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Selling Agent

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is here… get ready to go JS SERIES – JS26

$499 inc GST

– Reliable engine with ‘Ready – MowMentum ™ Drive System Start’ for smooth running from for mowing at the right speed the word go with less effort – Rugged 22”14 gauge steel deck with 3-in-1 blades

– Convenient three lever heightof-cut for the perfect finish


$400 $2,459 inc GST

100 SERIES – D105 – 13kW (17.5hp) Briggs and Stratton engine to provide mowing power

– Automatic transmission

– 42” (107cm) cutting width giving a superior quality cut

From $6,500

RRP $2,899

– 9.08L fuel capacity – more than enough for most yards


– 13.8 kW (18.5-hp) large V-twin engine for exceptional performance – 42” Edge™ Xtra Cutting System or a 42” Edge ™Mulch Deck gives superior quality of cut and performance

– Power steering and power lift available for ease of use – Fully automatic, Twin Touch™ Hydrostatic Transmission – 4 YR | 300 HR WARRANTY




– 14.9 kW (20hp) V-Twin engine – 107 cm (42 inch) edge mower deck


– Standard seat suspension – 2 year or 120 hour limited warranty

+ Conditions apply. Finance available through John Deere Credit Limited to approved applicants only. Interest free offer is based on 1/3 deposit and 18 equal monthly installments. An establishment fee of $150.00 is payable. Fees and charges apply. Offer available until May 31,2014.

Sea Lake






Telephone: (03) 5820 9700


Telephone: (03) 5481 3800

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CHARLTON 282 Total area

260.65 m2

28.06 sq

Total area

279.61 m2

30.11 sq

Living area

203.65 m2

21.93 sq

Living area

219.44 m2

23.63 sq

6.40 m2

0.69 sq

0.69 sq


6.40 m2


12.62 m


1.36 sq


13.96 m2

1.50 sq

Garage area

37.97 m2

4.09 sq

Garage area

39.81 m2

4.29 sq

House width

15.80 m

House width

15.80 m

House length

20.15 m

House length

20.99 m


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Total area

310.71 m2

33.45 sq

Total area

326.22 m2

35.12 sq

Living area

250.09 m2

26.93 sq

Living area

258.96 m2

27.88 sq

6.40 m2

0.69 sq


6.40 m2

0.69 sq


15.63 m


1.68 sq


22.28 m2

2.40 sq

Garage area

38.58 m2

4.15 sq

Garage area

38.58 m2

House width

15.80 m

House width

15.80 m

House length

23.63 m

House length

24.35 m


4.15 sq

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We partner with Australians just like you, to assist with:

Paying out your mortgage faster

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On average our clients are clearing private debt in eight years, saving $339,360 in future mortgage payments.

On average our clients received a tax refund of $9,742 last year.

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On average our clients spent $6,486 on their holidays last year.

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Maintaining your current lifestyle

Figures based on actual client data to 31 December 2013.

Call me to arrange your complimentary financial health check to find out how we can help you take greater control of your life and achieve your goals the easy way. Having Money Victoria Pty Ltd | ABN 77 177 167 075 Corporate Authorised Representative of Henderson Matusch Pty Ltd ABN 32 107 343 091 | AFSL & Australian Credit Licence No 274484 No part of this flyer is to be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any financial product/s and recipients should not rely upon the contents of this flyer but should make their own assessment and evaluation, undertake investigation and enquire and seek appropriate advice to enable them to make any decision concerning their own interests.

Keep the heat in this winter! Did you know that installing blinds and awnings in your home, can help keep the heat in for winter, and the cool air in during summer, saving on your electricity bills. We specialise in curtain & blind installation of internal and external.

Bob the Blindman can install: Screen / Holland Blinds

Curtains & Pelmets

Roman Blinds

Outdoor Awnings & Blinds

Bob the Blindman Bob Davey 0407 340 085 E.

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Theatre Blinds

your place ECHUCA/MOAMA



to a Dream home 8 Downsizing 

Leigh and Debbie Frost take us inside their newly-built home.

10 Wharparilla Wonder

Set on the banks of the mighty Murray River, Mark and Christie Peters

home boasts modern living in a beautiful surround.

