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Our journey, our pride Fifty years ago, after more than 380 years of Dutch, French, and British colonialism, our country made a decision to stride forth into the, then, unknown path of independence. In many ways, the young nation took an enormous gamble when one considers the mono-crop economy almost entirely dependent on sugar, and the dire predictions of overpopulation and resultant poverty. Yet, despite some upheavals and difficulties, slowly but surely, our economy started on the long road of diversification… sectors like tourism, textiles, financial services, BPO centres, and residential schemes for foreigners, all began to bring their share of development and wealth to the country. I’m convinced that no one driving across our Island back in 1968 could have envisioned Mauritius looking like it does today. Wisely, from the outset, our deciders realised that our small island could not cope with mass tourism; thus, was born the concept of Mauritius as a higher end, luxury, destination, attracting tourists with the means to appreciate and enjoy well laid out spacious hotels and resorts, with exquisite gardens, on secluded beaches, overlooking azure lagoons. As the land under sugar cane – the original mainstay of our economy – decreased, a much better use was found for that space with the development of golf courses. Very quickly, it became evident to the local tourism industry and to tourists themselves that we had something unique to offer… a variety of very different championship courses, in spectacular locations, over a very small area. Luxury golf tourism with a unique product offering is today contributing both to our economy, and to putting Mauritius on the map. Being a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, certainly in terms of destination, has its disadvantages. Our proximity to Africa may create even a perception of underdevelopment, but this quickly evaporates from the time the visitor lands at SSR International Airport, is whisked to his resort in an air-conditioned limousine, is welcomed like an old friend at one of the dozens of 5-Star resorts, and gets to be pampered by all the luxury that is on offer. Two of our top golf resorts have even held the very successful annual AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, which remains the only tri-sanctioned tournament by the European, Asian, and Sunshine Tours, with an increasing number of well-known stars participating. With this 2018 issue of Golf Magazine, we hope you will share in our pride in our nation’s achievements over the past 50 years, the beauty of what is on offer when you visit Mauritius, as well the lifestyle that you might enjoy as a golfer, whether you visit us for a few days, or decide to take up residence in our beautiful island. Yours in Golf!

Olivier Lajeunesse Publisher

MAURITIUS - The Emerging Golf Destination - Issue 2018 is published by the MGT - ISSN: 1694-3074 Special Mention to: Gilbert Grant, Anouska Cuniah, Louise Echstein, Magali Kinzonzi, Jennyfer Lajeunesse, Jean-Jacques Fabien Printed By: T-Printers Co. Ltd Front Cover: Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, designed by Bernhard Langer





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An Alternative Golfing Experience Mauritius is fast gaining traction as a golf destination, strong on its key intrinsic attributes; namely, its capacity to bridge the rest of the world with Africa, the comfort and safety of a paradisiac holiday destination, and a business-friendly environment. Together, these combine to provide a strong lure for golfing in Mauritius. Indeed, the geographic positioning of our island economy provides an unparalleled opportunity, and an entry point of choice, for European and Asian businesses to golf their way into Africa’s buoyant business world, by providing a unique networking platform to develop and consolidate ties with major influencers and shapers of the continent’s business arena. Furthermore, Mauritius is a golf destination like no other, with a lifestyle that favours a perfect marriage of business with pleasure in an exquisite landscape as backdrop. Mauritian hospitality is well famed, with luxury hotels providing the highest quality of services in a country that is safe, stable, and lively. Finally, the taste of a cosmopolitan lifestyle flavoured with the spice of pluri-culturalism is a further attraction to stay in Mauritius to do business, with a wide range of luxury villas offering a formidable opportunity to invest and live on the island, amongst other sectors of activity. Mauritius is much more than just the traditional sea and sand tourism destination that has become famous. It is a melting pot of diversity where business meets an incomparable lifestyle. It is in this very spirit of making our myriad of offerings known that the Prime Minister, Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, has entrusted the Economic Development Board with the mission of ensuring that Mauritius shines as a world-class golf destination.

Joseph E. Charles Cartier Chairman Economic Development Board


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Interview / Peter Walton

Movers & Shakers:

Peter Walton, Founder & CEO, IAGTO MGT: When you founded IAGTO over 20 years ago now, did you ever think that it would become the golf industry’s premier platform for Golf Tour Operators; what has surprised you most about its growth? Peter Walton: Having been in the travel industry since 1986, when I established IAGTO in 1997 I had a clear vision of what I hoped IAGTO would become. I made a statement at my inaugural address in 1998 as to what I expected the eventual numbers to be, and we are now at double that, so from that point of view I couldn’t be more pleased! Growth of IAGTO has reflected the growth in the golf tourism industry worldwide, but our challenge remains what it was 21 years ago which is to assess what the industry needs on an almost daily basis and try to deliver a support system that is timely and relevant. MGT: The global golf tourism industry has now experienced several years of consecutive growth, particularly in Mauritius and, in many cases, at rates higher than for general leisure tourism… Do you see this growth continuing; are there any headwinds that a small destination like Mauritius should be planning for? P.W.: There is no room for complacency in any sector of the travel industry, and golf tourism can be affected by global and local events just like all other niche markets. Since 2011 golf tourism has enjoyed six years of consecutive growth globally and forward bookings for 2018 are also looking strong. Overall we expect the rate of growth, which has run consistently at double that of general leisure travel, to plateau as demand begins to exceed supply in the most popular golf destinations. MGT: Our last issue of this annual publication referred to Mauritius as an ‘Emerging Golf Destination’… What, from your perspective, based overseas, does the local golf tourism industry need to do to qualify as an ‘Established Golf Destination’? P.W.: What Mauritius has achieved is even more remarkable. Since 2003 its golf visitor numbers have increased year on year through global economic crises, health pandemics and market variations. This can be accredited to the implementation of a well-planned golf course development strategy. In my opinion, Mauritius is already, and has been for a number of years, a well-established golf destination. Being established is not an empirical measure of the absolute number of golf visitors but the perception of the destination in the minds of the golf traveller. MGT: You have visited Mauritius and, I presume, played on some of our championship courses. We know that we offer the golf aficionado the possibility of playing a round every day on a very different golf course, even if he or she spends 10 days on the island… What does Mauritius offer that is unique or different; and what can be done to improve our offer in terms of courses, resorts, etc.


P.W.: In 2003 there were 3 courses in different parts of the island. Now there are two distinct clusters of golf courses in the south-west and east, with golf also available as an activity in other holiday hubs. The journey between, for example, Le Morne and Beau Champ, is stunning and therefore the opportunity for Mauritius is to encourage the avid golf traveller who likes to experience as many different courses that they can during their much anticipated golf vacation. Mauritius can rely on its stay and play business but it would be incredibly exciting to see it develop as a destination that golfers actively explore. During my first visit to Mauritius in 1990 I spent three weeks travelling the island which I remember to this day, and I would love to see golfers experiencing the entire island via its fairways in years to come. MGT: It is true that Mauritius is somewhat out of the way in terms of location – 8-10 hours from Asia, 12 hours from Europe – but

does that mean that it will only ever be a small upmarket niche destination, or is it feasible for the industry really to put Mauritius on the map for golf tourists? P.W.: It’s already well and truly on the global golf map! Mauritius has actually always punched above its weight. However, you are right in that, apart from South Africa, your main markets are some distance away, and the further people travel, the more they want from their travel experience. With only eight golf courses, golf tourism already accounts for 6% of all arrivals and 9% of tourism revenue, so the opportunity is to develop this even further as all tourist boards are looking for high revenue, low impact tourism. While golf travel can certainly be labelled ‘niche’ it is the largest sports tourism sector and one of the most powerful and influential niche markets in the tourism industry.

“In my opinion, Mauritius is already, and has been for a number of years, a well-established golf destination.” MGT: If the answer to the above is affirmative, then how do government, tourism sector operators, airlines, and golf resorts work together to achieve this goal, noting that you have said that, “Messages need to be clear, specific and targeted to particular markets. From the supplier side it is essential to consider what any given category of golfer is looking for and to explain succinctly why their destination or resort is therefore the perfect solution.” How well is our golf tourism industry doing on that score? P.W.: I was reported as saying in 2008 that it is no longer sufficient to market a destination in broad generic terms, and that messages need to be market and ‘motivation’ specific. It is equally important that we can deliver the experience that we are promoting. This is where Mauritius truly comes into its own. I believe that golf travel to Mauritius can reach 12% of all tourism revenue by the private sector offering great combinations of golf course experiences and the tourist board promoting this to key markets. MGT: Every year we hold the Afrasia Mauritius Open tournament, one of the only tri-sanctioned events appealing to, and drawing, European, Africa/Middle East, and Asian professionals… is there anything more in terms of tournaments or events that Mauritius might be doing to appeal to professionals, thereby increasing the number of golf visitors? P.W.: The Afrasia Mauritius Open is a tremendous asset to the

promotion of Mauritius as a golf destination and has already had a positive impact by expanding the markets in which Mauritius is already best known. Now it is all about promoting these images and those of the destination in new and existing markets along with an ease of booking golf vacations encompassing any combination of golf courses for the cost of a stay and play golf holiday. MGT: We are blessed to have a number of championship courses all very different one from the other… Is there a point where a small island like Mauritius reaches saturation point in terms of golf courses? P.W.: Globally golf tourism growth will soon plateau due to demand exceeding supply in the most popular golf destinations. The steady growth of Mauritius as a golf destination has in large part been due to the development of new courses of the right quality at the right time. We always need to be looking three years ahead, this being the time it takes to plan and build a new golf facility, so it is important to ensure that the golf tourism development strategy continues into the future and that new courses are built at the right time and in the right places before existing capacity is exceeded. With adequate marketing all golf resorts and courses should be running at optimum capacity. MGT: I read in a recent interview that you mentioned women golfers, particularly in Europe, as a potential market that can be developed… would this apply to Mauritius, noting that most people visit us as couples, or families? P.W.: Mauritius needs to focus on the sections of golf travellers that are most suited to the destination, which probably means couples and groups of couples. Fortunately this is one of the fasted growth sectors. This is not just limited to Europe where, for example, 40% of registered golfers in Germany are ladies, but looking east, also in Korea where groups of women golfers regularly take golf vacations. This is a growth area and one that Mauritius can easily capitalise on. MGT: The Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 featured golf for the first time in over a century; the next Games will be held in golf-mad Japan… What repercussions do you see for the game and tourism in general by this inclusion in the Olympic program? P.W.: It is difficult to second-guess what the overall impact will be of Olympic golf on global participation levels, but of course it can only be positive. Moments of genius and the clash of titans as experienced in Rio stirs the imagination of non-golfing Olympic fans; and, looking ahead, the gradual positioning of Japan as a unique and accessible golf destination ahead of the 2020 Olympics is perfect timing. MGT: As we are talking about Japan, and let us add Asia in general; numbers from the region are only a small part of the tourist arrivals in Mauritius… Should the local Golf Tourism industry be focussing more on golfers, who have a defined objective and, usually, the means to travel here, rather than just increasing the overall numbers from this promising region? P.W.: I believe that Asian markets with direct flights or easy connections represent a tremendously important segment for Mauritius. But Asia is not a single market and the cost of promotions each country can be prohibitively expensive. With golfers throughout Asia being supremely influential in up-market family holiday, couples vacations, meetings, incentives as well as the occasional golf holiday, it would make perfect and cost-effective sense to focus on avid golfers in each one of these Asian markets.


