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Celebrating 40 Years!


The leading provider of bespoke brand and sports mascots and children’s costume characters, Rainbow Productions has become an integral part of the licensing and entertainment industries over its four decades in business. MD Simon Foulkes reflects on Rainbow’s major milestones and explains why exceptional service will always remain the company’s driving force.

“Celebrating a landmark anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the people, projects and events that have led Rainbow Productions to where we are today, and to look at how the company will develop in the years to come. People have played the largest part in our success and many of those featured in this publication have had starring roles. David Scott, Rainbow’s previous MD and my mentor of almost 30 years, undoubtedly had the biggest impact on shaping Rainbow. Having travelled the world together for meetings, trade shows and events, David and I have plenty of stories (often involving readers of this publication), but a couple I will never forget are having him as my primary carer in a hospital on Copacabana beach in rio and his legendary costume character-dressing skills in Syntagma Square in Athens as we launched the 2004 Olympic Games mascots. David has never sought personal recognition; however, his successes were recognised by his Honorary Achievement Award at the 2014 Licensing Awards for which I know he was deeply honoured. A true testament to David is the wonderful comments made about him by so many of our industry friends [see overleaf]. I know he’s grateful for

these – even for Graham Saltmarsh’s!

The projects we have been involved in have ranged from one-to-one hospital

lives and it is their commitment to our brand that has created the reputation for which we are known across many different industries. Rainbow was the recent recipient of Best Creative makers, costume

of a mascot or the delivery of a service – is exceptional, and delivering our best is the fundamental driving force behind all that we do. Many of our staff have worked at Rainbow for over half their working

and marketing director, has spent many years growing the export side of the business and reminds me that we now have clients in over 50% of the world’s countries and on every continent except Antarctica – but he’s working on that!

ABOVE AND BELOW: Royal role play, meetand-greets and facing his fears for charity are all in a day’s work for Simon. ABOVE: David Scott (left) and Simon with Max Publishing’s Ian Hyder.


Managing director

Simon Foulkes simon@rainbowproductions.co.uk

Celebrating 40 Years!

Sales and marketing director

James Barlow james@rainbowproductions.co.uk

David Scott joins Rainbow and Simon Foulkes makes his debut appearance in a costume character.

Licensing director

Magdalena Foulkes magdalena@rainbowproductions.co.uk

Production manager – operations

Matthew Chapman matthew@rainbowproductions.co.uk

Creative marketing manager

Georgina Huckle georgina@rainbowproductions.co.uk

Events manager Vicky Thompson vicky@rainbowproductions.co.uk

Production manager – administration Crispin Lowrey crispin@rainbowpro ductions.co.uk

Head of UK sales

Chris Stanton chris@rainbowproductions.co.uk


First global sports tournament mascot manufactured, Footix for FIFA World Cup France ‘98

1992 2007

Manufacturing workshop expands into new premises.

Rainbow wins three Merton Chamber of Commerce Best Business Awards.

1998 2022 1995 2023 2020

Management buy-out; manufacturing plant established in SW19.


Rainbow exhibits in the Middle East for the first time at the Dubai Entertainment Amusements and Leisure Show (DEAL). The company now works with clients in the majority of territories in this region.

New innovative technology enters the workshop; David Scott retires and Simon Foulkes takes over as MD and owner of the company.

Magdalena Foulkes joins Rainbow as licensing director and James Barlow is promoted to sales and marketing director; Rainbow Productions marks its 40th anniversary with a brand refresh.



From a subsidiary of CPLG to one of the most admired costume companies in the world, Rainbow Productions’ rise was overseen by former MD David Scott – known affectionately to his licensing peers as ‘Lord Fluff’. Under his 27-year stewardship, Rainbow Productions set new standards for the industry in attention to detail and unrivalled customer care, qualities that remain the company’s

David came relatively late to the costume industry after stints in export, selling (at different times) industrial lubricants, fire engines and royal jelly. In 1992, he was put in touch with David Cardwell of CPLG, who was looking for someone to turn around the fortunes of a little-known, loss-making offshoot of the company called Rainbow Productions.

