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From The Editor

ON THE CARDS “Supply and demand - the relationship between these two elements is fundamental to understanding economics, irrespective of the product or service involved. Ignore them at your peril.” I can clearly hear these words being uttered by my economics’ lecturer in the first week of my Business Studies course, never did I think then that they would have a bearing on boxes of Christmas cards, rolls of giftwrap or musical Advent calendars though! As I write this, the many conversations about ‘Christmas stocking’ is not around the cute expectant adornments that will be affixed to the ends of beds and mantlepieces on December 24 hopefully filled with treats from Santa by the morning, but of worries that there will be gaping holes in retailers’ festive shelves, with the planned bounty caught up in the shipping and haulage ‘nightmares before Christmas’, not to mention the soaring costs of transportation and cardboard. Laurence Prince, founder of Danilo has spoken out on ITV News and BBC radio while IG Design Group’s woes were covered in the Times that while it assured that there would be Christmas crackers on the shelves to buy, the margin hit that the company has had to take will halve its expected end year profits. As Laurence exclaimed on TV: “It’s been a nightmare. I have been in business for 45 years…and I have never seen production and distribution problems like we have this year.” These worries, and the media coverage about them has however resulted in a welcome boost to retailers, with many indies reporting that the public’s Christmas shopping has begun earlier than usual (see Viewpoints on pages 16-18). Top: PG’s Jakki Brown (standing) with some of the panellists in the afternoon session at the GCA conference. (Left-right) Darren Cave (UKG), Helena MansellStopher (Products of Change), Rachel Hare (Belly Button Designs) and Sarah-Jane Porter (Moonpig). Above: Danilo’s founder, Laurence Prince on ITV News. Left: The recent GCA AGM and Conference was a major triumph on many levels (see pages 64-67). GCA’s ceo Amanda Fergusson with Words ‘n’ Wishes’ joint md Rod Brown (left) and Cardzone md, Paul Taylor. THE HOME OF MARKET LEADING TRADE MAGAZINES



While enjoying these early festive riches Jo Barber, owner of No.14 Ampthill told me that she has put little ‘tent cards’ near some of the products that she knows cannot be replenished this side of Christmas to explain to customers that ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ plus has been upfront about it in the retailer’s newsletter and on social media about the challenges of getting stock. “I think most people now understand that 2021 is the year to be organised!” Jo told me. But hey, at least we are in with a chance, which is a lot better than the situation we found ourselves in last year. Multiples for once are not being lambasted for putting their Christmas displays out early; indies are already showing their agility by pulling out the stops with their early displays and are busy scouring for alternative products to fill any gaps that may appear, while publishers who do have stock will be well placed to satisfy any pent-up demand. And we still have over a full month to go, so we need to keep the faith. Not quite sure what will be on Santa’s sleigh, and he, like retailers is seeing his costs going up, with the elves’ National Minimum Wage increases, but Christmas is coming and we need to enjoy it!


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Quality on the front... and a guarantee on the back! More than ever, this Christmas your customers will want eye-catching cards at affordable prices! It’s why independent retailers regularly look for the Simon Elvin name at Christmas!



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All the latest happenings and developments in the trade.

Publishers’ new ranges and designs.



Over The Counter

GCA AGM & Conference

Rockstar Retailing

Manchester United GCA Members

David Robertson, co-owner of JP Pozzi shares some of the high notes that he ‘played’ in his talk at the recent GCA AGM and Conference.

PG joined the packed audience to lap up the joys of the recent GCA AGM and Conference.

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Retailer Insights


Spaghetti Junction

Ring A Ding Ding! Will Those Tills Ring?

Jo Bennett, studio director of Card Factory reflects and looks forward on the public’s card buying habits.

PG columnist reflects on what Christmas is going to be like, trade wise.

69 16-18

Art Source


The Joy Of Roy

The Christmas Countdown

Experienced greeting card artist Roy Thompson shares his story and his creative inspirations.

From the encouraging early buying patterns to concerns about supplies, indies share their festive feelings.

71-72 What’s Hot?

19-21 The Henries: Caught on Camera

A quad of retailers share their best selling ranges.

What A Party! Sharing a flavour of the Boogie Wonderland-themed Henries comeback gig.

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Withi n this iss THE H ue: ENR 202 IES WINN 1 ERS

22-60 The Henries 2021 Winners The photographic evidence of the winning moments.

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Encouraging Early Christmas Buying

Below: Signs are that the public have started their Christmas shopping early. Below middle: Just part of the Christmas card display in Just Cards, Honiton.

Stock issues loom large for suppliers and retailers The Christmas countdown has begun in earnest with many greeting card retailers reporting encouraging early buying patterns, prompted by the media scares of shortages. However, frustrated by order shortfalls and delivery delays many indies are being forced to hold their nerve while enjoying the early ringing in the tills. “Trading has been very positive in all three of our shops and I feel confident about our Christmas sales,” said Chris Bryant, who co-owns of Expressions in Swindon, Cats Whiskers in Bishops Cleeve and Polkadot in Keynsham with his wife Tracey. The decision to bring forward their Christmas displays in all three shops has brought some lucrative festive cheer, with sales up 15% overall in October across the three shops. Anne Anderson, owner of Paprika in Chippenham and Bath is also feeling buoyant about her festive business: “Our Christmas trade is shaping up well. People are definitely starting early this year which is great. I am hoping bricks and mortar will be the way to go this year. I do feel people have just missed the joy of a well-presented shop and the help of good staff.” Down in Devon Maggie Wynn, owner of Just Cards in Honiton is another indie who is enjoying an earlier sales blast. “Here we go again! Christmas has definitely arrived early this year in Just Cards. I think the media has pushed Christmas forward with all the news of

shortages and shelves being empty. I think this has made the public want to buy early just in case they can’t get it later, so sales have been good.” While the media coverage about shortages of stock has kickstarted the public’s Christmas shopping, supply issues have been and are likely to continue to be a headache for card retailers in this ‘Golden Quarter’. “If all my stock arrives, I will feel a lot happier about Christmas!” stated Hayley Bastable, owner of HBB Cards in Newport Pagnell. “It has been a frustrating and worrying time. Despite ordering it at the beginning of the year, my main Christmas card supplier only delivered my order in the third week of October, which was very late! Thankfully many of my other card publishers have enabled me to put on a good display in the interim but I was very relieved to finally have my main Christmas display out by the end of October. So, I’m looking forward to a busy November, fingers crossed!” As Anne Anderson summed up: “The supply issues we are facing mean the message to customers is clear: “Buy it now as we cannot guarantee more stock will be available before Christmas”. (See pages 16-18)

Tickets at the ready for The Retas As PG went to press, the excitement was well truly building up for The Retas greeting card retailer awards, with the winners all set to be revealed at a lavish lunch and afternoon celebratory event on Tuesday 16 November at in the ballroom of the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane, hosted by comedian Stuart Goldsmith. Tying in with the ‘Finery of Greenery’ theme this year, the ‘hottest tickets in town’ for the event (designed by Paper Salad and produced by Windles) have been winging their way to the hundreds of retailers, publishers and trade suppliers who are looking forward to being part of this important retail awards reunion. “Having not taken place last year, The Retas 2021 is doubly significant and is all set to be doubly enjoyable,” enthused Warren Lomax, joint md of Max Publishing, which owns and organises The Retas. The Retas 2021 has a strong roster of sponsors which include The Art File, Belly Button Designs, Carte Blanche Greetings, Cath Tate Cards, Danilo, Hallmark, Heritage Art & Design, The Imaging Centre, Kantar, Ling Design, Ohh Deer, Paper Salad, Paperlink, Pigment Productions, Progressive Greetings Live, Second Nature, Sensations, UK Greetings, Wendy Jones-Blackett and Woodmansterne Publications. Tickets to The Retas 2021 can be bought online via or by contacting The Retas’ awards organiser, Clare Hollick of Createvents on 01183 340085 or by emailing her on Top: The ticket for The Retas was produced by Windles and designed by Paper Salad.

Crackers times for IG Design Group ‘Lower margins will be IG Design’s gift to Christmas shoppers’ was the headline in a recent news item on the Times online edition with a similar version appearing in the newspaper’s business section too. The AIM-listed global group, who is a major supplier of greeting cards, wrap, crackers and many other products to many leading retailers, has warned that the soaring costs and supply chain issues, are affecting its profit margins, Above: The Times newspaper as well as its online edition resulting in the company’s share price dropping by over a third. covered the IG Design Group The Times piece, by Tom Howard, highlighted that IG Design Group was the third listed supermarket story. supplier that week to have admitted that the current disruptions are denting profits and margins. Right: Paul Fineman, ceo of Analysts at Canaccord, IG’s house broker told The Times that this year’s profits for the group will be IGDG. “significantly below current expectations” going so far as to more than halve the underlying earnings estimate for this year to $26.4 million. Reinforcing that IGDG is the world’s largest Christmas cracker manufacturer, ever one to put a positive spin on the situation, Paul Fineman, ceo was keen to assure that for all the problems, that there would not be a shortage of its crackers this year and neither had the increased costs of supply been passed on to the consumer.



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Market Report Reassurance The UK Public Spent £1.4 Billion On Greeting Cards Even during the pandemic, greeting card buying in the UK held strong it seems. Showing a love of greeting cards that knows no bounds, even during the pandemic, the UK public spent an extraordinary £1.4 billion on single greeting cards. A total of 708 million individual greeting cards were bought in 2020, with that figure not including Christmas card boxes and packs or packs of Easter cards. These reassuring topline figures appear in the just published UK Greeting Card Market Report 2021, based on actual sales data. This insightful annual research project was undertaken by Echo, an independent research company, commissioned by the GCA (Greeting Card Association) to track purchases of everyday, Spring Seasons and Christmas single cards, both by volume and value, for the year 2020 compared to 2019. In the preface of the Report, Chris Bryan, president of the GCA (and joint general manager of Second Nature) put the figures into context. “While this [the total market value on single cards] represents an 8.5% decline in retail value sales, this is a solid performance given the 2020 retail landscape,” he said, citing how in what was largely accepted as the worst year in retail on record, with a great many greeting card retailers forced to close during the lockdowns, not to mention the huge reduction in social gatherings and shared celebrations which are such great drivers

Below: Even in the pandemic, greeting card sales held up well.

for greeting card sales, the British public’s love for cards found a way through. “Given the scale and gravity of the challenges faced in 2020, it’s clear that the greeting card market remains incredibly resilient with a strong underlying performance,” stated Chris. “The UK population continues to be highly engaged with this category and our appetite for buying and sending greeting cards continues,” he added. While understandably there were small declines tracked in everyday, Christmas and Spring Seasons sales, there was an encouraging increase in the volume and money spent on blank cards, both bought in store and online. Of the latter, Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA said that this underlines the huge surge in the sending of ‘Thinking of you’ or equally supportive message cards. “Greeting cards really came into their own during Covid, like never before, as a way of enabling people to communicate their love and care for others, in these most challenging of times,” she said.

GCA Council changes The recent GCA AGM and Conference saw Chris Bryan, joint general manager of Second Nature becoming president of the association, succeeding Rachel Hare, md of Belly Button Designs. Darren Cave, commercial director of UKG is now vice president. After over 24 years on the GCA Council, Paul Woodmansterne, chairman of Woodmansterne Publications has retired. In recognition of his incredible contribution to the GCA, PG’s Jakki Brown presented him with a special framed picture, made by Belly Button’s Rachel Hare. Another long serving Council member, Jeremy Corner, md of Blue Eyed Sun has also stepped down. Woodmansterne’s connection to the GCA continues however as Seth, Paul’s son and md of the publishing company has now joined the Council. Other new Council members are David Falkner, director of Cardology and Sarah Knight, founder of Stormy Knight. (See pages 64-67) Above: Paul Woodmansterne was thanked for all his work in support of the GCA over many years. Left: Woodmansterne Publications’ md Seth Woodmansterne (left) and David Falkner, director of Cardology joined the GCA Council.

A high scoring decade for Words ‘n’ Wishes’ Words ‘n’ Wishes marked its 10th Birthday Bash in style, holding its Annual Sales Conference at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC football club. The day’s presentations (covering the wealth of new products from Words ‘n’ Wishes as well as from Danilo, which it represents to indies) culminated in the announcement of the company’s Sales Person of the Year award, which this year was won by Mark Roberts, for his outstanding performance in the North West. The evening saw everyone from Words ‘n’ Wishes’ head office joining for a fabulous celebratory meal at Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant in the stadium complex. Reflecting on the last decade, Rod Brown, joint managing director of Words ‘n’ Wishes said: “The changes in our 10-year period have been significant. Best known for traditional verse and sentiment, the pool of retailers we initially supplied has declined significantly since we started and so, as a business, we have had to adapt to a broader customer profile, with a greater significance put on garden centres and specialist card and gift shops. Coinciding with this change in customer demographic, we have directed the studio to add a more contemporary feel to our product offering.” As Rod highlighted the length of verses in its cards have gone from 16-20 lines when W’n’W started for its largest cards to now, where 4-8 lines of verse is more relevant. Offering a good service has been paramount since the company started, and the company has more than doubled its sales force since its inception, which currently stands at 26 sales agents. As to the venue choice for its 10th anniversary event, “as a northern-based company and having previously held events at both Manchester stadiums we felt it was appropriate to go to Liverpool.” Echoing the lyrics of Liverpool’s anthem, Rod added: “The words ‘You’ll never walk alone’ are appropriate for how we feel after this pandemic. They summed up the strength of team spirit and togetherness on the day that carried through to the celebration at Gino’s restaurant in the evening. We’ve all been in it together and have supported each other.” Sharing the love with its retail customers, Words ‘n’ Wishes has launched a 10th Anniversary rewards voucher initiative for retailers, which will run over the next three months with additional raffle prizes based on customer’s spend with the company. Above: (right) Carl Salt, joint md of Words ‘n’ Wishes presented Mark Roberts with his company’s Sales Person of the Year award at the company’s 10th anniversary annual sales conference.



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A Hallmark Card Takeway In McDonald’s Advert Fast food giant champions sustainability with positive greetings A Hallmark greeting card stars in McDonald’s current advertising campaign, to help deliver the message of the fast food giant’s commitment to sustainability. The ‘Change a little, change a lot’ ad campaign focuses on the small changes McDonald’s is making to positively impact on the planet, people and farming. In the first advert of three, the highlight is on waste reduction, including how its used cooking oil is being converted into biodiesel for its trucks, its Happy Meal toys are being turned into kids’ playgrounds and its McCafé cups are being upcycled into greeting cards illustrating the latter point by featuring one of Hallmark’s CupCycled cards. This card range, which debuted at PG Live in 2019, is printed on board, made by James Cropper in the Lake District, out of recycled disposable coffee cups and a mix of FSC-certified materials. “We are delighted that one of our cards is featured in the McDonald’s campaign, as this chimes with our commitment to

sustainability,” said Sean Russell, Hallmark’s head of marketing. “We will continue to work with James Cropper to help drive forward this sustainable way to make an impact, by taking some of today’s waste and turning it into beautiful cards that create lasting moments for tomorrow,” adds Sean. It’s estimated that 2.5 billion takeaway cups are thrown away each year and Cropper’s CupCycling process is dedicated to upcycling as many take-away cups as possible and turning them into beautiful papers. Above: McDonald’s is using examples to show its eco credentials. Left: A still from the advert showing how some of McDonald’s disposable cups are being upcycled and made into greeting cards.