Interview / Peter Walton


« La croissance régulière de Maurice en tant que destination de golf est en grande partie dû au développement de nouveaux parcours de bonne qualité au bon moment. »


Interview / Olivier Lajeunesse

Movers & Shakers:

Interview with Olivier Lajeunesse, Founder of Mauritius Golf Tours, by our reporter Gilbert Grant clients through golf tourism. We have seen the industry continue to develop and grow into offering a very specific product, well beyond tourists seeking a round of golf while on holiday. Nonetheless, just having beautiful golf courses and fantastic resorts isn’t enough to attract the discerning travelling golfer. In order to continue making progress, we need create a complete, unique, and unforgettable golfing experience. Related to that, other sub-sectors have also evolved such as financial services, real estate, retirement schemes, etc. However, this very diversification may in time become a hindrance when you are trying to refine a luxury product. By trying to add value across the sector, it becomes very easy to lose track of the fact that the golf tourist is a premium class client with clear expectations about the standards of expertise and professionalism he wants to experience. In this area, I believe there is still much room for improvement

Gilbert: This is now the second annual issue of Mauritius, the Emerging Destination Magazine. We note that it’s a bilingual English and French issue … Would you consider the results of the 2017 edition to have been a success; and, why the changes to this issue? Olivier Lajeunesse: Thanks to the efforts and support of each golf actor on the island, our magazine presents a unique product to world golf tourism. Thanks to awe-inspiring pictures, we’ve been able to make our readers dream of a golfing experience in paradise. Our first issue was indeed a great success, with much positive feedback from both professional and amateur golfers from all over the world. Golf tourists from places like France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxemburg continue to increase, with many of them returning faithfully year after year. With our first issue, we were seeking to present the destination in new markets. This year, we wanted to ensure that we consolidated the relationship with our existing clients in these Francophone countries; hence this bilingual edition. Gilbert: You have noted that Mauritius is celebrating its 50th Independence Day, and mentioned how the economy has successfully diversified into many sectors, including tourism, especially high-end golf tourism, with the creation of magnificent championship courses, as well as luxury resorts in breathtakingly fantastic locations… Are you personally satisfied with the evolution of golf tourism in particular? O.L: As a small independent island with few resources, we were obliged as a nation to strive in order to survive. We had little choice but to diversify… Tourism quickly became one of the key pillars of our economy. I believe that it was indeed a smart move by the tourism sector, along with government support, to aim for high-end


Gilbert: In your opinion, what is the missing element, or elements from the international golf tourist’s perspective that would improve what Mauritius can offer? O.L: Offering quality products, a justified reputation for hospitality, and astonishingly beautiful golfing infrastructure is only half the story… From my perspective, I see two key elements that need to be worked on. As a destination, we need to learn how to receive golf tourists in the way that they expect, in the same way, for example, that a medical tourist expects to have an ambulance waiting at the airport with medical staff on hand. The other area is that Mauritius still suffers from a lack of certified and experienced golf professionals. I’m sure that both these shortcomings will improve over time, but we should not lose sight of its importance if we want to continue to grow our golf tourism numbers. I’m delighted to see that there is an increasing number of Mauritians completing their PGA certification. This will contribute tremendously to improve and enhance our golf offering. Gilbert: I am aware that you set up your company, Mauritius Golf Tours (MGT) as a specialist golf Destination Management Company (DMC)… At the time you did this, what did you think needed doing to plug this gap in the market; and today, what do you think still needs to be done to improve the Mauritius Golf offer on international markets? O.L: When we created Mauritius Golf Tours, our intention was to provide a real solution to the problems faced by people coming to the island just to play golf. I had spotted that there was a missing link – a dedicated service – that would complement already existing services and infrastructure. Think of it this way: it’s inconceivable for a hotel restaurant to offer a tourist a juicy steak without also offering him red wine at the perfect temperature. Knowing what to do for the golf tourist requires that same kind of specialist knowledge. It’s at this point of need that Mauritius Golf Tours wants to be operating.

Gilbert: You have been known to say that the golf tourist is not like the ‘ordinary’ tourist wanting to spend a week at the beach, soaking up the sun. Obviously, a golfer is by nature of the sport going to be somewhat more active, particularly if he opts to visit a number of courses across the island… What does MGT offer that is exclusively aimed at the visitor and meets his expectations? O.L: It’s very true that travelling golfers are a different type of tourist to the traditional ones we receive in Mauritius looking for our paradise beaches. The discerning golfer who has flown over 10 000km is seeking an exclusive experience that includes luxury accommodation, accompanied by good food & wine, along with rounds of golf on matchless courses. To these guests, golf is a lifestyle whether one is a professional or casual player, and their expectations are similar. A reason our visitors are pleased by our service is that we ‘speak’ golf, meaning there is no language barrier; and our evident expertise in the domain reassures them, and has proven successful for us. We are aware of the small details that impress and please our clients, like providing them with their preferred brand of golf balls or clubs that they rent. Providing complete assistance from arrival to departure; and, anticipating all the potential needs of our guests are factors that have helped to solidify our reputation as a specialist golf DMC. Gilbert: You have been described by many people in the golf world here in Mauritius as someone who is truly passionate about what you do in general, and about golf in particular… Where does this passion come from, and why are you so excited about the role you, and your company, plays in the local golf tourism industry? O.L: I’m not a person who can see a problem or shortcoming and simply look away, even more so when I believe that I can bring a solution to that situation. I believe that passion must also be linked to a clear vision and a set of mission goals. Our family business has been operating in the tourism sector for over 20 years now; and, creating satisfied customers has been the company’s chief aim. When I launched MGT, I defined our mission as solving a number of inadequacies or deficiencies that I had identified at the time that Mauritius started becoming a player in golf tourism. I had, myself just begun to play golf and fell passionately in love with the sport. I was able to see first- hand, on the course, what the visiting golfer wanted or needed, because as I had been involved in taking care of his arrival, accommodation, tours, car hire, and departure through the family company. It became quickly very evident that there was a gap in the market, which MGT was destined to fill because we understood deep down exactly what our clients were looking for. At MGT, I often say, ‘We know golf, we speak golf, and we live golf!’ Clearly, it is driven in part by my personal passion for the sport! Although there is room for improvement and growth, we believe that we have got some things right, judging by clients’ feedback, and this only motivates us to do better and more. We are today still the first and only specialised golf DMC in Mauritius… this is a great privilege, but also something we constantly need to work on to keep providing a higher level of service. That is the vision of, and what drives us, at MGT: to be positively different in our service offering, and providing an unforgettable golfing experience that the golfer will want to return again.

a statistic that speaks for itself… What role do you see Mauritius Golf Tours playing to improve both those numbers? O.L: MGT has put in place a very informative website that is probably only the complete platform for information about golf in Mauritius; this allows you to book a round on the course of your choice even before your arrival; and, we work in close partnership with the different golf operators. We have now published our second issue of our golf magazine, with the objective of making Mauritius known across the world as a prestige golf destination. Golf tourism arrivals continue to increase as awareness of Mauritius grows; we face the challenge of meeting their expectations and satisfying their needs, by capitalising on first impressions immediately from the airport itself. If we can keep doing that, and refining our service, then I consider that we will have achieved our goals.

“That is the vision of, and what drives us, at MGT: to be positively different in our service offering, and providing an unforgettable golfing experience that the golfer will want to return again.”

Gilbert: Finally, from all of the above, it is evident that a golfer coming all the way to Mauritius has quite a different outlook. At this point golf tourism 9% of arrivals, and 12% of revenue;


Interview / Olivier Lajeunesse

« Telle est la vision et ce qui nous motive chez MGT : être différent dans notre offre de service et offrir une expérience de golf inoubliable qui assurera le retour garanti du golfeur à Maurice. »



Specialist DMC

/ Mauritius Golf Tours

Golf Specialist DMC: The One and Only

As the only Destination Management Company on the island specialising in everything golf, we can organise an unforgettable golfing holiday for you in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. With our wealth of golf knowledge, local expertise and resources, we understand what golfers are looking for and our service approach is 100% orientated towards that. We offer a range of different golf holiday options, and can tailor make one to your specific requirements. Booking is simple and includes your transport, accommodation and a golf concierge at your service!

Scan for more information. Scannez pour plus d’information..


Concierge Service

/ Mauritius Golf Tours

5 Star Concierge Service: Enjoy Golf on a New Level As one of the world’s top luxurious golf holiday destinations, you will find worldclass service as standard. To enhance the experience, we offer our clients a special concierge service, so you can be sure that you have someone on hand to take care of you from the minute you touch down on Mauritian soil… Our concierge will be there to welcome you on the airport tarmac, and escort you by limousine to the YU Lounge. While our team takes care of the customs formalities you can relax and enjoy the refreshments available before being driven to your golf resort. For the duration of your stay, your concierge will be at your service 24/7, to ensure that it is completely hassle-free. Experience world-renowned Mauritian hospitality and 5-star service that will make your golfing holiday even more enjoyable and unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

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Golf Club Hire

/ Mauritius Golf Tours

Golf Club Hire: Your 24/7 Caddie

It can be a real hassle to lug around your golf bag when you’re travelling abroad, especially if you’re making a few stops and using different modes of transport. You also run the risk of your kit being damaged or even stolen in the process. To ensure your holiday adventures are reserved for the golf course and don’t start before you arrive, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! We’ll set you up with excellent brand clubs (Taylor Made, Nike, Adams, Cleveland) at very affordable rates that can be delivered and collected at your convenience. Booking the clubs is as easy as filling out an on-line form, and for a small additional fee we can arrange insurance for any damage they may incur while they’re in your possession. Clubs for both men and ladies are available and we have a plenty of balls and t-shirts for sale too. It’s just one more thing that we’d like to do to make your golfing experience in Mauritius even more enjoyable.

Scan for more information. Scannez pour plus d’information.


Interview / Philippe Espitalier-Noel

Movers & Shakers: Philippe Espitalier-Noel, CEO, Rogers Group MGT: What has been the approach taken by the Rogers Group with regard to ‘golf tourism’ in Mauritius Philippe Espitalier-Noel: Over the last few years, our approach has consisted of stepping up our touristic offer in the Bel Ombre region. We were amongst the first in Mauritius to embark on this new trend after the Mauritian government launched the Integrated Resorts Scheme back in 2002, when we chose to enhance our property ventures with luxury villas and a world-class golf course in the South West. The golf course experience at Heritage Golf Club became available as from 2005. Since that time, this course has attracted many players of different levels of ability. The pinnacle was reached with the first edition of AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open in 2015, which has contributed greatly to the popularity of Heritage Golf Club. Today, we continue to develop new forms of tourism, amongst which golf tourism, one of our major targets in Bel Ombre. MGT: As CEO of the Group, what would you consider to be the unique attributes of Heritage Resorts? P.E-N: I am very proud to announce that Heritage Le Telfair just received the 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for ‘Best International Resort in Mauritius’. This recognition is the summit in terms of golf rankings in the world. It’s difficult to top such an award! Moreover, the Heritage Golf Club has, for the fourth consecutive year been voted the ‘Best Golf Course in the Indian Ocean’ at the World Golf Awards. This, in itself, is no mean feat. Our teams work very hard, all year round, to achieve this result. Golf is a precision sport, and we pride ourselves on having beautifully manicured greens and fairways that offer incomparable comfort to players. At the same time, we are also aware that our biggest asset is the Heritage Bel Ombre domain as a whole, which boasts of beautiful beaches, as well as 2,500 hectares of unspoilt nature, with its green hills, rivers and waterfalls… We have a unique offerings in the form of two five-star resorts; top-notch villas that can be considered ‘a home away from home’; a twelve-point culinary palette that sublimates the local flavours; spa and wellness offerings, amongst many other services. We do not only cater for golf enthusiasts on the estate. We have something in store for nature addicts, for sea lovers, for sports freaks; as well as for those who prefer a nice stroll down memory lane, admiring one of the domain’s highlights, Le Chateau, the AngloIndian colonial style family house and its garden, that has been freshly restored to its former glory, and that can even accommodate curious tourists for the night. Heritage Bel Ombre, as a new service brand, has been focusing on great – and personalised – customer experiences, on creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable tailor-made holiday… at least one that makes our guests want to come back. Our ambition is to be able to convey all the richness and subtleties of the Mauritian lifestyle.


MGT: The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open has created a growing awareness of the destination and the unique golfing experience on offer. With Heritage Golf Club having hosted two tournaments, what has been the outcome? P.E-N: Hosting a €1 million tournament tri-sanctioned by the Sunshine, European and Asian Tours, like we did three months ago, undoubtedly brought world attention to Mauritius as a destination, but also to Heritage Bel Ombre, which represents a unique offering in Mauritius. This colossal sporting event – in fact the biggest sporting event to be organised in our country – has also helped to put the island on the golfing map. We are now considered as a golf tourism destination in our own right and this is a very interesting selling point for Mauritius, as well as for Heritage, which prides itself on being a destination within the destination.

