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Friday 15 February 2013 - Issue 2 - CHF 3.50 excl VAT



· Excavation starts for Ultima Resort Spa & Residence · Project Sanona: three visions for Saanen · Igloo village on Saanerslochgrat

· Bed & Breakfast Panorama · G.Y.C. defended their title · A timeless romance LOCAL PERSONALITY

· Au Revoir “Funky Claude”


· Grade-A Education

Chalet Comforts


Friday 15 February 2013 Page 3

Contents Letter from the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Local News Excavation work for new hotel starts in April . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Project Sanona: three visions for Saanen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Igloo village on Saanerslochgrat 9 Dalia Fayed enchants with colors and flowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Snow chains compulsory . . . . . . 11 Wake up in B&B “Panorama” . . . 11 The Gstaad Yacht Club defended their title . . . . . . . . . . . 13 The swinging Gstaad anti-crisis 15 Goodbye party for Gareth Davies . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

The Palace cup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 A timeless romance . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Local Personality Au revoir “Funky Claude” . . . . 16, 17 Money Matters Dividend plays in Switzerland . . 18 Local News Brand outfits less 70% . . . . . . . . 19 Youth hostel invests SFr10 million in Saanen . . . . . . . . 19 US ski jumpers in Gstaad . . . . . . 19 Events Events calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Local News A women’s club is still needed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Audi representation no longer in Feutersoey . . . . . . . 21 Column Grade-A education. . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Letter from the Editor The Rich, the Poor. During the course of this month Swiss campaigners are to hand in the necessary signatures for the introduction of an inheritance tax across the country. It is the latest drive mainly by the political left and civil society to narrow the gap between rich and poor. At least five like-minded initiatives will continue to make the news headlines over the next few months. Is this a political trend or simply a fluke on the political agenda? A record number of initiatives was handed in last year. A total of 13 proposals won the necessary number of signatures to be put to a nationwide vote. That’s more than twice as much as the average figure over the previous two decades. The move by a coalition of trade unions and centre-left parties to tax assets and property worth more than SFr2 million that is passed on to heirs, will be


followed shortly by a ballot box decision on a proposal to rein in top earners in the corporate world. On March 3 voters will have the final say on the highly controversial initiative by a self-declared anti-establishment champion, businessman Thomas Minder. Also pending is another proposal to limit manager wages by setting a maximum 1:12 ratio between the highest and lowest salaries in a company. Separate initiatives are aimed at scrapping the preferential tax system for wealthy foreign residents and at introducing a minimum salary nationwide. Dates for ballot box decisions on the issues will be set once the proposals have been discussed by the cabinet and parliament.

Ueli Mäder, professor of sociology at Basel University, is convinced that the host of similar political moves is much more than just a coincidence. Particularly the young generation is put off if a few privileged people get into high positions earning high salaries without making a special effort. Economic justice, says Mäder, is all about creating a social equilibrium. “A just and fair society is a society where as many people as possible live in good conditions.” With the second home initiative now underway in Switzerland, as well as the formatting of a freeze on land rezoning for new development, it seems that together with the new drafts for consideration, the people who are calling for changes in Switzerland are having their wishes met.

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LE BEAU SEJOUR Profitez de la même vue que depuis un ballon

Idéalement située au centre de Château-d’Oex cette nouvelle résidence vous offre la possibilité d’investir dans une valeur sûre ou de couler des jours tranquilles et heureux au coeur de la vie locale. Appartements de 2.5 à 6.5 pièces. Exemple: 3.5 pièces – 80.8 m2 – CHF 680’000.00 Places de parc dans garage souterrain. Grand jardin aménagé sur le garage – cave. Restaurant, SPA et piscine couverte dans l’immeuble (hors charges de copropriété) Pour tout renseignement 026/925 10 00 CF Immobilier Compagnie Foncière SA Rue du Village 40 – 1659 Rougemont Pl. du Village 2 – 1660 Château-d’Oex info@cfimmobilier.ch – www.cfimmobilier.ch



Exclusive vantage point Living at the heart of the new business district and witnessing the evolution of the new quarter first-hand. Enjoying the privilege of the services of a luxury hotel in your own home. Excellent local and global transport connections. Your investment in the future: 186 m2 for CHF 3.2 million.

MOBIMO TOWER, ZURICH Constancia Jörger, Walde & Partner , T +41 44 396 60 33, www.mobimotower.ch

Friday 15 February 2013 Page 5


The local newspaper stated two years ago that the Sporthotel Rütti should be replaced with a new building. Meanwhile, the property has twice exchanged hands. The new owners are Byron Baciocchi, Jean-Michel Barbey and Max-Hervé George. “The authorized project will be realized by architect Gottfried Hauswirth,” says Jean-Michel Barbey. Originally from the Frenchspeaking part of Switzerland, he owns a chalet in Gstaad for many years and is deeply rooted in Saanenland. Amongst other things, the former President of the ice-hockey club Genf-Servette, has donated the match clock to the ice rink in Gstaad. 15 Suites and 6 apartments The hotel with 30 beds has 15 suites, of which the largest one is 200 square meters. Additionally, six luxury apartments belong to the hotel. The new building is to be financed by the owners. Due to good connections in Italy and France, they have many interested buyers. “We hope that we can sell two or three apartments before the construction starts. Two are already reserved after the presentation in The Alpina Gstaad at the end of December.” On February 13, another project presentation will take place in the Gstaad Palace (by invitation only).

In springtime the excavation work will start for the new hotel “Ultima Gstaad – Resort Spa & Residence”. The hotel complex will consist of three buildings in the regional chalet-style. The interior will be a mix of modern and traditional, wood and bronze will dominate. Three restaurants open to the public are planned, including a gourmet restaurant and a brasserie with Italian specialities. Furthermore, a cigar lounge in the lower ground floor and a smoking lounge in the ground floor are also planned. Jean-Michael Barbey’s hobby will be integrated, whereas an ice rink will be part of the Swiss restaurant, located in the lower ground floor. “Like this, children can have fun on the ice whilst their parents can enjoy a fondue,” said Barbey. In summer, the area will be converted into a conference room. Barbey, which is also Vice-president of the Golf Club Bonmont, has an idea of a special offer for golfers, but this has still to be decided upon.” 5-Star service In the lower ground floor, a 400 square meter wellness and spa area

Picture: Robine Public Relations Gstaad

A new hotel with fifteen suites and six luxury apartments, three restaurants and a spacious wellness and spa area with indoor swimming pool, is to be built at the location of Sporthotel Rütti in Gstaad. In one of the restaurants, an ice rink will be the winter’s main attraction. In summer, this area will be converted into a conference room.

