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3/1/19 12:22 PM

Letter from CEO Family Always!

A Happy Birthday

At my U.S. Army Basic Combat Training Graduation, I remember looking over and seeing almost my entire family there cheering me on. They were proud and made a lot of noise in support of my decision and accomplishment.

When Lashawn came to Methodist Children’s Homes five months ago, his plan was to run away on his 18th birthday. This past Friday, Lashawn turned 18 and said, “Now that I’m here I don’t want to leave. This place feels home. I have aunties and a granddad and mommas. Its like a family here”.

Recently, I had the opportunity to do the same thing for one of MCH’s own- Kristopher. After living in our Seal Boy’s Home for two years, Kristopher decided to enlist into the army. After Kristopher’s arrival at basic training, he was able to write one letter home and I was honored when he wrote the letter to MCH.

For his birthday, he was able to go on a weekend pass to visit his family in Winona. He spent his birthday with his sister, niece, friends and a new girlfriend. At the age of 15, Lashawn’s mom passed away. She was always his sole caregiver. “I know my dad, but I don’t talk to him. It’s not a bad thing though. At the end of the day, he’s still my dad, but I don’t really care for him. I just miss my mom.”

When myself and other MCH staff members arrived at the graduation ceremony in Ft. Benning, GA, we were the only “family” there for Kristopher. Likewise, we were proud and made sure that he heard us in the audience.

After she passed, he spent about a year running from Child Protective Services (CPS) and staying with his sister and family friends. Once his sister had a baby, he knew she couldn’t take care of him any longer. He decided to turn himself in to CPS when he was 16. Since he had been “on the run”, he was put in Juvenile Detention.

After the graduation ceremony, Kristopher seemed upset. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I don’t know where I’ll go when we all have leave. All the other soldiers will go home, but I don’t know where I’ll go. When he said this, I was blown away. This solider, who has been trained to fight and kill, is worried about home, about family. I told him, he would come home to Mississippi - to MCH. It seemed he just needed to hear and be reassured that we will always have a place for him.” When we talk about “family always”, I think of a home base. It is where you get your strength and energy. Imagine a kid who didn’t have that. So, for Kris to be able to get his strength from MCH reminds me why it’s so important to do what we do. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” — Galatians 6:9

Seeing Kristopher prosper and do well is like reaping a harvest. Growing up on a farm, I know the harvest comes only after lots of hard work. Each staff, volunteer, and donor has been slowly and consistently planting seeds in Kristopher’s life through giving their talent, time and resources.


MCH NewsletterWinter2019.indd 2-3

Thank you for not giving up in “doing good”. Thank you for walking alongside me as we plant seeds of hope and healing in each child’s life. Your love and support means more than you know! Only by Grace,

Children First, Family Always!

Prayer of a Youth Pray for my relationship, my grades, and that I get to go home to my mom and my sister

He was released shortly after and spent time in several different facilities before coming to MCH. “I started off kind of bad here, but I’m doing better now.” When asked, Lashawn wasn’t very interested in sports or video games. If he could choose one way to spend his time it would be, “with my family and on the phone with my girl” he said. Lashawn plans to stay at MCH for as long as he can. He is currently working on completing his GED. When not studying, he is working at a restaurant to save up money. When the time comes, he hopes to move in with his sister. You are the reason Lashawn has an MCH family! Because of you, Lashawan didn’t run away on his 18th birthday but instead is following a path to success.

Join us for a day on campus designed specifically for churches. All denominations are welcome! Please RSVP two weeks prior: Email: Call: 601.853.5000 10:00 am: Breakfast 10:30 am: Campus Tours 11:00 am: Program MCH Campus, 805 N Flag Chapel Rd., Jackson, MS 39209

Seashore, Hattiesburg and Brookhaven Districts Saturday, April 13th

East Jackson and West Jackson Districts Saturday, June 22nd

Meridian, Starkville, and Greenwood Districts Saturday, July 20th

Tupelo, New Albany, and Senatobia Districts Saturday, September 14th

If your church can’t attend on the date specified for your district, feel free to attend another Day of Hope.