“Hosting a €1 million tournament tri-sanctioned by the Sunshine, European and Asian Tours, like we did three months ago, undoubtedly brought world attention to Mauritius as a destination.” With more than 40 television teams on the domain during the tournament, we potentially reached 500 million homes worldwide. As a marketing tool, it is a significant event as it provides unparalleled visibility to our country’s fantastic attributes. It allows us to showcase the know-how of Mauritius Inc. in fields that range from sport to hospitality to real estate, touching on travel, and even financial products. The dynamics that were created around the competition serve to promote the country and to draw public attention to what it has to offer. For Rogers Group and Heritage, this demonstrates that we are operating successfully at the top of worldwide benchmarks in our service lines.

In addition, here in Mauritius, golf is currently growing at between a 3-5% increase in rounds per year. The island is being recognised as a golf tourism destination, featuring top resorts that are backed up by great championship golf courses. MGT: With what Mauritius has to offer and the golf real estate opportunities like Villas Valriche, is it correct to say that that Mauritius has everything necessary to attract the most discerning golfer? P.E-N: Mauritius is indeed highly ranked amongst tourist destinations. Also, what we, as a Group, have in the Southwestern region of the island, is truly a gem. We have created an estate of national significance. Our initiatives began early on, when the Integrated Resort Scheme was first launched, and more than ten years later, we are still selling high-end villas to discerning clients who appreciate the generous offerings of our estate. Of course, this also means that we need to continually enhance our service line and property offerings in this region to consolidate and keep adding to the beauty of our unique ecosystem.

“We, as a Group, have committed to protect this land, and to preserve our marine and terrestrial ecosystems for future generations by implementing sustainable and inclusive development practices.” MGT: What projects or new developments do you have in the pipeline that would appeal to our readers? P.E-N: One of the ambitious goals Heritage Bel Ombre has set itself for 2018 is to start the construction of a second golf course. This decision to commission a second 18-hole championship course on the resort is consistent with our vision, and in direct relation to the increasing demand for golf on the resort and we are only too happy to be able to provide our guests with a second course in the near future; a course that has a unique position in the gorgeous Savanne landscape. For this new project, we have secured the help of Louis Oosthuizen, who currently ranks amongst the world’s 30 best players. Together with the renowned African golf course architect, Peter Matkovich, who created our first championship course, Louis Oosthuizen will bring his expertise as a golf player to the design. We wish to capitalise on the spectacular ocean, mountain, and forest setting. Our ambition is to come up with a championship course that is the perfect mix of breath-taking views and verdant fairways

to provide a fantastic experience to all golfers. We are confident that we will be able to come up with a totally different offer that will complement our existing golf course. MGT: As the CEO of Rogers Group what special message can you send to invite golfers worldwide to discover what Heritage Resorts has to offer in terms of golf experience, P.E-N: Bel Ombre and Heritage offer a winning formula to adults and families looking for relaxing and entertaining holidays. As a Group, Rogers has always been very proud of the Bel Ombre region and everything it has to offer. Bel Ombre carries a sense of place that we, in the Group cherish. Its natural setting makes it special, and over the years, we have transformed it; where we had primary economic activities like sugar, we now have mostly tertiary oriented sector activities with a strong socio-economic focus. We continue to work on consolidating and enhancing our leisure and events components. Already, golf enthusiasts who come to our resorts or villas can enjoy a lot more than just a good game of golf. Following a major rebranding exercise undertaken last year by Rogers Group together with its subsidiaries, Heritage Bel Ombre offers a lush bouquet of experiences, that encompasses sports facilities (like kite surfing) permanent cycling tracks, trekking circuits, as well as specialist wellness, culinary, and cultural offerings. But above all, we, as a Group, have committed to protect this land, and to preserve our marine and terrestrial ecosystems for future generations by implementing sustainable and inclusive development practices. For instance, both Heritage hotels are Green Key certified – this being a voluntary certification awarded to hotels that promote sustainable tourism. If you visit Mauritius, you can find all the facets of the island in our relaxing, beautifully manicured and preserved environment. But the only way to be sure about all this, is to come and see for yourselves!


Interview / Philippe Espitalier-Noel

« Organiser des tournois d’un million d’euros trisanctionnés par les Sunshine, European et Asian Tours, comme celui d’il y a trois mois, n’a pas seulement attiré l’attention du monde entier sur l’île Maurice. » 32

« Nous, en tant que Groupe, nous nous sommes engagés à protéger ces terres et à préserver nos écosystèmes marins et terrestres pour les générations futures en mettant en œuvre des pratiques de développement durable et inclusif. »


Heritage Resorts /

Heritage Le Telfair:

Couples Experience

Set on a long sweep of powder white sand and turquoise blue water lagoon on the ‘wild’ south coast of Mauritius, it’s no wonder that Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort is a popular wedding venue and a favourite for honeymoon couples. Everything about the resort feels intimate and magical, from the beautiful plantation-style architecture, the visually stunning décor, to the exquisite private rooms with romantic four-poster beds and indulgent bathrooms with freestanding bath, couple-size showers, some with an additional outdoor shower. Whether you are newly-weds, baby-mooners, celebrating your wedding anniversary, or simply looking for a romantic getaway, the 5-star plus Heritage Le Telfair Resort promises to be an unforgettably romantic experience. Solitude, intimacy, luxury, and royal treatment are the order of the day for couples. Relax and unwind in our beautiful suites, complete with a resident host service to make your stay even more exclusive. Enjoy numerous spa treatments for couples in the world-class Seven Colours Spa ‘Millesime Collection’, beautiful sunset strolls along the beach, lounging beside one of the 3 pools, or wining and dining in any one of the 11 restaurants and bars offering a range of taste sensations. Whether you want to get dressed to the nines and feel like royalty for the evening, or simply chill with soft white sand under your feet… the choices are endless. If action and adventure are more your bundle, there are plenty of fun activities to do as couples. Play a round of golf with your partner on our European Tour branded golf course, take romantic nature walks in the onsite reserve of Frédérica, or go snorkelling, sailing, or kite-surfing on the ocean. And if you’re holidaying with your kids, take full advantage of the fully inclusive Ti Momo Kids Club where children from 3 months to 12 years of age are looked after free of charge by the capable and caring hands of our trained staff, and have loads of fun while you spend uninterrupted time together… For a truly unique experience, be sure to spend an evening at Heritage Le Chateau. Immerse yourselves in the rich history of Mauritius and dine in the gorgeously elegant restaurant boasting the finest in Mauritian-style cuisine. This beautiful 1765 Anglo-Indian colonial style home, which has recently been restored to its former glory,


oozes with history, character, and charm. Take advantage and spend a night in the stunning upstairs bedroom overlooking beautiful French-style gardens, complete with his and hers boudoirs adjoining the bedroom, and a full butler service for the evening. A romantic luxury experience fit for royalty!


Heritage Resorts /

Heritage Le Telfair: Wellness & Golf A definite feeling of calm comes over you as you enter Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort. It’s not clear whether it’s the wide-open spaces or the majestic tree lined avenues, the beauty of the tropical vegetation, or the sweeping views of the turquoise blue ocean, or a combination of all these; but, from the first step inside the magnificent hotel lobby one is drawn into another world and set on a journey where body, soul and spirit have already begun to feel revitalised… The recently refurbished resort aims at providing relaxation on another level. This wellness holiday retreat, a concept unique in Mauritius, offers a holistic and personalised experience to health that takes not only your physical, but also your mental, and emotional wellbeing into consideration. Expertly designed wellness experiences, products and treatments will ensure that you can fully relax in the hands of professional staff, who are ready to tailor make a program perfectly suited to your needs With plenty of healthy, varied meals on offer in all 11 restaurants, your taste buds won’t be deprived either. Guilt-free, appetizing dishes created by chefs and nutritionists are on offer throughout the day, including gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian options. Head to the “healthy breakfast corners” where you’ll find deliciously fresh,


whole and organic drinks and meals to start your day in the best possible way. Pampering on another level takes place within the 3000 m2 Seven Colours Spa ‘Millesime Collection’, an indulgent tropical Eden where our Wellness Coordinator and Osteopath are ready to design a personal wellness package for the duration of your stay. Expertly trained therapists and masseurs use Heritage’s signature Mauritian spa product range and essential oils specifically adapted for moms-to-be, families, children, and of course, golfers! Their expert knowledge of the chakras will leave you feeling completely restored and rejuvenated. Ranked among the best in Mauritius, the Spa is the most perfect and exclusive setting in which to truly disconnect, unwind, be renewed. Take advantage of the hydrotherapy pool with relaxing bubble beds, and the outdoor showers with hydro massage jets to make your experience even more special. And if the therapeutic sound of the ocean, birds singing, and bare feet on the sand were not enough, enjoy wellness walks and forest bathing in the nearby reserve, yoga sessions at the waterfall, or meditation sessions on the beach… From personal health to spirituality, to diet and fitness, Heritage Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort is a feast for body, mind, soul, and spirit!

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Heritage Golf Club /

Heritage Golf Course On a clear day, with the volcanic mountains and rolling green hills on one side, and turquoise blue water on another, there really is no lovelier place to play golf in Mauritius. The championship, multi award-winning course, which winds through the foothills of Bel Ombre in the south of the island, was designed by renowned golf architect, Peter Matkovich. In May 2015, Heritage Golf Club made international golfing history by hosting the first ever tri-sanctioned golf tournament in the world between the European, Sunshine and Asian Tours. In 2017 it hosted the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open again, the biggest sporting event in the region. At the same time, it became the first Indian Ocean course to host a European Tour Event and become part of the exclusive “Race to Dubai” calendar. The 18-hole championship course and 9-hole pitch and putt course, caters for golfers of every calibre. Spread over 205 acres, the course has mainly wide, undulating fairways carved through a sugar cane plantation with majestic views of the ocean from most holes. Sizeable putting surfaces and well-spaced holes give the golfer plenty of freedom. The beautiful course is complete with lakes, boulders, thick vetiver grasses and palm tree jungles that add to the challenge. Numerous bunkers, water hazards and blind greens are a highlight, with the Citronniers and St Martin Rivers both crossing the course and adding their own twist. While being technically challenging for low-


handicappers, the 5 tee positions on every hole ensure recreational golfers will find the course plenty of fun too… Rounds of golf are free for guests of the two 5-star resorts across the road from the course: Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort, and Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort. World-class facilities including a Golf Club House, GPS fitted golf caddies, skate caddies, and a Golf Academy, all add

to the fabulous golfing experience. A second 18-hole championship course at Heritage Resorts’ is currently under construction. Co-designed by major champion Louis Oosthuizen and renowned designer Peter Matkovich, and drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings and character of the land, the course is due to open in late 2019, and promises, if that were possible, to be an even better course…

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Heritage Golf Club /

Heritage Golf: The Academy

Learn to love golf (even more!), develop your game, and continue to progress… These are the main objectives of the head professional and his experienced assistants at the Heritage Golf Club Academy. Dedicated to helping you get the most out of your golfing experience, the team is on hand to provide tailor-made teaching lessons, on the course, so that you can learn in real situations, no matter your level or ability. “Double bogeys, duck hooks, and birdies” may be the language you speak every day. Or it may leave you feeling slightly confused to say the least… Whatever the case, or in other words, whether you’re a stone-cold beginner wanting to know anything from what clubs you need, to how to practice… or a seasoned slicer, wanting to learn how to strategize on the golf course, the Academy’s pro golf instructors would love to work with you.


Their basic lessons include analysis of how you play, with a focus on the putter to the driver. A week-long personalised program can also be designed, or for golfing holidays, a more comprehensive package addressing every facet of the game can be arranged. Shorter sessions for junior players and

beginners are also extremely popular, and a great way to develop a knowledge of, and love for the game. A range of excellent learning tools are used, including video analysis for players or beginners wanting to improve their game, is also available.


