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Editor, Creative Director Kyla Getty 780-370-4900 Thank You to our Contributors... Merrisa Lucas, Carrie Williams, Cherie Walsh, Virginia Frank, Kiran Malik-Khan, Mayor Melissa Blake, Patricia Henderson, Hannah Jesson, Madison Jesson, Chandra Flett, and Carolyn Goolsby ...and to all who made this issue possible!

Photography: Carrie Williams Photography, Virginia Frank Photography,, Invisalign, Myra Ross For our 20th cover, we're celebrating all of the amazing cover shots over the past 4 years including photography by: Sean Mclennan, Christine Gogolinski, Jacquie McFarlane Brault, Chelsey Hart, Paul Bucetta, Virginia Frank, Carrie Williams, Jordan Gooden,

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editor's note expecting the best!

Welcome to the Fall 2014 issue - an issue that is aptly dubbed 'Special Edition', and holds a very dear place in my heart for many reasons. Four years ago, I embarked on a business venture that turned out to be the journey of a lifetime. On October 16, 2010, McMurray Girl's very first issue launched 'hot off of the presses' with a mandate to ENLIGHTEN, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER the women of our region. The idea took flight and I have had the honour of meeting and knowing some of Wood Buffalo's powerhouse women – from our outstanding Mayor to the unsung heroes who make a difference in this community each and every day. Each woman who has graced one of our 20 magazine covers – and the many more who have been profiled within – are truly inspirational. And, for each of those you've seen featured in our 20 issues, there are so many more who deserve the spotlight, as well. I have lived with an abundance of gratitude for every single person who has made the magazine possible along the way. I have enjoyed every facet of creating and publishing McMurray Girl and consider myself so very fortunate to have enjoyed this 'dream career'. Since the magazine's inception, my life has been FULL. However, earlier this year I discovered even greater depths to my joy as a new dream came true for me. My husband Kyle and I learned that we are expecting a little girl who will join our family this Fall. Our adopted daughter Kaitlyn (7) will become a big sister at last, to her absolute delight! The theme of this issue – as set fourth many months ago – was to be 'MAKEOVERS'. Now, with our family's recent announcement, I now find myself facing an exciting 'life makeover'. Not only does this issue mark four years of McMurray Girl, it will also be the last issue I publish before taking time with my new baby and family. There are so many people to whom I owe a depth of gratitude. From the first advertisers who believed in my vision (sight unseen) and allowed me the ability to publish the debut magazine issue – to the faithful readers who collect each issue as they launch and take the time to email me to say that they enjoy reading the magazine from cover-to-cover. I am thankful to the writers and contributors who have helped the magazine take shape and become something that belongs to everyone - an engine to share the real stories and voices of the women of Fort McMurray. I am thankful with the partnering businesses who have sponsored McMurray Girl as it grew from off of the magazine pages into galas, events and clubs for likeminded women. I am thankful to the other media outlets in Fort McMurray who have worked WITH me to share this unique message for women - on Shaw TV, on Mix 103.7fm, and in the pages of the local newspapers.

I thank YOU the reader for reaching for the positive aspects of life in Fort McMurray as you reached for this publication. Please always remember that the ability to ENLIGHTEN, INSPIRE and EMPOWER other women is within each of us. The life of a Fort McMurray woman is like a magazine... and we all deserve to be the cover girl of our own, beautiful lives.

5 Photo Š Virginia Frank Photography

Expand the mind. Capture the imagination

Peter Mansbridge Presented by

NORTHERN INSIGHTS is a speaker series designed to bring best selling authors, journalists, educational and entertaining speakers to Fort McMurray.

Wednesday October 8, 2014 Doors open at 6:30 pm Show is 7:30 to 8:30 pm Audience Q&A 8:30 to 9 pm Book Signing 9 to 9:30 pm Nexen Field House Suncor Community Leisure Centre MacDonald Island Park

Tickets on sale September 3 at 10 am from MacDonald Island Box Office or online at




at 4 fabulous

YEARS | By McMurray Girl's editor: Kyla Getty

Four years ago when McMurray Girl's first issue launched on October 16, 2010, I had no idea of the impact the magazine would have on the community, the friends it would bring together, or the string of clubs, events, and wonderful memories it would inspire. This issue marks four fabulous years of McMurray Girl Magazine - and proves that with a little inspiration and collaboration, a big dream can become a successful reality for any woman here in Fort McMurray.


The concept behind McMurray Girl came from the very genuine hope that this magazine could not only put local women on a well-deserved pedestal, celebrate our community and direct women to the best shops, services and events – but in doing this, we could form a bond between women and present visual evidence that this is indeed a thriving locale for vibrant women to live enlightened, inspired and empowered lives! d


Let's take a look over the past four years... October 16, 2010 (a )- McMurray Girl Magazine's festive launch party at Peter Pond Mall's Centre Court featured a day of fun as the brand new publication took Fort McMurray by storm. Summer of 2011 (b)- Shaw TV channel 10 launches mini-talk-show: The McMurray Girl Show! Fall of 2011 - Editor Kyla Getty is honored as one of the 'Faces of Wood Buffalo' in a national campaign produced by the Regional Municipality. May 31, 2012 (c )- Suncor Presents CentreStage, McMurray GIrl's first gala to celebrate fabulous Fort McMurray females. Summer of 2012 (d)- Editor Kyla Getty is honored as one of the Connect newspaper's Top 40 under 40. January of 2012 (e )- McMurray Girl launches The McMurray Girl Success Network - a networking group for likeminded women.

f g


January of 2013 - McMurray Girl grows from 4 to 6 yearly publications. January of 2013 (f)- Launch of the The McMurray Girl Social Club with 50 card-holding members who enjoyed 6 yearly social events and a list of local service and retail discounts. September 6, 2013- Suncor Presents SPOTLIGHT, McMurray Girl's second glam women's gala along with the BACKSTAGE Women's Daytime Mini Conference presented by Nexen (g). April 2013 - March 2014 (h)- McMurray Girl launches it's second publication: The McMurray Girl Monthly Mini.

fall 2014 |


Y V O N N E L AU R E N @ S H AW. C A

W W W. Y V O N N E L AU R E N . C A


mcmurray girl of 3 years mcmurray moments

My boss told me that in the winter the snow could reach my hips if I was to stand out in the front yard. I didn’t believe her until my first winter here when I actually tried it! Where I come from it doesn’t really snow, so that was a major shock.


what being a mcmurray girl means to me To be very welcoming to anyone new who arrives in Fort McMurray. It may look small, but it has a lot to offer! It is our job to introduce it.

on my playlist

Incredibly random music – from Kings of Leon, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson… all the way to good old country music.

words to live by

"Never let fear decide your fate."

must-haves Cell phone & coffee.   

female inspiration


Carrie Williams Photography

My boss, Nicole Kopp. She’s the most intelligent, kind-hearted, driven female I have ever met. She has pushed me to overcome obstacles I never thought I could, and to embrace change. Change is good, and you need it to grow into the individual that you are to become. I am very grateful to have such a warm-hearted individual in my life.