Greeting cards on POC activation at BLE In recognition of the impressive strides the greeting card sector has made on the sustainable front, examples of some of the best practice will feature on Products of Change’s (POC) sizeable Sustainability Activation area within the Brand Licensing Europe exhibition this month (November 17-19, at London’s ExCel). The stand will include greeting cards and calendars from Danilo, Carousel, UK Greetings and Belly Button Designs, who, together with the GCA and PG have worked with Helena Mansell-Stopher, ceo and founder of POC (the membership organisation which is committed to helping companies on their sustainable journeys) on this. Having also participated as a panellist at the recent GCA AGM and Conference, Helena said: “It is so encouraging what has been happening in the greeting card sector with so much real progress being made on sustainability. By sharing best practices even more can be achieved to protect our planet while also safeguarding the industry’s future.” (See pages 65-65 for all about the GCA’s sustainable research) Left: Danilo has re-designed its desk calendars to make them plastic-free.


The team from The Eco-friendly Card Co took a morning off at the end of last month ago to support the launch of People Pedal Power, an initiative set up by teenage climate activist, Jessie Stevens, whose mum Maggs, works in The Eco-friendy Card Co's Devon office. The plucky 16 year old Jessie Stevens cycled the 570 miles from her Newton Abbott home to Glasgow to attend COP26 as part of her mission to “bring youth representation to a conversation often dominated by older voices". Among those who joined Jessie in the first morning of her journey was The Ecofriendly Card Co's top cycling enthusiast and office manager, Caroline Twigger. While Jessie’s dad cycled with her for the first leg of the journey, her mum Maggs joined her to cycle the remainder of the way to Glasgow. The story attracted considerable media coverage with The Guardian, ITV and Channel 5 covering Jessie’s mission. Speaking on ITV news, Maggs Stevens said how “very, very proud” she was of Jessie while Caroline added how much of an inspiration she was. “I think she’s absolutely amazing, she’s so driven and passionate.” Top: Jessie Stevens talking on TV about her mission. Above: A cycling card designs from Nikky Corker from The Eco-friendly Card Co portfolio.

Fedrigoni’s Materia Viva collection ‘cottons’ on sustainability Very much in harmony with the greeting card industry’s drive for greater sustainability, leading board supplier to many greeting card publishers, Fedrigoni’s latest collection, Materia Viva, takes the company’s environmental commitment up a further notch. The Materia Viva (Italian for ‘living matter’) collection comprises nine recycled-content papers. These range made from between 20% and 100% natural cellulose-alternative fibres, such as cotton and hemp, sourced exclusively from FSC-certified forests. The collection includes new paper variants as well as others that were previously available in the company’s portfolio but have since been revisited and improved. “We’ve been pushing ourselves beyond the limits of technology for over 20 years, to realise new sustainable, creative possibilities,” commented Micaela Di Trana, marketing and R&D vp at Fedrigoni Paper. “With each sheet of paper, we reduce the impact of our supply chain on the environment while elevating the creativity of the brands, designers, printers and converters who work with us. We do this at every stage of our production cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, the manufacture and distribution of the finished product, to the use and disposal of the material. Being sustainable for us means being Above: Each swatch in the Materia Viva creative, and daring to try alternative range has a photo of a landscape matching the paper. solutions to generate change.”


The Eco-friendly Card Co geared up To Cop26

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A scarily good Halloween

Mixed Feelings Towards The Budget Cardies voice concerns about NMW rise While the 50% cut in business rates, announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his recent Autumn Statement, is seen as boost to greeting card retailers, other measures have not gone down so well, resulting in mixed reactions from indies. “As well as could be expected!” was the overall reaction Miles Robinson, coowner of House of Cards had to the recent Budget. “While the business rate discount for next year is welcome (and vital) it was offset by the humongous increase to National Minimum Wage and the extra National Insurance Contributions (NIC).” Miles is in no doubt that “We are all going to see significant cost/price increases and this ultimately will be borne by the consumer but in general greeting cards are still excellent value for money!” Priya AuroraCrowe, co-owner of the Lark group of London shops felt more buoyant about the Budget. “What positive news! We feel a huge relief that the 50% discount has been extended for another year as we actually feared a rise in business rates. We are extremely grateful for the support received so far from the government and long may it continue.” Richard Barker, owner of four Cilla & Camilla shops in Beaminster, Bridport and Sherborne is another who had a smile on his face as to the benefits it will bring. “For a business such as ours who, in the towns where we trade, deliberately occupy the very best prime sites we can acquire, this is as good a move as we could reasonably have hoped for. It's worth well in excess of £25,000 to us in the coming year.” He continued: “the discount provides short-term support as we rebuild post-Covid and the other measures announced show

Below: Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget was not perfect, but included some welcome measures. Below left: Jo Barber, owner of No.14 Ampthill.

a willingness to address the inherent inequity of the current non-domestic rating system.” Jo Barber, owner of No.14 Ampthill, is among those who were hoping for a bit more from Chancellor Rishi Sunak to help bricks and mortar retailers. “A reduction in business rates was most welcome - 100% would have been lovely, but we’ll take anything! However I was hoping there would be movement towards an online sales tax to level out the playing field and help repay the shortfall in rateable income. Sadly that wasn’t to be.” Cathy Frost, owner of LoveOne in Ipswich, also had reservations. “I was pleased to see some good news with respect to business rates, but disappointed not to see a commitment for a fundamental review of the system. Time will tell whether this budget will impact on consumer spend, which at this moment is my biggest worry in the run up to Christmas.” Voicing his concerns, Andrew Goodacre, ceo of the British Independent Retail Association (Bira) highlighted: "The devil is in the detail. The rates bill for this year was reduced to 25% of normal levels in response to Covid. Therefore, reducing rates by 50% next year is, in fact, a 100% increase on what businesses are actually paying. It will be a really difficult year for the high street and we had hoped for more recognition to protect local communities, jobs and livelihoods.” Below: Andrew Goodacre, ceo, Bira feels more measures should have been included to help indies.

There was no missing the Halloweenthemed window in Malvern-based Austin & Co. "We had a great reaction!” exclaimed Sean Austin, owner. And it is not surprising as the extensive window was dedicated to an arresting display featuring giant mariachi skeleton puppets, that were made from upcycled scrap materials to promote the local charity the Worcestershire Resource Exchange (WRE), which diverts useful resources from ending up in landfill and to promote the re-use of materials that already exist rather than producing more. “I have done a small nod to Halloween in previous years, but this year, as I knew of the skeletons' existence I offered my window to the charity,” explained Sean. As a card sending occasion, Sean acknowledges “it's nowhere near the levels you see in the US where it's linked in with sending cards to your teacher, but interest is steadily growing in the UK.” Above: It was hard to miss the Austin & Co Halloween window!

Cardie ‘ghouls’ and guys give back Stoke Newington-based Earlybird Designs was heavily involved in the Stokey Halloween Trail, joining forces with nearby retailers and businesses and the Local Buyers Club to support its Trick or Eat scheme. As the poster in the shop window proclaimed Earlybird was a drop off point for food items that were then donated to the local Hackney Food Bank. “Halloween is a fun time, but when so many families are struggling to put food on the table, it is also a time for those who can do, to give back,” co-owner Heidi Early, told PG. The initiative attracted considerable media attention with Heidi appearing on ITV News on Halloween night, dressed in a Covid-buster outfit (her take on Ghostbusters), explaining all about the campaign. “Halloween is definitely growing for as an event,” revealed Heidi. “Last year was the first year we were really asked for Halloween cards so made sure we had plenty in from Stripey Cats. We also did especially well with some gorgeous velvet pumpkins from Talking Tables.” Above: Earlybird’s Heidi Early on ITV News promoting Trick or Eat.



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NEWS Riou Baxter is to retire


Danilo’s Laurence Prince On TV And Radio Publisher founder speaks out in the media about shipping nightmares Laurence Prince, founder and chairman of Danilo Promotions has appeared on TV and radio airing the real life woes to business being caused by the shipping and haulage crises. Introduced by as “a real life business person” by BBC Radio 5 host Adrian Chiles on his high profile discussion programme that aired recently, Laurence made no bones about the devastation to business that the long delays and uncertainty of when goods shipped from the Far East will arrive in UK warehouses is causing, especially poignant for those involved in seasonal products. Keen to cover the issue, ITV News sent a film crew to the Danilo premises to interview Laurence about the ongoing disruptions. Laurence highlighted Danilo’s plight with the example of the extensive musical advent calendar collection (based on licences which include Frozen, The Gruffalo, The Snowman and the Snowdog as well as one to mark the 40th anniversary of Only Fools and Horses) that the company had expected to arrive into retail in good time for the advent calendar season. Unfortunately, while Danilo had built in some leeway timewise, the delivery that should have docked at the end of August is now not going to arrive until mid November at the earliest.

“We have orders from our retail customers and we keep having to go back to them with changing delivery dates - right now I worry these will make it in time,” said a frustrated Laurence, the whole situation made all the worse by the fact that there is also the UK haulage shortages to contend with, further delaying the stock arriving into warehouses before being sent out to stores. Responding to a point that as advent calendars, if they don’t arrive in time for this year, could be sold in 2022, Laurence highlighted the large cost this would bring to bear on the company’s cashflow. “As these advents include [micro]chips they have to been made in the Far East, and we have already paid for this stock,” explained Laurence, stressing that in all the 45 years of Danilo he has never known a situation like this, how it is bad enough for the cost of a container to have skyrocketed from $3,000 to $18,000, but to not know for certainty when the finished goods will arrive in your warehouse adds insult to injury. (see Viewpoints pages 16-18)

I will miss this wonderful business and the people I have come to know as good friends, but with today’s fast changing industry I know it is time to retire gracefully and spend some quality time with my supportive wife Laura, family and friends”. Why Management is to continue, under Mike’s leadership. Above: Riou Baxter (right) with Alan Harnick, president of US company, Notes & Queries at PG Live.

Happy 1st Birdy

Tiny Tatty Teddy - the nursery sub brand of Carte Blanche’s Me to You - has partnered with neonatal charity, Ickle Pickles, which funds life-saving equipment, such as ventilators and incubators for neonatal units around the country. Tiny Tatty Teddy is to work with Ickle Pickles on a 12 month campaign of activity and fund-raising initiatives. “The Tiny Tatty Teddy brand is all about celebrating baby milestones and treasuring tiny memories which fits perfectly with the Ickle Pickles’ ethos of giving every newborn a chance,” commented Grace Elphinstone, marketing manager of Carte Blanche.

Artists’ agency, Creative Sparrow, founded by Hannah Curtis, celebrates its first birthday this month. Having launched with just 13 creatives in November 2020 the agency has grown to now represent 38 artists, illustrators, and photographers. “It’s been a fabulous first year. Launching amid a pandemic has been challenging, yet exciting,” exclaimed Hannah. “Where large organisations have had to scale back their operations, Creative Sparrow has flourished, supplying beautiful artwork to greeting card publishers, manufacturers of toys, games, apparel and books.” As well as celebrating the agency’s first birthday this month will also see the launch of the Creative Card Collective members subscription service, a collaboration between Hannah and industry friend Bev Cunningham.

Above: The partnership between Tiny Tatty Teddy and the Ickle Pickles charity will raise awareness and funds for premature and sick tiny babies. Right: A duo of Tiny Tatty Teddy cards from Carte Blanche Greetings.

Above: Hannah Curtis near the Creative Sparrow stand at PG Live with artist Alex Lambrechts.

Top: Danilo’s founder and chairman Laurence Prince. Middle: Danilo’s licensed musical advents, including one featuring Frozen are on the high seas, somewhere between China and the UK. Left: Radio host Adrian Chiles described Laurence as a “real life business person.”

CBG supports premature and sick babies


Popular industry stalwart, Riou Baxter is to hang up his cardie boots after 44 years in the trade, retiring at the end of this year. Once met, never forgotten, the ever charismatic Riou has spent the last 16 years as director and co-founder of leading specialist sales consultancy business Why Management, a company he started and has co-run with his business partner Mike Broad. Riou has long enjoyed a high profile in the industry, working on the sales front for several leading companies in the greeting card tapestry, including Hanson White and Accord Publications. Reflecting on his illustrious greeting card career, Riou said: “The past 16 years, in partnership with Mike and with our clients has been a real highlight of my working life.


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MP Sir David Amess’ Greeting Card Tributes Brainbox’s Mark Williams shares the connection MP Sir David Amess was a good man, who was totally committed to his local community. His untimely and horrific death last month rocked the nation, and was felt even deeper by those in his Southend on Sea constituency, including those from the greeting card community. Mark Williams, co-owner of greeting card company Brainbox Candy, which is based in Southend on Sea pays tribute to this lovely MP, who was so horrifically murdered recently, only a few minutes’ walk away from where the publisher’s studio is located. “David was a very warm and personable man, always smiling and cheery. His death was a real shock. It’s horrific for anyone to hear such news and even more chilling when it’s your local MP - and the attack happened five minutes away from our studio. Our thoughts are with his family,” said Mark Williams, who runs and co-owns the publishing business with Ben Hickman. “I lived in the same road as David when I first moved back to the UK in 2000. I met him on a couple of occasions and he helped me out with a community issue,” said Mark. “His legacy will be all the work he has done in our community and nationally. Also, Southend now being granted city status is something

that he campaigned for relentlessly over the years,” added Mark. In addition to his Brainbox Candy connections, Sir David Amess showed his support to the UK greeting card community over the years through his long friendship with the now also sadly departed Lynn Tait, founder of retail and publishing business, The Lynn Tait Gallery, based in Leigh on Sea. Sir David was always supportive of the countless projects and community-spirited initiatives that were spearheaded by Lynn over the years, not only being present at, but making speeches at several events organised by Lynn. Above: Sir David Amess (right) with the sadly departed Lynn Tait (of The Lynn Tait Gallery) and photographer Charlie Waite at a charity photographic exhibition organised by Lynn, and hosted in her Leigh-on-Sea shop.

Mantons and Noel Tatt join forces for charity Chris and Debbie Beards, the philanthropic husband and wife team behind Mantons Cards (based in Port Erin on the Isle of Man) instigated a Christmas card design competition to raise funds and awareness for Crossroads Care, a local charity they have supported for years. To enable 100% of the sales to go to the charity, Noel Tatt committed to covering the cost of printing the 1,000 cards featuring winner, Jacqueline Carroll’s design. Jacqueline said she entered the competition because it had “three things I love rolled into one; charity, cards and Christmas! Choosing cards to send at Christmas time is a tradition I love and feel is well worth keeping, now more so than ever. To see that handwritten envelope drop through your letterbox is an easy thing to do and brings so much joy.” Noel Tatt had no hesitation in coming on board with this charity initiative. As Michael Griffiths, Noel Tatt’s national sales director said: “As one of the leading greeting card retailers in the British Isles, we are honoured to have been supplying Mantons for many years and we were delighted to be asked to help in raising funds for Crossroads. Greeting cards are always a great way to keep in contact with loved ones and to show you care, particularly at Christmas time.” The Christmas cards are now on sale at Mantons as well as the three Crossroads Care shops on the island. Left: (left-right) Mantons’ Lisa Walster, Olivia Leggate, Debbie Beards, Chris Beards with Megan Faragher, Crossroads Care’s fundraising co-ordinator with the winning Christmas card design.

Card designers in the Kelvyn Gardner License This! shortlist Those with connections to the greeting card industry have once again made it into the shortlist of the Kelvyn Gardner License This! awards, with the judging taking place at the Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) exhibition (17-19 November at ExCeL London).

