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Production Stage Manager CORRADO VERINI Stage Manager JAMESON WILLEY General Manager CARLA DEBEAST RUIZ MOMIX • Box 1035 Washington, Connecticut 06793 • Tel: 860-868-7454 • Fax: 860-868-2317 • Email: • Representation: Margaret Selby CAMI Spectrum LLC 1790 Broadway, NYC, NY 10019-1412 Ph: (212) 841-9554 • Fax: (212) 841-9770 • Email:

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Mayo Performing Arts Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, presents a wide range of programs that entertain, enrich, and educate the diverse population of the region and enhance the economic vitality of Northern New Jersey. The 2013-2014 season is made possible, in part, by a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as support received from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, F.M. Kirby Foundation and other numerous foundations, corporations and individuals. As a courtesy to the artists and for the uninterrupted enjoyment of your fellow patrons, please turn off all cell phones, pagers, beepers and other electronic devices. Please unwrap any lozenges before the performance begins. No portion of this performance may be photographed, recorded, filmed, taped, broadcast or mechanically reproduced without the written consent of the Artist and/or the Presenter. Mayo Performing Arts Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Media Partner


MOMIX: Botanica Conceived & Directed by: MOSES PENDLETON First Assistant: CYNTHIA QUINN Assisted by: Tsarra Bequiette, Eric Borne, Jennifer Chicheportiche, Joshua Christopher, John Corsa, Simona Ditucci, Jonathan Eden, Michael Holdsworth, Donatello Iacobellis, Rob Laqui, Natalie Lamonte, Nicole Loizides, Heather Magee, Steven Marshall, Tim Melady, Sarah Nachbauer, Roberto Olvera, Cynthia Quinn, Rebecca Rasmussen, Brian Sanders, Pedro Silva, Cassandra Taylor, Jaime Verazin & Jared Wootan Performed by: Dajuan Booker, Simona Ditucci, Michael Fernandez, Amanda Hulen Morgan Hulen, Elizabeth Loft, Graci Meier, Martino Sauter, Jocelyn Wallace And Jason Williams Lighting Design: Joshua Starbuck and Moses Pendleton Costume Design: Phoebe Katzin, Moses Pendleton, Cynthia Quinn Costume Construction: Phoebe Katzin Costume Assistants: Beryl Taylor, Dawn Arico, Danielle McFall Puppet Design: Michael Curry Prop Construction and Art Work: Pedro Silva Video Projection: Moses Pendleton Video Editing: Woodrow F. Dick, III Music Collage: Moses Pendleton Music Editing: Joshua Chirstopher, Andrew Hansen, Brian Simerson Production Assistant: Pedro Silva Lighting Equipment Supplied by GSD Productions, Inc., West Hempstead, NY Special Thanks: Sharon Dante, Nutmeg Ballet; Lynn Gelormino, Warner Theatre; Diana Vishneva; Phillip Holland; The Talbot Family; Laura Daly; Julio Alvarez and Margaret Selby BOTANICA “The plant strains its whole being in one single plan: to escape above ground from the fatality below; to elude and transgress the dark and weighty law, to free itself, to break the narrow sphere, to invent or invoke wings, to escape as far as possible, to conquer the space wherein fate encloses it, to approach another kingdom, to enter a moving, animated world.” Maurice Maeterlinck, The Intelligence of Flowers Performance time is approximately 90 minutes. BOTANICA SOUNDTRACK: 1. Tuu, ““Frozen Land” from the album “The Frozen Lands” (Amplexus Records). Composed and performed by Martin Franklin. And BlueTech,

“Leaving Babylon” from the album “Prima Materia.” Courtesy of Waveform Records. 2. Bluetech, “Cliff Diving” the album “Prima Materia.” Courtesy of Waveform Records. 3. zer0 0ne, “NaNO” and “braiNwavE” from the album “oz0ne.” Courtesy of Waveform Records. And Lang Elliot, “Loons” from Nature Sound Studio. 4. Lisa Gerrard, “Space Weaver.” Written by Lisa Gerrard and Michael Edwards. Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia. Performed by Lisa Gerrard (P) 2007 Cloverleigh Downs Pty. Ltd. 5. Brian Eno and David Byrne, “Jezebel Spirit” from their album, “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.”

