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Volume One, Issue One. Fall 2010

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Volume One, Issue One. Fall 2010


autumn 2010 |


Take part and have a say in the magazine! Blog your thoughts, ideas and recommendations and help shape our magazine! YOUR participation is encouraged to create a magazine that is made to order for McMurray Girls! Hope to see you there! Think of McMurray Girl as an exclusive girls club – and if you’re a woman, you’re on the VIP list! This is a publication for McMurray Girls, made by McMurray Girls. The blog is a place for you to speak your mind and be heard. Consider yourself a reporter – and we are all ‘live on location’. We encourage our audience to become the authors by contributing the thoughts, recommendations, and ideas (to the editor) that will become the articles. Your participation is what is going to help us make this magazine a true reflection of what it means to be a real McMurray Girl – a publication that real ‘mGirls’ like you will simply adore!

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Volume One, Issue One. Fall 2010

cover model contest

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In celebration of our amazing launch, we want to prove that this magazine truly belongs to YOU the mcmurray girls of our community. Enter our Launch Contest to be the next Face of McMurray Girl. (January, 2011 issue) We are looking for someone who is beautiful on the inside, someone who represents our message to enlighten, inspire and empower – and someone who has something unique to say!

Winner will receive our cover model prize pack! • Glam Cover Photoshoot with fashion photographer for our January issue! • Feature Article/Interview to talk about a chosen topic, issue, charity or event! • $200 Cover Wardrobe Shopping Spree at Peter Pond Shopping Centre!

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autumn 2010 |





autumn 2010 |

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editor’s message

Welcome McMurray Girls! Glamorous, informative and appealing in it’s price point (free!), Mcmurray Girl is about more than a magazine – it’s about us: a strong, vibrant community of powerful women! A recent export from BC, I have been delighted to learn of the shops, services, restaurants and community events that are offered here for women. When I arrived with my husband, Kyle and 3 year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, I immediately went into planning mode. As a woman, mother, and entrepreneur, it is in my nature to chart my course – my so-called ‘stompin’ grounds’.

where will I buy groceries? where will my family go to the dentist? where will I get my hair done? and, where… oh where is there fabulous shopping?! The truth is, Fort McMurray is home to an amazing community of women who have been movin’ & shakin’, achieving goals and bringing great things to this community long before there was a magazine to talk about it. Fort McMurray is a hidden gem, where businesses thrive and women and families prosper! The McMurray Girl Spirit is alive and well. This magazine arrives to celebrate this spirit, these women… US! We are all McMurray Girls. We all have the opportunity to be part of this community of like minded women: mothers, entrepreneurs, health-conscious and fashion-conscious women. It’s time to celebrate all that Fort McMurray has to offer bright, intelligent women! This magazine will single-handedly join and define our unique group of vibrant women who demand the best out of life in Fort McMurray! … And, one last thing. Fabulous shopping? I have found it – and I’m going to dish! From one McMurray Girl to another,

Kyla Getty


Swedish Massage Spa Pedicures & Manicures Organic Facials & Body Treatments -Sugar Scrubs -Salt Glow -Detoxification Wraps

Book online

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780-838-2433 5 minutes from downtown in Abasand Heights

A place to chit chat and share! This magazine is OUR magazine – and this is YOUR place to be heard. SHE SPEAKS is a forum to speak your mind, share ideas, advice and stories.


We encourage sharing! We are women. We are intelligent. Let’s face it, we have a lot to say and even more to contribute. If you have something to talk about, we want to hear from you! If we feel that your contribution is in line with our brand and comes from a place of positivity, you could be published in McMurray Girl.


Articles may be but are not limited to: a real-life or fictional short story, a poem, a cause or event you’re involved in, self-promotion, a great experience you had at a shop or restaurant, an idea for the improvement of Fort McMurray, or an effort to start a club or a group! If it’s important to you, we want to hear about it.


Thai Stem Massage & Thai Stem Facials

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(recycle and re-member your


re-use speaks.


When you think of Fort McMurray, recycling (recycle -member your bag, girl!) generally isn’t the and first re term that comes to mind. For a town with an urban population of just over 65,000 people, there are actually quite a few recycling facilities, 7 to be precise: • Franklin Ave • Gregoire drive • MacDonald Island • Saprae Creek • Thickwood • Timberlea • Landfill For more information on these depots visit

W h at c a n y o u re c y c le ? • Mixed paper (Magazines, printing paper, ad inserts, cards, non-foil gift wrap, paper bags, phone books, books) • Cardboard • Newspaper • Metals (tin cans, pie plates, drinking cans) • Glass • Plastic milk jugs Do you want a way to add money to your grande non-fat caramel macchiato fund? Yup! Then instead of bringing your drinking bottles and cans back to the recycling depot, take them to the Bottle Depot on Fraser Ave downtown. Interested in going a little further to better your community? Are you an animal lover? Me too! Then donate your bottles and cans to the SPCA. They’re located on MacAlpine Crescent, only a slight deviation from your trip out to the lake.



(recycle and re-member your bag, girl!)

Suffering from “bagger’s remorse?” Fort McMurray’s new plastic bag ban sounds great on paper (or plastic) but it will only work if we remember our re-usables! If you’re forgetful (like me) the effort to conserve bags can turn into full-on bag bedlam, having to re-purchase bags around every corner! The end result of this does not conserve at all: wasted bags and now wasted money, too! Re-programming ourselves to re-use cloth bags involves setting up new routines. Below are some McMurray Girl tips to get in the habit of being a B-Y-O-B-er! 1. Reward Yourself. Forgetting your bags after heaping a shopping cart full at the local grocery store can result in an extra, unwanted big-bill! Taking into consideration the need to purchase 8 bags for your weekly groceries – that can really add up over the month! I would much rather spend that extra $8 each trip for a treat! Reward yourself for remembering by spending a little extra on something fun for yourself – a new lip gloss or magazine? Or put that extra cash in a jar for a travel fund. The reward will help you remember! 2. Buy a bigger handbag. Not only are oversized bags in style, they come in handy, too! A large purse can house a compact reusable bag at all times. Small purchases can be easily toted this way as well. Who needs an excuse to shop for new accessories anyway? 3. Keep them in eyesight. Create a shopping bag centre close to the front door or entry closet near your shoes ‘n coat. Always keep extra bags in your car. (The front seat, at first, if need-be!) If you are a list-toter like myself, clip your finished grocery list one of the bags once it’s complete. This way, you wont forget either of these shopping essentials! Note: The virtues of re-using bags are plenty, however bags must be kept clean! Remember to wash your re-usables afterward – especially if you are toting meat products. I like to keep a few small kitchen-sized garbage bags within my bigger bag stash. This way, I create an extra barrier between illnesscausing bacteria from raw meat and dairy products and the cloth bag itself. The best news is, these bags can be returned home and used again for their intended use afterward.

By Cheryl Gartner autumn 2010 |



122 Millennium Drive Suite 4, Fort McMurray, AB T9K2S8 (780) 743-3878



Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm



After more than a few long-term relationships, long-distance relationships and even a broken-off engagement – I am professing myself as Fort McMurray’s resident DATING DIVA. I originally came to this city almost two years ago with hearts in my eyes and the vision of surprising my at-the-time fiancé with the news that I had sold everything, packed up and was ready to start the life we had planned in the city where he had found success. Needless to say, the surprise was on me when I found him tangled up with some hot number he found at Club NV. ‘NV’ was not the emotion I felt at the time, and the engagement ring-shaped welt across his forehead proved that. However, my anger was more directed at myself for rushing in and forcing a relationship that seemed to fight back around every corner. Was he the real man of my dreams? No. He never really was man enough to satisfy the needs I have of a partner for life. I had been putting delusional labels all over our relationship from day-one. The distance between us only allowed me to carry on with my imaginary ‘perfect love’ for way too long. My first experience as a ‘McMurray Girl’, may have knocked the wind out of me – but I’m not the type of woman to cry over a lost love for too long. I hate the taste of salty tears. I firmly believe in taking control of one’s destiny. Since I found myself here with nothing more to lose and a brand new life to gain, I decided to embrace it. I have since found success of my own in a career that I adore and derive a healthy pride from. My pleasure? Well now, I find that in the after-hours. Dating has become my favourite extra-curricular. You see, the best lesson I have learned in Fort McMurray is to never... ever... settle for a man who doesn’t worship every inch of me as much as I do him. I now have a deep, strong, passionate love for myself and I am ready to let that love spill over onto the lucky man who ‘fits my bill’. However, until then... dating? It’s game on, baby. I am done with preconceived notions and dating ideals. In today’s world, many dating rules have been broken. However, in my world – a few unbreakable dating rules remain. Ladies, I would like to share them with you.

