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Alberta, Canada

SUMMER ADVENTURE GUIDE #TakeItToTheLake www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca

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Lake Adventures

Happen Here! #TakeItToTheLake Cold Lake M.D. Park 780.639.4121 or book online

Chicken Hill Lake M.D. Park 780.573.8941 or book online

Moose Lake Pelican Point M.D. Park 780.573.8828 or book online

Crane Lake East & West M.D. Parks 780.573.6443 or book online

Moose Lake Vezeau Beach M.D. Park* 780.826.6337 or book online

Ethel Lake M.D. Park 780.573.9569 or book online

Beartrap Lake M.D. Park 780.826.4140

Minnie Lake East & West M.D. Parks 780.573.6666 or book online

Wolf Lake M.D. Park 780.826.0556

Online reservations at: www.campreservations.ca

Muriel Lake M.D. Park* 780.826.4140 or book online

* Seasonal sites available

Like us on Facebook for campsite availability! www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca


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Published by: Municipal District of Bonnyville




TWO DAYS. TWO WEEKS. TWO MONTHS. Create your campfire moments in the Bonnyville / Cold Lake Region. TAKE IT TO THE LAKE. LIVE ON LAKE TIME. LIFE SLOWS DOWN. WORRIES FALL AWAY.

Listen. Relax.






Beartrap Lake M.D. Park – Five non-power campsites, outhouses. Rates: $25/unit/night non-power. Phone reservations open April 1. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on call. Small recreational lake 7.5 km east of Bonnyville on Highway 659, 6.3 km south on Hwy. 657, five km east on Township Road 604 and two km south on Range Road 443. 780-826-4140

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Chicken Hill Lake M.D. Park – NEW in 2021 29 power campsites, outhouses, hand pump for non-potable water, day use


area, new beach area, volleyball nets, playground, and firewood for sale. Rates: $30/unit/night power. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www.campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Recreational lake south of Hwy. 28 (at Glendon intersection) on Secondary Highway 882 (Rge. Rd. 484) for 6.4 km, east on Twp. Rd. 594 for 3.3 km and then south on Rge. Rd. 482 for one km. From St. Paul go north on Hwy. 881 and east on Twp. Rd. 594 for 28.9 km. 780-573-8941


Cold Lake M.D. Park – Seventy-one sites with power. Tenting and overflow camping areas. Picnic area, playground, beach volleyball, soccer, coin shower and laundry, firepits, NEW in 2021 sani-dump station, dry firewood for sale, beach and swimming area, power hookups, and flush toilets. Rates: $30/ unit/night with power, $20/tent/night. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www.campreservations.ca. Calls the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located at 2301-1st Ave. in Cold Lake North, west of Kinosoo Beach. 780-639-4121




will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until

M.D. PARKS Crane Lake East M.D. Park – NEW in 2021 26 power campsites. Firepits, dry firewood for sale, hand pump for non-potable water, boat launch, and dock, fish cleaning stand, beach, playground, and swimming area. Rates: $30/unit/night power. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www. campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Located 25 km west of Cold Lake along Hwy. 55, five km north on Rge. Rd. 444 and east on Twp. Rd. 640. 780-573-6443 Crane Lake West M.D. Park – Twenty-four power sites. Firepits, dry firewood for sale, camp kitchen, non-potable water, boat launch, and dock, fish cleaning stand, and beach. Rates: $30/unit/night power. Phone and online reservations open


April 1, book at www.campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located 25 km west of Cold Lake along Hwy. 55 and five km north on Rge. Rd. 444. 780-573-6443

Bonnyville & Cold Lake



Ethel Lake M.D. Park – Eleven non-power sites, firepits, dry firewood for sale, non-potable water, horseshoe pits, playground, swimming area, camp kitchen, fish cleaning stand, boat launch, and dock. Rate: $25/unit/night non-power. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www.campreser-


vations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m.


to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located eight km west on Hwy. 55 and 10 km north on Hwy. 897 from Cold Lake. 780-573-9569


Minnie Lake M.D. Park East – Eleven power sites. Day use picnic area with firepits and change rooms. Beach with swimming area, paddleboard rentals, store, ice cream, and diving platform. Playground and volleyball court. Outhouses, firewood for sale, Rates: $30/unit/night power. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www.campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. A picturesque small lake located five minutes northeast of Glendon north off Hwy. 660. 780-573-6666 Minnie Lake M.D. Park West – NEW in 2021 five power sites. Boat launch with parking and dock. Firewood for sale, non-potable water, outhouse, and picnic shelter. Rates: $30/unit/ at www.campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on call. Located five minutes northeast of Glendon north off Hwy. 660. 780-573-6666


night power. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


M.D. PARKS Pelican Point M.D. Park – Thirty-five non-power individual sites, two non-powered group sites and a day use area on the east side of Moose Lake. Trailer dumping station, boat launch and dock, playground, new beach area with paddleboard rentals, non-potable water, fish cleaning stands, outhouses, and firewood for sale. Lots of berry picking. Pike, Walleye and Perch fishing. Rates: $25/unit/night non-power. Group Area $100/night. (Campers in Group II Site can access quad trails). Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www. campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located two km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41, 16 km west on Hwy. 660 and 6.5 km south on Rge. Rd. 474 OR one km north of Glendon,


10 km east on Hwy. 660 and 6.5 km south. 780-573-8828



Vezeau Beach M.D. Park – Twen-

Calls will be taken between the

ty-three full-service sites, one tent

hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until

site, and three power only sites on

the campground officially opens

the south shore of Moose Lake.

on May 14, when extended hours

Showers, laundry facilities, swim-

will be maintained. Open May 14 to

ming dock, playground, jumping

September 12. Caretakers on site.

pillow, firewood for sale, firepits,

Located five km west of Bonnyville

fishing, boat launch, and expanded

on Hwy. 28.

dock. Bonnyville Golf and Country


Club with an 18-hole golf course, pro shop and restaurant is adjacent to campground. Rates: $45/ unit/night full-service, $30/unit/night power only. Full season $4,700. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www. campreservations.ca.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Muriel Lake M.D. Park – Ninety-three individual sites: 54 with power, 39 non-power. Two non-power group areas, two ball diamonds, two playgrounds, two beach volleyball courts, soccer, 13 km trail network for hiking and biking, running water, barrier-free accessibility in washrooms and showers, trailer dumping station, and firewood for sale. Kayaks and canoes can be put in the water at the boat launch area. Excellent birdwatching area, with a variety of wildlife. Fabulous family camping. Horse lovers can take advantage of the new day use staging area for access to eight kilometres of marked horse trails. Rates: $30/ unit/night with power, $25/unit/night non-power. Seasonal sites as per availability: $375/month non-power, $450/month with power. Non-power Group Area $180. Day use lookout area $100. Phone and online reservations open April 1, book at www.


campreservations.ca. Calls will be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located 12 km east off of Hwy. 28 (just before the Town of Bonnyville) on Twp. Rd. 610 and six km south on Rge. Rd. 452 (watch for signs). 780-826-4140


Wolf Lake M.D. Park – Sixty-seven non-power sites (11 can be used as double stalls). Firepits, firewood for sale, outhouses, non-potable water, fish cleaning stands, playground, boat launch with dock, and trailer dumping station. Rate: $25/unit/ night non-power. Phone reservations open April 1. Calls will campground officially opens on May 14, when extended hours will be maintained. Open May 14 to September 12. Caretakers on site. Located 20 km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41, 15 km west on Hwy. 55 and 30 km north on Rge. Rd. 473. 780-826-0556


be taken between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the

Reservations are strongly recommended for all campgrounds. Campground rates, site details and contact numbers may be subject to change.

Please visit our website at md.bonnyville.ab.ca for up-to-date information on prices and amenities.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


SEASONAL CAMPGROUNDS M.D. SEASONAL CAMPGROUNDS Moose Lake Vezeau Beach M.D. Park www.campreservations.ca 780-826-6337

Muriel Lake Muriel Lake M.D. Park www.campreservations.ca 780-826-4140


Crane Lake

Poplar Escape RV Park E: poplarescapervpark@gmail.com 780-812-4507

Bodina Resort 780-826-7165

Rocky Meadows Country Getaway E: info@rockymeadows.net 780-826-6053 Cold Lake

Hilda Lake Hilda Lake Hideaway E: hilda.lake.hideaway@gmail.com 780-201-2654 La Corey

Baywood Park 780-573-3108 or 780-812-6612 Evergreen Birch Lodge E: evergreenbirch@yahoo.ca 780-639-3114 Hamilton House A Woodland Oasis Inn & Adventures E: hamiltonhousebb@gmail.com 780-594-7257 or 780-812-6525 RunWay RV Park Email: mdube@mcsnet.ca 780-815-3246 or 780-639-3253

Willow Trail RV Park E: willowtrailrvpark@hotmail.com 780-812-3005 Manatokan Lake Manatokan Lake RV Campground 780-812-5521 Muriel Lake Rustic RV Park 403-815-9795 Spring Beach Campground E: spring.beach@hotmail.com 780-826-6277

Please visit our website at md.bonnyville.ab.ca for up-to-date information on prices and amenities. Information subject to change.





