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This is the 26th year NH Business Review has presented this unmatched, valuable guide to information and ideas for New Hampshire businesspeople involved in organizations of all types and sizes.

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Business Resources NH 2022 may be particularly helpful this year as we emerge from an extraordinarily difficult year. The information contained in these pages provides a detailed view of the resources available to businesses in New Hampshire as well as the kind of insightful advice that can help your organization bounce back from adversity, grow and thrive. We’d like to thank the hundreds of businesses and organizations that take part in our surveys each year to provide the data we’re presenting to you. Their contribution, as always, has been invaluable.

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3 A leader’s priority list


8 The new workplace reality

ENTREPRENEUR RESOURCES................................... 6 CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE.................................... 7 REGIONAL YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORKS.... 9 CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS........................ 10 PAYROLL SERVICES................................................ 15 COWORKING SPACES............................................ 17 BUSINESS INCUBATORS......................................... 17 BANKS WITH SBA LOAN GUARANTEES.................. 18 HEALTH INSURERS................................................. 19 TOP LAW FIRMS..................................................... 21 EMPLOYMENT SERVICES....................................... 27 MEDIA OUTLETS.................................................... 30 PRINTERS & PRINT SERVICES................................. 32 MARKETING SERVICES........................................... 35 AIRPORTS............................................................... 38 ARCHITECTURAL FIRMS......................................... 42 ENGINEERING FIRMS............................................. 44 SOLAR INSTALLERS................................................ 48 ENERGY EFFICIENCY CONSULTANTS..................... 48


14 4 network security tips for the hybrid workplace 16 The post-Covid workplace 20 What to know about trademarks 26 Time for some real talk on DEI 29 Technology for businesses 34 Leveling the marketing field 39 Getting communications right 40 The lasting effects of virtual events

A leader’s priority list BY DOUG TESCHNER

Set aside time to write down life goals and leadership approaches that you believe are most important. ... Reflect on how your actions have impacted yourself and others, seek out feedback from colleagues, and periodically review and update your list.

Douglass P. Teschner, founder of Growing Leadership LLC, can be reached at

Writing things down helps clarify what’s most important


recently had an interesting conversation with Mark Franklin, head of IT at Dartmouth’s engineering school. We got talking about leadership styles and practices, and he followed up with an email: “Over many years and with little formal training (I’m an engineer who got managerial responsibilities 1.5 years into my career), I have evolved my management style experimenting with what seem to me to be common sense ideas.” He added: “It was helpful to me to put these ideas in words,” and went on to list some of his key principles, including: • Let people have input into what they work on. If it’s at least in part their idea, they’ll be more engaged. • Once people experience how powerful a collaborative team can be, they buy in. • A strong team helps recruit more strong team members. • Catch people doing something right and reward it, even if the reward is just a quick thank you. • Hire people who demonstrate aptitude and desire to learn: The ability to learn is much more important in the end than having particular skills. • Consensus-building is worth the investment. Forcing decisions should be rare and in special circumstances. • We take credit as a team, and we take responsibility as a team. • There’s plenty of credit to go around — share it whenever you can and encourage others to do so, too. It is contagious once people realize how good it feels. • Brainstorming needs to be safe. No ridicule of “bad” ideas. • Empower people to make decisions, take risks and experiment. Don’t tell them what they can’t do. • Trust people until/unless there is a problem. Most will more than live up to that. • Diversity of skills, life experience, work experience, perspective, etc. all bring value to the team. • Make constant improvements in small increments. This reduces risk and makes sure we focus on what matters most. • Advocate for your people. Just knowing you have their back is usually enough for them to go fix conflicts on their own. Mark, like many leaders, was promoted into a leadership role with little training, but he clearly

made the most of it, and, reading what he wrote, I bet he has been leading high-performing teams. He also embraced a key idea that taking the time to put your ideas in writing is almost always worthwhile. Writing things down forces you to think through and better define your ideas. My personal list starts with a few overarching principles for life and work, including: • To inspire myself and others to achieve a higher level of personal and professional performance. • To treat everyone with dignity and respect, and advocate for others to do the same. Then, I added a “to be” list, with related quotes to help sustain motivation. For example: • Cultivate gratitude, hopefulness and positive energy (“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” — Henry Matisse) • Honor family, friendships and connections (“What can I do in this moment to make this other person feel more capable and powerful?” — Jim Kouzes) • Commit to purposeful community activities (“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” — Maximus) • Embrace health and mindfulness (“The more clearly we see a challenging emotion, the less power it has over us.” — Headspace) • Continuous self-improvement, including more humility, better listening and increased empathy (“How do I want to be seen today?” — Ken Blanchard). Getting feedback from others is important, too. Peter Kozodoy has written about the Johari window, a technique to help better understand what you know about yourself as well as your blind spots. This is one approach to reflect and get invaluable feedback. Are you clear what leadership practices are most important for your work? Are you consistently living your values in practical ways? Set aside time to write down life goals and leadership approaches that you believe are most important. Then think about times you have applied them and also when you maybe came up short. Reflect on how your actions have impacted yourself and others, seek out feedback from colleagues, and periodically review and update your list. We each have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, including our own. Don’t underestimate your impact!


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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES Belknap Economic Development Council Laconia, NH 603-524-3057

Granite State Economic Development Corp. Portsmouth, NH 603-436-0009

Pease Development Authority Portsmouth, NH 603-433-6088

Berlin Industrial Development & Park Authority Berlin, NH 603-752-8587

Littleton Industrial Development Corp. Littleton, NH 603-444-3975

Portsmouth Economic Development Portsmouth, NH 603-610-7220

Manchester Economic Development Office Manchester, NH 603-624-6505

Regional Economic Development Center Raymond, NH 603-772-2655

Monadnock Economic Development Corp. Keene, NH 603-313-3800

Rochester Economic Development Rochester, NH 603-335-7522

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council Conway, NH 603-447-6622

Salem Community Development Salem, NH 603-890-2086

Nashua Office of Economic Development Nashua, NH 603-589-3260

Somersworth Economic Development Somersworth, NH 603-692-9516

New Hampshire Business Finance Authority Concord, NH 603-415-0190

Strafford Economic Development Corp. of New Hampshire Dover, NH 603-749-2211

Capital Regional Development Council Concord, NH 603-496-1875 Claremont Economic Development & Business Claremont, NH 603-542-7026 Coastal Economic Development Corporation Hampton, NH 603-929-9244 Concord Community Development Department Concord, NH 603-225-8595 Dover Office of Economic Development Dover, NH 603-516-6043 Grafton Regional Development Corporation Plymouth, NH 603-536-2011

North Country Council Littleton, NH 603-444-6303

Wentworth Economic Development Corp. Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-4216

Source: Compiled by NHBR from a list of economic development officials on file with the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs Note: Not a comprehensive list.




North Country Council Littleton, NH 603-444-6303 Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission Lebanon, NH 603-448-1680 Lakes Region Planning Commission Meredith, NH 603-279-8171




Southwest Region Planning Commission Keene, NH 603-357-0557 Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission Concord, NH 603-226-6020 Strafford Regional Planning Commission Rochester, NH 603-994-3500




Rockingham Planning Commission Exeter, NH 603-778-0885 Southern NH Planning Commission Manchester, NH 603-669-4664 Nashua Regional Planning Commission Nashua, NH 603-417-6570 Source: NHBR Research





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The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce relies on YCM to bring business, tourists and residents to the greater Manchester area.

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Yankee Custom Marketing Dublin, New Hampshire; 603.563.8111 Manchester, New Hampshire; 603.413.5117 BUSINESS RESOURCES NH 2022 5

ENTREPRENEUR RESOURCES COMPETITIONS AND PROGRAMS SOCIAL VENTURE INNOVATION CHALLENGE Founded by the University of New Hampshire and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, the SVIC was designed to be different from other traditional business plan competitions. Rather than full business plans, the Challenge is interested in jumpstarting innovative thinking among students and community members who design novel, sustainable, business-orientated solutions to some of society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Winners receive awards that help bring needed resources to advance these promising models. The November event attracts more than 700 people to hear the keynote speaker and finalists’ pitch competition. For more information, visit SPEED VENTURE SUMMIT Startups can apply to participate in a 90-minute speed pitch session to investors representing angel groups, various funds and VC firms from all over New England. Participating startups represent bio tech, ed tech, diagnostics therapeutics, and software and consumer products. The event also includes a featured speaker and networking reception with more than 140 attendees. Applications are available at nhtechalliance. org. Investors interested in participating can email for more information. STARTUP SHINDIG/ACCELERATE NH Startups participating in Accelerate NH, a 12-week accelerator program, have the opportunity to pitch for potential investments from Millworks Fund II. The pitch-style competition and networking event caps off the program each year. By participating in Accelerate NH, startup founders receive one-on-one mentoring from leading entrepreneurs with experience in a related industry as well as introduction to venture capitalists, angel investors, the greater tech community and weekly seminars. Applications are typically accepted in February, with the program starting in March. Only earlystage startups that have raised under $500,000 in outside funding is eligible. Visit accelerate-nh/ for more information. TECHOUT TechOut is a startup competition organized by the NH Tech Alliance that identifies talented tech entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and awards them capital investments to advance their business. The fast-paced event features live pitches by finalists and displays of their innovations with networking opportunities among like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. The competition is for startups that have been in business for less than five years, have raised less than $250,000 and have earned less than $250,000 in revenue. Visit for more information.


THE PITCHFORK CHALLENGE The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship runs an annual pitch competition with the purpose of boosting startups in the Monadnock region. Over the summer local entrepreneurs are coached to create a compelling pitch describing their business opportunity in pursuit of a cash award. Ultimately, one business winner will be chosen to receive a prize of $10,000 in cash along with national print and digital media coverage. The final event is part of the Radically Rural Summit. Eligible applicants must have businesses with no more than $250,000 in revenue or funding, must be a for-profit and currently earning revenue, and is located in a town with a population of 30,000 or less. For more information or assistance developing required materials, contact or programs@ TORY C. MARANDOS ENTREPRENEURSHIP CHALLENGE Entrepreneurs with exemplary business ideas submit their business plan to be considered a finalist in the pitch competition that determines the winner of a $5,000 grand prize from the Tory C. Marandos Foundation. Entrepreneurs with startups less than three years in business or who have not yet started a business but have a well-thought-out idea are eligible to submit a two-page concept paper in PDF format to More information can be found at www. alumni.snhu. edu/community-events/marandos-entrepreneurialchallenge.

ANGEL INVESTORS AND VENTURE CAPITALIST FIRMS 10X VENTURE PARTNERS 10X Venture Partners invests predominantly in mobile, internet, wireless, security, med tech and green tech. A typical investment ranges from $50,000 to $500,000, but 10X is capable of larger investments. 10X invests in companies ranging from the idea stage through $5-10 million in revenue, for profitable companies. ALUMNI VENTURES Alumni Ventures is a co-investor whose network can help with connections, capital, and customers, offering alumni entrepreneurs a smart, simple way to back the ventures of fellow alums. Alumni Ventures typically invests $100,000 to $500,000 per deal, with the opportunity for up to $2 million when several of its sibling Alumni Ventures Group funds participate. Key investment considerations: a Dartmouth alumni connection (on the executive team, board or investing group) and a strong coinvestor in place. Alumni Ventures does not lead rounds, set valuations or take board seats; they aim to be a transparent, low-friction, value-add partner to its portfolio companies.

BOREALIS VENTURES Borealis Ventures partners with entrepreneurs who aim to create new markets or redefine existing ones, especially in areas such as life science platforms, digital health and animal health. Borealis seeks an initial institutional round of financing, including seed funding, and will invest anywhere from $100,000 to $2.5 million initially, with the potential for more over time. ECOAST ANGEL NETWORK eCoast Angel’s focuses on early-stage companies involved with advanced technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and industrial products and services, principally located in the New Hampshire coastal region. The group is most interested in companies requiring $250,000 to $2 million at pre-money valuations of less than $6 million, who have a credible, multi-option exit strategy and are led by an experienced core management team. HARBOR LIGHT CAPITAL PARTNERS Harbor Light Capital Partners focuses on investments in the $1 million to $5 million range. They target the “funding gap” for early- and growthstage companies. Unlike institutional investment funds, they are not limited to traditional holding periods of 4 to 6 years. Harbor Light’s growth stage criteria: $5 million to $20 million in revenues; strong historical/projected revenue growth; companies with passionate, loyal customers; exceptional management teams with proven entrepreneurial leadership and vision. VESTED FOR GROWTH Vested for Growth, a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, provides risk-tolerant capital up to $1 million, business education and peer-learning opportunities to help owners of established small businesses increase profits and create higher-quality jobs. For investment needs greater than $1 million, VFG may be able to draw from other lending partners. The only business financing program of its kind, VFG creates subdebt and royalty financing packages when banks and equity sources can’t provide enough capital to meet their needs. Training or technical support may be provided by some combination of a business performance coach, consultant, an advisory board or a business peer group. WASABI VENTURES PARTNERS Wasabi Ventures is a venture capital, incubator and consulting firm that specializes in building and advising early-stage technology companies. In the last decade, Wasabi Ventures has built, financed and advised over 200 startups including some wildly successful ventures like RightNow Technologies, User Testing, Ustream and EtherPad. Source: NHBR Research

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE GREAT NORTH WOODS Androscoggin Valley Region Chamber of Commerce Berlin, NH 603-752-6060 North Country Chamber of Commerce Colebrook, NH 603-237-8939

Twin Mountain-Bretton Woods Chamber of Commerce Twin Mountain, NH 800-245-8946

Newport Area Chamber of Commerce Newport, NH 603-863-1510

Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber Amherst, NH 603-673-4360

Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce North Woodstock, NH 603-745-6621

Upper Valley Business Alliance Lebanon, NH 603-448-1203

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Nashua, NH 603-881-8333

Upper Valley Bi-State Regional Chamber of Commerce White River Junction, VT 802-295-6200

Greater Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce Raymond, NH 603-895-2254


Northern Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce Lancaster, NH 603-788-2530

Greater Ossipee Area Chamber of Commerce West Ossipee, NH 603-651-1600

Umbagog Area Chamber of Commerce Errol, NH

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Rochester, NH 603-332-5080

Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Hillsborough, NH 603-464-5858

Greater Wakefield Chamber of Commerce Wakefield, NH

Greater Keene & Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Keene, NH 603-352-1303

WHITE MOUNTAINS Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce Bethlehem, NH 603-869-3409 Central NH Chamber of Commerce Campton, NH 603-726-3804 Cohase Chamber of Commerce Wells River, VT 802-518-0030 Franconia Notch Regional Chamber of Commerce Franconia, NH 603-823-5661 Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce Jackson, NH 603-383-9356 Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce Littleton, NH 603-444-6561 Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce North Conway, NH 877-948-6867

Scan for expanded listings which include addresses, fax numbers, contact names and email addresses.

Lakes Region Chamber Laconia, NH 603-524-5531 Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce Meredith, NH 603-279-6121 Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-2200

DARTMOUTH–LAKE SUNAPEE Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce Claremont, NH 603-543-1296 Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce Warner, NH Contoocook, NH Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce New London, NH 603-526-6575


Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce Jaffrey, NH 603-532-4549 Rindge Chamber of Commerce Rindge, NH 603-899-6601

MERRIMACK VALLEY Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Concord, NH 603-224-2508 Greater Derry-Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Derry, NH 603-432-8205 Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce Hudson, NH 603-889-4731 Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Manchester, NH 603-792-4100

Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Salem, NH 603-893-3177 Henniker Chamber of Commerce Henniker, NH 603-428-3238

SEACOAST Greater Barrington Chamber of Commerce Barrington, NH 603-664-2200 Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center Dover, NH 603-742-2218 Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce Exeter, NH 603-772-2411 Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce Hampton, NH 603-926-8718 The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth Portsmouth, NH 603-610-5510 The Falls Chamber of Commerce Somersworth, NH 603-749-7175 Source: NHBR Research


The new workplace reality BY JASON ALEXANDER

It is critical to look at every aspect of the employee experience and come to an honest conclusion of how competitive you really are. There is always room to improve.

