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Kirman Visit our website at for further Nouwens Platinum Partner and Nouwens Appointed Dealer listings,

every Hotels • Lodges • Boutiques • General Commercial • Airports Wool is simply the best all round carpet fibre. Kirman is tailored to provide a classic flooring solution for executive commercial areas as well as upmarket lodges and boutique hotels.

GRADING Medium Contract / Heavy Domestic SABS USE CLASS







100% Pure New Wool


3.66 m

STITCH RATE per 10cm

±55 - 61 depending on design


±1 200 g/m²


±1 780 g/m²


±7 mm


±9 mm


Woven pp tape




Twenty Ten

Madison Square Kirman Fact is – wool is simply the best all-round carpet fibre. Nouwens has tailored the Medium Commercial Kirman range to provide a classic flooring solution for executive commercial areas as well as upmarket lodges and boutique hotels. Four very tasteful Kirman neutrals each come in three different patterns – a textured rib, lattice and basket weave, which can be very effectively combined for an innovative décor effect. It is the textured effect, in high-performance tight loops, that ensures Kirman’s lasting good looks.

Contracta Spec

One of the first Nouwens Platinum Edition ranges, Kirman has earned itself a place of honour as a firm trade favourite. This is thanks to its appealing sophisticated look, its brilliant track record and the regular updates of patterns and colours. Kirman also comes with all the possible peace-of-mind endorsements – the SABS mark of quality, Nouwens Wool Collection, Platinum Edition and a Five-Year Quality Guarantee. Colours or contact Nouwens Carpets direct at the following numbers 011 796 5180, 021 447 2856 or 031 502 5730.


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Reduce costs; improve assets Bergvik is a leading international supplier of access flooring, and CEO Peter Brandstrom says, “We work hard to increase our customers’ value chain

Adhesives / Coatings a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Coprox FloorworX TAL (Norcros SA) Zimbo’s Trading

and competitive strength through close cooperation and a strong enduser perspective.” “The old mindset was to build a floor the cheapest way possible – now we build floors that help customers reduce their costs and increase their

Carpets Belgotex Floorcoverings Nexus (Belgotex Floorcoverings) Nouwens Carpets Selborne Carpet Wholesalers Van Dyck Carpets Zollanvari

revenue streams while improving their asset turnover.” Read more on Page …. of this issue


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Wood specifying

at its best!

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EDITORIAL COMMENT Corporate & Retail Flooring Currently the flooring requirements for corporate and retail buildings have so much in common – the need for good-looking floors that meet the company image, requirements for minimum maintenance, and the need to last forever (under sometimes abnormal usage) have become the norm! Access Flooring & Cable Management This feature on Access Flooring & Cable Management Systems provides an increasingly important annual update on the products and services available to meet the changing needs of clients striving to keep ahead of the game in the IT sector. In this issue we talk to the people that are involved. Exterior Flooring & Paving Our annual feature on Exterior Flooring & Paving always confirms what a competitive sector this is with so many options, products and systems available. In this issue we look at the latest developments in ‘outdoor flooring’ products.

FLOORS is about ceramics, carpets, vinyls, wood, laminates, marble, granite, cement, stone ... any floor you can think of. It is also about accessories like rugs, adhesives and tools. Readers are welcome to contact us for any information. FLOORS is published six weekly by Media in Africa (Pty) Ltd. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. We accept no responsibility for information published. PUBLISHER: Media in Africa (Pty) Ltd. Contact information: Tel (012) 347 7530 Fax (012) 347 7523 International: +27 e-mail: PO Box 25260, Monument Park, 0105; Republic of South Africa Unit G, First Floor, Castle Walk Corporate Park, Cnr Nossob & Swakop Streets, Erasmuskloof Ext. 3, Pretoria, RSA

Founder: Schalk Burger

Cement & Concrete Concrete floors are now universally used in a wide range of applications from industrial spaces to high- quality floors in upmarket residences and entertainment areas. They can be colour-impregnated, stained, provided with a decorative layer, painted, polished, etched, stamped and used in combination with most other flooring materials to good effect – and in truly hardworking areas they can be provided with dry-shake hardener applications or installed with a variety of reinforcing materials. Achieving results!

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show that over the period July-December 2009 FLOORS

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In Africa attained the highest circulation figures of any

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magazine in the Architectural section.

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The latest Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures

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Fa s h i o n & D e s i g n

Although it is a bit late in the year to be forecasting what materials will find favour in 2010, it is interesting to take a hindsight look at what one of America’s top design schools – the Harrington College of Design in Chicago – thought would happen this year (www. – to which acknowledgement and thanks are given).

Flooring trends for 2010! 2010’s Flooring Trends When you walk into a room there are many pieces that come together to create the look and feel that you get. The colour scheme, the type and placement of furniture, the décor, and the flooring all work in tandem to coordinate a unified design. Although each piece plays an important part, it is the flooring that can truly set the tone for a room. Just as there are trends in fashion, dieting, automobiles, hairstyles and nearly every other commercial aspect of our society, there are definitive trends in flooring as well. To ensure that your home won’t be out of style in the coming year, we have compiled a helpful list of flooring trends for 2010. In 2010, the trends in flooring will continue going green. Sustainability

and health are going to be the name

F LO O R S A u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Fa s h i o n & D e s i g n

of the game, and manufacturers are going to be working hard to produce increased varieties of products that look great while meeting these requirements. Beautiful flooring materials made from renewable resources, bio-based fibres, and hypoallergenic and natural products are going to be big. Shown below are the trendy materials for 2010. Bamboo: This flooring material creates a glossy, Asian-inspired look that will give your home a streamlined, tailored appearance. Bamboo is harder and more durable than oak, and because it is a plentiful, renewable resource, you can rest easy walking on these floors every day. Cork: This warm and resistant material comes in a wide variety of colours and designs. It is durable enough for even the most high-traffic areas of the house, and you can easily create custom designs with borders, inserts and accent colours. Cork is anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and it is harvested without killing the trees it comes from, so it is environmentally friendly. Hardwood: This classic and elegant flooring material enhances the look of any room and ultimately increases the value of your home. This year, the most popular hardwood stains are going to be the mid-toned – and wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed looks are going to continue being big. Hardwood flooring is timeless, it’s great for people with allergies, and it’s environmentally friendly. Ceramic and Porcelain: These versatile tiles offer the most room for creativity and individuality in your home. Large rectangular tiles in darker earth tones are going to be the most popular, and those that mimic stone, textiles, concrete, wood, leather, marble, and other similar materials will be in demand. In addition, more textured tiles, especially those with a metallic finish, are a must-have in 2010. Because they are made from natural substances and have an incredibly long life, this flooring option will help you go green this year. SmartStrand Carpet: This environmentally friendly carpet is made from a corn-based polymer, so it requires less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases than nylon production. In addition, it is engineered with an incredible stain resistance that never wears off. SmartStrand feels soft and luxurious and comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. Look for this carpet in cut and loop patterns, neutral colours, and intense textures this year. Don’t forget that linoleum is always a popular flooring choice as well, because it is natural, sustainable, durable, and comes in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and styles. It is great in kitchens and bathrooms, and it offers great opportunity for creating custom looks. When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, there are nearly endless possibilities. Even if you only consider the materials listed above, you still have thousands of colours, textures and patterns to choose from. Go green and stay in style by choosing from any of the fabulous flooring trends for 2010 listed above.

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Once again our October/November issue (Journal 7/10) will contain some really great features! Take a look: c i r f a n i @media e n n a x o . r a i c i n i r f c a n e Ma mediain @ i r r Roxann e t wey 7530 Terri Bo 12 347

Tel: +27

ne ble, locally o t S & n i a orcell feature on what is availa materials are P , c i m a r Ce ur well-read annua arket sector. These velopers busy m and de This is o tractors this very n o in c , , s ors. s a r e s ie r pecif their flo s r s a fo and ove s d r n e ma ive answ great de st-effect o c , always in g in r wea find hard issed! seek to to be m t o n re featu Always a


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Products & Ser vices

Never compromise on quality Seamless stone flooring has been successfully

licence,” says Stewart.

installed in South Africa for almost 10 years and

– Quartz Carpet will be offering a 5-year product warranty! We

almost 30 years worldwide; however, the popular-

will also be looking to the export market in 2011 for even greater

ity of the product and hard economic times have

“By the end of the year – and as soon as testing is completed

returns,” confirms Stewart. “Epoxy-based flooring systems will always yellow when exposed

seen many inferior cheaper stone flooring systems

externally and so can only be specified for internal use. We have been

being introduced to the market.

alerted to companies that mislead the public into believing that their


hese flooring systems are made with either crushed marble chips, jasper chips, crushed quartz or other crushed unknown aggregate.

product does not yellow on external exposure because they seal their external floors with a very thin coat of polyurethane,” says Nicolay. “The fact is that this thin layer may not yellow as they say, but the

The stone particles themselves are filled with hundreds of cracks and

main binder system yellows dramatically,” he says. “Anyone thinking

fissures as a result of the harsh crushing process adopted.

of using these products should always ask whether the product is UV-

These stones register a maximum MOH hardness of about 3 or 4, whereas the imported alluvial quartz used in the Quartz Carpet system has a MOH of 8 – more than double the hardness. A diamond measures

stable, and for how long, and establish whether it is an epoxy or polyurethane system.” Stewart adds, “Laboratory test results provide the proof that is

10! Quartz Carpet stone is prepared and packaged under stringent EU

required in making this judgment. Epoxy costs approximately half of

regulations and ISO 9002 standards.

polyurethane and we all know that “goedkoop is duurkoop”! Although

Jeremy Stewart, owner of Seamless Flooring Systems and the brand Quartz Carpet – now a registered trademark in South Africa – says he is extremely confident of the Quartz Carpet flooring system but he is

we know their results, we do not know what is going into the other products,” Stewart says. “Thankfully, architects and designers usually do their homework and

concerned that the introduction of inferior-quality floors will affect this

many already know Quartz Carpet. But many others have been lured

flooring category.

away by price – only to return with shocking stories of their experi-

Dale Nicolay of Glasscote Resins cautions that specifiers and endusers should be aware and careful of fly-by-night or misleading compa-

ences. Unfortunately, it is the poor homeowner who is often stuck with these inferior products and their inherent failures,” Stewart concludes.

nies. “The polyurethane binder, which is used in the Quartz Carpet sys-

Quartz Carpet

tem is a 100% UV-stable, non-yellowing binder, without any additives

Tel: 086 178 2789

or extenders used to cheapen the cost of the resin,” he says.

Fax: 021 7974743

“Quartz Carpet which is applied externally is guaranteed to be



100% UV-stable. The raw materials are fully imported and made specifically for us, to our specification, and under our direction and

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Products & Ser vices

Don’t you just long for products that are not available? For example, a concrete-look floor that is easy to install? Witex pure concrete-look floor panels do precisely that!

pure floating concrete-look floor P

ure is a new type of floor, consisting of a

water-resistant core board with a concrete-

look wear layer. The surface looks and feels like concrete, but is much lighter than the real thing, and can be installed and retrofitted anywhere. Due to its exceptional appearance, pure is sure to be a big hit with architects, exhibition stand designers, interior decorators and contractors. The new Witex flooring opens up completely new perspectives for interior design. New ambiences can be created, offering a new wave of purist designs. Wood, steel and glass elements blend perfectly with pure to form a cool industrial style.

12 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

The technical features of this new development are also unprecedented. The core material UniProtect ensures that pure achieves much better k-values than conventional wood composite boards or solid plastic boards. The resulting downward insulation effect turns pure into a thermal insulation floor that guarantees greater stability than normal insulating boards in spite of its significantly lower weight. The German floor specialist launched two versions of its first collection earlier this year, and from the idea to the finished product Witex has developed pure in cooperation with Schubert GmbH & Co.KG, whose products are better known under the name imi-beton. This manufacturer of composite materials based in Wettringen, Germany, specialises in furnishing buildings and offices and enhancing furniture with imi-beton boards. Inspired by industrial concrete surfaces, the two companies joined forces to create this new type of top-quality flooring.

Product structure; features; application areas The basis for the new Witex multi-layer floor product is a waterresistant and rot-proof 15mm UniProtect core board. Due to its water retention value of less than 1%, the core board allows pure to be installed in wet areas. The 1mm concrete wear layer is a special coating compound based on a dispersion of polymer with a high proportion of mineral and natural marble powder. To improve acoustic properties, a 1,5mm thick Witex footfall noise insulation board Sound-Protect Eco is laminated onto the core board by the manufacturer.

The wear layer is factory-sealed with a polyurethane varnish and can be re-sealed after installation to guarantee suitability for contract use. The overall thickness of the flooring is 17,5mm. The handy-size floor panels include profiles measuring 1 292 x 410mm (effective area: 1 270 x 385mm) and are currently available in light grey (cement grey) and dark grey. Simple and effortless installation of the floor elements is facilitated by the proven LocTec-Pro (fold down) click system, the patented locking technology from Valinge Innovation. pure can be perfectly machined – shaped, sawed, or drilled – using carbide-tipped tools during installation. Due to its versatility and ease of use, the new product offers the retail trade and fitters new niches for the installation of flooring. The concrete look multi-layer floor pure from Witex really does provide interior decorators, contractors and architects with a completely new design language.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Products & Ser vices

Tips on tiles

Tiletoria, one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of quality wall and floor tiles, has issued a booklet ‘Tips on Tiling & Purchasing Tiles’ providing the dos and don’ts of how to buy tiles. Extracts from this booklet have been used in the preparation of this article.


ost importantly, the tiles to be used must be selected with care – with particular attention paid to how they will perform

have been installed without movement joints – which should be

due to sand and dirt being brought in will quickly remove the glaze

installed at maximum intervals of five metres in each direction. Make

on unsuitable tiles (such as bathroom tiles used in high-traffic areas).

sure you get the correct professional advice in this respect.

Even hard glazes that are subjected to enough similar abuse will wear. Assuming that you have got the correct measurements and

The ‘spot’ method of applying the adhesive is definitely to be avoided. Hollows behind the tiles provide no impact resistance, and

required quantities of tiles, Tiletoria recommends that an additional

tiles fixed in this way may soon fall off the wall, or crack when walked

10% should be purchased..

upon on the floor.

This will enable any damaged tiles to be replaced, bearing in mind

Never fall into the trap of buying the cheapest adhesive. Although

that tiles are a fashion item and designs change rapidly, which means

the initial cost may be much lower, the cost of replacing the tiles later

that if you try to obtain the same tile, say 9-12 months later – you

is up to 20 times more, by the time the floor has been stripped, new

may be unlucky. Also, buying extra at the same time will ensure that

tiles and adhesive bought, and extra labour and laying costs incurred.

any replacement will come from the same colour batch. In this respect, it is always advisable to select tiles from various boxes simultaneously when laying them, in order to obtain an accept-

Finally, always seek a reputable tiler and try to get a reference from a previous contract and ask to see his work. To avoid these pitfalls and obtain the best tiles for your particular

able colour blend. Laying them one complete box at a time may

application, call in at your nearest Tiletoria showroom for expert

induce a ‘patchy’ overall appearance to the floor.

advice from the sales personnel, and an enormous selection to meet

Jointing is always a bone of contention. Before fixing, find the most


Over time, the same effect will be found on large floor areas that

in entrance halls, shop floors, and any other areas where scratching

any requirement.

suitable minimum group gap for the tiles purchased, and make the


joints in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Never

Tel: 021 511 3125

butt-joint floor tiles, because expansion in the tiles will cause cracks

Fax: 021 511 3119

and ‘popping’, that is, tiles lifting off the cement or adhesive bed.


F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

15 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

16 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

17 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

Architecture in the age of social housing

From council houses to co-housing, the demand for

29 September in the Architecture Gallery, featuring an address by

social housing has evolved enormously and is now

of Modena, followed by Michael Keith, professor of sociology at the

Claudio Baraldi, Dean of Humanities and Philosophy at the University

challenging the very concept of private and public

University of Oxford and director of COMPAS (Centre of Migration,

spaces. Two meetings on this theme will be organised

Cultural Processes and Theory and Methods of Cultural Promotion at

Policy and Society), and Vittorio Iervese, who teaches Sociology of

at Cersaie with the participation of internationally

the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

acclaimed sociologists and housing professionals.

entitled Social housing: micro and macro, also to be held on the same

A stimulating and high-level debate will also be held at the meeting morning, featuring a debate between the high-density approach of


the medium/low-density housing concept, preferred by Italian archi-

state law established its framework and methodology. Housing is

tect Cino Zucchi.

a right, and it is the duty of society to ensure that it is accessible even to underprivileged segments of the population. This theme will be explored at Cersaie in two separate meetings as


Dutch firm MVRDV – represented by architect Natalie De Vries – and

ocial housing has a long history in Italy, ever since 1904 when a

part of the series of conferences entitled Building, dwelling, thinking. The first, Urban spaces and migration, will be held on Wednesday,

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Professor Fulvio Irace, architect and professor at Polidesign, the Milan Polytechnic Consortium set up for the purpose of providing innovative solutions in terms of projects and proposals in a constantly evolving technological, productive and professional context, will act as moderator and provide a further contribution to the debate.

19 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

Ensuring the spa is waterproof

TAL is proud to be associated with the refurbishment of the Spa at Sandton Sun, situated on the mezzanine level of the hotel. The renovation forms part of the hotel revamp for which TAL also supplied products.


specially formulated to accept the direct installation of tiles. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000, TAL products are designed, manufactured and tested to the strictest standards, thereby assuring customers that products will perform to specification. The TAL Warranty Programme offers developers, specifiers or architects a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided the Materials and Methods Specification is issued by TAL for the project;

he Spa features eight treatment rooms, each with its own shower

that TAL products are used strictly in accordance with the specifica-

and toilet as well as a sauna and a steam room. The renovation

tion; and the tiling is undertaken by a TAL-registered tiler – or the tile

entailed tiling and waterproofing. Tiling of approximately 380m² was undertaken by Exquisite Tiling, a TAL-registered tiler, and comprised the fixing of porcelain tiles onto partition walling, fitting porcelain tiles onto suspended slabs and

installation is monitored by an engineer nominated by TAL. “The possibility of any failure is alleviated as we carry the risk on the client’s behalf,” says Marius Botha, inland sales manager at TAL. TAL has a track record of over 35 years in the industry, with in excess

waterproofing and fixing porcelain tiles in the showers, sauna and

of 280 million m² of tiles successfully fixed with TAL adhesives, prov-

steam room.

ing it to be a market leader in quality, service and technology. TAL

TAL supplied TAL Keycoat, TAL Goldstar 6, TAL Bond and TAL Wall & Floor Grout that were used to install the porcelain tiles. TAL Superflex


screeds and fixatives; as well as waterproofing compounds that are

offers an effective range of tiling products suitable for any tiling application.

waterproofing compound and TAL Superflex Membrane were used to

TAL (a division of Norcros SA)

waterproof the showers, sauna and steam room before tiling.

Gauteng: 011 316 3133

The TAL product range includes adhesives for any type of ceramic,

Western Cape: 021 386 1810

porcelain or natural stone tiles; products for the preparation of floors

KwaZulu-Natal: 031 700 1535

before the installation of soft floorcoverings, including primers, addi-

Technical Advice Centre: 0860 000 TAL(825)

tives, patching and repair compounds, screeds and self-levelling


F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

TAL – solutions through technology TAL is proud to have contributed to the resounding success of the Cape Town Stadium by supplying its products for the finishing touches of this magnificent landmark.


AL Professional tile adhesive was selected to install some 3 000m² of tiling used internally for the walkways, passages, staircases, and the VIP and disabled

bathrooms. The architects for the Cape Town Stadium particularly specified TAL products for all the tiling adhesive requirements on this project due to their durability, reliability and strength in high-traffic areas. Some 3000 pieces of tiles were affixed using TAL products on the stair treads and stair risers and, to complete this sophisticated tiling installation, TAL Dove Grey Grout was used throughout the stadium. Due to the strict deadlines applied to the completion of the stadium, it was critical that only proven-quality and specialised adhesives, such as those manufactured by TAL, were used for this tiling installation. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000, TAL products are designed, manufactured and tested to the strictest standards, thereby assuring customers that products will perform to specification. TAL has an exemplary track record of over 35 years in the industry, with over 280 million square metres of tiles successfully fixed with its adhesives, proving it to be a market leader in quality, service and technology. In addition, TAL offers an effective range of tiling products suitable for any tiling application. Anyone wishing to know more should contact their nearest TAL office who will gladly be of service. TAL (a division of Norcros SA) Gauteng: 011 316 3133 Western Cape: 021 386 1810 KwaZulu-Natal: 031 700 1535 Technical Advice Centre: 0860 000 TAL(825)



F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

Profile of

What were your initial priorities to establish Rhoms Timberworld as a major supplier in the flooring/timber industry? The initial mission of Rhoms Timberworld was the establishment of

Richard Bentley

a sustainable African hardwood supply, as at that time supplies were

Having recently left Rhoms Timberworld, Richard

In 2004/2005 we went through a reinvention process, which resulted

Bentley is now engaged in running his own consul-

in developing the DIY laminate floor market which subsequently

very erratic due to supplier inconsistencies, inclement weather from time to time, and border closures. Simultaneously, we tried to create a level of professionalism in our installation division which was all too rarely seen in the marketplace. in our entering the retail market, and were highly instrumental

tancy and advisory company. FLOORS spoke to him

became dominated by the national majors.

about his time at Rhoms Timberworld and his envis-

was later replaced by Kronotex. We then later moved our laminate

aged future developments.

product range to Classen and Krono Original as suppliers and have

At that time we represented Power Dekor Laminate Floors which

successfully represented them for the last three years. In the last two years we migrated the business towards a high-end flooring product, project design and installation business which was extremely successful whilst maintaining our laminate floor market position.

