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11/5/20 5:22 PM

LETTER FROM CEO that you are doing the right thing, and that you know the risks and barriers you will face. Why is this so important to the ministry of MCH?

Here at Methodist Children’s Homes we believe in a concept called Total Ownership. This concept is based on the book, Extreme Ownership, about how Navy Seals tackle the overwhelming objectives placed before them. The book talks about how every member of the team is critical and has a responsibility for our overall success. At MCH, our team believes that by taking Total Ownership everyone on the team knows that they are completely empowered and accountable for the success of our mission here at MCH: to provide hope and healing to hurting children. Although each member has a different role, everyone is expected to “own” their role and lead others. One of the key concepts involved in Total Ownership is the idea that Discipline equals Freedom. The idea that if you put in the discipline to plan, to train, and to communicate, you have the freedom of mind when you face the difficult objectives. The freedom in knowing that you are prepared,

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Our organization has been operating for nearly 125 years. But the needs we see have changed and so have the approaches we have taken to care for the most vulnerable children. To remain innovative but accountable in our work is so important. We care for children who do not have a voice, who are truly at our mercy. Over the years, across the nation and world, people and groups have taken this vulnerability as an opportunity to further their own personal goals at the detriment of the children they were meant to serve. Predators seek out these children because they are easy prey. Transparency and accountability ensure organizations like MCH are held to a high standard, that our practices are based on evidence, and that our policies safeguard the children we serve. To this end, Methodist Children’s Homes operates under the regulation of multiple oversight agencies. We are licensed by the Department of Child Protective Services to serve children in the therapeutic foster care system. We are certified by the Department of Mental Health to serve the mental health needs of our youth and families. We are credentialed with the Division of Medicaid as a service provider. We have an active and involved Board of Managers, committees and volunteers. These regulatory bodies audit our programs, our staff, and our finances regularly to ensure that we

are operating lawfully, ethically, and in the best interest of the children and families served. While we currently operate with a high level of oversight and accountability, we strive to find opportunities for improvement and innovation. We want to refine what is working, adjust what needs modification, and create what is missing. In order to ensure that we are the most efficient and effective we can be in achieving our mission, we are working to become a nationally accredited child-caring agency by the Council on Accreditation. This process involves reviewing, refining, and redefining how we operate. The goal of accreditation is to be consistent in our policy, practice, and progress and to be a leader in our industry. We take the role of caring for children at their most vulnerable time as God’s calling. We want to do His good works righteously and in his image. We also want you to know that when you support our ministry, you can have confidence in what we do and how we do it. I hope you feel the freedom in knowing that MCH has the discipline to hold ourselves accountable and take Total Ownership for being the best at what we do.


A New Life!


Jamie began his journey with MCH in 2019. Soon after - he began the Wraparound process. Along with his Wraparound team, he made great strides! The team determined Jamie’s underlying need and worked throughout the process to meet that need. Once that need was met, Jamie’s referral behavior decreased to ZERO! He has recently completed the MYPAC/ Wraparound program.

For any young person, graduating high school is a huge accomplishment. But for a teen in foster care graduating high school isn’t just an accomplishment, it’s beating the odds!

Jamie is currently employed with the Development Department. He’s an office assistance for the departmental staff. He’s gotten a glimpse of what goes on behind the scene of donors giving to MCH. In his free time, Jamie enjoys swimming, playing with animals, and competitive sports. When you see Jamie, he’s probably taking selfies and making TikTok videos.

Jamie’s vision is, “Life will be better when I can have my own family”.

According to National Foster Youth Institute, high school students in foster care had the highest dropout rates and the lowest graduation rates of all comparison student groups. Only about 50% of teens in foster care graduate from high school. Chris arrived at MCH towards the end of 2018. Upon entering school, he expressed how overwhelming it was to be at a school so large. The school in his hometown was half the size of his new school. Nonetheless, he pressed forward and easily became one of the most like-able students in his class. In 2019, Chris took the ACT for the first time and scored a 25! His MCH family already knew he was destined for greatness, and this accomplishment further solidified that knowledge. During his 2019-2020 senior year, Christopher suffered many personal losses. Yet with great determination and equipped with the love and support of his MCH family, he was able to graduate on May 16, 2020! Chris has started community college. He continues to be one of the most loveable and comical residents at MCH. He can be seen throughout the day playing basketball or talking about his favorite NFL team...the New Orleans Saints! We are so proud of you!

Although he hasn’t found his forever home, MCH will continue to support Jamie in transitioning into a strong, productive young adult.

Thank you for your prayers, time, and resources in support of our ministry. In His Love,

Devon Loggins, CEO

3 11/5/20 5:22 PM

A Growing Family We are so excited for the Harmon family to have adopted their third child! Meet Aimee Faye. This little princess was adopted in August of 2020.

