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December 31, 2015 - Issue 8 – CHF 3.50

NO BIKE LIKE A SNOWBIKE Winter Festival Rolls into Gstaad

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The Saanenland’s beauty has always attracted a steady stream of long- and short-term guests, making it one of the country’s most prestigious alpine resorts. But what if, amongst all this natural splendour, some of us couldn’t see the forest for the trees?

Photo: u.perreten – Fotolia

United We Stand

Gstaad is made up of many different groups of people, all with different interests. Whether you’re a local, a Swiss or foreign transplant, a frequent guest, or simply a weekend visitor, I urge you to step outside your comfort zone. We can’t seem to agree on much–from the medical center to the BDG–but if we try, I’m certain we can see the big picture rather than only individual challenges. We have so much to be thankful for here. Natural beauty, low unemployment, accessible healthcare, and proper infrastructure are just some of the things we have that many others worldwide do not. Rather than focusing on what we don't have, perhaps we can focus on what we do have. And if home is where the heart is, shouldn't we make our region a cosy chalet in which to warm up from the cold? Riding Out the Cold Speaking of cold, the second edition of the Snow Bike Festival will take place here in Gstaad in January. Not sure what a snow bike is? Read our article to find all out the specs of the various types of winter cycles, and what races will take place during the gathering of snow bike enthusiasts from more than a dozen countries. Whether you are fresh off the bike trails or the ski runs, you can warm up from the inside out at Charly’s Gstaad. The landmark café is set to change hands in spring, after purchase by an investor group that includes Marcel Bach. Yet again, there is health care controversy here. Local doctors think it unfair that the municipality has pledged CHF 200,000 in funds to ensure weekend service, when they perform the same services with little to no compensation. After public letters from several local doctors, we’ve published the latest update in the continuing controversy over patient treatment.

Politically, Switzerland made a big move to the right in the last elections, and this is a triumphant moment for the rightwing Swiss People’s Party. The SVP now controls the municipality after many years on the sidelines. For those of you who don’t follow politics closely, this was the group whose posters of a black sheep being booted out from group of white sheep were deemed racist by some. In these times of uncertainty for so many of our fellow brothers, should we not aim to provide shelter from the (metaphorical) cold, sharing the warmth of our fire with those in need? The Sunnier Side of the Street Despite the seemingly unending health and political quarrels, there is some common ground where most of us can meet happily and bond over our mutual love of beautiful things–from art and music to food and wine: Art: When life gave him lemons, Gstaad’s beloved confiseur Michael Villiger made paper cuts. Transforming his career must not have been easy, but as Januaria Piromallo tells us, when Villiger opened up his mind, heart, and hands to something new, he found true inspiration. Music: Renowned violinist Renaud Capuçon makes his debut as artistic director of Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, the high-

light of the winter music festival scene. This international star will bring his particular flair to the festival, yet manages to honour his predecessor Thierry Scherz by retaining a clear outline of his vision. Food: The Alpina Gstaad’s Marcus G. Lindner has been chosen to create seasonal menus for its “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” gastronomic concept. When possible, Saanenland products will be used, making our little region available to the wider world. Wine: Graff Delaire Estate in South Africa’s Cape Winelands is home away from home for Gstaad’s jeweller extraordinaire Laurence Graff. This long-time guest gives GSTAADLIFE an in–depth tour of his prestigious vineyard and lodges, where his many passions meld happily together. It’s a Wrap As we say goodbye to 2015 and embrace the New Year, let’s remember all that’s beautiful about life here in the Saanenland, and how lucky we are to enjoy it. That’s reason enough to stand together as we face whatever the future will bring. Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2016.

Best regards, Alexis Munier Editor in Chief



Photo: Arlette Bütschi subtlepatterns.com

READER'S PAGE Your Vision of Gstaad On a beautiful winter morning, I set out from my home near Saanenmöser. The sun had just started to peak through the mountains, and light-filled rays gleamed on the deep forest's snow-covered branches. I climbed one of the many kilometres of winding trails, leading me over the high ridge to St Stephan and beyond. Oh Rinderberg! Oh what a mountain!

Arlette Bütschi was born and raised in the Saanenland. She finished her studies a year ago, and spent the next few months traveling to exotic locales in New Zealand, before returning to her native village. Arlette now hones her design skills as a layout artist for Müller Marketing & Druck AG.

If you would like to share your photograph of the Saanenland, please send it with your contact details and a brief description to info@gstaadlife.ch.

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HUUS Sweet Home Charlys to Change Hands Hôtelier Returns to His Roots Snow Bike Festival Rolls Into Town GSTAADLIFE.com

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Municipality Welcomes New Leaders Local GPs Protest Health Care Center Funding

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Artistic Director Renaud Capuçon

Sports & Leisure


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Karim Ojjeh Ends Season on a High Vintage Cars, Modern Stars

Photo: Paola Villiger

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Cut, Colour, Clarity & Cape Winelands The Alpina's Top Chef Aboard SWISS From Cupcakes to Papercuts

Cover Photo: ©Fowler-Erato sommets-musicaux.ch

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Ou td wwoor Le NE w.s arn W wis ing ! sou Su tdo mm orc er am Ca p.c mp h

SMALL SCHOOL BIG HEART Superb new attic duplex apartment of 204 sqm Exceptional situation

Boarding and Day School

Located a few minutes from the center of Château-d’Oex, this coproperty enjoys the best sunshine of the village and a panoramic view over the surrounding mountains and the green valley of the Pays-d’Enhaut • 1 spacious living-dining room with fireplace • 1 open and fully equipped kitchen • 3 bedrooms + bathroom • 1 very large master bedroom with bathroom en suite • 1 large mezzanine • 1 large balcony of 28.5 sqm • Lift - Underground parking – geothermal heating – storage room • High ceilings Réf. 200D – CHF 1850 000.– (+ parking space) CF Immobilier Compagnie Foncière SA Rue du Village 40 – 1659 Rougemont Info@cfimmobilier.ch – www.gstaadrealestate.com

