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Letter from the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Local Personality Michael von Siebenthal . . . . . . . . . 5 Local News Miss Grand Hotel Park . . . . . . . . . . 6 Book your movie tickets online! . 6 Saaner wins the Swiss Open. . . . . 6 A kilometer of artificial snow in St Stephan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Dementia or disability can affect anybody . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Gourmet paradise in leading position again . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Saanen is developing . . . . . . . . . . . 8


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Videmanette investigation completed . 8 Andreas Kolly's traditional Saanenland sledges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Edelweiss Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Campus Le Rosey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Happy birthday Peter Notz . . . . . . . . . 10 Roger Seifritz is leaving GST . . . . . . . . 10 Etiquette: Cheese fondue . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Events calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 The Grand Chalet in Rossinière . . . . . . 13 Grand Hotel Alpina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 From the Grand to the Grotesque . . . 14

land who have been convicted of one or more clearly-defined serious criminal offenses. Under the present laws expulsions are left to the discretion of judicial authorities. The political opponents of this initiative and certain journalists claim that automatic expulsion alters the claim for free movement and violates the freedom given to foreigners to emigrate to and settle in Switzerland. The result of this public vote will be particularly interesting regarding the Swiss culture of tolerance and where the line in the sand is drawn in this regard. The Grand Hotel Alpina has its roof on in time for the winter snow and in a few weeks from now the new Saanen bypass will welcome its first winter season’s traffic. The bypass may leave the village of Saanen a little quiet, however the planned Promenade will bring it all back to life in grand style, I am sure. Visitors to the region arriving by train will find the newly renovated Gstaad

***** GSTAAD PALACE: +41 (0)33 748 50 00, info@palace.ch ***** GRAND HOTEL PARK: +41 (0)33 748 98 00, info@grandhotelpark.ch ***** GRAND HOTEL BELLEVUE: +41 (0)33 748 00 00, info@bellevue-gstaad.ch ***** WELLNESS & SPA HOTEL ERMITAGE-GOLF: +41 (0)33 748 60 60, ermitagegolf@ermitage-gstaad.ch **** HOTEL ALPENROSE: +41 (0)33 748 91 91, info@hotelalpenrose.ch **** GOLFHOTEL LES HAUTS DE GSTAAD: +41 (0)33 748 68 68, mail@golfhotel.ch **** GRAND CHALET: +41 (0)33 748 76 76, hotel@grandchalet.ch **** HOTEL ARC-EN-CIEL: +41 (0)33 748 43 43, www.arc-en-ciel.ch **** HOTEL BERNERHOF.: +41 (0)33 748 88 44, info@bernerhof-gstaad.ch

Letter from the Editor Good intentions Switzerland is once again thinking of holding a Winter Olympics - something it hasn’t done in more than 60 years. It has two Games to its name, in 1928 and 1948, as well as several bid rejections. Both times the Winter Olympics were held in the luxury resort of St Moritz. Bids by the Valais in 1976, 2002 and 2006 failed. Swiss Olympic, the umbrella association of Swiss sport organisations, has now decided it is time to revive the dream. The general assembly met recently and decided by 381 votes to two abstentions to “mandate the executive council to work towards presenting an eventual candidacy.” Officials are hoping that 2022 will this time strike lucky for Switzerland. On November 28th the Swiss will be voting on a public initiative launched by the Swiss Popular Party (SVP) aiming to add provisions to the Swiss constitution that will activate the automatic expulsion of foreigners residing in Switzer-


**** HOTEL CHRISTIANIA: +41 (0)33 744 51 21, info@christiania.ch **** HOTEL GSTAADERHOF: +41 (0)33 748 63 63, gstaaderhof@gstaad.ch

Railway station and skiers will find a new cable car installation for La Videmanette, complete with its all new state-of-the-art black and aluminium, 8-person gondolas. And so it goes on - development, improvements, renovations and maintenance. Some propositions pause such as the regional hospital plan and the new Le Rosey campus and other forge ahead such as the construction of a new piste from Ostgrat to Gandlouene to better connect the Rinderberg to the St Stephan ski area, and the construction of the chairlift from Chalberhöni to the Vordere Eggli. It is good to see however that at the root of all of this work seems to be a sense of good intention for the social fabric and economic sustainability of the region. Best wishes

**** CHALET HOTEL HORNBERG: +41 (0)33 748 66 88, willkommen@hotel-hornberg.ch **** HOTEL OLDEN: +41 (0)33 748 49 50, info@hotelolden.com **** HOTEL STEIGENBERGER: +41 (0)33 748 64 64, gstaad@steigenberger.ch *** HOTEL BELLERIVE: +41 (0)33 748 88 33, bellerive-gstaad@bluewin.ch *** HOTEL ALPENLAND: +41 (0)33 765 91 34, hotel@alpenland.ch *** HOTEL ALPHORN: +41 (0)33 748 45 45, office@gstaad-alphorn.ch *** HOTEL ALPINE LODGE: +41 (0)33 748 41 51, info@alpinelodge.ch *** HOTEL KERNEN: +41 (0)33 748 40 20, info@hotel-kernen.ch *** HOTEL LANDHAUS: +41 (0)33 748 40 40, landhaus-saanen@bluewin.ch *** HOTEL SAANERHOF: +41 (0)33 744 15 15, hotel@saanerhof.ch *** HOTEL SOLSANA: +41 (0)33 748 94 94, info@solsana.ch *** HOTEL SPITZHORN: +41 (0)33 748 41 41, hotel@spitzhorn.ch *** POSTHOTEL RÖSSLI: +41 (0)33 748 42 42, info@posthotelroessli.ch *** SPORTHOTEL VICTORIA: +41 (0)33 748 44 22, info@victoria-gstaad.ch *** Z'LOFT HOTEL: +41 (0)33 744 69 69, info@zloft.ch HOTEL BÄREN: +41 (0)33 755 10 33, hotel@baerengsteig.ch