Poplar Escape RV Park – Poplar Escape has 20 full-service, year-round sites available and 11 full-service summer sites. Featuring Wi-Fi, laundry and a shower house. Located 3.2 km north of Bonnyville off of Highway 660 at 61411A Range Road 455. E: poplarescapervpark@gmail.com www.poplarescapervpark.ca 780-812-4507 Rocky Meadows Country Getaway – Sixty full-service sites (power, water and sewer), 30 and 50 amp power. Showers, laundry, playground, and blow-up waterslide. Group area with


shelter for overnight and day use. Spring fed pond now stocked with rainbow trout. U-Pick Berry Farm with Pie Shop and “Farmyard” minigolf. Hiking trail to Beaver River. Take a relaxing float down the Beaver River. Nightly, weekly, monthly, and seasonal rates. Open year-round. Located 13.4 km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41 and 3.4 km west on Township Road 624A. Facebook.com/RockyMeadowsCountryGetAway E: info@rockymeadows.net www.rockymeadows.net 780-826-6053

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Baywood Park – Forty-six sites with 21 full-service sites (power, water and sewer), 30 and 15 amp electrical, with firepits and picnic tables, $35/unit/night. Twenty-five partially serviced (power and water), 30 amp electrical, with firepits and picnic tables, $35/unit/night. Tenting also available. Four fully serviced log cabins for rent nightly, weekly or monthly. Call for rates. Baywood Park is located on 137 acres that includes 2.5 km of walking trails through wooded areas, boardwalks across marshland, covered shelter with day use area, and outdoor toilets. Private boat launch to Long Bay on Cold Lake available to Baywood campers. Winter camping is available. Please call for details. Located one km east of Cold Lake South and three km north on Baywood Road (turn on Rge. Rd. 420 off of Twp. Rd. 630). Facebook: Baywood Park Cold Lake 780-573-3108 or 780-812-6612 Cold Lake Provincial Park – Total 117 sites: 26 sites with power and water hookups, 79 sites with power and 12 walk-in tenting sites. Campground store operates May long weekend to Labour Day selling firewood, ice, ice cream, snacks, and camping supplies. Firepits, boat launch, showers, pump and tap water, dumping station, day use area, group camping area by reservation, playground, hiking trails, swimming, lookout platforms, public beach, fishing, boating, and birding. Rates: $46/unit/night with power and water, $38/unit/night with power, $30/unit/night non-power. All sites on the reservation system. No first come, first served sites. Open May 20 to Thanksgiving. For more information call 780-594-7856. Located five km northeast of Cold Lake off Hwy. 28. Book online at www.reserve.albertaparks.ca or call 1-877-537-2757





Evergreen Birch Lodge – Three minutes west of Cold Lake’s Kinosoo Beach is this beautiful 142-acre resort, with 12 secluded full-service RV sites, cabins, one and two full-kitchen cottages, as well as three to six bedroom lodges. Evergreen Lodge is a luxury facility with six bedrooms, 10 beds, three bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, coffee bar and extra kitchen with a great room. There is an outside covered seating area that can accommodate up to 60 guests for reunions and intimate weddings. All accommodations are nestled in private forested areas, pet friendly, with 4.6 km of walking trails that wind through acres of horse pastureland. Every private entry cabin has a firepit and patio with barbecue. Each RV site has a wooden deck, firepit and picnic table. RV sites have both 15 and 30 amp power, full services, as well as wireless internet and free laundry facilities. RV sites run from April 1 to October 31, and have two night, weekly and monthly rates. There is a full-service group area for gatherings of four to six RVs. The campground has an on-site playground, playhouse and treehouse. Kim Gray has added Anglers Bait & Tackle for all your fishing needs and offers guided fishing charters in summer and winter, as well as ice fishing shacks for rent. Located 3.5 km west of Cold Lake on Rge. Rd. 423. E: evergreenbirch@yahoo.ca www.evergreenbirchlodge.com 780-639-3114 Lodge Booking Office 780-660-9336 Anglers Bait & Tackle and charter booking


Facebook: Evergreen Birch Lodge



English Bay Provincial Recreation Area – Fifty-seven sites with power on the west side of Cold Lake. Boat launch, beach, and swimming area. Rates: $34/unit/night with power. All sites on the provincial reservation system. Open May 20 to September 7. For more information call 780-594-7856. Located 16 km north of Cold Lake. Book online at www.reserve.albertaparks.ca or call 1-877-537-2757



French Bay Provincial Recreation Area – Ten non-power campsites. Firepits, bring your own firewood. Day use beach area and swimming at lower campsite. Boat launch for small car top boats and dock at upper campsite. Hand pumps for water. Rates: $26/unit/night non-power. First come, first served, self-registration. Open May 20 to September 7. Located 15 km northeast of Cold Lake, one km south of Kinosoo Ridge, on the southeast shore of Cold Lake. For information call 780-594-7856


CAMPGROUNDS Hamilton House A Woodland Oasis Inn and Adventures – Four full-service RV sites, with power and water, with sewer disposal for weekly and monthly guests. Picnic table, with group use firepit or individual firepits. Various sizes fit from 16 to 40 feet. Access to outdoor B&B amenities; canoeing, hiking/biking trails, lawn games and

hot tub. Rates: $35/unit/night full service, $220/weekly, $800/ monthly. $20/unit/night non-power in the group use area. Located 10 minutes southeast of the City of Cold Lake on Hwy. 55 East. Facebook.com/woodlandoasis E: hamiltonhousebb@gmail.com www.hamiltonhouse.com 780-594-7257 or 780-812-6525 RunWay RV Park - Offers 10 full-service RV sites with 30 amp power, potable water, sewer hookups, garbage disposal and Wi-Fi. Amenities include trails, four-acre short-range golfing (three green), group firepits, sitting area, U-Pick, organic vegetable garden. Picnic tables, firewood, golf clubs, and bicycles available on site. Catering mainly to oilfield workers and retired couples. Located four km west of Cold Lake North on Rge. Rd.


424 at 63408 RGE RD 424. Quiet dead-end road.


Facebook.com/RunWayRV E: RunWayRVpark@yahoo.ca www.runwayrv.com 780-815-3246




Bodina Resort – Forty-two full-service sites with 30 and 50 amp power on the south shore of Crane Lake. On-site camper rentals. Three cabins at $110 a night or $600 weekly during summer season. Store open seasonally, showers, firepits, firewood for sale, boat launch, pressurized water service, beach/ swimming area, and hiking trails. Access to ATV trails. Reservations recommended. Long-term monthly rentals available. Taking full season bookings starting April 1. All other bookings start May 1. Rates: $42/unit/night, $275/weekly, $900/monthly,


and $3,400/seasonal. Leave your trailer year-round for $4,200. Located 25 km west of Cold Lake along Hwy. 55 and five km north on Rge. Rd. 444. Facebook: Bodina Resort www.bodinaresort.com 780-826-7165

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Hilda Lake Hideaway – Seasonal campsite with 47 non-serviced sites. Oversized private treed lots with close proximity to lakeshore. Eighteen sites with private lakeshore access. It is the perfect location to enjoy fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, and Burbot. Four beach areas throughout the campground. Firepits and picnic tables provided with each site, boat launch, and sani-dump. Completely fenced, gated campground with access for seasonal campers and their guests only. Open May long weekend to September 15. Located at 64118 RGE


RD 434, 20 minutes from Cold Lake and 35 minutes from


Bonnyville. Facebook: Hilda Lake Hideaway E: hilda.lake.hideaway@gmail.com www.campingcoldlakehildalake.com 780-201-2654



Manatokan Lake RV Campground – Twenty full-service sites (30 amp power, water and sewer). Private beach and two private 60-foot fishing docks. Excellent catch and keep Perch and Northern Pike fishing. Check 2021 regulations for updates. Public boat launch. Call or text for reservations and rates. Seasonal rates. Open year-round. Located 19.2 km northwest of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41, west on Hwy. 55 for 9.6 km, north at Iron River on Rge. Rd. 470 for 3.2 km and then west on Twp. Rd. 634 for 1.6 km. Rural address: 63402 RGE RD 471. Facebook.com/manatokanlakervcampground 780-812-5521