Boys and Girls ages 4 to 14

John F. Kennedy International School Chilchgasse 2 | 3792 Saanen | Switzerland T: +41 33 744 13 72 | info@jfk.ch | www.jfk.ch



Photo: ©Mark Nolan

Marwan Naja, left, and Günther Weilguni, right, make up the HUUS group

HUUS Sweet Home Property Group Takes Over Several Local Hotels The newly established HUUS Gstaad AG is fast becoming a property magnate. The group, which is made up of two investors, hotelier Günther Weilguni and Genevan businessman Marwan Naja, has acquired two local hotels. BY GSTAADLIFE

The Steigenberger Hotel Gstaad-Saanen– which at 132 rooms is the largest hotel in the Saanenland–was purchased by the group this autumn for CHF 26 million.

Following substantial renovations, the hotel will open its doors as HUUS in December 2016. The hotel will offer an innovative concept, new owners and a management team with lots of savoir-faire who is familiar with the Gstaad-Saanen region. It will also increase its rating from a four-star property to a four-star superior property. Günther Weilguni will serve as CEO of HUUS, while Mirka Czybik will act as

general manager. Both were previously at the Steigenberger, with Weilguni serving 14 years as general manager, and Czybik spending seven years there before moving to the Alpine Lodge. HUUS has also bought the Alpine Lodge, which Weilguni has managed for the past several years. The three-star lodge was previously owned by Gstaad International School (Surval) and the location for their campus and boarding facilities.

Charly's to Change Hands Christa Hauswirth and Helmut Haldi have announced they will take over Gstaad’s legendary Charly’s café.

Photo: AvS

Iconic Café Bought by Investor Group


“It was always my dream to run a cafe that would be a meeting point for both guests and locals,” says Hauswirth. Charly’s Gstaad AG is now owned by an investor group that includes Marcel Bach, Chaletbau Matti, and Dr Jamal Kaddaj. Speaking for the group, Bach expressed delight at the fact the café would be run by locals. Christa Hauswirth, right, and Helmut Haldi, left, will manage Charly's café

Hauswirth will manage the front of house, staff, and service, while Haldi will be responsible for production. A baker and confiseur by trade, Haldi brings eight years

of experience gained at Early Beck. Changes to the café include more than just the management. Next March, Charly’s will

close for a complete renovation, reopening in time for the 2016 summer season.



ATTITUDE offers some of the world’s most treasured luxury brands for men and women. From Elie Saab’s sophisticated haute couture and Zuhair Murad’s illustrious red-carpet JRZQV WR WKH ODWHVW VDUWRULDO IRU VW\OHFRQ²GHQW PHQ E\ Brioni, Corneliani and Kiton.


Snow Bike Festival Rolls Into Town With the famous High-Fly ski jump and Gstaad Winter Games distant memories, a new snow sport event will take the Saanenland by storm. Held 22–24 January, the Snow Bike Festival is certain to put Gstaad back on the map of action-packed winter destinations.

Photo: Gstaad-Saanenland Tourismus

Wheely Cool International Event of Races, Parties, & More


The innovative Snow Bike Festival was inaugurated in 2015, and this year marks the first time it will be held in Europe. The 2016 edition will run 22–24 January and host the 3-Day Stage Race, Eliminator Night Race, Fun Ride, Snow Bike Party & Fat Bike, and MTB EXPO. The event will feature competitors from more than a dozen countries, ensuring a vibrant international atmosphere. What’s a Snow Bike? The term snow bike refers to fat bikes, MTB’s and other bikes with wide tyres, which allow them the traction necessary to perform on snow. Fat bikes are usually equipped with large 9.7–11.4 cm tyres and are ideal for riding in snowy conditions. 2015 welcomed the introduction of the “mid” fat bike, now commonly known as the mountain bike + (plus). With a new

tyre format of 7–9 cm, it falls between the traditional mountain bike and the fat bike, making it the ideal bike for all four seasons that also qualifies as a snow bike. Well-Rounded Winter Fun

While some might hark back to Gstaad’s

image as a ritzy celebrity-filled ski village of the 1960’s, the Snow Bike Festival proves there’s plenty of trendy action to be had here–both for the young, and the young at heart. If any region can pull off four days of adrenaline-packed winter sporting events, it’s the Saanenland.

Hôtelier Returns to His Roots Daniel J. Ziegler has returned to the Grand Hotel Park as general manager after the departure of Jean-Yves Blatt. Ziegler is back at the property, where he gained a first experience in hospitality more than two decades ago. BY GSTAADLIFE

Ziegler brings his decades of expertise and deep love of hôtellerie to the Grand Hotel Park. He spent the past year in Gstaad as CEO of the Ermitage, but is better known for his work as director of Le Vieux Manoir in Murten. The talented host became an industry-wide name by transforming the then unknown Eden Roc in Ascona into one of the most

celebrated Swiss holiday hotels. For that success, he has been the only person honoured twice with the Best Hotelier award from Swiss magazine Bilanz.

