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Donavon Frankenreiter at the Verizon Wireless in-store signing.

Sunday, December 7, 2008 3 pm – 4 pm Maui Marketplace Store 270 Dairy Road Kahului, HI 96732 Bring in an old phone, charger or accessory to the Verizon Wireless Hopeline recycling program and be eligible to win two tickets to the Billabong Pro Maui Opening Night Concert with Donavon.

Only from America’s Most Entertaining Network. No purchase necessary. Must be 13 years or older to win the concert tickets. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. See store for alternate method of entry, official rules and other details. © 2008 Verizon Wireless.


DECEMBER 04, 2008




4 MAUI COUNTY THIS WEEK’S QUESTION You’ve been hired to write Dick Cheney’s memoir. What’s your title? Editor: Jacob Shafer Shooting Life in the Face: The Dick Cheney Story Calendar Editor/Staff Writer: Kate Bradshaw Jowls of Deceit Contributors: Jessica Armstrong, Caeriel Crestin, Lloyd Dangle, Rob Parsons, Chuck Shepherd, Ynez Tongson, Barry Wurst II Illustration: Ron Pitts Photography: Sean Michael Hower This is What Goes Through a Dick’s Head

Rob Report goes to the Garden Isle and harvests some big ideas. Morality is questioned in LC Watch. Eh Brah! takes aim at not-soinnocent bystanders. Old people do crazy old people stuff in News of the Weird. Coconut Wireless is loving Obama’s Oahu yearbook photos. A phone company goes bankrupt in The Business End.

11 FEATURE STORY In honor of Repeal Day, we profile Mauibased alcohol makers and sample their wares. It’s a tough job...

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Mellow Maui folkster Micah Wolf has a new album and a growing fan base.

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Barry Wurst II trips out on the new Baz Luhrmann flick Australia.

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Malama Kaua`i

Moral fixation

Harvesting ideas from the Garden Isle ravel always provides the gift of a differing point of view. Five days on the island of Kauai over the Thanksgiving holiday offered ample perspective on opportunities for community sustainability and ways to support traditional approaches to modern issues. Apart from the big box stores and malls of Lihue, Kauai has, for the most part, retained its rural character and small town charm. Years after pulling together to rebuild after Hurricane Iniki, there is still a perceptible spirit of cooperation and community. Posters announced an upcoming book-signing event for The Superferry Chronicles, which offers a recent example of Kauaians striving to keep hold of natural and cultural resources and to maintain a

Part of what makes the LC so easy to ridicule is the undercurrent of holier-than-thou piety that runs through many of the department’s decisions. Rather than tackling its job from a purely pragmatic standpoint, the LC seems determined to weigh things against its own obtuse ethical code.


Kauaians are pushing for sustainability and a sense of shared purpose. Common Ground, where the old Kilauea Agronomics Guava Kai plantation facility is transitioning into a Sustainability

“Re-localization” is an opportunity to unite the community around common goals of a healthy environment, respect for culture and a high quality of life. simple way of life that would be jeopardized by an influx of Oahu residents. Two years ago, in June 2006, Kauai hosted a two-day sustainability conference, conceived by a group of community futurists, including former Mayor and current Councilmember Jo Ann Yukimura. A cross-section of attendees included Princeville owner Jeff Stone, Angela Vento of the Sheraton, most of the Kauai County Councilmembers, Sen. Russell Kokubun of the Big Island, who spearheaded the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Master Plan, and the Kauai Chamber of Commerce. The close-knit community of the Garden Isle used the gathering as a springboard to establish a new nonprofit, Malama Kaua`i. The upstart organization’s goals include educating the community about sustainability issues, connecting with other groups and enhancing collaborative efforts. Malama Kaua`i is also focused on pushing for local food production, renewable energy and economic revitalization. Originally bestowed with some “angel” startup funding, financial support is now diversified through donations, foundation grants and County assistance. Offices are based at


DECEMBER 04, 2008

LC Watch

Resource Center. Three full-time employees are now on board and are undertaking Malama Kaua`i’s current projects. xecutive Director Keone Kealoha listed a few of the group’s initiatives: a Green Business Program in partnership with the Kauai Office of Economic Development that offers resources, education and certification to local businesses interested in sustainable practices; a Green Map project to highlight businesses that have met baseline environmental criteria; the “Keep It Local” campaign to revitalize and relocalize goods and services and strengthen the community’s economy; the Youth Empowerment Program to engage high school students in sustainable practices; and a KCCR bi-monthly sustainability radio show. Malama Kauai has also organized community workshops, conferences and sponsors the quarterly Eco-Roundtable, a public forum for sharing information, networking, building coalitions and taking action on issues. Project Supervisor Andrea Brower, born and raised on Kauai, was recently honored by the Sierra Club-Kauai as activist of the year. She traveled to Quebec, Canada earlier this year as a delegate to the World



Youth Congress, and also attended the Bioneers Conference in California. Brower told me that while Malama Kaua`i’s efforts span issues including energy, housing, water resources, planning and culture, much of the focus for the next few months is on food and agriculture. They are helping to develop the master plan for the 75-acre Kilauea Ag Park, promised to the community more than two decades ago. Efforts are also under way to build consensus for revising county zoning ordinances to allow more options for farm worker housing. The Common Ground site also provides a venue for gardening and composting classes, as well as a community kitchen. The former processing shed serves as a distribution site for a Community Supported Agriculture effort, the Kauai Farmers Co-op. There, customers pick up a weekly box that includes local fruits, salad and cooking greens, root vegetables, culinary herbs and seasonal specialties. Jillian Sears is the founder and director of the Seed to Table Service-Learning Program. The 12-week “hands-on” apprentice program provides an opportunity for farmer training, with an emphasis on raising vegetables, flowers and herbs with more vitality than shipped-in produce. “Our goal,” says Sears, “is to share the living art of farming.” Her own farming roots go back to a childhood spent in the Caribbean; her family moved there from New York when she

Let’s grab an example from the department’s rulebook. Here’s how it defines “immoral conduct”: “any act which is contrary to good morals; inconsistent with the rules of the liquor commission and principles of morality…” Did you catch that sleight of hand? In one swift sentence they managed to conflate “principles of morality” (presumably in the vague, universal sense) with their collection of often arbitrary, heavy-handed, ill-conceived rules. All of the sudden the LC isn’t just a public agency, they’re arbiters of right and wrong. They tell you where to dance, they tell you what to sing—they’re the judge, jury, Mom and God all rolled into one. OK, we’re being dramatic. But really, what is the LC doing defining “immoral conduct” in the first place? That isn’t their job. That isn’t any government agency’s job, not in a free society. This, folks, is the problem in a nutshell, the recipe for disaster if you will: an inflated sense of power mixed with a false sense of moral responsibility seasoned with a dash of good old fashioned corruption. None of this is new of course. In an issue dedicated to Repeal Day, it’s fitting to note that overzealous moralizing and the policing of alcohol have gone hand-inhand for generations. And, it’s safe to say, that isn’t gonna change anytime soon.

-Jacob Shafer

ROBREPORT was 12. There, they raised hot and bell peppers, flowers and herbs and produced specialty lines of marinades, potpourri and spices. They also tended chickens, goats and rabbits. For now, most of the growing and distribution is in the Kilauea area. Ultimately, the models may be applied in each of the seven districts, or ahupua`a, on the island. pecial care is given to each individual garden bed, and crops, once harvested, are followed with a cover crop, or “green manure,” to replenish the soil, which is also rested and rotated. Rather than single crop farming, Sears employs methods which are biointensive, bio-dynamic and create inter-planted “food forests.” The hundreds of acres of the guava plantation are gradually being replaced with forestry crops, such as mahogany. The old guava trees are systematically being chipped, and long-time composter Mark Freeman of Heart & Soul Organics is working long windrows into fertile compost. The former Guava Kai site also has yielded to hydroponic and greenhouse crops, and to the Rainbow Tree school. Brower believes that Kauai, much like the rest of the world, is at a critical juncture, and that “re-localization” is an opportunity to unite the community around common goals of a healthy environment, respect for culture and a high quality of life. Paramount to the process is plugging the leaks in the economy that spring each time goods or services are imported. A 2008 study by the Rocky Mountain Institute indicated that Kauaians import close to 90 percent of their food, as well as fertilizers, seeds and other necessary farming inputs. Brower writes that agricultural relocalization on Kauai will include “more farmers’ markets, community kitchens in every town, community



gardens, preservation and restoration of critical water systems, seed banks, preservation of diverse crop species, eliminating reliance on imported fertilizers and other inputs, adjusting our diets to be based on what can be grown locally, solutions for affordable farmworker housing, programs that provide farmers with access to affordable land, training and education programs, coordinated marketing and distribution and consumer education about the importance of buying local.” Malama Kauai also hosts a series of do-it-yourself skills workshops, as part of a “re-skilling” effort to relearn practices that previous generations took for granted. Workshop topics include: basic gardening and cooking; home energy efficiency; building solar water heaters; raising chickens; bicycle maintenance;

using coconuts; installing grey water systems; sewing; using la`au lapa`au (Hawaiian medicinal plants); and creating zero waste homes. Brower believes that in evaluating the wellbeing of the community, it is worthwhile to start with some basic questions: Are there meaningful jobs that pay living wages? Can residents find affordable homes? Does money spent here stay here and build the local economy? Do residents have access to affordable, fresh, healthy foods? Is the ocean in which we swim, surf and fish clean? How about the water we drink? She notes that in answering these questions, it becomes apparent that despite tremendous economic wealth, our current systems are highly unsustainable and inequitable.

“Sustainable economic self-reliance,” says Brower, “is achieved by strengthening and creating green local businesses that produce necessary commodities [like] food, electricity [and] building materials, buying from them and enhancing citizen participation in local government and the economy. We all play an important role in this process, be it through our consumer choices, our involvement with government or our grassroots actions to bring about change.” Brower values the strength of building coalitions with others and in replicating working models to adapt to regional needs. In charting a sustainable course for Maui’s future, we may do well to share the broad ideas and initiatives of our neighbors on the Garden Isle. MTW


DECEMBER 04, 2008



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been out of work for 15 years, and his wife, Tracey, has never held a paid job, yet they receive the equivalent of $48,000 in various government benefits, which The Daily Mail said would require a tax-paying family to earn the equivalent of $68,000 a year to draw. The Daily Mail reporter also noted that the Tate home is immaculate and the Cromptons’ home, messy.

DYING FOR CARE Two of Oregon’s unique public health markers clashed dramatically for resident Barbara Wagner this summer when she was informed that the universal medical care available to everyone in the state (but with certain service restrictions) would not pay for her expensive lung cancer drug (because her five-year survival likelihood was poor), but was told, at the same time, that the state would pay for any necessary drugs under its Death With Dignity Law (i.e., suicide).

TERMINATOR 4: OOPS Facing a state budget crisis in July, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fired about 10,000 temporary and parttime workers and ordered the 200,000 permanent employees to be paid only the minimum wage of $6.55 an hour until the legislature passed a crisis-solving budget. However, a week later the State Controller John Chiang pointed out that state payroll records could not be changed to accommodate the cut because they were written in the antiquated COBOL computer language, and virtually the only state employees who knew the code were some of the parttimers Schwarzenegger had just fired.

SENIOR MOMENTS (1) In October in Vancouver, Wash., a 74year-old man actually succeeded in his mission to unclog, with his hands, the garbage chute from his 10th floor apartment, but then he pushed too far. When rescue workers arrived, only the man’s feet and lower legs were visible, with his wife holding on for dear life. (2) In August, a 78-year-old woman apparently misread the signs at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, and placed herself on a baggage belt, which led to a chute, but she was only slightly injured and did not miss her flight.

PARTY ON, GARTH! FAMILY VALUES London’s Daily Mail profiled two 10children British families in October to illustrate the inconsistencies of government benefit awards. Sean and Anne Tate and their children live on Sean’s truck-driver salary of the equivalent of about $23,000 a year, plus the government’s standard perchild benefit. Harry Crompton has


Bridgeport, Conn., police arrested Michael Smith, 47, in October for breaking into Holy Ghost Deliverance Church. Smith explained that he was passing the church, spotted a drum set through a window, and could not restrain himself from trying it out. According to a Boston Globe report, officers found Smith “in a spirited solo after the church’s alarm system went off.” MTW


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Blogs serve many purposes both frivolous and profound. One of the more noble roles they can play is as a watchdog of the watchdogs, monitoring media outlets and working to keep them honest. Today we tip our cap to Poinography!, a little patch of cyber turf maintained by Doug White that holds various Hawaii information gatekeepers’ feet to the fire (including, on occasion, our humble publication) in an entirely civil and generally thoughtful way—a combination that’s rarer than it should be. In other markets, what White’s doing would be less remarkable, but the media in Hawaii don’t seem to be under a whole lot of scrutiny. In this business, scrutiny’s good. Blog on, Doug. –JS

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football; on the other hand, it’s a great excuse to get together with family and loved ones and stuff our fat faces and watch football. Also, as the name would imply, it’s a good time to give thanks. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many people I’ve met thus far on Maui, both the friendly ones who made me feel welcome and the not-so-friendly ones who reminded me I’ve still got a lot to learn about this amazing, complicated place. Also, thanks to the sun, sand and surf for making even the worst days pretty freakin’ sweet. And, if you’ll forgive a moment of unabashed sappiness, thanks to my beautiful family—you make it worth the while.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 I was wondering when this was going to happen: The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has finally seized on the fact that the President-elect was born and (partly) raised in the Aloha State. After drawing criticism for dragging its feet, the Bureau set up a Web site ( that highlights some of Obama’s favorite restaurants and recreational hotspots on Oahu. On the page you’ll find shots of Obama eating shave ice and body surfing and sightseeing with his family. What you won’t find are his awesome high school yearbook photos, which surfaced a while back but stayed mostly under the radar. Some fuss was made over one picture in particular that prominently featured a beer bottle and rolling papers. To which I say: yawn. We’re about to do away with a frat boy President who, before he found Jesus, snorted coke and got more DUIs than Nick Nolte. Are we really going to make a big fuss about a little weed? No, the image I love is a group shot featuring young Barry with big hair and an even bigger ‘70s collar. Look for yourself—that’s our new commanderin-chief. Pretty cool.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this holiday. On the one hand, there’s something rather sick and hollow about commemorating the deceptively congenial beginnings of the Native American genocide by stuffing our fat faces and watching

Hyperbole gone wild: The Maui Planning Commission gave its stamp of approval to a transportation center set to be built next to the Puunene Sugar Mill, though some expressed concerns over whether the center would be an eyesore for tourists as they fly into nearby Kahului Airport. The fact that that’s a major concern is troubling enough, but then we arrive at this gem from Commissioner Bruce U’u, quoted in The Maui News: “[This] has to be the ugliest place on earth.” OK, granted that particular stretch of turf isn’t the prettiest Maui has to offer and slapping down a big parking lot ain’t going to gussy it up. But Bruce, my man, if you think that’s the ugliest place on earth you have either never left Maui or you have the most suspect aesthetic in the history of the universe.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29 I do my little anti-consumerism rant over in the Business End so I’ll spare you here. But let me just say this headline from today’s Maui News is sadly telling: “With Thanksgiving over, it’s time for shopping.” OK, I lied. I am going to rant a bit more. The problem isn’t the promotion of shopping per se. The problem is the indiscriminate promotion of shopping, the notion that it doesn’t matter where you shop or what you buy, just so long as you’re out there waiting in lines and spending money, quite possibly on things you don’t need and can’t afford that were made by underpaid children in China who are right now dying from chemical exposure so you can have some crappy piece of plastic you’ll probably lose or throw away before the next Black Friday and that’s the whole idea because why keep old stuff when you can buy new stuff? Whew. Now I’m done.

