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editor’s note summer 2014

Volume 4, Issue 4 | summer 2014

McMurray Girls, paint those toes and trade in your ‘Ugg’ boots for flip-flops! Open up your back door and transition to a relaxed, new indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Everything just looks better… everything just tastes better… and everybody just feels better in the summer!

Editor, Creative Director Kyla Getty 780-370-4900

Cat Jones, Ruby Hogg, Denise Hildebrand, Angella Abel, Jessica Musycsyn, Mayor Melissa Blake, Monica Booth, Brenna Fynes, Kiran Malik-Khan, Heidi Taves, Anupama Deshpande, Mavis Ure, Lisa Radetic, Suzanne Manning, Tracey Lewis and Carolyn Goolsby ...and to all who made this issue possible!

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Thank You to our Contributors...

This year, I feel like we all deserve a medal. We made it through what feels like an epic winter… and our reward is here – the long, bright days of summer. And while the women of Fort McMurray are troopers through all of the seasons, I think that we do summer best. The kids are out of school, the neighbours are out, the grills are fired up and the decks are getting plenty of use! In general, homes are opened up and we all tend to gain some extra square footage of living space into the backyard. This is the Summer Home and Garden Issue – and we’re focusing on extending the home onto the patio and into the garden. We’re cooking outdoors, we’re lounging outdoors, and we’re entertaining outdoors. How can you bring the comforts of home outdoors, and how can you bring the breezy summery feeling inside? We have some great ideas for you! This summer, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is bringing back it’s Urban Market – with great new vendors, theme days and a schedule of fun for the whole family. Whether McMurray is your home or just home-for-now, partake in this great community market and embrace the home-spun vibe with fresh flavours and creative craft and gift items. 80% of the market's vendors are local to our province with Alberta-grown or Alberta-made items for sale. See page 23 for your exclusive, McMurray Girl Guide to the Urban Market. Summer is just good for the soul, so make sure to take a big juicy bite out of the season while it’s here.

See you on the deck!

summer 2014 |


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mcmurray girl of five years mcmurray moments

I remember the day I landed in Fort McMurray. It was February and the temperature was -33. The moment those doors opened at the airport, the cold air caught me in the back of my throat and I started coughing uncontrollably. I had never felt anything like it. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to breathe here. Now, -33 is no big deal! 

my advice...

Someone very smart told me to stop fast-forwarding your way through life. Time flies as it is - so stop and enjoy. You will never get this time back. Make it count.

must-haves Cell phone (camera), mascara and lip gloss!


words to live by

“Take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” - Unknown

my style

Work in progress? I’m in transition from new-mom-comfy clothes to almost-time-to-go-back-to-work clothes. I’m excited to start fresh and build a new wardrobe. I want to feel like a hot mama!

on my playlist

The most random mix you have ever seen from 80’s and 90’s classics that I can sing SUPER loud in my car, to current songs that I can dance to around the kitchen with my son.   

female inspiration in life


Carrie Williams Photography

My mom. She is the perfect example of what a woman should be. Strong, warm, with a beautiful soul and she loves harder than anyone else on this planet. I can even feel it here from Ontario! 


mcmurray girl of two years mcmurray moments

Painting my husband’s and my sweater-vests on for the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” during the Festival of Trees. We turned a lot of heads that night!

excited about...

All of my future makeup collaborations! I absolutely love my job.

my advice...

Make sure to create a good work-life balance. Take time to do things for yourself, make time to do things with your family, never forget your friends, and spend some time in nature! Nothing soothes the soul faster than a stroll through the woods.

must-haves A good attitude and an open heart. (Of course, a little tinted moisturizer and mascara doesn’t hurt!)

words to live by

“Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead.” – Charles Bukowski

my style

Everything. From fun and flirty, to dark and devious, Harlem pants, to pencil skirts.

on my playlist

Queens of the Stone Age, Ben Howard, The Cure, Alt-J, MIA, Santigold, The Black Keys.  

being a mcmurray girl...

means taking control of your life and giving back to the community.

last thing I purchased A 12 week Art Class.


ruby hogg

Y V O N N E L AU R E N @ S H AW. C A

W W W. Y V O N N E L AU R E N . C A

home & garden Open up your home to the outdoors. Open up the doors to your deck or patio and create an outdoor living space that's just as comfortable as your home. Create a homey space or glam oasis by considering these outdoor decor ideas:

• Bring the inside, out - cozy up with lots of throw cushions and set the table with candlestick holders. • Plant flowers and greenery in nontraditional containers... be creative!

Photo © Shutterstock / Champiofoto

• Steer away from typical patio furniture from the big box stores. Why not repurpose an old wooden dining room table? Sand the edges and 'rough it up' a bit a weathered, antiqued look. (Try garage sales!)

Bring the feeling of summertime into your home.

1. Create small, summery vignettes on a tabletop or shelf. Include fresh cut flowers from your garden and keep the vessels simple. Clear glass creates a clean look that adds a hint of summer sparkle.

3. Eliminate the separation between the indoors and out. Take down your blinds and opt for bare windows or airy curtains to let the sunshine in! A summer breeze blowing through curtains is oh-so-sexy! (Windows can be made cozy once again when the weather gets crisp!)

2. Add a simple pop of colour - pop out the old, and pop in the new! Inexpensive throw cushions, candles, table runners, and hand towels are all affordable and low-committal ways to bring in a summertime colour palette for just a few months. Think coral, turquoise, lime or bright yellow... have fun with splashy summer patterns, too!

4. Switch out framed photos for ones that show off summer fun. Create a summery gallery installation of photos taken during your trip to the lake, kids running through the sprinkler, or friends gathered on your deck from your last sangria BBQ party. Have fun!

Photo © Shutterstock / PhotoSGH

Your house is lit up with the summer sun relish the feeling by making a few easy tweaks to bring the season into your indoor decor.

summer 2014 |



OUTDOOR | by Denise Hildebrand

After making it through the winter inside, McMurray Girls are anxious to get out onto our decks and patios. Once again it’s prime time to dine alfresco and enjoy these long, warm nights with friends and family.

