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Frick, M., A. Panagopoulou, A. Rees and K. Williams (eds). 2006. Book of Abstracts - 26th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation SHORT ABSTRACT ALSO PUBLISHED AS EXTENDED ABSTRACT TITLE: THE ‘GREY’ TURTLE (TRIONYX TRIUNGUIS): A CHALLENGE TO THE DEFINITION “SEA TURTLE”?

Dr. Ian Bride Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) and MEDASSET, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NR, UK

Evidence suggests that the Nile Soft Shelled Turtle (Trionyx triunguis) travels widely within the coastal waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, with many meeting their deaths in fishermen’s nets each year and one individual even turning up at the Greek Island of Kos. This paper seeks to gently provoke the sea turtle ‘establishment’ by arguing that this species provides a controversial ‘grey’ subject area between freshwater and marine habitats, and thereby is not only of particular significance with respect to our understanding the evolution of sea turtles, but also warrants the concern and attention of sea turtle conservationists.

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The ‘Grey’ turtle (Trionyx Triunguis): A challenge to the definition “sea turtle”?  

Author: BRIDE, I. In: Frick, M., A. Panagopoulou, A. Rees and K. Williams (eds). Book of Abstracts - 26th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Bio...