6. Robert Rich, “Elemental Trigger” from the album Stalker (Catalog: HOS/Fathom HS11059) Published by Amoeba Music (BMI) and Brian Williams (BMI). “Elemental Trigger” © 1995 by Robert Rich and Brian Williams. 7. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Primavera as played by Anne-Sofie Muter 8. Lang Elliot “Winter Wren” from Nature Sound Studio 9. Suphala, “Destinations” on “The Now” 10. Eastern Dub Tactick, “Easter Winds” and “Spark of Sound” from the album “Blood is Shining.” Courtesy of Waveform Records. 11. Legion of Green Men, “Zero Equals Infinity” from the album “Spatial Specifics.” Courtesy of Plus 8 Records LTD. 12. Peter Gabriel, “The Heat” Pentagon Lipservices Real World (BMI) for USA & Canada/ Real World Music Ltd. (PRS) ex-USA & Canada. Peter Gabriel appears courtesy of Peter Gabriel Lts., Special thanks to Julie Lipsius and Rob Bozas. 13. Peter Gabriel, “Slow Water” Pentagon Lipservices Real World (BMI) for USA & Canada/ Real World Music Ltd. (PRS) ex-USA & Canada. Peter Gabriel appears courtesy of Peter Gabriel Lts., Special thanks to Julie Lipsius and Rob Bozas. 14. Delerium, “Sphere.” Performed by Delerium. Written by B. Leeb and R. Fulber. Published by Nettwerk Songs Publishing/ Zomba Songs. (p) and © 2001 Nettwerk Productions. 15. Deva Premal, “Gayatri Mantra” is used in this performace with permission of Prabhu Misoc. © 1998 Prabhu Music. Music composed by Deva Premal and Miten. All rights reserved. * 16. Delerium, “Embryo.” Performed by Delerium. Written by B. Leeb and R. Fulber. Published Nettwerk Songs/ Zomba Songs. (p) and © 2001 Nettwerk Productions. And Higher Intelligence Agency “Hubble” from the album “Freefloater.” 17. A Positive Life, “Aqua Sonic” from the album “Two A.D.” Courtesy of Waveform Records. 18. Lloyd Grotjan, “Apogee” from the album “Twelve Moons” 19. Bluetech, “Mezzamorphic” from the album “Prima Materia.” Courtesy of Waveform Records.

20. Celtic Woman, “The Voice” from the album “A New Journey” 21. Azam Ali, “Aj Ondas” on Portals of Grace 22. Brent Lewis, “Mr. Mahalo Head” written and performed by Brent Lewis ASCAP. www. *Aqua Flora sponsored in part by Brandon Fradd in honor of Dancers Responding to Aids SYNAPSES PART ONE WINTER SPRING Aurora Rose The Dead Of Winter Cateraction Geese Return Overhead Beckoning Fantasy Tree-Flower to Tempt Three Graces from the Foam to Taste of Pollen Snow And Fall Back into the Flow Loons Laugh in Darkness for Swans to Dream of Genesis and New Green Fro ZEN Awakening Love from Above Delivers Persephone to the Subsoil Riding Old Bones to Romance with Ancient Stones The Worm Turns Night Crawlers into a Sea of Green Spring Pools Marigolds Bloom Hornets Hop Owls Hoot the Arrival of Centaurs Amid Summer Night’s Dream Fire Flies PART TWO SUMMER FALL God’s Hammer August of Wind Storms Rain The Beaded Web INSEX Meet the Beetles and Egg On

Birds of a Feather to Drop Seed on Sun Flower Finches Startled by the Avant Gardner as the Green Man is Leading the Charge of Indian Summer Branches Gathering for Autumnal Ball Last Leaf Catches the First Snow Fall Cold River Runs Again But There’s More a Solar Flare Tonight’s Encore! ABOUT THE COMPANY MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton. In addition to stage performances world-wide, MOMIX has worked in film and television, recently appearing in a national commercial for Hanes underwear and a Target ad that premiered during the airing of the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. With performances on PBS’s “Dance in America” series, France’s Antenne II, and Italian RAI television, the company’s repertory has been broadcast to 55 countries. Joining the Montreal Symphony in the Rhombus Media film of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, winner of an International Emmy for Best Performing Arts Special, the company’s performance was distributed on laser disc by Decca Records. MOMIX was also featured in IMAGINE, one of the first 3-D IMAX films to be released in IMAX theaters world-wide. MOMIX dancers Cynthia Quinn and Karl Baumann,