Impromptu guests and barbecues with the neighbours? Denise Hildebrand shares her tips on how you can be prepared to entertain in style all Summer long and take advantage of the deliciously healthy convenience of outdoor grilling every night!



Make your BBQ season easy, fun and most importantly – spend less time in your kitchen and more time outdoors with family and friends! Start by making a list of what you would like to serve for two weeks – think burgers, chicken, salmon, steak, seafood and kabobs. Choose marinades and other recipes you may want to make. Make your grocery list. While shopping, take advantage of warehouse packs or go to your local butcher and look into the specials they have. There is nothing better than home-made burgers! I purchase the warehouse pack of extra lean ground beef and use two different recipes for each. 1 ½ lbs makes 8 burgers. Spend a morning or evening to prepare and marinate your meat for two weeks.

Epicure’s spices, rubs, and dry glazes make grilling and BBQ season a breeze! Some of my favorite marinades by Epicure Selections are Teriyaki, Souvlaki, Beef n’ Steak, Big Batch Raspberry Montreal Chicken and the oh-so-good, ‘Oh Canada’ Dry Glaze. Freeze marinated portions for the later days in freezer bags. There you go – two weeks of prepared meat for the BBQ!

Preparation of potato salad or macaroni salad can be done the night before. Cook your potatoes and eggs or macaroni, and put together your sauce. The next day, you’ll be ready to mix together and serve!



For outdoor entertaining, take the plunge and invest in a good patio set. It may cost a bit more, but it will stand the test of time. We purchased our patio set over 10 years ago. This year, it is showing its wear but a coat of black matte outdoor metal spray paint will bring it back to life as well as recovering the cushions. Check out pinterest for ideas!

Photo © / stockcreations



Denise Hildebrand is an Independent Consultant with Epicure Selections. Follow Denise on Facebook for her simple recipes and entertaining solutions – or if you’re interested in ordering or learning more about Epicure Selections.

Photo © / imging, Rido



Your dishes are key to your décor. Choose a set that you will be able to use for years. A set that has a few different colors is fun, while a white set goes with everything. You can add a bit of color if you are throwing a “themed” dinner party, or simply have fun with what you have on hand. Coloured paper napkins are inexpensive and can add a bit of fun. Spending a bit more on a good set of summer dishes will save you money as you won't be replacing them every couple of years.



Entertain like a master, look polished, and save yourself this summer. A key piece to your outdoor entertaining repertoire is a large tray that you can use to serve drinks to the table, deliver the meal and condiments and remove the plates when finished.



Add some magic to your outdoor setting and have fun with lighting! Inexpensive solar lights placed amongst your garden add sparkle to the expanse of your yard. Clear twinkle lights strung over your deck or in the trees around it create a special evening glow.

r o o d t ouentertaining essentials

McMurray Girl shops around town to find some neat and unique summer must-haves for the patio and beyond.

SHOPPERS • Ring Pop Popsicle Mold for a small, sweet, summertime treat! • Hot Dog Baskets are fun on the deck and make clean up a breeze!

STOKES in Peter Pond Mall • Chevron print placemats or a gingham print tablecloth will bring detailed touch to your outdoor affair • Watermelon appetizer plates are a festive touch for patio treats • Roast dogs over an open flame with ease using the Remy Olivier sausage roaster • Fun barbecue themed napkins complete your summery theme • Large stackable trays are a summer hostess' best friend, especially when delivering a tasty sip of sangria in this classic jug and summer glassware.

WALMART • Artichoke Decor, bring some of the inside out for a designer deck! • OFF Clip Ons are a thoughtful gift to outdoor guests • Paper Plate and Napkin Set in a summer print adds a splash of colour and removes dish-duty from your list.

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Now Open Fort McMurray’s

LUXE SPA & WELLNESS SANCTUARY Located in Stoneycreek Village in Timberlea

A new, high-end spa destination Providing guests with a wide variety of spa and wellness services. From pampering spa treatments to physical therapy, our menu also includes alternative and holistic services such as energy treatments, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, yoga and more. Learn more at

Stoneycreek Village Shopping Center in Timberlea, 206-112 Riverstone Ridge 780-750-3391

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Originally from a very small town on Vancouver island, Angella Abel moved to Fort McMurray four years ago to pursue an education in nursing. But, life presented a change of plans and she welcomed two beautiful daughters instead. With a natural entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for creativity, Angella's Shabby Chic Boutique furniture repurposing studio was born.

Photo Š Virginia Frank Photography

“I am all about finding pieces that people have forgotten about and giving them a new life! Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with the mid-century era. Most of my pieces are 50 or more years old and have so much history. I love to imagine the story behind each one – how many hands did it pass through?

summer 2014 |


Straight Teeth No Braces



K I N D & C A R I N G S TA F F


(780) 791-5538 12  700 SIGNAL ROAD 3 DOORS FROM THE BLACK HORSE PUB


Who were its first owners? How many homes did it accent? And, what would it say if it could tell us what it has seen?” Angella loves to share her great finds with Fort McMurray through her Facebook page – Angella's Shabby Chic Boutique. Often, I work with the customer to customize the item with their colours and style of choice. I specialize in farmhouse, shabby chic, and rustic styles.” Angella’s products vary in price depending on origin and brand of the item. For a true antique dresser, completed to her client's specifications, the price can range from $300-$800. Though Angella prefers working with vintage pieces, she is able to take any piece and make it appear 'antique' using her finishing methods, which is a more affordable option. “I also take requests. If a client desires a specific item, I will hunt it down and complete it to exactly what they envisioned. I just recently sold an antique vanity to a woman who said she had the exact same one as a child. I cannot describe how special that was!” Though her two-year furniture-transformation business is relatively new to Angella, she says that she has always been artsy. “Growing up, I only had one grandparent. Because of

REAL RESULTS. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I use the latest Real Estate industry tools to get you moving.

