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December 18, 2015 - Issue 7 – CHF 3.50

ENGLISH SERVICES Christmas in the Saanenland

SHOP TIL YOU DROP Newest stores on the Promenade

GEORGES MARCI Gstaad's Grande Dame of Contemporary Art





Gsteig 10 km from Gstaad

We sell to Swiss or non–residents 3 beautiful apartments (180 sqm) on a sunny location with a stunning view beside the river. Spacefull underground parkings. For more information contact: Perreten brothers: 033 744 32 32, n.perreten@hotmail.com 079 204 84 09, hanspeter.p@peco.ch



Grande Dame Gstaad Photo: Stefan Körber – Fotolia

“There is nothing like a dame. Nothing in the world. There is nothing you can claim, that is anything like a dame.” Legendary Broadway musical giants Rodgers and Hammerstein knew a grande dame when they saw one. Had they visited Gstaad, she surely would’ve been the inspiration for this iconic song from their musical South Pacific. Most often defined as a woman who holds an influential position in a particular sphere, Gstaad is most certainly the grande dame of the Bernese Oberland. At once elegant and refined, she has managed to keep the natural beauty that still seduces admirers both young and old. Pretty as a Picture Speaking of admirers, I’m not afraid to gush about our Profile interview with the grande dame of contemporary art, Georges Marci. In the 1970’s Marci opened Gstaad’s first art gallery at her Chalet Saqqarah. With some unexpected encouragement from Ernst Scherz, Marci helped pave the way for Gstaad’s stature as an Alpine art mecca. Today, her work focuses on Middle Eastern art, and the role it can play in fostering social and political change. As usual, this first winter issue of GSTAADLIFE is awash with off-season news. From local politics to new store openings, our expanded Local News section covers the action–big and small–you might have missed in the past few months. Bigger or Better? If good things come in small packages, then the New Year’s Music Festival in Gstaad is no exception. Juggling the titles of artistic director, career pianist, and Princess is no easy feat, but Princess Caroline Murat (a.k.a. Caroline Haffner) seems to manage beautifully. This year her team shows us why up-and-coming talents and established professionals musically mingle here during the most festive week of the year. Speaking of small packages, the chalet at No. 1 Victoriastrasse has been transformed. Inside you’ll find offers for every

inch of you, head to toe. Feast your eyes on artwork or designer clothes at the PopUp space; quench your thirst at GLOW juice bar; pamper your nails at The Nail Stop!, or put something pretty on one of those newly manicured fingers at the newest reincarnation of the Chalet Jewels, now known as Jill’s Jewels. Haven’t had your dose of baubles and beads? Walk further up the Promenade and pay a visit to the luxurious Graff boutique, the company’s first stand-alone shop here in the Saanenland. I take back what I said earlier … in some cases (like the cases of exquisite diamonds on display here) maybe bigger IS better. Food for Thought Gstaad now boasts a Big Green Egg, the grande dame of American grilling that boasts NASA technology. And it’s no surprise that the Ermitage Hotel now claims steaks that are out of this world. But that’s not all the food news in this issue. We visit the Saanenland’s “Gourmet Zone” label,

in hommage to its stellar results on this year’s Gault Millau listings. Last but not least, I’m pleased to announce a grand upgrade to our www.gstaadlife. com website. Those familiar with our sister publication, the Anzeiger von Saanen, will notice we now share the same type of platform. The site will feature short news up dates and photos several times per week, in an easy-to-read format. When you subscribe to our online edition, you’ll have access to longer articles as well. Ain't Life Grand? Whether you’re celebrating quietly in front of a roaring fire or playing Santa with a symphony squealing children, I know this Christmas will be one to remember. In the Saanenland, there is no other kind. Wishing each and every one of you a very grand holiday season.

Best regards, Alexis Munier Editor in Chief



Photo: Ivan Inäbnit subtlepatterns.com

READER'S PAGE Your Vision of Gstaad If one contemplated the Saanenland as a wildflower meadow, Gstaad would be an edelweiss. I find it easy to discover the beauty of the Saanenland anew every day and I try to pass on my fascination for nature through my photography. Be it a field of gentians at the Hugeligrat, the setting sun behind the Gummfluh, or a nice specimen of a boletus on the Eggli… Often it is the small things that prove the exceptional beauty of the region I call my home. Gstaad has way more to offer than riches, glitter, and glamour. It is a jewel set in a fascinating landscape, which our guests know and value. – Ivan Inäbnit: Owner and manager of Kurt Eschler Gartenbau AG, he prefers spending his leisure time with his family and his camera in the outdoors of the Saanenland.

If you would like to share your photograph of the Saanenland, please send it with your contact details and a brief description to info@gstaadlife.ch.