GARDENING & OUTDOORS Vergolas for year round entertaining


 Open or closed. Cool or warm. When it comes to outdoor living spaces it is hard to look past a vergola.

16 DIY Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a clever way of bringing life and beauty to your


19 Chainsaw Maintenance

Tips to ensure your chainsaw is ready to use.


14 A Good Investment

Growing property investment in Echuca-Moama is aiding a strong market, according to Elders director Dean Costello.

18 Bigger & Better

Think bigger and better with Dennis Family Homes.


20 S mall Town Style


Roundabout Lighting manager George Drakatos’s shares with us some modern lighting trends.

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Zach Hubber (03) 5483 0508

21 T imeless Flooring

Some expert advice if you’re looking at ripping up your old carpet or have an old floor that needs some TLC.

Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 7

Downsizing to a

Dream HOME Moving local is an easy choice when it comes to your new home. Just ask Leigh and Debbie

we purchased a subdivision

Debbie said building a new

friends when they choose to


and built our home.’’

home allowed for greater

visit, which was evident at last

The Echuca couple moved in to

Leigh said the last property had


month’s Southern 80 weekend.

their newly-constructed house

become too large to maintain.

‘‘We wanted storage, which is

All the rooms have large robes

near the Echuca Racecourse in

‘‘We started thinking about the

why we built the big shed,’’

for storage and there is plenty

move three or four years ago

she said.

of cupboard space across the

and bought the land two and a

‘‘The pool at the old place

bathrooms and laundry.

half years ago,’’ he said.

didn’t get used as often as

Leigh said he found the design

‘‘There’s been a few houses

when the children were

he and Debbie liked and made

younger and we thought in the

a few adjustments.

years to come the place would

‘‘We had a plan to work with

December, a two-minute drive from their old home of 26 years in Echuca Village. Two of the three children have moved out, so Debbie said the time was right to downsize. ‘‘We’ve gone from five acres to one acre. It’s a dream home,’’

come on the market, which we said we wouldn’t mind having a look at.

be harder to maintain.

‘‘It’s a good time to buy a house

‘‘The new house will be simpler

to what we thought would suit

and changed the plan around

she said.

that’s complete, especially with

to maintain.’’

us,’’ he said.

‘‘We wanted to stay in Echuca

a garden, but we decided to

The four-bedroom home

‘‘We had to move the garage

and knew what we wanted, so

build a house instead.’’

can still cater for family and

from one side of the plan to the

8 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014

‘‘We wanted to stay in Echuca and knew what we wanted, so we purchased a subdivision and built our home.’’

other and changed it from a

Despite raising their family in

double to a triple.

Bangerang Rd, the couple found

‘‘The shed’s never big enough.

the move an easy one.

You’d always like a bigger

‘‘It doesn’t feel any different,


it’s only two minutes away,’’

The couple called on local

Debbie said.

builder Paul James of PM and

‘‘I didn’t find it hard at all.’’

LR James Builders.

Leigh said the only hard aspect

Debbie said purchasing all their

of moving was the packing.

materials locally and employing

The district’s hot and dry

local tradesmen was always a factor when constructing the house.

summer restricted the Frosts from landscaping duties, but the better installation compared

‘‘Paul built (our son) Craig’s

to their old home made things a

house and we were happy with

lot cooler.

what he did with that,’’

‘‘Everyone likes to move in to a

Leigh said.

new house,’’ Leigh said.

Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 9

Wharparilla Won

Set on the banks of the mighty Murray River, this newly-constructed home boasts modern living in a beautifu So why are owners Mark and

Timber,’’ Christie said.

‘‘Finally after two years we

For the adults, there is a large

Christie Peters placing the

‘‘It’s mess-proof. There’s never

bought it, but now we have to

indoor-outdoor entertaining

any dust or marks.’’

leave it behind as well.

area, fitted with fridges and a

Perched fittingly on the timber

‘‘Each thing has its place, and

barbecue, not to mention the

house on the market? ‘‘It’s 100 per cent complete. There’s nothing more to do,’’ Christie said. The couple bought the land in 2010 and lived in the pre-existing house, an old weatherboard, for 18 months. The house was cut off at the stumps and placed on a truck to Torrumbarry, before the pair began building a new home for the second time.

is the dining table.

this belongs here.’’

outdoor setting by the river.