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Moose Lake Provincial Park – Total 59 sites: 47 power, 12 non-power. Group camping area with 12 power sites. All sites are on the reservation system. Covered cook shack and firepits. Water in each loop, firewood for sale, playground, boat launch, hiking trails, and swimming area. Excellent birdwatching. Adjacent to Iron Horse Trail. Rates: $33/unit/night power, $26/unit/ night non-power. Open May 20 to September 7. For information call 780-594-7856. Located two km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41, 12 km west on Hwy. 660. Book online at www.reserve.albertaparks.ca Or call 1-877-537-2757

Franchere Bay Provincial Recreation Area – Total 198 sites on the north shore of Moose Lake: 41 power and water; 57 power; 100 non-power. All sites are on the provincial reservation system. Showers, cook shack, sandy beach, tap water, fish cleaning stand, playground, and boat launch. Firewood for sale. Adjacent to Iron Horse Trail. Rates: $42/unit/night power and water, $34/ September 7. For information call 780-594-7856. Located two km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41, 18 km west on Hwy. 660 and two km south on Rge. Rd. 473 OR one km north of Glendon, 10 km east on Hwy. 660 and two km south. Book online at www.reserve.albertaparks.ca or call 1-877-537-2757




unit/night power, $26/unit/night non-power. Open May 20 to



Rustic RV Park – Seasonal lease only for both full-service lots and dry lots (off the grid) on Muriel Lake. Lots are large with unlimited extra space available for storage and use. Decks, sheds and personalized décor are welcome. Winter storage is included. Beach, biking, birdwatching, walking and quad trails are accessible. ATVs and pets are welcome. Close proximity to several other lakes, golf course, Bonnyville Pro Rodeo, MudFest, and town amenities. Privacy, space, peace, and tranquility are key features. Seasonal use is from May 15 to September 30. By appointment only. Located 14.5 km south of Bonnyville. www.rusticrvpark.ca 403-815-9795 Spring Beach Campground – Two hundred full-service sites on Muriel Lake. ATV and quad-friendly campground. Minigolf, playground, beach, walking and ATV trails, store, showers,


laundry, propane refills, wheelchair accessible washrooms, and firewood for sale. Rates: Mainly seasonal, with optional $45/ unit/night, weekly and monthly rates available on request. Open from May 15 to September 30. Reservations required. Located 10 km south of Bonnyville on Gurneyville Road (Rge. Rd. 460). E: spring.beach@hotmail.com 780-826-6277

Reservations are strongly recommended for all campgrounds. Campground rates, site details and contact numbers may be subject to change. Please visit our website at md.bonnyville.ab.ca for up-todate information on prices and amenities.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


BOAT LAUNCHES Looking to get out on the water? The following lakes have public boat launches. Angling Lake

Manatokan Lake

Cold Lake

Minnie Lake

City of Cold Lake Marina

Moose Lake

Cold Lake Provincial Park

Franchere Bay Provincial Rec. Area

English Bay Provincial Rec. Area

Moose Lake Provincial Park

French Bay Provincial Rec. Area

North Shore Heights Shay-Cho Bay

Crane Lake Crane Lake East M.D. Park Crane Lake West M.D. Park Ethel Lake

Pelican Point M.D. Park Vezeau Beach M.D. Park Muriel Lake Wolf Lake

SANI-DUMP STATIONS City of Cold Lake (4009 - 50 Street) Town of Bonnyville (Slawuta Pond, Lakeshore Drive) Cold Lake M.D. Park Cold Lake Provincial Park Hilda Lake Hideaway Muriel Lake M.D. Park Pelican Point M.D. Park (Moose Lake) Casino Dene (Petro Canada, Highway 28 & RR 423) Wolf Lake M.D. Park






The fish are plentiful in our lakes, so

Wolf Lake is teeming with Walleye –

you’ll be working the reel during a morn-

just remember to apply for your tags.

ing or afternoon trip. You might not

Whatever the fish, you are guaranteed a

catch the gigantic Kinosoo in Cold Lake,

good fight on any of our majestic lakes,

but there are lots of large Lake Trout,

but you might have to throw some fish

Walleye and Jack to reel in.

back in. Bonnyville & Cold Lake


GUIDED FISHING TOURS Kim Grey of Anglers Fishing Tours,

Brian Hamilton of Hamilton House -

residing at Evergreen Birch Lodge,

A Woodland Oasis - Inn and Adven-

has many years of experience angling

tures knows all the secret spots on

on Cold Lake and nearby lakes. Kim

Cold Lake. He charters from late May

has a passion for fishing and sharing

to mid-September. Half or full-day

his knowledge with other anglers.

fishing packages with all the fishing

Tours from mid-May to September

gear, snacks and drinks, or lunch sup-

30. Kim supplies all fishing gear,

plied. Traveling on an 18-ft., soft-top

snacks and drinks for small groups of

Glastron (May and June only for Pike

up to four on a 20-ft. pontoon boat

and Walleye) or a 24-ft. Bayliner, hard-

or groups of two on a 17-ft. Glasspar.

top (full cabin) May to September

Check out Kim’s shop, Anglers Bait,

for Lake Trout and Pike. Perfect for

Tackle & More for all your fishing

various group sizes or experience.




www.hamiltonhouse.com (Under

E: ksgrey77@gmail.com

Activities tab – Fishing Charters)


E: hamiltonhousebb@gmail.com 780-594-7257 or 780-812-8015



Mat Weaver of Weaver’s Bent Rods

Big Lake Trout and Walleye are Bryce

has a vast amount of knowledge about

Lynch’s specialties at Rippin Lips Fish-

all the lakes in the area and he loves

ing Adventures. He charters on Cold

to share his expertise. He will charter

Lake. You’ll be sure to go home with a

on the Lakeland lake of your choice

fish tale to tell your friends and family.

or depending on the fish species you

Facebook: rippinlips

want to catch. He offers full and half


day tours in a 20-ft. Lund Impact, powered by a 200HP Mercury Verado. He provides rods, tackle and proper bait. Bring your own lunch on full-day tours. Charters are designed for anyone, from the beginner to the experienced angler, and from kids to adults. Facebook.com/weaver’sbentrods www.weaversbentrods.com E: mweaver@weaversbentrods.com 780-312-9962

Bonnyville & Cold Lake



Northern Pike, Yellow Perch

Bangs Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Walleye

Barbara Lake

Northern Pike

Beartrap Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch

Bourque Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Cold Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Lake Trout, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Crane Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Ethel Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Frog Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Hilda Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Little Bear Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout

Manatokan Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Burbot

Marie Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

May Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Moose Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

Tucker Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish

Wolf Lake

Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Walleye, Burbot

EVENTS There is an event for you, no matter your fancy or the season. From the Cabane A Sucre, to rodeos, Canada Day celebrations in three communities, summer events like Haying In The 30s, Aqua Day and the Kehewin Pow Wow, fall events such as Pyrogy Festival and Fall Fairs, and on into winter with the Big Buck and Sportsmen Show, and a multitude of craft shows just take your pick and enjoy. Due to potential cancellations, we are not listing events in the guide this year. Please check www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca for an updated Community Events Calendar or watch our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


There are many ways to get on the water if you want to #TakeItToTheLake. If you don’t have your own watercraft, there are several businesses in the region that can outfit you with large or small boats. Wicked Watersport Rentals offers you a multitude of watersport options.


From tubing to fishing, there is

Anglers interested in trying out Moose

a boat for you at L&D Marine.

Lake can contact Franchere Boat

Watersport equipment, including

Rentals. They rent 14-ft. aluminum

tubes and ropes, are available for

boats with 15 or 9.9 horsepower

rent or sale. Rental boats can be put

engines. Located on Franchere Bay,

in the water at Vezeau Beach, or you

Moose Lake.

can tow it to the lake of your choice.


Do not let a break down interrupt


your vacation in the Lakeland. L&D Marine services all types of

Wicked Watersport Rentals Inc. is

watercraft and boats and is a full-

all about fun on the water. They offer

service Mercury Marine dealer. They

mobile watersport rentals specializing in

keep a full line of Amsoil lubricants

one-on-one personal Flyboard lessons.

in stock for all types of engines to

Rent the Wicked Party Pontoon Boat or

keep you having fun all year round.

a stand-up paddle board, single, double

Marine repairs and winterizations

or kid’s kayak, boogie board or four-

also available. They have now

person pedal boat. Attend one of the

expanded into boat and engine

Wicked Beach Parties held throughout

sales. Located next to Vezeau

the summer. Watch their Facebook

Beach on Moose Lake.

page for event details. Located on


Kinosoo Beach, Cold Lake.