Fort McMurray’s



& WE L L NESS S A N CTUA RY Located in Stoneycreek Village in Timberlea

A new, high-end spa destination Providing guests with a wide variety of spa and wellness services. From pampering spa treatments to physical therapy, our menu also includes alternative and holistic services such as energy treatments, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, yoga and more. Learn more at

Stoneycreek Village Shopping Center in Timberlea, 206-112 Riverstone Ridge 780-750-3391



mcmurray girl of 37 years mcmurray moments All of my memories are here. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray and now I am raising my children here. It is my home and I love to see how much it has grown.

what being a mcmurray girl means to me Being a McMurray Girl is being proud of where you live and what you can accomplish with the support of your community.

on my playlist

80’s & 90’s. JLo’s First Love is my favourite song right now.

words to live by

"Be so good they can’t ignore you" – Steve Martin

must-haves Yoga pants and tank tops, they are almost a newborn photographer's uniform. Coffee and Photoshop... they go hand in hand!   

excited about

My new backdrop and prop company for newborn photographers called Cece&Jake, named it after my kid-o’s.

female inspiration

My daughters. They make me want to be a better person, follow my dreams, and work hard so that they have a good role model to look up to and learn from.

last thing I purchased Lottery tickets... fingers crossed :)


Virginia Frank Photography

new location now open!

At Eagle Ridge’s New East Village



wo o n e W

! g n i n Tan

ins walk- me welco

new! Tanning! Gel & Acrylic Nails • Waxing Basic Pedi • Spa Pedi with Massage Facials • Aromatherapy Massage Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stone Massage Mink Lash Extensions • Real Hair Lash Extensions

780-790-1942 Hours: Monday-Friday & Holidays 10am to 8pm Saturdays – 10am to 6pm Sundays – Closed

Bay 133-355 Loutit Road

Gift Certificates available

Photos Š Virginia Frank Photography

These 3 McMurray Girl contest winners were in search of a fresh new Fall look and the team at and Muse Makeup Artistry did not disappoint! Read on to find out more about these total transformations!

We invite you to join us for a showroom tour and complete, custom consultation, free of charge. Let’s get creative! We’ll show you the possibilities that we have in store, and help you to bring your personality into your home.

SANDS 8316 Manning Avenue 780.743.8211 Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter

design ideas


Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

makeover 1:


This natural beauty moved to Fort McMurray from her home country of Mexico and has been following McMurray Girl Magazine ever since! She was looking for a new look as she recently found out that she’s expecting – and our professionals did not disappoint this soon-to-be ‘yummy mommy’!

Marly had never realized that she had naturally curly locks just waiting to be set off into a fun, fresh style. Chatters stylist Hanna gave Marly a well-needed trim with layers to lighten Marly’s look and brought out fabulous curls by scrunching the hair and using a diffuser. Sensitive to Marly’s pregnancy, blonde ombre highlights were added to the ends for a bright, new look.



| Colour Theory: Marley is a "Deep Autumn" meaning that her dominant characteristics when you look at her are deep eyes and hair, skin is light with olive undertone meaning she a blend of both Autumn and Winter - Autumn flowing into Winter. Makeup & Clothing Power Colours: Deep Brown, Tomato Red, Emerald Green, Rust, Burnt Orange, Deep Olive Avoid: Dusty Blues and Lavenders, any light or pale colours SKIN TYPE: Combination skin type with oily t-zone and dry cheeks SKIN TONE: Ivory beige and undertone of olive FACE SHAPE: Marly has a heart shaped face with a broader forehead that tapers to a small neat chin and mouth. Using highlighting & contouring (shading) techniques, makeup artist Cherie aimed to reduce the width of her forehead and emphasize her jaw line. BROWS: Marly's brows were naturally curved however having more of a rounded brow softens her features and emphasizes her heart shaped face.

Marly's must-haves Napoleon Triple Concealer Fantastic for under eye circles, uneven skin tones and blemishes

Not Pictured: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in "Timanfaya"

Stila One Step Corrector in green lavender & peach Minimizes redness, counter reacts sallow undertones, brightens and illuminates

Stila Eyeshadow Palette "In the garden"




You might be surprised what properties in your area are selling for! Contact me for your hassle-free consultation.

whether it's time to nest, or time to fly. Effective, informative and fun – with my background in residential construction and knowledge of real estate in Fort McMurray, you can relax while I assist you on your journey home.


it’s your M O V E . Call or text (780) 370-4100

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

makeover 2:


A 19-year-old student and future veterinarian, our professional team’s aim was to move Cecily’s look away from highschool and into that of a sophisticated university student. Cecily’s areas of concern was redness and blemishes. Cherie shows us how to treat and combat these common problem areas.

Cecily was up for (almost) anything when it came to a new hairstyle and Chatters’ Helen did not disappoint. Helen chose to richen Cecily’s “mousy” locks with multi-tonal foils creating a beautiful auburn look. This fun, shorter style gives Cecily a grown up edge – but still lets her play with tucking and flipping her tresses to suit her mood.



| Colour Theory: Cecily is a "Soft Summer" meaning that her dominant characteristics when you look at her are soft and neutral, not noticeably warm or cool – soft blue eyes & hair is mousy meaning she is a blend of both Summer and Autumn Summer flowing into Autumn. Makeup & Clothing Power Colours: Purple, Medium Blue, Raspberry, Deep Rose, Light Navy. Avoid: Electric Blues, Clear Bright Orange, Coral and Black. SKIN TYPE: Combination/blemished red skin with dry & oily areas SKIN TONE: Ivory beige and an undertone of Pink FACE SHAPE: Cecily has a Diamond Shape Face, it is the widest at the cheekbones and narrows at the forehead and chin. Using highlighting & contouring (shading), Cherie minimized the width slightly with the aim to create a soft natural looking balance. BROWS: Cecily's Brows were classified as “flat low arched". Creating a curved brow gave her more expression and opened the eyes.

Cecily's must-haves Urban Decay Setting Spray (Oil control)

Napoleon Triple Concealer Perfect for hiding redness and blemishes

SST Signature Series Look 1 Oil Free Foundation Organic lightweight foundation for all skin types

NARS duo eyeshadow palette in "Kauai"


about the makeup artist...

Understanding your colour theory Cherie:

Each person will have 1 of 6 dominant characteristics in their colouring which is the primary determining factor in analyzing your own colouring. Read on to find out your classification! Deep: Dark and rich (eg: Kim Kardashian or Eva Longoria) Light: Light and delicate (eg: Gwyneth Paltrow or Reese Witherspoon) Soft: Soft and muted (eg: Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston) Clear: Clear & Bright (eg: Courteney Cox or Liz Tyler) Warm: No cool undertones (eg: Nicole Kidman or Amy Adams) Cool: No warm undertones (eg: Liz Hurley or Jennifer Connelly)

Cherie Walsh of Muse Makeup Artistry & Design

A professional and Internationally-trained Makeup Artist, Cherie Walsh was fascinated by colour and interested in beauty from an early age, watching her mother who was a Makeup Artist for Clinique in her early years. Cherie has worked with award-winning photographers, acclaimed couture designers, models, artists in both England and Canada through her training at the prestigious ‘Beauty Base London in 2011’ which has since been renamed ‘Mai Lee Beauty Academy.’ “I was fortunate to fast-track my skills with a focus on fashion, music and celebrity makeup and furthered my training in catwalk, film/TV, theatre, fashion catwalk hair design, bridal, ethnic skin tones & nails. I have since attended various workshops and training with Charles Fox UK, Napoleon Perdis, MAC, SST Signature Series and became a qualified Organic Tanning Specialist through Naked Tan Australia in early 2011.” Cherie is a very passionate freelance hair and make-up artist, ‘putting her hand up’ for just about anything she thinks will broaden her skills and further enhance her experience and exposure within the industry.