“At the time, I didn’t know what a costume character was,” David confesses. “But I took on the challenge nevertheless. I realised we needed to push the manufacturing and export side of the business, so we invested heavily in that, and by 1995 we were breaking even.” A management buy-out

followed – with David and his wife putting their house on the line –and David continued working long days plus, often, seven-day weeks. “If we had to, we’d work through the night, or we’d drive through the night, and we always delivered on time,” he remembers. “We’d do whatever it took to make a character appearance a success – even if it meant me holding on to Spot the

“David has been brilliant to work with over the years. He understood the licensing industry perfectly and always made sure that Rainbow was the best in the business – the characters were never seen out of character and were always looked after. He set the standards that everyone strives for. He also has a fantastic sense of humour, but as he’s tiny and not handsome I guess he needs one!”

“David was and is part of the fabric of the licensing industry. Full of ideas, always willing to offer support and a friend to many. Rainbow Productions has a bright future ahead because of David – he has left a fabulous legacy but also passed on the baton to a team that will honour that legacy and build on it.”

David (seated) with Simon Foulkes and the Athens 2004 Olympic mascots. ABOVE: David Scott with Zakumi, the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

“David is a legendary figure in the licensing industry. His contribution has been immense. He and his talented team at Rainbow have collaborated on many of the character costumes for TV shows I’ve created. The superb quality of the craftsmanship is best in class, and so is David. He has attended every industry event and supports every charity, always with a smile and a quip.”

Keith Chapman, creator of PAW Patrol and Bob the Builder

Dog hanging out of a Buckingham Palace window for some BBC filming. But that’s another story.”

The hard graft and dedication paid off and Rainbow Productions rapidly developed a global reputation as the go-to company for bespoke mascots and costume character appearances. “We supplied characters for six Olympic and Paralympic Games, for world cups in every high-profile sport, and worked with some of the biggest studios, from Warner Bros to Paramount,” says David. “For the UK Olympics in 2012, we even seconded a member of our Event staff to LOCOG, the organising committee for the Games.”

With its expertise in demand across the leisure, retail and sport sectors, Rainbow Productions also established itself as a vital cog in the licensing industry machine. As David explains: “If a licensor wanted to develop a brand for the preschool audience, they’d come to us in the very early stages, often before they

“David is such fun to be around and so knowledgeable, with a gift for telling great stories. For all the laughter, he was genuinely supportive and respectful of the work that the eOne team did on building the Peppa Pig brand during my time there. He contributed to making Rainbow a world-renowned business with partnerships extending from FIFA to the Olympics, yet he was always so modest with that success.”

launched it commercially. A costume character is so photogenic, it’s the perfect vehicle for brand awareness, and the character would then make appearances at key industry events like the Toy Fair or BLE to support the launch of the brand.”

David’s efforts were recognised with an Honorary Achievement Award at the 2014 Licensing Awards, but, ever modest, he

credits the calibre and dedication of Rainbow’s staff for the company’s success. “It’s something of a well-kept secret that Rainbow has so many university graduates among its staff, from prop makers and pattern-cutters to actors and performers. Together they set standards of service to match the world-class brands that we are privileged to work with.”

“From a standing base, David built a universe in which children can dynamically engage with their favourite characters in a way that no single product on shelf or on screen can do. He scaled this to multiple touchpoints, in new outlets that are still going strong today.”

director of global licensing, BBC Studios
ABOVE: The Gruffalo, just one of Rainbow’s many kids’ character costumes.
Celebrating 40 Years!
RIGHT: Managing London 2012 Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville helped David and the team race ahead of the competition.


Rainbow Productions’ dedication to delivering firstclass customer service has led to successful working relationships – in some cases lasting decades – with some of the biggest names in the entertainment sector. Here’s what keeps the company’s partners coming back for more.



“We have had the pleasure of working with Rainbow for over 20 years, collaborating on numerous special events that have brought joy to children and adults alike. From iconic characters like Bob the Builder and Barney to beloved favourites like Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, Rainbow consistently delivers exceptionalquality costumes and performers that truly bring these characters to life.  Rainbow has also been an invaluable partner in providing costumed characters for our own in-park live shows and Peppa Pig meet-and-greets at Peppa Pig World. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial production of the costumes, as they also offer a great service in continually maintaining these costumes to ensure they always look perfect. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering successful events is commendable.”


“David Scott and Simon Foulkes were amongst the first people I met in licensing when I first started at CPLG in 2003, so I have known them for 20 years. A trade show without them wouldn’t be a trade show. Rainbow is the market leader in costume characters –no one does it better. They’re lovely, fun people to work with and are always quick to respond to my calls. Thanks, Simon, Magdalena and the team, for everything you do!”