9919 Biggs Avenue Fort McMurray AB T9H 1S2

Melanie Galea Real Estate Agent


this, even as a little girl I was curious about history – how old something was, and how it had weathered over time. I love how these things are living examples of how much things have changed over the years.”

Angella enjoys constructing these unique pieces as an opportunity to get creative and play with colour. The business is an outlet for this busy mom in many ways. “Anyone who has children can appreciate how much I savour 8pm every evening, because in our house this is bedtime. As their little imaginations drift off to sleep and begin to dream, it's this mom’s time to play, and allow all of the day's events to flow through the paint brush.”  Looking back at the trends over the past year, Angella feels that distressed furniture was definitely most popular. Whether it came from an abandoned farm, an antique market or your grandmother’s attic, repurposed, authentically old items are very sought after in home decor. A few of Angella’s favourite pieces to-date would be an old wash stand that she converted into a bathroom vanity, along with a French Provincial dresser and cabinet that she customized for the Addison Birch Boutique. “If you take a look at style as a whole, it is evident that the mid-century era has inspired our clothing styles as well. Imperfections are becoming more acceptable and even admirable in all areas of design. I see this trend continuing on in 2014 and only becoming more versatile as our modern styles evolve. Bright colours will be a big part of this – contrasting either with pastels or neutrals and complimenting timeless vintage patterns.”  Angella offers a custom drop-off service to clients who need it, as well as interior decorating and painting. She encourages you to take stock of your own furniture pieces. “If somebody has an attachment to something because it has been passed down to them, I can help them make it their own by adding whatever they like – stencils, funky knobs or handles, lined drawers, and more! If you can imagine it, I can do it!”

To view Angella’s work, visit her Facebook page - Angella's Shabby Chic Boutique. Inquiries or special requests? Email  She also offers interior decorating and painting.

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

Here to help you and I care summer 2014 |


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L A SER TR EATMEN TS Back on Track with Barb provides wellness and beauty on the inside and out. With our latest addition of Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal and the Clearlift Noon Hour Face Lift we bring wellness and beauty to our already existing weight loss services. Your one stop shop for the total you...

Our Laser Services Include: • • • • •

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Laser Tattoo Removal Laser Skin Resurfacing RF Skin Tightening Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion

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Do you know W H AT YO U R P R O P E R T Y I S W O R T H I N T O D AY ’ S M A R K E T ?

Planting Roots in

Fort McMurray | by Jessica Musycsyn

Terri Friesen and her husband Brad don’t have the typical types of jobs you hear about in Fort McMurray. Together, they own and operate Fort McMurray’s only greenhouse and garden centre - Dunvegan Gardens. Since Terri was a child, she had always wanted to work at a greenhouse. Fourteen years ago, she moved from Saskatoon to Fort McMurray, and her dream came true! Terri was hired on with MacKenzie Market and Greenhouse. It was working at MacKenzie Market and Greenhouse she met her now husband, Brad Friesen. The Friesen family, who owns two other Dunvegan Gardens greenhouse locations in Edmonton and Fairview, purchased MacKenzie Market and Greenhouse in 2001. Dunvegan is open year-long with beautiful home decor, plants, and seasonal fruit and vegetables for purchase. There is always an array of products available for sale. Knowledgeable staff members are available to answer any and all gardening questions. All perennials and plants are zoned for Fort McMurray, so you don’t have to worry about what will survive in your garden!  Even more than a greenhouse, Dunvegan is a community hub. Many of Dunvegan’s favorite attractions take place during the summertime – so be sure to take your family out for a visit to check them out!


The Corn Maze opens in August. This is a favorite attraction, running from Summer through the Fall. If your kids love the Corn Maze, bring them to Dunvegan before it opens in August to check out the Hay Bail Maze, now open! Tours of the grounds are held throughout the week. Anyone may book a tour at no cost, simply by calling ahead. Children love the bunnies, birds and chickens that they meet on the tour. End the tour with fun in Dunvegan’s park, featuring swings, tether ball, spider web, slides and a fire pit. The park is also available to book for children’s birthday parties.

9919 Biggs Ave. Fort McMurray T9H 1S2

For more information about Dunvegan Gardens, phone (780) 791-0212. You can also catch the Dunvegan staff selling seasonal fruits and vegetables at Wood Buffalo’s Urban Market: June 18th, July 2nd, July 16th, July 30th, August 13th, August 27th, September 10th, September 24th, and October 8th.

summer 2014 |











Whether it’s new shorts, sunnies, sandals, or a sassy new suit… Our stores are brimming with easy breezy styles that will take you from the beach to the backyard barbecue party. Peter Pond Mall has all of the essentials you need for a Summer done right!



You’ll want to make over your entire summer wardrobe when you see our made-over Bootlegger location! From flowy sundresses to bright and breezy basics, Bootlegger has it all!











Get decked out from head to toe in your favourite beachy brands.

Hot hues, flowing designs, and the perfect accessories to pull it all together!

Sunhats and super cute shades are a summer must for your little one!

Re-fuel while shopping with a tasty new summer sip or fresh snack.

Keep cool and rock the beach in bright shades and boho styles.






You might be surprised what properties in your area are selling for! Contact me for your hassle-free consultation.

whether it's time to nest, or time to fly. Effective, informative and fun – with my background in residential construction and knowledge of real estate in Fort McMurray, you can relax while I assist you on your journey home.


it’s your M O V E . Call or text (780) 370-4100

Photo: Katinka Kleppe, foto source photography

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Métis Fest hosted by the Fort McMurray Métis Local 1935. And in June, there were also Treaty Days to celebrate National Aboriginal Day. I am very thankful that First Nations and Métis traditions continue to be lived, shared, and celebrated throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. These events are a great way to celebrate our heritage and recognize our Aboriginal community’s valuable contributions to the region.”