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Le Caveau de Bacchus Wine is our passion A wide selection of fine wines, champagnes and spirits to discover for the festive season. Rare large-size bottles Wine tasting

Opening hours: everyday 10 am - 1 pm and 2.30 pm - 7 pm

Promenade 38 - 3780 GSTAAD - Tel. +41(0)33 748 13 71

James Cook and the exploration of the Pacific - in Bern BY BÉATRICE CHISSALÉ How did Captain James Cook navigate his ship? Why did the crew eat sauerkraut? Why did the Maori tattoo their bodies? What does a feathered God look like? Who is the “Mona Lisa of the Pacific”? A unique exhibition at the Historical Museum Bern answers all such questions and takes visitors on a magical journey into the world of science and exotic adventures.

The exhibition is not only characterized by such three big expeditions, but also brings the Pacific region into perspective with the help of over 400 objects, paintings and drawings from museums and private collections around the world. In addition to Cook is John Webber, the painter with Bernese roots, who partook in the third Cook voyage. Some 200 years ago he donated his South Pacific collection to his home town Between 1768 and 1779 James Cook, Bern in recognition of his training as the British explorer, went on three a painter. The exhibit is presented in expeditions to the Pacific. He is con- German, French and English. sidered one of the greatest explorers of all times. His journeys into the James Cook and the Exploration of unknown Pacific regions altered the the Pacific; Bern Historical Museum, Europeans view of the world. From Until: 13 February 2011, Opening his trips knowledge of navigation, as- times: Monday to Friday, 10h00 tronomy, natural history and geogra- 20h00, Saturday & Sunday, 10h00 phy were significantly expanded. - 17h00., www.bhm.ch

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Switzerland – Hong Kong Michael von Siebenthal grew up in the Saanenland, to be more precise in Saanenmöser. He went to the Gymnasium Neufeld in Bern and completed his studies at Hotel School in Lausanne. His next step was Hong Kong. “I thought I would only be gone for a year,” remembers von Siebenthal with a smile, “but then it became 25 years”. While in Hong Kong he applied for a job with the Hyatt Hotel group, known to be one of the best hotel chains in the world. He received an offer at the Hyatt in Bali, which he spontaneously accepted. He slowly worked his way up to the

Photo: zvg

He has worked in Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia and the Mariana Islands. Many more countries can further be added to Michael von Siebenthal’s list. He has managed nine different hotels in his lifetime. Since the beginning of September 2010, Michael von Siebenthal took up the position as General Manager of his tenth hotel, The Hyatt Regency in Dubai.

Family von Siebenthal with daughter Cleo, father Michael, mother Cora and son Dominic (from left). top of his profession by moving from one hotel to the next and is a General Manager today.

main in Switzerland while my wife and daughter accompany me to Dubai.”

Most important to him is his family who have always moved with him. “My son has just graduated and is now starting at the Hotel School in Lausanne. He will re-

He intends to work for ten more years and hopes to retire with a “summer and winter house.” Spending the winter skiing and the summer in South East Asia.

The Hyatt Regency in Dubai is the tenth Hotel under management by Michael von Siebenthal.


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Miss Grand Hotel Park

Book your movie tickets online! Photo: zVg


Now you can reserve the exact seat you want online. You can still reserve tickets by calling the Cinema Gstaad, but from now on you also have the opportunity to book your seats online around the clock, seven days a week. On the home page www.cinetheater.ch you will find the online booking link. Simply select the desired show and click on your preferred seats on the seating plan. Indicate your name, family name and e-mail address. The tickets can be booked

Miss Grand Hotel Park with its proud owner Simon Frautschi, with Dona Bertarelli, owner of the Grand Hotel Park and Hotel Manager Jean-Yves Blatt.

Saaner wins the Swiss Open Photo: zVg

put their musical skills to good show for the jury. Bach comments further, “the piece seemed very well suited to the musicians.” Not only did they win the overall competition, but also an additional prize of SFr 1’000.00 for their self chosen piece. As his next target, the professional musician wants to partake in the Swiss Brass Band championship in November. Victory in this competition will secure them an entry into the European Brass-Bandcompetition which will also take place in Switzerland next year.

TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY FRITZ LEUZINGER AVS 05.10.2010 In order to optimize the four year old Rinderberg-Ronda above St. Stephan, the piste will be extended by 100 meters and an artificial snowmaking system with 15 snow lances is to be built. The SFr 1.2m project was recently initiated with a ground-breaking ceremony. The Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG (BDG) is investing in the ski con-

nection between the Rindberg-Ostgrat (Zweisimmen) and Gandlouene (St. Stephan). For the upcoming ski season the piste in the lower region of the Rindberger-Ronda will be extended by 100 meters. The BDG believes that these improvements to the two hour ski round trip Rinderberg-Ronda, will make the ride more comfortable and pleasurable for all winter sport enthusiasts. Photo: zVg

The hard work paid off For a month, Michael Bach rehearsed with 30 musicians of the Lucerne Bürgermusik band for the Swiss Yamaha Open contest. “The self chosen piece has to be spectacular,” says Bach. With the piece “Les francs juges” the band was able to

from the left: Martin Zihlmann, Michael Bach and Thomas Glutz

Book 3D movies Some weeks ago the new digital projection system as well as the premium 3D system from Dolby was installed at the Cinema Gstaad. The Cinema Gstaad offers an attractive program with Swiss premieres and 3-D movies.

A kilometre of artificial snow in St Stephan

TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY SHEILA MATTI AVS 8.10.2010 The Yamaha Swiss Open is one of the largest brass band competitions in Switzerland. As conductor of the Brass Band Bürgermusik Lucerne, Michael Bach has won the jury over for two consecutive years. Michael Bach grew up in a musical family. His father Markus S. Bach is Head of the Music School Saanenland-Obersimmental and was also the founder of the Brass Band Berner Oberland. It is not unusual that his sons attended music lessons from a very young age.

one week in advance and are then collected and paid for with the allocated collection reference number from the box office.

From left: Marc Zumbrunnen, Christian Moor, Beat Zahler & Mayor Fritz Perren, Armon Cantieni, Mayor Christiane Griessen, Dr. Remo Häcki & Bruno Hammer.

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Dementia or disability can affect anybody TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY VRENI MÜLLENER FROM AVS 5.11.2010 Recently in the community centre Gstaad, the palliative group invited all people simply interested in the subject of Alzheimer’s to the screening of a film and orientation evening. The documentary “Glück im Vergessen” already screened on Swiss television, prepared the audience for the difficult topic. No one can protect themselves from Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Forgetfullness and change in personality are mostly insidious. Anger, depression and sadness are the logical consequences. Once mundane tasks become an effort as the brain no longer works in the same way it used to. Someone supporting and accompanying such a person has to learn to meet the patient where he or she is at. One doesn’t always succeed when the patient is very confused and it is

difficult to take them seriously when they are totally delirious. Further it is useless making them constantly aware of their shortcomings and deficiencies. Much more valuable is to praise and promote everything that still works. Exact structures bring stability to everyday life. Family members often get pushed to their limits. When the pot threatens to boil over, then it is usually just an expression of helplessness. Thus, in order to not let it get that far, Pro ViVa Saanenland would like to step in and thereby help and offer supportive action. From the Palliative Group to Pro ViVa Saanenland The local Palliative group has been in existence for over ten years. Dr. med Claudia Sollberger leads this interdisciplinary group, which until now has

been caring and monitoring gravely ill and dying people. The fact that the number of very elderly, demented and chronically ill people constantly increases, led the people in charge to consider a re-orientation and they decided the fusion of the Palliative Group with the volunteers, to find the Pro ViVa Saanen. Therese Perren runs the newly established co-ordination office for all the specific programs on offer in the Saanenland. Anyone wanting to give of their time and do something meaningful can also report to the office. Youth Work Saanenland offers a meeting place for multiple impaired people in their new youth centre, starting from November 27 2010. Every two weeks an entertainment program, with the help of the youth, will be on offer.

The Swiss Alzheimer’s Association They are committed to conserve the dignity of people with dementia and their families and offer self-help courses. Silvia Ueltschi and Hedi Ummel have attended respective courses. They are now in the process to start a group for family members of Alzheimer patients. The first meeting is scheduled for January 20 2011 in the Saanen Hospital. Pro ViVa Saanenland needs more volunteers in the future. To adequately train and insure all these people is another task at hand. The non-profit organization obtains the necessary funds through various donations and grants. Contact: Therese Perren at Pro Viva Saanenland Phone 033 748 02 33.

Gstaad Gourmet in leading position again TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY THE GSTAAD SAANENLAND TOURISM AVS 08.10.2010 The holiday destination Gstaad recently confirmed its reputation as a culinary destination. This is Photo: zVg

Robert Speth heads up the list of the top chefs in the Saanenland.

shown in the latest issue of the renowned gastronomic guide Gault Millau 2011. The 14 restaurants of the region were awarded a total of 207 points. The previous year the score was 191 points. The increase was due to the evaluation of the new chef Urs Gschwend of “Prado” at the Grand Hotel Bellevue with 15 points, and the rise from 13 to 14 points by Robert Speth in the “Restaurant Golf Club” in Saanenmöser. Robert Speth continues to head up the list of the top chefs in the holiday resort with 18 points at the “Chesery”. His straight-forward approach convinced the restaurant reviewer with “a meticulous selection of the very best products consistently refined”.