Gaby Dior, EMEA licensing manager, BBC Studios

“I have worked with Simon and the team at Rainbow Productions for more years than I care to remember. It’s a best-in-class partner quite simply because nobody does it better. The alchemy of the company’s offering is not just superb design and manufacturing but also its first-rate customer service, which is unparalleled. I can think of no other partner that we could call on Friday afternoon to help us get a duplicate Gabby’s Dollhouse costume to France by Saturday morning – which is something that they recently did for us without question. The best brand custodians and the safest pair of hands, it’s an absolute pleasure to do business with them.”



“We’ve worked with Rainbow for more than 20 years. They are hugely professional, cost effective, and their costumes are the best quality. Simon Foulkes and his team are solutions oriented. They’re always ready to help and promote the Smurf brand. We add Rainbow in all our contracts for family entertainment – we don’t want to work with anybody else. They can ship Smurfs all around the planet, which is a great advantage for all our licensees. Their mascots perform everywhere around the world and it’s always a pleasure to see young and older kids ask for selfies. The Smurfs are also the proud mascots of the annual Ivo Van Damme Memorial athletic event in Brussels, the final event of the Diamond League, which reaches around 85 million TV viewers. And, of course, we are very proud to have a Rainbow Smurf as pilot of Brussels Airlines’ Aerosmurf aircraft.”


“We have had the pleasure of knowing David and Simon since our first days in licensing. They are incredibly good at what they do and how they do it. Working with David and Simon is more than business – it is friendship, laughter and a lot of fluff. Total respect.

Rainbow Productions, under David’s leadership and now Simon’s, truly brings the licensing industry to life and excels on consumer engagement. It is no surprise that Rainbow is a global leader.”


“As the mascot team lead for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, I worked closely with Rainbow Productions to bring Perry the Bull to life. A successful mascot programme relies on strong performance, buy-in from the community and a great design. Rainbow Productions gave us an iconic character, which really helped me and my team of performers make the mascot programme a huge success.

Rainbow supported us throughout as demand for Perry grew beyond all expectations, and are continuing to do so as the character evolves post-Games. I could always rely on Rainbow to deliver what we needed and when, be it doubling our stock of Perry suits, or providing bespoke overdressing for Perry. A great example was turning around a full tuxedo for Perry in just six weeks. When your character gets an invite to Buckingham Palace, you need to look your best and Rainbow truly delivered for us!”

Celebrating 40 Years!
Jakki Brown and Ian Hyder, directors, Max Publishing


Producing best-in-class costume characters and memorable live events requires a top-tier team. Meet some of the talented designers, makers, performers and managers whose expertise (and enthusiasm) has helped Rainbow Productions secure its global reputation as a market leader.

Lysette Hyde, wardrobe manager

“My team and I are charged with looking after over 400 character costumes which we store here at Rainbow. Whether they are in between events, being shipped around the world or have come to us specifically to be refurbished, we restore them to optimum condition so our clients can continue to enjoy using them for as long as possible.

We have a huge sense of pride in our organisational abilities and maintenance of these iconic characters that we grew up with and who continue to inspire children today.”

“I’ve worked with Rainbow for 12 years as a presenter and road manager. I love that every event is different, in a new location with a new client. PAW Patrol and Peppa Pig can often pull in up to 1,000 people, which requires strong logistical management. Some of my career highlights include surprising McFly and Busted with a Nickelodeon award at a music studio in London with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and working with Wonder Woman on a Justice League tour of UK shopping centres.”


“It’s my job to organise the production timelines so that we can make a complete costume to specification, within budget and on time. I also manage the team in charge of our new 3D sculpting and printing technologies.

I love working for Rainbow because we have traditional standards at our core, but also strive to be at the cutting edge of mascot manufacture. Our level of pride and ambition can be seen in every stitch of every costume we make and is why I believe we are known for supplying the highest standard of costume characters.”


“Since my first job with Rainbow in 2009, I have enjoyed every minute!

I love the professional variety the company offers as we work with such a wide variety of brands, industries, and countries.  Each role I have been challenged with over the years has shown that in every department there is unity, camaraderie and teamwork. Collaborating with my peers, we have always striven to deliver the very best for our clients, which is what makes working for Rainbow so rewarding!”

