after the match. Players were generally pleased with the condition of the ground, which has recently received attention from Murrindindi Shire Council outdoor staff. Kinglake Junior Football Club had practice matches against Park Orchards on Sunday. The jumper presentation had taken place on Thursday (March 23). A good number of parents and friends volunteered for kitchen duties on Sunday including Penelope Forde, Buffy Leadbeater, Sarah Matthews, Darren Webber, Mark Leadbeater, Lisa Wilkinson, Nicole Seckold, Cindy Owens, Nola Sakin, Anna Cook, Melinda Stewart, Jane Sutton, Kate Poecher,Trish Cavalieri, Sarah Ray, Patton Fam., Di Shelholds, Lynette Duhig, Jodie Drew, Kate Knight, Tanya Miller, the Ludlow-Lambrick Family, Jenn Martin, Tanya Miller, Michelle Kelly, Jeremy Cook, Kelly Anderson, and the Mosedale Family. Meanwhile, preparations are well underway for a special luncheon preceding the ANZAC week match match between Kinglake and Yarra Glen, from 12 Non-2pm on Sunday, April 23. AFL legends Peter Daicos and Dustin Fletcher will speak at the $50-per-person luncheon, at which sporting memorabilia will be auctioned. Bookings may be made with Robbo (Clinton Robinson, President), 0425 809 369. “Our football division continues to develop and strive for success. Under the leadership of current coach Brad Wilkinson, and coming off finals appearances in 2015 & 2016, the teams are ready to take on 2017 with the goal of premiership success,” Robinson said. “We continue to build our netball division and understand the important role that woman play in sporting clubs. “Our netball players are an equal part within the club. The club is delighted to have secured the services of new head coach Haylee Whykes and hope to build on last year’s performance where our C-Grade side played in a preliminary final.” ★ AFL Yarra Ranges League had not uploaded the B-Grade 2017 netball fixture to its website when this issue of The Local Paper went to press. The Seymour District Junior Football Netball League was also yet to have released its

● Renee Wilson, Janine McAllister and Molly McAllister at Kinglake

● Yea A-Grade netballers take a break in their practice match against Longwood

Sports Briefs Alexandra Races ■ The Alexandra Race Club held its Cup meeting on Saturday (Mar. 25). Race 1. Glencoe Group Trophy Handicap. 1540 metres. Prize money totalling $3000 (1st: $1380. 2nd: $510. 3rd: $375. 4th: $255. 5th: $120.) 1. Rum Ranger (Owner: R.G. Hockham, Mrs P.J. Hockham, K.B. Rice, Mrs M.R. Rice, Mrs F.J. Koenig, C.M. Koenibg and D.F. Deards. Trainer: Rita Burnett, Kilmore. Jockey: Ms C. Pace.). Starting Price: $3.20. 2. Derek The Viking. $1.70. 3. Clever Costa. $7. 4. Calmalist. $3.60. 5. Happy Clown. $21. Race 2. Reddrop Foodworks Supermarkets Maiden Plate. 1300 metres. 1. She’s A Bee. (Owner: Mrs T. Maddox, J.P. Maddox. Trainer: Tania Maddox. Jockey: Toby Lake.) $9. 2. Coombe Wood. $4. 3. Follies. $12. 4. Teebox. $21. 5. High Flying Joe. $3.50. 6. Moss and Me. $2.50. 7. Celtic Fortune. $6. Race 3. Landmark Harcourts RE Trophy Handicap. 1300 metres. 1. Toucandan. (Owner: Mrs J.C. Goodwin, R.J. Goodwin and B.J. Goodwin. Trainer: B.J. Goodwin. Jockey: Reece Goodwin). $2. 2. Secret Place. $17. 3. She’s Miss Lippy. $3. 4. Bar Date. $3.40. 5. Kenji Doll. $21. 6. Lisboa Eagle. $13. Race 4. Rubcion Hotel Motel Open Trophy Handicap. 1300 metres. 1. La Rita (Owner: B.J. Goodwin, R.J. Goodwin and Mrs J.C. Goodwin. Trainer: Barry Goodwin, Seymour. Jockey: Reece Goodwin.) $3. 2. Ultra Ego. $2.80. 3. My Boy Eagle. $6. 4. Paryenu. $3. 5. Redial. $21. Race 5.Alexandra Cup. 1540 metres. 1. My Dancing Duel (NZ). (Owner: Ms K. Flaherty. Trainer: Gary Mallinson, Cranbourne. Jockey: R. Douglas.) $3.60. 2. Rock It Doc. $6.50. 3. Nine Mile Sniper. $6.50. 4. Laskin Belle. $4.60. 5. Here’s To A King. $21. 6. Boioura. $5.50. 7. Guilty As Charged. $18. Race 6. Charly Daniel’s 60th Open Trophy Race Handicap. 1830 metres. 1. Goldoni. (Owners: B.T. Woodman and T.A. Woodman. Trainer: Raymond Douglas. Jockey: Clayton Douglas.) $2.40. 2. Yalta. $2.40. 3. Kondoa. $4.40. 4. Despict. $4.60. 5. It Could Be You. $15.