under Moses Pendleton’s direction, played the role of “Bluey” in the feature film FX2; and White Widow, co-choreographed by Moses Pendleton and Cynthia Quinn, was featured in Robert Altman’s movie, The Company. Commissioned by corporations such as Fiat and Mercedes Benz, MOMIX performed at Fiat’s month long 100th Anniversary Celebration in Torino, Italy, and Mercedes Benz’s International Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany. Participating in the Homage a Picasso in Paris, the company was also selected to represent the US at the European Cultural Center at Delphi. With the support of the Scottsdale Cultural Council Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Pendleton created Bat Habits to celebrate the opening of the San Francisco Giants’ new spring training park in Scottsdale. This work served as the forerunner of Baseball and joins such acclaimed original productions as Lunar Sea, Opus Cactus, Orbit, Passion, and Botanica. With nothing more than light and shadow, props, the human body, and an epic imagination, MOMIX has astonished audiences on five continents for more than 30 years. WHO’S WHO IN THE COMPANY MOSES PENDLETON (Artistic Director) has been one of America’s most innova­ tive and widely performed choreographers and directors for over 40 years. A founding members of the ground-breaking Pilobolus Dance Theater in 1971, he formed his own company, MOMIX, in 1980. Mr. Pendleton has also worked extensively in film, TV, and opera and as a choreographer for ballet companies and special events. Mr. Pendleton was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northern Vermont. His earliest experi­ ences as a showman came from exhibiting his family’s dairy cows at the Caledonian County Fair. He received his BA in English Literature from Dartmouth College in 1971 and immedi­ ately began touring with Pilobolus, which had grown out of dance classes with Alison Chase at Dartmouth. The group shot to fame in the1970’s, performing on Broadway under the sponsorship of Pierre Cardin, touring inter­nationally, and appearing in PBS’s Dance in America and Great Performances series. By the end of the decade, Mr. Pendleton had begun to work outside of Pilobolus, performing in and serving as principal chore­ ographer for the Paris Opera’s Integrale Erik Satie in 1979 and choreographing the

Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid in 1980. In 1981 he created MOMIX, which rapidly established an inter­ national reputation for highly inventive and often illusionistic choreography. The troupe has been touring steadily and is currently performing several programs internationally. The company has made numerous special programs for Italian and French television and received the Gold Medal of the Verona Festival in 1994. Mr. Pendleton has also been active as a performer and choreographer for other companies. He has staged Picabia’s Dadaist ballet Relache for the Joffrey Ballet and Tutu­ guri, based on the writings of Artaud, for the Deutsch Opera. He created the role of the Fool for Yuri Lyubi­ mov’s production of Mussorgsky’s Khovan­ schina at La Scala and choreographed Rame­ au’s Platee for the U.S. Spoleto Festival in 1987. He contributed choreography to Lina Wertmuller’s production of Carmen at the Munich State Opera in 1993. More recently, he has choreographed new works for the Arizona Ballet and the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. He teamed up with Danny Ezralow and David Parsons to choreograph AEROS with the Romanian gymnastics team. His film and television work includes the feature film FX2 with Cynthia Quinn, Moses Pendleton Presents Moses Pendleton for ABC ARTS cable (winner of a Cine Golden Eagle award), and Pictures at an Exhibition with Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Symphony, which received an International Emmy for Best Performing Arts Special in 1991. Mr. Pendleton has made music videos with Prince, Julian Lennon, and Cathy Dennis, among others. Mr. Pendleton is an avid photographer with works presented in Rome, Milan, Florence, and Aspen. Images of his sunflower plant­ings at his home in northwestern Connecticut have been featured in numerous books and articles on gardening. He is the subject of the book Salto di Gravita by Lisavetta Scarbi, published in Italy in 1999. Mr. Pendleton was a recipient of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts Governor’s Award in 1998. He received the Positano Choreographic Award in 1999 and was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1977. He is a recipient of a 2002 American Choreography Award for his contributions to choreography for film and television. In May 2010, Mr. Pendleton received an honorary