Deedra Bodnar Cell • (780) 742-4563 Business • (780) 743-0091

As a mother of 3 boys, Cherie maintains a work/life balance through operating her own studio – Muse Makeup Artistry and Design. “I started the studio with a twist, introducing other beauty fields such as hair design, fashion, personal grooming, tutorials and sunless tanning in early 2011." Over the past 4 years, this talented and highly-motivated professional has been featured in numerous national magazines and newspapers. Cherie feels that as an artist, it is crucial to constantly develop fresh and creative ideas, finding inspiration everywhere she looks. She admires the diverse, creative individuals that she meets continuously in her industry. “They have all inspired me in one way or the other driving my creativity and learning to new levels.”

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

makeover 3:


Local florist business owner and mother of three small children, Eve was bored with her long hair and looking for a sexy, modern style to keep things interesting.

Just before being selected, Eve had her hair cut while on vacation – but was not happy with the result. Chatters stylist Gina knew just the look that Eve was going for… and did not disappoint! Gina added subtle foil highlights and created a custom cut for Eve that’s both sexy and professional.


| Colour Theory: Eve is a "Deep Winter" meaning that her dominant characteristics when you look at her are deep eyes and hair, her skin is bronze/ebony with an undertone of yellow and there is a noticeable warmth to her skin meaning she is a blend of both Winter and Autumn - Winter flowing into Autumn. Makeup & Clothing Power Colours: True Red, Chinese Blue, Black, White, Icy Blue, Fuchsia, Plum. Avoid: Yellows & Oranges. SKIN TYPE: Dry SKIN TONE: Bronze/Ebony with an Undertone of Yellow FACE SHAPE: Eve has a round face which is fairly short with a wide forehead, full cheeks and rounded chin. Using highlighting & contouring (shading) techniques, Cherie slimmed down the sides of the face. BROWS: Eve's Brows were a cross between 'Flat Low Arched' & 'Soft Round'. Cherie created a soft angled brow – subtle & feminine while adding more definition to her round face.

Eve's must-haves

Urban Decays Naked 1 Palette with Nars Duo Eye Palette in purple

MAC Lipstick in "Media"

NARS Bronzer & Contour in "Heat"

MAC Lip Pencil in "Absolutely It"


Straight Teeth No Braces



K I N D & C A R I N G S TA F F


(780) 791-5538 12  700 SIGNAL ROAD 3 DOORS FROM THE BLACK HORSE PUB


makeup chitchat YouTube beauty gurus to watch... Last Summer, editor Kyla Getty happened upon New Zealand-based YouTube beauty blogger, Shannon Harris, opening up a whole new world of online makeup enthusiasts. These 'beauty gurus' share a passion for experimenting with the latest makeup looks and newest products on the market. Over the past year, Kyla's YouTube subscription account has grown to include more than just a few of these internet stars. Here are 3 of Kyla's fave YouTube Channels to check out:

Shaaanxo and RhaeaEstelle's recent videos feature the products they take on-the-go in their makeup bags.

• SHAAANXO is the 22 year-old New Zealander who got Kyla hooked on YouTube beauty channels. Over the past year, Shannon's subscription list has grown from over 300,000 to 1 million active subscribing viewers! The world is taking notice of this beauty and loving her casual approach and authentic personality. A beauty enthusiast - not a professional makeup artist, Shannon features a range of topics in her videos and shows us how we can have fun with makeup - whether we're professionals or not! She uploads a new video 3 times weekly - so there's lots to keep watching!

Lash Out! What's your LASH style? Everyone seems to have different demands for their mascara but one thing seems to ring true: for most of us, mascara is the one go-to product that we must wear each day, forsaking all others. Check out these two must-haves:

• RHAEAESTELLE is a McMurray Girl face you may recognize! With over 400,000 subscribers, local professional makeup artist, Rhaea hosts her very own channel with tons of great tutorials for hair, makeup and more! • KARISSA PUKAS This BC native now hosts from her new home country - Australia... but she's true to her Canadian roots! Karissa's Chanel has over 500,000 subscribers who love her product reviews, step-by-step how-tos and high-quality fashion video lookbooks. Photos © / Subbotina Anna


Covergirl Lash Blast This mascara has been on the market for years, and is a stand-by favourite for daytime looks when you want thick, plush, fluttery lashes. This mascara gives a lighter, overall lash look.


Benefit They're Real Unlike it's drugstore variety cousin above, this baby will set you back a pretty penny. Is it worth the almost $30 price tag? YES! Why? For dramatic lash days (and nights) you'll adore the formula which includes fibres that virtually thicken and extend your lashes. The unique wand features a rounded tip that allows you access to the hidden lashes in the corners and maximize every single lash for a falsies look that's all you, baby!

fall 2014 |


feature Be both sexy and stunning. Makeover your self-confidence and bring out your inner diva. That's McMurray Girl photographer, Virginia Frank's specialty – Boudoir Photography. Everyone and every body can be sexy, and the amazing Virginia has the ability to capture each woman in her own, sensual light.

Behind the lense & in the boudoir with

virginia frank

Photo Š Carrie Williams Photography

We are ‘on the go’, working together to provide you with a full-service real estate experience – whether you are looking to buy or sell.





Heather Gartner

Tom O’Hara




Angie O’Hara


Associate Broker/Owner



102-122 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S8

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

What is your McMurray Girl story? I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland, and moved to Fort McMurray when I was about 12 years old. I remember when we moved I was amazed at how ‘big’ Fort McMurray was then. Looking back to that time I realize how small Fort McMurray actually was and how much it has grown since.

What inspired you to go into the Photography industry? I’m a Journeyman Millwright by trade. My job was very mechanical so I sought after a new way to allow myself to get creative. I bought my first DSLR camera and took a few courses at Keyano. It started out with photos of family and friends and grew from there. Since then I have taken workshops by which I consider to be some of the best photographers in the industry.

How would you describe Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photography is for every woman. It’s for all women who want to have an experience that makes them feel beautiful, pampered, empowered, and most importantly helps them LOVE themselves. It’s about celebrating their beauty. For some it is a way to remind themselves that they are vibrant and sexy. For others it’s a way to remind their spouse that they are vibrant and sexy. For ALL of them it is an amazing experience where they get to come out of their shell and have some fun!

What is unique about your photography? I offer a fresh, contemporary, and simple boudoir style. I focus on creating a relaxing environment, getting flattering poses, beautiful light, and genuine expressions. Each session with me is personal and based on the individual I am working with. I also offer Stella & Dot jewelry for use during sessions. Clients can use my necklaces and rings to add some sparkle to their session. They can also choose to purchase some accessories or if they host a qualifying Trunk Show, I will gift them a 5x7 Little Black Book Album from their boudoir session. (A Trunk Show is a gathering of girlfriends where I bring my samples and we chat, laugh, and shop Stella & Dot accessories.)

