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■ MURRINDINDI Shire executives have been told by the Essential Services Commission that no future rate increases above a 2.5 per cent cap will be allowed over the next three years, informed sources say. The sources say that the ESC is disappointed about the Shire’s submission for a 5.4 per cent rate, and the Council’s calculation of rates ● Turn To Page 5 income.

‘Accounting trick’: Cr Healy reports Shire

Race is on for Council elections

● Yea Football Club volunteer goal umpire Brett Reece was visited by a mate, Stephen Sanders, of Hobart (Tasmania) at the weekend. They took advantage of a sunny winter Saturday to watch the local football at the Rec., where Powelltown scored a five-point win over the Tigers seniors. ● Kinglake suffered a one-point loss to Gembrook-Cockatoo on Saturday. All the AFL Yarra Ranges scores are inside this issue of The Local Paper.

Deadline soon for Yea youth survey ■ More survey forms need to be urgently returned in the next week if the Yea Youth Room and Community Gym project has Yea Youth Room and any chance of proCommunity Gym Survey ceeding. Please complete this survey and return promptly to: The Rotary Club of ● Mannafest at Yea Emporium, 94 High St, Yea Yea last week com● Yea Pharmacy, 72 High St, Yea bined with Yea High School and Yea Police in circulating a sixquestion form to be completed by local families. The forms need to be returned by Tuesday (July 26) to either Mannafest at the Yea Emporium, or Yea Pharmacy. Without further evidence of the need for a Youth Room and Community Gym in ● The full-page ad in last week’s Local Yea, it is unlikely that Paper with the Youth Room survey form

The Local Paper Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Page 11

Q1. Do you have children under the age of 18 in your household? o Yes o No

Q2. Would you support a community space with a youth focus in Yea? o Yes o No Q3. What 2 activities would you like to see represented? (eg: art/drama/self defence) 1 2

Q4. Would a child between 10 and 18 in your household use: o Gym o Youth room (under 18 only) o School holiday program

Q5. Would you use: o Gym o Fitness training (weights / equipment) o Weight loss program o Fitness programs (Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Zumba, boxing, kick boxing) o Child minding service while exercising Q6. If yes to any of the above, would you rather: o During school hours o After school hours

CAN YOU HELP? If you have any other ideas, questions, comments or can assist with our project including equipment, skills, time or funding please let us know by completing this part of the form and returning it to Yea Emporium 94 High Street, Yea. Name: ..................................................... Contact Number: ......................................... Assistance Offered: ........................................................................................................

Yea Youth Room & Community Gym

The Yea Youth Room & Community Gym steering committee which consists of members from Rotary, Victoria Police, Yea High School students and teachers and other community members would like to thank you for taking part in this survey. This project has risen from a need for young people to feel connected to their local community. A fully supervised youth space will create a safe location for young people, giving them a sense of belonging and purpose and provide them with valuable life skills.

A youth gym will benefit the community as a whole, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices promoting health and wellbeing, mental health and physical fitness. The gym will be available for use by all members of the community providing weight loss programs, physical fitness and social interaction.

● Cr Eric Lording

■ CR ERIC LORDING is the first Murrindindi Shire Councillor to declare that he is re-standing for election in October. A poll will be held in three the project would promonths’ time if more than one ceed. Members of the candidate stands in each of the Rotary Club of Yea seven municipal wards. are keen to help establish the Youth Room and Community Gym, in an effort to promote lifestyles, particularly for the Yea region’s teenagers. The Community Gym, if it proceeds, would also be available to Yea people of all ages. The survey includes simple multichoice questions about preferred activities at the gym, suggested hours, and the likely ages of young people who might use the facility if it goes ahead.

Nominations will also be called for each of the wards: Cathedral (currently held by Cr Christine Challen), Cheviot (Cr John Kenn-edy), Eildon (Cr Chris Healy), Kinglake (vacant after the resignation of Andrew Derwent), Koriella (Cr John Walsh) and Red Gate (Cr Margaret Rae). Cr Lording announces in this week’s Councillor’s Column of his intention to seek another term: “At this stage, I would like to announce that I will be running for re-election in October.” The Local Paper sent an e-mail on Friday to each of the other five Councillors: “Dear Councillor, Cr Eric Lording announces this week that he will be standing for re-election at the Murrindindi Shire Council elections in October. Will you be standing for re-election?” Cr Chris Healy replied that he is not re-standing. No other Councillor had replied to our enquiry when we went to press.

● Cr Chris Healy ■ Independent Murrindindi Shire Councillor Chris Healy has reported his own Council to the Essential Services Commission. Cr Healy has asked the Commission to investigate Murrindindi Shire Council’s submission earlier this year, requesting a 5.4 per cent rates increase for the 2016-17 financial year. The Local Paper has obtained a copy of the letter that Cr Healy wrote to the Commission’s Andrew Chow on June 28: “As per our phone conversation this morning, I request that you have a look at the Council’s 2016-17 budget with respect to compliance with the ESC’s decision granting a 4.3 per cent increase in the General Rate,” Cr Healy wrote. Cr Healy points to a $159,857 discrepancy in the Council’s general rates income figure for the 2015-16 year. “Council’s calculation regarding the 4.3 per cent is shown on table 7.2 on page 49 of the Budget document. “The amount shown as the local amount of General Rates raised for 2015-16 is $12,741,366. “The figure shown for this amount in the 2015-16 Budget, appendix B on page 57 is $12,581,508. “The only explanation for the change is the possible inclusion of Supplementary Rates in this figure. The difference is $159,857.” Cr Healy questions the calculations made by the Shire. “In the same table, the amount shown for 2016-17 is $13,28,610. Table 7.10 on page 58 clearly shows that this amount does not include the Supplementary Rates of $154,769. “To calculate the percentage increase in the General Rate from 2015-16 to 2016-17 the calculatio must be done comparing single figures,” Cr Healy said. ● Turn To Page 5


Page 2 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Page 3

Latest News

Yea Show to make its comeback Local Briefs Tree Day

● Judy Watts ■ Lunches at the Molesworth Rail Park, Kinglake and Flowerdale Men’s Sheds will follow a National Tree Day planting on Sunday, July 31. The community planting day is being supported by Upper Goulburn Landcare Network, Planet Ark, Murrindindi Shire and the State Government’s Threatened Species program. More details are available from Judy Watts, 5797 4405.


● Austin Mann ■ Police are concerned that Austin Mann, 34, of Eltham, has been missing since July 9. He was was travelling in a white Mitsubishi Triton ute with registration 1CT-3HY and may be in the Cann River area.

■ A strong plan and program is unfolding for the 101st annual Yea Show in November. The traditional Yea Show went into recess last year, after the centenary show in November 2014. Matt Noonan, elected as Chair of the newly formed Committee, says that good base of working capital is there to prepare the next Yea Show that will start on Friday evening November 25, with a full day of traditional Show features and events on Saturday, November 26, at the Yea Recreation Reserve. After a public meeting in Yea in March, an enthusiastic group of supporters totalling at least 25 members of the community came forward to create a new Committee for the Yea Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Association. "We are also fortunate that many previous supporters as event or section judges, committee organisers and volunteers confirmed strongly that they wanted to participate in delivering another great Yea Show this year,” Mr Noonan said. "Many local businesses have already come forward to support the new Yea Show Committee with donations, sponsorship and event prizes, or to advertise in the Program which is already being prepared. "We were also fortunate that VASA (Victorian Agricultural Shows Association) held the date open for our resumption when there were a number

● FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 25 Entertainment ● SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Traditional Show features

● Cr John Kennedy has volunteered his services to help promote the 2016 Yea Show of other shows wanting to take over what really is a key early summer seasonal date," Matt Noonan said. The plan is for the Show to open on Friday evening (Nov. 25) with an evening program of family-oriented music and entertainment together with all the traditional sideshow events. Key performers for Friday evening will be country rock band Wild Honey from Melbourne and the acclaimed Pans on Fire steel band from Marysville.

● Matt Noonan, Show President, 0427 090 378 ● Rodney Ridd, Show Secretar y, 0417 340 838 ● Pauline Robertsm Event Secretar y, 0427 529 551 ● Les Judd, Horse Events, 431 517 797 ● Elaine White, trade sites, market stalls or entertainment, 5780 1224

● Glory days of the Yea Show: Ledley Anderson and David Lawrance On Saturday (Nov. equine events, cattle 26) all the usual agri- judging and sheep and cultural events from wool features will be the major competitive staged.

MOST DANGEROUS SPOTS FOR ANIMAL COLLISIONS: AAMI ■ The Whittlesea municipality is the third biggest hot spot in Victoria for collisions between vehicles and animals, according to insurance company AAMI. And there is a surge in July, posing a serious danger to both drivers and animals. Examination of almost 20,000 claims reported last year shows that animal collisions peak in the period between June and August. Collisions between vehicles and animals on Australian roads jump by 68 per cent in winter compared to the summer months. “Colliding with an animal is a frightening and traumatic experience, especially if the animal is injured or killed, and can result in series damage or injury,” said AAMI spokesman, Michael Mills.

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The competitive horse events at the Yea Show have always been strongly supported as points earned contribute towards eligibility for other major equine events around Victoria. These are supported by the diversity of crafts, homewares, horticultural and garden sections with many opportunities for children and youth including local schools to enter. Amongst the groups participating on the Saturday will be local members of the CWA, with the Cittaslow group in Yea is planning to present a traditional country trades fair. Show President Matt Noonan concludes "I think everyone recognises that a strong local Show is a focus throughout the community and brings many people to our town for either the day or weekend. "My committee is working towards making the 2016 Yea Show on 25-26 November a big success on all fronts".