Tigers: thanks!

■ Yea Football Netball Club posted a social media message to supporters after Saturday’s practice matches against Longwood: “Just a quick thank you to all who volunteered their time today and allowed our boys and girls to enjoy a great day of competition. “Thanks to Longwood for making the trip over, I'm sure all teams benefitted from the hit out. “On field we didn't lose a game and off field some much needed cash came into the club. “Special thanks to all the youngsters who scored, ran the boundary and helped out. It was great to see so many local kids and parents enjoying themselves at our club. “Please use this week to finalise registrations and memberships as time is running out. Bring on Round 1.” ● The young Yea Tigers did well against Longwood on Saturday at the Rec.

● Kinglake seniors leave the Memorial Oval, victorious, against Coldstream

Reform Waranga? ■ Who would like to see the Waranga North East Football League reformed with clubs such as Alexandra, Avenel, Bonnie Doon, Broadford, Kilmore, Longwood, Mansfield, Swanpool, Tatong, Thornton, Violet Town and Yea. A 1957 copy of the Waranga North Eastern Spectator was unearthed this week, and gave an indication of the strong association between the local football clubs. It is wondered whether there is interest in reforming the League in the 21st century. (A reunion last month at Seymour attracted more than 150 ex-players on a Monday. Another Waranga NE reunion may be held later this year at Mansfield.) The 1957 publication, assembled at the Seymour Telegraph print works, included ads for the Amble Inn Cafe (T. and P. Nicholas), A.J. McLennan’s Royal Mail Hotel, the Fiesta Cafe and Milk Bar at Alexandra, the Canadian Hotel close to Seymour Football Ground (Mrs E.M. Noonan), and Carter’s Palais Cafe, Yea (“luncheon 12-2pm”).

Page 30 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 31

WHITTLESEA BOWLS CLUB 101 Church St, Whittlesea Phone: 97 16 1966 E-Mail: manager@whittleseabo wls. manager@whittleseabowls. wls.c


Weekly Main Course Specials and Changing Lunch Menu From $10 plus normal bistro menu Function R ooms a vailable Rooms av ation for y our special c elebr your celebr elebra BREAKF AST A VAILABLE BREAKFA AV 11am AY AND SUND AY: 8amYS ATURD 8am-11am TURDA SUNDA EVERY SA EVER Wine lis om pr emium wine gr owing dis tricts listt fr from premium gro districts

Page 32 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 33


5797 8349 Myles Rooad, Murrindindi Vic 3717 Fax: 5797 8499

Page 34 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Oranges have an extra fine appeal

The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - Page 35

Stockists in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat. Bendigo PRAHRAN HEALTH FOODS 201 Commercial Rd South Yarra LADYBIRD ORGANICS 130 Puckle St Moonee Ponds MARKET JUICE Queen Victoria Market GO VITA Highpoint Shopping Centre GO VITA 23 Sturt St, Ballarat HEALTHY LIFE 165 Pakington St, Geelong West FOUNTAIN HEALTH FOODS Shop 11, Killians Walk, Bendigo

