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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The walls are blanketed in fine art, Polaroid photos and Barbie dolls en masse...” pg.17

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January 14, 2010

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Coconut Wireless explains the reason for Karl Rove’s impending Hawaii visit. Anu Yagi uncovers the unexpected importance of opium in the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. Rob Report signs off with a few parting shots at the powers that be. Guilty cannibals symbolically sacrifice a seven-year-old girl in News of the Weird. Spin Cycle turns Sarah Palin’s gig at FOX News into a multiple-choice quiz. Hawaiian Airlines has a record-breaking year in By the Numbers. Praise for Leilani Farm Sanctuary flows into Reader Feedback. Eh Brah! says an Upcountry market’s sashimi isn’t so super.

12 FEATURE STORY On Maui to get married, a visiting Vancouver cop says all drugs should be legalized. You listening, MPD?

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15 FOOD & DRINK Jen Russo enjoys the grinds, and midday margaritas, at Milagros.

17 MUSIC SCENE West side proprietor Farzad Azad swears a blue streak, supports the troops and digs jazz.

18 FILM CRITIQUE Barry Wurst II says The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a trippy, touching, fitting end to Heath Ledger’s too-brief career.

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January 14, 2010


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January 14, 2010

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by Jacob Shafer

News + Views

Rail Wars & Sinking Ships HYPER LOCAL

LOCAL As the gubernatorial election draws

closer, it’s no secret the Hawaii Republican Party is hoping to mobilize both religious groups (an easy get for Duke “Hawaii belongs to Jesus” Aiona) and the FOX News-sponsored Tea Party movement. But that base, vocal and organized though it may be, probably won’t be enough to win; Aiona will also have to appeal to so-called moderate voters. Which is what makes the state GOP’s choice of keynote speaker

EIS? Oh that’s right: the rail isn’t backed by a consortium of military-industrial heavyweights looking to prove the viability of their high-speed vessel in hopes of landing a $1.6 billion Pentagon contract….

named after dead people. Solution: Bill 79, which would amend the law to read, “unless the person is the President of the United States born in Hawaii.” That one’s in the hands of the Honolulu City Council, but the legislature is also considering giving Obama some symbolic strokes, including making his birthday a state holiday. Even the staunchest haters will probably embrace that one: a day off is a day off…. The scuffle



When it comes to Maui (and Hawaii) politics, nothing gets done quickly. Up until a few months ago, the best/worst example of that truism was the perpetually unfinished Kealia Pond Boardwalk in South Maui. Then they opened the thing (after only 15 years!) and a void was created. Enter the half-submerged sailboat that sank in the water off Front Street more than six years ago and remains there to this day like a listing, rusted maritime art installation. For years, efforts to remove the boat were stalled by funding and permit issues and bureaucratic buck-passing. In 2008, Rep. Angus McKelvey and Sen. Roz Baker secured $150,000 and the Department of Land and Natural Resources was set to do the deed. But, as reported in the January 11 Maui News, the money has been yanked, a casualty of state-level belttightening. So yes—government futility summed up, literally, by an old sinking ship. Sometimes they make it too easy…. This week’s feature (page 12) is a Q&A with a cop who thinks marijuana should be legalized. The thrust of his argument is that people will do it anyway, so we might as well regulate the stuff. Essentially the same argument is made by Maui County Police Chief Gary Yabuta in the January 12 Maui News: “It’s real easy to say, ‘Let’s put a ban on [it].’ It’s easier said than done. Unfortunately, people are willing to disregard current law and purchase… through the black market.” Of course, he’s talking about fireworks, not pot. But the only real difference I can see is that (mis) using fireworks can actually kill you….

Yeah, him again.

at its upcoming Lincoln Day dinner so curious: Karl Rove. Yes, the man who brought you the Valerie Plame CIA leak, introduced the term “Swift Boat” into the national lexicon and engineered eight years of George W. Bush. Quoted in a January 2 KITV dispatch, Republican Party Chair Jonah Kaauwai said landing Rove “shows the credibility” of the party. On that, we agree…. There are special laws, and then there are really special laws. Put this in the latter category: Folks on Oahu want to name a park after President Obama. Problem is, the law says parks can only be

between Gov. Lingle and Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann over the Oahu rail project continues to pick up speed. Lingle plans to convene a rail forum January 18 and “will discuss the financial plans directly with federal transportation officials while in Washington next month,” according to the Honolulu Advertiser. Lingle’s concerns focus mainly on the plan’s financial viability. I know I’ve beaten this drum before, but where was this sense of fiscal restraint and due diligence when a certain inter-island ferry was being, excuse the phrase, railroaded through without so much as a completed

With the 2010 legislative session approaching and the year’s various election match-ups taking shape, you can bet your rainbow flag (or red shirt) the civil union issue will bubble to the surface again. Any debate that takes place in Hawaii will be set to the backdrop of a landmark California case that seems destined to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. The trial, which began earlier this week, centers on two same-sex couples who are challenging Proposition 8, the California law passed in 2008 that bans gay marriage. The couples’ lawyers and supporters are selling it as the gay rights version of Brown v. Board of Education or Roe v. Wade. But others worry it could be too much too soon; if the case does reach the Supreme Court and is struck down, it would be a harsh, perhaps fatal, blow. A story in the December issue of American Prospect titled “The Gay Gamble” sums up the stakes: “[B]ecause the case is alleging that Prop. 8 violated the equal-protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, the federal court decision will have implications for gay Americans in nearly every arena of public life, from housing to parenting to military service. The court is set to consider questions as wide-ranging as what it means to be gay and whether it affects one’s contribution to society. It’s not just marriage rights on trial; it’s homosexuality itself.” ■ To share or save this article, type:

THE BLOG ROLL When writing this week’s Music Scene, I thought there must exist a technical name for those manyfaceted orbs that the D&D kids are always dropping under tables to get a chance to glance up someone’s... Read more at

Councilmember Mike Molina is presenting a new bill that would allow us to install wind turbines in our backyards. Now, how do we feel about that? Are you already... Read more at

Searching for a good salad in the 96732 in the evening? Tonight’s dinner at the diner is barbecue ranch chicken salad. I asked for... Read more at mauidish. com

While in Canada this December, shooting a music video for their single “Stolen Car,” Maui’s own The Throwdowns took some time to test the waters. The frozen waters of... Read more at

January 14, 2010


LCWATCH Quorum “


nybody got a good joke?” Adjudication Boardmember Joe Tanaka asked the small crowd, assembled in the David K. Trask Building for the first Adjudication hearing of 2010. Nobody did. The meeting was supposed to have started 10 minutes earlier, but, as Chairman Donald Fujii explained, only four members— Marilyn Colvin, Jerrybeth DeMello, Tanaka and Fujii —were present. Five are needed to make quorum. As the minutes ticked by—15, 20, 25—people started to get restless, especially the representatives from the offending establishments—Juca Mexican Restaurant and Paragon Sailing Charters—who had made their way to Wailuku on a rainy Thursday morning to be admonished for their sins and slapped with a fine or, possibly, worse. “I know you all took time off to be here,” said Fujii, almost managing to Joe Tanaka sound apologetic. “We took time off too,” he quickly added, leaving the impression that we were all somehow in the same boat, that everyone in the room was, in equal measure, giving selflessly of their time to further the greater good. Finally, at 9:28am, nearly a half-hour after the meeting was scheduled to begin, the magical fifth boardmember, Bill Kinaka, entered the room, explaining that he had to be in court (when he isn’t listening to the details of minor decoy stings, Kinaka’s a lawyer). And so disaster was averted, and another LC year commenced. The only downside? We never got to hear that joke. - Jacob Shafer


January 14, 2010

News + Views

by Anu Yagi

Opium & Overthrow More than a century ago, a conspiracy surrounding drug prohibition helped undo the Hawaiian monarchy


his week, 117 years ago, was a tumultuous time in Hawaii’s history. A series of events, concentrated within fewer days than the shelf life of this paper edition, culminated at 6pm on January 17, 1893, when Queen Liliuokalani effectively abdicated her authority and so ended monarchal rule in the Hawaiian islands. As presented in Appendix B to her autobiographical account, Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, Liliuokalani signed the following protest:

I, Liliuokalani, by the grace of God and under the constitution of the Hawaiian kingdom Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against any and all acts done against myself and the constitutional government of the Hawaiian kingdom by certain persons claiming to have established a Provisional Government of and for this kingdom. … Now, to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do, under this protest and impelled by said forces, yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon the facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representative, and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands. Annexationists used three controversial bills to make their case against the queen. The first two public charges addressed Liliuokalani’s promulgation of a new constitution (to which she asserted that “twothirds of my people declared dissatisfaction with the old one; as well they might…”) and the signing of a lottery bill (Liliuokalani, among other defenses, wrote that “[w]e were petitioned and besought to grant it by most of the mercantile class of the city—shopkeepers, mechanics, manufacturers—in fact, all the middle class of the people.”) It is the third argument made against Liliuokalani where the smoke of conspiracy thickens, as it regards the Opium Licensing Bill and her “propos[al] to issue licenses for the importation and sale of opium.” To create the drug, opiate alkaloids are derived from the dried latex obtained by lacerating the immature, scepter-shaped seedpods of the opium poppy. So prevalent was the use and trafficking of opium that in 1839 and 1858, China and Britain engaged in the two Opium Wars (also called the Anglo-Chinese Wars). “I did think it would be wise to adopt measures for restricting and controlling a

trade which it is impossible to suppress,” wrote Liliuokalani. “With a Chinese population of over twenty thousands persons, it is absolutely impossible to prevent smuggling, unlawful trade, bribery, corruption and every abuse.” However, those connected to the underground opium trade—“some of the most prominent citizens,” as Liliuokalani wrote—stood to suffer huge losses at the

proceeds to acknowledge that the money was paid over by the Chinese.” Further editorial condemns Kalakaua and “Junius Kaae, previously conspicuous for nothing except being a ‘Palace hanger on,’ (since promoted to the office of Registrar of Deeds),” saying “[t]he opium bribery scandal has long been before the public… This matter is such a degradation to the country that we have hesitated heretofore to state the

“I did think it would be wise to adopt measures for restricting and controlling a trade which it is impossible to suppress,” wrote Queen Liliuokalani. hand of regulation. Liliuokalani wrote of “frauds unearthed even in the custom-house,” and said confiscated opium had been sold in British Columbia by “sons of the missionaries” for $50,000. An article published in The New York Times on September 26, 1879—originally from the September 17 edition of the San Francisco Bulletin—reported that “importation of opium into the islands is interdicted,” and that while opium in San Francisco could be purchased for “about $14 a pound,” it would “bring $60 or more per pound at the islands.” Many “ingenious” devices were employed for such a “remunerative” venture as opium smuggling in Hawaii. For example, the aforementioned story that piqued curiosity from the West to East coasts entailed “20 dozen men’s stogy brogans, having large wide heels, consigned to a Chinese firm… the heels of the shoes were hollow, and when sent to Honolulu contained about a quarter pound of opium.” The article concluded that the methods were “an old device, having been resorted to years ago in this port,” and estimated that the specific undertaking in question “[had] realized in the neighborhood of $3,000, less expenses.” A much larger number has been linked to Liliuokalani’s late brother, King Kalakaua, and his “action on opium licenses,” says the report Diplomatic And Congressional History: From Monarchy to Statehood, by the Naval Historical Research Branch. Earlier bribery scandals associated with Kalakaua— to the tune of $75,000, in one case—boded ill against the queen later on. Page four of the May 17, 1887 edition of the Hawaiian Gazette reads, “To cap the climax in the opium matter, the Attorney General

cold facts… backed by sixty odd pages of sworn affidavits, by fourteen persons…” However, a September 5, 1887 article in the San Francisco Chronicle states, “not one of the Honolulu journals dared to reprint the comments of the American press on the socalled revolution… the man who looks for facts in the Honolulu journals will not find them.” As for Liliuokalani, in Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, she writes of the days she was dethroned, making final contest against the opium scandals, saying, “the British government has long since adopted license instead of prohibition, and the statute proposed among the final acts of my government was drawn from one used in the British colonies; yet I have still to learn that there has been any proposition on the part of the pious people of London to dethrone Her Majesty Queen Victoria for issuing such licenses.”


here remains one more curl of smoke twisted between opium and the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom: Four and a half years later, on June 16, 1897, the Treaty of Annexation of Hawai’i was penned in duplicate in Washington D.C. Curiously, of only seven short articles, Article V. reads: “There shall be no further immigration of Chinese into the Hawaiian Islands, except upon such conditions as are now or may hereafter be allowed by the laws of the United States, and no Chinese, by reason of anything herein contained, shall be allowed to enter the United States from the Hawaiian Islands.” It is the only reference to race or national origin—of any sort, American, Hawaiian or otherwise—in the entirety of the treaty. ■ To share or save this article, type:

by Rob Parsons

News + Views

Pau For Now The New Year is ripe for change. But will we see any? “


was a warrior who thought I could bring peace. Sooner or later, though you always have to wake up.” - Jake Sully, Avatar

THE BIG BANG 2010 started with a bang. Literally. Like so many New Year’s Eves before, much of Hawaii became a simulated war zone, with fireworks and aerial explosions out of control. It’s local tradition, after all. And because of that simple fact, don’t hold your breath for a proposed fireworks ban, though one was introduced by four Oahu legislators and will be considered during this year’s session. It’s hard to imagine the majority of elected officials—let alone the public—waking up and smelling the sulfur. It just doesn’t work that way. Still, it’s hard to fathom how nostalgia continues to trump common sense. This year, a record 112 people—half of them children—were admitted to hospital emergency rooms with fireworks-related injuries. Among them were two Maui children who were severely burned and whose parents now face potential criminal charges, since permits require adult supervision. “For a payoff of $185,825, the city of Honolulu and the state of Hawaii are blatant sponsors of terrorism,” wrote a Kaneohe man to Honolulu Weekly. (Actual number of permits, a record 8,055, times $25 per permit, equals $201,375.) The man also wrote that the explosions were so severe in his neighborhood, his $900 Kamaka ukulele and some glasses “vibrated off the shelf and smashed on our floor.” But pyromaniac celebrants clearly don’t care about their neighbor’s animals cowering in terror, about those with asthma or other types of respiratory diseases gagging on smoke, about the litter, or the outbreaks of brush and house fires. They simply want to retain their right to make noise and blow stuff up. How cool is that? A ban just makes sense. Yet when it comes to controversial matters and forwardlooking initiatives, our elected officials are far better at discussion than action. Of course, since it’s voters’ responsibility to hold our decision-makers accountable, it’s appropriate to invoke the Walt Kelly quote from his Pogo comic strip: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

GET INVOLVED A friend recently directed me to a comment left on the Kauai Planning & Action Alliance Web site, describing the “Hawaii condition:” “It’s all about putting off changes as long as possible. We want action now. Example. The Department

Like Santa Claus, Rob is always watching...

of Land and Natural Resources recently estimated it would take $4 million and 2 years to take care of the damage to Polihale and reopen it to the public. Kaua‘i residents completed the job in 8 days with donated time, labor, equipment and supplies. Think about that one for a few minutes and then realize that the whole state government operates in the same manner. Personally, I think revolution is the solution. As it is, no one is held accountable. So the corruption continues and grows.”