Aimee Faye is joining her two new brothers, who the Harmon family adopted last year. Sarah Dale and Justin Harmon are pictured in the center holding their two boys at their adoption in December of 2019. Please keep the Harmon family in your prayers as they continue to minister and show love to these three precious children God has given them!

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SONRISERS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS We can’t say thank you enough to the Sonrisers Sunday School class from St. Marks UMC. They took an empty space and made it tranquil and welcoming. This is our new reading room and our kids love it! EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT Thank you, David Kelly, for making Methodist Children’s Homes

ST. MARKS Thank you for the donation of art supplies!

your Eagle Scout project! David collected 87 brand new duffle bags for the children at MCH.

Our teens will love having a creative outlet, especially during such difficult times. Thank you for thinking of the youth at MCH!

The young people we serve often arrive with all of their items in trash bags. It is important to us for each child to have their own luggage. We want them to know they aren’t garbage and deserve to carry their belongings in a manner that reflects that. Thank you, David, for helping us give dignity and worth to those at MCH!!

Methodist Children’s Homes encourages you to join together as a community to help our cause. A fundraiser for MCH is the perfect event to hold with your church, office or community group. Through creative fundraisers, you can have a direct and positive impact on the lives of our children. Dedicate your birthday by creating an online fundraiser through facebook. Have a bake sale, host a dinner, BE CREATIVE! Learn more at mchms.org under Get Involved.

MADISON UMC YOUTH GROUP Thank you to Madison UMC’s youth group for volunteering during this summer. They spent their afternoon moving furniture for the new PAC program. They were so helpful. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ!

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Did you know that Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi has been operating for nearly 125 years and that we have served over 11,000 children? That is 11,000 lives, 11,000 stories, 11,000 families that were touched by MCH.

If you were one of the 11,000 children who have come through the doors of MCH, or if you a loved one of a child who came through our doors, we want to hear from you! We want to know your stories. We want to know how you came to MCH and where life took you when you left. We want to know about grandparents who shared their stories of growing up on our farm or even in our Water Valley home. What relationships did you build? Who do you miss?

TICKET TO DREAM We are thrilled to be chosen as a partner for the Ticket to Dream Foundation! Through their foundation we have received a large donation from Famous Footwear and from Bombas socks! Being chosen as their partner has already been such a blessing. Thank you Ticket to Dream for supporting foster children around the nation!

And we want to know what you would share with the children who currently call MCH home or those that are yet to come through our gates. What advice would you give to a child now living in your shoes.

Share you story. We want to collect the living history of Methodist Children’s Homes for our upcoming 125-year celebrations. Reach out to Samantha at skalahar@mchms.org to learn more about how you can help tell the story of MCH.

CROSSGATES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH blessed us with a donation of food! Since they are unable to meet for their usual Sunday morning breakfasts, they donated the food to our youth instead! Our kids were happy to eat they yummy breakfast foods they brought. What a practical way to serve the youth at MCH. Thank you Crossgates UMC!

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BACK TO SCHOOL JAM Thank you to everyone who made the Back to School Jam a success! Many of you donated to this party. in order to help it happen. A Special thanks to Quick and Thrifty Rentals for their donation!

9 11/5/20 5:22 PM

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honor HONOR MEMORIAL In Honor of

(Given 3/3/20- 10/22/20)

Amelia W. Mockbee David W. Mockbee Barbara Gibbons David Gibbons Becky Smith Anne Sanford Bishop J. Swanson Steve Shirley Charles Nicholson Chip Triplett Charles Van Morgan Nancy Hollis Charlotte Griffin Tom Powell David Lowery G. Allen B. Roark Donald Carter Raymond Carter Doris Ellison Virginia Breland Elizabeth Burgin Bettie Cummings Francis Broome Mary Bozeman Sunday School Class Harold & R. Grove Michael R. Grove Henry C. Waterer Todd Lawson Henry C. Waterer Jeff Bowman Hong (Cammy) Nguyen Hong (Cammy) Nguyen J B. Burns Jimmy C. Smith James T. Rowell E. C. Sallis Jim Elam Elam Consulting John Clark Melvin T. Roland Josephine Green -. Clay Christopher Hardin

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Sheila Singletary Judy Doolittle Norma P. Caviness Marcie Schrock Charles Marquette Beth Miller William W. Moore Marvin Miller Robert Heath Maxine Harrison United Methodist Women, Kilmicheal UMC Pat Noble James F. Noble Ross E. Henley Jerry Mitchell Sonny Weir Jas Boozer The children and Devon and his Methodist Children’s Homes Kim Hoover William Beggianie Melvin T. Roland Zack Sallis E. C. Sallis