3/1/19 12:22 PM

Magnolia Youth Services

New Life in Christ


Youth Services

We are excited to announce the new name of our Community Mental Health Clinic will be Magnolia Youth Services! This rebranding is an effort to reach more young people who are in need of therapeutic services. Magnolia Youth Services, or MY services, uses the Wraparound model of care to provide individual, family and group therapy, case management, and day treatment. Magnolia Youth Services offers help to anyone from ages 3-21. Our MY Services program not only helps youth in Child Protective Services custody but also any young person in need of therapeutic services. If you know of a youth, needing support please refer them, or their parents, to contact or call 601.853.5000.

Magnolia Youth Services Success In our Winter 2017 newsletter, Demario was featured in the Youth Spotlight. When we last spoke to Demario, he was a junior in high school and had a car washing business. Since then, he continued to live in the Seal boys home until he graduated high school. Upon leaving our Residential Program, he became a client of our Magnolia Youth Services program. Through this program, we are still able to offer therapeutic, case management and other services to help him transition into being a successful adult. We are so proud of him! He is working at MS State Hospital as a Mental Health Technician and has a job at Kroger. He has his own apartment and a cat. He also has two cars! Way to go, Demario! Because of your consistent prayers, giving, and support, Demario is finding success in his adult life. Thank you!

God’s mighty acts of salvation through water are celebrated – Creation, Flood, Exodus, and the greatest of all, the coming of Jesus Christ. On Wednesday, February 13th, 2019, we rejoiced as three young ladies from Waits affirmed their faith through the waters of baptism. When God saw His people as slaves in Egypt, He led them to freedom through the sea. These young ladies have joined the multitude of believers who demonstrate God’s love as He claims us to be His own people. It is an outward sign of what God is doing inwardly. They proclaim to no longer be slaves to sin, their chains are broken, and they accept FREEDOM IN CHRIST JESUS! Let US make a commitment to nurture these ladies in Christ’s Holy Church, that by our teaching and leading by example, they may be guided to accept God’s grace daily as they mature in Christ. —Campus Life Minister, Mike Williams


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3/1/19 12:22 PM

A Happy Home

Become a foster parent:

“Without donors we couldn’t make it in foster care. Without the dollars and donations and the people that support us, we couldn’t make it.”

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent? We are always looking for servant-hearted individuals to stand in the gap for young people needing a home. Methodist Children’s Homes will walk with you every step of the way, and give you weekly support once a child is placed with you.

— Bernice Turner

Visit to learn more!

After attending an introductory class she saw so many kids, “needed someone just to hold them, to love them, to give them something they were missing out on.” She went on to say, “It tugged my heart. I couldn’t resist.” Over the many years, she has fostered teenagers, younger children, and babies. During this time she learned many lessons about children in foster care. “Some people get the idea that foster kids are bad kids- this child may be the best child. You can’t just put a label on a child,” she explained. A few years after she began fostering, she received a call about a baby who was in the hospital. He was a newborn named Kayson. After agreeing to foster him, she started going up to the hospital, sometimes twice a day, to see him, to hold him. At that point she wasn’t sure what was going to happen with his biological family and didn’t want to get her hopes up of adopting him.


MCH NewsletterWinter2019.indd 6-7

Kayson was released from the hospital a month later and came home with Bernice. Through the following year, it was a long journey of not knowing what Kayson’s future would be. On December 15th of 2016 Bernice adopted Kayson! “It was the happiest day of my life. I was just too excited!” Kayson is now four and is doing well. He has been underweight for his age group, but Bernice continues to pray and have faith that it will all work out for him as it should be. Even after adopting Kayson, Bernice continues to foster. “God led them to me, and I enjoy it. I love the kids, and I have been able to be there for so many that needed me over the years.” Because of you, Bernice has been able to help many children when they needed her. Thanks to your support, Kayson has a permanent home. You are changing the course of a child’s life for the better.

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM Keep in Touch with the Methodist Children’s Homes on Facebook and Instagram Find us on Facebook and like our page to stay up to date on everything going on at MCH: Follow us on Instagram by going to your Instagram homepage and searching “methodistchildrenshomes”.

Ms. Turner (center in red) and Kayson (young boy to the left) stand surrounded by all the people who helped to make this adoption possible: MCH case managers, state social workers, lawyers, the judge, and her family.

Ms. Bernice Turner has been a foster parent for over six years. She first remembers hearing about fostering through Methodist Children’s Homes on a tv commercial. Once she saw the number across the screen, she just couldn’t get the idea out of her head.