Culture and employee experience may require reinvention from the ground up


n my humble opinion, there has never been a cooler or more innovative time to be in human resources than today. The status quo has died at our feet, and our workplace culture and employee experience, in many cases, require reinvention from the ground up. How do we harness technology and remote work to keep everyone safe? How can camaraderie be fostered with everyone at such a distance? What conditions might make your company’s workforce acquisition and retention strategies more vulnerable? These questions, and more, must be proactively addressed in order to optimize your organization’s competitive advantage during these unprecedented times when markets are soaring and talent is scarce. Step 1: Realize your surroundings • Limited talent: In the 20 years I have been involved in staffing and recruiting, there has never been a time when talented professionals were more difficult to find than today. While most of us have absorbed the harsh reality of the current market conditions, there are still a few outliers who believe that a bad pandemic must mean a bad market and that people are easier to find than they are. It’s time to realize that some unparalleled measures will be necessary to acquire talent at a rate that doesn’t sacrifice opportunity. • Impacted company culture: The last two years have inevitably altered the look and feel of workplace culture, if not completely turned it on its head. I want to tell you it’s OK. None of us have been here before, and it’s important that your staff knows you are working proactively to navigate these waters, no matter how foreign they may seem. • Evaluating workforce acquisition and retention strategies: For now, it’s simply critical to come to the table and realize that the attributes that drew people to join and stay at your company may not be perceived the same way as they were two years ago.

Jason Alexander is a managing partner of Bedford-based BANKW, parent company of the staffing and recruiting firms KBW, Alexander Technology Group, The Nagler Group, Sales Search Partners and KNF&T Staffing Resources.


Step 2: Some winning strategies • Hot markets mean more spending: There is plenty of exception to this rule but, for the most part, the salary you paid for job X, Y or Z will cost you more today than it did two years ago. The most successful organizations are looking at their payroll with the proactive eye for retention instead of the eye for the minimum it might take to acquire talent. If you are paying someone the same today as you did two years ago, it’s certainly advisable to look at that position and ensure you are being as competitive as possible. Turnover almost always costs more than retention. • Remote workforce: Your best competitors are doing all they can to allow as much workfrom-home as possible. I completely agree with those who suggest the importance of in-person interaction, which is why it’s great if you can make working in the office optional for those who want it. But at the end of the day, you don’t want to lose your best people to another organization that is more willing to be creative. Remove mountains, lakes and hiking trails from your benefits list: This is coming from a serious lover of the outdoors, but please — no more assumptions that close proximity to hiking, fishing and skiing equates to justifying a substantial pay cut. In today’s market, your best employees can work for a city-based organization, be highly compensated, and work from home in the mountains or on the lake. • Re-addressing benefits and attractors: It is critical to look at every aspect of the employee experience and come to an honest conclusion of how competitive you really are. There is always room to improve, and the most successful organizations are fighting for every inch of competitiveness. How flexible is your paid-time-off program? Have you considered unlimited PTO? Does your benefits program address the psychological health of your employees as well as it could? What is your company’s messaging and what do you stand for? These are important to answer to attract and retain the market’s best talent. Whether you seek talented employees, greater market share and/or personal fulfillment, I wish you all the best.

REGIONAL YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORKS According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 160,061 workers ages 25 to 34 and 221,179 workers ages 35 to 44 in New Hampshire, with close to 86% of young professionals participating in the labor force. ABC Young Professionals Group Concord NH 603-226-4789 Founded in 2012 as an initiative of ABC NH/VT, the ABC YPG’s mission is to develop, empower and connect young professionals through networking events, educational workshops and volunteering opportunities in an effort to enhance their professional development and business success within the construction industry. Catapult Seacoast Portsmouth, NH Catapult Seacoast offers professional and social networking events, informational seminars, entrepreneurial and career advice, and access to some of the most influential businesses and people throughout the Greater Seacoast. As a result of these offerings, Catapult draws young, talented professionals from New Hampshire and Southern Maine who want to connect with each other, grow personally and professionally, and impact their community. Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN) Concord, NH Launched in 2016 as a professional and personal development initiative of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. CYPN provides complimentary networking, learning and growth opportunities for young professionals who live, work and play in the Capital Region. Greater Rochester Young Professionals 603-332-5080 Designed for young professionals in the area, between the ages of 18 and 40, who meet in a causal setting while networking with others and building their contact base. Through networking and involvement, these young professionals build a sense of community and belonging, build rapport with potential clients, expand their social interactions and represent their company.

iUGO Nashua Nashua, NH Greater Nashua’s home for young professionals looking to establish and expand their networks through innovative action, social engagement, community building, professional development and opportunities to give back. Keene Young Professionals Network Keene, NH 603-352-5063 Keene YPN was created in 2007 as an initiative of the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce to provide a forum to attract and retain young people in the Monadnock Region. In 2018 they became a program of the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, and provide fun opportunities and events for young professionals to connect with each other and with their communities. Lake Sunapee Region Young Professionals Network Founded in 2016, the LSRYPN’s goal is to bring together young professionals in the Lake Sunapee Region area and provide social networking events. Lakes Region Young Professionals Lakes Region Young Professionals facilitates connections between young professionals and develops pathways for business success across New Hampshire in order to attract talent to the Lakes Region. Manchester Young Professionals Network Manchester, NH The Manchester Young Professionals Network (MYPN) aims to engage, educate and empower young professionals and emerging leaders to foster an environment where young professionals lead, create, innovate and influence their surroundings. MYPN was New Hampshire’s first young professionals’ networking organization, established in 2004.

NH Young Veterans Network Established in 2018, NH Young Veterans Network’s mission is to energize, engage and connect young veterans in the Granite State with business leaders in the community. They are New Hampshire’s only veteran-focused young professionals network working to assist young veterans with building their professional networks, in the hopes of making the transition to civilian life easier. North of the Notch Young Professionals Network North of the Notch YPN’s mission is to connect young professionals in their 20s-30s in northern New Hampshire through events and social media groups. STAY MWV 603-356-5701 Established in 2007, STAY MWV offers opportunities and resources for young professionals in the Mount Washington Valley area to connect with their peers and get involved in the community. The STAY MWV Student Loan Assistance Program works to combat the student loan crisis in rural communities by helping young residents pay back their student loans. Upper Valley Young Professionals Hanover, NH UVYP’s mission is to bring together young, emerging and rising professionals and foster connections in the Upper Valley. As a resource for young adults ages 20 to 40 in the Upper Valley, UVYP creates opportunities for young professionals to connect with one another and their community in order to expand their personal or professional networks. Source: Stay Work Play New Hampshire, Stay Work Play is a nonprofit aimed at encouraging more young workers to “Stay, Work and Play” in New Hampshire. Connect with them at and on Twitter and Instagram @ stayworkplay.

Scan for expanded listings which include addresses, fax numbers, contact names and email addresses.


CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS A.M. Peisch & Company, LLP West Lebanon, NH 603-306-0100

Brauel & Brauel, LLP CPAs North Conway, NH 603-356-9421 ext. 11

Comolli & Company, PC Salem, NH 603-898-3322

Ackley Associates, Inc. Nashua, NH 603-883-3912

Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, PLLC Nashua, NH 603-595-8000

Creative Financial Strategies, Inc. Littleton, NH 603-444-7035

Alain G. Breault, CPA, PC Hooksett, NH 603-623-8484 Altair Group PLLC Bedford, NH 603-621-6188 Anne E. Holliday, CPA, PLLC Portsmouth, NH 603-431-3322 Anthony L. Olson, CPA, PFS Keene, NH 603-358-6411 Appletree Business Services, LLC Londonderry, NH 603-434-2775 Ashton & Company, PA, CPA Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-6200 Baker Newman Noyes Manchester, NH 603-626-2200 Portsmouth, NH 603-436-8200 Barradale, O’Connell, Newkirk & Dwyer, PA Bedford, NH 603-644-0275 BerryDunn Manchester, NH 603-518-2600 Bigelow & Company, CPAs, PLLC Manchester, NH 603-627-7659 Portsmouth, NH 603-433-7383 Boivin & Associates, CPAs, PLLC Merrimack, NH 603-424-0705


Brian C. Peters, CPA, PLLC Hudson, NH 603-882-0598 Brian P. Hayward, CPA Manchester, NH 603-627-5360 Burnham & Malmborg, PA Concord, NH 603-225-7600 Carew & Wells, PLLC Concord, NH 603-224-3950 Carmel Duval, CPA Manchester, NH 603-497-2313 Caron & Bletzer, PLLC Kingston, NH 855-620-4600 Carri & Pelletier, PLLC Loudon, NH 603-227-6263 Champion Accounting Solutions, PLLC Sunapee, NH 603-763-1722 Charles F. Morgan, CPA Lebanon, NH 603-448-6200 Cobb Financial Portsmouth, NH 603-292-5264 Cohos Advisors, PLLC Lancaster, NH 603-788-4928 Collette Professional Accounting Bedford, NH 603-232-7436

Cummings, Lamont & McNamee, PA Portsmouth, NH 603-772-3460 Stratham, NH

Scan for expanded listings which include addresses, fax numbers, contact names and email addresses.

Driscoll & Company, PLLC Berlin, NH 603-752-7101 Littleton, NH 603-444-6733 Drouin Associates, LLC Manchester, NH 603-225-9400 DTB Tax Salem, NH 603-635-9308

Cynthia Courtney, CPA, CFP North Hampton, NH 603-964-2988

Dugdale, Livolsi & Wood, PC Manchester, NH 603-669-3454

Dana S. Beane & Co., PC Laconia, NH 603-524-0507

Dumais, Ferland & Fuller CPAs Somersworth, NH 603-692-5358

David A. Kreed, CPA Manchester, NH 603-625-4792

Early CPA, PLLC Claremont, NH 603-543-3882

David B. Beal, CPA Keene, NH 603-358-6300

Edward C. David & Company, CPAs PLLC Hampstead, NH 603-893-0594

David E. Tully & Associates, PA Nashua, NH 603-886-8885 David Picchi, CPA, LLC Londonderry, NH 603-432-3394 Davidson & Stone, PLLC Concord, NH 603-223-0037 Dennis A. Riendeau CPA, PLLC Portsmouth, NH 603-766-4942 Denoncourt, Waldron & Sullivan, PA Laconia, NH 603-524-9065

EPIC Wealth Strategies, LLC Nashua, NH 603-598-3288 Ernest L. Tomkiewicz, CPA, PLLC Concord, NH 603-228-6106 F.G. Briggs, Jr., CPA, PA Manchester, NH 603-668-1340 Ferguson & Alexander CPA, PC Keene, NH 603-352-6573 Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP Lebanon, NH 603-643-0043

Diane B. Rohde, CPA PLLC Plymouth, NH 603-536-1557

Gamwell, Caputo, Kelsch & Co., PLLC Conway, NH 603-447-3356

Douglas K. Young, CPA, PLLC Concord, NH 603-226-1822

Gelinas & Pratte, CPA Manchester, NH 603-625-8931

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“New Hampshire’s Own NHBR_Business Resources NH_4_625 xSpring 4_875 c.indd 1 100% Natural Water”

2/10/22 4:05 PM

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Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, PA Dover, NH 603-749-2700 Concord, NH 603-224-7491 North Conway, NH 603-356-6358 Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-1953 Stratham, NH 603-772-9341 Lifetime Tax & Accounting PLLC Concord, NH 603-230-2404 Linda J. Jacobson & Associates, PLLC Litchfield, NH 603-424-3377 Lucy S. Potter, CPA, PLLC Bedford, NH 603-666-5535 Lynn Page Baker, CPA Enfield, NH 603-632-4780 Malone, Dirubbo &Company, PC Franklin, NH 603-934-2942 Laconia 603-528-2241 Lincoln 603-745-3121 Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC Auburn, NH 603-624-8819 Mark J. Burger, CPA Orford, NH 603-353-4410 Mason + Rich, PA Concord, NH 603-224-2000 McCafferty & Company, PC Nashua, NH 603-888-6618

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4 network security tips for the hybrid workplace BY BARRY BADER

From company devices to employees’ personal phones and guest devices, each of them represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint, and each contains myriad pathways into your network through apps and systems.

The best defense is a strong, proactive offense


hile it’s mostly big businesses and high-profile hacks that make headlines, small to medium-sized businesses and organizations are also targets for bad actors — costing them downtime, data, business and revenue. The best network defense is a strong, proactive security offense. Here are four tips for organizations looking to shore up their cybersecurity protocols and products: 1. Implement a mix of threat monitoring, firewalls and antivirus solutions: Threat

monitoring, firewalls and antivirus solutions are all valuable cybersecurity measures, but they should be used in tandem with each other and alongside smart online hygiene practices, which are basic steps that network users should take to maintain the overall health and safety of the network and its data. Select tools that frequently update to help protect against the newest threats, and cover every connected device on your network. Antivirus tools detect and block malicious files, but many only block malware they recognize based on signatures that have been written into the AV software. Meanwhile, firewalls allow only authorized traffic or content using configured controls, like access denial to IP addresses known to deliver malware. Even if a malicious payload is delivered, firewalls can prevent it from communicating with control-and-command servers. 2. Manage devices and passwords for an extra layer of security:

Barry Bader is vice president for Comcast Business’ Greater Boston Region.


From company devices to employees’ personal phones and guest devices, each of them represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint, and each contains myriad pathways into your network through apps and systems. One weak password, bad password management or a few errant keystrokes on a suspicious website can invite a breach. Enact strong patch management policies or, even better, automate software updates. Not updating in a timely fashion can open you up to threats, as hackers become aware of loopholes and try to exploit them.Leverage a password management solution. Password management tools not only generate strong passwords but store them for easy access. Be careful with external devices like flash drives. External devices can carry malware that’s loaded onto your device when connected. If they’re used with multiple devices on your network, infec-

tions can spread quickly. 3. Enact strong policies, practices: Embed

a proactive security stance into your company’s DNA. By codifying certain elements of your cybersecurity approach through policy and process, you can ensure that cybersecurity remains an ongoing priority. Select threat monitoring tools that frequently update to help protect against the newest threats and cover every connected device on your network. Simultaneously, operate a zero-trust environment, where no device or user, either inside or outside an organization, should be trusted inherently. In addition, you can use virtual private networks when accessing sensitive applications remotely, as they allow employees to access company networks and systems through a secure connection. Businesses should also back up and encrypt any personally identifiable information they collect, as well as any other potentially sensitive information, like company financials or intellectual property. Backups are not only a best practice, they can help with recovery in the event of a breach or ransomware attack. 4. Educate your users: Threats evolve over time, so make it a regular practice to formally train employees on online hygiene. If you don’t have anyone on staff, consider bringing in an outside trainer. Good online hygiene doesn’t just protect company information, it protects personal information, too. It’s essential to not only mount defenses but to also prepare a detailed plan outlining what to do if you do find yourself the victim of a cyberattack. Include contingencies such as having to resume operations from an alternative location and how to respond if the breach occurs after hours or when response team members are away. Designate crossfunctional team members who should respond in the event of a breach, or have a cybersecurity consultant or contractor easily accessible to assist. To be ready for what’s next, organizations need to implement cybersecurity measures that include antivirus programs, firewalls and network security solutions that proactively help protect all devices connected to your network.