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Page 4 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Letters to the Editor PO Box 14, Yea, Vic 3717

Farmers subsidised Sir, What will Murrindindi ratepayers think of their prospect of subsididing farm enterprises into the future? Given that it is also proposed that farmers will need to support their status as legitimate, an affadavit to qualify for the 70 per cent of the Residential base rate, you will pay more to favour farmers’ rate concessions. Commercial and other business enterprises already have a steep impost of 125 per cent of the base residential rate , with vacant properties at 150 per cent each, which will need to increase, just to maintain the ‘status quo’ of current rate of revenue to council as Capital Improved Value levy. Why them are farming enterprises, trading in current strong profit conditions, given an advantage over the other commercial and trading enterprises which are suffering a strong downturn in trading? Equity is out of balance when aligned with those ratepyares who do not derive income from their home and will face the prospect of subsidising farmers who are derivingan income, and still may have a residence on that property as one title. Beware of any Councillor that has farming enterprises, vested interest. It would be extreme to tax the residence separate to the farm, but the power could be exercised, and so to equalise the equation. The residents/ratepayers who are rated, also on value, no doubt also earn an income in a separate way, and no different to how farmers are rated but not with the benefit of a farm residence free of rates, other than the farm enterprise itself, with work on site. Where is the balanced equity in that current proposal of the Council? Farmers who complain of commercial rates for dumpin waste silage wrap, and at the same time expect concessions for their trading enterprise, are out of step with reality, and do not understand the principleof user pay, nor of a balanced burdem on all ratepayers. - Jack Russell, Secretariate, Yea & District Progress Association

Just Briefly Workshop anger

■ Former Flowerdale resident Julie Bateman has been critical on social media about a perceived lack of communication by Murrindindi Shire with the local community about last weekend’s workshops to discuss local bushfire memorials. “Did any of you see any pamphlets or advertising of this meeting? “ Ms Bateman asked her online friends. “There is a couple of us who want to know as we believe it hasn't been advertised in community like we were told it was going to be.”

Bogan Bingo

■ Yea Junior Football Netball Club is holding a Bogan Bingo fundraiser at the clubrooms at 7pm on Saturday, August 6. Entry is $30 per person, with drinks available at bar prices. Dress is bogan style. Details are available from Sarah Cunningham, or Donna Slevin, phone 0427 581 003.

Vaccine available

■ Eligible cattle producers in Victoria can now access an industry-funded subsidy for Johne’s Disease vaccine to assist with the management of this disease in their herds. After 20 years of operation, the Victorian Test and Control Program for infected herds will close and be replaced by the vaccine subsidy of $12.50 per dose, which is around half the expected retail cost. The subsidy is available until December 31, 2019. Bovine Johne’s disease is a chronic, incurable wasting disease caused by bacterial infection.

Court Lists Seymour Magistrates’ Court Criminal Case Listings Plaintiff / Informant / Applicant vs Defendant / Accused / Respondent. Information Division. Thursday, July 28 Victoria Police v Mcdonald, Francis Charles. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police v Di Stefano, Alexander. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police v Watts, Ricky. Uni-Kinglake Victoria Police v Willcocks, Darren. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police v Nathanson, Roni. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police v Byrne, Rory John. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Remilton, Reilly. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police v Roland, Bruce. Psa Mitchell-Ed3 Victoria Police v Brandi, Brett. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v O'donnell, Warrick. Uni-Heidelberg Victoria Police v Brain, David John. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Adams, Damyon. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Jordan, Chelsea May. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police v Al-Hashimi, Ahmad Abdulkadem. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Di Stefano, Alexander Rocco. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Latina, Robert Sebastian. State Hwy Patrol-North Victoria Police v Thorpe, Michelle. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police v Tihema, Isaac. State Hwy Patrol-North Victoria Police v Du Plessis, Nicholaas Jacobus. Heavy Vehicle Unit Victoria Police v Di Stefano, Alexander. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Rhue, Paul. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Biggs, Marilyn Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police D e g i o r g i o , Patrick. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Brain, David John. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Leverton, Wayne. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Laming, Jefferey Peter. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police King, Justin Peter. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Mulcahy, Daniel. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Thorpe, Michelle. Psa Mitchell-Ed3 Victoria Police v Gutterson, Jade. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Barton, James. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Mcdonald, Francis. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police v Brain, David John. Uni-Shepparton Victoria Police v Newton, Raymond John. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police Oliver, Gary Douglas Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Smith, Michael Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Ajder, Darko. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Smith, Michael Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Van Der Vlugt, Fiona Elizabeth. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Scott, Jason Andrew. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Freeman, Megan Patricia. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v O'donnell, Warrick. Uni-Box Hill Victoria Police v Spadafora, Robert Andrew. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v O'donnell, Warrick. Highway Patrol-Westgate Victoria Police v Carpenter, Benjamin. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v Oliver, Rory. Uni-Nagambie

Victoria Police v Rhue, Paul Jeffrey. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Benson, James Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Metaxotos, Julie. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police v Colaiacovo, Sally. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police v North, Timothy Ronald. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police v Ray, Bradley Scott. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Friday, July 29 Victoria Police v Clegg, Ricky. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police v Clegg, Ricky Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Candy, Bradley. Operations Response Unit Victoria Police v Clegg, Ricky Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police v Horton, Billy James. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police v Candy, Bradley. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Nelson, David Scott. Uni-Kilmore Community Corrections Centre v Clegg, Ricky. Seymour Community Correction Centre Victoria Police v Clegg, Ricky. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v Titley, Eric. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Blay, Joshua. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police v Borg, Thomas. Uni-Kinglake Victoria Police v Candy, Bradley. Ciu-Wyndham Community Corrections Centre v Clegg, Ricky James. Seymour Community Corrections Centre v Clegg, Ricky James. Seymour Community Correction Centre Community Corrections Centre v Clegg, Ricky. Community Corrections Centre Community Corrections Centre v Clegg, Ricky. Community Corrections Centre Thursday, August 4 Victoria Police v Fowler, Shirley Anne. Victoria Police Executive Victoria Police v Abbott, Scott. State Hwy Patrol-East Victoria Police v Butler, Owen David. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police v Bailey, Andrew. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police v De Stefanis, Franco. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Khan, Sarjel. Highway Patrol-Wallan Victoria Police v Johns, Lindsay Peter. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v SolomonCreati, Daniel Kenneth. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v Rogers, Gary. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v Davies, Justin Ronald. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v Harkness, Zenaan. Uni-Yea Victoria Police v Mazzarella, Con. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v MezkasPalmer, Allana. Highway PatrolWallan Victoria Police v Thomas, Benjamin Nicholas. Uni-Broadford. Victoria Police v Leverton, Wayne. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Esparon, Nathan. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police v IpsilantisBrown, Adam. Highway PatrolWallan Mitchell Shire Council v Brigham, Skye. Mitchell Shire Council Victoria Police v Howe, Mandy Louise. Uni-Seymour

Victoria Police v Spencer, Clare. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police v Hanson, Richard. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police v Stone, Craig. Uni-Kinglake Victoria Police v Brock, Glen. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Donovan, Brett. State Hwy Patrol-North Victoria Police v Burns, Brendon Gerard. Heavy Vehicle Unit Victoria Police v Naumoski, Lou. Heavy Vehicle Unit Victoria Police v Hayne, Nicole. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Milne, Scott. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Ramsay, Joel Matthew. Uni-Camberwell Victoria Police v Turner, Craig George. Uni-Kinglake Victoria Police v Turner, Craig George. Uni-Kinglake Victoria Police v Sharma, Bhartendu. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Laundy, Matthew. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police v Wilson, Nicole. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police v Keaveny, Liam. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Ramsay, Joel. Highway Patrol-Wallan Victoria Police v Zintilis, Zenos. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Zintilis, Zenos Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Zintilis, Zenos. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Beattie, Benjamin. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Zintilis, Zenos. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Toomey, Carrie Jean. Uni-Pyalong Victoria Police v Toomey, Carrie. Ptu-Frankston Victoria Police v Toomey, Carrie. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police v Toomey, Carrie. Uni-Eltham Victoria Police v Zintilis, Zenos. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police v Bissett, Alison Ann. Highway Patrol-Wangaratta Victoria Police v Toomey, Carrie Jean. Uni-Pyalong Victoria Police v Kneile, Rani. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Mansfield Magistrates’ Court Criminal Case Listings Wednesday, July 27 Victoria Police v Kalyani, Darpan. Uni-Mansfield DELWP v Saadat, Seyed Saeed Dept Of Environment, Land, Water,Planning DELWP v Momanifar, Keewan Dept Of Environment, Land, Water,Planning Victoria Police v Patel, Krishna Dineshkumar. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Allen, Paul. UniMooroolbark Victoria Police v Mcgann, Cameron Peter. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Purvis, Kellie Louise. Uni-Mansfield. Victoria Police v Budgen, Nicholas. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Wade, Jessica Mary. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Theuma, Dianne. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Department Of Human Services v Donnelly, Samantha Anne D e partment Of Human Services Shire Of Mansfield v Smith, Tyler Michael. Shire Of Mansfield Shire Of Mansfield v Khoo, Dean Anthony. Shire Of Mansfield Shire Of Mansfield v Byrne, Adriana Margaret. Shire Of Mansfield Shire Of Mansfield v Adams, Stephanie. Shire Of Mansfield Victoria Police v Foots, Dean Thomas. Uni-Mansfield

Victoria Police v Purcell, Mathew Robert. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Frazer, James Graeme. Uni-Woods Point Victoria Police v Alafaci, Dominic. State Hwy Patrol-South Victoria Police v Smith, Timothy Paul. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police v Longhurst Stuart. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Shierholter Peter. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police v Pearson, Dylan. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police v Foots, Dean Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Allen, Thomas Anthony. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police v Mason, Tess. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police v Brandl, Mark Andrew. Dtu-Seymour Shire Of Mansfield v Flutey Stephen. Shire Of Mansfield Victoria Police - Infringement v Mcgennesken, Colin. Melbourne Victoria Police v White, Alastair James. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police v Foots, Dean Thomas. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Mclachlan Leo. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police v Halsall, Rachel Maree. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Foots, Dean Thomas. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Singh, Inder Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police v Turczyn Michael. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police v Halsall, Maree Rachel. Uni-Jamieson Victoria Police v Riley, James Ciu-Alexandra Victoria Police v Halsall, Rachel. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Katai, Iren. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Wednesday, August 10 Victoria Policev Distefano, Alexander Rocco. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police v Hunter Zachary William. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police v Mcleod, Ken Wara. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police v Guppy, Julie. Uni-Benalla Victoria Police v Lovett, Darren Uni-Eildon Victoria Police v Campbell, Jeffrey Leigh. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police v Santos, John Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police v Cripps, David Andrew. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police v Smeaton, Thomas Anthony. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police v Read, Kathryn Elizabeth. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police v Mcgennisken Colin. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police v Hadlow, Anthony David. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police v Ball, Dion Larry. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Bray, David. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police v Bray, David. Highway Patrol-Greensborough Victoria Police v Mcfadzean Jason Douglas. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police v Clarke, Jonathan James. Uni-Marysville Victoria Police v Bray, David. Highway Patrol-Greensborough Victoria Police v Kociancic, Billy Lee. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police v Harrison, Craig Andrew. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police v Gou, Shimin Highway Patrol-Mansfield

Council Watch ● From Page One

Cr Healy dobs in M’dindi Shire for ‘accounting trick’

■ Cr Healy’s letter to the Essential Services Commission urges the State Government authority to check on Murrindindi Shire Council’s presentation of rates figures. He says that comparisons should either both contain the Supplementary Rates, or that neither contain Supplementary Rates. “To do this with Supplementary Rates in only set of figures is simply an accounting trick designed to create the appearance of complying with the ESC’s 4.3 rate increase,” Cr Healy said. “If the calculation is done with neither figure containing the Supplementary Rate the actual increase is 5.6 per cent. “I ask that the ESC take action to address this situation. Failure to do so will make the ESC look like it is part of Murrindindi’s efort to overcharge its ratepayers,” Cr Healy said.