Photo: zVg

Grand Hotel Park Welcomes Daniel J. Ziegler as New General Manager

Ziegler’s love of hospitality developed at an early age. As the son of successful Swiss businessman, Ziegler grew up in México-City attending his mother’s glamorous parties and high society dinners. Daniel J. Ziegler, General Manager The Park's Grand History The Grand Hotel Park opened in 1910 as Gstaad’s first luxury hotel. Today, the property boasts modern, technically advanced rooms that blend Alpine chic with a calming, neutral palette. In addition to several restaurants, boutiques, and a wellness

centre and spa, its grounds play host to a private outdoor ice skating rink. It is also the location of several New Year Music Festival of Gstaad classical music concerts. www.grandhotelpark.ch



GSTAADLIFE.com New Layout – New Features We are pleased to announce our brandnew homepage. With an updated layout and additional features, GSTAADLIFE is now easier to access, no matter where you read it. BY GSTAADLIFE

For those of you who visit our online platform regularly or read the Letter from the Editor in our print magazine, this may not come as a surprise. The website launched 1 December. If you think it was about time to get there, well, you’re right. But we hope you agree that it was worth the wait. New Look If you know the homepage of our sister

publication the Anzeiger von Saanen, the new online platform might look familiar to you. They now share the same type of website with its light structure and clean lines. The three latest headlines are featured at the top, followed by the archive and ads listed according to their category. New Features While we keep posting abstracts of our articles, you can now also read the entire magazine as an ePaper. With a digital subscription you can leaf through the magazine wherever you are. It’s just a click on the magazine icon, located in the top right corner, away. The webpage and the ePaper are responsive, so you can enjoy

all of this on your tablet or your smartphone as well. The ads from the magazine, alongside those from the Anzeiger von Saanen, are featured in the ad rotator. Online, many ads are linked to relevant web content; just click on the ad with a web address. Getting more information has never been so easy. New Sections to Come We are dedicated to improving our blog, adding more service pages and trying to make the online experience as easy and entertaining for our readers as possible. Of course we’d love to hear back from you. Let us know what you think!

CHUBUT Discover the New Restaurant at the Grand Hotel Park Chubut, land of fire and living wind, is a province of Patagonian Argentina set in the vast plains between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The Chubut river flows through the valley, its name derived from the Tehuelche word chupat meaning “transparent”. This wild landscape, its pure meandering river, its breathtaking horizons and its rich local produce are the inspiration behind Chubut Food & Fire. Chubut is a return to simplicity. By using the magic of fire, Chef Agustin Brañas aspires to evoke emotion, arouse memories and take you on an unforgettable culinary journey to a land where the food both excites and soothes the soul. Chef Agustin Brañas pushes the boundaries of live fire cuisine and produces a menu that is both elegant and true. It delights the palate by transforming the finest ingredients into a meeting of textures that are both rustic and refined, creating the essence of taste. DISCOVER THE ESSENCE OF TASTE GRAND HOTEL PARK Wispilenstrasse 29 – Gstaad Reservation: 033.748.98.30 reservation@chubut-restaurant.com



FROM CHELSEA TO THE SWISS ALPS German/Swiss Garden Design Team Wins Prestigious Award Garden architects Nicole Fischer and Daniel Auderset presented their work at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London last year and were rewarded with a prestigious Silver Gilt Medal. At present they are working on projects as diverse as a fruit garden for a German castle and a naturalistic Chalet garden in the Valais, Switzerland. audersetfischerdesign took on some of the world’s leading garden designers and were delighted to win a Silver Gilt Medal for the garden which was featured repeatedly on the BBC and in leading English, Swiss and French garden magazines. The award-winning garden, entitled «The Extending Space», was inspired by the diverse and rugged landscapes of the protected Pfyn Forest region in the Valais, Switzerland, combining pinewood and granite paving with pine trees and shrubs. Nicole and Daniel showed how the spirit of a larger landscape can be captured within the space of only 10 x 10m. Their latest projects range from a modern interpretation of a fruit garden at Castle Ippenburg in Germany to a naturalistic Chalet garden in the Valais. The latter is located on an elevated plain in a woodland area commanding beautiful views over the valley and the mountain range opposite. audersetfischerdesign will create a series of planted areas with native trees, shrubs and perennials in a mixture of clipped and natural shapes. The people behind audersetfischerdesign Nicole and Daniel studied garden design at Inchbald School of Garden Design in London. Nicole now spends her time between

Fruit garden at the Castle Ippenburg


The award-winning garden «The Extending Space»

Naturalistic Chalet garden in the Valais, Switzerland Munich and London. Fluent in German, English and French, Nicole knows about project work and the flexibility and care needed when implementing a client’s requirements. She also brings conceptual thinking, creativity and imagination to her work. Daniel developed his analytical thinking and project management skills during his tenure as a finance professional in the healthcare industry, which lend themselves well to the precision required in garden design projects while maintaining a big picture view of the project at hand. That precision is rounded by his artistic side; Daniel has been fascinated by flora from early childhood on and over many years honed a skill for placing plants to create the overall desired effect with respect to two and three dimensional proportions. Design Philosophy The work of audersetfischerdesign is firmly rooted in the principles of English landscape design. The use of a limited number of high-quality materials in harmonious


colours and textures create elegant and relaxed spaces. However, they also place focus on the use of native planting to create beautiful and functional gardens of lasting value that reflect the landscape: “Our design philosophy is one of simplicity, clarity, and restraint. We strive to make each garden a unique place delighting our client“.

Nicole Fischer and Daniel Auderset auderset fischer landscape and garden design audersetfischerdesign.com United Kingdom | 97 Ebury street, sw1w 9qu, London +44 779 255 65 36 Germany | Hohenzollernstrasse 11, 80801 Munich +49 172 823 54 23 Switzerland | Tulpenweg 107, 3098 Koeniz +41 79 787 95 51

Photo: AvS

From left: Emil Trachsel, new city council president Albert Bach, Toni von Grünigen and Walter Heer

Municipality Welcomes New Leaders Swiss Vote Overwhelming "Ja" to Right-Wing Party Politics has featured prominently in the Saanenland, Canton of Bern, and Switzerland as a nation in the last few months of 2015.

from Schönried held this position once before, from 2004–2008. He will replace Albert Bach, and will stay for a term of one year until the next elections.