Heritage Resorts /

Heritage Awali:

All-Inclusive, Fun & Family Set in the beautiful Domaine de Bel Ombre is the Awali Golf Resort and Spa, Heritage’s 5-star, all-inclusive hotel right next door to Heritage Le Telfair. And with a total of 12 restaurants and bars between the two hotels, there has never been a more appropriate time to say “there’s something for everyone”! If you haven’t already guessed by the name, the Heritage Awali is an impressive Africanstyle resort, with warm and inviting décor and eye-catching accents that give off plenty of African charm. It’s a great place for families looking for a luxury 5-star, all-inclusive resort that has some of the best activities and amenities in Mauritius, suitable for the whole family. When it comes to food, there is plenty to choose from and lots of kid friendly options too. There are 5 restaurants at Awali, 6 if you count Kuzini, which is the “à la carte” section of the main restaurant and serves up exquisite Italian specialities. Savana, the main restaurant, serves an excellent and wide variety buffet for breakfast and lunch. Make sure you arrive hungry! If you’re after something bursting with colour and flavour then Zafarani is the place to be. Zafarani’s chef will get your taste buds zinging with his array of traditional and authentic Indian cuisines. If you can’t drag yourself away from the poolside, Amafrutti will keep your taste buds satisfied while you soak up the sun. Serving snacks and light meals, it’s the perfect go-to option for those


lazy afternoons… Zenzi Bar also serves snacks and light meals during the day, and in the evenings it transforms into a lively cocktail lounge. As is customary in Africa, why not do things a little out of the ordinary? Awali offers 2 novel ways to enjoy breakfast… Try the exclusive and intimate champagne breakfast – a luxurious picnic on the beach, where you’ll enjoy a delicious cheese platter, cold meats and other tasty treats that will make you feel a million dollars. Or try the ‘Piedandilo’ (Feet in the Water) breakfast for something truly original. You’ll be impressed by the specially crafted pallet wood table, and enjoy the waves splashing your feet while you tuck in to your favourite omelettes and scrumptiously fresh pastries. What fun! Saving the best for last, Awali’s shining star has to be the Boma. Open just one evening a week, weather permitting, it’s a real “African” experience not to be missed. The restaurant is under the stars and tables are set around a big bonfire. A variety of delicious meat dishes are cooked on open fires and in traditional cast iron pots. With a bit of music and entertainment thrown in, it’s a truly unforgettable experience all round. And if that isn’t enough, next door, at Heritage Le Telfair, there are 5 restaurants and bars that are open to Awali guests. Annabella’s is Telfair’s main restaurant, offering a wide selection of dishes for breakfast and dinner. Gin’Ja is right on the beach and a great place

to be at sunset. Serving pan-Asian fusion dishes, that are as beautiful as they are tasty, it will leave Asian food lovers giddy. The Cavendish, which serves light meals, drinks and pancakes in the afternoon is an airy and elegant lounge with beautiful views of the ocean. If you fancy a relaxed barefoot

lunch, Le Palmier serves light meals right on the beachfront. The Heritage C Beach Club is also a great chilled venue serving savoury salads, pizzas and snacks next to the lagoon. After a round of golf, or simply for something a little different, pay a visit to the Club House, which boasts a breath-taking view over the golf course, Le Chateau and rolling hills. For something truly unique, be sure to book a meal at Heritage Le Chateau. Built in 1765 and recently restored to its former glory, it promises to be a gastronomic delight in an enchanting setting.

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Heritage Resorts /

Heritage The Villas: A la carte holiday with 5-star hotel service From the mountaintops to the verdant rolling hills to the clear blue lagoon and white sand beaches, it is easy to see why the Domaine Heritage Bel Ombre is amongst the most sought-after tourist destinations on the island. And, nestled within the 2500 hectares of natural splendour you will find the charming Heritage The Villas, inviting you for a holiday of pure, unadulterated relaxation. The 2-bed, 3-bed, or 4-bed villas are perfect for families, groups of friends or golfers. These exquisitely beautiful villas offer the


ultimate in refined luxury, each with its own private infinity pool, set in tropical landscaped gardens with stunning views of the golf course. The beautifully decorated and fully equipped villas are serviced daily, come with 24-hour room service and have access to all the amenities and facilities of both Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali Resorts. If you prefer a self-catering option, a private chef can be arranged for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as in-villa spa treatments from our experienced therapists and masseurs; or baby-sitting and even a butler service.

Direct access to our European Tour branded golf course and private use of a golf cart means golf enthusiasts can really indulge and make the most of having a golf course right on their doorstep. The Villas truly are your ‘home away from home’, and with the best of both worlds - the privacy and independence of your own villa, and the abundance on offer at 2 world-class, 5-star resorts - you have everything at your disposal to create holiday memories to last a life time.

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Heritage Resorts / While Mauritius cannot lay claim to chateaux or castles dating back to the Middle Ages, it is able to boast of a number of immaculately restored ‘domaines’ built during its (relatively) short history. Nonetheless, few can compare in beauty and grandeur with the Chateau de Bel Ombre, which has a unique history going back all the way to 1765. This AngloIndian colonial plantation house was built for a wealthy Indian landowner who, bizarrely, never visited Mauritius. Originally part of a sugar estate, the Chateau de Bel Ombre has been restored to its original glory; and is now part of an integrated tourism destination within the Heritage Resort complex.

Heritage Le Château

Although better known today as a dinneronly gastronomic restaurant, that would be to lessen or to ignore altogether the many attractions of the Chateau de Bel Ombre. Entering the building is somewhat akin to step back into the past… discovering early Mauritian colonial life: fine furniture and woodworks intertwined with Venetian chandeliers, paintings, old mirrors, silverware and porcelain vases; while upstairs, is a private suite highly recommended for honeymooners and others who want to experience an overnight taste of life two hundred years ago, with the double canopy bed, lounge chair, and his and her boudoirs. Breakfast can be had on the veranda, with its bevelled black basalt stone columns, surrounding the house, overlooking the magnificent French style landscaped gardens, including its 200-year-old banyan tree, with views stretching out in all directions to mountains, golf course, or the ocean on the South Coast of Mauritius. In addition to being able to hold cocktails or wedding celebrations à l’étoile (under the stars), Le Chateau is rightly prized for its haute cuisine. The curated à la carte menu, created by Michelin starred French chef, David Toutain, includes a number of Mauritian delicacies including wild boar, venison, fresh caught fish, and lobster, served with a vast wine selection; not forgetting the assortment of desserts using locally produced fruits. Being able to welcome only a maximum of 80 guests at time, who have to get to the restaurant by golf cart from the hotels down near the sea, a reservation is absolutely vital to ensure that one does not miss out on the experience of seeing Le Chateau de Bel Ombre at night all lit up, in all its sumptuous splendour.



Mauritius Golf Tours / Golf Events

Think Big:

Tournaments and Corporate Functions Corporate events and golf tournaments can be extremely rewarding. The excitement, camaraderie and good fun to be had is a great motivating factor for all participants, whether it’s your employees, your team or your golfing competitors. At MGT, we definitely don’t shy away from organising these big events. In fact, our experienced team is capable of taking on every aspect, from transport, to accommodation, to green bookings, and everything in between. And if you’re planning a tournament we can organise full media coverage, post-production and marketing services including logos and advertising. We have an excellent network of service providers and can guarantee that your event will be handled in a professional, world-class manner. So, all you have to do is to think big, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Pros Comment on Mauritius

Dean Burmester

George Coetzee

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Marcel Schneider

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Nicolas Colsaerts

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Louis Oosthuizen

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Interview / Sanjiv Bhasin

Q & A: Sanjiv Bhasin,

CEO of AfrAsia Bank MGT: Mauritius has the ambition of becoming a world class golfing destination. How do you assess that objective, and how does this fit with your goal as the title sponsor of AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open? Sanjiv Bhasin: The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is being positioned as an attractive and important sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere. We expect that over the years leading professionals will be attracted to participate. In the course of that journey the Island is also being positioned as a leading Golfing destination with 9 championship golf courses, all set around pristine beauty and

unique landscapes. The great thing is that it is one of the few golfing destinations that can be combined with as a family holiday, with numerous options to engage in exciting alternatives, while some family members play their round of 18 holes. Golf tourism is an extremely valuable market and offers interesting perspectives. The Real Estate Development around golf courses can be an attractive destination for a home or second home. It is equally a peaceful place to live and work from the veranda of your beautiful villa overlooking the lush green fairway with expansive views of the Indian Ocean. Our finding shows that golf tourism is evolving fast in emerging markets such as Asia and the Middle East. As the sport continues to experience strong growth, the opportunity for success in Mauritius should increase. The golf industry alone creates an impact of around USD 70 billion annually and the signs are positive that this growth will endure. The effort has also commenced to popularize the sport locally in Mauritius, as well as to continue to attract more and more golfing holiday tourists. This will require travel packages to be tweaked. The focus on making golf a family sport will have to be thought through well. You cannot attract families and then not have a method of involving the whole family in the sport! The changes are already visible, and Mauritius is leading that change. Data shows that golf


tourism is on the rise and so there are new golf courses on the drawing board. The reputation that this tournament has built over its last 3 editions makes me believe that it will leave a longstanding mark on the country, strengthening Mauritius’s overall international positioning as a golfing destination, an offshore financial centre of repute, and position AfrAsia Bank as a global service provider in the financial industry. What wider socio-economic impact does AfrAsia Bank expect to see from bringing in events such as this one? S.B: The sports industry has exceeded its position as a mere form of leisure or entertainment, to become one of the biggest industries in the world today. Staging a golf event such as AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open comes with the prospect of a large economic windfall. The spill over effect on industries, individuals, and communities is wideranging. At the outset the objective is to showcase Mauritius as one of the best golfing, tourist, financial, and investment destinations. By extension it also becomes possible to bring to the fore the vibrancy of Mauritius as a lifestyle hub, with its numerous residential luxury projects and the outdoor experience that the destination has to offer. We also ensure that tangible benefits filter down to community. AfrAsia Bank has curated a number of projects aimed at social sustainability. Among those, we have created the AfrAsia Golf Academy, under the aegis of the AfrAsia Foundation, initiating over 45 underprivileged children to golf. This program is intended to grow the game of golf within the local community, while helping to set youngsters out on a journey of healthy lifestyles and sportsmanship. We continuously look forward to adopting an inclusive approach by reinforcing support to the communities AfrAsia Group operates in. How does the Mauritius Open sponsorship align with the bank’s overall strategy? S.B: First and foremost, sponsorship has to be integrated. Being associated with a sport that a lot of our clients follow and play has the advantage of building a long-term competitive advantage for our brand. This explains why this tournament occupies an important place in our sponsorship portfolio. Also, this exclusive partnership indicates our commitment to establish the “Mauritius Brand” on a global platform. In such a tournament, we are one stakeholder in the journey. With the support of the 28 sponsors from various industry sectors and the collaborative efforts between Government, Private and Public sectors, this tournament indicates our commitment to work in an effective Public Private Partnership. From the bank’s perspective, this sponsorship has been a catalyst to improve our brand recognition in different locations across the globe. Our client base today spans over 138 countries. Our findings also confirm that the event is broadcast globally, with noticeable penetration in the Asian market, where we have close ties. It is a different event, possibly positioned as an occasion that combines a competition with a family holiday, fitting in well with our ‘Bank Different’ tag.


Lemuel is a Swiss-Mauritian privately-owned fiduciary service provider. We provide private wealth, private equity, corporate and philanthropic services to international corporates, investors, entrepreneurs and HNWI from around the world.

We love to get to know our clients properly; building long-term, productive relationships. That’s why trust and integrity are two of our guiding principles; without them, our business would not be what it is today.

fresh perspectives. creative solutions.

Private Wealth Services We build a solid relationship with our private wealth clients, wealthy families and entrepreneurs, by spending time getting to know and understand the bigger picture. We devise the most practical solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. To find out more, get in touch with us now.

Private Equity Directly investing in private companies has become increasingly popular among HNWI and wealthy families. Some family offices make side-by-side investments with private equity firms. Others run the with their own Private Equity Fund to have full control on the investment strategy and to sidestep the usual 2% for annual management and 20% of profits charged by PE firms.

Corporate Services We work for you to make your business grow. We provide you with solid solutions, capitalising on jurisdictional advantages, double tax treaties, and frameworks that Mauritius or other suitable jurisdictions have to offer.

Relocation Services Lemuel offers a number of value-added services to its clients wishing to live and work in Mauritius or to hold a second home.

Real Estate Services In each aspect of the real estate life cycle we work closely with you, your core advisors and partners to raise capital, purchase land, develop property, sell, buy or rent. We build our teams around each client, matching expertise to your ambition, to ensure optimum service delivery.