News Briefs Car numbers

■ Trevor Johnson, a member of the public, asked a question of Murrindindi Council representatives, at the Draft Budget meeting held at Kinglake on Thursday, July 7. Mr Johnson asked a question about thenumber of cars operated by the municipality. He was reportedly told by a Council executive that the answer was not available immediately. The Local Paper understands that 23 cars are operated by the Shire.

Right of reply

■ The Local Paper would have wished to include comment by the Murrindindi Shire Council about its report on the Essential Services Commission restricting future rates increases for the next three years. However, Murrindindi Shire has set a 10am Thursday deadline for questions requiring media comment by the Council for The Local Paper issue on the following Wednesday. No questions will be accepted after that time, according to a written instruction given to The Local Paper this year.

Kinglake meeting ■ A meeting about the proposed Kinglake caravan park was due to be held on Monday night (July 18). Mayor Cr Margaret Rae and Cr Christine Challen were due to attend, as we went to press. The local area Councillor, Eric Lording, had not been informed by Council of the meeting, explained by the Shire as an “error”, The Local Paper understands.

Council meeting ■ A Special Meeting and an Ordinary Meeting of Murrindindi Shire Council is due to be held at 6pm on Wednesday next week (July 27) at the Council Chambers in Alexandra. In the following month, the monthly meeting is scheduled to be held at the Yea Chambers, at 6pm on Wednesday, August 24.

Review request

■ Yea political agitator Jack Russell has requeted a copy of the Executive Review conducted for Murrindindi Shire Council. Mr Russell addressed his written request to Margaret Abbey, Shire CEO. Mr Russell’s June 27 letter asked Ms Abbey to make a time and date for a meeting “as a matter of urgency”. Mr Russell has informed the Local Government Inspectorate of his problems with the Council, including his ban on attending at more than three dozen municipal buildings. Mr Russell says that he believes he has been given permission by a Seymour Magistrate to again access the Yea Library, following a ‘withdrawal of licence’ by the Murrindindi Shire Council.

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Page 5

Local News

Behind closed doors talks between Shire and Commission ■ Informed sources say that the State Government’s Essential Services Commission is disappointed at the quality of Murrindindi Shire Council’s submissions regarding rate increases. The Commission, headed by Chairman Ron Ben-David, recently allowed a 4.3 per cent rates increase for Murrindindi, based on a submission above the signature of Chief Executive Officer Margaret Abbey. The submission asked for permission for a 5.4 per cent general rates increase, well above the Andrews LaborState Government’s cap of 2.5 per cent. The submission stated that the Council had conducted extensive collaboration with the community over these specific 2016-17 rate increases. Former Mayor, Lyn Gunter, told the Commission that had been no such consultation. She queried if the Commission had simply taken the Council’s claims of consultation at face value. Mrs Gunter made a submission to the Commission, but it was only published for a short time at the Commission’s website before being removed. Cr Chris Healy, one of six Murrindindi Shire Councillors, late last month took the extraordinary move of reporting his

● Ron Ben-David, Chair of the Essential Services Commission

● Margaret Abbey, Chief Executive Officer, Murrindindi Shire Council

● Cr Margaret Rae , Mayor, Murrindindi Shire Council

own Council, with a letter calling for the Commission to investigate the Shire. Cr Healy alleged that an “accounting trick” had been used so that comparisons of the 2015-16 and 201617 rates became misleading. Cr Healy’s letter to the Commission is published in this week’s issue of The Local Paper. This newspaper has been consistently stonewalled by the Council over question of the municipality’s lack of communication with its ratepayers. The Council uses only its favourite newspapers to reach less than 40 per cent of its residents. Murrindindi Shire Council relies on paid advertisements in the Alexandra Standard (1649 copies), The Yea Chronicle (637 copies), and the North Central Review. The Chronicle sells only a handful of copies in the Glenburn, Flowerdale and Strath Creek communities. No copies are delivered in Kinglake. Several weeks ago, the North Central Review (re-plated as the Whittlesea Review), based at Kilmore and Wallan, started delivering several bundles of papers in Kinglake. Mrs Gunter told the Commission that consultation over the specific issue of the 2016-17 rates increases had not been as wide as MsAbbey’s claim suggested.

Future rate hikes restricted to ‘cap’ ■ Behind-closed-doors between senior representatives of the Essential Services Commission and Murrindindi Shire Council have indicated that future rate increases will be restricted to the State Government’s cap, currently 2.5 per cent, according to informed sources. The sources say that the Essential Services Commission is less than happy with aspects of accounting and submissions by the Council.

The Local Paper has been told the Commission believes there is nothing it can do to halt the 4.3 per cent rates increase it has allowed for the 2016-17 financial year. That draft budget is due to be voted upon by Murrindindi Shire Councillors in early August. However, it is understood that the Commission has privately told Council executives not to expect over-cap increases in the next three years.

Mayor ’s Column Cr Margaret Rae

■ Over recent weeks we have conducted public consultation sessions on the draft 20162017 Budget, Strategic Resource Plan (SRP) and Council Plan. The approach taken to the presentations was to give an overview of the budget and the SRP, the challenges we face, how we are responding to these, the implications of the rate cap and other influences on rates, as well as discussing what we need to do for the future. The sessions were attended by only a small number of people but the discussions were useful and an interesting range of issues was raised. Amongst others these included the different factors that will influence the rates notices; where Council's revenue comes from and how it is spent; the challenges in keeping all our assets in good condition for the community and the need to have cash in reserves in order to do this. This last factor was a particularly interesting one to discuss as it is often hard for people to understand why Council needs to keep putting money away and for rate increases when there is money in the bank. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is to remain financially viable and sustainable. But in order to achieve this, we also have to be prudent and conservative. In the same way as all households need to put away money for future expenses, so does Council. While we don't have separate savings accounts for each expenditure item that we need to plan for, we do have what is known as 'reserves'. There are several of these and they relate, for example, to the caravan parks we are responsible for, the Yea Saleyards, the waste reserve to manage the costs for the landfill site as well as the resource and recovery centres, and the asset renewal reserve. It is this last reserve which is the most challenging and the one that needs to grow. The amount of asset renewal (by which we mean keeping the assets at a standard where they can continue to provide the service they were designed for) that is required is enormous. Council is responsible for over $300 million worth of assets. Some $33 million of this was given to us after 2009 and, because such a significant proportion will age simultaneously, the expense to ensure they remain at a good standard will also happen simultaneously. This means that there will be large amount of funds required in a few years time. If we don't put some money aside each year, the required works won't be done and the assets will simply deteriorate. The long term effect will be to make them much more expensive to bring back to good and safe condition. This has a real potential to affect ratepayers adversely in the future. So we are putting aside as much as we can each year. The Essential Services Commission recognised that, by doing this in order to plan for these future expenses, we are being financially responsible and thereby doing our best to protect the community from a rates shock in future years. The total sum in the reserves looks to be considerable but this is not all 'free' or discretionary cash. Some of the reserves are restricted to being used only for a dedicated purpose, such as the caravan parks. Enough cash, or liquidity, has to be retained at a prescribed level to pay our bills and remain solvent. Some reserves are more discretionary and could potentially be 'dipped into'. But, whilst some might think this is a good idea, ultimately it would simply mean the money would not be there when it was needed. There are many in the community who will understand the effect of spending cash meant for one thing on something else; the outcome often means borrowing to get out of trouble. If Council were to do that, then the borrowing costs would become an additional burden on the ratepayer. We have been determined not to do that and have been committed to our strategy of putting aside for known future demand whilst, at the same time, still working to reduce the overall level of assets we hold and consequently the level of expenditure needed. - Cr Margaret Rae

Page 6 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Jonathan is in the picture ■ Educator Simon Le Plastrier is well known throughout The Local Paper readership area. Simon is Principal at Eltham College, and was formerly a senior teacher at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s ‘Plenty’ campus at Mernda. Simon was at the MCGon Sunday, with American exchange student Jonathan Schafer who was ‘upfront and personal’ for the visit of US VicePresident Joe Biden.

50 year heritage

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‘Silent’ ■ Eric Kerr, Labor candidate for Indi, posted a message on Facebook on Sunday: “You probably haven't heard - because the media, despite weeks of Labor leadership speculation, are strangely silent

■ A rare redwood forest on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley is fast becoming a tourist drawcard. Tourists flocked to Redwood Forest, 9km outside Warburton, after a TV program featured the region in April. The forest, set in the Yarra Ranges National Park, started out as an experiment in the 1930s. - Lilydale Leader

Board faces flak

● American exchange student Jonathan Schafer at the MCG on Sunday

Long Shots

■ Stephen Baker, Marketing Officer of Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, says there will be a celebration 50 years of service of the Blue and Gold X 31 diesel locomotives with a day heritage train tour to Traralgon on Saturday, August 27. The ‘consist’ will include the blue Spirit of Progress carriages. There will be the choice of a Morwell tour, or a Walhalla tour, before the return journey. The train will train will travel from Seymour at 7.30am stopping to pick up travellers at Broadford, Kilmore East and Wallan.