City Council President Albert Bach-Tiemer Outgoing city council president Aldo Kropf, FDP, resigned his position in October and a general election was held 29 November. The race was between only two candidates: previous vice-president Albert Bach-Tiemer, SVP, and Martin Hefti-Lustenberger, SP (Socialist Party). Bach received a whopping 1254 votes; Hefti came in at just 426.

The Municipality of Saanen is experiencing several changes to its political scene. With the election of both a new president and city councilmen, the local government welcomes both new and familiar faces to their offices. City Councilmen Heer and Schwenter Current city councilman Heinz Brand steps down 31 December 2015, and the municipality has chosen Walter Heer as his replacement. Heer, president of the FDP–die Liberalen (Federal Democratic Party–The Liberals), has been a member of the finance commission FIKO since 2009. He will take office on 1 January 2016 and serve out the last year of Brand’s elected term. Afterward, the regular election rhythm will continue, with new candidates for full-term consideration. Baker-turned-politician Brand, who is stepping down a full year ahead of schedule, was responsible for city planning and construction, which along with building infrastructure also included building consensus in the community. Heer will now assume these duties. Rolf Schwenter, SVP (Swiss People’s Party), has also secured the position of city councilman after the October vote. The politician

Delighted at his success, Bach stated, “I promise everything in my power is for the benefit of the population and the community." Bach calls himself a practicioner rather than a theoretician, and has been serving ad interim since Kropf’s departure. He has already restructured the organization’s operations and will tackle pending issues like the groundwater pumping station on Saanen’s airfield and the indoor swimming pool renovation. SVP Claims Swiss Stage This is a triumphant moment for the SVP, which now controls the municipality again after 23 years of the FDP in power. The conservative Swiss People’s Party, known as UDC in French and SVP in German, was also the big winner in national elections last October, with an unprecedented 29,5% of the vote.

The party increased its seats by 11 to a total of 65 (of 200), which, when tallied with the other conservative seats, means that for the first time in its history Switzerland’s National Council will have a rightwing majority. Representing the Saanenland, SVP incumbent Erich von Siebenthal was re-elected for a third term with the fifth highest number of votes of the 25 councillors elected in Canton Bern. Of those 25, nine were members of the SVP, bringing the party the lion’s share at 36% of the seats. With 111 393 ballots cast in von Siebenthal’s name, the SVP received 58,3% of the Saanenland vote, with numbers as high as 71% in the town of Boltigen. There were other smaller winning parties including the FDP and BDP (Conservative Democratic Party), which finished neckin-neck with 9,2% and 9,1% respectively. The SP brought up the tail end with just 5,6% of the vote. The SVP is gaining ground in Switzerland’s executive branch as well. In December, Guy Parmelin became the first SVP from French-speaking Switzerland chosen to serve on the Federal Council. He will replace Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, and join the six politicians that make up Switzerland’s executive branch of government. With Parmelin on the council, this will bring the total number of UDC members to two of the seven total.




Luxury holiday home New build project with barn that can be converted into an annexe. Exclusive location, unobstructed view.

Sales price on request. Please contact us for further information.

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Controversial Health Care Decisions Local GPs Voice Concerns


In the the municipality's press release of 11 December, they announced that “primary healthcare on weekends can now be guaranteed”. For Hoyer this means that “the work of the local GPs in the past has not been acknowledged.” Amiet says weekend services covering primary healthcare “have been provided by local GPs for years, if not decades.” These weekend shifts, which are regulated by the canton, are part of every GP’s duty.

Dr Nick Hoyer, Dr Gerhard Amiet, and Dr Ondrej Müller-Müller addressed the municipality in open letters and a letter to the editor in the Anzeiger von Saanen, setting the record straight about weekend services and questioning the proposed financing scheme.

Hoyer also detects a "lack of understanding about the challenges in the primary health care." Weekends are usually calm and often “there is no single emergency patient contact” during the whole 48h shift.

Primary Healthcare on Weekends Amiet and Hoyer both point out that they welcome more doctors in the region. Hoyer is “looking forward to the relief” because his practice can barely manage all the patients who wish to have an appointment – on weekdays, that is.

Public Financing of Health Care The proposed funding of CHF 200,000 to finance weekend services of the new Medical Center, which would be provided by taxpayers and the Friends of Healthcare group, is controversial. While GPs on weekend duty only earn money if a consultation or

Our last issue featured an update on the new Medical Center Gstaad-Saanen. While local doctors insist they welcome the center's support with regular patients, they have called into question the municipality’s plan to finance weekend services and have deemed their communication "misleading".

treatment takes place, the Medical Center will be paid regardless of whether a patient needs their services. Hoyer specifies that he wouldn't mind a private funding of such a weekend service. However, he categorically objects the use of tax money for this purpose. And while the municipality’s plan will keep the doors of the Medical Center open from 8am to 8pm, night shifts are not covered. As Amiet states, they “will still have to be provided gratuitously by the local GP on duty”. Facultative Referendum The municipality's financing exceeds CHF 100,000 because they secure the share of the Friends of Health Care group. Therefore signatures can be collected for a facultative referendum. If the initiators have 150 signatures by mid-January, the voters will be called upon to decide the future financing of health care services on weekends.

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Photo: ©Marc Ribes

Violinist Renaud Capuçon prepares his first programme as artistic director of Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad.

Artistic Director Renaud Capuçon Famed Violinist Joins Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad GSTAADLIFE sat down with Renaud Capuçon, for a chat about the Saanenland, the festival's legacy, and the future of classical music. INTERVIEW BY ALEXIS MUNIER

When did you first discover Gstaad? I first discovered Gstaad one summer in the 2000’s when I played at one of the festivals. Later, I discovered it in the winter in 2013 when I came to play at the Sommets Musicaux.

How does it feel to start the season as artistic director of the Sommets Musicaux? I feel honoured and excited to present my first festival programme in 2016.