Tell us about your studio and what someone can expect from a shoot with you… I have a studio room in my home where the sessions take place. The walls are painted a medium grey and the windows are covered with white curtains to give the room a glamorous glow. All of the details of the room including the comforter and the pillows are also shades of grey and black. I planned the room so that the focus of any shot is the beautiful client. I’ve also added some sparkly chandeliers that I love because it gives it more of a feminine touch. I also love the versatility of my studio - it's so easy to move all my furniture around to create different ‘sets’ within the one room.

virginia frank

fall 2014 |



The Northern Lights Health Foundation’s

TH O F TREES presented by

F R I D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 4 TH

S A T U R D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 5 TH 6 pm - 1 am Celebrate the 25th annual Festival of Trees at the Silver Anniversary Gala! Stunning Christmas trees are auctioned during the live auction portion of the evening in addition to exciting raffles, live entertainment, dance and silent auction!

• Tickets: $200.00 each • Must be 18+ to attend • Purchase tickets online at 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Networking, fashion show and buffet lunch! • Tickets: $55.00 each • Purchase online at



5 pm - 7:30 pm • Shopping, activities and crafts • View the complete schedule at

6 pm - 9 pm Enjoy cookies and hot chocolate after fun on the ice!

Grand Opening

S U N D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 6 TH 9 am - 11:30 am Bring the entire family out to see Santa, enjoy live performances by local community groups and scenes and carols from Keyano Theatre’s Production; A Christmas Carol! Meet Scrooge himself, take photos with the cast, and take your shot at winning the Gingerbread House Contest!

November 14 - 16 8 pm - 1 am Live performance by Signal Hill • Tickets: $40.00 each (includes food voucher) • Must be 18+ to attend • Purchase online at

at Macdonald Island Park

virginia frank

Would it be fair to say that a boudoir shoot with you is a chance to express oneself – or have a bit of an identity ‘makeover’? Definitely. Unless you are a model, you may not wear make-up or get your pictures taken every day. Boudoir is a chance to break out of your shell and embrace your beauty. Not all boudoir shoots have to be done with lingerie; anything you feel sexy in can be worn at your boudoir shoot. I have worked with many women who have expressed their lack of confidence to me before the shoot. The best feeling for me is when they get their pictures back and they are full of love and gratitude because they see themselves in a different light. They recognize their own beauty. Normally when we look at ourselves in the mirror we don’t always ‘see ourselves’ for what and who we are. We (especially as women) tend to be harsh on ourselves and focus on the negative things we see in the mirror. I want to change that. I want all women to look at themselves and see how beautiful and amazing they are with the boudoir experience I offer. Every woman deserves that.

Is nudity a requirement? Nudity is not a requirement. Clients can choose to show as little or as much as they want based on their comfort level. If clients are comfortable, I often suggest bringing nude color panties and using a sheet to imply full nudity. There are plenty of ways to stay covered up while still being playful and sexy; blanket, silk robe, or a button-up shirt to name a few.

What is the price range for a boudoir shoot? The most popular package I offer is the ‘Classic’ with hair and make-up for $600 (plus GST). This includes professional make-up and hair, 60-minute session, 4 outfit changes, and a private online gallery of retouched images for choosing their 15 favorites that they will receive on a disc.

Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

If they want a little more from their package, they can choose the ‘Dynamo’ with hair and make-up for $825 (plus GST). This is the same as the ‘Classic’ except it includes a 90 minute session, 6 outfit changes, and 30 of their favorites on a disc. I also offer prints, canvas, and albums that are purchased additionally.

Virginia's work can be seen on her website, or on her Facebook page To inquire about a session, email at or call 780-792-9623.

with INVISALIGN By Dr. Viet Tran of Fort McMurray Dental Centre

Photos Š Team, Invisalign

| by Kiran Malik-Khan

Smile Makeovers

There’s no compromise on a beautiful smile. Just ask local dentist Dr. Viet Tran of Fort McMurray Dental Centre who has been making-over people's smiles for years. Originally from Vietnam, Dr. Tran moved to Ottawa at 10. He completed his Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004 and moved to Fort McMurray the same year. “Moving to Fort McMurray has been a blessing as I have been able to expand my dental skills to all aspects of dentistry, especially surgery and orthodontics. As a premier certified Invisalign provider in Fort McMurray, the requests for my Invisalign services have been very positive,” Dr. Tran explains. “Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth,” according to the official website. It was introduced in 1999, and Dr. Tran began offering it in 2006. Since then he has treated more than 350 cases. “We have seen many advances with Invisalign. It is now able to correct more severe case of crowding and improper bite alignment including one dramatic case where I was able to correct an adult's bite without the need of jaw surgery. This particular patient was told by her previous orthodontist that braces in conjunction with jaw surgery was the only way to help her.” He notes the procedure offers numerous benefits to patients compared to traditional braces. “Patients can eat/brush/floss with ease; attend important events without worrying about having a metallic smile. Invisalign is also a lot less traumatic to the lips and cheeks due to its smoothness and well-fitted shape.”

"I never imagined my teeth could look this nice" - Marsha S.

As with any innovation, misconceptions still exist about Invisalign. One of the top ones include that it doesn’t work at all, and then some. Dr. Tran has this advice. “If Invisalign is worn as much as 22 hours a day it will work as well as braces. Often people think you wear one set of aligners during the entire treatment, when in fact there are several trays involved, each tray changing slightly from the next. Every two weeks the patient inserts a new aligner. Patients also think it's more expensive than traditional braces, but at our office we offer it for the same price.” “Another common misconception is that Invisalign affects speech and that it will be noticeable. Invisalign is very well-fitted to patient's teeth and often does not affect the speech at all. Most people will not even notice them in.”



goes over exact treatment plan and cost. Invisalign provides a major perk compared to traditional braces – a computer generated before and after image of patients’ teeth. If the patient is happy then we go ahead with the treatment.” Intended for mild to moderate cases, and depending on the severity of the case, Invisalign is often worn between 18 to 24 months. Once treatment is completed wearing a retainer is recommended for six months at all times, and then only at night. At the end of the day it is indeed about those smiles for Dr. Tran. “I find it very rewarding to restore people’s confidence in their smile.  If you are confident, you carry yourself differently, and that makes me happy,” says Dr. Tran.


Price range for Invisalign is $6500 to $8500. The process for securing it is easy at his office. “Following visual observation, and price estimation/treatment, we require a series of X-rays, scans of the teeth, and pictures which are sent to Invisalign. At the second consultation, patients meet with our orthodontic treatment plan coordinator who then


fall 2014 |





Whether you’re excited to makeover your wardrobe, your beauty routine or upgrade with the latest technology, Peter Pond Mall has the stores for all of your makeover plans this season. Not only have we madeover our entire mall this past year, we are pleased to show off some extra special, newly renovated stores!







From the office to the weekend, make over your style – with the perfect accessories to match!









A&W has a fresh new look, but all of your favourite, classic tastes.

