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Inset: Franchises are brought to life across a diverse range of toys.

Casey Collins, SVP and General Manager of Global Consumer Products for Hasbro shares his vision for Hasbro’s consumer products business. As a leading global play and entertainment company with revenues of $5B in Above: Casey Collins, SVP 2018, we are and General Manager of committed to Global Consumer Products. delivering the World’s Best Play Experiences to consumers around the globe. Our brands are story-led, consumer franchises brought to life through compelling content across a multitude of platforms and media; with a wide variety of This Hasbro publication was produced by Max Publishing. Editor: Michelle Board. Editor in chief: Jakki Brown. The advertising was handled by Ian Hyder and Rob Willis. The designer was Gary Freeman. Copyright 2019: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication was correct at the time of going to press, the publishers can not accept legal liability for any errors, omissions, nor can they accept responsibility for the standing of advertisers, nor any organisations mentioned in the text.

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digital experiences, innovative toys and games, music, publishing, locationbased entertainment, and an impressive array of consumer products, the depth of our portfolio spans a broad range of diverse categories. As a result of the tremendous connection that we have established with consumers worldwide, we have driven remarkable growth in our consumer products business and nearly doubled turnover in the past six years. But I believe we are just getting started as we continue the momentum with a new growth strategy and a commercial mindset driven by passionate industry leaders. As a company, being close to the consumer is a vital guiding principle, embedded in how we at Hasbro think and create. As a result, we are focused on four key initiatives for the future, including the increasing social power of consumers as a

Left: Experiences, such as giant MONOPOLY game boards in shopping malls, provide new ways to be immersed in the brand. Below: Fans are not just kids, but teens and adults who want to connect with their favourite brand.

way to interact with each other and our brands. Second, fandom is not just for kids, but among teens and adults we see a rise in connections to their favourite IPs. Third, is the desire for nostalgia that evokes positive memories of the past and finally, the increasing value of experiences as a new way to be immersed into a brand you love. The heart of our business is the power of our brands. Our diverse portfolio includes not only our wellknown franchise brands like MY LITTLE PONY, TRANSFORMERS, NERF, POWER RANGERS, MONOPOLY, PLAY-DOH, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, but also a rich legacy of heritage brands in our vault like TONKA, SPIROGRAPH, MICROMACHINES and POUND PUPPIES.

Below: Consumer engagement is deepened through digital experiences. Right: New games and experiences add to Hasbro’s growing portfolio.


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1500+ brands

One of the world’s most ethical companies for the past 8 years


years of sustainable packaging leadership improvements, and from 2020, Hasbro will start phasing out plastic from new toy and game packaging

#6 Global licensor, worth $7.1B

Top 25 for eight consecutive years on 100 Best Corporate Citizens List

Toy and game recycling programme to roll out to France and Germany with Terracycle

#1 Most communityminded company in the consumer discretionary sector


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POWER RANGERS is an iconic kids’ action brand that is an entertainment and consumer products powerhouse. Launched by creator Haim Saban in 1993, POWER RANGERS is one of the mostwatched children’s television programmes in the US and remains one of the longest running live action kids’ series in television history. Since Hasbro’s acquisition of the brand last year, POWER RANGERS has gone from strength to strength with new content, consumer products and digital entertainment.

23B Views on YouTube and counting

$10B Glob retail s al ale to date s


show on Netflix for kid s 8 - 11 in the UK

st in Broadca 5 over 16 s countrie

Above: POWER RANGERS Beast Morphers, the 26th season of POWER RANGERS premiered in March 2019, and is the first in the series to be produced by Allspark, the entertainment division of Hasbro, as well as being the first in the franchise to have all toys manufactured and distributed by Hasbro. In September 2019 the series launched on POP TV in the UK.

Mighty Morphin UNDIZ French fashion retailer UNDIZ launched a women’s collection targeting millennials featuring underwear, loungewear and socks using the Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS iconography.

Above: POWER RANGERS children's dress up costumes from Rubie's are to launch this autumn in the UK. Left: Hasbro's new toy range includes the Beast Morphers Beast-X Morpher.


Proud Partners of Nerf Targets. Battle-Field Accessories. Storage For full range details contact: CONNECT WITH US @Jazwares #Jazwares

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Š 2019 Jazwares, LLC. All rights reserved. Š 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Ther e’s only o one Nerf Starting out as a foam ball in 1969, NERF has consistently been a top toy brand by re-imagining, reinventing and re-igniting the way consumers play. The NERF blasters continue to lead the way for the brand. But, always one to look forward, Hasbro has been focussing on growing the NERF brand and transcending the toy aisle to become a lifestyle brand. This expansion into the lifestyle arena is reflected in the growing NERF licensing programme which now includes over 20 licensees across 11 categories across EMEA. In the UK the latest licensee signings all tap into the NERF brand’s vision to empower kids and fans of all ages to engage in active, social and exhilarating play.