How will you build on what late artistic director Thierry Scherz achieved? What’s your vision for the festival?


Thierry Scherz was the soul of the Sommets Musicaux. He was a wonderful person and a great artistic director. I’m not replacing him, because he cannot be replaced. But I’ll bring my own personality, experience, and love of music to share with Gstaad music lovers.

GL: Will you continue the tradition of featuring one specific instrument per year at the festival?

invited because I truly respect them. You’re a celebrated violinist with an international following. How will your background as a musician shape your work here? The fact that I’m a violinist will be my DNA here in Gstaad. I’ll share my experience and the fantastic artists I’ve known for a long time.

I would like to honour Thierry Scherz, to whom I owe my first concert at the festival. I want to stay true to his wishes and select one instrument each year. This year will be the piano.

What type of violin do you play?

Which concerts in the programme are you especially excited about and why?

Les Sommets Musicaux shares the Gstaad musical calendar with another festival started by perhaps the most famous violinist of all time, Yehudi Menuhin. Do you find it unusual that many music festivals were founded,

I’m excited about every single concert! I couldn't choose one over another! All the artists are terrific performers whom I’ve


I play a Guarnerius del Gesu, 1737, named “Le Vincente de Panetti”, which was the property of Isaac Stern for 50 years.

so he’ll certainly come one day to perform at the Sommets Musicaux.

Classical music is the last modern art! I can’t stand to hear that it is dying! Renaud Capuçon

or are directed, by violinists, as opposed to musicians who play other instruments? Yehudi Menuhin was much more than a violinist; he was a wise man, a humanist, and a great soul. It is a miracle to see what he achieved in his life and also here in Gstaad. That said, any musician who can prepare and share music with others could do it. But when they’re named Yehudi Menuhin, Pablo Casals, or Daniel Barenboim, they take on another dimension.

Your brother, Gauthier, is a well-known cellist. Will we see any Capuçon family concerts with your brother at the cello? Playing music with my brother is natural,

What are your thoughts on the future of classical music? Is it a dying art?

Classical music is the last modern art! I can’t stand to hear that it is dying! If you analyse how many young players and companies are on the public scene, you really can’t come to the conclusion that classic music is dying.

I’ve seen your short film, 7.57 am-pm, which features you playing anonymously in the Paris metro. After a day of playing, you have earned just a few euros. Two days later you play a sold out concert, where attendees have likely paid large sums to hear you. What point are you trying to make about the value of music? This film was a project that drew on what Joshua Bell, the violinist, did in the Washington D.C. metro several years ago. The director, Simon LeLouch asked me to film the same activity for a short film. This was truly an experience!

Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad From 29 January to 6 February 2016, the Sommets Musicaux will bring beautiful music to the Saanenland. This year, the renowned violinist Renaud Capuçon, as musical director, is sure to add his touch of creativity to the festival and its programming. Over two weeks, the Sommets Musicaux will feature baroque and classical concerts in three cycles held in the region’s historic churches. Gstaad will host the discovery of young talent; Saanen will host the biggest festival stars; Rougemont will serve as the base for Capuçon’s “coups de coeur,” the concerts that hold a special place in his heart.

The piano is the featured instrument in 2016, and legendary performer Martha Argerich will open the festival with the Kremerata Baltica.

Just some of the musicians who bring their incomparable talent to this 16th annual edition of the festival are soprano Olga Peretyatko, Camerata Bern, Gil Shaham, and Miloš Karadaglić. As for exceptional pieces of music, the Bach Double Concerto will make an appearance. Renaud Capuçon invited back young violinist Daniel Lozakovitj and the Luzern Festival Strings to play the concerto as an hommage to Yehudi Menuhin, who would’ve celebrated his 100 th birthday in 2016.

Two prizes will be given out this year, the Prix André Hoffmann, which awards CHF 5,000 for the best interpretation of a piece by composer in residence Thierry Escaich, and the Prix Thierry Scherz, which will allow a young virtuoso to record an album with orchestral accompaniment, released by Claves Records.

For more information and a detailed programme, please visit www.sommets-musicaux.ch



DISCOVER THE ESSENCE OF TASTE GRAND HOTEL PARK Wispilenstrasse 29 - Gstaad Reservation : 033.748.98.30 - reservation@chubut-restaurant.com



Karim Ojjeh Ends Season on a High Karim Ojjeh and partner had a successful racing season, culminating second place in the final race of the season at Nürburgring. Ojjeh, a Gstaad resident, has given us a play-by-play update of the race:

Photo: zVg

Local Race Car Driver Places Second at Nürburgring


Bronze Test: it went well, especially after not haven driven for close to nine weeks. The team had decided not to repair the car that was crashed at Spa, as BMW did not have the time to repair the damaged chassis. Another BMW Z4 GT3 was thus rented for the weekend. The team did a great job in preparing the car to the point that it only took me five minutes to make sure that seat and seat belts where in place. The times were reasonably quick, as we posted the third best time in our category. Free Practice: a dry track allowed us to make some changes in the car, and we ended up fourth in our category. Pre-Qualifying: the session was mixed with both a dry and wet track. Furthermore, a number of red flags shortened the session due to some trapped cars in the “kitty litter”–gravel! Qualifying: I was the first to start–out for six laps. On the 6th lap the team radioed to come in. I was on a fast lap, and asked the team to finish my timed lapped. It was a good decision as we had a tentative pole position. My team-

mate went out, with a lighter car, as there was less fuel. His times were coming down, like everyone else. As he completed his last lap, given him P3, the red flag came out and his time was cancelled, thus giving us P5! Race: Good start. All went well. A first safety car slowed the pace that allowed us to get closer to cars that had opened a gap. The race resumed, and then a Nissan was hit from the back at the last corner, spinning the car and ending its race against the pit wall. Believing that a safety would be deployed, it was decided to bring the car in for fuel, tire

change and driver change–ME! We were P3 at the time of the change. In the middle of my stint we gained some position and where P1. Towards the end of my stint, another safety car came in, and the team decided to pit the car, again for fuel, tire change and driver change. Unfortunately, this did not go well at all. The car next to us pitted as well, and it was a mess. I had to stop the car after our box, and the “boys” had to push the car backwards. We lost a good 25 seconds. My co-driver went back out in P5. He gained positions and did a super job passing P2 two laps before the end. However, P1 was too far!