E: Ldmarinerentalsltd@gmail.com


780-201-0154 or 780-573-4587




OFF-ROAD & TRAILER RENTALS There are all sorts of ways to explore our backcountry trails. Pioneer Offroad Rentals/Trailer Shop can get you suited up. Pioneer Rentals is located at #5B 45521 HWY660 north of Bonnyville. They rent quads, side-by-sides, Argos, and trailers - everything to take you onto the Iron Horse Trail or any of the trails and cutlines north of Highway 55. www.pioneerrentals.ca E: bonnyville@pioneerrentals.ca 780-826-2622 If you want to try out camping for the first time, or just need a part for your RV, JED RV Solutions can meet all your needs. They offer RV, camper and light-duty trailer rentals, mobile RV service and RV parts. They’ll even rent you a generator to keep you comfortable in the backcountry. www.jedrvsolutions.com E: jedrvsolutions@outlook.com 780-573-9172

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


WATER & LAND TOURS Enjoy lunch on one of Cold Lake’s isolated sandy beaches. Book an in-depth tour with Brian Hamilton while staying at Hamilton House - A Woodland Oasis Inn and Adventures. Share in the stories of Cold Lake’s natural and man-made history. Collect the five sands of Cold Lake, see the city sights and marina from the water side. Locate many of the lake’s 16 main beaches, swim and jump from the 24-ft. boat and have a cooked lunch on Brian’s favourite beach. Facebook.com/woodlandoasis

How about a dry land tour? With


an added bonus of cute and

E: hamiltonhousebb@gmail.com

cuddly animals, plus a fabulous

780-594-7257 or 780-812-6525

farm learning experience. Ye Olde MacLean Hobby Farm provides a

Enjoy the Edgewater Experience.

fun, interactive experience with farm

Tour Cold Lake in luxury. Book their

animals. Bottle feed kid goats, have

30-ft Regal Window Express Cabin

a pool party with the baby ducks,

Cruiser for a one to eight-hour tour.

visit Bunnyville, go for a ride in the

Spend the day on one of the lake’s

jail wagon, take a trip to the gold

isolated beaches or just cruise

mine, or go on a scavenger hunt

around for a day or afternoon, with

adventure in the Old West. Please

an occasional dip in the lake or throw

call and book ahead to secure a spot

a lure over the side. The boat fits

for your group or family. Located two

a maximum of 10 people. Catered

miles south of Fort Kent.

meals from local restaurants

Facebook.com /



E: rrobertson120760@gmail.com

E: Mac.Beth1980@hotmail.com





Bonnyville & Cold Lake




All photos on these pages are taken at Wolf Lake by Norm Dyrvik



The call of the Loon. That is what first

Muriel Lake, Moose Lake Provincial

draws your eye. In the early morning

Park, Franchere Bay, Pelican Point, and

light, the black head and red eyes glow

Wolf Lake recreation areas as they offer

out of the blue water. Your camera

excellent boreal forest and wetland

catches every movement as it dives


for a snack. You are in a birdwatcher’s

Jessie Lake, in the Town of Bonnyville, is


a shallow wetland home to a variety of

Early mornings are the best time to spot

bird life. Walk the path around the lake

our majestic birds in their plumed glory.

to check off species on your list.

A Blue Heron skimming along the shore.

Ethel Lake is one of Alberta’s most

An Eagle peeking up from its nest. A

reliable count areas for the provincially

Kingfisher flitting down on a branch. A

uncommon Yellow Rail and Sedge

squadron of Pelicans conversing in the


reeds. A Tern balancing in the lily pads.

Cold Lake is an entry point for neo-

Or an Osprey taking off with its catch.

tropical migratory birds such as

These are birdwatcher moments to

Wood Warblers. In late May and early

check off at Wolf Lake.

June, Cold Lake Provincial Park is the

Over 292 species of birds can be

destination for birders looking for the

found in our region, which is within

possibility of marking up to 23 Warbler

the transition zone between Alberta’s

species off their lists. The fall migration

aspen parkland and the northern boreal

draws a repeat crowd. Cold Lake has


one of Alberta’s largest Western Grebe

While you can birdwatch on any

colonies, and a spill-over population of

lakeshore, some of the best spots are

Pelicans, Cormorants and Gull species.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Wolf Lake

Rge Rd 475

Wolf Lake MD Park

Tucker Lake

k La ne Cr a Bodina Resort Crane La MD Park

Twp Rd 644

Rge Rd 460

Rge Rd 470

Rge Rd 473

Lac La Biche

Manatokan Lake RV Campground

Manatokan Lake

La Corey


Iron River Rocky Meadows Country Getaway

r River ave Be


Minnie Lake MD Parks

Minnie Lake


Franchere Bay Prov Rec Area

Moose Lake Provincial Park

Pelican Point MD Park


Fort Kent

Vezeau Beach RV Park

Moose Lake

Jessie Lake

Muriel Lake MD Park

Charlotte Lake Twp Rd 604


Chicken Hill MD Park 41

Chicken Hill Lake

St Paul


Spring Beach Muriel Campground Lake


Beartrap MD Park

Beartrap Lake

Rustic RV Park 29

Elk Point Vermilion


se Trail Alberta’s Iron Hor




Poplar Escape RV Park

Whitney Lakes Heinsburg

Ethel Lake MD Park

Hilda Lake Hideaway

Ethel Lake

Hilda Lake

English Bay


Runway RV Park

Twp Rd 634


Cold Lake Marina Evergreen Birch Lodge

Cold Lake

Cold Lake Provincial Park

Kinosoo Ridge

Baywood Park French Bay Prov Rec Area

Cold Lake Bike Park & Trails 892


Cold Lake

Little Bear Cold Lake MD Campground Lake

ake ks


ALBERTA English Bay Prov Rec Area



Hamilton House B&B 55

Bea ver Ri v



897 659

Aerial Adventure Park

Angling Lake


Pierceland Meadow Lake Sk


ATV Allowed

Ernestina Lake


Cherry Grove




p Lake k



Marie Lake





Boat Launch

Mini Golf


RV Park



Golf Course



Lloydminster Map By: GIS, MD of Bonnyville No. 87, 2021

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


OUTDOOR ADVENTURES GET CLIMBING Get the adrenaline pumping and test

Climb to the roof-top deck to catch

your coordination skills at the new

some sun and the best views of Cold

Aerial Adventure Park opening this

Lake. The structure offers a young child

spring at Kinosoo Ridge (pictured,

and wheelchair accessible course near

opposite page). The Park is a four-level

ground level, where patrons can be

customized climbing structure. Lots of

accompanied by their family, friends

different routes to go up, and a thrilling

and caregivers.

free-fall feeling drop down to the

After the big climb, grab lunch or snacks

ground. There is a range of individual

in the chalet and explore the ridge

climbing elements at a variety of

trails. Keep an eye on facebook.com/

difficulty levels for kids and adults.

skikinosooridge for updates.

PADDLE THE POND Enjoy a woodland oasis and paddle the private lake at Hamilton House Woodland Oasis Inn and Adventures. With six rental canoes, life jackets and paddles supplied, it can be a family adventure. Or give their two kayaks a try. Three docks access the many hiking trails around the lake. You can enjoy the island with a guest cabin for a stopover lunch or weekend retreat. Morning, afternoon, evening or daily rentals. Located 10 minutes southeast of the City of Cold Lake on Hwy. 55 East. Facebook.com/woodlandoasis www.hamiltonhouse.com E: hamiltonhousebb@gmail.com 780-594-7257 or 780-812-6525



Artist’s rendering of Aerial Adventure Park

Bonnyville & Cold Lake




BIKE & HIKE Our regional biking and hiking trails

If you want to end your hike or bike

offer tons of diversity – in scenery or

trek with a dip in the lake, Cold Lake

levels of challenging terrain.

Provincial Park has an excellent 11.5

The Cold Lake Bike Park & Trails, which surround the Cold Lake Museums, has six kms of trails and jump

km trail system for hiking and mountain biking. The public beach area is one of best spots to access the water.

features, with a Skills Park scheduled

For a more urban setting, the 12 km

to be constructed this summer. The

paved Millennium Trail takes you

Park contains year-round, multi-user

through the City of Cold Lake and into

(non-motorized), single track, mountain

4 Wing. The trail also connects to the

bike trails for all skill levels. Watch for

Heritage Trail along the lakeshore. Stop

sanctioned events to be held at the

for a bite to eat when you reach the

Park starting this year.