Barry Obama, the high school years. Kimura told the Hawaii Herald Tribune that the measure, which makes pot offenses the lowest law enforcement priority, directly conflicts with state and federal law. True enough, and further proof that this battle has to be waged at the national level.

tion. For all the talk of hope and change, thus far the President-elect’s defining traits seem to be caution and pragmatism. Which, after eight years of cowboy diplomacy and insular unilateralism, might not be all that bad.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2 MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 Obama keeps talking about the “new dawn of American leadership,” and I want to believe him. But from keeping Bush’s Secretary of Defense to tapping someone named Clinton to be the nation’s top diplomat (a long-anticipated move made official today), this is looking an awful lot like an old dawn. I understand the value of experience and continuity but it would’ve been nice to see at least one out-of-left field Cabinet selec-

Just got word from Publisher Tommy Russo that Uncle Boy Kana’e, the “Hawaiian Supaman” and a voice familiar to anyone who listens to KPOA, passed away. Though I never had a chance to meet him, I’m told he was a tireless force for good in the community, one of those rare individuals who touches lives just by being himself. Always sad when someone like that leaves us, but the hope is that the spirit and the message live on. MTW


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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Top cops on the Big Island are holding firm to the position that the recently passed marijuana law is “unenforceable.” Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Jay

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“ISLANDS AT RISK” Genetice Engineering in Hawai‘i by Na Maka O Ka ‘Aina & Earthjustice

The biggest business news of the week, at least in the Aloha State, is Hawaiian Telecom filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The telecommunications giant, which employs 1,400 people and serves just under 300,000 customers, reported a $34 million third quarter loss. That brings HawTel’s total losses for the year past the $100 million mark. “[This] filing allows the company to reduce its level of debt and reorganize its business, so we can emerge…stronger and more financially secure,” CEO Eric Yeaman said in a prepared statement. Guess that would be the glass half full analysis.


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So Black Friday came and went, and the good news for retailers nationwide is that sales were up about 3 percent over last year. Hooray, we all went and did our patriotic duty and bought stuff. Now the ugly part: As you probably heard, a Wal Mart employee in New York was trampled to death by a rushing horde of shoppers who were apparently too psyched to buy crappy discounted items to notice that a man was being crushed beneath their feet. Adding insult to injury, when informed of the death and asked to leave the store, a number of shoppers reportedly protested and insisted that they be allowed to stay and make their purchases. Wow. I know shopping makes our market economy go ‘round (George Bush told us so) and that people like to buy things, especially when those things are on sale. But this goes past all that to a dark, dark place, where consumerism has corrupted us and obscured our humanity. Some may want to shrug it off as an isolated incident, but other events, like a shooting at a Toys “R” Us in California, put a dent in that argument. Not saying murderous rage lies in the heart of every holiday bargain hunter, but when this kind of thing happens and it’s only sort of shocking, it’s time for a little collective soul searching.

Here’s one for fans of blatant corporate backstabbing: Mesa Air Group, which operates the budget inter-island airline go!, is attempting to buy the Aloha Airlines name in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, as reported in Pacific Business News. It’s a tangled web. First, go! helped take down Aloha by slashing fares and, according to a lawsuit filed by Aloha’s majority owner, stealing trade secrets. Now, go! wants to re-brand itself using the identity of its vanquished competitor. How deliciously ruthless.

A new report from the Hawaii arm of the National Agricultural Statistics Service tells us what we already knew: it’s not a good time to be looking for work in the agricultural sector. Hawaii’s total ag workforce, including self-employed farmers, is down about 6 percent over the same time last year. Pineapple and sugar cane saw an even steeper drop-off, about 13 percent, in the wake of layoffs at Maui Land & Pineapple and the move by Kauai-based Gay & Robinson to end sugar operations after more than 100 years in business. Is it time to re-evaluate our farming practices yet? MTW


DECEMBER 04, 2008


vs. Can vs. Bottle The battle rages on…

In honor of Repeal Day, we profile the makers of Maui-based spirits—and do a little sipping of our own… Booze. Even the word is awesome. And the stuff? Well, it’s even awesomer. Whether you’re laboring to make it through a particularly dull party or family get-together, trying to gather up the gumption to mingle with potential mates or, having mingled, mate with a mate, booze is your best friend. And also, quite possibly, your worst enemy. That’s the thing about booze—it’s a contradiction in a bottle (or can, highball glass or foil-lined cardboard box, depending on your persuasion). Booze can lift your spirits like a champagne bubble or sending you spiraling into an ethanolsoaked rage. Booze can help you dance ‘til dawn, secure in the superiority of your patented “dice roll” move, or it can leave you dryheaving into a public trashcan minus an article of clothing and your dignity. Here on Maui—home of Barmuda triangle, the patented green bottle, the happy hour mai tai special—booze is the lubricant that helps tourists enjoy the sunset a bit more and locals numb their desire to do mean things to said tourists. Why are we telling you all this? Well, December 5 is Repeal Day, the anniversary of the day in 1933 when the United States Constitution was altered to negate the 18th amendment and re-legalize alcohol. In honor of this momentous occasion (and since we’re in the midst of the holidays, another wonderful excuse to get tipsy) we’ve decided to dedicate this issue to what Charlotte’s Web author E.B. White once called “the elixir of quietude” (hey, you don’t invent an elaborate fantasy centered on a talking pig while sober). In the following pages, we’ll take a look at some island-based libation providers that labor tirelessly to slake Maui’s thirst. As a disclaimer: we know booze isn’t all good. For some people it’s a serious problem. By celebrating it, we’re not trying to belittle or deny its damaging effects. Obviously your liver—not to mention all the exes whose numbers you haven’t deleted from your contact list—would be better off if you avoided the stuff entirely. But, as we said, that’s the inherent contradiction of booze: it’s simultaneously wonderful and terrible. Kind of like life.

Maui Brewing Company A beer for every occasion… By Jacob Shafer

riting a story about Maui Brewing Co. is an exercise in choosing an angle. There’s the fact that the company, unlike many of its competitors, is local not just on the label but inside the can (for more on those cans, see sidebar). With their humble but fully legit brewing facility in Lahaina and a philosophy of using Maui ingredients, labor and goods whenever possible, this is one product that can brand itself as a true part of the island without being disingenuous. Then there’s MBC’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices—again, one that extends beyond lip service and informs nearly every aspect of the way they operate. (Refreshingly, rather than long speeches about melting glaciers and future generations, owner Garrett Marrero admits that being green is good for the bottom line and that’s a big part of why they do it.)


All of the above are perfectly fine excuses to give the company ink. But none of it would matter without one essential element: the beer. You can be local and sustainable ‘til the hops wither on the vine, but if the beer isn’t up to par, it won’t do you much good. Fortunately for MBC, the product lives up to the hype. The best part is, they’ve got an array of concoctions to choose from, meaning whatever your mood (unless, you know, you’re in the mood to not drink) there’s a can of Maui Brew Co. beer for you.

Line up 20 drinkers and ask them to list the characteristics of cheap beer, and the answer you’ll almost certainly get across the board is: it comes in a can. Whether it’s the flimsiness factor, the similarity to soda pop or just some passed-down-through-the-generations stereotype, conventional wisdom holds that you’re not drinking good beer unless it’s coming from a tap or a bottle. That assumption may be about to change. A growing chorus of voices within the brewing industry is calling BS on the notion that glass equals class. Cans, they argue, are not only lighter and more durable, and thus easier to transport, they’re also a superior way to store beer. Oxygen is beer’s worst enemy—the more that seeps in, and the more CO2 that seeps out, the greater the likelihood of a skunky product. And while bottling practices have been honed and perfected, even in a bestcase-scenario world, that little bit of air at the top of the bottle is a ticking time bomb waiting to corrupt the entire beer. Cans, on the other hand, can be sealed airtight. They also let in little or no light, another force that can turn tasty ale into undrinkable swill. Locally, Maui Brewing Co. swears by cans. It’s been an uphill battle for them; owner Garrett Marrero says he frequently has to deal with skeptics who dismiss MBC’s beer without trying it, the ultimate case of judging a book by its cover. (Marrero claims to have won a few converts by taking a can, pouring it into a glass and telling people it’s from the tap before revealing in “Pepsi challenge” fashion that they’ve just enjoyed—gasp!—a canned beer.) Nationally, the big brewers seem to be catching on. Budweiser recently launched an ad campaign touting the merits of cans, and several companies have released aluminum bottles to help ease what many see as an inevitable transition. Bottles won’t disappear overnight, but their days may be numbered. As Marrero puts it: “It’s better for the environment, it’s better for the beer. Why wouldn’t you?” -JS


DECEMBER 04, 2008


Photos by Sean Michael Hower

Let’s take a look at a few of the usual suspects: The Sunday afternoon at the beach beer The sun and surf are up, the grill is hot and your cooler is full of Big Swell IPA. A hop-heavy beer that still finishes smooth, Big Swell is the perfect accoutrement for seared meat and a scoop of sand-coated potato mac salad. It’ll help you tie on a buzz without weighing you down, a decidedly good thing if you’re planning to keep the tail end-of-the-weekend party going until the last football game is played (or beyond). The Wednesday evening at home beer You just dragged your ass back from work; your feet hurt and your head doesn’t feel much better. It’s time to settle into that dent on the couch and get your clicker finger in motion. Your companion? A frothy glass (or three) of Coconut Porter. A dark, toasty blend that plays notes of chocolate and coffee on your taste buds, the porter is rich without being syrupy and exceedingly drinkable yet complex enough to help you forget the weekend’s still 48 hours away. The Friday before you go out beer It’s here! Time to shake the sand out of your shorts, pull a comb through your salt-tangled hair (maybe) and tip back a few Bikini Blonde Lagers before you hit the town. An extremely light beer that doesn’t taste like bitter dishwater (we’re looking at you, “lite” beers), it’s the ideal pre-party lubricant, one that’ll get your motor started without flooding the engine. The time to seriously drown your sorrows beer Disclaimer: you’ve gotta love hops. If you don’t, steer clear; if you do, and especially if you’re in need of a little memory-clouding liquid therapy, turn to the Double Overhead IPA, the “Big Braddah” of the above mentioned IPA. Packing a hefty 8.5 percent alcohol content, with hints of fruit rafting on the raging hop rapids, this is not a beer to be taken lightly.

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” -Henny Youngman


DECEMBER 04, 2008


Tedeschi winery Maui’s only vineyard deals with grape expectations By Kate Bradshaw

he structure that houses the tasting room at Tedeschi Winery was built in 1874 for King Kalakua, whose epic taste for champagne and gambling earned him the handle “the Merrie Monarch.” The vast and gently sloping grounds surrounding the building are manicured, wrought with florid blooms and massive trees swaying in the Upcountry breeze. The foyer of this former royal vacation cottage is a museum that tells the story of the vineyard, which sits on Ulupalakua Ranch’s 20,000 acres: Captain James Makee’s acquisition of the land, the king’s legendary romps, the paniolos. The women behind the wine bar pour splashes of product for visitors, many of them on their way back from Hana. A bus appears in the parking lot and unloads a gaggle of tourists. The tasting room is awash with knee socks and Boston accents. Elbowroom is scarce around the bar.


acationers may flood the place at regular intervals during business hours and bottles of Tedeschi wine may sell like crazy at ABC stores statewide, but the winery is more than a novel way for tourists to catch a buzz. The site is an integral part of Maui’s history. It is Maui’s only vineyard and one of only a few in the state. The challenges that this wine maker faces parallel those currently impacting Maui as whole: declining tourism, the squeeze on ag lands that supply the winery with raw ingredients, tough choices regarding whether or not to bring in materials from offisland suppliers and a climate that makes it tough to grow certain crops. “Growing grapes is probably the most difficult thing we do here,” says Tedeschi president Paula Hegele. “We have very small yields. The soil is fabulous, [but] the weather is just too nice.” Some grapes refuse to grow in the remote Upcountry vineyard, including, Hegele says, a recent stubborn crop of chardonnay grapes that didn’t make the grade. Grapes lack the thick skin that would allow them to withstand the humidity. Plus the vines need the winter months to rest. Yet the winery still manages to crank out 24,00030,000 cases of wine each year. Of course, a significant volume of Tedeschi’s output— and the winery’s most recognizable product—doesn’t utilize one speck of smashed grape. Hegele says that 60 to 65 percent of the bottles Tedeschi ships out annually are bottles of Tedeschi’s signature wine, the Maui Blanc. The Maui Blanc is made from Mauigrown pineapples; it’s not just a white wine with hints of the fruit. Wine snobs may collectively scoff at the idea of pineapple wine. Some may be reminded of Boone’s Farm or Arbor Mist or some other liquid relic of adolescence. But they are


“Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. - Ernest Hemingway

sorely mistaken, as the stuff is delightful. Not quite a dessert wine, its tartness parallels its sweetness. When former owner Emil Tedeschi opened shop in 1974 (producing sparkling wines only at that point) he had no idea that pineapple wine would become his thing. “They practiced and worked with pineapple because pineapple was available,” Hegele says. Soon sparkling pineapple wine, now the Hula O Maui, became the winery’s central product. But they quickly discontinued it. “They thought they would never be taken seriously if they kept doing pineapple,” Hegele said. In 1994 Hegele brought Hula O Maui back for the winery’s 20th anniversary celebration and decided to keep it on. A different challenge has come up of late: finding a new source for pineapple. Until recently, Maui Land & Pineapple, Maui’s only large-scale producer of pineapples, provided Tedeschi with a steady supply of preservative-free pineapple pulp. Now that the company is more land than pineapple Tedeschi must look elsewhere for this essential ingredient. Hegele says they’re well stocked with island-grown pineapple at the moment, but may have to bring in pineapples from Mexico or Thailand when the supply runs out—which obviously means that the product will no longer be completely local. Some people have suggested, Hegele says, that the winery move operations to the Mainland and slap a Maui label on their bottles. But that would clearly be deceptive, she says. One can find bottles of Tedeschi wine throughout the isles. Most grocery stores stock bottles of Ulupalakua Red, Hula O Maui, Maui Splash (pineapple wine with a bit of passion fruit) and Maui Blanc. As New Englanders meander through the winery’s expansive grounds, as day trippers from Waiehu knock back schwills of cuvee, the winery’s 23-acre vineyard is gravid with hope and uncertainty, much like the island on which the vines secure their stock.

Ocean Vodka

Braddah Kimo’s Rum

Classy vodka that still mixes with Sprite

Rum’s up for Haleakala Distillers

Not all vodkas are created equal. There’s the kind you buy in jugs, fifteen bucks a pop, and pour into vats of jungle juice. Then there’s the vodka that you stow in your freezer for long-term savoring, whether poured neat or shaken into a martini. Ocean, the only vodka made on Maui (though some ingredients are shipped in from afar), belongs to the latter category. The Kahului distillery responsible for its production utilizes certified organic grains (no official word on whether the lack of pesticides reduces hangovers) and desalinized ocean water. Probably not the cheapest distillation process. I set out to sample this locally produced spirit one recent weekend. My taste test took place during a gathering in the woods; an unconventional setting for such a venture to say the least. The challenge was giving a damn if I was drinking window cleaner or something derived from Martian rubies, given my surroundings. Plus, beer is usually my beverage of choice at forest gatherings. I had a choice of drinking the vodka neat or mixing it with either Diet Coke or Sprite. I went with Sprite for the most part. The drink went over well with my small group of associates, despite the lack of variety in terms of mixers. To some, especially me, straight vodka is the taste equivalent of being shot in the kneecaps. This may be why the stuff was used both as medicine and in gunpowder during the Middle Ages, according to the Gin and Vodka Association (UK) Web site. (Though to be fair, vodka is probably nothing like it was in the days of the Black Plague.) While Ocean certainly falls under the classy vodka umbrella by virtue of its production methods as well as its taste, mixing it with something like Sprite wasn’t as incongruous as one might think. Even with something as gnarly as Diet Coke the stuff holds its own. Perhaps its being made on Maui that gives it an unquantifiable ability to serve well at even the most laid-back, non-martini conducive situations. -KB

“I pity them greatly but I must be mum, for how could we do without sugar and rum?” - William Cowper Rum is an essential ingredient in many of the drinks that define Maui (from an alcohol standpoint at least). But odds are most of the pina coladas and mai tais you imbibe are made with rum that’s flown in from somewhere else. While they don’t yet make enough product to meet the entire island’s demand, if you want to go local with your next mixed drink, track down a bottle of Braddah Kimo’s. Brewed by Haleakala Distillers—a family-owned Upcountry outfit that defines mom and pop—the rum is made using Hawaii sugarcane and Maui water; it’s the only commercially available rum that’s distilled on-island. In 2007, Kimo’s “DaBomb,” a 155 proof kick in the pants, won a gold medal at the American Distilling Institute’s rum competition. The company’s dark and gold rums have also earned medals. But, as ever, the proof is in the bottle. We added a blender, a bag of ice, a couple Maui-grown pineapples and a Saturday evening and that bottle came through with flying colors. Or at least we think we saw some flying colors. -JS

“I tried to drown my sorrows but the bastards learned to swim.” -Frida Kahlo

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DECEMBER 04, 2008


The Wharf Cinema Center Welcomes Christmas to Lahaina

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6TH Ron & Damon Welcome’s Christmas to The Wharf 6:30 p.m. Lighting of the Banyan Tree Square and The Wharf 6:30 p.m. Na Kamali‘i O Ke Akua 7:30 p.m. Maui Academy of Performing Arts WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH 5-7:00 p.m. Ron Hetteen on Center Stage FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12TH 5-7:00 p.m. Uncle Lui Williams on Center Stage 5:30 p.m.

