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Kirsty Bertarelli

· Private security rules & regulations · Business etiquette in Switzerland · Saanenland water quality · Glacier 3000 open 330 days a year · Famous artist, Ted Scapa · Zweisimmen hospital chosen as primary inpatients facility · Guilty verdict in cheese fraud case · The Glitterati and the Gore

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Glacier 3000 open 330 days a year . . .18 Youth and recreation centre Oeyetli . .18 “Yes” to deportation initiative, “no” to tax justice initiative . . . . . . . . . 21 Zweisimmen hospital chosen as primary inpatient facility. . . . . . . . . 22 Municipal council of Lauenen . . . . . . . 27 Guilty verdict in cheese fraud case . . 27 Events calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The Glitterati and the Gore . . . . . . . . . 30

Letter from the Editor - What makes the world’s most exclusive ski resort? Over the past decade I have had the privilege of being a foreign first time tourist to Gstaad followed by being a regular patron, to having been a domiciled resident for the past 5 years. Over this period of time I took to heart advice I received from a good friend and mentor of mine, who firmly recommended I steer clear of developing firm opinion on the region, its people and its visitors, too soon. The reason for this wise advice was clear. All is not always what it seems in Gstaad and as time goes on ones perceptions and understandings are sure to alter. Now how true this has been in most instances albeit some perceptions and particularly those relating to what makes Gstaad exclusive seem to have not altered at all and remain as clear and true as they were the first time I encountered them. In the modern media driven world we live in there are those that attach exclusivity to a celebrity encounter meter. Under such circumstance, Klosters and St Moritz seem


to still have modern relevant tales to tell, whilst Gstaad seems eternally stuck on the David Niven and Roger Moore page. The point I make here is that it’s high time for Gstaad to drop the Moore - Niven line which, unless you were a peer of either of them, results in a cringe rather than a wow factor, nowadays. Gstaad’s exclusivity is wrapped up in much more than such dusty reference to a bygone era.First and foremost however it is suitable to state that Gstaad is not in competition with Sun Valley, Telluride and Jackson’s hole, where one finds the footprints of the modern day Hollywood stars each season. Of course – to be the resort chosen to launch a F1 team for its annual debut or to be the next movie set for a Jolie - di Caprio ski drama is what dreams are made of in the ski resort exclusivity stakes, however such wins are not around every corner and for now – bumping into Roman Polanski in the Gstaad Coop or Bernie Ecclestone in the Berghaus Eggli will just have to do.

What makes Gstaad exclusive is surely found in its generous kaleidoscope of Alpine super luxury, the sincerity found in its service ethic, it’s never ending depth of truly interesting patrons and the discipline it has for itself to understand and maintain the nuance of what makes it tick. A lovely story I share in this regard is of a friend who hosted a typical late evening post dinner get together in their chalet. The evening was in full swing when the home phone rang and my friend’s dear wife answered. The caller asked if they could speak with the Countess X. Not clearly hearing the Countesses name my friends wife announced to the gathering that there was a call for the Countess. Following a slight pause the crowd responded … Which one? Now that Gstaad! Happy holidays.

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An interview with Kirsty Bertarelli BY TESS LAROSSE

Tess Larosse: Hi Kirsty, congratulations opening for Mick Hucknall and Simply Red… How did it all go for you … were you nervous? Kirsty Bertarelli: Oh wow, yes it was quite nerve-racking, they are a huge band… I love Mick’s music and his voice - he has such a powerful voice, it was a dream for me… really fantastic! TL: When was the first time you played in Switzerland for a large audience? KB: First gig was in Zurich actually, but here I am again at the Hallenstadion playing to a much bigger crowd… I also played in Carouge in Geneva, followed by the gig at Edinburgh Castle, the one in Scotland was also supporting Simply Red. TL: How did you feel about playing in the UK - your homeland -

for the first time… at Edinburgh Castle, a phenomenal venue, supporting Simply Red? KB: It was at the castle and spectacular, there were around 9’000 people and it was at the time the largest crowd for me… I was quite terrified, they had to push me out on-stage and into the first song, but then after that I was fine.

Photos: Raphael Faux / www.gstaadphotography.com

Gstaad ”off-season” … grim weather … a pile of end-of-year bills, I need to escape, what’s a city lass to do…? No need to think twice as I hot-footed it off to Zurich to interview Kirsty for GstaadLife, backstage at the Simply Red concert for whom she opened up the legendary band’s show at the Hallenstadion to a great crowd, and a very warm reaction. If anything perks one up into making an effort with clothes, then it’s meeting the very glamorous but down to earth singer Kirsty. I shed my old dog-ridden jeans, dug out my straightening tongs, and donned a sheer black shirt - voila, ready to rock and roll! I caught up with a delighted Kirsty in her dressing room fresh after the concert, and asked her how it all felt, especially as this was her biggest show to-date in Switzerland, and at one of the largest venues in the country.

TL: You also performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival this year, in the Stravinski Auditorium along with Petula Clark, as well as alongside other artists, for the ‘’Singin’ and SwinginBig Band’s Night‘’, where you sang Frank Sinatra’s hit “Fly Me to the Moon”. How was this experience at the MJF for you? KB: To be able to play at the MJF is ledgendary, Claude Nobs is just an extraordinary person and to play there is an absolute honour…he’s here tonight, it’s great. TL: Tell me about your songwriting, what inspires you - do you always carry a note pad with you to capture the thoughts? KB: Yes, that’s exactly what I do - it’s all about different situations in life…every time I have an idea, or a will to write about something I’ll record it on my Blackberry, it used to be the Dictaphone, but now I’ll record my thoughts on the phone. TL: Who do you admire in the music business, who inspires you? KB: I love people who are different, and emotional in their songs - it has to be Annie Lennox, she has such a powerful voice, and sings with such strong emotions, and she puts her heart and soul into her music. I love her.

Kirsty Bertarelli TL: How about your family, your children… do they jump around strumming air guitars to your songs on the radio? KB: Haaa, yes it’s fantastic! You know, you ask your kids to have music lessons or learn to play the piano and they say ‘’no”, but then they see

they are all here tonight for the show.

you out there on stage singing, so now they all want to do it!

Coffee’’. KB: Actually, I wrote that song for Ernesto and I sang it at my wedding, it’s very close to my heart… and it was also a big hit for the All Saints. continued on Page 7

TL: You have 3 children, the smallest is 5 right? KB: Yes, almost 5. They’re all playing guitar, they’re all singing, and

TL: You mentioned that you have always performed as a young girl and up to before you married Ernesto, when you wrote the mammoth hit ‘’Black

Le Caveau de Bacchus Wine is our passion A wide selection of fine wines, champagnes and spirits to discover for the festive season. Rare large-size bottles Wine tasting

Opening hours: everyday 10 am - 1 pm and 2.30 pm - 7 pm

Promenade 38 - 3780 GSTAAD - Tel. +41(0)33 748 13 71

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continued from Page 5 TL: Obviously there’s creativity inside you crying out for a form of release… you mention meeting new people and offering them poems… are you still doing that? KB: I still do that when I get out, although I don’t get out much with all the kids! But recently at a party, I wrote about two single friends who met, were chatting, and were falling in love. I saw that happening, I was observing, and I thought ‘’this is love!’’ So I ran off and frantically started to write… it’s going to be a new song of mine, but they don’t know it yet, so don’t mention any names!

KB: Yes, my band - there’s Eric from Switzerland, Danny too from here in Zurich, Killian who’s from Germany, and my backing singers from London - we really have a great time together. TL: Do you feel that your songs are the most creative outlet for you? KB: I do yes, I just find it a way to let go and to express myself if something has really moved me or bothered me, then I can just put it to paper and let it out. TL: You have had up until now, an interesting life, with plenty of exciting experiences, including of course Alinghi and the KB designs. You were also a beauty queen at the age of 17 in the UK - do you go back to England often? KB: We do go to London, in fact I’ll be there soon to do some Christmas shopping, and I try to make Sunday roast for the kids to try and keep up a little of my English tradition for them, to show them where my roots are from.

TL: You didn’t tell me any! KB: Haahaa … yes, we don’t want to break the spell, because they’re still together!

TL: Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone, we can change your timing, haa! KB: Yes, and change the age… let’s change it all… let’s just say 36 minutes… and age 36 too! TL: What other activities do you like to do here in Gstaad? KB: We love to go ice-skating, the boys have recently started icehockey, but I have to say I don’t participate in that. TL: What about your band, where are they from?

Photos: Raphael Faux / www.gstaadphotography.com

TL :Tell me about Gstaad … Saanenland, what does this magical place mean to you - down time, retreat? KB: Gstaad for me is all about Christmas time, log fires, skiing and being with the kids - we enjoy family time, and walking up the Wasserngrat to the Eagle Club! Yes, I have done that - not very quickly, but I did the walk, I made it!


TL: Kirsty, your album “Elusive”, a massive achievement for any song-writer - you must be immensely proud of it? KB: I am, and also for me it’s about the passion, and being able to express myself through the music, otherwise it just sits in there if I don’t do it. The fact that I’m able to express myself makes me feel very free, very happy. TL: Do you feel the more you do, the more you want to do in this direction, musically I mean, a rap song on the horizon perhaps? KB: Oh no! That may be kind of out of reach, there are limits… ha haa! I do want to keep going though, yes I feel fulfilled as a person - to be a mum and a wife, and to be able to create my music is altogether wonderful. TL: Is Ernesto proud? KB: Oh yes, he is very proud. TL: Look at my hand, are you still reading palms, and if so, is anything exciting in store for me in the near future?