Philanthropic Services Whether it’s to make a long-term commitment to philanthropic causes, or a more specific objective; we help many wealthy individuals structure their affairs to include a provision for philanthropy. Visit Us Lemuel House 12, Morcellement Boucan Road Phoenix, Mauritius Contact Us t: +230 606-2020 e:

Arnaud Dalais

/ Interview

Movers & Shakers: Arnaud Dalais, Chairman, CIEL Group MGT: Last year you celebrated your 40th year with the CIEL Group. You started working there 10 years after Independence. As CIEL’s chairman today, how have you seen Mauritius develop over the years? Arnaud Dalais: I was 13 years old when Mauritius gained independence. I must say I’ve been, and still am, impressed by the development of our country since 1977 when I started working. We have all witnessed the incredible development of our economy on several levels: the sugarcane and manufacturing industry, trade, financial services and of course tourism. I can remember when the St Géran opened in 1975, and the acquisition of the Touessrok and La Pirogue in 1983, followed by Coco Beach a few years later. I also witnessed the construction of Sugar Beach, Long Beach and finally the Four Seasons in Anahita which opened in 2008. We have made giant strides. I very much hope that continues. MGT: Sun Resorts belongs to the CIEL Group, representing a large part of the turnover of the company, owning the majority of 5-star golf hotels and plays a key role in golf tourism. Tell us about Sun Resorts. A.D: Sun Ltd owns 5 hotels that operated under the Sun Resorts brand. Long Beach and Ambre Hotel in the east, Sugar Beach and La Pirogue in the west and Kanuhura Hotel in the Maldives. It also owns the Four Seasons Hotel in Anahita and the Shangri La Hotel in Touessrok. Sun Ltd is the second largest hotel group on the island with a steady growth in sales. CIEL is very involved in golf through the Anahita golf course which is mostly owned by Alteo, as well as the Ile aux Cerfs golf course owned by Sun Ltd. Our clients have access to both courses, which are among some of the most beautiful in the country, and were recently ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively by Trip Advisor. Sugar Beach guests can also play golf at Tamarina on the west coast of the island. MGT: What do you consider to be the unique features of these courses? A.D: The Anahita and Ile aux Cerfs golf courses are both unique; one is on the coast in a luxury residential complex and the other is on an island which by world standards is really exceptional. The 36-holes of these two golf courses offer 19 holes running alongside the lagoon; something extremely rare and their beauty alone make them a destination within a destination... There are not too many places in the world where you find such incredible landscapes. When we created Anahita we wanted it to be the Mauritian lifestyle combined with the spirit of golf, and to develop something in the region that is not found elsewhere. We wanted to be sure of the highest quality so right from the start of the construction we set the bar very high. We used the great champion, Ernie Els, to help us. With 70 international

tournament wins on five continents, he has gained incredible golfing experience which he has rather brilliantly put at our disposal. He became personally involved in the design, and Anahita’s golf course now bears his signature. Working with him has been an amazing experience. MGT: We know that you are also a golfer. Is CIEL’s involvement in golf tourism related to your passion for the game? A.D: I wouldn’t say that our development strategy was as a result of my passion for the sport. It’s been more of a global approach, for which I am obviously not the only decision maker. Golf is a sport loved by many. In recent years we have seen the occupancy rate of golfers in our hotels increase considerably. In addition, real


Interview / Arnaud Dalais estate offers focused around golf courses have become particularly attractive and encourages owners to adopt a distinctive lifestyle. The beauty of a golf course is indisputable. I started playing golf late; already in my forties... and what attracted me most to the sport was in fact the beautiful landscapes. MGT: One of the big challenges of our time is to remain innovative, to know how to continue to surprise our existing clients and to gain new ones. What is in the golfing pipeline for the CIEL Group? A.D: As always, a desire to be successful!  The continual quest for excellence is what drives us.  We cannot claim to own golf courses without always thinking of how to improve them. This involves maintaining the greens and fairways, with impeccable service being at the forefront of our minds. I must admit, I’m not concerned because we have such talented staff members. I take my hat off to them because they deserve it. I also believe strongly in human values. This is not only true for our golf courses, but also for our

“Mauritius can now position itself on the international golf scene and must make resources available. To attract renowned players and improve our reputation, we will need to provide substantial funding and put a national strategy in place that is supported by everyone.” hotels and all our operations. With regard to the challenges that await us this year, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, which is a major event that Mauritius has been hosting since 2015. We hosted the event at Anahita in 2016, and will do so again this year from 29th November to 2nd December. This is a very important competition for us, as it’s broadcast live around the world. When we created Anahita we always dreamed of organising international competitions here... and we’ve done just that! It is excellent exposure for Mauritius that everyone should be proud of. Well-known players are involved and the spinoffs are incredible. A number of foreigners who saw the tournament on television called me to say how impressed they had been by the quality of the organisation and the beauty of the landscapes; it’s a great asset for our country. Mauritius can now position itself on the international golf scene and must make resources available.


To attract renowned players and improve our reputation, we will need to provide substantial funding and put a national strategy in place that is supported by everyone. Mauritius should continue to invest in these kind of events that put it on the map in terms of world tourism and sport. Its a win-win situation for the whole country. And finally, as CIEL chairman, what would you say to entice our readers and fellow golfers to come and enjoy the golf facilities your group has to offer? A.D: At Sun Ltd we are constantly working towards shaping a lifestyle and an environment where our clients and partners can create unforgettable memories. These are what we call ‘timeless memories’… Golf is an integral part of this philosophy. We want our clients, whether they are from abroad or are local Mauritians, to enjoy the very best benefits on our courses and we will rise to that challenge. We are looking forward to seeing you all from 29th November to 2nd December this year on Anahita golf course for a wonderful AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open. Your readers are also invited to take advantage of the opportunity to play on world-class courses such as Ile aux Cerfs or Anahita, which has hosted a competition on the international circuit, jointly sanctioned by the European, Sunshine and Asian Tours.

« L’île Maurice peut donc se positionner sur la scène internationale du golf et il s’agit d’y mettre les moyens. Pour attirer les grands joueurs de renom et augmenter notre notoriété nous devrons prévoir des budgets conséquents et là il faudrait que ce soit une stratégie nationale avec l’appui de tous. »


SUN Resorts /

Long Beach: Golf Experience Couples or families staying at Long Beach on the East Coast of Mauritius are likely to be spoilt by the choice of both relaxing and energetic activities on offer: from the 4 pools, to lying on the beach, to water sports, tennis, gym, or just visiting the Cinq Mondes Spa for some indulgent indolence. Whatever your definition of a memorable holiday, it will surely become a reality at this 5-star hotel, which promises unforgettable experiences that are sure to create ‘timeless memories’. Few resorts anywhere in the world are likely to offer the golfer access to three top championship golf courses, each one more spectacular than the next; and giving you


the opportunity to play golf on both the East and West coasts of the island, with the unique proposition of enjoying a round at sunrise, and also with the setting sun at the Tamarina Golf Club! To play a round, with free green fees for guests of Long Beach, at Anahita Golf Course has to be the experience of a lifetime for any golfer. The only USGA course in the Indian Ocean, with no less than 6 stunning oceanfront holes culminating in a final shot described by Major winner Ernie Els, the course designer, as ‘one of the most impressive in the world!’ Last, but certainly not least, is the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, where Long Beach

residents again enjoy free green fees, a course where adjectives like magnificent, or spectacular, are not sufficient. Located on an iconic island made perfect for a golf course, with its coastline of little bays, inlets and promontories, all 18 holes have views of the sea. Golf Magazine UK recently voted it as the ‘No 1, of the Top 20 Must Play Golf Course of a Lifetime!’. A free shuttle is provided from the hotel. A golf initiation program happens each day at 11:00, is free for Long Beach hotel guests and is a great way to learn the basics of the game in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. A golf academy and its facilities are also available for novice golfers.


SUN Resorts /

Take all the experience and finesse you would expect from a European spa and whisk it several thousand miles south of the equator, to the sandy eastern shores of Mauritius… Hidden within the sumptuous 5-star Long Beach Resort at Belle Mare is the Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat. Combining ancient beauty rituals, state of the art treatments and the exceptional Cinq Monde signature products from Paris, you will find a wellness experience fit for a Roman Empress…

Long Beach: Spa & Wellness Retreat

Don’t let the resort’s mantra of “active relaxation” deter you. While an exciting array of land and water-based activities is on offer, these are perfectly balanced by the promise of health, pampering, and relaxation tucked away in the secluded Cinq Mondes Spa. Hearts and minds return to a state of calm, and serenity is the order of the day within the spa’s grounds. The retreat’s approach is holistic, and the key is personalisation. Encompassing a series of body treatments, exotic baths, detox rituals, as well as yoga and Qi Gong, the spa’s trained and attentive specialist therapists are on hand to tailor a complete relaxation and wellness regime perfect for you. Inspired by nature and using materials such as volcanic rock, wood and stone, the 9 single treatment rooms, 2 couples rooms, 2 special scrub rooms and relaxation areas are quietly hidden between winding paths that lead you on a journey to luxury-level pampering and guaranteed relaxation. Space, clean air, shimmering beaches and stunning scenery all contribute to the sense of wellbeing. Overlooking the turquoiseblue ocean, this luxurious and indulgent pleasure spot is a place where guests can spend their days being pummelled and pampered, and where the views and the treatments lift the soul. Serenity seekers, you won’t be disappointed, as you find once again your inner glow, discover and enjoy every treatment as much as the next, and leave feeling utterly refreshed, revived, and renewed!


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SUN Resorts /

Sugar Beach: Family Experience The setting of Sugar Beach Resort, located on the West Coast with its 1.5 km of pristine white sand beach, is one of the few places where one is not disappointed that the actual on-the-ground experience differs from what was anticipated by the spectacular and breath-taking aerial views of the resort. At every level, families will find that a stay at Sugar Beach meets all of their needs… all the facilities, amenities, and activities on offer, whether designed specifically for adults or children, are available at different times and spread over this beautifully large estate. The 258 rooms and 2 suites are divided between the plantation styled Manor House, with its 80 rooms, and the rest spread out across the Northern and Southern Villages, and 16 villas. All rooms and suites have breath-taking views from their own private patios, either overlooking lush tropical gardens, or the stunning lagoon, and direct access to the beach. The spacious layout, exquisite en-suite bathrooms and plush bedding provide the perfect stay for business or leisure travellers. Exquisite gastronomic prospects are on offer at the 5 world-class restaurants within the resort itself providing internationally themed buffet lunches and dinners, Italian, seafood, or brasserie style cooking. In addition, there are a further 3 restaurants available by arrangement at the sister hotel La Pirogue next door. For armchair enthusiasts, the resort’s Sports Bar offers a selection of refreshments when you come off the tennis


courts or are watching international events on the giant LED screen. If energetic or more gentle pampering is your inclination, or both, the fully-equipped fitness centre, and the Cinq Mondes Spa, conveniently located near each other are an obligatory stop. For parents seeking some time alone, the Sun Kids Club will take charge, with fun activities, buffet or barbecue meals, and entertainment overseen by trained nannies, babysitters, and hostesses. Sun Teens organises more adventurous activities and outings including beach campfire barbecues for the older offspring. And if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, kids under 12 stay, eat, and play for free! But, finally, visitors, young and old, come to Mauritius for sea and sun… and Sugar Beach Resort complements this with one of the largest pools on the island, as well as with the more restful South Pool, all within a skip and a hop away from the beach itself, where a number of free activities (windsurfing, snorkelling, or glass bottom boat rides) are provided from the boat house. Water skiing, scuba diving, and big game fishing can also be arranged. With all members of the family well taken care of, golfers can take advantage of the free green fees at the nearby Tamarina Golf Club, with free shuttle through the private Domaine de Wolmar. A visit to the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club on the other side of the island is also to be highly recommended.