17 points for Martin Dalsass With 17 points Martin Dalsass asserts himself as chef in the Chlösterli’s restaurant “By Dalsass.” For the “Alpinbistro” (also in the Chlösterli) he was awarded 13 points. Amongst the best restaurants in the region, also include the restaurant “La Bagatelle” in The Grand Chalet with 16 points, the restaurant “Sonnenhof” in Saanen, as well as the stylish restaurants “Le Grill” and “La Grande Terrasse” in the Gstaad Palace Hotel. Good grade following the renovation The Grand Hotel Park will continue to welcome guests to “Le Grand Restaurant” awarded with 15 points, when re-opened after nine months of renovations, on Decem-

ber 17 2010. On par are the Hostellerie Alpenrose Schönried, with the restaurants “ Azaleé “ and “JP’s Grill Restaurant” and the new restaurant “Prado” at the Grand Hotel Bellevue Gstaad. Followed with 14 points, is the restaurant “Ermitage Stube” of the Wellness & Spa Hotel ErmitageGolf in Schönried. The Gstaad hotel Bernerhof and the Golf hotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & Spa Saanenmöser, with the restaurant “Belle Epoque” scored 13 points. The restaurant “Spitzhorn” in Saanen was listed with 12 points. Overall, the holiday resort Gstaad offers more than 100 restaurants, inns and taverns. Details: www.gstaad.ch.


Friday 26 November 2010 Page 8 Photo: zvg

Saanen is developing TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY CHRISTINE EISENBEIS AVS 02.11.10 As a result of the Saanen bypass, barriers were erected in the Hindergässli and the Bahnhofsgässli in Saanen. Through traffic is no longer possible. “It is a measure that has been taken in order to give the residents of the area their quality of living back,” says City Counsellor Arthur Reuter. Saanen is changing and while some take a positive stance in this regard, others are less able to get used to it. It seems that the way via the northern bypass still isn’t the best way to Saanen for everybody. One month after the opening of the bypass, Jürg Neuenschwander wrote in a letter (dated 7 September and published in the AVS). “How do I get through Saanen, without using the tunnel? This seems to be the new regional pas-

time.” However much has been done, says Neuenschwander. “The barriers in the Hindergässli and Bahnhofsgässli have been erected and many do drive with discipline.”

wellbeing, walking with a combination of traditional and modern living,” reads the pamphlet distributed at the opening of the bypass this summer. “Businesses will need to rethink their trading strategies,” says Knutti. “Each business will need to be innovative. Of course there aren’t any more drive through customers who buy sandwiches. The assortment of business will need to be adjusted to the customers, and with the initiative ‘Geissenbon’ we will head into the right direction,” she says. Knutti encourages residents and business owners to actively participate in the evolution.

Better quality of living “The barriers are not meant as an harassment, but to give the residents of the area their quality of living back. Slowly the right traffic routing is falling into place,” says Ruth Knutti from the Saanen village organization. Change is an opportunity Like Arthur Reuteler, Ruth Knutti sees the changes in Saanen as an opportunity. “Saanen is as alive as its inhabitants. A historical Saanen can fulfill young and new demands. Saanen can transform into a centre for

Market, playground and SaaneGibeni To improve the appeal of the village,

Less „traffic“ in Saanen: In the Hindergässli (photo) and Bahnhofsgässli, barriers were erected. the village club wishes to implement some new ideas. For example starting from next spring a weekly market is planned in the village. A playground near the train station and a wooden vehicle called the “Saane-Gibeni” to transport children around the village, will make Saanen attractive to children. “Saanen will develop more and more into a Bijou, and with no through traffic, the beautiful chalets will come into their own,” says Knutti.

The Videmanette investigation is complete TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 15.10.2010

Safety Tips The general condition of the gondola lift was evaluated as good and the prescribed maintenance work on the clamps has been performed and documented and the security system is working properly. Various causes The gearing on the central tube of the upper clamp was most likely damaged during the closing operation. Therefore the clamp was not able to close. There

are several reasons for the failure: The material of the upper clamp shows signs of brittleness and fatigue. This favors the formation of fatigue cracks and crack growth. Moreover, the uneven wear pattern on the gearing in the central tube of the lower clamp, point to a gap causing movement between the cogwheel and the gearing of the central tube. The engagement (edge overlap) of the cog into the gear of the central tube does not appear to be optimal. Therefore the conclusion is that an incorrectly closed clamp caused the crash. The investigator recommends that staff training should be improved. “After an alert from the clamp monitoring system the cabin must be brought back. The empty vehicle must pass through the coupling point again.

Should the clamp monitoring system alarm go off again, then the cabin is to be taken out of circulation on the spot.” Photo: jba / photocase.com

On January 16 2010 an empty gondola cabin travelling downhill at Rougemont-Videmanette, fell down. There were no injuries. The final report of the accident investigation by the trains and ships office is now available.

Other safety recommendations are unnecessary on account of the recent construction of the new gondola lift.


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Andreas Kolly was born in Gstaad and has been a “Wagner” for 11 years. He is the youngest of only 3 such artisans in the area who keep the traditional way of making original Saanen sledges

(Geisschlitten) and other wooden tools, alive. Andreas‘s great grandfather and grandfather were pioneers of this traditional profession and he was taught directly from his grandfather. Andreas

Andreas‘s precision and perfection shows in the end product.