By ‘Dating Diva’ - anonymous reader



dating diva’s rules Every contact sport has rules that are there for everyone’s safety... and dating is my favourite contact sport!

1 If you don’t love yourself, don’t date... period. I waited over six

months after my relationship ended to deal with ME. Don’t burden some poor, unsuspecting male with your issues or look to a man to fill a void you may feel inside. That is a big NO-NO, in my books. Only date when you’re ready to give, not take.

2 Make a list of the qualities that you are looking for in a man.

Type them, journal them, draw them and put your love into them. He may not come knocking within a 24-hour timeline, but once you put ‘him’ down on paper, and put it ‘out there’, you’ll be surprised at who you’ll meet down the road.

3 Make yourself a date-worthy opponent. This means, get presentable.

Have hobbies, have an active life and be full of interests. Join a club, join a gym, and have plenty of girl’s dates too! Fill up your life with activity and excitement outside of the dating world, and you will present yourself as the girl who has a lot to give (that you are).

4 Invest in your appearance. When you look good, you feel good...

and when you feel that you’re lookin’ good – you’re unstoppable. Feeling confident helps you enter the date with an eye to ensure that YOU like what you see – not just wonder if he does.

5 Date him for his package – I mean, decide if he is the total package!

(Get your mind out of the gutter, girls!) Looks and physical attraction will always be our first point of reference, but look beyond that. This works both ways. Don’t just date a guy because he’s ‘hot’, and don’t NOT date a guy because he’s not your idea of an adonis. The ‘package’ is not always the outer packaging, It’s the contents of what’s inside that is always more telling when you open it up.

6 Let your yes’ be your yes’ and your no’s be your no’s. Be choosy

about who you date and don’t get guilted into a date when you’re just plain not interested. Wasting someone’s time is much worse than letting them down classily. autumn 2010 |


her biz | Vibrant Local Women in Business | by Kyla Getty


Renée Summers Occupation: Marketing Manager – Keyano College CEO, Summers Direct Inc.

Hometown: Victoria, Newfoundland

Life at Home: Single mother to Summer, age 3

Power Suit: A dress, blazer & heels

Must-Have Item: My blackberry (I have two!)

Best form of Advertising: Always word-of-mouth

Fave Girls Night Venue: © Sean Mclennan Photography


Fave Clothing Store: Le Chateau

Fave Date Spot: BP Lounge



autumn 2010 |

Meet Renée. Renée is an entrepreneur. She is

“Today’s knowledge is tomorrow’s opportunity.” Renée’s motto

the CEO of Summers Direct Inc. – where she plans, markets and executes major corporate conferences for communications professionals. She also works fulltime at Keyano College in the prestigious position of marketing manager. Oh yea, did I also mention she is a single mother? Impressed yet? I was! That’s why I was honored when this ambitious, talented, working mother agreed to have me over for coffee to chat about her McMurray Girl story. Like many of us, Renée has come to Fort McMurray from another place. Born in Victoria, Newfoundland, she lived in Toronto for nine years before settling in Fort McMurray to live in the same city as her parents. With Summers Direct Inc., Renée has executed communications conferences across Canada from coast to coast. Life hasn’t always been this full for the self-professed risk-taker – it used to be even busier! “The largest conference I have taken on was the IABC (International Association for Business Communicators) Western Region Conference in Kelowna, BC”, said Renée. She spearheaded this conference as a brand new mother of only five months! More impressively still, she did it all in between her daughter’s naps – without the aid of daycare! Today, Renée admits that doing it all on one’s own for any extended period of time is simply impossible. When asked what advice she would give to any single mom with the dream of starting her own company, Renée replied, “Don’t be afraid to accept help – actually you must accept help if you’re going to succeed.” This is a comment that I can personally identify with, as an entrepreneurial mama, myself. Renée acknowledges that without the support of her parents, her success wouldn’t be possible. Having a support network is necessary to aid anyone (especially a working mother) in achieving an essential balance in life. Motherhood is clearly Renée’s top priority. Renée ensures that she sets aside time each day to give her daughter, Summer her undivided attention. “Work time is work time. When I’m with my daughter, I am with my daughter. I tell her about my work and explain why I do it. When I make her a promise, I keep it.” Renée maintains balance by taking time for herself. Physical activity is her key stress-reliever. She is an avid kick boxer, she has taught aerobics classes and played on a softball team this past season, as well. “If you give yourself time, there is nothing that you can’t do.” Organization is key to her success. Renée stays organized by making lists and multitasking. Her blackberry is her favourite organizational tool – in fact, she has two!

© Sean Mclennan Photography

Renée’s motto is, “Today’s knowledge is tomorrow’s opportunity.” It is doubtful that life has always been easy for Renée. However, the experience that she has gained as a single mother and active entrepreneur has equipped her with the knowledge to create some amazing opportunities here in Fort McMurray. Renée’s next undertaking is set for January, 2011. Hosted by Keyano College, this communications conference will feature guest speakers, discussion groups and address Fort McMurray as a brand. My visit with Renée was a chance to ‘compare notes’ as working mothers. It is always refreshing to learn someone else’s ideas on parenting and balance. It is also a comfort to address similarities we all face as mothers. It’s evident that Summer is a very happy, well-adjusted little girl and that can only be attributed to by the great relationship that she has with her mom. Renée’s zest for a challenge as a dynamic McMurray Girl who makes things happen while maintaining her personal and family balance is a great example to her little one and a great inspiration to the rest of us! autumn 2010 |


NAME: Roxane Caines AGE: 36 years old

fit chicks | Introducing the McMurray Girl Trainers

FAVE WAY TO WORK OUT: Running FAVE EXERCISE: Ab Exercises BACKGROUND: Originally from Newfoundland, this long-time resident McMurray Girl decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fitness trainer at the age of 34 with the support of her husband and two children. WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO BRING TO MCMURRAY GIRLS? “I can relate to the “average” woman. I can give them compassion, understanding, inspiration and motivation.”

yoga girl NAME: Shauntel Randall AGE: 28 years old FAVE WAY TO WORK OUT: Running and Circuit Training FITNESS SPECIALTIES: Kinesiologist, Certified Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group/Yoga Instructor BACKGROUND: Recent recruit to Fort McMurray, Shauntel has gained a wealth of experience in her field over the course of her career in her home province: Saskatchewan.

© Photo: Dorcas St. Pierre

Fitness philosophy: “Workout today to plan for a healthier tomorrow.” Why do I love my job: “Inspiring others to be healthier and watching them succeed puts a smile on my face.” Fun fact: : “I cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders!”

FUN FACT: She recently finished her first ½ marathon.

fab fit mama

kick butt beauty NAME: Jenna Coulter AGE: 22 years old FITNESS SPECIALTIES: Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Wellness Specialist, National Under 18 Level 1 Coach, Twist Sport Conditioning Certified, Trixter X Spin Certified. FAVE WAY TO WORK OUT: Plyometric Training FAVE EXERCISE: Chin Ups BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Nova Scotia, this sports-enthusiast took her love for fitness to the next level. She is constantly educating herself on new and cutting edge training styles in her ever-changing industry Fitness Philosophy: “Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels.” FUN FACT: “I grew up on a cattle farm, and YES…I have ridden a bull!”

meet the

trainers Being a Fit Chick is all part of being a strong, healthy, McMurray Girl! When we say strong, we are talking about more than muscles – we are talking about pure, positive, 100% Woman Power Strength! There has been a recent buzz around the term ‘Core Strength’. We hear health and fitness practitioners reference the importance of core strength to our overall health. The truth is, maintaining a strong core mid-section has been found as a positive way to prevent injury, resolve back pain and improve overall performance. Strong arms and legs allow us to stand tall and proud and feel steady on our feet and more ready to take on the world! McMurray Girl has been working with our friends at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park to introduce three fabulous females of fitness. May I present to you: Shauntel Randall, Roxane Caines and Jenna Coulter – The McMurray Girl Trainers! These lovely ladies are experienced personal trainers, each bringing to the table their own unique background of expertise. Get to know these gals – they will each take the spotlight in following issues of McMurray Girl. Our Fitness Team will bring you some unique tips and workout tricks that you can try in the gym, outside or even in your living room! There’s just one thing left to say – “Work it, Girl!” For information about personal training at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre, call 780-791-0070.

autumn 2010 |


Ditch the workout and Join the Party with Team Zumba® Instructors Amanda Weger and Nicole Robinson!! Zumba® is an easy to follow dance fitness class that fuses hypnotic Latin, Hip-Hop and International rhythms allowing you to party yourself into shape! Zumba® is great for any age and any fitness level no dance or fitness background is necessary. All we ask is you show up ready to have a ton of fun!