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SUN Resorts /

Ambre Hotel: All-Inclusive At this luxury, adults-only hotel, providing an all-inclusive package, every meal, especially dinners, becomes a candle-lit romantic tête à tête opportunity. But you’ll be forgiven for averting your gaze towards the vast selection and blend of International cuisines available at Ambre Hotel’s 3 restaurants, because your partner will surely be doing the same… The largest and most cosmopolitan restaurant is Indigo, with its relaxed tropical décor and varied International Indian, Chinese, and Creole dishes on offer, that keep guests coming back time and again. The buffet format truly encourages wouldbe gourmets to try a bit of everything and it’s where the hotel’s incredible assortment is presented at its famed breakfast buffet. For Ambre Hotel’s authentic Italian offering, look no further than Dolce Vita. Its à la Carte menu includes ‘trattoria’ specialities with antipasti, regular and some lesser known pasta, as well as the traditional pizzas, all made in-house, featuring prominently. Highly recommended is the specially prepared local fresh fish pizza… a favourite with diners! Without doubt, the hidden gem of Ambre Hotel is La Plage. A casual atmosphere reigns here, enhanced by the feet-inthe-sand experience. Enjoy a cocktail overlooking the sea, while contemplating the à la Carte selection of Mediterranean and Mauritian dishes, as well as lighter items like sandwiches and snacks. Reservations


for dinner are a must if you want to secure seating at this very popular eatery.

and the dish decided on can be prepared excluding certain ingredients.

An aspect often mentioned by visitors to all the Ambre Hotel restaurants, is that the staff is not only very friendly, but really make diners feel at home, always willing to strike up conversation, advise and explain what dishes consist of. In addition, reassuringly, those with food allergies are catered for

One cannot but mention, in a magazine about golf in Mauritius, that it’s possible to work up quite an appetite by benefiting from the free access to the uniquely amazing Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, so it’s just as well all your culinary needs are more than taken care of.

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SUN Resorts / It has been correctly stated that it is possible in Mauritius to play golf and watch the sun rise and set over the ocean; where else better than to play a round at sunrise, than the most easterly golf course, and on a dream tropical island to boot. Spread over 38Ha of an 83Ha island, a few minutes boat ride from the mainland at Pointe Maurice jetty, and designed by Bernhard Langer, Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is an 18-hole, Par 72 course; and is often described as “spectacular”, in light of the stunning holes that sway among the flora and fauna with jaw-dropping views on the ocean. The training facilities including on-site Academy with driving range, pitching and putting area, and target greens – have been labelled as ‘first-class’. With its perfectly manicured paths meandering alongside the sea, each hole has its special design and its own name hinting of what’s to come – ‘Mangrove Walk’ is a little gem where the elevated green is surrounded by mangrove and lava rocks. The course features 9 lakes, and 3 holes that require tee shots across sea inlets, with all 18 holes providing views of the ocean. It is recommended that players take their time to appreciate the beauty of the scenery on all sides: sea, white sand beaches, mountains in the background; as well as appreciating just how the course has been beautifully integrated into existing natural features of the island. Everyone who has played at Ile aux Cerfs raves about it, with “a must, at least once in a lifetime!” often the most popular compliment. An accolade reinforced by the vote in the prestigious Golf Magazine as: ‘No.1, of the top 20 must play golf course in a lifetime!’ Visitors often comment on the excellent and very friendly service on arrival, where everything is done to ensure that golfers are taken good care of, from their boat or helicopter transfer to their final shot. Golfers are able to walk the course, which allows them to admire the beauty of the natural setting, or opt for a GPS golf cart for more comfort. High on the list of complementary activities at Ile aux Cerfs must be a post-round swim in the turquoise and clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Spectacular golfing on the iconic Ile aux Cerfs island is not to be missed. And after all is said and done, a wide choice is offered to golfers for the 19th hole, at the Langers Bar and Grill club-house or the exclusive golfers beach, Flibustiers, ensuring golfers definitely go home with timeless memories.


Ile aux Cerfs Golf Experience


Four Seasons Golf Mauritius /

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita: Golf Experience

There can only be one adjective to associate with the 18-hole, Par 72, championship course of Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita: exceptional! At every level, and in every domain, one returns to this word… location, beauty, welcome, management team, golf pros, immaculate greens and large fairways, features, views, challenges, community relations, and much more beside. No golfer’s trip to Mauritius will be complete without a round on what is probably the best golf course in the Indian Ocean. It is true that the team overseeing this course, the centrepiece of the Anahita sanctuary, has been handed a dream course, designed by multiple Majors winner Ernie Els. In terms of what every golfer, beginners to professionals, seeks when he is on a course, a round at this course, better known locally as the Anahita Golf Course,


allows one to benefit from minute attention to detail, all with the objective of allowing the golfer to appreciate fully just where he is actually playing. Departing the Club House, with its fancy Italian restaurant Il Forno, in an electric golf cart, complete with GPS and data, one approaches each individually named hole, each with 6 sets of tees (black, blue, white, gold, red, and green, with a dedicated scorecard for the children’s green tees). From this point, the recommendation can only be: enjoy the game and the ride through the course that is fringed by a vast azure lagoon, mangrove inlets, and the spectacular backdrop of green mountains in the distance. This course boasts of no less than 6 oceanfront holes! An integral part of the offer is the 350 m driving range and putting greens, as are

the tuition facilities provided by the Golf Academy, dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for each guest. Here, lessons include private instruction sessions such as a quick-fix with a few pointers, to playing a round with an instructor, or having your swing analysed using the latest video technology. The commitment of Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita to improving community relations can best be seen in the daily free initiation to golf sessions open not only to resort’s guests, but also to any Mauritian wanting to discover about this wonderful game. In 2018, the region’s premier tournament, the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open, the world’s only tri-sanctioned event will take place at this magnificent course with over 156 professionals from Europe, Asia, and Africa expected.

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Four Seasons Resort Mauritius /

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita: Culinary Experience At a luxury resort, guests expect to be pampered and cosseted… and this is exactly what happens to one’s taste buds at every meal, no matter at which of the four restaurants at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita you eat. To enhance the fine dining experience even further, each restaurant has a stunning setting with views over the barachois, the beach, within a few metres of the ocean or, in the case of Il Forno at the Club House, overlooking the magnificent 18th hole on the golf course. Starting with breakfast Beau Champ, the name of the nearest village to the resort, buffet breakfast and à la carte options are on offer; whereas dinners from the openconcept kitchen in this bistro also allows guests to sample from a selection of over 500 wines. Acquapazza is the place if you


want authentic pizza, cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven; or, traditional Italian classic dishes, with a Mauritian twist of sea urchin. The pool side Bambou offers a choice of international dishes for lunch; and, at dinner, the Wok Kitchen, Tandoor, and Teppanyaki counter provides Mauritian, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Il Forno at the golf course has a special à la carte menu of Italian specialities. Highly recommended is to allow room for the serious indulgence of one (or two) portions of tiramisu; without doubt the best in Mauritius. For those who prefer to dine on their large verandas, on top of what can be ordered in from the restaurant menus, the resort also offers exclusive menu items from the 24/7 specialist In-Villa Dining service. Where the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita really stands out are the events known as Signature Dining Experiences.

It’s possible to sample Mauritian Creole recipes prepared before your eyes in the herb garden Cotomili; while you can discover the Chef’s Table experience at Beau Champs, or even take part in the Carte Blanche Wine Cellar Experience – a six-course menu brightened up by selected wine pairings.

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Four Seasons Resort Mauritius /

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita: Couples

The Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a ‘you never want to leave’ cocktail of jaw-dropping beauty, seemingly unlimited space as you stroll or cycle the landscaped gardens, peaceful seclusion and privacy, combined with lavish private villas, gastronomic opportunities, and one of the world’s most stunning golf course settings, amongst its many other attractions. Then again, that is exactly what one would expect when your resort is set on the most coast of Mauritius, with your own 5 ha island overlooking an extensive turquoise lagoon on one side, and the majestic Bambou Mountain as its verdant backdrop on the other. In addition to the larger 2 to 5 bedroomed Residence Villas, couples will enjoy the spacious Pool Villas – try the Ocean or Beach types, located on the island. The one-bedroom description is something of a misnomer as many entire families live in smaller apartments all around the world! In addition to the large and well-appointed bedroom area, the almost as large bathroom includes a deep-soaking bathtub, as well as indoor and outdoor showers. Outside, guests could receive a number of visitors on the covered veranda next to the plunge pool. If you are fortunate enough to stay at a Beach Villa, then you are literally less than


25 steps from your bed, through a delightful tropical garden of palm, hibiscus, and fragrant frangipani, into the sea…

the day. A visit to the resort’s award-winning spa with its overwater treatment suites is a not to be missed experience.

In and amongst all this, sportier couples can burn calories in a number of ways like playing golf at the resort’s own golf course, or tennis, or use the free bicycles to get around the resort, visit the Fitness Centre with its own lap pool, or enjoy a number of complimentary water sports, including the unforgettable experience of the Marine Education programme. The less active can simply lie by the 2 beachside pools, or the 2 secluded white sand beaches. Another recommended option is to travel by fast boat to the nearby incomparable Ile aux Cerfs for

No couple’s holiday would be complete without romantic dinners, and here again, the resort does not disappoint, with its 3 restaurants on site, as well as the Trattoria at the Club House. After dinner visit the O Bar and try the selection of local and international rums on offer. For those too tired to leave their room, the In-Villa Dining service operates 24/7. If you are considering a romantic getaway, look no further than Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita.


Experience an authentic timeless resort on the pristine eastern coast of Mauritius… With the Indian Ocean and the crystalline waters of the lagoon at its feet, Anahita Golf & Spa Resort combines luxury, peace and enchantment. Experience the authentic Mauritian charm with its lavishly furnished Suites and Villas, refined cuisine and dedicated service. Whether you feel like relaxing on the beach, having a putt on the most spectacular golf courses in the region, enjoying a long-lasting wellness experience at Anahita Spa by Thémaé Paris or choosing any leisure activities, you will always find a way to unwind at Anahita. Anahita Golf & Spa Resort, A new lifestyle Resort....

Anahita Golf & Spa Resort Beau Champ Grande Rivière Sud Est 40901 Mauritius T: +230 402 2200

Anahita Golf & Spa Resort /

Anahita Golf Resort and Spa:

Suites & Villas for Couples & Families Grey is not a colour one would associate with brightness and vivacity, yet this predominant colour, along with shades of brown, starting with the roof tiles via the interior décor, and extending even to trunks of the palm trees, provides a picture-perfect combination of harmonious space and light wherever you go across Anahita Golf and Spa Resort. On bright sunny days, the resort’s accommodation sections shine and contrast seamlessly with the deep greens of the golf course, appearing to blend into the azure sea. The accommodation options on offer at Anahita, either giving onto the sea or golf course, have been designed firmly with couples and families in mind… The 1-bedroomed Junior Suites are conveniently located near Holes no.1 and no.9, and overlooking the gardens; the 1, 2, or 3-bedroomed Prestige Suites are all on one floor with en-suite bathrooms, each with its private plunge pool; the substantially more spacious 1 to 3-bedroom Deluxe Villas are often on two levels with upstairs bedrooms overlooking the private swimming pool below with its veranda and wooden terrace deck. For extended families, or those seeking for even more space, and amenities then the 1 to 5-bedroom Prestige Villas, will meet even the most discerning visitor’s prerequisites. The resort makes it a point to be extremely flexible in responding to all accommodation requests in terms


of bedrooms. Every Prestige suite and villa includes a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen which allows for the Dial A Chef service. The guests can enjoy a special meal with a custom menu and have their own chef coming to their kitchen, and preparing and serving them in their ‘home-awayfrom-home’... An added bonus is that it is possible to order groceries via the Shopping List for personal cooking if one doesn’t feel like going to one of the restaurants or ordering meals via the room service.

However, even non-golfers should make the effort to spend the day on Ile aux Cerfs, at the paradisiac ‘Flibustier’ Beach, set in a secluded cove with white-sand beach, reserved exclusively for Anahita guests.

With 4 restaurants, 5 if you include the offsite Domaine de l’Etoile, and the beautifully located Vu bar, 1 coffee shop and 1 deli which provides a variety of Mauritian artisanal specialities to take home such as vanilla, spices, teas and rums, one could hardly be blamed for never leaving the resort.

For golf lovers, Anahita can rightfully boast of not one, but two spectacularly stunning golf courses. The Four Seasons Golf Club is located within walking distance of most of the accommodation, while the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Course is a 5 to 10 minutes boat ride away on a dream island location.

For families, The Ourspace kids club welcomes children from 08 months to 12 years and provides several activities with babysitting facilities. The Escape Teens club provides a selection of daily dynamic and fun activities to the teen guests.