A layer of rubber (pulse pads) is found along the edges and in certain zones of the ski further complimenting a smoother ride. The new squared tail is designed for powerful end turns on groomers Oehrli Gusti of Edelweiss Sport wears a Salomon Symphony down jacket, accompanied by the new Salomon Sentinel Rocker ski.

has great admiration and passion for this special profession. Sadly though, this tradition is dying out… Andreas only uses wood from the Saanenland region and needs different wood for different tools/sledges. Therefore he is in close contact with the local farmers for that special piece of wood. “You need very exact measurements,” according to Andreas “and you need to have a feel for wood”. The band saw that Andreas uses, is 104 years old. His uncle taught him how to work with it.

and the biggest up to SFr 450. These sledges make beautiful and original birthday or Christmas gifts and can be ordered directly from Mr Kolly. Personalized inscriptions can be arranged. Besides these beautiful sledges, Andreas also makes and prepares traditional wooden tools, carriages and wagons.

The sledges come in different sizes for children and adults alike. The price for the smallest sledge starts from SFr 280

For all orders contact: Andreas Kolly, Dubidorfweg 7, Gstaad, Tel: (033) 744 31 15 or 079 375 65 58

& provide security on very steep parts. The all terrain rocker also provides excellent performance in powder snow. Thicker edges increase durability and improve shock resistance. A fibre reinforcement found directly on the edges provide stiffness for improved edge durability and grip.

The jacket has glued seams to prevent wind or down from leaking through. It also has a removable snow belt inside, which makes it very versatile on and off piste. At Edelweiss Sport you are sure to find the perfect color and size for both ladies and gents

The Salomon Sentinal Rocker comes in different sizes and is the perfect ski for ski teachers and mountain guides who would like to discover new horizons and explore new terrains. Edelweiss Sport also has a large collection of Salomon Symphony down jackets in beautiful and vibrant colors and different sizes. These jackets are filled with premium Eldeven down, which keeps you warm in all conditions. The jacket is breathable, very light and compresses into a small space making it perfect for travelling.

Photos: Sanet Sonnekus-Williams

This winter Edelweiss Sport is carrying the new Salomon Sentinel Rocker ski in stock. This is a super high performance resort and backcountry ski for strong skiers who demand exceptional stability in all conditions. The full wood core from tip to tail provides optimum stability, it maximizes ski-to-snow contact and it filters vibrations. The sandwich sidewalls give extraordinary smooth ski to snow contact and great terrain adaptation. This ski is a must for Park & Pipe!

Photos: Sanet Sonnekus-Williams

Andreas Kolly’s traditional Saanenland sledges

Address: Edelweiss-Sport AG Les Arcades 3780 Gstaad 033 744 50 50


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Campus Le Rosey Erli Schönried LE ROSEY PRESS RELEASE Over the summer, the panel set up to evaluate six architectural projects and selected an interesting one submitted by a Geneva architect. For the last three months, this architect and Le Rosey have worked to complete the preliminary draft of the plans to be presented at the

beginning of the winter to the cantonal and communal authorities, to those living beside the future campus and to the Saanenland community. Designing a whole campus is a delicate undertaking, relying on experience of school life and a vision of

educational needs over the coming decades. It is something that requires extremely close collaboration with the architect and the complete fidelity of the latter to the requirements of those commissioning the work. Unfortunately, differences of opinion have became increasingly

numerous and have proved insoluble; Le Rosey has therefore decided to put an end to its work with this architectural practice and to begin the project again with the help of Saanenland architects. Work has now commenced with partners who know each other well, have a detailed knowledge of the region and who are undoubtedly well equipped to overcome all the project’s challenges. Le Rosey hopes to have the pleasure of presenting its preliminary plans in mid-March and thereby to put the seal on its winter presence in Saanenland, a region to which it has such a deep attachment. Philippe Gudin, directeur general Jean Brugger, project manager

Happy Birthday Peter Notz! BY JANUARIA PIROMALLO

Next day the „birthday big boy,“ in good form and joyful spirit, had an

From right to left: Brigitta Notz, Luca Simoni, Januaria Piromallo and Peter Notz „Alpine“ lunch with his extended family, including children and nieces, at Fort Notzly, the charming chalet of Brigitta Notz, wife number three of Mr. Notz, overlooking the waterfall of Lenk. “Best wishes, Peter - and as somebody once said, eighty is only four times twenty. See you on the slopes of the Wasserngrat!”

Roger Seifritz is leaving the Gstaad Saanen Tourism at the end of March 2011. On May 1st 2011 he starts his position as CEO of the Swiss Travel Fund Reka. “The GST Board regrets his resignation and has launched the search for a suitable successor,” announced GST in a press release. After 13 years in the position as Director of the GST, Roger Seifritz will be changing his workplace to Bern. The family however is keeping their residence in the Saanenland and he will commute to Bern on a daily basis. “I always knew that I wouldn‘t become an old resort director,” says Seifritz. “It was also clear that if I started something new, it had to be something completely different, a product for which I am responsible for from A to Z. Reka is exactly such a product,” says Seifritz.