Vintage Cars, Modern Stars Early September marked the start of the Gstaad Palace’s first “Gstaad Palace Challenge” rally. BY GSTAADLIFE

Featuring 16 vintage cars from the years 1956 to 1990, the rally provided an opportunity for the 32 rally drivers to exert expert skill and know-how in the weekend-long event. On Friday 8 September at exactly 4:31 pm, the vintage cars from Switzerland, Greece,

the UK, France, and Belgium left the Gstaad Palace for the first leg of the 400-km rally. Two days later the winners were announced: Thomas Maechler and his co-pilot Jürg Saegesser from Switzerland in a 1966 Aston Martin DB6 took first place. Sponsors Audemars Piguet and British auction house Bonhams both offered prizes to the winning team.

Photo: Peter Knup

Gstaad Palace Premieres Own Rally

The second annual Gstaad Palace Challenge Rally will be held 26-28 August 2016.



Photos: Graff

Graff Delaire Estate welcomes visitors to the restaurants, lodges, winery, and art collection located on its luxurious grounds

Cut, Colour,Clarity & Cape Winelands The New Four C's at Delaire Graff Estate Benjamin Franklin said, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self.” Local resident and “diamantaire extraordinaire” Laurence Graff has polished these three rare, but beautiful, things. BY ALEXIS MUNIER

Man of Mettle With steely determination, Graff rose from the ranks of teenage diamond apprentices in London’s Hatton Garden and founded Graff Diamonds. One of the world’s most prestigious jewellery companies, Graff remains the chairman and is said to have handled more diamonds of notable rarity and beauty than any other jeweller. A hankering for adventure propelled Graff to leave his London home and see the world. Since his very first exploration to Australia as a young jeweller, Graff has embarked on many extraordinary voyages introducing his fabulous jewels to the wider world. Graff divides his time between the UK and our very own Gstaad, which he calls one of the most beautiful locations in the world. While the traditional Swiss charm of the Saanenland spoke to Mr Graff during his


first trip here decades ago, these days his heart can also now be found further south in the Cape Winelands of South Africa.

and glass of Delaire Graff wine while watching the sun set behind the high, craggy peaks and rolling vineyards.

Jewel of the Cape Winelands A love of diamonds, a love of art, a love of wine, and a love of people–these are just a few of the things that make up Laurence Graff’s passionate nature. At his Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa, Graff has found an exquisite setting where he can indulge his many passions.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wine Stellenbosch is the wine capital of South Africa; centuries ago, early French settlers brought their vines, along with agricultural know-how to the region. Since that time, winemakers have honed their skills to create wines which take full advantage of the Cape Winelands’ particular characteristics, landscape, and weather patterns.

Graff first visited the Delaire vineyard high on the Helshoogte Pass in 2003. He says it was love at first sight, and who could blame him? Six years later, after extensive renovations, the property re-opened with a new name and Relais & Chateaux membership. Delaire Graff Estate sprawls at the foot of the Botmaskop Peak, nestled between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Its selection of first-class restaurants, state-ofthe-art winery, exclusive lodges, wellness spa, private art collection and luxury boutiques makes it a discrete, tasteful retreat for the well-heeled. With terraces, private pools and floor-to-ceiling windows in both living and sleeping areas, the lodges are the ideal spot to savour a gourmet meal


Though it has been in operation for less than a decade, Delaire Graff Estate produces more than a dozen wines that offers a full range of grape varieties and styles. Under the expert eye of winemaker Morné Vrey, Delaire Graff Estate has reason to celebrate; Vrey’s wines have risen to the upper echelon of the wine world, winning dozens of prizes and honours in South Africa and beyond. Vrey, who was recently voted 2015’s Young Winemaker of the Year by the well-respected Tim Atkin South Africa Special Report, is known for his bold yet honest winemaking style. Delaire Graff’s selection features classic Cape varieties like Chenin Blanc and

Graff’s outstanding South African collection boasts both the country’s most prominent and emerging artists, including works by Dylan Lewis, Anton Smit, Sidney Kumalo, Durant Sihlali, and William Kentridge. Celebrations of South African women, Lionel Smit’s colourful paintings hang gracefully in the property’s opulent interior, drawing guests in with their beautiful, emotive expressions. Explore the extensive grounds to discover dozens of sculptures within the ever flowering gardens. Further along the trails that crisscross Delaire Graff Estate, Dylan Lewis’ Cheetah pieces create a stunning trail of these exotic animals–what can only be described as an art safari.

Lionel Smit's artwork graces the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, but Vrey also makes use of the increased availability of Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc in the region. Two wines stand out in particular: the Botmaskop 2013 and the Delaire Graff Sunrise Brut. The Botmaskop boasts more awards than any other South African red and has a cult status amongst wine lovers. The Bordeaux blend is big and spicy, with hints of dark berry and cassis. While its substantial body gives a powerful first impression, the wine evolves with an elegant finish.