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Patriot Tax Service Portsmouth, NH 603-427-1040 Payentry Manchester, NH, 888-632-2940 ext. 3 Peak Business Consultants, LLC Rye, NH 603-379-2302 Rockingham Payroll Services Salem, NH 603-893-3443 Stratton’s Payroll and Tax Services Plaistow, NH 603-382-7114 Trivantus Manchester, NH 603-624-7788 Source: NHBR Research

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We Are VR: Partnering with Businesses Looking for reliable talent to meet your workforce needs? If you’re a business owner, human resources professional, manager, or someone else with hiring responsibilities,VR New Hampshire can help you source quality candidates with disabilities and build a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

Our Business Engagement Unit is ready to connect you with prescreened candidates, develop and facilitate customized job training to meet your skill needs, and support workers to ensure they succeed and deliver for your business. Our services include the following—all at no cost to you: •

Recruitment and staffing

• Workplace accessibility assessments •

Consultation on accommodations for employees with disabilities

Assistance with financial incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and other tax benefits

On-the-job training programs, tailored to your specific skill needs

Disability etiquette and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training

Training on disability awareness and retention of your current workforce

Guidance on assistive technology

Development and management of internship or other work-based learning opportunities

New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation 21 South Fruit Street, Suite 20, Concord, NH 03301 603.271.3471 | 800.299.1647 BUSINESS RESOURCES NH 2022 15

The post-Covid workplace BY BILL RYAN

Balancing productivity with wellbeing in the modern era will only grow as a necessary calibration, and younger workers are likely to show the way in the context of adaptable work styles.

Bill Ryan writes about career, employment and economic topics from his home in North Sutton.


Younger workers are likely to show the way when it comes to adaptable work styles The knowledge economy office workplace got a sudden shakeup over the past year-plus. At its peak, not that long ago, the pre-vaccinated officebased workforce was functioning more from home than from the traditional office, approximately 10 times more so than pre-pandemic rates. According to the University of Chicago, as recently as March 2021 45% of work services were still being performed in home environments. This begs the question: Is office work going to snap back to the way it was with workers committing to long hours away from family spent in bustling office buildings arrived to via thick commuting traffic? And if so, why? Whether or not the Covid pandemic has unwittingly ushered in a paradigm shift in how work is dispensed over the long term is yet to be determined. It will certainly be one of the interesting trends to observe over the next few years. At present, a look at some of the currently available, albeit sparse, indicators seem to show some degree of change in how work operation is conducted may be with us for the foreseeable future. It is fair to assume most managements desire a return to normal times, during which management practices to which they were accustomed can be resumed. If there is to be a more permanent realignment to include more flexibility, such as remote work activity, it probably will not willingly come from supervisors. To dust off that old business expression from the 20th century, it will come from the rank and file. A Microsoft WorkLab report from earlier this year reveals some pertinent findings. Nearly threequarters of employees wish for an option to work remotely. Although remote work has its downsides, enough workers have experienced that productivity can still be maintained by way of technological means in a comfortable environment with less stress and less exhaustion. Demand for a more permanent, flexible, distributive, blended or hybrid production model has arisen among office employees, according to this report.

Older Gen Z and younger millennials form a cohort that may be informative here. Living and working from devices is second nature to them. It is reasonable to expect the momentum for more flexibility will come from them. If their résumés and LinkedIn profiles start showing more quantifiable accomplishments derived from working remotely, they will be communicating not only that they can do it, but that they want to be hired for positions honoring such skills. Balancing productivity with well-being in the modern era will only grow as a necessary calibration, and younger workers are likely to show the way in the context of adaptable work styles. Businesses need not be driven into this transformation kicking and screaming. Signs are emerging among C-levels showing a recognition of the likely changes to come. A Work Trend Index survey conducted by Edelman Data & Intelligence discloses that 66% of business leaders are contemplating refashioning office space to allow for more flexibility. Reasons are twofold. As implied earlier, the workforce appears to be increasingly desirable of workplace flexibility. This could likely become an incentive for luring needed talent not wanting to be bound by traditional institutional rules. Additionally, business is identifying some benefits as a result of the Covid-induced remote working experiment in terms of lower overhead, as reported by NPR, and increased productivity, as claimed by Harvard Business Review. It is likely that multiple variations on a hybrid model will become established moving forward that incorporate combinations of conventional office-centric requirements with increased distributive or remote work options for employees. Although no one could have reasonably predicted that a congruence of modern communication technologies with a global pandemic would steer this trend, the result could ultimately be a boon for workers and their bosses. Let us hope employers give such changes serious consideration.



Creative Chef Kitchens Derry, NH 888-625-2111 An incubator aimed at helping small New Hampshire food businesses grow their operations and get products into stores without having to invest in expensive infrastructure. In addition to commercial kitchen equipment and teaching space, Creative Chef Kitchens provides assistance with sourcing, marketing and distribution.

Chuck Roast Venture Center Conway, NH 603-356-9129

Dartmouth Regional Technology Center Lebanon, NH 603-643-5174 DRTC is a nonprofit economic development incubator near Dartmouth College and Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center that leases 60,000 square feet of laboratories and office space to growing businesses. DRTC offers flexible terms in its leases (no letter of credit, no security deposit, 90-day notice) and access to shared resources such as entrepreneurship programming, economic development programs, break rooms, conference rooms, internet access, lab appliances and phone service. The facility is typically 85-90% occupied with 1520 active ventures. The Enterprise Center Plymouth, NH 603-536-2011 Operated by the Grafton Regional Development Corporation, the Enterprise Center is a 10,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art incubator that offers a local platform of resources from which to explore the feasibility of a new business concept, or if you’re already in business, expand and accelerate your growth. Offering the latest technology, the Enterprise Center features flexible office and coworking space, common use conference rooms and an address in the heart of New Hampshire. Genuine Local Laconia, NH 603-279-8600 Local makers can rent space at the specialty food production facility, gaining access to semiautomatic equipment designed to increase productivity and efficiency. Genuine Local also offers business development services focused on label layout, nutrition panels, recipe scaling, pricing tier development, licensing and product approval assistance.

Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship Keene, NH 603-352-5063 Located in downtown Keene, the Hannah Grimes Center offers a 22-office business incubator, four conference rooms for off-site meetings, The Hive coworking space, Startup Lab, BioNest biotech incubator, free oneon-one coaching with over 20 coaches, the PitchFork pitch competition, a two-day annual fall Radically Rural Summit and access to its 300-member local products Hannah Grimes Marketplace. Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth Hanover, NH 603-646-8888 The mission of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship is to serve and inform Dartmouth students, faculty and alumni along the path from entrepreneurial thinking to entrepreneurial enterprise. The Magnuson Center provides co-curricular education and experiences, funding opportunities and connection to our worldclass alumni network via four distinct mission areas: (1) experiential learning for students; (2) startup support for faculty and students; (3) on- and off-campus alumni engagement; and (4) community development throughout the regional ecosystem. MWVEC Technology Village Business Resource Center Conway, NH 603-447-6622 Owned and operated by the Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council, the Business Resource Center provides business counseling (provided by MWVEC, SCORE, RDA, SBDC); training and education programs; financing opportunities; library and internet access; and international teleconferencing access in a 10,500-square-foot office space. Nashua Innovation Center The Nashua Innovation Center is a virtual incubator that fosters learning between mentors, advisors, investors and fellow entrepreneurs and supports startups seeking to grow scalable businesses that advance innovation. The center provides support to the entire Nashua startup community, whether renting space on their own, working out of their homes or working at the public library or the local coffee shop. Working with various co-working spaces in Nashua, they offer educational and networking opportunities for members, including short lunchtime programs and half-day workshops. Source: NHBR Research

Cowerc of Londonderry Londonderry, NH 603-484-8292 Coworking House Milford, NH 603-556-8267 COVE (Cooperative Venture Workspace) Portsmouth, NH 603-610-8250 HRKNSScowork Concord, NH 909-660-3301 New England Executive Center Bedford, NH 603-644-4554 Red Oak Coworking Offices Manchester, NH 603-668-8282 Regus Bedford, NH Nashua, NH Portsmouth, NH 888-438-5652 Spark Manchester, NH 603-934-3222 WBC Office Suites Manchester, NH 603-644-2669 Work Hub Suites (WHS) Londonderry, NH 603-768-1119 Source: NHBR Research

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BANKS with SBA Loan Guarantee Agreements* Atlantic Capital Bank Atlanta, GA 855-693-7422

Eastern Bank Bedford, NH 603-782-2501

Meredith Village Savings Bank Meredith, NH 603-279-7986

Salem Co-operative Bank Salem, NH 603-893-3333

Bangor Savings Bank Bangor, ME 207-907-7011

Enterprise Bank Salem, NH 978-596-2273

Merrimack County Savings Bank Concord, NH 603-223-2605

Salem Five Bank Salem, MA 978-744-5450

Bank of America Manchester, NH 603-647-7639

First Seacoast Bank Dover, NH 603-742-4680

Merrimack Valley Credit Union Plaistow, NH 800-356-0067

Santander Bank Nashua, NH 877-768-2265

Bank of New England Salem, NH 603-894-5700

Franklin Savings Bank Franklin, NH 603-934-4445

Navy Federal Credit Union Merrifield, VA 877-418-1462

Savings Bank of Walpole Walpole, NH 603-756-2863

Bank of New Hampshire Laconia, NH 800-832-0912

GFA Federal Credit Union Gardner, MA 978-632-2542

NBT Bank Manchester, NH 603-623-2007

Service Credit Union Bedford, NH 800-936-7730

BankProv Bedford, NH 877-487-2977

Granite State Credit Union Manchester, NH 603-668-2221

Northeast Bank Boston, MA 800-284-5989

St. Mary’s Bank Manchester, NH 603-629-1500

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Bar Harbor, ME 207-288-3314

Haverhill Bank Salem, NH 603-870-9567

Northeast Credit Union Portsmouth, NH 888-436-1847

Sugar River Bank Newport, NH 603-863-3000

BDC Capital Wakefield, MA 781-928-1100

Kennebunk Savings Bank Portsmouth, NH 800-339-6573

Northway Bank Berlin, NH 603-752-1171

TD Bank Portsmouth, NH 603-433-2969

Bellwether Community Credit Union Manchester, NH 603-645-8181

Ledyard National Bank West Lebanon, NH 603-298-9444

Partners Bank Portsmouth, NH 603-430-0042

Triangle Credit Union Nashua, NH 603-889-2470

LendingClub San Francisco, CA 888-596-3157

Passumpsic Savings Bank Lancaster, NH 800-370-3196

Union Bank Littleton, NH 603-444-7136

Live Oak Company Wilmington, NC 910-777-5738

Pentucket Bank Salem, NH 603-893-3588

Wells Fargo Advisors Manchester, NH 603-625-6500

Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank Nashua, NH 978-452-1300

Peoples United Bank Concord, NH 603-226-3600

Mascoma Savings Bank Lebanon, NH 603-443-8612

Primary Bank Bedford, NH 603-310-7200

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Woodsville, NH 603-747-0477

Members First Credit Union Bedford, NH 603-622-8781

Profile Bank Rochester, NH 603-332-2610

Cambridge Trust Portsmouth, NH 603-433-9611 Camden National Bank Camden, ME 207-230-5958 Citizens Bank Manchester, NH 603-634-7090 Claremont Savings Bank Claremont, NH 603-542-7711 Digital Federal Credit Union Nashua, NH 800-328-8797


*SBA lenders participating in NH Source: U.S. Small Business Administration

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Large Group Health Plans

Individual Health Maint. Self-insured Health Plans Organizations Health Plans

NH Exchange

Ambetter from New Hampshire Healthy Families Bedford, NH 866-769-3085;

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Manchester, NH 1-800-331-1476;

Cigna Hooksett, NH 603-268-7707;


✓ ✓

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Manchester, NH 888-888-4742/617-509-1000;

UnitedHealthcare Hooksett, NH 1-888-545-5205;

✓ ✓

* Cigna defines small group as 51-499 employees and does not offer plans to companies with 50 employees or less. Source: NHBR Survey

Mind Your


BUSINESS. AUGUST 5 - 18, 2016 VOL. 38 • NO. 17 • $1.75

JUNE 24 - JULY 7, 2016 VOL. 38 • NO. 13 • $1.75




Laboring for Hotter NH


Q&A: PUC Consumer Advocate Donald Kreis

economy means businesses are scrambling for employees and wages are rising

Photo by Elisabeth


MAY 27 -JUNE 9, 2016 VOL. 38 • NO. 11 • $1.75



State pulls plug on Certificate of Need BY BOB SANDERS


Indust g employees acturin positive energyWescott.PAGE 14 next generation of manuf

engineer Tom gine,” says Titeflex for that, called “We do all the plumbing the RL 10 rocket.” in flexible Teflonin Laconia has proTiteflex specializes Titeflex Aerospace al the over the Internation rigid tubes used in braided hoses and duced parts used all 747s and other jets, plumbing of Boeing Space Station. and launches see lines for landing “You know when you a including hydraulic oxygen lines PAGE 12 V rockets bringing gear, flaps, tail runners, you see those Atlas moves part the first 18 satellite up, and then WORKFORCE PIPELINE, PAGE enAbove: the second stage away? We make


Nigerian educators turn 4,500 to NH’s Knowledgehomes. Institute to spread entrepreneurism


A compact, programlast mable tube bender. Since fall, Manchester Community College has offered a tube certificate fabrication and forming program to meet manufacturers’ workforce needs.

How new overtime rules affect NH employers

There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power

Thirty-seve of Need board held the state’s Certificate June 16 and was offiits last meeting on later.

The growth of solar power in weeks Newdisbanded roughly doubling Hampshiretwo cially hasboard the been raises over exponen the tial – twodemise homebuilders scratchin the pastThe years —ofbut it a boom health have in some heads. Will there bemay In 2015, 730 people g theirquestion: were employed both in equipexpansion, Hampshire, and in the solar care facility industry when not all (though n, in Newthere probably struction. There and constructio most) were in ment are about 23,000 conwhether judging construc contractors are be any tionboard won’t jobs. It’s no wonder not seeing an overwhel “Rare to the point are needed? ming demand such things for solar of lifted said tions Corp. in Epping. none at all,” n cap won’t—beyet. Russ Collins, constructio The owner of Home “It’s still a niche.” Innovatotally, however. DEMYSTIFY HassanINGsigned SOLAR, PAGE 13 Monday, Gov. Maggie

Do you take this username and password to have and to hold?


op installations?