What do you consider were the main successes? The success of Rhoms Timberworld was the professional manner in which all operations were conducted, good stock levels, and the application of correct technical design principles to all our projects. We always tried to be innovative in the approach to our market and the products offered to our clients and have been the first with many unique offerings. These successes were achieved through a team of high-quality players who always put the customer’s needs as a first priority. Of particular note have been some of the more successful projects undertaken over the years, including a solid laminate beam floor for a flour mill in Lesotho which saved weeks of production loss to the client; the introduction of Buzon pedestals which have been incorporated in many high-profile projects in recent years including the New National Library in Pretoria, City Lodge hotels countrywide and the renovation of Matlotlo House (the Old Reserve Bank Building) as well as the introduction of the Vintage range of engineered floors 5 years ago. The more recently completed highlight in 2010 of the Moloko Strathavon Hotel involved collaboration with Metallica Steel manufacturers for an extensive supply of wooden floors, decking, balustrading, custom made doors and gates, staircases and handrails.

And the future? Richard Bentley

Currently I am pursuing certain interests of my own and also assisting several exclusive clients with their unique projects.

You were involved at an early stage of the development of Rhoms Timberworld? Yes. We founded Rhoms Timberworld at the end of 2001 and first

Africa in order to provide closer client assistance throughout the region for some of the key projects that Buzon has in progress

opened our doors for trading in Strijdom Park in January 2002 with

throughout the rest of Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Current

just four employees.

projects listed include Botswana, Namibia, Ghana and Angola.

What was your career development until then?


Simultaneously, I am spearheading the launch of Buzon Southern

Richard Bentley

Prior to starting Rhoms Timberworld I had worked with Mondi

Tel: 011 463 7324

Sawmills as International Business Development Manager for both

Cell: 083 399 5174

the Mining Timber and Local Softwood Divisions, and also assumed

Fax: 011 706 1862

responsibility as National Sales Manager for part of this time.


F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

Luxury vinyl planks

for the President The new Traviloc Allure luxury vinyl flooring boasting the authentic Rustic Maple woodgrain, has been specified for the revamp of the President Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town.


or special treatment. Mopping using a locally available vinyl cleaner is all that’s required. Commercial cleaning machines using polyester or nylon pads can be used. Normal domestic chemicals, cosmetics and beverages will not damage the extra stain-resistant surface of Traviloc, provided chemicals are cleaned up within a reasonable time, although if severe damage is caused, individual planks can be removed and replaced and rooms will be back in service the same day. An extensive commercial warranty is provided by Traviloc, underwritten by Halstead International which has operated out of 23 manufacturing plants worldwide for over fifty years. Traviloc is imported and distributed in Southern Africa by Traviata

he decision to use Traviloc was based mainly on aesthetics and the

Flooring Systems in Johannesburg. Available in eight stock patterns

hygiene and maintenance benefits offered by the floor. They were

locally, however there are some 30 options to choose from if a specific

also impressed with the locking system which meant no lifting corners, fast-track installation and the ability to repair without any adhesives. The project is scheduled to commence on September 1st and will be

look is needed for a project. Traviata Flooring Systems Tel: 011 974 6315

completed in three stages. On completion some 13 000m2 of Traviloc

Cell: 082 595 2061 (Hugh Krog)

will have been installed. The material will be supplied by Mazista who


are the exclusive Traviloc agents for the Western and Eastern Cape.


Mazista will also manage the installation of this project. Speed of installation using the patented Uniclic slide lock mechanism, is a major benefit Traviloc has to offer the hotel and leisure industry. Installation also has the added advantage of being noise-, dust- and odour-free. Traviloc is also completely waterproof, and hospitality environments are often subjected to spills of all kinds. Traviloc will not expand, warp or twist as a result and only needs to be mopped or wiped if spills occur. These floors are also easy to maintain, requiring no waxing, polishing

23 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Products & Ser vices

Leading with quality Johnson Tiles continues to provide South Africa’s leading building supply retailers with locally produced and imported tile ranges and takes pride in its ability to develop and offer these retailers exclusive products lines manufactured to world standards. and glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain tiles at its state-of-theart tile plants in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng. Retailers seek exclusive tiles to offer their customers and Johnson Tiles is able to create, design, test and develop tiles according to clients’ specifications. This gives the Johnson Tiles client base the opportunity to compete in a retail market that demands uniquely designed ranges with guaranteed continuity in supply. Rigorous testing and quality-control measures ensure that the tiles manufactured conform to and exceed European Union stan-


surpass, both SABS 1440-1996 and the European EN 177 technical

ing and to meet both local and international quality stan-


dards,” says Jan Heystek, general manager at Johnson Tiles. The company manufactures high-quality, fashionable wall, floor,

On with the new! An exciting new flooring contractor has entered the Gauteng market with a bang from the first

For more information on Johnson Tiles, a division of Norcros SA, contact 011 316 3133.

obtained from any of the large South African manufacturers, both of the Floors Up branches have already been rated as Platinum Partners by Nouwens Carpets – a status reserved for only the best carpet shops in the country. Floors Up Tel: 011 318 0446

week of June this year! Known as Floors Up, this

Fax: 011 318 0447

company already has a comprehensive showroom


at its head office in Northern Suburbs and another in Centurion, and four highly competent installation teams able to tackle any project.


he business was started by Alan Edwards who, after a number of years with John Dore Flooring, decided to form this com-

pany, based of the values of providing customers with high-quality product, service and the best value for money in all their flooring needs. Customer service is the key to our success. The sales programme of Floors Up covers every type of flooring material except ceramic and porcelain tiles, including carpets, laminates and engineered wood floors, bamboo, vinyl flooring and artificial grass – and the main target market of the company is in the residential and commercial sector.


dards. In addition, tiles produced by Johnson Tiles comply with, or

ur clients have always trusted Johnson’s tiles to be hardwear-

These products are sourced from the top-echelon suppliers in each instance and, although carpets and other materials can be

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Products & Ser vices

PVC tiles for

University library The Polokwane branch of Carpet & Décor Centre ( – one of South Africa’s biggest suppliers and installers of floorcovering materials – has recently completed the installation of the library floor at the University of Limpopo, using PVC tiles of attractive design.


ver 1 200m² of Transit 8x8 PVC studded floor tiles were used for this project – supplied in the attractive Cobalt Blue that is

so popular, installed by Carpet & Décor using a 2-part polyurethane adhesive. These tiles are 300mm x 300mm with a base thickness of 2,20mm,

larly suitable for wet areas such as change rooms. Transit tiles do not

a stud height of 0,80mm, a total thickness of 3mm, and feature eight

absorb mineral oil-based liquids because they are PVC-based, and

rows of 8 round studs of 25mm diameter – which is how they get the

they are also impervious to most solvents and chemicals.

brand name of ‘Transit 8x8’.

Transit Floor Tiles

The pastille shape of the studs allows for easy cleaning, and pro-

Tel: 011 397 3330

vides excellent non-slip characteristics, which makes them particu-

Fax: 011 397 3810

6 different patterns 8 standard colours Complete Stair System Enhanced abrasion resistance Superior chemical resistance Jumbo Tiles – a ‘look-alike’ ceramic tile Conductive floor tiles for electronically sensitive areas also available

Tel (011) 397 3330 • Fax (011) 397 3810 • e-mail: • F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Products & Ser vices

Reinstatement of failed floor joints As a leading supplier of flooring materials to the construction industry, Sika was confidently specified by contractor MCS to reinstate 150 linear metres of failed floor joints at the DHL Warehouse in Pretoria West.


he joints in the old floor of the DHL warehouse had been subjected to materials-handling equipment, such as pallet jacks and

forklifts, and thus had spalled to such a degree that a simple joint sealer would not suffice, and the consistent heavy traffic had created cracks below the surface, causing concrete to split and chip off. The contractors were required to cut back and die into the concrete slab, clean the surface, and then begin priming the substrate with Sikafloor-156ZA Primer – a two-part resin used for priming concrete prior to the application of epoxy mortar screeds, self-levelling floor

industrial traffic that can be used to fill interior horizontal control

toppings and overlays.

joints as well as to repair random cracking of concrete slabs.

The primer is easy to apply, solvent-free and has the capacity for

Time was a significant factor in the success of this project but the

high-strength bonding. Static cracks in the floors were levelled using

contractor was able to rely on the quick setting times of Sika’s high-

Sikadur-42 ZA, a mixed fluid grout of epoxy resins and special fillers,

strength epoxy, Sikadur-42 ZA, to expertly complete the job between

before the application of the primer, to ensure optimum results.

Friday and Sunday – within the client’s prescribed time frame and

The Sikadur-42 ZA was allowed to cure, following which the joints were re-cut and cleaned with an electric blower before Sika’s LoadFlex was applied – a hard-bearing sealant designed to withstand

26 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

budget. For further information on Sika products and systems, visit the website

Products & Ser vices

The best in modern

Persian rugs

Zollanvari is an international design company specialising in the production of modern Persian rugs. In South Africa, the company – with its head office in Claremont, Cape Town, and a branch in Bryanston, Johannesburg – diversified its product range to include modern rugs and trends from around the world.


he company is also renowned for supplying the most magnificent traditional rugs. With access to the world’s leading suppliers and

the extensive distribution networks of the company, Zollanvari is in a position to deliver on any design brief. With the numerous international design awards bestowed on the company, any prospective buyer can be assured of the quality, workmanship and originality of design of the rugs. The imported rugs are sourced from the foremost suppliers with the best reputation for quality and design, and a custom-design service allows you to select your preferred style, colour, design and size of rug.


Contact Zollanvari on 021 683 6364 for an appointment with a professional consultant or e-mail

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Custom designs

to meet the client’s exact requirements Old Mutual Investment Group is Africa’s largest private asset management group, and when it became time to upgrade their offices, the design needed to match the successful and experienced investment culture within the company.


his resulted in Nexus (the commercial division of Belgotex Floorcoverings) producing custom-designed

carpet tiles which complemented the monochromatic palette of the overall design intent for both phase I & phase II of this refurbishment; Phase II is currently underway and due to be completed in September, under the control of Inhouse Brand Architects who were tasked with the project. For the tiles, which were used for the office and common areas on the ground and first floors (Phase I) of the building, Nexus produced a Custom X design SDX Nexbac tufted tile, 1mx1m in size, which would have the capability of handling heavy commercial traffic. ‘Solution-Dyed for Xtreme conditions’ – SDX is the branded solution-dyed nylon from Belgotex Floorcoverings where the colour pigment is injected into the nylon polymer while it is still in a molten state, producing colours of exceptional depth and clarity that become a permanent part of the molecular structure of the nylon. Nexbac is a multi-layered, bitumen-based backing system of superb dimensional stability with superior lay-flat characteristics, which eliminates fraying, buckling and bending in tile installations, and has been used extensively in numerous corporate applications. Also made from 100% SDX solution-dyed nylon fibres, the custom-designed Westminster carpet used in the boardroom is a tufted cut-pile broadloom with a MiracleBac backing, which is a woven polypropylene backing system for tufted carpets that allows easy fitment, high tuft adhesion and uniform appearance. It is also non-allergenic, odour-free, rot- and moisture-resistant. The flooring contractor for this project, Florstore – which was established 12 years ago in Sea Point – has also worked for Inhouse many times in the past, and on this project had the task of removing all the old floorcoverings which included carpets, ceramic tiles and laminate flooring. The floor was then cleaned and levelled before the


new carpet and carpet tiles were laid.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Phillip Victor, managing director of Florstore, says, “We installed over 6 000m² of Nexus materials on this project, and are currently busy on Phase II, using the same floorcoverings. In addition to this we also supplied and laid the porcelain tiles required in the toilet areas.” Stuart Swart of Nexus Cape Town says, “As the largest carpet manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere – which is certified and compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – Belgotex Floorcoverings and Nexus are proud to have been selected for this prestigious upgrading project for such a prominent client.” “The quality of the carpeting and the workmanship on the installation has been of the highest possible standard, and we are very pleased with the result,” comments Hayley Dickson, senior designer with Inhouse. “Old Mutual might have a reputable history dating back to 1845, but this sleek and professional new interior has clearly positioned them with eye on the future,” she concludes. Inhouse is one of South Africa’s largest and most comprehensive design consultancies, specialising in challenging projects in the commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality industries that require vision and foresight. They aim to bring brands to life through strategic design and creative implementation – something certainly achieved in this project. Nexus (division of Belgotex Floorcoverings) Tel: 033 897 7500 Fax: 033 897 7700 E-mail:

29 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Airport takes off with stylish tiles Tile Africa Contracts specified and supplied tiles and bathroomware to the East London Airport upgrade project, where the company provided tiles for the terminals, waiting areas, bathrooms, VIP lounge and line shops within the airport. In addition, brassware was supplied for the public bathrooms.


ork commenced in June 2008 and Tile Africa Contracts worked closely with the client, ACSA,

the architect for the project, Bunmi Ilori from IDC Architects in East London, and Ian Allan from GVK Eastern Cape, the contractor. “It was an honour to be trusted with the supply and service for a project of this magnitude,” says Craig Penton of Tile Africa Contracts. Full-bodied porcelain tiles imported from Greece and polished porcelain tiles imported from Italy were amongst the tiles that were supplied. “We feel we have given the best possible service to GVK as we were required to order additional tiles from Italy and Greece with very short notice, which we managed without a glitch,” says Penton. The main floor tile is a 400x400mm salt-and-pepper tile interspersed with polished porcelain tiles laid out in five different colours. The interesting tile layouts in the arrival and departure areas grab the attention and make for a unique floor surface that travellers cross when arriving or leaving East London. Line stores within the airport, such as Wimpy and Mugg & Bean, were also provided with tiles. Tile Africa Contracts supplies and fits tiles and bathroomware on a national scale and offers an invaluable service to architects, contractors and specifiers. For more information on Tile Africa Contracts call


011 970 2124 or visit the website:

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Leading with expertise and experience From luxurious bathrooms in upmarket residential developments to those that cater for high footfall in shopping centres, TILE AFRICA CONTRACTS has vast experience in the supply and fitment of tiles and bathroomware to various specifications.


project that attests to this know-how is the Villa Cortona Retirement Village in Durbanville, Cape Town, consisting of 146

free-standing houses, 78 apartments and 26 frail-care and paraple-

find the most suitable products or comparable alternatives. No specification is out of bounds and TILE AFRICA CONTRACTS prides itself in the ability to deliver a wide variety of products and specifications for endless designs, from modern and sophisticated to simple and clean layouts. TILE AFRICA CONTRACTS offers an invaluable service to architects, contractors and specifiers on a national scale. A key contact person or trained technician is intimately involved in each project, from inception to completion, ensuring design continuity and project success. Anyone wishing to know more should contact TILE AFRICA CONTRACTS on 011 970 2124 or visit

gic units. “For the Villa Cortona development we had to adhere to specific requirements, such as walk-in showers with special shower attachments and easy access for wheel chairs,� says Craig Irvine, national contracts manager for TILE AFRICA CONTRACTS. Materials are sourced locally and internationally and TILE AFRICA


CONTRACTS researches all the desired specifications methodically to

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Products & Ser vices

Laminate flooring? They invented it! As a participant in the Decorex 2010 event held in Johannesburg recently, the people that invented laminate flooring – Pergo, in association with its sole Southern African distributor, Barrow Flooring – was represented by staff from its European parent company, including product manager Magnus Külick, and FLOORS took the opportunity of interviewing him. When was Pergo established? It should be remembered that Pergo invented laminate flooring and introduced it to the market in 1977. At this time Pergo was owned by the Swedish chemical company Perstorp. Today, Pergo belongs to the Germany industry group Pfleiderer and still has its main factory in Trelleborg, Sweden, where all the laminate flooring for the South African market is produced. To what would you attribute Pergo’s success? The success of Pergo has been due to our high-quality products with outstanding wear and scratch resistance in combination with a design focus. What was the purpose of your visit? I came to visit Decorex where our agent in South Africa, Barrow Flooring, had a stand. At the stand the totally new Pergo range 2010 with many new designs and the new click system PerfectFold were presented. Barrow Flooring also introduced the new Vinyl product from Pergo. Your views on the current international trends – what are they at the moment? One of the trends is bigger formats and Pergo has launched two new formats in 2010 – big slabs and long planks. Grey has also become a very trendy colour. What can South Africa look forward to receiving from Barrow Flooring? Barrow Flooring keeps a great variety of Pergo designs on hand in South Africa, and the aim is always to move older designs off the shelves as quickly as possible to make room for the new trends. Our showroom in Cape Town at Hudson Square, De Waterkant, has been through a major revamp to accommodate all the new designs from both Pergo and the wood suppliers.


Gunilla Barrow & Magnus Kulick Are Pergo or its products under any ‘green’ pressure and how does this affect your design lines? Since the early 90s Pergo has focused on the environment and the

Does Pergo have any unique product offerings in terms of design?

effect our products have on nature. Today, Pergo features the Nordic

Most of the Pergo décors are developed by our in-house designers

Swan as its environmental classification. This has very high criteria

and are unique to Pergo. Many of our competitors are buying stan-

and is one of the first classifications of its type. Pergo was also the first

dard décors from the printers. Also, all Pergo floors feature TitanX, the

flooring company to receive ISO 14001.

most scratch- and wear-resistant laminate surface on the market.

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about the South

How does the South African market shape in terms of importance

African market or its contractor expertise?

regarding volumes and turnover?

In South Africa you have a bigger tradition of using designers than we

South Africa is an important market for Pergo and we have been pres-

do in Europe, and this makes the market more interesting than the

ent here since 1995.

European market.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

CORPORATE & RETAIL FLOORING feature Flooring for corporate or retail purposes has to meet many needs – not only must it provide the correct image for the company or organisation, it must also fulfil the functional needs and practical requirements of day-to-day use. Depending on the industry involved, it is not an unusual need for a floor to be attractive, easy to maintain, durable, resistant to strong chemicals and still be cost-effective!

33 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Corporate and retail floors have the same requirements


Flooring for corporate or retail purposes has to meet

Retail sector

many needs – not only must it provide the correct

time conveying a sense of quality and promoting their image. In fact,

image for the company or organisation, it must also fulfil the functional needs and practical require-

Many shops need to present an attractive interior while at the same the look and feel of a shop can actually influence the amount of time a customer spends browsing inside the shop. The shop needs to be kept looking clean and neat, despite the

ments of day-to-day use. Depending on the industry

constant, heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, shopkeepers need to keep

involved, it is not an unusual need for a floor to be

research has shown that 50% of public accidents are caused by slip-

the safety and well-being of their customers in mind, particularly as

attractive, easy to maintain, durable, resistant to

ping and tripping.

strong chemicals and still be cost-effective!

exterior and interior environment. All these demands make the cor-

Lastly, they need to ensure that there is easy transition between the rect choice of flooring vitally important. One good choice is entrance

T 34

matting specially designed to remove dirt and moisture at the door-

his means that choosing flooring for these sectors requires careful

way, thus preventing dirt and water being tracked all over the shop

thought and planning. Thorough consideration must be given to

and helping to keep the interior flooring clean.

all functional aspects of the flooring – from the amount and type of

Office Sector

traffic, level of wear and tear, expected longevity and even impact on

Offices can have similar problems at their entrances and require simi-

health and safety, as well as any special needs – before even begin-

lar dirt- and moisture-trapping matting fitted in their entrance ways.

ning to look at samples and choosing styles and colours, and for each

In addition, offices need to meet and maintain a professional, corpo-

different commercial sector there will be a different aspect relating to

rate feel throughout their interior.

flooring choice that needs to be focused on.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

High cleanability of flooring is also important as this maintains a

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

healthy and inviting environment for both staff and visitors. Other things to consider are busy multi-function areas, communal spaces and transition areas like corridors and stairs. Acoustics are important in an office and the right flooring can help to maintain a calm, quiet environment more conducive to concentration. Many modern carpet tiles, specially designed for the corporate environment, are ideal choices for the office. They provide durability and retain their colours and appearance despite heavy foot traffic and regular cleaning. They are also more costeffective than wall-to-wall carpeting for the busy office. Amongst the top choices, particularly in the retail sector but also for offices and leisure facilities including restaurants, laminate and vinyl floorcoverings offer a wonderful combination of practicality and aesthetics. They are durable, stain- and moisture-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, but at the same time they do not compromise the dĂŠcor because they are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, including lifelike replications of other flooring materials, such as marble, stone and hardwood. This last characteristic makes them popular as they offer an affordable way to achieve a more luxurious look on a limited budget. Mainly used in offices and highend stores and other leisure facilities such as hotels, spas and so on, carpet gives an unsurpassed feeling of luxury and class but can be difficult to maintain in high-traffic areas or under constant, heavy impact. It is also vulnerable to staining and moisture, particularly if a light colour is chosen. Nevertheless, it is still a popular choice for its underfoot warmth and feel, and provides one of the best insulators against sound, which can be vitally important in some situations. Carpet tiles can be a better choice in some applications as they


offer the look and feel of carpet but

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

are more affordable and easier to install and allow any damaged or

high traffic and heavy impact. It does lose slightly in appearance

stained sections to be replaced with minimal disruption to business.

maybe, but there are some situations where its basic, industrial look is

Naturally, other types of flooring can also be used in commercial settings. Hardwood, for example, is frequently used, despite its higher

actually desired. So, it can be seen that retail and commercial flooring needs to work

maintenance, as it has an unparalleled timeless beauty and lends a

overtime to meet the requirements of durability, hygiene, easy main-

feeling of quality, opulence and value to the premises.

tenance and appearance retention. Therefore choosing the right type

Ceramic tile is also popular, particularly in eating establishments or

of flooring, the right supplier, and an experienced reputable installer

high traffic areas as it is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and

should be a careful process and not just an attempt to obtain the

maintain, as well as being waterproof and not susceptible to damage.

most cost-effective option.