doctorate of fine arts (HDFA) and delivered the keynote address to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. CYNTHIA QUINN (Associate Director) grew up in Southern California. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Riverside and continued there as an Associate in Dance for five years. In 1988 she received the University’s Alumni Association’s “Outstanding Young Graduate Award.” As a member of Pilobolus, she performed on Broadway and throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Israel and Japan. She collaborated on the choreography of Day Two, Elegy for the Moment, Mirage, What Grows in Huygens Window and Stabat Mater. Ms. Quinn began performing with MOMIX in 1983 and has since toured throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America and Japan. She has appeared in numerous television programs and music videos; and has assisted Moses Pendleton in the choreography of Pulcinella for the Ballet Nancy in France, Tutuguri for the Berlin Opera Ballet, Platee for the Spoleto Festival USA, Les Maries de la Tour Eiffel in New York, AccorDION for the Zurich-Vorbuhne Theatre and Carmen for the Munich State Opera. She has also appeared as a guest artist with the Ballet Theatre Francaise de Nancy, the Berlin Opera Ballet and the Munich State Opera, as well as international galas in Italy, France and Japan. Ms. Quinn made her film debut as “Bluey” (a role she shared with Karl Baumann) in “FX2.” She was a featured performer in the Emmy Award winning film “Pictures at an Exhibition” with the Montreal Symphony and has also appeared in a 3D IMAX film. Ms. Quinn is a board member of the Nutmeg Conservatory in Torrington, Connecticut and is on the advisory board of the Susan B. Anthony Project, also in Torrington, CT. Ms. Quinn was featured with Ru Paul and k.d. Lang for M.A.C. Cosmetics’ “Fashion Cares” benefits in Toronto and Vancouver. Ms. Quinn is co-choreographer of “White Widow” which is featured prominently in the new Robert Altman film, “The Company.” Ms. Quinn will also appear in the upcoming film “First Born” with Elisabeth Shue. However, her most rewarding and challenging role is as a mother to her daughter, Quinn Elisabeth. DAJUAN BOOKER (Dancer) was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. He started dancing at the age 15 at Pinellas County Center of The Arts at Gibbs High School. He trained at

Harid Conservtory, The Rock School, Alvin Ailey and Dance Theatre of Harlem. He was a member of Dance Theatre of Harlem Esemble for 7 years and joined MOMIX in 2010. SIMONA DI TUCCI (Dancer) studied at Dance Promotion of Fernando Dàmaso at Neuchstelin, Switzerland, gained a classic formation with Rudy Brians and studied modern-jazz dance with Patrice Valero, Ruy Horta and Rick Odums. She also studied Jazz dance with Steve La Chance and Andrè de La Roche and Funk / Hip Hop with Bill Goodson, Mauro Mosconi and Mauro Astolfi. Her credits include performances in Italy with RAI TV: “Premio Natura” with Luciana Savignano, “Per Tutta la Vita”, “Ci Vediamo su Rai Uno,” “Paolo Limiti Show,” “Alberto Sordi” and “Stasera Pago io Revolution” with Fiorello, choreographed by Moses Pendelton. CANALE 5: “La corrida,” “Ciao Darwin,” “Tira e Molla,” “Disco per l’Estate,” “Facce da quiz,” “Festivalbar, “ choreographed by Marco Garofalo, Anna Larghi and Piero Moriconi. Simona has performed in the following musicals: “Dance” with Raffaele Paganini, “Show of Colors,” on Broadway (New York) and “Salvador Dali” with the Pierre Cardin Dance Company. She has been touring the world with MOMIX since 2004. MICHAEL FERNANDEZ (Dancer) was born in Ponce, PR and raised in Kissimmee, FL where he began his professional dance training at Osceola County School of the Arts. He continued at New World School of the Arts in Miami under the direction of Daniel Lewis and performed the works of Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Doris Humphrey and many more.  After Graduating with a BFA in dance he joined Garth Fagan Dance Company in Rochester, NY. Since moving to NYC he has had the privilege of working with Buglisi Dance Theatre, Nimbus Dance works, and Alison Cook Beatty Dance and Janusphere Dance company. This is Michael’s first season with MOMIX and is honored to be a part of this beautiful show. AMANDA  HULEN (Dancer) a native of Spokane, Wash.,  Amanda  graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts. She joined the Louisville Ballet in 2000 and was promoted to Soloist in 2007 where she danced until 2013.   Amanda’s repertoire has included a variety of classical and contemporary works, several Balanchine ballets and a variety of roles in most classical full length ballets including Swan Lake,

Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, and Sleeping Beauty. A few of her favorites have been Mark Godden’s The Magic Flute, Twyla Tharp’s Golden Section and 9 Sinatra Songs and Paul Taylor’s Company B. She has worked with choreographers including Helen Pickett, Graham Lustig, Val Caniparoli and Adam Hougland and has most recently participated in the National Choreographers Initiative in Irvine California where she worked with choreographers Darrell Grand Moultrie, Melissa Barak, Peter Quanz, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Petr Zahradnicek, and David Fernandez.  Amanda  is very excited to join MOMIX and her husband, Morgan, and to start life on tour with their 2 year old daughter. MORGAN HULEN  (Dancer) grew up in Columbia, Missouri, leaving home to complete high school and attend the college program at North Carolina School of the Arts.  He has also studied with the Hungarian National Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Minnesota Ballet, and the Broadway Theatre Project.   Morgan began his professional career with the Louisville Ballet in 2000-2002 and later enjoyed his role as Principal Dancer with Tapestry Dance Company  in Austin, Tx.   He quickly became a very sought after guest artist, and has performed with numerous dance companies across the U.S.   In 2007 Morgan returned to the Louisville Ballet, and enjoyed three additional seasons performing soloist and principal roles, and then in 2010 Morgan was honored to become a member of MOMIX.  As well as performing Morgan has been a dance instructor for over twelve years, has taught numerous master classes in Tap, Ballet and Partnering, and has choreographed many pieces, including several that have won top choreographic honors.  Morgan recently formed his own Louisville, Ky. based dance company called  Impact  as an expressive outlet for his and others’ choreography.  His most gratifying role to date is being father to his beautiful daughter born in April 2011. ELIZABETH “TAZ” LOFT (Dancer) is originally from Memphis, Tennessee where she trained for more than 12 years with former Bolshoi Ballet soloist Alexei Moskalenko.  Taz received her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Florida State University where she had the pleasure of studying with Suzanne Farrell, Gerri Houlihan, Dan Wagoner, Tim Glenn, and Jawole Zollar.  After

moving to NYC in 2010, she performed with Third Rail Projects and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s 360° program before joining MOMIX in August 2011. Taz is looking forward to another exciting season with the Company. GRACI MEIER (Dancer) is originally from Boise, Idaho where she began her dance training at Ballet Idaho and Balance Dance Company. She then attended The Boston Conservatory where she received her BFA and had the opportunity to perform works by Jose Limon, Anthony Tudor, and David Lichine. Professionally Graci has had the privilege to   dance with Ririe Woodbury Dance Company performing the works of Alwin Nikolais, and helping to keep the Nikolais legacy alive. She has also performed with DoubleTake Dance, Rocha Dance Theater, and Drop Dance Collective. Graci is thrilled to be dancing in her third season with MOMIX, and working with such amazing artists. MARTINO SAUTER (Dancer) began studying ballet at age 15 in his hometown of Galax in Southwest Virginia. He quickly realized he had discovered his passion and auditioned for summer programs. As a scholarship student, he was given the opportunity to study at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, the Rock School for Dance Education and the world-famous Joffrey Ballet where he had the privilege of studying under Alexandre Proia, Francesca Corkle, Andrei Jouravlev, and many other instructors. Martino was awarded a merit scholarship to attend the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts. While at Nutmeg he performed many soloist and principal roles in various ballets and contemporary ballets, such as The Nutcracker, La Bayadere, Giselle, Swan Lake and new contemporary works. After graduating from the Nutmeg Conservatory, Martino spent a season with Ballet Metropolitan in Columbus, Ohio and proudly joined MOMIX in 2013. Martino is the Co-Founder of “Boys of Ballet,” an on-line initiative dedicated to educating young dancers and ballet aficionados of all ages about male dancers and their significant contributions to the art form. Martino would like to dedicate tonight’s performance to his parents with love and thanks for their enduring support. JOCELYN WALLACE (Dancer) is originally from Connecticut where she began her early training at the New Haven Ballet and