On Sen. Jeb Bradley, Ra bill sponsored by keep some restricWolfeboro, that would n of new medical tions on the constructio Department facilities, with the state Serof Health and Human the vices, as opposed to the CON board, having final word. Senate Bill 481 goes day after the CON into effect July 1, the bill — once dismissed board dies, but the 17 CERTIFICATE OF NEED, PAGE


Meet your democratic gubernatorial candidate s

A lot of people running about small businesse for government talk s, but rarely do have a race where you all the major candidate running in both s parties’ in all – have extensive primaries – seven business experienc Here is a chance e. to compare the candidates’ history in business, their record dealing business and with their positions on business. (Editor’s note: We’ll tackle the four Republicans next issue. Repub This issue we will focus on the three running for nation: Mark Connolly,the Democratic nominomi Steve Marchand Colin Van Ostern.) and

Mark Connolly


Six years ago, Dr. Larry Fejokwu initiated a relationship with the Knowledge Institute for Small Business Development in Exeter. Recently the organization held a conference that brought together educators and government officials from Nigeria. (Photo by Liisa Rajala)

Mark Connolly has more than two decades of experience, though private business perhaps the most narrowly focused: securities analysis nancial regulatio and fi fins. The former Securities Bureau director, ly now heads New Connol ConnolCastle Investme nt Advisors, where he manages about $12 million in assets. GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE S, PAGE 14

Subscribe: 877-494-2036 Opening up about opioids Advertise: 603-624-1442 Companies must comply with new regulation on Dec. 1

On Dec. 1, 2016, about a 2½ years after President Obama signed a presidential memorandum directing the U.S. Department of Labor to update regulations defining which white-collar workers are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage and overtime standards, the final rule will take effect. That gives businesses six months to assess the changes and become compliant. Coverage of the Fair Labor Standards Act is broad: Most businesses are covered, including non-profit organizations, higher education institutions and state and local governments. OVERTIME RULES, PAGE 21


Demystifying solar

line cetopipe Learning to manage a workforaims Building develop ry-education initiative people with

To learn more about our multi-platform underwriting and sponsorship opportunities visit

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BIA forum looks at how to deal with substance abuse in the workplace BY BOB SANDERS

Mirjam IJtsma, people services director of Worthen Industries, said she attended the Business and Industry Association of NH’s “Opioids in the Workplace” forum on May 18 in Manchester to learn more about substance abuse. About half of the performance issues at Worthen, an industrial adhesives firm in Nashua, are addiction-related, she told NH Business Review. And almost all of that drug abuse arises following a longtime work absence to recuperate from an injury or illness, often with the help of

pain medication. “It’s a big problem. Anyone telling you that it isn’t, doesn’t know their employees,” she said. It’s not just that more than 400 people died in New Hampshire last year from opioid-related overdoses. Substance abuse has resulted in a nearly $2 billion drain on the state’s economy – a figure determined before opioid abuse became an all-out crisis in New Hampshire. In fact, the very idea that the BIA held the forum shows how front and center the issue has become. For instance, when forum moderator Kevin Flynn asked the



89.1 Concord/Manchester |



What to know about trademarks BY BRIAN THOMAS

Trademark law is complicated. But understanding the basics, and knowing when to bring in trademark counsel, puts you in a position to reap value from this valuable business asset.

Understand the basics to reap your business rewards


very business should know how to select, use and protect its trademarks. Failure to do so can diminish its brand, cause financial harm and result in unwanted lawsuits. Add value to your organization by learning and practicing the following basic guidelines. • A business name is not necessarily a trademark. Don’t assume that your business’s legal entity name is also its protected trademark. A trademark is the name under which a good is sold, and a service mark is the name under which a service is provided (this article uses “trademark” to refer to both). You must take steps to register and protect a trademark. Merely forming an entity under that name is not enough. • Register your mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Doing so provides great value for only a modest investment: use of the ® symbol to deter would-be infringers; priority rights to the mark in every state; placement in the USPTO database used to check mark availability; the right to sue in federal court; and a valuable asset that you can license or sell. • Use the correct symbol. Using the ® symbol without a USPTO registration is against the law. If your mark is not yet registered, use ™ for a trademark and for a service mark. Doing so signals that you claim ownership of the mark, which deters others from using it. • Avoid generic and descriptive marks. A generic mark is a common term for a good or service (“Apple” for fruit), and cannot be registered as a trademark. A suggestive mark describes a characteristic of a good or service (“Cold and Creamy” for ice cream), and can be registered in only limited circumstances. Avoid both types.

Attorney Brian Thomas of the law firm Sheehan Phinney is an intellectual property attorney and business litigator.


• Pick suggestive, arbitrary and fanciful marks. A strong, registerable mark is suggestive (it implies a characteristic of the good or service, but requires imagination to connect that characteristic with the mark, like Netflix® for streaming), arbitrary (it has a common meaning that is unrelated to the good or service, like Apple® for computers) or fanciful (made-up term with no meaning, like Exxon® for fuel). Use those types of marks.

• Clear your mark. Adopting a trademark similar to one already in use can prevent you from registering that mark, or result in a lawsuit. The existing mark need not be identical: Marks that look similar, have a similar pronunciation, or provide a similar commercial impression can all prevent use and registration of your mark. Well before using a trademark, perform a “clearance” search for existing marks. The stakes are high, and the analysis is nuanced. Rely on a professional. • Protect your mark. Once registered, you must watch for, and take efforts to stop, any infringement or unauthorized use of your mark. Failing to do so can weaken your mark over time. This need not be a costly endeavor: Many companies offer low-cost monitoring services, and an experienced trademark attorney can often resolve infringement with a timely cease and desist letter. • Use license agreements. Allowing others to use your mark can bring big benefits: strategic partnerships, co-branding and royalty payments. But only do so with a well-drafted license agreement in place. Without one, you risk losing control of, or weakening, your registered mark. • Use and renew your mark. Unlike a patent or copyright, a trademark registration can last forever if it is continuously used and all USPTO renewal filings are made on time. Renewal deadlines are spaced out in five and 10-year increments, and filings can be tricky. Rely on trademark counsel to track deadlines and meet filing requirements. Failure to do so can result in loss of your registration. • Don’t let your mark become generic. Your mark can lose legal protection if it becomes the generic term for a class of goods or services. “Aspirin,” “escalator” and “thermos” are examples of once valuable trademarks that were later held to be generic terms, free for anyone to use. Never use your mark as a generic noun or verb, and take efforts to stop others that do. Trademark law is complicated. But understanding the basics — and knowing when to bring in trademark counsel — puts you in a position to reap value from this valuable business asset.

TOP LAW FIRMS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE Abramson, Brown & Dugan Manchester, NH 603-627-1819 Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs Abridge Law Nashua, NH 603-966-7634 Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law Annis & Zellers Concord, NH 603-224-5800 Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Elder Law, Tax Law, Trusts and Estates Ansell & Anderson Bedford, NH 603-644-8211 Elder Law, Trusts and Estates Backus, Meyer & Branch Manchester, NH 603-244-3282 Appellate Practice, Civil Rights Law, Employment Law – Individuals, First Amendment Law Baroff & Craven Manchester, NH 603-647-4200 Commercial Finance Law, Real Estate Law Barradale, O’Connell, Newkirk & Dwyer Bedford, NH 603-644-0275 Elder Law, Trusts and Estates, Trusts and Estates Litigation Beaupre Law Dover, NH 877-734-0777 Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant Manchester, NH 603-623-1234 Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs

Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson Manchester, NH 603-623-8700 Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions/UCC Law, Construction Law, Construction Litigation , First Amendment Litigation, Land Use and Zoning Law, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Litigation Bouchard, Kleinman & Wright Manchester, NH 603-623-7222 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs Bourque & Associates Manchester, NH 603-623-5111 Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Law, Patent Litigation, Trademark Law Brennan Lenehan Iacopino & Hickey Manchester, NH 603-734-5461 Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs Bruce Marshall Law Bow, NH 603-715-8720 Construction Law, Construction Litigation Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin Dover, NH 603-742-2332 Personal Injury Litigation Butenhof & Bomster Manchester, NH 603-296-0428 Elder Law, Trusts and Estates Caldwell Law Lebanon, NH 603-643-7577 Trusts and Estates Cleveland, Waters and Bass Concord, NH 603-224-7761 Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law, Commercial Finance Law, Commercial Litigation, Commercial

Transactions/UCC Law, Corporate Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Litigation, Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson Manchester, NH 603-621-7100 Banking and Finance Litigation, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions/UCC Law, Copyright Law, Corporate Governance Law, Corporate Law, Employment Law – Management, Intellectual Property Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Patent Litigation, Securities Litigation, Tax Law, Technology Law, Trademark Law, Venture Capital Law Coughlin, Rainboth, Murphy & Lown Portsmouth, NH 603-431-1993 Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs CullenCollimore Nashua, NH 603-881-5500 Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Litigation D’Amante Couser Pellerin & Associates Concord, NH 603-224-6777 Land Use and Zoning Law, Real Estate Law David F. Conley Concord, NH 603-224-4324 Tax Litigation and Controversy David R. Craig & Associates New Boston, NH 603-487-3915 Elder Law Davis & Bujold Concord, NH 603-226-7490 Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Law, Trademark Law

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GoffWilson Manchester, NH 603-228-1277 Immigration Law Gottesman & Hollis Nashua, NH 603-889-5959 Land Use and Zoning Law, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Real Estate Law Hage Hodes Manchester, NH 603-668-2222 Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Litigation Hamblett & Kerrigan Nashua, NH 603-883-5501 Corporate Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law Hess Gehris Solutions Concord, NH 603-225-0477 Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Mediation, Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants, Product Liability Litigation – Defendants Hinckley Allen Manchester, NH 603-225-4334 Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Construction Litigation, Healthcare Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Real Estate Law Hoefle, Phoenix, Gormley & Roberts Portsmouth, NH 603-436-0666 Environmental Law, Insurance Law Integral Business Counsel Portsmouth, NH 603-766-0408 Corporate Law, Family Law Jackson Lewis Portsmouth, NH 603-559-2700 Employment Law – Management, Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor Law – Management

Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman Manchester, NH 603-624-7200 Family Law, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Law Office of Peter J. Loughlin Portsmouth, NH 603-431-6466 Land Use and Zoning Law, Municipal Law Lothstein Guerriero Concord, NH 603-513-1919 DUI/DWI Defense Mark Dean Concord, NH 603-230-9955 Energy Law McDonald & Kanyuk Concord, NH 603-228-9900 Tax Law, Trusts and Estates McDowell & Morrissette Manchester, NH 603-623-9300 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs McLane Middleton Manchester, NH 603-625-6464 Administrative/Regulatory Law, Appellate Practice, Banking and Finance Law, Banking and Finance Litigation, Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Bet-theCompany Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Construction Litigation, Copyright Law, Corporate Compliance Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Defense – White Collar, Education Law, Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law, Employment Law – Management, Energy Law, Energy Regulatory Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Litigation, Family Law, Family Law Mediation, Financial Services Regulation Law, First Amendment Law, Government Relations Practice, Health Care Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor Law – Management, Land Use and Zoning Law, Land Use and Zoning

Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Nonprofit/Charities Law, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Privacy and Data Security Law, Real Estate Law, Securities/ Capital Markets Law, Securities Regulation, Tax Law, Tax Litigation and Controversy, Trademark Law, Trusts and Estates, Trusts and Estates Litigation Molan Law Office Manchester, NH 603-206-5470 Employment Law – Individuals, Labor Law – Union Moquin & Daley Manchester, NH 603-669-9400 Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Morneau Law Nashua, NH 603-943-5647 Collaborative Law – Family Law, Family Law, Trusts and Estates Morrison Mahoney Manchester, NH 603-622-3400 Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants, Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants Mulhern & Scott Portsmouth, NH 603-436-1211 Trusts and Estates Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey Portsmouth, NH 603-431-1333 Arbitration, Mediation Myskowski & Matthews Concord, NH 603-227-6342 Elder Law, Trusts and Estates Nicholson Law Firm Concord, NH 603-856-8441 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs

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Nixon Peabody Manchester, NH 603-628-4000 Appellate Practice, Banking and Finance Litigation, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Criminal Defense – White Collar, Franchise Law, Government Relations Practice, Healthcare Litigation, Insurance Law, Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions – Defendants, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Municipal Litigation, Private Funds/ Hedge Funds Law, Product Liability Litigation – Defendants, Securities Litigation, Venture Capital Law Normandin, Cheney & O’Neil Laconia, NH 603-524-4380 Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Notinger Law Nashua, NH 603-888-0803 Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Bankruptcy Litigation

Orr & Reno Concord, NH 603-224-2381 Administrative/Regulatory Law, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Collaborative Law – Family Law, Commercial Finance Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Criminal Defense – General Practice, Criminal Defense – White Collar, Energy Law, Family Law, Family Law Mediation, First Amendment Law, First Amendment Litigation, Government Relations Practice, Healthcare Law, Healthcare Litigation, Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants, Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Litigation Pastori Krans Concord, NH 603-369-4769 Employment Law – Individuals, Employment Law – Management, Family Law, Labor and Employment Litigation

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Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Financial Services Regulation Law, Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants, Real Estate Law Ransmeier & Spellman Concord, NH 603-290-5104 Trusts and Estates Rath Young Pignatelli Concord, NH 603-226-2600 Commercial Litigation, Energy Law, Energy Regulatory Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Litigation, Government Relations Practice, Health Care Litigation, Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants, Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants, Tax Law, Tax Litigation and Controversy



Serving our clients in New Hampshire and nationwide since 1899 The firm’s practice encompasses a full range of legal services. Ranked in Chambers USA and US News Best Law Firms 95 Market Street Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 669-4140


TOP LAW FIRMS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE Red Sneaker Law Manchester, NH 603-669-5000 Civil Rights Law Robinson, Boesch, Sennott & Daly Portsmouth, NH 603-427-5380 Elder Law, Trusts and Estates, Trusts and Estates Litigation Rousseau Law and Mediation Pembroke, NH 603-715-2824 Collaborative Law – Family Law, Family Law Shaheen & Gordon Concord, NH 603-819-4231 Bet-the-Company Litigation, Civil Rights Law, Collaborative Law – Family Law, Consumer Protection Law, Criminal Defense – General Practice, Criminal Defense – White Collar, DUI/DWI Defense, Employment Law – Individuals,

Family Law, First Amendment Litigation, Healthcare Law, Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions – Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Trusts and Estates Litigation, Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs, Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants Shanelaris & Schirch Nashua, NH 603-594-8300 Collaborative Law – Family Law, Family Law Sheehan Law Office Concord, NH 603-715-2560 Family Law Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green Manchester, NH 603-668-0300 Bet-the-Company Litigation, Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law, Commercial Finance Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate

Law, Employment Law – Individuals, Employment Law – Management, Energy Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Healthcare Law, Insurance Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor Law – Management, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Nonprofit/Charities Law, Patent Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Tax Litigation and Controversy, Trusts and Estates Sherman Law Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4837 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs Sisti Law Offices Portsmouth, NH 603-433-7117 Criminal Defense – General Practice, Criminal Defense – White Collar Stebbins, Lazos & Van Der Beken Manchester, NH 603-627-3700

Banking and Finance Law, Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Regulation Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Real Estate Law Steiner Law Concord, NH 603-345-6440 Trusts and Estates Litigation Sulloway & Hollis Concord, NH 603-223-2800 Employment Law – Individuals, Employment Law – Management, Energy Law, Healthcare Law, Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor Law – Management, Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Product Liability Litigation – Defendants, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Trusts and Estates, Trusts and Estates Litigation

An innovative approach to harnessing legal, legislative and public policy expertise.

Advocacy Through Action Concord, NH (603) 226-2600 Nashua, NH (603) 889-9952 Boston, MA (617) 523-8080 Montpelier, VT (802) 229-8050


Tenn And Tenn Manchester, NH 603-624-3700 Appellate Practice, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Family Law Mediation, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs The Crisp Law Firm Concord, NH 603-225-5252 Family Law The Law Office of Daniel Duckett Manchester, NH 603-836-5800 Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants The Stein Law Firm Concord, NH 603-228-1109 Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs, Trusts and Estates Litigation

Trombley Kfoury Bedford, NH 603-935-7566 Workers’ Compensation Law – Employers Upton & Hatfield Concord, NH 603-716-9777 Banking and Finance Law, Bankruptcy Litigation, Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Commercial Litigation, Employment Law – Individuals, Employment Law – Management, Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation, Mediation, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, Municipal Law, Municipal Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Real Estate Law Wadleigh, Starr and Peters Manchester, NH 603-669-4140 Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions/UCC Law, Construction

Law, Construction Litigation, Criminal Defense – General Practice, Criminal Defense – White Collar, Education Law, Employment Law – Management, Labor Law – Management, Land Use and Zoning Law, Legal Malpractice Law – Defendants, Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants, Municipal Law, Personal Injury Litigation Defendants, Real Estate Law Waystack Frizzell Colebrook, NH 603-237-8322 Criminal Defense – White Collar, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs Weibrecht Law Dover, NH 603-842-5525 Collaborative Law – Family Law, Family Law Welts, White & Fontaine Nashua, NH 603-883-0797 Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs

William S. Gannon Manchester, NH 603-621-0833 Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Bankruptcy Litigation Winer and Bennett Nashua, NH 603-882-5157 Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Real Estate Law List of leading law firms that practice in New Hampshire, including their top specialties, was compiled by New Hampshire Business Review based on results found in “The Best Lawyers in America® 2021,” a list of the country’s top attorneys, published by the national polling firm Woodward-White.