The Source’s new location is sure to get you excited about the latest technology this fall.

Our updated store is a totally new shopping experience with a spa-like feel!

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W H AT YO U R P R O P E R T Y I S W O R T H I N T O D AY ’ S M A R K E T ?


9919 Biggs Ave. Fort McMurray T9H 1S2

Photos Š Myra Ross, Publications Advisor for the RWMB

I was honoured recently with the opportunity to cut the ribbon on the new Beacon Hill pump house mural. To me, public art is a beautiful expression of civic pride and care for our community. I love that the Graffiti Abatement Mural Project is proactive in deterring graffiti through education and beautification. What a great way to say NO to graffiti while adding amazing pieces of art to our neighbourhoods!"

- Mayor Melissa Blake

mayor’s note Final Issue Message - Fall 2014 Writing this particular greeting for McMurray Girl Magazine is very bittersweet for me. On the one hand, I know many who will deeply miss the magazine that has in many ways brought the voices of real women in Fort McMurray to life. I am one of those who will miss McMurray Girl very much. On the other hand, this issue celebrates four amazing years of sharing stories and empowering women in our community. As I look back on these past four years, I cannot believe how much things have changed! We’ve seen parks built and neighbourhoods developed. We’ve seen more and more social profits appear and the local arts scene flourish. We’ve seen the ups and downs (but mostly ups!) of being a woman in this ever-changing community. We’ve supported each other, we’ve taken action and we’ve worked hard to make our region better for everyone. And through that, we’ve come to the realization that Fort McMurray is a great place to be a woman. Whether you’re a full-time professional or you run a social profit organization, whether you drive a heavy-hauler or you stay at home with your kids, you are having an impact on our community. YOU are part of Fort Murray’s ongoing “makeover” from a town mostly known for its rich resource of oil sands to a thriving and vibrant hub of activity, where every woman has the opportunity to excel. Though we may be saying goodbye to McMurray Girl Magazine, this is the beginning of a new journey for women in Fort McMurray. The foundation has been laid, and women in Fort McMurray know they have the ability and strength to keep the momentum of empowerment going! To Kyla and the McMurray Girl team – good luck, best wishes and congratulations!

Sincerely, Melissa Blake, Mayor


URBAN MARKET Thanks to all the enthusiastic vendors, patrons and entertainers, the 2014 Urban Market has been a great success! But it’s not over yet – there are still three more market dates throughout September and October. Come to the Jubilee Building (Municipal Hall) at 9909 Franklin Avenue on September 10th and 24th, and October 8th from noon to 7:00 p.m. Start fall off right with fresh harvested fruit and veggies, baked goods and prepared meals, free-range meat, crafts and live performances!

Fall and Winter Community Guide

Alberta Culture Days

to Recreation, Culture and Social Services

in Wood Buffalo

Twice a year, the Municipality creates a master guide to recreation, cultural and social service organizations and businesses in the region. Whether you are new to town or just looking for something different to get you through the long winter months, you will likely find a program, sports team or organization that interests you. Look for the Community Guide in mid-September at many locations around town including the Jubilee Centre at 9909 Franklin Avenue, MacDonald Island Park, the Fort McMurray Public Library, Keyano College, the YMCA, Heritage Park and more. For more information, visit

Alberta Culture Days began in 2008 to recognize art and cultural communities all over the province. From September For more information, visit 26 to 28, a variety of FREE, friendly events will showcase the best that Wood Buffalo has to offer in food, dance, drama, crafts and more. Take part in a photography workshop, check out our local visual artists as they exhibit their work, and taste multi-ethnic foods in The World Meets in Wood Buffalo, a collaborative fusion of dance and cuisine. Those are only a few of the many events scheduled for Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo! For more information or to get involved, visit

If you feel you can make a difference,

go for it! | by Patricia Henderson

“When I was small, I was fascinated with the idea of travel so I wanted to be a flight attendant,” says Councillor Jane Stroud. Instead, today she is flying high as the only Ward 4 (Gregoire Lake Estates, Anzac, Janvier, and Conklin,) Councillor for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Along with nine other Councillors, and the Mayor, she helps to make the Municipality the best it can be. Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Stroud was greatly influenced by dinner table discussions led by her father, Hugh Stroud, who was a member of the Fort McMurray Public School Board and a Councillor himself for ten years. As a result, she developed a deep commitment to community involvement. “When I first moved to Gregoire Lake Estates, I joined two local boards so I could get a better understanding of my community. In 2010, with some coaxing, I decided to run for Council just two weeks before the election. I ran against four others and came out ahead. I ran again this year and am happily still on Council.” “I believe that a Councillor needs strong communication skills and should be both a team player and a leader. Personally, I am quite confident and very willing to advocate for the best interests of those I serve.” Stroud attends local meetings and open houses in each of the four communities she represents. “From these interactions I am better able to understand everyone’s concerns. People often stop me on the street and want to chat. I enjoy that and believe it is important to be a good listener. Gaining the trust of people is essential.”

“I also have a lot of patience and am willing to wait to see things come to fruition. Public speaking was new to me, but my daughter reminded me at an early age that I have a ‘Mom’ voice and a ‘business’ voice so I just use my ‘business’ voice!” These days Stroud lives in Anzac and has two children and three grandchildren. The quiet helps her relax and, in her leisure time, she enjoys working out at the new Anzac Recreation Centre, playing golf during the summer, and travelling. She does her best to stay up-to-date, not only on issues in her rural ward, but on issues throughout the entire Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. “Quite often we are given over 400 pages to review on the Friday and have our questions prepared for the following Tuesday Council meeting. When you are making decisions that affect a whole Municipality, you have to be informed and that means being a good reader.” Councillor Jane Stroud enjoys her work.

“I believe that if you do what you want to do, and you do what you believe in, you will get where you want to go. Look for the good in people and be yourself, and if you have the interests of people at heart, you will make a good Councillor. Stay positive.”

fall 2014 |


herbiz | by Kiran Malik-Khan


achieve wellness spa Owner Alethea Austin has made-over the common perception of 'spa' with her brand new Stonecreek facility by offering a wide array of pampering services along with a menu of unique wellness treatments. McMurray Girl takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. Close your eyes. Relax. Be at one with yourself. Welcome to Achieve Wellness Spa – located in Stoneycreek Village in Timberlea. This is a place to time for yourself, thanks to owner Alethea Austin, who is a true McMurray Girl – believing in her dreams despite what life throws her way. Originally from a small farming town in southern Manitoba, Alethea moved to Fort McMurray in 2004 after seven years at university in Winnipeg, MB. She met her husband in Fort McMurray, and a long discussion about their ideal life led to big goals. “We wanted to be able to spend our days together helping others in a rewarding way. I wanted to be able to meditate, do yoga and then help 'heal' others,” recalls Alethea. “The business logo came to me in a dream while pregnant with our first son. He was the inspiration for this wellness space and during the initial stages of construction he would always call it 'his spa' when we drove by. He tragically passed away shortly after turning three, which was one year from our opening.  We had some ups and downs during planning and construction and were even at times worried we wouldn’t be able to make it, but we knew we had no choice but to complete 'his spa.’” Althea’s business philosophy is based on people not on numbers. Her staff members not only meet the strict training guidelines that Leading Spas of Canada members have, “but they also have to have a passion for their craft. They have to have the 'right energy' to be on our team and must love giving of themselves and their energy to help others.” A busy wife and mom, Alethea is “happily married to the most amazing and supportive husband and father I could have ever asked for. I know many