KB: Oh my you have very strong lines - wow, you are very strong good lines on your palm … ha haa! TL: That’s good news. What’s next for Kirsty? KB: I’m performing at a charity event in Gstaad soon, and I have another gig in Zurich coming up for television, and then we’ll see… We’ll see indeed, and if her strong stage presence, great voice, songwriting skills, and the crowd’s response to Kirsty’s show in Zurich is anything to go by, I’m confident we’ll be hearing a lot more from the singer in the not too distant future. Tess Larosse interviewed Kirsty backstage at the Simply Red concert at the Zurich Hallenstadion, and Kirsty’s album “Elusive” featuring the hit single “Don’t Say”, her latest single, “More than Anything” and the world-wide hit “Black Coffee”, is available now. For more information you can visit www.kirsty-music.com

Bach Immobilien AG, Le Chalet, Promenade 54, CH-3780 Gstaad Tel. +41 (0)33 748 44 88, Fax +41 (0)33 748 44 89, info@bachimmobilien.ch www.bachimmobilien.ch


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Taxi & Limousine Service Buri On the 1st of July 2003 Martin Buri followed in his father’s footsteps and acquired the business of Taxi Buri. First comprising of 2 vehicles it is a business of 12 operating vehicles today. Martin was born in Feutersoey/Gstaad where he followed his schools and finished a commercial apprenticeship at Swiss Bank Corporation. But what was most valuable in his working career that serves him well today in his business, was being with Swissair. Through the work as a Flight Attendant at Swissair, he knows what it takes to make his customers happy and tends to every need of the traveler. Therefore he tries to copy what he learnt through his experiences to meet elite quality standards. Martin Buri’s limousine company is based in Feutersoey/ Gstaad and

offers an extensive range of high quality chauffeur driven cars and people carriers for business and personal use over long distances -like airport transfers to Geneva, Zurich and Berne or any other destination as well as trips in whole Europe. The company’s unparalleled level of service, a fine selection of vehicles, coupled with some of the best chauffeurs in the business results in a luxury travel solution. Personal relationship and connection with the customer is of utmost importance to Martin, who works closely with all the major hotels in Gstaad and has a good relationship with them and many private customers in the area. His company works closely with Limousine services in Zurich and Geneva and is also the transportation partner of Netjets, the worlds biggest aircraft

charter company. The drivers do speak German, French, English, Italian and Spanish. Taxi Buri has on offer a wide selection of sedans and minivans (takes up to 8 pax). All vehicles are Mercedes Benz in the form of E class sedans, S class limousines and Viano people carriers. Martin Buri is the proud owner of the highest federal license of transportation. Safety is of utmost importance to him: all vehicles are a maximum of 4 years old, equipped with a set of new winter tyres every year, maintained on a very high level and mostly all wheel drive. For the young guests he may offer all kinds of children or booster seats. During winter, flights are monitored constantly and he keeps track with weather reports and traffic news.

Passengers can count on them – even with delays, they can rest assure the driver will be waiting for them. For customer safety and peace of mind, all chauffeurs have successfully completed health checks, handpicked for their driving and people skills and have all signed confidentiality agreements. They know the local area and are happy to share their knowledge with visitors and will make sure a journey is comfortable and effortless. The office at Taxi Buri is open 24/7, 365 days a year and is accustomed to handling last minute changes. Martin says, “Give yourself a break from your normal travel routine. Take the stress, discomfort, and uncertainty out of daily travel by using our chauffeur services.”


Your confidence is our highest commitment

Gstaad 033 748 77 88 · Feutersoey 033 755 19 51 www.raiffeisen.ch/saanenland

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Gstaad Buisness.com SA - Gstaad Immobilien - Winter 2010/2011 Newsletter Dear Reader The snow has started to fall in the Gstaad Valley, and we are about to embark on a wonderful winter season. We have been busy booking rentals over the last few months for the upcoming season, so it promises to be a very busy winter. This year, we have some truly fantastic properties to meet all our customers’ needs. Our bookings are up on last year, but we still have availability of great properties for those who are yet to make their winter holiday plans. During 2010, we have focused on reorganizing our company and staff to better serve our customers’ needs. We believe that service is the most fundamental part of our business. We are therefore happy to announce our new principle team at GstaadBusiness – our profiles can be found at www.gstaadimmobilien.com – About Us. Dominic Longcroft – Owner and Sales / Managing Director David McCrimmon – Sales and Rental Manager Isabelle Pearson – Rentals and Private Customer Management Executive (effective January 2011) Barbara Bettler – Office / Bookkeeping Manager Bruno Conceicao – Housekeeping Manager We also have an additional number of seasonal employees in our Housekeeping Department for the duration of the winter season. Our Sales Office - Gstaad Immobilien www.gstaadimmobilien.com - is located in the heart of the village. Please come and see us at Chalet Zingrehaus, 1 Suterstrasse (at the foot of the Palace Hill, above Trois Pommes and Prada). Dominic will be there to assist and respond to any queries you may have. Our Rentals, Private Customer Management, Bookkeeping, Car Hire (Elite Rent a Car) office - Gstaad Business www.gstaadbusiness.com - is located at Chalet Les Arcades, 18 Lauenenstrasse (opposite the Gstaaderhof Hotel). David, Isabelle and Barbara are there to assist you with all your needs, and we speak English, French, and German. Our phone lines are staffed 7 days a week, from 8am to 6pm, throughout the winter season. We respond to your Internet and email enquiries at all times. We are also happy to announce our rental car division - Gstaad Cars www.gstaadcars.com - we have a number of luxury cars owned by our firm and ready for rental within one hour. Book early to avoid disappointment! Our firm are also the Gstaad agents for Elite Rent-a-Car. Gstaad Cars is located at our Gstaad Business office. We can also arrange airport pickups and transfers, including from Geneva, Zurich and Saanen. Finally, if you should require any storage facilities, including for the inter-season period, we maintain several secure locations in Gstaad and Lauenen to suit your needs. We wish you and your families a very happy holiday season, and a prosperous and healthy New Year. Dominic Longcroft

Adults, Women and Kids Clothes T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Accessoires

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Ted Scapa Famous and well-loved artist Ted Scapa studied at the Royal Academy of art in The Hague and directed Benteli AG in Bern, well-known printing and publishing company, for more than 30 years. Scapa has been well-known all over Switzerland as the presenter of the popular TV broadcast “Das Spielhaus” on SF DRS for children during the 60s and 70s. As Scapa puts it “children in those days literally grew up with me” as television played an important role in their everyday life. Ted further his career as a cartoonist and has been drawing for international newspapers and published numerous children’s books and cartoon collections. Ted is dedicated to the cancer help organization Krebsliga in Switzerland, as well as the McDonald foundation, which helps critically ill children and their parents in situations of need.

Scapa’s latest books Elefantasie (elephants with fantasy and fantastic elephants!), Me Sött…, as well as his new calendar Katzen 2011 are additions to his many collections and shows his passion for creativity. His images are structured into series, which cover a particular theme. Some themes are: cloud walker, lighthouse, chair, angel, castle in the air, cow, television, golf, music, praise, time and so on. In addition, Scapa draws images, crafts exceptional sculptures and designs lamps and carpets. Scapa also holds workshops and works not only with adults, but also with children. His exceptional workshops take place in the Children’s museum Creaviva at the Paul Klee centre in Bern. Working closely with both children and adults in workshops, Scapa recognized that children under the age of 12 years all has the same sense of

humor and creativity, then it gets hidden by influences like politics, school, work and of course, becoming adults. Working with handicapped (even blind) children, Scapa recognizes that after working with them for a short while, you realize you don’t know the differences. Working with adults, after only half an hour “they all become children” – talking about adventure and creativity. People are rather alone with their talents. In creativity, unlike other sport, one has no coach. Scapa sees himself as being a coach through his workshops.

a wonderful therapy. The great thing about being creative is that you can do it by yourself and if you want help, just call Scapa! On Thursday, December 30th 2010 from 17h00 – 18h30, Ted Scapa will be at Cadonau in Gstaad signing his books and drawing in them for those who wish. Even though it would be cold outside, talking to people gives Scapa warmth … His philosophy and very important in his life, are memories and his work being his therapy.

Scapa firmly believes that everybody has a creative talent, which needs to be developed. It normally starts during early years at school, but later on, being neglected and left astray, there is nothing special to do, just do it!

For Ted Scapa, every day is a new day, which he looks forward to and will celebrate next year with his 80th birthday. As long as people like the things he does, Scapa will do it. Ted Scapa lives and works at the lake of Murten.

Ted found that creating sculptures is



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40 years GreenGo The famous Gstaad Palace nightclub GreenGo – the place to be in Gstaad – celebrates its 40th anniversary! Since its opening the disco is one of the oldest in the world and became rapidly famous for all the international jet-set it attracted. It is a special place with a decoration concept that takes you back to the seventies. Orange lamps and a ceiling with silver discs that reflect the movements of the dancers, in a psychedelic way. Another unique feature, is the dance floor over the illuminated swimming pool which guarantees an exclusive atmosphere for an exciting party evening. Hublot and Gstaad Palace have especially created the „Big Bang GreenGo Limited Edition“ for this occasion. On Sunday, December 19th, the Gstaad Palace opens its doors and

welcomes the kitchen crew of the Il Pellicano, Tuscany back this winter, where they will accompany you through the evening with typical Mediterranean food. Michael Winner, famous hotel tester, awarded Gstaad Palace‘s Gildo Bocchini the new “Maitre D’ of the World”. Experience this fine casual dining at Gildo’s Ristorante by Il Pellicano at the Gstaad Palace. Le Grand Restaurant at the Gstaad Palace has been completely renovated and offers international cuisine in an elegant setting. Enjoy the merge of a perfect selection of creativity and the Haute Cuisine accomplished by the chefs. The Gstaad Palace welcomes starting from this winter, a child minder, who guarantees lots of fun for the small hotel and external guests, with a special weekly programme.