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Time for some real talk on DEI BY DEO MWANO

Highly skilled minority employees have so much to offer beyond their demographics. Business leaders must be committed to new recruitment and retention practices in order to benefit from the diversity of ideas and experiences they bring.

Deo Mwano, a business owner and community advocate based in Manchester, is principal of Deo Mwano Consultancy.


Employers must commit to new practices in order to benefit from recruiting, and retaining, diversity of ideas and experiences


s a workforce culture consultant and an expert in diversity, equity and inclusion, I have helped many businesses struggling to recruit and maintain minority employees. I’m always enthusiastic to assist with this, as I can understand the challenge from both the employer and employee perspective. I define minority employees or minority groups as anyone that is underrepresented within an organization. The underrepresentation may be, but is not limited to, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, ability, age, religious commitment or political perspective. I have worked with minority leaders in different sectors who struggle to find a sense of belonging within their organizations. Workplace culture determines how they navigate their identity within the organization (and often the community in which they live as a result of a relocation). Highly skilled minority employees are in demand. They have more autonomy and flexibility than some employers recognize, which means they can easily leave a job and find a role that’s a better fit. Employers and minority employees would be better off with recruitment and retention strategies aimed at fully integrating new employees from underrepresented demographics. I often hear frustration from employers about not being able to retain minority employees after investing so much during the recruitment and orientation phase. The aggravation is often accompanied by astonishment that someone would choose to leave a prestigious position and a big paycheck. It sometimes sounds like they, the employer, were doing the minority employee a favor by bringing them to work for their company. I start by reminding the employer that they do not have the upper hand in the engagement. The reason the minority employee has the advantage is because they have skills and talent that are in demand and that comes with constant interest from recruiters and other employers. They can take their talent anywhere. They will not stick around because you have decided to go out of your way to recruit them. They don’t owe you loyalty, especially if you, the employer, have not invested in an inclusive workforce culture.

I tell business owners that in order to maximize the investment of recruiting highly skilled minorities, you have to do your due diligence. It is incumbent upon employers to set up recruited minority employees for success both inside and outside of work. Is the person you are recruiting a good fit for your corporate culture and, if they are relocating, are there points of connection for them in the community? Many businesses think they can spend their way out of this problem. Some employers rely too much on compensation, especially if it is a minority often associated with lower socioeconomic status. Do not rely on competitive salary or perks to keep minority employees around if they are struggling with identity inclusion and equity within your company or community. Companies can do some preliminary work that can help enhance minority employee satisfaction with the organization and the greater community. Employers must be intentional in getting to know the new hire beyond the skill sets they bring to the company. Without being invasive, ask questions such as: • What do they like to do for fun/social activities? • Do they belong to a faith community? • Are they part of any affinity groups? • What types of food do they like to eat? • What do they like to do for entertainment? • Where do they go for haircuts/salons? Minority employees know that they'll have to adapt to a new culture when they accept a new position. But they also recognize that when they start to feel undervalued or unappreciated, they can move to an organization or a community more receptive to them. Let’s not forget what a loss that is for your organization. This goes way beyond a financial loss. That individual might be the person you needed to help take your organization to the next level. Highly skilled minority employees have so much to offer beyond their demographics. Business leaders must be committed to new recruitment and retention practices in order to benefit from the diversity of ideas and experiences they bring.

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Adecco Nashua, NH 603-598-0117 General Staffing, Clerical, Light Industrial, Professional, Finance, Temp-to-Perm & Direct Hire Alexander Technology Group Bedford, NH 603-792-2345 Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4200 Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire for IT Professionals Balance Staffing Salem, NH 979-676-5804 Temporary, Temp-Hire and Permanent Staffing, Administrative, Customer Service, Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Payroll Services, Accounting and Engineering Bank W Staffing Bedford, NH 603-792-2345 Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4200 Holding and management company that focuses on building and growing the region’s most successful staffing companies Barclay Personnel Systems Salem, NH 603-894-0007 x216 Direct Hire, Temporary, Temp-Hire and Contract Opportunities for Administrative, Inside Sales and Sales Support BONNEY Staffing Center Dover, NH 603-430-2121 Temp, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Placement Services in Office Support & Administration, HR, Customer Service/Sales, Light Industrial Positions, Legal & Medical Central NH Employment Services, Inc. Laconia, NH 603-528-2828 Concord, NH 603-225-1115 Permanent and Temporary Placements, Office, Administrative, Finance, Professional & Light Industrial, Technical & Engineering

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The Davis Companies Manchester, NH 603-891-0111 Accounting, Finance, IT, Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Software Staffing

Individual Employment Services Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4850 Executive Search & Recruiting, Outplacement, Career Counseling/ Coaching, Resume Writing & Career Assessment Testing

Durkee Personnel North Hampton, NH 603-781-8645 Temp & Perm Placement—One-onOne Computer Training Express Employment Professionals Manchester, NH 603-606-7177 Hampton, NH 603-929-1000 Professional, Commercial, Technical & Administrative Staffing in central and southern NH. Professional recruiting nationally. Global Technical Talent Portsmouth, NH 603-433-9911 Recruiting & Pre-Qualifying of Senior Level IT Professionals for National Clients, Immediate & Short-Term IT Contract and Full-Time Staffing Requirements Goodwin Recruiting Manchester, NH 603-223-0303 Hospitality Management Recruitment, Mystery Shopping, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Staff Feedback Programs, Exit Interviews, Real Estate, Consulting, Food Safety Audits and Diversity Recruitment Great Bay Staffing Dover, NH 603-834-9492 Full-service recruiting firm dedicated to placing IT and healthcare professionals throughout the country.

KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting Bedford, NH 603-792-2345 Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4200 Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire for Finance & Accounting Professionals Kelly Services Bedford, NH 603-625-6457 Portsmouth, NH 603-436-4505 Temporary Staffing, Temporary to Full-Time Staffing, Direct Placement, Project Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Contingent Workforce Outsourcing and Managed Service Provider Leddy Group Bedford, NH 603-666-4051 Dover, NH 603-749-4810 Lebanon, NH 603-727-0102 Concord, NH 603-225-7300 Keene, NH 603-358-1000 Portsmouth, NH 603-766-4909 Staffing for Light Industrial, Administrative & Accounting. Also provides Human Resource Consulting. Manpower Manchester, NH 603-625-6994 / 866-552-5309 Portsmouth, NH 603-742-1961

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Temporary, Temp-to-Perm and Permanent Placement, Employment/ Staffing Specialists Masiello Employment Services Inc. Keene, NH 603-358-1000 Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire in Office Support, Accounting, HR, Light Industrial and Technical, Manufacturing and Engineering McIntosh Staffing Resources Dover, NH 603-742-8325 Office Administration, Mid-Level Management, Call Center Relations, Accounting/Finance, Clerical, Manufacturing Management, Human Resources, Sales/Marketing, Light Industrial, Events/Hospitality and Outdoor Services Micro Tech Staffing Londonderry, NH 603-421-0600 Commercial Staffing including Temp Positions with focus on IT/Software Developers, Engineering and Manufacturing The Nagler Group Bedford, NH 603-637-1492 Portsmouth, NH 603-570-4600 Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire for Administrative, Human Resources and Legal New Age Software Services Corporation Hampstead, NH 603-329-9327 Contract and Permanent Employment Opportunities in the Information Technology Field New Dimensions Personnel Services Inc. Littleton, NH 603-444-1100 Temporary, Permanent and Direct Hire Placement in all areas of Office Administration OfficeTeam, A Robert Half Company Manchester, NH 603-316-5575 Temporary Placement of Highly Skilled Office & Administrative Support Professionals BUSINESS RESOURCES NH 2022 27

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EMPLOYMENT SERVICES People Ready Skilled Trades Bow, NH 603-223-9721 Dependable Trades People: Licensed Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders, Construction Laborers, Masons, Warehouse, Production Line, Manufacturing, General Laborers Pro-Temp Staffing LLC Concord, NH 603-228-6535 Accounting, Assembly, Clerical, Industrial Work, Information Technology, Office Support, Retail, Secretarial, Warehouse, Temp-toHire, Direct Hire, Payroll Services, Trades Randstad Work Solutions Bedford, NH 603-623-1181 Jaffrey, NH 603-593-4035 Somersworth, NH 603-841-2683 Permanent and Temporary Placement for Office and Light Industrial Accounting and Finance, Legal, Engineering, Healthcare, Industrial, Call Center, Life Sciences, Marketing, Technology, Office/Admin

Robert Half Technology Manchester, NH 603-316-5575 Temporary and Permanent Placement of Accounting & Finance, Information Technology and Administrative Professionals Sales Recruiters Inc. Salem, NH 603-894-0007 ext. 218 Permanent, Direct Hire – Sales Recruiting and Sales Staffing Consulting for Industrial, Business Products, Consumer, IT, Manufacturing, Print/Graphics, Technology, Security, Insurance Sales Search Partners Bedford, NH 603-637-4499 Portsmouth, NH 603-570-3238 Direct Hire for Sales Professionals Sapphire Consulting Wolfeboro, NH 603-889-1099 Organizational Development

Consulting, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching September Partners Inc. Dover, NH 603-732-4201 Sales, Sales Management, Business Development, Marketing, General Management and Engineering Placements Staff Hunters Portsmouth, NH 603-766-4909 Bedford, NH 603-232-8383 Accounting, Finance, Bookkeeping, Administrative Professionals & Engineering, HR, Temporary & Permanent Staffing Surge Resources Inc. Manchester, NH 603-623-0007 Payroll and Tax Reporting, Employee Benefits, HR/Admin, Legal Compliance, Workers’ Comp Insurance, Workplace Safety



TASC Technical Services Plaistow, NH 603-382-1114 Staffing, Consulting and Turn-Key Project Services in the areas of Engineering, Information Systems, Business and Professional as well as Manufacturing for both Commercial and Defense Client Firms The TPI Staffing Group Keene, NH 603-352-4155 Claremont, NH 603-543-4155 Lebanon, NH 603-727-9765 Short-Term Temporary, Long-Term Temporary, Temp-to-Hire/Temp-to-Perm and Direct-Hire Placements in All Fields: Clerical, Entry Level, Skilled Trades & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality TechNeeds Salem, NH 603-898-3000 Lebanon, NH 603-448-9900 Portsmouth, NH 603-898-3000 Manufacturing, Engineering, IT Technology, Help Desk, Light Industrial, Materials/Logistics, Professional Admin, Marketing, Accounting, Temporary, Temp-toHire, On-Site Management, Payroll Technology Search Partners Portsmouth, NH 603-766-4999 Technology Job Placement, with a Focus on Permanent Roles Westaff Portsmouth Portsmouth, NH 603-427-0465 Confidential, Professional Recruiting and Placement for Manufacturing Sales Accounting Management throughout New England since 1983

Franklin Pierce University is ever-evolving. As we embark on our 60th anniversary, we reflect on our history with an eye toward the future, providing an education that is both relevant and enduring for our Ravens. Join the Pierce@60 celebration! Learn more about our signature events and sponsorship opportunities at

Wicked Staffing Solutions, LLC Bedford, NH 603-324-0352 Dover, NH 603-294-4269 Provides Temporary, Contract-toHire and Permanent Placement for Administrative Staff, Customer Service/ Call Center, Engineering, Human Resource Professionals, Light Industrial, Manufacturing Management, Office Management, Production, Purchasing/ Buyers and more Source: NHBR Survey


Technology for businesses Four ways it can help in an ever-changing world BY TABATHA MCKAY

One of the best ways for New Hampshire small businesses to thrive in this 'new normal' is to tap into technology, as there are various solutions and tips that can help business owners thrive.


obody is making it through the Covid-19 pandemic unscathed, including New Hampshire small businesses. And that’s a big deal, considering that small businesses generate about 44% of all economic activity in the United States. But 2021 was a different year, one that found the economy firing back up. Small businesses are rebounding and poised to help fuel the recovery. One of the best ways for New Hampshire small businesses to thrive in this “new normal” is to tap into technology, as there are various solutions and tips that can help business owners thrive. Go touchless Shoppers have slowly gotten back into the retail groove, but many still have reservations about touching highly trafficked surfaces, including credit card readers. Having a contactless payment option allows customers to pay with confidence. The Square payment app is one of the most powerful mobile payment apps on the market. Pairing the Square app with a mobile card reader converts a smartphone or tablet into a fully functional digital cash register.

Tabatha McKay is area vice president/ general manager in New England for USCellular.

Get social During Covid-19, conditions constantly changed. New Hampshire small businesses that managed to navigate the pandemic successfully did so in part by harnessing the power of social media to share valuable information and updates with their customers. Using Facebook, Twitter

and Instagram to communicate about open hours, services and sales — not to mention updates on unforeseen closures and other incidents — is a great way to keep customers informed. Go digital Even before Covid, having an up-to-date and mobile-friendly website was key for small businesses. Now that online business has boomed because of the pandemic, it’s even more important for small businesses to have a user-friendly website that allows customers to browse and buy from their mobile phone or computer. According to a Google study, 76% of people who use their smartphones to search for something nearby, end up visiting a business within a day. Keep sites updated and current to ensure sites are providing New Hampshire customers with accurate information. Get remote The pandemic taught people how to work remotely, and to do it well. While it doesn’t work for all small businesses, many can benefit from allowing their employees to work remotely by using platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. The key to effective videoconferencing services is a solid network that ensures smooth streaming for employees, customers and anyone else who’s logging in. Now is the time for small businesses to take another look at how to use technology to maximize their opportunities.