Rowell Home Re-Opening During the month of April, Methodist Children’s Homes will be opening an additional residential home! We will be re-opening our Rowell Home. After several burst pipes due to freezing weather, the home was closed, and the boys residing there moved into the Seal home. The home has since been repaired and renovated to, once again, serve youth. Once open, MCH will be serving five more male youth who are in Child Protective Services custody. The Rowell home will specifically serve young men who have increased therapeutic needs. Please be praying for the staff and youth in this home as we hope to make this a smooth transition.

Thank you for all your support, which allows us to bring hope and healing to more youth!

If you would like to help supply items for Rowell please email


3/1/19 12:22 PM


Honor/Memorial In Honor of

(Given 5/18/18– 2/19/19) Abigail Jones Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones Addie K. Vance Ms. and Mrs. Debbie McDonald Ainsley & N. Karlson Dr. Cynthia Karlson Alan Tanguay Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Alana Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harmon Alvin Brent Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Amy Roller Mrs. L. A. Wilson Amy Sturdivant Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones Amy Whitten Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Andrew R. Townes Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Andy Pearson Ms. Elise Crabtree Ann Bartling Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Ann Henley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley Arlan Pigg Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC Barbara Mayo Ms. Susan Morgan BeBe Carey Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ruffin Ben Rawls Mr. and Mrs. Doug Beard Betty A. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins M. Crawford Betty Furr Mr. and Mrs. Jones Furr Betty J. Chatman Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ormon Betty Kirby Mr. Michael-John Pope Betty Mills Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Bill Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Bill Poole Mrs. Ruby R. Shelton Billy Browne Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Billye Frances Scott Mr. Rick S. Tapp Bob Lyle Mrs. and Mrs. Courtney Sanders Bobby Knox Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Brad Batson Mrs. Marjorie G. Batson Bruce Bartling Ms. Alice Quimby Bruce Bartling


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Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Bryan Jameson Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Carolyn Purvis Mr. and Mrs. Dale Purvis Carrie Roberts Mr. John Roberts Charles Diamond Ms. Norma P Caviness Charles Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ruffin Charles Nicholson Mr. Worth Thomas Charles Vance Mrs. and Mrs. Joanne Keeton Charlie Felder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley Christine Moore Mr. and Mrs. James Hall Cynithia Allen Mr. Jimmy Lott Cynithia Laird Maples Memorial United Methodist Church Daniel, Olivia, Joshua & Henson Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Cliff, Charlotte, Clifton & Evelyn Taylor Darrell Brown Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson David D. Richardson Dr. Susan Johnstone David Felder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley Dennis Mason Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Diane Cothran Mrs. Genevieve Harris Diane Gelvin Mrs. Frances Myers Donald Grant Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Donnie Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Cliff, Charlotte, Clifton & Evelyn Taylor Doris Pickens Mrs. and Mrs. Joanne Keeton Earlene Mitchell Mrs. and Mrs. Joanne Keeton Earnestine Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ruffin Elaine Moser Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ruffin Ellen E. Treadway Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Treadway, Jr. Elmer Rosemann Mrs. Frances Myers Eric Mabowitz Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mabowitz Estelle Boxx Mrs. and Mrs. Joanne Keeton Explorers SSC Explorers SSC Faith Langford Mr. and Mrs. Jack Langford, Jr. Fred Ries Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey

Gerogio Aru Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Gertrude Broome Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ruffin Gilda Miller Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Gladys Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lee Glenn Harmon Ms. Alana Harmon Harry Becnel Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Hayden Dunning Mr. and Mrs. Cliff, Charlotte, Clifton & Evelyn Taylor Helen R Titler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ishee Hernando UMC Staff Mr. and Mrs. Guy G. Stephenson Howard Herring Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mitchell Iris P. Boggan Mrs. Natalie May J B. Burns Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlos Smith J.T Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alexander Jack Fry Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Jack Muirhead Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Jack Sistrunk Mr. Thomas A. Ross, Jr. James L. Turner Friendship Sunday SSC, Carthage UMC James woods Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Rose Jane Leech Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ebers Jeremy Cascio Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley Jerry Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Henley Jerry Torrence Mrs. Andrea McPhail Jerry Williams Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Jim Harper Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Jim Lightsey Ms. Gail Fulton Jim Waits Dr. and Mrs. James L. Waits Joaquin Garcia Mrs. Dorothy Phillips John D. Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alexander John H. Morrow Linda Harvey John Hand Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall

John Lundy Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall John Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Wally Ashley John Pittman Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt John Shivers Mrs. Mary E. Edmond Jon & D. Givens Mr. Reed Givens Judy Allison Mrs. Jamie Lou Erwin Judy Allison Mrs. Lee Bailey Just Because Mrs. Vicki Reeves Karen Sherlock Ms. Mary Foretich Katherine & Stacy Lambert Pennington Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lambert Katherine Furr Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Wolverton Katie Robertson Mrs. and Rev. Betty Jane Chatham Ken Brian Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tice Kendall Brown Mrs. Frances K. Stringer Kendall Garraway Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Kim Johnson Mr. and Ms. Samuel Bryan Owen Lacy J. Blanton Mrs. Rachael Bearden Lacy J. Blanton Mrs. and Mrs. Betty Blanton Lacy Sturdivant Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones Larry Maugh Mrs. Jamie Lou Erwin Larry Maugh Ms. Judy Allison Leakesville United Methodist Church Mr. Eugene Elmore Letty Bidenharn Mr. and Ms. Samuel Bryan Owen Linda Hollowell Mrs. Allison Youngblood LLoyd Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Garth D. Kemp Lynn Williams Explorers SSC Madaline Lago Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Marc Treadway Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Treadway, Jr. Marcus A. Treadway Mr. Marc Treadway Margie White Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stephenson Marie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones

Marjorie G. Batson Ms. Melanie B. Hinson Mary Lene & N. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clement Mary Rogers Mrs. and Mrs. Major Wright Mary Youngblood The Thigpen Group Matt Hall Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Matt Jones Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones Matthew Waters Mrs. Joy Brown Michael A. Nowell Mr. Michael A. Nowell Michelle Brown Mrs. Frances K. Stringer Mike Ariano Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Mike Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Mike McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Milton Farr Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Mrs. E. Carraway Ms. Aprel Pesses Myra Jones-Davis Mr. Thomas Fehn Nell Sherrod Mr. and Mrs. Milton Johnson Nell W. Green Dr. Stephen R. Green None None Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dannenberg Norma Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Jackson Norma Hubbard Mrs. Sarah Hubbard Norman French Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Norman Hill Mrs. Frances W. Hill Patrick Theriot Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henley Phil Roberts Mr. John Roberts Prayful Hearts Sunday School Mrs. Jamie Lou Erwin Prentiss M. Gordon Dr. and Mrs. George G. Walker Rachel Rawls Mr. and Mrs. Doug Beard Rainer Sautermeister Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Ray Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Reggie Magee Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Renee Hall Maples Memorial United Methodist Church Richard Henley Ms. Ann Henley

Rick Garraway Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Robert L. Carter Mrs. Lee Wright Roger Alford Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Ronnie Musgrove Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Ronnie Musgrove Barry Snyder INC Ronnie Tubertin Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Rose Pitts Mrs. Merre T. Dorman Rowell B. Saunders Linda Harvey Rusty Crowe Ms. Billye Frances Scott Ruth Ferrell Mr. Norman Wyndham Sara D. Nichols Sarah Nichols Circle, FUMC Canton Sarah Love Ms. Evelyn B. Wofford Sarah P. Halford Mr. and Mrs. Larry Landrum Sherry Jones Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor Sheryl Rodgers Mrs. Nancy K. Ketchum Sophie & Kara Roller Mr. and Mrs. W. K. McCaskill Stanley McArthur Mr. and Mrs. Wally Ashley Steve Gelvin Mrs. Frances Myers Terry Hilliard Ms. Frances McEwen Thad McLaurin Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Therese Jones Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jones Thomas Holder Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Thomas Nelson Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Tim Gray Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Timothy Black Mrs. Frances Myers Tommy McRae Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Trey Skaggs Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Fletcher Troy B. Browning Mr. and Mrs. W. Stan Pratt Tunica Methodist Choir Mrs. Jamie Lou Erwin V. G. Hurt Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Vivian M Presley Ms. Evelyn B. Wofford Walter Simmons Dr. Jerry Rowzee Warren C. Black Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Bond