Anahita Golf & Spa Resort /

Anahita Golf & Spa Resort: Wellness & Spa

The Anahita Spa’s partnership with THÉMAÉ, a French brand of beauty products drawing its inspiration from the Japanese art and culture of tea, is based on the beneficial virtues of tea’s influence on the body, and subtly reinforced with each treatment room named after a region where tea is cultivated. THÉMAÉ’s products used at the Spa bring together perfectly the themes of “I, Tea, Beauty, and Wellness’. On arrival and entering the cool and softly peaceful reception area, the team of therapists welcomes the visitor warmly, offering a tea infusion in the tea lounge before completing a questionnaire outlining the treatment for that session. It is also possible to have a more in-depth time to schedule a series of custom designed treatments during the stay at the resort, depending on actual physical or even medical needs, which would include some advice on nutrition. After using the well-appointed changing rooms, complete with showers andhammam, and waiting in the soothingly quiet relaxing area, your personal therapist fetches you and accompanies you to one of the 9 treatment rooms. There is even


a double treatment room for couples or friends, with its own garden, as well as interior and exterior showers. The sense of peace and well-being begins almost automatically in the perfumed atmosphere of low lighting and the delightful blend of smells of orange flower, frangipani, and vanilla. A large selection of massages and other related treatments are on offer, but the therapists do make an effort to personalise treatments, constantly checking to see if their efforts or the intensity are as per the visitor’s requirements. For those who’ve spent the day at one of the golf courses on offer, specialist rejuvenating massages are on offer so as to get you up and ready for the next round. Visits to Anahita Spa are seldom one-off affairs!

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Airport Transfers

/ Sous Le Soleil

Airport Transfers in Style: Start as You Mean to Go On Sous le Soleil (Under the Sun) was created nearly 20 years ago, with airport transfers as its main activity. Our aim was to offer a reliable, safe, and professional service, treating every client as if they were members of our own family. Today, we continue to offer the same personal service, in a range of vehicles designed to suit every taste and budget; from standard sub-compacts to top of the range sedans. We can also provide minibuses and coaches for larger groups. Should you need it, we can provide Wi-Fi in the vehicle. Our drivers are all fully certified and come with the SLS seal of approval: on time, and with a smile!

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Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa /

Restaurants & Bars A stay at Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa of less than a week is likely to result in a series of missed opportunities. Spread out at each end of the 15Ha of lush tropical gardens are 4 utter culinary gems in terms of location, concept, and varied menu. Initially, the shabby -chic look of each of these 4 restaurants may be slightly off-putting, but this is immediately remedied as the visitor quickly realises just what the package on offer is…

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa: Culinary Experience

Stars At Stars, the resort’s signature restaurant, overlooking the lagoon, you can find a large menu built around the concept of ‘Aquacasia’ cuisine, which celebrates the best of the healthy fine cooking traditions of the Indian Ocean islands, combined with their love of spices. The selection of desserts, particularly the home-made ice creams and sorbets with local flavours is probably worth cutting back on the main courses! Fish Shack What first appears to be motley collection of wooden tables and chairs set right on the beach overlooking the waves crashing onto rocks, is transformed into an amazing light & sound (as well as aromatic) spectacular once the sun has set and the tropical evening darkness sets in. While sitting barefoot in the sand, discover the joy of eating freshly caught grilled seafood from the Indian Ocean, including fish that you have personally selected at the hotel’s landing station on the beach. La Kaze Mama La Kaze Mama, meaning Our Mum’s Home in English, is the place to go for an authentic


Mauritian gastronomic experience. It is set outdoors in the middle of a large organic herb and vegetable garden that provides for many of the ingredients for your dinner; where many dishes are prepared in front of you. Here you will experience old time Creole cuisine at its original best and the mix that reflects the Mauritian multi-ethnic and multi-cultural culinary heritage. Rum Shed The hidden jewel in the crown of Shanti Maurice’s restaurant offerings… everything about this place is counter intuitive!

The setting is a reminder of the old bars situated in ‘la boutique’ where local people who ‘enjoyed’ their drink used to gather. Make a point off looking carefully at all the in-house designed furniture and equipment, including the steel drum lampshades! An à la Carte menu offers a selection of dishes for the whole family that can be savoured outdoors on a balmy evening. The highlight of an evening at the Rum Shed must be the incredible selection of Rum – 180 types from 36 countries at the last count – which can be sipped in tasty cocktails or as an after dinner ‘digestif’ on its own.


Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa /

There are many ‘perfect’ Resorts in Mauritius, in terms of location, setting, amenities, service, and accommodation. Most resorts will meet, to some level, 2 or 3 of these criteria, but are unlikely to score top marks on all… except for Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa, a delightful boutique Resort where an atmosphere of space, peace, and natural beauty combine pleasurably into a harmonious whole.

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa: Couples & Families

Few hotels can offer a pristine horseshoe sandy cove within a few hundred metres of waves crashing on the rocks; or the impression of being amongst a few resident guests, when the hotel is in fact almost full. This is no doubt achieved by the fact Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa has its 61 Suites and Villas well spread over its 15Ha of lush tropical gardens, 3 of its 4 restaurants located within a short walk’s distance, yet at each end of the property. The old spacious colonial architecture of the main reception/ restaurant area contributes to all this congruity. One can say that all the objectives of the architects, designers, decorators, and management, when combined with a service ethos that pays attention to small details, have been thoroughly met. Couples can appreciate a variety of luxury fully equipped Junior Suites or Villas with pool, each providing privacy, as well as a sense of spaciousness. But, where Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa scores very highly, are the many accommodation options on offer for families, with its offer of interconnected Junior Suites and Luxury Double Suite Pool Villas, each with its private pool. Children can be entertained and fed at the marvellously equipped ‘Les Petits Dodos’ Kid’s Club, while parents relax with a plethora of spa treatments; with those looking for something more strenuous have a choice of the well-equipped fitness centre, or a selection of water sports amongst other forms of activity or entertainment. Outside of the Resort, a series of activities can be arranged, but the one great attraction will be the complimentary unlimited golf green fee on offer where guests can experience a day at the uniquely located inland 18-hole championship Avalon Golf Estate & Country Club… a must play course for every passionate golfer.



Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa /

Shanti Spa: Wellness

Just think for a moment‌ Does one go to Rome and not visit St. Peter’s Cathedral; or, travel to Delhi, and not go and see the Taj Mahal? Well, staying at the Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa and not visiting (daily, I might add) the Shanti Spa would be on the same scale of missed opportunities! There is an overall sense of wellness, peace, and harmony that literally oozes from the complex and its 25 treatment rooms, spread over 7000 m2 spread amongst indigenous flower gardens, and koi-filled ponds. At the reception, guests are welcomed by extremely friendly and polite therapists and trained masseurs, the majority of whom


come from South East Asia, before being led to the individual treatment room where dozens of whole body therapies are on offer. The Shanti Spa aims to provide guests with a total immersion into this world of wellness via the possibility of a consultation on the first visit, where a plan of personalised therapy and activities can be programmed over the course of the stay. These would include advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management, detoxification, and deep relaxation, to be treated through the integration of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Fitness, and Holistic philosophies. Golfers in particular can benefit from specialist massages after a hard day on the course.

In addition to all the treatments and therapies on offer, guests can also relax in the hammam and sauna, as well as in the jacuzzi and the choice of watsu, lap, and relaxation pools. Everywhere staff are ever ready to provide soft warm towels and any other whim that takes your fancy. In an environment where no effort is spared to ensure you are pampered and nothing is left to chance, it is for good reasons that the Shanti Spa has the reputation of being one of the leading wellness facilities in the Indian Ocean.

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Interview / Peter Matkovich

Movers & Shakers: Peter Matkovich, Golf Course Designer MGT: Our island seems to have become your home now… it’s evident that there’s a love for Mauritius. Tell us how it all began? Peter Matkovich: It’s probably twenty-one years ago now that I was invited to come and look at the possibility of designing a golf course on this very spot where we are standing today! Since that first visit, my wife and I fell in love with Mauritius. My client, Antoine Harel was such a lovely person, and he told me that he wanted to build a golf course on this farm… Somehow, this became a dream for me, to build a golf course in Mauritius, which was the most beautiful place I had ever seen, even though I’ve seen many in my travels over the years. When I say beautiful, I mean all the extras that come with this island, it’s people, the service, the culture and cuisine. All of that got me excited and I made him a promise that I would build a world class golf course on this location. Twenty-one years later, the promise has been fulfilled, even though Antoine is no longer with us; the dream has been realised by a younger generation who pulled out all the stops to enable the promise to be fulfilled.

“When I say beautiful, I mean all the extras that come with this island, it’s people, the service, the culture and cuisine.” MGT: The first course you designed in Mauritius was the Heritage Golf Club, back in 2004. Today, this course welcomes by far the most visitors… P.M: The Heritage project was also another dream realised… A good friend, Hector Espitalier-Noel approached me; saying, ‘I want to build a golf course here on this magnificent site at Bel-Ombre’. The project went ahead, and within 2 years we had delivered it; compared to the 20 years it took for Mont Choisy to be completed. That was a quite special achievement! MGT: What are, for you, the key elements to take into account as designer of a new golf course? P.M: Firstly, one needs a nice piece of ground… but the budget is


what it’s all about. Added to that is access to water, without which you can’t build a golf course. Then the soil, sand, grass etc. all play a role. Selecting the right grasses for the area, which can be difficult on an island, is very important. The design part is great, and it brings you a lot of personal glory, but the real glory goes to those that actually build the course. They are the real heroes! It’s in fact a team effort all the way, starting with the designer to the hundreds of ladies actually planting the grass… That’s how you build a golf course. I will always remember a Christmas Eve at Heritage Golf Course, there was a group of ladies planting grass in terrible heat… I had tears in my eyes watching them working so hard, yet there they were, smiling, greeting me with ‘Bonjour!’. Let me tell you, you don’t get that elsewhere, they might work hard, but you need to crack the whip.

MGT: You’ve also worked on the Avalon Golf Estate; tell us about that? P.M: Our design for Avalon, situated in the middle of the island, with its own particular micro-climate needed a completely different approach. Working with Michel Chan was a great experience. In fact, all those promoters I worked with have become good friends as a result of the time spent together, the challenges faced. It’s, as they say, par for the course, to face challenges! MGT: From your perspective of being an international golf course designer, how do you see the potential of golf tourism in Mauritius? P.M: From what I can see, Mauritius must rank amongst the top three countries for golf tourism. The reason I can say that, is that you have an excellent airport, incredible hotels, well developed road infrastructure, and personal security is not an issue; most importantly, amazingly friendly and welcoming people. Then, the actual golf courses… you have 8 or 9 championship courses currently. Add another 5 or 6, and you will have a thriving international golf tourism industry on the island. In order for this to happen, you need to have all the right ingredients. Mauritius ticks all the boxes… I can think of another country in the region that has the best courses by far, the best prices, but sadly the perception of personal security is an issue. This island has it all! MGT: You have designed many great golf courses in Mauritius and abroad. Many golfers express their amazement at how your courses are so different to each other. There is no duplication; tell us how you manage to do that? P.M: The key is to listen to the land… When you think about it, each piece of ground is different, surely what you will build on it will turn out differently as well. Also, my design work is always done on-site, where we work together as a team. It’s not done on a computer, printed on a piece of paper and sent to a site that might be oceans away in a different time zone, where someone else does the building. We are hands on, on site, supervising the work personally. Don’t forget also that things change over time. If I was redoing Mont Choisy today, it might look quite different because of that. We route each and every golf course, which is a vital element to get absolutely right. You need to plan the right direction, take into account the wind, then you add the variety, but in the initial design the routing must be addressed first. Then, the team takes over. We are blessed with an incredible landscaper, Patrick Watson… He takes a look at each location, notices the subtle climate changes, etc. Think about it, Avalon is vastly different to Mont Choisy in literally all aspects. MGT: We are aware that the second course at Heritage will soon start, what can you tell us about it? P.M: The design is now complete, it is being costed, and we expect the Environmental Impact Assessment to be approved shortly. So, everything is falling nicely into place. There is a lot of money involved, so these things do take some time, and we must respect the process. However, we are looking forward to putting our team together for this project. You know, I can’t keep stressing enough how much a project like this is about teamwork; it can never be about one person. It’s all about every single person doing his appointed task well. The one who plants a tree is as important as anyone else. He is proud of what he is doing, and will remember that he was there, and what that particular spot will look like one day.

