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Letter from CEO “Through Jesus Christ, Methodist Children’s Homes brings hope and healing to hurting children in Mississippi”. I am humbled and honored to be your Methodist Children’s Homes CEO. I have seen your prayers and your donations hard at work. Since January you have helped care for over 100 youth and have helped twelve of our youth attend college. One of my biggest honors is when a youth or alumni call me “Dad”. We are family and when they leave, they know that we love them and we will always be here. This past week, one of our youth walked up to my wife and I and asked, “Can the three of us go to my graduation as a family?” That honor is never lost on me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love on our youth, to be their family, to keep them safe and to never give up on them. As you can see, your prayers, commitment, financial support, volunteerism and advocacy continues to directly impact the lives of our children. With many successes worthy of celebration, our work is not done. In fact, I believe it is a time for fervent prayer and to dig in deeper as we strive to serve more kids, in more ways. I am thankful to serve with you and I am excited to see how the Lord will continue to use each of you to serve His children! Only By Grace,


Hungry and Exhausted No More Cassandra was excited to be 18. She was a senior in high school with a 3.0 GPA and had a part time job that she loved. She had lived at the children’s home for over a year and was doing great. She had finally started to believe that she could be successful and rise above her past. The next week Cassandra’s social worker informed her that she would be going to live with her aunt. Her senior year of school was completely interrupted and she had to leave her job. Despite the changes, she hoped this would be the next chapter in her success story. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well with her aunt. The overcrowded house soon became too small and her aunt kicked her out. Cassandra moved into a hotel room with extended family where she slept on the floor and often went without food. She was determined to finish high school and walked to and from her new school. Exhausted, hungry and with nowhere to turn, Cassandra called her Care Manager at the children’s home for help. Because of you, MCH can always say YES. Cassandra was able to become a community client and now lives in an apartment on the MCH campus that you help support. She is going to college and is majoring in nursing. Without the services of the MCH community clinic, Cassandra would be homeless. You gave her a home and a family. You made her a success. Because of you, Cassandra will have a happy 19th birthday.

Why I Volunteer “It’s a very worthwhile organization with a good team of people that are working hard every day to make things happen. What impresses me is how the staff pulls together as a team. Devon is such a great leader!”

— Brack Schloemer

The Unbreakable Everlasting Love Because of their servant hearts, Jake and Ashli are now foster parents to a brother and sister, Tanya, 12 and Jack, 10. Jake and Ashli have stepped up as foster parents. They have helped with homework, taken them fishing and four wheel riding, been Tanya’s cheerleader at a local pageant, taken them to church, tucked them in at night, held them as they grieved their past and attended court hearings for months now. When Tanya’s and Jack’s mother’s rights were terminated, Ashli took the time to love on their mother. Ashli told her she would never take her place, and they will always respect and care for her. God is so good! Thank you for giving MCH the opportunity to train amazing God fearing foster parents that go above and beyond. Jake and Ashli will be starting the adoption process next month. “I tell my kids all the time—just as much as they needed us, we needed them,” Ashli said. Did you know that you were a part of giving Tanya the unbreakable, everlasting love of our Savior? There is nothing greater them to tell you the story of Jake and Ashli Hedgepeth and how God used you and them to give two children a home, and the opportunity to share God’s love with them. Jake and Ashli recently became foster parents with the children’s home. Ashli began to feel called to foster after she watched her sister foster children. At first Jake and Ashli thought that they only wanted young children however, God’s plans are always better. Ashli stated, “The Lord spoke to me during one of the foster classes and said, ‘You can’t just go by age. All children need a home’. From then on we were open to wherever God led us.”