Performances are on Center Stage in the Plaza Garden Courtyard Call 661-8748 for more information

Featuring daily Breakfast and Dinner Specials, Big Wave offers a unique blend of casual American cuisine blended with contemporary island flavors.


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Call for reservations Longs Shopping Center 1215 South Kihei Rd.

Open Daily 7:30am - 9pm


DECEMBER 04, 2008


All day long at “The Sands”

Caesar Salad



658 Front Street, Lahaina • 661-8748

Across from the Famous Banyan Tree

“Lots” of validated parking in The Wharf Parking Lots located behind the center with entrances from Luakini and Wainee Streets.




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2008 Best of Maui





Places to eat mid-bender SANSEI 1881 South Kihei Rd., Kihei

Saturday, December 6

Oh, Sansei. When my broken foot heals I will again ascend your karaoke stage for my signature performance of “Midnight Special.” Then maybe I’ll do some Stevie Nicks. See how I’m feeling. This place has half-price appetizers and sushi 10pm to 1am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. People often arrive early and line up to get in on the deal. I recommend this. My favorite is the roasted Japanese eggplant, which is brutally tasty.



Planning a Holiday Party?

120 Hana Hwy, Paia Avocado rolls may be one of the most nourishing foods on the planet. Or, at least they seem like it on rare occasions when a Friday pau hana session entails a week’s allotment of cosmopolitans. The sushi bar here is definitely the place to go if one desires to further commemorate the close of a work week using nori rolls and saki.

OLA HOU Slack Key & Sushi

ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Lunch Buffet with


Mon-Fri 11am-2pm Adults/Seniors $9.95 Kids under 12 $5.95

Home of the

World Famous

Chicken Pesto We Do Catering! NOW FEATURING

We have indoor and patio facilities available Complet Catering Services also! 2102 Vineyard St. Wailuku


DINNER Mon-Thurs: 5 - 11pm Friday: 5pm - 11pm Saturday: 3pm - 10pm LUNCH Mon-Fri: 11am - 2pm


KAHUNA KABOBS 126 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina Before I delve into describing the food, I must note the following: they’re cash-only. I say this because it’s no fun salivating over the astonishing amount of delicious menu items, deciding on one, ordering, then having to walk a few blocks looking for an ATM, especially if you’re wearing platforms. Cuisines across the globe inspired the many dishes at this deceptively small stand: Asian, Middle Eastern, barbeque, etc. I, of course, dig the tofu kebabs, but this place is by no means an herbivore-only type deal.


incredible meal


SOUTH SHORE TIKI LOUNGE 1913 South Kihei Rd., Kihei I’ve mentioned this place a few times in this space, usually because of their booze. But my admiration extends beyond the Lounge’s ability to get me toasted, the oxygen bar, or even the kama‘aina deals. You see, they have vegan chilidogs. And, like, nine different types of ketchup. This is one of a few establishments where I’ve actually been able sit at the bar and order food I, given my dietary restrictions, can eat.

FOODLAND Islandwide A common occurrence: you and your friends require food stat. But every proximal food-serving establishment has drawn its shutters for the evening. So you wander into the nearest building that seems to have food, then spend an hour circumnavigating the place because you can’t decide between chips and hummus and a burrito with an illegible label. You head home for the unnecessary beer, the one you crack after a night of partying and sip once before passing out. MTW

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Wolf at the door With a new album and growing appeal, Maui’s mellow folkster prepares to take the next step Though I had heard his music in passing on the radio and a friend’s iPod, I didn’t get a chance to see Micah Wolf live until a couple months ago. And, I’ll admit, it was completely unintentional. The wife and I had shoved plugs in our toddler’s ears and headed to a Steel Pulse show at the MACC. We were hoping to rekindle the flame of our reggae festival past, when we’d seen the legendary roots collective on more than one occasion, through a variety of chemically induced hazes. Though we wound up enjoying that blast from the past—even sans chemicals—what made the show stick in our memory was Wolf, who did a lengthy opening set. Gently strumming his guitar and filling the gaps between songs with mumbled offers of thanks to the cheering throng that had gathered in front of the stage, Wolf came across as less the emerging young folk rocker and more some humble dude from Upcountry who was surprised he got a gig. Wolf shouldn’t be surprised if his star continues to rise. And, if and when it does, his unassuming demeanor will surely be a major contributing factor. Wolf, whose second album, Beyond the Shores, came out earlier this month, is clearly a Maui product. His low-key, meandering rhythms and bouncy, introspective lyrics lead to inevitable

comparisons with Jack Johnson, another Hawaii-bred musician who has successfully traded on his sandy-toed, sunburned persona. There are undeniable similarities between the two artists, but Wolf isn’t some cookie cutter coattail rider; in fact, the more you listen to his music the less he sounds like Johnson, or any of the other folksy troubadours who’ve capitalizied on the music industry’s mellow dude renaissance.

Micah Wolf New album: Beyond the Shores Next gig: Dec. 10, 7:30pm, Cafe Marc Aurel, Wailuku Web site:

“One By One,” the signature track on Shores (it’s the one Wolf highlights on his Myspace page, the modern equivalent of sending it out to all the local radio stations) is a moody ballad, with earnest lyrics (“the world is dying from our hands/the world is crying make a stand”) that take aim at the greed and wastefulness of consumer culture. That’s dangerous territory for an artist to enter, a veritable minefield of potential clichés. But Wolf, mostly through his unrelenting unpretentiousness, manages to avoid sounding either preachy or maudlin. Wolf pulls off the political stuff, and clearly walks his talk; he’s involved in

numerous local social and environmental efforts. But musically, he’s at his best when he gets small and personal. “My Love,” an ode to messy, unrequited passion, once again displays Wolf’s ability to maneuver through well-traveled real estate while still making music that’s fresh and immediate. It’s easy to forgive the indulgences of a song with familiar subject matter if it feels like it came from a pure, original source. That’s definitely the case here. As a vocalist, Wolf stays within himself. His voice is easy and smooth, and though he sometimes labors to reach the high notes he never sounds forced or awkward. In fact, the occasional, non-abrasive cracks and stutters

only add to his guy-by-the-bonfire charm. This is the album you want to pop in on a drive out to Hana, the kind of music that will ease you into a lazy weekend with all the warmth and effortlessness of a dive into the waters of Baby Beach. There was one moment at the MACC show that exemplified Wolf’s appeal: he was winding down his set, preparing to cede the stage to Steel Pulse. As he launched into his final song of the evening, I lay back on the grass and stared up at the swaying palms, backed by a clear, warm, moonlit Maui night. And for a few fleeting minutes, the music and the place and the feeling became one thing. And the thing was good. MTW

Not to be used with any other coupons or discounts. Coupon has no cash value. Coupon expires 12-31-08


DECEMBER 04, 2008




Great Alcoholics

s day h 7 30pm c n lu – 2: ing erv m 11am s Now ek fro e aw

Kama‘aina Special*

1/2 Off Entreé Every Night


Dec. 1st–20th

HUNTER S. THOMPSON “Some people can accept [the death of Christmas], and some can’t. That is why God made whiskey, and also why Wild Turkey comes in $300 shaped canisters during most of the Christmas season.” Given my chosen career path it should be no surprise that a lot of my greatest friendships have been based, at least in part, on a shared love for the work of Hunter S. Thompson. I get Thompson quotes via text message at all hours from all time zones. A number of friends and former colleagues have done potentially irreversible harm to their bodies in attempts to emulate the father of Gonzo journalism, who in 2005 put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Thanks in part to titles like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Thompson’s scathing commentaries on politics and pop culture are often overlooked. What stands out to many is the impossible amount of mind-altering substances the man ingested. While mood-elevating booze floats frequently on the surface of much if not most of his work, it’s easy to spot the undercurrents of desperation and doom that make his writing so powerful.

Serving Maui’s Only


BENDER Fry: Why would a robot need to drink? Bender: I don’t need to drink. I can quit anytime I want. If we hadn’t included a cartoon robot this week’s edition of this column would have been a bit of a downer. We would hate to be responsible for bumming anyone out with such heavy things as the consequences of excess. (Consequences? What consequences?) Bender—one of the stars of Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s other show, Futurama—is so named ostensibly because he’s a robot who’s strong enough to bend steel. He also drinks like a fish and is awfully lascivious for a hunk of metal. While on a recent R&R my brother Steve decided to distinguish himself from the rest of humanity by way of a tattoo of this boozing icon on his left forearm. Ironically enough, Steve was relatively sober when he walked into the tattoo parlor, but with the help of a friend, a nearby bar and a ginormous Big Gulp cup he was pretty numb by the time the needling was over. To this day my brother has never admitted to having an ounce of regret over the animated robot now forever etched into his flesh. Lucky for him, I don’t think the Army would fire someone for being a too gung-ho about a cartoon. MTW

Wines from the great Northwest served with pupus


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JANIS JOPLIN “I think I think too much. That’s why I drink.” Amen, Janis. Amen. Ever since the dawn of my adolescence and despite the fact that it occurred three decades after her ’60s heyday, Joplin was at once a hero and a cautionary tale. She seemed to barely comprehend, let alone follow, convention and pursued an existence in which her innate weirdness was her badge. And it worked. At the same time the insecurity that can accompany weirdness seemed to incline her toward an extremely self-destructive and heartbreak-ridden path. She owned her blues. Grace Slick once said that talking to Joplin was like talking to a wise old crone; she seemed to carry the weight of someone who had been through it all. Joplin, whose signature accessory was a bottle of Southern Comfort, inspired a number of songs, including Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2” (in which he recalls her telling him she “preferred handsome men”), and the Grateful Dead tune “Bird Song.” While it did play a role, it was not ultimately the sauce that did her in. Her 1970 death was officially attributed to a heroin overdose.

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Down Under wonder Audacious Aussie Western infused with psychedelic sensibility In Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, a prim and proper aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) inherits a cattle ranch and LIVE ENTERTAINMENT - FAMILY FRIENDLY




★★★★★ Rated PG-13/165 min.

Late Night Menu til 1:00am

formances. It’s nice to see great Australian actors, like Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown, in supporting roles. The opening, in which Australian history, character exposition and a bar fight occur simultaneously, isn’t promising. Also, the narration doesn’t work and, like Moulin Rouge!, it takes a while before you care about the people on the screen (though the widescreen cinematography, which is always astounding, won me over immediately). Around the time Kidman recreates The Wizard of Oz for a mourning aborigine

S. Kihei Rd., 875-9669 1913 Kihei, Kalama Village


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DECEMBER 04, 2008


It’s like a John Wayne movie on acid. But way less scary. must work with an Aussie cowboy, known as the Drover (Hugh Jackman), to keep her business from being overtaken by corrupt rivals. In a later scene, when the two leads start to inevitably fall in love with one another, the camera frames them in a way that grandly suggests we’re watching Gone With the Wind, only with kangaroos. This isn’t a subtle film, but that’s not what you should expect from Luhrmann, whose past works—Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!—are wild infusions of pop culture and in-your-face filmmaking. If John Ford were Australian and smoked a lot of peyote, he would have made a film like this one: a huge, audacious, messy and sometimes brilliant Aussie western. Kidman (older but still gorgeous and captivating) and Jackman (commanding as ever) give charismafueled, full-blown movie star per-

boy (it’s a charming scene), the movie started growing on me. The lavish set pieces that mark the film’s sprawling second act (involving a huge cattle run) are downright awesome. The film unashamedly embraces Hollywood movie conventions while at the same time staying true to Luhrmann’s quirky vision and Aussie roots. If you combine an offbeat director with a massive production involving a history lesson, Hollywood throwbacks, unabashed romanticism, WWII melodrama, aborigine mysticism, musical interludes and the kitchen sink, this is what you get. Yes, it is flawed, but the only scene that really doesn’t work is the familiar climactic showdown (it’s too Hollywood, even for this movie). Overall, this is the kind of film you walk out of saying, “they don’t make ‘em like this anymore.” And forget waiting for DVD—a movie this impressive and entertaining needs to be seen on the big screen. MTW



SHOWTIMES Front Street Theater 900 Front Street, Lahaina, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-F until 6:30pm, Sa-Su until 3:30pm, Discount Tue), Australia - PG13 - F-W 5, 8:30. Sa-Su 1:30, 5, 8:30. Bolt - G - F-W 4:15, 6:45, 9:15. Sa-Su 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15. Quantum of Solace - R - F-W 4:45, 7:15, 9:45. Sa-Su 2:15, 4:45, 7:15, 9:45. Transporter 3 - PG13 - F-W 4:30, 7, 9:30. SaSu 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30.

Ka’ahumanu 6 Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. 8754910 (Matinees: everyday until 4pm), Changeling - R - F-Sa 6:45, 9:45. Su-W 7:20. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - G - F-Sa 11, 12, 1:05, 2:10, 3:10, 4:20, 5:15, 7:20, 9:25. Su-W 11, 12, 1:05, 2:10, 3:10, 4:20, 5:15, 7:20. Transporter 3 - PG13 - F-Sa 11:15, 12:35, 1:30, 2:50, 3:45, 5:05, 6, 7:20, 8:15, 9:35, 10:30. Su-W 11:15, 12:35, 1:30, 2:50, 3:45, 5:05, 6, 7:20, 8:15. Twilight - PG13 - F-Sa 11, 12, 1:40, 2:40, 4:20, 5:20, 7, 8, 9:40, 10:40. Su-W 11, 12, 1:40, 2:40, 4:20, 5:20, 7, 8.

Kukui Mall Beyonce plays against type as a spoiled, beautiful R&B singer.

New This Week CADILLAC RECORDS - R - Drama Beyonce Knowles as Etta James? Mos Def as Chuck Berry? Cedric the Entertainer as Willie Dixon? Wow. This flick chronicles the lives of some of the most influential musicians ever, all of whom recorded with legendary Chicago-based label Chess records. 109 min. NOBEL SON - R - Comedy - The son of a philandering Nobel Prize winner is kidnapped and held for a $2 million ransom, which said dad refuses to pay. 102 min. PUNISHER WAR ZONE - R - Action - The comic book character-based hero continues to kick ass in the sequel to the movie, apparently made a few years ago, with which it shares its characters as well as, probably, its plot. 103 min.