In the Bonnyville area, enjoy the serene beauty of the boreal forest, by foot or on two wheels, exploring Muriel Lake M.D. Park’s 13 km trail system. It offers a challenge for the seasoned hiker or biker. Moose Lake Provincial Park provides plenty of wildlife action on its six kms of trails. The tall pines are simply majestic. Wildlife sightings are plentiful when you walk or ride along the 10 km Wetlands Trail around Jessie Lake, which borders the Town of Bonnyville. For a more lengthy walk or ride, take the Vezeau Beach Trail, which starts on the west side of Bonnyville at the intersection of 66 St. and Township Road 611A. The paved trail is seven kms long, taking you through a tunnel under Highway 28 to Vezeau Beach and Moose Lake. Then it goes east on the paved North Shore Heights Trail, all the way north to the intersection with the multi-use Iron Horse Trail, ending at Hwy. 660.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES 4-WHEELING Explore our boreal forests in a whole different way – on the back of a machine that will get you through some of the toughest terrain. Our region offers an unlimited number of backcountry, cutline trails or you can master our man-made tracks. Bring your own ATV, or rent one locally, for some lengthy ATV riding.

The 300 km multi-use Iron Horse Trail

To the northeast is Glendon and

connects many of the area’s natural

Bonnyville, to the west is Smoky Lake

attractions. The Beaver River Trestle,

and Waskatenau, and to the southeast

at one km long and 60 metres high, is

lies St. Paul, Elk Point and Heinsburg.

one of the highlights of the trail. Riders


can use the Iron Horse Trail to access


countless kilometres of backcountry trails and cutlines that weave through the region’s more rugged terrain. Riders looking to explore the entire region can hook up with the Iron Horse Trail at a variety of entry points. The Iron Horse Trail branches in three directions from Mile Zero at Abilene Junction.



There are designated ATV trails at Muriel Lake’s Spring Beach Campground. Well-used trails are also located north of Crane Lake, and the May Lake Trail is northwest of Cold Lake. Cutline trails can be found around Wolf Lake that join up to the trails in Lakeland Provincial Park.

RIVER PADDLING The Beaver River winds its way through forest and farmland. Depending on the flow, and height of the water, the journey can be a leisurely float or a bit of a paddle. Access to the river can be found at the Hwy. 41 Bridge north of Bonnyville, Rocky Meadows Country Getaway, Lessard Bridge on Rge. Rd. 452, Ardmore Bridge on Hwy. 892 and the Hwy. 28 Bridge by Casino Dene. You’ll have the best seat for a majestic view of the Beaver River Trestle.

WAGONS HO! Hop aboard Cowboy Town’s horse-drawn wagon for a tour over groomed trails. Rides are customized to your time frame. After exploring this rural slice of the M.D., try your hand at Frisbee golf, and give the kids a few minutes to romp at the playground. Located west of Ardmore. Facebook.com/ardmorecowboytown www.cowboytown.ca E: info@cowboytown.ca 780-826-2444 Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy a wagon ride through prairie farmland with Réal Jodoin and his team of Canadian horses at Equi-Trim. Located west of Bonnyville, you can customize your ride to fit your time frame. Facebook.com/EquitrimLTD E: equitrim05@gmail.com 780-826-9519

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


MOTO MANIA The Cold Lake Motocross Association draws high-calibre competitors to its stateof-the-art raceway. Annual events include trade shows, race weekends, training, and provincial races. Riders can purchase yearly and daily memberships. Facebook.com/Coldlakemotocrossassociation E: clma@live.ca 780-812-9694



Paint your opponent blue when

Every hunting excursion is an

your paintball shots land on target

adventure with the abundance of

at Polar Ball Pursuit Games. Get

water bodies and lush boreal forest

some friendly competition going for

providing the perfect breeding

your birthday party, bachelor party,

ground for a wide variety of game.

corporate or team event. Private

Whitetail and mule deer, moose, bear,

group bookings are their specialty.

and a host of upland and migratory

Four kms north of Bonnyville on

game birds make our region a

Range Road 455. Call for details

hunter’s haven. Pick up the annual

and pricing.

Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations

Facebook: Polar Ball Pursuit Games

for information on licenses and


designated hunting areas. For more

E: polarball@live.com

information on hunting and fishing


regulations go to mywildalberta.ca.



OUTDOOR ADVENTURES SHARPSHOOTING There are two groups in the region that promote recreational shooting. The Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association offers leisure and competitive shooting for all disciplines. It is partially open to the public. It is a provincially regulated shooting range certified for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and archery. The shotgun area is also open for private parties, corporate team building and events. Please look on the website for all events and courses. Facebook.com/BonnyvilleShootingSportsAssociation www.bssa.ca 780-201-0939 The Cold Lake Fish And Game Club is a non-profit club. Members have access to the club’s private 650-metre rifle range, 25-metre temporary restricted range, shotgun trap-only area, biathlon/archery sight-in and walking range, and AirSoft game area. Training courses and events to promote competition and learning are provided throughout the year. Check Facebook for special event dates. Facebook: Cold Lake Fish and Game Club www.coldlakefishandgame.com E: coldlakefishandgame@gmail.com 780-207-0852

Bonnyville & Cold Lake



DRINK Our producers love it when you shop local! The best place to meet some of our producers is at our four farmers’ markets. Pick up freshly picked garden bounty, frozen meat, homemade baking, hand-picked berries, yummy chocolates, or fresh honey. U-Picks open in early spring for asparagus, carrying through to June and July for strawberries, saskatoons and haskaps, and ending in August for garlic and other garden vegetables. Wash it all down with a selection of ciders from Journey North Cider Co, beer and liquor from Cold Lake Brewing & Distilling or a Pilsner from Beaver River Brew Co. For coffee aficionados try Elevate Coffee Roasters. The Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association lists a wide variety of producers from across the northeast at www.nafma.ca if you want to stock the shelves all year, while supporting local vendors. FARMERS’ MARKETS Bonnyville Farmers’ Market (open year-round) Tuesdays from 2 to 6 p.m. Beaver River Fish and Game Building (4402-54 Avenue) www.facebook.com/groups/471728016213114/buy_sell_discussion Bonnyville Farmers’ Market (open year-round) Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (extended markets on special days) Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre (4313-50 Avenue) www.facebook.com/Bonnyville-Farmers-Market-2141997382576180 Cold Lake Farmers’ Market Thursdays from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. (January 14 to December 23, 2021) Cold Lake Energy Centre (7825-51 Street) www.facebook.com/coldlakefarmersmarket Glendon Farmers’ Market Once a month from February to November Glendon RCMP Hall www.facebook.com/Glendon-Farmers-Market-1611775495578011



U-PICKS Don’t want to crouch down to pick strawberries? Give the high tunnel strawberry patch a try at Lynn Rob Strawberries and Market Garden. The strawberries start producing at the end of June and carry into September, if the weather holds. Lynn Robb also offers raspberries, saskatoons, honeyberries (haskap), garden vegetables, baking, and canned fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. She can be found at both Bonnyville Farmers’ Markets. Located 15 km north of Bonnyville on Hwy. 41 and seven km west on Twp. Rd. 630. Facebook.com/LynnRobStrawberries www.lynnrob.com 780-826-5659

Rocky Meadows Country Getaway offers the best of both worlds. You can spend a day picking, or you can just enjoy Lori’s homemade pie, baked with the berries that surround you. With over 1,000 saskatoon trees, you can easily get berried out. And then there are even more berry varieties to choose from: chokecherries, buffalo berry, sea buckthorn, black current, honey berry and cherry. Rocky Meadows Country Getaway Café will put all those berries into a succulent pie to eat in or carry out. Also available for purchase are a variety of fudge and preserves. Located 13.4 km north of Bonnyville, off of Hwy. 41. Facebook.com/RockyMeadowsCountryGetAway www.rockymeadows.net E: info@rockymeadows.net 780-826-6053

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


LOCAL FOOD & DRINK In the early spring, around mid-May, fresh asparagus is sprouting at Dirt Road Gardens. There is a high demand for the fresh bunches, so get your order in early. Raspberries are the next product ready to be picked at the end of July, followed by cloves of garlic coming available in mid-August. Located 18 km west of Bonnyville off of Hwy. 41, down Twp. Rd. 600. Facebook.com/dirtroadgardens 780-826-9330 Fresh, chemical-free produce, can be picked or purchased from H’Evans Berries. Strawberries, raspberries, haskaps, and saskatoons are waiting to be picked during season. CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) shares are available. Located 3.5 km east of Cold Lake on 50th Ave. and 1.5 km north on Range Road 415. Facebook.com/hevansberries www.hevansberries.com 780-826-1675



