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Hutchison Early Years

(Age: 3 Months - 6 years)



+233 0302 424 748 / 0540454114 + 44 795 066 8607 London Branch: 42, Farnley Road, South Norwood, SE25 6NX

P. O. Box MS 531 Mile 7, Accra - Ghana New Achimota Plot No. 25, Near Jake Hotel Off Ladas Road. Facebook: e-mail: web.


Creating a foundation for a better future Mission: Engaging children to learn in a clean and secure environment to equip their minds for future success

Objectives: Hutchison Early Years objectives is to make children develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults, Develop self-discipline, Experience successes in order to develop a positive self-image,Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others and Develop intellectual and physical skills

Introduction: Hutchison Early Years is an international educational organization established in 2005 in the United Kingdom by Mrs. Eileen Hutchison. The Organization have about nine (9) years’ of experience in caring and teaching children. The organization provide children from the ages of 3 months and 5 years a conductive clean, secured, playing and learning environment to prepare them for basic school. The sole aim of the school is to care and educate children whose parents are normally busy working to make ends meet

Benefits In Brief: Early to Start, Late to close (7am to 7pm - Perfect for every busy mother) Provide quality early starter educational programs of international standard It realizes every mother’s dream of having excellent early child care by a team of professionals It gives career woman the peace of mind on safety for their children while on their jobs International Standard facilities with management experience and expertise from the UK No Vacation (1 week Christmas break and public/bank holidays) – At your service all year round Operates on Quarterly basis (4 Quarters in a year – 4 Payment section with monthly options) Sufficiency in feeding program (All meal session provided for kids before parents pick them) Provides all the children’s needs without bothering parents with a long list of requirement Provides Quality Health Care and Nursing facilities for babies and growing kids Provides Extracurricular activities to polish children’s talents for the future in their areas of interest



A spacious residential compound in a peaceful location (New Achimota – Mile 7 Park) with little to no nuisances and having facilities such as: Adequately Supplied Solar Power, Fully Air Conditioned class rooms, CCTV Cameras and Electric Fence Wire Mesh for security and Excellent Team of Highly Trained Professionals

Play & Learning Facilities: Sophisticated playing and learning materials of international standard beyond competitors’ compare which enables children to learn basic life skills while they play (including physical education, potty training, etc)

Babies (3 months to 2 yrs) Fully Air Conditioned Baby room, play pens, play toys, recreational room, bed, baby courts, high chairs, audio/visual educational programs, always attended to by professional nurses and nannies

Toddlers (2 yrs to 3 yrs) Well stocked school ward with comfortable bed, First Aid, Spacious out-door playground for organized child play, Library for kids, Neat Wash Rooms

Pre-school (3yrs to 5yrs) Well stocked school ward with comfortable bed, First Aid, Spacious out-door playground for organized child play, Library for kids, Computers, KG 1&2 Preparation, Neat Wash Rooms

Food & Water (Feeding) We serve Breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks at no extra cost Children can bring food if they are on special diet or request to eat specific meals of their choice There are Water Dispensers with distilled Voltic Mineral Water for drinking Children’s drinking bottles and bows get sterilized before used Food is prepared from a very hygienic kitchen by qualified caterers under a professional matron

Health Care Quality health care facility for every sick child beginning with First Aid Treatment and Extensive Medical Care for severe cases requiring a doctor’s attention in a well-resourced medical center.

Baby Nursing This department caters for babies between the ages of 3months to 2 years by professional baby sitters, nannies and nurses providing attention always to the children’s comfort.

Drop-In Service Non-permanently registered children could be dropped off by parents temporally when they need child care or assistance on any day to allow parents on their busy errands (Comes with daily cost)

Sleep-Over Children can sleep over and be picked up the following day (latest by 12 noon) by parents if for any reason they could be picked at the usual closing time (Comes with extra cost)

Extra-curricular Activities (Comes with extra Cost) Musical Instruments (Guitar, Piano, etc) Swimming Lessons Animal Farming & Gardening

Parents’ Conference

Parents meet twice every year (June and December) to review the activities of their children and also to discuss issue of concern in the school.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To create a stimulating, caring andsafeenvironmentfor ALLchildren in our care. Toactively promote the development of positive self-Image within the children To work aspartners with parents/ guardians in an open and honestway To havean involvement with the local community To develop and maintain strong linkswith other agenciesand for them to recognizeour professionalism To create a non-sexist atmosphereby introducing toys, booksand gamesto Encourageequal development of both sexes To eliminate racism throughout its whole structure by A. welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policesand practiceof the nursery B. Providing positive Imagesof different ethnic minorities and cultures, e.g. posters, toys, food Clothing, festivals A key worker will work on a 1.4 ratiowith a group of children, monitoring their progress through 4 monthly development checks and a year's review. ByImplementing 4 monthly development checksand a yearly review, we aim torun shared care and we feel that you should be aware of how your child is progressing. To provide places for special needschildren if appropriate, with stuff who are trainedto give the child and parent/guardian support To encourage the participation of parents/guardianIn all aspectsof the running of thenursery To encourage parents/guardian to visit the nursery at any time •• To provide an atmosphere with makes the child and the parent/guardian happy andcomfortable with the nursery.

SCHOOL POLICIES HEALTH AND SAFETY We have a duty to ensure that all children at our children at our nursery are helped to stay healthy. Our policy therefore is that when a child is ill they should be taken home as soon as possible and not return until they feel well and are not contagious. When a child is absent from nursery due to illness, parents should inform nursery as soon as possible of how their child is and when they are likely to return. We also need to have sufficient information about the medical condition of any child with long-term medical needs. If a child becomes ill at the nursery,the staffs will Care for the child appropriately and will also inform parents so that the child can be picked up as soon as possible. We are happy to administer medicine to your child where it has been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.

MOBILE PHONE POLICY At Hutchison early year’s mobile phones are not allowed to be carried by staff in the setting. All personal phones must be put away with personal possessions. This i s to ensure your child’s safety. Only cameras owned by the nursery can be used in the settings

BULLYING POLICY Bullying amongst children won’t be allowed should this occur staffs will take the issue seriously and will work with parents of both perpetrator and victim to deal with this.

REQUIRMENT & PROVISIONS Registration Requires Filled Registration Form 2 passport pictures Weighing Card for Babies Doctor’s report on Special Diets & Allergies

Admission Provides 1 School Uniform (Extra can purchased) Books & Learning Materials (Other specifics could be ordered)

Daily Requirements after Admission Bottles (Will be sterilized before use) Wipes for babies Any special soap or toiletries preferred


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Hutchison Early Years Prospectus  

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