NERF in a NUTSHELL Best-selling property in the Outdoor & Sports Toys Supercategory*


*EU6 YTD June 2019 (Source: The NPD Group)

70% Global market share

$1B Outdoor sports toy brand

Views: Over 174M Subscribers: --Over 504K 99% content usergenerated

On Target Jazwares has been working with Hasbro on NERF since 2018, bringing high-quality, branded accessories and wearables to the market. Sam Ferguson, VP Global Consumer Products for Jazwares comments: “Hasbro are an incredibly important partner of Jazwares; our NERF accessories and targets have become a core part of our business and we are excited about

Top: NERF Party supplies now available from Amscan. Above: Nerf is not just for boys – Girls clothing launched online at Left: The Tesco NERF range received a Licensing Award nomination in 2019 in the Best Licensed Kids Apparel Range. All garments include handy dart storage, even the footwear. Below: The Carrefour (France) activation was multicategory with over 42 SKUs, including apparel toys and sport, with pop-up activations in seven flagship stores

what is to come. We expect our NERF business to go from strength to strength in 2020, in line with Hasbro's new brand developments, strategic partnerships and expansion at retail.” Above left: Jazwares has expanded its range of accessories


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NERF is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. HASBRO, its logo, TRANSFORMERS and MY LITTLE PONY and their logos are trademarks of Hasbro and used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

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coming to netflix The success of the feature film BUMBLEBEE , which debuted at the end of 2018, has created even more positive momentum for the already popular TRANSFORMERS franchise. Viewing figures of short-form content are up, consumer product sales are booming, and the franchise is currently in the midst of celebrating a huge milestone – its 35th anniversary. This all bodes well for Hasbro’s plans to continue strengthening TRANSFORMERS as a global leader in entertainment, consumer products, and lifestyle.

Slated for 2020, Hasbro has teamed with Netflix and production studio, Rooster Teeth to bring TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON to the global streaming service in an original series.

Below: Hasbro teamed up with PUMA and Foot Locker to launch a limited edition collection of PUMA x TRANSFORMERS trainers.

The #4 best-selling property in the Action Figure Supercategory across the EU6 YTD June 2019 More than $12B in retail sales since 2004 More than 475M action figures sold to date Generated more than 47B digital and social impressions (2018)

Below: A top-end collection by Russian fashion designer, Igor Chapurin featured BUMBLEBEE movie logos, iconic catch phrases and movie imagery.

A top 10 show on netflix in the uk for 8-11 year olds (Source: Kidscreen)

bumblebee is a hit! The biggest content success story for the franchise has to be the BUMBLEBEE movie, released in December 2018 and taking in over $467 million at the global Box Office worldwide. It ticked all the boxes, successfully repositioning the brand with a family focus, re-engaging with families, kids, and fans by bringing heart, humour and fun back into the franchise.


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HASBRO and its logo and My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. / HASBRO and its logo and ACTION MAN and its logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. / Hasbro and its logo and SUBBUTEO are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. HASBRO and its logo, TRANSFORMERS, TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, the logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Hold Your Horses

Right: Tutu Du Monde, makers of exquisitely crafted tutus and whimsical dresses for young fashionistas, teamed up with MY LITTLE PONY on a new collaboration in April 2019.


For more than 35 years, the MY LITTLE PONY franchise has taken fans around the globe on an incredible journey of friendship, fun and laughter. It’s one of Hasbro’s top performing brands, with an engaging animated series, digital content and consumer product spanning all categories from toys and games to homewares and fashion. With the love of 80s and 90s nostalgia at an all-time high across UK and EMEA, Hasbro has been working with a number of licensees on retro MY LITTLE PONY lines which have gone down really well at retail with millennials who grew up with the brand. Collaborations span apparel, with collections with Bershka and H&M, as well as a retro toy line from Basic Fun.

Left and above: Basic Fun released a classic collection earlier this year to mark the 35th anniversary of MY LITTLE PONY, including the six original ponies from 1983: Minty, Blue Bell, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, and Cotton Candy. These are listed in Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, John Lewis, Debenhams, Amazon, Tesco and independents.

Always on content

Above: Two new MY LITTLE PONY titles launched with digital AR app Bookful. Right: Retro fashion at Spanish retailer Bershka.