CURRENT CLASSES Monday 5:15P.M. Syncrude Sport & Wellness Tuesday 7:00P.M. Thickwood Heights School Wednesday 6:00P.M. Timberlea Public School Thursday 7:00P.M. Syncrude Sport & Wellness Saturday 11:00A.M. Father Patrick Mercredi High School

Our classes at the schools are $10 drop-in or $8 if you purchase a Team Zumba® punch pass. Classes at SSWC must be paid for at the reception desk. We also do special events (birthday parties, fundraisers, day camps, etc.). Join our Facebook group: Team Zumba – Fort McMurray or contact us directly for more information at

You may have seen them out and about over the Summer – women dressed for the gym, and “shakin’ their thang” in local parks around Fort McMurray. Enter Team Zumba, an exuberant pair of women who are taking Fort McMurray’s fitness scene by storm with hip shaking, body sculpting movements to simply addictive Latin and top 40 beats. Sound like too much fun to be good for you? It is – it’s GREAT for you! Zumba is a guilt-free pleasure and Team Zumba are the local purveyors of this fabulous fitness program.

fit chicks | spotlight on Team Zumba | by Kyla Getty

Local Ladies Dance Their Way to Fun and Fitness with Zumba!

Team Zumba is made of up two equal parts – Nicole Robinson (yes, the Cliparazzi Queen) and Amanda Weger. Nicole was one of the very first to make Zumba available in Fort McMurray and Amanda was (hesitantly) one of the first in her class. It didn’t take long and Amanda had become a believer. Soon, Nicole had convinced Amanda to travel to Edmonton so that she may become certified as a Zumba instructor as well and two joined forces to become what we now call Team Zumba. “What exactly is Zumba?” It’s nothing short of a fitness phenomenon. A program developed and offered internationally, it combines a mix of fast and slow interval dance movements set to the rhythm of amazing Latin music. The resistance caused by the combination of fast and slow creates a body-sculpting affect while you burn fat from the cardiovascular dance workout. It’s an hour of pure dancing pleasure. The more you learn, the more you burn. Keeping in strict alignment with the instructor’s steps are never forced. The idea is to keep moving, but if you miss a move, or need to break out of the routine, just keep dancing along at your own pace and keep having fun! Once you learn the dance steps, you can start to concentrate on defining your movements and flexing your core muscles, legs and arms.

“Zumba gives you a better alternative to your typical gym cardio exercises and you can shed pounds quicker! You can burn approximately 500-600 calories running 5 miles on a treadmill in one hour or you can come out for an hour of Zumba and dance off 500-1000 calories... which sounds like more fun to you?” Nicole and Amanda have made Zumba accessible to everyone in Fort McMurray through partnerships with the city to provide select free programming during the Summer to outdoor classes. Team Zumba is fully mobile and they offer convenient drop-in classes at various locations around Fort Mac. (Even near you!) They add to the standard Zumba routine by injecting their own music choices – some top 40 club-worthy hits. Nicole and Amanda are kicking the word ‘WORK’ out of workout – with Zumba, fitness is something to be celebrated. Zumba’s motto is ‘Ditch the workout, join the party’. Dancing, laughing, sculpting and fat-burning with fun females of Fort Mac? McMurray Girl gives Team Zumba two manicured thumbs up! Find Team Zumba on Facebook and stay up to date with scheduled drop-in classes and special events in your area! Team Zumba - Fort McMurray autumn 2010 |


classic stylish chic Elegant in it’s simplicity and effortlessly glam, the ponytail is a classic style that woman have embraced for centuries. Formerly known as an informal style, these ponytails are far from utilitarian! Today, women confidently rock the sleek ponytail with their power suit and loose, curly ponies are classified as wedding-ready. Our inspired stylist Jenni, at Spoiled Rotten Beauty Boutique, has gotten creative with the classic pony. Jenni shares 3 stylist-chic techniques to take the common ponytail a few steps further.


autumn 2010 |


do the twist Stylist Jenni:

“Ladies, holiday season is fast approaching and that means lots of events! These 3 quick ponytail based updos will have you looking polished and funky in 5 minutes flat. All you need is a comb, an elastic, some bobby pins and a whole lot of fabulousness!”

1 Make a very deep side part. 2 Take the section of hair near the temple (from the smaller half of the part) and start twisting towards the nape, adding hair to the twist as you go.

3 Holding onto the twisted hair, make a

low ponytail, wrapping your elastic around the twisted hair and the pony.

4 Take a strand of hair from the underside

of the ponytail. Wrap it around the elastic (to hide it) as many times as it will go. End the wrapped strand beneath the pony again. Affix the end of the strand with a bobby pin.

5 Spray with shine spray for an extra sleek look.

head over tails Stylist Jenni:

1 Pull hair into a high pony, leaving some volume on the top.

2 Gently pull the elastic away from the Silk Flower Hair Clip: Featuring Cliparazzi Handmade Accessories hair clip from their new Ladies’ Wedding and Special Occasions collection – with real Swarovski Crystals! Earrings: George – available at Walmart- $6

base of the tail.

3 Make a hole with your fingers between your hair and the elastic.

4 Reach though the hole and pull the pony up though it. Tighten the elastic. (aka: topsy tail)

5 Pin the ends of hair around the

base you’ve created to make loops – the messier the better!


Add your favorite hair accessory... Cliparazzi makes lots of fun ones! 19

Silk Flower Hair Clip: Featuring Cliparazzi Earrings: Featuring Drop Dead Darlings

bananahawk Stylist Jenni:


Back comb top section of hair, leave out and pin out of the way.


Using a banana clip, (yes they still make these! – Goody has really nice ones) pull the rest of your hair up and secure.


Pin loops of hair above, below and around the clip, concealing the banana clip and creating a mohawk shape.


Roughly pull back top section and pin into back. Now your Rawkin’!


Slick sides back with a little hairspray to enhance the mohawk effect.

Jenni has been in the beauty business for nearly 10 years now and is loving every minute of it. When she’s not behind the chair at Spoiled Rotten she can be found shopping, snowboarding or trying to make everyone laugh.

Complete pampering from head to toe. At Spoiled Rotten, it’s all about service and your luxe salon spa experience. Let us melt your stress away and pamper you like the royalty you are! Our experienced team are on top of all of the cutting edge styles and techniques. McMurray Girls – may we spoil you?





autumn 2010 |



McMurray Girls, Let me help you find the home your heart desires. See yourself in a designer suite or the house of your dreams. Being married (to a real McMurray Girl) with a three-year-old daughter has shown me just what a McMurray Girl and her family wants and needs. As a real McMurray Man in Real Estate, I know this area, what’s available, and yes – which finishings you’ll love too!

K Y L E G E T T Y (780) 370-4100 it’s your MOVE.

An independently owned and operated broker member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a Prudential Financial company.

The HUB Honouring Children, Engaging Families, Connecting Community

For more than seven years, local Fort McMurray families have called THE HUB Family Resource Centre their ‘home away from home’. Since opening the doors in 2003, they have experienced tremendous growth from welcoming 25 visitors per day with a staff of two to adding a second centre in 2005, in order to keep up with the demand for services. In 2009, THE HUB team grew to over 12 and recorded more than 40,000 visits! And it continues – since April 1, 2010 they have welcomed and registered over 500 families to their centres! The term “home away from home” is best painted by these pictures… •

A family new to Fort McMurray, many of them immigrants, sharing their child’s birthday cake with their new found HUB family because their own family is across the world.

A stay-at-home parent or caregiver bringing their toddler here to play while the shift working parent earns some shut eye.