The live final of License This! will be on November 19, where Dan Grant, licensing director of Danilo Promotions and Dale Boreham, senior design manager of Moonpig will be among the judges. The Character & Animation and Brand & Design categories in the competition are both aimed at unlicensed brands and properties with the judges looking for new creative concepts which have the potential to spread across multiple product categories.

Among the shortlist in the Character & Animation category is SeedFolk, a concept created by Joel Mercer, designer for Seedlings Cards & Gifts. Meanwhile, Pencil & TIE’s designs, which appear on the company’s range of greeting cards, is in the running in the Brand & Design category. The greeting card community has good form in this competition. Tracey Colliston, founder of greeting card company Ginger Betty won License This! last year with her Owl’s Nest brand, which went on to clinch the Best Cute Range in The Henries 2021. Finalists in the Character & Animation category: Els Morris - Els Doodles: Rosie Roars; Stacy Moore - Eat Dirt and Joel Mercer - Seedings Cards & Gifts: SeedFolk. Finalists in the Brand & Design category: Pencil & TIE; Sophie Jonas-Hill and Tea for Tattoo and Aline Cervo - Aline Bea. Finalists in the Product Design category: Jon Morse: Tomato Source; Chris de Junien: Imagine8 and Wayne Lindsay: Imaginnovation BLE takes place in person from 17-19 November at ExCeL London followed by an online event running from 30 November to 1 December. It’s free to register at Above: SeedFolk by Joel Mercer, designer of Seedlings Cards & Gifts.



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Rockstar Retailing “This is history…Well, not quite”. Those were the opening words of a talk I gave at the GCA AGM and Conference a few short weeks ago. I had willingly agreed to be one of the keynote speakers months ago, but what would I say? I had the idea that as it was the first time the event took place in the North (Manchester) that my talk would have to be music based. The title ‘Rockstar Retailing’ kept buzzing around my head, along with so many tunes from The Stone Roses, The Smiths and of course, Oasis. While I do not think I am even an ageing rock star, I really enjoyed being part of the gig! Here are a few of the riffs I ‘played’. As I walked on stage to Swamp Song by Oasis, I mimicked what the Gallagher brothers had done at Knebworth 25 years ago. I stood there, arms spread out and repeated Noel’s historic words. My speech was supposed to be about how an independent retailer thinks. It was supposed to shine a light on my buying process and it was supposed to give the 170 publishers and trade suppliers in the room a glimpse into an indie mindset. I wanted the publishers to think about themselves and how they interact with us as customers. I wanted them to realise that not every range they produce will be a greatest hit or appeal to all. WE NEED EACH OTHER WE BELIEVE IN ONE ANOTHER - Aquiesce Noel G Connections, in music and the greeting card industry are vital, they both require a fan base. Oasis went from playing to 100 people in a club in London called The Water Rats to selling out two nights at Knebworth just two years later. This relatively unknown bunch of chancers from Manchester ended up as the biggest band in the world because they cultivated a following and grew. With Oasis there was a link between the band and the audience. Their songs were about your 12


Saturday night. About your life. About your hopes and dreams. Greeting cards, at their best have this same appeal to us as individuals. They are a reflection on us as much as the person who will receive them. They need to fit our tastes and our sense of humour which is what makes our industry so vibrant and diverse. One thing that cannot be argued is that the publishers and the retailers still need each other. While there is a certain amount of direct selling, most still need the exposure indies, chains and the supermarkets can give them. The last figure I saw was that 94% of cards were still bought in bricks and mortar stores pre-Covid and even if this figure has slipped quite a bit during last 18 months it is a great indication that the public still like a handson approach. The other great thing about cards is that every store can be very individual due to the combination of ranges and designs they offer. Yes, there will be elements that cross over but usually you will find a range or two you haven’t seen in each store you visit. My mantra is that cards are still the best way to freshen the look of a display with very little capital cost. I think of it as like downloading a new artist or album on your streaming service, what have you got to lose?

Top: David Robertson with his ‘rock star’ entrance pose on stage at the recent GCA AGM and Conference. Above: Nice Things By Helena is a recent discovery for JP Pozzi, the designs adding newness to the displays. Left: Weird to think that it is now 25 years since Oasis rocked Knebworth.

I highlighted how smaller publishers tend to cut their teeth with indies with the feedback they receive allowing them to refine ranges before being listed with one of the larger players. It is a bit like playing the small venues before you ‘perform’ at Wembley or on one of the other big stages. LITTLE BY LITTLE… Earlier I wrote about followings and fans and as you will all know there are many reasons why people buy cards - design, words, price, but some also look at the style of the shop, the staff and of course the convenience of just where they are. I highlighted to publishers that they need to turn us into fans of their respective companies. We need to be excited about the ranges they offer and want to get them in store to sell them.

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Sometimes it may take time to get that love or it may be an instant attraction or it may be that we get turned onto them because someone else said how great they are. I discussed samples and how one company wooed us by sending us product samples and really valuing our opinion. They have now gone on to be a main part of what we do. When I am buying I always lay the actual cards out either in a spare rack in my office or on my desk so that I can see how different ranges will look in store. It is important for me to see how the whole range looks and if all I have are flyers or images on an iPad I may walk away from stocking it - the touch and feel is everything. THE GREATEST HITS In music we of course enjoy the new stuff from bands we love, but many of us will end up listening to the greatest hits. In the case of the Gallagher brothers, Noel is all about the new the experimental and not looking back, whereas Liam has just sold out two nights at Knebworth for next summer with a mix of his own songs as well as some Oasis classics. The ‘greatest hits’ argument works on the greeting card ‘stage’ too. Five Dollar Shake is one publisher that customers ask for specifically with its look without doubt recognised and sought out. I am sure Matt and Beth (Genower, the company co-founders) would agree that the classic ‘tree’ on their cards should probably have died of Elm disease years ago, but there is a good reason it stays in the range because it sells and sells and sells! Piccadilly from Cinnamon Aitch is another for us that has that following. It was one of our best-selling ranges especially in lockdown. Jonny Javelin too has a cult following for its Velvet range and there are others too. Hallmark’s flower barrow card, Henries’ award winner Helen Steiner Rice from UKG, Champagne from Second Nature, Loose Leashes from Woodmansterne - all are ranges that

l Great communication - direct via agent/rep l Quick turnaround l Lots of new designs, but with the classics always in stock l Value our custom… even if it is not worth £millions l Work with us if you want us to try something new l Margin matters, but less so than with the multiple retailers l Give us a little breathing space paymentwise and don’t flood the market around us. Above: A slide David used to show crowd adoration at Oasis’ concerts. Below left: A ‘greatest hit’ tree design from Five Dollar Shake. Below right: David fully accepts that he does not look like a cool rockstar, and wishes he looked more like Jonathan Crosby of Stripey Cats, who was in the crowd at the event. Bottom: A longtime Oasis fan, who David has seen play over 50 times, from small venues to mega stadiums. He took this shot from the wings of celebrated music venue The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow.

traditional card shops will do well with but have been on the go for a long time. Noel sums this up best when he spoke about ‘a new generation of parka monkeys’ that just want him to play Oasis songs. While he tells them to go away - “F*%k O£F” - I would not be so bold! So, what do we indies really want? Quite simply, stuff that sells. But this is a difficult ‘setlist’ to put together. How do you mix old and new in order to keep everyone happy? I often see publishers faces drop at PG Live and other shows when I don’t buy a range they proudly show me. I hear people say “but this sells brilliantly in….” The bottom line is while I will buy things I like, I also need to believe that my customers will like it too. One of the greatest skills in retail is not to buy just what you personally like but to also buy what you don’t like but know will sell. I WANNA BE ADORED So as a publisher how do they make us indies adore them? For me the list below covers most of it…

THE DIFFICULT NEXT ALBUM Some companies and publishers literally pop up, burn bright with one range and then disappear having scratched that itch. However, in many cases the companies and the ranges evolve annually. As indies we are very aware card sending is changing and it is great to see that so many publishers are very aware of

this too. Whether it is confronting sustainability, producing Father’s Day card captions from the dog or simple cards that say you care, they know what they need to do to keep our shops current and selling their designs. THE ENCORE I ended my ‘performance’ with an Oasis fest of references, here’s an abridged encore… No range will of course LIVE FOREVER. I have never had a MASTERPLAN All I can do is BE HERE NOW pretending to be a ROCK AND ROLL SELLING STAR. Hopefully my aforementioned points will CAST NO SHADOW and this article will get you all TALKING TONIGHT. Failing that you will just need to ROLL WITH IT. LITTLE BY LITTLE our card world will return to normal post-Covid and hopefully will be SUPERSONIC this Golden Quarter and none of us will be left CRYING OUR EYES OUT. To contact David email: PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS WORLDWIDE


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Ring A Ding Ding!

Will Those Tills Ring? What is Christmas going to be like this year? This is the $64 million question Cardsharp is being constantly asked right now. Actually, it’s more than that - nearer a $640 million question as that’s roughly what Christmas sales are normally worth at retail in the UK. Far left: Will the Christmas bells and tills be ringing? Left: Still hard to predict who will be the winners in the shopper’s Christmas basket.

No one really knows how Christmas 2021 is going to pan out trade wise. Never has the final result been so hard to predict. Last year, Cardsharp recalls, we were all hoping for a cracker, only to have the momentum broken by the lockdown of nearly all the retail economy in November. Yet despite that, the late rush in December, and quite possibly the prohibition of family gatherings at Christmas, meaning some people sent more cards, 2020 was not all that bad. In fact, it could have been a lot worse and there were no major post-Christmas failures, other than Paperchase’s pre-pack which had looked on the cards even before Christmas. And certainly, the government’s financial support for the retail sector during

2020 did make the situation a lot better for many than it could have been. This year, the situation is just as uncertain, but for different reasons. Talking to many retailers, Cardsharp has heard that footfall generally is back to approximately 80% of pre-Covid levels with per capita spend slightly up. Talk of another lockdown or even the so-called ‘Plan B’ have died down and the government is eager to quash any such suggestions. Quite frankly the government’s finances could not handle anything like that in its present state and the powers that be know the bulk of the population would not accept it. No, this Christmas, the question is not about Left: Rocketing prices and shipping container shortages are causing havoc for for suppliers, retailers and ultimately consumers.



level of demand or potential lockdowns, but whether there will be enough supplies to satisfy the British public - supply and demand in the extreme. The ‘stock availability’ is key in deciding who will be the winners and losers this Christmas. We have all heard of the first world supply problems ahead - the no pigs-inblankets disaster scenario, as a starter for ten. Certainly, the rumours of shortages have got the season off to a good start with none of the complaints about Christmas displays going out to early. Quite the opposite in fact, with a healthy bit of early panic buying, which works in our sector’s favour. But, reflects Cardsharp, there is a very apt saying. “It’s only when the tide goes out, you see who is not wearing swimming trunks”. At the moment we do not know, who, if any, are going to be naked in several weeks’

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time? But the winners will certainly be the ones with their backsides fully covered. And who will they be? We all well know the problems with China, with delayed production and the eight-fold increase in container shipping costs. Not to mention the delays even if you agree to the extortionate demands, but some will be more protected than others. UK greeting card printers have not surprisingly been full to the gunnels, which is seemingly good news, but many of them, Cardsharp hears, have suffered through delays of paper and envelope deliveries as well as skilled staff shortages. And that’s without the constant fear of Covid infection halting production. Many have struggled valiantly, but no doubt it is human decency and sound business sense to give the most support to those companies who have supported you the longest and been prompt payers over the years.

As far as China is concerned where so many boxed cards, hand-finished cards and giftwrap are produced, it’s a lottery. It is impossible to even get out there to ascertain the situation, and apparently it is looking like April 2022 before international travel to China is permitted again. There are also tales that many of the dodgier factories in China that did not deliver last year, have gone to the wall this year, reducing capacity even further. It has been rumoured that some supermarkets, at least when it comes to their own brand product, are protected from the worst effects of all this to a certain extent having signed legal contracts with the factories and container shipping companies to guarantee on time deliveries. Time will tell if this is true. In contrast, Cardsharp has heard that some multiples, who played hard and fast with their Chinese suppliers last year by

delaying payments or demanding discounts are now at the bottom of the pile, when it comes to getting their orders out. Many of us are also aware, reflects Cardsharp (no names no pack drill!) that some major retailers are more robust than others and a poor Christmas could be the final nail in the coffin. So, if gaps appear in the final run up to Christmas, will they be able to be filled? Normally one option for a retailer would be to rush to their local wholesalers, but many of these are said to be creaking with the same supply problems. As a retailer, whether large or small, you just have to hope that you have backed the right horse in this crazy Christmas Grand National. For the big boys, big gaps could be pretty devastating. Two years ago, and pre-Covid, a supply issue blighted the success of Card Factory’s Christmas, leading to a plummet of the share price and arguably contributed to the subsequent exit of Karen Hubbard, its then ceo. If there are problems, independents may be in a better position to deal with the situation. By nature, being flexible and hands on, and also requiring far less stock, they may be able to shop around to plug any holes. So, with the ‘shop local’ movement still gaining momentum it could mean a bumper Christmas for indies. But whatever happens this Christmas, no doubt 2022 will see publishers making real attempts to find alternative supply chains, closer to home than the Far East. The ‘China Price’ is going through the roof. Factories are quoting price increases in the region of

Above: Christmas stocking has something of a different meaning this year. Left: The growing ‘shop local’ movement should play into the hands of indies, such as Box of Delights in Flitwick. Bottom: Looking positively, it could all come good in the end!

40% and, determined not to get caught with bad debts, are insisting on stringent pre-payment terms from their customers. China is also becoming increasingly more prosperous and is no longer just a pool of cheap labour, and it needs to supply its own burgeoning middle class population with the type of products that it used to export to the West. No doubt there will be a shift to more UK production, which will be good news for our excellent domestic specialist printers, as long as they can handle the demand. There will also be a search for new low cost overseas manufacturing locations. India, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Turkey have been mooted, but reliable supply chains are tortuous to forge and can’t be created overnight. Moreover, the predictions are that container shipping prices will stay very high for a considerable period yet, which makes any overseas production less attractive. Doom and gloom? Perhaps not. There is an alternative scenario reflects Cardsharp. What if all this talk of shortages comes to nothing? It’s a close-run thing but maybe everything will arrive just in time and the greeting card displays in shops across the UK will remain stocked right up to December 24. The great British public, free to shop with abandon with no restrictions for the first time in ages go mad for Christmas cards and everyone celebrates with a great big blooming booming Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho! Let’s all hope that the Christmas stockings are full, concluded Cardsharp.



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Below: The Christmas clock is ticking…

The Christmas


So, the Christmas countdown has begun in earnest with many retailers reporting encouraging early buying patterns prompted by the media scares of shortages. As greeting card retailers hold their nerves, frustrated by order shortfalls and delivery delays, PG taps into the festive feelings of some leading indies.

Maggie Wynn owner of Just Cards in Honiton Christmas hunch: “Here we go again! I think the media has pushed Christmas forward with all the news of shortages and shelves being empty. I think this has made the public want to buy early just in case they can’t get it later, so sales have been good. The weather and Government permitting I feel we will have a very busy Christmas.” Your approach: “Christmas definitely arrived early this year in Just Cards. I put all the boxes and packs out at the beginning of October, then, as customers were coming in and asking for different titles meaning I was in and out the drawers a lot, I decided I would put everything out for the half term week especially as we get a lot of holidaymakers down here then. I even created my Christmas windows as well, whereas normally I wait until November to do these.” Buying trends: “I think sustainability will be a big factor in the selling of a product. My customers want to buy local and independently to keep their high street alive.” Supply issues: “We have experienced a lot of out of stocks and delays, but we can work round these. After the last couple of years, we have got used to waiting. I am just glad to be able to be open and enjoy the Christmas trading period this year.” Above: Maggie Wynn is going for it with her Christmas display. Left: Just Cards’ windows are brimming with Christmas cards.