fall 2014 |

people say that but I truly have my 'Mr. Right'. I am a proud mother of the most precious little girl who is three; and we are expecting another child this December. Some people are shocked that we are having more children with a new business, but after the sudden loss of our oldest child, you value family and community even more. I would never put my family on 'hold' for my career, I know there is a balance and with careful planning I can do both,” she notes. And, she does it all with helpers, and planning ahead. “I have a very supportive child care provider and extended family. I also ensure that I schedule my life a month (or more) in advance. I schedule time with my patients, with my staff, family and animals, and of course, time for myself. Some days it seems almost selfish to spend time on 'me' when there is so much to do, but I learned long ago that if I do not recharge my own energy and take care of my own soul, I will be less able to accomplish tasks not more.  I ensure I spend one hour of meditation each day, even if it is only five minutes at a time, it is a goal I set for myself many years ago and I have not missed a day,” shares Alethea. With nearly 4000 square feet of welldesigned, luxurious, and serene environment, the spa offers something for everyone. From the soft, oversized robes and slippers, the décor, the amazing views, green products, and soothing background music, to the always great selection of loose leaf teas in the private waiting room – the experience becomes unforgettable.

If I do not recharge my own energy and take care of my own soul, I will be less able to accomplish tasks not more.

Photos Š Virginia Frank Photography

Clockwise: Top Left: Enter the spa, an oasis of specialty treatments and luxurious services. Personal manicure stations shown within the mani-pedi studio feature a view from above in the Stoneycreek Village development. Relax and unwind in the massaging pedicure chairs. Get your zen on in the inspired yoga studio. Enjoy a couples massage and specialty bath... at this spa, there's room for two!

Photos Š Virginia Frank Photography


Growing up





These young, up-and-coming McMurray Girls were born and raised with a strong McMurray mom, drive to get involved, and the contagious McMurray charitable spirit. | by Kyla Getty

feature Hannah Jesson Grade: 8 School: Holy Trinity Favourite Hobby: Drawing

Best thing about growing up in Fort McMurray: Swimming at Centennial Pool and enjoying the water park in waterways. What does being a McMurray Girl mean to you? Photos © Virginia Frank Photography

Diversity – friends from all around the world!

OUR STORY Meet Hannah, 13, and her older sister Madison, 15. These Holy Trinity girls aren’t just your average funloving Fort Mac teens. They come from a tight-knit family of longtime residents who have been involved behind-the-scenes, volunteering for local charitable events through three generations.


Goal for the future: To own my own clothing store.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned from your mom? Independence, not to depend on a man, and to be self-sufficient.

McMurray Girl editor, Kyla Getty was pleased to get to know these young ladies and their vibrant mother, Jessica Jesson after the family generously purchased McMurray Girl’s Tree at last year’s Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees auction last November, with a grand donation of over $6000 to the well-deserved local charity. What’s more than this amazing show of holiday giving was learning that the Jesson family was on both ends of the auction, having also submitted a tree for bidding themselves – something that the family has done for many years.

Madison Jesson Grade: 10 School: Holy Trinity Favourite Hobby: Painting Best thing about growing up in Fort McMurray: Going to Mac Island.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned from your mom? To speak your mind.

Volunteering for the community: With my sister for our Church’s Pathfinders group doing bottle drives, highway cleanup and of course, helping create our tree for the Festival of Trees.

Goal for the future: To be an interior decorator.

Jessica Jesson has lived in Fort McMurray since she was 4 and enjoys a great life here where she has raised her three daughters, including Janelle, 21. Jessica has instilled the importance of giving back to the community into her children, as her mother had for her. As well as volunteering for Keyano College’s Gala, Jessica and family have been involved with The Festival of Trees since the year 2000. Jessica’s mother, a former local owner of giftshops such as ‘Favourite Things’ and ‘Connoseurs Corner’ submitted trees for auction, as well.

Last year, you may have taken note of the Jesson’s unique ’50 Shades’ themed tree – the tree itself featured ombre branches in shades of grey and silver. The year before that, their ‘Twilight Tree’ was another fan favourite. Each year, the creative family tops their previous theme with amazing trees that pull in astounding bids for the foundation. Jessica and her daughters work behind the scenes, conceiving original ideas, ordering unique décor from around North America and building the trees as a family. As for this year? You’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s important to Jessica that her girls grow up as participants in the region’s charitable activities “to be less selfish, learn a sense of community and know that not everything revolves around us.”

The 2014 Festival of Trees will run from November 14-16 at MacDonald Island Park. For more information, visit: 41

y t S y #M Chalina,

, s k o o l L O O H C S O T K C A B e For mor

e l y t S y m / a c . m e w visit

Wearing: ARIT

m e W e l y 17

Hannah, 15

Rebecca, 15


Wearing: XXI Forever

Wearing: GUESS


ONEGIRL | Introducing the McMurray Girls of ONE Team


MacDonald Island Park has been an integral part of my life for all the years I have lived here, and to now be part of the team that I always respected and admired is truly an honour.

“ Photos © Carrie Williams Photography


Theresa Wells Communications Coordinator of the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Theresa Wells came to Fort McMurray thirteen years ago from Red Lake, Ontario. As the Communications Coordinator, Theresa's job involves communicating with members of the community and media regarding the various initiatives and developments at the Regional Recreation Corporation.

ONE on the job must-have There are two - my cell phone and laptop! As a communications professional I need to have my communication tools ready every minute!

ONE thing Theresa can't live without A wide selection of shoes! ONE favourite quote Chase excellence, not success. If you pursue excellence, success will follow.

ONE memory twelve years ago – the first time I saw my daughter step on the ice to start skating lessons. She was just 3 years old.

"Since January 2014, a good deal of that communication has revolved around helping the community to understand the transition from MacDonald Island Park Corporation to the Regional Recreation Corporation as we took on a new mandate to deliver excellence in sport, recreation and event experiences across the Wood Buffalo region, including our many rural communities. Our flagship remains at MacDonald Island Park, which comprises the Suncor Community Leisure Centre, Miskanaw Golf Club, and the now nearing-completion Shell Place expansion, but we also operate the Anzac Recreation Centre presented by Nexen Energy, a CNOOC Limited company, and we are involved in the development of several other new recreation facilities, including the proposed Northside Community Recreation Centre in Fort McMurray", she explains. For Theresa, being part of ONE Team means being able to not only make a difference every day in our region, but having a role in fostering the growth and development of the place she calls home. She believes that the strength of the organization is in its people. Theresa is truly passionate about Fort McMurray and the community here. "The strength, resiliency and generosity of this community are incredible things to witness. We are a community that comes together in good times and bad, to celebrate our successes and to support each other during our difficult times. This aspect of our community is just magnified by being part of ONE Team and all that we do to help build and strengthen communities in our region through sport and recreation." Theresa feels that her position with the RRC is a gift and she enjoys the opportunity to share with the community and feels that the work of the RRC has a direct impact on the quality of life of locals. To those interested in joining ONE Team, Theresa would say - "Welcome aboard! Be ready to work harder than you have ever done in your life - and have more fun, learn more and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!"