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MEDIA OUTLETS ALTON The Baysider Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 5,469

BEDFORD Bedford Bulletin Manchester, NH 603-668-4321 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 9,600 The Bedford Journal Nashua, NH 603-673-3100 Issue Date: Friday

BERLIN The Berlin Daily Sun Berlin, NH 603-752-5858 Issue Date: Tuesday to Friday Circulation: 9,000 Berlin Reporter Lancaster, NH 603-788-4939 Issue Date: Wednesday Circulation: 2,500

CENTER OSSIPEE Carroll County Independent Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 2,448

CHESTER/HAMPSTEAD Tri-Town Times Londonderry, NH 603-537-2760 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 18,605

CLAREMONT Eagle Times Claremont, NH 603-543-3100 Issue Date: Monday through Saturday Circulation: 8,889

COLEBROOK Colebrook Chronicle Colebrook, NH 603-246-8998 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 6,000

New Hampshire PBS Durham, NH 603-868-1100

The News and Sentinel Colebrook, NH 603-237-5501 Issue Date: Wednesday Circulation: 4,647

Exeter News-Letter Portsmouth, NH 888-736-4061 Issue Date: Tuesday and Friday Circulation: 6,850

CONCORD Binnie Media Concord, NH 603-230-9000 Owner of WBIN-TV and several radio stations, including 105.5 WJYY, 106.3 Frank-FM, 93.3 The Wolf and 99.1 The Bone Concord Monitor Concord, NH 603-224-5301 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 20,163 New Hampshire Public Radio Concord, NH 603-228-8910

CONWAY The Conway Daily Sun North Conway, NH 603-356-3456 Issue Date: Tuesday through Saturday Circulation: 17,100

DERRY Derry News Derry, NH 603-437-7000 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 4,429

DOVER Foster’s Daily Democrat Dover, NH 888-736-4061 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 10,304 Townsquare Media LLC Dover, NH 603-749-9750 Owner of WOKQ 97.5 FM and The Shark 102.1 FM




GILFORD Gilford Steamer Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 5,120

HAMPTON The Hampton Union Portsmouth, NH 603-436-1800 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 4,869

HILLSBOROUGH The Messenger Hillsborough, NH 603-464-3388 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 18,500

HOLLIS/BROOKLINE The Hollis-Brookline Journal Hudson, NH 603-673-3100 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 5,046

KEENE Keene Sentinel Keene, NH 603-352-1234 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 11,623

KINGSTON Carriage Towne News Derry, NH 603-642-4499 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 25,728

LACONIA The Laconia Daily Sun Laconia, NH 603-737-2026 Issue Date: Monday through Saturday Circulation: 14,000

LANCASTER Coos County Democrat Lancaster, NH 603-788-4939 Issue Date: Wednesday Circulation: 4,945

LITTLETON Littleton Courier Lancaster, NH 603-788-4939 Issue Date: Wednesday Circulation: 5,088

LONDONDERRY Londonderry Times Londonderry, NH 603-537-2760 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 19,500 Nutfield News Londonderry, NH 603-537-2760 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 19,500

MANCHESTER iHeartMedia Manchester Manchester, NH 603-625-6915 Owner of Morning Buzz Network —; 101.1 WGIR-FM Rock 101 —; 610 WGIR-AM News Radio 610 — NH Business Review Manchester, NH 603-624-1442 Issue Date: Bi-Weekly Friday Circulation: 50,000 NH Union Leader Manchester, NH 603-668-4321 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 48,000

Saga Communications Manchester, NH 603-669-5777 Owner of WZID 95.7FM, WFEA 1370AM, 96.5 The Mill, 94.1 Rewind, and 103.1 The Outlaw WMUR-TV Broadcast Center Manchester, NH 603-669-9999

MEREDITH Meredith News & Newfound Landing Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 3,275

MERRIMACK The Merrimack Journal Nashua, NH 603-673-3100 Issue Date: Sunday Circulation: 10,527

MILFORD The Cabinet Press Inc. Nashua, NH 603-673-3100 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 3,410

NASHUA The Telegraph Nashua, NH 603-594-1200 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 24,813

PETERBOROUGH Monadnock Ledger-Transcript Peterborough, NH 603-924-7172 Issue Date: Tuesday and Thursday Circulation: 7,200

PLYMOUTH/BRISTOL Plymouth Record Enterprise Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 4,251

PORTSMOUTH Portsmouth Herald Portsmouth, NH 888-736-4061 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 11,341

SUTTON InterTown Record North Sutton, NH -0162 603-927-4028 Issue Date: Tuesday Circulation: 2,250

WEST LEBANON Great Eastern Radio West Lebanon, NH 603-298-0332 Owner of several radio stations, including 97.5 HOT FM, KIXX 100.5, 93.9 The River, 105.7 The Beat and Q-106 Valley News West Lebanon, NH 603-727-3315 Issue Date: Daily Circulation: 14,500 The North Woods Weekly Colebrook, NH 603-237-5501 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 15,000

WINDHAM Windham Independent News Windham, NH 888-407-8913 Issue Date: Friday Circulation: 3,000

WINNISQUAM Winnisquam Echo Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 8,217

WOLFEBORO Granite State News Meredith, NH 603-279-4516 Issue Date: Thursday Circulation: 5,000 Source: NHBR Survey

YOUR GUIDE TO TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Your business moves a mile a minute. Don’t get caught up wondering what new technology is worth adding to your environment—leave that to us. As your partner, we work with you to create solutions that help your business grow, save, and get more done. Contact an Account Manager today.

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Budget Document Technology is Independent, Local and Well Connected By partnering with Budget Document Technology, you will receive the care and attention from a local business while getting access to one of the biggest document technology companies in the world. Together with Xerox, BDT Copiers offers you the widest array of office products and document solutions available anywhere: • Easily accessible team of local experts with years of office equipment experience and knowledge • Free cost and productivity analysis performed by our expert staff • Multifunction systems that contain ConnectKey software, McAffee security, and EnergyStar certification • Integrated, networked and digital document solutions • Software options like Mobile Print, Standard Accounting and more that are customized to your top processes • Color laser printers and networkable black-and-white printers that can put the impact of color and low-cost productivity right at your desktop • World-class products highly ranked by users and industry leaders

Work with an award-winning team Connect with us today to ensure your business is as efficient as it can be by giving your office the tools it needs to excel. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn




PRINTERS AND PRINT SERVICES DARTMOUTH-LAKE SUNAPEE REGION Echo Communications Inc. New London, NH 603-526-6006 Award-Winning, Digitally Integrated Commercial Printer and Mailer: Design, Print, Mail, Fulfillment R.C. Brayshaw & Co. Warner, NH 603-456-3101 Offset & Digital Printing, Wide Format Printing, Binding, Direct Mail, Promotional Products, Marketing Services, Trade Show and Event Materials Sheridan NH Hanover, NH 603-643-2220 Magazine, Journal & Catalog Printing, and Publishing Services

LAKES REGION The Kingswood Press Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-3017 Commercial Job Printing featuring Digital Color, Full Bindery, Digital Prepress

MERRIMACK VALLEY REGION Allegra Marketing Print Mail Bedford, NH 888-452-2251 Marketing communications provider offering Print & Mailing Services, Banners & Posters, Ad Specialties & Online Solutions Alphagraphics Nashua, NH 603-595-1444 Business and Marketing Printing, Marketing Services, Signs and Large Graphics, Branded Apparel BIGraphics Inc. Nashua, NH 603-594-8686 Large Format Digital Printing & Exhibit Materials Provider, Vehicle Graphics


Bovie Screen Process Printing Co. Bow, NH 603-224-0651 Industrial, Functional Printing, Plastic Fabrication, Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays, Product Marketing, Displays Budget Document Technology Manchester, NH 603-644-2528 Print Device Repairs, Supplies and Print Environment Optimization Capitol Copy Inc. Concord, NH 603-226-2679 Printing, Mailing, Business Cards, Folding, Copies, Promotional Items Colonial Printing Manchester, NH 603-622-4282 Commercial Offset Printing, Graphic Design, Bindery, Social Invitations, Yard Signs, Promotional Products, Mailing and Wide Format Printing Cummings Printing Company Hooksett, NH 800-647-0035 Publication Printing, Mailing, Bindery and Digital Magazines Granite Image Epsom, NH 603-736-6056 Commercial Printing and Copies, Banners, Full-Color Printing, Wedding Invitations, Business Cards Graphic Consumer Services Candia, NH 603-483-5355 Printing & Promotional Products Harris Trophy Manchester, NH 603-669-3984 Corporate Awards, Sports Awards, Plaques, Medals, Engraving, Copying, Business Cards, Rubber Stamps Kase Printing, Inc. Hudson, NH 603-883-9223 40” Offset & Digital Printed Catalogs, Newsletters, Mailing, Binding, Hard-& Soft-Cover Books, Technical Journals and more

Keystone Press Manchester, NH 603-622-5222 Commercial Print and Mail with Variable Data; we can personalize each mail piece, Banners, Signs, Promotional Items and more. Minuteman Press of Concord Concord, NH 603-225-3713 concord Printing and Copying Services New England Duplicator Manchester, NH 603-623-7080 Digital Printing, Binding, Large Format Color, Banners, Signs, Trade Show, Direct Mail, Graphic Design NH Print & Mail Services Concord, NH 603-226-4300 Business Printing Services, Wide Format Printing, Promotional Items, Wall/Floor/Window Graphics, Offset and Digital Printing, Finishing and Bindery, Kitting/Fulfillment, Presort and Bulk Mailing Optimum Bindery Nashua, NH 603-886-3889 Bookbinding and Finishing Services Papergraphics Merrimack, NH 800-499-1835 Commercial printers providing best in quality and service with Offset and Digital Printing, Promotional Items, Direct Mail and Fulfillment Premier Printing & Embroidery Hillsborough, NH 603-464-5321 Copying, Printing, Oversized Copies, Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing, Offset and Digital Printing, Binding and Finishing Puritan Press Inc. Hollis, NH 603-889-4500 Digital and Offset Printing, Fine Art Books, Art Prints, Mailing

Sir Speedy Printing & Copy Center Manchester, NH 603-625-6868 Digital Printing & Copying, Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising Concepts and Direct Mail Services, Finishing and Binding, Integrated Marketing, Trade Show and Event Marketing, Promotional Items Spectrum Marketing Companies Manchester, NH 603-627-0042 Direct Mail, Printing, Large-Format Signs, Branded Apparel, Promotional Products and Publishers of Spectrum Monthly Spectrum Signs & Graphics Manchester, NH 603-657-7079 Project Consultation, Graphic Design, Large-Format Signs and Vehicle Wraps, Trade Show Graphics, Retail Business Signs, Commercial Signage, Laser Engraving, Custom Cutting Talient Action Group Manchester, NH 603-703-0795 Digital Printing, Variable Data Printing, Mail Services, Web2Print Portals, Large Format, Promotional Items Wharf Industries Printing Inc. Windham, NH 603-421-2566 Digital & Offset Printing, Pick & Pack/Warehousing, Direct Mail & Marketing, Graphic Design and PrePress, Banners, Posters, Specialty Items

MONADNOCK REGION Savron Graphics LLC Jaffrey, NH 603-532-7726 Offset and General Printing, Color Copying, Faxing Sterling Business Print & Mail Peterborough, NH 603-924-9401 Business Logo, 4-Color Printing Mailings, Color Copies, Envelopes, Stationery, Promotional Items

NOTIFICATIONS SEACOAST REGION AMI Graphics Strafford, NH 603-664-7174 Large Format Printing, Banners, Billboards, Retail POP Signs, Vehicle Graphics & Wraps, Trade Show Graphics Allegra Marketing Print Mail Portsmouth, NH 603-294-4679 Print & Mailing Services, Banners & Posters, Graphic Design, Promotional Products, Direct Mail Marketing, Ad Specialties & Online Solutions Galligher Printing Services Exeter, NH 603-672-4540 Print Production Services, Mailing and Distribution ImageWise, Design & Printing Services Hampton Falls, NH 603-926-6742 Digital and Offset Printing, Graphic Design, Promotional Items, Online Storefronts Kelley Solutions Inc. Portsmouth, NH 877-535-5393 Creative Design Services, Strategic Sourcing, Web-Based Ordering, Direct Mail, Warehouse/Distribution, Integrated Marketing, Tradeshow Solutions, Promotional Products, Holiday and Greeting Cards, Laserband, Food Gifts Lilac Printing Rochester, NH 603-332-0511 Offset & Digital Printing, Signs & Banners, Mailing Services, Campaigns Signs, Presentation Folders, Business Cards New England Printing & Copying Portsmouth, NH 603-431-0142 Print & Digital Copying Services, Graphic Design, Large-Format Printing, Finishing and Binding, Real Estate Marketing Materials, Catalogs, Business Cards


Phineas Graphics Portsmouth, NH 603-436-4402 Branding, Publication, Web, Exhibition Design and Printed Materials for the Business, Professional and Nonprofit Community RAM Printing Inc. East Hampstead, NH 603-382-7045 Digital & Offset Commercial Printing, Large Format Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Promotional Items Relyco Sales Inc. Dover, NH 800-777-7359 Business Printing and Payment Solutions


Our daily struggle with digital over-stimulation is continuous and real. With emails, pop-up ads, and notifications, we are often in sensory overload. Reading a print publication is a focused experience outside of the digital realm. Printed content has tested better with brand recall than digital, and is easier on the eyes. Bottom line: printed publications provide readers with a meaningful and memorable experience. We help you create compelling publications so your readers truly understand the allure of the printed word.

REGION Minuteman Press of North Conway North Conway, NH 603-356-2010 Offset Printing, Banners, Brochures, Stationery, Mailing Services, Graphic Design, HighSpeed Copying, Book Binding, Promotional Products Minuteman Press of Plymouth Plymouth, NH 603-536-2410 All printing needs including WideFormat Printing, Banners, Marketing, Mailing Services, Promotional Products and more Source: NHBR Survey

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At First Resort, we specialize in orchestrating and Graphic Design managing your direct mail campaigns. From defining your objectives, to advising on postal regulations and Printing how they impact yourResort, design, maintaining proprietary At First we specialize in orchestrating and and targeted mail lists, you can trust that your critical Management managing your direct mail campaigns. List From defining project will be accurate, timely and on budget!

your objectives, to advising on postal regulations and

Direct Mailing

3 Lexington Unit 2 • Windham, NH 03087 howRd., they impact your design, maintaining proprietary Strategies Tel: 603-622-9748 • Fax: 603-421-1807 and targeted mail lists, you Visit us at: can trust that your critical

project will be accurate, timely and on budget!

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Leveling the marketing field BY CHUCK SINK

Even if you can easily sell your service or products nationally, your initial focus should be local where you can better afford to dominate the market.

How a small business can beat a big business in selling products or services


ave you ever become interested in starting a bold new initiative, decided to do it, and then said inwardly, “Wait, what did I really get myself into?” We’ve all been there. There are times to take big leaps, but other times when you honestly assess your lack of experience and resources for something and wisely decide instead to either go back to school or talk to experts and get some experience first. Going national for a small business is kind of like that, especially without infused capital and talent. Even if you can easily sell your service or products nationally, your initial focus should be local where you can better afford to dominate the market. If you operate a small business, try competing for national market share with your biggest competitor — probably a large corporation with a local office in every city and hefty marketing budgets for each. The marketing playing field You probably do pretty well in your home market where you have a stake, have the resources to cover it and where people already know you. How much money would you need to spend to acquire strong brand awareness across the country where nobody has heard of you? More than you have, so national advertising, including digital, would be ill-advised. Small business owners who have the ability to sell nationally often compete with dominating giants in their industries. These giants have purchased as well as earned organic search ranking authority in Google and the other search engines, and pay handsomely to keep it! It can be frustrating to attempt to penetrate an already competitive market with thousands of dollars when your top two or three national competitors are probably spending millions in Pay Per Click advertising and SEO campaigns. You can’t use a penlight to illuminate your brand when you really need the sun.

Chuck Sink, owner of Chuck Sink Link, a marketing agency in Sunapee, can be reached through


Outplay and outshine A local market is vastly different from the whole country. The playing field is leveled when you concentrate your advertising spending within a small geographic footprint such as a county, state or tri-state region. If you’re ready to invest in growth start with your home turf and define the geo footprint. That way, your ad concentration can match or exceed what the “big boys” are spending there. Of course, this is the market where your name is already known. Widening your market is your next step to growth. The winning growth strategy Before you pour money into the 3,000-mile-wide country only to be as visible in most markets as a needle in a haystack, gain some local and regional experience with your digital marketing campaigns. Even while technology enables more businesses to deliver services nationally over the internet or ship products across the country more rapidly and affordably, the whole thing is too vast for small budgets to have any significant reach. The trick is to aim your high beams in one key market at a time, starting locally where your focused rays of brand messaging can light up the whole area and attract customers. If you own a small business, start locally with your ad campaign’s initial launch. Use A/B testing of ad messaging in one market, then analyze the results. Apply what you learn regionally in other similar markets. Plan and execute your ad spending on pace with your growth as you roll out wider campaigns. If your local campaign generates successful results, keep pushing the campaign out further as sales increase. Dial in your messaging based on the acquired customer data and enjoy your growing success!