- Mayor Melissa Blake

mayor’s note McMurray Girl - Summer 2014 It’s no secret that Wood Buffalo is wonderful in the summer. Life is a little more relaxed, the sun shines a lot longer, and there’s an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. To me, it always feels like our Canada Day festivities kick off summer. It’s at that point where the summer holidays are truly upon us! In addition to Canada Day celebrations, there are many other activities to enjoy through July and August. If you have children, you may even want to consider a local summer camp program. The Oil Sands Discovery Centre offers some cool science camps for children four to ten years old. For all our young artists, dancers, and musicians, the Keyano College Conservatory hosts the Fusion Summer Camp in July. Drama and arts camps are also among the 13 camps that Heritage Park will put on this season for boys and girls. It’s certainly a great way to get outside and learn more about our region's history. What a treasure we have in Heritage Park! I certainly want to thank the Fort McMurray Historical Society for the community outreach that they do. They help preserve and honour our past so that we may boldly step forward to the future. With the kids at camp, it's a great time to get some work done around the house. Maybe that means working on the flowerbeds or tending to the garden? Or perhaps redecorating a room? It may also be an opportunity for de-cluttering a room or a hall closet. If you're really lucky, you may even convince the Mister to clean out the garage! Whatever job you choose to take on, in this edition of McMurray Girl you'll find lots of tips and tricks on home and garden. Let’s take pride in our homes and keep our community beautiful! And then, at the end of the day, when the kids are home and the house is looking great, you can have a few friends over for a barbecue. What a way to end a summer day in Wood Buffalo! And why not invite a new neighbour from down the street? Summer gives us many excellent opportunities to meet new people, welcoming them to our community. Enjoy this edition of McMurray Girl and have a great summer.

Sincerely, Melissa Blake, Mayor


FLOWER of the Year Did you know that every year the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has a flower of the year? The 2014 flower of the year is the delphinium. This perennial is great in full sun and peaks at the end of summer. With colours ranging from blue, purple, white, and pink, it’s a beautiful flower to brighten up your yard.

Help wipe out graffiti

Nominate Your Neighbour


Keep our community beautiful by participating or organizing a Graffiti Wipe Out. A Wipe Out is an event where individuals or groups contact local property owners and volunteer to paint over graffiti on their property. There are no costs to the volunteers, and we will provide the necessary graffiti removal tools! For more information, email:

Celebrate community beautification in Wood Buffalo by nominating your neighbour! The program recognizes residents, businesses and organizations for their outstanding efforts in front yard beautification. For more information, please email, call 780.788.1489, or visit

The Parks Branch Office offers a Tree Doctor Service that provides residents with safe horticultural counseling for problems with trees and shrubs on private property. The service is free to homeowners. To report a hazardous tree, or to arrange a time for a member of the Urban Forestry Team to visit your property please call 780.799.5832.

Memorial-Recognition Bench & Tree Program Ever wonder how a bench in your neighbourhood got a memorial plaque? It’s through the memorial-recognition program run by Parks Services! This program provides individuals, groups and organizations an opportunity to contribute towards tree planting or benches to remember, observe or acknowledge an event, occasion or person. Learn more about the program at

Photo Courtesy of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Shoppers enjoy all the Urban Market has to offer at last year’s events.


Mark Your Calendars FOR THE

| by Monica Booth

What is it about farmers markets that create so much buzz in a community? Some say it's the growing demand to know where our food comes from. Others muse about the connections made when you meet the person who prepared your meal, baked your bread or grew your beans. Still more say it's the social aspect of turning local shopping into an event – an all-day celebration with friends old and new, with great food and entertainment to boot. Maybe it’s all of the above – farm-fresh food, local hand-made gifts, entertainment and activities, and a chance to spend a day in the sun with your friends and family. That’s why the 2014 Urban Market is one of the most highly-anticipated events of the summer in Fort McMurray! Returning for round two after its triumphant debut in 2013, this year's Market is bigger and better with a bi-weekly schedule that spans from June 18 to October 8, and longer hours for the 9-5 crowd. Dunvegan Gardens, Bearstone Bakehouse, Krazy Lady Candles, and The Chef’s Table by Mitchell’s are among the returning vendors who had a very successful run in the pilot market season last year, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the Wood Buffalo community.

Having lived in Fort McMurray for five years, Renee shares the excitement of many others in the community for the Urban Market season. For her, the Urban Market is a new amenity that adds to the downtown landscape; a vibrant place to go, meet new people, socialize and support local and provincial vendors. Natasha Chisholm, another Urban Market organizer, had only just moved to town when last year's pilot Urban Market season took off, so her eagerness is two-fold: She has watched the Urban Market come to life from the planning stages up, and she gets to experience it for the first time in her new community. “This is a great opportunity for local businesses to get started and test out their products. It's also a fun and interesting addition to what is already offered in the city in terms of shopping and dining,” she says. And in Fort McMurray where retail is still catching up with our rapid growth, a unique experience like the Urban Market is just what we need. The Urban Market will set up shop on the front steps of the Jubilee Building at 9909 Franklin Avenue on June 18, and will run from noon to 7:00 p.m. every other Wednesday until October 8. Visit for updates on the Urban Market.

“I love the energy in this town,” says Renee Summers, Manager of Marketing and Special Projects with City Centre McMurray, and one of the leading ladies behind the Urban Market. “Everyone I've talked to that attended last year are excited for it to come back, and everyone I've spoken to who hasn't been to it are equally excited.” summer 2014 |





It’s summer, and this calls for some serious patio time! Podollan Pub’s ‘Pod Girls’ Cassie Anderson, Kayla Muileboom, Mandy Wylie, and Brooke Bella share their favourite summer drinks… and how you can make them at home!

(Left to Right: Cassie Anderson, Kayla Muileboom, Mandy Wylie, and Brooke Bella)




Been in Fort McMurray: 5 years Fave summer activity: Yoga by the creek. McMurray Memory: Floating down the sny and getting stuck!

Hometown: Niagara Falls, ON Fave thing about McMurray: All of the nature… not everyone pays attention to all of the beauty in this city. Summer entertaining tip: Every meal needs a dessert!