Bonnyville & Cold Lake


LOCAL FOOD & DRINK ON THE FARM Give Charlotte Lake Farms Inc. a call for premium Angus beef raised without antibiotics or hormones. The family farm has been producing top quality beef since 1911. Facebook.com/charlottelakefarmsinc www.charlottelakefarms.ca E: charlottelake2014@gmail.com 780-207-0720 Check out Muskoka Prairie Farms for a multitude of products – beef, pork, chicken, honey, eggs, and market garden produce in season. You can access the online farm store through their website and Facebook. Facebook.com/Muskoka Prairie Farms www.muskokaprairie.ca E: Keegan@muskokaprairie.ca 780-545-8098 Need some turkey or chicken? TJs Farm Fresh Turkeys can set you up. Follow their Facebook page for updates on sales. Facebook.com/TJFarm FreshTurkey E: tanda.denman@gmail.com 780-812-1707


T’N’T Apiaries is a commercial apiary producing honey, bees and beeswax. Facebook.com/T’N’T Apiaries E: tntapi@mcsnet.ca 780-826-6013 If you are looking for tasty, nutritious and natural bison, we have two local producers who sell at the farm gate. Cyrus Bison Ranch

Hidden Acres Buffalo Ranch


E: gary.fielding@hotmail.com

E: sostashewski@me.com



REFRESHING DRINKS Whether you are on the balcony or the deck, the views are spectacular at Journey North Cider Co. If the evening is cool, they’ll just light up the outdoor fireplace. Order a flight (or two) of ciders for your table and watch the charcuterie board disappear over great conversation. Bring the family for an evening in the game room with fooseball or shuffleboard. Organize an afternoon outing and take a tour of the cidery where the juice is busily fermenting. Full-service restaurant on site. Beers from Cold Lake Brewing & Distilling and Beaver River Brew Co. on tap. Located five minutes southwest of Bonnyville off of Highway 28. Facebook.com/JourneyNorthCider www.journeynorth.ca E: kelly@journeynorth.ca 780-826-9853

New location, new beers, new vibe,

Hometown Vodka, Honey Haskap, or

and the same great taste. Cold Lake

North Island Rum should be on your

Brewing & Distilling is making a big

list. All products are made with local

move in the spring. You’ll find them

ingredients, including the honey, berries

one block up from the Marina. The new

and dill, using crystal clear Cold Lake

taproom will feature a wide variety of

water. Make an appointment for a taste

beer on tap, as well as cocktails. Watch

test and tour. Located in Cold Lake

Facebook for the new menu and event

North at 1014-8 Ave.

schedule. You can still purchase your


French Bay IPA or Kinosoo Beach


Blonde growler. Or, if the hard stuff is


more to your taste, the Ultimate Caesar,




LOCAL FOOD & DRINK While they are well known for their

Passionate coffee drinkers need to

Pilsner, Beaver River Brew Co. also

check out the products produced by

does specialty beers throughout the

Elevate Coffee Roasters. Products

year. With almost 10 years of brewing

can be purchased at our local Sobeys

experience, the recipes are developed

or sampled at Beantrees Café.

on a small scale in Bonnyville and the

This micro-roaster’s goal it to increase

best are then brewed on a larger scale

the enjoyment for coffee drinkers, so

at their partnership brewery.

try a cup.





E: info@beaverriverbrewco.com



Bonnyville & Cold Lake


FORE! Take your pick! We offer an endless choice of golf games. From highly competitive or just the opportunity to have a good duffers day!

Two 18-hole courses are only 15 minutes apart. The 4 Wing Cold Lake Golf and Winter Club and the Grand Centre Golf and Country Club offer two, unique 18-hole golf experiences that provide challenges for golfers of all ages and skill levels. The Bonnyville Golf and Country Club ranks as one of the top courses in northeastern Alberta for playing and value. The nine-hole Ardmore Golf and Country Club offers three synthetic grass greens, seven sand greens, along with a fully licensed clubhouse, electric power carts, club rentals, and a 10-stall driving range, all at bargain rates. There is Micro Golf for added enjoyment. Family and youth rates.

Ardmore Golf & Country Club

Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club

Facebook: Ardmore Golf

Facebook: Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club

& Country Club




Bonnyville Golf & Country Club

Grand Centre Golf & Country Club









EYES ON THE SKIES Look up! Waaay up! On almost any

At the main downtown intersection

weekday you will see some jets in the sky.

there is a CF 104 Starfighter and a CT-

The best viewing vantage for takeoffs

114 Tutor on pedestals. A CF-5 Freedom

and landings is the 4 Wing Cold Lake

Fighter is on display in front of the Art

Viewing Area, located near the back

Smith Aviation Academy on 4 Wing.

gate of 4 Wing Cold Lake. There is a

Take the time to check out the history

picnic area for public use, featuring

of 4 Wing Cold Lake at the Cold

information boards about aircraft and

Lake Air Force Museum now that

the story of the base.

the big white radar dome is back in

There are Static Displays in several

place. Open May 15 to August 28,

locations in Cold Lake. At HQ Park on

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4 Wing, view the CF-104, CT-33, CF-

Closed Sunday and Monday. Open by

100, and CF-101. Across from the park

appointment in the off season. Located

you’ll also see the DC-3 Dakota, a.k.a.

on Highway 28 North, east of the Tri-


City Mall.

At Heritage Park at 4 Wing’s front gate,


view the CF-5 Freedom Fighter, CT-133


Silver Star and CF-18.


Bonnyville & Cold Lake


HAVE SOME FUN INDOORS OR OUT TEST YOUR WITS! We’ve all heard of Monopoly, but Mythik Games Inc. offers much more to challenge your mind, or to build relationships with friends and family, as you take on some new personas. They have hundreds of games on their shelves, from the classic to the esoteric – it will be hard to make a choice. You’ll never get bored in the 4,000-sq. ft. entertainment hub. From board games, to consoles, ping pong and Escape Rooms, every visit is a new gaming adventure. They now rent games and

Private bookings available. Watch for

consoles. When you want to take a

special events on their Facebook page.

break, there is a fully licensed café with

Located in Bonnyville at 4716-50 Ave.

locally sourced refreshments and baked

Suite 20.

goods. The play space seats 70 people,


plus a lounge area.


Tick tock, tick tock. Time moves way too quickly when you’re trying to beat the escape room puzzles at Pandora’s Locks. Scenarios such as “Roadside Motel”, “The Cabin” and “Flight 216” will send chills down your spine. You’ve got 45 minutes on the clock, so bring up to five teammates to work together to decipher the clues and get out! Located in Cold Lake at Unit 212, 4910 – 50 Ave. Hours vary by season. Facebook.com/pandoraslockscoldlake 780-594-0237

CLIMB TO THE SUMMIT Low walls, or multi-storey, the challenges are the same as you test your strength and skills as you traverse the span. But when you go straight up, you will have to conquer your fear of heights. The area’s largest indoor rock climbing wall is in the Cold Lake Energy Centre (7825-51 St.). Call 780-639-6400 to book, or drop by and use the auto belaying system. Climb with a certified belayer on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. at the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre (4313-50 Ave.). Phone 780-812-3400 to book your climb. Facebook.com/BonnyvilleC2



PICK UP THE SPARE On a rainy day, pop inside the Marina Bowling Centre for some family fun on its eight lanes of five-pin bowling with auto scoring. Or are you up for a glow in the dark date night? Open seven days a week with public bowling daily. Located at 904-7 Ave. in Cold Lake. Please call for opening times and to book a lane. Facebook.com/MarinaBowl 780-639-2950 LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION! Grab a bag of the best popcorn in town and try out the new lounge seats at the Grand Square Cinema. First run movies show in all five theatres. 5112-51 Ave. Cold Lake. Facebook.com/ GrandSquareCinema 780-594-3434

The J.J. Parr Sports Centre at 4 Wing Cold Lake has open climbing on Monday from 6 to 9 p.m., Wednesday from 4 to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. Group bookings available. Call 780-840-8000 ext. 7823.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


MINIGOLF Pick up a club and move outdoors onto

Ardmore Golf Course Micro Golf is

our minigolf courses. Your ball will

a great little course for the family to

disappear at the oddest times playing

play on, especially for the younger set.

