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AIESEC in Bulgaria Member Committee

Vice Presidents 18/19 Application Round 4

Message from MCP Dear applicant, Congratulations! You have taken your first brave step into an unknown world! I remember being in your position last year, unsure of what I want to do in my life and scared to take that leap in the dark! I took a change and jumped, and since then I have not looked back. Despite its challenges, the entity is filled with experiences which challenge you every day and push you to continuously be the best version of yourself. The people are kind, friendly and welcoming to everyone. I will not lie, it is not all a simple journey, but I promise you it is one worth taking. I ask you to trust yourself, trust the entity and take the blind step forward into the unknown and roar with the Lions! Regards, Michi MCP AIESEC in Bulgaria 18/19

About Bulgaria Located in the Southeast of Europe, Bulgaria lies at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia. It is bordered by Romania to the North, Serbia and Macedonia to the West, the Black Sea to the East and Greece and Turkey to the South. Known as one of the few exotic places in Europe, Bulgaria boasts a mix of history, culture, winter sports, lovely churches which dot the island and great hikes through its mountains and valleys. Through the centuries, the Bulgarian culture has seen many influences, ranging from the Thracians, Greeks, Ottomans, Slavs and Russians. Nevertheless, the Bulgarian identity has remained strong, evidence of which can be seen throughout the country.

MC life in Bulgaria Working Conditions:

Term Dates: 1st August 2018- 31st July 2019 Workload: 40 hours/week (except for Managers which will be discussed) Days Off: Weekends (with exception of national conferences), National holidays, and 20 days off LC Visits: covered by MC Budget National Conferences: fully covered by MC budget International conferences: depends on MC budget Utilities in office: covered by MC Budget Location of MC Office: Sofia

Living Conditions:

Allowance: 300 BGN per month (~150EUR) Accommodation: covered by MC budget Utility bills in flat: Not covered Location of MC Flat: Centre of Sofia (30 min from flat on foot, 15 min by metro)

General role and responsibilities Profile: Action and result orientated Collaborative Communicative Leadership Behaviours Committed

Role and responsibilities: ✓ Follow AIESEC Way and global directions. ✓ Create and implement national strategies and direction. ✓ Creation and implementation of national functional projects. ✓ Providing and delivering support for LCs (including functional or coaching visits, summits, conferences and webinars). ✓ Providing and delivering functional knowledge for processes of LCs. ✓ Obligatory attendance to conferences, MC meetings and team days. ✓ Ensure implementation of Team standards in separate commissions. ✓ Working, coaching and tracking MC Managers.




Digital Marketing Manager


MCVP Finance*


*These positions are open only for Bulgarian speakers.

Please note that the structure is subject to change, depending on number of applicants and positions filled.

Selection process 14th March: Release of Fourth round

30th March: Release of applicants

29th March: DDL to send application

7th April: Announce voted applicants

6th April: Vote of Confidence

➢ Please be aware that the dates of the process are liable to change, according to external factors. All processes will be online.

16-17th April: Final Decision and Announcements of round 4 14th April: Assessment Centre and Interviews

➢ Applicants who are chosen are asked to be physically present in Sofia by 18th of June in order to ensure physical transition, as well as presence during the planning process.

Requirements Video:

maximum 3 minutes introducing yourself and why you want to apply for MCVP of AIESEC in Bulgaria(video must be uploaded to YouTube, and the link included in the application).

Screenshots of results of Personality Tests: 16 Personalities and Enneagram

CV: Max 2 pages make sure to include your AIESEC Experience and the areas, functions or expertise in which you have the most experience. Give a short descriptions of each as well as of your achievements in PDF.

Blank Paper Challenge: What does AIESEC in Bulgaria need? (1 page)

Questionnaire: fully answered general questions, all specific questions in first preference block and 2 specific questions from second preference

3 Endorsement letters: one from someone you led, one from someone who led you and one external (someone outside of AIESEC, alumni count as part of AIESEC) E-mail the zip/rar to: • MCP current: Nguyen Hailinh ( • MCP elect: Michaela Rizzo ( • Chair of BoA: Borislav ( • Election Manager: Nikolay Nankov (

Submission Details: ➢ DEADLINE: 29th March 2018 23:59h GMT+2 ➢ Include all documents in a .zip or .rar folder with [Name and Surname], MCVP Application AIESEC in Bulgaria 18.19 ➢ Questionnaire should be max 15 pages including cover page, but excluding Blank Paper Challenge ➢ Current MC team cannot give endorsement letters ➢ Non EU citizens are required to contact the current MCVP Finance and Legality Nikolay Nankov: to require information about VISA process.

AIESEC in Bulgaria Questionnaire

General Questions 1. What is driving you in AIESEC? Why are you applying for AIESEC in Bulgaria? 2. Why does Bulgaria need AIESEC? 3. How do you see the implementation of A2020 strategies in AIESEC in Bulgaria so far? 4. What do you think is the biggest challenge that AIESEC in Bulgaria is facing? 5. What type of leadership does the entity need? How will you contribute to this as a person?

➢ Please be aware that you need to fully answer all general questions, all specific questions in first preference position and 2 specific questions from second preference.

Specific Questions: Outgoing Exchange 1. Make a SWOT analysis of the OGX area in AIESEC in Bulgaria 2. Analyse the current conversion rate in oGT. What are the main bottlenecks? What strategies will you implement in order to overcome them?

General Role and Responsibilities: Provide the national strategic direction for the functional area. Responsible for driving sustainable growth and higher quality experiences in all outgoing exchange products run by AIESEC in Bulgaria, through managing international relations and working with Local Committees.