Warren Coile Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Wesley Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Cliff, Charlotte, Clifton & Evelyn Taylor Will Dowling Ms. Norma P Caviness william Anderson Mrs. Joy Brown Wyman Jones Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nicholson Zach Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harmon

In Memory of

(Given 5/18/18– 2/19/19) Abbie Herrington Dr. and Mrs. C. Dunbar McCurley, Jr. Alice Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moody Alton Griffin Ms. June C. Sullivan Alton Ryan Ms. Nell Ryan Ann Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Green Anna Alford Mrs. Ernestine G. Haskins Anne Winstead Mrs. Marcia Barrow Art Pratz Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson Barbara Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Barbara Hunt Ms. Joyce R. Hall Barbara Mayo Dr. and Mrs. Don Q. Mitchell Barbara Mayo Mrs. Ana Jo Mashburn Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kelly Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McNair Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Kendall III Mr. Maston L. Ballew III Mr. and Mrs. James Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Dr. G. C. Stubbllefield, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Watts Clark Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Butts Mr. and Mrs. Tom DeWeese Ms. Martha Ferguson Mrs. Jodie Kilby Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson Mr. and Mrs. William H. Morris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Barton Mrs. Kathleen Milano Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Garraway Mrs. Sue Brooks Ms. Polly M. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mellon Mrs. Betty Breland Mrs. Stephanie Sullivan

Carter & Company Mrs. Barbara Tynes Mr. Rodney Walker Ms. Nancy Chamblee Ms. Melanie Clement Mr. Peter Hubbard Mr. E. L. White Ms. Jo Ann Carlisle Mr. Jeffrey Mayo Mr. Andrew Menapace Mr. James A. Milam Ms. Emily D. Bonelli Mr. and Mrs. Sammy J Crawford Ms. Beverly Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth Sligh Mr. Mark Butler Mr. and Mrs. Jim Overstreet Ms. Janet Boswell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullins Mr. James “Chip” Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis Mosley And Company, PLLC Potpourri Luncheon Club Ms. Beverly Shelton Mrs. Mary Austin Smith Mrs. Helen W. Craig Mr. Ike Henery Barry Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hammett Beluah Rogers Hawthorne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lampkin, Jr. McAdams Family Trust Bernice Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Green Betty J. Rigby Lamplighters Truthseekers Betty R. Byford Mrs. Alice H. Jordan Betty Sue H. Tribble Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Bill Kennedy Mrs. Nancy K. Ketchum Mr. John Mullen Mr. John Mullen Mrs. Robbyn Johnson Bill Rhodes Ms. Bobbie P. Rhodes Billie Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Webb Billy Crowe Mr. and Mrs. William Crowe Billy Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Mack Stallings Bob Sims Mrs. and Mr. Judy Sanders Bobby Johnson Mrs. Pauline Johnson Bobbye Jean SoJourner Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hargett Brad Dye Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Lilly Mrs. Mary Youngblood

Brent Montogmery Mrs. Nancy K. Ketchum Brett Walker Mr. and Mrs. Roger Graeber Carl Bernet Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wood, Jr. Carmen O. Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBryde Carolyn Bushman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Carolyn Givens Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Cathy Plunkett Mangialadi Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Charles B. Mayo Mrs. Sue Palmer Charles Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Charles McMillian Mrs. Karen Barber Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dalton Charlotte Griffin Dr. and Mrs. Tom Powell, Jr. Charlotte McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walters Cheryl Cummins Ms. Gloria Cranford Clark Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Lamar L. Stokes Cole Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Woodruff Conrad Kreunen Mr. and Mrs. Gary Snyder Cornelia P. Cozart Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Curtis Faye Mr. Bobby M. James Darlene Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Dwright McRaney Darlene Terrell Mr. Michael Easterling David Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Burl Johnson David Welch Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walters Dean Boutwell Ms. Joyce R. Hall Debra Gaters Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Presley,III Diane Morris Mr. David Morris Diane Sanders Ms. Donna Sanders Don Hemphill Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roberts Donald Foster Ms. Joyce R. Hall Doris Upkins Ms. Janet Harris Dorothy Fraley Mrs. Joyce Craig Aust Dot Lee Mrs. Wanda Regan Dr James Elmer Kilbourne and Ella R. Kilbourne Mr. John Waits