Tavares, in an interview given to The Maui News in mid-December when she announced her bid for re-election, said that in a down-turned economy, she’s proud of the work her administration has done to help small businesses. Somebody pinch me, please—this must be a bad dream. Has she been so unwilling to listen to those in the community affected by her TVR shutdown that she doesn’t realize its broad impact to our fragile economy? Like the New Year’s celebrant, she

I like to think that hope springs eternal, that we will finally elect leaders who are true visionaries and are also adept enough at swimming upstream against bureaucratic currents to actually implement positive change. I like to think that hope springs eternal, that we will finally elect leaders who are true visionaries and are also adept enough at swimming upstream against bureaucratic currents to actually implement positive change. But in the 32 years I’ve been in Hawaii, I have yet to see it happen, with a few manini exceptions. Maybe 2010’s the year…or maybe not. At a BLNR meeting last Friday in Honolulu, a longtime friend and state employee shared that seeing the four island Mayors gathered to plead for the Transient Accommodations Tax revenues to be returned to Neighbor Islands sure looked to him like the Old Boy network was alive and well. (He was referring to their political style and backing, rather than the subject of county versus state revenues.) It is ironic that our own Mayor Charmaine Tavares would be asking for the revenues now, when she is mainly responsible for quashing the TAT pay-in generated by an estimated 1,000-plus vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts.

seems arrogant and uncaring of the cries of those who disagree with her mandate even as she blows up their livelihoods. There appears little middle ground, however, between those who like and dislike vacation rentals, even if properly regulated and taxed. Once again, it’s up to us all to get out and vote, or stop grumbling.

CH-CH-CHANGES On Monday, and others reported that crude oil hit a 15-month high, at $83.67 per barrel. Former Maui resident Brad Parsons of, who posted the link, offered this succinct comment: “If this continues, you can forget about an economic recovery. For Hawaii, just watch the airfares climb and occupancy fall.” But wait, Brad. Are you saying we didn’t learn anything about self-sufficiency, replacing petroleum imports and diversifying our economy since oil first hit $100 a barrel, exactly two years ago? Or are you just saying what I’m thinking—that we

have not moved decisively enough, quickly enough, to provide Hawaii with a new and improved economic roadmap? What does it take for us to change our head-in-the-sand, stuck-in-the-mud consumptive ways? In last week’s interview with super-activist Julia Butterfly Hill, I related her belief (and mine) that to inspire people to take action and change, it takes a combination of information and inspiration. Alone, they don’t work. “You can show people a clear-cut,” said Julia, recounting her historic tree-sit to protect old-growth forests, “and it’s like a gut punch. Show them a pristine forest habitat, and they are like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so beautiful.’ Put the two together and people will respond.” I’m well aware that people have enough outrage in their lives and aren’t looking for more bad news about the direction of the human race or the fate of the planet we call home. The blockbuster movie Avatar is a blend of outrage and beauty, desperation and hopefulness. “Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream,” says protagonist Jake Sully, a wheelchair-bound ex-marine whose core reality is being tweaked by his interaction with the planet Pandora’s aboriginal culture, which recognizes the connectedness of all things and reveres the circle of life. The military protecting the corporate investment in the planet’s resources, however, have clearly never hugged a tree and felt the life energy therein. This is my 150th Rob Report in Maui’s last independent newspaper. I have been humbled and gratified by the opportunity to share thought, ideas, initiatives and blueprints for a better Maui, a better Hawaii and a better world. But now it’s time for change in my life as well. I’m launching a business this year, one of the coolest, best, green technologies I have found in many years of looking. I’m excited for the opportunity to share it, to become a part of the emerging green economy. The Rob Report will likely appear in a new form, sometime soon, in order to reach the most people in the most productive and interesting fashion. I am supremely grateful to Editor Jacob Shafer, and all the other folks at MauiTime who have helped along the way. And I’m big-time appreciative of the readers who provide feedback on a regular basis, letting me know they are inspired by what they read in my columns. Mahalo nui loa to all. Happy New Year, too. Pau for now—and don’t forget to vote. ■ To share or save this article, type:

January 14, 2010



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by Chuck Shepherd

News + Views

CANNIBALISM COMPLEX Natives of the Erromango section of the Pacific island Vanuatu recently held a formal “conciliation� with the great-greatgrandson of the British missionary whom the islanders’ ancestors ate when he came ashore in 1839. Charles Milner-Williams’s forebear, Rev. John Williams, was regarded as the most famous Christian missionary of the era. Vanuatan legislator Ralph Regenvanu told BBC News that cannibalism was traditionally a sacred warrior practice for “vanquishing a threat [and] absorbing the power of the enemy.� Nonetheless, he said, the island has long felt “guilt,� and even a “complex,� from killing and eating Rev. Williams. In penitence, Vanuatu symbolically gave the Williams family a seven-year-old girl, who will not be eaten but whose education Milner-Williams promised to underwrite.

MAJOR BOOZERS (1) In November, the Seattle Police Department, investigating a complaint about a beating, interviewed a 25-year-old man hospitalized after being found screaming in pain impaled on a metal fence. He said he had run away from a barroom fight and momentarily thought he was a “ninja warrior� capable of leaping the fence. (2) Sean McDowell, 24, was arrested in Ashland, Ore., after attempting to steal a 4-foot-tall stuffed giraffe from the front of a children’s store. A police officer had witnessed an inebriated McDowell grab the giraffe and make simulated sexual movements, then walk away, and then return 90 minutes later to snatch the animal for good.

YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR A DIVORCE While reporting on Britain’s oldest newlyweds in November (husband 94, wife 87), the Daily Telegraph also noted that in 2008, Bertie Wood and her husband, Jessie, of Falmouth had decided to end their 36-year marriage, evidently at a point where they felt they needed a fresh start. Both were 97 years old at the time. Jessie has since died, and Bertie lives in a nursing home.

to his $50,000 annual pension even though he had pleaded guilty in 2006 to eight counts of arson (and allegedly confessed to 12 more). Boyle is known locally as “Matches� Boyle to distinguish him from his brother, John “Quarters� Boyle, who is now in federal prison for bribery following the theft of millions of dollars in state toll-gate coins. Judge LeRoy Martin Jr. concluded that Matches’s arsons were wholly separate from his firefighting.

LIFE’S A SNITCH Salvadorean citizen Ernesto Gamboa, who worked for 13 years in the Seattle area as a snitch for federal drug agents and contributed to at least 92 convictions for drug- and weapons-smuggling, was “fired� by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in May after asking the agency for regular employment. Gamboa originally entered the U.S. as a visitor but overstayed and now aspires merely to an “S visa,� granted to aliens who assist law enforcement. Not only did ICE deny that request but, according to a November Seattle Times report, the agency informed Gamboa that he should prepare to be deported.




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(1) Shawnee Mission Northwest outscored the competition at the Kansas Girls State Gymnastics Championship in November, but finished in third place because of a one-point penalty for a rule violation. The school’s coach had inquired about a balance-beam score outside the fiveminute “windowâ€? for inquiries. The two schools that were tied for second place were declared co-champions. (2) Environmentally conscious David and Katie France live 400 yards from their recycling center in Blandford, England, and decided in October to hand-carry their garbage instead of driving their car the short distance. However, they were refused entry, based on a “safetyâ€? rule requiring that trash be brought in vehicles. â–


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Time to play, Parse that Word‌ “Gov. Palin has captivated everyone on both sides of the political spectrum and we are excited to add her dynamic voice to the Fox News lineup.â€? - Bill Shine, executive programming VP for Fox News, discussing the signing of Sarah Palin to a multi-year contract in a statement issued January 11

Which deďŹ nition of “dynamicâ€? is Shine using: a) Characterized by continuous change, activity b) Marked by intensity and vigor c) Intentionally inammatory and blatantly partisan d) Right-wing masturbation fodder




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Number of Hawaiian Airlines ights that were diverted last week because of “passenger disturbancesâ€?; neither incident has been linked to terrorism

TAKING HIS WORK HOME In November, a Chicago judge ruled that former firefighter Jeffrey Boyle is entitled

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January 14, 2010


News + Views

Re the January 7 feature “Creature Comfort”: Beautiful story about an amazingly beautiful place. I was a serious animal lover before I visited the sanctuary, but my love and sense of relationship deepened profoundly there. Thank you for conveying so much of the feeling, the humanity, at Leilani Farm.

Amber, via

Re the January 7 News & Views story “(Don’t) Bring it On)”: Don’t forget a sense of humor is also banned from flights. Apparently cracking jokes at TSA officers means you get “extra screening.”

S., via In the same vein, check out banstronghands. com, which not only explores the obvious deadly items that are allowed, but some non-obvious ones such as strong hands and shoelaces.

Scott Owens, via e-mail What a delight to read this article and envision myself Re the January 7 there, on the Eh Brah!: You went farm, with all the going publish wonderful creatures. every personal Thank you, Anu, conversation we have for sharing this on Eh Brah! or what, inspiring story so cuz? Why you went beautifully, and thank E RAG ’T YOUR AVE MALS CTUARY ISN make any kine? I no I FARM SAN T ASK THE ANI LAN JUS LEI R— LTE you Lauralee and ANIMAL SHE like give you da kine Barry for being such guidance anymore awesome stewards! den. You call me Janeson Rayne, via one liar, den dis guy from da paper calls me one asshat. Just Having experienced ’cause my name has first-hand the joy some of the same of walking Animal letters, you like make Alley with a loving one play on words. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Another out-of-control SUV came through her bedroom wall and re-broke the leg...” variety of four It’s Asshant’e not legged friends, I urge asshat, yeah. You anyone visiting Maui to t make k the th ffarm a wentt askk me why h I callll you “pot hands.” “must visit.” The love, dedication and sweet I toll you senneny-nine times already. It’s stories are astounding. ’cause you have six or sennen good ideas, but you never went implement ’um. Now Sandy & Steve from California, via I stay going take all your ideas for myself and become more rich than King Kong’s balls. Maybe I write one Eh Brah! too. Why Re the January 7 Rob Report “View From baddah you? You lucky you even have Above”: Thanks for updating us on the hands, nomatta what they made of. activism of Julia Butterfly Hill. I remember her tree-sit, but didn’t know what had Anonymous, via e-mail become of her since. Good to hear she’s kept up—and deepened—her efforts to Ed. Note: The following commentary was spread awareness and environmental and submitted in response to the November 15 social justice. I hope she does “manifest a feature “Invasive Species,” which focused on home” on Maui—we need more like her! Maui’s feral cat population in general, and specifically on an informational meeting Tree Hugger, via e-mail held by Friends of Haleakala National Park. One of the presenters at the meeting, state Someone speaking naturally might have wildlife biologist Fern Duvall, discussed the said, “I think I would like to settle down impact cats have on endemic, endangered by the ocean.” Someone who wants to use birds. language to set herself apart, perhaps as a more spiritual or enlightened person, uses As an observer at a presentation of unnatural language like, “I am trying to Friends of Haleakala regarding cats as an manifest...” It sounds like putting up a false invasive species and the follow-up article front. Is it that hard to just be genuine? I’m in MauiTime, I would like to make a few sorry, this article just does not paint the comments, but first I would like to introduce butterfly as an attractive personality or a myself as a lover of all animals who has great good role model. Maybe it is hard to just be respect for all creatures great and small. In a regular person after two years on a 200fact, some 30 years ago, I was front page foot pedestal with worshippers bringing news as “The Bird Lady of the Conejo” in daily offerings to pass up to you. California, but that’s another story. As inhabitants of an island, I would hope Good luck with your healing, via we are all aware of how Maui came to be. Volcanic undersea eruptions eventually broke through the ocean’s surface and hot lava January 7,, 2 2010 010 ✚ Volume Vol olume um 13 ✚ Issue ume e 29 ✚ FREE

.com .co .c c



10 January 14, 2010

cooled to form a land mass. So initially, Maui was a mass of molten and hardened lava. Every animal, every insect, every bird, every tree that ever came to this lovely island was an invasive species. That includes man. As for who is the largest destroyer of unique ecosystems, we can once again point to man—not feral dogs, not snakes, not pigs, not cats. This leads to a bigger question: do we destroy one species to supposedly save another? Because if that is true, we would have to start with human beings. Now, on to the cats and the near hysteria they seem to inspire in people who are fond of stating, “they are killing the birds.” What about the loss of specialized habit to development, roads, condos, hotels and homes as man continues to turn pristine areas into concrete, bricks and mortar? Yes, cats do kill birds, though studies have also shown that many of the birds killed are old, injured, sick and/ or left the nest too early to survive on their own. But hey, cats are also killing and—studies have shown—in far larger numbers, mice, rats, roaches, centipedes and many bugs that drive most humans into a fearful state. Can you really imagine Maui without any community (loose, roaming, undomesticated) cats? Studies have shown that when the majority of cats were removed from islands, these islands were overrun with rodents and insects. Wow, what a paradise we would have without the cats. Spread of disease was mentioned at the Friends of Haleakala presentation, so I think it is very important to note that the bubonic plague was spread throughout Europe by fleas on rats. The hantavirus is also spread by rodents. Nowhere in the studies or literature does it state that these dreaded diseases were spread by cats. Other diseases mentioned at the Friends of Haleakala meeting included typhus, E. coli, Bartonella, toxoplasmosis. Fern Duvall said that toxoplasmosis has been detected in nene geese, spinner dolphins and monk seals, so I guess that means we should stay out of the ocean. E. coli has been detected in many of the foods we eat including various meats and vegetables. Guess that means we should stop eating those foods. Typhus is spread by fleas and lice. Bartonella is spread by infected fleas. If you have been paying attention, you will note that many of these diseases are spread by fleas, which are found on rats and mice. So take away the freeroaming cats (many of which are treated for fleas) that prey on rats and mice and you have a rampant explosion of fleas on rats and mice who can and do jump off their main prey and bite humans. Viola, you have an epidemic. The now-proven method of dealing with and curtailing the population of freeroaming, un-owned, community cats in cat colonies is through Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR), along with constant monitoring by a caretaker or caretakers who provide food, water, medical treatment and sterilization to any new colony member. Studies have shown that over time, these colonies do decrease in size, although there will always be people who dump new cats. As a lover of all animals, I believe cat lovers and bird lovers can work together to insure

that endangered species are protected. Cats can be relocated from extremely sensitive areas. Fencing can be placed around ground-nesting bird sites. Here’s a recent example of cat and bird lovers cooperating: Cimmeron Morrissey identified an explosion of neglected homeless and feral cats living along the bay trail in Foster City, California and was inspired to take action. There were 174 cats living along the trail at the time. She began trapping the cats to have them sterilized. Kittens and friendly adult cats were adopted out. Foster City officials had also noticed the cats, as had the Sequoia Audubon Society, which wanted to protect local birds. In 2004, a collaboration between the Foster City, Homeless Cat Network and the Sequoia Audubon Society was formed to create Project Bay Cat, which was developed to curb the cat population’s growth through aggressive spay/neuter and adoption programs, as well as protect bird habitat and keep the path’s landscape debris-free. Thanks to these efforts, the colony has shrunk by 35 percent due to spay/neuter, vaccination and adoption efforts, 72 cats/kittens now have loving homes, 95 percent of the cats have been altered, the cats are healthy and cared for and the local bird population is thriving. Please note that not one cat was killed to save the birds. Here was a successful plan that did not involve murdering cats. Heck, they’ve been killing cats on Maui for 50-plus years. Has it worked? Intelligent, caring people on both sides can work together to provide solutions that do not involve destroying one species to save another. In the interests of keeping this commentary short and readable, I have not included the names of the studies from which I got my data, however I would be happy to provide this information; contact me at In summation, as a person who cares what happens to cats and birds, I believe the solution lies in working together to reduce the cat population through sterilization and in finding ways to keep the cats out of areas where there are endangered species. We need the cats to control the rodent population on Maui. If they were not around, we would see a huge influx of rodent flea-borne illnesses and more human infections caused by spider and centipede bites and the diseases spread by roaches. These free-roaming cats actually provide a wondrous benefit for humans.

Phyllis Tavares, Executive Director, 9th Life Hawaii

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January 14, 2010








f you really want to know about a war, ask the soldiers on the ground. In the case of the four-decades-old War on Drugs, those soldiers would be the police officers charged with

12 January 14, 2010

busting dealers and users. And, though they may not represent a majority within their profession, some cops are beginning to break ranks, to publicly question the wisdom and effectiveness of drug prohibition.