Sean Austin owner of Austin & Co, Malvern Christmas hunch: “After the aborted Christmas of 2020, I think people will adopt a more relaxed approach to cost and will actually spend more. If they like something, they will buy it, no quibble. Online will definitely hit certain areas of the High St, such as fashion, home furnishings, and electronics. In card retailing, we are in quite a lucky position that so many cards continue to be bought on the High Street so we've hooked the consumer into the store to not only buy a card, but then have the opportunity to sell to them from our non-card product. Those who may be fearful of an online order not being delivered may work to our advantage too in many deciding to go for a 'click-and-collect' option so bringing them onto the High St.” Your approach: “I'm fully stocked and ready to go! I always aim for the last weekend of October. I know some retailers have gone early, preying on the public's fear that there won't be anything in the shops. As regards products, cards are, and will always be, the Above right: Sean Austin aproned up for Christmas trade! number one category, and I’ve Above: One of the Christmas card increased our offer, especially on designs by Hannah Lawson. packs where customers will see a greater value for money if budgets are tight. I also have a large number of everyday and general occasion cards left out on the shopfloor - a winner with customers when many other shops have reduced their footprint.

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VIEWPOINTS With the Shop Local movement continuing to gain strength, I have worked with local artist and author/illustrator Hannah Lawson to create some lovely Christmas cards. Dog accessories, and other one-off gifts such as Chilly's water bottles and Roka bags, are earning their space with a higher margin per square foot. I have no plans for promotions; I always feel it a Above: Part of the Christmas bit odd to reduce prices at a time card display in Austin & Co. when people want it.” Buying trends: “As we enter the last week of October, the one bonus is that this time last year we were about to enter Lockdown 2, so if anything, my year-on-year will be well up. This is my 11th October of trading, and like the previous ten, it tends to be a mooching month. Though that's all set to change with the second-to-last pay packet before Christmas, and spend will then to increase as customers' thoughts turn to Christmas. I have seen no real early buying. I had a small selection of packs of Christmas cards out on display that sold steadily, but not out of panic, just from early adopters who wanted to get their cards done for one reason or another.” Supply issues: “I have suffered from goods coming from Europe. Some orders from suppliers that used to take two days pre-Brexit, now are taking five weeks with hold ups at customs and delivery companies. I have had to let some go and find substitutions. One positive over the past year has been the online wholesale websites, such as Faire and Abound which have opened up the US wholesale market to the UK. This means new original product that can be in the shop in less than a week from the other side of the Atlantic.”

Anne Anderson owner of Paprika in Chippenham and Bath:

Nigel Williamson and Miles Robinson co-owners of House of Cards, a group of seven shops in the Home Counties: Christmas hunch: “We are planning for a good Christmas and sales are certainly coming in early but it’s much harder work this year with the supply chain issues! We believe the sales of gift products will be strong because there is less choice on the high street with the closure of some very big businesses like Debenhams. Online sales will continue to grow and make high street retailing difficult, but this is a realigning process that will see the strongest survive.” Supply issues: “We’re currently very busy in the warehouse trying to get seasonal stock that should have arrived in September out to our shops, which has meant we have changed our plans to cope with it. Christmas displays have been remerchandised numerous times because some stock has arrived late, but I don’t think it has damaged sales too much yet. However, there are still a lot of Christmas-related gifts that are due mid-November and this is now getting concerning. Thankfully, our core product groups like Christmas boxed cards, single cards and gift wrapping are now all delivered.” Buying habits: “Everyday rollwrap sales have been very strong this year and if supply is also an issue for Christmas then the extra orders I have placed will have been a good decision.” Top: Having opened a 7th shop, in Woodley, in the summer, House of Cards is hoping for a magnificent Christmas. Above: Nigel Williamson speaking on BBC News last year when the last minute Christmas lockdown was announced. Right: House of Cards has always done well with Advent calendars, both in its shops and via its website.

Christmas hunch: “Our Christmas trade is shaping up well. People are definitely starting early this year, which is great. I am hoping bricks and mortar will be the way to go this year. I do feel people have just missed the joy of a wellpresented shop and the help of good staff.” Your approach: “We have put our Christmas stock out earlier than usual, a bit at a time without our usual fanfare. This is largely because deliveries have been very inconsistent and unreliable.” Supply issues: “We have had supply issues with a number of long-standing suppliers as well as with some new ones. The problems seem to be across the board and there is little we can do to affect it. It is extremely frustrating and makes us feel a little insecure. The supply issues we are facing means the message to customers is clear: “Buy it now as we cannot guarantee more stock will be available before Christmas”.” Buying habits: “I think sustainability has been growing in people’s consciousness over the last few years and will be at the forefront of shoppers’ minds going forward. Over the last 12-18 months we have been developing our own range of products all of which are sustainably sourced within the UK. Customers have been interested in the story behind them and the feedback has been very positive.” Left: Paprika is experiencing an earlier start to Christmas buying.



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VIEWPOINTS Carl Dunne co-owner of Cards & Gifts Sheffield and Dronfield: Christmas hunch: “Having been out in shopping centres the last two weekends, following media warnings about shortages of toys etc. I think there's already a buying frenzy with people worried about supplies. It looks like customers aren't even wanting to risk waiting for online purchases to arrive and so are pushing themselves out into the high street to make sure they get what they want now. In our shops stock is moving a little faster than usual right now, but I wonder whether this is just a blip because of the media hysteria.” Your approach: “We put all our Christmas stock out at the start of September and have already seen strong seasonal sales.” Supply issues: “Supply issues have not been a major problem as a whole, as we buy from a wide spectrum of publishers. Having UKG, ICG, Cherry Orchard, Noel Tatt, Paper Salad, Nigel Quiney, Dean Morris, Second Nature, Carte Blanche, Words ‘n’ Wishes, we're well covered! Some supply houses have warned of and suffered delays, whereas others forecast issues and got ahead so we've had reasonable stocks to be able to continue to offer a good selection to customers despite delivery upheaval. In the end it will be the publishers that suffer if they deliver late, ultimately it may simply result in higher returns. Like others, we insist on 100% sale or return on seasonal goods, especially important if they've delivered late.” Above: There’s no mistaking that Christmas is coming at Cards & Gifts Sheffield. Right: Carl Dunne and his partner Ollie Guise-Smith at PG Live 2021.

Hayley Bastable owner of HBB Cards, Newport Pagnell: Christmas hunch: “I’m looking forward to a busy November, fingers crossed. If all my stock arrives, I will feel a lot happier about Christmas! I have put out the Christmas loveliness from Paper Salad, Rosie Made a Thing and Five Dollar Shake as these all got to me in good time!” Your approach: “I’ve been busy receiving new stock that I ordered from PG Live and Autumn Fair. Art Matters penguin cards and prints are stunning. I have just received Dandelion Stationery’s new range of soaps which are unbelievably cute and its festive tea towels are also super brilliant. I have also been busy designing my own HBB candle with a little help from my friends at Potters Crouch candles.” Supply issues: “It has been a frustrating and worrying time as since the beginning of September I have been concerned with the delays in Christmas stock arriving. Despite ordering it (at the beginning of the year) my main Christmas card supplier only delivered my order in the third week of October, which is very late! Thankfully many of my other card publishers have enabled me to put on a good display in the interim but I was very relieved to finally have my main Christmas display out by the end of October.” Top: HBB has sold a lot of the Hunky Dory Christmas range from Paper Salad. Above: A special candle that Hayley created with Potters Crouch. Right: HBB created an Autumn display before moving into full blown Christmas.

Chris and Tracey Bryant co-owners of Expressions in Swindon, Cats Whiskers in Bishops Cleeve and Polkadot in Keynsham Christmas hunch: “Trading has been very positive in all three shops and I feel confident about our Christmas sales. In Expressions, where we started Christmas early, September 1 as we did last year, sales are up by 7.5%. In The Cats Whiskers and Polkadot, we brought forward our Christmas displays to 1 October which has proved to be a great success. This has seen a 15% average sales increase across all three shops. It is difficult to predict what percentage of the public’s purse will go online. Our customers seem to love the physical experience of choosing their cards in store, and long may this continue. We do have our own website - which is contributing greatly to the significant growth we have enjoyed.” Buying habits: “At Expressions we have always enjoyed excellent Christmas trading, particularly customers’ early buying of those special double captions along with special friend, someone special, one I love etc. However, charity packs are also well up at this early stage of the season. We carry a large selection of charity packs from Woodmansterne, Museums and Galleries, Noel Tatt and GBCC. All are performing very well. Cats Whiskers and Polkadot are trading much earlier than previous years, again charity packs and boxed assortments are selling well.” Supply issues: “We have experienced problems, but these have mainly been from gift suppliers, although our roll wrap and a few boxed assortments were late arriving.” Above right: Expressions, Cats Whiskers and Polkadot are full of festive loveliness. Above left: Charity packs, such as those from Museums & Galleries have been selling well in Expressions.



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Caught on Camera: The Henries 2021

What A Party! The greeting card community deserved a great big joyful party, and The Henries awards evening was certainly that as 500 publishers, retailers and trade suppliers made the most of the opportunity of getting back together to celebrate and schmooz. PG shares a flavour of the Boogie Wonderland-themed Henries comeback gig! Left: Suitably Boogie Wonderland attired, Rush Design’s Ian and (centre) Lorraine Bradley with Laura Darrington at the Windles drinks reception.

Above: All the happy Henries winners took to the stage with their trophies. Below: Starting The Henries on a high note, Windles, arranged a great pre-drinks reception and the team were out in force.

Left: AfroTouch’s Georgina Fihosy, her mum Rose Adims and PG’s Jakki Brown next to the finalists’ boards (which were produced by The Sherwood Group). Below: The Five Dollar Shakers were up for a good night out.

Above: PG’s Warren Lomax with the GCA’s Amanda Fergusson, at the Windles’ drinks do.



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Caught on Camera: The Henries 2021

Left: (left-right) Louise Mulgrew (Louise Mulgrew Designs), Sarah Kelleher (Sarah Kelleher), Jessica Hogarth and Phil Hammill (both of Jessica Hogarth).

Above: There was no mistaking the theme, with funky menus (left) designed and produced by Windles, with everyone receiving an actual 7” retro single as their placecard (sponsored by Ohh Deer).

Left: It was records in the air for a fun ‘Higher or Lower’ elimination game. Below: The wonderfully witty Tom Allen was superb as host of The Henries.

Left: The charity raffle, the proceeds of which went to The Light Fund, was drawn by a trio of overseas guests. (Right-left) Watermark Cards’ co-owners Brian Murtagh and Paul Slater came across from Dublin while Markus Keller, founder of CART travelled from Switzerland to be there.

Above: As sponsor of the game, Ohh Deer’s Mark Callaby (right) was on stage to present a prize of a magnum of Champagne and a 12” of Boogie Wonderland to the winner, Tom Horton, Tesco’s strategy and implementation manager for general merchandise.

Below: Twizler’s Laura Murphy was delighted to win one of the raffle prizes, while for John Skeet, md of Skeet Print, The Henries was a warm up party for his 60th birthday a few days later.

Above: As GF Smith’s Janet Stevens (right) is due to retire in early 2022, she made the most of her last Henries, while Dandelion’s Jo Wilson had a great night, made more special by her Henries’ win.



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Caught on Camera: The Henries 2021

Below: There was a lot of fun to be had in the House of Cards’ sponsored photopod.

Above: Cath Tate Cards’ Rosie Tate (left) and Amy Woodrow-Arai were on ‘sparkling’ form with Redback Cards’ Chris Stanley.

Left: John Travolta eat your heart out! House of Cards’ Miles Robinson with Paper Salad’s Karen Wilson (left) and Claire Williams. Right: There were plenty of groovy ‘shapes’ being made.

Left: The disco beat got everyone moving, especially Bill Greeno!

Above: Agent Tim Shaw makes a point that The Henries 2021 really did hit the high note! Left: The dancefloor was packed right until the end…with the schmoozing continuing until the wee small hours in the hotel bar.



Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:34 Page 3


Open to: All card designers under 35 on August 1 2021.

Initial Reaction: “I was absolutely over the moon to be nominated and amazed that I actually won!! Thank you so much to the judges who voted for me. We had a great night - it was so lovely to be able to celebrate in person with everyone once again.” Charlotte Mason, senior designer for Woodmansterne Publications and The Proper Mail Company Above: (right) Charlotte Mason, senior designer for Woodmansterne was so proud to receive the award from the lovely Leona Janson-Smith, director of Postmark, the sponsor of this award category.


Charlotte Mason

senior designer for Woodmansterne Publications and The Proper Mail Company

Below: Leona Janson-Smith, director of Postmark, category sponsor, had the pleasure of announcing the first winner of The Henries 2021.

Right: True greeting card creative talent, Charlotte Mason was so happy to be presented with this significant award.



Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:35 Page 5

Open to: All greeting card ranges (humorous and non-humorous) that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021 that reflect diversity and inclusion. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.


Fierce & Fabulous from The Art File

Above: Recognising the significance of this inaugural award, Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA, the sponsor of this category, was delighted to announce the winner. Below left: Recognising the significance of this inaugural award, Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA, the sponsor of this category, was delighted to announce the winner.

Right: James Mace, The Art File’s sales and marketing manager felt an immense sense of pride accepting the award trophy from Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA, the sponsor of this category.

Initial Reaction: “I’m so incredibly proud that The Art File is the first publisher to ever win this amazing new award with our Fierce & Fabulous collection by Beth Kemp. I believe embracing diversity and inclusiveness through outstanding design is so powerful and greeting cards as a whole offer a dynamic platform to promote positivity, diversity and empowerment. And what a night to see the greeting card industry come back together again after such a challenging time for everyone. The bond created by an incredible mix of publishers, retailers, suppliers, agents and artists showed an industry full of passion, energy, inclusiveness and vision. I am so grateful to be a part of it.” Ged Mace, managing director of The Art File




The GreATesT COLLeCTiOn OF GreeTinG CArDs in The WOrLD

Here’s what people thought of the 2021 show! Well, that has to be the best come back show of all time! We have definitely missed the excitement of PG Live! Miles Robinson, co-owner of House of cards, seven shops in the Home Counties

We had a wonderful time at PG Live. It was really great to be out meeting brands again and seeing new ranges in person! Steph Lloyd buyer for Utility

SAVE THE DATE Don’t miss PG Live 2022

Tuesday 7 - Wednesday 8 June Business Design Centre, London +44 (0) 7734 111633 @PGLiveLondon #pglive2022

24_PG_November 2021.indd 1

What a warm and welcoming show. PG Live was the perfect kickstart to trade shows for us. Mark Janson-Smith, managing director of Postmark, a group of five shops in London

The FuTure OF GreeTinGs Book your frEE TickETS now

05/11/2021 12:14

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:35 Page 8

Open to: All greeting card ranges which demonstrate a current trend, be it in subject matter, terminology or production technique, that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.


Hunky Dory

from Paper Salad Above: Paper Salad’s directors, Karen Wilson (left) and (centre) Claire Williams joined Jessica Short, operations director of award category sponsor, The Imaging Centre on stage to receive the trophy.

Above: Jessica Short, operations director of award category sponsor, The Imaging Centre was all smiles as she prepared to announce the winner.