SERVER SUPERVISOR Been in Fort McMurray: 27 years Plan for the Summer: To travel to Thailand Current Goal: To finish my Real Estate Course.


Hometown: Vancouver Island, BC Fun fact: I worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for 1 year. Describes herself as: A girly girl that loves camping, fishing and off roading.

girls love: A L L OF T H E

Summer Sunrise


A non-alcoholic mocktail for hot summer days and party-perfect sipping! Combine equal parts of Cranberry Juice and Gingerale. Carefully pour a layer of Pineapple Juice on top for a sunrise effect.

Mandy’s Sip of Choice:

Bad Attitude

Kayla's Sip of Choice:


She thinks it’s the perfect drink for a summer cocktail party!

She thinks it’s the perfect drink for tanning in the backyard.

Sour Puss 1.0 oz Vanilla Vodka 1.5 oz Cranberry Juice 1 oz Pineapple Juice 0.5 oz

Red Zinfandel 6 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Fresh squeezed Orange & Lemon (2 wedges each) Splash of Gingerale

Pour Sour Puss over ice. Shake remainder, strain over iced Sour Puss - it will layer.

cocktails Cassie's Sip of Choice:

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Raspberry Peach Sparkler She thinks it’s the perfect pool-side drink.

Brooke’s Sip of Choice:

Martini Royal She thinks it the perfect drink for backyard patio parties & girl’s nights!

Vodka 1 oz Peach Schnapps 1 oz White Zinfandel Sparkling Lemonade

Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 1 oz Hypnotiq 1 oz Chambord 0.5 oz Cranberry Juice Pineapple Juice

Pour Vodka and Schnapps over ice. Add Lemonade and top with Zinfandel.

Shake all ingredients together.

summer 2014 |


Tiziano Taba

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Conte Annalisa


Patent Desi


Celebrate with


98 • AD:

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F r Available r s D esi g ne age

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Follow writer Brenna Fynes as she discovers Fort McMurray, dating, and the path ahead on her journey as a new McMurray Girl

Like getting a shiny new toy, my first month in Fort McMurray was filled with elation and excitement from the adrenaline of coming to a new place. It was great fun trying to figure out which end was up. I had originally only committed myself to a three-month trial period, but after about six weeks I extended myself indefinitely and started looking for permanent work. Shortly thereafter, real life tracked me down and things were starting to feel difficult.


A full and adventure


D A I L Y !

by Brenna Fynes

Transitioning into a new career was a welcome but challenging learning curve. And at the same time, living in cramped quarters with the friend I had moved here with totally eroded our friendship. We had begun to bicker like preteen siblings, culminating in me finding a new place to live. Losing my support system, moving houses, and starting a new job all at the same time was exhausting. I routinely caught myself fantasizing about moving back home, and negotiating in my head all the reasons why that would be a good idea. But, I’m still here! I’ve started making more of an effort to really be here now, on more than just a physical level. “The best way to get over homesickness is to get involved in the community” a work friend advised, perhaps intuiting my discouragement. “Join a club, or find a hobby, or something.” I know that she was right, but I haven’t yet felt totally ready to dive right in and commit. All the change has made me feel like I just stepped off the spinning tea cups at an amusement park, I needed to take some time to catch up with myself. My first big step so far was to join the library. Books have always made me happy. So, I took myself down to Mac Island and signed up for a membership. I decided to check out a book aptly called The Place we Call Home about the history of Fort McMurray. I felt restored and more contented because I had done something good for my soul, and I was looking forward to feeling more at home in Fort McMurray once I knew a bit more about it. I was intrigued to learn that my assumption that this town emerged as a result of the Oil Sands was actually the other way around. Fur traders like the scandalous Peter Pond began arriving and setting up posts as early as 1778. It was, in fact, because of early residents that word got out about a tarry substance oozing from the river beads. By the time of the first big oil boom in the 1960s, there was already a well established community, into which the many newcomers were welcomed. Now that it’s summer, I can’t wait to take the Oil Sands Discovery Centre tour and check out the Heritage Park to learn even more about this place that I’m becoming a part of. Then, I guess it will be time to find some clubs and get into some hobbies, and let my life here finally begin to bloom.



Second location now open at the New YMM Airport!


(780) 743-3878 Suite 4, 122 Millennium Drive chocolatesandcandlelight . com




6 1


2 1


Photo Š Virginia Frank Photography

| by Kiran Malik-Khan

Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre’s staffers think of one another as family. It’s evident when you speak to the McMurray girls of the hotel – Mindy Thomas, Wilma Adriano and Lyndsey Hannan. Mindy Thomas, Sales & Marketing Manager, Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre, has been with the hotel for a year-and-a-half. Originally from Surrey, BC, Mindy moved to Fort McMurray two years ago, and found it to be a warm community as she began volunteering. “It took me a bit of time getting used to, but I quickly found out how accepting and inviting this community is,” shared Mindy, who has worked for MLA Don Scott’s campaign, and the Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation. “I’m actually helping newcomers settle in our city now, and have become a Fort McMurray advocate,” Mindy added with a smile. Wilma Adriano, Banquet Manager, agrees. She’s been calling Fort McMurray home for over seven years. A temporary foreign worker from the Philippines, Wilma was recruited as a server in September 2006, was promoted to a supervisor in December of the same year, and eventually took over as manager in August 2008. “Sawridge is a community hub – for both big and small events. We pitch in to help one another,” enthuses Wilma. That’s the feeling - newcomer to the team - Lyndsey had when she joined Sawridge three months ago as Catering Sales Coordinator. Originally from Mississauga, ON, Lyndsey moved to Fort McMurray two years ago. Like Mindy, it took some adjusting to our smaller city compared to her hometown, but the community spirit swayed her when she began working for one of the local radio stations, and then the hotel. “I learned a lot working for the radio, and I love working for the Sawridge. Everyone immediately made me feel comfortable. The hotel is also very environmentally conscious, and that was one of the reasons I applied,” noted Lyndsey. Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre has been a go-to for numerous community events since it opened in 1983 in Fort McMurray. It has 188 rooms, and 151 employees. A northern Alberta chain, the hotel operates in Edmonton, Jasper, and Peace River, with a new location under construction in TaigaNova Eco Industrial Park – north of Fort McMurray. The hotel recently won the 2014 Employer Choice Award, and is the 2013 – Winner of Outstanding Business at Gold Star Awards. The group also gives back by supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation for the last five years, helping grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