Tanya and Jack love being a part of the children’s program at their new church. Pretty soon Tanya, had lots of questions about Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. She recently accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized! Tanya is now our sister in Christ! Your support has made a kingdom impact in Tanya’s life. Thank you for the support that allows the Hedgepeths to be a foster family through MCH. Because of your love, prayers and generosity you have given two sweet children a forever home. Keep the Hedgepeths in your prayers as they go through the adoption process. If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please email Kim Day Jayroe at

“I tell my kids all the time- just as much as they After they received their license to foster, Ashli received a call with a potential foster placement. When she talked to her husband about the placement he asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?” She said, “Both!”

needed us, we needed them,” — Ashli


Youth Spotlight Tristyn Tell me about yourself. My name is Tristyn. I am 18 years old and a senior in High School. Tell me one thing that most people don’t know about you? I really don’t think there is anything that people don’t know about me. I am pretty much an open book, but I would say that most people may not know that I am really great at math and I love it. How long have you lived here at MCH? I have been living at MCH since July 7, 2015. How did you feel on the first day you stepped on campus? Boy, that’s a rough question… I was really scared and nervous that I wouldn’t like it here and that I wouldn’t fit in with my other peers. Yes, I was scared but once I saw that MCH had a pool I knew everything was gonna be so cool. I love to swim, that is how I relieve some of my stress. Who is one person that you look up to the most at MCH? Well, there’s another tough question. The person I look up to most is Mr. Devon. He has helped me through thick or thin and helped me realize why I am here. I believe God put him in my life to guide me in the right direction because for awhile I wasn’t listening or paying attention to any of the signs that the Lord was showing to get me on the right path. What are your dreams and goals for the future? I really want to focus on graduating High School and going to a good community college. Education is very important to me. I want to be the first in my family to finish high school and go to college. I also would like to make sure that I keep my relationship with God, and try to build it, because some things happen to test your faith and I don’t want my faith to fail ever.


What advice can you give to the newer girls on campus? Focus on you and your future. Always remember that no matter what happens there will be a person on the campus that you can trust. Also, remember that the Lord is always there for you. Tell me about your experience at summer camp? Oh my goodness it was so great! It was a Christian camp called KIDS ACROSS AMERICA. We had parties to celebrate our love for our Father and the love our Father has for us. It was a blast and I hope I can attend this summer as well. What would you tell our special donors? Oh wow, I really would just say that you guys are AWESOME… without you guys I don’t know that we would be able to live the way we do. We get to not only have all of our needs met but we get to have fun and do it without worry. I have done things while living at MCH that I would have never even thought I would be able to do, like go to Missouri to a cool Christian camp. You guys are the best and on behalf of literally everybody living with MCH…. THANK YOU! Without you dreams wouldn’t come true. I appreciate personally all that you guys do and may God bless you as you have blessed us!

Why I love living at MCH and our Donors “I am glad I am living at MCH, because I get to focus on school. I have a better opportunity now, because I know if I focus on school and focus on becoming a better me then I have a future. I am moving to a college and I made one request that I needed items for my dorm room, and tons of donors helped fill my entire dorm room. All the stress of finding items was completely taken care of.”

— Crescent B.

The Joy of Summer

Get Involved Heal with your prayers Pray for our children and staff. Heal with your resources Donate monetary gifts. Your financial support allows our children to be raised in a safe and spiritually grounded home.

“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita F. Pierson

Join our Circle of Protection by giving as little as $1.00 per day or $30.42 per month.

Summer gives our youth the opportunity to build relationships with their MCH staff as they teach them how to swim, take them to summer camp, and rock with them on the front porch.

Remember the children in your Will. After taking care of your family, please consider making our children part of your legacy. Bequests may be made to “The Methodist Children’s Home, Inc.”

This summer our youth will have the opportunity to: • Learn to swim Attend a weeklong summer camp where they will learn the importance • of a Christ-centered life. During the week they will have the opportunity to choose between 20 outdoor activities’ to participate in • Visit the Memphis Zoo • Participate in High and Low Rope Courses that will help each youth build a closer relationship with their peers and staff • Attend an overnight camping and fishing trip that will build bonds around a campfire Summer for MCH is all about building strong relationships that will change lives forever. What better way to build relationships than through new experiences and laughter? Thank you for the opportunity to give our children at MCH an amazing summer experience, filled with all the memories and laughter that comes with summer.