Picture: zvg

Excavation work for new hotel starts in April

The owners of the hotel (from left): Byron Baciocchi, Jean-Michel Barbey and Max-Hervé George. is planned, including a gym and indoor swimmingpool. The project also consists of an underground parking area. “The category of the hotel has not been decided on yet,” said Barbey. “Stars are not important, but the service is,” he said. “And this has to be at least a 5-star service.” Barbey sees the location as an advantage. “The hotel is central. The Wispile, Eggli and the village can be reached within minutes. The apart-

ments and rooms offer a view of the nature, Gstaad Palace or The Alpina Gstaad.” Compared with the current hotel, the new construction is set back six meters. The current building will be demolished in April and immediately thereafter construction will start. The apartments are planned to be finished in 2014 and the opening is planned for December 2014. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 15.01.2012

The Six Senses Spa at The Alpina Gstaad

ring your five senses into perfect harmony and expe-


rience a sixth − a profound feeling of wellbeing − in

You don’t have to stay the night to indulge in some pampering.



our Six Senses Spa. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., the spa has various saunas, heated indoor and outdoor pools


with whirlpools, and a fully equipped gym. It offers morning water aerobics courses, 50 % discounts on fitness

classes, juices, water, tea


and fresh fruit. All this from just CHF 70 per person. www.thealpinagstaad.ch


‡Žǣ͛͛͘Í&#x;ÍœÍ ͙͛Í˜Í™ÇĄ ÂƒÂšÇŁ͛͛͘Í&#x;͙͚͛͘͜͠ ‹Â?ÂˆÂ‘ĚťÂ‡ÂšÂ…Â‡ÂŽÂ•Â‡Â…Â—Â”Â‹Â–Â›Â•Â‘ÂŽÂ—Â–Â‹Â‘Â?•Ǥ…Š ™™™Ǥ‡š…‡Ž•‡…—”‹–›•‘Ž—–‹‘Â?•Ǥ…Š





Gschwendstrasse 2 I T +41 (0)33 748 45 50 I F +41 (0)33 748 45 51 I info@gerax.ch I www.gerax.ch

Friday 15 February 2013 Page 7


Project Sanona: three visions for Saanen

Pedestrian zones in the core of a village have the advantage of creating new meeting places and relaxed shopping areas. But when traffic is reduced, passing customers stay away and the village appears to be too quiet. After opening the bypass road in 2010, it became clear that action needed to be taken for the enlivenment of Saanen. This is why the project group Marketing Saanen has assigned Steiner Sarnen AG to analyze the current situation and present potential solutions.

Saanen has a future: further steps must be taken External experts rated Saanen very positively. Saanen has a future, as the construction culture is intact, which is a good basis. The low traffic in the village makes it even more attractive. But further steps are needed to make use of its potential. The main goal of the experts is to “Revive Saanen.” The village has to appear as an active place throughout the whole year in order to attract new guests and habitants. The communication experts presented three main topics or visions to breathe new life into Saanen. The most important key point for them was not clearly to implement a whole new topic into the village, but to work on ideas with roots in Saanen.

Saanengeiss One of the proposed concepts is to create a visitors center for the famous “Saanengeiss” (Saanen goat), which would include a glass barn with an open area, animal care station, petting zoo and many more. Furthermore, small parades with the goats through the village would be part of the plan. Financing of the project would be ensured by the running of a shop, a catering facility and a milk bar. Arthur Reuteler, President of the project group, talked to the locals in Saanen and the idea is well received within the community. This vision is not only family-friendly, but also involves the farmers in Saanenland. Culture center for music The second vision includes a competence center in the village, located at the tennis court in Saanen. A house of music or culture center for music, dedicated to Yehudi Menuhin’s work, could be considered. It would include a sound garden, restaurant, music installation and events with street musicians. This project would clearly not be

seen as concurrence for “Les Arts Gstaad”. This idea is also well received throughout the community, although the location is not seen as ideal. Living culture As many businesses in Saanen are based on the living area (beds, interior, tableware), a competence center could be created. This would include for example events in the field of living culture, such as courses and auctions. The proposed location would be the museum of Saanen. Craftsmen in the area seem to be interested in such a project. Next steps At the end of the presentation the project group stressed that Saanen does not plan a foreclosure strategy and does not want to be a concurrence for other institutions in Saanenland. In February, the project group will make a decision about the three propositions. In March, a detailed concept and plan will be worked out. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY MICHAEL FÖHN AVS 18.01.2012

Picture: Michael Föhn

On Tuesday January 15, Steiner Sarnen AG presented their ideas for the future of Saanen. Three ideas to attract more people were suggested: the Saanengeiss, a culture center for music, as well as a living center.

Saanen has good potential for its future.


Friday 15 February 2013 Page 8

Antonella’s boutique, conveniently situated on the Promenade Gstaad, is filled with glamorous garments, amongst her own cashmere collection known for its luxurious feel, timeless design and top quality. A selection of cashmere jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and stole’s in beautiful rich colors, embroidered

with silk in a very special way with twisted needles, adorn the shelves in her beautiful boutique. Special materials used are lighter and softer – ideal for evening and day wear, winter or spring, in lots of different rich colors. Lovely detail ends off a chic feminine touch to all her garments. Twin sets, hand-sewn with pearls, adorn the shelves in Antonella’s boutique. Detail, like a

necklace or high-waisted skirt with top, one color toned or two colored toned in warm colors, complete the collection. Discover beautiful cashmere and silk shawls embroidered with sequins, ideal for evenings. To further complement her collection, leggings with fur detail, Hunter boots, gloves in cashmere & leather, Swarovski sunglasses, not to mention her timeless fur collection, Amina Rubinacci’s winter and summer collection, Pretty Ballerina pumps, high heels encrusted with Swarovski crystals, Saltore cavalry style boots, evening dresses … something for everyone, all at Antonella’s Boutique!

Pictures: Sanet Sonnekus-Williams

Antonella Boutique

Antonella – Promenade 9 3780 Gstaad – Tel. 033 744 34 07

Impressive natural portrayals at Urs von Unger Gallery Urs von Unger Gallery opens this year’s exhibition series with the show of breathtaking photographs of icebergs by Ferdinand de Lesseps, as well as stunning bronze sculptures by Calyxte Campe. Ferdinand de Lesseps After having explored different aspects of photography (fashion, ad-

vertising & art), Ferdinand de Lesseps strongly desired to create a photographic world on icebergs to capture the timeless grandeur of the icebergs with a heightened sense of abstraction. Awesome photographs in colour or black and white were taken in Greenland at Disko Bay north of the polar circle. The photographs of Ferdinand de Lesseps, who has been a

regular guest in Gstaad for some time, can be found in collections of international art lovers. Calyxte Campe Calyxte Campe (grandnephew of French sculptor Camille Claudel), trained at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, where he also instructed for several years, and apprenticed in marble carving at Pietrasanta. Calyxte Campe has a great ability to capture human and animal emotions in his work. “When sculpting and painting I always work directly from life, which allows my work to carry and have greater impact at a distance. Working with people, animals and scenery under natural light, never from photographs, I find myself with an infinite source of

inspiration. I use thee constant variety and change in nature to bring life to my work.” Calyxte had solo shows in New York, London, Geneva and Florence. His work also appears in permanent collections including the Dana Center in Washington, D.C., and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition will be held between February 14th and March 9th 2013.

Urs von Unger Gallery, Kleines Landhaus, Dorfstrasse 71, CH-3792 Saanen/Gstaad gallery@ursvonunger.com, www.ursvonunger.com


Friday 15 February 2013 Page 9

This winter, the igloo village was built on the Saanerslochgrat for the fourth time. It is perfect for snow-lovers, après-ski and fondue-parties. Dutch and Swiss ice-artists have created an exciting ambience in the interior of the igloos. Local carpenter and wooden sculptor Mario Frautschi, was also involved in the design. During several weeks, various ice artists have designed the igloos and implemented the topic “Circus.” Next to majestic animals such as giraffes, horses and lions, rope dancers and balance artists are decorating the interior. “We came up spontaneously with this topic during summer,” says Marius Mosi-

mann, manager of the igloo village in Saanenmöser. This topic obviously inspired the artists - after the first step into the igloos, you feel like you are in a circus ring. Sand, ice and wood Often it is the same people that work on the igloo villages’ design every year (Engelberg, Davos and Zermatt also have igloo villages). In summer, some of them work on sand sculptures. This year, local carpenter and wooden sculptor Mario Frautschi from Turbach has joined the team. “The cooperation with Mario Frautschi is ideal. As a local, his availability is more flexible,” said Marius Mosimann. “In particular for maintenance work when the temperature rises.”