Now Showing AUSTRALIA - PG13 - Drama - A dainty aristocrat reluctantly pairs up with a tough Aussie cowboy dude in an attempt to keep cattle barons from taking over the huge chunk of land she just inherited. Takes place during WWII. 165 min. BOLT - G - Animation - A computer-animated dog that stars in a television show leaves his sheltered surroundings when he thinks his owner is lost. Lessons in humility ensue. 96 min. CHANGELING - R - Drama - No, this is not a remake of that super-crusty, bonechilling 1980 ghost flick. Instead, it tells the story of some woman played by Angelina Jolie. Said woman’s son is kidnapped, only to return behaving in a manner that is utterly suspect. As you probably guessed, this is based on true events. 141 min. FOUR CHRISTMASES - PG13 - Comedy - Holy crap! A romantic comedy involving Christmas? Am I dreaming? Plot as follows: An un-married couple (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon) slogs through

Christmas day visiting each of their four divorced (and presumably bitter) parents. Awkward dinners ensue. 88 min. MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA - G Animation - After a series of mishaps a group of animals with famous people voices find themselves in the heart of the motherland. 89 min. QUANTUM OF SOLACE - R - Action - On the heels of his latest explosion-filled fiasco Bond finds himself trying to stop some dude from taking control over a key part of South America’s water supply. More things probably blow up, more martinis probably get shaken and more hot babes probably get nailed. 106 min.

1819 South Kihei Road, 875-4910 ( Matinees: everyday until 4pm), Bolt - G - F-Sa 11, 1:10, 3:20, 5:30, 7:40, 9:50. Su 11, 1:10, 3:20, 5:30, 7:40. M-W 1:20, 3:35, 5:50, 8:05. Four Christmases - PG13 - F-Sa 11, 1:05, 3:10, 5:15, 7:20, 9:25. Su 11, 1:05, 3:10, 5:15, 7:20. M-W 1:05, 3:10, 5:15, 7:20. Quantum of Solace - R - F-Sa 12, 2:25, 4:50, 7:15, 9:40. Su 12, 2:25, 4:50, 7:15. M-W 1, 3:25, 5:50, 8:15. Twilight - PG13 - F-Sa 11, 1:40, 4:20, 7, 9:40. Su 11, 1:40, 4:20, 7. M-W 2:30, 5:10, 7:50.

Maui Mall Megaplex

TRANSPORTER 3 - PG13 - Action - Hmmm. Didn’t know there was a Transporter or a Transporter 2. This involves the transportation of an important item at the behest of a criminal mastermind. Explosions ensue. 100 min.

Maui Mall, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-Th until 6pm, F-Su until 3:30pm),

TWILIGHT - PG13 - Fantasy - A shy, awkward teenage human female moves to a new town and discovers her mega-hot sexytime boy crush has a secret. A secret that involves being a vampire. Could be worse. Trust me. 122 min.

Bolt - G - Th-W 12:45, 1:25, 3:05, 3:45, 5:25, 6:20, 7:50, 8:45, 10:10; 3D: 2:10, 4:35, 7:15, 9:30. F-Su 12:45, 1:35, 3, 3:50, 5:20, 7:40, 9:55. 3D: 11:55, 2:10, 4:35, 7:15, 9:30.

Got something to say? The MauiTime

Australia - PG13 - Th-W 1:30, 2, 5, 5:30, 8:30, 9

Cadillac Records - R - Th-W1:50, 4:25, 7, 9:35 Nobel Son - R - Th-W 1:45, 4:20, 6:55, 9:30 Punisher War Zone - R - Th-W 1:30, 2:15, 4:05, 4:50, 6:40, 7:25, 9:15, 10 Quantum of Solace - R - Th-W 2:20, 3:15, 4, 5, 5:45, 6:45, 7:25, 8:15, 9:20, 10. F-Su 12:05, 12:35, 2:20, 2:50, 4:35, 5:05, 6:50, 7:20, 9:05, 9:35.

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Wharf Cinema Center 658 Front Street, 249-2222 (Matinees: Tue all shows, until 6pm every other day), Four Christmases - PG13 - F-W 1:45, 4:15, 6:30, 9. Sa-Su 11:15, 1:45, 4:15, 6:30, 9. Punisher War Zone - R - F-W 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30. Sa-Su 11:30, 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30. Twilight - PG13 - F-W 1:30, 4, 6:45, 9:30. SaSu 11, 1:30, 4, 6:45, 9:30.


DECEMBER 04, 2008





Lovely mele Saturday (Dec. 6), 7:30pm, McCoy Studio Theater, MACC

Mandatory beach day Saturday (Dec. 6), 7am-6pm, Baldwin Beach, Paia You’ve spent a significant portion of your short life getting battered by the surf. Your legs have some pretty admirable scars from run-ins with coral. You have swallowed enough salt water to make you see Jesus in your bowl of saimin. Why not make all this abuse pay off? Saturday’s 12th Annual Paia Bay Beach Fest, sponsored by the Paia Youth and Cultural Center, serves as an opportunity for you to do just that. It starts at the butt crack of dawn and features body board, surf and body surfing contests in Menuhune, Junior, Men’s Open, Drop Knee Open, Women’s Open and Freestyle Surf Open divisions. The entry fee covers you for competition in one division, a neat-o t-shirt commemorating the event and a plate lunch. The entry fee the day of the event is $30 and $20 for those who sign up ahead of time. Call 579-8354 to enter or for more info.


The first time I saw singer/kumu hula/kahiko dancer Napua Greig was when she played Hula Shores, Hotel Molokai’s waterfront bar, in celebration of her 2007 debut release Pihana (to be complete, fulfilled). The disc, for which she won the 2008 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for best female vocalist, contains one geneology chant, five traditional mele and five original mele. A sizable chunk of Molokai’s population came out to see her, and rightfully so. Hers vocals are at once sweet and strong, wandering seamlessly from birdlike harmonies to commanding goddess-like leads. She blends newer approaches to songwriting with those of traditional Hawaiian music and pulls it off like a breeze. The Makawao-based songstress shares the stage with singer Hoku Zuttermeister, whose astonishing vocal range and haunting falsetto have fetched him five Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, including one for his latest release, Aina Kupuna. Zuttermeister, like Greig, embraces both traditional and modern sounds. Both heavily infuse their music with a deep reverence for ancestors as well as the ‘aina. Zuttermeister, for example inherited the song “Na Pua Lei Ilima” from his great-grandmother. This is one of those required-listening shows. For tickets call 242SHOW (7469) or visit $30/keiki half price.

➤➤➤➤➤ FRIDAY ➤➤➤➤➤ SATURDAY ➤➤➤➤➤ SUN




THURSDAY DEC 04 Music 10PM -Close

Friday, December 5th $28.00 presale/$33.00 Door

Saturday, December 6th $30.00 presale/$35.00 Door


MAUI, HAWAII 667-7400

All tickets on sale at 20

DECEMBER 04, 2008

the Hard Rock Shop








FRIDAY DEC 05 Music 10PM -Close


$10 at Door


SATURDAY DEC 06 Music 10PM -Close



Home of the Jalapeno Margarita! Freshly Made Sangria • Stolli Blueberry Hill • Caipirinha’s for all you Brazilians!


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5 SHOT SPECIALS $4 to $7 Heineken $4

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RED STRIPE $ Bacardi Light $ Bacardi Select $ Bacardi Anejo $

Jack Daniels $4 Gentlemen Jack $5 Single Barrel $6

Daily Happy Hour • $1.00 OFF ALL DRAFTS BREAKFAST





The real deal Sunday (Dec. 7), 3pm, McCoy Studio Theater, MACC I could go on and on about how the white man has attempted to give Barbie doll simplicity to things too ancient and profound for the steel hierarchy of his mind to grasp. But that’s been done ad nauseum, usually by me, so I’ll be positive this time around. Hula (the real hula), though often portrayed as twodimensional for purposes of marketing, appears to have survived to some degree despite the abovementioned stabs at hegemony. In fact, Maui County has designated 2008 Year of the Hula. The MACC is commemorating this occasion with a two-part film series focusing on various aspects of this vital tradition. Sunday’s screenings serve as the second and final installment. Two films will show. The first, Ka Po’e Hula Hawaii Kahiko (The Hula People of Old), features footage of hulas that took place in the 1930s as performed by some of the most well known dancers and chanters of the era. The second, The Hula of Old Hawaii, features demonstrations of traditional dances and chants as performed by Mary Kawena Pukui and daughters Pat and Pele. A guest speaker will provide additional insight. Take that, dashboard dolls! For tickets call 242-SHOW(7469) or visit $12.



Put on some trance Sunday (Dec. 7), 7pm, Studio Maui, Haiku Kirtan (Indian devotional chant) rock star Krishna Das’s new release, Heart Full of Soul, has little in common with the Yardbirds tune with which it shares its title. Yet it wouldn’t surprise me if a number of music collections contain both. Both acts are essentially products of the ’60s. Both have a rare degree of emotional gravity. Yet the former probably appeals more to the yoga set than it does to rock and roll history buffs (the Yardbirds did, after all, launch the careers of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck). I am told that in the realm of Kirtan, Das parallels all three of these legendary acts in popularity and impact. Sunday’s show is the show fans of the genre cannot miss. Krishna Das’s tunes are more accessible to Western audiences than those of others of his ilk; his melodies are highly catchy. Das incorporates a diverse array of Eastern and Western instruments into his sound on Heart Full of Soul: acoustic and electric guitar, violin, finger cymbals, harmonium and the tabla drum, the striking of which causes the listener to instantly associate this music with its nation of origin. This rare show is one of three stops in Das’s Hawaiian Islands tour. Call 575-9390 for tickets. $30/$25.



DECEMBER 04, 2008


Big Shows Bambu Station - Sat, Dec 6. International Virgin Islands-based reggae act Bambu Station features Reemah from “Chance to Grow” and Brad Wantanabe. Special guests include Guidance, Jah Maoli Rasta, Kaipo Kapua, Ryan Mystic and Dezman. Tickets available at West Side Vibes, Maui Prints, No Ka Oi Munchies, Mauimania and Mulligan’s on the Blue and online at $22/$30/$50 (VIP). 9 p.m. Mulligans on the Blue, Wailea. 667-7400. Hoku Zottermeister/Napua Grieg - Sat, Dec 6. This show brings the male and female Na Hoku Hano Hano 2008 winners for best vocalist onto one stage. Zuttermeister is a renowned guitarist and falsetto singer; Grieg is an amazing singer, kumu hula and kahiko dancer. They will perform separately as well as together. $30/keiki half price. 7:30 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Mickey Avalon - Sat, Dec 6. This drug userturned-male prostitute-turned-Orthodox Jew-turned world’s first openly bi rapper’s tracks are not for the faint of heart. $30/$35. 10 p.m. Hard Rock Cafe, Lahaina. 667-7400. One Love Community - Sat, Dec 6. Long Beach California-based hip hop, reggae and R&B acts Barikuda, DubPassenjah and Chad Bishop bring their music and vibes to Maui for a night of gettin’ down. 21+. 9 p.m. Life’s A Beach, Kihei. 891-8010. Holiday Pops Concert - Sun, Dec 7. Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concert master Frank Almond escapes the disgustingly frigid ‘sconsin air to play a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin with the Maui Pops Orchestra. The orchestra will play “light classical” and ultra-familiar holiday tunes. $10/$21/$26/$36/keiki half price. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Krishna Das - Sun, Dec 7. Kirtan (Indian devotional chant) rock star Krishna Das is big on Maui. He comes to the isles on the heels of the release of his latest, Heart Full of Soul. $30/$25. 7 p.m. Studio Maui, Haiku. 575-9390. Micah Wolf - Wed, Dec 10. Maui-based singersongwriter Micah Wolf will play tunes off his latest, Beyond the Shores in an intimate setting. It’s not often that Wolf plays on island. Plus the show is free. 7:30 p.m. Cafe Marc Aurel, Wailuku. 244-0852.

Stage Sound of Music Auditions - Sat. Thespians of all ages are invited to try out for a role in this classic Rodgers & Hammerstein musical about life during wartime. Show will run from Feb. 27 to March 22, 2009. Sat., 10 a.m.-12 p.m. (kids); Sun., 1-3:30 p.m. (adults). Iao Theater, 68 N. Market St., Wailuku, HI, 96793. 244-8680. Sleeping Beauty Auditions - Sat. Nine roles will be cast for this musical adaptation of the classic and kinda creepy Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Ages 14 and up. Appointment required. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Steppingstone Playhouse, Queen Kaahumanu Center. 875-4367. Calling All Readers - Mon-Fri. Want to read for Maui On Stageís Bare Essential Theater? Roles are announced at monthly readings and scripts are given out in advance. Call Kristi. 244-8680 x23. A Christmas Story - Daily. You’ve seen the flick a hundred times or more: the bb gun, the bunny pajamas, the scary Santa Claus. Check it out on stage this year for a change. . Fri., 7:30 p.m.; Sat, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.; Sun., 5p.m. Iao Theater, Wailuku. 242-6969.

Tickets on Sale Scottastrophe - Thu, Dec 11. Awesome. Comedian and former Kids in the Hall gay guy Scott Thompson is coming to Maui. This one-man show, which Thompson wrote, chronicles his intimate familiarity with catastrophe. Presented by the illustrious Manhattan Mama’s Coconut Cabaret. A must. $20. 7:30 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Neil Sedaka - Fri, Dec 12. This songwriting Hall of Famer comes to the Valley Isle for a holiday performance. Dude is the man behind the pen on tunes like “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Yeah. $25/$30/$37.50/$45. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC. 242-7469.


DECEMBER 04, 2008

Pete Kater - Sat, Dec 20. This piano player/composer has written over 100 tunes for television, film, and off-Broadway productions. He’s also been nominated for four Grammies in the past five years and has gone multiple platinum. $22. 7:30 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Keali’i Reichel/Maui Pops Orchestra - Sat, Jan 17. Singer/guitarist/kumu hula Keali’i Reichel joins a few members of the Maui Pops Orchestra for a show that will benefit Reichel’s Halau Ke’alaokamaile as they prepare for the Merrie Monarch competition. $12/$45/$55/$65/keiki half price. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Jake Shimabukuro - Sat, Jan 24. Wow. This ukulele virtuoso delivers an electrifying performance. The YouTube video featuring his cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is just the beginning. His talent and his philosophy on playing make for a most captivating show. $12/$28/$37/keiki half price. 7:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Leon Fleischer - Sun, Jan 25. This pianist spent years sharpening his skills without the use of his right hand due to a neurological disorder. He later miraculously regained use of his right hand. $12/$30/$40/$45/keiki half price. 5 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC. 242-7469.

Events THURSDAY, DEC 04 Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling - Available from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. Free Hepatits A & B Vaccines also available. Times and locations vary around the island. 984-2129. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.) 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Come Out and Play - Elizabeth Ann Brandon, MA wants to make friends with your inner child using cognitive therapy, hypnosis and transactional analysis. Free. 12-3 p.m. Dragon’s Den, Makawao. 573-2424. Cinema Night - Cafe Mambo will be hosting an evening of classic and cult classic films for the 21 and older crowd. This week’s flick is Love Actually. 9:00 p.m. Cafe Mambo, Paia. 579-8021.

FRIDAY, DEC 05 Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling - Available from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. Free Hepatits A & B Vaccines also available. Times and locations vary around the island. 984-2129. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Biofeedback - Mary Higgins, QXC/SCIO practitioner, helps you energetically rebalance after living yet another day in a toxin-filled world. Walk-ins only. Sliding scale pricing. 2-5 p.m. Dragon’s Den. 573-2424. Frosty the Stickman - Performance by said performer. A holiday deal. 6-8 p.m. Whaler’s Village, Kaanapali. Job Club - Get help preparing resumes, contacting prospective employers and interviewing. Free. 3-5 p.m. Job Connections of Maui. 871-4143. Pau Hana Party - Come celebrate the end of another work week with drink discounts and an allaround great atmosphere. Happy hour prices until 6 p.m. Cafe Marc Aurel, Wailuku. 244-0852. Shakin’ Keiki - Come see little hula dancers in adorable outfits doing the cultural dance of their ancestors. Free. 3:30 p.m. Lahaina Center, 900 Front St. 667-9216.