Easy to install and hardwearing, ceramic tiles are the designer’s best

Acknowledgement and thanks are given to the following websites for

friend, and with a huge variety of colours, patterns and designs, tile

some information contained in this article:; www.

sizes and accessories, they can complement any décor and provide

the perfect foil for other flooring materials when used in combination or split-level installations. Many businesses nowadays are also opting for environmentally friendly flooring to promote their green image and so may choose floorcoverings such as cork, bamboo and linoleum for their recyclable properties, their use of renewable resources and their promotion of a healthier working environment. Concrete is used more in the industrial sector, although it is also rapidly gaining popularity with designers for use in interiors to deliver a different look and feel for trendy clothing stores or restaurants. In terms of décor and design, it can be polished, or stained and etched into a variety of attractive colours and designs. It is also incredibly durable, strong and long-lasting, although it can be hard underfoot and so not ideal if many employees are to be standing all day, but it is extremely cost-effective to install and maintain which makes it a popular choice for areas which may not need to convey a premium image. Rubber is another popular choice for the industrial sector but is also in great use in the leisure industry, where it is used particularly for exercise and sporting facilities. It is also favoured in the public sector, such as in schools and hospitals. Rubber is naturally hygienic, waterproof, cushioning, insulating, easy to clean, stain-resistant and very durable, with the ability to handle TAL

Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is also the only local importer of Bona water-borne finishes and dust free sanding machines. Bona’s water-borne finishes are a sound environmental choice for the coating of wooden floors. Setting quickly, the complete range of NMP-free finishes enable sanding to start sooner. Bona’s dust care system with HEPA filters remove 99.9% of the sanding dust in a room, thus giving contractors a healthier working environment and our customers a cleaner home.

36 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

k for



The Flooring Solutions Company

c Tr a



Keep your genuine wooden floor looking beautiful Tel: 011 406-4290/4295

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Ramps used successfully to finish off tiles

Aluminium Wide Retrofit Ramp

Brass Transition Cover

Aluminium Wide Tile-in Ramp

M.Trim’s range of ramps is used on floors, and available in brass, stainless steel and aluminium. The tile-in ramps are available for 10mm and 12mm flooring in aluminium and in 10mm in brass.


he aluminium range includes a normal steep ramp (1:1 slope) and the wide ramp (with a 1:5 slope) for both thicknesses of flooring. Tile-in ramps are recommended

wherever possible, because the flange is adhered to the tile adhesive under the tile, giving a secure bond with the floor. To prevent any hollow sounds, packing the space under the ramp with adhesive is recommended.

Brass tile-in ramp

Stainless steel transition ramp cover

Aluminium tile-in ramp

Aluminium retro-fit ramps

The aluminium ramps can be anodised or powder-coated to any colour – although this is not recommended because in high-traffic areas, where the ramps are so often used, this would cause chipping and scratching. The retrofit ramps are available in brass, stainless steel and aluminium. The stainless steel ramps are from 5mm to 20mm in height and are recommended to be fixed with a plug and screw. They are classified as Grade 304 in brushed finish, and are used for more heavy-duty applications; the thickness of the stainless steel can vary, depending on the loading that the design requires. The brass ramp is only available for a 10mm height difference and is fixed with plug and screw. The aluminium retrofit ramps are available in 52mm and 110mm widths. These can be fitted by packing quality adhesives under the ramp and fitting them flush with the edge of the tile or flooring. They can be screw-fixed afterwards, but that is not necessary if quality adhesive is used. The retrofit ramps could be built up to 20mm if required, and these ramps have ridges to assist with grip. The above range should cover most requirements, but Kirk does have aluminium curved ramps in its range; finish profiles for laminate floors; and formable Bendi brand ramps for all floors. For further information or assistance, contact your nearest Kirk branch shown below. Kirk Marketing Head Office: 011 444 1441

Port Elizabeth: 0860 547 573

Cape Town: 021 949 2226


Durban: 031 564 1175


Don’t tell anyone!

The superb new R2-billion Protea Fire & Ice Hotel that opened earlier this year in Melrose Arch has some really fashionable and beautifully designed carpets throughout the building, including the lounge and restaurant, and has stunning carpeting in the bedrooms that has a two-tone grey motif to match the décor, but with red petals built into the design to create a romantic atmosphere. However, the hotel refused to give FLOORS in Africa any further details, saying that they won’t give information to any magazines because these carpets are manufactured to their own specification and design which they want to keep secret. Ho, hum!

GAUTENG Tel: +27 11 444 1441 Fax: +27 11 444 1165 E-mail: Website: CAPE TOWN Tel: +27 21 949 2226 Fax: +27 21 949 4531 KWAZULU NATAL Tel: +27 31 564 1175 Fax: +27 31 564 1143 PORT ELIZABETH Tel: 0860 547573 Fax: 086 688 4980

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

You and the Consumer

sions come into force (i.e. on 24 October 2010), be able to complain

Protection Act

to the National Consumer Commission in respect of harm suffered

As from 24 April 2010 the Consumer Protection Act 68

far-reaching consequences in the area of product liability, especially

of 2008 is officially law. However, although the provi-

in terms of the provisions, in respect of goods that were supplied to a consumer on or after 24 April 2010.” But what does the Act mean for the manufacturer, component manufacturer, supplier and retailer? Marais says, “The Act will have on the right to fair value, good quality and safety. It imposes strict liability on a producer, distributor or supplier of

sions relating to strict liability will only come into force

goods for any loss or damage which results as a consequence of a

on 24 October 2010, it should be noted that they will

vided to the consumer.

apply to goods which have been supplied on or after 24 April 2010.


LOORS asked Jac Marais, Senior Associate at Adams & Adams, for comment.

“On 24 April 2010 some sections of the Consumer Protection

Act (CPA) came into force. In terms of these sections, the National

product failure, defect or inadequate instructions or warnings proAs a consequence everyone in the supply chain will now have to pay closer attention to their procedures and policies regarding product quality, product warnings, product labelling and the general safety of products.” The three major types of liability claims that manufacturers, suppliers and retailers can expect under the new Act are manufacturing defect; design defect; and failure to warn. Manufacturing defects will in most cases be those that occur in the

Consumer Commission is to be established and the Minister is

manufacturing process due to poor- quality materials, poor-quality

required to commence with the publication of regulations in terms

control and poor workmanship. On the other hand design defects

of the CPA.

will be those that render a product dangerous or useless.

The balance of the provisions of the CPA will come into force on

Failure to warn defects will be those mainly related to section 22

24 October 2010. Included are much-talked-about provisions which

of the Act which deals with the right to information in plain and

provide for a form of strict liability on the producer or importer, dis-

understandable language and section 24 which deals with product

tributor or retailer of any goods, who will be liable for any harm as a

labelling and trade descriptions.

result of the supply of unsafe goods, product failure, defect or haz-

Some important aspects for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers

ard in any goods, or inadequate instructions or warnings provided

to note regarding the application of the Act and important defini-

to the consumer in respect of any hazard associated with the use of

tions are the following: the Act applies to every transaction occur-

the goods.

ring between a supplier and a consumer; and every advertisement

The liability will arise irrespective of whether the harm resulted from any negligence on the part of the producer, imported, distribu-


The upshot is that a consumer will, as soon as the relevant provi-

tor or retailer. The CPA provides for only limited defences by such a producer, importer, distributor or retailer.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

transmitted or published in the ordinary course of business to prospective consumers in the country. If you want to know more about the far-reaching implications of this Act, visit the DTI website

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

First impressions

are lasting impressions Clean entrances are not only welcoming to your visitor, but they also provide a great opening for

matting systems • Create a welcoming entrance • Improve longevity of floor finishes • Make cleaning more effective

the overall décor or product displays that follow.


atco provides you with the complete entrance matting solution from manufacture to installation. You can order entrance

matting systems that are made to measure with or without your logo inlayed on the mats; and barrier matting systems that remove dirt and moisture at the entrance. A right way to introduce your company identity is with a custom logo mat. Attractive entrance matting not only highlights and promotes your organization’s brand in the mind of visitors, it also conveys an image of professionalism, and helps to keep your floors clean, dry, and, most importantly – safe. This is one more way in which you can communicate your professionalism and company message to the public. Companies that really care about the condition of their floors should look at the extensive Matco Matting programme, which has been serving the African market for many years – providing attractive and equally effective matting. Two of the most successfully implemented Matco products are the customised Trio Scraper Mat and Star Gripper Mat – ideal for heavy traffic applications. Trio Scraper is used for interior facility entrances, positioned in a recessed mat well or loose-laid with PVC edging for safety. It is manufactured from 100% polypropylene, coarse-fibre needle-felt brushes alternated with soft strips to effectively scrape and dry, and should be kept clean by regular vacuuming. Trio Scraper is made to size and can accommodate any level of foot or lightweight wheeled traffic and is available in three colours – Anthracite, Grey and Brown. Star Gripper is constructed from unbacked vinyl and features an open design which effectively allows the dirt to pass through the

Matco Marketing cc is an importer and manufacturer of custom made commercial and industrial matting, logo mats, entrance mats, food service duckboards, anti fatigue matting and change-room matting. A variety of mats are available Rubber, PVC Floor Tiles, Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyamide, Coir and Cotton.

mat. It is suitable for recessed mat wells or areas in which wet conditions prevail. This means it can also be used in change rooms. Cleaning is simple; just a regular hose-down with water will ensure it retains its good looks. Matco Marketing Tel: 011 452 7961 Fax: 011 452 7965 E-mail: / / calvin@

Matco Head Office Tel: 011 452 7961 • Fax: 011 452 7965


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Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Van Dyck Carpets is proud to announce a new addition to its cut-pile collection: Extravagance. As the name suggests this product is for those customers who want to indulge themselves in a very thick and plush carpet and who are looking for only the best that is available on the market.

A little bit of extravagance is all you need E

xtravagance has a yarn weight of 2 325 grams and a total weight

6 yarns. A proven brand for many decades now, Xentrys has very

of 3 300 grams/m² and will therefore be the heaviest cut-pile range

advanced production facilities, and its latest spinning technology and

available on the South African market. It comes in eight trendy and upmarket colours that will fit any décor

formance carpet yarns and fibres.

and style and is made from 100% Xentrys heat-set nylon 6. This yarn

The Xentrys yarns used by Van Dyck Carpets have a higher lustre for

has been used very successfully by Van Dyck Carpets for more than a

deep and vibrant colour and in the finishing of the carpet production

decade now.

all nylon carpets are treated with Stainshield protection to prevent the

Van Dyck Carpets says a full range of luxurious cut-piles is now available, suitable for both residential and commercial applications. After the discontinuation of most of the cut-pile ranges in the beginning of

carpets from soiling and to make them easier to clean and look better for much longer. Another new cut-pile range that has just been launched is Design

last year, Van Dyck Carpets worked on a major facelift for these cut-piles

Jewel – a woven Wilton carpet that replaces a product previously

to bring the styles, colours and construction more in line with the latest

known as Gracious Living.

fashion trends. Other recent additions to this programme are Michigan – a multicoloured cut-pile with a random design available in seven off-the-shelf colours and another seven make-to-order colours, and Embassy – a

This new woven product is imported from Belgium, manufactured by Balta, and available in six colours: Beige, Cream, Antique Gold, Moss, Damask (burgundy) and Ebony (black). This product is made from 100% PP B-Tron Stainshield Heat-set

plain cut-pile design available in seven natural/earthy stock colours and

fibre and has a yarn weight of 2 300 grams and a total weight of 2

seven make-to-order colours.

850 grams/m2. It is also highly suitable for commercial and upmar-

Both these ranges are made from 100% Xentrys heat-set nylon 6

ket residential installations and, because of its heavy yarn weight

and have a yarn weight of 1 100 grams, with a total weight of 2 100

and woven construction, it offers a very plush and rich carpet at an

grams/m². Because of the dense construction and lower pile height,

affordable price.

both ranges are very suitable for general commercial applications such

For the same reasons this product is very popular in applications such

as offices, hotels, boardrooms, lounges, and for upmarket residential

as higher ranked government offices, courtrooms, conference facilities,


hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, and more.

Their colour ranges are also suitable for these different applications

Design Jewel is available in 4m widths and is bleach-resistant because

with the stock colours focusing mainly on earthy/natural colours and

it is made of polypropylene. However, it is important to point out that

the make-to-order colours including some stronger colours for com-

while bleach can be sprayed onto a polypropylene and solution- dyed

mercial applications. Other colours can also be made for special project

nylon carpet to take out the stains, if the bleach is not removed then

applications and the minimum quantity required is only 1 200m².

it will react over time causing the yarn to degenerate along with the

Because of Van Dyck Carpets’ unique dyeing facilities there is almost unlimited flexibility re colours and styles, making these cut-pile ranges very popular for projects where the client and specifiers are looking for something different and out of the ordinary. These new ranges complement other stalwarts such as Diplomat – a two-colour graphic and patterned cut-pile in the same weight and con-


wide range of finishing equipment enables the production of high-per-

backing and latex compounds. As a result of this Van Dyck Carpets does not recommend the use of bleach on carpets. All the above ranges have been Torture Tunnel tested and carry a 5Year Guarantee and 10-Year Limited Wear Warranty on condition that a proper maintenance plan is in place. For more info on this and other ranges contact Van Dyck Carpets

struction as Michigan and Embassy and available in two styles/designs

at the numbers shown below, or visit the website

(Trident – a trellis design, and Cosmo – a leopard design) and 13 stock

colours, and Sorrento – a lower weight cut-pile more suitable for resi-

Van Dyck Carpets

dential use and known as one of the best value-for-money products,

Tel: 031 913 3800

which is also available in thirteen stock colours.

Fax: 031 912 1220

All the above ranges are made of 100% Xentrys heat-set nylon

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Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Not a single corporate or retail facility today will go without its “brand characteristics”. The FloorworX portfolio has perhaps the widest range of coordinated colours in the flooring business, offering function and design to match the corporate identity and style of any company.

Exploring new possibilities in Office and Retail F

irst impressions count – especially in retail environments. That’s why many interior design professionals choose from the extreme-

ly wide range of Flotex designs and colours to make that all- impor-

comfort and ambience inside an office and also to those office spaces

tant “signature statement”. Its aesthetically pleasing and warm effect

located one floor below. It’s nice to know that Flotex is also fire-

further encourages customers to enter the shop and stay longer.

resistant and fulfils all the requirements up to the highest standard in

Flotex is stylish and comfortable, but also highly practical because it

commercial use.

is very hardwearing and easy to clean. The solid vinyl base of Flotex,

Finally, Flotex can easily be used in conjunction with Marmoleum

reinforced with glass fleece, is impermeable to water and offers the

or other vinyl floorcoverings. From the production of the renewable

anchor for millions of straight nylon fibres (over 70 million per square

natural raw materials through to the low-maintenance, decades-long

metre), making it the densest textile product available.

performance, FloorworX Marmoleum offers beautiful designs that

As all fibres are aligned and positioned vertically they all react in the same way to the feet and trolleys that run over the surface, without leaving walkways or traffic lanes in retail environments.

enable architects and designers to express their aesthetic and functional priorities in new and exciting ways. It also provides solid economic benefits from installation and main-

In office environments, Flotex is the best alternative to carpet. It has

tenance to durability, and the best ecological performance that any

the perfect castor chair surface – not too smooth; not too slippery, not

floorcovering can give you… the perfect floor for any corporate and

too soft and will not ‘ridge’ with the movement of the chair wheels.

retail milieu.

Because office spaces come in such wide varieties – individual


Furthermore, the dense flocked surface provides an ideal acoustic barrier for both ambient and contact sound up to 20dB, providing

If you feel inspired, contact FloorworX on 0860 346 679 to enquire

rooms or open space areas, meeting rooms, presentation rooms,

about the range of Flotex, Marmoleum, Legacy Woodplank, Kährs wood,

reception and canteens – the dirt-hiding capabilities of Flotex help to

Quick-Step laminates, Nora rubber, Eclipse PUR, Armaflor PUR Plus and

ensure a highly professional appearance even in the most demanding

Colorflor Plus PUR floorcoverings suitable for use in the corporate and


retail sectors.

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Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Real Wood

Laminates Kährs genuine wooden floors and Quick-Step laminate floors brought to you by flooring giant FloorworX. Heading up these product divisions is Peter Geyer, well-known wood and laminate guru. For trusted advice and specifications contact Peter on 011 406-4291 or 083 380 6665.

The Flooring Solutions Company Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is the only local manufacturer of semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles – all of which carry the SANS certification for quality. FloorworX also distributes Quick-Step wood laminates, Kährs wooden floors and a comprehensive range of international resilient floorcoverings, including safety flooring, antistatic flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, static control tiles, linoleum, Novilon, rubber and sports flooring, together with a wide range of flooring adhesives, accessories and floorcare materials. National Call Centre 0860 346 679 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Prestressed slabs speed Cosmo City Venture The fast-track construction of a shopping and trading centre at Cosmo City, now underway north of Johannesburg, is again demonstrating the economy, versatility, and time- and labour-


saving advantages of Echo Prestress’ hollow-core concrete floor slab system.


cho slabs have been used to build roofs, walls and access

‘Jumbo’ beams

ramps for the four-floor “under-one-roof” structure, with their

Specially imported 16m long steel beams – each weighing about three

installation skilfully co-ordinated with the construction of the

tonnes – have been used in the construction of the internal cargo han-

structural steel-framed building by specialist steel fabricators

dling area, where only two support columns have been employed to

Eaglestruct International.

ensure maximum manoeuvring space for delivery vehicles.

Eaglestruct project engineer Johan Le Roux estimates that,

These jumbo steel beams have also made possible the creation of

by combining the hollow-core slab system with the steel-frame

large, clear spans, resulting in larger internal car-park and retail spaces.

structure, probably six months have been shaved off the esti-

The Echo slabs are supported on a steel frame structure with conti-

mated construction time had traditional in-situ wet concrete

nuity bars placed in open cores and grouted-over structural supports.

methods been used for flooring.

Slabs were installed with standard lifting equipment and minimal

“At the start I thought we would save about two or three

eliminated. This smooth-running work formula also reduced health and

the time saving will be nearer six months,” he says. “In addition,

safety risks, site management and labour costs and additional finance

the hollow-core voids make the prestressed slab approximately


30% lighter than a solid concrete slab. This meant we could use a

For the floor structure itself, 13 000m² of Echo Prestress panels were

lighter steel structure and foundations, which again has added to

used, and a further 2 500m² for delivery traffic access ramps and retain-

overall cost savings.”

ing walls, where the slabs are placed vertically into specially prepared

Further speeding the building process, customised cut-to-


labour, and propping and shuttering of wet concrete was virtually

months, but now we are well ahead with the building I believe

footings designed by Eaglestruct. The project, designed by Ian Speirs

length slabs, each one clearly numbered to make placing in its

of Ian Speirs Architecture, is on track for completion by the end of

allotted space quick and easy, were manufactured off-site at the


Echo Prestress Chloorkop plant while the steel structure was

Echo Floors

being erected. The result has been an absence of construction

Tel: 011 662 4600

delays and a tidy and unobstructed building site.

Fax: 086 667 2037 E-mail:

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Relax with Teragren bamboo. Beauty with substance. Durable TeragrenÂŽ bamboo floors meet stringent international and U.S. environmental standards. Unlike importers, Teragren controls manufacturing from harvest to distribution for consistent quality.

Versatile style. Grain, colour and stain choices, plus matching stair parts, trim and vents, suit a variety of design styles.

Safe and renewable. Manufactured with environmentally safe materials from rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5ÂŽ Moso bamboo.