Initial Reaction: “We are delighted that Hunky Dory won the Best Contemporary Trend Range award. They are our best-selling designs but the other finalists had outstanding ranges as well so winning the award makes it all the more special.” Claire Williams and Karen Wilson, co-owners of Paper Salad


Right: Little did Paper Salad directors Claire Williams (right) and Karen Wilson know that this would be the start of several journeys to The Henries’ stage that night!





a HUGE thank you from everyone at

W e’re so proud to have won the Henry for Best Art Range with our ARTISAN DAYS collection.

Thank you to all the wonderful retailers who stock our cards, to everyone who voted, and a special thanks to Jane Newland for her beautiful art.

26_PG_November 2021.indd 1

30/10/2021 15:24

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:36 Page 11

Open to: All art (fine art, contemporary and illustrative, but not photographic) greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “I’m especially delighted to have won in Best Art Range category. We put so much thought into trying to create original, contemporary subject matter with tons of detail and a standout colourway. The range has been a massive success for us and this award is the icing on the cake!” Martin Powderly, creative director of Pigment

Above right: Hannah Allan, Pigment Productions’ trend researcher was very happy to receive the award from Warren Lomax, joint managing director of Max Publishing, sponsor of this award category. Below: Warren Lomax, joint managing director of Max Publishing, sponsor of this award category was suitably Boogie Wonderland-attired to announce the winner.



Artisan Days from Pigment

Right: Hannah Allan, Pigment Productions’ trend researcher back at the table with the ‘stand in’ glass Henries’ trophy.



CABOODLES ADVERT OCT 2021.indd 1 28_PG_November 2021.indd 1

28/10/2021 13:09 30/10/2021 15:24

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:36 Page 13


Open to: All greeting card ranges sold via the wholesale distributor/cash & carry channel that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “When we were announced as the winner, I was speechless, a rare thing for me! I feel honoured to have won a Henries award as it is recognition from the industry that we are doing something right. I love to think this is just the first! Even though winning was great for Kingfisher, even if we hadn’t it would still have been the most fabulous night, with so many industry friends meeting again.” Paul Urban, managing director of Kingfisher Cards Above: Paul Urban, managing director of Kingfisher Cards was incredibly happy to be presented with the trophy from Lynda Raymond, founder and co-owner of LB Warehousing, sponsor of this award category.



from Kingfisher Cards

Below: Lynda Raymond, founder and co-owner of LB Warehousing, sponsor of this award category, was looking as radiant as ever as she announced the winner.

Below: A proud as punch Paul Urban!



Proud winners of


! | 0116 4062000 |

30_PG_November 2021.indd 1

30/10/2021 15:25

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:36 Page 16

Open to: All humorous greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs which had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.


Gin & Frolics

from Rosie Made a Thing

Above: Adding to a sparkling evening, Rosie Harrison, founder and designer of Rosie Made a Thing collected the trophy from Alison Graham, key account director of Spring Fair, sponsor of this award.

Initial Reaction: “Wooohoooo! So excited to win this one! It means the world.” Rosie Harrison, founder of Rosie Made a Thing

Below: It was a golden moment as Alison Graham, key account director of Spring Fair, sponsor of this award, announced the winner.


Above: A Happy Rosie



Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:37 Page 19


Open to: All greeting card ranges aimed at children that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Right: In whistlestop time Karen Wilson (second right) and Claire Williams, directors and co-founders of Paper Salad were back to the stage to collect their second award of the evening. This time from Tony Lorriman, managing director of Loxleys, the sponsor of this award category.



from Paper Salad

Initial Reaction: “We are over that moon that Hoopla won the Best Children’s Range award - this is now the 4th year running that we have won this category!” Claire Williams and Karen Wilson, co-owners of Paper Salad Right: Loxleys’ managing director, Tony Lorriman at the ready to open the winner’s gold envelope.



Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:37 Page 22

Open to: All greeting card ranges that are published under licence (eg entertainment properties, brands or named artists) that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs which had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “Shock, tears and the hugest of smiles! We were absolutely thrilled to win a Henries award within the licensed category range especially when we were up against such tough competition from brands that we truly admire. It’s a collection that continues to grow strongly year on year and at least £5,000 is given to the National Trust through the sale of this product range. So, it’s great that we’re not only able to design a range that we adore, but we’re also able to support a fantastic charity at the same time. Thanks so much to our stockists and all of The Henries’ judges for their amazing support.” Jo Clarke, founder of Toasted Crumpet

Above: Jo Clarke, founder of Toasted Crumpet was so delighted to receive the trophy from John Skeet, director of Skeet Print, sponsor of this award category.


Below: John Skeet, director of Skeet Print, sponsor of this award category did the honours by opening the winner’s envelope on stage.

Explore and Treasure with National Trust

from Toasted Crumpet




34_PG_November 2021.indd 1

30/10/2021 15:26

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:37 Page 25


Open to: All traditional ‘words and sentiments’ greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “I’m absolutely thrilled that our Helen Steiner Rice collection won the award for Best Traditional Words and Sentiments Range. It’s been such a successful range at retail over the years and it’s fabulous to receive a Henries award in recognition!” Frances Billington, creative director of UK Greetings for core cards


Helen Steiner Rice From UK Greetings

Above: Frances Billington, UK Greetings’ creative director for core cards was delighted to receive the trophy from Tom Treadwell, area sales manager of Foilco, sponsor of this award. Below: Tom Treadwell, area sales manager of Foilco, sponsor of this award did the honours at the lectern. Right: This year is the 40th anniversary of Helen Steiner Rice’s death, which makes it all the more significant a win for UKG.



Ross King


I n t ro d u c i n g o ur N EW ra ng e o f Blue Mount ain Ar t s se n t i m en t g re e ting s ca rds a n d wallet cards fe a t u r i n g he a r tfe lt po e tr y ta rget ing life’s most i m p o r t a n t pe o ple a nd eve nts. With words from best-selling author Douglas Pagels, whose books have sold over 3.5 million copies, this beautiful photogr aphic r ange features colourful photogr aphs both inside and out. Launching for the fir st time in the UK and Eire , Pix & Pagels has already enjoyed unprecedented response in the USA, tar geting a millennial audience for an incremental sales oppor tunity.

It’s easy to order: In the UK via your Business Development Representative, our Customer Services team on 01243 792600 or online at For our Irish customers via our trusted partners at Watermark on 00353 (0)1429 1956

BMA Pix and Pagels A4 Advert_Sept 21.indd 23/09/2021 12:50 - 1 36_PG_November 2021.indd 1

(Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) (BlacK)


@carteblanchegrp @carteblanchegrp

04/11/2021 19:01

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:38 Page 28

Open to: All contemporary ‘words and sentiments’ greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.



from Emotional Rescue in collaboration with Paper Salad Above: Emotional Rescue’s creative director Jennie Rutter (second right) and managing director Brett Smith were joined on stage by Paper Salad’s directors Karen Wilson (left) and Claire Williams to receive the trophy from Product of Change’s ceo and founder, Helena MansellStopher (right), the sponsor of this award category. Below: Product of Change’s ceo and founder, the very lovely Helena Mansell-Stopher, had the gold envelope!

Initial Reaction: “We had a fantastic time at The Henries it was great to be out celebrating with everyone again! We were ecstatic to be nominated for four awards, let alone to win one! Winning an award for sentiment is certainly a new one for us and we are very excited to have a sentiment range recognised within the market. Obviously, we have to give a big shout out to our very good friends at Paper Salad whose talent for design has clearly helped this range stand out from the crowd.” Jennie Rutter, creative director of Emotional Rescue


Right: A shared glory for the Emo team and the Paper Saladies.



Thank you to all the lovely people that voted for us - our lovely award means the world to us.

PG AD - Full Page - Nov 2021.indd 1 38_PG_November 2021.indd 1

15/10/2021 13:53 30/10/2021 15:27

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:38 Page 31

Open to: All relations and/or occasions greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “I’m absolutely over the moon with our trophy – it just means so much to us small publishers. We send a humongous thanks to those that voted – we could not be happier.” Jo Wilson, founder and creative director of Dandelion Stationery

Right: Jo Wilson, founder and creative director of Dandelion Stationery couldn’t contain her delight at receiving the award from Ian Braithwaite, commercial manager of Fedrigoni, sponsor of this award category.

Below right: The award added to the joy of the event for Dandelion’s Jo Wilson. Below: Ian Braithwaite, commercial manager of Fedrigoni, sponsor of this award category revealed the worthy winner.


Words of Wisdom

from Dandelion Stationery




40_PG_November 2021.indd 1

02/11/2021 11:59

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:38 Page 34


Open to: All greeting card ranges which are either completely handmade or include a hand-finished element, that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “And the winner is… ”. I’m still waiting for one of us to do a ‘Zoolander’ and mistakenly walk towards the stage despite another winner being announced! Luckily, we had several colleagues jumping for joy (we couldn’t have all misheard…) It’s the best feeling. I couldn’t be prouder!” Matt Genower, managing director of Five Dollar Shake

Above right: Five Dollar Shake’s ‘head of customer Wow’ John Stevens and (right) Caroline Burton, the company’s ‘design Ninja’ were all smiles as they were presented with the trophy by Clare Johnson EBB’s design and marketing executive, the category sponsor. Below: And it’s another Henries trophy to add to Five Dollar’s impressive collection!


California Dreaming from Five Dollar Shake

Below right: As sponsor, EBB’s design and marketing executive, Clare Johnson did the honours by announcing the winner.



Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 11:09 Page 37

Open to: All photographic greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “Wow, what an amazing evening! It was like our leashes had been removed and we were finally free to roam. Ron Schmidt is such a talented photographer and artist. All the numerous dog auditions have paid off. What a great job!” Ian Blake, art director of Woodmansterne Publications

Above: (left) Ian Blake, Woodmansterne’s art director was presented with the trophy by Harry Shah, the chairman of Sound Tech, sponsor of this award category.

Right: Sound Tech Group’s chairman, Harry Shah, sponsor of this category did the honours by announcing the winner.





Loose Leashes

from Woodmansterne Publications

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:39 Page 40

Open to: All greeting card ranges aimed at male recipients that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “Yaaaaay! Really lovely to be doing it for the boys!” Rosie Harrison, founder of Rosie Made a Thing

Above right: The ever sparkly Rosie Harrison, founder of Rosie Made a Thing received her trophy from Simon Pryce, managing director of Skylight Media, sponsor of this award. Below: Simon Pryce, managing director of Skylight Media, sponsor of this award category, with the winner’s gold envelope in his hand.



Gin & Frolics

from Rosie Made a Thing

Right: Rosie Harrison, founder of Rosie Made a Thing was very happy indeed to collect her second award of the night.



72 New Quicksilver designs are ready to order now!!

44_PG_November 2021.indd 1

30/10/2021 15:28

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:39 Page 43

Open to: All single Christmas card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs which had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.


Rainbow Drops

from Wendy Jones-Blackett

Above: Wendy and (right) Steve Jones-Blackett, directors of Wendy Jones-Blackett were delighted to receive this award from Bruce Podmore, md of Windles. Below left: Happiness personified!

Initial Reaction: “Oh WHAT A NIGHT!!! Already giddy with enjoyment at being back at The Henries event itself we were gobsmacked by winning the Christmas Counter trophy with our Rainbow Drops range!! Absolutely delighted, it’s the first time we’ve ever been finalists in this category and really are over the moon!” Wendy and Steve Jones-Blackett, co-owners of Wendy Jones-Blackett


Right: Longtime Henries’ sponsor, Windles’ owner and managing director, Bruce Podmore knew what he had to do with that gold envelope. PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS WORLDWIDE



30/10/2021 15:29

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:39 Page 46


Open to: All Christmas boxes or packs that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. These could be branded, own brand or charity products.

Right: Collecting The Art File’s second award of the night (left) Ged Mace, The Art File’s managing director went on stage to receive the trophy from David Darwood, sales director of Gould Paper, sponsor of this award category. Below: As sponsor Gould Paper’s sales director David Darwood was ready with that gold envelope. Below right: Ged Mace walking tall with the trophy!

Initial Reaction: “We were delighted to win this award for the third time in as many years. It’s extra special because of all the hard work that went into redesigning a box free of acetate that still conveyed the quality and detail of these luxury cards. Our production team, headed up by Alice Tillotson was instrumental in its development while James Mace, our sales and marketing manager, was over the moon to collect this award on behalf of the entire company.” Ged Mace, managing director of The Art File


Luxury Christmas Boxed Collection from The Art File




Let's talk envelopes... Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

T: 01274 581327 E: W:

48_PG_November 2021.indd 1

03/11/2021 15:36

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:40 Page 49


Open to: All cute greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021.In the case of an ongoing range, only designs which had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Initial Reaction: “It feels absolutely fantastic to have won a Henry!! I’m just so excited and proud. It’s a moment I’ll keep in my mind for a very long time. When our name was read out, it felt surreal and walking up to the stage - it felt like a dream! Thank you so much to the people who voted for us, it means the world.” Tracey Colliston, founder of Ginger Betty

Above right: (centre) Tracey Colliston, owner of Ginger Betty was proud as punch to win this award, that was presented to her by Amy Muldrew, Alpha Colour’s managing director and its reprographic director, Luke Ostle, sponsors of this award category. Below: Alpha’s managing director Amy Muldrew and reprographic director, Luke Ostle shared the happy job of announcing the winner, as sponsor of this award category.


Owl’s Nest

from Ginger Betty

Below right: A suitably proud Tracey!



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T 01206 396209 E

30/10/2021 15:31

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:40 Page 52

Open to: All Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day greeting card ranges that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. Due to the effects of the pandemic if ranges were carried over for sale for 2022 events, publishers could enter these. The entries needed to be specific to a Spring Seasons event.

Above: (centre) Wendy Jones-Blackett, director of Wendy Jones-Blackett stepped onto the stage with colleague Jacqui Godlove, the company’s customer account manager, to collect the publisher’s second award of the night, with this trophy presented to them by Abbie Ross, director of sales for GF Smith, sponsor of this award category.

Initial Reaction: “We were delighted to have won the Christmas Counter Card award and THEN we won with our Rainbow Drops Valentine collection too!! A massive thank you to the judges who voted for us, it really does mean the world to us and was the icing, cherry and sprinkles on an already delicious Henries awards ceremony cake! The Henries awards event should never ever be taken for granted as it adds a lovely bit of joy to our card world.” Wendy and Steve Jones-Blackett, co-owners of Wendy Jones-Blackett


Rainbow Drops Valentine’s from Wendy Jones-Blackett

Right: Doubly triumphant WJB! Far right: Abbie Ross, director of sales for GF Smith, sponsor of this award, was ready to reveal the winner.




We’re thrilled to win another Henries Award for Best Gift Wrappings Range with our Paper Salad collection! Look out for brand new Paper Salad designs launching in November and at Spring Fair 2022.



All of our products are available to order online. Go to to register.

01274 655980 Glick Gift Packaging, Allenby House, European Ind. Park, Knowles Lane, Bradford BD4 9AB

Glick PG Ad_Nov 2021.indd 1 52_PG_November 2021.indd 1


21/10/2021 16:26 30/10/2021 15:32

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:41 Page 55


Open to: All giftwrapping ranges (either ranges of sheet wrap or collections of co-ordinated wrappings such as boxes, bags, ribbons etc) that were launched into UK retail (bricks and mortar and/or online) between 1 July 2020 and 28 July 2021. In the case of an ongoing range, only designs that had been launched during the aforementioned dates could be entered.