What The Papers Say Forest on TV

● Eric Kerr on this one - but Bill Shorten has been re elected as leader of the Opposition unopposed.” Just for the record, The Local Paperdidn’t hear from Mr Kerr during the election campaign.

All the best, Les ■ Long Shots caught up with Yea Football Club stalwart Les Gates at Saturday’s match. It was Les’s birthday. And we hope Les receives the gift of good health with a hip operation later this month at Epworth. A little bird told us that Les’s name would be possibly one of the most frequently listed on the YFNC honour boards.

edit or@L ocalP aper or@LocalP om.aa u

with Ash Long, Editor “For the cause that lacks assistance, ‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do”

Clements do well at Yea Golf Club ■ Vicki Clements with 32 points won the women’s event on Saturday. Not to be outdone, Greg Clements won the men’s competition with 33 points . Runner-up for the men was Martin Lowe on countback from Alan Pell with 30 points. Martin was nearest-the-pin with a three-way countabck for the Club Award with Carl Maffei the eventual winner. The midweek gender challenge sees an even match, with the winner today (Wed.) to have bragging rights. - Contributed

Strath Creek photo flashback

● Strath Creek pictured from the Hall, circa 1908.

Freedom of speech ■ Is it true that the Murrindindi Shire Council’s Communications Department changes the wording of Councillor’s Comment columns if it does not follow the ‘company line’?

Graham in touch

■ Homeowners have slammed the Building Practitioners Board after embattled builder David Brayer had a financial penalty reduced by almost $20,000 during a VCAT hearing. He was the corporate builder contracted to build 69 townhouses at Diamond Creek’s Rangeview Estate, which is now riddled with defects. He was slapped with three fines of $15,167 for each breach of standards, totalling $45,501, and ordered to pay more than $19,300 in costs. During a compulsory conference at VCAT, Mr Brayer’s costs fee was waived after his financial situation was taken into consideration. - Diamond Valley Leader

Glass House Dept.

■ The Local Paper is acutely aware that people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. We felt for our contemporaries at the Ranges Trader Mail last week when they went to press to a story about the ‘PIG picture’. No porkies.

Cash for market

■ Nagambie Lakes Tourism and Commerce has been successful in receiving a $30,000 State Government grant to establish a Nagambie Farmers Market. The funding was announced by Labor member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, who said the market would run parallel to the existing monthly community market. “The new Nagambie market looks to be a great success with local producers already expressing an interest in taking part and the community demonstrating its support,” she said. - Euroa Gazette

Boost for hospital

■ Mansfield District Hospital will receive $254,000 of additional f unding f rom the State Government, budget bringing its total state funding to $8.18 million for the current financial year. - Mansfield Courier

Lock your car

● Graham Colling ■ Long Shots received a phone call out of the blue last week from former Yarra Ranges Mayor Graham Colling. Colling, formerly of Seville and Wandin, more recently of Benalla, was the proprietor of the Lilydale and Monbulk Post newspaper in the mid1980s. He was visiting Yea and spotted a copy of The Local Paper, which impressed him.

■ Police are encouraging residents in the Avenel area to reassess security of their vehicles after a spate of thefts from motor cars. Nine cars were targeted in Murchison Rd, Avenel. The cars were parked at residential addresses, and believed to have been left unlocked, with glove boxes and consoles being rummaged through. - Seymour Telegraph

New Police station

■ The first concept images of the new Mernda Police Station have been released. ADCO Constructions has been appointed to build the $15 million station. Police Minister Lisa Neville said the station, on the corner of Bridge Inn Rd and Pimpinella Pass, would service Melbourne’s northern suburbs and would have room to expand in the future if needed. The building will sit among the existing river red gum trees, integrating itself with the identity of Mernda, Ms Neville said. - Whittlesea Leader

Councillor’s Comment Cr Eric Lording

■ As I write this Councillor Comment, the Federal Election still has seats in doubt after all this time. It appears that the upcoming Council elections will take a longer time to finalise too. This is due to changes in voting regulations which allow additional time (being increased from three to five days) for all the postal votes to reach the Electoral Commission ballot boxes. Now; regarding the rate rises for future years: As you know, Council received approval from the Essential Services Commission to raise this year's property rates and the municipal charge by 4.3 per cent. As much as I would like to, we cannot reduce the rates already set, but we can moderate rate rises into the future. It will be up to the next Council to decide what its future budget strategy will be. Please do not be concerned about the Council's financial viability as we have $23 million in cash and investments (see page 71 of the draft budget). While a large amount of this is non-discretionary, the Council is still in a good short term fiscal position, but it must still plan for its long term financial obligations. One item that is a continual focus of Council is the need to limit any increase in permanent staff numbers. Some staff positions are funded by grants etc., but with grant money steadily drying up, these positions will end. Further, the purchase of new technologies such as 'TRIM', the document management system, will create efficiencies that result in increased performance and productivity. Any future productivity improvement must be achieved without increasing staff costs even though we take on additional responsibilities such as those placed on Councils by the State Government. Another efficiency implemented by my previous employers HP and IBM, was in tackling the cost of their car fleet. There is an opportunity to urgently evaluate the use of novated leases and other financing options. Not only does it reduce direct costs to the organization, it reduces the Fringe Benefits Tax. It also reduces the risk that Council must carry, again saving money. Council has been looking at reducing services to the public in the form of handing back assets for the community to run and maintain but I believe that other internal efficiencies should be looked at. Now to my portfolio of Infrastructure and Waste. The 2015-16 Capital Works plan has been fulfilled in all but a couple of areas. One being Moore's Road Bridge which should be completed very soon. The town centre works were delayed in Eildon because unfortunately they clashed with mains works being carried out by the Water Authority. They should be completed in the next three months. Council staff are starting to work on the delivery of the 2016-17 Capital Works Program in anticipation of it being adopted by Council on August 3. One item that I was disappointed not to see in the Capital Works Program was the widening to two lanes of the Break O'Day Road Bridge. Local residents have voiced their concern to me a number of times. I have nearly been caught out myself there. Should residents consider this bridge work urgently needed, please contact me and I will forward your concerns onto Council staff. Please also note that all requests for urgent road works passed on via myself have been registered with Council managers, with a large percentage of the problems rectified or addressed as best as can be in this wet weather. The work being done by the five Goulburn Valley Councils in formulating the revised Waste Management Plan and Strategy is continuing at a fast pace. We should see the completed plan later this year. I will continue my work as a Waste Forum member. At this stage, I would like to announce that I will be running for re-election in October. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you think that I can be of help in any way. - Cr Eric Lording

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Page 7

Local News

Major Dan Hauser back on Aussie soil ■ Lieutenant-Colonel Dan Hauser has returned to Australian soil after a 12-month study assignment in Pakistan. The Australian soldier has returned from Erdu with further tertiary qualifications, and will now be based at an Army facility in south-east Queensland.

Relatives and friends are excited about Dan’s promotion from Major. It is a proud journey since his days as a student of Sacred Heart School and Yea High School. Lt.-Col. Hauser studied at Royal Military College, Duntroon. He is a son of Val and Peter Hauser, a former Yea Shire President.

30 Years Ago Arnie’s 27 years

■ “The 27-year continuous term of Arnie Exton as a Yea Shire councillor concluded on Saturday,” we reported on August 5, 1986. “Mr Exton has worked hard over more than quarter of a century for local government in the Yea and Kinglake districts,” we noted. “The Pheasant Creek farmer was one of six candidates that contested the August 1959 elections when he was first elected. “Nominees were Arthur Blackwood Davy, Arnold Patrick Evans, Hugh Shuldham Long, Donald Lewis McAlpin, Robert John Peel and Gerald John Tehan.”

Drysdale explodes

Local Sport

■ “Cr Dougal Drysdale exploded at the Editor at the Shire polling both on Saturday night,” we reported 30 years ago. “He swore at the Editor, called him a ‘muck raker’, a ‘blow-in’ and criticised (the newspaper’s election preview coverage. “He made his comments as he accompanied Cr Arnie Exton to the booth. The announcement had just been made that Mrs Lyn Gunter had been first elected as a Councillor. “’You have blown your credibility now,’ said Cr Dysdale, pointing to the fact that Mr Exton had topped the primary votes. At this stage, it was not known that Mr Exton would miss out of preferences.”

Paper sales rise

● Nathan Beattie

● Riley Slevin and Riley Frankcombe

■ “Sales of The Yea Chronicle continue to rise,” we reported in 1986. “Last week, circulation of Yea’s district own newspaper reached 1280. Orders have continued for this week’s issue.” ■ In 2016, the Victorian Country Press Association lists The Chronicle’s circulation at less than half: 637 copies.

Part of vent act

■ Yea Football Club President John Quinlan became part of the act when ventriloquist Ron Blaskett visited Yea on Saturday evening, we reported in 1986. “The President became part of the act with ‘dummy’ Gerry Gee in a show that was enjoyed by all present ● Volunteers of the Week: Judy Watts, Sophie Watts,Emily Watts Nikki Watts, Brad Watts and Jordan Watts

● Yea Under 12s celebrate

● Grace Cunningham, Arienne Holdsworth-Rose

New chief for Apex

■ Federal Parliamentarian Peter Cleeland and his wife Jan were special guests at the 1986 changeover dinner of the Apex Club of Yea. The handover dinner was chaired by David Webb Ware, with Apex ideals recited by Neville Walker. Retiring President Peter Tull welcomed guests anbd a response was made by the President of the Lions Club of Yea, Noel SearleWalker. Trevor Apps was fines master, and Mr Cleeland have the guest speech. David Coles was installed as this year’s president by the incoming Zone 7 District Governor Greg Wilder.

Dick kicks 100

■ Veteran forward and coach of two Yea premiership teams, Richard Ivey, posted 100 goals for the current season on Saturday. “Needing five when the game against Girgarre began, Dick scored three in Yea’s match winning quarter - the second - one in next, and it was 11 minutes into the final term before he marked a kick from J. Sier and kicked truly,” we reported in 1986.