Photo: zVg

A Birthday in two rounds: Peter‘s first Birthday round was a gourmet dinner and fire works at the Auberge du Barrage de Sanetsch, which was transformed into a very chic country restaurant for the occasion. The patron and patronesse Jean Maurice and Rosette Luyet were in charge of every detail - from the delicious selle de chamois and cappuccino foamed mushroom to the traditional Swiss music that Peter loves.


Photo: zvg

Congratulations to the muse and inspiration of the social life in Gstaad. If it was not for Peter and his best friend Gunther Sachs (ex husband of Brigitta Bardot), Gstaad will not be what it is today.

Roger Seifritz is leaving GST

Roger Seifritz

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Etiquette: Cheese Fondue - the facts BY PETER SONNEKUS-WILLIAMS This warm cheese dish originated in Switzerland and more specifically in the Canton of Neuchatel in the18th century. The simple-toprepare meal utilizes ingredients that were found in most average homes during those early times and consists of at least two varieties of cheeses that are melted with wine and a bit of flour and served communally out of a pot called a “caquelon“. Long forks are used to spear a cube of bread or sometimes a baby potato, which is dipped into the cheese and eaten. Each component of a traditional Swiss fondue plays an important role in the final presentation. Most recipes for a “traditional Swiss” fondue are a combination of Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheese. Two or more cheeses are combined because either cheese alone would produce a mixture that is too sharp or too bland. The cheeses are most commonly melted in a dry white wine, which helps to protect the cheese from the direct heat as it melts as well as to add flavour.

Garlic and Kirsch are sometimes added to further enhance flavour, as are many other ingredients. In fact each canton in Switzerland has their own traditional style fondue. Here are some examples: Vaud: The locals roast and chop garlic then combine it with a high percentage of Gruyere cheese mixed with others. Fribourg: The fondue from this region combines Gruyere with Vacherin cheese. Wine and Kirsch is only added if the cheese is not fully ripened. When wine is not used, it is customary to dip the bread first into plum schnapps, then into the fondue. Geneva: It is common to use three cheeses, Gruyere, Emmental and Walliser Bergkase. A regional addition sometimes includes chopped morel mushrooms.

Neuchatel: A combination of two thirds Gruyere and one third Emmental, or a half and half version with Neuchatel wine. Glarus: First a roux is made of butter, flour and milk, thereafter Gruyere and Schabzieger cheeses are added. Eastern Switzerland, Appenzeller and Vacherin: A fondue are the cheeses of choice combined with a dry cider. The pot and the bread. The traditional fondue pot is called a caquelon or “caquelon“ and is made of heavy earthenware. Other variations include glazed ceramic or enamelled iron. All variations are heavy to help promote even heat distribution and heat retention. The fondue is heated on a cooktop in the caquelon over low to medium heat, then transferred to the table and placed over an alcohol burner or a hot plate

A baguette works very well although any crusty French or Italian style breads will do. When you slice the bread make sure that each piece includes a bit of the crust. This crust helps keep the bread on the fork after it is placed in the cheese. Etiquette Given fondue is a communal meal there are a few basic guidelines to follow. To eat cheese fondue, spear a piece of bread using a fondue fork and dip it into the pot. Twirl the bread cube in the cheese to coat it. You‘ll want to let the bread drip a bit before you put it in your mouth. This will allow the excess to drip back into the pot and also allow time for cooling. When you put the bread in your mouth try not to touch the fork with your lips or tongue because the fork does go back in the pot. Alternately you can use a dining fork to slide the bread off the fondue fork then eat it with the 2nd fork. This is probably more cumbersome than necessary.

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Events Calendar ■ SUNDAYS, NOVEMBER 28,

Friday November 26 2010 until Friday December 17 2010


Christmas magic in Swiss handicraft.


17h00: Santa Claus is coming to Saanen.

Feel and see the Christmas magic in the mu-

Meetings normally each first and third

13h00 – 18h00: Folklore in Lauenen. Swiss

Santa walks with all the children from the

seum in Saanen. Free entry to the museum

week of the month on Thursdays, either

music and jodel from the Saanenland and

train station to the Molkereiplatz. Everybody is

during the exposition. For more information,

at 12h00 a.m. for lunch or at 7h00 p.m. for

Switzerland at the Hotel-Restaurant Gelten-

welcome! Contact +41 (0)33 748 81 63 for

phone +41 (0)33 744 13 73.

dinner. Meetings in Wellness & Spa-Hotel

horn. Reservation possible. Contact +41 033

more info.


60. For details and program contact


20h15: Advent concert in the Turnhalle,

Urs Wittwer, president, 033 748 99 11,

17h30 – 18h30: Santa Claus is coming to

Gsteig. Free entry – collection. Contact +41


the hotel Sanetsch, Gsteig.

(0)33 744 09 40 for info.


765 30 22 for more information.


Ermitage-Golf, Schönried, Tel. 033 748 60


20h15: Concert & theatre of the Chörli

Locality: Terasse Restaurant Sanetsch. Phone

Gsteig-Feutersoey. In German. The concert

+(0)33 755 81 81 for more info.

■ SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 17h00 – 21h30: Adventsmarket in Gsteig.

on Sunday, December 5 starts at 13h30. Locality: Turnhalle. Rate SFr10. Reservation


Locality: Schulhausplatz. Contact +41 (0)33

required. Contact +41 033 755 14 12.