Illustration: GLOW/zVg

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Photo: AvS


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Saanen Loses Mountain Airfield Tour de France Route 2016 Region Scores Big With Gault Millau From Beers to deBaers Welcome to the Big Green Egg Locals Win Big at Horse Show

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Medical Center Saanen-Gstaad English Holiday Services in Gstaad Peter Notz, 1925-2015

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Photo: Juerg Kaufmann for GYC


The Formidable Georges Marci

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Busy Autumn for Gstaad Yacht Club

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10th Anniversary for Holiday Music

Cover Photo: FotoGstaad.CH

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K L E I N E S L A N D H A U S D O R F S T R A S S E  S A A N E N / G S TA A D P H O N E +  ()   G A L L E R Y@ U R S V O N U N G E R . C O M W W W. U R S V O N U N G E R . C O M

Photo: Archiv/AvS

Saanen Loses Mountain Airfield Good News for Environmentalists, Bad News for Heli-Skiers Amidst environmental and financial concerns, the Saanenland must say goodbye to one of its mountain airfields.

landing sites from 42 to 40. A year and a half after that news was released, Gumm and Rosenegg-West have been selected to permanently cease operations.

region. He added: "I have a feeling that the closure is primarily a spoonful of sugar for environmental organizations. In my eyes, Gumm and Rosenegg have been sacrificed.”

According to an official media release, the decision was the result of “a balancing of interests between the objectives for nature, landscape, and wildlife protection on one side, and the concerns of flight training on the other side.”

Environmental groups VCS and WWF, which are united against aircraft noise, welcome the Council’s decision. Yet, they are still battling for more progress on closure of the mountain airfields, and suggest the Council is too susceptible to strong pressure from helicopter companies. Heliskiing is a burgeoning tourist activity in the region, and whether or not entities other than the helicopter companies will feel the pinch is still unknown.


Gumm, which is situated above Gstaad, will be closed along with Rosenegg-West in Grindelwald, Switzerland’s Federal Council announced last week. This comes as no surprise, as a reduction in the number of mountain airfields has been up for discussion since last year. In 2014, the Anzeiger von Saanen reported that the Federal Council had made the decision to lower the number of mountain

Former Mayor Aldo Kropf is unhappy with the decision, stating, “We had always hoped that we could keep both landing sites,” insisting that Gumm is important for the

Tour de France Route 2016 Mark your calendars for 20 July 2016, when the Tour de France will race through the Saanenland. BY GSTAADLIFE

The world’s most famous cycling event will spend three full days in Switzerland, including two daylong stages separated by an official day of rest, 19 July, in the nation’s capital of Bern. The next morning, Stage 17 will see the participants pass through Saanen before making their way to Finhaut-Emosson,


Valais, the site of a massive hydroelectric dam near the French border. The last portion of the ride is set to be spectacular indeed-including a ride through a 7-km long underground tunnel beneath the CHF 2-billion project that is expected to begin operations in 2018. Switzerland isn’t the only country outside the French borders to welcome Tour de France riders next year-Spain and Andorra will also host portions of the race.


Photo: lassedesignen – Fotolia

Famed Cycling Event to Speed Across Region

Photo: TG Medien – Thomas Glaubitz – Fotolia

Region Scores Big With Gault Millau Saanenland Now Home to 18 Highly Rated Restaurants High scores in the 2015 Gault Millau Switzerland rankings have earned the Saanenland billing as a true gourmet zone. BY GSTAADLIFE

Eighteen local restaurants are now on the celebrated annual list, which ranks eateries from 1 to 20, the highest score. Those earning less than 12 points are not often listed.

It’s worth noting that while the Saanenland’s restaurants have been reviewed in high number due to its compact density as a resort area, many other towns and cities do not have the same percentage of their restaurants reviewed by Gault Millau. An “average” restaurant serving conventional, quality food is expected to come in at 12–12.5 on their scale. With that information, the 13-point ratings in Gstaad do not appear particularly impressive.

Gourmet Gstaad-Style

Of the 23 18-point restaurants in the nation, two are located in Gstaad. Sharing the honour with the seasoned Robert Speth’s Chesery is the Alpina Gstaad’s Sommet, led by Marcus G. Lindner. Chef Takumi Murase from The Alpina’s Megu earned 16 points, while the Bernerhof’s Blun-Chi earned its first Gault Millau mention with 13 points for its modern Chinese cuisine. In total, the Saanenland now boasts two 18-point and 15-point rankings, six at 16 points, six at 14, and two at 13 points. Gault Millau vs. Michelin

Gault Millau was created in the 1960’s by two French restaurant critics. Their guides rival Michelin, which favor classic haute cuisine, while Gault Millau prefer nouvelle cuisine. The original founders never gave out the top score of 20, as they claimed perfection was unattainable.

Yet, what should be applauded is a jump in ratings, especially from a relatively high initial score. Raising a rating from 13 to 14, for example, is much easier than from 15 to 16, which requires a

dramatic increase in quality, creativity, and flavour-an impressive feat for any restaurant-according to the Gault Millau guidelines listed on their website. Martin Dalsass and his team did just that, raising the Bernerhof’s Basta by Dalsass from 14 to 15 points. But perhaps the most interesting development belongs to Schönried’s La Vinoteca, which earned owners Martin and Dolly Riedi a score of 13 versus the 12 they had scored previously. For a home-style Italian restaurant without a big-name chef featuring “grandma’s recipes”, this proves that there is still a place for traditional cuisine in today’s gourmet circles.