Local carpenter and wooden sculptor Mario Frautschi at work.

Picture: Franziska Raaflaub

Igloo village on Saanerslochgrat

The Igloo village on Saanerslochgrat.

New creative territory

local guests,” said Marius Mosimann. He points out various offers: “Next to accommodation, the Igloo village has a bar. We organize fondue parties with torchlight descent on request.” Transport with the cable car and an experienced guide for the descent, is included. In order to make the village more known in the region, an open day will be organized soon. “We look forward to seeing many new faces in our Igloo village!”

“Ice forgives more mistakes than wood,” says Mario Frautschi. “If too much material is taken away, you can always add it again. I also like the large dimensions that can be worked with. It is a nice change to work with less in detail.” Mario regrets the transient nature of the material. “As the temperatures are so high, the design suffers and has a vague look.” Attract more locals “We would like to welcome more


Dalia Fayed is currently exhibiting her fascinating colorful works in “The Alpina Gstaad.” Her paintings were previously exhibited at the Grand Hotel Park during 2010 and 2011. Originally born in Egypt in 1971, Dalia lives in Saanenland, where she spends most of her time. Dalia Fayed started painting in 2000 and

has since then worked with different art techniques. All funds from Dalia’s artwork go to charities. With this exhibition, the project “Nour Ala Nour” is supported, which is a kindergarten and school in Kairo. It will help to open a small hospital for people in need. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY DR. ROLF P STEIGER AVS 08.01.2013

Picture: Rolf P. Steiger

Dalia Fayed enchants with colors and flowers

Gasthaus rössli Restaurant «La Truite» Gsteigstrasse 161, 3784 Feutersoey

Mrs. Catherine Reichenbach and her experienced staff look forward to welcoming you! open from thursday to tuesday!

info@gasthausroessli.ch Tel. 033 755 10 12 , fax 033 755 11 80

Caroline et Eric Freymond sont heureux de vous accueillir au Chalet Farb du jeudi 14 au dimanche 24 février 2013 de 15:00 à 19:00 JASMINE


Parfums sur mesure

contact: Irina Fournier 0041 (0)79 248 05 52


Haute Parfumerie Française

Vernissage en présence des artistes, jeudi 14 février de 15:00 à 19:00

Chalet Farb Menus Plaisirs

sur rendez-vous contact: Pauline Jonkman +33 (0) 617 31 01 53

Chalet Farb Farbstrasse 20 3792 Saanen Caroline Freymond Tel. 079 456 91 81 info@menusplaisirs.ch www.menusplaisirs.ch Antiqua Menus Plaisirs

Huile sur toile de lin

Friday 15 February 2013 Page 11


Snow chains compulsory The canton of Berne has an incentive to save money and to start with winter road maintenance. With immediate effect, the winter maintenance is limited for the roads between Gsteig and Col du Pillon, as well as Gstaad and Lauenen. At the beginning of January, the canton of Berne decided to limit the maintenance on 300 kilometers of the roads for financial reasons. The canton can save about SFr 2 million with this restriction. In other words, the roads will not immediately be cleaned from snow and as a result be slippery. In some cases, snow chains might be compulsory. The signal “Schneeketten obliga-

torisch” (snow chains compulsory) means that vehicles need metal snow chains on at least two driving wheels. In the canton of Berne, many roads are affected by this reduced winter maintenance. This affects only two main roads in Saanenland: the connection Gsteig Col du Pillon and Gstaad - Lauenen. All other roads will be maintained as before.

the morning will still be done, so that public transportation is assured. “I suppose the other cleanings during the day will be missed. But then, we would need to use more salt, which also causes more costs.” Daniel Feuz, road inspector in Saanenland, confirms the above: “Despite the saving program, the winter maintenance will not be ceased. But there might be some restriction occurring during the day.”

Schopfer Transport AG in Feutersoey is in charge of winter maintenance of those two affected roads. “Until now, we have only been informed about the limitation of winter maintenance, but have not received any details about it,” said Orlando Raaflaub-Schopfer. But he assumes that the first cleaning in

This new regulation might also have an impact on the tourism. Yvonne Blatter, Manager of Hotel Alpenland in Lauenen, is concerned about it. Many tourists call her and ask if the road is clean before traveling to Lauenen. She regrets the decision

from the government. Glacier 3000 will also suffer from it. Many ski tourists might not reach the Col du Pillon if the road is not maintained. Bethli Küng from Saanen, member of cantonal parliament, supports the saving program, but does not agree with the implementation to save money in cutting off winter maintenance. She has submitted an interpellation with two other members of parliament. “We can’t accept this. With the closure of Saanen’s hospital, we have to ensure that inhabitants from Lauenen get a fast transport to Zweisimmen,” she said. If the interpellation is not fruitful, she will start a motion. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY MICHAEL FÖHN AVS 11.01.2012

Spitzhorn, Geltenhorn, Niesenhorn or Wildhorn - those are the names of the new rooms in the Panorama Lauenen. Christoph and Karen Brand have fulfilled their dream with the opening of a Bed & Breakfast in the middle of Lauenen. They welcomed their first guests in the beginning of December 2012. “On a motorcycle tour through Sardinia, we came up with the idea to open a Bed & Breakfast,” explained Karen and Christoph Brand. “We liked the family atmosphere and thought this concept could work in our village as well.”

four bathrooms. “Many B&B’s only have one or two rooms integrated in the host’s home. But a new chalet planned for this purpose only, is rather seldom,” said host Christoph Brand, who will keep his business as a driving instructor. His wife Karen still takes care of her working clothes store. They do not see their new offer as a concurrence for the other hotels in Lauenen. “We offer an individual service to our guests. For example, they can bring their own food if they want, but we of course recommend the restaurants. Our concept complements the tourism in the region.”

Alternative - not concurrence The new chalet has three double rooms in the ground floor and four double rooms in the top floor. Furthermore, it has two spacious guest and breakfast lounges and

360˚ Panorama The name Panorama keeps what it promises: each room has a beautiful view of the church of Lauenen, Wispile, Geltenhorn, Wildhorn or Spitzhorn. But not only Lauenen

Picture: zvg

Wake up in B&B “Panorama” can be explored; in summer, Christoph Brand will offer guided motorcycle tours throughout Switzerland. “We look forward to show our region to our guests.”

night stays of 10% in Bed & Breakfasts in Switzerland. Karen and Christoph Brand are successfully working together with the Gstaad Saanenland Tourism.

High demand for Bed & Breakfast “After launching our website in October, we immediately had booking requests. But as we had not finished the interior then, we had to decline it,” said Karen Brand. Apparently, there is a high demand for Bed & Breakfast in the region. This matches with the increasing over-

“B&B is unknown territory for us, but we are positively looking into the future,” the hosts said. Karen Brand has been working in gastronomy for 30 years and is looking forward to the new challenge. “It is important for us to create a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere.” TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY FRANZISKA RAAFLAUB AVS 11.01.2012

Relax, unwind and indulge What better place to relax and pamper body and soul after a sportive ski day than in our

Spa: dive into our salt water

pool, heated to 32°C, or unwind with an Aromatherapy signature “Swiss Chocolate Seduction” massage.

new Library Lounge and party the night away to tunes of Bella C or the beats of DJ Guz (from 24th February). For smoking aficionados our Smoking Lounge is the ideal Start the evening with a luscious cocktail in our

place to

enjoy a fine, rare cigar or a relaxing, tobacco-free shisha (water pipe).