17h00: Santa Claus is coming to Gstaad.

755 81 81 for more information.

Santa walks with the children from the Gstaadplatz (Posthotel Rössli) to the Kapälliplatz.


Locality: Promenade. Route: Gstaadplatz

14h15: Advent concert of the Musikge-

Indoor soccer tournament Gstaad. A tour-

direction train station to the Kapälliplatz. For

sellschaft Gstaad in the Church of

nament for everybody who likes soccer! (age

more information, contact +41 (0)33 748

Saanen. Free entry – collection. Phone +41

group 1996 and older). Locality: Sporthalle

81 81.

(0)33 744 03 27 for more info.

Ebnit. Rate SFr120. There are 5 meter goals.

SFr 20 – SFr 50. Reservation possible,

For more information contact +41 (0)79 333

contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.



■ CHURCH SERVICES St Peter’s English-Speaking Anglican Church, Château-d’Oex 28. November 2010, Exceptionally: no evening service 5. December 2010, 17.30 h Evening Prayer. Rev. Clive Atkinson to welcome Rev. Penny Frank. 11. December 2010, 16.00 h Archdeacon Ven. Peter Potter to officially licence Rev. Penny Frank. Rev. Clive Atkinson also present. Holy Communion. All welcome.

Quersicht/Filmpodium Saanenland. New

12. December 2010, 17.30 h


Swiss films. Locality – Kino. Reservation pos-

Service of Holy Communion. Rev. Penny


18h30: Santa Claus is coming to Tur-

sible. More information at the cinema. Phone


19h00: Brauchtum & Volksmusik Gstaad-

bach. From 18h30 Santa will be waiting for

+41 (0)33 744 14 74.

Information: 026 924 60 92

Saanenland. An evening with folk music at

everyone at the restaurant Sunne-Stübli. Hot

the Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus. Reservation

punch too! Contact +41 (0)33 744 46 12 for


desired. Phone +41 (0)33 744 56 39.

more info.

16h00: Christmas market in Saanen. A feast for young and old! The village organiza-

Ambulance 144, Police 117



tion invites you to join in and welcomes you to

Police office 033 356 84 31

20h00: Opening concert on the occasion

Saanen. Locality – Saanen village. Enjoy the

Fire-brigade 118

20h00: Advent concert in Saanen.

of the commune session in Saanen. The

Christmas feeling and splendid winter evening

Saanen Hospital 033 748 02 00

session is in German. Contact +41 (0)33 744

outdoors! For more info, contact +41 (0)33

Château-d‘Oex Hospital 026 923 43 43

09 40 for more info.

748 81 63.

Car accident service 033 744 88 80

30 19.

Locality: Mauritiuskirche. Free entry – collection. For more information, contact +41 (0)33 744 95 71.

■ SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5 Sermon and birthday concert of the Brass Band Harmonie Saanen. 09h45: Sermon concert. 15h00: Birthday concert in the Landhaus. Contact +41 (0)79 669 50 03 for more information.


Veterinary 033 744 35 31 Medical emergency 0900 57 67 47

■ FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 20h00: Reunion of the community Saanen at the tennis hall. Phone +41 (0)33 748 92 10 for more information.

ROTARY CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings every Monday 12h00 Palace Hotel Gstaad (033 / 748 50 00), President: Rot. Ernst Niederhauser


Dental emergency 033 748 02 00 For additional useful numbers please visit www.gstaadlife.ch/usefulnumbers

(033 / 744 21 90), Program: Rot.

For the latest local weather forecast visit

Andreas Hurni (033 / 744 36 28)


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The roof is on the Grand Hotel Alpina FROM WWW.GSTAADLIFE.COM The roof is on - and with it the builders have achieved a major milestone in the construction of the Grand Hotel Alpina. This, of

course, called for celebration. So everybody was invited to visit the largest construction site in Gstaad on Saturday November 20 from

11h30 to 16h00. There was free lunch, drinks, music and entertainment for the little ones. With parking non-existent there were

shuttle busses from the Gstaad cinema parking lot.

The Grand Chalet in Rossinière – an 18th century wooden “castle” PRESS RELEASE Photo: zvg

The Grand Chalet in Rossinière. The Grand Chalet was well-known to numerous celebrities and many British visitors during its period as a hotel. From 1951 until 1976 it was run by Phyllis Scott and Antoine Devenish, a charming Englishman who clearly enjoyed talking to the hotel guests. A traditional English tea was served each afternoon in the lounge and visitors of other nationalities who came to stay at the hotel would participate with enthusiasm in the conversations in English. The history of the Grand Chalet

is long and varied. Its instigator, Jean-David Henchoz expressed an ambition to build “a house that would surpass all others in its elegance and beauty” – and possibly also in its size! The Grand Chalet was the biggest wooden construction of its period in the Alps. It was originally built for two families and had huge cellars to accommodate the cheeses made in the area. Jean-David Henchoz’ ambition was to become a “cheese baron” but he died 2 years after the house was completed and the commerce he dreamed of developing remained very modest. At the beginning of the 1850s JeanDavid’s great grandson, recognizing the potential of tourism, converted the Grand Chalet into a hotel which it remained until it was bought in 1976 by the artist, Balthus, and his wife Setsuko. Surprisingly enough, until 2002 there was no detailed description

of this exceptional building and its history. This was rectified when the series “Pays-d’Enhaut Lieux historiques lieux vivants” based in Rossinière included a chapter on the Grand Chalet in their first volume consecrated to local history. An adapted and updated translation in English of this work (40 pages with numerous reproduc-