Constructed in the house

The artwork is one of many

There was even enough space

using timber from the Echuca

features the pair spotted in

for the family to host a friend’s

Wharf, Christie said it was one



of many features that would

‘‘We saw the same lights at the

Christie has her own gym,

remain with the home.

Echuca Hotel and knew they

Another is the art piece in the

would work well,’’ Christie

which can easily be transformed into another living

front garden, something the


room, study or bedroom.

pair fought tirelessly for.

‘‘And the artwork (in the

The laundry rivals a

Christie is still unsure what it

master bedroom and entry)

laundromat and one bare foot on the kids’ bedroom carpet

is exactly, but suggested a fish

came from Under the Gable.’’

skeleton or surfboard as some

Looking beyond the house, you

of the options.

begin to understand how much

‘‘I first saw it at Collins Pumps

it truly offers.

in Moama and knew I had to

For the Peters’ two kids and

One of the first features you

have it,’’ Christie said.

their friends, it is the vast

notice when walking in to the

‘‘He said it wasn’t for sale, so

outdoor playing area leading

‘Oh my God that carpet!’’’

to the river, inbuilt trampoline

Back on the timber lies the

and water slide to the

kitchen, nestled in neatly among

swimming pool.

the dining area and lounge.

‘‘We designed the house ourselves,’’ Mark said. ‘‘Our builder Ryan Senior was really adaptive to our plans.’’

five-bedroom, three-bathroom home is the timber flooring. ‘‘We got that from Nullarbor

Mark went there six months later with a new offer and it still wasn’t for sale.

10 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014

will make you want to rub your face against it. ‘‘The carpet’s 100 per cent pure wool,’’ Christie said. ‘‘When people feel it they say,


ul surround. The ‘‘butler’s kitchen’’, an inbuilt pantry that runs the length of the kitchen bench, is an impressive feature. It is one of many that Christie is hopeful of replicating in the next home. ‘‘I’ll definitely have ceilingto-floor tiles again in the bathrooms and I’ll pick colours before picking the kitchen,’’ she said. ‘‘There are always other small things, like door handles and basins which you might change.’’ Despite being the second time the Peters have built and having also renovated, Christie said it would not be difficult to let the house go. ‘‘It’s all material. It can be replaced.’’

Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 11


for year-round entertaining

Open or closed. Cool or warm. When it comes to outdoor living spaces it is hard to look past a vergola. Paul Gray of Paul Gray

vergola leaves the pergola,

available on walls, while roofs

vergolas is higher than ever.

Builders said the opening-

patio and verandah in its

can be fitted not only above


entertaining areas, but pools as

‘‘They’ve been around for a long

roof system offered more flexibility for entertaining


or leisure.

‘‘It’s also rain sensitive, so it automatically closes to ensure

Paul said the popularity of

‘‘It gives people more control,

nothing gets damaged,’’ Paul

whether they want a lot of


light inside the house or even

Once the rain ceases, the

have it open in winter,’’ he said.

vergola will reopen, a great option if you are away from

The opening-roof system

the house.

allows homeowners to adjust

And while fixed-roof

to weather conditions and control airflow and sunlight.

structures affect the home’s energy rating, a vergola does

Be it a cool dwelling

not, saving money and adding

in summer or a warm

value to the property.

atmosphere in winter, the

Shade structures are also

time, so they’ve been tried and tested,’’ he said.

Having a Gas Problem? The gas specialist is just a phone call away for all Gas Maintenance, Repairs and Installations. • Gas hot water units • Gas space heaters and wall furnaces • Gas appliances and ovens • Carbon monoxide testing • General gas repairs • Annual servicing

What is a VERGOLA? It is not a word you will find in the dictionary, so the combination of pergola and verandah to create vergola seems the most logical explanation for this new concept. 12 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014


Gary: 0418 542 785 or 5486 2644 Your gas needs are safe in Gary’s hands Service, Quality, Reliability

Paul Gray Builders



Dave Hall Mobile:

0407 611 327





Phone: (03) 5444 5054 Fax: (03) 5442 6650 PAUL GRAY: 0419 585 995 DAVE HALL: 0407 611 327

Paul Gray Mobile:

0419 585 995

Web: Email: Head Office: 109 High Street, Bendigo VIC 3550 Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am

Whatever the weather, enjoy outdoor living all year round



At the first hint of rain, the automatic rain sensor closes the louvres to form a weatherproof

Sensor for heavy rain.

shelter. Australian invented and owned with 22 years heritage, Vergola’s professional team

All available sun.

offers a complete service from individual design and council approval through to

Full overhead sun.

construction. Join the growing number of Australians waking up to the

Maximum ventilation with sun.