Gault Millau-Rated Restaurants in the Saanenland The Alpina Gstaad, Restaurant Sommet Restaurant Chesery Gstaad The Alpina Gstaad, Restaurant Megu Le Grand Chalet, Restaurant La Bagatelle Gstaad Palace, Restaurant Le Grill Restaurant Sonnenhof, Saanen Grand Hotel Park, Le Grand Restaurant Hotel Alpenrose Schönried, Restaurant Azalée Bernerhof Gstaad, Restaurant Basta by Dalsass Ermitage Wellness & Spa Hotel Schönried, Restaurant Ermitage-Stube Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad, Restaurant Leonard’s Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland, Saanenmöser Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad & Spa Saanenmöser, Restaurant Belle Epoque Romantik Hotel Hornberg, Saanenmöser Restaurant Rialto’s Bistro Bar 16 Art Bar Restaurant, Saanen Bernerhof Gstaad, Restaurant Blun-Chi Restaurant La Vinoteca, Schönried

18 18 16 16 16 16 16 16 15 (+1) 15 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 (+1)



LOTUS Handpicked stones from all corners of the world

The Lotus collection oozes luxury á la Bohéme, revealing the joy and abundance of nature´s rich colours and soft shapes. The ring series, with matching earrings and pendants, lend their inspiration from Lotus flowers; with folded 18kt gold leaves wrapped around magnificent precious stones, in vibrant colours and a cabochon cut.

This exclusive collection was on its way for three years on the drawing board handpicked stones have been sought after from all corners of the world, and the unique, silky surface has been produced using a special technique, applied by the many skilled goldsmiths at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN. The generous collection of rings, pendants, earrings and design colliers can be mixed and matched in numerous ways, worn alone or combined with each other and look beautiful with the exclusive bracelets in silk or leather. The collection from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is available at Juwelier Villiger.

Promenade 55 · Gstaad Phone +41 33 744 11 22 www.villigergstaad.com

Design by Charlotte Lynggaard



From Beers to deBaers New Cafés, Galleries, Boutiques, and Jewels on Offer in the Saanenland Photo: Mark Nolan

Construction work was a constant on Gstaad’s Promenade this autumn, and several new shops are now open for business. Although there is an expanding luxury shopping scene that some residents feel is detrimental to the region’s appeal, this season’s new offerings provide something at every price level. BY GSTAADLIFE

For those seeking high fashion on high street, Attitude provides a selection of wellknown designers and brands. With four existing outlets in Suisse Romande, the Gstaad shop is the chain’s latest project. The van den Eishout-Gygers, left and center, showing off their beer selection at Cheers.

Just next door is the delicious cafe@, a friendly place to sample homemade food, freshly brewed coffee, or a glass of wine. cafe@ is managed by Zaza Inneco, who has had proven success at The Nail Stop!, whose new location with additional services is also on the premises. Last but not least, the former Chalet Jewels has reopened as Jill’s Jewels. Owner Jill Wolf’s sleek yet cosy space features fine jewellery from high-end designers.

Micro Brews, Macro Choice It may have opened last summer, but after great success, Ursula and Hans van den Elshout-Gyger's Cheers beer shop in Schönried is expanding to offer a selection of events including beer tastings. The store offers a whopping selection of more than 400 international and domestic beers, with many hard-to-find brands available. Highlights include the Sierra Nevada and Anchor Stream lines from California, as well as a vast quantity of Belgian brews. Fancy a cup of coffee and a flaky pastry instead? Müller Bakery in Saanen has just been renovated and their spacious, streamlined new design is right in line with Saanen's own glamorous makeover.

Illustration: zVg

No. 1 Victoriastrasse At No. 1 Victoriastrasse, a new concept brings together three existing and two new stores under one roof. There is the new GLOW Healthbar location, now fully owned and run by its co-founders, Diana

d'Hendecourt and Blanca Brillembourg. Behind the juice and wellness bar, the brand new PopUp Gstaad shop space presents unique designers and products from all over the world, who will find a temporary home for their trunk shows and collections here.

Photo: AvS

Luxury Jewels There is good news for lovers of luxury who have the means to invest in exquisite jewels. Alongside its two boutiques at The Alpina Gstaad and the Grand Hotel Park, long-time guest Laurence Graff has opened a flagship store at the head of the Promenade. In addition to hosting one of the most impressive jewellery collections in the world, the store is a work of art in itself. According to Graff, the interior reflects its idyllic surrounding, drawing inspiration from traditional Swiss architecture and a striking mountain location.

Graff has opened its first stand-alone boutique on the Promenade.

The Müller family at their new bakery café.



Photos: ©Ermitage Hotel

Chef Marc-André Dietrich is all smiles with his beloved Big Green Egg ceramic cooker.

Welcome to the Big Green Egg Ermitage Hotel Elevates Grilling to an Art Gstaad’s first Big Green Egg, the original American-designed ceramic cooker, now resides at the Sport and Wellness Hotel Ermitage Schönried. The cooker was derived from an ancient clay device known as a “kamado”, commonplace in Asia, and now features NASA technology. BY GSTAADLIFE

The hotel’s public restaurant (the other half dozen restaurants are for guests only) has recently reopened under the name Fleischerei Füürgruebe, which translates as “butcher fire pit”. It draws on the concept of a traditional fire, on which milk was boiled to make cheese at mountain huts. In each of the restaurant’s cosy corners, the warmth of the open fire gives a feeling of homely luxury.