Take David Bratzer, a Canadian police officer and a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition [LEAP], an international nonprofit organization made up of current and former law enforcement officials who

support the legalization and regulation of marijuana and other drugs. We asked Bratzer—who was recently on Maui—to talk about LEAP, legalization and what the drug war looks like from the trenches.

You’re a law enforcement officer advocating for the legalization of a substance that’s a Schedule One narcotic in the United States. Isn’t that a contradiction? Not at all. We need to consider what drug prohibition has done to the vital profession of law enforcement. It has divided police officers from the communities we serve, alienated us from young people, sent our call loads through the roof, placed huge financial strains on police budgets and, sometimes, my colleagues have been injured or murdered while enforcing these drug laws. Every police officer should question whether the War on Drugs is worth fighting, particularly when there are other policy options that would result in less crime, addiction, disease and death. What was the turning point that led you to support legalization? It was a gradual process. During the police academy my instructors didn’t focus on the issue and they certainly didn’t encourage recruits to think outside the box. One turning point was the recent gang war in Vancouver over control of the drug trade. That was eye opening. As I attended various patrol calls I began to ask myself: was this incident related to drug use or was it related to the prohibition of drugs? And usually it was the latter. I began to research drug policy on my own. I was surprised to discover that even though I was a police officer, I didn’t know as much about drugs as I thought I did. I publicly joined Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in November 2008 after speaking with my police chief. It’s a fantastic organization and I have no regrets about joining. Do you think the War on Drugs has been lost? The War on Drugs is an unmitigated disaster. In the past four decades the United States has spent more than one trillion tax dollars on drug enforcement and made 39 million arrests for non-violent drug offences. And for what? Illegal drugs are now cheaper, stronger and more available than they were at the start of the drug war. Inner cities throughout the United States have been devastated by the War on Drugs. Mexico is in danger of becoming a failed state because of the drug cartel violence. Opium profits are funding the insurgency in Afghanistan. Would any rational person consider this a success? What would a sensible marijuana policy look like? LEAP doesn’t have an official position on how drugs should be regulated. We simply point out that drug prohibition does not work. That said, there are some organizations doing fantastic work in this area. In particular, the Transform Drug Policy Foundation just released a free online book titled After the War on Drugs: Blueprints for Regulation. It examines a wide range of drug policy options and I highly recommend it.

OK, let’s run through a few classic anti-legalization arguments. First, legalization will make it easier for kids and teens to get pot. I disagree. Look at a place like the Netherlands. They have decriminalized marijuana, meaning that small quantities are legal for the end-user to purchase. Their population has a lifetime usage rate of marijuana that is half that of the United States. That is [based on] data from the World Mental Health Surveys, as compiled by the World Health Organization. So why is this? First, the Netherlands has managed to make drug use boring for young people. There is nothing rebellious about smoking a joint in Amsterdam. Second, the Netherlands uses regulatory measures to control the sale of marijuana to consumers. For example, the cannabis coffee shops have age minimums, alcohol is banned and

trafficking more dangerous drugs and in larger quantities. They become entrenched in a criminal lifestyle as professional drug dealers. Eventually they wind up dead or in prison. But consider what would happen if all drugs were legal and regulated for adult use. One might still see the occasional adolescent marijuana dealer, but the career option of becoming a mid- or high-level criminal drug dealer simply wouldn’t exist. Being a teenage pot dealer would be a deadend job rather than an entry point for gang membership and a life of organized crime. So what is LEAP’s stance on harder drugs? [LEAP] believes that all drugs should be legal and regulated. The argument in favor of regulating these drugs is not that they’re harmless, but rather that they’re so dangerous

I think it will happen gradually in the U.S and Canada. Hopefully significant change will occur within my career as a police officer. I’m a big supporter of incremental reform and that reform should be based on scientific evidence and public consultation. Economic pain will probably drive a lot of these changes. The United States is spending roughly $69 billion a year on drug enforcement and my sense is that your country can no longer afford the policy of prohibition. That said, I’m not sure what the budget situation is like in Hawaii. Perhaps your state has a lot of extra cash lying around that it can use to prosecute nonviolent marijuana offenders.

Nope. But speaking of Hawaii, our Governor, Linda Lingle, has spoken out against the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law, citing federal prohibition. Do you think no s nt ha me rn ve go e th on as long as federal prohibition is iti ib oh pr Under o in place, it will undermine state wh er al de ug dr control. It’s the violent and local efforts to legalize or ation decriminalize loc s es sin bu y, marijuana? rit pu , ice pr decides the I’m not sure when she made those ug dr e es d th remarks. But the memo issued on and hours of operation. An . October 19, 2009 by President ID r fo ds ki ng ki as t no e ar dealers certainly Obama’s Deputy Attorney General was clear. It strongly discouraged federal they should be controlled by the government. prosecution of medical marijuana advertising is prohibited. It’s not Remember that under prohibition the operations that were in compliance with a perfect system but it’s far more government has no control. It’s the violent state law. This was a green light from the effective than what we’re doing in the United drug dealer who decides the price, purity, administration for individual states to pass States and Canada. cutting agents, advertising methods, business medical marijuana laws if they desired. location and hours of operation. And these It removed a lot of the uncertainty that Second, marijuana use will erode drug dealers certainly are not asking kids for existed before the memo. Full legalization the moral character of people ID, or encouraging their customers to seek of marijuana at the state level is a different and communities. addiction treatment. We need to move away story, and the first big test will be the The moral position here would be a from prohibition and begin considering California ballot initiative. compassionate drug policy based on models that give the government control scientific evidence. Consider this: the United over the market for these drugs. What’s the nature of your trip States has some of the harshest penalties to Hawaii? in the world for drug offenders and yet How do other members of law I came here to get married. Maui is a its lifetime incidence of marijuana use is enforcement react to you and your beautiful island, by the way, and I hope among the highest in the world. If that is organization? Do you feel ostracized to come back here someday. I’m [also] an indicator of moral character then the by more mainstream or hard-line traveling to Oahu and the Big Island United States is behind Nigeria, Lebanon, anti-drug cops? discussing drug policy for LEAP. France, Germany, Mexico and Italy and Most officers will admit that the War on many other nations. However, I don’t think Drugs has failed, although there is broad Tell me more about LEAP. that’s the case. I’ve traveled throughout disagreement on how to solve the problem. LEAP is a non-political volunteer the United States and I believe this is a Some cops believe that drug dealers should organization of current and former criminal great country with strong values. We need get the death penalty. But if you examine a justice professionals who seek to end to move away from framing the debate regime like Iran, for example, that strategy the War on Drugs. Members of the LEAP around the morality of drug use. Drug use has not worked. Tehran routinely executes Speakers Bureau are a credible group who may be moral or immoral but that’s not an drug traffickers and yet they have the serve on the front lines of the War on Drugs. argument for criminalization. It would be highest opiate addiction rate in the world. I We don’t support or encourage drug abuse, like saying that cheating on your spouse should emphasize that my volunteer work nor breaking the law. We volunteer our should be an arrestable offence. We know with [LEAP] is something I do while offtime by giving drug policy presentations that behavior is wrong but a police officer duty. My views don’t represent those of my to Rotary clubs, church groups, chambers doesn’t throw someone in jail for it. Instead, police department. My colleagues are well of commerce and other civic-minded we should be asking ourselves questions aware of my views but I still have a good organizations. We try to speak with ordinary like these: what is an effective drug policy? working relationship with them. When working folks who may not be aware of What actually works? How do we minimize I’m on the job I still arrest people for drug the unintended consequences of drug the potential harm from drug abuse? possession and trafficking. I do the job that prohibition. We don’t have any members taxpayers pay me to do. My membership from Hawaii in our Speakers Bureau and Finally, and most famously, marijuana in LEAP is about changing laws that are so I’d like to encourage members of law is a “gateway drug” that opens the ineffective and harmful, not picking and enforcement to consider joining. Eligible door to other, harder drugs. choosing which laws I want to enforce. professionals include current and former The gateway theory of drug use was cops, judges, prosecutors as well as discredited ages ago. I don’t even want to If you had to guess, how long will it corrections and parole staff. Visit our Web talk about it. However, the gateway theory be before marijuana is legal in the site [] or e-mail us of drug trafficking is very much alive. United States? Will it happen all at []. ■ That is, teenagers begin selling marijuana once or state by state, through efforts in high school. It’s a lucrative job and it like the one in California? How about To share or save this article, type: guarantees them money, friends and dating in your native Canada? opportunities. As they get older they start

January 14, 2010 13


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14 January 14, 2010

by Jen Russo


Food + Drink

North Shore Escape Paia eatery offers a quick, margarita-aided getaway PHOTOS BY SEAN MICHAEL HOWER

Milagros Food Co. 3 Baldwin Ave., Paia 579-8755 Open daily, 8am-10pm


ne of the quickest ways to a staycation on Maui is to head to Paia, with its wealth of restaurants and shops and laid-back North shore vibe. Few places exemplify this better than Milagros. Situated at the crossroads of North shore and Upcountry at the intersection of Hana Highway where Baldwin Avenue begins its trek up Haleakala to Makawao, Milagros boasts an always-eclectic crowd and a tangible chemistry that lets you know it’s time to take a load off and have a margarita. What attracts folks to the restaurant’s cozy lanai isn’t the people-watching—that’s just a fringe benefit—but the great food. Specializing in Latin and Southwestern cuisine, the lunch and dinner menu have plenty of signature items that fall in the must-try category. Start with the fresh fish. They buy fresh local fish daily from Fresh Island Fish Co. and feature a blackened seared ahi burrito that’s like no other. The fresh ahi flavor is allowed to peak with the smoky blackened spices that compliment the also-smoky homemade salsa. Then all of it pops with the sweet chile sauce. The burrito is rolled with black beans and Spanish rice, plus cheese and cilantro. Served in a blackened BLT, a salmon salad or as an entree during the dinner hours, the various Pacific Northwest-farmed salmon dishes are decidedly not Southwestern. Yet the salmon is amazing in flavor and texture, served with Tupelo honey flown in from Florida and covered in local macadamia nuts. The crunchy buttery mac nuts and sweet sticky honey are light enough to combine with the flakey grilled fish and create a completely new taste

Samon salad entree.



Serving lunch & dinner 7 days a week • Located on front street in Lahaina overlooking the Banyan Tree


Reeney Seavey serves up two large helpings.

sensation; there was not a crumb left on my plate, not a drip of honey left. I am definitely a convert. With the salmon salad, spinach and other fresh veggies are topped with papaya seed dressing, and as an entree at dinner you’ll also get mashed potatoes and cornbread. This is one of the best preparations of salmon that I have discovered. For keiki, Milagros has it down: their menu offers everything familiar and

trusted. My daughter loves the plain bean and cheese burrito; I love that it’s just four bucks. They also give out this awesome thing called Wikki Stix—packets of colorful wax covered string that can be sculpted into any shape—to keep your kid occupied while you’re busy determining what kind of tequila to have in your margarita. Speaking of which, the bar at Milagros is fully stocked with an astonishing selection of tequila. I have to admit I’m not a tequila expert (or even close to it), but I was ready to receive an education. Ultra premiums like the Gran Patron Platinum and the Asom Broso Anejo aren’t available for margaritas, and are served in snifter glasses for sipping. Margaritas I’m more familiar with, and they have 10 different kinds, from Lilikoi to traditional to mango to their signature DaKine. House tequila expert and Best of Maui-winning bartender Dave Bauss serves them up perfectly blended or on the rocks; I’m making a mental note to come back for a tequila tour. ■

Got a hot food scoop? Contact Jen Russo at 280-3386. To share or save this article, type: For more foodie news, visit MauiTime’s food blog at:




879-1111 7AM-5P" DAYS A WEEK


January 14, 2010 15

Handcrafted Ales & Lagers Brewed with Aloha


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16 January 14, 2010

by Anu Yagi

Music Scene

The Farzad Side From a jazz CD beneďŹ ting Iraq War veterans to his expletive-laced, stream-of-consciousness rants, Farzad Azad leaves an impression


he Java Jazz experience is an icosahedron of multi-sensory inundation. An icosahedron, for those unfamiliar, is a 20-sided polyhedron that occurs as both a natural viral structure and as the magic in the Magic 8-Ball. Similarly, Java Jazz has an organic ability to rest comfortably in a multitude of things. As I venture out West to the venue’s Lower Honoapiilani Road location, my intentions are purely musical. But by my return across the Pali—with the aftertaste of damnedgood (flourless) chocolate cake in my throat and the musings of owner Farzad Azad still rattling around in my brain—I am happily befuddled, unsure what direction to take. Could this be an Arts & Entertainment piece with an element of Food & Drink? A straight CD review? Or is it something else entirely? It is the impression of Java Jazz that has me inclined—resoundingly—toward the latter. The place can only be likened to that heady space in lucid dreams where all the objects, passions and minutiae of the day have accumulated into one, purgatory boutique. From the dĂŠcor to the dishes to the live or piped music, it is at once all my favorite travel memories—slides plucked from my mind’s Kodak carousel and layered upon another to form new dimensional scenery. The walls are blanketed in fine art (mostly Azad’s—my favorite, “Zoya,â€? is a Peggy Hopper acid trip), Polaroid photos and Barbie dolls en masse— kaleidoscope-lit by a gorgeous wine-bottle chandelier of Azad’s design (installed eight months ago, a newer addition to this 10-year strong establishment). Azad has also created a CD titled What’s Your Function? Java Jazz Volume 1, solely for the benefit of his “Soldier Appreciation Vacationâ€? program. Since 2007, Azad has brought Purple Heart-decorated veterans of the Iraq War (and their wives, of course) on seven-day, all-expenses paid vacations to Maui. “We cannot delete the memory of the unwanted war from their memory bank but we can sure install new happy memories and that’s the least we can do for our veterans,â€? states the program’s mission. To date, Azad’s efforts and the sale of his CD have given new memories to 14 individuals. Given the good cause, the six-track disc is a worthwhile purchase ($15). At its most superficial, it’s a take-home version of the eclectic vibe of Java Jazz that can’t be wrapped in a doggie bag. All tracks are orginals, written, produced, arranged, mixed and performed by Azad who is, impressively, self-taught (a fact that helps to forgive that the first and second tracks have a painfully similar self-produced beat—my only real complaint). The CD also draws on

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the talents of the Java Jazz ’ohana, including jazz pianist Renee Alonso. Alonso leant his skills to the fifth track, titled “DeReggaed,� and is on keys the night I visit the restaurant. In the white-edged mirror propped up over the piano, I watch his slender fingers rolling along to, as he describes, “another sad song.� The saddest part is that his own CD (which I acquired for review at the same time as What’s Your Function?) does ill justice to the soulful variety of his onstage work. Meanwhile, for me to quote Azad in any way (save for one word: “shyboomski�) would lend to inaccurate representation— as much on my behalf as on his. With an intent gaze from behind his glasses tipped low on his nose, he’s all sailor-tongued stream of consciousness. Highly socially and politically charged, the entertaining rant flows from war to weed to his mom’s eggplant azemat to Madame Pele to cum. So, though juicy, I’ll refrain. A conversation with Azad is simply an experience best had for yourself. Further on the topic of quotes and Azad is the CD’s most notable feature: the mixing of historical speeches as the centerpiece of the music. “Special thanks to JFK, MLK, Einstein, Nixon, Clinton and George Bush for their great quotes,� read the liner notes. While Martin Luther King, Jr. laces the second track, “Dreamer,� his words also add surprising closure to the bouncing, Lewinsky-inspired track, “Booty Call.� Nixon, naturally, inspires the track titled “The Crook,� with a gypsy-flamenco, spy flick-inspired riff. The historical figures not only lend their quotes, but their images too. The disc’s cover art features the heads of each attached to aloha-shirt and boxer-clad forms around a

table, sharing shots of Jack Daniels while John F. Kennedy and a pack of Zig Zags roll one up on what appears to be the Constitution. Inside, are 12 Commandments, “The New American Commandments as of January 1st, 2007.â€? It begins with (I.) “Thou shalt not be a hyphenated-American,â€? (Azad is vehement about the irrelevance of being anything other than just American), and rounds out the middle with warm stuff like (VII.) “Thou shalt take care of teachers,â€? and (VIII.) “Thou shalt take care of police officers and nurses too,â€? (he’s generous with his fare for those public servants). But it is in the final few commandments—(X.) “Thou shalt not be scared into submission by the loss of our soldiers in any war,â€? and (XI.) “Thou shalt not be afraid of the draftâ€?—as well as with the final track, “Americaâ€?—where the very tangible-sounding voices of soldiers who have benefited from the program are dubbed alongside John Wayne reciting the Pledge of Allegiance—that the essence of the CD and its goals crystallize. The issues we face as a country are amorphous, and our responses—artistic and otherwise—should be, too. Born in a place like Java Jazz, Azad’s CD and “Soldier Appreciation Vacationâ€? are fine examples of this enduring truth. â–

There are over 100 things you could be doing today on Maui. Go to for complete weekly calendar listings, and find something to do today.