Miss Solid Wahine Fashion Show - A casual pageant for Maui’s teen girls (11-13; 14-18). Presented by Solid Clothing Co. Entry fee: $30. 5-9 p.m. Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. 893-0929.

SATURDAY, DEC 06 Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360. Used Book Sale - A chance to pick up some lightly used tomes for to read on the beach and/or distribute among family as is customary this time of year. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Makawao Public Library. 572-8254. Lei of Aloha 2 - A benefit for Hokulani Holt’s hula halau, Pa’u O Hi’iaka. $20/$25. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono. 244-5897. Christmas in Makawao - One can shop for books, flowers, clothing, paniolo fare and more while checking out live music, local food, face, painting and more. . 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Makawao Town. 572-6877. MS Meeting - Come to this monthly self-help meeting if you or a loved one is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Free. 10-11:30 a.m. Kaiser Permanente, Conference Room 1, Wailuku. 800-FIGHTMS. Swap Meet - I’ve always wanted to unearth some totally awesome treasure at a random flea market. This might be a good place to start. Admission: 50 cents. 7 a.m.-12 p.m. Pu`unene Ave., Kahului. 877-3100. Makawao Hongwanji Mission Garage Sale - A chance to acquire random goods while at the same time helping a good cause. 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Makawao Hongwanji Mission. 572-7229. 12th Annual Paia Bay Beachfest Bodyboard, surf, and bodysurf competitions take place in male and female divisions for all ages. $20 to enter before the day pf the event; includes tshirt, plate lunch and entry into one competition. $30 day of event; $10 each additional competition. 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Paëia Bay. 579-8354. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Habitat for Humanity - Spend a few hours helping a family in need get secure shelter. 9 a.m. Call for details. 893-0334. Hula Classes - Hula Classes - Every Sat. Halau Kawaianuhealehua holds open hula classes for children, teen and adult wahines and kanes. 9 a.m. Maui Waena School. Hula Show - Get a taste of Hawaiian history and culture. Free. 1 p.m. Maui Mall, Kahului. 877-8952. Santa Claus Pet Photos - Your pets have probably been asking when they can get their picture taken with Santa. Well, here is their chance. All donations given will benefit the Maui Humane Society. 1-3 p.m. Pouchi Couture, 400 Hana Highway, Unit 1, Kahului. 893 2275. Writers’ Support - Artist, astrologer and jeweler Shakti Carola Navran offers aspiring writers a chance to sharpen their skill at crafting pieces of writing. 4 p.m. Kula (call for details). 878-8182. Chrysanthemum Festival - Fifty-sixth annual event includes entertainment, dinner music, demonstrations, children’s crafts, a Valley Isle Bonsai Club exhibit, ballroom dance performances. $15. 5:30 p.m. Wailuku Community Center. 385-7670. Mele Kalikimaka Performance - A chance to celebrate the holidays Hawaii style: by the beach. 78 p.m. Whaler’s Village, Kaanapali. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao.

SUNDAY, DEC 07 Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360.

Senior Sunday - Maui residents ages 60 and better can enjoy the beautiful Hawai`i Nature Center for free once a month. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 875 Iao Valley Road, Wailuku. 244-6500. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Hula Show - Get a taste of Hawaiian history and culture. Free. 1 p.m. Maui Mall, Kahului. 877-8952. Year of the Hula Film Festival - Maui County has designated 2008 Year of the Hula. This is part two of the festival. Guest speakers will discuss each film in depth. $12/keiki half price. 3 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC. 242-7469. Drum Cirlcle - Bring your drum and beat away with others in the community. Free. 4 p.m.-sunset. Kihei. 298-9022. Sunset Drum Circle - Come and drum, dance and shake it on the beach with Omzone. Free. 4:20 p.m. Kamaole Point. 298-9022. Israeli Dance - Learn traditional and modern International and Israeli dances. Free. 4:30-6 p.m. Grace Church, Kulu. 264-5214. Holiday Jazz Show - Jazz band plays all of the holidays tunes of which you surely haven’t gotten enough yet. 6-8 p.m. Whaler’s Village, Kaanapali. Line Dancing - Practice your tush push ya’ll and come on down for some line dancing by the Maui Paniolo Posse. Lessons: 6:30 p.m.; Dancing: 7 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall. Discover Ulupalakua - A celebration of the area’s unique history. Includes wine tasting, live music, locally made goods, food, tours, and more. Part of the Sunday Drive to Ulupalkua Series. All day. Ulupalakua. 878-2561.

MONDAY, DEC 08 Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling - Available from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. Free Hepatits A & B Vaccines also available. Times and locations vary around the island. 984-2129. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360. Neuro Cognitive Differences Anonymous - A support group for people with memory, attention, concentration, organization, language, learning, or similar cognitive impairment. 10:30 a.m.11:30 a.m. St. Theresa Church, Kihei. 879-2649. Senior Line Dancing - Line dance lessons for people 55 or better. 8:30-10 a.m. Kaunoa Senior Center, Sprecklesville. 270-7313. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Pipe Up - No experience is needed for drummers and bagpipers at these open, free lesson and practices for the Isle of Maui Pipe Band. 6 p.m. Call for Direction. 876-0154. Women Helping Women - A support group for women affected by domestic violence. 6 p.m. Kihei, call for details. 242-0775. High Hopes Square Dance Club - A place for beginners to pick up some steps and seasoned square dancers to show off their moves. Free. 7 p.m. Hannibal Tavares Community Center, Pukalani. 572-0671.

TUESDAY, DEC 09 Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling - Available from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. Free Hepatits A & B Vaccines also available. Times and locations vary around the island. 984-2129. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360.

DA KINE CALENDAR Makena Resort Expansion Hearing Another chance for passionate people on either side of this controversial issue to deliver testimony. 8 a.m. Council Chambers, County Building, Wailuku. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Suzuki Sensei Youth Award Fundraiser Proceeds from every pizza sold will benefit the above-mentioned program. 5-10 p.m. Flatbread Pizza, Paia. 244-5165. Non-Profit Polynesian Dance - Support the kids of the Napili Kai Foundation by watching their Polynesian dance show. $10 adults, $5 kids. 5:30 p.m. 669-6271. Maui Singles Investment Club - This event gives Maui singles a chance to mingle while learning about investments. 5:30-7 p.m. Cary & Eddie’s Hideaway, Kahului. 579-9249. Ukulele Lessons - Learn some strumming techniques to impress you friends with. Free. 5:45 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall. 661-5304. Israeli Folk Dancing - A chance to hear the music of the Middle East, learn some new dance steps, and experience a faraway culture. Free/$5 suggested donation. 6-8 p.m. Beit Shalom Synagogue, 634 Alulike St., Kihei. 874-5397. Folk Dancing - Shake it folk style with the Maui Israeli Fold Dancing group. Free. . 8 p.m. Jewish Congregation of Maui, Kihei. 280-1051. Speed Dating - Sit down for a round of threeminute dates. Who knows, you could find true love... or at least someone you might want to spend a whole second date with. Registration: $5. 8 p.m. Wow-Wee Maui Kava Bar & Grill, Kahului. 871-1414. Toastmasters - Perfect your public speaking skills in this community club. 9 a.m., Kapalua Land Co. training center, 665-5485; 6 p.m., St. Theresa Church, Kihei, 298-3966.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 10 Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling - Available from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. Free Hepatits A & B Vaccines also available. Times and locations vary around the island. 984-2129. Canned Food Drive - Bring non-perishables for Maui Food Bank, which is in pretty dire need this year, as you can imagine. Upcountry Fine Art, Makawao. Holiday Gift Wrapping - Avoid papercuts and help out a good cause. Proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. Ask about volunteer opportunities. (Times vary.). 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Queen Kaahamanu Center. 877-3360. Ayurvedic Consultations - Margo P. Uma Gal, CAP., offers up wisdom on diet and lifestyle from over 20 years of experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Walk-ins only. Free. 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Makawao. 572-2424. Holiday Book Drive - Help Maui’s keiki discover how cool books are. Because they are. 9 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. Shakin’ Keiki - Come see little hula dancers in adorable outfits doing the cultural dance of their ancestors. Free. 2:30 p.m. Lahaina Center, 900 Front St. 667-9216. WOW! - Every Wed. Wailea on Wednesdays presents live island music, gallery receptions, artist appearances and more. . 6:30-8 p.m. 897-6770 x2.


Raw Food Potluck - Maui’s first North shore raw food potluck for an evening of eating, exchanging recipes and ideas and supporting the raw food movement. Location and time TBA. 283-7226.

Keiki Winter in Hawaii - Wed. Aubrey Myers of the LaTi-Da music program hosts this 45-minute holiday sing along for keiki. 10 a.m. Wailuku Public Library, 251 High Street, Wailuku, HI, 96793. 243-5766. After-School Help - Mon-Fri. Hui Malama Learning Center offers after-school homework help and classes. Call for directions and hours. 244-5911. Athletic Club Outreach - Every Tue & Thu. Got tough kids? Get them instruction on Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, body building and sports-specific weight training by an experienced team of coaches. Ages 11-19. Free. 4:45-6 p.m. St. Mark Weightlifting Hall, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Wailuku. 244-4656. Free Keiki Art Classes - Every Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri. Lahaina Arts Society offers free children’s art classes island wide. MON - Lahaina Surf Hawaiian Housing, 3-5 p.m. & Baha’i Faith Maui Center, Makawao, 9 a.m.-12. TUE - Kehekili Park Terrace, Wailuku, 3-5 p.m. WED - Baha’i Faith Maui Center, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.; Honokowai Kau Hale, 2:30-4:30 p.m.; Ka Hale A Ke Ola, Wailuku, 4-6 p.m. FRI Haiku Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 3-5 p.m. For more info call 661-0111. Kids Love Stories - Tue. So bring them down to listen at Lahaina’s biggest bookstore. Free. 1010:30 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 662-1300. West Side Storytime - Every Tue & Sat. Lahaina’s newest bookseller is hosting keiki story time, so get them hooked on reading early. Tue., 10 a.m.; Sat., 11 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. Keiki Issues? - Thu. The Parent Project, a program for parents of strong willed children. Wrestle the phone away from the child and make that call. Free. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Hui Malama Learning Center. 289-5050. Keiki Shots - Thu. (West Maui) Bring children up to the age of 18 without medical insurance in for vaccinations. Bring all immunization records. Walkin basis. Free. 9-11 a.m. Lahaina Comprehensive Health Center. 984-8260. Story Time - Thu. Keiki story time and crafts. Free. 10 a.m. Hawaiian Village Coffee, Kahana. 665-1114. Toddler Story Time - Thu. Brush up on the latest in children’s books with your little one. Free. 10 a.m. Makawao Public Library. 573-8785. Keiki Shots - Fri. (Central Maui) Bring children up to the age of 18 without medical insurance in for vaccinations. Bring all immunization records. Walkin basis. Free.12-3 p.m. Wailuku Health Center. 984-8260. Premature Babies - Sat. Imua will hold a support group for parents of premature babies. Parent education, info and skills. 5:30 p.m., Imua Family Services Anuenue Room, 870-0115.Saturday Stories - Sat. Bring the kids down to Lahaina’s biggest bookstore for stories and special events. Free. 11 a.m. Barnes and Noble, Lahaina. 6621307. Yu-Gi-Oh - Sat. Little gamester get out your cards and get ready for a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament! Free. 3 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall. 661-4766.

844 FRONT ST., LAHAINA • 667-7758

Yo Yo Workshop & Demo - Sun. Yo Yo’s are silent, so encourage your kids to learn how to use them and finally get some peace and quiet! Free. 45 p.m. Maui Toy Works. 661-5304. Keiki Chess Club - Mon. For little masterminds age 7-12. Taught by magician Neil Bruce. Free. 2:304 p.m. Makawao Public Library. 573-5313.

Lecture State of Livestock Lecture - Wed. Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle discusses the huge list of problems associated with the manner in which livestock are treated within the US agricultural industry. Refreshments served. Free. 7 p.m. Cameron Center, Wailuku. 298-8544. Families With Mental Illness Course - Wed. Course aims to help families of individuals with serious mental illness. Free. 5-7:30 p.m. Cameron Center, Wailuku. 572-3757.

Workshops Angel Workshop - Sat. Clairvoyant Doreen Virtue teaches participants how to connect with Archangel Micheal, who is said to protect, rescue and safeguard. 5-7 p.m. Studio Maui, Haiku. 575-9390. Dealing with Grief - Sat. Workshop aims to help grieving individuals get through the holidays. $10. 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Hospice Maui, Wailuku. 244-5555. Dream Yoga - Sat. Learn about the kind of awareness that can be gained from exploring the dream state from Tibetan Nyingma scholar and practitioner Lama Rinchen. $20 suggested donation. Take place Upcountry (call for directions). 1-4 p.m. 264-5522. Spiritual Solutions For Your Life, Now Tue. Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan present this seminar on improving one’s situation by way of spiritual practices. Suggested donation $10. 9 a.m. 11 Maha’olu St. - Recreation Hall. 871-1110. Creative Conflict Solutions - Wed. Phyllis Robinson, Ed.D. and Melanie Stephens, MS discuss how to resolve conflicts over money and other issues using effective means of communication. 7-9:30 p.m. Haiku Community Center. 874-1239. Taketina Workshop - Wed. A chance for folks to improve their awareness of rhythm. 7-10 p.m. Studio Maui, Haiku. 575-9390. Dragon & Tiger Medical Chi Gung - Every Tue & Thu. This exercise is believed to fight cancer in China. Free class sponsored by the Pacific Cancer Foundation. 3-4 p.m. Maui YMCA. 2432999. Dragon & Tiger Medical Chi Gung - Every Tue & Fri. In China, this exercise is believed to fight cancer. Sponsored by the Pacific Cancer Foundation. Free. 5:30-6:30 p.m. REPS Fintess Training Center, Wailea Town Center. 243-2999. Cancer Support Group/Relaxation Classes - Fri. Kurt Miyajima will teach cancer patients, survivors, family members and caregivers relaxation and longevity breathing techniques. Free. 3-4 p.m. Maui YMCA. 243-2999

2511 S. KIHEI RD., KIHEI • 891-8600

Environment Daily Onsite Coral Reef Naturalist Program - Mon-Fri. Learn names of fish youíve seen while snorkeling and how to protect Mauiís reefs at Pacific Whale Foundationís free Coral Reef Information Station. Sponsored by Hawaii Tourism Authority and County of Maui Office of Economic Development. . 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Ulua Beach, Wailea. 808-294-8811. Kanaha Beach Project - Every Tue & Thu. Join group leader Val Magee in removing invasive species, clearing marine debris and planting native species at Kanaha Park. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen. Wear cool clothing, a hat and good walking shoes—and bring your swimsuit if you wish for a refreshing dip afterwards! Meet at the Canoe Hale at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului. . 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Kanaha Beach Park. 808-294-8811 ext. 1. Meet the Aquarist Tours - Daily. Get the inside scoop on the daily lives of MOC aquarists, including turtle and shark feeding. Call to book. $10 plus park admission. 4 p.m. Maui Ocean Center, Ma`alaea. 270-7089. Save Honolua - Tue. Meeting to inform, educate and involve the community on the proposed development of Honolua Bay. 6:45 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center. 870-0052. Smarter than a Sand Crab? - Mon-Fri. Get free info about marine life and answers to all those pesky questions that keep you up all night. The Pacific Whale Foundation Marine Naturalists are definitely smarter than a fifth grader. The question is, are you?. 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Ulua Beach, Wailea. 249-8811. Building supplies - Every Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat. Spring cleaning! Donate new and nearly new building materials or purchase them at reduced prices. Volunteers needed to stock, display and price merchandise. Reduce the amount of usable building materials going into the landfill. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Habitat for Humanity, Market St., Wailuiku. 986-8050. Weed and Pot Club - Wed. Did that get your attention? Push up your sleeves and rake, hoe and pull weeds in a beautiful garden setting. Tools, gloves and drinking water provided. Bring sunscreen and tennis shoes. 8:30 a.m. Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Kahului. 249-2798. Coastal Restoration - Fri. Habitat restoration at Waihe`e coastal dunes with Maui Coastal Land Trust. 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Waihe`e. 244-5263. Maui Coastal Land Trust Service Project Fri. The Pacific Whale Foundation’s Volunteering on Vacation program gives you a chance to help save unique ecosystems at Maui Coastal Land Trust in Waihee. Be prepared to help weed out invasive plants or help with other tasks. Get a free t-shirt for your efforts!. 7:45 a.m.-12 p.m. Maui Coastal Land Trust, Waihee. 808-294-8811 ext. 1. Honokawai Valley Restoration Project Sat. Come help remove invasive species while learning about some of the area’s archaeological sites. Wear close-toed boots and bring water, snacks, lunch, sun screen and bug spray. Group will meet at the Kaanapali Sugar Cane Train Station, which is on the mauka side of Puukoli Road. 9 a.m.2 p.m. Honokawai Valley. 249-8811. Honokowai Valley Restoration - Sat. Visit remote Honokowai Valley, which is closed to public access, with leader Ed Lindsey. Help save archeological sites of old Hawaii, pull invasive plants and