to add a sprinkling of their condiment selection afterwards, with choices ranging from himalyan pink to locally mined Bex salt, as well as a sweet, tangy Southern barbecue sauce that rivals any American original. In addition to meaty main courses, one appetizer stands out: the lobster bisque. This soup is really as good as it gets, featuring a velvety seafood base with fresh lobster cannelloni. One highlight is the amusebouche, served with every meal. In addition to a variety of dried meats and grissini,

The cuisine, however, is much more than your standard steaks of yore. The young and talented chef Marc-André Dietrich was inspired by classic American steakhouses–so much so that he grills exclusively with the Big Green Egg, which warms to a whopping 1000 degrees. The restaurants’s Simmentaler entrecotes, t-bones, and lamb shanks are perfectly seared and full of flavour with the bonus of no added salt. You can choose



the crumbed shells stuffed with a pinch of slow-roasted veal cheeks are an exquisite combination of contrasts–salty and sweet, crispy and tender. Despite the generous servings, don’t forget to leave room for dessert. The unusual creamy semolina pudding with halved figs is a treat, as is the warm grand cru chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.


Locals Win Big at Horse Show Two competitions last September have put local horse breeders in the spotlight.

Photo: AvS

Saanen-Obersimmental Breeding Club Winners


The Saanen-Obersimmental Breeding Club held their annual Foal and Breeding Show 11 September. Put on for the first time at the equestrian centre in Lenk, the show featured 16 foals fathered by just three different stallions. The winner, selected by judge Gabi Ochsner, was Nino who hails from the stallion Nils du Sous Bois’s lineage. The 8/7/8 high-scoring colt is owned by Juli and Ueli Reichenbach, who appeared on the cover of GSTAADLIFE’s January 2015 edition for an interview about their generations-old horse-carriage and hand-carved sled business.

Equine winners of the Foal and Breeding Show with their owners.

Nils du Sous Bois’s other offspring secured both runner-up and third place: Mia, runner-up, is owned by Toni Black, while third place foal Filly Meggy RZL is owned by Heinz Schwarz.

Later that month from 18-20 September, the FM National Show-an elite mare championship-was held in Avenches. Samira, owned by the Reichenbachs, reached second place, while Susanne Schwenter-

Wolff’s Corée was classified 13th. Congratulations to all the local winners for their fine horsemanship and breeding skills.

Medical Center Saanen-Gstaad Local Medical Center Finally Opens its Doors Good health news is finaly here. In mid-December, Medical Center Saanen -Gstaad began treating its first patients. BY GSTAADLIFE

The medical center is housed in the former Saanen hospital building, which closed its doors in 2012. The walk-in clinic will be open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. To establish fixed operating hours beyond these, such as evening and weekend service, nearly CHF 600,000 in private financing must be secured annually. However as proof of their engagement in the region, clinic director Dr Daniel Flach says they will provide services daily including weekends and holidays. For after-hours care, the injured or ill will have to make the 20-minute trek to Zweisimmen Hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital is also the victim of limited closures, with certain wards like the maternity center now absent from the facility.

The Friends of Healthcare group and the municipality will each chip in CHF 100’000 CHF to finance the weekend services. Opponents point out that weekend and after hours services have always been, and will continue to be, provided by local doctors who rotate on-call duties. Citizens who are upset that the mucipality is now funding these services at the medical center have already begun collect signatures for a referendum against this. The HMO-style clinic is just one of the jewels in Localmed’s crown. Partially owned at 50% by the university hospital Inselspital in Bern, Localmed has three successful medical centres already in operation in Bern and Biel, and has planned to open a total of three more in La Neuveville, Saanen, and Köniz by 2016. Due to the narrow launch timeframe announced this past September, one of the

first orders of business was on-site renovation. Localmed will finance the superficial changes, including those to the waiting room and bathroom, while the municipality–as landlord–will foot the cost of lift repair and updates to the entrance of the facility. Local Institutions For many years there was both a selection of primary care physicians and a local hospital in the Saanenland. In operation for more than 100 years, Saanen Hospital served not only as an institution which provided necessary medical care without leaving the community, but also had a calming effect on the local population. While many are happy the new medical center has opened, critics insist that it doesn't replace the hospital and that the region deserves a dedicated medical facility open 24/7, 365 days a year.



LOVELL CAMPS WINTER SKI CAMP! The anticipation of winter holidays for our family is a thrilling time. My girls look forward to Santa visiting, the return of their Oma and Opa from abroad and knowing that it is nearly time to go to ski camp! We have been sending our children to Lovell Camps for ďŹ ve years and the days leading up to the ďŹ rst session are ďŹ lled with great expectations and excitement. Recent studies show that the average child, aged 7 to 10, spends more than 4 hours a day glued to their iPhones and iPads during the winter holidays. A Lovell camper is ‘unplugged’ - they actually socialize outside of social media, sharing their experiences by speaking to others, in other words making real-life friends. They eat lunch with their peers, ski and snowboard in small groups, play games, swim, rock climb, ice skate, and learn languages – shared experiences not just shared emoticons or Instagram pictures. It seems that the average child says “I am boredâ€? 133 times during a four-week school break. Children participating in camp, learning

new sports and languages, are far from bored. Success on their individual terms, without Mum and Dad watching from the sidelines, the only cheerleaders being other campers and counselors, builds resilience – a gift that Lovell Ski Camp can offer children, a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their lives. Allow your children a holiday of a lifetime, allow them to grow up with the Lovell International Camps experience deeply rooted in their memories. They will ďŹ nish a week at Lovell Camps with smiles on their faces and standing a little taller.