Our gastronomic journey along the Silk Road ends on 18th and 19th February at restaurant Marco Polo with a grand finale with Chef Hemant Oberoi from

The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, India.

Indulge in curry, kebab, tikka, biryani… elegant dishes of spice and color authentically presented. For further information or reservation, please contact +41 (0)33 748 98 00

Grand Hotel Park event agenda February 2013 February 14th & 15th

February 14th to 23rd February 15th & 16th February 15th to 17th February 16th February 16th

In Lebanon, with Chef Elias Azar, restaurant L’Arabesque, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva Butterfly Exhibition AC Bang Fourrures fashion show and private sale Ferrari Art Gallery, Paintings and Sculptures High Fly Château d’Yquem Vertical Tasting Dinner by Opera di Vino

February 16th & 17th February 18th & 19th

February 20th February 21st February 22nd & 23rd February 22nd to 24th

The traditional Le Rosey Institute’s weekend In India, with Chef Hemant Oberoi, restaurant Mandala, Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Swiss Design Event Paige Gamble Handbags exhibition and private sale Two exclusive gastronomic evenings with Chefs Philippe Rochat and Benoît Violier DeLaneau exhibition (Cocktail on 23rd)


Friday 15 February 2013 Page 13

The Gstaad Yacht Club defended their title All pictures: © Franck Terlin


GYC Racing Team – Next Generation.

The winner is… The 4th Monaco Optimist Team Racing took place from 11th to 13th January 2013. The second victory in a row for the Gstaad Yacht Club at this international event, with ten teams coming from three continents, showed that the ‘Montagnards’ are also use to the sea. Monaco, 13th January 2013 - Organized by the Yacht Club Monaco in cooperation with Eventica Communications, FxPro and Slam who equipped the first three teams with technical cloths, the Monaco Optimist Team Racing brought together 12 teams of 4 sailors; each one of them on board a brand new Optimist provided by Erplast. For the first time young sailors came from Vladivostok (Russia), Argentina and Tanzania. “I didn’t know that I can get cold out on the water, I’m used to sailing on a sea at 32°C! It’s the first time I left Tanzania and it’s an unforgettable experience!” said the young Imamu Saidi Sahala, who represented the IODA Tanzania.

Fighting on the water. A total of 66 races were sailed during the three days in wind conditions from 5 to 20 knots under the supervision of the Race Officer Alfredo Ricci and Bruce Hebbert, International Umpire, who shared his knowledge with the coaches and the sailors (aged between 12 and 15) in a clinic organized by the Yacht Club Monaco before the opening of the event. For the second consecutive year the team of the Gstaad Yacht Club dominated this 4th edition of the Monaco Optimist Team Racing and brought themselves 11 victories in 12 races, beating even the legendary Argentinian team. The event demonstrated that friendship and youth were the leitmotifs of this high level competition. The visit of the Oceanographic museum to initiate the young competitors to expand their knowledge of the marine world, as well as a trip on board the Senso One, the 43-meter monocoque holding several records, gave the young sailors the possibility to add new experiences to their passion for sailing.

Prize-giving: the GYC takes their second victory. Final results: 1. Gstaad Yacht Club (SUI); 2. Yacht Club Argentino (ARG); 3. Yacht Club de Monaco (MON); 4. Yacht Club Italiano (ITA); 5. Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (GER); 6. Club des Sports Nautiques de Kehbia (TUN); 7.

Royal Cork Yacht Club (IRL); 8. Seven Feet Yacht Club (RUS); 9. Circolo della Vela Sicilia (ITA); 10. IODA Tanzania (TAN); 11. Saint Petersburg Sea Yacht Club-Sealand (RUS); 12. Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club (BEL)


Kids Sailing Course (8 to 13 years) Registrations & calendar at www.gstaadyachtclub.com or Tel. 033 748 01 90


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Solar energy coming from your roof four-person household, depending on the location. “Most of the energy is produced between February and the end of October,” explained Ogi. In winter, a certain loss has to be counted in when snow is accumulated on the roof. The elements are winter- and weatherproof. If needed, snow stoppers can be installed. “The 6mm thick glass elements can also withstand hail,” explained Max Brand.

Christoph Ogi and Max Brand. Abandoning nuclear energy calls for an alternative and one option is solar energy. “The energy consumption remains,” said Christoph Ogi and Max Brand, founders and owners of the company “solarUp Energie GmbH”. “With our photovoltaic system, we generate energy efficiently. The costumer gets a roof that produces energy and has an aesthetic appearance. On the one hand, the Federal Government and canton are supporting alternative energies and, on the other hand, the developers and owners are interested in having clean power. Based on this, Christoph Ogi (Planning and Design) and Max Brand (Roofing) decided

to start “solarUp Energie GmbH”. “We offer the whole package to our customers. We plan and install the solar system, including the network feed-in of the produced energy,” said Christoph Ogi. A Swiss product solarUp has a partnership with “3S Photovoltaics,” which is a world market leader in the field of building-integrated photovoltaic based in the canton of Berne. Ogi and Brand are not only focused on quality, but also on ecology. “Renewable energy and long transport ways, like cheap productions from China, is contradictory. We wanted to purchase the products as near as possible, so that the region also has an added value.”

Photovoltaic-construction 16 kWp in Saanenmöser.

In accordance with the chalet style Furthermore, the elements can be easily integrated into the roof and do not appear artificial, therefore fitting in with the local building style. The substructure is the same as for conventional roofs. Instead of bricks or corrugated eternit, solar modules are used. It is also possible to integrate roof windows in the system. Energy for a four-person household The produced electricity is fed into the network. In accordance with the law, the owner is compensated by the BKW. A photovoltaic system with a surface of 25 square meters produces enough electricity for a

A worker is setting the moduls.

Paid off after 15 years The investment of SFr 15’000 to SFr 20’000 would pay off after 15 years, depending on the location of the house. Big potential in Saanenland On November 24, 2012, solarUp has started its first installation. The business is running well; in the meantime many other solar systems are running. Ogi and Brand see a lot of potential in the region for both new buildings and renovations. “A lot of owners can contribute to generate energy, even if they are not here. The big roofs of barns and industrial buildings can be perfectly used as well,” said Max Brand.

t. 033 748 10 31 f. 033 748 10 37

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The swinging Gstaad anti-crisis BY JANUARIA PIROMALLO La dolce vita caprese has arrived in Gstaad. A flair of the isola azzurra (the blue island) flying over the white mountain. With that, carrying la campanella of Chantecler, the “icon” who made the history of Capri and now adopted to the rustic bells of the Oberland. The perfect marriage of two traditions: chic and folk. The first bell in bronze was presented to president Roosevelt in 1945, just after the end of the Second World War, as a gift to bring him peace and good luck. This creative intuition turned the bell into a charm in different stones and colors. Salvatore Aprea became the jeweler of la dolce vita. On the necklines of many celebrities, from Jackie Kennedy to Ingrid Bergman, were shining seductive lucky Chantecler bells. Maria Elena Aprea, daughter of the flamboyant Salvatore, visiting Gstaad for the first time last year, when

Goodbye party for Gareth Davies BY JANUARIA PIROMALLO

seeing the bells in bronze hanging from the cows making the zen sound “din din din”, had an intuitive idea: Let’s combine the two symbols of prosperity. She is now starting a new collection for Lorenz Bach.