DECEMBER 04, 2008


DJ Skinny Guy 2ND FLOOR

DJ Jay P on the Grille

Unifires starts at 10pm

Maui Underground

# Go-Go Dancing #

on the roof top


Starts at 10pm

Starts at 10pm



3# $3 $

Coors Light Bottle

Go-Go Dancing #

Well Vodka Drinks

3# $3 $

Monday, FOOTBALL ALL DAY! LIVE Entertainment after the game! NFL games at 3:15pm on Thurs., Dec. 4th, 11th & 18th. Also on Saturday Dec. 20th at 3:15pm


Coors Light Bottle Well Vodka Drinks

on the rooftop

Go-Go Dancing #

3# $3 $

Coors Light Bottle Well Vodka Drinks






Amstell Light, 16oz. Bloody Marys, 16oz Mimosas, 16oz Screwdrivers, & Margaritas

Tues & Weds Live Music by multiple musicians from 3:30pm to 10:30pm


After 10pm Drink Specials

$3 Assorted Flavored SKYY Vodka “You Name It” $3 Amstel Lt. Draft Beer

Da House DJ

guaranteed to get “Da Boody Shaken!”

744 Front Street, 2nd Floor • Lahaina, Maui • 24

DECEMBER 04, 2008


The Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars, clubs, cafes, other non-dinner serving establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm.

AMBROSIA 1913 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 891-1011

CAFE MARC AUREL 28 N. Market St. Wailuku - 244-0852

Thursday 12/04

Friday 12/05

Saturday 12/06

Sunday 12/07

Monday 12/08– Wednesday 12/09

DJ Blu Sol No cover, 10pm

Estee Graham No cover, 10pm

Call for details

Call for details

MON - Call for details;;TUE - Kahala & Indo of LAWA; WED - Karen B

Lonnie Williams & Diggable All Stars

Btown Chicken Brown Cow String Band


Groove Addict $7/$5; 10pm

Ai Pohaku $10, 10pm

Salsa Night

DJ Nature Boy

DJ Grouch

Bringing Sexy Back $10, 10pm

DJ Joe (reggae & hip hop) $5, 10pm

DJ Z $10, 10pm

Orin & Junior No cover

Dave Carroll No cover

Dave Carroll No cover

1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-0220

CELLAR 744 744 Front St., Lahaina 661-3744

CHARLEY’S 142 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-9668

COOL CAT CAFE Wharf Cinema, Lahaina - 667-0908

DOG & DUCK IRISH PUB 1913 S. Kihei Rd. - 875-9669

EHA’S POOL BAR 1234 Lower Main, Wailuku - 242-1177

Pub Quiz

KAHULUI ALE HOUSE 355 E. Kamehameha, Kahului - 877-9001

MON - Jordan, 10pm; TUE - Scott Baird & Merika/Dart Tournament

Maui Underground

Mickey Avalon $30/$35, 9pm

Rampage 10pm


One Love Community

Karaoke w/ Melani

Live Music No cover, 9pm

Live Music No cover, 9pm

Live Music No cover, 9pm

Gina Martinelli No cover

DJ Del Sol $10, 10pm

Bali Sheik No cover, 9:30pm

Kenny Roberts No cover

Way Back Machine No Cover

120 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-8844

36 Keala Pl., Kihei - 875-7711

MON - Erin Smith; TUE - Jazz Night; WED -Howard Ahia, No cover

Pato Banton & Mystic Roots; $28/$33, 10pm


Eric the Whale Shark No cover

Ultra Fab $6, 10pm

900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7400

41 E. Lipoa St., Kihei - 879-2849

MON - Village Station (Alternative Night); TUE - Fat Tuesdays

Girly Girls Show $8, 10pm



Bambu Station

Cheryl Rae Band 9pm

1445 S. Kihei Rd. - 874-4041

1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891–8010

WED - Wild Wahine Wednesday w/DJ Styles & DJ Jammin J; $10, 10pm

Mojomana 9pm




MON - Open Mic; WED - Micah Wolf

Vince Esquire No cover

DJ Shaka Rock No Cover, 10pm

MON - Karaoke; TUE - Backyard Jam; WED - Karaoke


WED -Wii Wednesdays w/ DJ, 10pm MON - Marty Dread & the Kryptones, $10, $5 Kama aina MON - Kanoa of Gomega, 10pm; TUE - Lucky Bum Girls; WED - Crunch Pups/Melani, 10pm

Kahala No cover

TUE - Da Ha-Y-ans, No cover WED - Chico & Da Kine, No cover

DJ Boomshot No cover, 10 p.m.

KIMOS 845 Front St., Lahaina - 661-4811

Saturday, Dec. 6th

Thursday, Dec. 4th





Drink Specials Bud Light Drafts

$2 Bud Light Drafts

Sunday, Dec. 7th

Bambu Station Monday, Dec. 8th

Village Station Alternative Night Shot Specials Cosmopolitans

Friday, Dec. 5th



N8 • Nature Boy • Daniel J $ 2.50 Bud Light Drafts $ 3 Drink Specials

Tuesday, Dec. 9th



“Holla” Drink Specials

Doors Open at 8:30pm


DECEMBER 04, 2008



Now enrolling for Winter Session, beginning January 12, 2009 Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Classes Classroom Environment • Call for Prices & Schedule • Limited Space Available

Enroll by Dec. 11 for 10% Discount!

Chelsea Hill School of Languages • 357-9591


possibly plant native species. Get a free t-shirt for your efforts! Sponsored by County of Maui Office of Economic Development and Hawaii Tourism Authority. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Honokowai Valley, West Maui. 808-294-8811 ext. 1. Volunteer Haleakala Hike - Daily. Hike into the crater and camp for two nights in Kapalaoa while helping Friends of Haleakala National Park care for the land. Call to reserve a spot and find out about meet time. Haleakala National Park. 876-1673. Walk Waihee - Sat. Take an educational guided tour of the Waihee Coastal Dunes. Free. 9 a.m. Call to register. 244-5263. Save the Forest - Sun. The Pacific Whale Foundation is hosting a group of ten volunteers to pull invasive pine trees near Hosmers Grove. Transportation is provided. Bring warm clothes, long pants and closed boots. Pick ups: 7:30 a.m., Harbor Shop, 300 Ma`alaea Rd; 8:15 a.m., Upcountry Tavares Community Center. RSVP 856-8341.

Sports 5K Run/Walk - Sat. Raises funds for Baldwin High School Student Jarren Patao. $20. 7:30-9:30 a.m. Keopuolani Park, Wailuku. 7th Annual Maui Ocean Challenge - Sat. Presented by Maui Sports Club and Sandwich Isle Composites. 8:30 a.m. Kamaole Beach Park, Kihei. Maui Croquet Club - Every Sun, Tue & Thu. You could be an amazing croquet player and not even know it. No mallet? No problem. 2-5 p.m. Waipuilani Park, Kihei. 879-0087. Pool Hours - Daily. Pool Hours - Besides the fear of contracting super-strain ukuís, I really enjoy a good swim in a public pool. Sometimes the thought of dealing with sand is just too much to bear. Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina, War Memorial, Pukalani, anthe Old and New Wailuku Pools: M-W, F, S 9 a.m-4 p.m.; Th 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Sun 12-4:30 p.m. These hours can change due to events. To double check you can call, 270-6135. Group Run - Wed. Stay in shape while taking in some beautiful views! Group meets at Kihei Community Center. Open to runners of all ages and fitness levels. Refreshments will be provided after. Sponsored by Valley Isle Road Runners. Free. 5:30 p.m. Piilani Highway and Lipoa Parkway. Paddling for Breast Cancer Survivors Every Mon & Wed. Get together with other survivors for canoe paddling. Free. 6:45 a.m. Kihei Canoe Club. 243-2999. Tai Chi - Every Mon & Fri. Get your Tai Chi in during your lunchbreak with Dr. Lorrin Pang. Free. noon12:45 p.m. State Building Plaza, Wailuku. 984-8200. Billabong Pro - Daily. The deciding event in the women’s Vans Triple Crown surfing series. Honolua Bay at Kapalua Resort.

Mahu Volleyball Day - Sat. Bump, set, spike! Free. 1 p.m. Kamaole III Beach Park, Kihei.


$25 Advance $30 Day of Event Dec 7 SUNDAY 7:00pm Come Early

Delicious Indian Food



Info & Tickets 808-575-9390


DECEMBER 04, 2008


Artist Reception - Sat. The work of Maui-based oil painter Koana Smith will be featured in the Banyan Tree Gallery of Lahaina Arts Society this month. Visit and talk art with Smith at a reception in the Historic Old Courthouse in Lahaina tonight. 6-8 p.m. Historic Old Courthouse, Lahaina. 661-0111. Hui Holidays - Daily. Check out what’s going on at Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center this holiday season. Pick up some killer gifts. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao. 572-6560 ext. 26. Shoebox Sculpture Exhibit - Daily (except Mon). Artists participating in this exhibit come from all over the planet. Each confronts the challenge of making art in very limited parameters. Free. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Schaefer International Gallery, MACC. 242-7469. “Island Essences” - Daily. The work of Mauibased oil painter Koana Smith will be featured in the Banyan Tree Gallery of Lahaina Arts Society this month. Smith is member of LAS, Hui No’eau, Plein Air Painters of Maui, and Plein Air Painters of Hawaii and paints on location throughout Maui. Her art is also on display at The Coffee Store in Napili. Banyan Tree Gallery, Lahaina. 661-0111. Art Night - Fri. Stroll through dozens of art galleries in Lahaina Town. Special gallery shows, featured artists-in-action and refreshments. This week’s featured artist is Ronald Macedo. Free. 6:30 p.m. Lahaina. 661-6284. Oil Painting Demonstration - Fri. Maui artist Jack Hamilton show how it’s done. 4-7 p.m. Maui Hands Gallery, Lahaina. 667-9898. Art Bistro - Mon. Local artists display their wares, from photography and painting to jewelry and sculptures. Live music, too. 5-10pm. Jacques Northshore Bistro, 120 Hana Hwy. Paia. 808-269-0961.


Farmers market, Art/Craft Fairs Keawala’i Congregational Church Christmas Craft Faire - Sun. Baked goods, silent auction items, Christmas decorations, wreaths, lei and more. 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. Keawala`i Congregational Church, Kihei. 879-5557. Maui Exposition Christmas Fair - Sun. Locally made goods, food and much more. . 9 a.m.4 p.m. Maui Community College. 877-3100. Maui’s Best Gift and Craft Fair - Sun. Locally made goods and more, just in time for the holidays. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center. 385-7594. Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair - Every Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat. Great deals on locally grown produce and locally made goods. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Maui Mall, Kahului. 871-1307. Ho`olokahi Arts & Crafts Fair - Every Tue & Fri. Fresh flower lei-making classes from 9-11 a.m. on Fridays. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Wailea Beach Marriott Resort south lobby. 879-1922. Ohana Farmers & Crafters Market - Every Tue, Wed & Fri. 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. 877-3369. Farmers Market of Maui - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Sample the goods at this local market for fresh produce. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 61 S. Kihei Rd. Honokowai Farmers Market - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Lots of fresh local produce plus baked and canned goods. 7-11 a.m. Lower Honopiilani Hwy. Resort Craft Fair - Every Wed & Fri. Hawaiian arts and crafts. 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort. Aloha Craft Fair - Fri. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Maui Mall. 872-4320. KBH Craft Fair - Fri. Cultural crafts and live demos. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Ka`anapali Beach Hotel lobby. 667-5978. Organic Farmers Market - Sat. Fresh produce that’s cheaper than the grocery store. 6:30 a.m.noon. Eddie Tam Memorial Center. Swap Meet Farmers’ Market - Sat. As if that swap meet wasn’t enough of a draw on its own, within its gates also lies a chance to find some great deals on mega-fresh produce. Admission: 50 cents. 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Pu’unene Avenue, Kahului. 877-3100.

Poetry Open Mic - Every night is open mic night at Hawaiian Village Coffee. Kahana Gateway location, call 665-1114. Express Yourself - Every Mon. Open Mic Night with music, song, poetry! Free. 7 p.m., Cafe Marc Aurel, Wailuku, 244-0852. Poetry Reading - Every second Tue, read your original work, your favorite poem, or just come to be inspired. Free. 6:30 p.m., Lahaina Public Library, 662-3950. Open Mind Open Mic - Every Mon. Open Mind Open Mic with spoken word, poetry, comedy— whatever you have to say here’s your chance. Free. 6 p.m., Moana Bakery, Paia, 244-9091. Open Mic - Every Saturday the Maui Media Lab hosts an open mic night for poets, muscicians and others who want to be heard. Sessions are recorded and fed to the internet. All ages are welcome. Free. 6-9 p.m., Maui Media Lab, Baldwin Ave, Poetry Reading - Every second Thu Maui Live Poets Society hosts an open poetry reading on the West side. Free. 6:30- 9 p.m. Lahaina, 661-0517

KARAOKE Isana Restaurant - Daily, 9 p.m. 515 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, 874-1811. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse - Fri-Sat, 9:30 p.m., 136 Dickenson St., Lahaina, 667-5555. Lulu’s - Wed, 7 p.m., 1941 S. Kihei Rd., 879-9944. Sansei - Thu-Fri, 10 p.m., 600 Office Road, Kapalua, 669-6286; Thu-Sat, 10 p.m. Kihei Town Center, 879-0004. Tiffany’s - Daily, 9:30 p.m., 1424 L. Main St., Wailuku, 249-0052. Tip Up’s Tavern - Mon, 9:30 p.m., 1279 S. Kihei Rd., 874-9299. Unisan - Thu-Sat, 9:30 p.m., 2102 Vineyard St., Wailuku, 244-4500.

DINNER MUSIC WEST MAUI BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria - Wed-Fri, John Kane; Sat, Harry Troupe; Sun, Greg DiPiazza; Mon, Tue, Marvin Tevaga. All sets 7:30-9:30 p.m. 730 Front St., Lahaina, 661-0700. Cheeseburger In Paradise - Mon, Tue, Scotty Rotten; Wed, Fri, Harry Troupe; Thu, Sat, Sun, Brooks McGuire. All sets 4:30-10:30 p.m. 811 Front St., Lahaina, 661-4855.

The Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars, clubs, cafes, other non-dinner serving establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm.