“I absolutely love my job! Although my adventure in the company started not that long ago, I am forever grateful to Rainbow Productions for introducing me to the licensing world 14 years ago. This is the world full of absolutely amazing people, creators, successful managers and great minds, but most importantly friends. The pleasure of developing, creating and making dreams come true is something I wish everyone could experience just for one day.”

Barlow, sales and marketing director Foulkes, licensing director

“My role involves overseeing the planning of costume character events. Working in this field allows us to be a part of some historic events. I will never forget the 2012 Olympics, being at the stadium with the mascot, Wenlock, and Paralympic mascot Mandeville, and contributing to the positive atmosphere.

The artistes we have are phenomenal performers. To maintain high energy and perform in costume for over two hours to millions of people is a challenge our department and artistes handle with professionalism, and is something I’m hugely proud of.”

Celebrating 40 Years!

“Being a road manager for Rainbow is definitely not a normal 9 to 5 job, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We work to some very tight deadlines, encompassing long drives across the UK or Europe to make sure the character artistes can meet their awaiting audience on time. For me, one of the best parts of my job is being able to watch children enjoy the wonder of meeting their favourite characters, having hugs and high fives and creating memories that all the family can look back on in years to come.”

“My job involves sourcing and selecting fabrics for all our characters. I’ve only been in the role for six months, but everyone has been keen to lend a hand and guide me.

“I started at Rainbow as a maker in 2015 after my modelmaking degree, and have recently been promoted to help run the heads and props workshop. I also spend time doing CAD work, which helps our team produce more accurate results and has become one of my favourite parts of the process! For Rainbow’s 40th Anniversary, I won a competition to design our own mascot, Ruby. I wanted to pay homage to the skill of Rainbow’s makers, so Ruby needed an apron for those messy projects and, as a lot of the team have brightly coloured hair, it was only right she had the hairdo to match!”

One of my most memorable jobs so far has been having to take a headless puppet clothes shopping. I got some strange looks from customers as I pulled out a tiny body to dress! However, the employees were keen to help me and ended up dressing up the puppet themselves.”

“From planning exhibitions in Dubai to photographing the sea of characters in the aisles of BLE and Toy Fair and working with clients and licensors on character event marketing, my job as creative marketing manager is incredibly varied. In 15 years there has never been a dull moment and with every department sharing a passion for our unique product, Rainbow is an exciting place to work.”

Vicky Thompson, events manager Imy Nagle, deputy production manager – heads and props Kevin Quinlan, road manager Georgina Huckle, creative marketing manager Sophie Withers, fabric manager


“Licensed children’s characters have a magical ability to captivate the hearts of young audiences, which is why personal appearances by these family favourites have become an integral part of the marketing mix. Having a mascot costume is an invaluable asset and the importance of in-person promotion should never be underestimated.

Working with experiential, marketing and brand teams around the world, Rainbow Productions produces first-class character costumes and delivers high-quality interactive experiences. Live appearances by characters such as Bluey, PaddingtonTM or Peppa Pig not only boost brand awareness, but also enhance fan engagement and strengthen consumer loyalty.

So whether it’s booking Hey Duggee to headline a family festival, PAW Patrol visiting a theme park during the school holidays or a licensor having their character present at a movie premiere, the benefits of licensed character appearances are endless. They allow children to see their on-screen heroes in person and can act as a hook for press coverage, while venues welcome the uplift in footfall to their events. Appearances at retail also bridge the gap between the consumer and the on-shelf product

and, when planned with key dates and product launches in mind, have been proven to directly boost average sales on characterrelated merchandise, in some cases by as much as 200%.

Licensed children’s character costumes also open up various marketing opportunities in the virtual space. By becoming the face of social media and video marketing campaigns, they can further engage with target audiences through entertaining content, subsequently deepening consumers’ connection with the brand.

Ultimately, whether they’re adding star quality to live events or engaging with children online, when used strategically and thoughtfully, costume characters offer brands a unique and endearing way to connect with consumers, enhance the brand experience and drive sales. But most importantly, they can transform marketing efforts into magical experiences that leave a lasting impression on young minds.”

From creating unforgettable family days out to boosting online engagement across social media platforms, character-led events are a powerful tool in the marketing mix, says Rainbow Productions’ creative marketing manager Georgina Huckle.
ABOVE: Hey Duggee, ready to party with families at a Raver Tots event. ABOVE: The Minions take over Selfridges to celebrate the launch of Despicable Me 3. INSET: Costume characters offer brands a “unique and endearing” way to connect with consumers, says Georgina. LEFT: BBC Studios’ Bluey is a huge hit with kids.