In Memory of (Given 3/3/20- 10/22/20 ) Alice Ann M. Clark Calvin Watts Mike & Penny Damico Nelda Lemily Annie Aline H. Miller Robert McBryde Annie Murphy Thomas S. Williams Barbara Jennings Joe R. Moore Barbara McDaniel William W. Mcdaniel Barbara Robertson Donald Dodd Ben Patterson Michael Filgo

Betty Fraiser Robert McBryde Bobbie Dalton Johnson McAdams United Methodist Church Bobby Fleming Judith Kilpatrick Bonita M. Martin Barbara Tynes Buddy Waterer Andrew Kunkel Chloe Lloyd Harry Flowers Caleb Luckey M R. Steadham Carl Hillard George Buell Carolyn wilson Wilson’s Tire and Auto Service Inc Charlene Cotton Jane C. Hanes Charlie Overton Lindsey Lepard Elton E. Jay Russ Dumas Darrell and Gwin Chunn Cliff Chambliss Valerie Sullivan Dabney Box Bethlehem United Methodist Church Dale Yelverton Willie Bobo Diane Lamb Polly M. Marshall Doc Hollway Mike Pharr Doris Ellison Jean Lindsey Dorothy Blalock Valerie Sullivan Earline Cox Mike Pharr Edna McClellan Ann Young

Edward McDaniel William W. Mcdaniel Elbert Kittle Robert McBryde Ercell Pickering Larry K. Robinson Erin S. Giles Paul Cade Fred Bayley John G. Jackson Gail Wood J O Wood Gayle Wadsworth Paul C. Savage Gene Still Kirk Thornton Carolyn Hale Glenn Shows Mary Ball Nancy Munn Hal Davison Hal Davison Hannelore Miller Larry Gandy Henry C. Waterer Grant Herbert Ray Crowell Ashley and Preston Frazer John Evans George Jarman Phillip Duckworth David O’Bryan James Kenwright Matt Howard Arthur Gieselmann COBANK, ACB Pearl River Valley Electric Billy Hardin Delta Electric Hoover Lee Nancy K. Ketchum Jack Bailey Dewitt Napier Jack Bailey Dwright McRaney April Klug

Jackson Woodall Thomas M. Landrum Jacky Day Donald Dodd James L. Pience Paul J. Salvo Janette J. Hudson John Meador Jean Whitaker Tonda Riley Jeffery Treece Betty Jo Phillips Jimmy Harrington Dixie Electric Power Association Jo and Bill Holladay Robert Holladay Joe Burnett Milton Johnson John A. Kelly Ruth A. Kelly Joyce C. Aycock Bill Aycock Juliette P. Riley Tom A. Lampkin Kathleen Ruffin Warren Strickland Kay Lucas Van A. Lucas Kelly B. Hutchison Linda Hutchison Larry Caldwell Jewel H. Holcomb Lattra C. Britt Robert McBryde Lealon Yarber Lynn Chumbley Wanda Cooper Frances Harris Tommy Clark Ruth McAnally Ruth McAnally Tommy Clark Bobby Green Nancy Bolton

memorial Leo Wallace Kathryn Henderson Sharon Hendrix Margaret Prentice James Leftwich Margie Mayard Dixie Electric Power Association Martha J. Calcote Joanne & Lindsley Keeton Mary A. Wilhite Polly Maxwell Michael Williams Clifford C. Thompson Mildred Roberts Judy Lacy Monte Williams Carlos and Mary Ann Dos Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Miles C. Mitchell Mona Harrison Mrs. Virginia C. Thomas Mark Patterson Orafine Vanderburg H.S. Vanderburg Pam Alexander Judy Graham Patsy Marsh Bob Lomenick Phil FLynn Charles Flynn Phillip Brawner Christ United Methodist Church Phillip Brawner Angela Mott

Phillip Brawner Christ United Methodist Church Phillip Brawner Angela Mott Polly M. Upshow Stephanie Hodges Robin D. Stegall Lindsley Keeton Rue Nutt Lindsley Keeton Sam Morse Mary Youngblood Shelby Bell Lee Harding Smith whitehead Rickey Haynes Sonny Moore Rose Pitts

Susan Wilson Larry A. Williams Suzanne Rutledge Donnie Brown T. H. Landrum Thomas M. Landrum Tom Todd James W. Spitzkeit Troye L. Mims Ted Kendall Virginia Thomas Ernest Gammon Wanda Leggett Ann Young Wayne Anderson Betty C. Davis Wayne Gordon Valerie Sullivan

Wesley Cummings Betty Jo Phillips Wiley G. Strahan Wiley G. Strahan

Contact Trina McNair, tmcnair@mchms.org if any changes need to be made.