Kid’s Club for children ages 2 to 5 and winter ski/snowboarding camp and summer camp for children ages 5 to 15.

Lovell International Camps RĂźbeldorfstrasse 5, 3792 Saanen 033 744 2535 / 033 744 2536 www.lovellcamps.ch / info@lovellcamps.ch

If it's happening in Gstaad... it's happening at o

N 1

-HZHOV cafe@

Glow Healthbar




Photo: Fank Müller

English Holiday Services in Gstaad Christmas Carols and Christofferl Are Highlights of the Season


Aside from the German-language masses at each village’s local Protestant or Catholic churches, one Anglican congregation stands out as an option for English speakers–St Peter’s. Based in Château-d’Oex, the group provides English services and events from a dedicated group of both Saanenland-based and longtime guest members. Three Wise Men, Four Services This year, St Peter’s has four major services from 20-27 December. The church’s Christmas carol service at St Niklaus Kappele in Gstaad will be held 24 December at 5pm, and will blend meaningful scripture with cheerful holiday tunes. Rev Paul Cowley, an English church official well known for his work with the Wilburforce Trust charity, will again spend ten days in the Saanenland, leading Anglican services. In the days before and after

Christmas, Rev Cowley is available to meet with those interested in finding out more about the church, or seeking his guidance. “I’m very pleased to be back in Gstaad for the holidays,” says Rev Paul Cowley. “I look forward to seeing our members again.” Christmas with Children In addition to the carol service, families with children will appreciate the Christingle at St Peters on Sunday, 20 December at 5:30pm. At this unusual event, everyone in attendance will make a Christingle–a visual representation of the story of Christmas. Additionally, there is a family service on Christmas Day at 10am, followed by Holy Communion.

a resort area in Switzerland with weekly services throughout the year. The group stresses that they are open to all, and at present boasts nearly a dozen nationalities. Besides traditional services, St Peter’s sponsors events like film screenings and motivational speeches all year long. Upon request, they can even perform weddings and baptisms in English. www.allsaints.ch/chateaudoex Painting: Dianne Wynn

The Saanenland plays host to a variety of guests from around the world each holiday season. During this time, many guests of all faiths and nationalities enjoy attending a holiday church service; festive lights, incense, and beautiful musical selections make it a welcome experience for all.

After Rev Cowley’s last service on 27 December at 5pm, he will be joined by another visiting official, Rev Emmy Wilson, to talk about the William Wilberforce Trust and Alpha in Prisons.The Wilberforce Trust was established to carry on the work of William Wilberforce, whose aim it was to end slavery in all forms, and to reach out to those who are marginalised and socially excluded. The event will take the form of an informal chat with the opportunity for questions and answers. Year-Round Commitment St Peters is the only Anglican church in

St Peter's church in Château-d'Oex



JAN UA RY 29 st FE BR UA RY 6 t h , 2016

Martha Argerich | Camerata Bern | Renaud Capuçon | Alexandra Conunova Michel Dalberto | Hagen Quartett | Miloš Karadaglić | Kremerata Baltica Daniel Lozakovitj | Lucerne Festival Strings | Mischa & Lily Maisky | Joseph Moog Olga Peretyatko | Gil Shaham | Kian Soltani | Giulio Zappa | and 8 young pianists : Guillaume Bellom | Rémi Geniet | Nathanaël Gouin | Kevin Jansson | Olga Kirpicheva Nathalia Milstein | Shizhe Shen | Ryutaro Suzuki | Composer in residence : Thierry Escaich

Peter Notz, 1925–2015 Peter Notz, who for many was the face of glamorous Gstaad, passed away on 7 September 2015.

Photos: Archiv / GL

Gstaad Bids Farewell to Beloved Icon


Notz was born into a wealthy family; his father owned the top steel-producing firm in Switzerland. He was a first-rate student at MIT, one of the best universities worldwide, where he graduated with honours. Notz then managed a wide variety of businesses, interests spanning the Notz name and beyond. Fashionable Notz was the epitome of jet set–but despite his international lifestyle and multiple homes he favoured life in Gsteig, where he enjoyed skiing and other mountain activities. A self-described “bon vivant”, Notz drew many celebrity friends to the Saanenland, including Gunther Sachs and Brigitte Bardot. Those who knew Notz say he was in love with love. Married four times, he is survived by his former wives, including local resident Brigitta Notz, and five children. Longtime friend Januaria Piromallo shares her memories in this tribute: Without Peter Notz, Gstaad will never be the same. Peter made Gstaad! When he arrived 70 years ago, it was just a beautiful mountain village–he brought the jet-set and glittering glamour to its slopes. I was lucky; I was one of the last ones to see him. Clarina, his only daughter stood next to him as he lay with a sweet smile on his face. He held a bar in his hands that was attached to the bed, doing gentle pull ups. "He is waterskiing," teased Clarina, tenderly. His was a full life–five children and four wives. Now, at the end, stood Brigitta (mother of his son Cédric, a former Swiss ski champion), caressing his hand. Although they divorced, Brigitta was there for him until the very end. We talked about silly subjects, and named three iconic movies never to be forgotten. Peter only chose romantic movies: Casa-

Peter Notz with his children (left to right) Cédric, Clarina, and Justin.

blanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Gone with the Wind.