Donate Assests. Some of our donors find that giving stock is easy and best for them. When you give a donation of stock, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on the stock. Give items from our Wish List. Heal with your time Volunteer to serve at events. Share the story of the Methodist Children’s Homes with someone you know.


Making a difference

The St. Mark’s UMW are some of the most amazing and welcoming group of women. They came out to present MCH with a check from their Tablescapes missions’ fundraiser. During Tablescapes Ms. Janet presented us with a Mosaic saying, “We made something beautiful out of broken pieces, just like the staff does at the children’s home every day.” Anderson UMC sent a group of wonderful volunteers to the Day of Hope. These ladies were inspiring! They served over 300 meals and made it look easy! We were so blessed to have them show up and show out for Day of Hope. Thank you for making Day of Hope possible!

Vanderbilt University sent almost 20 students to MCH for alternative spring break that consisted of giving back to the community. These wonderful college students did everything from yard work and painting all the way to admin paperwork. They made such a difference!


Galloway UMC is absolutely amazing to MCH. Ann Bartling at Galloway organized a Welcome Box supply drive and boxed up items to give to each new resident. The boxes include toiletry items, candy, flashlights, ear buds, journal, pens, markers, a Wal-Mart gift card and the sweetest note from the members at Galloway.

We love the Madison UMW. The Friends in Faith Wednesday morning Bible study group donated lots and lots of much needed towels. Thank you for your ongoing service and giving. You are such a blessing to us! The Daughters of Destiny at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church made our day! These ladies all came together to provide lots of brand new towels sheets and comforter sets. Their generosity and sweet nature kept us smiling all day!

Making a difference Basket Inc by Betty Grant is a God send. Without us ever asking, she decided that she wanted to bless our kids with Easter Baskets. She has been solely providing these Easter baskets since 2011! You are such a blessing to us and our kids. THANK YOU!Â

Our youth were blessed by receiving caramel popcorn from Cornival Popcorn in North Park Mall in Ridgeland. One of our youth was grinning with delight over how good the popcorn was. Thank you for using your talents and your business to bless us.

The young adults from Christ UMC came out to our campus the week before Day of Hope and helped rake leaves and clean up around several houses. This group has an amazing servant heart. After working all day, they came to serve others. Thank You!

Crossgates UMC hosted their 7th Annual Golf Classic benefitting MCH. Their amazing efforts came together to raise over $10,000! Year after year their support and generosity continue to amaze us. What an amazing church!


“I Don’t Want You”

Day of Hope

Could you imagine hearing your mom say that she doesn’t want you? As you stand in a courtroom of people you hardly know, she tells the judge that she wants to give up her parental rights. You wish she would fight for you. For once she would choose you over the addiction. Instead, you hear the gavel hit the stand as the judge makes it legal that you are an orphan and belong to the state. You are ushered out of the courtroom but all you see is shoes. You refuse to look at anyone to give them the satisfaction of seeing your tears. High heels and loafers rush past as you sit on the bench waiting for your social worker to finish her phone call. Suddenly a pair of yellow flip-flops stops in front of you. The chipped red toe nail polish and smell of cigarette smoke tell you exactly who it is. Her husky voice reaches across the air and says, “You’ll be better off without me.” Just as quickly as she arrived, she is gone. You finally look up to see her disappear into the passenger side of a brown car. Your vision is blurred with tears as you see your mom for the last time. What if this was your story? This is just a little of what your children at MCH have gone through. Please continue to keep each of the children in your prayers as they heal from their past.


2016 Volunteer of the Year Cheronda Minor has been awarded the 2016 Volunteer of the Year by the Methodist Children’s Homes. During the 2016 year, she coordinated prom for the girls on campus. This effort included picking out dresses, shoes, accessories, as well as coordinating hair, makeup and pictures to document their special day. She didn’t let her involvement stop there but also organized a monthly Girl’s Night In! These events ranged from a Game Night, Open Mic Night all the way to a Movie Night and Salon Night. Cheronda even played a major role in the Day of Hope annual community day on campus by organizing all decorations, linens, tables, chairs and refreshments at each house. Thank you is not enough to express how grateful the Methodist Children’s Homes is for all that Cheronda has done to impact the lives of those at MCH.