Children’s Programme 23.12 24.12 25.12 02.01 16.02

24.12 26.12 26.12 – 27.12 26.12 – 30.12 28.12 31.12

Christmas Dinner – from 20h00 Season Kick-off Party “Perrier Jouët” from 23h00 August Laube, Exhibition of woodcuts Adler Joaillers, Jewellery Exhibition Boutique Star Design presents Glamour Fashion Show New Year’s Eve Dinner & Party Aperitif in the Lobby Bar & GreenGo from 20h00 Dinner in the restaurants & the Salle Baccarat from 21h30. 01.01.2011 New Year’s Buffets from 12h30 03.01 – 05.01 Dreams Fashion, Fur Exhibition 06.01 – 09.01 Dior, Jewellery created by Victoire de Castellane & watch exhibition. 06.01 Russian Christmas – from 20h00 07.01 – 09.01 August Laube, Exhibition of Renaissance woodcuts & Views of Switzerland 13.01 Russian New Year “Wine & Dine” with the champagne house Roederer 28.01 – 05.02. Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad Classic Music Festival 29.01 DJ Yves “Larock” at the GreenGo from 23h00

Cooking lessons: 15h30 to 17h30 Offered by the Gstaad Palace Christmas Cinema from 19h00 Offered by the Gstaad Palace Children’s Christmas from 16h30 SFr 70 per child Children’s New Year from 18h00 SFr 80 per child Children’s Disco from 16h00 SFr 70 per child


Hublot_GstaadPalMag_GreenGo_210x148.indd 1

Gstaad Palace Winter Programme

Limited Edition

For Reservations contact: +41 (0)33 748 50 00 21.10.10 17:02

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Private security rules and regulations TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY CHRISTINE EISENBEIS AVS 26.11.10. In Switzerland, until recent, no standard guidelines were in place for the licensing of private security companies or the employment and training of employees of private security services. The Association of Swiss Security Service Enterprises (VSSU) has for some years now been engaged in putting equal eligibility, quality and training standards into place. A conference of the Cantonal Justice and Police Directors Switzerland (CCJPD) has recently adopted an agreement valid for all Swiss cantons. In an in-

Martin Brand

terview with the “Anzeiger von Saanen” Wolfram Manner, Director of VSSU and Martin Brand, CEO AAS Security GmbH in Gstaad, explain why such steps are necessary.

not possible as a police officer. Also the police are less popular in the margins of society. The issue doesn’t lie with the police, but with our society.

Police have a need for young recruits whilst at the same time the private security sector has become more and more popular. Why is it that one seems less popular than the other? W.M: In our industry two-thirds of all employees work part-time. This is

Mr Manner, are you glad that the admission requirements and standards will be standardised? W.M: Of course. Every customer has the right to good service. Standards help our customers, we therefore need standards. Performance must be measured. You know, a security logo must represent true security.

Wolfram Manner

To what extent will the industry change in the future if authorization rules and quality standards have to be the same for everybody? W.M: Everything will be taken more seriously. Black sheep become more visible. Most important is that the police can trust the security officers and

know what they need to do. Then the Police can actually gain from the private security service. What is a private security company allowed to do? W.M: This question can be answered in one sentence: They have the same rights as any other citizen. Except there has been occasional services for which private security staff were specially trained and sworn in by the police. M.B: Because we wear uniforms, many people simply expect more. But we don’t have any legal obligations. What skills does a good security guard require? M.B: He requires good social skills which unfortunately often lack. The expertise of course, can only be attained with a good education. Infos: www.vssu.org

A thought provoking lecture in Saanen by horse ethologist Andreas Kurtz TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY CHRISTINE EISENBEIS AVS 30.11.10 For the 50th anniversary of the constitution of the rules of the riding club of Gstaad, members of the club met in the country house Saanen to celebrate and attend a thought-provoking lecture by horse ethologist Andreas Kurtz. Kurtz‘s entertaining and interesting presentation covered topics such as the socializing of horses. “You have to imagine that a horse is actually accustomed to an endless green open space in nature. We then confine them into a 12 square meter space,” says Kurtz. “This is

called box stance but actually a box means nothing more than a carton to a horse. Carton stance doesn‘t sound so great,” says the ethologist, who brought his audience regularly to laughter, but at the same time many of the facts were not really a laughing matter. “Horses are social animals. Social contact is incredibly important for them,” he emphasised. He strongly encourages social contact amongst horses and is very passionate about a change from box stance to group stance. He is often called in to assist at the club with social integration exercises.

Although this wasn‘t new information for the president, Oliver von Grünigen, who has six horses, he was nevertheless very enthusiastic about the lecture by Andreas Kurtz. Oliver attended Kurtz‘

school of horse ethology. “It is important for everybody working with horses to attend formal training,” says von Grünigen. To have such a president is valuable, not only for the horses!

President Oliver von Grünigen (right) and Founding member Erich Gehret.


Grand Hotel Park After 9 months, the Grand Hotel Park re-opens its doors on Friday, December 17 2010. A sumptuous renovation of the Grand Park hotel has resulted in an array of evolutions. Firstly all of the guest rooms have been revised as well as new suites added. One of the new suites is 395 m2, has a vast fireplace, a private spa and comes with its own private butler. Natural materials such as wood stone and wool are emphasised in the renovation as well as the integration of the state of the art technology which includes the convenience of wireless internet access throughout the hotel. In discovering the new décor in the hotel restaurants, one experiences

a theme of youthfulness and light. Chef Giuseppe Colella continues to tickle the taste buds and take you on a journey from the Mediterranean Sea to China. An envy of freshness is on display – from sushi to famous Swiss specialties.

Children staying at the Grand Hotel Park can enjoy an array of discovery and surprise. Felicity the hotel mascot cow entertains, whilst a most enchanting garden, private ice rink and private hot air balloon rides on offer make up for beautiful experiences.

The concept in the Spa was completely renewed. Perfect harmony between the aromatherapy, which offers well-being of the body as well as the soul, and the very avant-garde Euoko, a young cutting edge Canadian brand promising some miracles - a world exclusive.

Faithful to the traditions of Gstaad, the team at the Grand Hotel Park is enthusiastic to see to every wish and detail of their customers. A warm welcome, cosy atmosphere,

great food, well-being of the body and spirit will all contribute to longlasting memories… The best moment to take advantage of the new Grand Hotel Park, is to celebrate Christmas! Extraordinary decorations, the Yves Saint Laurent boutique, exceptional menus, a visit by Santa Claus, exclusive timepieces exhibition by Tourbillon – to name a few and of course, the unforgettable Christmas Eve party.

Les Menus de noël et de la St-Sylvestre

Veillée de Noël

Noël au Grand Hotel Park

Diner St-Sylvestre

24 décembre 2010

25 décembre 2010

31 décembre 2010

Carpaccio de veau au caviar Osciètre

Petite poêlée de gambas aux herbes et purée de pois chiche

Soupe pétillante de mangue froide au poivre rose et gambas croquante


*** Composition de Saumon Balik « Tsar Nikolaj », caviar Osciètre et médaillon de homard Breton glacé à l’huile d’olive

*** Crème de panais et médaillon de saumon tiède ou Escalope de foie gras de canard poêlée et chutney de mangue *** Consommé de poularde de Bresse et ses ravioli

Médaillons d’agneau, jus de cuisson et champignons des bois *** Ravioli de crabe royal à la sauce safranée ou


Risotto à la truffe d’Alba

Risotto aux chanterelles parfumées au thym

*** Queue de langouste pochée à l’huile d’olive et corbeille d’épinards

*** Filet de cabillaud en croute de pain blanc et sauce au Champagne, purée de courges



Filet de bœuf Rossini

Roulade de Chapon, chou rouge et marrons glacés, pommes au four

*** Framboises en gelée, miel et vinaigre balsamique

*** Figue parfumée à la vanille, farcie au miel de Saanen

Crème brûlée à la cardamome

ou Glace à la crème brûlée en corbeille de chocolat, sabayon moka Dîner CHF 130.–, Réservation 033 748 98 00


*** Dôme de foie gras maison, lamelles de truffe blanche et artichauts violets *** Tassette de cristal de boeuf *** Ravioli de langoustine à la bisque de homard *** Blanc de turbot poêlé, sauce Champagne et truffe noire, nid de salicorne et bouquet de jeunes pousses *** Filet de veau du Simmental rôti, sauce morille, galette de pommes de terre et ballottine de blettes

*** Traditionnels biscuits de Noël

*** Buffet de fromages d’ici et d’ailleurs et Grand choix de douceurs de notre Pâtissier

Dîner CHF 130.–, Réservation 033 748 98 00

Dîner CHF 730.–, Réservation 033 748 98 00

Grand Hotel Park · Wispilenstrasse 29 · 3780 Gstaad · Switzerland Tel. +41 33 748 98 00 · Fax +41 33 748 98 08 · info@grandhotelpark.ch · www.grandhotelpark.ch