Vergola experience.

Brendan Furlong 0448 140 447 or Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 13

Property: a good investment Growing property investment in Echuca-Moama is aiding a strong market, according to Elders director Dean Costello. ‘‘The market’s been fantastic

better for the investor and the

sellers than seven months ago.

Buyers are also proving to be

since winter,’’ Dean said.

investors come back in.’’

‘‘Sellers are going fantastic.

more switched on thanks to

‘‘But the big key to the whole

Despite less than usual stock,

They’re getting their houses

technology, Dean said.

thing is the investor. If the

buyers are still trowelling the

out there at realistic numbers

‘‘When you can buy apps that

investor comes in, that’s what


and getting results very

you can point at a house and

gets everything moving.”

‘‘Summer was a little bit

quickly,’’ he said.

it tells you the sales history, it

He said the simple concepts

quieter because there hasn’t

One example of the stronger

makes it pretty good for the

of supply and demand were

been as many listings online,

market was a house in Declan

buyer,” he said.

evident in the local market.

so a lack of stock has probably

Way, Echuca which asked for

‘‘I like the buyer being

‘‘The reality is rents have

slowed us down a bit,’’ Dean

$375,000 seven months ago but

educated because at the end

increased because there’s huge


had no buyers.

of the day you’re not out

demand,’’ he said.

‘‘But there’s still a lot of buyers

When it returned to the market

there to find a wood duck,

‘‘Once you’ve got no supply

around. We’ve had a few come

in February it sold within four

and the demand gets higher,

in but not the normal amount.”

days at $385,000.

the rents go up. Then all of

He said the market is also

‘‘That goes to show things are

a sudden the returns get

providing greater value for

good and strong,’’ Dean said.

14 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014

you’re out there to deal with someone who sees value and understands the market place.”

In 3 years since purchasing the business Adrian Hansen Building Surveying Consultants, Garry Spence has made a commitment to build on the high level of service delivered by the business over many years. It is now time to modernise presentation and rebrand its identity to be readily recognisable for the services undertaken. Building Issues was first established in Bendigo in 1999 and has built a reputation of professionalism and excellence in service. It is now time to expand presence in Echuca, Shepparton and NSW with a new logo and drive that is ably supported with the combination of experience and injection of youth in the development of the business. The services provided are not limited to building permits but includes direct involvement in projects from conceptual stage through to completion. We have recently added a full time town planner to our team to deal with the difficulties and uncertainty of the various planning restrictions We also have qualified and accredited persons to assist with development applications and construction certificates in NSW which offers a choice to appoint a private certifier as an alternative to the traditional council monopoly. The most challenging aspect of which is educating people that this service is available and saves the need for clients to deal with the council. Building Issues services all sectors of the building industry, including dometic homes, residential apartments or motels, commercial and industrial developments, schools and hospitals. We cater for those directly involved in the building industry , from owner-builders and property owners to builders, draftspersons and architects.

LOCAL PROJECTS: • Interp Centre & Port of Echuca redevelopment • Upgrade works at Nestlé factory, Tongala • Peat Partner’s offices in Percy Street, Echuca • Improvements at St Mary’s School • River City Christian College Redevelopment




• Njernda Medical Centre Redevelopment • YMCA Retail Redevelopment


Specialising in: • Building Permits • Town Planning • NSW Accredited Certifiers • Essential Safety Measures • Owner Builder S137B Reports 53 Haverfield Street, Echuca 5480 2300

51Haverfi Edwardeld Street, 53 Street, Echuca Shepparton Phone 5480 5821 23001630 51 Edward 1/60 McIvorStreet, Road Shepparton Phone 5821 1630 Bendigo 5441 4149 Email: Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 15

DIYVertic Vertical gardens are a clever way of bringing life and beauty to your backyard.