At the heart of the brand, driving consumer engagement is the ‘always on’ content strategy, telling stories on multiple platforms including cinema, TV, Above: The MY LITTLE PONY YouTube Netflix, Amazon Prime channel taps into fan’s thirst for nostalgia. and YouTube. Just this past spring, MY LITTLE PONY launched a new YouTube channel which already has over 872k subscribers. It features new content exclusive to YouTube, including My Little Pony: The Retro Show, which taps into the heritage of the brand, with 80s and 90s-inspired videos. And Ponyville’s favourite party pony – Pinkie Pie – is now getting her very own vlog. ‘Hello Pinkie Pie’ now available on YouTube. Left: Pinkie Pie’s vlog is on YouTube now.

Over $1B in annual retail sales over 500 licensees

More than 872k subscribers on YouTube

120M+ downloads across 4 mobile game apps 11

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Property Appeal Celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2020, MONOPOLY is the number one gaming brand in the world. The cross-generational appeal of MONOPOLY and its innovation in game play keep the brand relevant and top of mind. Despite the rise in digital gaming, people love the authentic connection of face-to-face games. MONOPOLY limited edition releases tie into popular culture, engaging with young fans around the globe. The latest releases - Game of Thrones and Disney's Lion King - have been very popular. Hasbro is building on its popularity taking it out of the toy aisle and working with best-in-class partners to bring together some fantastic lifestyle collaborations. Above : Online gift and homeware retailer IWOOT launched an exclusive line of MONOPOLY-inspired t-shirts, tote bags, coasters, cushions, mugs and wall art. Below: Dutch fashion brand Purewhite released a limited edition men’s collection including hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts, all featuring Monopoly inspired visuals and phrases.

Win at McDonald’s One of the biggest MONOPOLY activations is with McDonald's. Now in its 14th year in the UK, customers collect tokens corresponding to property space on the MONOPOLY game board. The 2019 campaign made another big splash, reaching 3 million people every day across 1200 UK restaurants throughout the six week promotion window.

Left: MONOPOLY taps into popular culture with its limited edition games, such as MONOPOLY Game of Thrones.

MONOPOLY comes to life in London Europe's first immersive MONOPOLY experience is coming to London in 2020. Hasbro has teamed with Selladoor Worldwide to create the interactive experience where players team up to complete challenges in order to move around the MONOPOLY board, buy property and charge rent to the opposing teams. The experience will also feature a MONOPOLY-themed bar and retail store.

98% Global awareness

Played by more than 10.5M fans on 1B people in 114 Facebook countries

#1 best-selling IP in Games* across the EU6, growing +20.5% YOY**

*Excluding Strategic Trading Card Games Subsegment **YTD June 2019 (Source: The NPD Group)


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Game On! Hasbro is the leader in board games with a 32% market share in the G9 countries and 8 out of the top 9 face-to-face games last year in the G9. MONOPOLY remains the number one brand and is still the fastest growing brand, but new games such as SPEAK OUT, PIE FACE, TOILET TROUBLE and FANTASTIC GYMNASTIC are carving a place as family-favourites too. And let’s not forget the classics such as GUESS WHO, GAME OF LIFE, CLUEDO and OPERATION.

Below: Hasbro: The Game Show is among the top-rated family entertainment on Carnival Cruise Lines. Customers can play giant versions of MONOPLOY, SORRY, OPERATION, CONNECT 4 and YAHTZEE.

M 140 be Tu You ws vie A new look for Cluedo Over the summer, Hasbro teamed up with Houzz, online architecture and interior design specialists, to update the classic CLUEDO murder-mystery board game for its 70th anniversary. The public were able to vote on which Houzz design should inspire a renovation of the game’s Hall or if the Hall should be replaced by a new room all together. The winning design will be included as the new room in an updated version of CLUEDO. Below: The hall in CLUEDO will get a makeover for the 70th anniversary edition thanks to Houzz.

Enough games sold in 5 years to circle Earth over 2 times

13M+ followers on Facebook

100M + Digital gaming downloads


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Below: Mr Potato Head menswear collection at Hong Kong clothing brand Chocoolate.

Launched in 1952, Mr Potato Head has sold millions of toys around the world. A celebrity in his own right, Mr Potato Head was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in the year 2000. Mr Potato Head is a top-selling preschool brand, growing +22.1% YOY YTD July 2019 across the EU6. It’s a great brand for kids, but also crosses generations and appeals to adults too.

brand o r b s a H #1 YouTube on d for Trusted branar over 60 ye s

500M+ units shipped each y ear 14

It's squishy, it's colourful, and it's been a family favourite for over 60 years. The PLAY-DOH brand has a long legacy of sparking the imaginations of children, artists, teachers, and creators of all ages. With a growing range of licensed products joining the PLAY-DOH line, we continue to inspire the world to shape their imaginations in their own creative way. Below: The new PLAY-DOH Show on YouTube features one-minute long stop motion animated episodes made of PLAY-DOH compound, with over 100 uploaded since 2018.