Friday 17 December 2010 Page 15


Business etiquette in Switzerland BY PETER SONNEKUS-WILLIAMS A handshake is the most appropriate greeting for both men and women in Switzerland, but if someone knows you well, you will receive three kisses… right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. Swiss society is rather formal and people tend to address each other, whether colleague, neighbour or acquaintance, by their surname. This is not only a sign of respect but one of the manifestations of the Swiss propensity for privacy. However, in some of the multinational companies in Switzerland this is changing and first names are more common. At first always address someone first by his or her professional title and family name. Only when invited to should one use first names. Hyphenated surnames are pronounced using both words, never call the person by one of the hyphenated words. The Swiss are known for their commendable work ethics. When

working with the Swiss be punctual, but not early. Being even a few minutes late for a meeting is rude and inconsiderate. The Swiss prize punctuality. A favourite saying claims that if someone is late, he is either not wearing a Swiss watch or riding a Swiss train. Dress up, but dress conservatively and go easy on displays of wealth like jewellery. Be business-like throughout the meeting and avoid jokes until you know the associates well. The Swiss place little value on humour during a meeting. Be straightforward and concise. Don‘t boast, gesture wildly or act superior in any way during a meeting. Whether at a business meeting or a social event avoid asking personal questions about money, marriage, income, kids and age and the Swiss will do the same. They are private people and will treat your privacy with respect as well. Business is serious and handled as such. Be conservative and organized, precise and knowledgeable. Keep

accurate notes about the meeting and pass out business cards with the credentials of your company plainly stated. If, for instance, the company has been in business for 25 years make sure that is stated on your card. It‘s not necessary to become friends with your associates before the business discussions. Most Swiss are cautious about new friendships and the relationship could take many years. If you are punctual, professional and articulate you should do well. The Swiss are known for getting the best possible deal in negotiations without ever appearing aggressive or demanding. Through quiet selfconfidence and a no-nonsense approach to business they sidestep „hard-sell“ and other high- pressure tactics. In addition they will refuse to rush a decision until they have properly examined all the facts and information and reported these to the decision maker(s). Expect some time to go by before final agreements are reached, and

the word of the Swiss upon agreeing to the deal, will likely be kept. Some no–no’s in Swiss business that can be applied to general public behaviour as well are talking to someone with your hands in your pockets, sitting with one ankle on the other knee, slapping your associates on the back and pointing with your index finger rather than using the entire hand. Eye contact is a sign of respect and should be maintained, regardless of whom you are speaking with. Direct eye contact is not just acceptable, it’s required. Not having eye contact with a person, no matter if it’s your boss, your child, your grocery store clerk etc, is considered rude. The Swiss don’t seem to be as obsessed with their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets as much as some other cultures. To interrupt dialogue by taking a call on your mobile is disruptive and rude. Rather turn off your mobile phone before meeting with someone.

Photo: stadtjunge / photocase.com


Friday 17 December 2010 Page 16

Steigenberger Hotel The Steigenberger Hotel GstaadSaanenland officially opened its doors on July 21st 1981 and is owned by an Egyptian entrepreneur Mr. El Chiaty, and managed by native-born Frisian - Dutch, Ferdinand T. Salverda, who has known the region and the Hotel since 1988. Ferdinand finished hotel school apprenticeship in 1983 and moved back to the Netherlands, where he worked as a chef to gain experience. After 4 years in two other destinations in the Bernese Oberland, Ferdinand gained his first working experience in the Saanenland at the Steigenberger in December 1988, as Chef du Bar/ Conference Manager & Night Auditor. Part of his working career in the Saanenland includes the Wellness & Spa Hotel Ermitage Golf Hotel, General Manager of the Grand Hotel Bellevue and being director of Sales & Marketing at the Grand Hotel Park. Back in the region & scenery he loves and calls home, Ferdinand started as General Manger at the Steigenberger Hotel on 6th September 2010. Ferdinand strongly believes that to be successful, one

should firstly have an affinity and identify with the region, always be hands-on & have a strong presence. To top that up, a successful formula will guarantee satisfaction and the little things in life always counts. He has a fine eye for detail, is a professional at what he knows best and lets nothing go unnoticed. These are all good ingredients for a successful recipe. The year 2011 will be the 30th anniversary of the Steigenberger Hotel - it opened its doors on the 21st of July 1981, more information will follow regarding highlights of this anniversary year. One of the premium 4-star Hotels in the Saanenland, the Steigenberger is located above Saanen, with unprecedented views across the surrounding mountains, of arguably the most prestigious ski resort in Switzerland. With its spectacular views, the Steigenberger Hotel offers a warm welcome to travelers from all over the world. The Steigenberger is centrally located, close to the traffic-free village of Saanen and five kilometers from the centre of Gstaad. It offers guests a VIP transfer to airports and a shuttle service to various surrounding locations and lift stations. The Steigenberger is easily accessible by car and train. The Steigenberger offers guests a wide choice of 126 spacious & cozy rooms and 8 suites, adorned with fabrics and finishing recalling the warm, muted tones in typical Swiss chalet style.

Ferdinand T. Salverda, Hotel Manager

The sublime calm of the expansive spa offers an indulgent escape, with a 16/6 meter indoor swimming pool, Sanarium, Hammam, Bio Sauna with a beautiful view, a cosmetic

center, wellbeing treatments and a gym. The Steigenberger is the only hotel in the area that offers a Spa for children with a Kids Sauna, a Crystal Cave with various showers, a large Wii mountain hut and also has a dedicated, fully supervised area for kids. Highlights include a video game lounge.

coal mine deco” dancing club, the “Stollen” which is frequently used for private events and parties.

In-house dining to choose from is the “Sonnenhalte” - a cozy dining room that accommodates up to 240 guests and the authentic Restaurant, the “Halte Beiz”, decorated with an indigenous Saanenland touch, and a magnificent view over the mountains and valley. Perfect for a pre-dinner drink, are the sunny and wind-protected terraces, all with spectacular views. Guests can also enjoy rustic fondue & dinner parties at the “le Chalet”. Between 15h00-17h00 an afternoon tea with cakes/pastries are on offer for house guests.

Beat’s Ski shop, which is in-house, fulfills all your demands regarding Ski & Snowsports gear, winter sports clothing, as well as the Ski School of the Alpincenter, which can accommodate any wish.

The Steigenberger offers a spacious Hotel Bar-Lobby, with fireplace and live piano music, as well as the “old

Conference packages are available on request. The conference rooms are privately situated, with lots of natural light and private balconies overlooking Gstaad valley.

Come and discover the warmth and hospitality, lively energy and great service of the Steigenberger, with the promise of a unique and enriching experience in one of the most beautiful locations of the Saanenland Valley. Steigenberger Hotel Gstaad-Saanen Schönriedstrasse 74, 3792 Saanen-Gstaad, Ferdinand T. Salverda, Director, Phone: +41 (0)33 748 64 64


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Opening of the new HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA branch in Gstaad On 13 December 2010 the new branch of HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA was officially opened at Promenade 2 in Gstaad. The opening is part of the strategic initiative of the bank to grow its presence in the Swiss onshore market. HSBC Private Bank has been present in Saanenland for eight years now mainly through its commitment to the Menuhin Festival Gstaad and its flagship Family Forum. The new HSBC branch with up to 8 employees will be managed by Hanspeter Dönier. With the breadth of its offering, HSBC is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of high net worth individuals, and in particular those looking for a banking relationship in the Gstaad area. The combination of

traditional banking services (investment advisory, asset management,

cash management, mortgages, safe deposits, etc), and its recognised

leading role in fields such as emerging markets, foreign exchange and alternative investments clearly makes it a private bank with a difference. HSBC is one of the biggest and most successful banking and financial organisations worldwide. Its international network consists of more than 300,000 employees in 88 countries and territories all over the word. HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA offers wealthy clients and their families services in 91 offices and 39 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Hanspeter Dönier, 44 years old, married / one son of 16 years old, originally from Klosters (GR), 23 years of experience in Private Banking in Gstaad

Hanspeter Dönier, branch manager in Gstaad



26 – 27 December, Salle Bridge, 11 am – 1 pm, 6 pm – 11 pm 7 – 9 January, Salle Expo, 11 am – 1 pm, 6 pm – 11 pm Speech about „Woodcuts in the age of Dürer“: 8 January 2011, 5 pm by Brigitta Laube in Salle Piero, followed by a cocktail reception

AUGUST LAUBE Trittligasse 19, 8001 Zürich, 044 256 88 99, www.augustlaube.ch

Buy Olympus & save money! Now at Foto Gstaad, Cheseryplatz E-450 Double Zoom Kit incl. two lenses 14-42mm & 40-150mm Exceptional mobility with the world‘s most compact D-SLR Mju TOUGH 3000 waterproof to 3m shockproof to 1,5m freezeproof to -10° 3,6x optical Zoom

instead of CHF 749.only CHF 599.-!


.-! CHF 150

instead of CHF 279.only CHF 199.-


! CHF 80.-

Foto Gstaad Cheseryplatz 3780 Gstaad Tel: 033 744 13 87 info@fotogstaad.ch HANS BALDUNG GRIEN Adam and Eve, 1519, woodcut on paper


Friday 17 December 2010 Page 18


Ueli Haldi‘s ambitious speech on “blue gold” as he calls the water of the Saanenland, made it clear that his work with water isn‘t just about making a living, but it is also his passion. “Water is life,” he says, and he is especially convinced of the fine quality of the Saanenland water. “The minerals and trace elements that the local drinking water contains, are of vital importance to health and wellbeing which cannot

be found in any artificial mineral water in the world,” says Haldi. Can water become scarce? “The water supply we require for our need is only a miniscule proportion of the amount of water available on earth,” said the Saanen water expert. “Of the approximately 1.4 billion cubic kilometres of water on earth only 2.6% of it is fresh water and only 0.0001% of it is in easily accessible lakes and rivers. The water cycle powered by the sun renews our fresh water supplies incessantly. We can use the water or let it run down the stream, it doesn‘t matter,” says Haldi. “It will not become scarce. It is the

unequal water distribution on earth that leads to the impression that some places have water shortages,” he added.

Photo: zvg

The water supply in Saanen was the theme of the third and last “Abesitzes 2010”. Saanen‘s water expert Ueli Haldi provided insight into the subject.

Approximately 3 million m3 of water per year for the Saanenland Presently the municipality of Saanen has twelve sources for water The Saanen water expert Ueli Haldi catchment, two groundwater wells, seven pumping stations and eleven SFr 100m mark. Per capita the daily reservoirs, 128 km main line net- water consumption required to suswork and 766 hydrants. The water tain life is from two to three liters. In plant has a value of around SFr 73m 2009 a total of 2,951,559 m3 water and it is expected that measures for was consumed in the Saanenland of further expansion in the next ten which an equal amount originated years will have its value exceed the from spring and groundwater.