Synergy™ - Chestnut strand bamboo flooring is 154% harder than oak - ideal for residential and commercial interiors

Contact: Sean 082 928 0393 Leo 082 575 2059

Feature: Corporate & Retail flooring

Beware partial

occupation of

buildings Although not specifically applicable to flooring applications, it is interesting to note that the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA) advises that partial occupation of a building under construction is not a good option.


olin de Kock, executive director of the GMBA, says partial occupation could hinder progress of the building work and pass respon-

sibility for damage on to the property owner/partial occupier. “Property owners should rather insist on completion of all building work before taking occupation. There are contractors who encourage partial occupation as it then provides them with a good excuse for late completion and there is then no real pressure on the contractor to finish the work in the stipulated time,” De Kock states. When there is good reason to take partial occupation, however, the conditions for such occupation should be agreed beforehand and in writing. The GMBA also advises that the property owner should draw up a “snag list” when the contractor indicates that final completion has been achieved. This comprehensive snag list must be handed to the contractor who must rectify the identified problems before receiving the final payment. All municipal inspections must also be done – and proof received by the client – before occupation of the premises. For further information, contact Colin de Kock of the GMBA – Tel: 011 805 661, or visit the website:


Colin de Kock

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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

ACCESS FLOORING & CABLE MANAGEMENT feature A raised access floor provides a solution to the problem of housing the many services associated with modern communication technology and office layout. It conceals all cabling while allowing easy access for maintenance or changes and the floor voids can also be used as plenums for air distribution.

47 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Access floors:

are the standards adequate? A raised access floor provides a solution to the problem of housing the many services associated with modern communication technology and office layout. It conceals all cabling while allowing easy access for maintenance or changes and the floor voids can also be used as plenums for air distribution.


ccess floors provide maximum flexibility and the facility to design the floor lay-

out to suit the needs of the modern office for existing and new tenants. These benefits are equally applicable for retail, exhibition and education space, computer rooms, control rooms, laboratories, clean rooms and other applications. However, SANS 52825 (Raised Access Floors):2009 was introduced in South Africa last year, ostensibly to supersede SABS 1549:1993. Based on EN 12825:2001 – it specified the characteristics and performance requirements of raised access floors for which the main intended use is the internal fitting out of buildings, providing full


access to the services in the plenum.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Although this was issued as being the local standard, it is based

The practice of providing access floor systems with 600mmx-

primarily on the practices adopted in the UK and Europe, where

600mm modular steel panels with a cementitious core and a high-

there seems to be considerable disparity between the various

performance coating – that are tested in relation to SABS 1549 in

standards – particularly in terms of the testing techniques and

terms of loads that are either concentrated, uniformly distributed,


rolling, or able to withstand required impact, and designed with an

This is now also the case in South Africa because the test methods and measurement outlined in SANS 52825 are nowhere near the stringent requirements of SABS 1549 which cover the full

applicable safety factor (usually x3) – has stood the local industry in good stead for well over twenty years. “We have provided over 7 million square metres of access flooring

spectrum of access floors from finished floor heights of 90mm

in South Africa using SABS 1549 test procedures, with no problems

for a freestanding system to more than 1500mm using a stringer

whatsoever,” says Albert Holt, operations manager for Solidfeel.


“Our load performance testing ensures that the panels exceed the

Even greater heights can be achieved by detailed planning

requirements of SABS 1549, but anyone that specifies access floor-

in conjunction with the relevant access flooring manufacturer

ing to this Standard can expect the finest performance of any access

depending on the type of system used.

floor in the world.” Bates Access Flooring

49 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement


Other experts agree with this statement, and the general consensus amongst the local manufacturers is that there is no need to alter the

For the installation perspective on the problem we spoke to

local standard, or to include the EN requirements, because in some

Jonathan Bates of Bates Access Flooring, who has been in this sector

cases – such as the use of timber-encapsulated steel panels, and the

of the flooring industry for over 22 years and is one of the leading

testing procedures not being as comprehensive or stringent – the EN

suppliers and installers of raised access flooring and cable manage-

standard does not meet the requirements of the local marketplace.

ment systems, operating throughout the sub-Saharan region.

Jack van Dyk, technical manager of Lafarge Gypsum, agrees. “We

“Having installed millions of square metres of all types of access

have provided almost 5 million square metres of access floor to date

flooring, including recent projects for all the major banks, there is

in South Africa – all to SABS 1549 – for general offices with light

nothing wrong with SABS 1549 in my view, and access flooring to

or medium load requirements, computer and network rooms with

this standard has stood the test of time,” he says.

medium or heavy equipment, and installations with heavy load


required in this country.”

To get the official view, FLOORS in Africa spoke to Gabriel

requirements such as switch rooms, computer rooms and passages,

Mothokoa of the SABS to ask if SANS 52825 (Raised Access

and SABS 1549 meets and perhaps surpasses any need that may be

Floors):2009 was being revised or withdrawn. His reply was that he

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

understands there is a problem with certain sections of the standard which do not reflect some tried and tested parts of SABS 1549, and the Bureau is prepared to look at this again as soon as they receive the anticipated request to do so from the industry. Meanwhile, anyone wishing to specify or install an access floor – particularly those with medium to heavy load applications – should ensure that advice is sought from a recognised local manufacturer with regard to these points. It can be seen from the foregoing that raised access floors have been installed and used successfully in this country for decades with no serious repercussions or major failures, and the easy way to obtain a trouble-free installation is to use a proven system that has been designed and installed by a reputable and experienced contractor.

Penta Floor

9 Voyager Street, Linbro Park, PO Box 1628, Gallo Manor, 2052 Tel: +27 11 608 4270 • Cell: +27 82 604 5242 • Fax: +27 11 608 4278 E-Mail: • Website:

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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Cable management – the less expensive, highly efficient answer Don’t run away with the idea that raised access flooring is the only answer for the installation and continued operation of complicated cabling systems or the provision of the convoluted requirements of some modern computer installations; in many cases a well-planned cable management system more than meets the requirement – and at less cost.


he height and weight of a raised access floor is often prohibitive;

Before deciding upon the correct method of handling the under-

in new buildings these characteristics need to be accommodated

floor requirements of the building, the exact usage of the underfloor

in the design, and often they cannot be used in the refurbishment of

equipment must be carefully analysed; many of the modern main-

existing buildings for the same reasons. In both cases a cable man-

frame computer rooms do not require the masses of cabling that

agement system could probably solve the problems.

older installations needed, particularly with the advent of optical fibre cabling, and some form of airconditioning of these earlier designs was also necessary. Typically, products such as cable trays, cable ladders, and cable baskets are used to support cables through cabling routes. The IT industry has special needs because data cables, unlike heavy power cables, often need to be added, moved, or removed many times during the life of the installation. It is usual practice to install fixed cables between cabling closets or cabinets, contained in cable trays and terminated at each end onto patch panels in the communications cabinet or outlets at the desktop. The circuits are then interconnected to the final destination using patch cords. The difficulty is that these patch leads are installed,

Penta Floor

removed and reinstalled many times during the life of the installation. Cables can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with, sometimes resulting in devices accidentally becoming unplugged as one attempts to move a cable. Such cases are known as cable spaghetti, which is a huge bunch of cables tangled with each other, and thereby presenting their own problems. This is the result of not having any tried and tested cable management system, and when this occurs, new cable cannot be laid because it is impossible to pull out “dead” cable from the spaghetti. Cable trays begin to sag under the load of cables, which results in faulty equipment operation. Often it is difficult to locate the defective cable within the mass of tangled cables. In such instances, new cable is often laid between the


two points, but the old, defective cable is left inside. Over the course Cyber Floor

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

of time, this cable spaghetti results in 80% of dead cables being left in place, while the total quantity of cables increases.

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Many overseas users are finding the solution by

One innovative material being utilised for more heavy-duty cable management solutions is glass-reinforced polyester. This type of tray

using cable in trays mounted at different levels.

not only offers a lightweight, cost-effective

This multi-level cable tray organisation allows the

solution, it also contains fire-retardant, self-

cable bundles to be sorted and organised from the

extinguishing, anti-corrosive and anti-aging

first day of installation.

properties, ensuring the utmost safety in haz-

If it becomes necessary to remove a dead cable, it can be easily changed for a new one, because it

ardous environments. Modular underfloor distribution systems are

will not be tangled or buried in a huge cable mass,

another innovative cable management devel-

but conveniently located in a single small bundle.

opment which meet time and cost demands.

In recent years, cable management solutions

This type of system is generally pre-wired,

have become a greater part of the initial planning

which not only saves time during the installa-

and specification process, due to the pressure

tion but, as with other technologies, also allows

felt by specifiers to ensure tight budgets are met.

for a less qualified installer to carry out the

Another key consideration is time and the threat of


large penalty clauses incurred for late installations. One way to reduce the cost of time and labour

Despite the innovation and new emerging products to meet these needs, some of the

is to utilise less qualified or skilled workers by

existing solutions have also been updated to

specifying products which are quick and easy to

allow for easier installation and reduced waste

install, thereby reducing the risk of complications


and ensuring the project is kept on track, as skilled

One example is flexible conduit, along with

tradesmen will only be needed to sign off the com-

new push-on fittings; some kits also include

pleted work.

fitting removal tools, further reducing unneces-

It is also important to specify solutions that guarantee a quick and easy installation, at the right

sary waste and making reconfiguration easier. Dealing with underfloor cabling systems,

price. There are many established products within

one of the most favoured cable management

the cable management sector that have evolved to

designs available in this country for electronic

become easier to use as well as meeting new pric-

cabling is the low-profile, panelled, continuous

ing demands in these more challenging times.

grid system that provides a minimum increase

Naturally, we are basically only interested in the

in floor height and easy access through the

systems that impinge on or complement the floor-

panels, with the grid clearly indicated through-

ing installation, but it is worth briefly mentioning

out the floor plan, making identification of

other cabling options that affect the electrical/

cable types very simple.

electronic sectors. One area which has seen a great transformation

The ready access and low profile of these systems means that any repairs, replacement,

is cable trays and baskets. With steel cable trays

servicing or additions to the cabling is easy to

renowned for their heavy weight and lack of flex-

achieve in the shortest possible time, and with

ibility, steel wire basket alternatives have recently

the minimum of disruption to the workplace.

increased in popularity. Easy to handle and cut and

So, cable management has developed into

form on site, these are a vast improvement on the

almost an art form, but it still pays to go into

more rigid products previously used.

detail with a reputable, experienced supplier

Also, innovations such as snap-fit connectors further reduce installation time, fuelling the grow-

because cable bundles are laid on one level.


Tel 011 646 8679 • Fax 011 646 9676 •

be added, until no space is left under the ceiling

ing trend for such fast-fix cable management

Intelligent Raised Access Flooring

Consequently, cable tray supports cannot carry the increasing load and additional supports must

and installer to get the exact answer for any cabling installation.

53 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0 Bates Access Flooring

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Advantages with Iso Floor: • quick assembly due to a flexible design • very high stability even when floor panels are removed • adaptable to equipment where all panels can be lifted in front of the cabinets to facilitate cabling and service • only certified installers are used to strengthen our standard of high quality • optimum access to electric, data and building services installations in all imaginable spaces • up to 70% fewer pedestal supports than with conventional static floors which provides more free space for cable ladders and other services • highly flexible system to meet our customers’ specific requirements • complete range of accessories available • different floor panel sizes available

Bergvik Flooring (Pty) Ltd. ADF Centre, Unit 11 | Vonkel Street, Saxenburg Park 2 | Blackheath, Cape Town | SOUTH AFRICA


Phone +27 (0) 21 905 1912 | Fax +27 (0) 21 905 33 34 | Email: | Website: F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Access flooring paid for in less than one year!

Bergvik, a well-established and reputable raised

CRAC set temperature by 3-5ºC.

access flooring company, provides added revenue

fire suppressant cylinders and batteries directly on top of the Bergvik

Other cost savings come from being able to put the CRAC units,

streams for customers that enable them to pay for

floor which means no external boxes are required, grounding is

the floor in less than twelve months.

bridging is necessary because the pedestals are movable, not set at


required in only two places instead of multi-point grounding, and no 600 x 600mm squares.

stablished in 1970, Bergvik flooring has designed, manufactured

Bergvik adds to the revenue streams of its customers by generat-

and sold technical raised floors and secure seismic bracing solu-

ing optimised floor layouts to provide the opportunity to add more

tions all over the world, and is an innovative knowledge company

server racks on the same data centre footprint. This provides an

with operations in Sweden, South Africa and USA.

added revenue stream of about R9000 per rack per month. A signifi-

According to Peter Brandstrom, CEO of Bergvik, “We have a strong focus on raised floor systems and seismic bracing tailoring solutions for our customers’ applications worldwide. We work hard to increase

cant example includes one client that created an additional revenue stream of R3-million within 12 months! This was achieved by offering a 900x600mm custom size 56%

our customers’ value chain and competitive strength through close

Airflow panel with high-plume fins, improving air stratification,

cooperation and a strong end-user perspective.”

instead of a cold aisle width of 1 200mm using two standard flat-bot-

Clients such as Vodacom, MTN, Neotel and Eskom have realised the advantages this unique Swedish product provides to their data cen-

tom panels positioned side by side. Bergvik can improve asset turnover (a measure of how well assets

tres and telecommunication and electrical rooms. In less than 3 years,

are being used to produce revenue) as the floor can last for years and

the Bergvik staff complement has trebled as orders stream in – even

it is flexible and adaptable for future changes and requirements.

during times of recession.

Located in Blackheath, Cape Town, Bergvik can provide materials

According to Brandstrom, “The old mindset was to build a floor the

with very short lead times since they keep a large inventory in South

cheapest way possible. The new mindset is to build a floor that helps

Africa. They only make use of accredited installers (in-house and sub-

your customers reduce their costs, increase their revenue streams

contractors) and they provide a 5-year warranty.

while improving their asset turnover.” How can a raised floor achieve these benefits? Bergvik realised that

Anyone requiring further information should contact Anders Lindberg or Marina Snyman – details provided below.

the number one cost for a data centre over time is that of energy

Bergvik Flooring

– due to cooling the server room.

Tel: 021 905 1912

By using the superior airflow stratification that the Bergvik Triad

E-mail: or

panel offers, together with its modular Iso Floor structure, the cus-


tomer will obtain large energy cost savings by being able to raise the

Facebook: Bergvik Flooring

55 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

“The Bergvik ISO Floor system not only safeguards

“We also benefit from the modularity and adaptability of the floor

our equipment, it provides greater flexibility as

system’s design; the installation speed and accuracy and the ease with

well,” says Fred Weber, senior project manager,

panels; and the flexibility of the floor panels layout and the relative



n 2007 the first contract in South Africa was awarded to Bergvik. The

which cable and service pipe penetrations can be made through the ease with which layout changes to existing installations can be made as needs change over time.” Vodacom also likes the pleasing aesthetic appearance and superior

transfer of essential technical information to Vodacom’s appointed

final finish of the floor. The limited numbers of support structures

consulting engineers and architects, and the commercial and technical

below floor level make data and power cable installation far easier,

support received from Bergvik principals in the USA and Sweden were

quicker and safer, and the conditioned airflow to the equipment racks

all executed in an exemplary manner. All installations completed to date

is also less restricted and cooling efficiency is thus enhanced.

by Bergvik have always remained ahead of project schedules,” he says. Vodacom is extremely happy with the Bergvik ISO Floor raised floor system as it fully complements the Vodacom modularity and standardisation design strategies and objectives.

“In consideration of all these advantages, we do not hesitate recommending the Bergvik ISO Floor system and thank Bergvik for the excellent support rendered to Vodacom on our development projects.” Dawn Brandstrom, Bergvik’s Vice-president (Marketing), says, “The

“The positive aspects of the Bergvik floor system that offer particular

benefits of Bergvik’s floors to customers can more than pay for the floor

advantage to Vodacom include the structural stability and strength of

in short order. For example, we have just received an order from Neotel

the floor system, eliminating the need to install independent structures

Communications, a data centre operator here in South Africa, where we

for electrical distribution boards, battery racks, HVAC plant, gas cylinder

proposed an optimised floor layout to provide them with the opportu-

manifolds, et cetera.”

nity to add 28 more server racks on the same data centre footprint.”

Vodacom really appreciative of their access floor

“This provides an added revenue stream for Neotel of about R10 500 per rack per month, which comes to about R3-million within 12 months! We do this by offering a 900 x 600 mm custom size 56% Airflow panel with high-plume fins instead of a cold aisle width of 122mm using two standard perforated panels positioned side by side,” she says. Bergvik Flooring Tel: 021 905 1912 E-mail: or


Website: FaceBook: Bergvik Flooring

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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Advantages with Iso Floor: • quick assembly due to a flexible design • very high stability even when floor panels are removed • adaptable to equipment where all panels can be lifted in front of the cabinets to facilitate cabling and service • only certified installers are used to strengthen our standard of high quality • optimum access to electric, data and building services installations in all imaginable spaces • up to 70% fewer pedestal supports than with conventional static floors which provides more free space for cable ladders and other services • highly flexible system to meet our customers’ specific requirements • complete range of accessories available • different floor panel sizes available

Bergvik Flooring (Pty) Ltd. ADF Centre, Unit 11 | Vonkel Street, Saxenburg Park 2 | Blackheath, Cape Town | SOUTH AFRICA

Phone +27 (0) 21 905 1912 | Fax +27 (0) 21 905 33 34 | Email: | Website: F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

Access to fully functional floors Floor systems are a tradition with Lindner Access Flooring, the German company that has an extensive sales programme to meet any customer require-

with other floor systems. They also have a unique appearance, available with factorybonded stone, parquet or a standard floorcovering, such as rubber, PVC, laminate flooring or carpet – and they are virtually emissionfree (tested by the Institute for Construction Biology in Rosenheim, Germany). Lindner manufactures its own steel pedestals which serve as a

ment – with versatile, quality-engineered systems

substructure for the floor systems. These high-loadbearing pedes-

that are marketed in Southern Africa solely by

unevenness in the subfloor.

Wonder Flooring.


ome of the main advantages of using Lindner Access Flooring are that the modular floor panels can be laid quickly and can

tals can be adjusted to any height and thus can compensate for any The Ligna range of raised floors is made of chipboard panels and is the product of choice whenever the cost-effectiveness of the project is paramount. Ideal for use in offices and technical rooms, Ligna is classified in

be walked upon immediately; direct access to the cavity is pos-

the lowest emission class (E1), and complies with the highest con-

sible anywhere; convenient servicing of data cabling and building

struction requirements. The fact that the floor panels are predomi-

management systems is enabled; and the versatility of the system

nantly made-to-measure means that they guarantee a high degree

means that it can be adapted easily to changing requirements.

of airtightness within a ventilated floor application.

For sustainable building, Lindner’s calcium sulphate (gypsum

For further information on the full range of access flooring sys-

fibre) raised floor panels are manufactured almost exclusively from

tems, accessories, and complementary products that are available in

recycled materials. These panels are among the company’s highest

the Lindner sales programme, contact Wonder Flooring at the num-

quality products – with exceptional acoustic and structural properties.

bers shown below, or visit the website:

Marketed under the Nortec brand, these raised floor panels provide a non-combustible material with excellent structural

Wonder Flooring Tel: 0860 29 8080

and physical properties, and exhibit extreme strength and

Fax: 086 02 9823

highly effective soundproofing; many options for combining


58 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement


Meeting the standard

SANS 52825:2009 Ultimate load Actual Carry Load/point load


t is apparent from the lead article on Access Flooring in this issue that there is considerable concern over the new SANS 52825:2009 Access

Flooring – based on the European EN standard that was adopted in the UK – as it does not meet the requirements of the local marketplace. Load testing is of particular concern, because the new standard falls short of that required by SABS 1549:1993 – the standard that has been used by the local manufacturers for years without any problems or failures. Jaco Boshoff says that at Solidfeel they have an in-house test facility, but


4kN/ 400kg

1,3kN/ 130kg

3,6kN/ 360kg


6kN/ 600kg

2kN / 200kg

5,5kN/ 550kg


8kN/ 800kg

2,6kN/ 260kg

7,2kN/ 720kg


9kN/ 900kg

3kN/ 300kg

8,3kN/ 830kg


10kN/ 1000kg

3,3kN/ 330kg

9,1kN/ 910kg


12kN/ 1200kg

4kN/ 400kg

11,12kN/ 1112kg

neither SABS nor SANS has the test equipment to fully test access flooring, which should be carried out by an SABS/ISO-accredited quality technician


to ensure that all products conform to the SABS 1549:1993 standard.

Ultimate load

“The CISCA testing standard and methodology is the international benchmark to which access flooring must conform, and CISCA and SABS 1549:1993 are very similar,” he says. “This means that products that do not conform to SABS 1549:1993 would not conform to CISCA, and this is exactly the problem we have with the SANS testing standard. There is also great confusion in the mar-

“Carrying load refers to a safe load on the floor with a safety factor of

SABS 1549: 1993 Actual Distribution Carry load/m2 Load/point load



8,1kN/ 810kg

2,7kN/ 270kg

7,5kN/ 750kg

Light weight


13,5kN/ 1350kg

4,5kN/ 450kg

12,5kN/ 1250kg

Medium weight


16,5kN/ 1650kg

5,5kN/ 550kg

15,29kN/ 1529kg

Heavy weight


27kN/ 2700kg

9kN/ 900kg

25kN / 2500kg

Extra heavy weight

ket place when the different technical term Carrying Load/Point Load as opposed to Ultimate Load is used.”