at Gymnastics World. She later continued to study ballet and modern dance at The School of the Eastern Connecticut Ballet, under the direction of Lisa Reardon and Adam Miller. Jocelyn graduated Magna cum Laude from The Hartt School /University of Hartford, where she received her B.F.A. in Ballet Pedagogy.  While at, The Hartt School, she had the opportunity to perform the lead role in Martha Graham’s “Panorama,” staged by Peggy Lyman, and in works staged by, Hilda Morales, Alla Nikitina, Katie StevinsonNollet, and Ralph Perkins. She has performed with The Baltimore Ballet, and with various companies in New York including, Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company, and with New York Dance Theater. JASON WILLIAMS (Dancer) began his dance career and training at Boca Ballet Theater at the age of 16 under the direction of Dan Guin and Jane Tyree. He then decided to further his studies at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida. This is where he became proficient in Graham, Limon, Horton, Classical and Contemporary Ballet techniques. While there he deepened his studies by being exposed to Anatomy, Kinesiology, Labon Movement Analysis, and Pedagogy. Jason Williams is a 2011 summa cum laude B.F.A. Graduate of New World School of the Arts. During his time there he worked with noted choreographers such as Robert Battle, Michael Uthoff, Daniel Lewis, Peter London, Darshan Bhueller, Gerard Ebitz, to name a few. During his summers he has performed in the New Prague Dance Festival in Prague, Czech Republic and Semana de Internacional de Baile in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   Since completing his degree he has danced with DanceNow!, Momix, Joseé Garant Dance Company, and Miami Contemporary Dance Company. He is thrilled to be returning to Momix for a second season. MICHAEL CURRY (Puppet Design) has collaborated with Julie Taymor on many stage and opera productions. On Broadway, he has worked on numerous shows including Crazy For You and Kiss of the Spider Woman. He has been awarded the 1998 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Puppet Design for The Lion King, several Emmys and the 1999 Eddy Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Technical and Design Field. Michael is one of the country’s leading production design consultants and works widely in both conceptual and technical development for

some of the world’s foremost entertainment companies. He owns and operates Michael Curry Design, Inc. in St. Helens, OR, which produces large, live-performance oriented production designs, such as those seen at the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Superbowl 2000 and New York City’s Times Square 2000 Millennium event. PHOEBE KATZIN (Costume Designer) has been designing and constructing dresses and costumes for over twenty years. After graduating from Endicott College’s fashion design program, she worked for Kitty Daly, building dance costumes and dressmaking. For several years she lived in New York making costumes for Kitty Leach, Greg Barnes, and Allison Conner, among others. For the past few years, she has been working for MOMIX and Pilobolus. Ms. Katzin lives in Connecticut with her three children and husband, James. CARLA DEBEASI RUIZ (General Manager) graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in public relations and a concentration in performing arts management. Ruiz was the public relations director for her alma mater’s Theatre and Dance Department and has experience promoting visual and musical artists. Carla joined MOMIX in 2007.

JOSHUA STARBUCK (Lighting Designer) collaborated with Moses Pendleton on his world premiere of “Opus Cactus” for Ballet Arizona. He has designed numerous productions and tours for Ballet Arizona. He has toured five continents with many of his designs for dance, ice skating, opera, industrials, concerts and theater. He has designed for Arena Stage, Playwrights Horizons, The Manhattan Theater Club, The Public Theater, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Walnut Street Theater, Williamstown Theater Festival and others. He has also worked with the Kirov Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The Spanish National Ballet and the English National Ballet. CORRADO VERINI (Production Stage Manager) Began his career in the theater world in the 1983 with the Lindsay Kemp Co. In 1994, he started touring with the MOMIX as Stage Manager and then Technical and Lighting Director, participating in extensive tours in Asia, Central America, South and North America. He also teaches Theatre Tech­ niques in Rome for European Community and Region Lazio projects. He has collaborated in several TV shows and independent movies as assistant scenographer and as technical responsible for guest companies or rigging expert

Saturday, May 17 at 8 pm

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