Renee Alonso plays Thursdays, Farzad Azad on Saturdays; Java Jazz is located at 3350 Lower Honoapiilani Rd., Lahaina; for more info on the restaurant, music and the Soldier Appreciation program, call 667-0787 or visit To share or save this article, type:

January 14, 2010 17

Film Critique

by Barry Wurst II

Strange, Lovely ‘Doctor’ Heath Ledger’s final film a dazzling, moving wonder The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


Rated PG-13/122 min.


erry Gilliam doesn’t make timid movies. Even with notable misfires, the former Monty Python member continues to solidify his status as one of the world’s boldest, bravest and most original filmmakers. His latest had a famously troubled production, with the death of Heath Ledger causing the project to shut down, then start back up again with a reworked approach to the story and Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law alternating in the role Ledger plays. The result is not only a seamless reconstruction, but a return to form for Gilliam, who hasn’t made a film this terrific since 12 Monkeys. Christopher Plummer stars in the title role, the owner of a theater on wheels who travels the globe and lures audiences into his “Imaginarium,” the world on the other

side of his magic mirror that shows you your dreams and nightmares. Parnassus has been doing this show for hundreds of years, and he’s been relentlessly pursued by the Devil (Tom Waits, perfectly cast) over an ill-conceived bargain they made long ago.

Final bow.

A young actor named Tony (Ledger, whose introductory scene will shock many) joins Parnassus’s troupe, brings an updated look and approach to the weary stage show and strives to keep his secret, which is equally Faustinian and sinister, from Parnassus. Ledger’s final performance anchors the film and, as in Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm, the director brings out the actor’s lively, creative side—a far cry from some of the stiff, uninspired star vehicles he helmed during his too-brief career. The added technique of having three other actors play Tony whenever he steps into the Imaginarium works remarkably well, with Depp funny and dapper as a woman’s ultimate fantasy, Law giving a manic, cartoon-like performance and Ferrall getting the most screen time, embodying a corrupt moral figure (yes, this all makes sense when you see the film). The only drawback is that, once Ferrall takes over the part during the film’s climax, Ledger disappears from the movie. It would have been nice to see Ledger one last time but, of course, there was no

unused footage of him left to incorporate. Though things get a tad cartoonish at times, as with Gilliam’s masterpieces (The Fisher King, Brazil, Monty Python and the Holy Grail), his overwhelming visuals and complex, layered storytelling complement each other and don’t derail the narrative. This isn’t another Tideland or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where you walk away feeling assaulted by a swarm of psychedelic images. This Faust-based story is a grand tale with fantastic special effects, sly humor and a stunning, moving ending that is both poetic and bittersweet. Plummer brings a tragic dimension to Parnassus and Verne Troy (yes, Mini Me) is hilarious as a scenestealing sideman. Once again, Gilliam has visualized the impossible and presents wonders that are amazing to dream, let alone create. I go to his films to see things I’ve never seen before—and he doesn’t disappoint. ■ To share or save this article, type:



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Now get ready for our 7th Annual Mind, Body & Spirit Issue, where we will explore some of the fascinating and revolutionary ways in which you can enhance your health and soul.


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18 January 14, 2010

by Kaley Niemann + Jacob Shafer

Film Capsules

New This Week THE BOOK OF ELI - R - Action - A postapocalyptic story of a man traveling across America to protect a sacred book that holds the clues to saving mankind. Some would kill to have it, he would kill to protect it. Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis star. 118 min. THE LOVELY BONES - PG13 - Drama - A young girl is murdered and watches over her family and her murderer. She must decide between vengeance and healing. Mark Wahlberg, Saoirse Ronan and Susan Sarandon star. 135 min. THE SPY NEXT DOOR - PG - Action - Former CIA Bob Ho takes on a tough assignment: taking care of his girlfriend’s three young children. And when one of the kids accidentally downloads a top-secret formula, Ho’s nemesis, a Russian terrorist, comes to visit. Jackie Chan, George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus star. 92 min.

Now Showing ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS THE SQUEAKQUEL - G - Art, Foreign - The Famous Chipmunks return to the big screen. Alvin, Simon and Theodore juggle school, fame and their rival all-girl group, the “Chipettes”. Christina Applegate, Anna Faris, Amy Poehler and Jesse McCartney star. 89 min. AVATAR (3D) - PG13 - Fantasy - Jake Sully, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, and tasked with infiltrating the Na’vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana & Sigourney Weaver. 156 min. DAYBREAKERS - R - Thriller - In the not-sodistant future, a vampire virus sweeps the globe, forcing its victims to drink blood and spend their spare time brooding. But with only a few non-vampire humans left, will the blood shortage become a full-blown crisis? 98 min. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? - PG13 Comedy - An estranged New York couple witness a murder and are reloctaed to a small town in Wyoming. Can they get along once they realize they’re not in Manhattan anymore? Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant star. 103 min. INVICTUS - PG13 - Drama - Follow Nelson Mandela during his first term as President of South Africa, as he tries to unite the segregated nation and enlists a national rugby team to win the world cup. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman star. 129 min. ITS COMPLICATED - R - Comedy - During her son’s graduation, Jane hooks up with her ex-husband and sparks start to fly again, along

with some good old family drama. Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin star. 112 min. LEAP YEAR - PG - Comedy - A woman (Amy Adams) wants to propose to her beau on February 29—apparently an Irish tradition that may or may not have been thought up after a few pints of Guinness—but bad weather threatens to derail her plans. 110 min. NINE - PG13 - Musical - An adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, about a film director (Daniel Day-Lewis) who woos an array of women, played by Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Fergie. Oh, and his mom is Sophia Loren. Rough life, dude. PRECIOUS - R - Drama - Another heartwrencher based on a bestselling novel, this one follows the travails of a 16-year-old girl twice impregnated by her deadbeat father and abused by her unfeeling mother who somehow finds redemption in 1980s Harlem. SHERLOCK HOLMES - PG13 - Drama - Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective gets updated by flashy, frenetic British director Guy Ritchie, which, depending on how much of a purist you are, is either very intriguing or very depressing. Robert Downy, Jr. is Holmes and Jude Law is Watson. 128 min. THE BLIND SIDE - PG13 - Drama - An underdog, overweight football player is transformed into an NFL prospect with the help of Sandra Bullock and a boatload of uplifting sports movie clichés. 126 min. THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS PG13 - Fantasy - Heath Ledger makes his final screen appearance in this trippy morality tale about a traveling theater company that’s more than meets the eye. Terry Gilliam directs. 122 min. THE PRINCESS & THE FROG - G - Fantasy Disney’s spin on the classic fairytale about a princess, living in the French Quarter of New Orleans in the 1920s jazz era, who kisses an amphibian with surprising results. Voices of Anika Noni Rose and Bruno Campos. 97 min. UP IN THE AIR - R - Comedy - Ryan Bingham lives a simple life out of his suitcase; he’s constantly traveling the country firing people. His life is turned upside down when his company decides to keep him on the ground. 118 min. George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. YOUTH IN REVOLT - R - Comedy - Uberdweeb Michael Cera adopts a suave alter ego at the urging of a headstrong young woman. What won’t we do for, uh…love. 90 min.

With that many birds in the air, I’d keep my mouth closed (The Lovely Bones).

SHOWTIMES FRONT STREET THEATER 900 Front Street, Lahaina, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-F until 6:30pm, Sa-Su until 3:30pm, Discount Tue), Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squeakquel-GTH (4:30) 6:30, 9:00 Daybreakers-R-TH (4:45) 7:15, 9:45 Leap Year-PG-TH (4:15) 6:45, 9:00. FRI- (4:00) 6:30, 9:00. SAT-MON- (1:30) 4:00, 6:30, 9:00. TUES-WED- (4:00) 6:30, 9:00. Sherlock Holmes-PG13-TH (4:00) 7:00, 10:00. FRI- (4:00) 7:00, 10:00. SAT-MON- (1:00, 4:00) 7:00, 10:00. TUES-WED- (4:00) 7:00, 10:00. The Book of Eli-R-FRI- (4:45) 7:15, 9:45. SAT-MON(2:15) 4:45, 7:15, 9:45. TUES-WED- (4:45) 7:15, 9:45. The Spy Next Door-PG-FRI- (4:15) 6:45, 9:00. SAT-MON- (1:45) 4:15, 6:45, 9:00. TUES-WED(4:15) 6:45, 9:00. KA’AHUMANU 6 Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. 1-800326-3264 (Matinees: everyday until 4pm), Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squeakquel-GTH 1:00, 12:00, 1:05, 2:05, 3:10, 4:10, 5:15, 6:15, 7:20, 8:20. FRI-SUN- (11:00, 12:00, 1:05, 2:05) 3:10, 4:10, 5:15, 7:20, 9:50. MON-WED- (11:00, 12:00, 1:05, 2:05, 3:10) 4:10, 5:25, 6:15, 7:20. Did You Hear About The Morgans?-PG13-TH 12:20, 2:35, 4:55 7:15 Nine-PG13-TH 11:00, 1:25, 3:50, 6:15, 8:40 Sherlock Holmes-PG13-TH 11:15, 12:15, 2:00, 3:00, 4:45, 5:45, 7:30, 8:30. FRI-SUN- (11:15, 2:00) 4:45, 6:15, 7:30, 9:00, 10:15. MON-WED(11:15, 2:00) 4:45, 6:15, 7:30. The Lovely Bones-PG13-FRI-SUN- (11:10, 2:00) 4:50, 7:40, 10:30. MON-WED- (11:10, 1:10, 3:15) 5:20, 7:25, 9:30. MON-WED- (11:05, 2:00) 4:50, 7:40. The Spy Next Door-PG-FRI-SUN- (11:05, 12:05, 1:10, 2:10, 3:15) 4:15, 5:20, 6:20, 7:25, 8:25, 9:30, 10:30. MON-WED- (11:05, 12:05, 1:10, 2:10, 3:15) 4:15, 5:20, 6:20, 7:25, 8:25. KUKUI MALL 1819 South Kihei Road, 1-800-326-3264 (Matinees: everyday until 4pm), Avatar-PG13-TH 2:10, 5:20, 8:30. FRI-SUN- (11:00, 2:10) 5:20, 8:30. MON-WED- (2:10) 5:20, 8:30. Its Complicated-R-TH 1:00, 3:35, 6:10, 8:45. FRISUN- (1:35) 7:00. MON-WED- (1:35) 7:00. Sherlock Holmes-PG13-TH 1:45, 4:30, 7:15. FRISUN- (11:00, 1:45) 4:30, 7:15, 10:00. MON-WED(1:45) 4:30, 7:15. The Book of Eli-R-FRI-SUN- (11:45, 2:15) 4:45, 7:20, 9:45. MON-WED- (1:00, 3:30) 6:00, 8:25. Up In The Air-R-TH 1:05, 3:30, 5:55, 8:20. FRI-SUN- (11:10) 4:10, 9:35. MON-WED- (11:10) 4:10, 9:35. MAUI MALL MEGAPLEX Maui Mall, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-Th until 6pm, F-Su until 3:30pm), Avatar 3D-PG13-TH (1:30, 2:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30) 8:00, 8:30, 9:00. FRI-SUN- (12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00) 7:30, 8:00, 8:30. MON-WED- (12:30, 1:00, 1:30) 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 . Daybreakers-R-TH (1:55, 4:20) 6:45, 9:10. FRISUN- (1:55, 4:20) 6:45, 9:10. MON-WED- (1:55, 4:20) 6:45, 9:10. Invictus-PG13-TH (3:15) 6:15, 9:15. FRI-SUN9:00 pm. MON-WED- 9:00 pm. Its Complicated-R-TH (1:40, 4:25) 7:10, 9:55. FRI-SUN- (1:40, 4:25) 7:10, 9:55. MON-WED(1:40, 4:25) 7:10, 9:55. Leap Year-PG-TH (2:25, 4:50) 7:15, 9:40. FRISUN- (12:00, 2:25, 4:50) 7:15, 9:40. MON-WED(12:00, 2:25) 4:50, 7:15, 9:40. Precious-R-TH (3:50) 9:20 The Blind Side-PG13-TH 6:25 The Book of Eli-R-FRI-SUN- (12:30, 1:30, 3:15, 4:15) 6:00, 7:00, 8:45, 9:45. MON-WED- (12:30, 1:30, 3:15) 4:15, 6:00, 7:00, 8:45, 9:45. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus-PG13-TH (1:30, 4:15) 7:00, 9:45. FRI-SUN- (1:35, 4:15) 7:00, 9:45. MON-WED- (1:35) 4:15, 7:00, 9:45. The Princess & the Frog-G-TH (1:45, 4:10) 6:35, 9:00. FRI-SUN- (1:45, 4:10) 6:35. MON-WED(1:45) 4:10, 6:35. Up In The Air-R-TH (3:40) 6:15, 8:50. FRI-SUN(1:05, 3:40) 6:15, 8:50. MON-WED- (3:40) 6:15, 8:50. Youth in Revolt-R-TH (3:00, 5:15) 7:30, 9:45. FRISUN- (12:05, 2:20, 4:35) 6:50, 9:05. MON-WED(2:20, 4:35) 6:50, 9:05. WHARF CINEMA CENTER 658 Front Street, 249-2222 (Matinees: Tue all shows, until 6pm every other day), Avatar-PG13-TH (11:30, 3:30) 6:30, 10:00. FRI(3:00) 6:30. SAT-MON- (11:30, 3:00) 6:30, 10:00. TUES-WED- (3:00) 6:30. Its Complicated-R-TH (11:15, 2:00, 4:45) 7:30, 10:15. FRI- (1:00) 4:00, 7:00, 10:00. FRI- (2:00) 4:45, 7:30, 10:15. SAT-MON- (11:15, 2:00) 4:45, 7:30, 10:15. TUES-WED- (2:00, 4:45) 7:30, 10:15. The Lovely Bones-PG13-FRI- (1:00) 4:00, 7:00, 10:00. SAT-MON- (1:00) 4:00, 7:00, 10:00. TUESWED- (1:00, 4:00) 7:00. Up In The Air-R-TH 11:30, 2:00, 4:30) 7:00, 9:30

January 14, 2010 19


This Week's Picks Barr None

Seeing Voices

Friday (January 15), Hard Rock Cafe, Lahaina, 10pm, $40-$75

Friday (January 15)-Saturday (January 16), McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, Kahului, 7:30pm, $22

Guess who has the after-Shatner slot in the Hard Rock Cafe’s celeb series to benefit World Hunger Year? Roseanne Barr. One of those necessary/unnecessary surnames, huh? If you’ve been spelunking for so long that precious Pick space need be wasted with background on this visiting celeb, then you are too far-Gollum to be helped. It’s Roseanne. The Domestic Goddess. If you and 99 friends are also domestic goddesses, you can decorate yourselves with 2.25- or 3.5-inch buttons ($129.99$181.99, 100 qty)—emblazoned with a magical yellow glove—from However, the logo stein ($18.19) or BBQ apron ($21.49) might be more appropriate. And practical (sort of). And practically any logo-applicable thingamajig is available thanks to CafePress—116 products, by my count (exclusive of the 113 items in her Hello Piggy line, which includes Made in the U.S.A. thongs for $10.39). And yes, “YES WE CANnabis” products, too (a notably fancier, more select line). But the best thing Roseanne World brings us is Roseanne’s blog. In anticipation of her arrival, let us close with these Christmas-day sentiments, posted at 11:07am: “crazy woman dressed in red… breaks through the barricades and knocks over the sane man in a bejewelled dress who approaches a throne on a baccillis [I think she means basilisk] to tell the poor to have more children. Merry Satan, I mean Santa! / It is up to the Bi-Polar now, to save the world for righteousness sake, which is the manic high itself!!! crazy women dressed in red—million bitches march apr. 1 Washington DC. / JEWESS WE CAN!!!” 667-5278

For four years, Peahi-born Jon Shirota wrote diligently to Lowney Turner Handy, trying to gain acceptance to The Handy Writers’ Colony in Marshall, Illinois. “When Lowney telegraphed him to come to Marshall in 1963, Shirota immediately quit his job of six and a half years and drove more than half way across the country,” writes Ray Elliott, president of the James Jones Literary Society. It was during his final year at Bringham Young University that Shirota read From Here to Eternity (authored by Jones, Lowney’s “most famous protégé”), and says of his subsequent inspiration, “I have a book in me that’s better than that.” In 1966, two years after Handy’s death (he was one of the last under her tutelage), Shirota penned Lucky Come Hawai’i, followed by Pineapple White in 1974—after which he began playwriting. His latest, Voices from Okinawa, was published in the summer 2009 edition of Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing (the University of Hawaii’s literary journal, currently celebrating it’s 20th anniversary). The East West Players debuted the play in Los Angeles in February 2008, while this weekend, Mauians can enjoy Kumu Kahua Theater’s staging, bringing Shirota’s work back home. 242-7469.