Distribution load/m2

three (3) still to be taken into account. Ultimate load refers to the maximum load a floor can carry before structural failure would occur. The latter has no safety factor.” “Where a system has an ultimate load indicated, this number should

All readings (except for Ultimate loads) are based on a 2,5mm deflection and a permanent set of less or equal to 0,5mm

The South African Bureau of Standards is to review the situation in

ideally be divided by three (3) to ascertain the true safe carrying load of

view of the comments from the industry, but clients should adhere

the said floor. Only then can comparisons between different systems be

to SABS 1549:1993 at this stage, which has already served the indus-

done accurately,” Jaco concludes.

try well, until the problems has been resolved.


The range of access floors has been specifically designed to cater for the demands and flexibility required by today’s highly technological business environment. SolidFeel Access Floors are flexible enough to adapt quickly, and easily to changing office furniture and equipment layouts. The SolidFeel Access Floor range of panel are designed to withstand heavy rolling and concentrated loads. The SolidFeel system, including our new 1.2 m span understructure, with finished floor hights of up to 1.8 meters, is the ideal choice for today’s server and data room environments. SolidFeel systems have the versatility of allowing panel with different load characteristics to be placed exactly where they are required without changing the understructure. SolidFeel embraces the Green Concept within the parameters of our product range. In our manufacturing process we strive to use the resources at our disposal responsibly and contributes to a better living standard for all. SolidFeel Access Flooring is manufactured to the highest specification and when used to its full potential it will make a contribution towards a Green Star rating.

OFFICE +27 82 887 1683 FAX +27 86 606 6125 JACO BOSHOFF CELL +27 82 338 8522 ANDRE LAMMERS CELL +27 82 807 4828 6 CROMPTON ROAD, GERMISTON, SOUTH AFRICA. 1401

59 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

SAWLFA on decking FLOORS spoke to both Peter Geyer, executive committee member of SAWLFA and recognised expert on laminate floorcoverings, and Steven Suntup, vicechairman of SAWLFA and Geyer’s opposite number on natural wood floors, to get the lowdown on what credibility the Southern African Wood & Laminate Flooring Association places on the use of these products in exterior applications.


irstly, Peter Geyer states emphatically that laminate floorcoverings should never be used for outdoor applications, and should

also never be considered for floors in high-moisture/humidity areas such as saunas. This is not the case with wood, however, where it provides a luxurious and sophisticated feel when used in a properly designed outdoor deck or patio. Steven Suntup says, “Wood has been used successfully outdoors for thousands of years, but it is only wood and it can rot. Some timbers are better outdoors than others because they have natural oils which make them very resistant to adverse weather conditions and can last for up to 40 years with no treatment – for example IPE, also known as Brazilian Walnut. On the other side of the coin are timbers like Pine which, without treatment, can rot in three years.” “Rot is not the only problem with timber used outdoors; there is also fungal and insect attack and again there are many timbers that are naturally resistant to these, or alternately one can buy pressure treated timbers that will fight off rot, insect and fungal attack. Therefore, when one is going to use timber outdoors it pays to do a bit of research regarding the best timber to use for the application,” says Steven. In drier areas like Johannesburg, in the winter timber outdoors needs to be well selected for this climate and may need added treatment – as opposed to humid areas where the timber is staying constantly moist. “These days the grey look is in, especially in outdoor decking. All timber left untreated will go grey and this is more successfully achieved on the coast due to the higher humidity, whereas

dry, paint on a fresh coat of decking oil; do this twice or three times

in Johannesburg if the timber isn’t treated the owner may find the

a year and the good looks and performance of the wood will be

deck really drying out in winter and starting to crack. Timber out-


side can last a lifetime if well maintained but remember that our

bers that can last outdoors. Generally it is the African and Brazilian

it could take a hammering,” he says.

timbers that do the job and, even though there are new synthetics

“In my view, there is still nothing better than a wooden deck – but nothing worse that a neglected wooden deck. These days, decks are oiled and not varnished, which makes them easier to maintain and


“Again I must mention that for decking one must select good tim-

African sun is a killer and if wood is not covered or well maintained

generally oiling is only required twice a year.” All one needs to do is scrub and wash the deck down and, when

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

on the market, there is nothing to beat the look of wood,” Steven concludes. Anyone wishing to know more about SAWLFA or the uses of both wood and laminate flooring should telephone 011 455 2822 or visit the website

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

EXTERIOR FLOORING & PAVING feature An annual feature such as Exterior Flooring & Paving is such a broad subject that it is almost impossible to cover all the applications and products that are available, so in this article we will deal with the materials regularly used in entertainment areas – both residential and commercial – and run separate articles on paving and the more industrial aspects of exterior flooring elsewhere in this issue.

61 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

An annual feature such as Exterior Flooring & Paving is such a broad subject that it is almost impossible to cover all the applications and products that are available, so in this article we will deal with the materials regularly used in entertainment areas – both residential and commercial – and run separate articles on paving and the more industrial aspects of exterior flooring elsewhere in this issue.


he climate in Southern Africa lends itself to spending most of

one’s leisure time in the open air, and as a result outdoor living spaces are regularly required to transform into luxurious extensions of the house, hotel, conference centre, and so on. As such they have often become the preferred place to relax, entertain and cook in the summer and, whether it’s the patio, pool deck, or even the driveway, outdoor living spaces should be given the same importance as the interior design of the property. The basis of any fully functioning outdoor space is the flooring, which must be provided in tough yet versatile material so that it will withstand the wear and tear of the out-

Flooring can complement the art of living outside 62

doors and at the same time provide a pleasant ambience for gatherings and occasions. Outdoor floorings need to fulfil two requirements: they need to last a long time; and they have to look good. Today’s materials can fulfil both roles – the difficult part is a matter of choosing which material to use to meet your requirements and expectations.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Lafarge Concrete

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

Decks are significant components of outdoor living, providing an ideal

woods are on the expensive side, the advice of a specialist deck-

place to entertain visitors for meals, a few drinks or outdoor parties,

ing company should be sought at an early stage, particularly as

or a quiet environment to have a conversation, to study or to s

each has its own aesthetic quality.

it and relax.

Wood flooring is an excellent choice for homes with outdoor

A deck has many uses and can encompass many different designs

patios, decks and areas around an outdoor pool. It lasts a long

and styles that need to be determined when planning to build a deck.

time and goes with just about everything in the surroundings,

There are many types of decks such as pool, low and high, spa and rect-

such as plants and furniture.

angular decks as well as octagonal, splash pool and wooden decks.

While it is easily available and fairly easily maintained, wood

There are also roofed decks, decks with umbrellas or a gazebo,

can be quite costly, but it will withstand all weather conditions

decks with structures on them like arbors, cabins and other items

such as heat, rain and snow, and to determine which type of

to make them a beautiful place to be for quiet relaxation.

wood is most suitable for your climatic region, take the advice of

Rectangular decks are the most usual design, and the easiest to build. There are numerous applications for rectangular such as tiered, sundecks and patios systems. Octagonal decks are a perfect addition to several outdoor spaces. They are great for outdoor jacuzzis, beach and braai deck areas.

an experienced decking installer. Apart from the patio and decking areas, the rustic look of any garden can be enhanced with the addition of wooden ‘stepping stone’ paths, or paths made of old railway sleepers. A firm budget must be established before embarking on

Splash pool plans are a great addition for many above-the-ground

any decking design, because all deck materials come in wide

pools, and all these options will provide an inexpensive way to turn

range of costs. Classic options like pressure-treated lumber are

your garden into a family reception area.

deemed the cheapest of the various types of deck materials.

Decks are also one of the most adaptable places for throwing a party

However, composite deck materials are becoming increasingly

or entertaining friends and family. Seats around the borders of the deck

popular, and these are a combination of waste wood products

allow space for plenty of visitors, and if there is more than one level to

and plastic that will not splinter or rot. However, to get the best

your deck, you can essentially have two functions going on at the same

results, it is important to install them in accordance with the

time – especially great for keeping children away from the adults!

manufacturer’s instructions.

There are several options to consider when choosing the best deck materials. The first step to be taken is to look for suitable materials. Let’s look at the options: Wood, composite and plastic decks

Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tiles are often used on patios because they are easy to install and come in a wide variety of colours. In addition, they last a long time, are fairly inexpensive to install and easy to clean. However, they do become slippery when wet, so special care

Wood is the most common and the most popular, but each type

needs to be taken to make sure that people walking on the

of wood has its pros and cons, and because the long-lasting exotic

tiles don’t slip and fall. Take a look at the tile designs, and those


Rhoms Timberworld

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

that provide anti-slip surfaces. As with wooden flooring, ceramic tiles also withstand all weather conditions. Rubber Tiles Rubber tiles are mostly chosen for outdoor flooring for elderly homeowners or for families with children that often play outdoors – particularly in pool surrounds – because they provide good traction and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These tiles are inexpensive, easy to install, last a long time and, like ceramic tiles, they also come in different colours so there are many options to choose from. Concrete Concrete is often selected as outdoor flooring, including pathways and driveways because it is one of the most inexpensive options. Concrete flooring lasts a long time, can withstand all weather conditions and can even be painted or stained to meet specific colour needs. Additionally, concrete can also be decorated by stamping prints such as leaves and flowers, imparting a design imprint. As with ceramic tiles, however, caution needs to be taken when concrete flooring is wet because it becomes very slippery. Concrete pavers are probably the most popular and practical choice for outdoor floors because they are inexpensive and easy to apply. Builders and contractors can easily install concrete pavers for a new project or simply a little patio or pool remodelling job. Once again, a selection can be made from numerous designs – from stamped to textured; from big to small. Stamped pavers, in particular, can get the look of many different materials when these patterns are pressed into freshly poured concrete. Manufacturers can make stamps that perfectly imitate slate, flagstone, brick, cobblestone, and more, and it is possible to colour concrete pavers to match the colour scheme of the house. The maintenance for this type of paver is easy and hardly requires any effort. Interlocking concrete pavers are another choice; they can absorb shocks to certain degree, and come in many shapes and sizes. Bricks Using brick as outdoor flooring is another popular choice because it is relatively inexpensive and withstands all weather conditions. Because of its texture, brick is naturally slip-resistant when wet. Bricks are easy to install and clean, and they can be installed using different patterns, such as basket- weave or herringbone, or even laid in a


circular pattern.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

Although brick pavers are a little more expensive than concrete,

not only looks good but is easy to install, long-lasting and cost-

they are still a popular choice among designers, builders and


homeowners. They last for a very long time and they greatly appeal


to almost every design aesthetic.

With unique treatment during the manufacturing procedure,

They are great for walkways, driveways, and patios, adding a level

strand-woven bamboo decking is another modern option, that

of quality and elegance to a home entrance that can not be achieved

has become a serious rival to wood for these applications. It is

with either concrete or asphalt.

decay-proof, moisture-resistant, and provides insect prevention

Brick pavers also come in many different colours and shapes, allowing for unique colour schemes and patterns to be achieved.

and high temperature resistance. In reality, bamboo is a grass rather than a wood and, if the

They can also be used for pool decks but need to be treated with an

source material is from carefully harvested plantations, it is a

insulating solution to prevent them getting too hot during the

rapidly growing material that reproduces further growth after it


has been cut – making it a very environmentally friendly material.

Installing brick pavers requires the skills of a professional contractor,

This is but a simple overview of some of the better materials

because wrong installation can result in the spending of more money

that are available for outdoor applications, but before you place

to correct the problems.

any orders for the work to commence outside, it pays to check


the specifications and credentials of the manufacturer, supplier,

For people with bigger budgets, flagstones and natural stone can

and the installing contractor to ensure that you are getting the

never go wrong. They are durable and they are undoubtedly elegant-

best possible value for your money.

looking. Installation will take a longer period of time but the wait is worth it since these outdoor floors will even outlast the house. One of the most popular floorcoverings for outdoor applications, particularly for patios and pool surrounds in view of its inherent non-

Acknowledgement and thanks are given to participants in previous features on this subject, and the websites www.outdoorfloors. net and from which information for this article has been taken.


slip safety features, is the resin-encapsulated aggregate floor which

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

DuraTurf gives us the inside edge on artificial lawn You can ensure that the grass is always greener in dull, boring areas with DuraTurf artificial lawn from Belgotex



Gardens, landscaping, terraces and multi-functional

Here are a few frequently asked questions as DuraTurf


gives us the Dos and Don’ts of artificial lawn to ensure

Polyethelene Pile height

your customers are always tickled pink!


Q: Where can DuraTurf be used?


A: Anywhere you can think of! There are eight different ranges of


DuraTurf, suited to specific areas, that will enable the re-styling

Sedge (Infill)

of any area, including: •

Transforming that dull paved island in the parking lot


an evergreen oasis;

Making over that flat rooftop to enjoy the city views;

Brightening up that long dark passage through the

arcade; •

Giving a shopping centre or garage forecourt the

green car

pet treatment;

and you can use it:

Around the hotel swimming pool perimeter and


courtyard; •

Between stepping stones or pavers;

In the gym or even an expo stand...

A: DuraTurf is constructed out of durable, tufted polyethylene

Q: What’s the big difference between ranges? A: Basically the fibre densities and pile heights differ between each range, and the infill or non-infill systems. The shorter ones

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Application Gardens, landscaping, terraces and multi-functional

yarn in a range of pile heights and comes in rolls, similar to a broadloom carpet.

Application Gardens, landscaping Yarn Polyethelene Pile height 37mm Thickness 37mm Infill 15 - 20 kg per square metre


Q: What is it made of?



Polyethelene Pile height 7,5mm Thickness 8mm

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving are hardier and tougher while the longer, more luxurious rang-


es look more authentic but are more susceptible to flattening.

Application Cricket pitches, putt-putt

There are also two basic installation systems of DuraTurf avail-

courses, change rooms and

able depending on the application – those with a sand infill

sports facilities in general

and those without.


Q: When do I recommend an infill vs non-infill range?


A: Depending on the application, the infill varieties – Sedge, Rye


and Oval – are used in mostly outdoor applications such as

7 mm

landscaped gardens, terraces and multi-functional areas.

Oval - Summer Green

The non-infill varieties of Augusta, Bermuda, Wicket and DIY Turf are usually recommended for indoors, entertainment areas, sports facilities in general including cricket pitches, putt- putt surfaces, change rooms and gyms.

Q: Can it be installed on any surface? A: DuraTurf can be installed on any flat, even surface such as concrete, stone or tar. The substrate should be flat, stable, well- condensed and preferably porous to allow for drainage. If the sub-soil is not sufficiently condensed it may shift and settle

later, causing irregularities in the artificial lawn.

Application Cricket pitches, corporate entertainment areas, change rooms and sports facilities. Yarn Polyethelene Pile height and thickness 12mm Infill Cricket pitch when required – 6kg per square metre

Q: What maintenance does DuraTurf require? A: Just like any garden surface, DuraTurf will collect dirt from environmental exposure and from being walked on. Spills and dirt can be washed away with normal water. Simply scoop up any solids or dirt as you would with normal grass. Sweep with a soft-bristled garden broom to restore flattened blades to their upright position.

Q: What should I warn customers against? A: Never use solvents to clean DuraTurf and refer harsh chemical stains to the manufacturers. Lit cigarettes or hot coals from a braai should be removed as soon as possible and may discolour the grass. These burns can be professionally repaired but should be referred to the installer. Visit or call Belgotex Floorcoverings on 033 897 Application Bermuda Gardens, landscaping, terraces and multi-functional Yarn Polyethelene Pile height 18mm Thickness 20mm


Application Gardens, landscaping Yarn Polyethelene Pile height 40mm Thickness 40mm Infill 15 - 20 kg per square metre

DIY Turf (Non-Infill) Technical information Application Gardens, landscaping, terraces

Pile height +/- 8,5mm Thickness

and multi-functional

+/- 9 mm




2-year UV warranty

67 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Everyone’s favourite floors... Solid Wood Engineered and Laminate Floors Decking complete wooden floor solutions • floor & deck maintenance • professional advice and designs

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

Protection for decks and outdoor furniture To protect decks and outdoor furniture from the

weather Loba offers Lobasol Deck & Teak Oil Colour, a specially formulated oil finish for exterior use, which is being marketed by Zimbo’s Trading – the sole distributor of Loba products in South Africa.

Loba selected these practical colour names to ensure that craftsmen

and consumers know immediately which oil is most suitable for the respective application with no chance of confusion. Furthermore, the four Teak Oil Colour shades can be also used with any wood that is similar in colour. These new coloured oil finishes enhance the natural colour of new wood and reinvigorate the colouring of older decks and outdoor furniture. Because they are based entirely on natural vegetable oils, the new product variants also meet Loba’s high standards for natural ingredients and environmental compatibility. Lobasol Deck & Teak Oil Colour penetrates deep into the fibres of the wood, guaranteeing long-term protection from the damaging effects of weather. The pigments in the oil also prevent fading and offer extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The wood is sealed and preserved while still remaining open-pored and able to breathe. At the same time the natural colour, beauty and grain of the wood is brought out. The oils can be easily applied using a paintbrush or lint-free cloth and


ased on natural vegetable oils, this specialty oil stain seals wood surfaces and brings out the wood’s natural colour, and is now

should be allowed to penetrate for 30 minutes. After drying overnight a second coat of stain is applied until the wood is completely saturated. Zimbo’s Trading Johannesburg: 011 794 1012

Fax: 086 556 4694

designed to treat, namely: Garapa, Douglas Fir, Dark Bangkirai and

Cape Town: 021 511 4693

Fax: 021 511 4694

Light Bangkirai – representing the most common types of wood used


for outdoor applications.

Websites: /

available in four new colours named for the types of wood they are

Tiles for soil stabilisation Soil stabilisation is a real problem for outdoor, muddy and sandy areas such as pathways, caravan parks, gravel driveways, temporary parking areas, and embankments, but the soil Stabilisation Tiles (ST) manufactured by Tuff Floors can solve the problem.


anufactured from polypropylene, ST tiles are 37mm thick and 500 x 500mm in size, and are designed to prevent soil

erosion by giving the soil stability, which is achieved with the specialised interlocking system it provides, and the cavities within the tiles that hold the soil in place. ST tiles are easy to install, durable and cost-effective, and anyone wishing to know more should contact Tuff Floors at the numbers shown below. Tuff Floors (Africa) cc Tel: 011 873 1292 Fax: 011 873 3328


E-Mail : Website :

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

able solid hardwood supply. Timber decks differ from conventional patios and terraces – most sig-

By creating a way to transform an outside space, providing a comfortable leisure, luxury area, maximising

nificantly in their elevation and general height of construction. For all but the simplest, low-level garden deck, property owners should satisfy themselves that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed

the use of a social area, or ensuring a seamless transi-


tion between indoor and outdoor living, a wooden

mend that you talk to all your neighbours about your decking plans.

deck can make a fantastic addition to any garden.

Neighbour objections are the most usual reason for planning refusal or

In addition to contacting the Local Authority, we strongly recom-

enforcement notices after completion. Local Authorities can insist that

An exotic and enhancing addition

structures are dismantled and removed where prior consent should

ooden decking should last for many years of enjoyment.

investment can resist damage from feet and different moisture levels

Hardwood decks are manufactured by Bedson Flooring & Décor

that collect on a flat surface, and Bedson is the sole distributor of these


from a 20mm solid, durable timber, kiln-dried to ensure correct moisture content, preventing exposure defects.

have been obtained, but was not. With the new Arboritec AB decking finish your prestigious outdoor

pioneer, non-toxic, polyurethane floor and deck coatings in South Africa. The Bedson Flooring & Décor sales team can recommend preferred

The choice of Softwood versus Hardwood

installers, who will be able to support your decking project from dream

These terms are used to identify certain species of wood rather

to reality.

than having anything to do with the actual hardness of the wood.

This reliable reference programme of installers will insure that these

Coniferous, evergreen trees provide softwood whereas hardwood

specification standards will be addressed correctly, providing you with

comes from broadleaved trees.

that luxurious, built-to-last-a-lifetime deck.

For the most part, decks are built from softwood that has been pres-

Bedson Flooring and Décor

sure treated. Decks and associated landscape structures should be

Tel: 012 803 4376

designed and built to give a minimum service life of 15 years.