E. l. Parker Mrs. Edwin L. Parker E. W. Quillen Mr. and Mrs. Edmond W. Quillen, Jr. Edwin M. Douglas Mr. Eugene Elmore Edwina Goodman Mr. William F. Goodman III Eleanor Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Abner C. Young Eunice Craig Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson Eva Eskndge Mr. Henry Kremer Eva McEwen Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Salvo Ms. Frances McEwen Evelyn Salmon Hopkins Mrs. Evelyn L. Roberson Faye Rutland Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Hayes and Bobbie Carlisle Florence Green-Shields Mrs. Debra Emile Frances Burke Ms. Martha E. Cavin Frances D. Gilliland Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Gilliland Frances Means Mr. and Mrs. William Hammett Frank Arnold Mrs. Mary Youngblood Frank Bonner Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson Frank Cabell Mrs. Mary Youngblood Frank Fortenberry Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Frederick M. Long Mrs. Louise W. Long Gene Roswzee Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Gene Russell Mrs. Barbara M. Russell Gene Still Kirk Thornton Ms. Carolyn Hale George C. Washington Mr. and Mrs. George C. Washington III George Caldwell Ms. Valerie Sullivan George MaGee Mrs. Martha M. Watts Gina Burns Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Burns Gloria Hood Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hood Grace Houston Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Grady Ketchum Mrs. Nancy K. Ketchum H. E. Baran Ms. Shirley Baran H. E. Pickering Ms. Norma P. Caviness


3/1/19 12:22 PM

Honor/Memorial Harmon E. Tillman Mrs. Nona Tillman Harold Girdley Mrs. Frances Myers Harris C. Jones Mrs. Myrtle M. Jones Harry P. Hoffman Ms. Marilyn Hoffman Hartsille Wallace Mr. Bobby M. James Hazel Chapin Mrs. Charline McGraw Heather Williams Ms. June C. Sullivan Helen Frye Mrs. Ernestine G. Haskins Henry J. Wilhite Ms. Marion L. Wilhite Homer Swain Ms. Sonya Bridges Hugh Coleman Dr. and Mrs. Bill Burrow, Jr. Hunk Walker Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Inda Pearce Dr. John Pearce Innis McLeod Mrs. Cherie Higdon Jack B. Martin Mr. Jeff Martin Jack Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Jackie Pierce Ms. Frances McEwen Jackson Woodall Mr. Thomas M. Landrum Jackson Woodall Mr. Thomas M. Landrum Jake Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Sheri and Steve L. Richardson James A. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. James O. Stephens James C. Moore Ms. Miffy Woods James Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKnight, Jr. James Means Mr. and Mrs. William Hammett James T. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Chapman James W. Houck Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Graves Jamie Ray Ms. Donna Ray Jan Head Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Janie S. Slay Mr. and Mrs. George D Scott Jim Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson Jim Fisher Red Hill United Methodist Church


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Jim Lain Mr. and Mrs. B F. Anderson JIm Page Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sadler Jimmy Bean Ms. Bettie Cummings Jimmye A. Schubert Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Brown Jo and Bill Holladay Mr. Robert Lawson JoAnn Rosemann Mrs. Frances Myers Joe Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Brown Joe McGinty Ms. Laurene Eakin Joe Milano Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Joe Stoner Mr. and Mrs. Joe Woodard John Case Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins John M. Curlee Mr. and Mrs. John Mac Curlee John Watson Mr. Bobby M. James Johnnie Davis Mrs. Mary Ann Miller Joyce C. Aycock McCondy United Methodist Church Joyce Stewart Mrs. Mary Youngblood Judith Carol R. Pennington Mr. Robert Nystrom Judith Carol R. Pennington Mrs. Sarah Prevot Judy Foxworth Mrs. Judith Kilpatrick Judy Pennington Dr. and Mrs. Gene Warren Judy Pennington Mrs. Dorothy Staer Judy Pennington Mr. and Mrs. Todd Higgins Judy Sturdivant Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roberts Judy Trainer Ms. Joy Herron Justin P. Perrigo Mr. and Mrs. Jacky Perrigo Katee Wedgeworth Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Lisa Galloway Kay Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Kayla Prestridge Ms. Joyce Orr Ken Pouncey Mrs. Alice Pouncey L D. Meyer Mr. L D. Meyer Laurns Miller Mrs. Carol Miller Leona Fulton Marti Nance