Live Music 7 Days A Week

Irish Pub+ Restaurant Trivia Night

“Think while you drink!” Wednesdays 7-9PM

$5 Wells

$4 Bud Light Drafts

Friday Nights SOUNDS of Addiction THURS/SAT 10PM


with Ryan Palma Sundays

Wharf Center, Lahaina t 661-8881 t

20 January 14, 2010

by Anu Yagi

Got MLK?

Take Me Shanghaier

Monday (January 18), Stone of Hope Monument, 8:30am/Maui Community College, 10:30am

Monday (January 18), 4 & 7:30pm-Tuesday (January 19), 7pm, Castle Theater, MACC, Kahului, $12-$40

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was signed into law by Ronald Regan in 1983 and first observed in 1986. However, it was not until 2000 that all 50 states officially recognized the holiday (one holdout was the Commonwealth of Virgina, which until ’00 celebrated Lee-JacksonKing Day… Like, Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson. Seriously. Wiki it.). Hawaii, and the Valley Isle, have had no such reservations. At 8:30am, the African Americans on Maui group will convene the Stone of Hope Monument (200 S. High St.) for a silent march to Cafe Marc Aurel (28 N. Market St.), where the event will continue with speakers, African dancing, drumming and entertainment until noon. Or, make a day of it with a stroll (or roll) down Main to Kaahumanu Avenue, to check in with the African American Heritage Foundation of Maui, which will meet at Maui Community College (310 W. Kaahumanu Ave.) for their Peace & Justice March to Ho‘aloha Park (1 E. Kaahumanu Ave.). Not only is the foundation serving a free meal to attendees, they are simultaneously conducting a drive for the Maui Food Bank. So in addition to preparing for the day by packing mats, hats, sunscreen and shoes, please be generous in your donation of non-perishable goods. While the march begins promptly at 11am, be sure to meet at MCC by 10:30am. The event’s esteemed guest speaker, Reverend Robert Graetz, counted Rosa Parks among his close personal friends, wrote Montgomery A White Preacher’s Memoir and—along with his wife Jeannie (who will also be attending)— played an integral role in Alabama’s Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-’56. African Americans on Maui: 280-1394, African American Heritage Foundation: 879-5313

Are you into acupuncture needles or do you need a lollipop after a visit to the doctor? Did you know that sea cucumber is an aphrodisiac or did you just scream when you squished one with your foot at Launiupoko? Even if you aren’t prepared to dive headfirst into those particular Chinese customs, you can still enjoy some of Shanghai’s finest (and strangest) entertainment. The New Shanghai Circus is once again visiting Maui, bringing with it unicycles, spinning plates balanced on bamboo, human pyramids, swinging ropes, towers of chairs and, of course, skillful and fearless contortionists who are guaranteed to leap over, through and inside all of the above objects, and even each other. All this will be accompanied by rousing music and dazzling special effects. Think of it as going to see a modern dance show, only infinitely more exciting and exotic. And please, don’t try this at home, unless you’re in the mood for a visit to the chiropractor. 242-7469, [Sierra Brown]







JAN 16




$5 cover before 11

The PARTY is on FRIDAY NIGHTS in MAKAWAO Town. Dine & Dance at Casanova.

$3 Heinekins January 14, 2010 21


by Anu Yagi

Da Kine Calendar BIG SHOWS VOICES FROM OKINAWA BY JON SHIROTA - Daily, Jan 15. Written by Maui-born playwright Jon Shirota, “Voices From Okinawa” tells the story of Kama Hutchins, an American of Okinawan ancestry who teaches English to locals of all ages in Okinawa. He bypasses traditional teaching methods by having his students relate personal stories to the class. The tales reveal the students’ conflicted attitudes toward the American soldiers stationed on their island. With comedy and drama, the play takes a twist as the teacher Kama learns more about his own cultural heritage from his students. Note: The playwright’s father left Okinawa in 1907, along with three brothers, and became a pineapple grower on Maui. The brothers eventually returned to Okinawa, but Shirota’s family remained.This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Mature Content. $22. 7:30 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-875-7711 NEW SHANGHAI CIRCUS - Daily, Jan 18. “Feats of circus art that reach literally breathtaking heights of skill.” — The New York Times. These amazing acrobats defy gravity with breathtaking feats that stretch the limits of human ability in this spellbinding show. Fearless performers with boundless energy bring you more than 2,000 years of Chinese circus traditions. Innovative choreography, radiant lighting, enchanting scenery, and powerful music enhance this beautifully orchestrated presentation of Chinese circus arts. Audiences of all ages applaud their gravity-defying feats of incredible skill and imagination. Monday 4pm & 7:30 pm. $12, $18, $23. 4 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469;

STAGE CIRQUE POLYNESIA - Daily. It’s Circue du Soleil meets Polynesian hula with amazing high-wire acts, aerial acrobatics and illusions, and mind-boggling contortionist and balancing-acts. Visit for details. $129 Dinner & Drink; $75 VIP; $62; $52.50 Keiki. 6 p.m. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa, 200 Nohea Kai Dr., Kaanapali; 808-6674540;

TICKETS ON SALE MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP - Thu, Jan 21. “Intensely musical, insinuatingly sensual, fabulously funky.” — Los Angeles Times. Renowned and applauded the world over, Mark Morris Dance Group is considered one of the top modern dance companies. With live musicians for every performance, the company has the uncanny ability to make music visible, and its talent, humor, and bravado draw audiences in for a joyful time. Praised as a refreshingly irreverent master, Mark Morris has earned his reputation as one of the world’s leading modern dance choreographers (both as a bad boy of modern dance and as a MacArthur Genius Awardee). MMDG challenges the dance world’s notions of the perfect body, presenting works set to anything from Bach to rock. The works inspire superlatives; the accolades cannot fail to note Morris’ force of imagination and ability to mix emotions.This project received support from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Western States Arts Federation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui. Preshow dinner by Consuelo’s Catering. $12, $30, $45. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469;

22 January 14, 2010

MAUI POPS ORCHESTRA, MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD - Sun, Jan 24. Join the Maui Pops Orchestra for a delightful afternoon of symphonic music from many countries around the world. Each country or nation has its own flavor of music that the listener can identify with and savor. Musical pieces will be represented from Spain, England, France, Russia, Argentina, Japan, China, America and beyond. This program challenges the orchestra to play in many different styles, bringing each nation’s music to life. $36, $26, $21 (front half of Balcony), & $10 (back half of Balcony); half-price for kids aged 12 years & under. Preshow dinner by Consuelo’s Catering. 3:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; HALAU O KEKUHI IN KA HUAKA‘I O WAHINEPO‘AIMOKU - Sat, Jan 30. Based on the traditional Hawaiian saga of Pelehonuamea, goddess of the volcano, and her younger sister, Hi‘iakaikapoliopele, this sequel to Holo Mai Pele, which premiered at MACC in 1995, will feature the fall of Pana‘ewa the lizard god from Hawai‘i island; delve into the subconscious realm of Kapo‘ulakina‘u from the island of Maui; defer to the forest goddesses Ko‘iahi, Mailelauli‘i and Kaiona of the Waianae mountain range. There will be some familiar hula from the original dance drama but most will be new. The first opera-length hula drama to incorporate hula, chant, drama and storytelling Holo Mai Pele is a pivotal work that changed the way hula was presented on stage. In 2001 Holo Mai Pele was aired nationally as part of PBS’ Great Performances. Na Kumu hula Pualani Kanaka‘ole Kanahele and Nalani Kanaka‘ole of Halau O Kekuhi are the co-creators and choreographers of this epic hula drama. Preshow dinner by Alexander’s Famous Fish. $12, $25, $40. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; TOKYO STRING QUARTET - Thu, Feb 4. The Tokyo String Quartet has captivated audiences and critics alike since it was founded almost 40 years ago. Regarded as one of the supreme chamber ensembles of the world, the quartet — Martin Beaver and Kikuei Ikeda (violins), Kazuhide Isomura (viola) and Clive Greensmith (cello) — has collaborated with a remarkable array of artists and composers, produced critically acclaimed recordings, and established a distinguished teaching record. Performing over a hundred concerts worldwide each season, the Tokyo String Quartet has a devoted international following. The Quartet kicks off an ambitious three-year cycle performing Beethoven’s 16 soaring string quartets. Watch them on YouTube.This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Hawaii Association of Music Societies, and by the Grand Wailea. $12, $25, $37. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; BLACK TIE SLIPPERS GALA - Sat, Feb 6. Black Tie Slippers Gala: A Benefit for Imua Family Services. In Honor of Mike Moynahan, to celebrate the work of Imua Family Services. Special Guest: Amy Hanaiali’i. Gourmet Dinner & Live Auction! $125 Glass Slipper sponsor, for individual. $1,000 Emerald slipper (table of eight). $2,500 Ruby Slipper (table of eight). $5,000 Diamond slipper (table of eight). $10,000 Black Tie (Table of eight). 5:30-9 p.m. Roy’s Kahana Bar & Grill, 4405 Honoapiilani Highway, Kahana; 808669-6999; JUDY’S GANG IN COUNT ON ME - Sat, Feb 6. One thing you can count on in a Judy Ridolfino production is lots of happy dancers with smiling faces and a multitude

of talent. This year, Judy is bringing over 120 tap and jazz dancers to the MACC to perform Count on Me. The dances in the first half of the production revolve around a theme of numbers, featuring dancers from age 3 to seasoned citizens. Join in the fun — from Mambo number 5 to Pennsylvania 6-5000 to 42nd Street and lots more in this 2-hour revue. $14 adults, $10 seniors & students aged 6-12 years; free admissi. 7 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; BLACK GRACE - Thu, Feb 11. Contemporary dance with roots in the Samoan and Maori communities of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fusing Pacific and contemporary dance in an extraordinary and dynamic form, Black Grace has become internationally renowned for its artistry, creative excellence and innovation, while also becoming the world’s leading exponent of Pacific contemporary dance. Sponsored in part by The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Performing Arts Presenters of Hawaii. $12, $25, $35. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; KALICHSTEIN-LAREDO-ROBINSON TRIO - Sun, Feb 21. The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio continues to dazzle audiences and critics alike with their performances. Since making their debut at the White House for President Carter’s inauguration in January 1977, pianist Joseph Kalichstein, violinist Jaime Laredo and cellist Sharon Robinson, all with successful solo careers, have set the standard for performance of the piano trio. Sponsored in part by The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Tickets: $12, $30, $40, $45. $12, $30, $40, $45. 5 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808242-7469; MAKANA - Sat, Feb 27. One of the hottest young musical protégés to emerge from Hawai‘i, on both the slack key and world music charts, Makana plays his own style of contemporary world rock. With a firm foundation in the traditions of ki ho‘alu — Hawaiian slack key guitar — Makana adds the influences of folk, rock, ethnic, bluegrass, jazz, traditional, ambient and classical music to create a style all his own. Known as a musical world time traveler, channeling inspirations from many places and times through his voice, fast fingers and guitar, Makana brings them together as one, with groundbreaking new works and reanimated classics. His music transcends category and trend by integrating eclectic elements from diverse musical sources into his traditional Hawaiian slack key, to create his arrangements. The result is pure innovation, and the charting of new sonic frontiers. $32. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-242-7469; MAUI HUMANE SOCIETY’S 2010 FUR BALL “DISCO INFERNO” - an Evening at Kennel 54 - Sat, Mar 20. Slip into your Disco duds and platform shoes, and prepare to get your groove on with the Maui Humane Society at thier annual Fur Ball Fundraiser for Maui’s homeless animals. Sure to be “Outta Sight!” featuring live & silent auctions, dance contest, jere’ ball & much more! AND dance the night away at Maui’s Hottest Disco, Kennel 54 (at Grand Wailea’s Tsunami Night Club)! Open for ONE night ONLY from 9pm to 2 am! $150-$1,250. 9 p.m.-2 a.m. Grand Wailea Resort, 3850 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea; 808-877-3680 x32;












1/18 - 1/20


Fris Fridays w/Forrest

Rio Thing 7:30 pm

Brown Chicken Brown Cow 7:30 pm


CasaNuevo Tango 7:30 $5

Fusion w/ DJ Del Sol 10 pm $5 - $10


Kulture Klash 808 8:30 pm


1913 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 891-1011

Sunrise Saturdays w/ DJ Decka

Happy Hour Sundays w/ DJ CIA

MON - Welcome back Erin Smith; TUE - Drum & Bass Nite w/ DJ Astro Raph; WED - Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band

BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO. 889 Front St., Lahaina - 661-3111


28 N. Market St. Wailuku - 244-0852

1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-0220

744 Front St., Lahaina - 661-3744


1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-9299

DOG & DUCK IRISH PUB 1913 S. Kihei Rd. - 875-9669


1234 Lower Main, Wailuku - 242-1177


Queen Kaahumanu Center, Kahului, HI - 873-7759

T.B.D. 8:30 pm

Dave Carroll 7-10pm

Dave Carroll No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

Ryan 7:30-10pm, No Cover

MON - Peter DeAquino; TUE - Live Jazz WED - Whaleshark, All No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

Throwback w/ DJ Big Mike 10 pm

Off Tomorrow 10 pm

All Access DJ & Video Music - 10pm

Gena Martinelli Band

MON - S.I.N. w/ DJ Emit; TUE - Crazy Fingers; WED - Kulture Klash

Quiz Night

Jarod 10 pm

Jordan 10 pm

ST. Paddy’s Day Party!