Right: (centre) Becky Dobson, Glick’s managing director and (second right) Michelle Airth, export and key accounts manager went on stage with Paper Salad directors Claire Williams (far left) and Karen Wilson to accept the trophy from Jim Bullough, operations director of PG Live, the sponsor of this award category. Above: Jim Bullough, operations director of PG Live in his ‘Disco Inferno’ waistcoat took to the lectern to announce the winner.

Initial Reaction: “Utterly delighted! I can remember that immediate great big smile on my face on hearing Glick’s name called out! I am so grateful to our staff and customers for supporting Glick through the most challenging times I have ever experienced in business.” Becky Dobson, managing director of Glick


Paper Salad from Glick

Right: Big smiles from Glick’s Becky Dobson (left) and Michelle Airth.



54_PG_November 2021.indd 1

30/10/2021 15:33

Henries Winners 2021_GF_outlined.qxp_Layout 1 03/11/2021 10:41 Page 58


Open to: All greeting card ranges that have stood the test of time, having been published for at last the last eight years. The range must currently be on sale in some shape or form. Ranges can only win a Henry Cole Classic award once and then will be added to the Henry Cole Classic ‘Hall of Fame’. Previous winners include: Bestie from Paperlink, The Bright Side from Really Good; Eric the Penguin from GBCC; Forever Friends from Hallmark; Giggles from UKG; Ink Press from The Art File; Me to You from Carte Blanche; Medici Cards Blue Label from GBCC; On The Ceiling from Emotional Rescue; Pizazz from Nigel Quiney Publications; Pop-Ups from Second Nature; Quentin Blake from Woodmansterne Publications, Rainbow from Ling Design and Virtual Safari from Emotional Rescue.


The Country Set

from Wrendale Designs

Above: Wrendale Designs’ product development and sourcing officer Hattie Oliver (second right) and product developer Clare Miles were presented the trophy by Jeremy Bacon, ceo of The Sherwood Group, sponsor of this award. Below left: Jeremy Bacon, ceo of The Sherwood Group, sponsor of this important award, was delighted to announce who would enter the ‘Hall of Fame’.

Initial Reaction: “We have huge smiles on our faces here at Wrendale HQ – we are so delighted to have won such a special award. We won our first Henry for The Country Set in 2012 and it was truly one of the highlights of my career as part of Wrendale. The range now encompasses over 200 designs and to win the Henry Cole Classic award is amazing and I feel unbelievably proud that it is now in The Henries’ ‘Hall of Fame’.” Hannah Dale, founder and co-owner of Wrendale Designs

Right: Wrendale’s Clare Miles (left) and Hattie Oliver proudly held the trophy.



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This award recognises the pivotal role publishers play in providing a good service to independent retailers. The finalists in this category were arrived at as a result of an exhaustive poll, involving over 2,500 independent greeting card retailers, who were each asked to nominate their top three card suppliers on the service front over the last year. These responses were then correlated, awarding three points to all first choices, two points to those mentioned as second choices and one point for all third choices. These points were then totalled to arrive at the ten finalists. There are three awards in this category – a Bronze, Silver and ultimate Gold, that were presented to the top three scoring suppliers in the retailer poll.


Above: (right) Darren Cave, UK Greetings’ commercial director was presented with the bronze trophy by Chris Sharman, sales executive of category sponsor, Herbert Walkers. Below: Chris Sharman, sales executive of category sponsor, Herbert Walkers presented all three Best Service award trophies.

Below: UKG’s Darren held the hefty trophy aloft.

Initial Reaction: “What an amazing night. We were incredibly proud to receive an award in the best service category. It’s really fantastic to be recognised by our customers in this way and I’d like to thank all who voted. We’re absolutely delighted!” Darren Cave, commercial director of UK Greetings

Initial Reaction: “What an absolute honour it was to collect the Silver award for service to the independent retailers on behalf of the Woody team for a third year in a row. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to our wonderful customers for voting for our service – it means so much to the team here. Our values ensure that everyone here puts their all into delivering the best service, and to look for ways to make it even better.” Adam Osborne, operations director of Woodmansterne Publications CATEGORY SPONSOR

Right: (right) Adam Osborne, Woodmansterne’s operations director was beaming as he collected the trophy from Herbert Walkers’ sales executive Chris Sharman, sponsor of all three service awards. Below: Some things are worth hugging!





T: 01202 897494

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Right: (second left) Simon and Ian Wagstaff, IC&G’s joint mds collected the shiny gold trophy from Chris Sharman, Herbert Walkers’ sales executive, sponsor of this much coveted award category. Below: Brothers in arms! IC&G’s Simon (left) and Ian Wagstaff were dlighted to clinch the Gold again for another year!

Wner GOLD

Initial Reaction: “Wow, we did it! Amazing! We’re so thankful to all the staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. It’s been a really tough year but on behalf of everyone at ICG, THANK YOU, it means so much to win this award and congratulations to all the other finalists and winners!” Simon Wagstaff, managing director of IC&G



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In her speech on the night, PG’s Jakki Brown said… “The Honorary Achievement Award is a very special accolade. In many ways tonight’s award is particularly poignant, as we recognise someone who has given their all to this industry for over four decades, with their passion, compassion and fortitude never faltering, despite the tsunami of challenges the last 20 months have thrown at them. Over the last 40 years, their love and understanding of the industry, coupled with an innate entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity that knows no bounds has seen them excel both on a business and personal front. Their hardworking hands on approach, matched with a strong ethical stance and appreciation of relationships has seen them earn the respect of their competitors, suppliers and team mates alike. They started their career, as many have, as a humble sales representative for a leading greeting card publisher, but that plucky 20 something had retail in their blood, having earned their spurs as a kid in the family newsagents business. So, in the 1980s, the embryonic days for specialist card shops, they left behind the security of the corporate world to become a retailer. They started with one shop, but before long that had grown to seven, attracting the attention of serious venture capitalists who not only acquired the business, but recognised the importance of securing our winner’s undoubted talents to fulfil the dream of building a specialist multiple chain. They were indeed very successful, so much so that having grown it to 200+ shops in a remarkably short space of time, the VC’s opted for a profitable early exit, much to the disappointment of our award recipient. A forced sojourn robbed the industry of this individual’s undoubted talents for seven years, but having bided his time on the periphery, he bounced back in with a vengeance. In 2005, joining forces with a former colleague, the first of a new breed of greeting card shops opened its doors in the East Midlands, with the ensuing 16 years, through organic growth and acquisition seeing this expand to almost 180 shops, the length and breadth of the UK, with plenty more in the pipeline. Yes, they have been successful, but it is the manner in which they command themselves which sets our award winner apart. While there is no denying they are a canny negotiator, it is the fairness, loyalty and camaraderie that shines through. They have another talent, being the king of industry gossip. Well tonight, they’re the one we’re all talking about, in a very good way. I have had the great fortune to know this person for 30 years and count him as a friend. So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Honorary Achievement Award 2021 goes to Paul Taylor, co-founder and managing director of Cardzone.”

Responding the day after the event, Paul said: “I was completely overwhelmed by the award…very humbled and in shock when I realised it was me. In terms of what I would have spoken about in my speech, if I had been for-warned it would have gone something like this… The industry has gone through incredible challenges since the pandemic hit. Being classed as a ‘non-essential’ retailer and told we couldn’t trade was a massive hit to our business. However, the resilience of the consumer and the industry. once we could open, has been incredible. We may not be hitting 2019 numbers and probably never will, but I’m so encouraged how the sector has bounced back. My Henries’ award is mainly down to the wonderful management team we have at Cardzone, but all of our 1,000+ colleagues. I realise I’m known as a bit of a gossip, but I had no idea about this wonderful accolade!” 60


Below: Joanne Davis, managing director of UK Envelope Centre, the sponsor of this award, presented the trophy to a stunned, but delighted Paul Taylor, md of Cardzone.


Paul Taylor Cardzone

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PG showcases a selection of new product launches

Animal Instincts Inspired by the nation’s love of pets during lockdown, Bold and Bright’s Thea Musslewhite felt compelled to create a humorous card range in their honour. The 27 designs in the Furballz inaugural collection depict moggies and doggies and their charming behavioural ways! The 13cm x 18cm cards come with a brown Kraft envelope. Bold and Bright 07738 702067

A Mexican Wave

Taking Note

Blueprint Collections is introducing a stunning collection of officially licensed Frida Kahlo gift and stationery products. The range spans over 20 different products, including journals, pens and travel mugs, with the designs enhanced by gold foil details and tassels. Blueprint Collections 0845 217 2400

Old English Co’s latest range, Little Notes range features sweet illustrations and heartfelt messages that enable people to send 'little notes' of love and appreciations to friends and family. The 16 simple card designs are paired with a vibrantly coloured envelope to add some extra pop. Old English Co 01780 763 368

Gardening Tips Garden is Sabivo Design’s new Spring Season range that brims with fresh designs which cover Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. This feminine range features hand-drawn flowers with the designs handfinished with cup flower sequins or biodegradable glitter. All 145 mm square, the cards are supplied with brown kraft envelopes and supplied with biodegradable cello bags. Sabivo Design 01858433716

Tails Of The Unexpected Woof! Five Dollar Shake’s latest range, Lester Love & the Diamond Dogs comprises 20 new barking mad designs. This dog-orientated collection has been small batch printed onto FSC-certified board and hand-finished with genuine crystals in the company’s Sussex studio. Counting Stars 01424 434062

A Hi Point Ling Design’s latest range, Hello Bobby is for people who like to live the high life or at the very least, go wild on their birthday. Quirky captioning works in tandem with the animal and party-orientated compositions. All of the cards include foil detailing and come with a kraft envelope. Ling Design 01892 838574 PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS WORLDWIDE


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PG showcases a selection of new product launches

A Kitsch Menagerie Continuing a successful pairing, Earlybird has collaborated again with artist Emma Jayne Designs, to create a new collection of birthday cards featuring some fabulously kitsch animal illustrations. In keeping with the publisher’s commitment to sustainability, the 150mm square cards are printed on recycled, carbon balanced, FSC-accredited board and come with a kraft fleck envelope. Earlybird Designs 01227 765372

Marking The Moments Doodleicious Art’s founder, the super talented Sarah Capper has been working her detailed magic to create a collection of milestone cards, covering ages 30-90. All based on Sarah’s hand drawn art, the 150mm square cards feature the ages adorned by botanicals and butterflies. Doodleicious Art 07734034039

Just Say “Boo” Based on The Henries’ nominated Bootanicals range, Bexy Boo has created a Spring Seasons collection based on the concept. The 30 new card designs cover Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter, with each one carefully hand-finished with either a pressed hydrangea, fern or daisy. Bexy Boo 01565 830 546

Feline Good Wrist Assessment Coral and Mint has launched additions to its Sentiment Strings range. There are 25 designs in the collection, which feature attractive bracelets encompassing colour enamel charms on a 85mm x 65mm greeting card with a sentiment caption. Coral and Mint 07739580975

Suds Law Cinnamon Aitch has not only produced a collection of Spring Seasons 140mm square greeting card designs that have evolved from its Margo range, but a selection of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day designs have also been translated onto designs for the company’s handmade eco soaps, that are palm-oil free. Both the cards and the paper packaging for the soaps feature illustrations that are popping with colour and pattern. All cards and gifts are made entirely in the UK. Cinnamon Aitch 0121 773 6833 62


Providing more than a match for Paper Shed’s cute dog range, Absolutely Barking, comes a feline version. Pawsitively Purrrfect features various ‘flavours’ of pussycats, from cheeky ginger toms to cute tortoiseshells, chasing butterflies, bumble bees, dandelion pappus and daisies. Paper Shed Design 07909596574

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PG showcases a selection of new product launches

A Gnome Coming Taking inspiration from the mega Nordic trend is Qualatex’s Gnome balloon range. In Scandinavian tradition, gnomes are said to protect homes throughout the Winter solstice and festive season, but are known to be quite mischievous! Pioneer’s Qualatex collection includes a 42” large Gnome Microfoil shape, a cute 14” mini version, and co-ordinating 18” message version. Pioneer Europe 01279 501090

A Cute Above Buttercup and Friends is an adorable new cute everyday greeting card range from Cherry Orchard Publishing. Delicate pastel coloured illustrations of countryside pals a rabbit, fox and hedgehog – are depicted having fun in the pursuit of sharing joy, with some hand-scripted styled captions on a collection of 14 code 60 greeting cards. Cherry Orchard Publishing 01684 295500

Bearing Up You can’t keep a good bear down, so IC&G has introduced a new StandAlone Barley collection. The 13 cute designs features fluffy Barley the Little Brown Bear and his sidekick chick, Cluck, in photographed scenes, enhanced with watercolour images. The 274x198mm cards are finished with foiling, blind embossed with die-cuts, appealing to adults and children alike. IC&G 01202 897494

Bore Da

Art Of The Matter

Dandelion Stationery has just added over 100 new designs into its Welsh card portfolio. These new additions featuring Welsh language captions are joining the publisher’s two existing everyday Welsh collections as well as three new everyday collections. There are also three new Christmas collections, a new collection of Welsh mini cards and two Welsh gift wrap designs. Dandelion Stationery 01332 504940

Bolstering its already strong artistic credentials, ArtPress is launching a collection produced in collaboration with The Courtauld (which cares for one of the greatest art collections in the UK). Launching to coincide with the re-opening of the gallery this month is a range of 30 single greeting cards as well as 14 Christmas and 14 everyday card wallets featuring masterpieces from its huge archive. ArtPress 020 7231 2923

Stitches In Time The wonders of the natural world have continued to inspire Catherine Kleeli as the latest additions to the Catherine Kleeli Cards’ Stick and Stitch collection of her hand-crafted and stitched collages demonstrate. Whether depicting a Goldfinch from her garden or a Puffin with a beak full of fish, Catherine’s characterful creatures exude artistry and originality. Printed onto luxury heavyweight board, the 177mm x127mm cards are supplied individually wrapped with a brown ribbed envelope. Catherine Kleeli Cards 07814 293155 PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS WORLDWIDE


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GCA’s Conference And AGM

Manchester United GCA Members The GCA’s AGM and Conference, which took place in Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall last month scored highly on so many levels, feeding the hearts and minds of the 160+ members of the Association who felt lucky to be there, and very much enjoyed being part of the ‘greeting card tribe’. PG joined the packed audience to lap it all up. The GCA’s 2021 AGM and Conference will be a tough act to follow. The atmosphere was buzzing, the speeches were exceptional and Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall was a great venue The morning’s agenda was packed with memorable speeches from Jo Bennett (studio director of Card Factory) whose ‘Great big bowl of spaghetti’ talk unravelled how consumer card buying habits have and are changing (see pages 66-67); David Robertson’s (of indie retail group JP Pozzi)

Above: The GCA’s AGM and Conference took place in Manchester last month at Bridgewater Hall. Left: (left-right) Amanda Fergusson (GCA), David Greaves (Emotional Rescue), Rachel Hare (Belly Button Designs), David Robertson (JP Pozzi) and Jo Bennett (Card Factory).

Above left: The GCA’s Thinking of You Week not only saw the highest level of retail engagement in the UK ever, but the initiative has been adopted by the US, Australia and New Zealand. Above right: It was a great ‘tribal’ meet up. (Left-right) Bex Hassett (Bexy Boo), Rosie Harrison (Rosie Made a Thing) and Laura Darrington (Laura Darrington). Left: It was a full audience, made up of publishers, retailers and trade suppliers.