A goodbye party held by the mothers of the JF Kennedy School in Saanen, accompanied by tears and best wishes to the beloved headmaster, Gareth Davies. The reason for his leaving still very top secret! A silver alarm clock engraved with all the names was presented to Gareth and a special thank you card made by the celebrity cartoonist Oliver Preston, amongst macaroons and brownies cooked by the mothers of the school. “Please, please, stay, just a little bit longer...” a lonely guitar was playing.

Gareth Davies.


Maria Elena Aprea.

We move on: to the Palace cup, founded by Laura and Andrea Scherz. The event took place on the Wispillen, where children from all over Europe gathered to partake in the skiing slaloom and winning many prices.

A timeless romance BY JANUARIA PIROMALLO John and Kirsten Sutin love each other very much. After her horse riding accident, he loves her even more. He called Mario, the singer of the Hotel Olden, to surprise her for her birthday. He sang the most romantic love song to her, while John was carrying a huge birthday cake in the shape of a horseshoe (Kirsten’s passion), under a rain of rose petals. Kirsten again made a big effort in John’s honor to celebrate his 60th birthday and “the importance of being John”. Some guests wore “John” face masks just for fun. The birthday boy arrived on an old horse carriage. On his lap a


little puppy (of the truffle hunting kind): a surprise present from Kirsten. A pom pom girl jumped out of the multi-tiered cake. True love has no limitations…

Kirsten with Mario of the Olden.

John with his mask.

John and Kirsten.

Laura Scherz with Sabrina and Alex.


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Au revoir “Funky Claude” On the 10th of January this year, the Montreux Jazz Festival lost its beloved founder and Co-Director Claude Nobs who, aged 76, slipped peacefully away after being in a coma following a cross-country skiing accident on Christmas Eve near his home. Switzerland joined the music world, and thousands of his friends and colleagues to mourn the loss of one of its most colorful characters. Claude not only put the now famous town of Montreux on the world’s musical radar, he was also dedicated to seeking out new and upcoming talent for his festival. After a stint as an apprentice cook, he went on to work in the Montreux tourist office, quickly rising to the role of director where he started organizing concerts for charity. It was on a visit to the New York offices of Atlantic Records, and a meeting with the then president, Neshui Ertegun and his brother Ahmet, which led to the first festival being held back in his home town in June 1967 and featured musicians such as Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette. The festival was an im-

© Raphael Faux / www.gstaadphotography.com


mediate success, and was lovingly built over decades on Nobs’ passion for jazz as he swiftly transformed his festival into an international gathering place for people passionate about music. It was back in 1971 that Deep Purple decided to produce and record their album Machine Head in Montreux. During Frank Zappa’s concert however, the venue caught alight and the Casino was burnt to the ground. Nobs saved several young people who had hidden in the casino, thinking they would be sheltered from the flames. This act earned him the name “Funky Claude” as “Funky Claude was running in and out pulling kids from under ground” in the song “Smoke on the Water,” which is about the incident. In the 1990s, he shared the direc-

Sooze Plunkett-Green, Claude Nobs and Tess Larosse backstage at last year’s Montreux Festival “Freak Out” Show.

Claude Nobs. torship of the festival with American producer Quincy Jones, and made Miles Davis an honorary host. The festival continued to diversify and was no longer exclusively devoted to jazz music. In 2004, the festival attracted 200’000 visitors. On 25 September 2004, Nobs received the Tourism Prize of Salz & Pfeffer. The canton of Vaud gave him the “Prix du Rayonnement” and he also received an honorary doctorate. At this point, the hugely successful MJF was attracting some of the world’s biggest stars, including Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Van Morrisson, Phil Collins and Prince, to perform. However, Claude often had to meet their whims to coax them along. “I got Miles a Ferrari to drive along the lake, Nina Simone

wanted a diamond watch and we found the mineral water that Prince likes in Geneva. We always find a way,” Nobs told Reuters last April during an interview at his chalet. Despite heart surgery six years ago, Nobs stayed on as festival director. A post on Q’s Facebook page reads, “There are no words to express the deep sorrow and hollowness in my heart that comes with the news of Claude Nobs’ passing. Claude was a valued and trusted friend and brother to me for close to forty years, and a valued and trusted friend to jazz and the artists who create it for his entire lifetime. If God created a better friend than Claude Nobs, he or she must have kept them for him/herself.” The Montreux Festival has been an annual highlight since I moved to

Friday 15 February 2013 Page 17

Switzerland over 22 years ago and more recently I have been honored to have worked on the production team for the legendary guitarist and writer / producer Nile Rodgers, a dear friend of Claude’s and one of the warmest, and most talented musicians to play at the MJF in recent years. His headlining shows featuring some of the music world’s most talented artists and DJ’s, as well as his band Chic, have been a sell-out.

The next night Grace Jones headlined the star-filled show performing to an awestruck audience with her son on percussion and her famous hula-hoop around her waist! Claude was as usual on stage to personally thank the artists. The day after the show, as is tradition, we were all invited up to Claude’s house, set in a magical place, way above Montreux to relax and have dinner. I had to pinch myself a couple of times as I sat across from the two Joneses (Grace and Quincy), but Claude’s warm greeting never


your beloved mountains, overlooking the lake that you were so fond of.

You always had a sparkle in your eyes whenever you dealt with people. For all of us, who were fortunate enough to cross your path, you will always remain the one who questioned certainties. “And, why not?” You would repeatedly ask the same question when we tried to explain why a project would not Last year whilst his right hand, be feasible. Reality was never chalSooze Plunkett-Green and I were lenged only your wildest dreams. working around the The Montreux Jazz clock on the backFestival is the ul‘’The world spoke to Claude with pictures stage production, timate proof of but his soul answered with music. we managed to A gentle soul was he and we hope he is surrounded that! But not the lock ourselves INonly one! with illuminated freedom. SIDE the Montreux You will be missed dear Claude…” rehearsal rooms at Thank you for takGeoffrey Moore 3am in the morning. ing us where we We couldn’t find an unlocked door failed to put everyone, more so never thought we could go, and in and there was the loudest rave ever myself and Sooze, at ease. He was a your typical spirit, you left by surtaking place next door so we had very special man who made every- prise as if to remind us once more, to scream at each other. We finally one feel equally welcome. that in life as in music, each great escaped the rooms by breaking out performance could be the last one of a window and with Sooze in her An excerpt from the moving trib- even if the show must go on. You 6-inch heels and party dress and ute from the staff on the MJF hoped for an exit that reflected me carrying the printers, computer Facebook page says it all: “Dear your life, you succeeded this as and a bottle of rose, we managed Claude, On January 10th, you left well. We carry, and will continue to to scale a fence and stagger back us! Only a few days after your ac- carry on in your spirit everything to our hotel. All very Rock ‘n Roll! cident in Caux-sur-Montreux, in you taught us.

Claude and Nile Rodgers onstage at the “Freak Out” show.

Claude Nobs with Grace Jones in July 2012.

Thank you Claude. Your teams of yesterday, today and of tomorrow.” The 47th Montreux Festival is scheduled for July 5th to the 20th. www.montreuxjazzfestival.com

Ahmet Ertegun and Claude in 2006 at the Tribute show.