Lilly Frances Reed Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lampkin, Jr. Linda Jenkins Ms. Miffy Woods Lollie Noble Mr. and Mrs. William Lancaster Lollie Noble Ms. Celeste M. Felten Lollie Noble Ms. Laneil Redd Lollie Noble Mrs. Lucy Dykes Lorraine Causey Ms. Susan Freeman Lou W. Perritt Mr. John E. Perritt Louise Betts Mrs. Kathleen Milano Lucy Hull Mr. Dewayne Hull Mae Holder Mrs. Lana Lewis Mae Holder Mr. Dennis Hogan Mae Holder Ms. Mamie Lilley Mariana Davis Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKnight, Jr. Marie Myers Ms. Doris Ellison Mario Ochoa Mrs. Willie Bobo Mart Chandler Mrs. Judy Lacy Martha Liddell Ms. Ada King Marvin Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall Mr. Gerald Fraiser Mary B. Dodson Mrs. Mary Parker Mary E. Lyons Mrs. Falba L. Hill Maudre Turner Ms. Peggy Grissett Melvin R Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Green Michael Butler Dr. and Mrs. Bill Burrow, Jr. Michael Williams Ms. Frances McEwen Mike Vinson Mr. and Mrs. John Mac Curlee Mildred E. Viner Mr. and Mrs. Stan J. Viner Miles C. Mitchell Mrs. Mona Harrison Molly R. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. McMahen

Moncreath Kennedy Ms. Susan Risher Mr. and Mrs. Miles C. Mitchell Mrs. Mona Harrison Myles Baggett Mr. Thomas Fehn Nancy King Ms. Ann Holifield First United Methodist Church Starkville Mr. Keith Remy Ms. Rachael Burrow Mr. and Kent Marett Tuesday Bridge Club The Northern Trust Mississippi Lignite Mining Company Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John T Coleman Mr. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Guy Loftin Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Watkins Mrs. Kristen Michael Mr. William Cote Mr. Keith Reece Mr. Danny Prestel Mr. Greg McKee Ms. Hyeona Lim Mr. Mrs. Jimmy Arthur Baptist Memorial Health Care Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bozeman Nell B. Land Mr. William R. Rhodes Norman Hill Mr. and Mrs. Graham Spencer Orafine Vanderburg Senatobia District Fund-UMC Mr. and Mrs. Gary Snyder Pamela Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Abner C. Young Patricia Smith Mr. and Mrs. David H. Cox Mr. Joe P. Cox, Jr. Paul Daniel Ms. June C. Sullivan Paula Poole Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Perkins Paw Paw Folsom Ms. Bettie Cummings Pradie Fulton Ms. Gail Fulton Rachael Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Roland Ransom A. Myers Mrs. Frances Myers Rebecca Stone Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Stone, Jr. Rena Berry Mrs. Willie Bobo Robert Krutz Mrs. Mary Youngblood Robert M. Brown Mrs. and Mr. Mamie L. Brown Robert Windham Ms. Valerie Sullivan Robin O. Arnett Mrs. Robin O. Arnett

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Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PA I D Jackson, MS Permit No. 450

Post Office Box 66 Clinton, MS 39060-0066

✂ Circle of Protection Our Circle of Protection program is a way for supporters to donate monthly gifts to Methodist Children’s Homes. When you join the Circle of Protection program, your gift goes toward creating a safe place for children to thrive and feel loved.

❏ Yes, I would like MCH to draft my account once a month. ❏ Guardian $15.00 a month (just .50 a day) Give the gift of smiles by providing a special birthday party and gifts for our youth. For many of our youth it will be their first birthday party. ❏ Defender $30.00 a month (just $1.00 a day) Give the gift of laughter by providing campus activities and social outings for our youth to build life-long friendships and memories.

After these specific needs are met, your gift will go directly to meeting the ongoing needs of our children. Every dollar helps bring hope back to a child’s life. We are grateful for your support.

❏ Protector $50.00 a month ($1.64 a day) Meet the vital needs on our campus and provide for household expenses and upkeep of one of our homes. ❏ Hero $100.00 a month ($3.28 a day) Aid in breaking the generational cycle of abuse by giving a child a safe and secure home at Methodist Children’s Homes. ❏ Friend ________Other Amount Customize your monthly gift. See attached envelope to provide payment details. Please complete this form and send back to Methodist Children’s Homes along with your payment details.


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