On any given day, you can step into either one of the two HUB locations and be greeted by a burst of energy. Many children playing, interacting and having fun fill the centres. Moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers enjoy interacting with their children while meeting and talking to their HUB friends. It’s a bustling and energizing environment that continues to grow annually always offering new programs and building on resources. Their programs are open to all families, recognizing that parents and caregivers need different types of support. All programs are offered free of charge. THE HUB values community partnerships and recognizes that community plays an important part in supporting parents. The resource library is full of brochures from many community agencies. The team provides referrals for anything from pet grooming to family support. Each centre has a lending library, which provides a wealth of parenting books and dvds. Another service available is car seat inspections, done by Family Support Workers who are trained technicians. Ages and Stages Developmental Screening is a tool used by Family Support Workers to identify delays in developmental milestones.


by Rachel Perry

“One of the most unique programs is the daily Drop-In Play. We are one of the only Parent Link Centres in the province to offer such a high number of drop in hours”, said Ruth Francoeur, Communications Manager for THE HUB. In response to feedback from families, effective October 1, public hours are changing. New hours are Monday 1-4 and Tuesday-Friday 9-4. They will continue to offer family events such as PJ’s & Pizza and Family Games Night, which are offered in the evenings and Saturdays.

Parent Link Family Support Workers are a vital part of THE HUB team, creating high quality programs, such as Arts and Sensory, Fit Mommy and Me and Drop-In Play to name three of the programs enjoyed by families. “Arts and Sensory is one of the more popular programs,” said Family Support Worker, Arlene Isley. She said children love this program because it’s a great time to get messy and adults love this one because “the mess stays at THE HUB!” Moms dressed in track pants and t-shirts also enjoy Fit Mommy and Me, which is a comfortable and welcoming environment for mommy and child to enjoy physical activity and movement together. Although their programs are designed for children 0-6 years, some programming is age specific, such as Mini Melodies and Mobile Munchkins (for children 0-2 yrs). THE HUB also provides popular programs to Anzac, Fort McKay, Janvier, Conklin and Saprae Creek. Hub On Wheels (HOW) Family Support Worker, Leslie Ross, says she is “very excited that HOW has gone from offering 6 programs to 13 in outlying communities. We’re building new partnerships and supporting many new families in these areas.” THE HUB recognizes that it takes a village to raise a child and, at THE HUB, children come first. Every day there is something different and exciting going on, whether it’s at the Franklin, Timberlea, or HUB on Wheels locations. Families are playing, community is building and children are laughing – one smile at a time.

Calling All McMurray Girls!

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The Queen of baby blooms Little heads have been turning on the streets for Fort Mac. If you haven’t heard of Cliparazzi yet – I’m willing to bet you will be googling for these gaga baby fashion accessories asap. Yes, Cliparazzi – the inspiration of one local young mother has turned into a bouncing baby craze that has even the big girls wanting to share!

The popularity of her line has expanded to include soother clips and baby belts. (All of which can be ordered in matching sets – a charming Christmas or shower gift idea). All of these pieces are hand-made and can be completely customized to match any special outfit! Headbands, bows and the cutest curly ostrich puff hair clips have been added to the collection as well.

Almost two years ago, new mommy, Nicole Robinson did not want to go back to her conventional desk job. A day spent at a neighborhood garage sale turned into a business opportunity when she decided to purchase a woman’s entire stock of new, designer baby clothing to pursue a fun new career in children’s wear.

These accessories are so unique and so gosh-darn darling, that even local moms are getting in on the glam action! Watch out for Cliparazzi’s upcoming bridal and special occasion line for ladies. This upcoming line features an array of gorgeous blooms including real-touch, real-scent flowers, feathers, genuine silver and 24 karat gold plated beads and pearls – and, as always, everything can be made-to-order to match your gown! (However, I think these headpieces are a great way to dress up jeans and a cute top for a night out, too!)

Starting off small, Nicole sold these designer duds at markets in town. Never one to sit still, her creative nature took over and she began to add handmade baby gifts to her inventory. Her inspiration to create children’s silk flower hair clips has become known as Cliparazzi – the local tiny-tot phenomenon that it is today. Nicole’s experimentation with creating dazzling, high-quality silk floral hair clips (complete with real Swarovski crystals) and eye for quality has evolved into a bustling business. Cliparazzi has a range of offerings from newborn clips for babies with almost no hair, to gorgeous, glam creations for ladies as well. All of Nicole’s products have her very own special ‘no slip’ grip, which holds them in place, even on babies with the finest of hair.

These accessories’ quality is impressive! Each flower is trimmed and sprayed with a special non-toxic solution to eliminate fraying. Accents are adhered with an industrial-strength adhesive, too. We think that Nicole’s Cliparazzi is a shining example of quality, creativity and a vibrant McMurray Girl at work!

McMurray Girl

‘s Cliparazzi Handmade Accessories!

Visit: autumn 2010 |


Beauty from the inside out –at Dayspring Medical & Cosmetic Clinic

Who is the man behind these cutting edge techniques used to diminish our outer imperfections and bring out the beauty that we feel inside? His name is Dr. Olumide Taiwo Mc, MMED (Fam. Med) CCFP and he comes to Fort McMurray from the faraway distance of Nigeria by way of Newfoundland. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Taiwo envisioned that he would one day be a physician. Just like the results of his treatments, Dr. Taiwo made it happen. His background of experience includes 17 years of private practice and a thriving medical clinic serving local families for 5 years. Dr. Taiwo also can be found working in our hospital (Northern Lights Regional Health Centre), 6 days a month. At Dayspring, Dr. Taiwo has established a patientbase of families in Fort McMurray who look to Dayspring as their home clinic. Dr. Taiwo and his caring staff ensure that patients receive thorough care and a comfortable experience. Always interested in furthering his knowledge and offerings to his patients, Dr. Taiwo decided to broaden his practice in 2006 to include cosmetic and laser services. With this he has been able to successfully treat patients with various skin conditions, discoloration and remove unwanted hair. In 2009, he expanded yet again to include Botox and fillers. Dr. Taiwo continues to seek out and master the newest technologies in this expanding industry.

A sampling of Dayspring’s services: • Botox - A cosmetic treatment where a small amount of Botox Cosmetic is injected into wrinkle-causing muscles in the face. The Botox causes these wrinklecausing facial muscles to relax in an treatment to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox may also be used in wrinkle-prevention. Dayspring is currently the only local clinic to also use Botox as a treatment for hyperhydrosis (sweating).



• Fillers - Dr. Taiwo also offers a variety of fillers as an alternate skin-smoothing treatment. With the use of fillers, Dr. Taiwo uses fine needles to insert a filler into the skin to add volume, replace collagen and/or stimulate natural collagen and new skin cell growth. • Laser Hair Removal • Acne Treatments • IPL (Intense Pulse Light) • Chemical Peels

At Dayspring, treatments are administered with care from the comfort of Dr. Taiwo’s clinic. Please see for a complete list of services and for more information. Complimentary consultations with a Dayspring cosmetic consultant are necessary to further discuss the benefits and risks associated with these and other services and to help you decide the best way for you to treat a skin condition or improve the appearance of your skin.

This article is intended to provide basic information. We accept no responsibility, nor bear any liability for any results (desired or otherwise) of the products and services described. These treatments my not be suitable for everyone. With any medical procedure, there may be risks involved. Please consult your health care professional before making any decisions regarding your body and general well being.


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You might not realize that Fort McMurray has it’s very own Medical and Cosmetic clinic, but those who do can attest to the cosmetic capabilities available right here in our own neighborhood. With expertise in cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal, Dayspring Medical & Cosmetic Clinic makes it possible – and comfortable – to receive cosmetic treatments right here at home.

• Schlerotherapy – Treatment of spider veins in legs. • Treatments for Rosacea • Fractional Laser – To treat the appearance of wrinkles, scars and acne scars.