Pallet Vertical Garden MATERIALS 1 pallet 1 roll of garden film 1 burlap 1 furniture stapler Scissors Pot plants/plant seeds Soil and/or potting mix.

Step 1

Step 2

Cover the bottom face and

Stand the pallet upright with

three sides of the pallet with

the open side facing up.

garden film, secured tightly

Fill to the brim with soil

with staples. Attach the burlap to the inside

and place on the ground horizontally.

of the pallet on the open face.*

* If using plants do not attach a burlap. Instead, place the pallet on the ground

with plants before adding the potting mix. Cover each row with plants closely the roots to settle before standing the pallet garden upright.

Plastic Wall Garden MATERIALS 4 plastic troughs (including end caps and fixtures) or old plastic guttering 2 pieces of wood, 2m in length

Step 1

Step 2

Pot plants/seedlings with potting mix

Drill three holes in the bottom

Mark the position on the wood

of each trough.

of each plastic trough, allowing

■ Drill

■ Handsaw

Attach the pieces of wood

for plant height.

■ Pencil

■ Drill

Dowels and screws

16 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014

vertically against desired wall about 60cm apart.

cal Garden



Selling Agent

Step 3 Make incisions into the burlap and plant seeds. Turn the pallet garden in a vertical position in desired location once germination has started.

d horizontally and fill each row

y bunched together and allow

Botox for your

Backyard Give your backyard the facelift it deserves.

1800 055 515 Step 3 Secure end caps on each marking before fitting the troughs. Plants seeds or place pot plants. Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 17

Bigger & BETTER Think bigger and better with Dennis Family Homes When looking to build a new home, it is the combination of experience, quality, service, product range and local knowledge that makes the Dennis Family Homes difference. One of Victoria’s leading builders, the Dennis family has had an active presence in the Goulburn and Murray Valley region for almost two decades and established a local office in Echuca more than ten years ago. The Echuca team of Dennis Family Homes have been there from the start to guide customers through each step of the building process, beginning with Sales Consultant, Sharon Stratton. Sharon’s experience is invaluable in helping customers personalise their home plans. She has a deep understanding of the Echuca/Moama property market and knows what people

are looking for in a new home.

“The care for our customers

options for the Charlton has

“Many factors set Dennis

continues after they move

been doubled from two to four,

into their new home with our

with the home now available in

comprehensive after sales

floorplans of 28, 30, 33 and 35

service, handover kit and


warranty back up.”

Several new features have also

within an hour of Echuca, with


been added to the Charlton

five outstanding homes to view.

Dennis Family Homes is

design, which is suitable for

Right from the initial quotation

regularly adding to and

stage we provide open, honest

updating its extensive product

and transparent pricing

range. There are now 60

and insist upon the highest

different individual floorplans

standards of excellence in our

in its current Inspirations


Series, in addition to many


further designs available in

Family Homes apart from other local builders,” Sharon says. “We have the largest display centre in the region located

Quality inclusions such as three coats of paint, thickened concrete slabs, site built frames, locally made cabinetry and internal load bearing walls for a better supported structure are all standard features with Dennis Family Homes. “Our trades are long-standing members of our local team and understand the quality we expect,” Sharon adds.

other sections of its entire

construction on blocks from a minimum width of 17 metres. These improvements include a significant increase in pantry size, a larger living room, better positioned study and the inclusion of walk-in-robes in all bedrooms in the 33 and 35

product range.

square versions of the floorplan.

One recently updated home

Storage capability has also been

ideally suited to the larger block sizes of the Echuca area is the Charlton, an existing four-

increased in some size versions of the Charlton and customers are able to choose from a

bedroom design which has been

selection of six facade options.

enhanced for its incorporation

For further information, visit the

into the Inspirations Series.

Dennis Family Homes Echuca

With its wide and spacious

office at 224 Hare Street which

layout, the Charlton allows buyers to think big in their

is open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays, or phone 5480 7931.

planning. The number of size

“We have the largest display centre in the region located within an hour of Echuca, with five outstanding homes to view.” 18 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014


Maintenance Tips for ensuring your chainsaw is ready to use . . .



Now from only

$299^ BG 56 Blower + FREE Gutter Kit Only

$269 1. 2. 3.