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Dividend plays in Switzerland After the ECB’s announcement that it would, if necessary, buy up unlimited quantities of government debt, the risk profile has diminished greatly, especially in the financial sector. The profitability of banks is being further reduced by higher capital requirements and market lethargy on the part of their clients. Turning to the insurance companies, their operational business is particularly impressive. Attractive dividend yields can be found in the insurance sector, thanks to stable cash flows. On the other hand, the currently low interest rates are a restraining factor. Yields on European as well as US corporate and government bonds are at

present 50% down on their average ten year value. In the US, the current dividend yield (S&P 500), at 2.1 %, is equivalent to the ten year average. In Europe, the dividend yield (Euro Stoxx 50), at 4.25 %, is well above the equivalent figure in the US and some 100 basis points above the ten year average.

between equities and corporate bonds is even some 300 basis points above the early 2009 level in real terms.

Looking at the period between 1990 and 2012, 30-40% of the earnings on the Swiss equity market came from dividends.

As the environment returns to normal or risk aversion diminishes further, investments in secure dividend flows should become more attractive.

Real and nominal yield differences between European equities and (German) government bonds are as high as at any time since early 2009. The gap

High dividend yields can be misleading – so are also, as a rule, very high yields. Companies with high profit quality, stable high free cash flows and

Coupons are constant. Dividends are admittedly a secondary factor, but have scope to rise. Based on that, dividends can be regarded as real income.

operational earning power, these are the key criteria. With regard to the above, here after a short list of high dividend swiss equities: Nestlé registered with an anticipated dividend yield of 3.04%, Roche participation certificate 3.34% expected, Novartis registered 3.67%, ABB registered 3.29%, Kühne & Nagel registered at 3.52 %, Walter Meier registered at 5.14 % and Bosshard bearer shares at 3.89 %. WRITTEN BY MR TONI KNECHT, MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT, SAANEN BANK AG, TELEPHONE +41 (0)33 748 46 47.

Swedish beds at Röthlisberger Interiors Building the world’s best bed allows for no shortcuts. This is why the Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens only uses the finest natural materials in their beds focusing on quality. Hästens beds continue to be handmade and because of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, Hästens beds offer a deeper, natural sleep. As Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, Hästens continues to maintain distinction in the industry that they have been perfecting since 1852 and their philosophy continue to convince people. The story of Sweden’s oldest bed manufacturer has started 160 years ago with

the production of saddles. Horsehair was used as upholstery material, which is also ideal for mattresses. On request, they started to make mattresses. The demand increased so much that the core business was changed to beds. The most natural thing in the world You get to sleep in a healthy environment totally free from all forms of foam-rubber, polyurethane and latex. It is much nicer and more pleasant to have natural materials like cotton, wool, flax and horsehair next to your skin. Isn’t it comforting to know that the materials you have closest to your body are free from chemicals? Horsehair Hästens has searched the whole world to find the absolute best, airiest, springiest and softest stuffing material for their

beds. They found it. It’s not some new space-age discovery. It’s something that predates even the Stone Age. An ancient material invented by nature herself. Horsehair. Few materials can match horsehair when it comes to constructing a bed. Horsehair comes with its own extremely effective, built-in ventilation system. Each strand of horsehair acts like a miniature ventilation system: a hollow tube with a microscopic capillary action which channels away moisture and lets fresh air in. It is so effective that if you soak horsehair in water and give it a shake, it dries almost straight away. The horsehair used by Hästens has been tested by a number of independent European research institutes. They have found it completely free from allergens. Not because we need to… But because we want to offer you the very best. Most people think sleeping on a cloud is ideal. They are wrong. What people who sleep in a Hästens know, is that it supports and gives your body the ex-

quisite relief you need to achieve the best natural sleep. When you visit our showroom, we won’t be able to give you the full experience of a Hästens bed. You see, it takes years for your Hästens bed to reach its full comfort. A Hästens bed evolves with time and becomes more and more comfortable. It shapes itself to you the more you sleep in it. You don’t know how good you can feel until you allow yourself to sleep in a Hästens. Hästens builds beds that are comfortable year after year, beds that make you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Don’t you want a bed that is not only comfortable the first time you lie down, but that more importantly, will become more and more comfortable – instead of the opposite? Hästens beds, for the rest of your life. And when can we open the door for you? You can reach us on: RÖTHLISBERGER INNENEINRICHTUNGEN AG DORFSTRASSE 45, 3792 SAANEN, 033 744 15 91, SALES@ROETHLISBERGER-AG.COM

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Youth hostel invests SFr 10 million in Saanen

Brand Outfits Less 70% Are your dreams of being dressed in beautiful designer clothes not compatible with your budget? If this is the case come to “Glamour Outlet” at Promenade 17 in Gstaad! At “Glamour Outlet” you find clothes, shoes, and accessories from top designers like Ermanno Scervino, Emporio Armani, Zegna, Piazza Sempione, Red Valentino, Notify Jeans, Corneliani etc. Women’s, men’s or children’s wear – you benefit from 70 %. The range is suitable for everyone. Come in, browse around and convince yourself. Most probably you will find some beautiful pieces for yourself or your loved ones. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at “Glamour Outlet”.

The Swiss Youth Hostel Organization (SJH) is investing in a new youth hostel in Saanen. The old youth hostel in Saanen will be demolished after Easter and replaced by a new building with 160 beds.

The new hostel is built according to the regional chalet-style, but contains some modern elements. Objections from neighbors against the project could be resolved. The financing of the SFr10 million is ensured, except for a very small part.

Bürgi Schärer Architektur und Planung AG from Bern is in charge of the construction. The new building will have a spacious recreation room on the ground floor including a dining room, playroom and reception. On the two upper floors, bedrooms for two, three or four persons and family rooms are planned. Some rooms will have its own bathrooms, and each floor will have sanitary facilities to share.

With the new hostel, the organization wants to attract more international guests. Gstaad Saanenland Tourism and the municipality of Saanen are supporting the project. The construction will start after Easter 2013. If the project is progressing according to the schedule, the new hostel will be opened in July 2014. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY BLANCA BURRI AVS 18.01.2012

US ski jumpers in Gstaad

“It is nice to have a home in Europe,” says ski jumper Anders Johnson about Gstaad and the Posthotel Rössli. But let’s start this story from scratch. Ski jumping and the Saanenland have an eventful past - local jumpers had many national and international success. In 1990, a world cup took place on the famous “Mattenschanze”. In 2008, the 100-yearold ski jumping hill was demolished for security reasons. The relationship between the national team from the United States and Gstaad started in the nineties in Park City, when Conroy Widmer from Posthotel Rössli was working as coach for Anders Johnson.

Second home base in Gstaad? “We enjoy our time in Gstaad,” said head coach Clinton Jones. “It is a pleasant change for the team, as they do not have to travel back to the US in-between tournaments and Christmas. And the familiar atmosphere in the Posthotel Rössli was a new experience, compared to the hotels we normally stay in.” Despite their hard training sessions, the team had time for skiing and relaxing. Based in Lake Placid and Park City (Utah), the US team is looking for a base in Europe, as they spend at least two months per year here. The Saanenland would be perfect for this, but one thing is missing: a ski jumping hill. This is the reason for the US team being interested in the project “Ski future,” which plans a new jump with the aim of bringing ski jumping back to the Saanenland.

Next goals Ski jumping is a marginal sport and has a lack of financial support. Due to the economic situation in the US, the government is not supporting it. Peter Frenette and Anders Johnson hope to make the sport more popular with good results. “Our goal for this season is to jump over 200 meters, get constant World Cup points and reach the top 30 ranking,” they said. See you in Gstaad? For sure the team will come back to Picture: zvg

Anders Johnson and Peter Frenette, two members of the national ski jumping team from the United States, spent some days in Gstaad to relax.