The concept is simple, really. We cut out images and words from magazines that symbolize the things we want for ourselves in our lives, careers and families and then we take action to move towards those goals. All the while, we trust that we can bring into our lives these very things that we want for ourselves. The collage of our dreams that we create is called a Vision Board. Sometimes the process of reflecting on our dreams for ourselves and creating a Vision Board is called Vision Boarding. Creating a Vision Board came into mainstream in recent years with the rise in popularity of the book, The Secret. A vision board has become a recognized goal-setting tool utilized by many motivated individuals to help imagine what their best life could look like and thereby giving them some positive momentum towards actually fulfilling it. Some believe that creating a vision board is a powerful way to bring positive things into ones life because of the Law of Attraction that states “Like Attracts Like.” The idea is that if we think negatively, negative events and people will come into our lives and if we think positively then positive events and people will come into our lives.



positively you | celebrate positive living, starting with celebrating you! | by Rachel Perry

Envision Your Highest Potential with a Vision Board

autumn 2010 |

Some vision board stories people tell are very intriguing. One man claims that 15 years after creating a vision board it was discovered in a storage closet. The million dollar home that he had cut out and pasted to his Vision Board was now the exact home that he lived in with his wife and family. Country musician Christine Kane credits her vision boarding with the actualization of her dream of becoming a successful recording artist. Jim Carrey had a different sort of Vision Board. When he was still an unknown and struggling new actor, he wrote himself a post-dated cheque for $10 million dollars and later that became the exact amount that his first blockbuster movie (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) grossed. If it is true that the very act of writing a dream for ourselves, or creating an image of our vision of our lives can help to make it come true, than isn’t it worth a try?

h t l a e h ity

The women of Fort McMurray are strong and determined women, right? Many of us have travelled far from our homes to this bustling city in the middle of nowhere all because we had a vision of bettering our lives or the lives of our families. Whatever our circumstance, whatever our dream for ourselves, we saw a lot of potential in Fort McMurray. We saw that our greatest potential might be achieved here.

ooo om/l oto.c ©iS

ph tock

w ealth

m o d e fre

Some people may have come to Fort McMurray for purely material reasons, purely for the money. Some people may do vision boards with a purely material focus as well. However, if we allow ourselves to consider our desires on a little deeper level than we may find ourselves doing a Vision Board that allows us to see the potential for our True Self, our Highest Self.


When our Vision Board reflects the answers to these deeper questions then we will begin to see – literally — our best lives presented to us.


ega / EricV


e m ho ckpho

When we are living out our Greatest Potential we not only experience a great sense of joy and well-being but we also come to find we have a lot to share with those around us as well. Then our joy becomes their joy and our vision of happiness becomes a shared vision of happiness.

e v o l


When we have confidence and believe in ourselves that we can actually have the things that our True Self wants, free from the tricks that our ego plays on us, then we may find ourselves moving in a direction in our lives that will bring us the most joy, the most fulfillment, and the most sense of purpose than we could have ever hoped for.



© jgroup



To envision ourselves living out our Best Potential is more than seeing ourselves with a full bank account, million dollar home, and new sports car (or being married to someone who has all these things!). When we do a Vision Board with the idea that the physical items in our lives do not define us, we can allow ourselves to discover what does define us. We may find ourselves asking more questions that lead us to finding images in magazines that surprise and excite us. We may find ourselves asking, “Who am I really?” and “What do I really want and need?” and even “What is my purpose?”


n e r e s

© manley099

Where is it that you want to be in life? First, envision it, then Vision Board it!

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Center for Balance The Ananda Center for Balance offers you the opportunity to bring more Joy and Peace into your life through a variety of body-mind wellness services and activities provided by registered and licensed professionals. Join us for: ~ Private and Group Hatha Yoga ~ Therapeutic, Restorative and Laughter Yoga ~ Relaxation, Pregnancy and Therapeutic Massage

positively you | balance: taking time for yourself | by Heather Thomas


balance: Taking Time

for Yourself

~ Reiki Energy Healing ~ Wellness Workshops


~ Corporate Team-Building


Peace Love

I was over the moon with excitement when asked to write this article for the first edition of McMurray Girl. What could be a more appropriate and suitable topic for the women and girls of Fort McMurray? We know exactly what it means to multitask in every area of our daily lives, to work hard all day AND still put dinner on the table, to raise a family AND run a household, to grow AND maintain relationships with family, spouses, friends, and coworkers. When does the merry-go-round of daily existence slow down enough for us to regain our headspace? When do we take time out for ourselves, for our own


health and wellness? BALANCE is the key to a happy and joyful life. If we feel centered and grounded in our own existence, then we are better equipped to handle the daily challenges that life throws at us. If we as mothers, wives, friends, and coworkers are living in a healthy and loving internal space then we are free to be able to share more of ourselves in a positive way. Have you ever


noticed how people flock to the person that oozes positive energy, joy and contentment? Have you ever noticed how we tend to avoid people who are energy vacuums, those who are miserable and complain all the time?



I believe that the fundamental key to finding life balance is to

take time for yourself.

When we take time for ourselves, we are better able to hear the heart’s whisper that guides us.When we follow our heart and our inner truth, joy and happiness are inevitable.


Discover a unique world of beauty and luxury for your home right here in fort mcmurray! BACIO BEADS BACIO JUNIOR TROLLBEADS



So what is your “Happy Place”? What do YOU DO to bring BALANCE into YOUR life? My answer to this question is simply to take time every day to do what you love doing. It might be 5 minutes, or 30 minutes or even an hour. The more time you spend doing what you love, the more joy and balance you will find in your life. For some people it is spending time outdoors enjoying nature. For others, joy is found in cooking or in the company of family and friends. Still others follow their passions into the creative realms of painting, quilting, scrapbooking, photography or acting. Many people like to sit and read a book, have a hot bath or even meditate. I find my joy and balance in yoga – in the practicing as well as in the teaching. If you are fortunate enough to absolutely love what you do for a living, then you are truly in an amazing place and the world is your oyster. By taking time for yourself on a daily basis, you will find that anxiety and stress will decrease, joy and happiness will increase, peace of mind will follow and as your perspectives widen you will become more tolerant of others. The sun will shine into your life, there will always be a silver lining to every cloud and the best part is that EVERY DAY will be a GREAT DAY! So I encourage you to schedule yourself into your own calendar. Mark off a 30 or 60 minute block of uninterrupted time every day just for yourself. Trust me - it won’t be very long before you begin to feel that sense of joy and balance in your life. By being “selfish” and taking time to LOVE YOURSELF, you will be more energized, inspired and better able to lovingly serve those around you and your community.


D E C O R AT O R ’ S C H O I C E 306-9612 Franklin Avenue Tamarack Village 780-743-1338

We offer quality home decor and giftware. Visit us for that special person on your holiday gift list... or to add some twinkle to your own home!



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This fall, it’s time to go McMilitary, Girl. Straight off the runways and onto Franklin Avenue, the look is bold, strong and cold-climate-chic. Armed with plenty of style and a little attitude, these looks can be dangerously sexy. McMurray Girl’s stylist went under cover and sniped some of the hottest looks of the season, available right here in the Fort.


autumn 2010 |


Š Photo: Dorcas St. Pierre. Thanks to Armoured Cross Alberta

Military Tube Top $45 Rhinestone Cuff $9 Available at:

autumn 2010 |


Dog Tag Diva

Fashion Earrings $11.50 Available at: Claires in Peter Pond Shopping Centre

Military Jacket $160 Available at:

Belted Babe

Belt $18 Available at:

Gun Metal Petals

Š Photo: Dorcas St. Pierre. Thanks to Armoured Cross Alberta

Brushed Metal Necklace $18.75 Available at: Claires in Peter Pond

Alarmingly Charming Brushed Brass Necklace $16.50 Available at: Claires in Peter Pond Shopping Centre

If you’re not the type to re-work your entire wardrobe around a new fashion trend, then you may choose to carefully select some accessories that pack a style punch. The accessories shown below are all available locally.

battalion baggage Handbag $22.75 Available at: Claires in Peter Pond Shopping Centre

Infantry Footwear Spike Boot $120 Available at: Aldo in Peter Pond Shopping Centre

Badges of glamour Accented Tank $11.90 Available at: Garage Clothing in Peter Pond Shopping Centre

S i m ply S t u nning

white winter weddings

Š Gucio photography

Hosting a winter wedding may not be on the radar for most – but after having planned equal Winter and Summer weddings in the world renowned ski resort of Whistler B.C., wedding and event planner Roxanne Cave of Celebrate Events shares some ideas for inspired white winter weddings that are as glam as you could ever imagine. While some brides dream of sunshine and warmth for their wedding day, Canada offers beautiful pristine Winters which make the perfect backdrop to a warm and cozy wedding. Consider hosting your friends and family to witness your wedding in a glamorously intimate Winter affair. 36

autumn 2010 |

Inspiration for your picture-perfect Winter wedding: Location: The first thing you should choose after you decide on your budget should be location. Consider the venue – small and intimate at your family home in front of a crackling fire? Perhaps in a small, private restaurant where the decor can enhance your celebration? Or maybe something large and grand such as a transformed ballroom with your perfect Winter theme? Embrace your venue and allow it to inspire the design of your wedding.

Activities: Consider adding elements to your winter wedding such as a sleigh ride between the ceremony and reception for your guests. Embrace Winter and incorporate a wonderful, memorable activity for your guests. Offer hot mulled wine and apple cider, bundle up the guests with warm blankets and provide customized keepsake mittens.