Glacier 3000 is open 330 days a year TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY SHEILA MATTI AVS 12.11.10 The Glacier 3000 was the first to conditions overall however cause Glacier 3000 run. Events like these resume its skiing operation this the Glacier to recede, exposing demonstrate that the Glacier 3000 year and opened on the 30th rocks and crevasses needing to be with its Snow Park offers good skiOctober 2010. Bernhard Tschan- covered with snow and fenced off ing opportunities at the beginning nen, CEO of Gstaad 3000 AG, is for security reasons. In addition, of the season, an excellent free delighted with the amount of the Glacier 3000 suffers from a ride area in April and numerous visitors to the Glacier. The new recognition issue as Tschannen alpine trails. Hikers with a half tax ski lift Tsanfleuron was opened puts it: “As a year-round opera- pass or general train pass qualify mid-November. tion in the snow, we clearly stand for a half price reduction on return out from other destinations. The fares,” says Tschannen. “Most of the business turnover of Glacier 3000 potential is annuGlacier 3000 is made in the winter ally brought to light with major New for winter 2010/11 months of course,” says Bernhard events like the Freeridedays.ch, the The Oldenpiste is to be secured Tschannen. The warmer weather Glacier 3000 Invitational and the from avalanches after snowfalls

but not prepared - making it an attractive run for any powder snow enthusiasts. In addition, during the last three May-weekends, the Glacier ski lifts are to remain open. Synergies with the cable cars The goal of Bernhard Tschannen is to establish the Glacier 3000 as a year-round excursions destination, he wishes to synergize the offers at hand and the running costs by collaborating with the Gstaad Mountain Rides.

Youth and recreation centre Oeyetli TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 23.11.10 A new youth and leisure centre in provided their youth with such an by the new youth and leisure cenOeyetli has officially been opened. infrastructure and in return the tre Oeyetli was demonstrated at In the presence of over 100 invited youth should be proud of their the opening event. On the Friday guests, municipal council Christian community,” said Municipal coun- and Saturday nights the Oeyetli Gafner symbolically handed the key cil Christian Gafner to the guests. was transformed into a professioto David Schmid, President of the “The centre is not only reserved for nal concert venue. A crowd of 400 Youth Work Association Saanen- the youth, but should be used by young people enjoyed local and guland, who passed it as a represen- everybody - hence the name leisure est bands. On the Sunday the yountative of the youth, to Lorenz Koller. centre,” said Gafner. ger and youngest were invited. With “The Saanenland is proud to have The range of possibilities offered an array of attractions to entertain

the young ones, parents were able to spend some time reviewing the new building and activity capability. At the end of the three-day event some of the co-responsible youth approached the writer and asked that the article also mention a big thank you to the team of the Juga Saanenland… www.oeyetli.ch

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Chopard celebrates 10 years in Gstaad Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, is very much involved in classic car racing, personally participating, sponsoring and often bringing rallies to the region, such as the Veterans Rally Palace, Bentley Vintage Tour, Aston Martin Owners Club & Tour du Léman amongst others,” adds Deborah Bovier. “The Chopard boutique in Gstaad is kept open all year around and with Gstaad being a village, it is important to participate in the village ambiance in the quiet seasons too. There are often chalet guests and locals who enjoy the quieter season or visitors who just enjoy a daytrip to Gstaad,” says Deborah. The boutique’s Christmas table has become a welcomed tradition during the holiday season and quite often clients and friends will stop by for a glass of gluhwein in the afternoons after skiing. It is of high importance to make every client feel welcome and comfortable when entering.

Photos: Raphael Faux / www.gstaadphotography.com

Coinciding with Chopard’s 150th anniversary - Chopard Boutique in Gstaad has another reason to celebrate: its 10th anniversary in the region. Contributing to Chopard’s uniqueness in Gstaad is the fact that the same team is still in place since the opening of the boutique. Two more colleagues have joined the team, however a collective sense of stability and a common passion for the excellence of Chopard, has kept the team in place over the years. Being part of the team and working in such a lovely atmosphere with great people, is unique says Boutique Manager, Deborah Bovier. “The Scheufele family, proprietors of Chopard, have a particular fondness and affection for the Gstaad region, which they have enjoyed visiting for many years. They have, supported many local events such as the Menuhin Festival, Gstaad Open tennis tournament and local ski clubs & ski teachers over the years. The Co-president of Chopard,

Often advice is given for just about anything, from restaurants to hairdressers to hiking trails. Clients have become friends and friends have become clients. From the inviting fassade, one has the feeling of being in a cozy, homely chalet atmosphere when visiting the boutique. Walking from room to room, admiring the exquisite showcases and displays of watches, jewelry and Haute Joaillerie creations. Cho-

Photos: Pierre Khim-Tit / Artphoto

pard is also well known for its line of accessories: a Gstaad Special is the cashmere plaid with the typical “Scissor Cut” design or the Gstaad silk scarf. Tableware, leather goods, writing instruments, ties and sunglasses are all crafted with the same rigorous care and the same concern for perfection as the jewelry and watches that have built the brand’s reputation over the past 150 years. Chopard is still pervaded by the spirit that governed its founding in 1860. It nurtures values combining hand-crafted expertise and technical audacity. As quoted by Caroline GruosiScheufele: “If I were to associate Chopard with an object, it would be a big heart, because there’s a family behind it.” A few tales fondly remembered by staff over the past 10 years, include some during the tennis tournament where players stopped by choosing gifts for their loved ones … another arriving during Easter on his private plane for a shopping stop at Chopard in Gstaad! A beautiful coffee table book has recently been published about the history of Chopard and is available at Cadonau Gstaad.


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T H E U LT R A - T H I N H E R I TA G E Vacheron Constantin has chosen today to revive some of the finest moments in the quest for ultrathinness. The Geneva-based manufacturer has indeed been closely involved in the epic milestones of this distinctive form of expertise, such as in the 1950s and 1960s when Vacheron Constantin introduced the world’s thinnest wristwatches. Today, Vacheron Constantin is enriching its “Historiques” collection with two new creations

directly inspired by its heritage, each lending a new and distinctively modern touch to one of two legendary calibers. “Historique Ultra-fine 1955” currently the world’s thinnest mechanical hand-wound watch measuring just 4.10 mm thick. It is equipped with the mechanical hand-wound 1003 movement, the thinnest in the world at just 1.64 mm thick, rebuilt in 2010 for its 55th anniversary in 18-carat gold, and bearing the prestigious

Hallmark of Geneva & “Historique Ultra-fine 1968” equipped with the ultra-thin mechanical self-winding 1120 movement featuring a new decorated oscillating weight, and bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. The official dealer of VacheronConstantin in Gstaad is Weber Watches, Promenade, 3780 Gstaad. Phone +41 (0)33 744 96 30 www.weber-watches-gstaad.ch

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Executive Lady – Mechanical Glamour – Style and Substance The Executive Lady by Ulysse celebrates every woman who is making her mark in the world – her way – and garnering the interest of the man in her life who wants to show his adoration for her. Ulysse Nardin introduced a pa-

tented Dual Time system – one of its many technological breakthroughs. This revolutionary system exists in the Lady Executive. With only one press, the hour hand instantly adjusts to a different time zone without ever ha-

ving to leave her wrist. Whether travelling from one continent to another or simply wanting to stay “in time” with those she loves, the Dual Time system is a useful and convenient feature to have on hand at home or far away.

El Toro Patented Perpetual Calendar. Self-winding movement. Limited to 500 pieces. www.ulysse-nardin.com

Exhibition: December 29th 2010 to January 9th, 2011

”Yes” to deportation initiative, “no” to tax justice initiative ADAPTED AND TRANSLATED FROM THE TEXT FROM ANITA MOSER / PD With a result of 52.9%, the Swiss voters agreed to the deportation initiative of foreign convicted criminals. The counter proposal was mercilessly rejected - it had no majority support in any canton. With 58.5%, the tax justice initiative was rejected. Even more clearly is the result of the administrative district

Obersimmental-Saanenland: The SVP deportation initiative was adopted by 68.1%, the SP-tax initiative rejected with 67.96%.

the SVP and invite the initiators to partake at a corresponding workshop, she announced to the media recently.

Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga wants to implement the deportation initiative at legislative level, and wants to strongly include

“No” to tax justice initiative People and Government have rejected the fair inflation initative by the SP. The rejection is clearest in those

cantons where the tax rates for the rich are low. In the cantons of Zug, Nidwalden and Obwalden almost 80% voted “no”. The initiative was accepted in the western Swiss cantons of Jura, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Basel-Stadt. The flat tax rate subject continues to be a current topic on tax justice.