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MARKETING SERVICES ActiveEdge Nashua, NH 603-889-3925 Marketing, Branding, Web, Print, Interactive, Technology, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization AirTank Peterborough, NH 603-945-7587 E-Commerce Growth and Development, Website Design and Development, Amazon Strategy, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development Akumina Inc. Nashua, NH 888-685-1465 CMS Integration; Ektron CMS and SharePoint Platforms Altos Bedford, NH 603-945-4175 Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing Big Hit Media LLC Barrington, NH 603-834-6300 Full-Service Digital Marketing, Branding and Website Development, Print Advertising Boldwerks Portsmouth, NH 603-436-2065 Web Development, Branding, Marketing, Copywriting, Content Creation, Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations

Items, Environmental Branding, Trade Shows & Signage, Video Production, On-Hold Messaging, Creative Services and more Braveheart Digital Marketing Manchester, NH 603-686-2756 Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Brown & Company Design Portsmouth, NH 603-436-5239 Print, Publication & Web Design, Strategic Marketing & Design Services, Branding & Identity Burke Advertising LLC Bedford, NH 603-627-5381 Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Media Planning, Video Production, Web Design, Digital Advertising Call Design Merrimack, NH 603-429-2701 Branding Strategy, Website Design, Print Design, Logo Design, HTML Email Design, Trade Show/Event Support, Copywriting and Content Development, Photography and Video Production Cantin Design Inc. Concord, NH 603-724-9204 Creative Design & Marketing Firm: Brand Strategies, Logo Design & Corporate Identity, Advertising, Marketing, Print Services & Direct Mail, Publications, Elements of Web Design, Trade Show Graphics

Böwst Portsmouth, NH 603-766-8600 Mobile App Development, Website Development, and Design Experience and Expertise with Drupal Content Strategy

Cline Design, LLC Andover, NH 603-648-2110 Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Creation, Social Media, Branding and Graphic Design Services for Construction Industry

Brandit Marketing Solutions Hooksett, NH 603-645-2500 Web Development & Digital Marketing, Online Stores, Corporate Apparel, Promo

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all media, including Web Design, Logos, Print Design and SEO, Video, Animation, Infographics and Social Media. Concord Direct Concord, NH 800-258-3662 Consulting, Insight, Strategy, Creative Audit, Research, Development, Design & Copywriting, Website & Digital Product Development, Email & Social, Print Execution, Data Processing Cookson Strategic Communications Manchester, NH 603-782-8192 Communications agency specializing in Public Relations, Content Creation, Creative Design and Branding, Digital Services and Custom Consulting Services Corporate Communications, Inc. North Conway Village, NH 603-356-7011 Full-Service Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Company. Publisher of Tourist Maps, Guides and Related Websites. CPorter Designs Fitzwilliam, NH 603-585-9803 Identity Branding and Marketing Design, Illustration, Publication Design for Print and Web Creamer & Co. Hooksett, NH 603-657-8157 Brand Development, Copywriting & Content Creation, PR & Communications, Marketing Strategy CrystalVision, Innovative Web & eMarketing Solutions Portsmouth, NH 603-433-9546 Custom Application Development, Mobile Development, E-Commerce/ Security, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, eMarketing, Hosting Drive Brand Studio North Conway, NH 603-356-3030 Branding, Strategic Marketing,

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AIRPORTS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE Alton Bay Seaplane Base (B18) 14 Mt. Major Highway, Alton Bay, NH Paul Larochelle, 603-875-3498

Laconia Municipal Airport (LCI) 65 Aviation Drive, Gilford, NH Marv Everson, 603-524-5003

Berlin Regional Airport (BML) 800 East Side River Road, Milan, NH Marcel Leveille, 603-449-2168 Roland Gagnon, 603-449-2168

Lebanon Municipal Airport (LEB) 5 Airpark Road, Suite 1, West Lebanon, NH Richard Dyment, 603-298-8878

Claremont Municipal Airport (CNH) 448 Sullivan Street, Claremont, NH David Carton & Roger Hamel, 603-542-7032 Concord Municipal Airport (CON) 71 Airport Road, Concord, NH Carlos Baia, 603-228-2267 Dean Memorial Airport (5B9) 2975 Dartmouth College Highway North Haverhill, NH James Fortier, 603-989-5845 Dillant-Hopkins Airport (EEN) 80 Airport Road, Keene, NH David Hickling, 603-357-9835 Errol Airport (ERR) 100-1328 Colebrook Road, PO Box 43, Errol, NH D.C. Heasley, 603-482-3320 Franconia Airport (1B5) 1172 Easton Road, Franconia, NH James David, 603-823-5034 Gifford Field Airport (4C4) 14 Depot Street, Colebrook, NH Douglas Brooks, 603-237-4914

Hawthorne-Feather Airpark (8B1) 2 Main Street, Antrim, NH James T. Rymes, 603-588-6868 Jaffrey Airport ­— Silver Ranch (AFN) 190 Turnpike Road, Jaffrey, NH Harvey Sawyer, 603-532-8870


Skyhaven Airport (DAW) 238 Rochester Hill Road, Rochester, NH Andrew Pomeroy, 603-332-0005

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) 1 Airport Road, Suite 300, Manchester, NH Theodore Kitchens, 603-624-6539

Twin Mountain Airport (8B2) 63 Airport Road, Twin Mountain, NH Evan Karpf, 603-846-5505

Moultonboro Airport (5M3) 306 Haines Hill Road, Wolfeboro, NH Paul Zanis, 603-986-7338

Source: N.H. Department of Transportation – Bureau of Aeronautics and

Mount Washington Regional Airport (HIE) 5 Airport Road, Whitefield, NH Wendy Roberts, 603-837-9532


Nashua Municipal Airport/Boire Field (ASH) 93 Perimeter Road, Nashua, NH Chris Lynch, 603-882-0661


Newfound Valley Airport (2N2) 152 Pleasant Street, Bristol, NH Boake Morrison, 603-744-8334 Parlin Field (2B3) 15 Sunapee Street, Newport, NH Heath Marsden, 603-863-1220



1B5 5B9

Plymouth Municipal Airport (1P1) 111 Quincy Road, Plymouth, NH Colin McIver, 603-536-5818

Gorham Municipal Airport (2G8) 8 Main Street, Gorham, NH Lee Carroll, 603-466-5065 Hampton Airfield (7B3) 20 Mill Road, North Hampton, NH George Forrest, 603-964-6749

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (PSM) 55 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH Paul Brean, 603-433-6536

Municipal Airport








NH State Airport 8B1

Private Airport/


Open to Public




Getting communications right BY MATT COOKSON

Here we are in 2022 and a third calendar year in which we long for, but do not expect, predictability and normalcy. No longer will temporary or patchwork internal communications methods suffice — strategies and procedures need to be reviewed and revise to address this seismic shift.

Matt Cookson, president and CEO of Cookson Communications, Manchester.

As the remote workplace continues, are you communicating with your employees effectively?


n April 2020, I wrote a piece for NH Business Review on what we might expect for the new normal as of Labor Day 2020. While I got a few predictions right, I also missed the mark on some others. I am not making new predictions, but instead look at the shifting role of internal communications and the role it currently plays in the workforce and the redefined “workplace.” Looking at some of the themes in the local media at the end of 2021, one that cropped up several times was the number of proposals coming forward to retrofit urban office spaces into apartments. In Manchester alone, four new projects proposing hundreds of new apartments were floated, the largest of which would convert much of the tallest and most notable office building in the state — the Brady Sullivan Plaza — into downtown apartments. There are four underlying, but important trends associated with this. First, office space per employee is drastically shrinking and reflects the large growth in remote and hybrid working. Second, with corporate vacancy rates on the rise, converting office space to housing helps address the current housing shortage and meager 1 percent vacancy rate. Third, another end-of-the-year headline was that New Hampshire was the 12th fastest-growing state from July 2020 through June 2021 due to in-migration — people want to live here. And fourth, hybrid and remote working are here to stay for numerous economic and quality-of-life reasons. It’s this last trend that I want to focus on, because it is a critical factor that must be built into how businesses effectively communicate and connect with their employees (and customers/clients) in a more a virtual versus face-to-face environment. No longer will temporary or patchwork internal communications methods suffice – strategies and procedures need to be reviewed and revise to address this seismic shift. The McKinsey Global Institute noted in a recent report that employee productivity can be 25 percent higher when employees feel connected. Those casual office drop-ins, hallway exchanges and pre- and post-meeting side conversations create connectivity. So does an ongoing exchange of information from management to employees, and vice versa. Those exchanges are even more important for those individuals that are new to the workforce and have not learned the nuances of effective teamwork

and engagement through sufficient face-to-face engagement. This New Year likely reflects the third year when college graduates and others new to the workforce may be missing out on this type of interaction. The temporary ways of conducting internal communications put in place nearly two years ago may need to be adjusted and formalized in recognition of the redefined workplace. Here are several suggestions for 2022: • Make sure you have systems to share important news directly with employees first, and they are not finding out on social media or through the grapevine or company rumor mill. • Did you pause or suspend employee recognition programs? If so, develop a virtual model to restart them. • If your company relied on sharing company news in-person, move to an online e-newsletter. Set a regular production schedule and develop ways employees can contribute. Consider video updates from leadership. • Ensure that all employees are getting regular personal check-in calls from their supervisors; for employees who are newer to the workplace, consider a mentor program. • When rolling out new products, services or initiatives, conduct a webinar to share them with your team and involve multiple team members in the presentation. • Consider a stipend and best practices to help employees who work remotely create a quality home-based work environment. • Don’t overschedule meetings – do 20 minutes instead of 30 or 45 minutes instead of an hour to build in breaks and a little downtime. In general, we’re Zoomed out and back-to-back meetings are not sustainable or healthy. • Many of these tasks could be turned into content that can be shared on your social media feeds. They can help demonstrate a positive, proactive corporate culture that could help HR staff with recruiting. It’s hard to recreate an in-person environment over video, e-mail, Slack or project management software. But these and other tools have become our reality and with a plan and a commitment to internal communications, the effort to do it right will reap rewards for everyone involved.


The lasting effects of virtual events BY ERIC FRANK

Going virtual has proved to be an effective way to communicate during these challenging times, and when life begins to move toward normalcy, it may be wise to incorporate many of today's learnings into your future communications planning.

Eric Frank is an owner of Nashua-based Edify Multimedia Group, a webcasting and video production company that specializes in corporate communications and live event production. He can be reached through or at 603-943-5308.


While in-person events will surely return, there are still values in the technologies used in the pandemic


n this era of social distancing and lingering concerns about in-person gatherings, many businesses have moved their sales meetings, fundraisers and award ceremonies online to a virtual format. Going virtual has proved to be an effective way to communicate during these challenging times, and in the months ahead when life begins to move toward normalcy, it may be wise to incorporate many of today’s learnings into your future communications planning. Success in this environment involves the use of technologies that may be unfamiliar, and the dilemma here is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution, when you transition your in-person events to virtual. Deciding how best to reach your audience can be a challenge as you explore the many possible format choices. But don’t worry: The range of options open to you can prove to be a benefit, allowing you to reinvent your event to perform in unique ways that you may have never imagined. Here are a few questions to consider when thinking of how best to structure your event: • Will it be live or pre-recorded? In-studio or on-location? • Do you want to host it on your company’s web platform? • Should your content be presented in an interactive format, or in a strictly presentational style? • Do you want to bring in guest presenters or co-hosts from other locations? • Will your event benefit from live audience interaction, or is it best to handle questions “offline”? • Is it important to present your event “truly” live, or is it more important to create the feeling of a live event while having the comfort that comes from presenting a pre-taped event? For an awards presentation, you may want to consider a live interactive format. In this type of event, there is great value in providing an opportunity for honored guests to speak live, to give thanks and to further inspire other event participants. If you are holding a fundraiser and you have relied on in-person events in the past, you have

a unique challenge as you try to replicate the excitement and the successes of past events. You may want to offer incentives and giveaways to high bidders that only a live event can offer. Consider how to best recreate elements like live auctions and prize giveaways in a virtual live format. Many organizations are opting for pre-taped presentations, which have the benefit of providing the lowest stress to event organizers and offer the most control over content and messaging. An on-camera host is recorded performing the role of emcee, introducing previously recorded presentations and remarks from members of your organization. If you want to bring selected guests in for a socially distant pre-taped session, then it is quite easy to replicate the feel of a live event. Keep in mind that there are infinite variations within these approaches. A hybrid event can consist of elements of your own choosing that incorporate many of the ideas discussed here. Like many emerging patterns in the pandemic, there are opportunities to be found in every situation. Reimagining your events may be a necessity now, but the strategies you employ may provide benefits for the future. Imagine how you might reassign money that was previously spent on accommodations, facility rentals and catering. It can be redirected and utilized differently and be utilized to meet other challenges. Perhaps it is more important to reach a wider audience than was previously practical, or maybe it makes more sense to produce a video to better explain a particularly difficult concept. You also might consider hiring a motivational speaker or professional host to transform your event into something different than you may have previously considered. Traditional in-person events will return, and that will be a welcome sight, especially for the event and hospitality industries, but businesses should still consider the value that virtual and remote technologies bring to their events. They provide an opportunity to utilize the best attributes of in-person meetings with remote technologies to offer better, more efficient and more diverse meetings and corporate events.

We do it all. At SNHU, we make planning events simple, easy, and stress free. We provide first-class conference facilities, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and impeccable service for a wide range of events. No matter your event, SNHU is here to help.