Many People, Many Dreams Laurence Graff’s respect and appreciation for the people which inhabit the lands from where he sources most of his precious stones led to the founding of the charitable organisation, FACET (For Africa’s Children Ever Time). FACET aims to support education, health, and well being for sub-Saharan Africa. Working in tandem with government and local communities, FACET is responsible for many initiatives. The charity unveiled the Graff Leadership Centres in Lesotho and Botswana, which enrol vulnerable children and orphans help them with literacy and employment skills as well as health and psychological support. The diamond industry’s reputation has been sullied over the years as violence and conflict engulfed several areas

heavily involved in the trade. Yet, the House of Graff has worked to combat these concerns. Graff adheres to the Kimberley process, never buying or trading rough diamonds from areas where it would encourage conflict. Every Graff diamond bears the hallmark of equality, accountability and provenance. The majority of Graff diamonds are laser-engraved with a unique Gemmological Institute of America tracking number that whilst invisible to the naked eye, allows for its origin to be traced–all the while protecting the perfection and beauty of the stone. To Thine Own Self Be True Graff Diamonds is involved in every stage of the jewellery making process–from the sourcing of each rough stone, right through to the cutting, polishing and final setting of each precious jewel. Today, after more than five decades at the pinnacle of the luxury jewellery industry, Graff continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. This work has not gone unnoticed–just two years ago, Laurence Graff received an appointment to the OBE (Order of the British Empire) for extraordinary achievement. Whether he’s here in Gstaad, in the London of his youth, or his majestic Delaire Graff Estate in the Cape Winelands, Laurence Graff is doing what he does best–channelling his love of life to bring a sparkle to the lives of others. www.delaire.co.za | www.graff.com

The Sunrise Brut, named after one of Graff’s most beloved diamonds, rivals all but the very best French Champagnes. Made in the traditional Méthode Cap Classique style, Vrey takes inspiration from his time studying in the Loire region, and creates a unique blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and an eight per cent dash of Cabernet Franc. It is this unusual mélange that sets the Sunrise Brut apart from the rest, giving it a refreshing, nuanced quality. The Art Safari An avid art lover, Graff began his collection decades ago and has continued to expand his carefully curated collection with pieces from artists worldwide.

Delaire Graff Estate's award-winning Botmaskop wine



VIP-YACHTCHARTER Experience unforgettable and luxurious days in the Mediterranean (Balearic Islands) from May - October, and also in the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands) from November – April with VIP-Yachtcharter. VIP-Yachtcharter is not only the name of our company, every guest who stays on one of our yachts will feel like a VIP. Our services meet the highest standards and with us our guests always come first. We are the owners of VIP-Yachtcharter and as the crew, serve our customers personally. For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority. With our many years of experience on various oceans around the world, for the most part the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, we are able to guarantee you a memorable, beautiful yacht holiday, with countless insider tips. We guarantee absolute discretion, and you will be impressed by our professional service. We look forward to welcoming you on board. Your crew Rudolf and Maya



Elia Huschka - Real Estate - Gstaad elia@eliahuschka.ch – www.unique-villas.com Mobile: +41 79 335 83 42 – Tel.: +41 33 744 6710


For information or booking: Travel Agency Eggenberg AG Mr. Patrick Eggenberg Promenade 61, CH – 3780 Gstaad Phone: +41 (0) 33 748 49 60 E-Mail: patrick@eggenberg.ch


Photos: zVg

The Alpina's Top Chef Aboard SWISS It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Marcus G. Lindner. SWISS has announced they have chosen The Alpina Gstaad’s Marcus G. Lindner to create seasonal menus for its “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” concept.

aims to capture each region and canton at some point. Fanconi admits that it can be a challenge as not every region can claim a top gourmet chef. But so far they have always found the perfect match.

“I have more helpers and staff at The Alpina Gstaad,” Lindner confessed, noting that plating and decoration is a moot point in air. “Guests at the restaurant expect a certain level of presentation.”

Products from the Saanenland will be used whenever appropriate, and the local flavour is evident in Lindner’s cuisine. Yet the airline needs large quantities of items, which isn’t possible for niche products.

Chef Marcus G. Lindner’s meals will be served on Swiss airlines through spring of 2016.


The award-winning chef is known for his inspired, precise and creative cuisine–an ode to authentic food and the finest produce. Chef Marcus G. Lindner manages The Alpina Gstaad’s culinary offerings which include MEGU’s inventive Japanese cuisine, gourmet dishes at restaurant Sommet, as well as local fare at the hotel’s Swiss Stübli. For his efforts, Lindner boasts 18 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star for Sommet and 16 Gault Millau points for MEGU. “We appreciate the cooperation with the Swiss top chefs,” stressed Benedict Fanconi, Manager Inflight Development Intercontinental at SWISS. Lindner’s menu, translated into airline catering feasibility by Gate Gourmet, will be served on SWISS First and Business class flights, and features a variety of dishes also available at The Alpina Gstaad. The SWISS Taste of Switzerland programme works with well-known chefs at Swiss hotels and restaurants, as well as Hiltl, the Zurich-based oldest vegetarian restaurant chain in Switzerland. The star chef is selected for a three-month period, and the airline

www.alpina.ch www.swiss.ch

“We are happy to be aboard,” explained Eric Favre, Manager, The Alpina Gstaad, at a recent celebration to present the current menu to both local and international media. In business class, a sample menu might feature mild smoked char, creamy veal ragout with rocket-infused spätzli and glazed carrots, followed by chestnut cake with a redcurrant coulis. First class meals are even grander–lobster medallion and quinoa salad with mango, pineapple and tender green asparagus could be offered as a starter. The meals are fully prepared before being stocked on the plane; staff must simply warm them in on-board ovens before serving. Despite the challenges of creating menus that are just as tasty in air as they are on the ground, Lindner says making airplane meals is easier than restaurant dinners in some ways.