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Zweisimmen Hospital chosen as primary inpatient facility SPITAL STS AG On December 6, the board of directors of the Spital STS AG announced its final decision regarding the location of the hospital for the region Saanenland/Obersimmental. Saanen will become a health center with ambulatory and outpatient offerings. For the past three years, the debate over the location of a hospital and/ or acute care facility has been passionate in both the Simmental and Saanenland. After several visits this past spring, the cantonal government signaled a preference for Zweisimmen as a better location for an inpatient acute care facility. The board of directors took this expression of opinion seriously and has formally made a final decision. There will be a health center for outpatient services in both Saanen and Zweisimmen. Zweisimmen’s facility will include an inpatient range of basic acute care services. Saanen’s facility will offer inpatient services to be developed with a private provider and tailored to our region’s “special needs.” Background story On November 23, 2007, the board of directors of the Spital STS AG decided, in response to the changing hospital health laws, to replace the two hospitals “STS AG Saanen” and “STS

AG Zweisimmen” with one new building in Saanenmöser. The plan was to secure inpatient acute care in the Obersimmental/Saanenland region on a long-term basis and in the form of a hospital. In this way, the goals of the canton as well as certain financial guidelines could be met. But this resolution resulted in substantial political resistance coming particularly from the Obersimmental. During the past three years, hospital acute care has been debated and argued passionately in the western Berner Oberland. As discussions failed to bring about any agreement, the STS hired health care economist Willy Oggier to conduct an external study, which was to weigh the possibilities for an acute care offering in the region. On the basis of the study’s results, the board of directors created a concept that included two health centers, one in Zweisimmen for inpatient elderly care and one in Saanen for inpatient acute care. The municipalities of Obersimmental/ Saanenland and a group of local physicians called for a revision of the plan and a renewed examination of the hospital building option. In January 2009, Spital STS ordered a feasibility study and a location search for a new building in Saanenmöser. This study examined land ownership and

planning issues as well as the political feasibility of such a new building. The Spital STS and the Obersimmental/ Saanenland communes paid for the study jointly. By 2009, the results were ready. The study’s feasibility caused the board of directors to return to the concept of building a new hospital in Saanenmöser. Separate health care in both regions Political consensus in the region was short lived, and resistance to the new building project returned. It became clear that the project was impossible due to political and legal hurdles. The last three years and recent discussions showed that the two regions couldn’t unite in hospital political issues, undermining any possible unified health care concept for the entire region. As a consequence, the board of directors has come forward with a new concept, that of separately developed health care facilities for both regions. The board of directors does not preclude a future common solution. Recognizing that political consensus is not a job for Spital STS AG, the board leaves the responsibility for building a political consensus to the political authorities of the Obersimmental and Saanen regions.

Photo: Anita Moser

The new health care concept The board of directors decided to agree with the government’s stand at its most recent meeting and voted to transform Zweisimmen into a health center, complemented with inpatient basic care in inner medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. The inSpital Saanen is to become a health center with ambulatory and outpatient services.

patient offerings depend on financial capabilities, and stand in direct correlation to patient tax income. The Saanen location is to become a health center with on-demand ambulatory and outpatient services and is to be open to the public around the clock. These services are to be offered in cooperation with a private provider and to be supplemented with specialized in-patient services (i.e. orthopedics) that are to take the special needs of Saanenland into consideration. The in-patient offerings in Zweisimmen and in Saanen are not to exhibit any redundancy. The health center concept positions itself with the knowledge that the ambulatory medical care in the region Obersimmental/Saanenland is endangered in the foreseeable future. The Spital STS is taking on the challenge of this integrated health care concept. Now that the principle decision of the board has been made, details pertaining to inpatient and outpatient care for the two regions are to be defined by the middle of 2011. The reactions So far, the reactions in both regions are mixed. Some in Saanenland do not understand how the board could have selected an economically inferior solution. The Spital STS AG counters this by saying that a health center satisfies the minimal demand for a place to go that is accessible outside of normal opening hours. The region Saanen is considering a search for a private health provider. The situation differs in Simmental, where the decision was greeted with satisfaction. The Simmental does not want to project itself as a winner and wants to do everything it can to prioritize the entire region’s health politics.

Friday 17 December 2010 Page 23


New Overlap Sports & Bar in Rougemont In the valley station of the "Télécabine de la Videmanette" the stylish and trendy Overlap Sports now opens the new swissrent a sport rental station on 23rd December 2010. This facility compliment the brands already established and respected, Overlap in Saanen

–Gstaad. A wide range of modern rental ski- and snowsportsequipment, such as alpine skis, touring skis, cross-country skis and snowshoes are available as well as an impressive stock of ski accessories, in the new Rougemont facility. Guests can conveniently purchase ski pas-

Photo: zvg

ses at the same time, a first for a sports shop. The Overlap facility further includes the comfort and convenience of a snack bar with a fine selection of snacks and drinks. This is what the Overlap brand concept is all about. The Overlap of quality products, conveniences and services - under one roof for the pleasure of visiting guests to the region. The Overlap service ethic is top draw and is what you would expect from the ski resort of Gstaad Mountain Rides. Guests can leave their equipment at one of the Overlap shops and collect it serviced the next day where it’s suitable for them. A new service is the storage for skis and boots. Guests can leave the equipment and collect it serviced and /or

Claude Lalanne

dried the next day. This service can be requested per day, week, or for the entire season. Lockers for storage of personal items are also available. Networking with the main business in Saanen-Gstaad hired equipment can also be exchanged or handed in at the new shop at the base station in Rougemont. Overlap has become synonymous not only with quality and service, but also unique brands and original stock. Overlap always has that something special that you will not find in mainstream sport stores. Expertly-trained staff under the watchful guidance of Hans Frautschi, owner of Overlap, advises and assists guests. “What we offer is pure customer service,” says Hans and nothing is too much trouble.

Une création naturaliste et serpentée, éditée en série limitée, dont le parfum envoûtant de chèvrefeuille est une invite non déguisée et raffinée au paradis des tentations… A découvrir en exclusivité chez

ANTIQUA M E N US PLAISIRS dès le mois de décembre 2010

…petite galette des rois en partage… …en présence de l’artiste… le samedi 8 janvier 2011, de 15h à 19h

… con fuoco …

Antiqua Menus Plaisirs, Promenade 6, 3780 Gstaad, Tel. 033 744 92 42


Friday 17 December 2010 Page 24

Brand Sport und Mode AG is conveniently situated on the Palacestrasse in central Gstaad. This family-run business ensures

a deep concern and commitment to their customers, which has become a tradition in the way they conduct their business. The family’s objective is to ensure that the part that they play in being a specialist ski clothing and equipment shop,

is their way of making the guests of Gstaad have an unforgettable holiday experience. They do this by carrying a diverse selection of the latest ski equipment and clothing, having a good selection of the latest innovations, and bringing this across to their customers in a tailor-made and consultative approach. Brand Sport sells as well as rents. Ski Service Guarantee We guarantee free ski service for a newly purchased pair of skis at our shop during the current winter season 2010/11. A visit to Brand Sport und Mode is well advised as a part of your stroll along the Gstaad promenade, otherwise make contact by calling +41 (0)33 744 17 75 or go online at www.brandsport.ch

Schuhhaus Romang has been a family business for three generations and celebrates 97 years of business in Gstaad. At Schuhhaus Romang you are assured of a superior and friendly service and the widest choice of Ugg boots in the Saanenland. The store stocks all the latest models, from the Classic Ugg boots and Cardies to flip flops and the cityready Chimono fashion collection. The Adirondack lace-up boot comes in four different colors: brown, chocolate brown, black & cream. They are perfect for snowy, wet weather with a breathable membrane and exclusive outsoles, which provides durability and traction. Completely lined in genuine sheepskin, this functional calf-height boot will

keep you extremely comfortable and warm. For those who prefer a higher boot, the Adirondack Tall comes in light brown. A distinct style that suits both a casual weekend as well as the runways! Every Ugg product is linked to one another through the unforgettable sheepskin experience. Schuhhaus Romang also stocks children’s Uggs in different colors. The low cut mens range also comes in black and brown. You’ll find all the must have colors of the classic style Ugg-Boots in low or high with the inside covered with the best qualitiy of sheepskin, recommended to be worn bare feet! Schuhhaus Romang also has a large selection of Ugg hats, glo-

ves, cashmere scarves and Cardy earmuffs in beautiful and vibrant colors for men and women, which makes great Christmas gifts. Another favorite is the Ugg handbags, which comes in different sizes and the Ugg house slippers (Nightengales) in black, cream and grey. One is sure to find that special pair of Uggs at Schuhhaus

Romang on the Promenade in Gstaad! Address and Contact: Schuhhaus Romang, Promenade 53, CH-3780 Gstaad, Tel. +41 33 744 15 23, Fax. +41 33 744 99 83, schuhhaus-romang@bluewin.ch

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20 years ago Herrmann Ski Service was the first shop to distribute the Volant Steel cap skis in the Saanenland. Volant was also one of the first ski manufacturers that produced carving skis. Since the establishment of Volant, nothing has changed in the basic production of the skis, which still consist of a chrome-plated steel/wood construction.

The name Vertex is a Latin word and has several meanings for example “a change” and “peak.” The new owners of Vertex has been managing sport shop Hermenjat for several years and with this change and the support of the Hermenjat family, Peter Brand, Nelly & Bethli Hauswirth and Remo Schranz are excited to welcome visitors to their new, fashionable premises. Between the four of them, they have many years of experience in this industry… Vertex Sport stocks a large selection of the highly functional fashion sports brand CUUN. CUUN provides first class protection in all weather and total freedom of movement, in whatever you are doing. It has a distinctive, classic look, which will

An extremely thin ski with large torsion can be built by the use of chrome-plated steel, which lends an unbelievable ease to the ski in deep snow, and at the same time an optimal edge grasp on hard runways.

ski with a soft flex. The Steel Loop technology creates a maneuverable model with great edge grasp.

This year Volant launched a new model, the LOOP 66, which for the first time, was designed and constructed predominantly for ladies only. The LOOP 66 is a feather-light

Bring along the advertisement between 17.12.2010 and 23.12.2010 or 15.01.2011 and 22.01.2011 and you can test a Volant ski for one day free-of-charge.

make the wearer feel great, no matter where you are. A wide selection of women & men’s wear to choose from.

products for the ski world. A selection of well-know racing ski’s, glamorous women and men’s fashion to choose from, with accessories to combine.

Vertex Sport also stocks VIST - a young Italian company, unique of its kind, which stakes on the combination of refined design with high quality, in order to create innovative


All Volant models are available for testing at Herrmann‘s Ski Service, Rialtostrasse Gstaad. Do not be shy - do come by and have a look for yourself!

At Vertex Sport you will also find twotime Olympian Stefan Kaelin’s brand – adiamondinthesnow. At home, on the mountain or around town, his line will catch people’s attention with their bold colors and prints.