“This year we raised over $8000 for Make-A-Wish through our Sweet Dreams Capes and Crowns event attended by 150 people,” continues Mindy. Sawridge Fort McMurray also brought home the trophy for most money raised among the facilities. Usually the prize goes to Peace River, the ladies added. Why Sawridge? At 11,000 square feet the banquet room can host 850 seated guests and 1000 for cocktail style events. Kids Forever, a national charity has exclusively hosted events at the hotel for the last eight years, as does Ducks Unlimited. They hold events from weddings, special events and conferences. “It can be from 10 people to 1000,” says Wilma. “We love helping create a special moment in time for our clients.” Most recently, the ladies were busy hosting the Leading the North Conference, which was a major hit with hundreds of local delegates, and from across the country. “From the front desk to the rooms to leaving the hotel, Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre is all about customer service. It’s the staff’s priority at all times. “We are here to make our clients happy,” continues Lyndsey. The hotel caters to all dietary needs from vegan, gluten-free to Halal, and vegetarian. “As long as we know it in advance, we’ll make it happen for you,” adds Lyndsey. Thanks to our McMurray girls for making Fort McMurray their home, and for contributing to the vibrant fabric of our town. Visit for more information.

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Make it a night to remember Enjoy an evening of romance and culinary delight with a Chef’s Table at the Sawridge Inn. An experience unlike anything else in Fort McMurray, a Chef’s Table is a gourmet menu artfully prepared, paired with wine, and in an intimate setting just for you. It will be a night to remember. Learn more at

Book a Chef’s Table today! T: 780.799.7432 | E:

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The Leadership Wood Buffalo Action Learning Project Team involved in this project from L to R • Heidi Taves, Anupama Deshpande, Mavis Ure and Lisa Radetic

Love it, or leave it?

Radetic e, Mavis Ure and Lisa s, Anupama Deshpand ve Ta idi ygi He rra by mu ry mc sto at ue Follow-up of our Spring 2014 iss be found on page 46 The original story can

Photo © Virginia Frank Photography



McMurray Girls, we are back! First of all, welcome to the approx. 685 new

McMurray Girls

who have joined our community since our last article came out. It’s so exciting to live in a community where there are always some fresh faces. Unfortunately, watching people leave is also a part of our reality. I’m sure we’ve all seen too many awesome friends leave in search of something that our city just can’t offer. About 7 months ago our Leadership Wood Buffalo Action Learning Project Team set out on a mission to find out why that is.

What prevents people from making Fort McMurray their home and getting engaged in the community? We focused our research specifically on awesome women, like yourselves, because we believe women are key to a vibrant and vital community. With that in mind, we set out to better understand the women of Fort McMurray. As part of that journey, we launched a 10-week community engagement survey and met with various community groups. We heard from over 700 people in Fort McMurray. We wanted to see where the connections were – did owning a home, voting in elections or working seem to make a difference in people planting roots in Fort McMurray? And, what other things

prevented people from making Fort McMurray home? What were people saying about why they loved Fort McMurray… and why they hated it? We got all the information we were looking for… and some surprises too. You might remember from our first article (or you might just guess yourselves!) that our initial prediction was that our respondents would say that shopping was an issue. Well, we were right! About 60% of women aged 20-40 said they wanted more shopping. Some other popular items on women’s wishlists include a better movie theatre, more health care options and a bowling alley. No surprises there! One really interesting thing we learned about women aged 20-40 is that they were more likely to call Fort McMurray home faster than any other demographic we studied. These women plant roots here quicker than women aged 40 and higher, and faster than men as well. That tells us we have some amazing McMurray Girls out there that don’t waste any time, and settle into this new community right away. Maybe this isn’t your experience, though. Are you still struggling and missing “home”? It’s always hard moving somewhere new. Or, maybe you’ve been here for a while and still haven’t found the right group of friends or activities to take part in. Our challenge to you is to find some way to become involved in the community. Our results show a correlation between volunteering in the community and the length of time that people live here. This place will never feel like home if you keep thinking of it as a temporary stop on your way to somewhere else. Take action and take just two hours a month to be involved in a new group. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to see Fort McMurray in a new light. For ourselves, we were overwhelmed by the support we received throughout this initiative. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who completed our survey, took the time to meet with us, and reached out to us out of interest. While our Leadership Wood Buffalo journey is complete, there is still more work to be done. Fort McMurray – thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. We know we have the right people here to make this community a place many more will decide to call “home”.

If you're interested in learning more and getting involved... ... or have a current community project or initiative that you think might benefit from the information we gathered, please contact Lisa Radetic at For more information on our project or to learn how you can get involved in the community, visit

summer 2014 |


Suzanne E. Manning

Chandra L. Flett

Paul J. Holubitsky

Caitlin A. Hanly

Michael R. Moore

N. Gwen May

Corie L. Flett

Your guide to Real Estate law

Buyer Beware!

What every smart mcmurray girl should know about the law


| by Suzanne Manning

With the hordes of snow and frigid cold (finally) behind us, folks are eager to escape the confines of indoors and sample the sunshine! For some in our region, a change of address is on the horizon – the timing also works well for parents with school-aged children – evidenced by the hot real estate market showing heaps of new listings daily. Choosing the most desirable property, whether you’re looking for the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette pad or a suitable environment to raise a growing family can sometimes be a daring task. An informed buyer will usually choose a team of professionals to assist in finding the best property, confirming it’s in acceptable condition, obtaining the funds to purchase it, and transferring the property into the buyer’s name. With so many listings to choose from, if you need to borrow funds to purchase, I suggest first meeting with a bank or mortgage broker to determine what your pre-approval is for a new mortgage, considering your financial circumstances and goals. This will save time from looking at properties that simply aren’t affordable.