“At least no one is immune,” he reassured me, “We all suffer from women.”

I have a debt of gratitude to Peter, as I was invited by him (and Brigitta, of course) 25 years ago to Gstaad. It was my first time, and I immediately fell in love with it. And, with my charming local prince, Knautschi. That began the best chapter of my life.

Peter was a kind man. When his energy was waning, it was as if life bit him. Like a dog that has been caressed too long.

Peter’s eyes were always full of wonder, like a young Peter Pan. Until last year he was still skiing up and down the Wassengrat (Peter would have been 90 in October!) and Brigitta used to joke, "He skis better than he walks!" His mind was still full of potential projects, and he was never fed up with life, not for a single moment. At the beginning and the end of every season he would give the workers at the chairlifts of the Wassengrat a bottle of wine and a fine cigar. Peter really was the quintessential face of kindness, and much beloved by both locals and guests. I loved taking the chairlift with him and listening to his wonderful stories. I would even dream of hearing him speak about the 1960’s, as seen from the inside of the gold bubble in which he lived. Peter told me of his close friendship with Gunter Sachs and his wife Brigitte Bardot. He confirmed that even the most legendary playboy had his headaches with women.

Until the last grain of sand had slipped from the hourglass of his life, Peter did not lose his grace. At the end, at his bedside, he turned his face. I looked to where his eyes gazed, staring at the immaculate mountain peaks of Les Diablerets. Peter my dear, I know you will find the same beauty wherever you are now. An infinite blue Wasserngrat sky, and a "Tiger run" to Paradise. Ciao Peter. I will never forget you. Januaria

Peter and Brigitta Notz in the 1970's



Photos: FotoGstaad.CH

Art historian, dealer, and collector Georges Marci at Abdulnasser Gharem's exhibition at Chalet Saqqarah in February 2015.

The Formidable Georges Marci An Interview with Gstaad's First Gallerist Strolling through Gstaad, there are art galleries left and right. But this wasn’t always the case. Gstaad owes its foray into the arts to Georges Marci, the art collector and dealer who founded Chalet Saqqarah as Gstaad’s first gallery in the early 1970’s. Since that time, Ms Marci has brought a wealth of new art and artists into the region, and continues to do so despite retiring and closing her gallery in Paris years ago. She now runs Chalet Saqqarah as a private exhibition and concert space focusing on the Middle Eastern art and classical music that stirs her heart.

historian still has movie star looks–and the brains to match. With decades of experience representing some of the greatest artists of all time, Ms Marci knows the insand-outs of this unique world like no other. Georges is an unusual name for a woman. How did you wind up with a traditionally male name? I was named after the famous French author Georges Sand, Chopin’s lover.

You’re Swiss. Did you grow up here or abroad?

Sidney Janis and Leo Castelli took me under their guidance and brought me to New York to view Jasper Jones and Robert Rauschenberg. I brought the work of Jasper Jones to Europe and made his first and second show in Paris even though he was much older than I was I also represented Yves Klein after his departure from Galerie Iris Clert. I collaborated with Dr. Paul Wember at the museum Haus Lange in Krefeld. Under the guidance of Yves Klein we created Flowers of Fire and the Fire Walls in Krefeld. I also collaborated with Dr. Wember on his catalogue Raisonné of the works of Yves Klein after Klein’s death.


GSTAADLIFE had the pleasure to sit with Ms Marci in the Saqqarah’s colourful hundred-square meter space overlooking seven mountains, for a discussion on her extraordinary life and life’s work. Marci’s eyes lit up as she described her passion for contemporary art and her latest discovery, Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem. The petite, well-educated art


I am Swiss but was educated in Paris. I was always attracted by French culture and France taught me lot. It was a wonderful platform for the contemporary art scene in the 70’s. It is also the place where I made the transition from child to woman.

How did you get your start in the art world?


When did you first discover Gstaad, and what drew you to the region? The impact of working with Klein and Jasper Jones was so great that I developed jaundice. After I was cured, the doctors advised me to go to St. Moritz. No hotels were available so the travel agent sent me to a little village called Gstaad. I fell in love with the simple atmosphere which boosted

The role of the artist, and especially that of Gharem, is to play with the collective subconscious mind of the new generation through imagery. Georges Marci

my creative energy. At this time there were only a few chalets and barns. My neighbour was Yehudi Menuhin. I designed my own chalet together with a very young architect who went bankrupt and I had to finish it myself. Yves Klein, Arman, Larry Rivers, and Jasper Jones all came to visit. In the beginning I had little money and Ernst Scherz came to the chalet and asked me why I did not hang works of art on the walls. I told him I had no more money left for spot lights. He telephoned the Bernische Kraftwerke and guaranteed payment for lights. Then he told me that I should invite his friends and that he will give me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label. If I could sell one work, I would pay him CHF 8. If I sold nothing, I would owe him nothing–and this is how Galerie Saqqarah was born.

How do you spend your days here? Is it a mountain retreat from day-to-day stress or a place that fosters your creative energy? Both?