Chef Marcus G. Lindner, The Alpina Gstaad



Gstaad Palace Winter Wonderland This WinTer: 40Th anniversary of The reTurn of The Pink PanTher The Gstaad Palace is proud to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the making of The Return of The Pink Panther with special limited edition cocktails by Mario Guzzetti, our Maître at the Lobby Bar. neW flavour: Borgo egnazia aT gildo’s risToranTe Nestled hillside between olive groves and the Adriatic Sea, the vast hotel-village takes some new Italian flavour up to our Gildo’s Ristorante. Here, the traditional Apulian farming experience is brought to table in a comfortable and rustic setting – reservation recommended! 12Th & 19Th feBruary: dora life Band aT The loBBy Bar Our popular Dora Live Band will make sure your dancing shoes are put to use whilst celebrating and enjoying quality time at our Lobby Bar, the parlour of Gstaad. 14Th feBruary: valenTines day Be my Valentine! Savour a romantic evening with your better half starting at 7.30pm with champagne and canapés, followed by a gourmet dinner in one of our restaurants. 17Th feBruary: Children’s disCo A big day for our little dancing kings and queens! Starting at 4.00pm, our GreenGo club is reserved for our little ones including buffet, animation and lots of fun. greengo CluBBing Time In our winter season the GreenGo club, also known as Gstaads place to be, is open most nights and ready for you to hit the dancefloor. Check our GreenGo website for updates and private events. every sunday in feBruary: seafood BuffeT Feeling like savouring the fresh flavours of the sea whilst enjoying the magnificient view over the snowy Swiss Alps? Welcome to our seafood buffet every Sunday in February.


3780 Gstaad - Switzerland 3780 Gstaad - Switzerland Phone: +41 33 748 50 00 - Fax: +41 33 74833 50748 01 50 00 - Fax: +41 33 748 50 01 Phone: +41 info@palace.ch - www.palace.ch info@palace.ch - www.palace.ch GSTAADLIFE // ISSUE 8 // DECEMBER 31, 2015

From Cupcakes to Papercuts BY JANUARIA PIROMALLO

As I settled in the beautiful Saanenland 26 years ago, I came just in time to savour Michael Villiger’s sensational chocolate truffle cakes and relish his 90 different types of pralinés–letting them melt on my tongue like Proust’s madeleines, mingled with some long-lost memories.

Photo: Paola Villiger

Michael Villiger and His Newfound Art

Like me, many of you may remember his confiserie just opposite the Rialto. Like me, many of you may have wondered why such a talent stopped baking. Sometimes the unexpected brings a twist to one’s life, and what first seems to be a loss can transform to bliss. In 1997, asthma–caused by flours and baking powders– threatened Michael’s lungs. He was forced to find a new way to express his creative talent and artistic attitude. Recently, I met Michael at Charly’s TeaRoom and we sat right under one of his monumental decoupages (roughly 70cm by 70cm). He told me how his new art began, thanks to his mother Anneliese, a talented photographer who already loved to cut out alpine scenes. In 2004, Michael took over the family tradition, indeed as a heritage but nonetheless in a very personal, original manner. Reserved and humble, Michael’s uncompromising attitude about decoupage is shown in his mania for the most accurate detail possible. His love and understanding of nature, a deep felt respect for local traditions, and an uncanny talent of observation enable him to transform a simple piece of black paper into a scene full of life and movement. From his delicate works of art, stories unfold. And it is for this same reason that his production is kept limited. For some of his larger decoupage, for example a piece of 100cm x 80cm, he devotes five to seven months of time. “When I work, it’s like falling in trance,” Michael explains. “I am in a flow, totally unaware of what goes on around me.” Since 2009 Michael has participated in a few chosen expositions:

Michael Villiger at work on his celebrated paper cuts.

Exposition suisse de papiers découpés, at the Musée Bellerive in Zürich, and in 2011 at Pinakothek Bad Ragaz at the Kulturstiftung Altes Rathaus. In November 2015 the exposition moved to the Musée du découpage in Château-d’Oex, and in January 2016 another exposition will take place at the Restaurant Hüsy in Blankenburg. Often Michael is asked to create a découpage on special request, whether for a wedding or anniversary, which he accepts only if enough time and a maximum of free expression are granted. For him, the creative process excludes deadlines and the traditional confines of business. After our coffee, we arrived at his atelier with its inspiring full view on the mountains. On his desk laid all his tools: pencils, scissors, scalpels, glue, paper, and a special lamp w����a magnifyings.glas “First comes the vision,” he says, “then the concept, the mental set-up of a scene.“ These are all nourished by the surrounding flora, fauna, the local topography, regional traditions, and country life. At each phase, not a single mistake, rip, glue stain, or other defect can escape the scrutiny of his critical eye. Apart from the

technical difficulties and manual ability, fundamental “soft skills” are needed for this ancient art. A vast amount of patience and concentration, fantasy, passion, inner peace, a lot of time, the discipline to stop before a hand hurts or the eyes get sore… for all true artists alike, this rings true. Luckily the historic art of découpage is still appreciated and kept alive in the Saanenland by artists who express themselves in most different, original, and even modern ways. “Let’s hope that younger people will follow, in spite of the new and very distracting technology,“ Michael broods finally, “In order to prove that paper-cutting can be so much more than a holiday souvenir, more than a hobby, and more than just craftsmanship. Although his baking days are behind him, Michael Villiger remains an alchemist. First he transformed simple ingredients like flour, sugar, and chocolate, into works of culinary art. Now, with a single piece of paper, he creates detailed scenes of alpine life in our beautiful Saanenland. Sometimes, life doesn't go according to plan. And sometimes, that’s the blessing.



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39th annual festival in Pays-d'Enhaut Saanen

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7th Annual Landi Cup

International Hot-Air Balloon Week

Curling tournament, 9am - 4pm

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Full Moon Sledging

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GSTAADLIFE, 31. December 2015  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

GSTAADLIFE, 31. December 2015  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

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