Farmyard Minigolf at Rocky Meadows

Located on Main Street at the north

Country Getaway. Laughter is always

end of Ardmore. Lunch and snacks are

bubbling up as you play the course

available in the licensed clubhouse.

designed from old farm machinery.

There is a fish pond right next door


when the clubs get too heavy to wield.



www.rockymeadows.net E: info@rockymeadows.net 780-826-6053

ONE OF THE ALBERTA BIGS Take your picture at the huge Pyrogy in the Village of Glendon. The Pyrogy stands 25 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and weighs 6,000 pounds. Made out of fibreglass and steel, the giant structure was constructed by PML Exhibits of Calgary at the company’s site in Salmon Arm, B.C., and transported to Glendon on August 26, 1991. In September, the annual Pyrogy Festival attracts hundreds of people.




SKATE PARKS Our skateboard parks are open to all – skateboarders, roller skaters, scooters, and BMX riders. Show off your tricks at the Mach 1 Skate Park adjacent to the Energy Centre in Cold Lake at 7825-51 Street. The F-18 shaped design provides plenty of thrills. A second skate park is located behind the J.J. Parr Sports Centre on 4 Wing Cold Lake. In Bonnyville, the skate park is set up adjacent to the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre at 4313-50 Ave.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


ART GALLERIES, DISPLAYS & STUDIOS There is an amazing abundance of

Members of the Aurora Visual Arts

talented artists in the region. At the top

Association display their work at the

of the list is the world-renowned Alex

Bonnyville & District Museum. The

Janvier, who displays his original work

display features fibre arts, painting,

in the Alex Janvier Gallery on Cold

photography, pottery, sculpture,

Lake First Nations 149B. The gallery

encaustic and mixed media. Call

was designed by globally recognized

Brenda at 780-826-0346 to view.

architect Douglas Cardinal. Viewings

The group hosts workshops and

are by appointment only.

classes throughout the year. For


schedule check facebook.com/

E: jjanvier@alexjanvier.com


780-639-4545 Additional Indigenous Art is displayed in the lobby of the Hotel Dene & Conference Centre. The revolving art show features local artists, including a mural and other works by Alex Janvier. Located beside Casino Dene, Hwy 28. In Bonnyville there are two pop-up style galleries. The Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre hosts different artists on a monthly basis in the upstairs hallway. Check out the Canada 150 Mosaic on the downstairs wall while you are there. Located at 4313-50 Ave. Facebook.com/BonnyvilleC2 www.centennialcentre.ca



A NIGHT OUT Casino Dene brings the thrills of

ways to get lucky. Check the website for

Vegas to the Lakeland. Test your luck

competitive poker tournaments. The

at the gaming tables or enjoy a quiet

casino is open from Monday to Friday,

dinner in the Aurora Bar and Lounge

12 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Saturday and

or the Casino Dene Lounge. Live

Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Seven km

entertainment in the lounge every

south of Cold Lake on Highway 28.

weekend – dancing is optional. With


over 200 slot machines, and a full-


service poker room, there are lots of


Bring some friends along for a competitive evening of fooseball and shuffleboard, fueled by excellent cider produced by Journey North Cider Co. Local brews are also on tap from Cold Lake Brewing & Distilling and Beaver River Brew Co. Take a rest and share a charcuterie board, or grab a full meal from the restaurant downstairs. Have a special event? Rent the game room and/or conference room with a private balcony and view of the cidery where the juice is busily fermenting. Located five minutes southwest of Bonnyville off of Hwy. 28. Facebook.com/JourneyNorthCider www.journeynorth.ca 780-826-9853 Bonnyville & Cold Lake


Beantrees Café serves up a variety

The spring/fall production line-up

of events. The Café features bands,

for the Kinosoo Performing Arts

singers and an Open Mic Night for local

Association is on their website and

artists. Board game and trivia nights

Facebook page. The Cold Lake group

are popular with families and a “take

sells out their line-up quickly, so get

one and leave one library” gives you

your tickets early. All performances are

a reason to curl up at home with your

at the Lakeland Inn.

favourite Beantrees coffee. View event


listings on Facebook or website.


5112-50 Ave., Cold Lake. Facebook.com/BeantreesCafe

The Bonnyville & District Fine Arts

E: beantrees20@gmail.com

Society hosts various fundraisers


throughout the year to raise money for


a new theatre in Bonnyville. Watch their Facebook page for upcoming concerts.


Throughout the year there are concerts or events hosted at either the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre or the Cold Lake Energy Centre. The upcoming lineup is listed on their websites and Facebook pages. Featured entertainment includes children’s shows, popular recording artists, top-name comedy and musical acts. Bonnyville Centennial Centre

Cold Lake Energy Centre

4313-50 Ave.

7825-51 St.









Learn about the history of the Bonnyville region through the impressive collection of artifacts housed throughout the Bonnyville & District Museum. The main building is home to the stunning Clementine Poitras collection of folk-art miniatures and a working display of postwar Lionel model trains. The history of the region is depicted in 13 buildings moved to the three-acre property by volunteers. On site are two churches, an expansive hospital exhibit, and the 1789 North West Company Trading Post. Artifacts include early agricultural and industrial equipment such as restored tractors, welding and woodworking tools. The most striking feature of the Bonnyville Museum is the seven-metre high, hand-carved statue of fur trader Angus


Shaw, who explored western Canada in the late 1700s. Herman Poulin, of Hub Designs in St. Edouard, Alberta, carved the statue. Through May to August the museum is open Monday to Saturday. Please check the website or Facebook page for current hours. Open off-season by appointment. Admission - Adult: $5, Child: $2, Family $10, Seniors $3. Or by donation. Located at 4401 – 54 Avenue. Facebook.com/bonnyvillemuseum www.bonnyvillemuseum.ca For more information call 780-826-4925 or 780-826-5691 Bonnyville & Cold Lake


MUSEUMS The beauty, vastness and abundant resources of the Cold Lake region have drawn a variety of people and businesses to Cold Lake through the years. The Cold Lake Museums tell the stories of their adventures. There are four sectors in the building. The accredited Cold Lake Air Force Museum depicts the history of 4 Wing and its squadrons and units from 1954 to present. Through interactive exhibits, discover the unique technology developed specifically for the Cold Lake Oil Sands in the Oil & Gas Museum. Trace the history of the Dene Suline, Cree Nations and Métis peoples living on the shores of Cold Lake in the Aboriginal Museum. The Heritage Museum contains the artifacts and storyline of the first Europeans arriving in Cold Lake at the end of the 18th century. A Radar Dome was added to the museum grounds, along


with a small airpark, telling the story of Canadian Forces Cold Lake, and its’ role as part of the Pinetree Line. Before the air force and oil, Cold Lake was a land of farmers, fishermen, fur trappers and loggers who came west for new opportunities. The museum depicts their stories in various vignettes. Open May 15 to August 28, Tuesday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Monday and Sunday. Located on Highway 28 North, east of the Tri-City Mall. Facebook.com/Cold-Lake-Museums www.coldlakemuseum.org 780.594.3546



SPLISH SPLASH Not into beach sand, but want to cool

The blue plane and its propellers are

off? Frolic in any one of our three

the big attraction at the 4 Wing Cold

splash parks. When the weather turns

Lake Splash Park behind the J.J. Parr

cool and rainy, head indoors for some

Sports Centre. Remember to look up

pool fun.

as the real jets soar overhead. Check

You can pick and choose at Kinosoo

out the outdoor gym equipment by the

Beach in Cold Lake (1902-1st Avenue).

sand volleyball court for more fun.

Cool off under the water wheel buckets in the splash park, or enjoy three blocks of real sand and drop into

You’ll get the best shower from the

the pristine waters of the lake off the

Big Moose at the Bonnyville Splash

zipline. Ice cream is just a step away at

Park (4100 Lakeshore Drive). And the

the concession.

tree structures really turn on the taps.


Once you get tired of the water, a family cycle on the Jessie Lake Trail enhances your adventure. Moving indoors, the Bonnyville Swimming Pool features a 25-metre main pool and a threemetre by five-metre teaching pool, hot tub and sauna. Check the Town’s website for schedules www.town.bonnyville.ab.ca or call 780-826-4065. Located at 4712-48 St. The J.J. Parr Sports Centre Pool on 4 Wing Cold Lake, has a six-lane pool, with a zero-entry leisure pool and waterslide. There is also a hot tub and sauna. For programming details call 780-840-8000 ext. 7823.