Fax: 012 803 2044

Always use timber from sustainable forest sources. Bedson Flooring & Décor is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring sustain-



E-mail: Website:


SOLID Timber Decking Maximising the use of your social area Bedson Decking as the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living

Protecting your decking investment

Gauteng: Pretoria 012 803 4376 KZN: Hammarsdale 072 622 7400

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Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

From landfill to


The most recent changes to the four Leisure Turf ranges, manufactured by Tiger Turf and marketed in South Africa by Van Dyck Carpets, have most definitely had the desired effect, says David Carr, the Leisure Turf business manager at Van Dyck Carpets.


ountrywide road shows by Van Dyck launching the Vision range with “Moral Fibres” which is manufactured using recycled plastic

bottles, have given architects, developers, landscapers a unique product that fulfils its potential in a myriad of sporting and leisure applications, but also cares for environments ranging from residential to corporate. “From Landfill to Landscape”, as Carr explains. Economical Terrace Turf is proving to be very popular in applications where a higher performing entry level product is better suited for installations ranging from terraces, balconies, play areas, patios, and many more, building the reputation and versatility of this range. The short pile of this product also ensures lower maintenance, yet it still carries a 5-year guarantee. Garden 24, with optional infill, has been tried and tested in the South African market since the inception of Van Dyck’s partnership with Tiger Turf, and is still popular with landscape and sports contractors. Garden 24 is an all-round versatile product that is suitable for lowmaintenance and budget-friendly solutions for domestic gardens, multi-purpose applications and corporate areas. Lifestyle Africa with its two shades of yarn, straight and textures monofilament fibres, gives an overall natural appearance for installations that require a hardwearing leisure turf. This look makes Lifestyle Africa exceptionally practical for domestic, civil and commercial areas. “Overall, the Tiger Turf and Van Dyck Carpets commitment to deliver the correct range of Leisure Turf to the South African market has been achieved,” says Carr. “Our drive, like our joint venture with Tiger Turf, is to ensure that partnerships are built with our customers on a national level in the delivery of quality products,” he says. Amongst the recent installations of note are day-care centres, corporate offices, exhibitions, sundecks, balconies and school play areas, to mention a few, which have been completed in all areas on a national level. To emphasise the versatility of these artificial grass systems, recent installations include the Galleria Shopping Centre in Durban (Terrace Turf); Big Brother House (Lifestyle); Pearls Umhlanga (Terrace Turf); Gateway Shopping Centre (Garden 24); Headway Centre in Westville, Durban (Lifestyle); Highbury School Hillcrest (Terrace Turf); and Ushaka (Terrace Turf). Day-to-day installations on existing concrete surfaces have been successfully installed while those few “certified installers” have professionally prepared civil surfaces, ensuring correct levels and drainage for landscape, commercial, hospitality, golf courses, driving ranges and leisure applications. For more info on these products please contact Van Dyck Carpets at the numbers shown below, or visit their websites. Van Dyck Carpets Tel: 031 913 3800 Fax: 031 912 1220


Website: and

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Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

World-class car park

decking systems Flowcrete has an unrivalled global reputation for delivering world-class protective car park decking systems, with a unique, proven range of performance systems that has been installed in parking structures for Grindrod and Etlin International Trading recently.


lowcrete is committed to transforming contemporary car park environments. As a technology-driven manufacturer, Flowcrete is

constantly developing new systems for new-build and refurbishment projects to deliver safer, more attractive and functional parking environments. Deckshield – Flowcrete’s protective waterproof car park decking system visually improves car parks, has a highly accredited fire rating, and is exceptionally durable and hardwearing. These qualities make it the product of choice for today’s car parks, where first impressions count. For example, customers and employees of shipping and forward-

ing company Grindrod now have a pleasant environment in which to park thanks to the installation of Flowcrete’s waterproof, elastomeric Deckshield car park decking system. This waterproof system, which has been installed at the company’s Esplanade car-parking facility, minimises tyre squeal and helps to protect the building structure from water ingress. Another Flowcrete product that is in high demand is the high-specification ED (Exposed Deck) formulation, which provides additional protection against harsh weather conditions. The high-quality, light-reflective finish delivers superior hardwearing and abrasion-resistant properties for the owner and a pleasant ambience for the car park users. Thus, it was selected by Etlin, the food processing company, for these attributes, and used as part of its expansion programme. Having decided to build a car park deck for its customers and employees, Etlin selected Flowcrete for the project due to Deckshield ED’s waterproofing properties as well as its aesthetic appeal. Since this was a new substrate, Flowcrete worked closely with both the client and engineer to create the seamless decking system to suit their requirements and expectations. Flowcrete South Africa has branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, and anyone seeking more information should contact Verity King at the numbers shown below, or visit the website. Flowcrete SA (Pty) Ltd Marketing Services Tel: 031 461 3411


E-mail: website:

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Feature: Access Flooring & Cable M anagement

75 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

The future lies in SUDS As continued emphasis is placed on the environmental issues throughout the world, one of the less-publicised aspects that affects everyone is the conservation of water which, as the climate change pundits have been advocating for some time, is becoming a dire problem in many countries.


ne area where the outdoor flooring industry can play a major role is in the provision of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)

with the further development and use of permeable concrete block paving, and in recent months several local Municipalities have installed this system, albeit often as a trial, which will enable the reuse of scarce water resources. The commercial sector is also showing interest in SUDS applications, with many new malls and shopping area developments installing systems that incorporate the saving of rainwater from roofs and parking areas, and the recycling of water within the building. This is fast becoming an almost essential requirement as the government embarks upon extensive housing programmes and the

mials, with the reassurance of proven engineering design solutions for every type of application. In addition to the visual design possibilities it provides, PCBP offers

growth in urban sprawl continues, particularly if the extreme weath-

two fundamental benefits compared with conventional surfacing: it is

er conditions expected from climate change come to fruition, which

completely level, well-drained, firm, and provides slip-resistant surfaces;

could obviously result in extensive flooding and damage.

and it has an absence of channels, gulleys and other interruptions.

Interpave – the Precast Concrete Paving & Kerb Association rep-

As a result, PCBP meets current accessibility requirements for the

resenting the major precast concrete paving manufacturers in the

whole community – unlike loose materials such as gravel, suggested

UK – sees no reason why concrete block permeable paving should

in some guidance on permeable paving but specifically excluded by

not be used more extensively now to replace impermeable surfaces,

accessibility rules.

gulleys and pipes to meet existing planning policies and satisfy a

Particular benefits include eliminating ‘ponding’, reducing the risk of

range of sustainability criteria, especially as some roads engineers

ice forming on the surface and no rain splashing from standing water.

have found that conventional drainage is often not enough.

These aspects are particularly important for accessible shared surfaces,

The draft legislation published in the UK during 2009 seeks to make sustainable drainage systems effectively mandatory by 2011.

eliminating the need for cross falls, channels or gulleys. This capability for completely level pavements is helpful in other

As the most versatile SUDS technique, with important water attenu-

applications as well, including level car parking areas for supermarkets,

ation and pollution control characteristics, the use of permeable

making it easier to control trolleys; in container yards to meet specific

concrete block paving (PCBP) is set to become the norm for new

operational requirements; or areas used by forklift trucks.

developments. PCBP is a unique sustainable drainage technology which is being championed by Interpave. Its block paving manufacturer members maintain the highest standards of quality control, product innova-

From an ecological perspective, PCBP also avoids the “death traps” which open gulleys present to wildlife, and provides sustenance to nearby trees and plants. For those wishing to know more, Interpave’s definitive 20-page guid-

tion and sustainability and are signatories to the British Precast

ance document Understanding Permeable Paving is intended to help

Concrete Federation Sustainability Charter, and its aims, objectives

all those involved with the development process – including designers

and values are reflected in the local South African organisation, the

and developers, and planning, building control and adoption officers

Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA).

– understand concrete block permeable paving.

Interpave has the expertise, international contacts and resources

It deals with legal as well as practical issues and explains the different

to develop technologies such as permeable paving to the benefit

systems and techniques available and how they can be used to meet

of the building industry as a whole, and works closely with other

current demands. It considers statutory requirements, the planning

organisations in driving forward sustainable drainage solutions.

process, overall design, long-term performance, costs and adoption

These efforts are replicated at the CMA, and its manufacturing members continue to develop innovative permeable concrete block paving products and systems to meet the increasing demand. PCBP is used on projects ranging from footpaths to container ter-



issues. Its sister publication Permeable Pavements – Guide to the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Concrete Block Permeable downloaded from the website (, and from which some information has been used in the provision of this article.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

Bamboo is ideal for outdoor decking

factured product, which means that the technical characteristics of the product are consistent and predictable. This is often not the case with other decking timbers, where suppliers

Oriental Bamboo of Somerset West is a large import-

frequently source decking timbers from the open market. This results in

er of quality Eco-Logic Bamboo outdoor decking

different grading practices. For example, some importers mix the entire

produced in China that is exceptionally durable and

European quality).

sure to appeal to the ecology aficionados.


production into one grade called FAS (first and seconds) and FEQ (first Another example is Ipe, sourced from the northern regions of Brazil, which produces an extremely dense lumber, whereas Ipe lumber

riental Bamboo of Somerset West is a large importer of quality

sourced from the Mato Grosso and Rondonia States of Brazil tend to be

Eco-Logic Bamboo outdoor decking produced in China that is

less dense.

exceptionally durable and sure to appeal to the ecology aficionados. To illustrate this point, Wayne Allen, director of Oriental Bamboo, says,

There are at least 20 species of Ipe, and some suppliers jumble species and grades, so unless you are a timber specialist, and particularly a

“Bamboo grows to maturity in approximately five years, whereas the

decking timber specialist, it’s very difficult to tell what quality and the

alternatives used in decking such as Ipe, Garapa, Balau, Cumaru, and

technical specifications of the product you are using.

others take an age to reach maturity.”

It should be remembered that not all bamboo planks are suitable for

“If you have a bamboo decking plank in one hand, and an Ipe deck-

outdoor applications. Eco-Logic Bamboo decking planks are! Oriental

ing plank in the other, the bamboo sprouted in 2005 and the Ipe was

Bamboo has worked closely with their factory, developing and improv-

planted long before 1950. Hopefully, the Ipe tree was replaced by a

ing the manufacturing process to ensure the product is suitable for

new one when it was cut down. The bamboo simply produced a new

South African conditions.

shoot after it was harvested, with no planting required.” Bamboo decking is extremely hard and durable. Its hardness, density

These planks are provided in a preferred decking size of 1,860 x 102 x 20 mm, and are available in flat edge for screw-down installations or

and strength characteristics are superior to most hardwoods, and is

profiled edge for ‘hidden nail’ type installations. They are also available

comparable with Ipe – the ultimate in decking lumber – but at a better

with a European anti-slip coating for commercial installations where

price point than Ipe. As with top grade Ipe, bamboo decking planks are

legal considerations are important.

stable, so installers won’t have to “force” the plank into place, nor will

Oriental Bamboo

the owner have to worry about decking planks popping screws.

Tel: 0860 226 266

Similar to composite decking, Eco-Logic Bamboo decking is a manu-


Adds Real Value:

As green as our bamboo flooring is, the real reason most homeowners desire it is simple – it adds luxurious warmth and is incredibly beautiful, therefore upping the value of your property.

Tough & Durable:

You would have to weigh over a ton wearing your stiletto heels to put a dent in our Strand Woven Bamboo flooring!

Indoor Air Quality:

You can breathe easy because the cancer-causing Formaldehyde emissions in our bamboo flooring ARE rated “Not Detectable”.

Stable & Moisture Tolerant:

Our bamboo is the most stable & moisture tolerant of all solid woods. Test us – throw a piece of our bamboo into your pool together with a piece of particle board (the stuff laminate floors are made of) or any other solid wood and leave for a few hours or days.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Feature: Ex terior Flooring & Paving

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet! These days, no feature on Exterior Flooring would be complete without a brief update on the synthetic turf systems currently available in South Africa.


n general, the use of artificial grass falls into two broad categories: landscaping (or recreational) and sports applications and, both locally

and internationally, synthetic turf systems are being used in homes, schools, practice facilities for a wide range of sports, and at the highest professional level for hockey fields, and more. Belgotex Floorcoverings sales director Lloyd Neuville comments that in their case both of these market segments are showing growth, and their capital investment into manufacturing equipment enables them to offer these distinct market sectors competitively priced, high-quality products and sports systems with the required after-sales service. “The sports turf systems are showing tremendous growth, especially in the sporting areas of hockey and football. The FIFA 2010 World Cup recently held in South Africa has helped to provide an awareness of developing football skills from the grass roots level and all the way up to the professional players,” says Neuville. “Synthetic turf is making this possible and this transition is constantly

Van Dyck Carpets

developing, with many legacy projects being implemented throughout South Africa, and Africa as a whole, and we are proud to be involved in

“With four artificial turf ranges in our refreshed offering, our

many of these – from full-size football pitches to the small 5-a-side are-

residential sector is exceptionally busy with applications rang-

nas and the ever popular multifunctional courts,” he says.

ing from terraces, play areas, patios, balconies, sundecks and

Van Dyck Carpets’ Leisure Turf business manager, David Carr, says that


marketing a turf that uses revolutionary, patented technology of recy-

“The commercial applications include chill areas, school play

cled PET bottles is attracting architects, landscapers and everyone with

areas, corporate offices and sporting installations for all sectors

a keen interest in their environmental responsibility – from residential

including golf courses and driving ranges,” he says.

to corporate applications.

“Day-to-day installations on existing concrete surfaces have been successfully installed, while those few “certified installers” involved with Van Dyck Carpets and Tiger Turf have professionally prepared civil surfaces which including the provision of correct levels and drainage for sporting, landscapes, commercial, hospitality, recreation, and leisure applications,” Carr concludes. Earlier this year, Van Dyck Carpets embarked on a countrywide tour to introduce its new line-up of synthetic turf products, while partnering with international representation from Tiger Turf UK and numerous guests from the South African Rugby Legends, and is currently following this up with a series of detailed workshops in all the main areas throughout South Africa. The promotion of artificial turf products carries on at a frenetic pace. Belgotex Floorcoverings is passing on technical and installation skills through its Belgotex Floorcoverings Academy programme, and the company is in the process of supplying synthetic grass display/dispensing stands to their existing flooring industry to help provide new market opportunities of business. However, there is no doubt that synthetic turf is here to stay, with all its cost savings and ease of maintenance such as no need for fertilising, weeding or watering; no mowing required; green


‘grass’ throughout the year – even under trees; and less specialist Belgotex Duraturf

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

staff required in many applications.

Feature: Cement & Concrete

CEMENT & CONCRETE feature Concrete floors are now universally used in a wide range of high-quality applications from industrial spaces to floors in upmarket residences and entertainment areas.

79 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Pan Mixers South Africa

Strong, versatile and beautiful! Concrete floors are now universally used in a wide range of high-quality applications from industrial spaces to floors in upmarket residences and entertainment areas.


hey can be colour-impregnated, stained, provided with a decorative layer, painted, polished, etched, stamped and used

in combination with most other flooring materials to good effect – and in truly hardworking areas they can be provided with a dryshake hardener application. One development in the concrete floor arena is the use of steel fibres for the reinforcement of concrete used for highways, floor slabs and heavy duty floors, which is almost a standard practice in the UK and other parts of Europe. This technology is relatively unknown in South Africa, but is rapidly gaining interest in this country, and it is already in use by major contractors for road building and flooring, with the use of specialist fibres being provided in the correct length and size to meet the requirements of individual projects, and enabling hardworking and relatively joint-free floors to be provided as required.


In the past a concrete floor finish was restricted to the industrial sector, but in recent years it has rapidly gained popularity with

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

designers for use in interiors to deliver floors that complement the requirements of trendy clothing stores or restaurants. It is now regularly seen in residential and other upmarket installations in a highly polished format, and it can also be stained and etched in a variety of attractive colours and designs. Concrete is incredibly durable, strong and long-lasting, although it may be hard underfoot – particularly if employees are required to be standing on it for long periods. It is also extremely cost-effective which makes it a popular choice for areas which may not need to convey a premium image. However, as concrete is porous, it should be treated with a protective sealant in order to be protected against staining and damage from chemicals.. Recent issues of FLOORS in Africa have shown a considerable upsurge in the use of polished concrete by architects and interior designers as a favoured finished material for floors in the most upmarket of homes, and there is no doubt that in the right setting it can provide the ultimate in good looks, low maintenance and durability. The modern polishing equipment and techniques available enable contractors to grind concrete floor surfaces, new or old, to a permanent high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. Polished concrete floors can also be stained to replicate the look of polished stone, and this has led to retail, office and even upmar-

Feature: Cement & Concrete

ket entertainment centres using these floors as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or coated concrete. Concrete staining is becoming increasingly popular because it provides a luxurious richness that cannot be achieved by any other colouring medium while leaving behind permanent, flake-proof colour. Although staining is not a new technique, these qualities have stirred up recent interest in the use of stained concrete for an ever-expanding array of exterior and interior applications, from walkways and patios to family room floors and many more, and it looks as though it could become a regular visitor to the architects’ or interior designers’ ‘must-have’ lists. Dyes are another popular treatment in the decorative concrete community. Their ease of use, extensive palette, and vibrancy of colour (which can be more intense than chemical stains) are capturing the interest of a broad spectrum of designers, contractors and property owners. Unlike stains which react chemically with the calcium hydroxide in concrete, dyes are non-reactive and impart colour by penetrating concrete or other porous cementitious surfaces. They are also much smaller in particle size than chemical stains or acrylic stains, which allows for easier penetration and colour saturation, while leaving less residue on the surface. Dyes are available in water- or solvent-based formulations and produce looks ranging from monotone to translucent, depending on how they are applied. Water-based dyes typically produce

more marbling and variegation (similar to the look of a chemical stain), while solvent-based dyes tend to be more monotone and uniform in colour. The downside of dyes? They penetrate very fast, leaving little room for error during application, so make sure the installer you use knows what he is doing! Also, they are not all UV-stable, so most manufacturers recommend them for indoor use only. Go green with concrete flooring Building homes that are green and environmentally friendly has become the mantra for more and more builders and homeowners, as they discover how easy it can be to attain all the benefits of sustainable construction without sacrificing aesthetics or breaking the budget. In fact, going green often saves money, especially over time, while being kinder to planet Earth. Decorative concrete flooring is a perfect example of this synergy of beauty, sustainability and economy, providing a durable, lowmaintenance floor that will last the life of the building or home. Concrete floors, when left exposed, conserve resources by functioning both as a foundation slab and finished floor. This eliminates the need for carpeting and other floor coverings that would eventually require replacement. In addition to conserving materials, concrete flooring offers many other environmental benefits, such as contributing to better energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality – truly compelling reasons to go green with decorative concrete floors. Acknowledgement and thanks are given to the website for information contained in this article.


Lafarge Concrete

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Watch out for the CMA Awards for Excellence! Judging has now been completed for the 2010

CMA Awards for Excellence competition, and will be formally announced later this year, although it is known that these may well feature the stadiums for this year’s FIFA World Cup soccer tournament and other noteworthy projects recently constructed, including some outstanding paving applications.


lthough the 2010 competition did not attract a record number of entries, the standard of the submissions remains excep-

tionally high, both in the quality of the actual projects and in the photography. The judging took place on July 21st and 22nd and the results, based on three tiers of regional, national and trophy awards, will be announced at an awards banquet in Gauteng on 6th November, after the two coastal awards ceremonies have taken place in Cape Town and Durban during October. Five awards will be made this year. The ultimate winning entry in the Concrete Retaining Block (CRB) category, which in the past shared a trophy with winners in the Suspended Concrete Floor Slabs and Infrastructural and Innovative Concrete Products categories, gets a trophy of its own this year. The winners of each category in this year’s Awards will be featured by FLOORS in Africa in Journal 01/11. Watch this space!


cing Revo

The Flooring Solutions Company


ary Flo

orcare . . .

Established for over 55 years, FloorworX is the only local manufacturer of semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles – all of which carry the SANS certification for quality.


FloorworX also distributes Quick-Step wood laminates, Kährs wooden floors and a comprehensive range of international resilient floorcoverings, including safety flooring, antistatic flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, static control tiles, linoleum, Novilon, rubber and sports flooring, together with a wide range of flooring adhesives, accessories and floorcare materials.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0 National Call Centre 0860 346 679

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Superb concrete laser floors

Two projects recently completed by Concrete Laser

supply and install a fully bonded concrete overlay reinforced with

Flooring (CLF) of Jetpark, Johannesburg, exemplify

50 000m² of concrete laser flooring being installed – 50% of which was

the benefits of using CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring Pty Ltd, and the versatility of their company prod-

applied externally to provide strong and hardwearing access hardstands to the building. By expertly applying the concept of a 115mm SFRC bonded overlay,

ucts and systems for almost any industrial flooring

this floor provides a jointless surface that is particularly suitable for high


ment of the floor going forward as there are no joints to maintain.


traffic volumes and which hugely reduces the maintenance requireThe second project was another refurbishment project where an

LF was established in 2004, with the intention of providing cli-

unbonded concrete overlay was provided for PHD in Rooihuiskraal,

ents with quality industrial flooring. Shortly afterwards Norton

Centurion, for its central distribution centre, which is a high racking

Construction Products was acquired – a leading supplier of technical

facility that has the need to accommodate a variety of forklift vehicles.

know-how and quality products used in the industrial flooring market.

Norton worked with David Freeme of HBS Consulting on this instal-

This high-profile combination of two reputable and specialist com-

lation and also used the patented lithium chemical surface hardener –

panies enabled the delivery of an exceptional turnkey service for new

PentraSil – providing a perfect foundation to give the floors permanent

floors or the refurbishment of existing, which subsequently set new

protection and a longer-lasting floor finish. Durojoint – a ready-to-use,

standards for the speed, quality and levelness of concrete floors to

extruded soft rubber profile was used to provide early age protection

meet any requirement.

to the construction, control and expansion of joints in the floors; the

Combining years of contracting experience with world-class products and equipment has culminated in producing arguably one of the

Diamond dowel system was used for load transfer at the construction joints.

world’s finest industrial flooring contractors, because although CLF is

Over 11 000m² of this flooring was provided on this project, with the

predominantly active in the Gauteng area, the company undertakes

installation taking only five working days, which in turn stresses that by

contracts throughout Southern Africa and supplies flooring products

using CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring Pty Ltd and world class products,

throughout the world.

the end result is a world class floor delivered in record breaking time.