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Honor/Memorial In Honor of

(Given 1/11/2017 - 5/23/2017) New Hope UMC By New Hope United Methodist Church David Alsup and Jessica Jordan By Ms. Susan Alsup Cheryl Beene By Mr. and Mrs. David Beene Martha Bennett By Ms. Billye Frances Scott Britton Girls Dream By Mr. Michael Britton Mr. and Mrs. Algie Broome By Mrs. Fannie C. Taylor Betty Jane Chatham By Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ormon Rebecca Cox By Plume O. Williams SSC Betty Ann Crawford By Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins M. Crawford Cheryl Denley By United Methodist Women Emma Diamond By Mrs. Maria Diamond Family By Ms. Norma P. Caviness Eudene Freeman By Ms. Alice Blythe Whittington Mike and Priscilla Gaby By Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Henley Don Garforth By Mr. Ezra Garforth By Mrs. Betty Jane Chatham All Children By Ms. Dixie A. Gautier Linda Gee By Mr. Donald D. Gee Rob Gill By Mr. David G. Powers and Ms. Bettie H. Cox Kathy Hammack By Dr. and Mrs. G. Allen Roark Barbara Harriel By Ms. Mary Foretiich Doug and Judy Hooks By Mrs. Dorothy Staer Rev and Mrs. J.C. Hubbard By Rev. and Mrs. Tom Potter Mary Hutson By Ruleville United Methodist Church Carol Jennings By Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Potter John and Margaret Johnson By Rev. Prentiss M. Gordon, Sr. Peggy Keady By Mrs. Mona Harrison John Killebrew By Mr. and Mrs. Hembree Brandon Jean MacInnis By Mrs. Marjorie Marberry


Hazel Martin By Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crout Fran McEwen By Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Thompson Roger and Anne Miller By Bellefontaine United Methodist Church Carolyn Purvis By Mr. and Mrs. Dale Purvis Carrie Roberts By Mr. John Roberts Phil Roberts By Mr. John Roberts Austin and Brookie By Ms. Betty Robinson Carolyn and Susan Self By Ms. Frances S. Hill Wayne Senter By Mr. and Mrs. Dan Young Tiny Sullivan By Ms. Diana Rotenberry Donnie and Carol Taylor By Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Taylor Bob and Sallie Whiteside By Rev. and Mrs. George Buell Waid and Beverly Wilke By Mrs. Mindy Rutherford

In Memory of (Given 1/11/2017 - 5/23/2017) Jesse P. Adcox By Dr. and Dr. Harvey S. Lewis Rosemary Ainsworth By Mr. Thomas Taylor Betty Ajax Akers By Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walters Ossie Alderman By Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBryde Hazel Allen By Mrs. Shawn Byars By Ms. Carol G. Ratcliff By Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shotts Billie Bess Alsup By Mrs. Betty Skinner Johnny R. Baker By Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wood, Jr. Fannie Bell By Mr. Robert Joe Bell Rachel Biffle By Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ward Molly Boa By Mrs. Martha Klaus Anita Braxton By Davis Magnet School Don Breazeale By Mrs. Betsy Ann Breazeale Clinton Brown By Johnston Chapel United Methodist Church Joe Brown By Mrs. Joanne Keeton Margie Brown By Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBryde

Mavis Brown By Mrs. Vernetta Smith Robert Brown By Mrs. and Mr. Mamie L. Brown Yogi Bruce By Ms. Betty Ann Perkins JoAnn Butler By Mr. and Mrs. Ted Skipper J.A. Byers By Ebenezer United Methodist Church Bruce Campbell By Ms. Carole C. Milner By Mr. and Mr. Garnett Harris Paul Wayne Collins By Mrs. Barbara Burch Sarah B. Collins By Mr. John Collins Frances Combs By Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walters J.M Comer By Belmont United Methodist Church Bill Cook By Ebenezer United Methodist Church Charlene Cotton By Mrs. Jane C. Hanes Charlene Cotton By Mrs. Jane C. Hanes Bonnie Crawford By Mike and Mrs. Mike and Cindy Easterling Anna Mae Cummings By Johnston Chapel United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Curtis By Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thomas Dan Young By Mr. and Mrs. Dan Young Betty Daugherty By Mr. and Mrs. Lyle B. Woodmansee Randy Dye By Mr. and Mrs. Craig Baird Mabel Ellington By Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carraway Mildred Harrelson Ellis By Mrs. Eugenia Smith By Mr. Roger Stuckey By Ms. Martha Pittman Hal G. Fiser By Mr. and Mrs. Milton Johnson Bill Flathau By Mrs. Martha Klaus Stella Fuller By Mrs. Martha Foster By Mr. and Mrs. Willis D. Bethay, Jr By Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss Mitchell

Kay Garcia By Mr. and Mrs. Clay T. Wright Walter “Chip” Gibbs By Mr. Mike Pharr Wendall Gibson By Mr. and Mrs. Hembree Brandon Frances Gilliland By Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Gilliland Judy Green By Dr. Stephen R. Green Florence Green-Shields By Mrs. Debra Emile Mary Hamilton By Ms. Lucy H. Senter Bud Hardin By Vardaman Methodist Church Walter Roane Hardy, Jr. By Mr. and Mrs. Danny Mooney Ocie and Ruth Harris By Mr. William S. Harris Cliff Heaton, Jr. By Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robinette Winafred Herndon By Mr. Michael Filgo Sara Hillman By Rev. and Mrs. David McIntosh By Rev. and Mrs. George Buell Jo and Bill Holladay By Mr. Robert Lawson Holladay JC Hubbard By Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Williams Mona F. Hudson By Ms. Polly M. Marshall Lucy Hull By Mr. Dewayne Hull Lloyd Jefferson By Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dalton Caulder Johnson By Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBryde Claudia Kennedy By Ebenezer United Methodist Church Edwin Kennedy By Mrs. Mary L. Harpole Edwin L. Kennedy By Mrs. Mary L. Harpole By Mr. Harold Beard, Jr. By Buccaneer Bay Owners Assoc Inc. Maggie Knight By Ms. Bettie Cummings Geraldine Kynerd By Mr. and Mrs. Ted Skipper Dorothy Lance By Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yordy Benjamin F. Lee By Mrs. Carrie B. Hawkins Bob Longwitz By Mrs. Judy Lacy Robert Longwitz By Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blackledge Frances Mapp By Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mitchell Billy Mayo By Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ward

Charles B. Mayo By Mr. Ted Lockhart By People’s Bank Mendenhall Public Relations Acct Nancy McGuire By United Methodist Women Cir 4, Christ UMC By United Methodist Women Cir 3, Christ UMC By United Methodist Women Cir 6, Christ UMC Elizabeth McKay By Mr. and Mrs. James David Fulton Vernon Mills By Ebenezer United Methodist Church Sam Milton By Ms. Marion L. Eifling Clinton Moore By Ms. Miffy Woods Delton Moore By Mrs. Joanne Keeton James Moore By Ms. Miffy Woods Sam Morris By Mr. Larry Heatherly By Mrs. Carrie B. Hawkins Virginia Nelms By Mrs. Frances W. Hill Frank Newsom By Mrs. Genevieve Harris Charles W. Nicholson, Sr. By Mr. and Mrs. Stacey Wall By Mr. Jason Crowe By Mr. Edward Freeman By Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kuhn By Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Latil By Mrs. Melissa Little By Mr. Joe McNeese By Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chatterton, Sr. By Rev. and Mrs. David McIntosh By Frontier Strategies By Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Waters By Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Musgrove By Mr. and Mrs. David McCandless By Mr. Willie Lane, Jr. By Honorable Norris Stough By Mr. Frederick Leopold, Jr. By Ms. Beth E. Robinson By Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Lee By Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ormon By Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schiel By Ms. Jamie H. Bray By Ms. Delores A. Carter By Ms. Nancy Stevens By Colbert Foundation By St Marks United Methodist Church By Community Foundation of Greater Jackson By Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carriere By Mr. and Mrs. William Smith, Jr. By Mr. Carl Weihing