Of course I like to walk my dogs in the mountains around Gruben–the fresh air and rural setting is priceless. Why is art important and how is art used as a vehicle for social change? Artists are like weathervanes; they often express future events before the social change takes place. This is exactly the importance of Abdulnasser Gharem, with whom I am presently collaborating. Seventy percent of the population of Saudi Arabia is under 40 years old. Aside from being a great painter, Gharem also is expressing the social change that is imminent in that country. He is very often called a “cultural activist”. He is so famous that the government is incapable of stopping him from inspiring change among the youth. We are living today in a world of imagery. Through social media everybody can share their opinion. The role of the artist, and especially that of Gharem, is to play with the collective subconscious mind of the new generation through imagery.

What’s next for you? Any new projects you can discuss with us? My next project will be the new young Saudi generation of painters, sculptors and photographers.

After so many years in the wacky world of art, can you share some of your favourite anecdotes? The wackiest situation is that works of art are replacing money. People do not trust hedge funds and banks anymore because their money evaporates. They buy paintings and even keep them in warehouses as a mean of conserving their capital. This way they are not obliged to pay negative interest. It is really a strange situation when a collector will pay over USD 100 million for a Modigliani nude!

Contemporary Saudi Artwork in Gstaad Famed Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem is set to show his works at Gstaad’s own Chalet Saqqarah in Winter 2015–2016. Gharem’s work graced the local gallery’s walls last winter, and will be presented for one additional season. Abdulnasser Gharem is a Saudi artist and former army colonel who is often hailed as the conservative country’s most provocative artist. Gharem’s mixed media works include highly controversial religious, environmental, and political themes, featuring his signature ‘stamped’ texture. Chalet Saqqarah and the Gharem exhibition is open by invitation or request only.

I have closed the gallery to the public but still receive visitors by appointment. The art world has developed on an international level and I have to travel to Beijing, London, New York, and Hong Kong regularly. Great works of art do not come to Gstaad, I have to search worldwide to find one masterpiece and even that is difficult. When in Gstaad, I spend my time meeting interesting people, skiing, doing Pilates, entertaining and going to parties. I enjoy Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad and the New Year Music Festival at the Grand Hotel Park. We are very lucky in Gstaad to be able to listen to great concerts of classical music every year.

Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem will exhibit his works in Gstaad this season.



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Superb new attic duplex apartment of 204 sqm Exceptional situation

Busy Autumn for Gstaad Yacht Club Summer and winter may be the Gstaad Yacht Club’s key seasons, yet the happenings in between are a vital part of our activities. Autumn 2015 held many important events that were cause for celebration.

Photo: Juerg Kaufmann for GYC

Littlecup 2015, 5th Annual Centenary Trophy, and More


The Littlecup 2015, held for the first time on Lake Geneva from 12–20 September, provided a welcome challenge for Team Gstaad Yacht Club. Paired with SaintGobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction market, and Hydros, whose technical team designed the vessel itself, it was the first race representing this important new partnership for the Gstaad Yacht Club. With sailors Billy Besson and Matthieu Vandame at the helm, Team Gstaad Yacht Club weathered some difficult challenges during the Geneva-based Littlecup. Unfortunately, due to a technical defect, neither race was completed, resulting in a negative score. Despite the two sailors’ competence, the unfavourable weather conditions prevented participation in nine qualification regattas, and reduced the team’s chances to qualify for the Littlecup final. However, Team Gstaad Yacht Club managed to win the last race, and expressed gratitude for its first big test of an international challenge on home waters. The combination of Hydros’ technical knowledge, the Gstaad Yacht Club’s sailing skills, and Saint-Gobain’s sponsorship, made for a strong, confident team. Lead sailors Besson and Vandame were sure that with some additional work, the partnership would succeed at an even higher level. Peter Erzberger, Commodore, Gstaad Yacht Club, who led the team during the weeklong Cup, agreed. "More time for technical tests and a longer training period would have to be planned for the next challenge," said Erzberger. The 5th GYC Centenary Trophy The fifth edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club's

Centenary Trophy will be filed in the archives under a tag: challenging. The fifteen one hundred years and more old yachts that went go head-to-head in a pursuit race based on a special handicap system, were in fact faced with extremely challenging conditions in St Tropez, with an easterly wind well above 20 knots, gusting over 25 and an especially tough sea state. Not the easiest setting for the delicate centenarians that, nonetheless, proved to be strong, seaworthy and responsive in the hands of their experienced crews. At the end of a demanding and tough race, NYYC 30 Oriole (1905) crossed the line just off St Tropez's breakwater in first, thus winning the 5 th edition of the Centenary Trophy of the Gstaad Yacht Club at her fourth attempt. “Since its inception, we always considered a great idea to gather the centenarians during the Voiles de Saint Tropez with the Centenary Trophy, offering them an original race format. I believe the pursuit race concept is interesting, motivating and enjoyable for the crew,” declared owner Jean-Pierre Lostis. “Oriole has always taken part and, despite being in the top scorers, we have never been able to win it. A victory was among our goals for the 2015 season. The crew remained focussed and we made it! We are very proud to have won this prestigious trophy and we wish to thank the Gstaad Yacht Club for organiz-