MON - Jordan; TUE - Jarod WED - Bartenders’ Call

Bad Kitty - 8pm

Homestead - 8pm

Ladies Night

G-Mamma Sundays

TUE - Free Pool Tightwad Tuesday; WED - Open Mic Night

HANG LOOSE LOUNGE 333 Dairy Rd., Kahalui - 877-6284

“KEIKO AND LOUIE: BEST BEST FRIENDS (MOSTLY)” - Free Children’s Play - “Keiko and Louie: Best Best Friends (Mostly)” is a fun, interactive play for children (ages 3 and up) about making friends that will be performed at public libraries across the state. FREE. 10-10 a.m. Makawao Public Library, 1159 Makawao Ave., Makawao; 808-5738785; 3-3 p.m. Kahului Public Library, 90 School St., Kahului; 808-873-3097 DR. TERRY SHINTANI PRESENTS “THE HEALTHCARE CRISIS: HOW TO GET OFF YOUR MEDS WITH YOUR DOCTOR’S HELP” - Dr. Terry Shintani presents “The Healthcare Crisis: How to get off your meds with your doctor’s help”. Thursday at 7 pm. At the Kaunoa Senior Center. Shintani will cover topics such as: why the healthcare system is going broke; the missing piece in healthcare reform; how to get rid of holiday lbs; how to control diabetes; lower cholesterol w/ less meds; control blood pressure naturally; lessen chronic pain with diet. FREE. 7 p.m. Kaunoa Senior Center, 401 Alakapa Pl., Sprecklesville; 808-298-8544 INTERMEDIATE WHEEL THROWING CLASS Intermediate Wheel Throwing Class: Thursdays 9am-12 pm. Fee $210 or $269 non member fee. Supply Fee $15 Firing Fee $25. $210 or $269 non members fee. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 2841 Baldwin Ave., Makawao; 808-572-6560; http:// MEET MR. SHIROTA - Since his 1966 debut “Lucky Come Hawaii,” Jon Shirota has time and again solidified his position as one of the most celebrated literary voices of the Nisei generation. Meet the man himself, on the eve of “Voices from Okinawa” making a twoday run at the MACC. 7-9 p.m. Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai, 688 Nukuwai Pl., Wailuku; 808-242-1560 PARTY OF EMPOWERMENT - Party of Empowerment: Hoseted by Julian Michael. New Year- New Moon Solar Eclipse. 7 p.m. Haiku Temple Of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku; 808-636-6166 SOUTH MAUI SUSTAINABILITY HOSTS FREE “BODY AND SOIL” PRE-CONFERENCE EVENT Maui Aloha Aina Association and “Body and Soil” speakers will present a free preview seminar during

TUE - Taco Tuesdays, 5pm-10pm, Mexican Beers

Hawaiian by Nature 9:30

WED - Karaoke Party!

1445 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-4041

1088 Lower Main St., Wailuku - 244-4888

Argentinian Night 8:30 pm

Jr. & Orin 7:30-12am



TUES - Willie K & his band WED - Ladies Night

Soul Concepts 10 pm $5

142 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-8085

Wharf Cinema, Lahaina - 667-0908

Dr. Nat & Rio Ritmo 9:45 pm $10

DJ Boomshot 10 pm FREE



MON-Open MIC Night; TUES- Tom Stryker & Friends 6pm

Karaoke Danny & Alicia 7pm - No Cover

Kanaka Gamm 7pm - No Cover

the monthly meeting of South Maui Sustainability (SMS). A panel of experts from the conference will discuss methods used to grow nutrient rich foods that support greater physical well being. Topics will include using food as medicine, overview of restoring healthy digestive vitality, biochar, innovative compost methods, cover cropping, tillage reduction, and the energy requirements of our food system. The SMS event previews Jan. 16 and 17 “Body and Soil” conference at Kumulani Farm in Olinda. For more information on the conference, visit http:// Attendees at the Jan. 14 pre-conference event are invited to bring potluckstyle pupus to share. SMS will provide plates, cups and utensils. Free. 6-8 p.m. Kihei Charter High School, 300 Ohukai Rd. #209, Kihei; 808.874.5955;

Club Ultra Fab with DJ Michael Fong - 10pm

Midi Guitar Master Curt Lee - 6pm

DJ Zinn 9pm-2am


TBA 8pm - No Cover

Danny & Alicia 6pm - No Cover

THURSDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP - Get together at Hope Chapel North Shore in the Haiku Cannery for a time of food, fun and fellowship. If you are between 9-18 then this is the place to come and make quality friends. Come check it out and see for yourself. Free. Hope Chapel North Shore, 810 Haiku Rd, Haiku; 808575-2650;

FRIDAY, JAN 15 LIVING WREATH MAKING CLASS - Every Friday & Saturday throughout January. Includes succulents, wreath base & instruction. $40 + Tax. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, 1100 Waipoli Rd., Kula; 808-878-3004 MAUI HANDS GALLERY LAHAINA FEATURES PHOTOGRAHER, ROB DECAMP - Although he was born outside of Chicago, award winning photographer Rob DeCamp was fortunate to grow up in Honolulu from the age of 8. He got the photo-bug after working on the school newspaper and yearbook. Joining the Lahaina Arts Society in 2002 gave him the initial outlet to show his nature images. Now, several years later, the main focus of his work is the beauty of Hawaii. He hopes he can capture the inherent majesty of the islands and share it with the visitors who come, but may not have the time to explore it as much as he has. “There is too much beauty and not enough time to see it all”. To interview this artist, please call 2811420 or e-mail 4-7 p.m. Maui Hands, Lahaina, 612 Front St., Ste. D, Lahaina, HI 96761, 808-667-9898;


TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION TO MEET - The West Maui Taxpayers Association will hold its annual meeting Thursday at the Lahaina Civic Center. Registration begins at 5 p.m. and the business meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. Mayor Charmaine Tavares will make opening remarks and speak about the transient accommodations tax. The meeting will also feature presentations on the Lahaina bypass, the West Maui hospital, affordable housing, Kaanapali 2020 and other issues. A free dinner will be provided by Outback Steakhouse. Contact Executive Director Ezekiela Kalua. 5 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina; 808-280-9111 or 808661-7990;


Calendar Listings on

KANIKAPILA WITH POKI OF KPOA - The Lahaina Restoration Foundation sponsors the Hawaiian Music Series, featuring performances by phenomenal Hawaiian music purveyors while senior “lei ladies” string fresh flowers under the estate’s shady koa trees. Free. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina; 808-661-3262

WO HING MUSEUM AFTER DARK - Let the lights from the Wo Hing Museum draw you in for its special Friday hours of 1 to 8pm. With its usual day time hours 10am to 4pm, visitors have the unique opportunity to visit the museum and temple at night. Entering the temple, you can view a collection of rare Chinese artifacts along with memora-

TUE - Pool Tournament WED - Ladies Night

bilia of the Wo Hing Society in Lahaina. Walk up to the second floor to see the altars to Guan Ti. Also view films of life in the Hawaiian islands taken by Thomas Alva Edison between 1898 and 1906 and also segments of the film “Finding Sandalwood Mountain” featuring Wo Hing Society members. 2 General Admission, Kids 12 and under free. 1-8 p.m. Wo Hing Temple Museum, 808-661-3262;

SATURDAY, JAN 16 CELEBRATION OF HAWAII 2010 OPENING RECEPTION - Celebration of Hawaii 2010. Opening Reception at 5 pm. Gallery open daily from 10 am - 6 pm. Maui’s Heritage is honored as Viewpoints Gallery hosts one of the most anticipated events of the year: Celebration of Hawaii! 5 p.m. Viewpoints Gallery, 3620 Baldwin Ave., Makawao; 808-572-5979; DIVA CLUB BENEFIT FOR WOMEN HELPING WOMEN - Champagne, select wines and cocktails $5. Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres. Live entertainment. Free admission into TIMBA following dinner. $15 at the door for 1-year membership. Membership privileges include special local discounts. Contact 5-7 p.m. David Paul’s Island Grill, 900 Front St. Suite A101, Lahaina, HI, 96761, Lahaina; 808-662-3000; http:// THE DIVA CLUB MONTHLY EVENT - Open to EVERYONE $15 at the Door for 1 year membership. The Diva Club is a partnership between David Paul’s Island Grill & Women Helping Women Charity. There will be complimentary pupu’s from 5-7 and $5 cocktails, champagne & wine. Vendors displaying their goods, LIVE entertainment & Free admission into TIMBA for dancing all night. 5 p.m.-1 a.m. David Paul’s Island Grill, 900 Front St. Suite A101, Lahaina, HI, 96761, Lahaina; 808-662-3000 LIVING WREATH MAKING CLASS - Every Friday & Saturday throughout January. Includes succulents, wreath base & instruction. $40 + Tax. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, 1100 Waipoli Rd., Kula; 808-878-3004 BODY & SOIL CONFERENCE AT THE KUMULANI FARM IN OLINDA - We have been holding educational/

January 14, 2010 23

Where it’s FUN to be THIRSTY!







DJ BOOMSHOT Hip hop, Reggae, Mashed beats



Mark Johnstone & Friends WAVETRAIN Dirty, Modern, Electro Funk 10pm-CLOSE $5


JAN. 14




JAN. 15

9:30-close - $10 cover



NEXT LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT DJ’s playing 80’s & 90’s hits



ON THE VIDEO MIX - DJC, DJLX & JJ ON THE MIC $10 - 9:30-close






JAN. 17




SATURDAY 16 SOUL CONCEPTS Maui’s Hottest Funk and Soul Band Get out your dancing slippa’s

9:30-close - NO COVER

JAN. 18

7-10pm NO COVER

JAN. 19

7-9pm NO COVER

Brad Kahikina & Livish PLAYING GROOVY TUNES

10pm-CLOSE $5


JAN. 16




TACO TUESDAYS $3 Mexican Beers - $2.50 Tacos 5pm-10pm COMING SOON DJ BOOMSHOT KULTURE KLASH 808

Friday Jan. 22

Come check out our




FREE POOL - 50% Off Entrees w/Coupon



7-10pm - No Cover



50% OFF ALL FOOD w/ COUPON except Sashimi & Sushi &,".&)".&)""7&t/&95508&/%:4 űt"-&)064&/&5










to get BRING this AD in


24 January 14, 2010

1/2 OFF

fore 1/31/10











1/18 - 1/20


Dezmond Yap 10 pm

DJ Nexus 9pm-1:30am

Karaoke 8pm - 1:30am

MON - Karaoke TUE - DJ Nexus $1 tacos; WED - Open Mic with Black Powder





MON through WED - Karaoke


Rene Alonzo No Cover, 7pm - Close

Guest Performer No Cover, 7pm - Close

Farzad & Mike Madden No Cover, 7pm - Close

Guest Performer No Cover, 7pm - Close

MON - Tracy Stile, No Cover, 7pm - Close TUE - WED - Rene Alonzo, No Cover, 7pm - Close


Vince Esquire

Kenny Roberts

Eight Track Players


MON, TUE, WED - Da-Ha-Y-Ns

Hawaiiana Music - Jesse Panoue & Pillani Arias - 6:30 - 9pm

Flashback Fridays! $10; 9:30pm

Saturday Party $10; 9:30pm

Boat Night w/ DJ Jammin J - 10pm

MON- Brad Kashinki TUE - Recession proof Tuesdays; WED - Steve Sarjenti band

HAUI’S LIFE’S A BEACH 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-8010


900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7400


515 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-8199

3350 L. Honoapiilani Rd. 667-0787

1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei 875-7711


355 E. Kamehameha, Kahului - 877-9001

Sam Ahia; No Cover, 6:30pm-8:30pm


845 Front St., Lahaina - 661-4811

Mon, Tues, Wed- Sam Ahia No Cover, 6:30pm-8:30pm


136 Dickenson St., Lahaina - 667-5555


Saturday w/ DJ Danial

8-11pm Karaoke


Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-0808

X-Clusive Saturdays $10, 10pm-2am

Karaoke w/ Joe No Cover, 9pm - 12am

MON - Service Industry Night; WED - Sizzling Salsa Nights w/ Salsa Bros & DJ Music


Live Music

1945 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-9944

Salsa Band & Latin DJ

Hula Show & LIVE Band


Kahana Gateway Center - 669-3474


71 Baldwin Ave., Paia - 579-9999

Tony Ray band “Swing Show”

Randall Rospond & Haiku Hillbillys DJ Pete 90X No Cover, 9pm - 12am

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S 2511 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-8644

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S 844 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7758

MULLIGAN’S ON THE BLUE 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea - 874-1131

experiential conferences since 2001 on Body and Soil health and have actively been involved in supporting our small organic and sustainable farmers in their practice to honor their body’s wellbeing and the soils vitality as a living organism.Our conferences have been on an Organic farm outdoors under a big top tent. The presenters at our conferences are leaders in the field of holistic land and body care. The outdoor ambiance seems to carry over in their presentations, offering attendees a rich mana of their experience and knowledge in the holistic realm. 4 miles up from Makawao Ave. on Olinda road is the Farm. Look for the 11mile marker, after is the driveway on the left side. (Look for the conference banner by the driveway) Breakfast and Registration 7:30am Saturday/8am Sunday Hele Mai! “be ready for a great conference!!!”. Kumalani Farm, Olinda RD., Makawao; 808-572-8122 FARM TOUR AT LEILANI FARM SANCTUARY - Reservations required. Ongoing Tours at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. Experience an unforgettable adventure in paradise, where visitors explore nature, meet friendly farm animals, and learn about the history of the land and the animals who reside there. Kiss a donkey, cuddle a chicken, pet the friendly cats, brush the goats and feed carrots to furry rabbits. We have free books for kids. To learn more about Leilani Farm Sanctuary, please visit., Reservations:info@ $10 donation requested (tax-deductible). Leilani Farm Sanctuary, 808-2988544; MAUI’S SWAP MEET - From camo hunting gear and koa carvings to vintage aloha postcards and delicate, locally-crafted jewelry, this place pretty much has it all. Killer produce market, too. Admission: 50 cents. 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Maui Community College, 310 Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului; 808-2443100;

SUNDAY, JAN 17 BREAKFAST SERVED. MORE NFL PLAYOFF GAMES! - Breakfast Served. More NFL Playoff Games! 8 a.m. Kahului Ale House, 355 E. Kamehameha Ave., Kahului; 808-877-9001; ON GOING FREE YOGA CLASS - On going Free Yoga

WED - Open Mic Night No Cover, 9:30pm - 12:30am

Silky Ringo 9pm

Zeke $5, 9pm

TUE - Zeke, $5, 9pm WED - Dubfires, 9pm

Willie K & band - $25 6:308:30pm; Pub Quiz @ 8:30pm

Jazz on the Blue 7 - 10pm

The 8 Track Players; 10pm

Class: Wednesdays 8-9:15 am. All levels welcome. Gylin Solay Certified Instructor. 808-344-8086. Waipuilani Park Tennis Courts, 808-344-8086

Alanui, Wailea; 808-897-6770 x2; http://www.

MAKAWAO TOWN JAMBOREE - sponsored by Makawao Town Merchants Association. Mike Carroll’s Community Service house band, other musicians will play outdoors “under the stars”. Free. 5-8 p.m. across from Rodeo General Store, 808-3574943;

SCHOOL SPORTS KAAHUMANU HOU BOYS AT SEABURY HALL Thu. 7 p.m. Seabury Hall Erdman Athletic Center, 480 Olinda Rd., Makawao; MIL BASKETBALL - KAMEHAMEHA MAUI BOYS AT BALDWIN - Thu. 7 p.m. Baldwin High School, 1650 Kaahumanu Ave., Wailuku;

MONDAY, JAN 18 DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING MARCH - African Americans on Maui will sponsor an observance at the Stone of Hope Monument in Wailuku @200 High Street beginning at 8:30 a.m. followed by a silent march to Cafe Marc Aurel. Guest speakers, African drumming, dancing, and more are included. Free. 8:30-11 a.m. Cafe Marc Aurel, 28 N. Market St., Wailuku; 280-1394; www.

MIL BASKETBALL - KAMEHAMEHA MAUI GIRLS AT BALDWIN - Thu. 5:30 p.m. Baldwin High School, 1650 Kaahumanu Ave., Wailuku; ; http://www.baldwinhs.