Thursday 12/04 LOS PELONES Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-9900

LULU’S 1945 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-9944

Friday 12/05

Saturday 12/06

Sunday 12/07

Monday 12/08– Wednesday 12/10

Rene Alanso Band

Salsa Night $7, 10pm

TUE - El Dogg

Neto Latin Salsa No cover, 9pm

Shaka Saturdays $10, 10pm

MON - Na Hoku; WED - Way Back Wednesdays, 10pm


DJ Mike 9pm

DJ Mike 9pm

ADD Twins (retro) 9pm

ADD Twins (hip hop) No cover; 9pm

An Den $3, 9:30pm

P.O.R.T.A.L. 10pm

Bambu Station w/Special Guests; $22/$30 10pm

Yo Mama 10pm

MON - Acoustico

Wee D’ono No cover, 10pm

Silky Ringo No cover, 10pm

Hazmatt No cover, 10pm

Silky Ringo No cover, 10pm

MON - Dub Boyz, No cover, 10pm; TUE - Unifires, No cover, 10pm; WED - Open Mic, No cover, 10pm

Karaoke w/Tobi 9pm

DJ Styles/DJ Jammin J 10pm

Flavazone 10pm

744 Front St., Lahaina - 661-9090

Unifires 10pm

DJ Skinny Guy/Maui Underground 10pm

DJ Jay P/Scottie Rotten 10pm




Sonny B




839 Front St., Lahaina - 661-5288

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S 844 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7758

DJ Hurricane No cover, 9pm

MULLIGAN’S ON THE BLUE 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea - 874-1131

MULLIGAN’S AT THE WHARF Cinema Center, Lahaina - 661-8881

OCEANS BAR & GRILL 1819 S. Kihei Rd. - 891-2414

OYSTER BAR 115 Bay Dr., Lahaina - 669-6286

SANSEI - KIHEI 1881 S. Kihei Rd., Ste. KT116 - 669-6286

TUE - Karaoke 9pm ; WED - Flavazone, $5, 10pm Live Music Until 10pm, No cover

MON - Unifires, No cover; TUE-WED - Live Music, No cover


TUE - Ryan from Silky Ringo; WED - Orrin & Junior

900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7805

SOUTH SHORE TIKI LOUNGE 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-6444

SPORTS PAGE GRILL & BAR 2411 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-0602

DJ Slackin No cover, 10pm

UNISAN 2102 Vineyard St., Wailuku - 244-4500

WOW-WEE MAUI’S 333 Dairy Rd., Kahului - 871-1414

Kanoa of Gomega No cover, 10pm

MON - DJ Blast; TUE - Astro Boys (DJs); WED - DJ Decka; All no cover, 10pm

Ohana Groove No cover, 10pm

DJ Shark in the Water No cover, 10pm

≈MON - Karaoke, 9:30pm; TUE - New Project, No cover, 10pm; WED - Off Tomorrow, No cover, 10pm

Haiku Hillbillys $3, 9pm

1127 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-1380

1279 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 874-9299

DJ Nexus No cover, 10pm

Crunch Pups No cover, 10pm


DJ Sonny No cover, 10pm

An Den 10:15pm

DUH No cover, 10pm

A&A DJ $7, 10pm

DJ Z Club Night 10pm

TUE - WED - Karaoke√

Robbie Ray No cover, 9-10pm

Rick Glencross No cover

MON - Monday Night Football

Cool Cat Cafe - Thu, Erin Smith; Fri, Sat, Dave Carroll; Sun, Wed, Whale Sharks; Mon, Mickie Moore; Tue, Jazz; . all sets 7:30-10 p.m. Wharf Cinema Center, Lahaina, 667-0908. Hard Rock Cafe - Sun, Marty Dread, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 900 Front St., Lahaina, 570-7400. Hula Grill - (Early sets) Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat Ernest Pua’a; Sun,Mon, Kawika Lum Ho; Tue, Jarret Roback. Early sets 3-5 p.m. (Followed by) Thu, Braddah Brian & Roy; Fri, Brian, Roy & Kawika;. Sat, “TBA”; Sun, Ryan Tanaka & Friends; Mon,Oversized Productions; Tue, Roy & Friends; Wed, An Den. Late sets 7-9:30 p.m. 2435 Ka`anapali Parkway, Building P, 667-6636. Java Jazz/Soup Nutz - Mon-Sat, Acoustic music. All sets 7 p.m. 3350 Lower Honoapi`ilani Rd., Honokowai, 667-0787. Kimo’s - Mon- Wed, Sat, Sun, Sam Ahia. Fri, deAquino Bradaz. All sets 6:30-8:30 p.m. 845 Front St., Lahaina, 661-4811. Leilani’s On The Beach - Fri, Scott Baird;. Sat, JD and Harry; Sun, Kilohana. All sets 2:30-5 p.m. 2435 Ka`anapali Pkwy, Building J, 661-4495. Moose McGillycuddy’s, Lahaina - Fri, Llayne & Pro Ed; Sat, Mark & Mike. All sets 6-9 p.m. 844 Front St., 667-7758. Mulligan’s on the Wharf - Fri, AnRil. All sets 7 p.m. Wharf Cinema Center, Lahaina, 661-8881. Pioneer Inn - Thu, Ah-Tim Eleniki; Tue, Captain Billy Bones; Wed, Greg Di Piazza. All sets 6-8 p.m. 658 Wharf St., Lahaina, 661-3636. Santa Fe Cantina - Tue, Ryan from Silky Ringo; 4-8 p.m. Sat, Damien; 5-8 p.m. 900 Front St., Lahaina, 667-7805. Sea House Restaurant - Thu & Fri, Kincaid Basques; Sa,-Coelho Morrison; Su, Andrew Kaina; Mon, Albert Kaina, Tue, Kincaid Basques; Wed, Albert Kaina. All sets except Sat. 7-9 p.m. Sat set is 6:30-9p.m. Napili Kai Beach Resort, 5900 Honoapi`ilani Rd., Napili, 669-1500.

SOUTH MAUI Haui’s Life’s A Beach - Thu, Erin Smith. 1913 South Kihei Rd., 891-8010. Henry’s Bar and Grill - Gina Martinelli Jam. 6-8 p.m. 41 E. Lipoa St. Kihei. 879-2849. Longhi’s - Sat, acoustic music. 10:30-11 p.m. 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr., 891-8883 Ma`alaea Grill - Thu, Fri, Sat, Benoit Jazz Works. All sets 6:30-9 p.m. Maalaea Harbor, 243-2206.

Mulligan’s on the Blue - Fri, Gail Swanson; 68 p.m.; Sat, Sun, Celtic Tigers; Mon, Gypsy Pacific; 7 p.m. Tue, Randall Rospond; 6:30-8:30 p.m. 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea, 874-1131. Shangri-La - Sat, Acoustic Sitar By the Sea. 6:308:30 p.m. 760 S. Kihei Road. Suite 109, Menehune Shores, Kihei, 875-4555. South Shore Tiki Lounge - Fri, Erin Smith; Mon, Kanoa. All sets 4-6 p.m. 1913 Kihei Rd., Kihei Kalama Village, 874-6444. Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Café - Sun, Mon, Brittany; Wed, Sat, Merv Oana Thu; Fri Margie; Tue Jamie Lawrence. All sets 6-10 p.m. The Shops at Wailea, 875-9983. Tradewinds Poolside Cafe - Thu, Kawika Lum Ho; Fri, Kaleo Cullen; Sat, Louise Lambert; Sun, Mon, Kenny Roberts; Tue, Ramen & Cora; Wed, Keoki Ruiz. All sets 6-9 p.m. The Maui Coast Hotel, 2259 S. Kihei Rd., 874-6284.

CENTRAL MAUI Café Marc Aurel - Live Music on various days (check the Grid); Mon, Open Mic Night. 7:30 p.m. 28 N. Market St., Wailuku, 244-0852. Main Street Bistro - Th-Fri, Rhythm & Blues with Freedom. 5-7:30 p.m.. 2051 Main St., Wailuku, 244-6816. Wowee-Maui’s Kava Bar & Grill- Th, Hawaiian Jazz & Fusion w/ Robbie Ray. 6-9 p.m. Fri, Keolu & Ekolu, Hawaiian Raggae, 6-9 p.m. 333 Dairy Rd., Kahului, 871-1414.

UPCOUNTRY MAUI Hana Hou Cafe - Wed, Dorothy Betz and Les Adam with Vince Esquire. Thu, Haiku Hillbillys. Sat, Live music. All sets 6:30-9:30 p.m. 810 Haiku Rd, Haiku Cannery, 575-2661. Jacque’s - Mon, Live Jazz. 5 p.m. 120 Hana Hwy, Paia, 579-8844. Morning Glories Organic Internet Cafe Fri, Elaine Ryan, 3-4 p.m.; Mon, Karen B, 1-2 p.m.137 Hana Hwy, Paia, 579-6009. Moana Cafe & Bakery - Wed, Benoit Jazzworks; Thu Mark Johnstone, Fri, Classic Hawaiian with Jocelyn, all sets 6:30-8:30. Sat, Live jazz music with Mark Johnstone & Friends, 12:30 2:30 p.m. 71 Baldwin Ave., Paia, 579-9999.


■ HYATT REGENCY MAUI RESORT & SPA 200 Nohea Kai Dr, Lahaina, 661-1234 Weeping Banyan Lounge - Nightly, Live music. All sets 6:30-9:30 p.m. Torch lighting ceremony nightly. ■ KAANAPALI BEACH CLUB 104 Ka`anapali Shores, Lahaina, 661-2000 Ohana Bar & Grill - Wed, Thu, Live music; Fri, Patrick Major; Sun, Wayne and Friends; Mon, Tue, Ernest Pua`a. All sets 5:30-9:30 p.m. Torch lighting ceremony nightly. ■ KA`ANAPALI BEACH HOTEL 2525 Ka`anapali Pkwy, 661-0011 Kupanaha - Nightly, Hula show, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tiki Courtyard - Nightly, Alanui with Uncle Rudi; Sun, Hula show. All sets 6:30 p.m. ■ NAPILI KAI BEACH RESORT 5900 Honoapi`ilani Hwy, Napili, 669-1500 Thu, Kincaid and Albert; Fri, Sat, Mon,Tue, Kincaid Basques; Sun, Kapule Paoa; Wed, Albert Kaina. All sets 7-9 p.m. ■ RITZ CARLTON 1 Ritz Carlton Drive, Kapalua, 669-6200 Banyan Tree Restaraunt - Wed & Thu, Ranga Pae 6:15-9:45 p.m. ■ ROYAL LAHAINA RESORT 2780 Keka`a Dr., Ka`anapali, 661-3611 Royal Ocean Terrace - Thu, Fri, Sat, Live Hawaiian. 6-8 p.m. ■ SHERATON MAUI HOTEL 2605 Ka`anapali Pkwy, 661-0031 Lagoon Bar - Nightly, Hula dancing during sets. Thu, Kulewa; Fri, Ralph and Allan; Sat, Fausto and Kawaika; Sun; Kulewa; Wed, Nathan and Ralph. All sets 6-8 p.m. Torchlighting and cliff diving ceremony at sunset nightly. ■ THE WESTIN MAUI HOTEL 2365 Kaanapali Parkway, 667-2525 Ono Bar & Grille - Thu, Sat, Steve Sargenti; Fri, Larry Golis; Sun, Margie Heart; Mon, Ernest Puaa; Tue, Brian Haia; Wed, Pam Peterson. Tue-Sun shows, 6-9 p.m. Mon, 5:30-9 p.m. Tropica - (Early sets) Thu, Wed, Brian Haia; Fri, Sat, Mon, Marvin Tevaga; Sun, Josh Kahula; Tue, Ernest Pua`a. Early sets 3-6 p.m. (Followed by) Thu, Fri, Wed, Benny Uyetake; Sat, Tue, Mitch Kepa; Sun, Steve Sargenti; Mon, Josh Kahula. Late sets 6-9 p.m.

SOUTH MAUI ■ FOUR SEASONS RESORT WAILEA 3900 Wailea Alanui, 874-8000

Lobby Lounge - (Early sets) Thu, Steve Repollo and Alan Villeran; Sat, Mon, Island Style Trio with hula dancing. Early sets 5:30-7:30 p.m. (Followed by) Thu, Sal Godinez and Marcus Johnson; Fri, Clay Mortensen and George Tavoularis; Sat, Mon, Nils and Anastasia; Sun, Pam Peterson and Rudy Baria; Wed, Clay Mortensen and Gilbert Emata. Late sets 8:3011:30 p.m. Torchlighting ceremony nightly. ■ GRAND WAILEA RESORT HOTEL & SPA 3850 Wailea Alanui, 875-1234 Botero Bar - Wed, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Live music. Humuhumunukunukuapua`a - Nightly, 5:30 p.m., Strolling Hawaiian Duo. ■ THE FAIRMONT KEA LANI MAUI 4100 Wailea Alanui, 875-4100 Lobby Bar - Nightly, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Live music. ■ THE SHOPS AT WAILEA 3750 Wailea Alanui East Wing - Wed, 6:30-8 p.m., Marti Kluth. Lower Courtyard - Wed, 6:30-8 p.m., Jamie Lawerence and Friends. ■ WAILEA MARRIOTT 3700 Wailea Alanui, 879-1922 Kumu Bar & Grill - Nightly, Hula dancing. 6-9 p.m. Mele Mele Lounge - Nighly, Live music. 9-11 p.m. ■ MAUI PRINCE HOTEL 5400 Makena Alanui, 874-1111 Molokini Lounge - Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Mele `Ohana Duo. Tue, Thu Ron Kuala’au; Sun-Thu sets 69 p.m.; Fri, Sat sets 6-10 p.m. Sun, Mele `Ohana Duo, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Mon, Wed, Fri, Hula performance, 6-6:45 p.m.

EAST MAUI ■ HOTEL HANA-MAUI Hana, 248-8211 Paniolo Lounge -Thu-Sun, Live music. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Main Dining Room - Thu, Sun, Hula dancing. 7:30-8:15 p.m.

Send your listings and photos for the Da Kine Calendar to Kate Bradshaw at or fax (808) 244-0446


DECEMBER 04, 2008




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DECEMBER 04, 2008



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ALOHA VALUED READERS We would like to let our readers Studio 1 & 2 Bedroom know that we try to screen most of our ads. We read back Pool • BBQ • Laundry Across from Beach! the ad copy to ensure that it is Pet Friendly! CALL FOR DETAILS the correct information that advertisers want. If you see the 866-821- 9221 acronym (AAN CAN) that ad is a HOUSES FOR RENT national ad and was not submitOHANA FOR RENT ted directly to us. If you have a One bedroom cottage at Lahaina’s question directly concerning Baby Beach. $2500 plus electric, AAN CAN, please check out aan- completely furnished. Call 667-6968.


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VACATION RENTALS CLEAN, AFFORDABLE Accommodations in our vacation rental from $69 per day. Call Toll Free Wailuku Guesthouse 877-9868270 or

Kaimana’s Beach Hale

at Baby Beach Special this month. $145-$195 a day. Your own private Ohana. Continental breakfast served. Full kitchen with espresso machine & D/W. Call 667-6968 for info.


SPACE FOR RENT RETAIL 839 Front St. (Next to Kimo’s) Approx. 300 sq. ft., perfect for jewelry, art, gift, t-shirts, etc.

$5600/mo. + CAM & GET

281- 8888 SERVICES New Activity for 6-8th Graders! Saturday morning science and Hawaiian culture enrichment program starting in January. or 879-4605

Maui Time Readers, By pledging to spend $100 of your shopping dollars at locally-owned stores, you will have a potential $15 million dollar impact on our community, an estimated 2 million dollars more than if it was spent at a non-local big box retailer.

YOU can help the local economy this Holiday Season.

MAKE THE PLEDGE! Email “I PLEDGE” to (include your full name and phone number) and MauiTime will automatically enter you to win $1000 in gift certificates from independently owned merchants and restaurants.

Deadline to pledge is Dec. 24th. Winner Announced Jan. 1st To: Your Community From: You Thoughtfully purchased from a local, independent business or artist.

