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Functional Landscapes for Healthcare Environments

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FUNCTIONAL LANDSCAPES FOR HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENTS It’s an interesting time for designers and managers of healthcare facilities.


designers are deeply focused on sustainable design with new rating systems on the horizon seemingly every year. Still others are focused on evidence-based design and its impact on healthcare outcomes. Currently, the most modern healthcare theories are evolving in response to a human need to connect to the natural world, and to celebrate natural approaches and authentic experiences. Data suggests professionals who understand the introduction of nature into the healthcare environments can make an impact on healing. Engaging all five senses into design can enhance the healing process. The case for green design is no longer about just energy savings. For a facility to be green today, it takes into account financial gains, enhanced patient outcomes, improved staff health and reduced employee turnover. The most cited and influential healthcare design researcher is Roger S. Ulrich. His 1984 study and paper titled “View Through a Window May Influence Recovery from Surgery” discusses the emotional needs of patients and the influence of natural design on patient health and safety. His studies continue to influence our learning that designing within the principals of nature can lead to improved outcomes for patients, their families and the staff of healthcare facilities. While many designers are just finding their way into this natural world and a quest for authentic experiences, McCaren Designs has been here all along. We are, after all, what we repeatedly do.


Healing and healthcare extends beyond the walls of the guest’s room.


percent of all individuals who are asked how to alleviate stress respond they are most comforted and soothed being surrounded by nature. When you put yourself in the shoes of someone visiting a family member at the hospital or waiting for test results, and of course those actually staying at the facility, there are many reasons someone might need the respite found in a natural setting. Having a natural place as part of the facility’s design, where patients and visitors can enjoy plant life and perhaps some sun, would be of great value. Research supports the positive effects of nature on people who have physical ailments, depression or other conditions. This access to nature can take many forms. Just having well landscaped grounds featuring wheelchair accessible pathways and walks is one of the most basic forms. Roof gardens provide additional ways to access nature as well as improving the views from many patient rooms. Interior gardens offer benefits to those who are too sick or who lack the mobility to get to an outside landscape. Therapeutic or Healing gardens are designed specifically for people with physical or mental disabilities to benefit from the gardening experience as part of a horticultural therapy program.


wandering gardens are designed to accommodate the special needs of patients with Alzheimer's and dementia.


There are three principal goals to every healing environment.

Healthcare designers

strive to heal the patient, support the staff and engage the family. Like most landscapes, the healthcare landscape works best when a well-thought-out design brings together both hardscape and softscape elements. They also require special focus on certain considerations that might not be







situations. Accessibility and comfort for people to be able to move around in a wheelchair or on their own or with assistance or pulling an IV pole is important. People should feel safe and welcome. McCaren Designs would be delighted to meet and suggest natural elements that could be integrated into your new or existing healthcare facility.

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Functional Landscapes for Healthcare Environments  

An overview of the opportunities for integrating landscaping into healthcare facilities