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603-645-9612 | /SNHU Conference and Event Services @SNHUConference @SNHUConferences

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Christopher P. Williams Architects, PLLC Meredith, NH 603-279-6513

Fleck & Lewis Architects Hanover, NH 603-643-4226

ARCove Architects Portsmouth, NH 603-731-5187 Banwell Architects Lebanon, NH 603-448-3778 Beckwith Builders Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-6829 Benjamin Nutter Architects, LLC 25 Market Street, Suite 2A Portsmouth, NH 603-319-8141 Benson Woodworking Co. Walpole, NH 603-756-3600 Berard Martel Architecture, Inc. Bedford, NH 603-626-7903 Bonin Architects & Associates, PLLC New London, NH 603-526-6200

CJ Architects Portsmouth, NH 603-431-2808 CMK Architects Manchester, NH 603-627-6878 Cormack Construction Management Madison, NH 603-367-8272 Cowan Goudreau Architects, PLLC Concord, NH 603-226-3990 DB Architects LLC Keene, NH 603-352-0612 Dennis Mires PA, The Architects Manchester, NH 603-625-4548 Design Group Concord Concord, NH 603-225-0010

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Doyle Coffin Architecture, LLC Lee, NH 603-661-2072

C. N. Carley Associates Concord, NH 603-228-3815

Duncan Douglas McCallum, Architect Exeter, NH 603-783-9181

Caldarola Design Associates, PC Londonderry, NH 603-674-8067

Eagle Pond Studio Architects Wilmot, NH 603-456-8553


Frank Anzalone Associates New London, NH 603-526-8911 Fred Matuszewski Architects Bedford, NH 603-785-7519 GSD Studios Exeter, NH 207-347-1504 Harriman Associates Portsmouth, NH 603-626-1242

Lauer Architects Goffstown, NH 603-497-8441 Lavallee Brensinger PLLC Manchester, NH 603-622-5450 MA+RT Architects Greenland, NH 603-969-3938 Maclaren Associates LLC Atkinson, NH 603-362-4004 Mark Alan Hewitt Architects North Sutton, NH 908-230-9643 Market Square Architects Portsmouth, NH 603-501-0202

Holt Architecture, PLLC Etna, NH 603-643-2300

MA+KE Architects, PC Hanover, NH 603-643-8868

Independent Design, LLC Concord, NH 603-227-6494

McHenry Architecture Portsmouth, NH 603-430-0274

JL Purcell Architects Peterborough, NH 603-562-8870

Michael J. Keane Architects, PLLC Newmarket, NH 603-292-1400

John T. Brennan & Associates Windham, NH 603-893-4693 JRT-AIA Architect Concord, NH 603-223-9938 JSA Design Portsmouth, NH 603-436-2551 kcs ARCHITECTS Keene, NH 603-439-6648 Khavari Architects Portsmouth, NH 415-939-8430 KOAL, PLLC Gilford, NH 603-215-7055

Michael Petrovick Architects PLLC Keene, NH 603-636-7056 Misiaszek Turpin PLLC Laconia, NH 603-527-1617 Oak Point Associates Portsmouth, NH 603- 431-4849 Patricia C. Sherman, FAIA Newbury, NH 603-763-9085 Pauli Architecture Lebanon, NH 518-461-4997

Peter J. White & Associates New London, NH 603-763-4609 PHB Architects PLLC Manchester, NH 603-944-0802 Placework Portsmouth, NH 603-319-8199 Port One Architects Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-436-8891 PROCON, Inc. Manchester, NH 603-623-8811 R.A. Schaefer & D.M. White, Architect Goffstown, NH 603-497-3405

Stewart Associates Architects LLC Laconia, NH 603-524-3000 Stone River Architects Bedford, NH 603-637-4686 Susan Phillips-Hungerford, Architect Peterborough, NH 603-924-5767 T|W Designs LLC Strafford, NH 603-664-2181 Tennant/Wallace Architects, PA Manchester, NH 603-669-5855

THA Architects, LLC Stratham, NH 603-770-2491 The H.L. Turner Group Inc. Concord, NH 603-228.1122 Tim Sappington Designs Randolph, NH 603-466-5780 TMS Architects Portsmouth, NH 603-436-4274

Warrenstreet Architects Concord, NH Manchester, NH 603-225-0640 Weller & Michal Architects, Inc. Harrisville, NH 603-827-3840 Windy Hill Associates New Boston, NH 603-487-5252 Source: AIANH

Vaune Dugan Architect Wolfeboro, NH 603-569-3933

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Randall T. Mudge & Associates Lyme, NH 603-795-4831 Robert A. Lenahan Architect PLLC Portsmouth, NH 603-433-4233 Robert William Hannon Architect, PLLC Salem, NH 603-458-6903 Samyn D’Elia Architects PA Holderness, NH 603-968-7133 Schatelier Architectural Studio Center Barnstead, NH 603-776-0135 Sheldon Pennoyer Architects ] Concord, NH 603-856-8994 SMP Architecture Concord, NH 603-228-8880 SISR Architecture, LLC Marlow, NH 603-446-7024

Serving building owners & contractors in New Hampshire since 1983 with full mechanical contracting capabilities, in-house design teams, and a committed workforce

RECENT PROJECTS: St. Joseph Hospital, Multiple Projects, Nashua Southern NH Medical Center, Multiple Projects, Nashua Portsmouth Ambulatory Su Surgical Center, Portsmouth

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Southern NH University, Commercial Street, Manchester Colonial Block Revitalization, Laconia Oyster River Middle School, Durham Lindt & Sprungli, USA Expansion Project, Stratham (603) 529-3322 | Service (603) 529-3331 BUSINESS RESOURCES NH 2022 43

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ENGINEERING SERVICES ATC Group Services LLC Manchester, NH 603-647-7077 Allen & Major Associates Inc. Manchester, NH 603-627-5500 Civil and Structural Engineering, Land Surveying, Environmental Consulting, Landscape Architecture Altus Engineering Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-433-2335 Civil, Site Planning and Environmental Engineering Aries Engineering LLC Concord, NH 603-228-0008 Environmental Engineering Consulting including GIS, Contaminated Site Investigation & Remediation, Environmental Compliance and Due Diligence Barry-Wehmiller Design Group Concord, NH 603-225-0010 Engineering, Facility Design, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Civil, Architecture, Structural, Master Planning & Construction Management Bedford Design Consultants Inc. | Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors Manchester, NH 603-622-5533 Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Permitting, Septic System Designs Brown Engineering LLC Ashland, NH 603-744-1044 Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Construction Management Services CDM Smith Manchester, NH 603-222-8300 Transportation, Civil, Construction Mgmt., Design-Build, Planning, Environmental, Architectural, Mechanical, Structural


CHA Consulting Inc. Keene, NH 603-357-2445 Nashua, NH 860-290-4100 Transportation, Civil, Planning, Mechanical, Environmental, Structural, Design-Build, Electrical, Construction Mgmt, Surveying CMA Engineers Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-431-6196 Manchester, NH 603-627-0708 Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical, Design-Build, Water/Wastewater, Structural Doucet Survey Inc. Newmarket, NH 603-659-6560 Bedford, NH 603-614-4060 Keene, NH 603-216-5801 Dedicated Land Surveying, Mapping, Land Planning The Dubay Group, Inc. Londonderry, NH 603-458-6462 Award-Winning Civil Engineering, Land Planning and Surveying Eckman Engineering Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-433-1354 Sutton, NH 603-433-1354 Engineering Ventures PC Lebanon, NH 603-442-9333 Experienced Consulting Engineering Firm providing Civil & Structural Engineering Services, Permitting and Planning Fuss & O’Neill Manchester, NH 603-668-8223 Civil, Structural, Municipal and Highway Engineering, Surveying GM2 Associates Inc. Concord, NH 603-856-7854 Professional Client-Oriented Civil

and Structural Engineering & Land Survey Services GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. Bedford, NH 603-623-3600 Keene, NH 603-283-0300 Meredith, NH 603-279-4425 Environmental/Geotechnical Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, Construction Management, Remediation,Water Resources/ Permitting,Natural Resources Geotechnical Services Inc. Weare, NH 603-529-7766 Materials Testing, Construction Inspection, Geotechnical, Structural, SWPPPs, Cofferdams Golder Associates Inc. Manchester, NH 603-668-0880 Transportation, Environmental, Construction Management, DesignBuild, Hydrogeology, Civil Greenman-Pedersen Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-766-8259 Bedford, NH 603-766-8259 Salem, NH 603-893-0720 Leading Civil Engineering Consulting and Construction Inspection Firm HEB Engineers, Inc. North Conway, NH 603-356-6936 Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying The H.L. Turner Group Inc. Concord, NH 603-228-1122 Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Science Haley & Aldrich Inc. Bedford, NH 603-625-5353 Underground & Environmental Engineering, Remediation Design & Construction, Lean & Sustainability

Hancock Associates Concord, NH 603-223-1950 Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management Harriman Portsmouth, NH 603-626-1242 Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Sustainable Design Hayner/Swanson Inc. Nashua, NH 603-883-2057 Full-Service Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Firm serving Municipal, State and Private Land Development Clients Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc. Manchester, NH 603-669-5555 Portsmouth, NH 603-431-2520 Water Resources, Structural, Airport, Transportation and Civil Planning, Design, and Construction Engineering and Inspection Services Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Bedford, NH 603-666-7181 Nashua, NH 603-546-4500 Architecture/Engineering, Construction & Field, Environmental Health & Safety, Planning, Management, Modular Fabrication & Technology Services Jones & Beach Engineers Inc. Stratham, NH 603-772-4746 Civil & Sanitary Engineers and Land Surveyors Kleinfelder 603-623-4400 A leading provider of Civil Engineering for Water, Transportation, Energy, Facilities and the Federal Government Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc. Manchester, NH 603-625-8899

Environmental & Civil Engineering, Air, Water & Waste Compliance and Permitting, Waste Management, Brownfields, Solid Waste/Landfills, Facilities Services, Industrial Wastewater, Laboratory McFarland Johnson Inc. Concord, NH 603-225-2978 Portsmouth, NH 603-380-9151 Mechanical, Planning, Transportation, Construction Management, Design-Build, Structural, Environmental, Civil, Electrical, Aviation Milone & MacBroom, Inc. Bedford, NH 603-668-1654 Geotechnical Engineering, Dam Engineering, Construction Phase Testing & Inspection Services, and Hydrogeology Consulting Services MJS Engineering PC Newmarket, NH 603-659-4979 Civil, Structural, Environmental, Consulting


The New Leader in Plumbing & HVAC

Recently announced, two of New England’s most successful mechanical contractors, Denron Plumbing & HVAC and J. Lawrence Hall, have combined to form a commercial plumbing and HVAC powerhouse.

Learn more at

Nobis Group Concord, NH 603-224-4182 Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental, Water Supply, Construction Management, Design-Build, Transportation, Federal, Remediation Northpoint Engineering, LLC Concord, NH 603-226-1166 Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Construction Services, Environmental Science Oak Point Associates Portsmouth, NH 603-431-4849 Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection Quantum Construction Consultants, LLC Concord, NH 603-224-0859 Structural, Civil, Bridge and Roadway Engineering


ENGINEERING SERVICES Ransom Consulting, Inc. Portsmouth, NH 800-508-1822 Environmental, Remediation & Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Due Diligence, Utilities Services, Water Supply, Coastal Modeling, Site Civil RFS Engineering Laconia, NH 603-524-4647 MEP/FP, Telecommunications, Structural, Civil, Commissioning SFC Engineering Partnership Inc. Windham, NH 603-647-8700 Structural, Fire Protection, Civil Engineering, Code Review, Retaining Wall Design

S. W. Cole Engineering, Inc. Somersworth, NH 603-692-0088 Londonderry, NH 603-716-2111 Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Special Inspections, Geology and Environmental Consulting, Test Boring/Drilling Services Sanborn, Head & Associates Inc. Concord, NH 603-229-1900 Hydrogeologic and Environmental Investigations, Geotechnical and Solid Waste Engineering, Natural Gas Infrastructure Engineering Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Auburn, NH 603-669-8672 Civil/Structural Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Geotechnical Engineering, Project Management

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineering Brentwood, NH 603-772-1417 Structural, Geotechnical, Hydrology & Hydraulics StoneHill Environmental Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-433-1935 Environmental Consulting, Due Diligence, Remediation, Litigation Support, Water Resources, Spill Management TEPP LLC Salem, NH 603-212-9133 Transportation Engineering, Planning and Policy, Traffic Impact & Access Studies, Traffic Operations & Safety Studies, Intersection/Signal Design

Serving New Hampshire for 40+ years VHB’s innovative roadway, traffic, environmental, land development, and structural professionals deliver solutions that help businesses and communities thrive together. Robin Bousa | Managing Director | 2 Bedford Farms Drive, Suite 200 | Bedford, NH 03110 | 603.391.3900



CALL NOW 855.837.2100



Terracon Consultants Inc. Manchester, NH 603-647-9700 Engineering, Construction Monitoring, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Materials Testing, Environmental TFMoran, Inc. Bedford, NH 603-472-4488 Portsmouth, NH 603-431-2222 Civil, Traffic, and Structural Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Permitting, Design-Build Tighe & Bond Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-433-8818 Site/Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Environmental Consulting, GIS, Renewable Energy

Turner Building Science & Design LLC Concord, NH 603-228-1122 IAQ/HVAC Moisture Diagnostics & Mitigation, Forensic Analysis, Mechanical Engineering Design, Building Commissioning, Geothermal Design Underwood Engineers Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-436-6192 Concord, NH 603-230-9898 Civil, Environmental

Verdantas Manchester, NH 603-314-0820 Environmental Engineering & Consulting, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Design-Build, Water Resource Development VHB Bedford, NH 603-391-3900 Transportation Planning and Engineering, Site/Civil Engineering, Environmental Services, Land Survey WSP Manchester, NH 603-644-5200 Merrimack, NH 603-647-2012 Nashua, NH 603-595-7900 Civil, Structural, Transportation & Environmental Engineering


Tritech Engineering Corporation Dover, NH 603-742-8107 Engineering, Surveying, Planning

Weston & Sampson Engineers Inc. Portsmouth, NH 603-431-3937 Manchester, NH 603-263-9296 Drinking Water/Wastewater, Environmental, Civil, Stormwater, Geotechnical, Architectural, Renewable Energy, Design/Build Construction, Solid Waste

Wright-Pierce Portsmouth, NH 603-430-3728 Manchester, NH 603-606-4420 Award-Winning Engineering Firm specializing in providing Water, Wastewater & Infrastructure Engineering Services to municipalities in the Northeast

Weston Solutions Inc. Concord, NH 603-656-5400 Environmental Consulting, Engineering and Program Management

Yeaton MEP, Inc. Bedford, NH 603-444-6578 Littleton, NH 603-444-6578 Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sustainable

Wilcox & Barton Inc. Londonderry, NH 603-369-4190 ext. 502 Environmental, Regulatory, Technical and Program Logistics, Civil Engineering

Source: NHBR Survey

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BOSTON LAWRENCE MIAMI academic corporate fitness healthcare hospitality residential retail 978.989.9900

2021 top 300



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Aramark Manchester, NH 800-901-7373

GDS Associates Manchester, NH 603-656-0336

Nova Group GBC Portland, ME 207-939-4983

Taitem Engineering Ithaca, NY 607-277-1118

Buffalo Energy Elma, NY 716-677-4899

Harriman Portsmouth, NH 603-626-1242

NV5 Portsmouth, NH 603-433-5654

CHA Consulting, Inc. Keene, NH 603-357-2445 Nashua, NH 860-290-4100

Honeywell Energy and Environmental Solutions Manchester, NH 603-668-2800

Prism Energy Services Quincy, MA 617-328-9896

Turner Building Science and Design, LLC Concord, NH 603-228-1122

ConEdison Solutions Burlington, MA 781-203-2700 Environmental Systems Corporation West Hartford, CT 860-953-8800 Energy Efficient Investments Merrimack, NH 603-423-6000

Johnson Controls Inc. Manchester, NH 603-222-2400 LighTec Inc. Merrimack, NH 603-424-2165 M.J. Welty and Associates Stratham, NH 603-772-3109

Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering Laconia, NH 603-524-4647 Schneider Electric Andover, MA

Twin State Engineering Charlestown, NH 603-826-5115 Weston and Sampson Portsmouth, NH 603-431-3937 Manchester, NH 603-263-9296 Source: NHBR Research

Siemens Scarborough, ME 207-885-4100 Sparhawk Group Yarmouth, ME 207-846-7726

SOLAR INSTALLERS 603 Solar Exeter, NH 603-570-2607 Service area: Central and southern NH (south of the notches)

Construction Manager • Design-Builder • General Contractor

Granite State Solar Bow, NH 603-369-4318 Service area: New Hampshire Green Energy Options Keene, NH 603-358-3444 Service area: Monadnock region

Image by Sacks Exhibits

The Sig Sauer Experience Center Epping, NH Currently Under Construction Concord, New Hampshire • (603) 224-3233 48 BUSINESS RESOURCES NH 2022

ReVision Energy Brentwood, NH 603-679-1777 Enfield, NH 603-632-1263 Service Area: New Hampshire Sundial Solar LLC Chichester, NH 603-961-0045 Service area: Central and southern NH Source: NHBR Research

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Your Occasion, Our Venue Manchester Country Club

At Manchester Country Club, we value relationships. That’s why we have a team of event professionals ready to work with you, dedicated to making your event an unforgettable occasion. Whether it’s a group of 2 or 300, we have multiple event spaces to accommodate a range of setups. Each space has audio visual capabilities, making sharing knowledge simple; and includes outdoor amenities, perfect for refreshing breaks.

Leave your stress behind; we have all the details covered.


Bedford, NH – – 603.624.4096

Photos courtesy of: Gil Talbot Photography & Dachowski Photography