Once you know the price range you can afford, contact a licensed realtor who is market savvy and has experience negotiating an attractive deal specific to your needs – the purchase price, inclusion of personal property in the transaction (such as appliances), and inserting applicable conditions such as financing and a home inspection into the contract. Once that deal is made your realtor can explain specific terms of the contract to you, whether they’re reasonable in the circumstances, and confirm that you’re aware of what you’re agreeing to before you sign on the dotted line.

After you've signed the contract, there are some steps I suggest you take. Firstly, if there are any contract conditions, you will usually have a couple of weeks to satisfy them to ensure the contract doesn’t fall-through. If one of your conditions is financing, send a copy of your contract to your bank/mortgage broker to work-on final approval. Secondly, to ensure you have no unpleasant surprises after you purchase the property, I recommend hiring a qualified home inspector to inspect the property and provide a report detailing its condition and any recommendations to maintain your potential investment. Depending on the outcome of the inspection you may need your realtor to negotiate with the seller to reduce the purchase price, provide a cash-back on closing so you can complete repairs, require the seller to complete deficiencies before you take possession, or walk-away from the transaction altogether.

As soon as your conditions are removed your realtor will send a copy of your contract to a lawyer of your choice practicing in the area. Your lender will also send your lawyer instructions on how to prepare its mortgage. At that time your lawyer will prepare all financing documents, bills of sale, and land transfer documents required to transfer the property into your name. Most importantly, your lawyer will also take steps to guarantee that the seller’s mortgage is removed from title to the property you’re buying, as well as any other debts, Court judgment, etc. that are owned by the seller and are attached to the property (unless your contract has agreed to the contrary).

Buying a property, especially in our market, is most likely your largest investment! The governing principle of law in real estate transactions is the doctrine of Caveat Emptor, meaning ‘let the buyer beware!’. Build yourself a team of professionals to support you in making a sound investment decision and feeling satisfied with your purchase long-after you take possession of your home.

Suzanne Manning Suzanne E. Manning is a Partner at Flett Manning Moore – a full service law firm located at 9703 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray. Suzanne is actively involved in community leadership roles and is currently serving her second term as a Director of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce. She was born and raised in Fort McMurray and values the opportunity to contribute to the community and to practice law. Suzanne practices predominantly in the areas of corporate/commercial law, residential and commercial real estate, wills and estate administration.

summer 2014 |



With Summer in season, working in a workout doesn’t need to be a chore. Get out of your lawn chair and take a walk or run, enjoy the Birchwood Trails, try yoga in or outdoors - or hit the courts for some fun. The experts at Keyano College’s Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre have put together these great tips to stay summertime fit.

olive G I R O U X

andrea J O R D A N - G I A R D A


running your first km, finishing your first set

Yoga is for everybody. This summer, try yoga. Once you’re on the mat, feel at home and smile. Bring a friend or make friends in class, create your yoga community.

of lunges with proper technique, or running



This summer, think of your workouts as a stepping stone, not with a ‘jump in let’s get it done’ attitude! Every little step gets you closer to the big picture. For example,

without being out of breath. These are stepping stones, and they are accomplishments.


carol M A C D O N A L D Have written fitness goals and do something everyday toward them. Think positive and envision the final result.



jennifer B E D A R D


Don’t bring home less nutritious foods from the grocery store. It’s easier to say no once in the store than 50 million times when you bring it home. Limit snacks to 1-2/day and to 150 calories or less whether it is nutritious or not. Suggestion: snack on the food groups you are missing at meals. DIETICIA N



Take deep belly breaths throughout your workout, to get oxygenated blood to your system. Inhale through your nose and exhale though your mouth. Add citrus or cucumber to your daily water bottle to give it a little burst of energy. It also tastes great!



heather A N N Find something active that you love. Better health and wellness doesn't only happen in the gym.




ONEGIRL | Introducing the McMurray Girls of ONE Team


Being a part of ONE Team means coming to work every day with the goal of making a difference in our community.

“ Photos © Carrie Williams Photography


Tracey Lewis

Stakeholder Relations Advisor Originally from Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Tracey moved to Fort McMurray in the summer of 2011 two years after receiving her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Saskatchewan. “In 2011, my husband and I decided it was time to live in the same province so he brought me to Fort McMurray to see what life would be like. The first place he took me to was MacDonald Island Park. After touring the Island I told my husband, If I can work here, I will move to Fort McMurray. “

ONE favourite thing about Fort McMurray Summer. The Fort McMurray summer is so beautiful with the long days, green surroundings, and endless activities to keep you busy. I enjoy camping, playing slowpitch, quadding, floating down the Clearwater River, and walking the trails with my dog.

ONE favourite way to spend time at the island Hitting up the Miskanaw Golf Course in the summer and enjoying some great food with friends on the patio at the Fox Den Lounge.

ONE favourite quote Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game - Babe Ruth

Well, the rest is history! Today, Tracey’s role with ONE Team is to connect corporate partners with opportunities to support the facility and our community through Facility and Event Partnerships. “Every time you see corporate recognition on a building (Suncor Community Leisure Centre) or at an event (Northern Kickoff Presented by Shell) that is something that falls into my portfolio. I look after all facets of the partnership from creating the opportunity, sourcing the community or corporate partner, and implementing the fulfillment of each partnership. “ With the Northern Kickoff set for June 13, 2015, Tracey is excited to see this Shell-partnered event come to fruition. “The event will see the Eskimos tackling the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the most northern game in CFL history. It will mark the official opening of Shell Place to the community and will include a full schedule of community events over a four-day period. I can't wait to see SMS Equipment Stadium at Shell Place come to life when we host over 15,000 fans! Being a football fan myself, the game will be quite exciting for me to experience right in our own backyard.” Not only will the event be a highlight for local sports fans, it will be yet another ‘feather in the cap’ of our community, putting Fort McMurray in the sport and tourism spotlight, as it will be broadcast live on TSN. Tracey sees the Northern Kickoff as a catalyst for many more large-scale sports tourism opportunities here. Tickets are available for purchase at or at the Anzac Recreation Centre Presented by Nexen Energy or Suncor Community Leisure Centre. If you’re interested in being more than just a spectator, Tracey assures us that there will be many exciting opportunities for community members to get involved. Stay tuned to to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities!