Calendar Listings

MIL SOCCER - KAMEHAMEHA MAUI GIRLS AT MAUI HIGH - Thu. 4 p.m. Maui High School, 660 Lono Ave., Kahului; 808-873-3000

MON- Acoustico! TUES- Murray Thorne WED - Willie K & Rick Glencross

Ave., Kahului; 808-270-7389 MIL BASKETBALL - ST. ANTHONY GIRLS AT MOLOKAI - Fri. 7 p.m. Moloka’i High School, 2140 Farrington Ave., Hoolehua; 808-567-6950 MIL SOCCER - KAMEHAMEHA MAUI BOYS AT MAUI HIGH - Fri. 4 p.m. Maui High School, 660 Lono Ave., Kahului; 808-873-3000 MIL BASKETBALL - HANA BOYS AT LANAI - Sat. 7 p.m. Lana’i High & Elementary School, 555 Fraser Ave., Lanai City; 808-565-7900 MIL BASKETBALL - KING KEKAULIKE BOYS AT KAMEHAMEHA MAUI - Sat. 7 p.m. Kamehameha High School Maui, 275 Aapueo Pkwy., Makawao MIL BASKETBALL - KING KEKAULIKE GIRLS AT KAMEHAMEHA MAUI - Sat. 5:30 p.m. Kamehameha High School Maui, 275 Aapueo Pkwy., Makawao MIL BASKETBALL - LANAI GIRLS AT HANA - Sat. 7 p.m. Hana High & Elementary School, 4111 Hana Hwy., Hana; 808-244-4190 MIL BASKETBALL - MOLOKAI BOYS VS. ST. ANTHONY AT BALDWIN - Sat. 12 p.m. Baldwin High School, 1650 Kaahumanu Ave., Wailuku; ; http://

MIL BASKETBALL - HANA PEACE & JUSTICE MARCH BOYS AT LANAI - Fri. 7 - In observance of MLK Day, p.m. Lana’i High & Elementhe African American tary School, 555 Fraser Ave., tage Foundation of Maui will Lanai City; 808-565-7900 host a march, free lunch, and esteemed guest speaker, ReverMIL BASKETBALL - LAHAINend Robert Graetz and his wife JeanALUNA BOYS VS. MAUI HIGH AT LAnie. See This Week’s Picks for for more. HAINA CIVIC CENTER - Fri. 7 p.m. LahaiFree. 10:30 a.m. Maui Community College, 310 na Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina; Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului; 808-879-5313; http:// 808-661-4685 MIL BASKETBALL - LAHAINALUNA GIRLS VS. ROTARY CLUB OF KAHULUI - The Rotary Club will MAUI HIGH AT LAHAINA CIVIC CENTER - Fri. 5:30 meet at Cafe O’Lei at The Dunes at Maui Lani. Lunch p.m. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., is $20. For reservations contact President Sandy Lahaina; 808-661-4685 Baz. The Dunes at Maui Lani, 1333 Maui Lani Pkwy., MIL BASKETBALL - LANAI GIRLS AT HANA - Fri. Kahului; 808-870-7691 7 p.m. Hana High & Elementary School, 4111 Hana Hwy., Hana; 808-244-4190

MIL SOCCER - BALDWIN BOYS VS. LAHAINALUNA AT WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM - Sat. 2 p.m. War Memorial Stadium Soccer Fields, 211 Kanaloa Ave., Kahului; 808-270-7389

MIL BASKETBALL - ST. ANTHONY BOYS VS. MOLOKAI AT WAR MEMORIAL GYM - Fri. 7 p.m. War Memorial Stadium Soccer Fields, 211 Kanaloa

MIL SOCCER - ST. ANTHONY GIRLS AT SEABURY HALL - Sat. 4 p.m. Seabury Hall Erdman Athletic Center, 480 Olinda Rd., Makawao


WOW! - Wailea on Wednesdays presents live island music, gallery receptions, artist appearances and more. The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea

MIL BASKETBALL - ST. ANTHONY GIRLS AT MOLOKAI - Sat. 12 p.m. Moloka’i High School, 2140 Farrington Ave., Hoolehua; 808-567-6950

MIL SOCCER - BALDWIN GIRLS VS. LAHAINALUNA AT WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM - Sat. 4 p.m. War Memorial Stadium Soccer Fields, 211 Kanaloa Ave., Kahului; 808-270-7389 MIL SOCCER - ST. ANTHONY BOYS AT SEABURY HALL - Sat. 2 p.m. Seabury Hall Erdman Athletic Center, 480 Olinda Rd., Makawao

January 14, 2010 25



Thursday 1/14 6:30-8:30pm

Willie K & his band


Thursday 1/14

w/DJ Big Mike

Pub Quiz

All ACCESS 10pm

$2 Kamikaze & Washington Apples


DONOMICK 5-7pm from The Edge

OFF TOMORROW 10pm $3 Heinekens



$2 Kamikaze & Washington Apples


10 pm to Close

Friday 1/15

GAIL SWANSON 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 1/16 ~ 7-10pm

Jazz On the blue


Sunday 1/17 ~ 6:30-9:30pm

The Celtic TiGERS 10pm-Close

The Eight Track Players


Wed 1/20 7:30-9:30 pm

Willie K 874.1 131100 Kaukahi Street, Wailea Located at the Wailea Blue Course (Across from the Kea Lani)

The Gena Martinelli Band 10pm

$3 Bud Light




50% cialOFs F10pm

Industry Spe






Happy Hour

3-7pm, 10pm-12am $5 Martinis, $3 Beers, $4 Drafts

Open 11am-1:30am 1279 S.Kihei Rd. 874-9299 26 January 14, 2010

There are over 100 things you could be doing today on Maui.






Hawaiian Jam FRIDAYS


Go to for complete weekly calendar listings, and find something to do today.

Where people & food of good taste come together! Azeka II - 874-3779

Want to get your listing in the issue? Go to mauitime. com/listing and enter it.

It’s that simple.











1/18 - 1/20


MULLIGAN’S AT THE WHARF Cinema Center, Lahaina - 661-8881

Sounds of Addiction 10 pm

OCEANS BAR & GRILL 1819 S. Kihei Rd. - 891-2414

Johnny Ringo 10 pm

Sounds of Addiction

Entourage Fridays

Rebel Souljahz 10 pm

Ryan Palma

MON- Bloodlines TUES- 10 pm WED- Open Mic WED - Wet Wednesdays w/ All Access Entertainment

Smooth Jazz Sounds w/ Brian Cuomo & Friends, 7pm -10m


200 Kapalua Drv. Lahaina - 669-9600


Free Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Free Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Damien Awai of Anden 10 pm


Free Karaoke No Cover, 10pm-1am

Free Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Free Karaoke No Cover, 10pm-1am


DJ Slackin; 10pm- Close

DJ Sonny No Cover, 10pm

DJ Magnetic No Cover, 10pm


The Crunch Pups 9 pm

Hawaiian By Nature 9 pm

Kulture Klash 808 9 pm

Ah-Tim - 4pm

Ahumanu - 4pm

Stella’s Supper Club

Jerry Caires & Jr. Band

Karaoke w/ Pearl Rose No Cover, 9pm-11pm





MON-WED- Karaoke

LAST Industry Night - $3 drinks 10pm

Undone Party with Q Ross 9pm

SPUN OUT! w/ DJ Del Sol -9pm



Ikaika Blackburn 9pm, No Cover


NFL Play-Offs

NFL Play-Offs Karaoke & $3 Becks

MON- Karaoke TUES- Jesse Tanoue & Pi’ilani Arias WED- Karaoke

115 Bay Dr., Lahaina - 669-6286

1881 S. Kihei Rd., Ste. KT116 -879-0004

1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-6444

2411 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-0602


1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-3779

STOPWATCH SPORTS BAR 1127 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-1380


1424 L. Main St., Wailuku - 249-0052


505 Front St, Ste. 212, Lahaina - 661-9873


Waiehu Beach Center, Wailuku-243-9350

333 Dairy Rd. #101, Kahului - 871-1414

ESSENCE OF MAUI: GROUP INVITATIONAL ART EXHIBIT - Daily. If you had to name one thing that defines the essence of Maui to you what would it be? We invited a group of artists from the Maui community to determine what the physical, spiritual, cultural or social essence of Maui is to them and to create one unique piece to show their touchstone. This promises to be an intriguing exhibit with visual depth, personal meaning and shared interest. FREE. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Schaefer International Gallery, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului; 808-2427469; HUI NO`EAU ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBIT - Mon-Sat. January 9 - February 18, 2010, Juried by Theresa Papanikolas, Ph.D., Curator of European and American Art, Honolulu Academy of Arts. This annual multimedia exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to view a survey of the arts community in Hawaii. The Juried Exhibition is an annual all media juried exhibit for members of Hui No’eau who are sixteen years or older. To become a member of the Hui please call 808-572-6560 ext. 33. Receiving: Saturday, January 2, 10:00 am –5:00 pm. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 808-572-6560; MEET THE ARTISTS - Daily. Every day the Four Seasons’ resident artist will be on hand to discuss his or her work. Four Seasons Resort, 808-8748000; ART NIGHT - Fri. Stroll through Lahaina Town’s many art galleries. Special gallery shows, featured artists-in-action and refreshments. Each week features a different guest artist. Featured artists this week include the Twins, whose work will be on display at Lahaina Gallery. Free. 808-661-6284


MON - DJ Blast; TUE - Tequila Tuesday w/ DJ LX; WED- the ADD Twins

MON- Cyrus Clarke TUES - Tom Coway 4pm; WED - Tom Cherry - 4pm

Kava Party w/ Da Kava Band feat. Tiva of Kapena



Kanoa of Gomega No Cover, 10pm

home & gift items--great stuff! 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Maui Mall, 70 E. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului; 808-8724320;

6:30-9 p.m.; Every Wed, Thu & Sat, Ernest Pua’a 3-5 p.m. Whaler’s Village, 2435 Ka’anapali Parkway, Bldg P, Lahaina, 808-667-6636.

HO`OLOKAHI ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR - Every Tue & Fri. Fresh flower lei-making classes from 9-11 a.m. on Fridays. Wailea Beach Marriot Resort & Spa, 808-879-1922

JAVA JAZZ/SOUP NUTZ - Every Fri & Sat, Farzad & Mike Madden; Fri, Guest Performer 7 p.m.; Sun, Guest Performer; Mon, Tracy Stile; Wed, René Alonzo, live at Java Jazz. 3350 Lower Honoapiilani Hwy. #203 & 204, Honokowai , 808-667-0787.

OHANA FARMERS & CRAFTERS MARKET - Every Tue, Wed & Fri. Vendors bring a plethora of juicy fresh fruit and vegetables to Ka’ahumanu’s Center Court every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, 808-877-3369;

KIMO’S RESTAURANT - Every Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat, Sam Ahia 6:30-8 p.m. 845 Front St., Lahaina, 808-661-4811. LEILANI’S ON THE BEACH - Sat, JD and Harry 2:30-5 p.m.; Sat, Kilo Hana 2:30-5 p.m.; Fri, The J.D on the Rocks Band 2:30-5 p.m. Whaler’s Village, 2435 Ka’anapali Parkway Bldg J, Ka’anapali, (808) 661-4495.

FARMERS MARKET OF MAUI, HONOKOWAI - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Lots of fresh local produce plus baked and canned goods. Farmers Market Maui & Deli, 808669-7004 FARMERS MARKET OF MAUI, KIHEI - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Sample the goods at this local market for fresh produce. Farmers Market of Maui, 808-875-0949 KBH CRAFT FAIR - Fri. Cultural crafts and live demos in the lobby. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, 808-667-5978;


LOBBY LOUNGE - Daily, Torch Lighting Ceremony 5:30-6 p.m.; Every Mon, Wed, Thu & Sat, Contemporary Music 8:30-10 p.m.; Fri, Jazz Music 8-11 p.m.; Sun, Hawaiian Music 8:30-10 p.m.; Tue, Jazz Music 8-10 p.m.; Daily, Hula Dancers 5:30-6 p.m. 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, 808-874-8000.


More Listings are on

ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET Sat. Fresh produce that’s cheaper than the grocery store. Eddie Tam Memorial Center, 808-572-8122


CHEFS PRODUCE & PRODUCTS FARMERS MARKET - Every Tue & Thu. Get fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week right in Lahaina.

BJ’S CHICAGO PIZZERIA - Every Wed, Thu & Fri, John Kane 7:30-9 p.m.; Sat, Harry Troupe 7:30-9 p.m.; Sun, Greg Di Piazza 7:30-9 p.m.; Every Mon & Tue, Martin Tevaga 7:30-9 p.m. 730 Front St., Lahaina, 808-661-0700.

FARMERS MARKET AND CRAFT FAIR - Every Tue, Wed & Fri. Great fresh produce at the cheapest prices on the island. Check out all the locally made

HULA GRILL - Fri, Ernest Pua’a and Kawika Lum Ho 3-5 p.m.; Sun, Kawika 3-5 p.m.; Mon, Kawika Lum Ho 3-5 p.m.; Tue, Ernest Pua’a Hawaiian Trio

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S, LAHAINA - Wed, DUBfires. 844 Front Street, Lahaina, 808891-8600. MULLIGAN’S AT THE WHARF - Fri, Johnny Ringo 10 p.m.; Tue, BloodLines 10 p.m. Wharf Cinema Center, 658 Front Street, Lahaina, 808-661-8881. MULLIGAN’S ON THE BLUE - Fri, Gail Swanson 6:30 a.m. 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea, 808-874-1131. PIONEER INN GRILL & BAR - Wed, Greg DiPiazza 6-8 p.m.; Tue, Captain Billy Bones 6-8 p.m. 658 Wharf St., Lahaina, 808-661-8881. SEA HOUSE RESTAURANT - Daily, Sea House Restaurant; Mon, Albert Kaina 7-9 p.m.; Tue, Kincaid Basques 7-9 p.m. 5900 Lower Honoapiilani Hwy., Napili, 808-669-1500.

South Maui AMBROSIA - Mon, Drink Specials! 7:30 p.m. 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, 808-891-1011. BEACH BUM’S BAR & GRILL - Tue, Haiku Hillbillys 5-8 p.m.; Tue, Randall 5-8 p.m.; Wed, Haiku Hillbillys 5:30-8 p.m.; Wed, Tom & Randall 5:30-8 p.m.; Sat, Rand Coon & Randall 6-9 p.m.; Wed, Rand Coon & Randall 6-9 p.m.; Tue, Beach Bums Maalaea. 300 Maalaea Rd. # 1M, Wailuku, 808-243-2286. COOL CAT CAFE - Sun, Peter DeAquino 7:30 p.m. Wharf Cinema Center, 658 Front St., Lahaina, 808667-0908. HAUI’S LIFE’S A BEACH - Wed, Jordan 4-8 p.m.; Wed, TBD Happy Hour Music 4-8 p.m.; Thu, Uncle Nicki 3-7 p.m.; Sat, Ryan & Wolf 4-7 p.m.; Sun, Dan & Ann 5-9 p.m.; Tue, Rick 4-8 p.m. 1913 S. Kihei Rd. #E, Kihei, 808-891-8010. KAHALE’S BEACH CLUB - Thu, Vince Esquire Band. Kihei Kalama Village, 26 Keala Pl., Kihei, 808-875-7711. LONGHI’S WAILEA - Sat, Longhi’s. The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Ala Nui , Wailea, 808-891-8883. LULU’S KIHEI - Fri, Hula Show- By Famous Dancers from the Island 5 p.m.; Sat, Hula Show 5-7 p.m.; Sun, Karaoke 7-10 p.m.; Tue, Jazz & Blues 5:30-7 p.m. 1945 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, 808-879-9944. MA’ALAEA GRILL - Every Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat, Ma’alaea Grill. 300 Maalaea Rd., Maalaea, 808-243-2206. MULLIGAN’S ON THE BLUE - Sat, The Maui Jazz Band on the Blue 7-10 p.m.; Sun, The Celtic Tigers 6:30 p.m.; Mon, Acoustico!; Tue, Murray Thorne. 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea, 808-874-1131. STELLA BLUES - Tue, Tom Conway 4-6 p.m.; Wed, Tom Conway 4-6 p.m.; Tue, Cyrus Clarke 4-6 p.m.; Wed, Cyrus Clarke 4-6 p.m.; Thu, Ah Tim 4-6 p.m.; Fri, Ahumanu 4-6 p.m.; Sat, Stella’s Supper Club presents Barry Flanagan & Eric Gilliom 6-9 p.m. 1279 South Kihei Rd., # 201, Kihei, 808-874-3779. TAQUERIA CRUZ - Every Tue & Sat, Taqueria Cruz. 2395 S. Kihei Rd. #112, Kihei, 808-875-2910. TOMMY BAHAMA’S TROPICAL CAFE - Daily (except Mon & Thu), Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe. 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr., Kihei, 808-875-9983. TRADEWINDS POOLSIDE CAFE - Daily, Tradewinds Poolside Cafe. 2259 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, 808-891-8860.