The project currently underway for the first Ellerines Centralised

CLF also undertakes corporate wide floor upgrade projects and has a

Distribution centre in Boksburg being developed by Zenprop under-

specalist repair division within the group that does cracks repairs, con-

lines the company’s expertise in the refurbishment of existing floors.

crete grinding and polishing, self level screeds and epoxy coatings

The premises were previously used by a company in the steel industry,


imported NorFibre Steel Fibres and Bar Reinforcement, resulting in over

Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF) Durban

and were in dire need of resurfacing to exacting flatness tolerances as

Tel: 011 323 2900 Tel: 031 705 2388

Ellerines required a CAT 1 flatness for their high racking requirements.

Fax: 011 823 2103

Norton worked with Steve Sotiralis of Sotiralis Consulting to design,

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Fax: 031 705 1614

Feature: Cement & Concrete

85 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Brand your floors with cement & decorative stencils Cemcrete has been pioneering the use of cement and concrete in South Africa for over 37 years, finding new and innovative ways to help its customers achieve “the impossible”.


hen one such customer asked Cemcrete if they had a solution for long-lasting

branding in retail and commercial environments, Cemcrete in conjunction with ModelloDecor Decorative Stencils went about designing a stencil system that incorporates Cemcrete’s already popular CreteStain to permanently stain the company’s logo onto a cement or concrete base, utilising either Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener, CreteCote or FloorCrete for achieving various base colours to work from. The decorative ModelloDecor stencils can be designed for creating stylish and artistic effects on any concrete surface from walls to floors, offering elegant and intricate patterns in many different themes and design styles. With decorative Modellos there is an even flow, and the continuous lines ensure the realism of the design. Cemcrete can scale designs up to any size and all its designs can be weeded either positive or negative, giving the artisans an array of patterns to choose from. Cemcrete Tel: 0860 CEMCRETE (236 2738)


E-mail: Website:

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

87 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Diamonds are a floor’s best friend New technology being introduced to the South African market has proven that diamonds are the most effective solution to spotlessly cleaning concrete floors.


sparkling clean finish can be given to any floor surface without the use of chemical detergents, thanks to a new range

of environmentally friendly products available locally from Pan

The HTC Twister range of floor pads, manufactured in Sweden,

Mixers South Africa (PMSA), one of Africa’s leading manufacturers

offers a green alternative to toxic chemical detergents when it

of concrete block, brick and paving machinery.

comes to maintaining floor surfaces – by making use of grinding discs coated with microscopic diamonds. The pads, which come in sizes ranging from 4-28 inches, can be fitted to any mechanical floor cleaner and used on a wide range of flooring – the most high-profile to date in South Africa being the world-class Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. PMSA director Walter Ebeling says, “With more pressure being put on companies to adopt greener policies, the HTC Twister range is the perfect solution to polishing floors. The products come in varying sizes, and are able to clean all floor types by using different grades of abrasion. PMSA is officially launching the range at its International Product Fair, and is confident of its success.” Andreas Hasselmose, HTC sales director for Africa, points out that the Twister range of products has been highly successful throughout Europe and North America, and he believes that the South African market has immense potential. “Twister is only entering the local market in its infant stages, and we are confident that we can gain a strong market share by making use of technology not seen anywhere else on the continent. The Twister range can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from hospitals, to car dealerships and industrial warehousing,” he explains. Hasselmose concludes by noting that the Twister range of products can give any dull and worn surface a clean, glossy and brightly polished finish. It can be used on most common floor surfaces, such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl/plastic, natural stone and concrete. The International Product Fair is being held at PMSA’s factory at 50 Graniet Street, Jet Park, Boksburg, on 15 and 16 September. Anyone interested in attending can call 086 100 7672 to confirm attendance or e-mail


For more information on the event, or for a full schedule, visit www.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Coating systems for three new Cape flooring projects a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ popular abecote

flooring system was used for three new flooring projects in the Cape province. Different versions of the durable polyurethane coating were specified for flooring projects in East London, Cape Town and Stellenbosch.


a.b.e.’s abecote flooring system was used for floor refurbishment at Pick n Pay, East London.

approved a.b.e. applicator Taylor Made Services, before abecote 386

says abecote 400 Hi-Build is a four-component, solvent-free epoxy

was applied as undercoat. abecote 386 is a polyamide-cured epoxy

flooring system comprising a clear resin and hardener, filler and pig-

mainly used as primer/filler for porous surfaces such as concrete, plas-

ment paste. “The epoxy offers exceptional protection for floor surfaces

ter, fibre and timber.

and resists chemicals. It is seamless and hygienic and can be applied

or the refurbishment of the goods receiving area at Pick n Pay, Vincent Park, East London, the floor was initially grinded by

Peter Jones, a.b.e. regional manager for the Eastern Cape, says two

onto a variety of surfaces,” he states.

coats of abecote 441 protective polyurethane enamel coating were

abecote WD 337 was the preferred coating for the refurbishment of

then applied to the concrete floors. “abecote 441 is decorative as well

floors at Villiera Wines in Stellenbosch. Du Preez provided advice for

as weather- and water-resistant. It also resists aliphatic and other chem-

the three-coat application of the product by Villiera Wines after floor

ical compounds and is non-toxic when dry. Among the challenges for

imperfections were repaired with a.b.e.’s epidermix 318 polyamide-

Taylor Made Services was the arrival of consignments at the goods

cured epoxy.

receiving area throughout the application,” Jones stated. For the refurbishment of floors at Super Body Repairers in Paarden

“abecote 337, selected for this project in Light Stone colour, is a protective, decorative and oil-resistant coating for cementitious, masonry

Eiland, Cape Town, the 1 248m² floor was initially shot-blasted and

and asphaltic surfaces. Villiera Wines selected the economic coating for

primed with flooring resin before a 1mm coating of abecote 400 Hi-

winery floors that are constantly damp,” Du Preez adds.

Build was applied by Cape Epoxy Flooring Systems, an approved a.b.e.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals Limited


Tel: 011 306 9000

Peet du Preez, a.b.e. technical sales consultant in the Western Cape,



89 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

BASF and Dow win green chemistry award BASF and The Dow Chemical Company received a 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award at a ceremony held at the Ronald Reagan Centre in Washington DC, during June, for jointly developing hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide (HPPO) technology that vastly improves the production process of a key chemical intermediate, propylene oxide.


ropylene oxide from the HPPO process can be used in a variety of applications from home insulation, appliances, automobiles

and furniture to aircraft de-icers, paints, brake fluids and pharmaceuticals, and the Dow-BASF innovation offers distinct economic and environmental benefits when compared with conventional propylene oxide (PO) process technologies. The award has been presented on behalf of the White House by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) annually since 1996, recognising breakthrough technologies that transfer sustainability principles from the research lab into the real world to enable environmentally responsible and economically viable routes to commercial chemical manufacturing. It is the seventh Presidential Green Chemistry award for Dow and the fourth for BASF. “The EPA’s recognition is a testimony to the power of innovation and collaboration that came together in this project,” said Guillermo Novo, Dow’s Vice-President for Polyurethanes. “It will require more new technologies and partnering like this between companies, governments, NGOs and communities to secure our sustainable future.” “We are proud to have such an outstanding example of joint research and development,” said Jacques Delmoitiez, President of BASF’s Polyurethanes division. “This state-of-the-art technology combines economic success with improved environmental performance and has set the standards for future projects.” A joint study conducted by the two companies in 2007 using BASF’s Eco-Efficiency Analysis tool revealed the new HPPO process reduces wastewater by 70-80% and energy use by approximately 35%, compared with existing PO technology. HPPO technology is also more environmentally friendly because no by-products are produced besides water. In addition, PO plants using the HPPO technology require up to 25% less capital to build than those using conventional technologies, as they have reduced infrastructure, a smaller physical footprint and simpler raw materials integration. The two companies successfully started the first commercial-scale HPPO production plant in 2008 at BASF’s Antwerp, Belgium, facility, and the SCG-Dow Group is building a second plant based on


this technology which is scheduled to begin production in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, in 2011.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

Superb flooring

products With a sales programme that offers a variety of

products ranging from coatings and screeds, cleaners, sealants, flooring systems, grouts and putties to chemical-resistant tank linings, membranes and acid-brick linings, SA Industrial Linings is now celebrating its 30th anniversary.


nder the direction of Wülf Rusch and David Sanford the company has grown from a R20 000 turnover in 1980 to a currently

estimated value of R30-million and, with great demand for the products and services the company offers, is still growing. The range of products offered by SA Industrial Linings is based on three lining methods. The first is known as membrane acid-resistant brick or tile lining, which is the most effective system, providing the longest life and, in many instances, the only solution to the more arduous operating conditions. The second method is resin screeding– applied by trowel between 6mm and 9mm thick to a concrete floor as a seamless membrane. The main resins used in this type of floor are epoxies and polyurethanes. Resin screeds are reasonably priced and are widely used in light industries such as the food processing industry where there is also a requirement for hygienically clean floors. Coatings – the third type of lining system – are applied where the client is looking for a cost-effective, light-duty system. Coatings are normally 0,5mm-1mm thick, and are usually laid in areas where there is only foot or light wheeled traffic. Offering close to 30 different types of products, both manufactured and imported, SA Industrial Linings is able to ensure that every customer’s needs and requirements are met. SA Industrial Linings is able to offer its clients a solution to almost every flooring problem with solutions that are practical, cost-effective and able to accommodate difficult production schedules. The range varies from an epoxy coating with a thickness of 0,5 mm up to an acid brick lining using a 76mm thick acid brick. In between are epoxy and polyurethane coatings and screeds that vary in thickness up to 9mm and tiles and bricks from 11,5mm up to 76mm. Close consultation with the client is vital in the early stages of a negotiation as it is important to establish his needs in terms of budget, required lifespan and appearance, and to establish exactly the operating conditions and requirements of the floor. SA Industrial Linings Tel: 011 392 3983 Fax: 011 392 3977


E-mail: Website:

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete


road performance with block paving Block-paved Roman roads are justifiably famous for their longevity and low maintenance requirement. In South Africa, concrete block paving (CBP) is vis-

blocks, manufactured by Technicrete (formerly Concor Technicrete),

ible proof that the Romans knew what they were

build the road.

doing when it came to building reliable roads.


were laid over an area of 113 000m² during the 13 months it took to The road was built entirely by local people. This not only created 70 000 man-days of employment but also entailed on-site training in skills such as pipe-laying, brickwork for manholes, stone-pitching,

ne of the most successful examples of CBP as a road surface

the construction of gabions, and, of course, concrete work and block

material is a 9,5 km stretch of road in the eastern Free State,

paving. These skills have been subsequently used in other construc-

linking the Harrismith Golden Gate main road and several villages to Phuthaditjhaba. Completed over 11 years ago, the road has performed extremely

tion-related projects by members of the construction team. CMA director Hamish Laing says that, although CBP is sometimes more expensive to lay than asphalt, it generally has double the lifespan.

well under moderately heavy traffic conditions. In fact, since its offi-

Furthermore, CBP roads can be maintained and repaired by the local

cial opening in 1995 by the Free State Minister of Public Works and

community, using skills developed during the construction period.

Roads, Gregory Nthatisi, the road has required no maintenance at all.

“This project proves once again that unskilled people can be

Funded by the Development Bank of South Africa, the R15-million

trained to lay concrete blocks with a high degree of workmanship.

road was built by Basil Read using local labour (a Development Bank

The fact that after eight years of use the road has not needed any

requirement). Five-and-a-half million Double Zig-Zag interlocking

maintenance bears this out. This type of CBP road should have a lifespan of at least 30 years.

A section of the 9,5km concrete block paved road in the eastern

“Besides its labour-intensive and job-creation attributes, CBP

Free State which has required no maintenance since its comple-

is proving to be a very durable and aesthetically appealing road

tion over eight years ago.

surfacing material. This is particularly so in areas where the traffic density is high or where CBP enhances visual appeal, such as in townships, shopping centres, office car parks and residential driveways,” he says. FLOORS says that the latest edition of the Interpave on-line magazine (to which acknowledgement and thanks are given), has an interesting take on the pothole problem. “When the road surface is new, the bitumen binder is flexible and sticky so that the layer can move under the vehicle tyres and the binder can stretch to cope with the stresses imposed. From the moment it is laid the bitumen is getting harder and more brittle, particularly in cold weather.” So, with older surfaces in winter the thin bitumen film between the stones can crack open, exacerbated by frost penetration and water being forced through the material by tyre pressure. Engineer Ian Walsh says, “It is the use of block paving on heavily trafficked trunk roads that is particularly impressive – we have three village high streets and a busy section of the A2 that have been in place now for 25 years, without any maintenance necessary by the County Council. The blocks look as good as new and there is no rea-


son why they should not last another 25 years,” he says.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Feature: Cement & Concrete

93 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

Transiton – on the Carpet!

N ee w wss N

Versatility is the answer to good service Transiton provides both specific and general industry transport solutions to more than 166 multi-national and national companies throughout Southern and East Africa, including long haul, short haul, ad hoc transport, retail distribution, diverse transportation, and security and asset protection if required.


ith proven expertise in the region, Transiton Transport has earned an exceptional reputation for

To find out what their customers think of the service that Transiton provides, FLOORS in Africa spoke to two of their

being South Africa’s foremost specialist company in the

customers to get their views – Rob Veale, a member of

transportation of flooring materials and, with branches and

Concept Carpets & Curtains cc which has been in business

depots in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town,

for 28 years in Durban offering both an installation and

is able to provide an unparalleled delivery service to the

retail service; and John Gallagher, director of Smoothedge,

flooring trade.

one of South Africa’s premier companies in providing carpet accessories, adhesives, edgings and tools.

94 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0




Concept Carpets & Curtains


How has Transiton benefited your business? The main benefit to us is in the service they provide to the main carpet manufacturers such as Belgotex. This means that when we order from them, Transiton is charged with making the deliveries to us – which they do to perfection. Can you give an example of where Transiton really delivered exceptional service? Yes. We recently had a requirement for 5 000m² of carpet tiles to be delivered urgently direct to site, and Transiton arranged for a truck to be sent very early in the morning so that installation could start without delay. Would you say they put customer satisfaction first and why? They try where they can, and my answer to the previous question was a good example. They are always ready to deliver big deliveries direct to the site, and this not only saves us time and labour, but saves us the costs involved as well. Do goods always arrive on time and in perfect condition? Yes. This is important to us on both counts, and we have been dealing with them for the past eight years and never had a problem. Do Transiton always meet their delivery promises? Yes. We have never been let down. If they experience problems, do they keep you notified? Most times they do. What would you say has been their biggest contribution to your business? I would say that the contribution they make to Belgotex Floorcoverings, who supply us with carpets and rely on Transiton for good service to their clients, has a positive spin-off for us and others in the industry.

How has Transiton benefited your business? They have such an extensive network of branches that gives us the opportunity of providing the essential items required for the trade to install carpets anywhere in the country. Their distribution capability is the main benefit to Smoothedge. Can you give an example of where Transiton really delivered exceptional service? Nothing spectacular springs to mind, but they are always willing to play ball, and have helped us out on numerous occasions. Would you say they put customer satisfaction first and why? Undoubtedly, and their reliability and accountability is topclass. Do goods always arrive on time and in perfect condition? Yes – and considering our products are not the run-of-the-mill goods that they regularly transport – they do a good job. Do Transiton always meet their delivery promises? We use them every day and never seem to have a problem. If they experience problems, do they keep you notified? They do, and always try to provide suitable answers and alternatives if they have a problem. What would you say has been their biggest contribution to your business? Smoothedge has been in existence since 1966, and we have been using the Transiton service for many years. In truth, they provide an essential service that benefits the whole industry.

This article is brought to you with the sponsorship of Transiton Transport – South Africa’s foremost specialists in the transportation of flooring materials to the trade.

TRANSPORT F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0



Tile Africa appoints new

general manager

Lachlan Harris has been appointed as the new general manager of Tile Africa, having joined the company after many years in the motor industry. After 17 years at BMW South Africa, where he started as a business management consultant and then held a number of senior positions in the sales and marketing division, he ended as general manager of BMW Motorcycle Division. Subsequently, Harris joined Suzuki South Africa as managing director, a position he held until joining Tile Africa. He obtained his BCom degree at Wits University and his BCompt Honours at UNISA and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1992. He served his articles at Ernst & Young and, after qualifying, joined BMW South Africa. He held the position of general manager at BMW

The first Grand Designs Staged by Specialised Exhibitions at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northcliff earlier this year, the much-anticipated inaugural event for Grand Designs Live South Africa enjoyed enthusiastic reviews from the thousands of visitors as well as the exhibitors that attended this one-of-a-kind show. Grand Designs Live provided a showcase of the finest in South African design from décor, kitchens and bathrooms, to gardens and building.

Motorcycle Division for six years, and started in his new position with Tile Africa on 1 July. “In my experience, the retail side is key to the business,” says Harris. For this reason, he plans to spend time in the field at Tile Africa branches where he will identify areas of strength and, more importantly, opportunities for future growth. Commenting on the future of this national chain of retailers, Harris says, “I would like to see Tile Africa achieve and maintain a leading position in the market by building on the progress achieved over the previous couple of years.” Tile Africa, supplier of local and international tiles and bathroom and kitchen fittings, consists of 37 national retail branches as part of its retail division, and a contracts division (Tile Africa Contracts) serving large corporate customers and the professional specifying market. The company is part of the long-standing and successful Norcros group comprising Tile Africa, Johnson Tiles and TAL Adhesives.

Lachlan Harris, general manager Tile Africa

Grand Designs Live was MC’d by Michelle Garforth-Venter and Jenny Crwys-Williams, who were based in the exhibition’s Grand Theatre. Other well-known professionals took part in theatre sessions around the show and provided insight into their fields of expertise and gave handy tips to show visitors in an entertaining and informative way. This included the interaction at the Chefs’ Theatre where Jeremy Mansfield and Arnold Tanzer held interactive cooking demonstrations throughout the show, and Vicky Crease, who had just returned from Las Vegas where she won the Best International Catering Award at the CATIES Awards. The exhibitors at the show were pleased with the response and levels of interest from those in attendance and were already asking if a date had been set for the next show – proof that the show


was a great success.

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0



80 not out!

Having celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this year, Bernard Kretzmer Denzil Penberthy, an elderly farmer in Cornwall, England, received a letter from the Department of Works & Pensions, stating that they suspected he was not paying his employees enough and they would send an inspector to interview them. On the appointed day, the inspector turned up. “Tell me about your staff,” he asked Penberthy.

of Selborne Carpet Wholesalers has been in the flooring industry for 25 years, where he has earned an enviable reputation for his integrity and outstanding entrepreneurship. Bernard was born in Heilbron in 1930 and in his youth he was a more than a useful rugby player – representing Northern Free State at under19 level – until he moved to (then) Rhodesia and spent several years in the furniture trade. He returned to South Africa in the late 70s and 25 years ago he started Selborne Carpet Wholesalers in Pretoria, following which he

”Well,” said Penberthy, “There’s the farm hand. I pay him £240 a week, and he has a free cottage. Then there’s the housekeeper. She gets £190 a week, along with free board and lodging. There’s also the half-wit. He works a 16-hour day, does 90% of the work, earns about £25 a week along with a bottle of gin every week, and, occasionally, gets to sleep with my wife.”

then moved to the Johannesburg branch, where he still puts in a full week’s work. With his cousin Basil Kretzmer successfully at the helm as managing director, Bernard was asked by FLOORS if and when he plans to retire, and his answer was, predictably, “Nooooo – what must I do at home?” In setting an example to all

“That’s who I want to talk to,” said the inspector, “The half-wit.”

of us for his work ethic and fortitude, we would like to wish Bernard a belated Happy

”That’ll be me then,” said Penberthy.

Birthday, with the wish that he will continue to grace the indusBernard Kretzmer

try for many more years to come.

New sealant, adhesive and bonding system Geocel are a UK leaders in the manufacture of quality sealants

and architrave joints, worktops and strips, PVC-U trims and many

and adhesives, and a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, which holds the

other uses.

local distributing rights for several major products from them, has launched three new Geocel products on the South African market. These are: Geocel theWORKS sealant and adhesive, Geocel Joiners Mate instant mitre bonding system, and Geocel Ecoseal Painters Mate flexible acrylic filler. Geocel theWORKS sealant and adhesive is suitable for any DIY task

Geocel Ecoseal Painters Mate flexible acrylic filler is the UK brand leader in the decorator’s filler market. The product can be used indoors and outdoors for doors and window frames, skirting boards, ceilings, walls, architraves and plasterboards. Its many benefits include high flexibility that resists cracking, and it contains a fungicide component that prevents mould growth.

that traditional solvent- or water-based adhesives cannot handle.

Painters Mate can be over-painted within an hour, requires no

It can be applied in wet or dry conditions on virtually any substrate

sanding, and can be used to fill hairline cracks. Now also available

for a secure bond that seals quickly and easily.

in 310ml eco-friendly sausage cartridges, Painters Mate comes in

It will not produce staining or shrinkage, and will resist mould

brown, brilliant white or magenta colours.

growth. It is flexible and can be painted over with water-based

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals

paint. Quick-curing, it offers excellent resistance to UV radiation and,

Tel: 011 306 9000

unlike solvent-based adhesives, it will not attack synthetic materials.