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d n i w e R s e m i T ! s d d o n a Go r B o r b s a H c s i s a l C h wit © 2019 Hasbro. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Inspire nostalgia with Hasbro’s heritage TONKA TOUGH For over 70 years, Tonka has been a household favourite! The Tonka brand stands for tough, durable, quality play and is a rite of passage for every young boy and girl; allowing them to create their own unique adventurous Tonka story. Tonka also has a strong nostalgia pull with all generations who remember growing up with the brand and still love what it stands for today – TONKA TOUGH!

Right: It’s TONKA TOUGH!

ONCE LOST, NOW LOVED Right: The Pound Puppies will be back this autumn


The original Pound Puppies will be back this autumn from new toy partner, Basic Fun. Every puppy will come with adoption papers and an ID tag and provides the perfect opportunity for kids to recreate the fantasy of 'once lost, now loved' and develop their empathy and nurturing skills by taking them home and making them their own. Current listings for AW19 launch include independents, Amazon and The Entertainer, with a full roll out in 2020.

16-17_Heritage_v2.qxp_NEW LSB 2008 GRID 13/09/2019 17:01 Page 17


An enticing world of miniature vehicles and component style playset environments allows kids to collect, roll, race, transform and crash while ‘Thinking big, but playing small’. Hasbro has teamed up with Wicked Cool Toys as global master toy licensee to introduce a refreshed assortment with multi-generational appeal in autumn 2020 which will be supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign that will drive awareness and demand.


18_Magic The Gathering.qxp_NEW LSB 2008 GRID 13/09/2019 16:31 Page 18

Some Serious Magic

MAGIC: THE GATHERING was the first trading card game and spearheaded the genre when it launched 26 years ago. It combines compelling characters, fantastic worlds, epic storytelling, and deep strategic gameplay. In both tabletop and digital expressions, players collect cards, build decks of their own design, then battle against friends. There are more than 38 million players and fans globally and this is set to increase with a new flagship digital game, Magic: The Gathering Arena, complete with its own esports pro league and a Netflix series – with exciting opportunities for consumer product.

8+ hours per week average play time

New tabletop players are up 10% year on year

Over 1 billion games were played during the open Beta of Magic: The Gathering Arena

Left: The Magic: The Gathering collection from Zavvi includes tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs and tote bags.

Left: The Wild Bangarang team launched its cosplay-friendly apparel line for women in August, featuring leggings, skater dressers and pencil skirts

Demographic: mainly aged 1535, 70/30 male/female split

Joining the esports arena

Coming to Netflix 2020 will see another new step forward for the brand as Magic comes to Netflix, with the first of two animated series. Hasbro is partnering with Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Avengers Endgame, to bring Magic to life in a way that will delight the many fans and introduce new ones to the franchise.


Magic: The Gathering Arena is the cornerstone in Hasbro’s esport plan, with a prize pool of $10 million up for grabs in 2019 across digital and tabletop Magic. It’s still early days for the Magic Pro League, but the viewing figures are encouraging with viewership up 140% year on year and over 40,000 players streaming on Twitch. The open esports competition structure creates lucrative opportunities for involvement and partnership from sponsors, partners, venues, and teams.

IBC_Dungeon and Dragons_v2.qxp_NEW LSB 2008 GRID 13/09/2019 17:04 Page 19

ROLL of the DICE Dungeons & Dragons is the legendary roleplaying game that has been bringing people together for over 45 years.

It’s more popular than ever before, with a mobile app and other entertainment in the pipeline. A pop-culture icon, Dungeons & Dragons has been featured in and collaborated with a huge variety of popular media including Stranger Things, Rick & Morty, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Futurama, The Goldbergs, and many more. Celebrity players include Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Dame Judi Dench.





Above: Content is available how and when fans want it (left to right): on SVOD, at the cinema and digital games.

MORE PLAYERS, MORE SALES The last several years of strong growth began with the launch of the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons in 2014. A great suite of products combined with the rise of interactive entertainment has made Dungeons & Dragons more fun to play, watch, and share. Billions of minutes of Dungeons & Dragons gameplay are watched on streaming services such as Twitch, and in YouTube videos. Watching others play online is the fastest growing source of new player acquisition. Illustration by Grzegorz Rutkowski


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