January 14, 2010 27


by Anu Yagi

Central Maui

Sea House Restaurant - Every Fri & Sat, Kincaid Basques 7-9 p.m. All sets 6:30 or 7-9 p.m.

KAHULUI ALE HOUSE - Mon, Brad Kahikina & Liish playing Groovy Tunes! 7-10 p.m.; Thu, LIVE Hawaiiana Music with Jesse Panoue & Piilani Arias 6:30-9 p.m. 355 E. Kamehameha Ave., Kahului, 808-877-9001.

RITZ-CARLTON KAPALUA One Ritz-Carlton Drive, 808-669-6200. Alaloa Lounge - Every Fri & Sat, Live entertainment 8-12 p.m.

MAIN STREET BISTRO - Every Thu & Fri, Rythm & Blues with Freedom 5 p.m.-7 a.m. 2051 Main St., Wailuku, 808-244-6816.

ROYAL LAHAINA RESORT 2780 Kekaa Dr., 808661-3611.

UpCountry Maui

Royal Ocean Terrace - Every Thu, Fri & Sat, Live Hawaiian Music 6-8 p.m.

CAFE DES AMIS - Wed, Cafe Des Amis. 42 Baldwin Ave., Paia, 808-579-6323.

SHERATON MAUI 2605 Kaanapali Pkwy., 808-6610031.

FLATBREAD CO. - Wed, Flatbread Co.; Fri, Electric Haiku Hillbillys. 89 Hana Hwy., Paia, 808-579-8989.

Lagoon Bar - Daily, Live Music 6-9 p.m.; Daily, Torch Lighting Ceremony 6-8 p.m.; Daily, Cliff Diving Ceremony 6-8 p.m.

GREEN BANANA CAFE - Every Tue, Thu & Sat, Polynesian Dance Coffee Luau 6 p.m. 137 Hana Hwy., Paia, 808-579-9130.

SUGAR CANE TRAIN 975 Limahana Place, 808661-0088.

HANA HOU CAFE - Mon-Fri, Hana Hou Cafe. 810 Haiku Rd., Haiku, 808-575-2661.

Sugar Cane Train - Thu, Sugar Cane Train Dinner 5 p.m.; Daily, Ride the Sugar Cane Train 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

MAX - Daily (except Mon), Max. Ha’iku Town Center, 810 Kokomo Rd., Ha’iku, 808-575-2629.

WARREN & ANNABELLE’S 900 Front St. Warren & Annabelle’s - Mon-Sat, Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show 5 p.m.

MOANA BAKERY & CAFE - Thu, Tony Ray Band “Swing Show” 6:30-8 p.m.; Fri, Randall 6:30-9 p.m.; Wed, Jazz With Phil And Angela Benoit. 71 Baldwin Ave., Paia, 808-579-9999.

WESTIN MAUI RESORT & SPA 2365 Kaanapali Pkwy., 808-667-2525. Ono Bar & Grill - Fri, Brian Haia 6-9 p.m.; Sat, Keali’i Lum 6-9 p.m.; Sun, Raz Shaggai 6-9 p.m.; Wed, Scott Baird Duo with James DeBose 6-9 p.m.


Tropica - Every Wed, Thu & Fri, Benny Uyetake 6-9 p.m.; Every Mon & Sat, Mitch Kepa 6-9 p.m.; Sun, Keali’i Lum 6-9 p.m.; Tue, Steve Sargenti 6-9 p.m.

West Maui NAPILI KAI BEACH RESORT - Sat, Coelho Morrison 7-9 p.m.; Sun, Andrew Kaina 7-9 p.m.; Thu, Kincaid Basques and Albert Kaiana 6:30-9 p.m.


HYATT REGENCY MAUI RESORT & SPA 200 Nohea Kai Dr., 808-661-1234.

Love Maui Time so much that you need more? We know the feeling. Be sure to go online to read and comment more at:

HYATT REGENCY MAUI RESORT & SPA - Daily, Cirque Polynesia 6 p.m.

ALL ONLINE Calendar Listings

Umalu - Daily (except Wed), Live Music 7-9 p.m.; Daily, Torch Lighting Ceremony 5:30-6 p.m.; Thu, Off Tomorrow 6-9 p.m.; Daily (except Wed), Live Music 4-6 p.m.


KA’ANAPALI BEACH HOTEL 2525 Kaanapali Parkway, (808) 661-0011. Kanaehele Room - Daily (except Sun & Mon), “Kupanaha: Maui Magic for All Ages” Kanehele Room 4:30-7 p.m.

We need a photography intern. You think you have the chops to hack it? Send your resume to or 33 N. Market St., Suite 201, Wailuku, HI 96793

KAANAPALI BEACH CLUB 104 Kaanapali Shores, 808-661-2000. Ohana Bar & Grill - Every Sun, Thu & Sat, Torch Lighting Ceremony 5:30-9 p.m.; Every Wed & Thu, Live Music 5:30-9 p.m. KAANAPALI BEACH HOTEL 2525 Kaanapali Pkwy., 808-661-0011. Tiki Bar & Grill - Thu, Daniel Palakiko 6-9 p.m.; Every Sun & Mon, Kealaoka’ (Jason Fundang) 6-9 p.m.; Daily, Hula Show 6:30-7 p.m.; Daily, Music by Lanui 6-9 p.m.; Every Tue & Wed, Leo Kane 6-9 p.m.

BOTERO BAR & LOUNGE Wed, Live Hawaiian Music 5:30-9 p.m. THE SHOPS AT WAILEA - Wed, Marti Kluth 6:30-8 p.m.; Wed, Jamie Lawerence and friends 6:30-8 p.m.

FAIRMONT KEA LANI 4100 Wailea Alanui Dr., 808-8408402.

Fairmont Kea Lani - Daily, Live Music 5:30-9 p.m. Polo Beach Grille & Bar - Daily, Live Music 4-5 p.m. FOUR SEASONS RESORT 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., 808-874-8000. Four Seasons Resort - Daily, Tourch Lighting Ceremony 5:30 p.m. GRAND WAILEA RESORT & SPA 3850 Wailea Alanui Dr., 808-875-1234. Grand Dining Room - Sun, Live Hawaiian Music and Hula Performances 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. MAKENA BEACH & GOLF RESORT 5400 Makena Alanui, 808-875-5888. Makena Beach & Golf Resort - Sun, Live Music 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Tiki Terrace Restaurant - Sun, Ka’anapali Champagne Brunch 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

WAILEA BEACH MARRIOT RESORT & SPA 3700 Wailea Alanui Dr., 808-879-1922.

KAPALUA RESORT 1 Bay Drive, 808-669-6400.

Kumu Bar & Grill - Daily, Hula Dancing 6:30-9 p.m.

Merriman’s - Daily, Ranga Pae 6-9 p.m.

WAILEA MARRIOTT 3700 Wailea Alanui, 808-8791922.

MARRIOT MAUI OCEAN CLUB 100 Nohea Kai Drive, 808-667-1200. Longboards Ka’anapali - Wed, Desmond Yap 5:30-9 p.m.; Sun, Miles Ahead Duo 8-11 a.m.; Daily, Solo guitarists and sunset hula dancers 5:30-8 p.m. MAUI THEATRE 878 Front Street (Old Lahaina Center), 808-661-9913. Maui Theatre - Mon-Fri, Ulalena 6:30 p.m. NAPILI KAI BEACH RESORT 5900 Lower Honoapiilani Hwy., 808-669-1500.

28 January 14, 2010

South Maui

Mele Mele Lounge - Daily, Live Music 9-11 p.m.

East Maui HOTEL HANA-MAUI 5031 Hana Hwy., 808-2488211. Hotel Hana-Maui - Fri, Hula dancing 7-8 p.m. Paniolo Lounge - Fri, Live music 6-9 p.m.; Every Sun, Wed, Thu & Sat, Live music 6:30-9 p.m.

by Caeriel Crestin

Horoscopes CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) How you used to dread your turn to give a speech in front of the class, or run up and kick the ball, or do anything where you might fall flat on your face in front of people! It’s still not your favorite thing, but you buckled down your anxiety and got through it all those other times, and eventually got much better at that kind of thing. Don’t let your worries get the best of you now. This time, your turn on the spot will be like most of those other times; you might puke before you go on stage, but you’ll get through it and, in fact, shine.



Maui’s Laser Hair Removal Specialist




PACKAGE SPECIALS Upper lip ..................................... $ 400 $ 295 Underarm ................................... $ 750 $ 495 Bikini................................................ $ 795 $ 495

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) A teacher friend of mine designed a multiple choice test in which every correct answer was “A.” He put the easiest questions last, so by the time his students got the end, they were flipping back to figure out which of the earlier questions they’d surely screwed up. Besides how hilarious his diabolical plan is, it also reminds me of some of the stuff you’ll experience this week, since people and events will definitely be conspiring to make you second-guess yourself. Trust your mind and gut, though. The right answer is still the right answer, no matter how improbable it seems.

Save Hundreds with each package. Easy payment plans available. ACROSS FROM MANA FOODS 62 BALDWIN AVENUE, UNIT 2C, PAIA


Committed to making medical cosmetic services affordable

PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) Don’t take everything so personally. Even when a relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t have to be your fault (or theirs, really). Half of what makes a relationship satisfying is who you get to be in that couple; if you don’t like which parts of yourself get expressed, it doesn’t matter how great the other person is. If you feel funny, generous, and kind, however, it’ll go a long way towards making you happy in the relationship. A compatible pair isn’t always about how hot, smart, and amazing you are—it’s at least as much about how hot, smart, and amazing your partner feels when s/he’s with you.


Mahalo to our over 1,300 Facebook friends and counting...

Try not to compare yourself to others. There’ll always be someone with a better ass, sharper language skills, or a bigger wallet. Luckily, this isn’t a competition. Or, if it is, it’s one you can win just by being uniquely you, by expressing the quirks (both “good” and “bad) that make you stand out from the crowd. Once the only criteria for “winning” this contest is being yourself, there’s no competition; who, after all, is better at being you than you are? So, chill out, and stop giving your supposed competition the evil eye. They can’t beat you at this game.

TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) Either be serious about what you’re doing, or don’t bother doing it at all. If you’re not gung ho about getting it done right, you might as well give up right now, since you’ll just fail, anyway. This is a full-throttle or full-stop situation. Have you decided just what your level of commitment is? Do you really care about seeing this through? This is a good week to figure that out. I’m not sure that your decision will have much impact on your short-term future, one way or the other. However, what you decide right now could have a tremendous impact on your long-term outlook, so when making that judgment, don’t be flippant.

GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) When it’s cold enough for your pipes to freeze, you need to keep the water running. Just a drip will do, but fail to leave the tap open and you’ll be sorry. Creative juices are much the same way. They can dry up or freeze up easily at times—and this is certainly one of those dangerous moments. Keep them flowing or risk a creative lock-up that could last until spring. As with pipes, just a drip will do, but make sure you do a little something to inspire your creative flow each and every day.



CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) Don’t be afraid to proclaim yourself an expert. You are one, in this particular area, and can speak with authority based on fairly extensive knowledge and experience. In fact, not speaking up would be doing a disservice to those who could truly benefit from your wisdom. Being too shy to speak up, so hesitant that you speak up too late, or too stingy to bother sharing whatever you’re got is pretty lame and embarrassing. There’s really no reason to keep your hard-won lessons to yourself, so please offer them to those who need your wise advice.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) I counseled Cancers to own their own authority, but I’m going to give you the opposite advice: stand down. You may think you know everything, and you’re not afraid to act as if you do. Often that ends up with you eating your own words, which is bad enough, but occasionally you have the potential to talk someone into a bad situation that you can’t easily get them out of. Therefore, make a special effort to think carefully before you speak this week, and especially before you exert your own special brand of persuasion. You may believe you’re acting in someone’s best interest, but unless you’re sure, please leave well enough alone.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) Never say die. The game’s not over until the timer runs out, and so—even if it seems hopeless— you should play as if you have a chance at winning. Playing to lose will only yield a loss for sure. Playing to win in this particular scenario will mean you’ll still probably lose, but at least you have a chance. Sure, at this point you’re grasping at the thinnest of straws, but it’s better than just giving up. Assess your best prospect, no matter how unlikely or difficult to implement, and go for it. Losing should not even be on the menu until it’s served, and you have no choice left but to eat it.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) Miners used to bring canaries into coal mines with them to give them advance warning about the quality of the air. If the bird dropped dead, the miners knew to evacuate or risk the same fate. You can apply the same principle in certain situations you might find yourself this week; check out who’s there, and why, and how that reflects on you. Are the “canaries” dead or just having a wild time? That should give you some idea of whether it’s safe to stay, or time to get the hell out—or whether sticking around has just the right level of risk and adventure.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) You should be able to be fully you, uncensored and unrestricted, with the people around you. That doesn’t mean exercising all your meanest and most sadistic impulses without restraint; just that unduly holding yourself back from your full potential because other people can’t handle it is unhealthy on many levels. Is that happening? If so, find a solution right away. It could be as simple as simply asking whoever’s holding you back to mind their own business and just cut it out. However, it could also turn out to be as painful—if liberating—as cutting them out.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) One of your best qualities is not taking yourself too seriously. If there’s a laugh to be had, even at your own expense, you’ll usually want to make sure people get it. That’s awfully sweet and generous of you, and just the kind of quality that you’ll want to go out of your way to display this week. It’s much more likely to impress and attract people than showing off any of your many stellar qualities ever could. The ability to laugh at yourself is highly underrated, and, apparently, very attractive. Keep that in mind this week.

January 14, 2010 29

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January 14, 2010 31

The Backpage

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tr ee

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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;kolehao, the only traditional Hawaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ian distilled spirit, is NOW AVAILABLE ONLY on Maui! Not produced in a long time--perhaps since WW II -- â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;kolehao is now in fine liquor stores island wide. Distilled from East Maui Ti root, it is a lengthy process that includes a bit of aging in American Oak casks. Smooth, pleasant finish -- the perfect after dinner drink or holiday gift for that special someone that has everything! Haleakala Distillers reminds everyone to enjoy in moderation with aloha and, please, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drink and drive!


Huku Lii Pl

Piilani Hwy

,/#!4%$AT/HUKAI Â&#x201E;+IHEI

Â&#x2021; PHW )ULHQGO\ Â&#x2021; PUHPLHU PRRO SSD Â&#x2021; 'LVFRXQWHG RHQW IRU PUHIHUUHG EPSOR\HUV Â&#x2021; CRXUWHV\ PDWURO SHUYLFH Â&#x2021; )OH[LEOH /HDVH THUPV Â&#x2021; 2FHDQ 9LHZV * These are subject to change

866.821.9221 3626 L. Honoapiilani Rd

13.30 David Bratzer, January 14, 2010, Volume 13, Issue 30, MauiTime  

MauiTime talks about a cop, David Bratzer a cop who thinks Marijuana and other drugs should be legalized and regulated. An insight on Milagr...