BONNYVILLE The beauty of Bonnyville is

Sylvestre Source For Sports on Main Street will

that there is always a new

enhance your lake vacation. Their shelves are full of

business opening its doors

beach wear, fishing tackle, water sport apparatus,

to offer a great experience

bait, camping equipment, sandals, and sunglasses.

– whether that be shopping, eating, drinking, or rejuvenating, all adding to the excellent service found in its downtown shops.

Mike will suit you up for any occasion at A-OK Shoes and Key Men’s Apparel. He delivers the best experience, even for the most reluctant male shopper. Expert tailoring provided.

Just a few blocks away is the new Elegance 719 – a spa and hair salon for everyone in the family. No matter what the weather, you can relax and revive. They say an hour in the salt cave is equal to a day at the beach. Or try the cocoon wellness pods, spend some time in the red light therapy chamber or book the Pool Room for the family – the ice bucket perks you up and the infrared sauna brings back the warmth. Everyone will be glowing as they walk out the door. Book your appointment on the MINDBODY app.

Bonnyville & Cold Lake


You can go back in time at Sugar Belle Café & Antiques. Browse the collectibles while you sip a specialty tea or coffee made by their barista. You can also shop online at facebook.com/sugarbelleantiques. Or slip into a booth for a ‘50s experience at Jennie’s Diner & Bakery. For nostalgia’s sake, pop some coins into the juke box, take a sip of the best milkshake in the Lakeland and soak up the atmosphere. For a more worldly palate, order the Japanese cuisine at Osaka Sushi. Relax on the outdoor patio at Journey North Cider Co, five minutes outside of Bonnyville on Highway 28. Order a charcuterie board and a flight of ciders and enjoy the orchard view. Organize an afternoon outing and take a full tour. Bring the family and play it up in the game room with fooseball or shuffleboard. If cider isn’t to your taste, get a pint of local brew, with beers from Cold Lake Brewing & Distilling and Beaver River Brew Co. on tap. Once you’re all shopped out and have eaten your fill, take a tour of the Jessie Lake Trail and enjoy the multitude of bird life. Swans and eagles are frequent visitors. For a full restaurant listing, check out md.bonnyville.ab.ca/338/RegionalRestaurants.


60 70 62

#TakeItToTheLake | Bonnyville & Cold Lake #TakeItToTheLake

ACCOMMODATIONS A morning coffee on the deck is the

There is plenty of room, both indoors

perfect way to soak up lake life at

and out at the Muriel Creek Ranch

Chatwin Lake Bed & Breakfast. And

House. Get a taste of farm life staying

you might get a chance to see deer

in a near zero-energy building with six

roam by to feed on the dewy grass.

executive suites, commercial kitchen,

There are three rooms to choose from,

great room, outdoor amenities and

common kitchen area and Wi-Fi. Rent

huge yard. Western comfort and

a kayak or a paddleboat to tour the lake

hospitality at affordable rates. The

or walk over to the Bonnyville Golf and

ranch house is located on Highway 28

Country Club for a quick round.

east of Ardmore.

30 Drouin Road, M.D. of Bonnyville (just


off of Twp. Rd. 610)

Email: murielcreeksun@gmail.com




Lakefront cabins can be found at

The four cabins at Franchere Bay on

Bodina Resort on Crane Lake. Three,

Moose Lake come with a variety of

fully renovated cabins. Next door is a

amenities – depending on how much

fully loaded convenience store with 30

you want to “rough it”. There is a

flavours of ice cream. Beach and boat

public beach a short walk away at the

launch nearby.

provincial recreation area.

Facebook: Bodina Resort




For current hotel and motel listings please see our website at www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca Bonnyville & Cold Lake


COLD LAKE It’s difficult to choose the best view

volleyball courts. Getting out on the

in Cold Lake, so make sure you visit

lake is easy with Wicked Watersport

both the Marina and Kinosoo Beach. A

Rentals who are set up on the beach.

leisurely stroll on the Marina boardwalk

Take a Flyboard lesson, rent a stand-up

will put you in a lake time mood. From

paddle board, kayak, boogie board or

the breakwater, you may catch a

four-person pedal boat. It’s impossible

glimpse of the legendary Kinosoo that

not to be active on Kinosoo Beach.

the Dene Suline believe lurks in the

Back at the Marina lakeshore, there

depths of the lake.

are several restaurants ready to help

Make your way west of the Marina to

wind up your day. Clark’s General

Kinosoo Beach. Named one of the

Store has the best fish and chips,

best beaches in Alberta, this three-

Picante Café is the go-to for desserts,

block stretch of fine sand is a lakeside

make sure you try the guac and tortilla

playground. Spend long summer days

chips at Mamacitas and if you love

cooling off in the splash park, cannon

Mediterranean flavours, book a table

ball into the lake from the zip line,

at Fresh Fusion Bistro. Finish up the

or burn off your classic concession

night with wings from Pourhouse Bar

burgers on the basketball or beach

& Grill.



There are some excellent shops in downtown Cold Lake. Polished Pumpkins Children’s Boutique has all the top brand names. Bliss Lingerie makes every woman feel her best. And the bargains are never ending at our second-hand shops on main street. Don’t leave town without a package of Hamel’s Meats famous beef jerky that was taken into space by one of our Canadian astronauts. For a full restaurant listing, check out md.bonnyville.ab.ca/338/Regional-Restaurants.

BED AND BREAKFASTS For one of the best views of the lake, book the Aurora Lakeview Room at Waterfront Harbour. Or choose from four other unique rooms, including the Hideaway Room, which has its own private entrance. Waterfront Harbour recently received the Best Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Alberta Award from LUXLife Magazine. 607 Lakeshore Drive Facebook.com/WaterfrontHarbourBandBColdLake www.waterfrontharbour.ca 780-654-2132 More Marina and lake views can be found at the Lakeshore Inn. The bed and breakfast offers relaxation and romance in 18 luxurious rooms with queen beds and quality linens. Many rooms include a Jacuzzi and fireplace. 805 Lakeshore Drive Facebook.com/LakeshoreInnColdLake 780-639-0000

First-class service and serene country charm are the mainstays of Hamilton House - A Woodland Oasis - Inn and Adventures in Cherry Grove. Hamilton House is nestled in the centre of six acres of open lawns and cultured flower gardens surrounded by private boreal forest. There are many in-house and outdoor amenities to enjoy during your stay in serenity. Facebook.com/woodlandoasis www.hamiltonhouse.com 780-594-7257 Bonnyville & Cold Lake


COLD LAKE Nestled in a forested area, minutes from Cold Lake and Kinosoo Beach, is Evergreen Birch Lodge. There is a variety of accommodations to choose from – single glamping cabins, tiny houses, multi-room cottages, as well as a six bedroom, 11-bed luxury lodge. The resort is pet friendly and has 4.6 kms of walking trails that wind through 142 acres of horse pastureland and a bird sanctuary. The resort now has a fully equipped fishing guide on-site. Twelve RV sites are open from April 1 to October 31. 2302 Twp. Rd. 634, Off English Bay Road on Twp. Rd. 634 & Rge. Rd. 423 Facebook: Evergreen Birch Lodge www.evergreenbirchlodge.com 780-639-3114

There is plenty of room, both indoors and out at the Muriel Creek Ranch House. Get a taste of farm life staying in a near zeroenergy building with six executive suites, commercial kitchen, great room, outdoor amenities and huge yard. Western comfort and hospitality at affordable rates. Located on Highway 28 east of Ardmore. Facebook.com/murielcreek E: murielcreeksun@gmail.com 780-812-2561



CABINS AND COTTAGES Baywood Park offers four cozy log

Edgewater Cottage & Suites &

cabins tucked into a 137-acre property

Edgewater Cottage Crystal View

featuring a small lake, woods, meadows,

Nine suites on the waterfront, just

hills, and marshland traversed by trails

steps from the Cold Lake Marina.

and a boardwalk. Lots of birds and

Accommodation for families, couples

wildlife. There is a private marina across

and singles – studio and one to four

the road for your use. Baywood Road,

bedroom suites. Book the Bridge Suite,

Rural Cold Lake

Promenade or the Crowsnest.

Facebook: Baywood Park Cold Lake

609 Lakeshore Drive



780-573-3108 or 780-812-6612 For current hotel and motel listings please see our website at www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca Bonnyville & Cold Lake


r e s o l c e We’r ! k n i u h o t y than #TakeItToTheLake


2.5 hrs


1.5 hrs


5.5 hrs

Fort McMurray

4.0 hrs



#TakeItToTheLake w w w. m d . b o n n y v i l l e . a b . c a

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