The product is environment- and user-friendly, non-hazardous, non-flammable and leaves no odour, which means it can be used in confined spaces and public areas. theWORKS is available in a wide range of colours and packed in a 290ml eco-friendly sausage pack which reduces wastage. Geocel Joiners Mate is a two-part, instant-bonding system com-

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has introduced three new Geocel products to the local market. Painters Mate is one that is available in eco-friendly sausage packaging.

prising a 50mg adhesive container and 200ml aerosol activator. It is simple to use and bonds in 10 seconds.


Suitable for wood, rubber, metals and most plastics, it is ideal for use on cornices and profile mitres, trims, picture frames, skirting

F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0



weathering the storm! Now in its 25th year of business, Selborne Carpet Wholesalers is one of South Africa’s busiest and best respected companies in the local floorcovering industry. Operating from its head office in Booysens, Selborne also has branches in Gezina, Pretoria; Kroonstad in the Free State; Redhill, KwaZulu-Natal; and Greenpoint in Cape Town – each of which has more than survived the recession and is looking forward to an upsurge in the flooring business shortly.

Sarel van Rensburg, Bernard and Matthew Kretzmer

Managing director Basil Kretzmer says, “It has been a tough period throughout the past 12 months, but as a company we are doing reasonably well, and as most of our customers made it through the recession we have not suffered too much from bad debts, as some have.” “Currently we have 17 trucks making deliveries every day, and the secret of our success in this area is the efficient management and logistical approach to our transport operation which, under the control of Sarel van Rensburg, is a positive aspect of the company, with all systems running smoothly.” Assisted by Matthew and Bernard Kretzmer, Basil says that the accent is on quality goods and an excellent service to customers – a philosophy that has stood them in good stead over the last quarter of a century, and has set the benchmark to do even better in the future. “With this approach to our business, backed by a loyal and dedicated staff, we are looking forward to the demands of the expected upturn in the industry,” he says.

CMA green paving seminars Australia’s Dr Brian Shackel, a world-leading expert in concrete block paving (CBP), will be staging four half-day seminars on permeable

Moreover, Dr Shackel will cover the latest updates on PermPave,

concrete block paving (PCBP) systems during September/October,

the software package he and Professor Simon Beecham of the

together with the former Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA)

University of South Australia jointly authored for the design per-

director, John Cairns, who will demonstrate and expand on local

meable paving systems. PermPave was designed for South African

examples of permeable paving installations.

conditions and is programmed with South African rainfall data.

The seminars, which are aimed at engineers, environmental managers, landscape architects and contractors, are being organised by the CMA and will be staged in: Gauteng on September 30th; Cape Town on October 4th; Port Elizabeth on October 6th; and in Durban on


Interpave UK, and UNI North America.

Dr Brian Shackel F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0

LockPave, the software used for designing conventional paving, will also be on the agenda. In addition to discussing the deployment of permeable paving in South Africa, Cairns will also explain how the country’s new paving

October 7th.

standard, SANS 1058 2010, differs from

Dr Shackel will cover global develop-

that of its predecessor.

ments in permeable paving and will

The seminars have been registered

also report back on the research on

with the South African Institution of

permeable paving sub-base materials

Civil Engineering (SAICE) and par-

that Australia’s University of New South

ticipants will qualify for CPD points. A

Wales as well as Belgian and German

nominal charge is being levied to cover

universities are undertaking under his

costs. Interested parties should contact

guidance. This research is being spon-

Pam on 011 805 6742. Alternatively,

sored by the CMA, the CMAA (Concrete

registration forms can be downloaded

Manufacturers Association Australia),

from the website:

John Cairns


Numatic wins court case Numatic is pleased to announce that two years after the threat of a copy Henry – its distinctive family of vacuum cleaners that took the market by storm – it has won its lengthy Court battle with Qualtex, a maker of copy products. Judgement was given by Judge Christopher Floyd of the British Court on 28 May 2010. The judge said that Qualtex had threatened to ‘pass off’ Numatic’s long-established Henry-type products as and for its own, by producing and marketing a replica machine. The decision is significant, as the Court recognised that the shape alone of the famous Henry range of cleaners was distinctive and protectable, and a third party could mislead the public if it marketed a product of similar shape – even without the smiley face and branding. On 12th July the Court held that Numatic was also entitled to a declaration that, up until service of Qualtex’s defence in the legal proceedings, there was a continuing threat to pass off Numatic’s Henrytype products. The Court awarded Numatic 92,5% of its legal costs. Dewald Botha, general manager for Numatic South Africa, says, “The court recognised that the shape of the famous Henry range of cleaners was distinctive and protectable. If a third party marketed a similar product with a similar shape, it could mislead the public into thinking it was a Numatic product.” “The decision is significant for Numatic and we will continue to produce the highest quality products and protect the public

• Carpets (Broadloom & Tiles) • Vinyl cushion floors • Vinyl floor tiles • Underlays • Underfloor heating • Fitting accessories

nt service e ll e c x e r Fo

from mediocre copies,” concludes Botha.



Don’t miss BAU 2011 BAU 2011, the biennial event which is claimed to be the world’s leading trade fair for Architecture, Materials & Systems, takes place from 17 to 22 January 2011 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. Over 1 900 exhibitors from more than 40 countries are expected to take part, and more than 210 000 visitors from around 150 countries to attend. Full details on this exciting expo can be found on the website:


CARPET WHOLESALERS cc JOHANNESBURG Tel (011) 493-6600 KROONSTAD Tel (056) 212-7665/2128295 PRETORIA Tel (012) 335-0201 DURBAN Tel (031) 569-3371/2/3 CAPE TOWN (021) 418-3128 Fax: (021) 418-3127 • Cell: 082 442 8795 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0



Varnish manufacturer receives DIBt approval

According to the German approval body DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), many requirements concerning hygiene, health and the environment are not covered by the European standard DIN EN 14342. Therefore, for health and fire protection, Germany will begin requiring national technical approvals from the DIBt, in addition to CE marking, for construction products that fall under this standard. The approval requirement for surface treatment agents and adhesives comes into effect on 01 January 2011. In addition, construction products used on site for gluing and coating parquet and wood flooring will also be subject to national technical approval. LOBA was the first varnish manufacturer to be granted the ‘Ü’ mark for its products; both the varnish Lobadur WS 2K Duo (gloss levels: semi-gloss; matt; extra matt; anti-slip R9 and R10) and the primer Lobadur WS EasyPrime in combination with Lobadur waterborne finishes.

Wilsonart out of flooring! Wilsonart International has said it will discontinue

tinue to put pressure on prices, the company said.

its Wilsonart Flooring product line in October and

preference for high-pressure laminate flooring and changes in pro-

“Despite focused resources and programming toward building

close both the flooring and cast sinks manufac-

cesses, procedures, people and product, we have not been able to

turing operations in Temple, Texas. (Reported in

dent of Wilsonart in North America. ”This convinces us that we will

sustain any turn-around in our business,” said Bill DiGaetano, presi-

be unable to uphold these businesses for future growth or invest-

The company, a division of publicly traded Illinois Tool Works, said

business will cease its international operations in December this

the decision was made due to the sluggish US economy and con-


ment.” Flooring manufacturing will be discontinued in October and the

tinuing declines in sales of both high-pressure laminate flooring and cast sink products. Wilsonart Flooring, which specialises in high-pressure laminates, competes not only with other laminate flooring products, but also with wood, vinyl, tile, carpet, and more. Wilsonart said that it’s high-pressure laminate flooring products are the only ones still manufactured in the United States, and are also among the highest priced laminate flooring offerings in the market today. Consumers, burdened by the economy and construction woes,

Wilsonart International was one of the first laminate floorcovering manufacturers to enter the South African flooring market, which it did with a bang – opening dedicated branches in each of the main centres throughout the country. Wilsonart International disinvested in 2005 yet continued to offer their HPL floor products through Ceiling & Partition Warehouse in Edenvale, and Nextstep Flooring in Cape Town. Although the WSA HPL range of floor products will no longer be available to the SA flooring industry, Nextstep Flooring will continue with their German partners, EGGER RETAIL PRODUCTS, [ERP], in sup-

have opted for lower prices versus higher value as they look for

plying the SA market with Egger’s range of high-quality laminate

ways to save, and competitive forces and foreign markets also con-

floors and associated floor products.

100 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0


Maintenance and restoration of wood floors Floors treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus can be maintained using water and Rubio Monocoat Soap for a matt finish, Rubio Monocoat Soap Satin (satin finish), or by using the ready-to-use Rubio Monocoat Surface Care Spray. Refresh Floors may be refreshed where necessary with Rubio Monocoat Refresh, but this is only necessary where heavy traffic has worn away the gloss and protective finish. Annual maintenance - depending on wear and tear Floors treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus can be comprehensively refreshed when needed – depending on the wear and tear on the surface – using Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil. Available in all 40 colours of the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus range. Removing stains Localised stains can be treated easily with the ready-to-use Rubio Monocoat Surface Care spray. For treatment of fat and/or lime spots, Rubio Monocoat LimeSpot Remover and Rubio Monocoat Grease Remover are recommended. As a leading supplier of maintenance and restoration materials for preservation of wood floors, Rubio Monocoat has developed a range of maintenance products to keep surfaces that are treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus in perfect shape, and has recently introduced a revolutionary technology, marketed under the brand name of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus. Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus does not contain water or any volatile organic components (VOCs) and its components are mainly natural products which colour and protect the wood through molecular bonding by adhering with the first microns of the wood – with no film forming nor any saturation. This means the consumption is much lower than with a traditional wood finishing system.

Renovation This treatment is recommended where scratches or burn marks are present, or where heavy wear is showing either in patches or large areas of the floor. It also applies if a completely new colour is desired over the entire surface area of a previously treated floor. It is important to note that after treatment with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus, the floor requires three weeks to harden completely. During the first week, it is advisable to clean only with a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop fitted with a dry cloth. Do not use a damp cloth! During the second week, a damp cloth, soaked in clean water and wrung out thoroughly, can be used with due care. After three weeks, the floor can be maintained using maintenance

The molecular bonding creates a durable, long-lasting protection, but to obtain this bonding it is very important to strictly respect the required reaction time of a couple of minutes, bearing in mind that the better the fibres are bonded, the stronger the protection will be. Once all free cellulose fibres are molecularly bonded, surplus product will no longer be accepted by the wood or the bonded Monocoat layer itself. This is why it is pointless to apply a second layer on top of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus because this extra layer will not be able to bond with the free wood fibres or with the primarily bonded Monocoat layer. The unique Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus pigmentation technology allows an intense and deep colouring in one single layer, without influencing the natural look and feel of the wood. This technology also allows local repair of damaged areas or scratches; only the free wood fibres will absorb the product, which means that the product next to the scratched or damaged area will not adhere. After the reaction time all surplus product can be removed without overlaps. Rubio Monocoat recommends the following for weekly and annual maintenance, removing stains and refreshing the floor. Weekly maintenance

products from the Rubio Monocoat range. On floors with very heavy traffic, the surface should preferably be protected for about one week, with porous material, 48 hours after application of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus. Rubio Monocoat Tel: 011 466 0701 Fax: 011 466 2919



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There are so many species of wood. How should a specifier select one? Choosing a species of wood involves more than selecting a colour to match décor. Other appearance-related attributes are important for designers and specifiers such as texture, grain, and the general attributes of the selected wood. Installers will want to consider mechanical properties like dimensional stability, machinability and ease in finishing, and any specifier will need to consider availability and cost. It would be a good idea to contact the wood experts at SAWLFA who can offer detailed information about the properties of many wood species (Tel. 011 455 2822). What are zinc whiskers in access floors, and their effect? Zinc whiskers are tiny hair-like crystalline structures of zinc that sometimes grow on the surface of electroplated steel. Electroplating is the commonly used method of galvanising steel that has often been used on a variety of steel products now present in data centres and other computer-controlled environments. In some cases the electrically conductive whiskers can break free, become airborne and thus get transported into the computer equipment, causing short circuits, voltage variances and other signal disturbances, and can even cause equipment service interruptions or failures. The answer? This phenomenon only applies to steel, and is solved if hot-dip galvanised steel is used. Since the discovery of the zinc whisker problem over 50 years ago, zinc whisker formation has not been identified on any hot-dip galvanised steels. Why is the use of an underlay necessary? Carpet installations where underlays are properly installed seem richer, more luxurious and better-looking for longer, in addition to which the underlays add resilience to carpets and resistance to pressure, thus contributing to the good ‘feel’ of the carpet. They also considerably improve the working life of the carpet. Research conducted by the Independent Textile Testing Service in the USA involved the use of a test where different carpet and underlay systems were subjected to a chair weighing 75kg being rolled over them approximately 20 000 times. The results indicated that carpets without underlay experienced an average 19,3% loss in pile height (thickness) as opposed to a 5-10% loss in thickness for carpets with an underlay, which means that as they remained thicker with an underlay, they appeared more luxurious for a longer period of time. What is the fire index of a flooring material? Despite what you may think, the fire index of a product does not reflect the degree of combustibility. A low fire index classification does not mean that the product will not burn. As all combustible floorcovering contains carbon, it will burn in the presence of heat and oxygen. The Surface Fire Index of a particular floorcovering is determined through various tests conducted by the South African Bureau of Standards, which include the extent of the spread of flaming com-


bustion; the smoke emission; and the heat contributed by the material.

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Polyurethane flooring in the food and beverage industry? An often overlooked element in the food and beverage industry is the flooring, where the two most important criteria are safety and hygiene. While most of the big players in the food and beverage industry have used polyurethane screeds on their floors, it has yet to become a benchmark for the smaller companies – and the probable cause is lack of knowledge of the product’s existence, availability and benefits. The polyurethane technology is over 20 years old. The systems were developed for industrial floors and were chemical, impact and thermal shock resistant, plus they were non-toxic, odourless and had quick installation times. Epoxy flooring was developed before this but the system was porous whereas the polyurethane system was less porous, with a structure closely matched to that of the concrete where the coefficient of expansion is almost the same, which aids adhesion during extreme hot and cold temperature fluctuations. Bacteriological issues are hugely important to food and safety decision-makers today. Since bacteria is not something visible to the naked eye and only a microscopic study will reveal their presence, any kind of flooring may look clean when a rudimentary and visual examination is undertaken. But a closer inspection will reveal that minute pores and fissures are literally a breeding ground for bacteria. Polyurethane flooring, without any pores, has no such issues, which makes it ideal for hygienic functions. However, polyurethane flooring has one problem which stops it from getting widespread acceptance – the high levels of skill knowledge and attention to detail that are required in laying these floors. Only professionals who are highly skilled can handle this flooring, and as these professionals are limited, their labour rates are consequently higher. Sadly, the polyurethane enthusiasm was lost as investors in the technology saw little purpose in promoting a material which was troublesome and harder to sell than easy, over-the-counter, wellproven, construction-fit epoxies. The producers of polyurethane flooring technology have started aggressively competing in the food and beverage market. Today a different scenario benefits the most discerning food and beverage corporations. Through competition, polyurethane prices have lowered and this technology is now closer in applied price to that of epoxy systems. Years have now passed and this ‘new’ technology is no longer unproven. The case histories of successes have grown, and there are millions of square metres still performing exactly as they were designed to do for the major food and beverage corporations in South Africa. However, an understanding of the hygienic benefits of polyurethane rests among the Jeremy Stewart industry leaders, while Screed, Resin, and the bulk of the food and Concrete Expert CEO beverage industry is still oblivious to – Quartz Carpet, SA this technology.


Decorex was a great success! With the 17th edition of this event, Decorex Joburg 2010 closed to

design and proves just how cool and cutting-edge green design has

rave reviews from visitors and exhibitors alike. Sponsored by Plascon

become. No longer on the fringe, green design now leads the pack.”

with DStv as media partner and held at Gallagher Convention Centre

It also caught the discerning eye of the judging panel: Zola Kgaka

from 5 to 9 August, the expo gave just under 50 000 visitors the

(SAIA – SA Institute of Architects); Ryan Ilgner, President of the South

chance to experience the products and services of more than 700

Africa Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID); decor stylist Sherri

exhibitors, product launches and new show initiatives spread over

Chipps; and interior designer Dorothy Van’t Riet. “We were blown

five halls.

away by the stand for ticking every box – from the structure design

This year’s event recorded a phenomenal 74% increase in visitor numbers from the trade sector, as professionals in the field of interior design, architecture and lighting flocked to the show to experience

and the passionate, well-informed staff to the accessibility and range of the products.” “Being green is not about bell bottoms, tofu, beads and Indian

the offerings of Southern Africa’s largest and most influential interior

prints anymore,” says Lorraine Jenks, who headed this eco-caring win-

décor and design exhibition.

ning project at Decorex Joburg.

And FLOORS was there, bringing the professionals and discerning-

A highly respected environmental consultant and eco-procurement

homeowners all the latest trends and tips with the much sought-after

specialist, the diminutive Jenks is often referred to as “The Little Green

Great Flooring Guide.

Queen”. She developed and – a free

Part of the show’s allure for trade professionals was the highly suc-

online directory with suppliers of eco-friendly products and services

cessful Conversations on Architecture conference – sponsored by

– combining 15 years of experience as Purchasing Contracts Manager

CaesarStone – with a stellar cast of international and local architec-

for Africa’s largest hotel chain with her lifelong passion to make a dif-

tural and design gurus.

ference to our fragile planet.

Interior Design Dialogue, a one-day seminar sponsored by Plascon,

Nicholas de Klerk of Design + Display designed the stand structure,

was another welcome innovation, featuring international speakers

which was built by Duchenne Cabinetry. De Klerk also designed the

from Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada and the USA discussing

award-winning Plascon stand which included an interactive area

Responsible Design as the driving force.

featuring four designer showcases interpreting the colour forecast for

Delegates to these conferences welcomed the international perspective on major issues facing the interior architecture and interior design industry. After an enlightening journey through The Plascon Living Green House, supplied by – judged the

2011 and a workshop area for special paint techniques. Stephan Falcke, renowned interior designer, commented at the awards ceremony that the quality of the stands at Decorex Joburg 2010 was on par with international interior design fairs in Europe. Surpassing the general high standard were the following recipients

‘Best Stand on Show’ – trend-driven visitors were spotting green

of Stand Excellence Awards: Plascon; CaesarStone; Nouwens Carpets;

issues alongside the proverbial ‘new black’.

Abacus Gardens; Kitchen Studio; Classic Trading; NVC Lighting; Soda

“An eco-exhibit winning the coveted Overall Best Stand Award at

Design; Elan Systems South Africa; IID; Innovatio; SA Decor & Design;

an interior design show with over 700 exhibitors makes a very strong

Lighting Innovation; T & Co; Forest Flooring; Barrow Flooring; Everlast;

statement,” says Melanie Robinson, Decorex SA portfolio director.

Sutherlands; Coricraft and Smeg. Nice to see so many flooring indus-

“The Living Green House, sponsored by Plascon and spearheaded by

try companies represented!, sets a new standard in exhibition

103 F LO O R S S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0



Once again we bring you the views and opinions from speakers at contractworld.congress held in conjunction with Domotex Hannover 2010 earlier this year.

Hotel design on land and water

Our office does not specialise in hotel building. However, if we do plan a hotel, we are interested in the same architectural questions as in our other projects. When we were asked to develop a hotel in Stockholm in the form of a high-rise building that would change the city’s skyline, one of the things we wanted to do was retain the top floor as a Skybar open to the general public. Another hotel project was started by us on our own initiative: a hotel on the water, built on a kind of pontoon construction and capable of being anchored in the floor of the lake. The hotel does not have a fixed location but becomes a traveller itself, always on the lookout for some new. Julian Weyer

Julian Weyer

Arkitektfirmaet CR Møller A/S, Århus Architecture attracts guests

88% of tourism operators who have erected new buildings or converted old ones with contemporary architecture say that it has paid off. For 80%, contemporary architecture is an important marketing factor, and for 95% the expectation of attracting a wider variety of guests has been fulfilled. Architecture thus really brings in paying guests. In spite of this, tourism operators and architects mostly live in parallel societies – one is blind to the needs of space, the other is deaf to the needs of tourism. However, only together will they be able to shape the impending paradigm change from the fun society to the senses society. Prof. Felizitas Romeiß-Stracke Plattform für Tourismusarchitektur, München

Hotel architecture: recent experiences When planning the Tschuggen Bergoase wellness spa in Arosa, Switzerland, I wanted to use the architectural material to reflect the nakedness and vulnerability of the human body during bathing. The walls and floors of the spa are made of stone from the mountain into which the building is built. People in the spa can feel the naked skin of their bodies against the naked skin of the mountain, and, between them, only water, which also comes from the mountain. The light and air of the location do the rest and allow me to become fully immersed in the here and now of the mountain world before I have to return to my everyday life. Mario Botta


Mario Botta Architetto, Lugano

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FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine

FLOORS in Africa Journal 6'2010  

Africa's leading flooring magazine