ing the regatta with such d passion.” Second on the finishing line was the ''P'' class (a smaller version of the 1930s America's Cup J class yachts) Olympian (1913) skippered by France's Bruno Troublé, which could not make a double after last year's victory. Additional Autumn Activities Congratulations are in order for GYC member Marco Vögele, owner of the Super Maxi Yacht Inouï who won the Rolex Maxi Cup in the Super Maxi Class. He was awarded a Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesor in gold and steel, as a symbol of success after a week’s battle on the incredibly scenic but challenging waters of Sardinia. Best wishes go out to GYC member Dona Bertarelli, owner of the Trimaran Spindrift 2 who on Sunday, 22 November 2015 at 4:01:58 GMT, crossed the start line, for a non-stop circumnavigation. Skippered by Yann Guichard, the boat crossed the line in a north wind of around 10 knots, under a full mainsail and a solent. The record attempt was made four years to the day since the current record-holder, Loïck Peyron, began his attempt. Between that day and the arrival, the 14 sailors must sail around the world via the three capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn) on the world’s largest racing trimaran. The GYC wishes the team all the best. The race can be followed at http://www. spindrift-racing.com.



Gerax wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Photos: New Year Music Festival

Princess Caroline Murat, who performs as Caroline Haffner, started the festival ten years ago.

10th Anniversary for Holiday Music New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Under the High Patronage of SAS le Prince Souverain Albert II of Monaco, the 10th anniversary edition of the annual New Year Music Festival in Gstaad features a world premier of music, international prize-winning musicians, and stars of the stage and screen.

Princess Caroline herself is a concert pianist, performing under the name Caroline Haffner. She will be honoured at the opening concert at the Grand Hotel Park, with the premier of French composer Yves Prin's "Fantaisie Haffner" on themes of Mozart.


Despite a limited budget, the New Year Music Festival in Gstaad draws the best in up and coming musicians, who are carefully selected by Caroline Haffner herself. International prize winning pianists from

"This patronage is such an honour for the festival and a continuation of the cultural events organized with SAS Prince Albert's attendance in Monaco," Princess Caroline Murat, Artistic Director, explained at the festival's preview event in Monaco. "The association between the sea and the mountains is often linked through music."

this year are in attendance, including Julian Trevelyan, winner of the 2015 Concours Marguerite Long-Thibault in France – a prize Caroline Haffner herself won a number of years ago. The New Year Music Festival in Gstaad 2015/2016 runs from December 26 to January 9, with concerts in Gstaad, Lauenen, Saanen, Chateaux-d’Oex, and Rougemont.


While many offerings are ticketed, several concerts are free to the public, and others ask for donations which sponsor various humanitarian causes and charities. This year the two evenings at the Gstaad Yacht Club are in association with WATEVER, the French NGO for innovative and floating solutions set up by adventurer Yves Marre and yacht designer Marc van Peteghem. Screen actress Clotilde Courau, Princess of Venice, will be reading from her recent screen and stage roles during the evening. Swiss actress also Marthe Keller returns to the festival with a reading of Brahms' "Die schöne Magelone" at Lauenen Church. Performers at last year's New Year Music Festival in Gstaad.



Events Calendar Friday, 18 December, 2015 through Thursday, 31 December 2015 Thurs, 17 Dec – 9 Jan


Thurs, 25 Dec


Christmas Market

English Christmas Carol Service

Gstaad’s Xmas market located at the ice-skating rink

5pm at St Niklas Kappelle

Fri – Sun, 18 Dec – 20 Dec


Steigenberger Turnier


Christmas Exhibition At the Heimatwerk

Christmas Curling tournament Mon – Tues, 28 Dec – 29 Dec Sat, 19 Dec


Christmas Market



Christmas Market


5pm – 9pm along the main street Sat, 19 Dec

Tues, 29 Dec



Christmas Market

Zither Concert with Werner Frey

Market at Kapelliplatz, 11am – 6pm

5:15pm at the Roman Catholic Church

Sat, 19 Dec

Tues, 29 Dec



Nordic Winter Sprint

Night Skiing

Tandem race on the Promenade, 5pm

On the Rinderberg, 6pm – 9:30pm

Fri, 26 Dec – Sun, 4 Jan

Tues, 29 Dec



New Year Music Festival in Gstaad

Cantate Choir Concert

Array of concerts featuring worldreknown cellists and up-and-coming musicians.

Handel's Judas Maccabeus at the Evangelical Reform Church, 6:30pm Wed, 30 Dec



Night Skiing Wispile's Zuckerli and Rutti lifts, 7pm – 9:30pm

Photo: Daniel Loretto – Fotolia

5pm at Saanen Church

www.allsaints.ch/chateaudoex Contact: cliveatkinson@bluewin.ch

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Important Numbers

Bar on Ice Apres-ski party with DJs and music at the ice skating rink

Christmas Concert

English-Speaking, Château-d’Oex Service every Sunday, 17.30 pm

Snow and Ice course on Saanen’s airfield Mon, 28 Dec

Fri, 26 Dec

**** * GSTAAD PALACE +41 (0)33 748 50 00, info@palace.ch

Winter Driving Training

2pm – 8pm along the main street Sat, 19 Dec

Church Services St Peter’s Anglican Church

Tues, Dec. 30 – Tues, Jan. 6

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GSTAADLIFE, 18. December 2015  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

GSTAADLIFE, 18. December 2015  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

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