Page 36 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, March 29, 2017







Superb Family Hobby Farm:• Renovated brick home on 20acres • 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Huge lock-up colorbond garage • 150 est. olive trees, fruit trees, hot house • Water bore, dam and magnificent views



Ready to build your dream home! • 3.95 Acres (1.6ha) ready for your new home • Elevated block with views across the Eildon valley • Fully fenced with great fencing and a dam • Services available $159,000

Lake Frontage Holiday Home • 4 bedrooms with BIR and central bathroom • Central heating and wood heater • Second living area downstairs with bar • Double carport & lockup garage with concreate floor • On the banks of lake Eildon, fully furnished with Sun Seeker party boat Offer over $595,000


Low maintenance living on the Lake:• Huge kitchen/ home office area • 2 bedrooms with BIR’s • Lock-up garage internal access • Split system and floor heat • Lovely back garden $279,000



Country Oasis featuring:• Nearly 1 acre of land of private gardens • 3 bedrooms plus study • Huge kitchen/family room • 2 living areas, plus rumpus, OFP • Large central bathroom, ducted heating • Huge shed and workshop. $435,000

Sales Specialis ts I Belinda Hocking 04 18 115 55774 Specialists 0418 David Ross 0429 210 221 Yea



Neat & Tidy Family Home • Well presented 3 bedroom brick home with ensuite • Modern Kitchen with dishwasher, electric cooking and tiled meals area • Central family bathroom with solar hot water • Wonderful undercover entertainment area overlooking a lovely mature garden $305,000


Gr ea eek ender Opportunity Grea eatt W Week eekender • Open plan 3 bedroom home • New kitchen and Bathroom • Combustion wood heater & airconditioner ‘• Re-stumped with double carport $240,000

Create your own country lifestyle! • 10Acres ready to build your dream home • Well fenced with sealed entrance • Lovely stand of red gums • Only 2.5km from Alexandra township $220,000

Landmark Harcourts Alexandra 56 Grant Street, Alexandra I 5772 3444 Yea



5 A'Beckett Street Great Investment opportunity or family home 3 bedroom home on large block a stone's throw from High Street, Yea


82 Racecourse Road Lovely home on over an acre of corner block established garden 4 bedroom 2 living zones front & rear decking huge setback from the road potential for 2nd dwelling STCA

6W ebs tr eet Webs ebstter S Str treet Family home on large corner block 3 bedroom plus study formal living & Family room Dual access with 2 Garages plus work shed 1 minute walk to High Street


11 Hill Street Lovely 3 bedroom home currently tenanted views from front deck large block walk to High Street

Sales Specialist I Kerryn Rishworth 0412 34 6169 w w w .landmarkhar .landmarkharcc ourts.

78 High Street Rare opportunity to own a tightly held freehold in High st Yea Wonderful tenants with good rental return Large property with rear street access, room to expand


2 Saleyards Street. POA 3 bedroom sunroom formal living separate dining room fireplaces throughout built in 1870 3600m2 block

68 High S tr eet, Y ea - Fr eehold Str treet, Yea Freehold Located in the Heart of the country town of Yea. Yea is well renowned for its diverse agriculture, viticulture, aquaculture and small tourism base of vineyards, market gardens, rail trail and... Yea T ak eA wa y Tak ake Aw profitable business Established 40 years Business & freehold available or rent Residence on site


Unit 2 / 29 Anne Street 1 Bedroom with delightful floor plan private court yard to rear currently tenanted 2 minutes walk to High Street

Landmark Har Harcc ourts Y Yee a 5 2 High SStr tr eet, Y ea I 5577 9 7 2277 9 9 treet, Yea

The Local Paper. Wed., Mar. 29, 2017  

The Local Paper. Wed., Mar. 29, 2017

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