Ladies Volant helmet with fur

Vertex Sport stocks a good selection of technical and fashionable ski gear, mainly Fischer, Head and the custommade ski boots, Strolz – perfectly handcrafted to fit and only available from them. Well-known all-year leasure brands such as Lacoste, Gant, Descente, Patagonia, O’Neill and Eider are well stocked at Vertex Sport. Vertex Sport, Viktoriastrasse 2, 3780 Gstaad, Tel 033 744 15 47

DOMAINE DU LAC St-Prex Switzerland

Your future waterfront home




The quintessence of luxury

Less is more

Let your life flow

As you go through Domaine du Lac, you will come across a group of three residences. They stand on a plot of land which covers more than 15,000 m² and is the last area alongside Lake Geneva that is still available for construction. Each of these homes has a lavish volume of 4400 m³ and floor area of 1003 m². Only the most elegant and sophisticated materials have been used and everything has been designed to satisfy the very highest quality requirements, right down to the smallest details. A gatehouse provides security and controls access to the Domaine.

Domaine du Lac is in a superb, truly exceptional waterfront location in the commune of St-Prex. It is ideally situated near the international schools and the most prestigious golf clubs between Lausanne and Geneva. In addition, it is just a short distance from the ski resorts of Gstaad, Verbier and CransMontana, which are a little over an hourʼs drive away. Furthermore, it only takes 30 minutes to get to Geneva airport…

Domaine du Lac will introduce you to a made-to-measure world where almost anything is possible. With a design by Jean-Baptiste Ferrari architects, your home will reflect your character and personality. The temperature-controlled wine cellar will provide perfect storage for your finest wines, while the luxurious fitness room, spa and cinema area will delight you.

For more informations

DOLORES GERMANO SALES MANAGER T +41 79 347 89 69 doloresgermano@domainedulac.ch www.domainedulac.ch

Friday 17 December 2010 Page 27


Another two women in the municipal council of Lauenen TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 30.11.2010 The Municipal Council Lauenen in its new composition (from left): Hans Ulrich HauswirthLübke, Ruedi Trachsel, Municipal (council) president, Kurt Hefti, Vice-Municipal(council) President, Cornelia HauswirthZumstein, Stephan Addor, Ruth Oehrli-Pekoll, Peter Trachsel and Urs Brand. Missing is the newlyelected Peter Reichenbach.

Photo: zvg

Newly elected to the City Council are Cornelia Hauswirth, Ruth Oehrli and Peter Reichenbach. Re-elected was Hans Ulrich Hauswirth. The new vice-municipal (council) president is Kurt Hefti. In topic the new basic building code has been approved as well as the loan for the school renovation project and the obligatory credit for road/path resurfacing.

Guilty verdict in cheese fraud case TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 30.11.2010

On December 3, 2010, the district court XIII in Thun declared Hanspeter Reust guilty of “fraud committed against the Migros Cooperative Aare in Gstaad in early summer 2006”. The court sentenced Reust to a converted prison penalty of 40 days at a daily rate of SFr 660 (totaling SFr. 26,400) as well as a fine of SFr. 3,000. Furthermore, he is required to pay SFr 7,700 in court costs. Due to mounting evidence and contradictory statements made by the accused, the court came to a decision, that Hanspeter Reust intentionally instructed employees to ship Bergkäse (common mountain cheese) instead of Alpkäse (more expensive alpine cheese). “The testimony of the accused was controversial and unconvincing,” said District Court Judge

Photo: Archiv AvS

The former operations director of the Molkerei Gstaad dairy was found guilty of intentionally shipping the wrong cheese. He was sentenced to pay a converted prison penalty of 40 days at a daily rate of SFr. 660 as well as a fine of SFr. 3,000. He was acquitted of all other charges, as was his wife.

The former operations director of the dairy Molkerei Gstaad was found guilty for delivering the wrong cheese. Jürg Santschi. Witness statements, however, convinced the court. Due to mounting evidence and testimonies against him, the court came to a decision, that Reust’s admission during the first examination (he had confirmed this months later as well admitted the intentional delivery in a telephone call with the executive committee), “was an acceptable confession,” according to Santschi. Acquittal of all other charges The court cleared Hanspeter Reust

of all other charges including those related to advertising, cosmetic products, PR projects, fire insurance money received, as well as other financial matters involving personal bank accounts and accounts receivable. The court also cleared Erika Reust, the wife of Hanspeter Reust, of all charges. She was accused of being an accomplice to dishonesty in management of affairs. Furthermore, the court dismissed the civil action brought by the Milk Producers Co-

operative Gstaad and Surrounding Areas against Erika Reust as well as her counteraction suit. Shortly after the sentence was read, the Reusts told the Anzeiger von Saanen that they were glad that the court case had come to an end. Hanspeter Reust stressed that he never had a bad conscience, because he knew what he did for the Molkerei. When asked about the shipping of the wrong cheese, Reust said he would need to confer with his lawyer.


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Droguerie von Grünigen welcomes Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and Droguerie von Grünigen: A match made in heaven or should we better say in the beautiful holiday region of Gstaad ? Gstaad’s history is deeply rooted and alpine authenticity is one of its trademarks and so is the history of the Droguerie von Grünigen. For over 160 years, the family von Grünigen passionately provides the region with their expertise and latest trends in pharmaceutical and beauty products. Passion is also a key element of Giorgio Armani’s beauty vision. Giorgio Armani, a true fashion icon brought a new philosophy to the world of beauty with extremely professional and fashion forward products that hold a uni-

que position in today’s cosmetic market. Discover now at Droguerie von Grünigen the iconic products from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics such as the new ‘Eyes to kill Excess’ Mascara represented by the new face for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Megan Fox. An excellent service at Droguerie von Grünigen combined with the luxury universe of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. What else could you wish for?

E x h ibit ion at Ur s von Unger

baergliecht.ch I l lu m i nat ions: Hel mut Koh l i Phot og r aphs: C h r ist oph Og i 2 8 D e cemb er 2 010 – 15 Ja nu a r y 2 011 Mon – Sat, 11 a m – 1 pm / 3 – 6 pm




K L EI N E S LA N DH AUS • DOR FST R ASSE 71 PHON E + 41 (0)33 74 4 4 4 11


<>DG<>D6GB6C> 8DHB:I>8H

C:LºcdlVkV^aVWaZ^c <hiVVYZmXajh^kZanVi




GSTAADPLATZ | P ROMENADE | GSTAAD tel. + 41 33 744 15 82, www.drogeriegstaad.ch


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Events Calendar FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17 16h00: Christmas market in Saanen. A feast for young and old! Contact +41 (0)33 748 81 63 for more information. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18 20h00: Advent concert of the Brass Band Harmonie Saanen. Locality; Mauritius church Saanen. For more info, contact +41 (0)79 669 50 03. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18 19h30: Youth on Fire – live band in Mehrzweckhalle, Schönried. Everybody is welcome. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18 10h00-19h00: Christmas tree market on the Promenade, Gstaad. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19 13h00-18h00: Folklore in Lauenen. Swiss music & jodelling at the Hotel-Restaurant Geltenhorn. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19 11h00-19h00: Vernissage by Pedro Luis Roata at hair_room_gstaad. For further info, contact +41 (0)33 744 98 88. MONDAY, DECEMBER 20 17h00: Concert of alphorn, Promenade Gstaad. Contact +41 (0)79 321 19 58 for more information. MONDAY, DECEMBER 20 & 27 11h00-18h00: Market in Gstaad. Local products & handicraft on the Kapälliplatz. For more info, contact +41 (0)33 744 78 83. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22 18h45: Sledge tour by full moon. Ascent between 18h45 & 19h15 on the WispileGsteig. Rate SFr 45 – SFr 65. Reservation: +41 (0)33 748 96 32. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25 10h00: Zither concert at the church in Gsteig. Free entrance. Phone +41 (0)33 748 76 76 for more info. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26 & 27 17h00: Concert in the Mauritius church Saanen. Orchestra degli Amici. Free guest apéro on the 26th & 27th Dec 2010 at 18h30 on the Menuhinplatz in Saanen. Rate SFr 20 – SFr 70. Reservation possible, +41 (0)33 748 81 82. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26 – SATURDAY, JANUARY 1 Dance in the Restaurant Heiti, Gsteig. Contact +41 (0)33 755 11 97. MONDAY, DECEMBER 27 20h30: Gospel concert of Christine Jaccard in the Lauenen church. Everybody is welcome! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28 19h30: New Year Music Festival. Opening night at the Lauenen church – concert with the Euro Asia Orchestra of Kazakhstan. 21h00: Grand Hotel Park Gstaad – Tango on ice with

Friday December 17 2010 until Friday January 28 2010

Charlotte Aiken & Josh Whidborne, British Jnr Champions 2010. 21h15: Gala Dinner at the Grand Hotel Park. Rate SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information.

MONDAY, JANUARY 3 19h00: New Year Music Festival – Moroccan Invitational at the Grand Hotel Park, Gstaad. Rate: SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28 – SATURDAY, JANUARY 8 5th New Years Music Festival in Gstaad, Lauenen & Rougemont. Starts with charity gala at newly re-opening of Grand Hotel Park Gstaad on Tuesday December 28. Concerts are in different localities in the region. For details: www.nymf.ch WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29 & JANUARY 12, 19 & 26 Ski on the Wispile at night. The skilifts Zückerli and Rütti are open from 19h00 to 21h30. Costs: Adults SFr 10, children 10-16 years SFr 5 and children up to 9 years ski for free. Contact +41 (0)33 748 87 37 for more information. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29 17h00: New Year Music Festival at Gallery Patricia Low & Grand Hotel Park. 17h00 – Patricia Low contemporary gallery, Gstaad Promenade. 19h30 – Grand Hotel Park – Tango on Ice. 20h00 – Grand Hotel Park: concert lyrique de tango. Rate SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 19h00: New Year Music Festival at the Grand Hotel Park, Gstaad. Le piano romantique autour de Franz Liszt, Victoria Slaboszewicz, piano. Rate: SFr10 – SFr45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5 17h00: New Year Music Festival at the Grand Hotel Park, Gstaad, with Mauro Lo

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30 17h15: Zither concert. Werner Frey plays on his Zither songs of different composers. Locality – Kapelle, Gstaad. Phone +41 (0)33 748 81 81. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31 19h30: New Year Music Festival with Roberto Moron Perez in the Kapelle Gstaad. Rate SFr 10 – SFr 45. Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27.