Ensure the chain is sharp and in good condition.

and maintain the life of the chainsaw.

High Pressure Cleaners

Wear protective clothing, like safety glasses, covered shoes

Now from only

Use quality bar and chain oil to keep it running smoothly

etc. And have a first-aid kit handy.


Check all the safety guards are in good condition, like the


Grass Trimmers

hand guard.


Never work alone. Also make sure that someone knows where you are working and when you are expected to return.


Do not cut limbs bigger than for what the chainsaw is designed to.

7. 8. 9.

Chain Saws + FREE Gear

Replace the chain at least once a year.

and changing air filter when required. Tips supplied by Philip Schroeter - Stihl Shop Echuca

Save on your electricity bills... Local electrical contractor & solar grid connect installer.

Residential | Rural | Commercial | Industrial When experience & quality matters, call your local solar experts. 1070 Hansen Rd, Bamawn

P. 5486 5402

F. 5486 5244 M. 0427 649 363



Check chain tension periodically.

Ensure you are servicing your chainsaw on a regular basis

Now from only



50 Up to $100 store credit to SHOUPS spend on STIHL accessories #


Hedge Trimmers


# 50OP

Now from only



WIN A VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK CANYON – Buy any STIHL outdoor power tool to enter*

STIHL SHOP ECHUCA 47 Ogilvie Ave, Echuca 03 5482 9566 * Volkswagen Amarok Canyon promotion starts 1/3/14 and ends 31/5/14. Conditions apply, see NSW Permit No. LTPS/14/01125. VIC Permit No. 14/3356. ACT Permit No. TP 14/3356. SA Permit No. T14/203. ^ Esky® and promotional price on MS 170 shown valid from 1/3/14 until 31/5/14 or while stocks last. † Free Gutter Kit and promotional price on BG 56 shown only valid from 1/3/14 until 31/5/14. # Shop On Us on select models valid from 1/3/14 until 31/5/14. ∆ Promotional price for FS 38 Grass Trimmer & RE 108 Cleaner shown valid from 1/3/14 until 30/4/14. + Promotional price for HS 45-450 Hedge Trimmer valid until 1/3/14 until 31/5/14. Esky® is a registered trademark of The Coleman Company Inc.

Your Place | autumn/winter 2014 - 19

Small town




‘‘Just because we’re a small country town, doesn’t mean we have backward style.’’ That’s the word from

lights and therefore saves

Roundabout Lighting manager

you money.

George Drakatos.

LEDs last about 10 times

‘‘We always have people

longer than regular lights

commenting on the stylish

and do not produce as much

designs, like you see on The

heat, meaning an obvious trend

Block,’’ George said.

in savings in the first year

George’s Pakenham St store

or two.

has a wide range of lights

The family-owned business

to choose from, such as

of 27 years is always happy

downlights, spotlights, lamps,

to provide more information

pendants, ceiling fan lights and

in store, or you can visit


the website at

Roundabout Lighting also

offers LED lighting, which

Customers can be kept up

consumes about 90 per cent

to date of new releases and

less energy than regular

specials when they like the

halogen or incandescent

business’s Facebook page.

20 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014


169 Pakenham Street, Echuca Phone 5480 2238

Timeless flooring Pro Sanding Pty Ltd is, and has been, local to the Shire of Campaspe and surrounding areas for the last 18 years. Chris and his dedicated team

showroom in Echuca or Bendigo

from restoring a timber floor

Pro Sanding Pty Ltd proudly

have completed many homes

where you can see many

or deck, to installation of strip

services regional Victoria. Phone

and commercial projects.

samples to select your timber or

timber and parquetry flooring,

1800 450 150 to book your quote

Our latest works include the

concrete floor needs.

right up to sanding a sports


Campaspe Interpretive Centre,

Chris has been associated


with the following Trade

Pro Sanding Pty Ltd can also

associations: Australian Timber

complete all floor grinding

We can supply the flooring as

Floor Association, Wood Floor

and preparation including

well as complete the sanding

Association, Master Builders Of

polished concrete floors in both

and coating. Polished concrete

Victoria and Housing Industry

residential and commercial

is also a timeless finish that

Association for many years

situations, to concrete repairs, to

allows 5 star energy rating

and recently had one of our

a warehouse/ supermarket.

homes to boom.

employees win Employee of the Year for his efforts to the timber

Chris and the team are happy to

Our facebook page and website

The Star Bar and The White House.

can give the customer a snippet

flooring industry.

of our works, or come to our

My team can handle any works

quote any flooring job you have in mind, be it your home, your shed, your business, wherever.