US ski jumper Anders Johnson.

Gstaad. The landscape and hospitality impressed them. It could already be as soon as Spring, when Posthotel Rössli holds a ski-jumping week. “This week helps with fundraising for young ski jumpers and is also an important social event,” says Conroy Widmer. Last year, Larry Stone, US coach and Knut Strömstad, Norwegian World Cup jumper, have met there after more than 40 years. They plan to attend the event again this year. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY FRANZISKA RAAFLAUB AVS 18.01.2012


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Events Calendar

Friday February 15 2013 until April 13 2013




22 & SATURDAY, MARCH 30 11h00 – 18h00: Winter market in Gstaad. Venue: Kapälliplatz. Lots of home-made products to choose from! Contact +41 (0)33 744 78 83 for more info.

MARCH 7, 14, 21, 28 & APRIL 4, 11 & 18 Fondue Party at the Iglo village, Saanenmöser every Thursday evening! Followed by a torchlight descent with a guide. By registration only! Prices for fondue party: Adults SFr 69, Children up to 16 years: SFr 39. info@iglu-dorf.com

MARCH 3 74th Björnstadlauf (cross-country skiing) in Feutersoey. International FIS, Swiss Cup and U-Games 2013. For more info, contact +41 (0)79 206 24 94 or www.scgsteig.ch

■ SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 High Fly 2013 at Rübeldorf Saanen. This freestyle event in the midst of the Swiss Alps has developed from a traditional event into one that is punk and saucy with an international character! It is considered to be the only winter event of its kind in Switzerland. Freestyle motocross, freeskiing and snowboarding combined with pyrotechnic effects will ensure a loud show spectacle. Entrance: SFr 10 – SFr 25. www.high-fly.ch ■ SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 – 23 Swiss Championship Curling at the Sport centre Gstaad. For more information contact +41 (0)79 306 27 48. ■ TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 & TUESDAY, MARCH 5 Tuesday Fondue on the Eggli. Cheese fondue, live music and accompanied skiing or sledging by torchlight. Ascent 19h00-21h00. Descent 21h15 - 23h00. Adults: SFr 49, Adolescents (9-16 years): SFr 35 and children under 9 years: SFr 20. Reservation required. Contact +41 (0)33 748 96 12.

■ WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 & WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 19h00 – 21h30: Night skiing on the Wispile. Open from 19h00-21h30. Adults: SFr 10, Children (1997-2000): SFr 5, Children under 9 years – free! Subject to change due to weather conditions. Contact +41 (0)33 748 87 37 for more info.

■ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 – WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 Exhibition of paintings by Corin Morrison in the “Heimatwerk” Saanen. Closed on Sundays! For more info and opening hours, contact +41 (0)33 744 13 73.

■ FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 18h45: Sledge tour by full moon on the Wispile. Ascent 18h45-19h15. Cheese fondue in the restaurant. Sledging to Gsteig. Bus back to the Wispile valley station at midnight from Gsteig. If you need to rent a sledge, please make a reservation (SFr 10)! Contact +41 (0)33 748 96 32 for more info.

■ SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 12h00: Ride on Music! Live music on the ski piste in Saanenmöser-Schönried area. SFr 20. Contact +41 (0)79 679 81 35 for more info. ■ SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 16h00 – 20h00: Air gun shooting event at the “Sportschützen Gstaad-Saanen”. Price: SFr 10. For more info, contact +41 (0)33 744 53 06.

■ SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 & SUNDAY, MARCH 17 Public Photo-Shootings at the Snowpark, Hornberg, Saanenmöser. It is recommended to consult the facebook-account or the Snowpark-website in advance. www. snowpark-gstaad.ch

ࠑ࠯࠺ࡇࡆࡂ࠳ࠑ࠯࠻࠾࠳ ࠐࡀ࠽࠼ࡈ࠳ࡁ࠱ࡃ࠺࠾ࡂࡃࡀ࠳ࡁ

߿ࠂ߼ࠀ߼˷ࠇ߼ࠁ߼ࠀ߾߿ࠁ ࠛ࠽࠼˷ࠡ࠯ࡂ ߿߿࠯࠻˷߿࠾࠻߽ࠀ߼ࠁ߾˷ࠄ࠾࠻ ࠽ࡀ࠰ࡇ࠯࠾࠾࠽࠷࠼ࡂ࠻࠳࠼ࡂ߹ࠂ߿߶߾߷ࠅࠇࠁࠀࠀࠄ߾߾߾

ࠣ ࠠ ࠡ ࠤ ࠝ ࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ

ࠕ ࠏ ࠚ ࠚ ࠓ ࠠ ࠧ

࠙ࠚࠓ ࠗ ࠜ ࠓ ࠡࠚ ࠏ ࠜ ࠒ ࠖ ࠏ ࠣ ࠡ ߺࠒࠝࠠ ࠔ ࠡࠢ ࠠ ࠏࠡ ࠡ ࠓࠅ߿ߺࠑ ࠖ ߻ࠁࠅࠇࠀࠡࠏ ࠏ ࠜ ࠓ ࠜ ߽ࠕ ࠡࠢࠏ ࠏࠒ ࠕࠏࠚࠚ ࠓ ࠠ ࠧࠎ ࠣࠠࠡࠤࠝࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ ߼ ࠑ ࠝ ࠛ ߺࠥ ࠥ ࠥ߼ ࠣࠠࠡࠤࠝࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ ߼ ࠑ ࠝ ࠛ

■ SATURDAY, MARCH 9 2nd Promenade Party, Gstaad. Details: www.gstaadpromenadenparty.ch

Ermitage-Golf, Schönried, Tel. 033 748 60 60. For details and program contact Jürg Müller, president, 033 744 54 40, jmtreuhand@bluewin.ch, https://gstaad-saanenland.lionsclub.ch

■ CHURCH SERVICES St Peter’s English-Speaking Anglican

■ SATURDAY, MARCH 9 Snow Golf Trophy of Boërl & Kroff in Gstaad. The competition is based on the traditional rules, however, rules can be adapted to the winter weather conditions. For further info: www.snow-golf.ch

Church, Château-d’Oex 17 February, 5.30 pm Evening Worship. Rev. Paul Holley 24 February, 5.30 pm

■ SATURDAY, APRIL 6 – SUNDAY, APRIL 13 FREERIDEdays.ch – Actively experience the unique powder ski area at Glacier 3000. Fun for everybody! Do not miss the spectacular show sessions in the afternoon. Rate: SFr 50 – SFr 90. Contact +41 (0)33 748 17 17 for more information.

Evening Worship. Rev. Paul Holley www.allsaints.ch/chateaudoex Contact: paul.holley@anglicanhealth.org

■ IMPORTANT NUMBERS ROTARY CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings every Monday 12h00 Palace Hotel Gstaad (033 / 748 50 00), President: Rot. Christian Sieber (026 / 924 45 25) Program: Rot. Pascal Rey (026 / 925 10 00)

Ambulance 144, Police 117 Police office 033 356 84 31 Fire-brigade 118 Saanen Hospital 033 748 02 00 Château-d‘Oex Hospital 026 923 43 43 Car accident service 033 744 88 80 Veterinary 033 744 35 31 / 033 744 06 61 Medical emergency 0900 57 67 47

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Friday 15 February 2013 Page 21


A Women’s club is still needed Soroptimist International is the world’s largest organization for professional women holding leading positions. With the guiding principle “make aware, stand up, take action,” Soroptomist International is a global voice for women. At the beginning of January 2013,

Soroptomist International GstaadSaanenland was founded with 22 members. “Many people ask me if a women’s club is still needed,” said Kathy Kaaf, President of the Europe division. “My answer is pretty clear: female genital mutilation should

become a thing of the past, arms trade should be reduced to a minimum, women and girls should get better education.” Their first project supports the holiday camp of the curative school in Gstaad. Franziska Brändli functions as Pres-

ident and initiated the foundation. Originally from Interlaken, where she was a member of the local Soroptimist club, Franziska has moved to Gstaad for professional reasons.