‘Rock Star Retailing’ hit the high notes about life as an indie (see pages 12-13) while David Greaves (coowner of Emotional Rescue) sent emotions into orbit with his candid personal rags to riches story, and what we can all do to help the UK’s current child poverty situation, with one in three kids living in extreme poverty today in the UK. Chris Bryan, joint general manager of Second Nature, really struck a chord with his first presidential address, a retrospective on the momentous events of the last two years and how these have all been reflected on greeting cards. Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA highlighted just some of the incredible achievements of the association over the last year. These have included bringing huge benefits to bear for members, including the revamped website, which is now crammed with invaluable advice as well as the webinars and events, such as the recent Dragons’ Speed-dating event that have taken place.

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GCA’s Conference And AGM

Left: Emotional Rescue’s David Greaves in full flow…he went back to his childhood which gave insight into his drive and personality. David ended his speech urging everyone to do what they can to help those living in dire poverty in the UK with a card on each seat with some relevant charities’ details. Right: As incoming president Chris Bryan of Second Nature presented outgoing president Rachel Hare, md of Belly Button Designs with a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for heading up the association’s council for the last two years. Below right: In his Presidential address, Chris Bryan highlighted how greeting cards have been there to reflect the changing times and events of the last 20 months. Below left: Encore envelopes was one of the sponsors who had a display table in the foyer of the main room.

Under Amanda’s stewardship, the GCA’s profile and that of the industry has been heightened with government bodies, education, the media and Royal Mail. In her report Amanda told how the GCA Thinking of You Week initiative this year reached record levels of engagement with UK retailers as well as how the Week has now spawned activities all over the

world, while the collaboration with Sainsbury’s on a design competition has not only supported the GCA’s drive for diversity and inclusion, but has also brought many new designers into the community. The afternoon panel session of ‘hot topics’ was introduced by Darren Cave, commercial director of UKG and vice president of the GCA, who prefaced the deeper delve down into sustainability (covered by Rachel Hare, md of Belly Button Designs and Helena Mansell-Stopher, ceo of Products of Change), online (covered by Sarah-Jane Porter, head of cards and licensing at Moonpig) as well as diversity and inclusion (covered by Mark Callaby, md of Ohh Deer and chair of the GCA Diversity & Inclusion

committee) by revealing findings of some recent consumer research, commissioned by the GCA. There were some common threads that ran through the day’s discussions - the importance of sustainability and driving on diversity & inclusion, among them - but it was the feeling of camaraderie and the pride of being part of such an incredible industry that added the real sparkle.

Sustainability is at the heart of greeting card purchases today Almost two thirds of greeting card consumers - a whopping 65% - are now making their card purchasing decisions taking the product’s sustainability and environmental credentials into account. This is just one of the shifts in the consumer’s greeting card buying patterns that was tracked in the recent research project commissioned by the GCA and undertaken by respected survey company OnePoll. The findings are based on the responses from 2,000 adults who give greeting cards at least once a year. Sharing some of the highlights at the recent GCA AGM and Conference, Darren Cave, vice president of the GCA and commercial director of UK Greetings, highlighted that over a fifth of those surveyed went so far as to say that sustainability is a “very important” consideration in their greeting card buying decisions today. “Only 8% of those responding to our survey said that consideration for the environment was not something they thought of when selecting a greeting card,” said Darren. The responses showed that females and younger card buyers are the most acute in their environmentally-centric greeting card purchasing habits. The findings were shared by Darren just before a panel session in the afternoon, with Rachel Hare, managing director Belly Button Designs and Helena Mansell-Stopher, founder of the Products of Change membership hub, going into greater detail on the sustainability front. While Rachel shared what measures she has put in place in her business - which includes all Belly Button Design cards being supplied completely plastic-free from the start of next year, Helena hit home the urgency of businesses adopting more sustainable practices while remaining commercial. Right: Darren Cave (far left) with (left-right) Helena Mansell-Stopher (Products of Change), Rachel Hare (Belly Button), Sarah-Jane Porter (Moonpig), Daniel Prince (Danilo) and Amanda Fergusson (GCA) on the stage in Bridgewater Hall.



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Retail Focus

Spaghetti Junction An image of a baby with a bowl of spaghetti tipped over its head - what better way is there to kick off a keynote presentation which unravelled how the crazy Covid times have affected greeting card buying and more importantly, how the new and future habits present opportunities for our sector? PG feasted on the food for thought delivered with perfect seasoning by Jo Bennett, studio director of Card Factory at last month’s GCA Conference and AGM. “So, what happened?” d ath po ositive hedoni n sts began Jo, putting into context de of my tw en ties s the effects of Covid and the missed first lockdowns on our nation’s milestone es card buying. “Five million n people stopped buying cards in store; frequency dropped by 9% and a third of buyers, "it’s been crap …I wan nt probably the older generation, to treat my friends & bought fewer cards,” said Jo family” whisking through the tough stuff. “Online growth accelerated three to five with less good news for those retailers in years with four times more cards being major conurbations. bought online,” Jo added. Accepting that the percentage of Then she turned her attentions to what greeting cards being bought online has habits will remain, now lockdowns are increased significantly and is likely to remain hopefully a thing of the past. so, Jo also referred to research findings from “21% of workers will continue to work Kantar that of all consumer products, greeting from home which bodes well for retail parks cards have shown the “fastest and steepest and local high streets doing well,” she said, switch back from online” to physical stores. This reassuring news, especially for the retailers in the audience, was trumped by Jo relaying how another data source has to predicted that the UK greeting card market will grow to £1.9 billion over the next five years. While, like others in the room, Jo said she felt this figure was a little optimistic, there were real opportunities out there to appeal to new greeting card shoppers with relevant for greeting cards that are in line with emerging habits, priorities and sensibilities.


b beers

After her many years in the industry Tigerprint, Hallmark and now Card Factory Jo Bennett knows her stuff without doubt. However, as the first keynote speaker at the recent GCA Conference, it was her ability to serve up a ‘full menu’ of facts, figures and conjecture on the immediate past as well as the future card buying behaviours without causing indigestion and leaving the audience with a hunger for more, that was so impressive. Top: Jo Bennett’s talk was an unravelling of the crazy spaghetti time that Covid caused. Above left: Jo in full flow at the recent GCA AGM and Conference. Above right: The ‘positive hedonists’ are looking to make up for lost moments. Right: The two (not mutually exclusive) camps people are in right now.


live life


the fu f ll

live life

the fu future

66-67.qxp_Grid 04/11/2021 17:59 Page 3

Retail Focus

Jo suggested that people’s current mindsets fall roughly into two camps, those who ‘live life to the full’ and those who ‘live life for the future’. In the first camp are what Jo describes as the “positive hedonists” who, after the sacrifices made over the last 20 odd months are all up for treating friends and family, as reflected in the increased sales Card Factory has been experiencing in age birthday cards as well as new celebrations that have been cropping up on Pinterest, citing ‘Death of my twenties’ and ‘Cheers n Beers’ as two examples. After 71% of weddings having been postponed, there is a definite feeling of making up for lost time, “which is brilliant for us” signalling not only a spike in wedding sales, but also suggesting that ‘sequel

a new conscience

made in the UK

+1.2% % iinde d pend de ent shops

69% %

gen z

will pay more

4/5 from environmentally friendly brands

wedding parties’ and first anniversaries will offer more opportunities. The other ‘live life for the future’ camp taps into the increased importance on sustainability and the communities of which we are a part, both of which have a bearing on greeting card purchases. Being part of a kinder society, Jo feels is something that will continue, the ‘I’m thinking of you’ cards are not going away. “You only need to think about the support for the NHS, neighbours and looking out for friends to see some lifestyle changes

2.9 million lone parents and the 5.4 million people becoming UK citizens in the next five years. Empathy, inclusion and celebrating diversity (from religion to gender to race), will be reflected in the cards published and bought. “Card sales for Eid and Diwali, for example, are growing and will become mainstream,” predicts Jo. “And the growth of multifamily households will see more ‘you’ve been like a mother to me’ captions being required,” she also suggests with the high number of lone parents signalling a need for more captions such as ‘you are my Mum and my Dad’ for Spring Seasons events. In her conclusion, Jo stressed that as long as the greeting card industry remains in line with the public’s re-evaluation of what is important to them, and designs are in tune with the card buying needs of the new generation of card senders, while continuing to serve the current core buyers, no one should end up with a bowl of spaghetti on their head!

are here to stay,” says Jo, with the ‘our house to your house’ card caption likely to be a more common send than previously. Well before COP26, Gen Z especially has 57% elevated the importance locally of sustainability with Jo made sharing that 69% of this age group stating they would be prepared to pay more for a product if it had strong eco credentials, with the drive for UK manufactured greeting cards gaining even more momentum. The changing shape of families as well as the increasing multi-faceted society will also continue to impact on ‘go big or go ho ome’ the greeting cards on offer with multi-family households, 71% my Top: The younger generation out postponed ’minimonie’ shopping in a Card Factory. weddings Top inset: Card Factory’s studio director Jo Bennett combined her wealth of industry experience overlaid with research findings in her engaging keynote. Above left: Sustainability is part of the buying conscience for Gen Z, the new generation of card buyers. Above right: The Netflix series Bridgerton is expected to have an influence on wedding card designs!



w dding we party!

ou ur ‘anni-ception’

Heary petting beat baby love When the lockdown first happened a baby boom was predicated. In actual fact it was a ‘furry baby bonanza’ that won the hearts and minds of the UK’s pandemic people, presenting something of what is turning out to be a sizeable bonus to the greeting card community. Sharing the facts, Jo relayed how some 3.2 million new pets have joined families over the last 20 months, 85% of these ‘pet parents’ being under 35 years old. This means there are now 12 million dogs and 12 million cats in the UK pet population, all of whom are potential greeting card ‘givers’ as well as ‘receivers’. pet bo b om vs baby bo b om? “Not only have we seen imagery of cats and dogs rocketing, but as pets are very much seen as part of the family they have generated considerable card sales,” said Jo revealing that a ‘from the dog’ Father’s Day design was 89% % right up there in the best sellers list for Card Factory this year. new pet owners While in terms of numbers, pets trounced the 1.9 million babies born under 35 over the last two years, while fewer than predicted, she highlights that this still means “1.9 million more birthdays” and with a second baby boom 1.9m m “ahh …he’s a mooted now things are returning more to normal, it won’t just be every dog 2 years post new pets member of the lockdo own w that will have its day!

3 2m 3.2m


Left: The slide Jo showed during her presentation.



on to Su lin the bs c e at new rib PG s e Bu flas zz h .n et


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Art Source

The Joy Of Roy

From his boyhood fascination of drawing flags outside his home, Roy Thompson has gone on to be a ‘flag waver’ for the joys of being a greeting card artist, with his varied artworks inspired by his love of life and the great outdoors. PG finds out more about the Roy the boy as well as his current inspirations and drivers. “For as long as I can remember I have always drawn or doodled. My earliest memories are probably around the age of five drawing flags using chalks on the outside our house in summer, attracting a small audience from the people walking by, which I loved! If it wasn’t so sunny, which it often wasn’t growing up in the Northwest of England, I would pester my mum constantly, asking her what I could draw next. At some point she would run out of ideas and make me a ‘still life’ composition of items lying around the house, which kept me quiet throughout the day, drawing happily with my tongue out. Throughout school I continued thriving in what I loved the most, art. I then went to college to study for a BTEC Diploma in Art. After college, I wanted to get a job in an art studio of some kind, but this was not so easy in the early 90’s and so to fill the gap I went to work for my dad in the building trade and learnt a few things that would and did help me along the way in my future life. While working for my dad, when I was 19 years old I got offered a role as a junior artist at Hambledon Studios, which was the wholesale division of Hallmark. It is here I learnt my trade in the greeting card industry, working with great people and having a fantastic manager who really helped me blossom in my creativity. I was then offered an exciting opportunity to be trained up as a greeting card artist at another studio working for Hallmark. My journey continued working for various greeting card publishers until I decided to go freelance. While this route was


Far left: Roy Thompson and his daughter Minnie. Below: Roy’s love of the countryside is evident in this design. Below left: Pretty colourways and a contemporary style combine in this design by Roy. Below right: Creating relatable Christmas designs is a high point for Roy. Bottom right: Roy has enjoyed creating his watercolour art.

somewhat daunting, I loved the freedom of drawing something totally different every day (and the fact I can have a brew any time I feel like!). I work from my home studio in a small village on the side of Pendle Hill, Lancashire where I live with my wife Emma, our daughter Minnie and the cat Saffie. I get my inspiration from all manner of things - from magazines to just people watching while out and about. Studying the triviality of life itself always helps me. If I can capture in an artwork that a thousand people can relate to, then I feel I’m doing my job. I get huge satisfaction from that thought especially with Christmas designs. Capturing the Christmas magic is wonderful, not just the tinsel and bows, but how we all like to celebrate. It’s amazing to be able to recreate the atmosphere using different styles and techniques. I’ve never wanted to pigeonhole myself with one style; probably because I get slightly distracted easily but also because I love to challenge myself, it’s what keeps my job interesting and exciting. I use all mediums, from acrylic to watercolour, which keeps my ranges looking different. I have loved doing the recent watercolours I’m currently working on, but if I ever get stuck for inspiration or just not ‘feeling it’ that day, as we all do now and then, I just get out on my bike. I love cycling and have recently completed the coast to coast route, which was epic. While cycling always helps to clear the cobwebs away for me so does doing building work around the house and I have recently finished landscaping our garden while in lockdown. All this helps to get my thoughts and visions running again for my next artwork, as does going for walks with my wife and daughter with maybe a cheeky drink in our local village pub! Going forward, I’m feeling excited about new projects and ranges and creating something new, especially now after jumping on board with Hannah from Creative Sparrow I am working with fabulous greeting card publishers. So whatever is around the corner I’m ready for it! I always try to keep on top and keep the pressure on as I believe that you’re only as good as your last artwork!” l Roy Thompson is represented by Creative Sparrow.

If you are an artist, photographer or verse writer and would like to be considered to appear in Art Source, please contact PG’s Jakki Brown on This is an editorial feature and as such is free of charge. PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS WORLDWIDE


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PG ASKED A SELECTION OF RETAILERS FOR THEIR BEST SELLERS. Julianne Moore, owner and director of MiMi, Hartley Wintney and Wokingham. Two gift and ladieswear shops in a Hampshire village and Berkshire town. Category

Name of Publisher

Product/Name Range



Two Little Monkeys

Vanilla; Jazz

“Fab price points for male and female sends.”

Relations and Occasions

Five Dollar Shake

Dream Garden

Right: Eco-glitter adds sparkle to English Graphics’ cards.

Hearts Designs

Mad Dots

“Fabulous detailed designs for that special card.” “Simple but gorgeous.”


Dandelion Stationery

Words of Wisdom

“Brilliant artwork and wording.”


Woodmansterne English Graphics

Loose Leashes; National Trust Generally

“Lovely humorous photos; gorgeous pictures.” “All the designs are great.”


Kali Stileman

Tiddly Widdlies

“Fab artwork and price point.”


Ginger Betty

Owl’s Nest

“Everyone is loving this range.”

Adult Ages

Crumble & Core


“Smaller cards with great artwork for male and female sends.”


Kali Stileman Artebene


“The llamas, dinosaurs and dog designs are great.” “Perfect for wrapping adult gifts.”

Above: Kali Stileman’s Tiddly Widdlies sell well in MiMi.