“My team can handle any works from restoring a timber floor or deck to installation of strip timber and parquetry flooring”

Give your floors a lift today... If you’re looking at ripping up your old carpet, or need some TLC for your old floor, then look what we can do for you



• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Latest technology Interior/Exterior Old & New floors Staircases Verandahs & Decking Cork & Parquetry Repairs Insurance work All work guaranteed Obligation free quote Supply and lay all timber floors Coatings to suit your requirements

Polished concrete Super polish systems Now at 1A Freetrader Slab levelling Court, Concrete moisture barriers Echuca Tile and adhesive removal Interior/exterior work Epoxy and Waterborne surface coating Single and Two Part Urethane coating Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Wet/dustless grinding Quality Assured

CALL TODAY FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE For top quality & service call our professional team today

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Curtains, blinds, pelmets and shutters Custom made cushions Huge variety of ready made cushions and much more

Why leave your valuables exposed to the elements or theft when our modern, secure self storage facility provides:

■ Fully alarmed individual units – 24 hour surveillance ■ Easy access - 24 hours/7 days a week ■ Affordable rates with long term storage discounts

Decorate your home today with... 286 Hare Street, Echuca. Phone 5482 4163

Custom Blinds

5 Despatch St, Echuca.

Phone 5482 6753 / 0413 994 796 E: W:


Manufactured in Echuca.


Call us today for your FREE Measure & Quote Phone: (03) 5480 1383

We’ll help you find the floor you’ve been searching for Timber & Bamboo Choices

Carpet & Rug Choices

Vinyl & Laminate Choices

Tile Choices

Your local flooring specialists: Angela, Russell, Ash and Jacki

Choices Flooring Echuca has been servicing the Echuca area and surrounding suburbs since 2001. They have the latest ideas in carpets, timber, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, tiles and rugs. There’s a flooring choice to suit every home and every budget. With over 12 years’ experience in the flooring industry, Russell, Angela and the team are committed to bringing you professional and up to date information on the latest trends and styles to help you find what you’re searching for. So if you’re looking for the latest trends in flooring, everything that’s new underfoot, then look no further than Choices Flooring Echuca.

Choices Flooring Echuca - 5482 3883 1/188 Annesley St, Echuca

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Save on your rising electricity costs...

with solar Why install solar? • • • •

Reduce, or eliminate your electricity bills by generating your own power. Environmentally friendly. High rate of return on investment. Increase the value and energy rating of your home.

Dependent on the size of solar system you install, many systems pay for themselves in around 5 years with the savings on your electricity costs. The return on investment could be as high as 20% per annum, a better return than savings in a bank! With over 25 years’ experience in the field, Jeremy and his team provide high quality services and pride themselves on prompt service, competitive prices, high quality products and second-to-none workmanship. They specialise in installation on residential, commercial and industrial sites. Having installed a large number of systems of varying sizes over the years in schools, council facilities, businesses and homes in the area, Norlec Contracting & Solar offer outstanding value, local knowledge, after sales support and maintenance. Norlec Contracting & Solar are a Power Partner with one of the biggest suppliers in Australia, which has been established for over 30 years. Only well known, high quality brands are used. You get the peace of mind that the products we use are well known from well established companies. It’s an investment in the future and you will have industry leading warranties on your products.

No deposit finance packages available. Enquiries welcome.

2013 Power Partners Platinum Dealers of the year For installing more than 700kw

When experience & quality matters, call your local solar experts. 1070 Hansen Rd, Bamawn P. 5486 5402 F. 5486 5244 M. 0427 649 363 REC: VIC 15607 NSW: 161867C CEC A4243873v

24 - Your Place | autumn/winter 2014

Your place 2014 Autumn/Winter  

In the 2014 Autumn/Winter ‘Your Place’ magazine we take a look at vertical gardens, the clever way to bring life & beauty to your backyard,...