Inspiration: Of course, Winter events conjure up images of Christmas,

New Years and Valentine’s parties. Building your wedding theme around one of these holidays can also create wonderful lasting memories. Choose a glamorous colour palette such as slate gray, silver and pewter and include beautiful snowflakes for a stylish and elegant flair. Or, choose rich fabrics and warm, glowing candelabras to celebrate the season. When thinking about floral; gorgeous deep reds in amaryllis, deep red mokara orchids and roses in reds such as black baccarat and ruby red, are the perfect winter colour contrast to the pristine snow all around. Going glam, consider the beautiful white anemone with the deep black centre is a beautiful complement to silver sage, with crystals and silver embellishments.

Menu: When it comes to choosing the menu, the cold winter nights lend themselves to wonderful comfort food, warming soups, roasts and baked dishes just feel right. For the late night snacks, how about a hot chocolate station and s’mores just for fun?

chic ‘n cozy

© Sweet Pea photography

Like Whistler, in Fort McMurray you can always rely on mother nature’s own special blend of wedding confetti – snow. A white, wintry wonderland is a magical backdrop to your most special of occasions. Winter weddings create an undeniably cozy atmosphere that can make for the most spectacular and memorable weddings.

Thoughts of Christmas and holiday activities are beginning to energize Canadian households across the country!

dollars & sense | tips from investment experts | by Jim Carta



Solving the holiday spending mystery Everywhere people are contemplating the decorations for their house, searching for that authentic Santa Suit, making travel plans, milling about stores longer, and looking for that ideal gift for friends and loved ones. There is no question, excitement is in the winter air and this Holiday Christmas Season is going to be the most joyous ever! As the days lead closer to that ‘toast to the turkey’ celebration, our energy begins to give way to our internal control system otherwise known as ”mental accounting”. Mental accounting is the system (sometimes implicit) that households use to evaluate, regulate and process their home budget. What is fascinating about this is that most of us use mental accounts, even if we are not aware that we are doing so. *In their book, Nudge, authors Richard Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein describe an exchange between the actors Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman in one of those extra features offered on DVD’s. Hackman and Hoffman shared a close knit friendship during their lean years of acting. Hackman tells a story of visiting Hoffman’s apartment whereby his host pinned him with a request for a loan. Hackman agreed to the loan and carried on into the kitchen to find Hoffman had several mason jars lined up on the counter, each containing money. One jar was labelled rent, another utilities, and so forth. Hackman asked why; if Hoffman had so much money in jars, he could possibly need a loan, whereupon Hoffman pointed to the food jar, which was empty.

autumn 2010 |

Simple logic tells us that money is “fungible,” meaning that it doesn’t come with labels. It matters not what label you put on the mason jars - one hundred dollars in the rent jar can buy just as much food as the same amount in the food jar. Reflect for a moment upon your household. Do you put hard, fast labels on your money and refuse to bend for the greater good?

Have you ever put an important purchase on credit even though you had unspent money elsewhere labelled “travel fund”? If you answered yes, then you are ready to solve – The Holiday Spending Mystery that impairs households financially, leaving you with a plastic hangover that could last months and sadly years. Let’s begin to solve The Holiday Spending Mystery! First we must accept that mental accounting is important for the very rea-

Jim Carta Peak Investment Services Inc. Permanent Financial 1. 800. 794. 5032 110 .1455 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A3

son that money doesn’t come with labels. The mason jars used by Dustin Hoffman in large part have been replaced in most households by designated bank accounts. We may have one for education, travel, property taxes… the list goes on! Our fixation with these bank accounts results in bizarre, unbusinesslike behavior where households will have $10,000 in savings/chequeing accounts earning 2% or less and $5,000 in credit card balances, typically charging 8% to 18%. Using the money from the lower paying savings account to pay off the higher cost credit card balances makes perfect financial sense – yet most households choose the more costly approach of carrying their credit card balances. Thaler and Sunstein’s research has in fact uncovered that households that borrow to their limits, are reluctant to use their savings to pay off their credit card debt. They feel that it would only be a matter of time before they would run up their debt again. Their research concluded that the reason households were keeping money in separate accounts was no more than a costly self-control strategy.

The only way you can turn off this so-called snooze button is to take action. This means it’s time to get out of bed, savvy McMurray Girls! The only way to END to YOUR perpetual HOLIDAY SPENDING MISERY is to get connected with your current “mental accounting” and self control techniques. So as the shopping season sneaks up upon us, take charge – and I don’t mean charge card! Tidy up unfinished business (debt), and make reasonable holiday spending plans. Hey, we don’t all have elves – everything costs money and we all pay dearly eventually. This is your year to shake the “status quo tree” of Christmas holidays past and set yourself up for a fresh start in 2011.

To sum it up, households “mental accounting” usually favours their need to feel secure. Often, this creates a false sense of security. This partially explains why credit card balances in Canada are much higher than they need to be. The media would have us believe that our growing credit balances are simply caused by our out of control ”Silly, Shopaholic Lifestyle”. So if you feel burdened with guilt – stop. Ignore the media stories and start listening to your internal alarm clock. Have you been hitting the ‘snooze button’ on taking control of your finances? ©

*The writer has taken exerts from research compiled by Thaler and Sunstein presented in their book, ‘Nudge’.

autumn 2010 |



glam lil gifts

Whether the box contains a dazzling diamond or some tasty treats, make your gift look like a million and you’re sure to garner the adoration of the recipient.

celebrate gift glamour with our suggestions for stylish presentation. Wrap it up with love: The secret weapon in my gift wrapping arsenal is scrapbook paper. Our local, “Frames by Fraser” has an astonishing array of scrapbook paper in delicious designs. This is a great time to make cute use of their Christmas selection. I guarantee the big box stores aren’t selling wrapping paper like this! They come in 12” x 12” sheets – a great size for smaller gifts and stocking stuffers. What I LOVE, is that the paper is rigid, so it makes the wrapping process so much more luxurious … easy to fold, easy to cut and won’t tear. This is a must-try for your glam lil gifts any time of year!

Adorable Adornments: Bling is everything! (Plastic bows are so-not-chic.) Jazz ‘em up with jewels, ribbon, buttons and stylish adornments available (again) at Frames by Fraser or any other craft store. Scrapbook supplies make the ultimate gift finishings.

Designer Schemes: Coordinate the presents under your tree. Choose a colour and pattern scheme and stick with it in different combinations. Ooh la la, your present presentation will look more like art! Personalized Present Power – accessorize your gift with a cute tag or use a small colour copy of a photo of yourself and your gift’s recipient.

Think outside the box: Re-use and re-purpose a small container by adding a dash of creativity or be inspired by vessels and containers such as our simply posh Martini mini gift basket. (Top)

autumn 2010 |


book(re)marked | we bookmark remarkable books | by Kyla Getty

I have a confession to make – I am not, nor have I ever been a bookworm. I have all of the makings of a REAL reader. In school, I was always an ‘A’ student (well for the most part). I am also an avid student of life. I yearn to be inspired and to explore new ideas. I adore the act of being thrust into another world within a book. A book serves as a portal to a parallel universe, where you leave nothing behind – not even your own real-life emotions. As a graphic designer, I appreciate the form of a good book. I love the idea of books, the smell of fresh pages, the shiny dust covers and the sturdy fabric-covered cardboard beneath. I love the idea of curling up ever-so-cozily with a soft cover, its pages curving and melding to the shape of your warm hands as you meld into its story line. So why have I not been one of those girls with her face always half hidden behind a book? This year came the answer. The pin point of the fact that I am a slow reader. This is a fact that had me tied up in knots in my school days while reading as a group and watching all of my classmates’ pages flip me by. Today, I let go. I embrace my reading style. In fact, I now love to sink in and read slowly. I read at the pace that would be read to me, imagining the pitch and tones of voice as I would imagine the lines being spoken aloud. A friend pointed out that she could understand that as a creative person, I would be slower than most because my mind would be conjuring up visuals for every line I read. Yes, This is true! A reason that I now embrace – I would not want to read any other way.

was one thing that pushed me over the edge to actually buy my own copy and dive in. Javier Bardem as her love interest in the (at the time) upcoming Hollywood movie release. Okay, I’m only human! With that said, it didn’t take much for me to find myself completely immersed in this true story of a woman’s spiritual journey. “‘Eat’? – I’m in! ‘LOVE’? – I’m in! ‘PRAY’? Hold on a second – what am I getting myself into here?” If the name of the book makes you squeamish, let go of any preconceived notions and just open up the book. This memoir is the story of a woman in her early 30’s journeying to find balance in her life after a messy divorce and short-lived, toxic re-bound relationship. Sound like you? Yes, No? Either way… keep reading. This book is truly and eye-opener no matter what your personal life experience is. ‘Liz’s’ journey takes her on an actual voyage. She first travels to Italy in search of pleasure – which she finds in the form of pizza and pasta! She then travels to India to live in an ashram in search of a

This Summer I was encouraged to read “Eat Pray Love”, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Although this book has received high praise from the likes of people such as Oprah since it landed on shelves four years ago… and although it was a New York Times best-seller, there


autumn 2010 |


Because for me, reading a book is an investment of more time – I only want to read the REALLY good books. And because of this, I will only share the REALLY good books with you!

the cheesecake plan:

Naughty Girls Night In

Combine graham crumbs, butter and 1/4 cup of the sugar. Form crust by pressing the mixed ingredients onto bottom and 2-1/2 inches up side of 9-inch springform pan.