Make over the way you think about fitness!

This fall, as we recreate our routines for the season - the team of professional health practitioners at the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre encourage you to make over the way you think about fitness, food and working out. Here are some helpful Fit Tips to get you started back on your fitness path.

heather B R O W N


This Fall, start with your mind. What your mind believes your body achieves! Set obtainable goals. PE R SONA L T R A I NE R

andrea J O R D A N - G I A R D A If you’re starting or continuing a yoga practice this fall, avoid


setting unreasonable physical goals. Instead, concentrate on the physical improvements of your organs, glands and systems. Visualize your inner transformation, your personal greatness and quality of life. During practice, never struggle with a pose or movement and avoid looking at what others are doing. Focus on the sound of your breath and your ‘drishti’ (a stable, ‘one-pointed ‘gaze). Yoga is for everybody! Modify when necessary and feel free to ask your teacher for assistance.

carol M A C D O N A L D Think positively about your new routine and envision the final result. Be sure to reward yourself with lovely items that please you… just not food!




heather A N N


When starting any new exercise class or program this Fall, remember to always listen to your body and adjust your intensity. Z U MBA I N STRUCTO R

priscilla POWDER-FORBISTER Cut one thing (that is not good for you), out of your diet. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed with too many changes. In a week you will notice a difference.



jennifer B E D A R D When it comes to food, avoid having ‘all-or-nothing attitude. You are not a ‘cheater’ or a ‘bad person’. There are no BAD foods. There are nutritious and LESS nutritious foods. Limit eating out to 0-2 times per week. When you do, be sure to check out the calorie intake you are about


to consume! At home, reduce ‘screen time’ & avoid working too many overtime hours. Leave yourself time to do your adult food planning/preparation homework. Suggestion: Put your TV in the kitchen and learn to multitask. DI E T I CI A N


lisa Conte


gn Patent Desi


Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I use the latest Real Estate industry tools to get you moving.


cchi Tiziano Taba

• PH: Anna

9919 Biggs Avenue Fort McMurray AB T9H 1S2

e am


F r Available r s D esi g ne age

ue Walk-ins Welcome • Val


Melanie Galea Real Estate Agent


Sight Testing • 3rd Party Billing

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

9613B Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray T (780) 791-3500 F (780) 791-3593

Here to help you and I care

Celebrate with

Every smile is beautiful In a world where we celebrate diversity, smiles speak an international language. Dr. Sonia Thibault, D.M.D., is here to help! General Dentist River City Dental Clinic River City Centre Mall, 2nd Floor 8600 Franklin Ave, Suite 611 Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9H 4G8 780-791-9797 Proud to serve you in English, French and Spanish!

A fresh delicious menu and your favorite cocktails, martinis, and wine. Come visit us!

Fun Times, Good People, Great Steaks Birthdays | Anniversaries | Stagettes | Meetings Reservations: 780-715-0544 Open 7 days a week 10131 Franklin Ave

between the

covers at your public library

goodreads It's hard to believe it, but it looks like we are already headed into Fall again! Time for changes, big and small – changing out to cool-weather clothes, airing the house for winter, back to school for the kids… Fall is a great time to do a makeover! From hair to celebrations to home decorating, your Library has got you covered!

Fort McMurray Public Library on MacDonald Island “My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day, riding a bike to the library.” - Peter Golkin

Makeovers: Room by Room Solutions (Better Homes and Gardens)

- Better Homes and Gardens Now that Summer is winding down, the air is getting crisp and working outside is the last thing we want to do… time to turn our attention to the Great Indoors! Most of us are so familiar with our homes that we forget to look – really look – at the possibilities of our own personal spaces. Makeovers are not just for new homes or complete renovations! In Makeovers: Room by Room the Better Homes and Gardens staff put together wonderful, practical and beautiful ideas for making our homes just that much nicer than they already are.

The America's Test Kitchen Menu Cookbook: Kitchen-Tested for Foolproof Dinner Parties

– America's Test Kitchen (Editor) Don’t look now, but Thanksgiving is coming up fast! Cooking for a family and for small dinners with friends is one thing – planning, preparing and cooking for a large family celebration can be quite another! America’s Test Kitchen is my absolute favorite cook book publisher – their recipes always work, and are always fantastic. This book includes not only menus for celebrations, but also individual recipes for great dishes and instructions for how to make ahead for less stress on the actual day – so you can worry less about the meal and spend more time with you guests and the wine! Who doesn’t want that??

FREE Programs for all agesfrom newborns to seniors! Check our website for: -Programs -Services -Library Catalogue -On line calendar -Special Events -Latest news -And more...

YOU: Being Beautiful

The Weekend Makeover:

– Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz

Get a Brand New Life By Monday Morning

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” - Sam Levenson I can’t say it any better.

– Jill Martin, Dana Ravich And now that we’ve looked at the spaces around us, why not think of makeovers for ourselves, too? We all have those moments when we feel overworked, overwhelmed and just generally overdone. But what if we could, in one weekend, calm some of that feeling and put right at least one piece of our busy lives? The Weekend Makeover is all about the small things that can make a big difference – whether that’s learning to take “me time” without guilt, or making it easier to eat better, or just generally making a quiet place to decompress. This book is full of great ideas for life that can be done in just 48 hours!

Library Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-9pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday Noon-5pm Online resources, including library catalogue, available 24/7. Contact us: 780-743-7800

Chandra L. Flett

Paul J. Holubitsky

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Suzanne E. Manning

N. Gwen May

Michael R. Moore

Corie L. Flett

Emma Alves

Legal makeover of your family unit:

Step-Parent Adoptions | by Chandra Flett

Without a doubt the face of the family unit has changed drastically over the past 2 decades. Blended families are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Many step-moms and step-dads consider the possibility of adopting their step-child. There is always that desire to make that child that you love as your own, legally yours forever and always. However, many of these modern day hero parents are unaware of the step-parent adoption process or fearful that it will be complicated or difficult. Others who have investigated the process and even went so far as to obtain a Step-Parent Adoption Kit are often overwhelmed or confused by the requirements such that they decide not to pursue it. Provided you have the proper legal guidance, step-parent adoptions can be a straightforward process. Of course, there are always exceptions but for the most part, step-parent adoptions proceed smoothly and on an uncontested basis. For family lawyers and the Courts, step-parent adoptions are truly a heartwarming gift as they provide us reprieve from the divorces, custody battles and property disputes we regularly deal with. If you are considering a step-parent adoption, the intent of this article is to provide you with information about the length and nature of the process and what documentation you will require to proceed with the court application.

What to expect: • The process typically takes several months to collect the necessary information, prepare the court documents, obtain consents or obtain court orders to dispense with consent, serve the application or obtain court orders to dispense with service of the application and finally, to receive the final Adoption Order from the Court. • If you have requested a name change for the child with the application and you have received the Adoption Order, the child’s new name has already been registered with Vital Statistics. You can now order a new birth certificate.