33 N. Market St., #201 • Wailuku, HI 96793

(Estimate based on numbers from Civic Economics that 68¢ of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the community, while only 43¢ stays when spent at a chain.)


DECEMBER 04, 2008


Make Beauty Ageless

Laser Genesis Laser Skin Rejuvenation with our “Lunchtime” Laser


See results in 8 weeks without down time, pain, redness, or peeling. • Corrects skin tone, pore size, & skin tightness

• 3 Sessions = $500 (reg. $900)

Lowest Prices on Maui • Permanent laser hair removal • Botox $11 per unit

Save Hundreds with each package. Easy payment plans available. NEW LOCATION ACROSS FROM MANA FOODS 62 BALDWIN AVENUE, UNIT 2C, PAIA

Committed to making medical cosmetic services affordable

PAIA • 579-8979



SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) If the tool you had at hand was a thick black marker, the kind of picture you’d draw on a post-it would be incredibly different from the one you’d draw on a wall-sized mural. Similarly, if you had to fill out that wall mural with a fine-tipped watercolor paintbrush, you’d lose interest or run out of time way before it was done. This week, make sure your “canvas” is the appropriate size for the point you want to make, and that the tools you use are the right ones for the job. It’d be far too easy to choose incorrectly on both counts if you’re not careful.

CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19) Wealth is all relative. All but the poorest of poor Americans are still pretty well off compared to the poor of more impoverished nations. Most Americans have multiple changes of clothes, shoes, transportation, a telephone, television, and access to affordable fresh food, clean water, and resources like the Internet, for example. Perspective is very important here. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, please. As bad off as things are, they could always be much, much worse. Keep that in mind this week. You’re incredibly lucky, and blessed. Isn’t it time you let yourself feel that way?

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) Recall a situation when you had to meet and get to know a large number of people all at once—first day at school or a new job, for example—and remember how there were people who stood out at once, and some you had trouble telling apart at first. Those two generically pretty blonde girls, for example. Later you’d learn that one is brash, slutty and hilarious, the other a boring prude, but on that first day you couldn’t for the life of you remember which was which. There are always people who have trouble standing out. If you are one of them, Aquarius, you are not doing your job.

PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) Because you’re so socially weird, you sometimes have trouble discerning what is or isn’t appropriate behavior. This has not only allowed some serious kooks some prime real estate in your life, it’s also caused you to make some hilariously dramatic gaffes that have earned you a kind of notoriety in your circle. While being the eccentric amongst your friends is a fun role to play, it can sometimes erode your credibility with certain acquaintances. You may have to tone it down this week, and you may need help doing it. When playing your most normal self, make sure you have an able partner-in-crime. Enlist one, pronto.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) If you were an exiled prince(ss) whose parents’ throne had been stolen by evil usurpers, stranded in a strange land with no money, no allies, few friends, and no other assets besides your royal blood, what would you do? Would you give up quietly, marry a local, and lead a peaceful, unthreatening existence? Or would you make a play for the crown, even if it seemed doomed to failure? Although the stakes are nowhere near so high, that is something like the choice you may have to make this week. I can’t tell you which is the way to go—only that you should never give up on anything until you’ve tried it; either the quiet life or the burdens of tremendous responsibility may yet be yours, if you choose.

TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) You are fond of your habits and rituals, aren’t you? Doing things a certain way every day certainly adds to your stability and wellbeing—most of the time. Sometimes, however, it can certainly start looking an awful lot like a rut. I’m not sure how much new stuff you really want coming into your life; no point in introducing a lot of novelty or many fresh new faces if you’re just not in the mood. However, even creatures of habit such as you require a little variety and innovation. Make a token effort in the next few weeks to ensure you’ve got at least that much.

GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) Yes, I suppose burning down the house and trying to collect the insurance money is one possible solution to getting out of debt, but it’s not the best one. The antidote to what ails you is probably a lot more complex and tedious than that, but it’s also far more likely to work. The scheme you’ve been contemplating is not only highly likely to fail, epically, but it’s got the added bonus of making your life even more miserable and screwed up than before. Take the long, sure route to where you need to go. Believe me, however lame, boring, and annoying that path is, it’s still far superior to any supposed shortcuts you think are available.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) Just take things as they happen. You have much less than your usual ability to influence events right now, so the control freak in you really needs to take a vacation. Trying to direct the action at the moment will just lead to frustration and misery for all concerned, because this stuff does not need a director, least of all you. Get all Zen about it if you can. Just allow things to unfold as they naturally want to, and enjoy them to the best of your ability. You can go back to making sure everything happens just the way you like it soon enough, but for now try to like it just the way it happens, instead.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) Embrace the unpleasant. Since you’re stuck with the less savory aspects of your existence in any case, go ahead and celebrate them as best you can. They’ll develop your character, especially if you learn to deal with them with grace and dignity. The good news is, the more beauty and serenity you can inject into these situations, the less unpleasant they’ll be. What was forced at first may become natural soon enough. And it’s like a positive feedback circle. The happier you are with things as they are, the more things you will discover to be happy about. In other words, this kind of thing just gets easier and easier, and better and better.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) You need a tutor, mentor, and guardian angel, rolled into one, who’ll help you navigate the wild, unexplored territory you’re venturing into. Unfortunately, there are none available. You may simply have to make one up. Imaginary friends can be very useful, as long as you don’t take them too seriously. Your own judgment may not be as reliable as usual, so you will have to simulate someone else’s. I don’t care if you ask what Jesus, Brian Boitano, or Wonder Woman would do. Choose someone you can vividly imagine, then heed what they say. It’ll serve you well.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) When a hapless insect lands in a spider web, the more it struggles, the more entangled and doomed it becomes. It’s kind of twisted, because of course not trying to free itself is also certain destruction. Only rarely does a bug escape that kind of effective trap. Luckily, you have two things going for you: First, you are more intelligent and rational than an insect. Second, despite the fact that it closely resembles one, this snare is nowhere near as efficient and foolproof as a spider web. Although it’s true that the more you mindlessly flail the worse off you’ll be, a little careful, methodical effort on your part should have you flying free in no time.




DECEMBER 04, 2008

Most of your preparations for the supposedly inevitable outcome have been pointless. It should be obvious by now that what you thought would happen isn’t going to. Instead, you’ll be thrust into a totally unexpected situation, for which your careful plans will be utterly useless. Time to improvise! Luckily, you’re very good at that, provided you don’t fixate on all that fruitless work you did. It’s time to let that go, completely, or you won’t be able to think on your feet. And if you’re not able to think on your feet right now, you may as well lay down and cover your face and wait for people to just walk all over you.


CLASSIFIED Upcountry Bodywork with Richard Experience a Swedish-based session, incorporating a variety of therapeutic bodyworks. Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Reflexology and Sports Stretching. Schedule a relaxing and healing session by calling 280-8557 La’a Kea Holistic Bodywork Deep Tissue, Efflorage, Energetic, Cranial, Deep Belly. Contact Autumn @ 463-0043. Upcountry, $40/hr, 9am-9pm


Find Maui’s Holistic Events! Visit today and explore our extensive mind, body & spirit listings. New December/January Maui Vision Magazine Out Now! Call 669-9091 for info.

MASSAGE LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPY Enjoy a Relaxing Professional Massage. Private, Comfortable Haiku Lanai by a Certified LMT $60/hr. For Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue, Lomi or Swedish, call Susan 276-2114. Same day appts. available. MAT#8984


Authentic THAI Bodywork •


• Ancient Techniques Herbs • Balms



Healthy Holiday Gift Certificates Available

Book today: for a FULL HOUR session!

Call NOM in Pukalani 344-2695

HEALING HANDS M4M Experience whole body, therapeutic, and nurturing touch for men ALOHA MARITAL HEALTH & HAPPINESS using a variety of healing energy Counseling for all modalities. In-calls as well as outSex & Relationship calls, serving all of Maui. Call 1Concerns 877-303-2009.


ALOHA COUNSELING “Counseling with the spirit of Aloha”

Confidential • Free Phone Consultation

Experience various massage techniques To match your physical and mental needs, performed by a caring, professional and dedicated therapist. $45/hr, out calls $75/hr. Call Pedro @ 357-6303. MAT #10665

Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D. If not now, when?

Green Ti

Boutique & Massage

MASSAGE: 50 min. Swedish - $55

MIND-BODY COUNSELING Change old patterns with EMDR and other body/mind techniques. Helpful with old trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression & anxiety, Most insurance accepted. Dr. Karl Jacobs, licensed psychologist. Makawao 572-0631 Women of Earth Awaken to your goddess nature. I am a sensitive man who holds a safe, loving, non-judgemental space for you to explore and connect with your deepest feminine self. To meet with me call Dearborn at 268-1604 PASSION & PLAY in Paradise Dec 6-7 World Polyamory Association’s Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin lead celebration of love and passion, a weekend of sacred sexuality and polyamorous experimentation. 808 244-4921 for info & (required) registration SOOTHING HEARTFELT BODYWORK Releases Aches and Pains. Powerfully Transformative! Balancing Body, Mind & Soul. Relax & let go, relief guaranteed, please call 875-8399. Let your spirit soar ...

Doctor of Human Sexuality


(Deep Tissue Upgrade - $10)

Acupuncture Session - $65 (Kaiser insurance accepted)

Unique Gifts, Local Artist Jewelry, Therapeutic Products, Aromatherapy Massage • Acupuncture • Gifts 40 N. Market St. Wailuku • 242-8788 Open 7 Days M-F 10-6, Sat-Sun 10-5


Sensual Spa Sessions Tantra Nurturing & Pampering

Now in our

NEW LOCATION! 1816 Mill Street Next to Tasty Crust

Green Lotus • Cystals • Minerals • Asian Art • Jewelry Open 10am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday


Loving, Intuitive & Healing Touch by Beautiful Goddess


SALE! • • • •


Alice In Hulaland 19 Baldwin Ave Paia 579-9922


Shari Krick MA 808-214-4650

TO ADVERTISE Call 283-3260



FAX NUMBER 808-244-0446

With Thai Herbs and Balms $



Located Upcountry, Daily 9-7

men & women




Krystal - 864-0416 Upcountry Area


Traditional Japanese Acupuncture • Herbs • Skin/Body Restoration


DROP OFF 33 N. Market St. Ste. 201, W ailuku

9 years experience The


MAILING 33 N. Market St. Ste. 201 Wailuku, HI 96793


Bridging heaven and earth thru divine illumination

Sophia the Logos Doctor of Divine Law

Please call for information & pricing

Located in Makawao



Akashic Readings Angelic Reiki Aura Soma Chakra Balancing Cranial Therapy Spiritual Counseling Distance Healing Soul Retrieval DNA Activation/Reprogramming Divination Transcendental Tantra

DECEMBER 04, 2008





FACIALS •European Facial $75

•Oxygen Facial $90

•Microdermabrasion Treatment $125

CALL (808) 283-3260 for complete details!



On The UPside with TERI

Air Maui Helicopter Tours


2 for 1 Special!

Tune in every FRIDAY at *NOON* on KNUI 900 AM. Call in 808-871-5900. Check us LIVE online at



Every Tuesday! Ages 21 and over, 8 PM registration. Drink and food specials. Call Wow Wee for pre-registration or just show up!! 333 Dairy Rd. 871-1414.


Dynamic Web Design. Maximize your web presence, ask us how!

2009 Mercedes-Benz Championship Watch the 2008 PGA Tour Champions compete in the season-opening 2009 Mercedes-Benz Championship, January 5 through 11 at Kapalua’s Plantation Course. Tickets are available now. Call (808) 665-9160 for more info.


West Maui/Molokai Special. Only Air Maui offers this incredible flight! Call now for your 2 for 1 Kama’aina special or special visitor rate! Expires Dec. 31, 2008. For reservations call 877-7005

Anew Tattoo Your Pain is our Pleasure

For an appointment with Nancy or Hano call 808-872-1113. Private tattoo studio by appointment. Email inquires to, or view gallery at Anchored at the Harbor, 111 Hana Hwy, #202B, Kahului. Above Bounty Music in the back.

Santa Paws Pictures!

Free at Pouchi Couture. All donations go to Maui Humane Society. 1 to 3 pm on Saturday! 400 Hana Hwy., Kahului, 893-BARK (2275)


Traditional, Custom, Polynesian, Cover-Ups, Portraits & Permanent Makeup. 1945 S. Kihei Rd., under Lu Lu’s. 874-0034

The Fastest Growing Privacy Hedge Available!

• Detox Kits • Drug Tests • Blunt Wraps • Digital Scales • Hookas with Mainland/ • Shisha 80+ Flavors Online Prices!

SUPER STORE LOCATED at 320 Ohukai, #404 • Kihei


ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH BUFFET & SUSHI AT UNISAN! Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm, adults $9.95, 12 & under $5.95, 5 and under FREE w/each paid adult. Starting December 1st at Unisan, 2102 Vineyard Street, Wailuku, call 2444500 for more info.


Louise Lambert, Soulful Singer, Rocking Piano Player can teach you how, or spark your event! 205-3971

PRE-FORECLOSURE CONDOS Kihei and Central Maui locations. Prices from $75,000 and up. Contact Josh Jerman, Broker 808-283-2222. Century 21 All Islands

LEARN ITALIAN, SPANISH, FRENCH OR ENGLISH! Now enrolling for winter session, beginning January 12, 2009. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Chelsea Hill School of Languages, 357-9591


Yellow Seed Bamboo

• Spinal Trauma and Orthopedic Injuries • Neurologic Injuries & Diseases • Chronic Neck and Back Pain • Shoulder, Knee & Hip Pain Helping Patients to Find Exceptional Surgical Care and Alternative Therapies NOW OPEN IN OUR NEW LOCATION 411 Huku Lii Place - Suite 301 • Kihei


3rd Floor • South Shore Plaza “the only 3 story building in the area”


Saturday, December 6th at 6:30 p.m. Special performances on center stage in the Plaza Garden Courtyard. Call 661-8748 for more information.

SUNSET TERRACE APARTMENTS HOLIDAY MARKET & OPEN HOUSE Saturday, December 13th 1-4p.m. Come shop locally! Gifts, Jewelry, Candles, Hawaiiana, Spa Services. Come tour our property! Located at 3626 Lower Honoapilani Road in Honokawai. Call 665-0276 for details

A CHRISTMAS STORY Onstage at the historic Iao Theatre December 5th through the 14th. Fridays at 7:30 p.m., Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sundays at 5:00 p.m. Call 242-6969 for show information and tickets.

Happy Holidays! til Dec. 10% OFF PARTS & LABOR 31st, 2008



42 ft. Bertram Sportfishers


Hurry! Space is Limited!

Maui’s Tobacco

Stop Wishin’ & Go Fishin’

for as low as $115/wk

283-3260 for Details

D R . ROBERT LEY Comprehensive Pain Management

Catch a 500+lb Marlin & your trip is (16 caught in 2006)

• Scheduled Maintenance to Major Overhauls • Towing • Extended Warranty Service • Custom & Performance Products & Installation • Collision Repair • Restorations • Detailing • Tires • Wheels • Mufflers • Batteries • Air Conditioning Computer & Electronic Diagnostics


(#RD 3881)

FREE (808)


Toll Free 1-800-590-0133


ISLAND WIDE SERVICE AMERICAN • ASIAN • CARS • SUVS • TRUCKS 3135 Lower Kula Road • Behind Kula Hardware

12.24 The Local Booze Issue 2008, December 4, 2008, Volume 12, Issue 24, MauiTime  

MauiTime's annual Local Booze Issue featuring Maui Brewing Company, Kimo's Rum, Tedeschi Winery, and Ocean Vodka.

12.24 The Local Booze Issue 2008, December 4, 2008, Volume 12, Issue 24, MauiTime  

MauiTime's annual Local Booze Issue featuring Maui Brewing Company, Kimo's Rum, Tedeschi Winery, and Ocean Vodka.