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ZM Zbyszko

Our smokehouse is where all ZBYSZKO products receive their unique qualities. The selection of the alder smoke used in the process enhances their truly distinctive taste. Under the watchful eye of an experienced charcuterier their colour becomes more intense and they receive their unique and juicy aroma. The hams, bacon, roast pork and gammon, seasoned in salt–water tanks, become more tender and gain a unique, rich flavour.

Whole chicken

Whole Polish goose

High quality whole chicken produced in the

High quality whole goose produced in

safe closed production cycle, available

the safe closed production cycle,

either fresh or frozen and in elements

available either fresh or frozen and

as well. It is delivered to customers all

in elements as well. It is delivered

over the world straight from Poland’s

to customers all over the world

biggest meat producer.

straight from Poland’s biggest

meat producer.

Sliced & Grilled Kebab We love eating kebabs when we go out. What about eating them

Damak Chicken Legs Kebab

at home? Damak Kebab produces sliced and grilled kebab for your

Its taste makes it one of the most

kitchen. After producing the kebab, we grill and slice them for you.

preferred kebabs in our offer. Its taste

Our kebabs are freezing at the optimum temperature of -18 ° C,

comes from the harmony of herbs,

which provides long-term quality and preserves all the aromas and

special seasonings and chicken legs.

taste. Roasted beef and

A tasty and healthy choice particularly

chicken kebabs are

for people who want to take care of their

available in packs of 800

shape. It leaves unforgettable taste in

g, 1 kg, 2 kg.

your mouth. We produce and export it

from Poland to Europe.


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