Pipe disintegrating

● Riley Frankcombe, Luke Kelderman, Austen Ross

■ “A water main was at the the stage of disintegration, Shire Engineer Stanley Kisler told the Yea Council meeting. “He said some residents in the Yea township were receiving discoloured water. “He said there was a residue in the water, withe high l;evels of iron. “But it is perfectly safe to drink, Mr Kisler assured the meeting, we reported in our August 5, 1986, issue.

Page 8 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Page 14 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Local Football and Netball

Down to the wire: Lakers run out of ‘puff’ Freelance photo-journalist Ashley Geelan reports on the Gembrook v Kinglake clash SENIORS GembrookCockatoo 15.10 (100) d Kinglake 14.15 (99) RESERVES GembrookCockatoo 15.15 (105) d Kinglake 1.0 (6)

● Craig Clarke (Brookers) kicks

● Adrian Beales takes a mark

● Josh Nixon marks for Kinglake at Gembrook

● First quarter competition

● Gembrook-Cockatoo dominated in the Reserves

● Riley Wilson in action for GC

Kinglake 14.15 (99) defeated by GembrookCockatoo 15.10 (100) In a tight fought game that would come down to the dying minutes, the Lakers had started too slowly, despite winning the opening ruck contests. Kinglake still allowedGembrook-Cockactoo (the Brookers) to quickly break free in the opening term, with the Brookers then quickly taking early control of the game, handing Kinglake their first loss, by just a point, since Yarra Junction in round eight. This was a game that went "down to wire" with Kinglake leading by five points in the dying seconds, Gembrook were just too good on the day.. Kinglake Reserves did not go so well and many "unders" players stepped up to play seconds footy, for with either/and or replacements, due to injured senior players, it was up to retired players 'gearing up' and some of the the under 18's boys too, having a bye this weekend, to step up to reserve grade football. Whilst the Lakers still lost, it was still a great opportunity to put some of "the Under 18's boys" into the big league. After all, these young men, whilst losing the game, are well on their way to being the future ‘big guns’ of the Kinglake Football Club. In the netball, Kinglake's Under 17 side travelled to Mt Evelyn in a tightly fought game, only losing by three points. D-Grade netball secured a four-point win over the Brookers, with C-Grade losing by six goals and the B-Grade side having played Alexandra on Thursday night in a 'catch-up' game that Kinglake netballers would unfortuantely lose by 42 points. ★ SENIORS FOOTBALL Early in the first quarter, the Lakers had lost

● Beau Wilkinson captures a mark for Kinglake their way, dropping marks and missing two set Gembrook-Cockatoo play Thornton-Eildon at shots, then giving away two 50-metre penalties. Thornton. Kinglake's next game is on the hill Until midway through the first term, despite (home) against Thornton-Eildon on July 30. as some shots at goal late into the first term, and the AFL Yarra Ranges (formerly the Yarra ValJosh ‘Nicko’ Nixon holding the fort, it would be ley Mountain District FNL) heads towards the a tight fought affair, with the Brookers adding finals series. ★ two more goals late in the first term. SENIORS It was the Brookers who would go into the opening break with a 16-point lead, Kinglake GEM-COCK. ........... 6.1, 10.4, 11.6, 15.10 (100) KINGLAKE ............... 3.3, 6.6, 9.13, 14.15 (99) 3.3 (21) to the Brookers 6.1 (37). The Lakers laid 11 tackles, and had eight Gembrook-Cockatoo. Goals: Dan Leversha 2, clearances to Gembrook's six, wih the Lakers Shannon Richardson 2, Craig Clarke, Paul having 15 inside 50's to the Brookers’ 13 in the Gramc, Leigh Scott, Andrew Shipp, Simon opening term, but the Brookers were still lead- Ponter, Dylan Scott, Ben Fenton, Liam Henzen. Best: Dan Leversha, Andrew Shipp, Matt ing. Into the second term and it would again be Maddison, Leigh Scott, Paul Gramc, Craig Gembrook who put the first score on the board. Clarke. Kinglake started to play a more disciplined Kinglake. Goals: Josh Nixon 3, Brad Wilkinson style of football, but despite the extra dscipline 3, Bailey Robinson 2, Matt Robertson, Andrew and while Puffing Billy chugged past, the Lak- Whelan, Matt Robertson, Andrew Whelan, Luke ers could not find their way, struggling to match Forsyth, Geoff Hibberd, Ben Tampion. Best: Adrian Beales, Andrew Whelan, Jack Crowe , the Brookers’ intensity. Kinglake managd six tackles and seven Jaydyn Butterworth, Rob Mallsion. ★ clearances to the Brookers six clearances. RESERVES Kinglake having nine inside 50 to the Brookers GEM.-COCK. ..... 7.1, 11.4, 13.9, 15.15 (105) 16 and it was game on. After the half-time break, the Lakers would KINGLAKE ........................0.0, 1.0, 1.0 1.0 (6) come out much tighter, and more focused, with Gembrook-Cockatoo. Goals: Alex Schueddekopf 4, Bradley Moore 2, Daniel Cock ‘Crowie’ stepping up several times. Unfortuntaly, the Lakers saw many more 2, Daniel Wilkie 2, Matthew Hobson, Beau penalties awarded against them as the Brookers McLean, Daniel Gee, David Neal, Jacob Van Der Zwart. Best: Ben Turner, G. Hartridge, Alex brought the challenge to the Lakers. By the end of the third quarter, the Brookers Scueddekopf, Beau McLean, Matt Hobson, were slowing down, whilst the Lakers picked Bradley Moore. up, leaving Kinglake with a one goal margin to Kinglake. Goals: Mitchell McAuley. Best: Liam catch, heading into the final term as both sides Styles. Adam Butterworth, Jacob Harward, Ryan started to run out of steam. Whilst the Lakers Hurst, Clint Booker, Nathan Booket. ★ managed to level the scores in the dying minUNDER 18s utes it would not be good enough to to win the UNDER 18s game. Bye (some boys playinhg in Reserves) This Saturday: Kinglake has a bye whilst

★ NETBALL B-GRADE (played at Kinglake, Thurs., July 14) ALEXANDRA .............................. 12, 24, 41, (61) KINGLAKE .................................. 3, 5, 13, (19) Alexandra. Goals: Ashleigh Saunders 39, Shannon Kleesh 19, Jessica Holliday 16. Best: Emma Kidd, Ellie Hedger, Kathryn Veldman. Kinglake. Goals: Kelsey Smith 8, Karsha Hoyt 3,Amy Teodorovic 5, Hayley Bawden 2. Best: Hawley Bawden, Taryn Smith, Renee Wilson. ★ NETBALLC-GRADE GEMBROOK-COCKATOO ......... 9, 15, 22, (35) KINGLAKE ..................................8, 13, 25 (29) Gembrook-Cockatoo. Goals: Emily Kee 20, Kaylene Clarke 15. Best: Kelsey Wilson, Mikailey Uren, Jemah McInerney. Kinglake. Goals: Not available. Best: Not available. ★ NETBALLD-GRADE KINGLAKE ...................................5, 17, 22, (28) GEMBROOK-COCKATOO .........6, 14, 21, (24) Kinglake. Goals: Olivia Turner-Dickinson 16, Jaquelynn Pascoe 12, Stacey Chalmers 3. Best: Not available Gembrook-Cockatoo. Goals: Madison Francis 13, Jessie Forthun 11. Best: Jessie Forthun, Carly Clarke, Hollie Burton. ★ NETBALL UNDER 17 MT EVELYN ............................. 10, 18, 23, (31) KINGLAKE .................................. 5, 11, 23, (28) Mt Evelyn. Goals: Georgia Marsh 17, Caitlin Humm 14. Best: Georgia Marsh, Riley Shanks, Tess Fraser. Kinglake. Goals: Kelsey Smith 20, Ashlyn Mosedale 5, Molly McAllister 3. BesT: Kelsey Smith, Ashlyn Mosedale, Ellie HendrieMcDonald.

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Page 15

Local Football and Netball

81-point win for Yea Reserves

Yea 11.15 (81) defeated by Powelltown 12.14 (86) Yea's final aspirations have suffered a blow after going down by just five points against Powelltown in a tight contest at the Recreation Reserve. The Tigers were excellent early on, booting four of the first five goals to gain the ascendancy in the first term before a red card to Chas Bromley left the home side a man down for 15 minutes, during which the Demons evened the ledger. James Ivill and Hayden Witton both copped blows to the head that ended their days, meaning that from quarter-time onwards, Yea was without a bench, while Brad Cunningham's quad injury saw him restricted to the goal square. Nonetheless, the hosts were well below their best and despite overcoming a half-time deficit to take the lead during the third term, conceded multiple goals through poor decision making in defence to give Powelltown the advantage once again. Inaccuracy in front of the big sticks was also an issue, as Yea wasted several opportunities to apply much needed scoreboard pressure at various times throughout the contest. Riley Aldous was outstanding, racking up possessions and driving his team into attack, James Ryan was a rock in defence and Harrison Jarvie worked tirelessly in the midfield, particularly in the second half.