We invite you to join us for a showroom tour and complete, custom consultation, free of charge. Let’s get creative! We’ll show you the possibilities that we have in store, and help you to bring your personality into your home.

SANDS 8316 Manning Avenue 780.743.8211

design ideas


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Every smile is beautiful In a world where we celebrate diversity, smiles speak an international language. Dr. Sonia Thibault, D.M.D., is here to help! General Dentist River City Dental Clinic River City Centre Mall, 2nd Floor 8600 Franklin Ave, Suite 611 Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9H 4G8 780-791-9797 Proud to serve you in English, French and Spanish!

between the

covers at your public library

| by Carolyn Goolsby

goodreads Ah, the comforts of home. Don’t you just love coming home to a clean house, homemade treats, your little garden, the serene quiet of your sanctuary? Yeah, me neither. In real life, home is often the land of onerous chores, quick dinners, no time, and anything but quiet. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time! There are lots of books at your Library to help you shake off that humdrum everyday and make home a place to love again! Here are some of our favorites:

Fort McMurray Public Library on MacDonald Island

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” -Jorge Luis Borges

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House

- Cheryl Mendelson I’ll add a disclaimer here – I received this book as a gift from my sister. I think it was a “subtle” hint. One of us loves to keep house, the other… not so much. But whichever category you fall into, this best seller is the comprehensive encyclopedia of how to manage a home. Every minute detail. Seriously. Without being preachy (No, you don’t really have to iron your sheets. But if you want to…), Cheryl Mendelson combines practicality with a true love of home making to present a wonderful book on managing a home.

Happier at Home – Gretchen Rubin Following her own epiphany that her home was not a particularly happy place, Gretchen Rubin set out to tackle one theme per month that would make her home calming, energizing, happy – a place that renews you at the end of the day, refreshes for the days ahead, and is just a great place to be in. This is not simply about organization and clean sheets – Rubin goes deeper to the root causes of happiness, joy, love, comfort… all the things we want at home.

Sugar Snaps and Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden

– Andrea Bellamy Sometimes, it’s difficult to find space to garden – even if you love doing it. Not everyone has a yard – and those that do, often don’t have space for a garden. In Sugar Snaps and Strawberries, Andrea Bellamy shares all you need to know about creating your own garden plot, garden pots, or even your very own mini-orchard! Everything from how to build and maintain the proper soil (and what that even means), to what to do with your produce once you have it, this is the essential reference on small-space edible gardening. Bonus: it’s written for Canada, not the tropics! If you want to know more, check out Andrea’s blog, Heavy Petal, at

The Book of Awesome – Neil Pasricha During a truly terrible time in his life, Neil Pasricha set out to write about one thing every day that was awesome. All the little things that happen and that we take for granted – but are, in fact, pretty awesome! Getting something in the mail with actual handwriting on it. Popping bubble wrap. Your table getting called to the dinner buffet first. MEETING CANCELLED. Taking your bra off at the end of the day. AWESOME! This collection of essays will inspire you to notice all the little, totally awesome things happening around you, every day!

Free summer reading programs for all ages! Register online or in person at the library for a summer of fun and prizes! Special summer events: -From the Pages to the Screen: SRP Book & Film Club -Zombie Apocalypse Survival Event Check out our online events calendar for more information on all our programs. Library Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-9pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday Noon-5pm Online resources, including library catalogue, available 24/7.

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Achieve Wellness Spa 206-112 Riverstone Ridge, Fort McMurray In Stoneycreek Village Tel 780-750-3391

Chatters Hair Salon Fort McMurray 203-19 Riedel Street, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 743-2105 Fax (780) 743-2173

Glow Laser Centre Inc. 107-9914 Morrison Street, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 791-7091 Cell (780) 799-6999 Permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, hydradermabrasion. Book your free consultation today! Go on... Get your Glow. Inah Nail Art Salon Ltd New Location in Eagle Ridge's East Village! Bay 133-355 Loutit Rd, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 790-1942

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Every smile is beautiful Dr. Sonia Thibault, D.M.D General Dentist


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Fort McMurray's trendiest women's clothing boutique. New items released weekly! From cute and casual to a night out on the town, come in and find your unique style.

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Proud to serve you in English, French and Spanish!

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Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre 530 MacKenzie Blvd, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4C8 Tel (780) 791-7900 Toll Free 1-800-729-7343 Fax (780) 743-4654

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Community Centres

Back on Track with Barb 8-122 Millennium Drive, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 750-6888 780-370-4100

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it’s your M O V E . Tom O'Hara, Associate: (780) 799-2004 Team O'Hara Angie O'Hara, Associate Broker/ Owner: In The Know, (780) 713-6827 On The Go


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Heather Gartner, Associate: (780) 531-4748

Virginia Frank Photography Tel (780) 792-9623




JOICO Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray 150 ml

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or watching on as a guest, saying I do to an Updo can be easy and elegant. From perfectly pinned intricate curls and braids to loose, flowing locks, the Updo is romance at its showy best during the wedding season. Visit Chatters for the right styling products, and the perfect shade of nail polish.




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ALTERNA Hemp Thickening Conditioner 250 ml






AG BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer 100 ml CHATTERS





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One lucky, random shopper in the mall will win every day!




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Profile for McMurray Girl

McMurray Girl Summer 2014  

McMurray Girl Summer 2014