In 1995 Rainbow won its first contract for a UEFA European Football Championship, producing official mascot Goliath for the 1996 tournament, held in England. The company is honoured to have made mascots for every UEFA Euro tournament since. Most recently UEFA Euro 2020’s Skillzy headed up the tournament’s ‘Your Move’ campaign and Kai, Robyn and Ashley cheered the Lionesses on to victory during the Women’s Euros 2022.

Rainbow manufactured its first FIFA World Cup mascot, Footix, for the France 1998 football championship and has gone on to bring the mascots to life for almost every FIFA World Cup tournament to date, including Ato, Nik and Kaz (South Korea and Japan 2002),

Fuleco (Brazil 2014) and Ettie (FIFA Women’s World Cup, France 2019).

2003 saw Rainbow secure its first Olympic Games contract for Phevos and Athena, official mascots of the 2004 Games in Athens. It has since manufactured the mascots for both the Summer and Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, including London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016. Rainbow also managed almost 1,000 personal appearances of official mascots Wenlock and Mandeville for London 2012.

In 2018, Rainbow Productions was commissioned to manufacture mascots for all 16 football clubs in the Saudi Professional League, including Al the shark for SFC Al-Hilal.

Rainbow’s contributions to the Commonwealth Games began with Clyde the Thistle, the official mascot of the Glasgow 2014 Games. Most recently the company developed Birmingham 2022’s mascot, a colourful bull named Perry, from design and production to mascot training. Perry is now a proud ambassador of the Games’ legacy charity, United by 2022.

Celebrating 40 Years! 11
Rainbow Productions’ sporting mascots are in a league of their own, helping to boost marketing campaigns, increase community engagement and generate publicity and social media opportunities for some of the biggest teams and tournaments in the world.
Ettie, the mascot for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, held in France. 2016 Olympic mascot Vinicius (left) and Paralympic mascot Tom. Goaliath, the lion mascot of the 1996 England UEFA tournament. ABOVE LEFT: Euro 2020 mascot Skillzy. BELOW: Saudi football club Al-Hilal’s shark mascot, Al. RIGHT: Fuleco, the official mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Olympic mascot Wenlock and sprinter Usain Bolt at the 2012 Games. Perry, the colourful face of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.


From dancing with royalty and walking the red carpet with Hollywood superstars, to helping bring excitement and smiles to some of the most iconic festivals, location-based experiences and live events, Rainbow Productions’ costume characters have enjoyed their fair share of magical moments over the years. Here are some of the most memorable.




An appearance at Glastonbury by Rastamouse and members of his Easy Crew in 2011 marked the start of Rainbow taking licensed costume characters to an increasing number of family festivals. Since the reggae-loving rodent’s visit to Worthy Farm, Rainbow characters ranging from Bing to Bluey have added to the fun at Camp Bestival, Gloworm, CarFest (below), Raver Tots and more.

DreamWorks Animation’s Toothless swooped onto the red carpet in 2014 alongside Cate Blanchett at the premiere of How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the Cannes Film Festival. Other paparazziworthy moments managed by Rainbow include Sandra Bullock meeting Stuart, Kevin and Bob at the London premiere of the Minions movie in 2015, and giant panda Po

Kung Fu Panda 3’s


Everyone’s favourite bear Paddington™ dancing with the Princess of Wales at a Paddington Station children’s charity event made headlines in 2017, but Rainbow’s royal connections stretch back to 1993, when Onken mascot Mr Fruci Frufoo met the future King, Prince Charles, at the International Food & Drink Exhibition at Earl’s Court in London.

In 2006, as part of the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations, Rainbow managed the appearances of 35 licensed characters at the Children’s Party in the Palace, while in 2022, it did the same for 29 licensed characters at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, including Peppa Pig and her family, The Wombles and the Teletubbies. 2017

popping up alongside Jack Black and Kate Hudson at first European showing at the Odeon Leicester Square in 2016. 2014


Rainbow Productions teamed with Haven for the first time ever in 2022 to supply costumes for the leading holiday company’s redesigned Seaside Squad characters. Rory (a tiger), Jaz (a bear), George (a gorilla) and Annie (an elephant) are the four characters who meet, greet and perform special stage shows for visitors at each of Haven’s 37 parks, and each character has two outfits – one for their everyday look, the other for their ‘superhero’ look.

