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Larson Camouflage Honored for Disguised Cell Towers Larson Camouflage received a 2012 Manufacturer of the Year award from the Arizona Manufacturers Council in May. Gov. Jan Brewer gave the keynote address at the awards luncheon and congratulated Larson for its achievements. The company was honored for creativity in camouflaging antennas for wireless network developers. Wireless tower concealment components made by Larson include saguaros for Arizona customers, flagpoles, faux water tanks, church steeples, broad-leaf trees, palm trees, and various conifers complete with realistic bark and needles. In accepting the award, Larson’s president Andrew Messing said, “We are grateful to companies like AT&T Mobility that challenge us to create the most aesthetically pleasing towers that blend into their natural environment. Our motto has always been ‘You dream it, we’ll build it.’ ” Larson Camouflage pioneered the disguised cell site industry when it built the first cell tower disguised as a pine tree in Denver 20 years ago. Steve Macias, chairman of AMC, said, “The breadth of today’s awardwinning industries – electronics, heavy metals, telecommunications and chemicals – shows that manufacturing is very much alive in Arizona and, with a business environment that is increasingly attractive to manufacturers, will only continue to grow.”


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