SCOREBOARD SENIORS POWELLTOWN ..... 4.2, 8.4, 10.10, 12.14 (86) YEA ....................... 4.3, 5.8, 8.10 11.15 (81) Powelltown. Goalkickers: M. McLaughlin 2, L. Miller 2, G. Newing 2, K. Larsen, D. Dyer, J. Moore, R. Johnson, D. Edgeworth, M. Wood. Best Players: P. Allen, M. McLaughlin, W. Dore, N. Moody, G. Newing, T. Hallmark. Yea. Goalkickers: B. Cunningham 4, A. Hobbs 2, H. Jarvie, R. Aldous, D. O''Dwyer, C. Bromley, R. Wilson. Best Players: R. Aldous, H. Jarvie, J. Ryan, K. Giovannini, M. Ivill, B. Cunningham. ★ RESERVES YEA ......................... 1.4, 5.10, 8.13, 11.17 (83) POWELLTOWN ................. 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.4 (4) Yea. Goakickers: P. Kiss 4, A. McSpeerin 3, T. McMahon 2, L. White, T. Cunningham Best Players: A. McSpeerin, L. Beattie, C. Jenkins, C. Evans, P. Kiss, T. McMahon. Powelltown. Best Players: D. O''Neill, T. Nightingale, R. Goodinson, G. Carolan, L. Hooper, S. Thompson Despite his sore leg, Cunningham finished with four majors, while Klay Giovannini gave great drive from the back half and Matt Ivill

thrived on winning the contested ball in close. The Tigers face Yarra Junction this week in a must win clash. RESERVES Yea 11.17 (83) defeated Powelltown 0.4 (4) Yea has keptits finals hopes alive with a superb performance against Powelltown, claiming a comprehensive 79-point victory. Only poor finishing restricted the Tigers from a heavy quarter-time lead, as the hosts booted 1.4 to lead by just 10 points at the first break despite their early dominance. This changed in the second term, with Yea slamming on five majors to take a 38-point buffer heading into half time, an advantage that continued to increase as the contest continued. The ability to keep the opposition goalless for the entire match was an exceptional feat in its own right, but to do so while managing 28 scoring shots demonstrated how far the Reserves have progressed this season. Lachie Beattie led the charge from half-back, constantly splitting packs and sending the ball forward, while Cameron Evans used the ball efficiently by foot and Charlie Jenkins was brilliant in tight and on the spread. Aidan McSpeerin slotted three majors in a second quarter cameo, Indie Kaak did a power of work in the air, Trent McMahon was dangerous all day and Peter Kiss was a handful inside 50 with four goals. The Tigers will be looking to knock off Yarra Junction to stay in the hunt for finals action.

Brooke Lloyd plays 100th game

YEAA-GRADE NETBALL An outstanding start to the game and a ferocious first half set up what was a resounding victory for the AGrade girls. The Tigers jumped out of the blocks and left the visitors without any answers, winning all positions on court. Nikki and Sarah dominated the goal ring, shooting eight goals each for the quarter, and Meg and Megan showed the same domination in their defensive goal ring, allowing the Powelltown shooters only three goals for the quarter, which at A-grade level is not an easy task. The second quarter proved similar to the first as Yea continued on their way. Loz Hearn made a welcome return to A-Grade after her shoulder injury early in May; she and Cindy were both excellent on their wings, picking off many balls and setting up great attack. With a 22-goal lead, Yea could be forgiven for slightly lifting its foot off the pedal slightly in the third quarter, but Powelltown picked up their game and the second half ended up even with both sides scoring 23 goals. After six quarters over B- and A- Grade, running Centre in all of them, Emma Morphet was given a well deserved rest in the last quarter and Chels was put into GA where she shot 9 beautiful goals. Yea sits fourth on the ladder and if they can knock off Yarra Junction next week they will move up into the ever important third position. Junction only beat the Tigers by 7 in their last encounter and I think Yea can reverse that result. Go Tiges! Yea 54 def Powelltown 32 Goals: N. Watts 27, S. Armstrong 18, C. Spagnolo 9 Best: C. Newcomen, M. Leatham, M. Sundblom Award: Nikki Watts BROOKE LLOYD 100 GAMES Well done to Brooke 'Chook'

● ● ● ●

A-Grade. B-Grade: C-Grade: D-Grade:

Yea 54 d Powelltown Yea 35 d Powelltown Yea 33 d Powelltown Powelltown 21 d Yea

Lloyd who celebrated her 100th game for Yea on Saturday. Brooke commenced at senior level in 2010 starting in the C Grade side which lost the Grand Final that year. She then progressed through B Grade and then into A-Grade in 2012 where she played for three years. After missing 2015 to travel she returned to Tigerland this season in B-Grade and has been playing possibly her best netball yet. With her obvious height, she is predominantly a GK who frustrates her opponents with her tight defence and her great reach over the shot. Brooke impresses all with her willingness to always listen and learn, always wanting to improve her game. Well done Brooke. ★ B-GRADE Celebrating Brooke Lloyd’s 100th game, Yea had a really great first half against the always threatening Powelltown team. Brooke and Loz did a great job on the very dangerous GS, restricting her impact on the game. Em and Nikki made great delivery from the goal third into Cindy and Reg, and Yea was looking quite comfortable at half time - leading 23-12. The momentum swung considerably in the third quarter. Powelltown made changes to their team and they slowly ate away at what was an 11-goal lead in the early stages of the quarter. By their own admission, Cindy and Reg had a terrible quarter, struggling to get the ball let alone shoot it.

32 30 21 18

The error count was high on the Tigers tally and Powelltown made them pay, shooting 12-3 in the quarter to be down bytwo at three-quarter time. Importantly Yea shot the first couple of goals in the last quarter, and Bridget and Brooke both made great intercepts in defence. The confidence from these small wins held the team in good stead to play a consistent and controlled quarter, with each end combining much better. Nikki and Soph were both excellent on the wings in the last quarter and Emma's run was brilliant in the centre. After a bit of a slump, Yea was able to finish off the game more to their standard to win by 5 goals. Yea 35 def Powelltown 30 Goals: A . Akers 19, C. Hayes 16. Best: B Lloyd, B O'Dwyer, N Waghorn Award: Emma Morphet. ★ C-GRADE Yea displayed a consistent four quarter performance on Saturday to defeat Powelltown. The Tigers made great starts to every quarter, scoring consecutive goals to start each term. The win was set up by a really solid first-half with consistent shooting from Jess and Kate and tight and tough defence from Deb and Emily, who kept their shooting opponents to just eight goals for the whole of the first-half. Leading by 9 goals at half-time, Yea were unable to extend on that lead in the third quarter as the teams went goal for goal. Yea was really well served by their midcourters in the last quar-

ter. Chels, Em and Molly provided great link up play between defence and attack to benefit Jess and Kate. Rach moved into GD and kept her opponent goal less. With this win, Yea remains in fourth position but are only half a game behind all three teams sitting above them, making it vital that they win as many, if not all of their remaining matches. Yea 33 def Powelltown 21 Goals: J. Armstrong 17, K. Elliott 16. Best: C. Helder, J. Armstrong, D. Schickerling Award: Chelsea Helder ★ D-GRADE After a tightly contested first half, Powelltown was the better side after half time to claim a three-goal victory over the Tigers. Yea had the bulk of the ball in the first quarter and made good use of it in the goal ring, scoring 8-4 before quarter-time. Powelltown started to tighten up their full court defence after the break, forcing Yea into errors and they struggled to score. Powelltown chipped away at the Tigers lead to trail by one at halftime. Powelltown outscored Yea by six goals in the third quarter, dominating the play and the Tigers looked flustered. The visitors really had the momentum and Yea went to the last break four goals behind and in desperate need of the break in play. Yea never gave up in the last quarter and had the quarter lasted another five minutes they may well have snuck this one in, but it wasn't to be. Judy Watts was the standout for Yea, running all day in centre and providing options in attack and defence. Powelltown 21 def Yea 18 Goals: A O'Connor 9, N Marasco 8, J Watts 1. Best: Judy Watts, K Slavin, Jordan Watts

Junior Sport Yea Under 12 footy

■ The majority of theTigers made the road trip to Heathcote on Sunday. The coach awarded young gunCooper Holdsworth-Rose with a promotion after months of solid form in the Under 10s. The squad of 18 meant that the boys would all play four quarters. Yea won the first centre clearance courtesy of some good work by centreman Luke Kelderman and locked the ball in their half for the quarter. A congested forward line made scoring difficult. Yea carried a narrow lead into the first break. ¼ time: Yea 0.3 (3) to Heathcote 0.0 (0) Yea continued its good form in the second term. Lucas Zipzin moved to full forward and did a great job competing against numerous opponents, whom were flooding back into the goal square. Cooper Holdswort-Rose was proving to everyone that he was not out of his depth on the Under 12 arena, racking up plenty of contested possessions in our forward 50. Yea opened the game up in the second term after Riley Slevin snapped a classy goal off his left foot. ½ time: Yea 3.6 (24) to Heathcote 0.0 (0) The highlight of the third term and possibly the season was a magnificent tackle by Monty Lawson who answered the challenge from a substantially larger opponent. Reece Hargreaves was playing great team football and the big boy, Noah ‘Big Red’Hildebrand, was marking strongly around the ground. ¾ time: Yea 5.7 (37) to Heathcote 0.1 (1) The coach continued to allow all players to strut their stuff in the final quarter by providing opportunities for the boys to play in new and unfamiliar positions. Jackson Grech finished the game full of run and Will Clarke rucked well before moving to full forward where he was dangerous. Tobias Philpott played a terrific second half also. Well done boys on what was a great team effort. Final scores :Yea 7.13 (55) d Heathcote 0.1 (1). Yea Goalkickers: Riley Slevin 2, Reece Hargreaves 2, Will Clarke, Hayden Marks and Riley Frankcombe. Awards: Royal Mail Hotel - Cooper Holdsworth-Rose and Luke Kelderman. Tiger bucks: Jackson Grech, Tobias Philpott and Chayne Klinge. - Chris and Donna Slevin

Yea Junior Netball UNDER 12 Q1. Yea started the game moving quickly. Olivia and Maddie working well at goals, Jordyn and Lucia busy in defence. Maddie scored Yea’s first goal. Both teams were playing well. Yea 3, Heathcote/Pucka 2 Q2. Ashlee and Arriennne entered the court for Q2 and were busy passing the ball well. Grace and Arrienne shot well and Jordyn’s work through the centre was brilliant. Yea 10, Heathcote/Pucka 5 Q3. Bridie K started in wing defence for the third quarter as Bridie H stopped for a well-earned rest. Yea’s defensive level was working well, along with goal shooters Olivia and Arrienne shooting well. Yea had a great quarter to extend their lead. Yea 18, Heathcote/Pucka 7 Q4. The fourth quarter saw Matilda back into WD and some great play by all on court. Credit must be given to both teams for providing and entertaining and great sportsman-like game of netball. A marvellous win. Yea 21 d Heathcote/Pucka 10 Awards: Royal Mail Hotel – Lucia Clarke. Tiger Bucks – Olivia Johnson ★ UNDER 14 Q1. Indoor at Heathcote, this game saw the girls finding their feet on court and reading the opposition. Smart moves and positioning by Ruby and Maggie contributed to the goals scored this quarter. Yea 7, Heathcote/ Pucka 4 Q2. Abbey and Joran in goals were on fire this quarter with fast moves and accurate shooting leading to a strong lead. Heathcote were putting on the pressure, however, Yea handled it well, showing great team work and smooth play. Yea 23 , Heathcote/Pucka 7 Q3. Ruby’s performance this quarter was dominant, with several intercepts and fast moves to get the ball down to score. At this stage the score was Yea 37 Heathcote/Pucka 8. Turn to Page 16