Libby Holden, co-owner of Lovely Libby’s, a gift, card and fashion boutique in the heart of Rayleigh, a market town in Essex. Category

Name of Publisher

Product/Name Range



Belly Button


Boxstar Creative


Relations and Occasions Humour

Five Dollar Shake

Diamond Blush

Emotional Rescue

Is It Friday Yet?; Mine ’s a Pint


White Cotton Cards


Adult Ages

Rush Design


Thinking of You/Keep in Touch Giftwrap

Hearts Designs

Mad Dots





Joe Davies Widdop and Co Envy Gracee Jewellery

Hand-painted glasses Celebrations Jewellery Jewellery

“The designs really appeal to our female customers - great foiling.” “A gift and card in one - as each card includes a sachet of shimmer dust to add to prosecco.” “Customers love that they are all finished with crystals.” “These ranges in conjunction with Paper Salad have great bright artwork.” “These age cards with wooden stars are very effective.” “Something different that sell well.” “The diamante elements make them very pretty.” “Top quality. The large bags are very popular.” “Great colourways. The wedding designs are hitting the spot.” “The stemless designs and gin glasses are best sellers.” “Very strong for age mugs and glasses.” “Both good quality and decently priced.”

Right: The BeDazzled card range includes some shimmer dust that can be added to drinks. Below right: A design from the Is It Friday Yet? range from Emotional Rescue.

Gifts Self-purchases



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Steve Miller, owner of Serendipity, Newcastle. A card and gift shop in the Eldon Square shopping centre in the city Category

Name of Publisher

Product/Name Range



Hearts Designs

Mad Dots

“Very popular at a great price.”


Paperlink Rosie Made a Thing

Generally Gin & Frolics

“These two publishers do very well for us.”

Relations & Occasions

Jonny Javelin Janie Wilson

Generally Occasions

“The verses clinch it.” “Just really, really good.”




“Lovely imagery and great variety.”


Janie Wilson

Ages 1-6


Adult Ages

Wendy Jones-Blackett


“There is just so much variety.”

Thinking of You

The Art File


“They have lovely designs for these sends.”


Belly Button Designs Glick

Generally Generally

“Both companies’ designs do well with our customers.”


Janie Wilson; Stoneglow; Gisela Graham


“This selection means we offer candles at different price points.” Top: A Mad Dots design from Hearts Design. Above: A Janie Wilson candle.

Tracey Russell and Debbie Willott, co-owners of Quest Gifts, Bury St Edmunds and Holt. Two popular medium sized gift and card shops in pretty Suffolk and Norfolk towns. Category

Name of Publisher

Product/Name Range



Caroline Gardner

Colour Coded; Lovely News; Fleur Posy Mobius

“Continually release fabulous new ranges.” “A gorgeous range of floral designs.” “Beautiful hand drawn illustrations.”

Louise Mulgrew Belly Button Designs


Rachel Ellen Designs

Chatterbox; Cherry on Top

“Full of brightly coloured fun images.”

Relations & Occasions

Five Dollar Shake

Butterfly Moon; Diamond Blush; Magnum Apple Blossom; Whiskey Sour

“People seek out the brand by name. The old and the new designs always sell.” “Contemporary designs for both sexes.”

Rosie Made a Thing

Gin & Frolics

Emotional Rescue

Is It Friday Yet; Mine ’s a Pint Jeffrey and Janice; Furballz

“Nearly every customer purchases one.” “Our quickest selling humour ranges right now.” “The new dog range is very of the moment.”

Megan Claire


Bold & Bright


Belly Button Designs


“The bee and sunflower designs have been especially well received.”


Cartwright & Butler The Bottled Baking Co Parlane Jellycat


“These two food gift companies are new introductions.”

Generally Amuseables

“Really good sellers - and have had continuous stock!” “Customers love these quirky fruit and veg characters.” Top: A pretty Posy design from Louise Mulgrew. Above: The Bottled Baking Co range is doing well in Quest.



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around at

BEXY BOO 01565 830 546 @BexyBooLtd


Publishers of quality blank greeting cards


Tel: 0115 929 4776 Order Online Scotlands Trade Fair

23-25 Jan 2022

H29 29


To appear in the Product pages contact: or

made with great imagination

Te l: 01638 5 6 9 0 5 0 w w w . a b a cu s c a rd s . c o . u k E ma i l : i nf o@a ba c us card s . co . uk


To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud

01892 838 574



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To appear in the Product Directories simply contact


Warren Lomax

Available online Wholesale & Licensing


020 7700 6740

Witty, gritty, switched on humour. Cards and gifts with a real difference. Unit 1, 45 Morrish Road London SW2 4EE Tel: 0208 671 2166 Fax: 0208 678 1119

or email on or contact

Tracey Arnaud on:

07957 212 062

or email on


To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud

To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud

Faulkner’s Gallery ;1b-Ѳbv|v ||_mb1 u;;ࢼm] -u7v "r S end i n g YO Y OU OU


A w o n d e rf u l Eid!

Ch C hin nese ese HE IS



Te T el: 0161 1 64 641 0 06 655 Email: m sales@daav sales@d

Warren Lomax

135 Hea 13 135 eaton Moorr Rd | Stockp ock kpor port ort SK4 4HY 4 4H HY

020 7700 6740 By

Tracey Arnaud

07957 212 062

or email on


Also acting as the exclusive UK distributor fo forr Bl Blue Mountain M t i A Ar ts t

Order s can be placed on our tradeer site

www.cbgtrader w. or call our customer ser vices team m on

+44(0)1243 792600



To view: which also includes trade information To contact:

Polissh Po h

To appear in the Product Directories simply contact

or email on or contact

John Faulkner’s artwork probably represents some the mo distinc humor image availa today


LIFE w eekyc w. ychoppstrrade.cco k phone: Da Danielle :07946 056571 email:wholesale@special-day l-da ay

Greetings Cards Plush & Gi Giftware G ft Dressings & Wrrap Gift


Crocko Poo • Designer Puppy • Low Maintenance • Eats Anything • Can Be A Bit Snappy

To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud

High Quality Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, Gift Wrap & Ta Tags for every occasion.

*GCF 1HƂEG +353 (0)404 20528 Email

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from the

CHARITY GREETING CARDS One of the UK’s leading publishers of Charity Greeting Cards. Impress offers a wide collection of images, including fine art, graphic, photographic and cute. We also offer a bespoke design service for bulk orders and/or mail order fulfilment.

Including firm favourites and brand new designs Brands include: Keepsakes, Words of Love, Jelly Beans, Bella Rose, Champagne and many more

Hallmark Cards PLC Dawson Lane, Bradford, BD4 6HN UK&NI: 0800 90 20 900 ROI: 012 480 104

Impress Publishing Appledown House Barton Business Park New Dover Road Canterbury, Kent CT1 3TE Tel: 01227 811 611 Fax: 01227 811 618 email:

Tel: +44 (0)115 986 0115

60 years


01892 838 574


Your Number One Supplier of Numerals, Name, Relation & Age Labels for Greetings Cards. Huge selection with immediate delivery. Buy direct or from your wholesaler.

Innovative high quality gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper and accesssories galore for all seasons and occasions.

01274 655980

Listan Labels 3 Isis Court, Court Wyndyke Furlong, Furlong Abingdon Business Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX1 5JN Te T el 01235 465489 Fax 01235 532118

Great brands, Great service Bespoke planning We can help with all your planning l i requir i ements. From smaller displays to redeveloping complete card departments

Glick Gift Packaging Ltd Unit 1 Allenby House European Ind. Park, Knowles Lane Bradford BD4 9AB


@NoelT Ta attGroup 01227 811 600

To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud



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p p paperlink... the home of fabulous cards!

Uk publisher of Greetings Cards with an extensive range of quality Birthday, Relations, Occasions and Seasonal product...

An exciting and innovative range of quality Birthday, Relations, Special Occasions, Handmade, Art and Humorous greeting cards. Full range of Christmas and Spring Seasons merchandise.

available from


B rand N ames a Pizazz, Pizazz Gallery, G Pizazz Limited Edition, E Pizazz for Men, Doodle, D A of Nature, Whatt a Picture, Art Designers Corner Cloudesley House, Shire Hill, Saffron Walden,, CB11 3FB

T: 01799 520200 F: F: 01799 520100 www.nigelquiney.c w ww om

356 Kennington Rd London SE11 4LD T 020 7582 8244 k Paperlinkcards

Our Brands: Laughter with Animals, Sporting Fun The Funny Side of Life.

@ @paperlinkcards Method of sale: Direct to Retail 14-20 Eldon Way, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6BE Tel: 01892 838574

Send Love e ( all year round )

All our cards are supplied on consignment, so you only pay for what you sell. We also supply card fixtures and spinners free-on-loan. We replace slow sellers and damaged stock free of charge. We merchandise regularly, so you don’t have to. THAT’S WHY WE’RE ORIGINAL!

t: 0208 6138 085 u


01932 267 300

Exquisite Designs Beautiful Cards Key br ands include: Wr ite from the Hear t Ar tisan, Marzipan, Capisco Designer s Guild, Clare Tupperr Lucy Ledger plus man y more


01892 838 574

To appear in the Product Directories simply contact

Warren Lomax on:

020 7700 6740

or email on or contact

Tracey Arnaud on:

07957 212 062

Te : +44 (0)115 986 0115 Tel: customer ser vices@paperrose www.paperrose



or email on

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6 Heron Trading Estate Alliance Road, Park Royal, London W3 0RA T: 0208 385 4474 F: 0208 385 4471 E: WWW.XXPRESSYOURSELFCARDS.CO.UK

PRODUCTS: World’s leading publisher of high quality plastic greeting cards. Also an extensive range of quality greeting cards covering Everyday, Occasions, Christmas and Spring seasons. BRANDS: Cherished Thoughts, Sweet Sentiments, Buddies Always, Symphony, Thinking of You, Style, Special Wishes, Special Times, Young Editions, Groove Sensations, Forever Blessed, Grey Skies, Classics. METHOD OF SALE: SENSATIONS – Direct to retail XPRESS YOURSELF – Now one of the leading wholesale publisher suppliers in the UK

Greetings Cards, Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, Social Stationery, Partyware

Brands: Blossom & Bows Card Essentials Greetings Impressions In Touch Isabel·s Garden Planet Happy Sentiments With You In Mind Word Play

Method of sale: Wholesale Distributors

Simon Elvin Limited Wooburn Industrial Park, Wooburn Green, Bucks HP10 0PE Tel: 01628 526711 Fax: 01628 531483

The UK’s leading publisher of highest quality handmade Greetings Cards. Products: Greetings cards for all occasions, Christmas and Spring Seasons. Spinners and other retail displays available. Talking Pictures Cards Ltd 14-20 Eldon Way, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6BE

Tel: 01892 838574

7RPFDW &DUGV To appear in the Product Directories simply contact

Warren Lomax on:

020 7700 6740

To appear in the Product Directories

or email on or contact


Warren Lomax

Tracey Arnaud or

07957 212 062

on: or email on

Tracey Arnaud



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To appear in the Product Directories simply contact Warren Lomax on:

020 7700 6740

We offffer a COMPREHEN

range of high

or email on

Greeting Cards f ALL Occasions,


or contact

f Sale:

Tracey Arnaud on:

07957 212 062

mail: inffo o@words-nWeb: www We

Tel: 01942 233201

or email on

Market Leaders in


& entimen

an extensive range of superior quality,

design-led Greeting Cards for all occasions, Spring Seasons & Christmas.

Method of Sale: Direct to Retail To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud



Orders can be placed on our trader site or call our customer services team on

+44(0)1243 792600


To appear in the Product Directories email Warren Lomax or Tracey Arnaud

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Polypropylene & biodegradable bag specialists


Over 40 years quality service to the trade Hotfoiling also available

T 01206 396209 E

BAGS We’ve been producing p bags of high clarity and high quality q for over 30 years. 01274 220 220 www






01773 5378 810




0122 1228 228 2 28 8 5605 56 60 052 26 6 www.fful ulcrumfilms. ulcrrum mfillm ms s uk



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FOR ALL YOUR ENVELOPE NEEDS! Largest range of in-stock colours Over 400 Bespoke Envelope Sizes 8 Sizes Permanently in Stock RECYCLED


100% Recycled Paper Available Stock & Bespoke Cello Bags Peel & Stick Envelopes Bespoke Service on Request



01 90 83 78 86 6 01274 583000


‘we we make Envelopes and Stationery’



SPECIALISTS IN SHORT RUN MULTI IMAGE PRINT s Foiling Services without the need for dies s Wiro bound notebooks, no minimum quantity s In House Fulfilmment Services

T 01274 305832 E

The simplest way to order your greetings cards


ABL Foil Ltd Unit 1, Industrial Estate East Hanningfield Chelmsford Essex, CM3 8AB 80


Contact DAVID JIGGINS Tel: 01245 400104 Email:

Powered by

Unit 8, Archers Park, Branbridges Road, East Peckham, Kent TN12 5HP Email: Tel: 01622 871449

we print

we finish

we pack

we deliver

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PJ Print PJ woulldd lliike to w isshh our clliie nts and co lllee aaggu gue s in thhee gre eting card industry Meerry Christmas M and a very Haapppppy Ne w Ye ar The Pr int W Wo orks Colville Road, Acton London W3 8BL tel 020 8993 5160

e-mail sales@ppjj-pr www w..ppjj-pr

cturing ufa an m

ds for Far E as han f t ro

Your saf ep ai


Outstanding, cost effective and efficient production of Greeting cards, Packaging and Social stationery, ideal for intricate and hand finished products. • Over 15 years experience providing high-quality printed products direct from the Far East • Trusted and financially stable, UK owned by The Sherwood Group • Socially responsible manufacturing: SMET TA A, ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC certification • Full product prototyping in the UK for competitive speed to market requirements

To find out how we can benefit your business, contact Derek Lam +00 (852) 3527 3471 / or The Sherwood Group Head Office Hong Kong Office: 13/F, Kam Chung Commercial Building, 19-21 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong





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Social Sta tationerry Printer of the Year

Award winning U UK & Global specialist manufacturer ffor the greeting card industry fo or over 40 years To discuss how we can worrk together, contact Richard Bacon: Tel 0115 928 7766 Email ric Hadden Court, Glaisdale e Parkway, Glaisdale Drive West, Nottin ngham NG8 4GP


Same day order turna around Accurate fulfilment Value added only as you sell the product


Exclusively Greeting Cards Dedicated Account Managers

Litho Print

D Die-cutting

Digital Print

F ering Flitt




D Distribution


Tel:0127 e 4 4531828 Email: info@herbertw o uk


LB Warehousing 9RMXW Ȧ ȶ ȴ ;E]WMHI ;EVILSYWIW 8 8S SWIPERH 3IEV X 3ISXW (EQFVMHKIWLMVI 5*Ȧȟ Ȱ7< Tel ȉȦȏȁȉ ȁȁȉȁȉȉ Fax ȉȦȏȁȉ ȁȁȉȟȉȉ Mobile ȉȮȁȁȟ ȴȟȟȴȏȦ P]RHE%PF [EVILSYWMRK GS YO



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࠮ -:+< ࠮ *+< ࠮ 76:


>L HSZV KV! ࠮ *HY[VUZ ࠮ )V_LZ ࠮ +PLJ\[Z


^LI ^^^ UZTP[OIV_ JV \R U ZTP[O /HPUNL 9VHK ;P]PKHSL 6SKI\Y` >LZ[ 4PKSHUKZ ) 5A 6=,9 @,(9: 6- 4(5<-(*;<905. 05 ;/, <2

N.Smith Box.indd 1

21/05/2020 12:02

!"! ## $#



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