“Haven are very appreciative of Rainbow and the service we have received this year,” commented Haven’s creative and talent manager Natalie Weetman. “It was a big decision to change supplier, but all are agreed it was the right decision. The quality and service have been excellent.”


Rainbow delivered the first LEGO Minifigure costume to LEGOLAND Korea Resort in 2021 and has since manufactured over 30 different walkabout costume characters using its new innovative technology for LEGOLAND Resorts worldwide, including Windsor, California, Billund and Dubai, and the soon-to-be-opened LEGOLAND Shanghai.


Peppa Pig made an appearance at the second Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final in 2023, leading a conga line through Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena. The Eurovision Fan Zone also played host to Bluey and Hey Duggee activations, with Bluey and her presenter playing interactive games including musical statues, and Duggee and his compere enjoying some classic Duggee music, including everyone’s favourite ‘Stick Song’.

Celebrating 40 Years! 13 2022


With a successful 40-year legacy behind it, Rainbow Productions is looking ahead, future-proofing the business by continuing to expand into untapped markets and investing in new infrastructure, personnel and technology. Rainbow’s sales and marketing director James Barlow and licensing director Magdalena Foulkes outline some of the key measures that will keep the company at the top of its game for the next 40 years.


“We have outgrown our specialist production, events and wardrobe facility in South London and expanded into a new purpose-built workspace,”


says James. “Conveniently placed next to a brewery (cheers!), it will be home to our growing sales, marketing, events and wardrobe departments. Here, they will continue to focus on

UK licensed meet-and-greets and brand activations, as well as further increase our international clients through bespoke mascot production.

“Increased demand for our UK

“Sustainability is a key focus at Rainbow as we continue to commit to this important part of our future,” James explains.

■ “Our new digital team specialises in 3D character model mock-ups [see Ruby, Rainbow’s new mascot, below] that can be approved digitally, then patterned from directly, reducing the number of physical approvals.

■ Digital patterning will greatly reduce the number of physical patterns we need to store,

allowing for more productive use of space. Our expansion into digital will not stop there! Watch this space...

■ We recycle all used 3D prints and physical costumes. Our costume scrappage scheme allows clients to return their mascots to us to be destroyed beyond all recognition and any remaining textiles to be

sent to local schools, along with any off-cuts, to be repurposed.

■ We are sourcing more fabrics and materials from UK-based suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also increased our in-house printing and dyeing.

■ All our packaging is now 100% recycled and recyclable.”


character events has meant providing better value for money for clients and a greater synergy between our services. The new premises will allow our events team to enhance our output and continue to deliver goldstandard licensed character meetand-greets, narrations, activities, mini-shows, in-store promotions and brand activations.”


“Behind the scenes we are a guardian of many of the world’s leading brands and we understand that the events we organise bridge the gap between brand and audience in a unique and immersive way,” says Magdalena Foulkes.

“Rainbow is in a position to

nurture those relationships and manage licences on behalf of many licensors. This year we have extended our portfolio to also become a master licensee for a number of licensors, as we take on more responsibility for their brands globally. This further entrenches Rainbow’s offerings and capabilities within the licensing industry.

“As licensing director, my responsibility is to head up this side of the business as well as developing non-costume-character related activities. We intend to increase the breadth of our products to ensure we appeal to different demographics. Rainbow is a true labour of love: the characters we represent create moments of magic, make dreams come true and put smiles on faces.”



James says: “One key market for us is the Middle East, which has seen exceptional growth in the entertainment and attractions industry. Rainbow is at the forefront of supplying to this territory and is continuing to expand its presence throughout the region, having already supplied to the major attraction operators and to every team in the Saudi Professional League, which includes Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema’s new clubs.”

“Our sustainability pledge has been an influence on our company rebranding, which celebrates our 40th anniversary this year,” James says. “We remain the much-loved Rainbow Productions; however, our website and logo have had a bit of a refresh. The new logo represents the patterns we use in the tailoring of our handmade mascot costumes. Each letter is a colour of the Rainbow, with green in the middle, for sustainability, at the heart of our company.”

Celebrating 40 Years! 15
ABOVE: Kids enjoy a photo opportunity with Sonic in Riyadh. ABOVE: Lining up for a Spin Master PAW Patrol retail support tour. ABOVE: Family fun time with PAW Patrol’s Marshall.
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