Audi representation no longer in Feutersoey In April 2012, the APAG Automobile AG had opened an Audirepresentation in Feutersoey. For economic reasons, it was closed in November 2012. The premises are now used through other brands. The letter from APAG Automobile AG to Audi customers said: “Recently, we were nominated as Audi dealer and started with much enthusiasm. But we have underestimated the brands’ requirements to the dealer.” The economic efficiency is not ensured for a business of such scale, as the catchment area is not and will never be large enough. Erich and Othmar Pichler, owners of Pichler GFG AG, have confirmed

that the Audi representation was given up in November 2012. One more brand is too much “Even though we have an expertise of 25 years in this business, we have underestimated the representation of an additional brand,” explained Erich and Othmar Pichler. The predetermined repair and sales process or to get data of single models are enormously complex. Furthermore, the running costs were higher than expected. In order to minimized the financial loss, it was decided internally to terminate the contract with Audi. After a discussion with AMAG Automobile und Motoren AG, the official Audi importer in Switzerland, a solution was found. AMAG

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Gstaad 033 748 77 88 · Feutersoey 033 755 19 51 www.raiffeisen.ch/saanenland


understood the problem, even though it was disappointing for them not having a representative in Saanenland anymore. AMAG has taken back the cars, special tools and spare parts for a fair price. The representation of Audi has created 5 full-time jobs. Two employees had already resigned in summer, both for career changes. The other three employees were able to take over other roles within the company. The show room, garage and workshop for Audi is now used for other brands. Even though the business model did not work for Erich and Othmar Pichler, they are still supportive of

Audi. “It is a great brand,” they said. The brothers suggest that Audi customers in Saaneland have smaller repair work done at Pichler GFG AG, as the garage worked out a cooperation contract with AMAG Retail in Thun. One part of the show room in Feutersoey now exhibits used cars from the company in Thun, which is the closest Audi representative to the Saanenland. Even though customers were disappointed, they reacted with understanding. In future, Erich and Othmar Pichler want to focus again on their core business: MercedesBenz, Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti. TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY BLANCA BURRI AVS 25.01.2012


Friday 15 February 2013 Page 22


Growing up on John Hughes movies such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off made me want to have the typical American highschool experience and everything that went along with what I saw on celluloid: A big campus, lockers, jocks, cheerleaders, football stars, cool kids like Ferris Bueller, and badasses like John Bender. But except for the locker, having any of this was next to impossible on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where I went to an all-girls’ private school.

them. I spent a year at Aiglon in Villars when I was about 14. After having all the freedom that growing up in New York City provides, the experience was initially shocking. But soon enough I found pleasure in the mountains away from the concrete jungle and my television set.

Later in life, Eton became the Holy Grail of education, but being a girl makes any fantasies of becoming an old Etonian rather difficult. But places such as Eton will only ever be for the select few. I am also now 20 years out of high school.

Skiing every day during winter and going on camping expeditions every weekend during the fall and spring terms was blissful. More than the education I received in the classroom, the focus on sports taught me a lot about discipline, endurance, and how to be selfsufficient. It was often physically challenging but also extremely rewarding. Looking back, those were some of the most valuable experiences I had in school. Along with the kind of street smarts you learn growing up in a busy city, learning how to survive in nature is as useful, if not essential. There is nothing more typical than a so-called Park Avenue princess who can’t handle herself outdoors.

Fortunately there are alternatives for the privileged, and a few schools in Switzerland are among

With all the money floating around Swiss boarding schools such as Aiglon and Le Rosey and all of ex-

treme wealth’s deleterious effects, contact with the outdoors becomes even more important—especially if parents want their children to have some semblance of normalcy. It is all well and good to have a membership at the Eagle Club and a fancy ski costume to wear to the club, but what use is it if you can’t get down the mountain on foot or ski if the lift breaks? Another great thing about going to school in Switzerland was getting to know people from many different parts of the world, some who had never seen snow before they got to Switzerland. While New York is supposedly a “melting pot,” it wasn’t until I went to Aiglon that I met people from Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Russia, and all parts of Europe. It was a truly international education, and I’m happy to have had it. Of course Rosey here in Gstaad and other boarding schools around Switzerland are mainly for children over the age of about 10. For younger, locally based foreign children there is the Kennedy School which opened in the early 1970s. The John F. Kennedy School Foundation recently purchased the Kennedy School and is transforming it. Among the many changes has been a major revamp of the winter program. Now children under 10 can also receive a top-notch education both in and out of the classroom. Fortunately the school has evolved to keep up with the times and is now better able to prepare this new generation of local kids for boarding schools and colleges in Europe

and America. With the growing competition between East and West, children need access from a very young age to the type of learning that can put them in the running for admission to places such as Oxford and Harvard. Gstaad might be a small community, but it seeks to make its mark. With the new facilities and programs at the Kennedy School we are ensuring that future generations will also be able to make theirs. Rather than building more shops and ugly cultural centers to entertain gaudy tourists who flock to Gstaad, this seems like money well spent. For those of us who are nostalgic for different schooling from our own, thank God for the movies. Long live John Hughes!


ࠗ࠱࠳࠰࠳ࡀ࠵ ߿ࠂ߼ࠀ߼˷ࠇ߼ࠁ߼ࠀ߾߿ࠁࠛ࠽࠼˷ࠡ࠯ࡂߺ߿߿࠯࠻˷߿࠾࠻߽ࠀ߼ࠁ߾˷ࠄ࠾࠻ ࠽ࡀ࠰ࡇ࠯࠾࠾࠽࠷࠼ࡂ࠻࠳࠼ࡂ߹ࠂ߿߶߾߷ࠅࠇࠁࠀࠀࠄ߾߾߾

ࠣ ࠠ ࠡ ࠤ ࠝ ࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ

ࠕ ࠏ ࠚ ࠚ ࠓ ࠠ ࠧ

࠙ࠚࠓ ࠗ ࠜ ࠓ ࠡ ࠚ ࠏ ࠜ ࠒ ࠖ ࠏ ࠣ ࠡ ߺࠒࠝࠠ ࠔࠡࠢ ࠠ ࠏࠡ ࠡ ࠓ ࠅ߿ߺࠑ ࠖ ߻ࠁࠅࠇࠀ ࠡࠏ ࠏ ࠜ ࠓ ࠜ ߽ࠕ ࠡࠢࠏ ࠏࠒߺ ࠕࠏࠚࠚ ࠓ ࠠࠧࠎ ࠣࠠࠡࠤࠝࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ ߼ࠑ ࠝ ࠛ ߺ ࠥ ࠥ ࠥ߼ ࠣࠠࠡࠤࠝࠜ ࠣ ࠜ ࠕ ࠓ ࠠ ߼ࠑ ࠝ ࠛ

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Gstaad Life, 15 February 2013  

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Gstaad Life, 15 February 2013  

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