Page 16 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:





■ Seniors. Results. Saturday, July 16. Warburton Millgrove 14.20 (104) d Belgrave 10.9 (69). Healesville 20.19 (139) d Monbulk 12.12 (84). Mt Evelyn 22.18 (150) d Emerald 9.9 (63). Wandin 15.10 (100) d Olinda Ferny Creek 15.6 (96). Woori Yallock 15.17 (107) d Upwey Tecoma 6.10 (46). Ladder. 1. Wandin, 164.37, 40. 2. Healesville, 132.64, 40. 3. Olinda Ferny Vreek, 170.31, 36. 4. Woori Yallock, 144.08, 32. 5. Upwey Tecoma, 103.28, 28. 6. Monbulk, 102.51, 20. 7. Warburton Millgrove, 73.89, 20. 8. Mt Evelyn, 87.72, 16. 9. Belgrave, 54.18, 8. 10. Emerald, 54.51, 0. Fixture. Zaidee Round. Saturday, July 23. Belgrave v Monbulk. Emerald v Woori Yallock. Healesville v Wandin. Olinda Ferny Creek v Mt Evelyn. Upwey Tecoma v Warburton Millgrove. ■ Reserves. Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 16. Belgrave 14.10 (94) d Warburton Millgrove 6.9 (45). Healesville 13.17 (95) d Monbulk 6.8 (44). Mt Evelyn 16.10 (106) d Emerald 8.2 (50). Wandin 7.10 (52) d Olinda Ferny Creek 7.6 z(48). Upwey Tecoma 13.7 (85) d Woori Yallock 3.6 (24). Ladder. 1. Wandin, 213.54, 44. 2. Olinda Ferny Creek, 313.68, 40. 3. Healesville, 151.19, 32. 4. Mt Evelyn, 146.58, 32. 5. Upwey Tecoma, 135.78, 28. 6. Belgrave, 135.77, 26. 7. Monbulk, 56.02, 14. 8. Emerald, 70.09, 12. 9. Warburton Millgrove, 56.52, 12. 10. Woori Yallock, 17.93, 0. ■ Under 18s. Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 16. Warburton Millgrove 17.9 (111) d Monbulk Seville 5.6 (36). Woori Yallock Powelltown v Yarra Glen. Mt Evelyn 18.16 (124) d Emerald 4.4 (28). Wandin 13.18 (96) d Upwey Tecoma 7.4 (46). Kinglake - Bye. Ladder. 1. Wandin, 272.62, 52. 2. Mt Evelyn, 430.03, 44. 3. Emerald, 151.67,36. 4. Yarra Glen, 135.94, 36. 5. Upwey Tecoma, 118.66, 32. 6. Warburton Millgrove, 77.20, 28. 7. Monbulk Seville, 33.97, 16. 8. Kinglake, 34.8,12. 9. Woori Yallock Powwelltown, 34.40, 12. ■ Veterans. Fixtures. Round 7. Saturday, July 23. Emerald v Mount Evelyn. Marysville v Woori Yallock. Wandin v Croydon North.

■ Division 1. B-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Woori Yallock 41 d Upwey Tecoma 35. Monbulk Hawks 40 d Healesville 39. Emerald 50 d Mount Evelyn 45. Wandin 56 d Olinda Ferny Creek 49. Warburton Millgrove 61 d Belgrave 25. ■ Division 1. C-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Woori Yallock 54 d Upwey Tecoma 24. Healesville 41 d Monbulk Hawks 18. Mount Evelyn 42 d Emerald 17. Wandin 40 d Olinda Ferny Creek 20. Warburton Millgrove 30 drew with Belgrave 30. ■ Division 1. D-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Upwey Tecoma 27 d Woori Yallock 25. Healesville 38 d Monbulk Hawks 22. Mount Evelyn 26 d Emerald 15. Wandin 35 d Olinda Ferny Creek 31. Belgrave 22 d Warburton Millgrove 11. ■ Division 2. A-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Seville 55 d Thornton Eildon 24. Alexandra - Bye. Yarra Glen 60 d Yarra Junction 20. Yea 54 d Powelltown 32. Fixture. Saturday, July 23. Alexandra v Yarra Glen. Powelltown v Seville. Thornton Eildon - Bye. Yarra Junction v Yea. ■ Division 2. B-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Alexandra 61 d Kinglake 19. Seville - Bye. Yarra Glen 52 d Yarra Junction 26. Yea 35 d Powelltown 30. ■ Division 2. C-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Alexandra - Bye. Yarra Glen 43 d Yarra Junction 16. Yea 31 d Powelltown 21. Gembrook Cockatoo 35 d Kinglake 29. ■ Division 2. D-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Alexandra - Bye. Yarra Glen 41 d Yarra Junction 8. Powelltown 31 d Yea 18.

■ Division 3. Under 19s. Heathmont 10.10 (70) d South Belgrave 4.8 (32). Chirnside Park 13.10 (8) d The Basin 2.6 (18). Upper Ferntree Gully 11.13 (79) d Scoresby 9.13 (67). Boronia v Templestowe. Park Orchards 9.12 (66) d Warrandyte 7.7 (49). ■ Division 4. Seniors. Surrey Park 13.9 (87) d Donvale 10.12 (72). Ferntree Gully 16.11 (107) d Glen Waverley Hawks 10.10 (70). Forest Hill 50.31 (331) d Nunawading 1.1 (7). KIlsyth 16.19 (115) d Eastern Lions 4.4 (28). Whitehorse Pioneers 13.19 (97) d Coldstream 10.10 (70). ■ Division 4. Reserves. Donvale 17.7 (109) d Surrey Park 5.6 (36). Ferntree Gully 157 d Glen Waverley Hawks 20. Forest Hill 24.28 (172) d Nunawading 1.0 (6). Kilsyth 18.20 (128) d Eastern Lions 2.3 (15). Whitehorse Pioneers 25.15 (155) d Coldstream 2.2 (14). ■ Division 4. Under 19s. Donvale 9.3 (57) d Surrey Park 7.3 (45). Kilsuth v Eastern Lions. Ferntree Gully 20.14 (134) d Blackburn Pioneers 5.5 (35). Forest Hill Eagles - Bye.

■ Section 5. Kilmore 1 32 d Watsonia 3 24. Epping 1 34 d Thomastown 2 21. St Mary’s 2 21 d Greensborough 4 18. Macleod 34 d Whittlesea 18. ■ Section 6. Heat 3 30 d Hurstbridge 2 23. Whittlesea 4 36 d Bundoora 4 19. North Heidelberg 3 27 d South Morangf 2 22. West Ivanhoe 1 43 d Mernda 2 15. Whittlesea 5 38 d West Preston Lakeside 12. ■ Section 7. Whittlesea 6 23 d Watsonia 4 21. North Heidelberg 4 36 d Montmorency 1 23. St Martin 28 d Greensborough 5 26. Thomastown 3 22 d Fitzroy Stars 3 19. ■ Section 8. South Morang 3 32 d St Mary’s 3 17. Epping 2 49 d Kilmore 2 22. Watsonia 5 30 d West Ivanhoe 15. ■ Section 9. Bundoora 5 41 d Lalor 2 29. Fitzroy Stars 4 23 d Keon Park 13. Heat 4 30 d Hurstbridge 3 15. Thomastown 4 - Bye. ■ Section 10. Kilmore 3 35 d Heidelberg West 21. Montmorency 2 21 d Bundoora 6 20. Kilmore 4 44 d Thomastown 5 7. Mernda 3 16 drew with Fitzroy Stars 5 16.

AFL YARRA RANGES DIV. 2. SCOREBOARD ■ Seniors. Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 16. Gembrook Cockato 15.10 (100) d Kinglake 14.15 (99). Seville 37.29 (251) d Thornton Eildon 5.1 (31). Yarra Glen 16.15 (111) d Yarra Junction 13.13 (91). Powelltown 12.14 (86) d Yea 11.15 (81). Alexandra - Bye. Ladder. 1. Yarra Glen, 152.78, 40. 2. Kinglake, 125.30, 36. 3. Alexandra, 110.98, 36. 4. Gembrook Cockatoo, 102.72, 36. 5. Seville, 143.38, 32. 6. Yea, 132.01, 28. 7. Powelltown, 103.97, 24. 8. Yarra Junction, 84.03, 24. 9. Thornton Eildon, 21.43, 4. Fixture. Zaidee Round. Saturday, July 23. Alexandra v Yarra Glen. Powelltown v Seville. Thornton Eildon v Gembrook Cockatoo. Yarra Junction v Yea. Kinglake - Bye. ■ Reserves. Results. Round 13. Saturday, July 16. Gembrook Cockatoo 15.15 (105) d Kinglake 1.0 (6). Seville 10.15 (75) d Thornton Eildon 2.6 (18). Yarra Glen 19.14 (128) d Yarra Junction 4.1 (25). Yea 11.17 (83) d Powelltown 0.4 (4). Alexandra - Bye. Ladder. 1. Yarra Glen, 407.01, 44. 2. Gembrook Cockatoo, 189.03, 44. 3. Alexandra, 180.18, 36. 4. Kinglake, 116.83, 36. 5. Seville, 93.97, 28. 6. Yarra Junction, 90.38, 28. 7. Yea, 96.30, 24. 8. Powelltown, 37.89, 10. 9. Thornton Eildon, 29.43, 10.