Christ UMC, Jackson Receives Award Marie P. O’Quinn By Ms. Anna Beth Baker Martha N. Oswalt By Mr. Robert Nutt Ercell Pickering By Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bailey By Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lundy By Tunica United Methodist Church By Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson By Disciples SSC By Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tripp By Mrs. Patricia Mauldin By Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Smith By Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Robinson By Ms. Stacy Lowery By Mrs. Doris Downing By Mr. Jimmy Goff By Mrs. Betty D. Hollingsworth By Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Smith By Ms. Janice Bryant By Mr. and Mrs. Herman Campbell By Ms. Kelly D. Mooney By Mrs. Mary Burrow By Collins United Methodist Church By Mrs. Wanda Kay Smith By Collins United Methodist Women By Mrs. Sherry McGee Ken Pouncey By Mrs. Alice Pouncey Angie Powell By Mr. Thomas Taylor Ara Pratt By Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt By Estate of Leo W. Seal Larry Pratt By Ms. Ellen R. Jernigan Jimmy Price By Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blackledge Ed Purvis By Mr. and Mrs. Sluggo Davis Harley E. Purvis By Mr. Mike Pharr By Men’s Bible Class, Hernando Methodist Church By Mrs. Neva Blake Eva D Readel By Mr. and Mrs. Robert Readel William Rhodes By Ms. Bobbie P. Rhodes Carolyn Riede By Mrs. Betty Jean Rigby Frances Robinson By Ms. Betty Robinson Gwen Ross By Ms. Gwen Ross Luke Ryals By Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Erwin Diane Sanders By J.O. and Jane Morris Angela Schrieffer By Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yordy

Helen Scott By Mr. Gerald A. Scott Holcomb Scott By Ebenezer United Methodist Church Troy Scott Smith By Ms. Anita Duggar Rocky Steen By Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBryde Joe Stoner By Mr. and Mrs. Joe Woodard James Tommy Sumrall By Mrs. Mary Burrow Donna Thompson By Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Green Paul Thorton By Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Brown Betty Trotti By Mr. Terry Patterson Janette Turner By Mr. James L. Turner Pete Tyer By Ms. Dorothy Kelly By Mississippi Classic Cruisers Car Club, Inc. James Vance By Mrs. Patsy Vance Norma Wallace By Creative Interiors Inc By Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilhite Bill Ware By Mr. and Mrs. Billy I. Ware By Mr. and Mrs. James David Fulton Dave Whaley By Mr. and Mrs. Hembree Brandon Joe White By Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Dan Williams By Mrs. W. A. Youngblood Betty J. Wilson By Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Stone, Jr. Eddie Woodruff By Mr. and Mrs. Dan Young Helen Yordy By Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yordy Douglas A. Young By Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wood, Jr.

Christ United Methodist Church has been awarded the 2016 Outstanding Missions Group by the Methodist Children’s Homes. Christ United has supported and encouraged The Methodist Children’s Homes (MCH) for years. During 2016 Christ United made a commitment to renovate the Grace Home on the MCH campus. They have helped raise money and sent work groups to ensure that the Grace Home becomes a reality. Every year during their “All in Sunday” they come to the MCH campus and do everything from: building a fire pit for the kids on campus, landscaping, cleaning the warehouse, demolition and renovations of homes, painting, cleaning and much more! The Methodist Children’s Homes would like to extend a huge THANK YOU for all the ways that Christ United Methodist Church has served and continues to serve the children at MCH.

You have something to be proud of!

Contact Mandy McCullough, if any changes need to be made.

For many of the youth that live at MCH, their parents never finished high school. It is even less common that anyone in their family went to college. Because of your amazing support, this semester five of our youth have graduated from high school or received their GED.


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