3. Currently, the OGX focus is oGT. What strategies will you implement to switch the focus to oGE?

4. What are your plans to ensure co-delivery of exchange following approvals? 5. What is your understanding of the S+D management? How would you implement it in day-to-day operations?

Ideal Profile: -

- Customer orientated Knowledgeable about the area - Solution orientated - Disciplined - Results orientated

General Role and Responsibilities: Provide the national strategic direction for the functional area. Responsible for driving sustainable growth and higher quality experiences in all incoming exchange products run by AIESEC in Bulgaria, through managing international relations and working with Local Committees.

Specific Questions: Incoming Exchange 1. Make a SWOT analysis of the ICX area in AIESEC in Bulgaria 2. How would you ensure the implementation of exchange standards in the entity, in order to achieve a growth in completes and a higher NPS? 3. Analyse the conversion rate in ICX. What are the biggest bottlenecks you see? What are you strategies to overcome them?

Ideal Profile: -

Knowledgeable about the area - Strategic vision - Solution orientated - Results orientated - Sales experience

4. How will you ensure that ICX is a sustainable product? 5. What are the @2020 strategies for exchange? How do you plan to downscale and implement the current and future strategies for your term?

Specific Questions: Digital Marketing 1. Analyse the use of digital channels of AIESEC in Bulgaria for the last 2 years. Which ones would you continue to use and how will you develop them? 2. Identify three global trends relating to Online marketing. Explain your strategy to implement in AIESEC in Bulgaria. 3. How do you envision your synergy with other areas? What actions would you take to ensure that these synergies occur, and are improved? 4. Taking into consideration the realities of our LCs, what would strategies would you implement to reach a minimum of 200 sign ups per month? 5. What are your strategies to collaborate with other media organisations and NGOs?

General Role and Responsibilities: Provide the national strategic direction for the functional area. Responsible for ensuring our digital presence through management of social media tools and the website.

Ideal Profile: -

Social Media management Knowledgeable about the area - Structured - Solution orientated - Detail orientated - Creative

General Role and Responsibilities: Provide the national strategic direction for the functional area. Responsible for the productivity and human resource retention rate of the entity, as well as ensuring that all LCs follow national directions.

Ideal Profile: -

Solution orientation - Agile - Structured - Data driven - Structured

Specific Questions: TM/OD 1. What are the main bottlenecks in organizational development in AIESEC in Bulgaria? What strategies would you implement during your term to overcome these and how would you align to global strategies? 2. Imagine that you have all the resources (money, time and perfect team) and that 18.19 will be the year with the biggest investment in the young talent attraction - national, regional and globally- for the big companies and multinationals. What changes the sales team will have to do and what will be the area evolutions? Considering: MC Focus, KPIs and MoS 3. How would you do to make AIESEC in Bulgaria the most productive network in the world? Describe main strategies and timeline to implement it with your network and MC corners. 4. Based on current situation of TM as FA, what are the main evolutions of the TM network and how does it relate to the job of MC VP TM/OD? 5. Propose 3 strategies that TM could implement to help build the management capacity of both Team Leaders and Executive Boards in AIESEC in Bulgaria.

Specific Questions: Finance (BG speakers only) 1. What is the role of MCVP Finance in AIESEC in Bulgaria? Please specify in terms of individual work and synergies on MC level, and implementation of strategies/projects on LC level. 2. Why in your opinion is important that VP Finance on a national and local level is a separate role? Please be specific as much as possible. 3. What should be the strategic development of Finance area in AIESEC in Bulgaria for the next 3 years? How are you going to implement the global directions in your term? 4. How are you going to ensure that LCs will improve their legal compliance level? What actions do you think should be taken for those that don't comply? 5. Create a long-term strategy to engage the plenary in active participation in the governance of the entity.

General Role and Responsibilities: Responsible to ensure financial sustainability and legal compliance through the implementation of financial standards on a national level, in order to ensure the growth of the organisation.

Ideal Profile: -

Uncomprising integrity and ethical standards - Strong work ethic Strategic vision and leadership skills - Data driven - Risk management

General Role and Responsibilities: Responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships in the field of business. Final responsible for execution of EwA events, and the transitioning of knowledge and skills to Local Committees.

Specific Questions: Partnership Development (BG speakers only) 1. What is the role of Partnership development in AIESEC in Bulgaria? Please differentiate based on national and local level. 2. How are you going to engage PD in the core activities of the organisation? 3. Please provide an analysis of the current state of PD for the last 3 years in terms of MoS and KPIs, strategies and bottlenecks.

Ideal Profile: -

Sales experience and knowledge - Strategic vision - Result and quality orientation - Strong presentation skills - Customer orientation

4. What will be your three main focuses in terms of PD for the term 18/19? 5. Create a portfolio of AIESEC in Bulgaria detailing the benefits which we can provide to a company. (one page part of your questionnaire file)

Contacts: MCP current: Nguyen Hailinh,

MCVP ICX/MCPe: Michaela Rizzo, MCVP OGX and Marketing: Ivana Tonkova, MCVP TM: Medha Mukherji, MCVP OD: Gabriela Tamashiro, MCVP F&L: Nikolay Nankov, MCVP BD: Angel Stanchev, LCPc of AIESEC in UNWE: Nora Bekyarova, LCPc of AIESEC in SU: Kristina Nushkova,

LCPc of AIESEC in VT: Dilyana Petrova, LCPc of AIESEC in Plovdiv: Kristina Daneva, LCPc of AIESEC in Varna: Steli Stoyanova,

Round 4 AIESEC in Bulgaria MCVP application  
Round 4 AIESEC in Bulgaria MCVP application