Classifieds Send your classifieds to: Email: info@gstaadlife.ch Fax: 033 744 95 25 Post: Anzeiger von Saanen PO Box 201 3780 Gstaad

tions of documents and recent photographs) will be available from 1st October for the price of SFr 20. – plus postage, or at Gadonau, Promenade, Gstaad. Orders and enquiries by email to: sally.paschoud@bluewin.ch or write to: Editions Pays-d’Enhaut lieux historiques lieux vivants, 1658 Rossinière.

real estate Rougemont, luxurious 3-bedroom apartments Newly built, spacious, big balcony, beautiful view, underground parking, elevator, cellar, close to station. There is a possibility to have a separate studio beside each apartment or to integrate this room in the apartment. All apartments are in high quality finish and can be furnished at request. Tenancy offered from private person as of beginning November to solvent prospective tenants. Phone during office hours +41 33 748 7053


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From the Grand to the Grotesque BY MANDOLYNA THEODORACOPULOS necessary spending. It seems only natural, particularly for those who’ve previously suffered from oppression, poverty, and boredom. But is there a point where spending and living a life of luxury can become excessive? Not if you consider the Medici and the beautiful gifts they bequeathed to mankind. They may have been considered garish in their day, but the Medici certainly did more for culture than most rich people do today. One might say that “excessive” spending depends on the spender’s perceived self-importance. Others might say no one needs more than a reasonable level of grandeur.

These subtleties are important. They make all the difference between the grand and the grotesque.

During the mid to late 1990s, when “luxury goods” became the raison d’être for people such as Diddy a man who’s flaunted the luxury of changing his name from Sean Combs to Puff Daddy to P. Diddy and then simply Diddy - a few respectable people began distancing themselves from “luxury”. While great luxury has been around far longer, Diddy co-opted and cheapened the word. Before him, perhaps Middle Easterners took luxurious living to excess, and before that, who knows, perhaps a robber baron or two; certainly a few European aristocrats had their fun. But consumerism can easily get out of hand, and when one simply cannot have enough, well, eventually someone will have enough of you, as they did with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

The rich will always desire comfort and extravagance. And why not? Cash is there to be spent and enjoyed. Or is it not? Almost every noteworthy accrual of fortune brings an increase in possibly un-

Even though many agree with Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko that “greed is good,” those who make a display of their greed are usually far from erudite, elegant, or distinguished. There is something to be said for

In rare yet more appealing moments, one will see a well-dressed gentleman walking out of the Palace Hotel lobby on foot rather than into a flashy Porsche. Or perhaps a pretty young mother in a little fur jacket carrying her rosy-cheeked child instead of a Birkin bag big enough to carry a three-year-old.

The luxurious life is closer than one might think. One can easily forget what is and isn’t absolutely necessary, especially if one is constantly trying to “fill the void” and shopPhoto: konradbak - Fotolia.com

Walking around Gstaad in winter, one sees ostentatiously dressed women and men bathed in jewelry and furs wheeling around in gaudy sports cars. While I envy them because I love beautiful things and cannot have absolutely anything I want, I also cringe. These people are so over-accessorized they look like they crashed into a theatrical prop house. It gets so bad sometimes, one can feel trapped in a Fellini film where grossly overweight caricatures in fancy restaurants lick their pudgy, jewel-encrusted fingers at the table.

unsullied simplicity. People say great style is subtle and discreet, that less is usually more. I don’t always agree, but when one hops out of a white Bentley like Diddy covered in diamonds and wearing a white fur-trimmed coat, one is 100% “pimpin’” and 0% refined. The planet’s many snobs, myself included, will ridicule you at the very least. We all know wealth is wonderful because it makes life easier. It also makes things fun. The Diddys of the world have every right to throw a great ball and spare no expense. Taste and imagination, though, are usually in short supply. Maybe that’s divine justice for you.

ping like a maniac to keep up with the Joneses. There is nothing worse than feeling inferior simply because one’s car and dress aren’t brandnew and wildly expensive. I imagine the greatest luxury of all is not to feel one’s identity is tied to the material. But that sentiment is harder to come by than some brand-name luxury item anyone can have for a few K. For those who do not live the life of kings, there are many other perfectly good luxuries within reach. Luxury doesn’t have to come in an orange box or sleep fifty people atop the Mediterranean. My favorite is a bottle of wine and a morning sleep-in the day after. Dinner in bed watching CSI is equally pleasant. A little piece of Swiss chocolate or a smoke are damn good, too.


SEASON’S GIFTS Christmas-Shopping on Thursday Evening: 2nd December and 9th December 2010 until 20.00 h.

KIRCHSTRASSE 7 3 7 8 0 G S TA A D P 033 744 89 66 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 14–18h

Sat 10–16h

Closed Sundays and Mondays

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