If you’re interested in exotic travel from the comfort of your own living room and you’re also interested in opening up to a world of possibilities beyond what we see through our own ‘sunglasses’ – this is a must-read. This book leaves you feeling satisfied like you’ve just had a hearty family feast with your loved ones. Full, fully entertained, and filled with new knowledge, thoughts and ideas. Eat Pray Love is a book that even a slow-reader like me can invest her time in wisely. This is the kind of book that when nearing the end, you will WANT to read slowly, so that it doesn’t end so soon.

Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 1 hr - 1 hr 10 min. Turn oven off. Open oven door slightly and just let the masterpiece sit in the oven. After one hour, remove the delectable cheesecake from the oven. Now, let it cool completely then pop it in the fridge for 4 hours. Prepare Cherry Bliss: Drain cherries, reserving juice in saucepan. Add sugar and bring to boil. Whisk cornstarch with 1 tbsp. of cold water; whisk into juice and cook, stirring for a minute until it has thickened. Remove from heat. Stir in cherries and orange rind. Cool mixture in the fridge. Note: Topping should be stored covered, in the fridge separate from the cheesecake until ready to serve atop the cake.


Run a sharp knife around edge of pan to loosen cake before removing. Lovingly top with berries or serve on pre-sliced pieces if you plan on saving some for a midnight snack!

the grocery list: Tasty Crust: 1-3/4 cups Graham Crumbs 1/3 cup Butter, melted Cheesecakie Goodness: 1-1/4 cups Sugar, divided 3-250g pkg. Cream Cheese, softened 1 cup Sour cream 2 tsp. Vanilla 3 Eggs


connection to spirituality. Indonesia is her last stop, where she had planned to find the perfect balance between the two. In Bali, she does indeed find this balance and the love that comes with it. Yes, enter Mr. Bardem. But no, the real LOVE that is spoken of in the title and evident in the pages of the book is the love that Liz finds for herself and her life – with or without a man.

Cream cheese and the remaining sugar are then beaten with mixer until well blended. Add sour cream and vanilla, mixing well. Slowly add eggs (one-by-one), while beating on low speed until just blended. Pour this filling atop the crust.

it’s naughtylicious!

Cherry Bliss Topping 1 jar (796 mL) red sour cherries, in light syrup 1/4 cup (50 mL) granulated sugar 1 tbsp (15 mL) cornstarch 1/2 tsp (2 mL) finely grated orange rind 43

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autumn 2010 |


clip out pages to post on your fridge! © thesuperph


International Cuisine Cooking Classes 2010 - 2011 Location: Father Mercredi High School Dates: Saturdays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Oct 16 India Nov 20 Italy Jan 22 China Feb 5 Japan Feb 26 Venezuela Mar 12 Pakistan April 9 Iran April 30 Philippines Price: $35 per Session Call the Multicultural Association of Fort McMurray 780-791-5186 to register Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: October 20th, 2010 Category: Ballet “An internationally renowned repertory company, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal brings two shows to Keyano Theatre.” Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: October 21st – 24th, 26th & 27th, 2010 Tickets on sale now “The boys are back and armed with ample doses of happy vaccines in The Steady Belt Tour. They are crisscrossing the country and coming to Keyano Theatre to inoculate all those in need.” The Beatlemaniacs Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: October 29th, 2010 Tickets on sale now “The Beatlemaniacs turn imagination into a reality, bringing the sounds of the “Fab Four” to life on a fully produced stage show!”


autumn 2010 |

BMO Skate Canada: Alberta – NWT/Nunavut Sectionals Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park Date: November 4th to 7th, 2010 “The Noralta Skating Club will proudly play host to the BMO Skate Canada: Alberta – NWT Sectionals on November 4th – 7th, 2010 here at Suncor Community Leisure Centre. This Provincial level figure skating competition will welcome more than 300 athletes, coaches, officials and guests to the Wood Buffalo Region. The Noralta Skating Club will be represented by ten athletes aiming for a chance to continue to the BMO Skate Canada Western Challenge.”


Caillou Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: November 6th, 2010 Tickets on sale now “A candid look at some of Canada’s national pastimes through the eyes of our favourite pre-schooler, Caillou’s Greatest Skate of All.”

fancy! Keyano Gala Odyssey 2010

Location: Keyano – Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre Date: November 6th, 2010 Tickets on sale now – Kenny Rogers Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park Date: November 8th, 2010 Rockin’ River Productions International Guitar Night Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: November 10th, 2010 Tickets on sale now “The International Guitar Night is a forum for the world’s finest guitarists/composers to play their latest original songs and share musical ideas.”

Please note, the events provided have been compiled from various sources and suppliers. Please see event providers for more info, registration, fees, and to stay on top of any changes that may occur.

John McDermott Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Date: November 12th, 2010 Tickets on sale now Category: 
Celtic/Folk “Singer John McDermott is an artist whose sense of respect for tradition and understanding of the sentiment behind the music resonates worldwide.” Northern Lights Health Foundation Festival of Trees Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre festive! at MacDonald Island Park Date: November 19th to 21st, 2010 “Presented by Syncrude Canada Ltd., Festival of Trees is THE holiday season kick-off event. This three day Christmas event is a 21 year staple in Fort McMurray. With more than 5,000 visitors, 50 beautifully decorated trees, hundreds of silent auction items, Santa’s workshop, Family Fun Night and more- there’s something for all family members at the Festival of Trees” Private Lives Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Tickets on sale October 19th, 2010 Dates: Opening Night Nov. 26 - Champagne Reception
 November 25, 26, 27
, December 1, 2, 3 & 4
 Show time: 8pm
 Rating: PG “Written by Noel Coward and first performed in 1930, meet divorced couple Amanda and Elyot who bump into each other in Deauville, France on their respective honeymoons to second spouses. They soon realize that they are still madly in love with each other and shouldn’t have divorced. As the pair run off to Paris together, they discover there are highs and lows to the long lost relationship. Will it be happily ever after for the pair and how will their new spouses react? Find out this November.”

Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Dates: December 17, 2010 Tickets on sale October 19th, 2010 Category: Folk/Country “Corb Lund is a Canadian musician who’s sound is tough to categorize but the mix of roughnecks, bikers, bankers, and ranch hands you’ll see drinking and standing shoulder to shoulder at one of his concerts will all agree, Corb Lund is authentic.”

The Northern Classic (outdoor AJHL hockey game) Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park Date: November 26th, 2010 Santa Claus Parade Date: November 27th (more info TBA) Terri Clark Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park Date: November 27th, 2010 Rockin’ River Productions


The Craze Location: Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park Date: December 31st, 2010 “Wood Buffalo’s Family New Year’s Celebration will be taking place again this year from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Entirely familyfriendly, with free admission and activities, this year’s event promises to be a great way to end 2010.”

Rankin Sisters’ Christmas Location: Keyano Theatre – Syncrude Arts Alive Dates: December 11th and 12th, 2010 Tickets on sale November 2nd, 2010 Category: Celtic/Pop

do you have an upcoming event?

“The sweet, angelic, Celtic-influenced voices of Raylene, Heather, & Cookie Rankin help spread the Yuletide cheer!”