Chandra Flett Chandra now considers herself a true McMurray Girl, though she orginates from Hines Creek, north of Grande Prairie. Chandra holds a law degree from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology from Augustana University College in Camrose. Chandra initially began her legal career in Fort McMurray and is now a Partner at the law firm of Flett Manning Moore, located at 9703 Franklin Avenue. Chandra is presently the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for Some Other Solutions as well as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. Chandra and her husband, Rob Flett, have two beautiful sons Lelend and Landan. They hope to adopt a daughter in the near future. When not tied up with volunteer commitments or her children’s extracurricular activities, Chandra enjoys a great passion for garage sale Saturdays, yoga, golf and hosting weekend bbqs (acting as hostess as it is her Husband who is the cook in the family).

reallifelaw. What will you need? 1. If you are married to the biological mother or father of the child, your government issued marriage certificate or a certified copy of the Registration of Marriage. (Can be obtained from Vital Statistics.) 2. Your government issued birth certificate. 3. If the child was born in Alberta, a certified copy of the Registration of Live Birth. (Can be obtained from Vital Statistics.) 4. The child’s government issued birth certificate. 5. Certified copies of any court orders related to the child. If you do not have a certified copy of the court orders they can be obtained from the Courthouse that issued the Order. If contact with the Courthouse could be difficult for you, your lawyer can assist you with obtaining certified copies of the Orders. 6. An original criminal record check from the local police agency including a vulnerable sector check current within 6 months. (Advise the RCMP it is for an adoption.) 7. If a guardian of the child is deceased, a certified or notarized copy of the Death Certificate for that decreased guardian. 8. If the biological parents of the child were ever married, certified or notarized copies of the divorce documents such as the divorce judgment or certificate of divorce 9. If the child is over the age of 12 years, the child’s written consent to the adoption. (In a specific form.) 10. You, your spouse or your lawyer will need to try to obtain the written consent to the adoption from the child’s guardians (in a specific form). This does not necessarily mean you require the consent of the absent biological parent. The biological parent isn’t always a guardian. Guardianship status is dependent on the nature of the relationship between the biological parents when the child is born and/or the terms of any court orders related to the child. Your lawyer will be able to assist you in determining whether or not someone is a legal guardian of the child. 11. If the consent of one of the child’s guardians cannot be obtained, the Court can make an order dispensing with the requirement of the consent. As a lawyer I am ever grateful for the stories from step-parents of the fulfillment experienced by their child learning that they now have their mommy and daddy in every way and sometimes that they now have a new last name the same as their daddy and their siblings. Thank you step-parents, you are my heroes.

fall 2014 |


Make it a night to remember Enjoy an evening of romance and culinary delight with a Chef’s Table at the Sawridge Inn. An experience unlike anything else in Fort McMurray, a Chef’s Table is a gourmet menu artfully prepared, paired with wine, and in an intimate setting just for you. It will be a night to remember. Learn more at

Book a Chef’s Table today! T: 780.799.7432 | E:

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta’s Launches the 3rd Annual

Women of Inspiration Series Nominate a woman who inspires you!

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is home to many women who work hard to make our region prosperous; to give our residents the best quality of life possible, and who care so deeply about our residents that they give up their precious time to help them.

of Northern Alberta

With the huge success of the first two years of this program, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering this program again for a third year. The event serves as a way to recognize female role models in our region, while celebrating the successes our women have accomplished, while promoting education for our young girls through the scholarship portion.

Photos shown taken at the 2013 Women of Inspiration Series event.

D A I L Y !

It is our hope that you will join us in this exciting project and will nominate a woman who has broken boundaries and is a leader within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The nomination package can be found on our website or picked up at our office. You can nominate as many amazing women as you care to, and can submit the nominations at one time. Please fill out the form and send it back to our office by mail or email.

In order to recognize these women, Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta, in partnership with Syncrude, created the Women of Inspiration series. Each month, one woman is selected and featured through local media and on the Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta website, in order to highlight the great female leaders we have here in Wood Buffalo. On June 14, 2014 we celebrated the second series of women with the Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta Women Inspiration Celebration presented by Syncrude.


Visit our new location

at YMM Airport!

Should you wish to review the Women of Inspiration of the past two years, please visit our website at We are thrilled to share our program with you, and excited to get to know more of the women who have touched lives in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. For further questions, please contact the Girls Inc. office at (780) 790-9236.




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Fort McMurray Dental Centre Dr. Viet Tran B.Sc., D.M.D., P.C. 12 - 700 Signal Road, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 791-5538 Fax (780) 737-8112 Fort McMurray Orthodontics Dr. Kelly Brooke DDS, MS, PC 212 - 9914 Morrison Street, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 791-9663 Fax (780) 791-3235

Fort McMurray's trendiest women's clothing boutique. New items released weekly! From cute and casual to a night out on the town, come in and find your unique style.

West Edmonton Mall 1755-8882 170 Street, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2 Toll Free 1-800-661-8890

Proud to serve you in English, French and Spanish!

Pet Care

Dental Services

River City Dental Clinic River City Centre Mall, 2nd Floor, Suite 611

Fashion / Retail / Boutiques

Drop Dead Darlings River Pointe Shops 15-36 Riedel Street, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 748-1040

The Bone and Biscuit Co. Bay #2, 414 Thickwood Blvd. Tel (780) 715-2225 Fax (780) 715-2251 Pet salon located in The Bone & Biscuit Co. 780-715-2205 New clients welcome. Large dogs & cats accepted.

Health/Wellness Hotels

Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre 530 MacKenzie Blvd, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4C8 Tel (780) 791-7900 Toll Free 1-800-729-7343 Fax (780) 743-4654

Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park 1 C.A. Knight Way, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5C5 Tel (780) 791-0070 Fax (780) 791-2898


Community Centres

Back on Track with Barb 8-122 Millennium Drive, Fort McMurray Tel (780) 750-6888 780-370-4100

Kyle G E T T Y Real Estate Agents

it’s your M O V E . Tom O'Hara, Associate: (780) 799-2004 Team O'Hara Angie O'Hara, Associate Broker/ Owner: In The Know, (780) 713-6827 On The Go


Royal LePage True North Realty

Heather Gartner, Associate: (780) 531-4748

Virginia Frank Photography Tel (780) 792-9623


JOICO JoiMist Medium or Firm Finishing Spray, 300 ml BUY 2 - SAVE $17

JOICO JoiFix Medium or Firm Finishing Spray, 300 ml BUY 2 - SAVE up to $7

KENNETH BERNARD Medium Hold Hairspray 340 ml BUY 2 - SAVE $15

BIG SEXY HAIR Spray & Play or Spray & Play Harder, 300 ml BUY 2 - SAVE $17

SEBASTIAN Shaper or Shaper Plus, 300 ml BUY 2 - SAVE up to $17

Promotion applies to these select products only. Offer only valid within the same brand. Details in store. While quantities last. Offer valid Sept 2-30, 2014. Cannot be combined with any other offer.



October 18th 12P M - 5P M For more info visit




780-791-4044 9713 HARDIN STREET


McMurray Girl Fall 2014  
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