AFL YARRA RANGES NETBALL SCOREBOARD ■ Division 1. A-Grade. Results. Saturday, July 16. Woori Yallock 69 d Upwey Tecoma 38. Monbulk Hawks 52 d Healesville 47. Mount Evelyn 58 d Emerald 29. Wandin 59 d Olinda Ferny Creek 55. Belgrave 71 d Warburton Millgrove 54. Fixture. Belgrave v Monbulk Hawks. Emerald v Woori Yallock. Healesville b Wandin. Olinda Ferny Creek v Mount Evelyn. Upwey Tecoma v Warburton Millgrove.

EASTERN DISTRICT LEAGUE SCOREBOARD ■ Division 1. Seniors. Balwyn 20.15 (135) d East Ringwood 4.3 (27). Blackburn 20.13 (133) d Knox 6.6 (42). Doncaster 19.13 (127) d North Ringwood 12.8 (80). South Croydon 12.14 (86) d Montrose 13.3 (81). Noble Park 13.15 (93)d Norwod 12.6 (78). Vermont 12.14 (86) d Rowville 13.7 (85). ■ Division 1. Reserves. Balwyn 10.8 (68) d East Ringwood 3.11 (29). Blackburn 9.16 (70) d Knox 8.4 (52). Doncaster 14.12 (96) d North Ringwood 6.1 (37). Montrose 13.11 (89) d South Croydon 3.7 (25). Norwood 10.3 (63) d Noble Park 8.11 (59). Vermont 10.13 (73) d Rowville 7.8 (50). ■ Division 1. Under 19s. Blackburn 20.17 (137) d Knox 3.4 (22). Doncaster 10.4 (64) d North Ringwood 3.8 (26). Montrose 13.8 (86) d South Croydon 8.10 (58). Noble Park 11.7 (73) d Norwood 6.6 (42). Vermont 14.17 (101) d Rowville 3.2 (20). East Ringwood - Bye. ■ Division 2. Seniors. Lilydale 11.14 (80) d Croydon 4.11 (35). East Burwod 15.6 (96) d Waverley Blues 11.7 (73). Bayswater 21.13 (139) d Mulgrave 12.6 (78). Doncaster East 15.10 (100) d Mitcham 9.23 (77). Wantirna South 16.14 (110) d Mooroolbark 11.9 (75). ■ Division 2. Reserves. Lilydale 10.11 (71) d Croydon 5.5 (35). Waverley Blues 14.16 (100) d East Burwood 1.5 (11). Bayswater 19.14 (128) d Mulgrave 3.8 (26). Doncaster East 9.7 (61) d Mitcham 5.12 (42). Mooroolbark 9.12 (66) d Wantirna South 10.5 (65). ■ Division 2. Under 19s. Lilydale 11.9 (75) d Croydon 7.6 (48). Mulgrave 11.4 (70) d Mitcham 8.11 (59). Wantirna South 11.19 (85) d Mooroolbark 3.11 (29). Waverley Blues - Bye. ■ Division 3. Seniors. Heathmont 17.18 (120) d South Belgrave 5.3 (33). Ringwood 17.19 (121_) d Park Orchards 6.12 (48). Chirnside Park 18.13 (121) d The Basin 14.7 (91). Upper Ferntree Gully 17.17 (119) d Scoresby 10.9 (69). Boronia 15.9 (99) d Templestowe 14.10 (94). Warrandyte 17.13 (115) d Silvan 10.7 (67). ■ Division 3. Reserves. South Belgrave 8.7 (55) d Heathmont 5.9 (39). Ringwood 8.12 (60) d Park Orchards 6.10 (46). Chirnside Park 6.11 (47) d The Basin 6.8 (44). Upper Ferntree Gully 8.8 (56) d Scoresby 8.7 (55). Templestowe 10.6 (66) d Boronia 8.4 (52). Warrandyte 17.23 (125)

NORTHERN DISTRICT LEAGUE SCOREBOARD ■ Division 1. Seniors. Macelod 15.13 (103) d Montmorency 10.11 (71). Greensborough 10.17 (77) d West Preston Lakeside 8.11 (59). Northcote Park 20.16 (136) d Lower Plenty 15.5 (95). Heidelberg 17.20 (122) d Whittlesea 8.10 (58). Bundoora 16.7 (103) d Eltham 8.12 (60). ■ Division 1. Reserves. Macleod 11.6 (72) d Montmorency 10.4 (64). Greensborough 16.11 (107) d West Preston Lakeside 7.7 (49). Northcote Park 14.12 (96) d Lower Plenty 13.10 (8). Heidelberg 18.9 (117) d Whittlesea 6.3 (39). Bundoora 9.9 (63) d Eltham 9.5 (59). ■ Division 1. Under 19. Montmorency 11.8 (74) d Macleod 10.13 (73). Greensborough 20.14 (134) d West Preston Lakeside 10.6 (66). Lower Plenty 13.10 (8) d Northcote Park 6.12 (48). Bundoora 9.11 (65) d Eltham 6.8 (44). Whittlesea - Bye. ■ Division 2. Seniors. North Heidelberg 10.11 (71) d Diamond Creek 7.8 (50). Thomastown 18.15 (123) d Panton Hill 19.8 (122). Fitzroy Stars 22.9 (141) d Hurstbridge 16.16 (112). Lalor - Bye. ■ Division 2. Reserves. Diamond Creek 13.9 (87) d North Heidelberg 6.9 (45). Thomastown 32.15 (207) d Panton Hill 0.2 (2). Hurstbridge 11.9 (75) d Fitzroy Stars 7.7 (49). Lalor - Bye. ■ Division 2. Under 19. St Mary’s 18.8 (116) d Panton Hill 4.5 (29). Diamond Creek 24.23 (167) d North Heidelberg 1.0 (6). Epping 13.6 (84) d Mernda 7.8 (50). Kilmore 6.7 (43) d Hurstbridge 5.6 (36). Banyule 13.12 (90) d South Morang 7.6 (48). ■ Division 3. Seniors. Mernda 13.12 (90) d Epping 9.7 (61). St Mary’s 22.16 (148) d Heidelberg West 9.10 (64). Watsonia 21.9 (135) d Kilmore 5.4 (34). South Morang 16.4 (100) d Banyule 7.11 (53). ■ Division 3. Reserves. Epping 24.11 (155) d Mernda 5.8 (38). St Mary’s 20.17 (137) d Heidelberg West 5.5 (35). Watsonia 6.9 (45) d Kilmore 5.5 (35). South Morang 18.14 (122) d Banyule 2.3 (15).

NORTHERN DISTRICT NETBALL SCOREBOARD ■ Section 1. North Heidelberg 1 58 d Greensnorough 1 57. Bundoora 1 57 d Northcote Park 28. Fitzroy Stars 1 69 d West Preston Lakeside 1 57. Diamond Creek 1 - Bye. ■ Section 2. Whittlesea 1 27 d St Mary’s 21. South Morang 1 30 d Bundoora 2 15. Heat 1 29 d Diamond Creek 2 18. Watsonia 1 30 d Eltham 11. ■ Section 3. Ivanhoe 30 d North Heidelberg 27. Greensborough 2 30 d Diamond Creek 3 22. Mernda 1 35 d Whittlesea 2 30. ■ Section 4. Lalor 1 35 d Greensborough 3 29. Hurstbridge 1 33 d Fitzroy Stars 31. Watsonia 2 42 d Diamond Creek 4 21. Heat 2 25 d Thomastown 1 20. Bundoora 3 - Bye.


Goulburn Valley Football League ■ Seniors. Benalla 15.14 (104) d Mansfield 9.10 (64). Shepparton United 14.9 (93) d Mooroopna 10.7 (67). Kyabram 10.13 (73) d Seymour 9.10 (64). Euroa 13.7 (85) d Tatura 10.10 (70). Shepparton 9.10 (64) d Shepparton Swans 7.20 (62). Rochester 13.9 (87) d Echuca 7.8 (50). ■ Reserves. Mansfield 19.9 (123) d Benalla 5.1 (31). Shepparton United 19.12 (126) d Mooroopna 3.8 (24). Kyabram 16.12 (108) d Seymour 5.3 (33). Tatura 9.11 (65) d Euroa 6.3 (39). Shepparton Swans 8.6 (54) d Shepparton 5.11 (41). Echuca 9.3 (57) d Rochester 6.16 (52). ■ Under 18s. Benalla 11.6 (72) d Mansfield 3.1 (19). Shepparton United 9.12 (66) d Mooroopna 0.2 (2). Kyabram 11.17 (83) d Seymour 5.5 (35). Euroa v Tatura. Shepparton 18.9 (117) d Shepparton Swans 2.1 (13). Rochester 7.4 (46) d Echuca 10.8 (68).


From Page 15 Q4. Heathcote came on this quarter stronger and with determined pressure, making it harder for the Yea girls to score. Yea stayed in the lead to win. Yea 44, Heathcote/Pucka 13 Awards; Tiger Bucks – Abbey Brunt. Royal Mail Hotel - Ruby O’Dwyer UNDER 16 Q1. This first quarter was very scrappy as the girls adjusted to the indoor court. Mia and Nik shot well and Teagan and Sophie repelled H/P attacks. Sarah, Becky and Caitlyn provided a lot of drive through the mid court. Yea 15, H/ P7 Q2. The girls improved play this quarter with Sarah and Nikki working like a well-oiled machine in goal, assisted by Sophie and Becky in the mid-court. With Mia and Teagan in defence, the H/P shooters were outsmarted and struggled to feed into the ring, both girls taking several intercepts.Yea 51, H/P 11 Q3. The team started the third quarter strongly and this resulted in several turnovers. Hannah played really well with Teagan and Mia in defence. Caity, Nik and Sarah combined with Becky to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Yea 60 H/P 14 Q4. With mostly the same positions, the girls didn’t back off, but kept going strongly, barely missing a goal. Defence also making it difficult for the H/P attackers. Yea 80 H/P 17 Awards: Royal Mail Hotel – Hannah Broderick. Tiger Bucks – Sarah Armstrong Heathcote Pucka were unable to provide an umpire for the day, so thanks goes to Nikki, Lauren, Cindy Hayes and Jude for helping out.

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The Local Paper. July 20, 2016

The Local Paper. July 20, 2016  

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