13 11/5/20 5:22 PM

Happy Birthday Lilith Do you remember your 15th birthday party? Or perhaps the party you threw your child for their 15th birthday? Now, imagine if that was your FIRST birthday party. For 14 years, your birthday was looked over and ignored which confirmed what you were already feeling... that no one cared about you. That’s why Lilith, and the children of MCH, need you. Because of your support, Lilith celebrated her 15th birthday with a bang!

Thank you for donating, caring and showing Lilith she matters!

“I had a great day. Even though I got a sunburn, it was amazing. I got a new phone and some cool little gifts. I enjoyed the entire day very much. My favorite part was the water slide/bouncy castle. It was so fun to try and get in after we poured dish soap all over it. All of it was fun though.” – Lilith



HIGH STANDARDS Through Jesus Christ, Methodist Children’s Homes brings hope and healing to hurting children in Mississippi. Our programs and services are licensed and certified by Child Protective Services and the Department of Mental Health. Through their oversight, along with our Board of Managers, we are able to meet the current and emerging needs of the youth in our care and the community. We are currently in the process of becoming accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA). COA will not only provide additional accountability for our programs and services, but will also promote improvement practices to continue in providing the best services possible to the youth and families in our care. Our trauma-informed model of care guides our treatment approach to all of our children and families and emphasizes a holistic approach to our ministry. For questions email Samantha Kalahar at skalahar@mchms.org

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15 11/5/20 5:23 PM


Permanency Assessment Center Opening

Age: 15

Methodist Children’s Homes plans to work closely with

Tell me about yourself. My name is Dani. I am 15 Years old. I go to school at Clinton High school. I am a cool person to be around. I love being helpful. I love to cook . I am a very compassionate person.

various agencies and ministries who protect the children of Mississippi to ensure that each child

What is one thing other people might not know about you? I am a very nice person to be around

receives the best care for their specific situation. Methodist Children’s Homes recently hosted state and community leaders in discussing strategies to serve the Mississippi’s most vulnerable youth. Mississippi currently has over 4000 children in foster care and the needs of those children range widely based on the traumatic histories each child carries with them. Services needed to care for the toughest cases are hard to find and often leave officials looking for services out-of-state. Methodist Children’s Homes has a mission of providing hope and healing to hurting children in Mississippi. New services have opened as of fall 2020 and will help fill the gaps in service for the most vulnerable in our state, allowing for children to remain close to their relatives, case workers, and other supports.

Those participating in this discussion included Attorney General Lynn Fitch, Commissioner of Child Protective Services Taylor Cheeseman, Commissioner of Public Safety Sean Tidell, Mississippi Resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church James Swanson, child protection staff, local law enforcement, church leaders, board members and community partners.


Think back to the first day you stepped on campus and describe how you felt. I felt very nervous because I didn’t know anyone How long have you lived here? I have been at Methodist Children’s Homes for a month and a half What positive thing have you learned since living here? Positivity goes a long way. Never judge a book by its cover Who is one person that you look up to the most at MCH? My house manager, Lawanica Thomas. What are your goals for the future? I plan to graduate high school and to go to college to become an OB/GYN What advice would you give to the “newer” youth on campus? To do what you are supposed to do and never disrespect a staff member. Respect goes a long way. How would you say “Thank You” to our donors? I would like to thank all the people who have donated anything and everything to MCH. You are a blessing from God!

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17 11/5/20 5:23 PM


of mine

The Special offering for Methodist Children’s Homes is more than just making a donation. This offering supports the daily operations of MCH. Without your church’s support of the Little Light of Mine Special Offering, MCH would not be able to care for the hundreds of children we serve each year. Have your church ready by downloading the packet at mchms.org. The Little Light of Mine Special Offering Season will be from October 18 - December 13. This year we are asking all donations be made to your church and the church send in a check. This will help us track how much each church donates. Just make sure to mark your envelope or check to designate it for the special offering!

Rally Your District! This year, Methodist Districts will be competing to see who can raise the most money to support the children at Your Methodist Children’s Home. 100% of the money you and your church members collect during the special offering will fund our programs helping foster children and families.

Collect your Little Light of Mine offering anytime between October 18 and December 13, 2020. Go to MCHMS.ORG. to get your Little Light of Mine resources, track your District’s fundraising progress and learn more about the children of MCH.

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19 11/5/20 5:23 PM

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PA I D Jackson, MS Permit No. 450

805 N Flag Chapel Rd. Jackson, MS 39209

Make a lasting impact in the lives of children by adding items from our Christmas catalog to your Christmas list. Methodist Children’s Homes will send this handmade card on your behalf to the person(s) you choose to honor with this gift of giving. The card will notify the honoree of which gift(s) you selected in their honor.

Contact: Samantha Kalahar Skalahar@mchms.org (601) 853-5000 ext. 2201


”In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.” —Matthew 5:16

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11/5/20 5:23 PM

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