« Quand je parle de beauté cela inclus aussi tous les autres bons points de cette île les gens, la culture en passant par le sens du service et la cuisine. »


Interview / Peter Matkovich

« C’est un véritable travail d’équipe et cela du concepteur aux centaines de femmes qui plantent l’herbe... C’est comme ça que vous construisez un terrain de golf. »


Mont Choisy Le Golf /

Mont Choisy Le Golf

Mont Choisy Le Golf is the only 18-hole championship course in the north of Mauritius, conveniently located near the seaside resorts of Grand Baie and Trou aux Biches. Designed by prolific golf architect Peter Matkovich, the course occupies 250 acres of what was once a sugar cane plantation. Characterised by distinctive Mauritian landscaping such as black volcanic rock outcrops, the fairways are configured with palm trees, endemic Mauritian plants and shimmering water hazards. The heritage is represented on some holes harking back to the Mont Choisy Estate’s agricultural past, and includes an old stone chimney as well as an old water tank.


This golfer’s paradise combines performance with pleasure wrapped up in a stunning environment. Mont Choisy Le Golf is a course that will test and challenge seasoned golfers, while being at the same time a sufficiently fun experience for novice golfers to enjoy too. After a round out on the course, players can relax and reflect on their game in the stylish Club House while enjoying a refreshing “Kitsoz”, a typical Mauritian golfer’s cocktail. Food lovers will appreciate the Club House restaurant and bar, with its beautiful views of the golf course. Golfers also have access to a number of other facilities, including the Golf Academy, driving range, chipping green, putting green,

and pro shop. The Club House also has its own fully-equipped conference room, which is perfect for seminars or other meetings. The Mont Choisy Golf Academy offers packages for all levels; from beginners to advanced players. Golfers can benefit from world-class driving range facilities, and two fully qualified PGA Professionals are on hand to offer advice and guidance on every aspect of the game. A round of golf at Mont Choisy Le Golf provides the visitor with a taste of the best of Mauritius. Immerse yourself in the history and natural beauty of the island, while enjoying the magnificent mountains, stunning ocean views, lush greenery and of course, great golf!

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Avalon Golf Estate /

Avalon Golf Estate:

Experience the Royal Treatment


Woven through rivers, ravines, and forests in the central highlands of Mauritius, Avalon’s championship golf course has preserved tropical bush and indigenous flora giving it a unique and unrivalled natural beauty among the island’s golf courses. On warm clear days, of which we have an abundance of, there is no other place that a discerning golfer would choose to be… Designed by Peter Matkovich, one of the most prominent golf architects on the African continent, Avalon’s lush fairways weave their way up and down the natural contours, making the most of the old volcanic landscape. Beauty is not confined to within the course boundaries; each of the 18-holes boasts a spectacular view of the ocean and the surrounding mountain slopes with their tea plantations, all contributing to its stirring natural splendour. The all-season fairway, exceptional hand-swept bunkers, and distinctive use of rivers and ravines, make this a course a real hidden gem; full of character and great fun for golfers of every calibre. As much attention to detail and care as is given to the course, is also bestowed on guests. Well-spaced tee times and a limited number of players on the course per day, ensure an exclusive and unforgettable experience. The world-class facilities, both on and off the course, are all focused on making a round at Avalon one rivalled only by mythical legend…

Jean Patrick a grandi dans le village côtier de Baie du Cap avec ses 7 frères et sœurs, sans même se rendre compte qu’il vivait sur une île aux paysages de carte postale. Sa carrière dans le golf a commencé à Heritage Golf Club où il a appris la discipline en observant et en développant une passion pour le sport à la petite balle blanche qui lui a permis de se hisser au poste de superviseur. Ayant voyagé dans plusieurs pays, dont la destination phare qui a constitué un de ses meilleurs moments… le golf de Pebble Beach en Californie. Il est aujourd’hui un professionnel qualifié PGA et Operations Manager du parcours de golf d’Avalon.

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Where the Beauty of the place inspires the Beauty of the heart


Pi c t ure t aken at D in aro bi n Bea c hcom be r Go lf Res or t & Spa

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels /

Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa: Culinary Experience Having booked a holiday at this intimate 5-star Villas and Suite-only resort, guests need also to come prepared to embark on a culinary journey during their stay. The selection of four restaurants – with another four available for Dinarobin guests at the next-door resort of Beachcomber Paradis – on offer means not only that one has a choice, but that they will have their senses stimulated by the many tastes to be discovered, experienced, and enjoyed. Those who favour Italian cuisine, need look no further in the evenings than Il Gusto, where a massive centrepiece buffet provides a hard to match array of anti-pasti and soups. A la carte main courses are accompanied by an impressive collection of wines selected from all of the regions of Italy. The Japanese word Umami is often described as the ‘fifth’ taste, after sweet, sour, salty, bitter. Where better to experience it than the resort’s Pan-Asian fusion restaurant? While many gourmet specialities from across the East can be savoured, the Omakase menu is an experience not to be missed.


Eating barefoot in soft white sand, while listening to waves gently breaking only a few metres away, along with swaying coconut palm fronds, is an event that everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. This is possible every day at lunch time, and occasionally in the evenings too, at La Plage, Dinarobin’s casual beach restaurant. Be aware that there is nothing casual or light about the menu… Delicious fresh fish, and succulent sea food are the order of the day, and the crab salad comes highly recommended, not forgetting of course the amazing desserts available to round off a nice slow lunch by the sea. Last, but definitely not least, the resort’s main restaurant, L’Harmonie, overlooking the pool provides themed buffets with live cooking stations every night. It is here that copious breakfasts are served every morning. With the access that Dinarobin guests enjoy at the Paradis restaurants next door, mention must be made in particular of La Ravanne for exotic, and exquisite Mauritian Creole cuisine made with the finest local ingredients.

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Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels /

Paradis Beachcomber: Couples & Families For proximity to one of Mauritius’s most famous and beautiful mountains, and some of the most breath-taking shorelines in the country, it really doesn’t get much better than this… Throw in the impeccable service and guest attention, the butlers, concierges, the spacious luxurious rooms, loads of activities and attention to detail for kids and you’ve got a hotel providing one of the most fabulous couples and family experiences! The “Paradis” hotel at the Le Morne Peninsula more than lives up to its name. If the kilometres of white sand beaches, shimmering blue ocean, and calm turquoise lagoon weren’t enough, turn around for a jaw-dropping view of Le Morne Brabant mountain; towering, magnificent, and so close you can almost touch it. The hotel caters brilliantly for families of all shapes and sizes with spacious private villas, and rooms and suites that can be interconnected for parents and children. Couples will love being a few steps away from the beach, with front row seats to some of the most beautiful ocean views. The private villas are just that; designed to feel like a secluded luxury residence right on the beach, with all the luxuries that a 5-star resort offers. The villas include their own


butler, golf cart and bicycles, as well as a chef if you prefer to eat in, rather than at the hotel restaurants. There is never a dull moment for families who can take advantage of a packed schedule of water sports and land activities, including a hike to the top of Le Morne for a feast of panoramic views. Not forgetting the Paradis 18-hole, Par 72 golf course and academy for golfers of all skill levels. It’s worth spending a day on the course just for the views alone. There is a Kids Club for 3-12 year olds, open until late in the evening, with loads of activities organised each day and

plenty of fun to be had. Nannies are available for smaller children and all the restaurants have kid-friendly food options and all the amenities to make for a great family dining experience. To balance that out, some restaurants reserve areas for more intimate dinners for couples. With renovations of all suites and rooms and villas well underway, the stylishly modern interior design adds an even greater ‘wow’ to the resort. And to top it all off, the location ensures that the Indian Ocean sunset drops into your lap at the end of the day, each one seemingly more beautiful than the last…

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Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels / Mauritius provides tourists with year-round opportunities to play golf. In the north of the island, within a short distance from each other, are located 2 dedicated golf resorts. The Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa is situated along what is probably the most picturesque natural beach setting in Mauritius. Further on up the coast, the newly reopened Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa is positioned amongst 7 Ha of tropical gardens on a peninsula which also happens to be the most northerly point of Mauritius. In addition to every lavish offering in terms of accommodation, fine cuisine, water and land activities, including a spa, both these luxury resorts provide privileged access, within a few minutes’ drive, to golfing guests to the newest golf course, opened in November 2017. Mont Choisy Le Golf is the only 18-hole championship course in the north of the island. Designed by the world-renowned golf architect, Peter Matkovich, this par 72 course has been built on a former sugar estate and still incorporates some of that history as the player makes his way across the fairways and greens. Mont Choisy Le Golf provides both serious and fun-seeking golfers with a challenge according to their level. With its state of the art practice facilities, chipping and pitching areas, putting greens, and a 300m double ended driving range, not forgetting a fully equipped Pro-Shop, as well as a Club House, a day out on the range with the stunning backdrop of mountains and sea is an experience likely to be repeated time and over again. For guests staying in the two northern resorts wanting to strike out a bit further, Beachcomber offer access to its 18-hole championship Paradis Golf Club located on the iconic and spectacular setting of the Le Morne Peninsula on the South-West tip of the island. The course is located between Le Morne Brabant Mountain and the turquoise waters of the lagoon where every hole, as well as challenging golfers, offers 360-degrees of awe-inspiring views at every moment. A visit for the avid golfer is highly recommended!

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Trou aux Biches & Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa

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Message /Ken Poonoosamy

Golf in Mauritius, More Than Just a Game

Ken Poonoosamy, Deputy CEO of the Economic Development Board. (EDB)

“Golfers choosing Mauritius experience unique idyllic surroundings, a friendly welcome, prestigious hospitality, and quality service.�


« Les joueurs de golf qui font le choix de l’île Maurice profitent alors d’un cadre idyllique, d’un accueil chaleureux, d’une hospitalité prestigieuse et d’un service de qualité. »


Green Fee Booking

/ Mauritius Golf Tours

Online Green Bookings From any location, at any time, you can book a green and pay for it using our hassle-free online tool. Our booking system includes a selection of all the golf courses in Mauritius, with steps that are simple and easy to follow. You can book multiple rounds if you wish, in addition to options to book golf carts, driving range balls, tee times, as well as to specify the number of golfers playing. If you need golf course transfers we will be happy to organise these for you too. With everything available in one place, golfers can spend less time organising their games and more time playing! Visit our website to see just how simple it is.

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/ Sous Le Soleil

Sous Le Soleil:

Excursions With a Twist One thing is sure - what Mauritius lacks in size it definitely makes up for in variety! As a family-run business, with over 20 years experience in the industry and many more years experience of the island, we pride ourselves on our unique excursions. Our extensive local knowledge means we are best placed to show the different sides of Mauritius’ culture, people, history and charm that you would not otherwise see. Our excursions are lively and informative, and can take place in your choice of vehicle, from standard cars to coaches. Our tour guides are professional and experienced drivers, always on time, and bilingual (French and English). They will help you explore Mauritius ‘behind the scenes’ and enjoy everything the island has to offer, from culinary experiences, shopping, cultural visits, water sports, land activities and much more!

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About The Island Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year. The country has two seasons: a warm summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool winter from June to September. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months. Seasons Month Low Season High Season Peak Season


May - September Between 15 - 22 degrees January - April & October - December Between 27 - 32 degrees 22 December - 10 January Between 28 - 34 degrees

Hotels/ Resort/ Spa

Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa

Enjoy Free Golf when residing in a golf resort. Mauritius has a unique business model for our golfing tourist. Most of the golf courses in Mauritius are connected to specific golf resorts. Most golf resorts offer to his resident free golf including a golf shuttle or boat transfer to/from the golf course.

Mont Choisy Le Golf

Golf Course Places of Interest

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa



Legend Golf Club The Links Golf Club

Long Beach Golf & Spa Ambre Resort & Spa

Anahita Golf & Spa Resort Four Seasons Resort at Anahita

Cap Ouest Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort Sous le Soleil Car Rental

Tamarina Golf Club

Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

Four Seasons Golf Club

La Balise Marina

Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa Paradis Golf Club Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Avalon Golf Estate

Heritage The Villas Heritage Golf Club Shanti Maurice A Nira Resort


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