+41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6 19h00: New Year Music Festival at the Lauenen church with Chen Reiss, soprano and Charles Spencer, piano. Cocktail reception at 20h30 at the Grand Hotel Park, Gstaad. Rate: SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6 18h00-21h00: Gstaad meets on Ice. Sausages & drinks available. Locality – Ice rink, +41 (0)33 748 80 90.

ROTARY CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings every Monday 12h00 Palace Hotel Gstaad (033 / 748 50 00), President: Rot. Ernst Niederhauser (033 / 744 21 90), Program: Rot. Andreas Hurni (033 / 744 36 28) LIONS CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings normally each first and third week of the month on Thursdays, either at 12h00 a.m. for lunch or at 7h00 p.m. for dinner. Meetings in Wellness & Spa-Hotel Ermitage-Golf, Schönried, Tel. 033 748 60 60. For details and program contact Urs Wittwer, president, 033 748 99 11, info@wittwer-fleurs.ch, htttp://gstaad-saanenland.lionsclub.ch

FRIDAY, JANUARY 7 18h30: New Year Music Festival at the Rougemont church. Callum Smart (violin), accompanied by Gordon Back (piano). Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27. SATURDAY, JANUARY 8 18h00-21h30: Downhill bike at night on the Rinderberg. Rate SFr 29. For more information, contact +41 (0)33 748 87 37. SATURDAY, JANUARY 8 18h00: Lauenen church – David Kadouch, piano. 20h00: Ana Kipiani, piano in associa-

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31 20h30: Traditional Silvester in GstaadSaanenland. Locality: different locations in the region. Contact +41 (0)33 722 36 35 for more information.

tion with the “SOS Talents Foundation”. Rate

SATURDAY, JANUARY 1 17h00: New Year Music Festival with Pianoforte – celebrating Liszt, in the Rougemont church. Rate SFr10 – SFr45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more info.

09h30: Grund-Slalom (Berner Cup) at the

SUNDAY, JANUARY 2 17h00: New Year Music Festival at the Grand Hotel Park, Gstaad. Cocktail reception and introduction to the concert – David Kaplan, piano. Rate: SFr 10 – SFr 45. For reservation, contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27.

MONDAY, JANUARY 24 – SATURDAY, JANUARY 29 Freeheelacademy.ch – learn how to ski, telemark style. During one week or one weekend in the beautiful Saanenland with great instructors. For beginners and advanced. Rate SFr265-SFr375. Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)79 203 96 72 or www. freeheelacademy.ch

Conte, piano. Rate: SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact

Gstaad. For further info, contact THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30 17h00: New Year Music Festival: Pianoforte – Chopin in the church in Rougemont. Rate SFr 10 – SFr 45. Contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27 for more information.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 23 Grand Prix Migros 2011 on the Horneggli, Schönried. This popular ski race for kids between 8 and 15 years. Year of birth from 1996 – 2003. Rate SFr 20 – SFr 35. Reservation possible. Phone +41 (0)31 950 62 15 or www.gp-migros.ch

SFr 10 – SFr 45. Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)77 474 15 27. SATURDAY, JANUARY 8 Racing Center Huble, Gstaad. Free entry. For more info, www.scgrund.ch or contact +41 (0)33 744 42 13. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 – SUNDAY, JANUARY 9 Christmas magic in Swiss handicraft in the museum in Saanen. Free entry to the museum during the exposition. For more info, contact +41 (0)33 744 13 73.

CHURCH SERVICES St Peter’s English-Speaking Anglican Church, Château-d’Oex 19. December 2010, 17.30 h Evening Prayer. Rev. Penny Frank. 24. December 2010, 17.30 h Carols with candlelight. Followed by short Service of Holy Communioh. Rev. Clive Atkinson & Rev. Penny Frank. 25. December 2010, 10.00 h – 10.30 h Short “get-together” on Christmas morning. Rev. Penny Frank. All welcome. Information: 026 924 60 92 IMPORTANT NUMBERS Ambulance 144, Police 117 Police office 033 356 84 31 Fire-brigade 118 Saanen Hospital 033 748 02 00 Château-d‘Oex Hospital 026 923 43 43 Car accident service 033 744 88 80 Veterinary 033 744 35 31 Medical emergency 0900 57 67 47 Dental emergency 033 748 02 00 For additional useful numbers please visit www.gstaadlife.ch/usefulnumbers For the latest local weather forecast visit www.gstaadlife.com/weather


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When people talk about Gstaad, it’s often about who comes here: someone beautiful, someone rich, someone famous, someone jet set. Many members of the “glitterati” have cavorted here, from David Niven and Roger Moore to Roman Polanski and Julie Andrews. You can include Elle Macpherson, Paris Hilton, Robbie Williams, Bono—the list goes on. Kings, queens, certainly lots of little princes and princesses. But Gstaad isn’t about fame. Gstaad doesn’t give a damn. Fame, on the other hand, is about the famous, and everybody cares about them. We love to love them and to hate them. We consume them and they

consume us. What is it about the glitterati? Why can’t we get enough of them? People pay to read about them in the rags, look at their photos online, and gossip about who is doing what, where, and with whom. In a word, they are entertaining. When there is nothing else to talk about, we often talk about them. The glitterati. And thank goodness for their existence. We live more glamorous and fantastic lives because of them. We can dream of the lifestyle or even aspire to a glittering life. Our egos are fed. We are consumed by the adulation. Imagine the trips, the houses and cars, jewels and furs, the intriguing people at one’s disposal. It has always been the stuff of delightful fantasy. But the difference between fantasy and reality is all too easily confused. One can hardly blame the fantasizers; reality is not for the fainthearted. I doubt many would prefer the grueling and imperfect world we are often faced with over a shroud of beauty and perfection. The fine sense of control one has in a fantasy is a gentle relief to an often jarring physical existence.

But what would it be like to live in a fantasy world all the time? I would hate to lead the life of a famous or fashionable person. It’s not that I disdain them, but I can’t think of anything more dreadful than life in the public eye. Envision the unforgiving forces they face...envy, paparazzi, keeping up appearances, and worst of all, loss of privacy and anonymity. Namelessness can be terribly isolating, sometimes even deadly, but the opposite is easily as bad. Poor Princess Diana was one such casualty, emotionally tortured and then berated by fame’s demands. We all know how it ended for her. That’s the thing about fame, it seems to make one’s private life that much more difficult to manage. The countless stories about the tragic demise of some celebrity simply highlights the often cruel reality. Yet we live in a world where kids say they want to grow up to be famous. But why? Perhaps it is the illusion of accomplishment. I think of poor little Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who was

born famous. Her only accomplishment was choosing two famous parents. Suri might never know the silly little pleasures the average person takes for granted. When you’re famous and do something such as go to the grocery store in pajamas, like little Amy Winehouse who appears on her doorstep with curlers in her hair, a headscarf, and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, thousands if not millions of people take note. Judgments are made. One is trashed and ridiculed. The pictures—permanent proof of your folly—sell for thousands of dollars. There are many more who live on fame’s fringes: the beautiful men, women, and children who fill the tabloids’ secondary pages. They are wanted (like Dasha Zhukova and Kim Kardashian), but not hunted (like Diana or Brad and Angelina). Wherever they fall in fame’s hierarchy, they stop, they pose, they appear to be seen. They believe the hype. So like the voyeurs on the sidelines, they have bought into the idea that being famous is something real, something worth aspiring to. But mere fame bequeaths very little. The rewards come from what caused the fame: the job, the talent, whatever it might be. Maybe Warhol was right when he proclaimed we all get our fifteen minutes. Some get more, others less. Regardless, fame is there to amuse us all. Whether one is on the red carpet or alongside it screaming, or whether one is Jesus, Mohammed, or one of their disciples, celebrity’s allure is simply an ideal of perfection we like to indulge. We use it to disentangle ourselves from our true potential and console us from reality when we’re not strong or wise enough to realize our ambitions. So beware the trappings of fame.


Looking for â&#x20AC;&#x153;club dealsâ&#x20AC;? ? We connect your wealth to the world.

When clients expressed an interest in large-scale commercial property investments, we created groups of investors sharing the same ambition. Our â&#x20AC;&#x153;club dealsâ&#x20AC;? facilitate investments on a scale that would be inaccessible to any individual. We can do this because we have both the international FRQQHFWLRQVDQGWKHĆ&#x201A;QDQFLDOVWUHQJWKRIWKH+6%&JURXS ,Q6ZLW]HUODQG+6%&3ULYDWH%DQNJLYHV\RXWKHFRPELQHGH[SHULHQFHDQG H[SHUWLVHRISURIHVVLRQDOVGHGLFDWHGWRZHDOWKPDQDJHPHQWIRU6ZLVV and international clients. :HFUHDWHJOREDORSSRUWXQLWLHVIURP6ZLW]HUODQGYLDRXURIĆ&#x201A;FHVLQ*HQHYD =XULFK/XJDQR6W0RULW]DQG*VWDDG ZZZKVEFSULYDWHEDQNFRP &RQWDFWXV3URPHQDGH&+*VWDDG7HO  

Profile for Müller Medien

GstaadLife, 17. Dez. 2010  

GstaadLife Magazine, the exclusive monthly publication about the good life in Gstaad.

GstaadLife, 17. Dez. 2010  

GstaadLife Magazine, the exclusive monthly publication about the good life in Gstaad.

Profile for mdruck