Send info regarding events scheduled between Jan. - April, 2011 to: by November 26, 2010 to be published in our upcoming January issue.

autumn 2010 |


Arbonne – Christine Tel (780) 714-8220 Turn Back The Hands of Time! Let me show you how with a Superior Swiss Formulated Anti Aging Skin Care line. Buy online at a discount! Discovery Toys - Michelle Kelly Tel (780) 788-0091

advertise from



$ Keyano College 8115 Franklin Ave Fort McMurray AB T9H 2H7 Tel (780) 791-4800

Direct Sales / Home Parties

Advertising Inquiries?

104 Fox Crescent Fort McMurray, Alberta T9K 0C2 T: (780) 748 5589 C: (780) 742 1943

Terri-Lee Parsons Your Pleasure Specialist Victorian Pleasure Parties Tel (780) 799-9608 Enjoy a ladies night in while we explore your sensuality. Products include lotions, potions, novelties, toys & lingerie. Book Today!

Passion Parties by Randi Tel (780) 870-1813 www.randimccabe. Like it a lil place an order. Like it a lot host a PARTY. Love it all become a consultant. WordPlay Designs – Ashley Cull Tel (780) 215-0526

Well-priced luxury

Swedish and Thai Massage

Salt glow/sugar scrubs, pedicures, facials


organic products available

visit for pricing and online booking 24 hr

Canada Safeway Thickwood 131 Signal Road Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4N6

5 minutes from downtown in Fort McMurray’s Abasand

Spoiled Rotten Beauty Boutique Bay 7, 122 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8 Tel (780) 714-5070 Urban Physique - Body Sculpting Studio 305 - 9612 Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9 Tamarack Village Tel (780) 743-4003 Fax (780) 748-1016

Canada Safeway Downtown 9601 Franklin Ave Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9


Beauty Salons / Spas / Personal Care

Independent Beauty Consultant

Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef Tel (780) 838.6956

Perfectly Divine Day Spa 530 Mackenzie Blvd. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4C8 Tel (780) 713-8337



Tel (780) 790-1988 and (780) 791-3909 Fax (780) 743-1431

Sobeys Thickwood 210 Thickwood Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB T9K 1X9 Tel (780) 743-9339

Sobeys Downtown 500-8600 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4G8 Tel (780) 791-1550

Special Services

Prudential Fort McMurray Real Estate Rock Solid In Real Estate 102-122 Millennium Drive (behind Timberlea Boston Pizza) Tel (780) 791-7707 View ALL MLS Listings at

Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park 151 MacDonald Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5C5 Tel (780) 791-0070 Fax (780) 791-2898 Team Zumba We are mobile – coming to a gym near you! Tel (780) 799-1084 or (780) 799-0372 Chocolates & Candlelight Bay 4, 122 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8 Tel (780) 743-3878 Fax (780) 743-9443

The HUB Family Resource Centre Franklin Site 10020 (b) Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K6 Tel (780) 791-7110 Fax (780) 791-7898 Timberlea Site 6-118 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8 Tel (780) 780-743-9225 Fax (780) 780-743-8516 HUB On Wheels Leslie Ross – 780-788-5160


Kyle Getty – “It’s Your Move” Prudential Fort McMurray Real Estate Tel (780) 370-4100

Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre 530 Mackenzie Blvd. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4C8 Tel (780) 791-7900 Fax (780) 743-4654

Mix 103.7 FM 9904 Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K5 Tel (780) 791-0103 Fax (780) 791-1448

Drop Dead Darlings Inc. Tel (780) 748-1040 Fax (780) 748-0611

Peter Pond Shopping Centre 9713 Hardin Street Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3G6 Tel (780) 791-4044

Cliparazzi Handmade Accessories Tel (780) 799-0372 Decorator’s Choice 306 - 9612 Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9 Tamarack Village Tel (780) 743-1338 Fax (780) 743-1335 Frames By Fraser Ltd. 101 9616 Franklin Ave. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9 Tamarack Village Tel (780) 791-1394 Fax (780) 791-1394

© AndrewJohnson

Community Services & Fitness

Events Wood Buffalo Tel (780) 791-1600

The Bone and Biscuit Co. Bay #2, 414 Thickwood Blvd. Fort McMurray, AB T9K 1P1 Tel (780) 715-2225 Fax (780) 715-2251 Pet salon located in The Bone & Biscuit Co. 780-715-2205 New clients welcome. Large dogs & cats accepted.

Clearwater Physical Therapy #24 - 9919 Morrison St. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3K5 (780) 742-0005 Dayspring Medical & Cosmetic Clinic Franklin Ave, 616 - 8600, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4G8 Tel (780) 714-6665


Pet Care

Back on Track with Barb Health & Wellness #24 - 9919 Morrison St. Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3K5 Tel (780) 799-9666

Retail / Specialty Boutiques / Gifts

Health & Wellness

Ananda Center for Balance Tel (780) 747-3857

PetCheck (and homes too) Tel (780) 838-8834

With 60 stores and services including designer clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry, we are your one stop shopping location.


THE OF THINGS TO COME. While I am extremely intrigued by the world of astrology, I also strongly believe that we can shape our own futures. Being a McMurray Girl is about taking life by the reins, and reigning as queen of your own destiny! Because of this, instead of a horoscope, McMurray Girl provides seasonally inspiring ideas to keep life fun!

If your birthday falls in: January, February or March Find YOUR balance! (Pg 30) Make these coming months about restoring a healthy balance between your family, your commitments and yourself. Schedule it in and stick to it. Book a family activity night, and book an evening to take to yourself, too. End the year with balance in your life and get ready to start 2011, feeling great in YOUR shoes.

Settle in this Fall and get cozy around the home. Try something new like a new recipe and serve it to your family or friends with love. Do a small home-improvement project and move around some pieces of furniture and decor to re-feather your nest. Your home is your sanctuary – warm it up and rekindle the home fires with a renewed flame.

July, August or September

Album Alert!

Separating her talent from personal drama-du-jour, who doesn’t love Rihanna’s unique, electric sounding voice and addictive hits? Good news for Rihanna fans, her new album LOUD, is set to hit stores Nov. 16! It includes a collaboration with Toronto’s own DRAKE. Update your wish list - if you can wait! Sourced from –

Make this Autumn your time to get organized. Don’t just “Fall” into your routine for the season, set yourself up as ‘Queen of your domain.’ You’re coming off of your birthday and a busy Summer, and the holidays are just around the corner. Get on top of the organization of everything from your closet to your personal paperwork. File things away, budget your spending and take control so you enter the holiday season on top of your game!

Insider Shopping

October, November or December

Kaos Clothing; Calendar Club; Hickory Farms; Artist Nathan Pinsent; and Eternal Flame Candles.

It doesn’t matter what your astrological sign is – it’s your birthday, girl! Your birthday falls during a very celebratory time of year – embrace it! If you’ve been wrapped tightly getting back into the Autumn routine, let yourself off the hook, just a bit, and pack this last part of 2010 full of fun. You have lots of reason to celebrate being you – so go ahead, plan that girl’s gathering or holiday party and crown yourself the birthday queen! You are worthy – so let the festivities ensue!


autumn 2010 |

Beauty Buzz Tip Chapstick is a secret winter beauty weapon that every McMurray Girl should keep in her bag of tricks. In a pinch, use it to stray flyaway eyebrows or even to smooth flaky dry Winter skin that might show up while you’re out and about. Tips from Carmindy’s amazing book – ‘Crazy Busy Beautiful’.

McMurray Girl has the inside scoop on Peter Pond Shopping Centre’s special, limited-time holiday retailers. For your shopping planning pleasure:

Did You Know... The first store in Alberta was a trading post established 50km from Lake Athabaska by Mr. Peter Pond himself? So that’s where the name comes from! Looks like we’re the REAL shoppers of Alberta, after all! Sourced from Marina Michaelides’ book – ‘Bathroom Book of Alberta Trivia’.

© manley099

April, May or June

look & feel great FORT MCMURRAY

McMurray Girl Promotion exclusive

Reference Promotional Code: MGIRL and receive 1 complimentary laser underarm hair removal treatment. (Value $125 – absolutely Free!)







W E L L N E S S .

780 714-6665 616 - 8600 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray

McMurray Girl Issue 1 - FALL 2010  

The first of it’s kind in this city, McMurray Girl is the hot new magazine for the savvy women of Fort McMurray! Shoppers, entrepreneurs, fa...

McMurray Girl Issue 1 - FALL 2010  

The first of it’s kind in this city, McMurray Girl is the hot new magazine for the savvy women of Fort McMurray! Shoppers, entrepreneurs, fa...