Bath Life – Issue 377

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For pets’ sake


ath loves animals. Fact. And there are just so many pet-friendly businesses in the city, that there was never going to be a way we could tell you about all of them in just seven pages. But we’ve picked a handful of our absolute favourites for you – including a luxury pet hotel, for dogs who aren’t fans of kennels; a bakery which solely makes birthday cakes and special treats to be enjoyed by those with four legs; a brewery named after its owner’s naughty puppy; and watersports sessions for furry friends and their humans.


A guide to the pet-centric hotspots, hangouts, activities and businesses in the city and beyond

By Lisa Evans


If leaving your dogs alone all day is something you’d never do, and if they’re not a fan of kennels when you go on holiday, here are a few alternatives… Bath Country Pets Boutique Hotel Emma Edwards, managing director This new purpose-built dog hotel in North Wraxall is a luxurious, comfortable option for holidaying pooches.

Tell us about your dog hotel… There was a clear gap in the market for families, like us, who have canine companions, but who would not feel comfortable leaving them in a traditional kennel environment. So, we set about creating the perfect, cool, boutique place for them to stay. What’s there? Four acres of gardens and meadows for visiting dogs to enjoy, with fun and games and lots of attention on offer from our friendly team, and places to relax in the shade on a hot day. We make each day different, rewarding

and fun; we go on ‘excursion walks’, where we encounter new smells, rivers, streams, woodlands and hills. Where do the dogs sleep? There are individual bedrooms. They are airy and spacious, with sheep’s wool-stuffed beds and a selection of stimulating toys. Classical music and lavender oil infusers create a sense of calm in sleeping areas and at rest time. There’s underfloor heating, insulated walls, and no bars or cages. What price are we talking? Day care is £32 for eight hours, and £5 per hour after that. And 24 hours’ stay starts at £46. The Collar Club Louise Bush, owner This mobile, Bath-based pet-sitter looks after all manner of species, from the security of your own home. Tell us what you do… I offer pet-sitting, mainly for cats and dogs, but, in the past, I’ve looked after rabbits, birds