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Luxury vinyl planks

for the President The new Traviloc Allure luxury vinyl flooring boasting the authentic Rustic Maple woodgrain, has been specified for the revamp of the President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town.


or special treatment. Mopping using a locally available vinyl cleaner is all that’s required. Commercial cleaning machines using polyester or nylon pads can be used. Normal domestic chemicals, cosmetics and beverages will not damage the extra stain-resistant surface of Traviloc, provided chemicals are cleaned up within a reasonable time, although if severe damage is caused, individual planks can be removed and replaced and rooms will be back in service the same day. An extensive commercial warranty is provided by Traviloc, underwritten by Halstead International which has operated out of 23 manufacturing plants worldwide for over fifty years. Traviloc is imported and distributed in Southern Africa by Traviata

he decision to use Traviloc was based mainly on aesthetics and the

Flooring Systems in Johannesburg. Available in eight stock patterns

hygiene and maintenance benefits offered by the floor. They were

locally, however there are some 30 options to choose from if a specific

also impressed with the locking system which meant no lifting corners, fast-track installation and the ability to repair without any adhesives. The project is scheduled to commence on September 1st and will be

look is needed for a project. Traviata Flooring Systems Tel: 011 974 6315

completed in three stages. On completion some 13 000m2 of Traviloc

Cell: 082 595 2061 (Hugh Krog)

will have been installed. The material will be supplied by Mazista who


are the exclusive Traviloc agents for the Western and Eastern Cape.


Mazista will also manage the installation of this project. Speed of installation using the patented Uniclic slide lock mechanism, is a major benefit Traviloc has to offer the hotel and leisure industry. Installation also has the added advantage of being noise-, dust- and odour-free. Traviloc is also completely waterproof, and hospitality environments are often subjected to spills of all kinds. Traviloc will not expand, warp or twist as a result and only needs to be mopped or wiped if spills occur. These floors are also easy to maintain, requiring no waxing, polishing

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine

FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine