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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009




5 MAUI COUNTY Coconut Wireless wonders about the unintended consequences of three-day weekends, while Anu Yagi wonders where all the

‘awapuhi went. Rob Report finds hopeful


signs in beach cleanups, canoe races, marathons and a GMO taro ban. An extensive study concludes that a zombie attack would suck in News of the Weird. Hawaiian Airlines squeezes passengers and Maui Brewing Co. does Valley Isle drinkers proud in Plugs &


How are you avoiding costly medical bills? Editor: Jacob Shafer (808) 283-1308 / Ginseng and voodoo Calendar Editor/Staff Writer: Anu Yagi (808) 264-8039 / Ignoring costly medical problems

Slugs. Some guy fires off an Eh Brah! calling out the thief who robbed his tutu.

12 FEATURE STORY Everyone from FOX News to Gov. Lingle has called it a failed experiment in “universal” health care. We examine what the demise of

Proofreader: Dina Wilson

Hawaii’s Keiki Care program says, and does-

Contributors: Jessica Armstrong, Caeriel Crestin, Beau Ewan, Doug Levin, Jared Libby, Greg Mebel, Heather Nicholson, Rob Parsons, Ron Pitts, Chuck Shepherd, Ynez Tongson, Barry Wurst II

n’t say, about medical insurance in America.

Photographer: Sean Michael Hower Stopped free-basing Art Director: Chris Skiles (808) 281-8975 / Staying away from pigs, pork and, wait... Graphic Designers: Megan Baker, Albert Garr, Christina Tarleton Advertising Executive: Brad Chambers (808) 283-3260 / A sensible diet, daily exercise and worshipping Satan General Manager: Jennifer Russo (808) 280-3286 / Tossing them in the trash Administrative Executive: Judy Toba (808) 244-0777 / What she said Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Brown Staying healthy Web Design: Linear Publishing Publisher: Tommy Russo (808) 283-0512 / Saving energy by not answering staff box questions

15 ONO KINE GRINDS Nancy Kanyuk swims through the surprisingly healthy eats at Coconut’s Fish Cafe in Kihei and emerges satiated.

17 MUSIC SCENE Anu talks story with Donna De Lory about her days touring with Madonna and how she found her own voice.

18 FILM Barry Wurst II says Jennifer’s Body needs a bag with a zipper.

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20 DA KINE CALENDAR Anu previews the week’s choice events, including a slam competition, a classic car show and an Upcountry benefit festival.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009




[ Coconut Wireless ] “Not great, but coulda been worse” is probably the best way to sum up the verdict in the Maui Lani case—for both sides. After a protracted trial, the jury awarded $232,700 in total damages, but to only six of the 11 plaintiffs. The jury also let the contractor, Kila Kila Builders, off the hook, heaping all the monetary blame on developer VP&PK. The case, you’ll recall, centers on a collection of Kahului residents who say their tranquility was shattered and property damaged by the lengthy construction project. Attorney Lance Collins, who represented the plaintiffs, told me that while the verdict shows that “the community believes there’s a line that was crossed,” his clients are disappointed, primarily because not everyone was awarded damages and Kila Kila escaped unscathed. Collins says he respects the jury’s decision and thanks them for their service, but hinted that this fight may not be over just yet… As the Maui Planning Commission considers a proposed expansion at the Grand Wailea (see By the Numbers, pg. 9), the resort can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s already considered the “most luxurious” in the state, at least according to the results of a Pacific Business News online poll. As of this writing, 30 percent of respondents had picked the Grand, putting it well ahead of its Neighbor Island rivals. Fitting PBN chose the word “luxurious,” which in addition to “fancy” also means “excessively ornate” and “expensive.”…

LOCAL An interesting (and by “interesting” I mean “sad and frightening”) thing about the ag inspector layoffs (118 Department of Agriculture workers, and 50 of 78 total inspectors for those new to the story) is that, while they’re being sold by Gov. Lingle as a belt-tightening measure, they may end up costing the state far more than the $3.8 million they save. That argument is convincingly made in a recent release from the Haiku-based Hawaii Agriculture & Conservation Coalition. The Coalition points out, as others have, that the state’s 300-plus export nurseries could be shut down as a result of the firings,

along with produce exporters. This, in turn, would have a trickle down effect (and not in the pie-in-the-sky, Reaganesque sense) on ancillary businesses that sell, say, fertilizer or growing equipment. And that’s not even mentioning the fallout from the arrival and spread of invasive species like the little fire ant or coqui frog, which could sap hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s coffers for control and eradication. (As an example of how having ag inspectors prevents this from happening: in February, a package containing 17 piranhas was intercepted at the Kahului Airport. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, hop in a bathtub with 17 piranhas and get back to me.) This is clearly one of those short-term gain, longterm loss scenarios and proof that Lingle’s balance-the-budget-without-raising-taxesat-all-costs mantra is threatening to leave Hawaii in a world of hurt… On the same note: On September 22, Hawaii teachers agreed to a new contract that includes 17 furlough days, to be spread between October 2009 and June 2010, according to a KITV report. The furlough “holidays” are reportedly slated for Fridays. I’m sure few students will shed a tear at the prospect of more three-day weekends, but for working parents it means scrambling to find childcare, an expense many can scarcely afford. It also means fewer days of instruction for Hawaii’s young minds, and more days for unsupervised keiki to get into mischief. As with the ag inspectors, this is one of those essential services that everyone depends on whether they realize it or not, and cutting it this drastically will have far-reaching implications…

NOT LOCAL Ralph Nader: consumer advocate, presidential candidate…fiction writer? Apparently so. In a new novel titled Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!, Nader tells the story, according to an AP report, of “a gang of 70-something plutocrats, from Warren Buffett and Ted Turner to Bill Cosby and Yoko Ono, who conspire to set off a progressive revolution.” The

massage... facials... waxing

A serene retreat in the heart of Lahaina

Photo by Cesar Cabrera


Mauiday Zen spa

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So invasive.


narrative begins in 2005, when “a secret gathering is convened by Buffett at a Maui mountain retreat, where 17 very wealthy people agree to take back the country they think has been betrayed.” Hmmm, a world where The Cos and Yoko take a Maui vacay and the result is a viable plan to rescue humanity? Sounds like the kind of world where Ralph Nader could get elected president… A few weeks ago, I praised Rep. Neil Abercrombie for using the phrase “health insurance reform” (emphasis mine) while discussing the issue with Lance Holter on Akaku. Now it seems Obama has at long last gotten on board. In a September 21 Twitter post (yes, ancient news in Twitterland by the time you read this, but still instructive for our purposes), the President (or whoever writes his Twitter posts) wrote: “Every American needs to know what health insurance reform means for them,” and linked to (Note: fact-checking and critical thinking are a must when considering the claims made there, just like anywhere.) It’s a good start, but honestly, at this late hour, I’d step the rhetoric up a notch. How about “big, fat legislative insurance company bitch slap”? Too cumbersome? MTW

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u Akak5 4

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Woman #1: “Sounds like it’s been a good day.” Woman #2: “It was a better yesterday.” - At Kaiser’s Maui Lani Clinic in Wailuku

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009







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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009




Where have all the flowers gone? A hike through ‘awapuhi country reveals the devastating effects of the plant’s popularity


couring the damp, steeply banked hills, my hiking companions are light-footed rock hoppers, deftly navigating the large, slippery streamside stones. I on the other hand stumble about, overly cautious of the perfect cylinders bored deep into the boulders—evidence of once relentless waterfalls—filled with wriggling, stagnant water. Mostly though, our careful steps are out of a desire to not trample the roots of the plants we seek—the prized and increasingly hard to find Zingiber zerumbet. Commonly known here and abroad by its Hawaiian name, ‘awapuhi—more specifically ‘awapuhi kuahiwi or sometimes, opuhi—this edible, medicinal plant originated in India and was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesians. A perennial, the plant’s stalks die off in the autumn, the rhizomes staying dormant underground, then are renewed again in spring. Thriving in shaded yet warm areas kept damp with running water or consistent rainfall, it can spread easily to form lovely ground cover, the stalks upwards of 1 to 2 feet tall. The ‘awapuhi kuahiwi has many homeopathic uses—mostly derived from preparing the root—including easing the pain of sprains, stomachaches and toothaches, alleviating indigestion and increasing circulation (much like its close relative, a ginger of the culinary bend, the ‘awapuhi pake or Zingiber officinale). Especially coveted is the clear, gelatinous liquid that can be collected from the mature, bright crimson blooms that emerge fiery and phoenix-like from the forest floor detritus in the mid to late summer. This intoxicatingly aromatic goo is a natural softener and shine enhancer; the fragrance alone entices regardless of the cosmetic benefits. It’s no wonder common nicknames for ‘awapuhi are “shampoo flower” or “shampoo ginger,” the liquid even achieving a sudsy quality of sorts when worked through hair or on the skin. Google ‘awapuhi, and you’ll

Use sparingly, and you’ll still be able to use in the future. find as many or more image results of Paul Mitchell salon products as the actual plant itself. The beauty product company long ago picked up on the benefits of the flower’s juice and creates a line of products from shampoo to moisturizing mists. The company claims that all of the

good initial squeezing), doing so results in a barren landscape, devoid of the scarlet pops of the peeping shampoo flower once so common this time of year. As my ‘awapuhi-seeking companions and I meander in the midmorning, through the thick, northeastern green,

Tempting as it may be to take the flowering stems home, doing so results in a barren landscape, devoid of the scarlet pops of the peeping shampoo flower once so common this time of year. ‘awapuhi is grown on a solar-powered farm in Hawaii, using desalinated water they process themselves. Paul Mitchell is not alone in capitalizing on the benefits of ‘awapuhi. Increasing attention is being given to natural and organic products. So much so that products containing—or at least claiming to contain—‘awapuhi can be found everywhere, from high-end, locally made Ala Lani Awapuhi products to Costco’s Kirkland brands. But the popularity of ‘awapuhi has taken a toll on the wild population. The vibrant, cone-shaped blossoms— abundant in my youth—are evermore difficult to locate, and seem smaller and less mature. One problem is the common practice of removing the flowers for home or waterfall-side use. Once the stem has been plucked from the plant, it will no longer produce and can kill the plant altogether. Tempting as it may be to take the flowering stems home (they’ll still produce a little more juice, even when harvested and after having been given a

over wide, webbed tree roots, we’re cautious to not squeeze the wild ginger blossoms too hard, in an effort to avoid the sickening little pop when the stem breaks loose, demolishing prospects for future use. Along the trail we pass several that have been plucked and abandoned by those before us, the nub at the end looking a little like a dislocated ball and joint bone. It’s sad to see the dead flower’s color paling to yellowed tans, no longer capable of sharing its natural gift with us and with those to come. As few and far between as they seem, a little ‘awapuhi goes a long way. By the time we reach our waterfall destination, my hair is saturated with the sweet stuff, buoyant and more lively than I’ve seen it in ages. Often my prayer is for better hair, but my new mantra might become that all shampoo-seeking stream-goers will tread softly and enjoy ‘awapuhi sparingly—in a way that can be shared. MTW To share or save this article, type:



[ Rob Report ]

Picking up the pace Local ‘inertiatives’ help us clean up our act, move forward “An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by another force.” –From Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion


ny way you look at it, the concept of inertia is tricky. When things are in motion, they invariably are kept in check by other forces, notably gravity and friction. In the big world around us, government red tape, corporate interests and political bickering are among the factors that inhibit forward motion. But the greater part of inertia is what might be called giddyup, gumption or initiative. Enthusiasm and teamwork are vital, whether the objective is moving a boulder out of the road or making the switch to renewable energy sources. Sometimes it’s worth checking the roadmap—the obstacle might be there for a reason, and perhaps an alternate route is preferable. Last weekend sparkled with examples of cooperation and commitment, reminding us that “inertiative” can be found all around us. The individual and team accomplishments of those who took on Saturday’s island-wide beach clean-ups, the Pailolo Channel canoe crossing or Sunday’s Maui Marathon help illustrate our ability to accomplish great, difficult things. To counter the sometimes-myopic perspective that progress simply isn’t happening fast enough to save us from ourselves, it’s important to accentuate real-life events that offer hope.


his year’s “Get the Drift and Bag It” beach cleanup was the largest in its 18year history on Maui. At least two-dozen coastal locations benefited from volunteer efforts, coordinated by Community Work Day and other entities, including the County, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation and South Maui Sustainability. An estimated 500 people turned out to help in Lahaina, thanks to the

Nope, they’re not looking for a lost contact lens. organizational gumption of last week’s Maui Time cover boy, Matt Lane. Haiku resident Paige Alisen checked in volunteers at Hookipa Beach Park on Maui’s North Shore. Hampered by a sprained shoulder, she said she nevertheless was “jazzed” by the response when she told two dozen helpers that they were part of a countywide effort. “We had people from Oregon and Washington as well as Maui,” said Alisen, herself a recent arrival from Northern California. “One woman arrived late, but kept picking up things on her own even after we were finished.” Surfrider Foundation, which coordinated that effort, has also spearheaded native Hawaiian plant restoration on the hillside above the park. Barry Sultanoff, an M.D. working in the psychiatric field, ran Sunday’s 26.2-mile trek from Kahului to Kaanapali. Though he ran four marathons in the late ’70s and participated in Makena triathalons each of the past three years, he never considered running another marathon until it came to him in vivid recurring dreams. “While it was great for me personally, this is such a great community event,” said Sultanoff. “There is a strong metaphor at the finish line, for setting a goal and accomplishment.” Sultanoff said he was moved by many personal stories and vignettes throughout the day. He spoke with a leader of a yellow-shirted team based in Los Angeles that collectively garnered more than a million dollars in donations for HIVAIDS research. “It’s a great reminder of

what’s possible,” said Sultanoff. A first-time participant in Saturday’s Pailolo Challenge outrigger canoe race was similarly inspired. Linda Lopez was among many wahine who paddled the 30 miles from DT Fleming Park in West Maui to Kaunakakai Pier on Molokai. Lopez, a licensed massage therapist, said she is new to long-distance paddling. “It is amazing to realize what we did—and that we’re going to do it again next week,” she said with enthusiasm. The race serves a dual purpose—as both a warm-up and a way to bring the canoes to Molokai for the following week’s Na Wahine O Ke Kai 41-mile race to Oahu. “There was a time when the Molokai Hoe [which first competed in 1952] was all men,” said Lopez, “when nobody considered that women might be able to do it. Now we have our own event.”


nother issue overcame political inertia last Friday at the County Council chambers in Wailuku. After months of discussion and debate, a bill to ban GMO taro in Maui County unanimously passed first reading. With taro growers and supporters providing articulate testimony, the atmosphere was reportedly “chicken skin” at times. While University of Hawaii researchers claim they need to utilize biotech to help thwart taro diseases, farmers disputed that, saying their greatest need is abundant cold, fresh water, which too often is diverted for other uses. Council Chair Danny Mateo offered

his own comments before the roll call vote, stating that a duty to protect Hawaiians and the host culture “starts right here, right now.” Should the bill pass second reading on October 2, it will go to the desk of Mayor Tavares (who has questioned how the County might enforce such a ban), to be signed into law. One of the panelists at the recent Maui County Energy Expo was Chris Lovvern, Alternative Energy Director for Castle and Cooke on Lanai. I called to ask for clarifications on their renewable energy goals, which include 30 percent solar, 40 percent biodiesel and 40 percent wind power by 2012. “That is an extremely aggressive and ambitious timeline,” Lovvern told me. “It is dependent upon PUC approvals and agreements with MECO, and the big wind depends on the undersea cable. By 2012, I don’t know if it’s feasible.” He went on to say that only one-third of their 10-acre, 1.2 megawatt solar installation is currently providing power to the grid. “We’re stuck at 400 kilowatts,” said Lovvern. He said they’re waiting for battery storage to come on line, but that their Power Purchase Agreement also caps their output at 600 kw until the remainder can be integrated into MECO’s system. Lanai’s 7,000-panel solar photovoltaic array is the largest in the state, but it’s disappointing to see it so underutilized several months after the gala dedication. Lanai, with a modest peak electrical demand of around 5 mw, would appear to have some advantages (wind, solar resources) despite its geographical isolation. One wonders if a smaller scale wind project could supply local needs first, before Oahu-based interests look to import as much as 300 mw via a billiondollar submarine cable. As we set ambitious goals for sustainability, it would be wise to take inspiration from the models of success all around us. Lopez noted that her fellow paddlers were from different walks of life, but were united by a common goal and the fact that they needed one another not only to succeed but to survive. “Only through the unity—lokahi—and passion is it possible to do this,” said Lopez. “We help and support each other, and there is so much power in that.” MTW To share or save this article, type: LC Watch will return next week.


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


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[ News of the Weird ] UNDEAD ON ARRIVAL If society were ever attacked by zombies, we would probably be doomed, and quickly. That was the conclusion of two university researchers in Ottawa, Ontario, who set up mathematical models hypothesizing zombie attacks as infectious diseases with the wellknown characteristics of zombie biology from popular fiction. In fact, according to a July BBC News report, zombies are more threatening than virulent diseases because they can regenerate (unless decapitated or incinerated, of course). More troubling was the researchers’ presumption that zombies move slowly, as in older movies, but in recent fiction, they’re super-quick, making them nearly invincible.

WE BRIT YOU NOT (1) In June, the Peterborough City Council ordered retirees who come together for weekly coffee at the public library to give up hot drinks, in case one accidentally spilled on a child. (2) In July the Dagenham Pool in Essex, citing (according to the manager) drowning risks, banned swimmers from doing “lengths” and forced them instead to swim “widths.” (3) In June the Brighton and Hove City Council ordered nature-lover Hilaire Purbrick, 45, out of the cave that has been his residence for 16 years, citing its lack of a “fire exit.”

BACKWARD PROGRESS In April, the Pelham, Mass. Board of Selectmen notified residents that it proposed to “alter a [fourmile] portion of Amherst Road” and needed their co-operation. The board said the road, in service with exactly the same contour since 1822, must better conform to what Amherst Road looked like on an 1822 map. Thus, some property owners along the route

were asked to cede some rights to the government to un-modernize the road.

DOMESTIC UNREST (1) A couple fought with each other using water, mouthwash and powdered whey protein (Bremerton, Wash., July). (2) A wife repeatedly punched her husband and then, as officers arrived, pulled him inside the house by his ear (Niceville, Fla., August). (3) A 78-year-old woman kicked her husband in the groin several times recently because she believes he had an affair 35 years ago (Lynnwood, Wash., May).

WHAT WILL PETA MAKE OF THIS? In August, Jorge Iglesias petitioned a judge in Madison, Wis., to regain custody of his 66 roosters and hens that police confiscated in a suspected cockfighting raid. Iglesias said he feared that the Dane County Humane Society, temporarily holding the animals, was treating them with “cruel and barbaric” abuse.

WEATHER, OR NOT Geography professor Melanie Patton Renfrew, 54, was convicted in Burbank, Calif., in August of violating a judge’s order to stop stalking KNBC-TV weatherman Fritz Coleman. Renfrew had badgered Coleman for two years, via e-mail and telephone calls, about his “error” in terminology, confusing “onshore” winds with “offshore” winds. Coleman, she insisted, needed to apologize. “Offshore” winds blow out to sea; “onshore” winds blow in.



16.2 percent Portion of Hawaii workers who

Nothing to Wear?

carpool to their jobs, the highest in the nation

26 minutes Average one-way commute time for Hawaii workers, the 10th longest in the nation

$250 million Estimated cost of a proposed expansion at the Grand Wailea; the resort wants to add more than 300 units and two new pools, among other amenities

...We Know

472, 1,637 Number of families and individuals, respectively, on homeless shelter waiting lists statewide Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Hawaii Public Housing Authority, Pacific Business News, The Maui News, Honolulu Advertiser


10-6 M-SAT. • 12-5 SUN.

310 Alamaha, #3 • Kahului 10-6 Everyday 893-5473 310 Alamaha, #3 • Kahului

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Lisa Newsome, 42, was arrested in Zachary, La., in August, caught trying to smuggle a 24-can case of beer out of a convenience store. The heavyset, housecoat-clad Newsome was squeezing the 20-pound case between her legs as she waddled from the cooler toward the front door. When police arrived, Newsome offered to pull up the dress to demonstrate how she carried the case, but, said a police captain: “I told her, no thanks. I wasn’t into that.” MTW

SPIN CYCLE Truly adv. A superfluous word, often added to bolster a dubious or controversial statement. Usage: “Duke Aiona’s role as Lt. Governor is unprecedented in the history of Hawai‘i… The relationship between he and Governor Lingle is truly a partnership that has benefited all of Hawai‘i.” - From the “Issues” section of the Duke Aiona For Governor Web site

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Thanks: Tommy and Jenn at Mauitime Weekly, Ruth, Shaggy

and the staff at Q103, The incredible staff at Mulligans, The musical talent - Paula, Mike, Kanoa, Erin, Ian, Ola, Kimo, Derick, Angie, Phil and Marcus; you guys are amazing!! And especially all the businesses, people & friends, who so generously contributed to the Silent Auction, Raffle and Dating Game!


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009





[ Plugs & Slugs ]

To Bounty Music for impressive longevity. The Best of Mauiwinning music store celebrated 30 years in business last month. Even in stable financial times that’s an impressive feat, but given the current climate it’s particularly noteworthy. Owners Paul and Avi Weinstein have created a small mecca for local music lovers, in no small part by embracing and displaying the unheralded versatility of the ukulele.

To Maui Brewing Co. for giving Maui a good name in the beer world. This summer, one of Hawaii’s only truly local breweries won multiple awards, including eight medals at the inaugural United States Open Beer Championships and three more at the North American Beer Awards. (Side note: how does one become a judge at these events? Because that’s gotta rank in the top ten jobs of all-time.) MBC also opened its new tasting room at the production facility in Lahaina, allowing local suds-lovers to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the brewing and canning process between sips (or gulps, depending). To Hawaiian Airlines for sticking it to passengers. At a time when many airlines are hemorrhaging money, Hawaiian managed to turn profits of $23.5 million and $27.5 million in the first and second quarters, respectively. Yes, those numbers are lower than last year, but profit is profit. So how do they reward their customers? Why, by tacking on a $10 fee for the first checked bag on inter-island flights, of course. (Child car seats and wheelchairs are exempt, so we give them a small slice of credit for recognizing the PR headache that would accompany nickel-and-diming babies and disabled people.)

Eh Brah! Thanks for being so selfish and disrespectful by not letting us enjoy our family camping trip this past weekend, cuz we had to come home early cuz you burglarize our house and steal stuff that we work so hard for! And how dare you steal my tutu’s jewelry and bags? Nobody make my tutu cry and get away with it! Da word is out...we will find you and your friends.

Illustration by Ron Pitts

To Minit Stop for a lame bag policy. We got wind of this from reader Christopher, who witnessed a customer, having just purchased a six-pack of beer, telling the clerk he didn’t need a plastic bag and could use his backpack. The clerk replied that it’s “company policy,” and when the man asked what he was supposed to do with the unwanted bag, he was reportedly told “throw it away.” To our knowledge, there is no Maui or Hawaii law requiring beer to be bagged. A call to Minit Stop seeking comment on this wasteful—not to mention fiscally irresponsible—practice was not returned at press time.

Send anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations, 200 words or less (which we reserve the right to edit), changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent to “Eh Brah!” c/o Maui Time Weekly, 33 N. Market St, Ste. 201, Wailuku, HI 96793 or send an e-mail to

is now assisting clients in

Liquor Licensing and related matters CALL LAURIE GIMA

(808) 243-9292

M E N ’ S & WO M E N ’ S B O U T I Q U E






SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


Keiki Care has taken a beating from opponents of government-subsidized insurance.

But was it really a failure? By Jacob Shafer

I 12

t’s difficult to say when, exactly, the latest attempt to reform health care in America turned sour. Some might point to the day a man flashed a loaded firearm outside a “town hall” meeting in New Hampshire along with a sign bearing the Thomas Jefferson quote about refreshing the tree of liberty “with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Others might bring up Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina interrupting the President’s joint session address to call Obama a liar (twice), a breach of decorum that drew finger wags from both sides of the aisle. Still others might argue this debate was poisoned from the start, that civility and nuanced discourse were mere fantasies > pg.13 destined to be shattered by the special interest cudgels of lobbyists and cable network pundits.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


But there was another moment, closer to home, that tells the story equally well—when a little-known children’s health care initiative in Hawaii became a national story, a rallying cry for the forces gathered against what both sides had agreed to call “Obamacare.” In retrospect it was too perfect: a government-subsidized program in the President’s birth state that was now on life support, stripped of funding by the state’s Republican Governor, ostensibly in the name of curbing profligate spending. FOX News wasn’t the first to pick up the scent, but they’ve got the biggest bullhorn. In July, Sean Hannity aired a segment in the series “Universal Nightmare” in which Gov. Linda Lingle called Keiki Care a “cautionary tale” fraught with “unintended consequences,” and the right-wing blogosphere lit up like Rush Limbaugh’s face at a Sarah Palin rally. Soon, the prevailing narrative on Keiki Care was all but set in pohaku: it was a failure, an unfair drain on taxpayers and a clear example of government overstepping its bounds. Lost amid the din was any real, cogent analysis of the program. Did it actually help anyone? What was the impetus behind its creation and ultimate dismantling? And, most importantly, do the detractors have a better idea?


ct 236, also known as the Hawaii Children’s Health Care Program, was passed in 2007. Its goal was to provide coverage to so-called “gap children”—kids who were uninsured, but whose families didn’t qualify for other state and federal programs like Medicaid either because of income or residency status. In addition to the obvious, sound bitefriendly desire to protect the well-being of the next generation, the motives were financial: according to data from the Hawaii Health Information Corporation, uninsured children paid 3,302 visits to state emergency rooms in 2008, at a total cost of $4.4 million. “Taxpayers should know it is cheaper to cover kids with health insurance than [to] cover expensive hospital costs for uninsured kids,” Barbara Luksch, project director of Hawaii Covering Kids, says in a quote posted on the advocacy group’s Web site. Though it’s been pigeonholed by opponents as purely governmentrun, in reality Keiki Care was backed by a partnership between the state Department of Human Services (DHS) and the private Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA), with the state paying $25.50 per month per child.

TAG TEAM: FOX’s Sean Hannity and Gov. Linda Lingle. Gov. Lingle initially supported the plan, but that support quickly eroded. On November 1, 2008, DHS terminated its contract with HMSA. The following day, Linda Smith, a “senior policy advisor” in the Lingle Administration, wrote an op-

Kymberly Pine summed up the message of Gov. Lingle and others who wanted to quash Keiki Care once and for all. “People are soaking up the taxpayers’ money [who] don’t need the help that we intended this bill for,” said Pine. “People who can afford

The best alternative to Keiki Care is not private insurance, which rules our current system, but other public options. That’s a hugely important point. It’s also one that’s been virtually ignored. ed in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in which she argued that “Keiki Care fail[ed] to achieve its worthy goal” and “inefficiently utilized state funds by subsidizing families who did not need help.” Smith cited figures showing that, of the roughly 2,000 children enrolled in the program, a significant majority had previously been insured through HMSA’s Children’s Plan, with their parents footing the bill. (No one denies that Keiki Care helped some legitimate, uninsured “gap children.” A DHS estimate puts the number at approximately 300.) HMSA continued funding the program through the end of 2008. Earlier this year, the legislature amended Act 236 to extend Keiki Care to June 30, 2012. Funding was slashed from $600,000 to $200,000 annually, which would have cut the number of kids covered from 2,000-plus to around 600. Despite the reduced cost (a small fraction of the state’s total budget shortfall), Gov. Lingle vetoed the bill on July 10. Less than a week later, the legislature overrode her veto, but the following day the Governor announced she would not release money for Keiki Care. Addressing her colleagues before the override vote, state Rep.

health insurance or who were paying for health insurance switched over.” Note the way Pine conflates “people who can afford health insurance” with “people who were paying for health insurance.” If the financial crisis has taught us anything it’s that people will pay for things they can’t afford. For many, it’s cars and houses and luxury items. But for people with more altruistic motives, it’s health insurance for their kids. How do we know that at least some of the families who were paying for HMSA’s coverage out of pocket didn’t need the help just as badly as those who weren’t?


o say that opponents of Keiki Care overstated their case is not to say the program didn’t have flaws. A December 2008 report from DHS’s Med-QUEST division pointed out that children enrolled in Keiki Care weren’t required to apply for other governmentsubsidized plans such as the Medicaidmanaged QUEST program, which offers more comprehensive benefits. QUEST eligibility was expanded in October 2006 and again in January 2008; families that enrolled in HMSA’s Children’s Plan

prior to the expansions might have been eligible for QUEST, DHS argued. It’s a valid point. But what’s interesting is that it actually runs counter to the argument of the anti-public health care crowd. The best alternative to Keiki Care, most everyone seems to agree, is not private insurance, which rules our current system, but other public options. As this debate expands beyond the efficacy of one specific program and becomes about our medical system as a whole, that’s a hugely important point. It’s also one that’s been virtually ignored. Anyone who looks at health care in America and sees something other than an epic national disaster is either delusional, out-of-touch or both. The private model has led us to a place where more than 30 million Americans don’t have health insurance, and even those who do are forced to navigate an inefficient, convoluted network of paperwork and preexisting conditions designed to maximize profits and, often, minimize coverage. The pro-privatization crowd likes to conjure the boogeyman of “government bureaucrats.” What they fail to acknowledge is that bureaucrats are already running the show—they’re just privately financed and thus wholly immune to the will of voters. The solution is, obviously, where the shouting begins. On one side are those clamoring for a public, single-payer system similar to the ones used in most of the industrialized world. On the other side are people who say we should do away with any government control and let individuals buy their insurance on the open market. In his recent speech to Congress, President Obama dismissed both of those notions as too extreme (though once upon a time candidate Obama expressed support for single-payer). Whether the President’s attempts at compromise and bipartisanship will lead to a genuine solution or an ineffectual, watereddown bill that leaves insurance companies firmly in the driver’s seat is an open question (though the answer, unfortunately, is becoming clearer by the day). But—even as the tide seems to have turned and all hope for a rational discussion (let alone solution) seems to have fizzled—we have to pay attention. We have to note what examples are being used, what statistics cited. And when one of those examples happens to be in our own backyard, we can’t let FOX News have the final word. MTW To share or save this article, type:


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


Surviving September Special 5-7pm • Buy one entree get the 2nd 50% OFF!

HAPPIEST HOURS: Buy 2 apps - get the 3rd FREE 3-6pm & 10pm-1am


SUN: BREAKFAST Buffet $5 w/Bloody Mary $9 MON NIGHT: $1 Chili Dogs & Bud Specials

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505 Front Street • Lahaina 808.661.8422










505 Front Street • Lahaina • 662-0300 14

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


*Must be seated after 8:00pm. Valid Hawaii I.D. Required.





8:00-10pm Nightly!


for Kama’aina

Employee Pricing for Kama‘aina


Only at Lahaina location. Not valid with any other offers or promotion. Not valid at Mala Wailea. **Closed by 9pm Sunday. 15% gratuity will be added to the full price before discounts.

Reservations: 667-9394

1307 Front St., Lahaina •



A sea change New Kihei fish joint proves healthy can still mean tasty

Breakfast & Football


1/2 Price Fish & Chips on Friday

f I had my way, restaurants would be judged on the basics—things like sauces and dressings. For example: at a typical fish place, the traditional cocktail sauce is ketchup, horseradish and lemon, right? Well, not at Coconut’s Fish Cafe in Kihei. Thanks to its eight secret ingredients—including a touch of cilantro—this cocktail is subtle and light. The words light (and healthy) don’t usually come to mind when you’re talking about fish and chips…or shrimp and chips… or calamari and chips. But, thanks to owner Mike Phillips, his fish menu at Coconut’s is very close to being fat free. Mike’s been in the restaurant business—serving mostly Italian food—for more than 30 years where, he points out, nothing was low fat. But when he got healthy himself 15 years ago he committed himself to providing healthy food to his customers. In fact, he says he hates traditional fried food. Very difficult, you might say, when you serve fish and chips. Not so, according to Mike. It’s about the fish, not the batter. The goal, he says, is light (there’s that word again) rather than the traditional heavy batter. The on-the-side coleslaw is another feat of culinary engineering. Mike’s daughter, Frances, experimented with 13 different recipes until she hit upon the right one. The result? Not too creamy, not too dry and (you guessed it) almost fat free. One of the most popular lunch items is the Caesar salad— Coconut’s sells as many as 30 of these at lunchtime. The secret is in the details. The lettuce is cold water-bathed for freshness and the dressing, developed by Mike’s mom, takes a day to prepare. I often gauge a restaurant by the quality of its Caesar and as far as I was concerned they had me at salad. The calamari and chips are also nautical miles away from the traditional tangle of tentacles and rubbery rings. They’re made by slicing actual calamari steaks so that they’re meatier, in a fish sort of way. The fish tacos, made with grilled ono or mahi mahi,

Saturday & Sunday at 7am

Coconut’s Fish Cafe 1279 South Kihei Road #304 in the Azeka Center Open daily 11am-9pm 875-9979

Owner Mike Phillips. are moderately spiced and topped with tomato, cheese, coleslaw and mango salsa. It’s obvious fish burgers are their signature item—because it says so on the menu. You can have them served on wheat or freshly baked sesame seed buns that are delivered daily. Or get them minus the bun, on white or brown rice. Mike points out that while Maui is traditionally white rice country, he serves a lot of brown rice with the burgers. What sets these burgers apart is the choice of preparations. While this feature is usually only available at high-end restaurants, Coconut’s gives you your


burger multiple ways: grilled butter, salt and pepper; south of the border with Ortega Chile; blackened, Cajun, lemon butter; and my favorite, Asian Flair with soy and wasabi, a sauce with a real kick, developed by Mike’s ex-wife. If you’re able to look past the food, check out the décor. The tables are carved like surfboards—complete with fins up— and the benches are shaped like paddles. Mike and his ohana are in the process of opening another location in Lahaina and hope to take the experience to Oahu sometime after that. Proving what a true family affair Coconut’s is: the restaurant is named for the family cat—who should be pleased with the menu. MTW To share or save this article, type:



7 Days 10am–3pm

The BEST Southwest Cuisine on Maui! Tuesdays $1 TACOS Sundays 1/2 Price Food! 5pm - Midnight FOOTBALL SPECIAL

Complete 2 Egg Breakfast

SAT & SUN 7-11am


Happy Hour 3-6pm & 10pm-Midnight

Located between Front & Wainee Streets in front of the Movie Theaters

Clockwise from top left: fish and chips, Caesar salad and fish taco.

900 Front St., #F3, Lahaina • 808.667.7805


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009





Handcrafted Ales & Lagers Brewed with Aloha

Pupu’s 1/2 off at the bar Everyday 4:30p-6p Late Night Fri & Sat 10p-Midnight


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Serving lunch & dinner 7 days a week • Located on front street in Lahaina overlooking the Banyan Tree


1455 SOUTH KIHEI RD. 808-874-4041


One n O M A rITe Te THe BeST O v A F r CH yOu Tv’S & enJOy And! T A w e COM SCreen ST On THe ISL g I B 9 r OF Ou reAKFA B & w Bre 4405 HOnOApIILAnI Hwy LAHAInA, HI 96761 808.669.3474 MAuIBrewIngCO.COM

Savory September Special! Dine on a 4 course menu for $35 per person Includes:

(minimum 2 people)

• Cheese fondue • Salad • Entrée with filet mignon, potstickers, chicken, and shrimp • A pure chocolate of your choice

New Lahaina Gateway Center | 808.661.6181


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009




Finding her voice Devotional music diva emerges from Madonna’s shadow


t was way cool and it’s totally different from what I’m doing now,” says Donna De Lory, when I bring up her most asked-about topic: her long career touring with Madonna. Fans of the Material Girl know De Lory as part of her innermost circle of backup singers and dancers. Beginning with 1987’s Who’s That Girl Tour and continuing until 2006’s Confessions Tour, De Lory has performed and recorded with Madonna for more than two decades. She was even in the music video for “Vogue.” So—when questions arise about life and times with “the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century,” according to the Recording Industry Association of America—you can understand why De Lory expresses multiple times how that experience was “totally different” from her solo pursuits. And though she says it cheerily, it’s tinged with the mildest here-wego-again ho-humness. “It was this huge chapter of my life—it went on for a long time,” says De Lory. “I did six tours with her, a lot of performances, a lot of records. When I started with her, I wanted to be a pop star just like her, and kind of lost sight of the music that I had inside of me. I didn’t even know I was a songwriter at that time. “It was always a very interesting experience to observe myself growing, still being ‘in’ that and being grateful to be there—but [also] feeling there’s something different growing inside myself. I was kind of joyfully and blissfully wrapped up in that world—[it was] where I had to be at that time. Which was a beautiful experience, it was amazing. But then I feel like I really outgrew it. I really woke up to something deeper inside myself, a deeper kind of music, things I wanted to talk about, the way I wanted to feel.” Backing up the ‘Madge’ has its benefits, even (and perhaps especially) when pursuing solo endeavors. Madonna would provide unreleased songs of her own authorship for De Lory to

Tours with the Material Girl have given way to world/devotional music. record, often producing them herself— songs like “Just A Dream,” originally intended for Madonna’s 1989 album Like a Prayer. Since 1993, De Lory has released nine albums. The tenth is nearing completion (a remix album of 2008’s Sanctuary) and she’s already at work on her eleventh release. Even amidst the demands of 20-plus years of world tours with Madonna, De Lory was able to gig solo on her nights off. “I would go off and do my own shows,” she remembers, “and connect with my audience through yoga centers—finding a home for my music in yoga centers and churches and community centers, and things like that.”


e Lory has established a place of prominence in the world/ devotional genre—in many ways antipodal to power-pop—infusing yoga philosophy and melodic mantras into her work. With her unremittingly airy and ethereal vocals, De Lory is all about being deep, living a life of intent, and “following your bliss.” Because of this, I didn’t anticipate the slightly valley-girl inflection in De Lory’s conversational voice. Nor did I expect her effortless chatter about remixing entire albums for club dance tracks with New York-based DJs, or that her daughters’

nanny would answer the phone, or her mention of their cabin in the Sierra

Donna De Lory

Maui Gigs: Fri.-Sat., Sept. 25-26, 7:30pm at The Studio Maui, Haiku; Sun., Sept. 27, 7pm at Island Spirit Yoga, Lahaina Web site:

Mountains that they don’t visit often enough, “because we are so busy.” After some reflection, I found all this kind of endearing. The fact that I was surprised at all was more a reflection on my own assumptions than anything. De Lory is earthy and unabashed about her spiritual self and her visions for the future; she slips singing into her storytelling, but keeps a little mainstream sass. Even the anecdote of her introduction to learning mantras is touched by the privileged pizzazz. “I remember being at [this] party at [a] house in the Hollywood Hills and walking in and seeing ‘Gunapati Om’ projected on the wall… I loved it. My mind wasn’t involved in trying to analyze it, but I could just feel the effect it had on me and

my body and being part of the community and all those positive things you get from coming together and singing together and really being devotional together. “I couldn’t put my finger on it—Was it the melody? Was it his voice? Was it the people? It was just beautiful sweetness and people’s hearts being open and together. The room was packed and I was so touched by this, I just wanted to go the next day, you know?” She did more than go the next day. “Gunapati Om” became the opening track to her 2004 release The Lover and the Beloved. As the album’s liner notes explain: “[T]his CD is the perfect opportunity for me to explore the transcendent and meditative power of music.” Though her history of whirlwind world travels is one of those run-into-the-ground topics, it’s been the key to her finding roots and musical satisfaction. “It was really like I was just helping [Madonna] carry out her vision, as my musicians around me are helping me carry out mine,” she says. “Being away from that—because I was really in her world and her vision—I can really build my own [vision] and the people I want around me to help me carry that out.” MTW To share or save this article, type:


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009




Lifeless ‘Body’ Horror/comedy done in by smarmy script, vapid star


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

is obvious casting that does nothing for the movie but provide a sexy star for the poster.

Jennifer’s Body


Rated R/111 min. problem is that, despite obvious efforts to be another Heathers, the movie is never funny or scary enough. It barely rises above trashy slasher status and settles for being watchable but toothless. Fox’s “performance” is one of the biggest problems, as she doesn’t have the comic timing or acting chops to play an evil variation on the kind of role Seyfried (who is excellent here despite lame material) nailed in Mean Girls. Had the roles been reversed, with Seyfried playing the wicked Jennifer and Fox cast against type as a dowdy nerd, this could have been interesting, but Fox playing another vamp, with her breathy whisper and tight outfits,


Photo by Doane Gregory


t a pivotal moment in Jennifer’s Body, a horror/ comedy written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody, Jennifer, played by Megan Fox, flashes a big grin and reveals a mouth full of bloody, razor sharp teeth. Her smile is supposed to provide a big scare and induce nightmares, but you know what? I’ll bet this is the exact same toothy grin Fox gave her agent when he told her how much she’s getting paid to star in Transformers 3. Jennifer is a flaky but sweet high schooler whose best friend Anita (Amanda Seyfried) hangs on her every word and is troubled when, after they both survive a fire, Jennifer begins showing up at her place, in the middle of the night, covered in blood and mean as a snake. Let me cut to the chase for Fox’s fan base: the title is a tease. There’s no nudity. A bigger

This is why you floss, kids.

Cody can be a clever writer, but she’s also the Dane Cook of screenwriters: she stuffs pop culture references into dialogue that’s supposed to be witty but is simply showy and often inauthentic. Karyn Kusama, who directed both the wonderful Girlfight and the not-asbad-as-you’ve-heard Aeon Flux, gives us moments that feel like they’re leading to a great horror or comic set piece, but all the promising set ups are a bust. Even the obligatory prom climax, which one character ominously predicts will be a bloodbath, winds up being cornball. A constant theme is that Anita, despite having a loving boyfriend, is obsessed and possibly in love with Jennifer; they have a brief make-out scene that goes nowhere and was presumably included because: a) dudes want to see Fox make out with a girl; and b) the movie could win Best Kiss at next year’s MTV Movie Awards. MTW To share or save this article, type:

FILMCAPSULES Maui Film Festival Candlelight Cinema

The Girl From Monaco - Unrated - Documentary - An amalgamation of rare archival media and personal testimony, this documentary explores early environmental movements and the pioneers that inspired them—beginning with post-war 1950s, to the very first Earth Day in 1970 and through to what’s brought us to our current green movement. A Robert Stone film. 102 min.

New This Week

Fame - PG - Musical - This 2009 rendition (yep, based off of the 1980 musical of the same name) follows the trials and tribulations of talented teens at the New York City High School of Performing Arts (known today as the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts...whew, and I though Makawao’s SEKIS was a mouthful). 107 min. My One and Only - PG13 - Comedy With her two teenage sons in tow, Ann Devereaux (Renee Zellweger) hits the road in a baby blue Cadillac Coupe de Ville in search of a wealthy new mate, after leaving her philandering husband (Kevin Bacon). 108 min. Pandorum - R - Thriller - In total blackness, two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber, completely unaware of who they are, let alone their mission. At first they believe they’re alone on the ship, before they realize the terrible truth. 112 min. Surrogates - PG13 - Sci-Fi - In the future, robots are smarter and better looking than humans. So, humans decide to live in isolation and interact with fellow bag of bones via robots alone. Bruce Willis plays an FBI agent who investigates some mischief and conspiracy surrounding the murder of the surrogate inventor. 112 min.

Now Showing

9 - PG13 - Animation - Tim Burton produces this progressive feature-length animation, based on Shane Acker’s short film about a post-apocalyptic, Homo sapien-free world where rag dolls come to life and battle evil machines who threaten to destroy all civilization. 79 min. All About Steve - PG13 - Comedy - Bullock goes blonde, playing Mary Horowitz, a cruciverbalist. She’s lighting when it comes to finding the ‘right’ word, but will manage to list all the ‘lightning bug’ words lickety-split too--albeit at the sacrifice of her social skills. After a blind date with cable news cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper), she’s love-struck to the point of obsession. Egged on by TV reporter Hartman Hughes (Thomas Haden Church), Mary proceeds to stalk Steve as he travels the country. Her opihi-style prowling lands her in news story-related danger. 98 min. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - PG - Family - The beloved book, a husband and wife team-production by Judi (author) and Ron Barrett (illustrator), has inspired kids since its first publication in 1978 and finally gets its due props with a movie. However, while I really try to refrain from negativity--especially with kids flicks--the trailers have really rubbed me the wrong way. How can producers stray so far from the book’s incredible illustrations? So, keiki, if you see this movie, promise me you’ll read the book too. 90 min. Extract - R - Comedy - Written and directed by Mike Judge. Joel (Jason Bateman. Heh heh. Master Bateman. Heh heh) is the owner of a thriving flavor extract company, earning him the title “Extract King.” His small business success aren’t enough to quell the sexual


frustrations he has with his wife Suzie (Kristen Wiig), so he embarks on a plan to hire a gigolo (guised as the classic pool boy) to seduce Suzie-leaving him open to the guilt-free pursuit of his new, big-boobied employee Cindy (Mila Kunis). Con-artist Cindy, on the verge of parole revocation, has little interest in Joel, and instead has sights her set on convincing fellow employee Step (Clifton Collins, Jr.) to sue Joel for millions (and cash in herself) after Step looses one of his family jewels in factory accident. 91 min. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - PG13 - Action - A super-elite team of international military operatives battle the evildoer organization Cobra, with high tech weapons the likes of which you probably never dreamed of while playing with your Hasbro toys in the sandbox. This flashy new rendition’s sandy battlefield is, not surprisingly, a North African desert. 120 min. The Informant - R - Comedy - A true story, based on the book, The Informant, by Kurt Eichenwald. It’s hard for me to say the name Matt Damon (who in this movie plays executive turned informant/whistleblower, Mark Whitacre), without Team America: World Police (2004) inflection, and for that fact alone I am stoked about this movie. Okay, two facts--the second being Scott Bakula (playing FBI agent, Brian Shepherd), my favorite Enterprise captain, second only to that “bald chap,” Picard. 108 min. Inglourious Basterds - R- Drama - True to his cinema lust style, director Quentin Tarantino brings us a WWII flick that’s all multi-genre infused fantasy—but supposedly even enjoyable for the die-hard historian, despite creative-license inaccuracies. Brad Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine, leader of “The Basterds,” a guerilla group who revengefully scalp Nazis in efforts to strike fear into the hearts of the Third Reich. 149 min. Jennifer’s Body - R - Horror - A rock band hopes to increase their chances of getting a record deal, and in a Satanic ritual sacrifice Jennifer Check (Megan Fox)--the sexiest (and thereby most popular) chick at the local high school. Check ends up possessed and more powerful than ever, but with a cannibalistic taste for boy flesh. Written by Diablo Cody. 111 min. Love Happens - PG13 - Romance - Aaron Eckhart plays Dr. Burke Ryan, a widower, therapist and self-help guru who despite his success, has been incapable of taking his own let-it-go advice. Enter Jennifer Aniston as Eloise Chandler, a florist who’s sworn-off relationships--that is, until she attends one of Ryan’s seminars. 109 min. Ponyo - G - Animation - Think anime-styled Pinocchio meets Little Mermaid, by Japanese writer/director Hayao Miyazaki. A little goldfish who longs to be a little girl, sneaks away from her father (a pollution-battling wizard of the deep). When she finds the shore, she’s instantly smitten with a boy named Sosuke, and turns herself into the girl she’s always wanted to be—using a drop of the boy’s blood and some internal goldfish magic. 101 min. Sorority Row - R - Thriller - A remake of the 1983 thriller, The House on Sorority Row, the story follows sorority sisters who cover up the death of one of their own, only to by stalked during graduation year (along with their boyfriends) by a serial killer who threatens to reveal the truth. 102 min. The Time Traveler’s Wife - PG13 - Romance Seemingly devised especially for geeky girls like me, the plot circles around a debonair Chicago librarian (Eric Bana), who is cursed/blessed with a gene causing spontaneous, involuntary time travel. Trouble aside, he remains hopelessly dedicated to and in love with his timeline-bound wife (Michelle Nolden), throughout all their longing battles through time and space. 108 min. Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself - PG13 - Comedy - Aunty April (Taraji P. Henson), a lounge singer, drinks heavily and lives off of her married boyfriend, Raymond. Wanting little to do with her delinquent niece and two little nephews recently charged under her care, she starts to reassess her lifestyle when an intriguing young Mexican man moves into her basement. 113 min. UH Warrior Football @ louisiana tech Check out the University of Hawaii football games for $10 a pop. This Wednesday, check out UH at Louisiana Tech--their third game in Warrior’s longest on-the-road stretch in 45 years. Whiteout - R - Thriller - The long Antarctic winter is rapidly closing-in and U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) is running short on time to investigate a mysterious murder--the continent’s first. 96 min.

SHOWTIMES Front Street Theater

900 Front Street, Lahaina, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-F until 6:30pm, Sa-Su until 3:30pm, Discount Tue), The Informant - R - F 4:15, 6:45, 9:15; Sa-Su 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15; M-Th 4:15, 6:45, 9:15. Jennifer’s Body - R - F 4:00, 6:30, 9:00; Sa-Su 1:30, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00; M-Th 4:00, 6:30, 9:00. Pandorum - R - F 4:45, 7:15, 9:45; Sa-Su 2:15, 4:45, 7:15, 9:45; M-Th 4:45, 7:15, 9:45. Surrogates - PG13 - F 4:30, 7:00, 9:30; Sa-Su 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30; M-Th 4:30, 7:00, 9:30.

Ka’ahumanu 6

Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center. 1-800326-3264 (Matinees: everyday until 4pm), 9 - PG13 - F-Sa 11:50, 1:45, 3:40, 5:35, 7:30, 9:20. Su-Th 11:50, 1:45, 3:40, 5:35, 7:30. All About Steve - PG13 - F-Th 1:30, 3:45, 6:00, 8:15. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - PG F-Sa 12:00, 2:05, 4:10, 6:15, 8:20, 10:25. Su-Th 12:00, 2:05, 4:10, 6:15, 8:20. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3-D PG - F-Sa 11:00, 1:05, 3:10, 5:15, 7:20, 9:25. Su-Th 11:00, 1:05, 3:10, 5:15, 7:20. Fame - PG - F-Sa 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00, 9:25. S-Th 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00. Love Happens - PG13 - F-Sa 11:50, 2:15, 4:40, 7:05, 9:30. Su-Th 11:50, 2:15, 4:40, 7:05. Sorority Row - R - F-Sa 11:10, 10:30. Su-Th 11:10. UH Warrior Football - W 2:05 p.m.

Kukui Mall

1819 South Kihei Road, 1-800-326-3264 (Matinees: everyday until 4pm), Fame - PG - F-Sa 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00, 9:25. Su 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00. M-Th 2:10, 4:35, 7:00. The Informant - R - F-Sa 12:15, 2:40, 5:05, 7:30 9:55. Su 12:15, 2:40, 5:05, 7:30. M-Th 1:00, 3:25, 5:50, 8:15. Inglourious Basterds - R - F-Sa 6:45, 9:45. Su-Th 6:45. Love Happens - PG13 - F-Sa 12:00, 2;25, 4:50, 7:15, 9:40. Su 12:00, 2:25, 4:50, 7:15. M-Th 1:05, 3:30, 5:55, 8:20. Ponyo - G - F-Su 11:30, 1:30, 4:15. M-Th 1:30, 4:15.


FASTEST INTERNET SERVICE Upgrade to Road Runner and get TWO MONTHS FREE! Offer expires September 30, 2009

Call 643-2337 *Looney Tunes, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. 2009

Maui Film Festival

Castle Theater, MACC 242-7469 Earth Days - R - F 5:00, 7:30

Maui Mall Megaplex

Maui Mall, 249-2222 (Matinees: M-Th until 6pm, F-Su until 3:30pm), Final Destination 4 - R - F-Su 12:05, 2:20, 4:30, 6:55, 9:05. M-Th 2:20, 4:30, 6:55, 9:05. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - PG13 - F-Th 1:45, 4:25, 7:10, 9:55. The Informant - R - F-Su 1:05, 1:35, 3:40, 4:10, 6:15, 6:45, 8:55, 9:15. M-Th 1:35, 3:40, 4:10, 6:15, 6:45, 8:55, 9:15. Inglourious Basterds - R - F-Th 2:45, 8:35 Jennifer’s Body - R - F-Su 12:10, 2:35, 5:00, 7:25, 9:50. M-Th 2:35, 5:00, 7:25, 9:50. My One and Only - PG13 - F-Th 1:50, 4:20, 6:50, 9:20. Pandorum - R - F-Th 2:10, 4:45, 7:20, 9:50. Surrogates - PG13 - F-Su 12:45, 3:00, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. M-Th 3:00. 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. Surrogates (Digital) - PG13 - F-Su 12:00, 2:15, 4:30, 6:45, 9:00. M-Th 2:15, 4:30, 6:45, 9:00. The Time Traveler’s Wife - PG13 - F-Sa 12:55, 3:35, 6:05, 8:40. M-Th 3:35, 6:05, 8:40. Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself PG13 - F-Th 1:30, 4:15, 7:00, 9:40. Whiteout - R - F-Su 12:15, 6:10. M-Th 6:10.

Wharf Cinema Center

658 Front Street, 249-2222 (Matinees: Tue all shows, until 6pm every other day), All About Steve - PG13 - F 2:15, 4:45, 7:15, 9:40; Sa-Su 11:45, 2:15, 4:45, 7:15, 9:40; M-Th 2:15, 4:45, 7:15, 9:40. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - PG - F 2:00, 4:15, 6:45, 9:00; Sa-Su 11:45, 2:00, 4:15, 6:45, 9:00; M-Th 2:00, 4:15, 6:45, 9:00. Fame - PG - F 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30; Sa-Su 11:30, 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30; M-Th 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30. Compiled by Jenn Brown


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


By Anu Yagi

Keokea fest

With a love so rare and true

St. John’s has been serving the Keokea community for an impressive 109 years, their gorgeous grounds located just across the way from the Keokea Park (where, as my lovely predecessor Kate Bradshaw once wrote, “some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet” congregate on Sundays…but back to the event at hand…) The popular St. John’s Kula Festival has been running strong for the last three decades and is nothing short of an Upcountry mainstay. Entertainment will include Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winner Jeff Peterson, as well as the Hula Honeys, Fred Lacar, Lousie Lambert and more. Each year, St. John’s shares the proceeds with different charitable organizations, and the 2009 celebrations will benefit Friends of the Children’s Justice Center and Carol Adams Youth Encouragement Services (YES) in Uganda. Support the effort and join the fun with ono grindz, children’s games, an auction, crafts, produce, plants and their lovely “tea room with a view.” 8992 Kula Hwy., Keokea, HI 96790. 808-878-1485.

Classic car owners love their wheels, and Peggy Sue’s once again gives them the chance to rev their stuff in the 14th Annual Classic Car Show. The event will feature performances by Hula Halau O Pohai Kealoha, music by Moondance (1pm), followed by an Elvis impersonator (2pm) so good he’s being flown in from Oahu. Speaking of Oahu, we’re Superferry free, so the event probably won’t see the same off-island turnout as last year, when the number of entrants topped 200 (including a Lamborghini group and a pro dragster), but muscling Mauians are sure to show up with No Kai Oi force to this event, a benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters. All vehicles 1978 and older will qualify for the Big Brother Big Sister Award, the grand prize-winner to be announced at 5pm. Day-of registration begins at 11am and continues until event start time at 1pm, and costs $8. Pre-registration is of course ongoing, and signing up whittles the entry fee to $5. 1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-875-8944.

Saturday (Sept. 26), 9am-3pm, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Keokea, free

Sunday (Sept. 27), 1-5pm, Peggy Sue’s, Kihei, contest registration $5/$8


plus SPECIAL GUESTS 10pm-12am $5 $5 Drink Specials - Ocean Vodka Drinks for $5



The TEMPLE of BOOM PARTY 10pm-close FREE!


KRYPTONES with DANI GIRL 10pm-close $10





$2.50 Tacos AND $3 Mexican Beers MUSIC WITH DANYEL ALANA



12 noon - 6pm



Lunches TO GO Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from 7am till 10pm DAILY LOCAL DELIVERY from 5pm - 10pm

To the


Friday, Sept. 25 • 7:30pm Click on Donna de Lory Ticket Contest

at to enter


Reservations & Info



SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


Big Shows 8th Annual Richard Ho’opi’i Leo Ki’eki’e

(Falsetto) Contest - Fri, Sep 25. The finest amateur falsetto performers will compete at this year’s event, the theme: “E maui ka ho’oilina kupuna,” or “continue the ancestral legacy.” The awesome Alaka’i Paleka emcees along with honored event namesake, Uncle Richard. See This Week’s Picks for more!. 6 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului 96732. 808-242-7469. Donna De Lory - Upcountry - Daily, Sep 25. First, a concert with Ty Burhoe & Cameron Stone (Sept 25th), then, a Live 5 Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers Dance (Sept 26th). See this week’s Music Scene for more on Donna De Lory! 7:30 p.m. Studio Maui, Haiku Marketplace, 810 Haiku Rd., Suite 265, Haiku, HI 96708. 808-575-9390. 13th Annual Maui Youth Ukulele Players Contest - Sat, Sep 26. “Tune up and strum on down,” to this excellent uke contest where keiki in grades K - 12 compete for bragging rights and prizes in both solo and group divisions. Check in for participants (advance registration was required) is from 8 - 8:30 a.m., followed by an ukulele workshop. The competition begins at 10 a.m. and is sure to be a treat for all in attendance. 10 a.m. Hula Grill,

Whaler’s Village, 2435 Ka’anapali Parkway, Bldg P, Lahaina 96761. 808-667-6636. Mohala Mai 2009 - Sat, Sep 26. Meaning “To Blossom Forth,” all the beauty of emerging blooms will be evoked with the graceful poetry in motion of na Kumu Hula Napua Greig Makua and Kahulu Maluo-Huber along with Halau Na Lei Kaumaka O Uka, joined by Na Hoku Hanohano award winners Weldon Kekauoha, Aaron Sala, Les Ceballos, Ikaika Blackburn and Kamakoa Asing. 5:30 p.m. Castle Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732. 808-242-7469. Donna De Lory - West Side - Sun, Sep 27. “Sanctuary” concert with Ty Burhoe and cellist Cameron Stone. See this week’s Music Scene for more on Donna De Lory! 7 p.m. Island Spirit Yoga Maui, 840 Wainee St., Lahaina, HI 96761. 808-667-2111.

844 FRONT ST., LAHAINA • 667-7758 22

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


Cirque Polynesia - Daily (except Tue). It’s Circue du Soleil meets Polynesian hula with amazing high-wire acts, aerial acrobatics and illusions, and mind-boggling contortionist and balancing-acts. Keiki under 12 get in free with the purchase of one adult ticket through August 31st. 7 p.m. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa, 200 Nohea Kai Dr., Kaanapali, HI 96761. 808-667-4540.


The Odd Couple (Female Version) - Fri, Sat & Sun. Last Weekend! Oscar becomes Olive and Felix becomes Florence in this wahine rendition of this Neil Simon classic. Fri & Sat, 7:30 p.m.; Sun Matinee, 3 p.m. Iao Theater, 68 N. Market St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-242-6969. Maui SLAM! - Thurs. After taking off the month of August, the Maui SLAM is back and “goes back to school.” See This Week’s Picks for more. 3 p.m. Casanova - 1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-572-0220

Tickets on Sale

Twinkle Brothers - Sat, Oct 3. From the rough streets of Falmouth, the two brothers have produced over sixty albums since Jamaica gained independence from Brittain in 1960. Oceans Beach Bar & Grill, 1819 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-891-2414. Kottonmouth Kings - Thu, Oct 8. Local Punks Productions (the cool dudes bringing you Voodoo Glow Skulls this week) hook it up again at Oceans Beach Bar & Grill with the Kottonmouth Kings. Oceans Beach Bar & Grill, 1819 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-359-1226. Hawaiian Heritage Film Festival - Sun, Oct 11. The film Heart Strings explores the legendary

2511 S. KIHEI RD., KIHEI • 891-8600

Kamaka and Sons company, who for over 100 years have crafted some of the finest ukuleles in the world—all from their tiny shop in Honolulu. A success story that highlights how Hawaiian values shaped their business of crafting beloved instruments. A Q&A with producer Dawn Kaniaupio will follow. 3 - 5 p.m. McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului 96732. 808-242-7469. The Wailers with special guests Third World - Sat, Oct 17. The 1st Annual Rise Up Music Festival presented by SkyHI Productions. The Wailers feature new frontman Elan Attias. Tickets available at the MACC, Green Banana Internet Café in Paia, Old Lahaina Book Emporium, and Request Music in Wailuku. 5 p.m. Gates; 6 p.m. Show. A & B Amphitheater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732. 808-242-7469. Aerosmith - Tue, Oct 20. Wow. Has this been a long time coming, or what? For Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s annual donors, tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 26th and general public sales begin on Thursday, October 1st. War Memorial Stadium, 211 Kanaloa Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-242-7469. Dervish - Fri, Oct 23. Fans of all things celtic, don’t miss this exciting traditional Irish band! Their 1993 album Harmony Hill launched this group to star-

2511 S. KIHEI RD., KIHEI • 891-8600

The Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars, clubs, cafes, other non-dinner serving establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm.

Thursday 09/24

Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

Sunday 09/27

Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30

House of S.I.N. w/ DJ Del Sol & DJ CIA; No Cover

House Boutique w/ DJ CIA; No Cover, 10pm

Erin Smith No Cover, 10pm

Truth Serum Sundays w/ DJ Astro Raph; No Cover

MON - Casa Del Sol; TUE - Brand Nu w/ DJ Decka; WED - DubStep Wednesdays w/ DJ Nature Boy


Tom Cherry Band No Cover

Haiku Hillbillys $10, 8pm

Dr. Nat & Rio Ritmo $10, 9pm

MON - Cafe Jazz with Mana’o Radio WED - Eric Aloha


“Back to School” Maui SLAM; $10


District E $5/$10, 10pm - 1am

WED - Ladies Night w/ DJ Stylz $10, 10pm - 1am


Roots Foundation w/ DJ Boomshot


Wavetrain feat. Mark Johnstone & Guests; $5

DJ Sal Temple of Boom Party; No Cover, 10-Close

Dan DeLion feat. Dani Girl and the Kryptones

TUE - Danyel Alana No Cover, 8 - 10pm

Orin & Junior No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

Dave Carrol No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

Dave Carrol No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

Erin Smith No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

MON - Pete; TUE - Live Jazz WED - Whaleshark, All No Cover, 7:30 - 10pm

DJ Astro Raph 9:30 - 1:30am

Off Tomorrow 9:30 - 1:30am

Bad Kitty 9:30 - 1:30am

Gina Martinelli Band 7 - 10pm

MON - SIN 9:30 pm; TUE - Karaoke 10pm; WED - Rick Glencross

Quiz Night 8pm

Pau Hana

Ryan Robinson 10pm - 1am

Ms. Beaver

MON -Jordan 10pm - 1am; TUE - Jarod 10pm - 1am WED - Heels Deal

Bad Kitty 7:30 - 10:30 pm

Live Music

Free Karaoke 8 - 11pm

Pool Tournament

TUE - Pool League WED - Open Jam Night, free pool all day

Wild Out 9pm - 1:30am

Deja VU $10, 9pm - 1:30am

Mexican Night $10, 9pm - 1:30am

Club Ultra Fab No Cove, 10pm - 2am

Girls of Allure Female Impersonators; $10/$15

Louise Lambert Singer’s Soiree & Piano Bar

WED - Club Bello w/ DJ David No Cover, 10pm - 2am

Free BBQ




TUE - Pool Tournament; WED - Ladies Night College Football Games

Rampage 10pm - 1:30am

Alliez 10pm - 1:30am

Ko Mele 10pm - 1:30am

Karaoke 9pm - 1:30am

MON - Karaoke Night TUE - DJ Nexus; WED -Pac Vibe





MON - WED - Karaoke


1913 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 891-1011 28 N. Market St. Wailuku - 244-0852 1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-0220 744 Front St., Lahaina 661-3744 142 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-8085


Wharf Cinema, Lahaina - 667-0908


1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-9299

DOG & DUCK IRISH PUB 1913 S. Kihei Rd. - 875-9669


1234 Lower Main, Wailuku - 242-1177


Queen Kaahumanu S.C. - 871-5999


1445 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-4041


1088 Lower Main St., Wailuku - 244-4888

HAUI’S LIFE’S A BEACH 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891–8010


515 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-8199

WED - Live Latin Jazz & Salsa 9pm - 1:30am

dom, and they were asked to perform for President Event - The theme: “A Celebration of Life, Hope Kama’aina Nights - Sponsored by KPOA 93.5 service for the 100th Infantry & 442nd RegimenFM, enjoy this monthly event with dining and shopClinton’s St. Patrick’s Day Party. 7:30 p.m. Castle tal Combat Team. Nisei Veterans Memorial Center, and Inspiration” A benefit luncheon and fashion ping specials all night. This month, the featured enTheater, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului, HI Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793. 808-244-6862. show with apparel modeled by the “bravest latertainer will be Clay at Mortenson. Mon - Sat 9:30non-dinner 96732. 808-242-7469. dies andserving gentlemen cancer survivors. 10 a.m. - 2 The Grid lists nightly entertainment bars, clubs, cafes, other establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm. a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Queen KaahuWilliam Shatner & Brian Evans - Fri, Dec 18. p.m. Four Seasons Resort, 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Ulupalakua Cares - A free event open to the manu Shopping Center, 275 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Beam me up, Hard Rock! A meet and greet eveWailea, HI 96753. 808-244-5554. public, check out exhibits from environmental orKahului, HI 96732. 808-877-3369. ning with the two celebs—full of music and even a Children’s Vocal Recital - Students of Lani Star ganizations, wine tasting and tours, lunch specials Lahaina’s Final Friday Art Night - Early bird book signing! Hmm... maybe a little “Rocket Man” will perform Center Stage in a vocal recital. 11 a.m. and live music by the Hula Honeys. Plus, acclaimed dining and happy hour specials begin at 5 - 6 p.m. TBA spoken word? A portion of the door goes to World 1 p.m. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, 275 W. Ladies Night w/ DJ Del JACQUES arborist Ernie Rezents will lead “Walking Tour of the with special gallery shows from 7 - 10 p.m.,NofeaturHunger Serve. p.m. Hard Rock Cafe, 900 Front Kaahumanu 120 Hana/Hwy., Paia10 - 579-8844 Sol; $10 (guys), 9:30pm Cover, 9:30pm - 1amAve., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-877-3369. Trees” on the historic grounds of the winery from ing artists in-action as well as live strolling musiSt., Lahaina, 96761. 808-667-7400 Aging Wisely Expo - Baby boomers, caregivers, Rene Alonzo Mikecomplimentary Madden Farzad Madden Angie Carr MON No Cover, 7pm - Close Ranch, 12:30 - Tracy 2 p.m.Stile 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Ulupalakua cians. Who Farzad doesn’t &enjoy choco-& Mike JAVA JAZZ retirees - discover a balance of information and acNo Cover, 7pm -lates Close No Cover, - Closestuff at various No Cover, 7pm - Close Nobeneficial Cover, 7pm - Close for yourTUE Hwy. & WED ReneHIAlonzo Cover, 7pm - Close 3350 L. Honoapiilani Rd. 667-0787 37,-Kula, 96790.No 808-878-6058. and desserts? Enjoy7pm the sweet tivities which will be in planning Sunset Sunday Potluck - Five amazing DJs degalleries, provided by participating restaurants (that 9 a.m. - All 12 Acccess p.m. w/ Entertainment Bob Flint; 6 - 9 p.m. Flash Back Fridays Hawaiian future. by Nature KAHULUI ALE HOUSE scend on Kamaole III—DJ Del Sol (Lovehouse), DJ The Upcountryinclude Boys Santa Fe Cantina, David Paul’s Island Grill, w/ Jeff Johnson. Roselani Place, S. Papa Ave., 355 E. Kamehameha, Kahului - 877-9001 $10, 10pm - Close 10pm - 12:30am No Cover, 10pm88 - Close CIA (Suck My Beat), DJ Forrest (G2k), DJ Doubleknot The Melting Pot, Ruth’s Chris, Lahaina Fish Co., LuKahului, HI 96732. 808-871-7720. Workshop for Caregivers - A free workshop (From the Floor) and DJ Pio Marasco (Kilo Minimallu’s Lahaina, Longhi’s, Hard Rock Cafe, Ono Gelato St. John’s Kula Festival - Support the effort and KIMOS MONa- fantastic WED - Sam Ahia Ahia DeAquino Bradahz for of people with Alzheimer’s or related sounds)—for potluck from noon to night. and Mai Tai Lounge. Brought to you by the LahainaSamjoin 845caregivers Front St., Lahaina - 661-4811 in on the fun with ono grindz, children’s games, dementia. 11:30 a.m. Alzheimer’s Association of Check out, or Town Action Committee). 5 - 10 p.m. Front St., Laan auction, crafts, produce, plants and their popular Free Karaoke w/ Free Karaoke w/ KOBE1063 STEAKHOUSE Maui, Lower Main St., Ste. #C206, Wailuku, for more information. 12 p.m. haina, HI 96761. 888-310-1117 or 808-667-9194. tea room with stunning views. See This Week’s Picks Auntie Toddy Lilikoi Auntie Toddy Lilikoi 13696793. Dickenson St., Lahaina - 667-5555 HI 808-242-8636. - Dark. Kamaole III Beach Park, Kihei, HI 96753. Reggae on the Water, Lahaina - A very special for more! 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. St. John’s Episcopal Church, “Positive Parenting: Hands On!” - A class sunset cruise with live music by local star, Marty Salsa8992 NightKula Hwy., Kula, HI 96790. 808-878-1485. LOS PELONES for parents with keiki 1 - 9 years old. 6:30 - 8 p.m. Dread. Support the Pacific Whale Foundation while$7, 10pm Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-9900 Belly Dance Swap & Flea Market - Enjoy Parte Arte: Spanish Immersion Art Class Kaiser Permanente Maui Lani Clinic, 55 Maui Lani enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Check out Regperformances by Miraj, Layla & other Maui dancTUE - Service Night AdeBennett Solo / Get messy, have funIndustry and learn Spanish all at the Pkwy., Wailuku, LULU’S KIHEIHI 96793. 808-243-6050. Salsa w/ Neto gae on the Water on Wednesday nights too, Wild Rose ers while you shop and sell belly dance costumes, No Cover, Daymixed / All Night) 1945 S. Kihei - 879-9944 same time (All in this media art class. Students “Nene in Rd., ourKihei Neighborhood” - Presented by8 - 11pm parting from the Ma’alaea Harbor. 5:30 - 7:30 808 p.m.Underground props, CD’s and more! Find hip scarves, dance will learn basic Spanish words and phrases while Friends of Haleakala National Park, various reprePacific Whale Local Foundation, Lahaina Harbor,X-clusive Lahaina, Saturdays Nights Band Showcase Maui Laser Karaokeprices. The MON - Service Industry Night (all day long) pants and Xanadu Jewelry at discount LULU’S LAHAINA utilizing art tools to explore colors and textures, sentatives from agencies working with nene on HI 96761. 808-249-8811 ext. 1. $10, 9:30pm Joe;the Nodessert Cover, 9pm-12am TUE Tourist Tuesdays; WED - Sizzling Salsa Nights 10pm Glitzy - CloseChicks willw/rock Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-0808 and beverages, creating their own masterpieces. Lead by teachMaui will give a free lecture at the pool-side meetDinner and a Movie Benefit - Presenting “An just bring your friends and potluck snacks. 9 a.m. ing artist Nathalie NuÒez, weekly projects include ing room those cool folks who want to learn Evening in Lisbon,” this dinner and a movie event MAI TAI for LOUNGE 4 p.m. Glitzy Chicks Belly Dance & Boutique, 380 839 Front St., Lahaina - 661-5288 state bird and what we printing, design and 3D artwork. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. more about our endangered will benefit The Portuguese Association of Maui. Huku Liëi Pl. #106, Kihei, HI 96753. 808-280-7998. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 2841 Baldwin Ave., can do to protect them. 7 - 8:30 p.m. Mayor Han6:30 - 7:15 p.m. Cameron Center, 95 Mahalani St., Catfish Ringo WED - Open808-572-6560. Mic Night Ikaika “Kai” Koomoa Williams Benefit MAUI BREWING CO. Center, 91 Pukalani St., Wailuku, 96793. 808-244-5546. Makawao, HI 96768. nibal Tavares Community No Cover, 9:30pm No Cover, 9:30pm - 12:30am Fundraiser Kai, an 8th grader, was recently diagKahana Gateway Center 669-3474 Free Seminar: Surgical Weight Loss - Find Pukalani, 96768. 808-572-8122. Shimmy Blitz - Join the Glitzy Chicks in their nosed with a rare cancer and is hospitalized at Kapiout more about the Surgical Weight Loss Institute. Cinema - Cafe Mambo will host an evening DJ jam, Pete open 90X to dancers of DJ monthly belly dance all Pete 90X MOOSE Night MCGILLYCUDDY’S olani -hospital 5 p.m. Maui Beach Hotel, 170 W. Kaahumanu Ave., of classic and cult classic films for the 21 and older No Cover, 9pm 12am No Cover, 9pm 12am receiving chemo (which has damaged levels and from any troupe. Bring your dance cos2511 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-8644 his liver). He is receiving a blood transfusion and is Kahului, HI, 96732. 808-263-5400. crowd. 9 p.m. Cafe Mambo, 30 Baldwin Ave., Paia, tumes and CDs of your favorite tracks perform and MON Maui - House Music; TUE - DJBudget Zeke $5,- Join 9pm this -1amcomDJ Heat DJ Hurricane Catfish Ringo on the list for a bone marrow transplant. A previMOOSE County’s 2011 HI 96779. MCGILLYCUDDY’S 808-579-8021. shake it up! 7 p.m. Glitzy Chicks Belly Dance & WED - Unifires 10pm -Maui 12:30am 9pm - 1am $5, 9pm - 1am 9pm - 12:30am ous heart problem required surgery to mend five 844 FrontArakawa’s St., Lahaina - 667-7758 munity meeting to discuss County’s 2011 fisAlan Birthday Bash - Thirty-two Boutique, 380 Huku Liëi Pl. #106, Kihei, HI 96753. holes in his heart. Sponsored by the Na Kia’i Cuscal MON year budget. 5 p.m. Helene Hall, 150 Keawa Pl., months after leaving office in January of 2007, Arakawa 808-280-7998. Teeh Manibusan - Acoustico;TUE - Diana Arp The Celtic Tigers / MULLIGAN’S ON THE BLUE todial Department of Hana School, this benefit will Rick Glencross The Celtic Tigers Hana, HI 96713. 808-270-7213. has decidedSt., toWailea again -run for mayor in 2010. This benefit WED - Willie K Album Release Party The Alliez 100 Kaukahi 874-1131 feature live music, arts & crafts and food booths, Challenging Teens? - Sponsored by the House of event will include a buffet dinner, door prizes, and enterMULLIGAN’S AT THE Donation; WHARF Free for Keiki Under Japanese Cultural Society General Mem- ‘lucky drawings’, and bingo. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Hana New Life and the State Department of Education. tainment. $25 Suggested High & Elementary School, 4111 Hana Hwy., Hana, Cinema Center, Lahaina - Santos 661-8881 Community Center, 395 A 12-week course will be offered to provide guidbership Meeting: Tips on Traveling to Ja12. Velma McWayne HI 96713. 808-244-4190. ance to parents—the program’s moto being, “Parpan - A discussion of upcoming events followed Waena Pl., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-871-4301. Album Release Party - Guam’s premiere reents have the answers... when they have the tools by a presentation by past Society president, Kyoko cording artist Teeh Manibusan will celebrate an they need.” The program is free, but the 180 page Kimura, who will discuss important tips on travelalbum release party with special giveaways. MulMaui Chamber of Commerce: New Member workbook does require a $25 charge (sounds worth ing to Japan including Japanese manners and etiligan’s on the Blue, 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea, HI Social - Sponsored by Vantaggio HR, Ltd. this new it). Call for more information or to register. 6 - 9 p.m. quette. A variety of rice dishes prepared by board 96753. 808-874-1131. member social will take place in the vacant space 300 Hoohana St., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-344-7308. members will be served for just $5, but reservaThe Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars,isclubs, cafes, other serving well astorestaurants with Making entertainment after 9pm.- Learn fundaLSAT - For those establishments, Mauians on Oahu as preparing beadjacent to Forever 21. Coffee, juice and a continenJewelry for Beginners tions are required as seating limited. 10 a.m. - 1 non-dinner come lawyers, quit looking at Saturday’s events and mental metalsmithing techniques while creating jewtal breakfast will be served. RSVP required. 7:30 - 9 p.m. Wailuku Hongwanji Mission, 1828 Vineyard skip ahead to Sunday through Wednesday. Good luck. elry using wire and sheet metal. Students will cut, a.m. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, 275 W. St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-283-4253. pierce, solder, rivet and bezel set a stone, as well as “Dreams Come True” Cancer Awareness Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-871-7711. Military Memorial Service - A joint memorial

Thursday 09/24

Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

Sunday 09/27


Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30






Thursday 09/24

OCEANS BAR & GRILL 1819 S. Kihei Rd. - 891-2414


200 Kapalua Drv. Lahaina - 669-9600


Kahana Gateway, Kahana - 669-8889

Scotty Rotten No Cover, 7 - 10pm

Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

All Access Entourage Friday 10pm

Unified Soul 10pm

Damien Awai No Cover, 7 - 10pm

Jazz on the Green w/ Brian Cuomo; No Cover

Sunday 09/27

Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30

WED - Wet Wednesdays w/ DJ Blast / Ladie’s Night MAUI TIME WEEKLY

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


DA KINECALENDAR learn how to patina and polish the finished work. This is a great class for beginning students and is full of useful information for those wanting to refresh their jewelry making skills. Pre-registration is required. 6 9 p.m. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 2841 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-572-6560.


6-Part Series: “Powerful Tools for Caregivers” - This great course begins September 29th and is an essential class for any caregiver. Call for more information. 5:30 - 7 p.m. Roselani Pl., 88 S. Papa Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-244-3242 ext. 226.


Reggae on the Water, Ma’alaea - A very special sunset cruise with live music by local star, Marty Dread. Support the Pacific Whale Foundation while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Check out Reggae on the Water on Friday nights too, departing from the Lahaina Harbor. 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Pacific Whale Foundation, Ma’alaea Harbor, Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-249-8811 ext. 1. Maintain Your Brain - Elaine Slavinsky, RN and Program Coordinator for the Maui Alzheimer’s Association shares brain exercises that can help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other

brain related illnesses. 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. VITECContinuing Education & Training, Maui Community College, Laulima Bldg., 310 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-984-3231. WOW! Wailea Wednesdays - This week, check out the Hawaiian melodies and hula of Te Tiare Patitifa. 6:30 - 8 p.m. The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, HI, 96753. 808-891-6770.

School Sports

Thursday MIL Girls Volleyball - Central Regular Season. Lahaianluna at Maui High. 6:30 p.m. Maui High School, 660 Lono Ave., Kahului,HI 96732. 808-873-3000. Thursday MIL Girls Volleyball - Upcountry Regular Season. Lanai High vs. Kihei Charter High School. 6:30 p.m. Alfred “Flako” Boteilho Sr. Gymnasium and Paia Park, 640 Baldwin Ave., Paia, HI 96779. 808-572-8122. Thursday MIL Girls Volleyball - West Side - regular Season. Moloka’i High vs. Maui Preparatory Academy. 6:30 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina 96761. 808-661-4685. MIL Friday Night Football - Regular Season. Baldwin vs. Maui High. 7 p.m. King Kekaulike High School, 121 Kula Hwy., Pukalani, HI 96768.

BY ANU YAGI ANU@MAUITIME.COM Friday MIL Girls Volleyball - East Side - Regular Season. Lana’i High at Hana High. 6:30 p.m. Hana High & Elementary School, 4111 Hana Hwy., Hana, HI 96713. 808-244-4190. Friday MIL Girls Volleyball - Upcountry - Regular Season. Moloka’i High at Seabury Hall. 6:30 p.m. Seabury Hall Erdman Athletic Center, 480 Olinda Rd., Makawao, HI 96768. Friday MIL Girls Volleyball - Upcountry - Regular Season. Kamehameha Maui at King Kekaulike. 6:30 p.m. King Kekaulike High School, 121 Kula Hwy., Pukalani, HI 96768. MIL Saturday Night Football - Regular Season. Lahainaluna at Kamehameha. 7 p.m. Kamehameha High School Maui, 275 Aapueo Pkwy., Makawao, HI 96768.


Maui Family YMCA “HUGE Yard Sale” - Fri. Find cool stuff and support a cool cause. 7 a.m. - 12 p.m. YMCA, 250 Kanaloa Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-242-9007. Fundraiser for Hana High School Athletic Department - Sat. Test drive a vehicle (must be 18+ and have a valid DL) and Jim Falk’s Valley Isle Motors will donate $20 to the Hana High School

Athletic Department (up to $6,000). Jim Falk’s Valley Isle Motors, 221 Puunene Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-248-4836. Plate Lunch Benefit - Sat. Annually, the employees of Hale Mahaolu sell ono plate lunches in efforts to support community events and nonprofit groups. Grab some hamburger steak and gravy for just $7. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Hale Mahaolu Akahi Senior Activity Center, 300 W Wakea Ave., Kahului, HI, 96732. Building Supplies Drive - Mon-Sat. Donate the old. Find supreme deals on building supplies. Help a needy family build a decent home. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 399 N. Market St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-986-8050. Do Good Demolition - Mon-Sat. Habitat for Humanity Maui is preparing for its Annual Build-athon (BAT) on 10/24 for two home renovations. The fun part? Volunteers are needed to help demolish the existing homes. Have the energy to come out swinging? This is your chance to rip off roofs, tear down walls, pull out cabinets, sort through metal and haul debris to dumpsters—all for the benefit of the community. Cool. Sign me up! Call Habitat for Humanity to choose your day/time/location. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Paukukalo. Call for details. 808-893-0334. Sign Up Now: Boys & Girls Club of Maui Benefit Golf Tourney - Daily. Sign up now for this annual golf tourney, a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club of Maui. To be held on Oct. 17th, shotgun start at 7:30 a.m. for this four-player team, scramble format event. For registration or more information, call or visit Register Now! Maui Prince Hotel, 5400 Makena Alanui, Makena, HI, 96753. 808-242-4363. Wo Hing After Dark - Fri. A chance to check out some rare Chinese artifacts and other facets of the olden days after the sun goes down. Films on this topic will also screen. Happens every Friday. 1 - 8 p.m. Wo Hing Temple Museum, 858 Front St., Lahaina, HI 96761. 661-3262. Habitat for Humanity - Sat. Spend a few hours helping a family in need get secure shelter. 9 a.m. Call for details. 808-893-0334. Boo Boo Zoo Volunteer Orientation - Mon. The East Maui Animal Refuge rescues and rehabilitates goats, sheep, pigs, deer and the like. This nokill shelter invites the public to come help care for these adorable little guys. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things one can do. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. East Maui Animal Refuge “Boo Boo Zoo”, 25 Malu Aina Pl., Haiku, HI 96708. 808-572-7964.


After-School Help - Mon-Fri. Hui Malama Learning Center offers after-school homework help and classes. Call for directions and hours. Hui Malama Learning Center, 375 Mahalani St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-244-5911. Got No Troubles, Life is the Bubbles - Wed. The Little Mermaid’s “Sebastian” was my preschool sage, and lucky keiki can observe and handle the real deal with the Pacific Whale Foundation, during their SeaWee’s class sessions on Wednesdays from Sept 16th through Oct 7th—the theme: “Cool & Crazy Crustaceans.” All five weeks are just $50 (advance registration required). The SEAfari Field Adventure will cap off the sessions with a Crab Fish Catch-and-Release Derby at Ma’a’laea Harbor, with take home treats for everyone (if you just wanna participate in the Derby, you can do so for $10)! Member discounts available. Advance registration required. Call for details. Pacific Whale Foundation, 300 Ma’alaea Rd., Ste. 100, Ma’alaea, HI 96793. 808-249-8811 ext. 1 to register. Animal Stories for Preschoolers - Thu. Enjoyable animal stories for keiki 0-5 yrs. (and their caregiver) with hands-on activities/crafts! 1:30 - 2 p.m. Maui Humane Society, 1350 Meha Meha Loop, Puunene, HI 96784. 808-877-3680. Athletic Club Outreach - Every Tue & Thu. Got tough kids? Get them instruction on Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, body building and sports-specific weight training by an experienced team of coaches. Ages 11-19. Free. 4:45 - 6 p.m. St. Mark Weightlifting Hall, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 2140 Main St., Wailuku, HI 96753. 808-244-4656. Keiki Issues? - Thu. The Parent Project, a program for parents of strong willed children. Wrestle the phone away from the child and make that call. Free. 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Hui Malama Learning Center, 375


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


The Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars, clubs, cafes, other non-dinner serving establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm.

Thursday 09/24 JACQUES

120 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-8844


Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

Ladies Night w/ DJ Del Sol; $10 (guys), 9:30pm

TBA No Cover, 9:30pm - 1am

Sunday 09/27

Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30

MON - Tracy Stile No Cover, 7pm - Close TUE & WED - Rene Alonzo No Cover, 7pm - Close

3350 L. Honoapiilani Rd. 667-0787

Rene Alonzo No Cover, 7pm - Close

Farzad & Mike Madden No Cover, 7pm - Close

Farzad & Mike Madden No Cover, 7pm - Close

Angie Carr No Cover, 7pm - Close


The Upcountry Boys

Flash Back Fridays $10, 10pm - Close

Hawaiian by Nature 10pm - 12:30am

All Acccess Entertainment No Cover, 10pm - Close

DeAquino Bradahz

Sam Ahia

Free Karaoke w/ Auntie Toddy Lilikoi

Free Karaoke w/ Auntie Toddy Lilikoi

355 E. Kamehameha, Kahului - 877-9001


845 Front St., Lahaina - 661-4811


136 Dickenson St., Lahaina - 667-5555


Salsa Night $7, 10pm

Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-9900


1945 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-9944

MON - WED - Sam Ahia

Salsa w/ Neto No Cover, 8 - 11pm


Wild Rose Local Band Showcase $10, 9:30pm

Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-0808

A Bennett Solo / 808 Underground

TUE - Service Industry Night (All Day / All Night)

Maui Laser Karaoke X-clusive Saturdays Nights w/ Joe; No Cover, 9pm-12am 10pm - Close

MON - Service Industry Night (all day long) TUE - Tourist Tuesdays; WED - Sizzling Salsa Nights


839 Front St., Lahaina - 661-5288

Catfish Ringo No Cover, 9:30pm


Kahana Gateway Center - 669-3474

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S 2511 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-8644

DJ Pete 90X No Cover, 9pm - 12am

DJ Pete 90X No Cover, 9pm - 12am

MOOSE MCGILLYCUDDY’S 844 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7758

Catfish Ringo 9pm - 12:30am

DJ Heat 9pm - 1am

DJ Hurricane $5, 9pm - 1am


Rick Glencross

Teeh Manibusan Album Release Party

The Celtic Tigers

100 Kaukahi St., Wailea - 874-1131

WED - Open Mic Night No Cover, 9:30pm - 12:30am

MON - House Music; TUE - DJ Zeke $5, 9pm -1am WED - Unifires 10pm - 12:30am The Celtic Tigers / The Alliez

MON - Acoustico;TUE - Diana Arp WED - Willie K

MULLIGAN’S AT THE WHARF Cinema Center, Lahaina - 661-8881

Mahalani St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-289-5050. 6:45 p.m. VITEC-Continuing Education & Training, The Sacred Healing Collective. This week: “Spark cheting Club - Every Fri & Sat. This group meets Story Time - Thu. Keiki story time and crafts. Free. Maui Community College, Laulima Bldg., 310 W. every second Saturday and last Friday to knit and Group” with Ed Fell, M.S. Certified Leader in MKP, 10 a.m. Hawaiian Village Coffee, 4405 Honoapiilani Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-984-3231. crochet caps, scarves and lap blankets for chemo Personal Growth Facilitator and relationship, sexuHwy., Lahaina 96761. 808-665-1114. Teens: Intro to Throwing on the Potter’s patients, Hale Makua and Women Helping Women. ality and intimacy coach. Structured communicaToddler Storytime - Thu. Brush up onGrid the lists lat- nightly Wheel -serving Mon. Create bowls, plates, vases and 1 p.m. Kahului, call for details. tion games provide a fun improve yourother com- non-dinner The entertainment at way bars,toclubs, cafes, establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after808-214-9864. 9pm. Saturday Bridge Club - Sat. Join the Maui est in children’s books with your little one. 10 a.m. more while learning the basic skills of vessel munication skills and expand your social network! Bridge Club Saturday afternoons. All events are Makawao Public Library, 1159 Makawao Ave., making on the wheel. Jeff Johnson instructs this 6:15 p.m., Social Gathering; 7:30 p.m., Lecture. non-smoking. Lessons are available. 1 - 4:30 p.m. Makawao, HI 96768. 808-573-8785. 8-week course focused on centering, throwing, Cafe Des Amis, 42 Baldwin Ave., Paia, HI 96779. Kenolio Recreational Complex, 131 S. Kihei Rd., KiPreschool Storytime - Fri. Enjoy a story with your trimming and glazing. All tools are provided. 3:30 720-352-5333. hei, HI 96753. 808-891-1093. keiki, weekly. 10:30 11 a.m. Kahului Public Library, - 5:30 Book Study: “HealEntourage Your Life and Achieve All Access Friday Unified Soulp.m. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 2841 OCEANS BAR & -GRILL WED Wet Wednesdays w/- DJ Blast / Ladie’s Night Duplicate Bridge Mon. Bring a lunch for a 90 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-572-6560. Your Dreams” - Daily.10pm During this 10 week course 10pm 1819School S. KiheiSt., Rd. -Kahului, 891-2414 HI 96732. 808-873-3097. morning of duplicate bridge. All events are nonToddler Storytime - Fri. Stories read aloud for keiki Mindful Meditation - Tue. Lead by Phyllis Robbeginning September 15th, learn to love yourself Jazz on the Green w/breath awareness and body-scan techAwai smoking. Lessons are available. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and their caregivers. 10:30 - 11 a.m. Kihei PublicScotty Library,Rotten inson, learn PINEAPPLE GRILLE and make positiveDamien changes through affirmations, No Cover, 7 - 10pm Brian Cuomo; No Cover Cover, 7 - 10pm with Rhonda, 200Waimahaihai Kapalua Drv. Lahaina - 669-9600 Kenolio Recreational Complex, 131 S. Kihei Rd., 35 St., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-875-6833. niques based on the teachings of renowned medivisualizations andNoother techniques a Kihei, HI 96753. 808-891-1093. Storytime Under the Tree - Sat. Each week, tation expert Jon Zabat-Zinn. Call Kaunoa Senior Certified Louise Hay Teacher. Call or go online (www. RB can STEAKHOUSE Rotary Club of Kahului - Mon. The Rotary Club keiki sit down and hear one of their favorite Services to register. 6:30 - 8 p.m. Kaiser for registration and details. 6 Kahana Gateway, Kahana - 669-8889 will meet at Cafe O’Lei at The Dunes at Maui Lani. stories under a tree. They may even get a visit ente Maui Lani Clinic, 55 Maui Lani Pkwy., Wailuku, 8 p.m. Soul Space Maui Renewal Center, 2047 Palua MON - Ryan Palma Lunch is $20. For reservations contact President Sanfrom one HARPOON of their favorite characters. 11Free a.m.Beer - 12Tomorrow HI 96793. 808-270-7308. RUSTY St., Wailuku, HI 96793.Unifires 808-276-8079. Cover,HI 10pmIntro - 1amto Black No & Cover, 10pm - 1am Dan- & AnneDunes Just Us 2290 Kaanapali - 661-3123 dy Baz.WED 11:50-a.m. 1 p.m. at Maui Lani, 1333 p.m. Barnes &Pkwy Noble, 325 Keawe #101,No Lahaina, Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel - Tue. Create White Photography - Wed. Maui Lani Pkwy., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-870-7691. 96761. 808-662-1300. your own stunning sculpture with no prior clay exIn this four-week course, learn the operational fea- Awai Laser Karaoke Laser Karaoke Damien of An Den SANSEI KAPALUA Child and Family Services - Tue. Child and West Side Storytime - Every Tue & Sat. Lahaiperience required. In this 8-week course (two time mm camera including No Cover, 10pm tures - 1amof the 35No Cover, 10pm - 1am an orientation No Cover, 10pm - 1am 115 Bay Dr., Lahaina - 669-6286 Family Services is dedicated to strengthening famina’s biggest bookseller is hosting keiki story time, slots to choose from), learn the fundamentals of to the only public dark room on Maui. 6 - 9 p.m. lies through 37 educational programs. On Tuesdays so get them hooked on reading early. Tue., 10 a.m.; wheel throwing including preparation of clay, centerLaser Karaoke Karaoke Laser Karaoke SANSEI - KIHEI Hui No’eau Visual Laser Arts Center, 2841 Baldwin Ave., No#101, Cover,La10pmMakawao, - 1am No Cover, 10pm - 1am No Cover, 10pm - 1am the CFS provides children’s witness to violence 1881 S. Ste. KT116 -879-0004325 Keawe Sat., 11Kihei a.m.Rd., Barnes & Noble, ing, how to throw vertical & flat forms, as well as HI 96768. 808-572-6560. classes, parenting classes and women’s support haina, HI 96761. 808-662-1300. trimming. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. w/ Bob Flint; 6 - 9 p.m. w/ Introduction to Hawaiian Plant Medicine MON5:30 - Ladies DJ Rozak SANTA FE- Sat. CANTINA groups. p.m. Night 305 E.w/ Wakea Ave., Kahului HI Yu-Gi-Oh Little gamester get out your cards Jeff Johnson. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, 2841 Unifires - Wed. This level-one series runs from Sept. 23rd Kama’aina Night TUE - Ryan DePalma 900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7805 96732. 808-877-6888. and get ready for a Yu-Gi-Oh card session at Maui Baldwin Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-572-6560. through Oct. 28th and are comprised of a oneCanoe - Tue. Join Maui Canoe Toy Works!. 3 - 5 p.m. DJ by Sonny DJ Magnetic Kanoa of Gomega Slackinhour lecture followed MONMaui - DJ Blast; TUEClub - DJ Nature Boy;the WED - ADD SOUTH SHORE TIKI Lahaina LOUNGECannery Mall,DJ1221 a one-hour discussion. Club onTwins; Tuesday mornings on the beach across Honoapiilani Hwy., All No Cover, 10pm No cover, 10pm No cover, 10pm No cover, 10pm No cover, 10pm 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei -Lahaina, 874-6444 96761. 808-661-4766. Sept. 23rd, Hawaiian Natural History; Sept. 30th, from the Maui Lu Resort for the Mana’olana outrigSwimming Lessons - Sun. Valley Isle Aquatics is Hawaiian Cultural Vince History; Oct. 7th, Introduction Kulture Klash 808 Esquire ger-canoe-paddling program for breast cancer suroffering keiki swimming SPORTS PAGE GRILLlessons & BARin conjunction with to Hawaiian Medicine; Oct. 14th, Introduction to No Cover, 9pm - 12am No Cover, 9pm - 12am 2411County S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-0602 vivors. 8:30 a.m. 575 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. the of Maui, Community Classes. Folks can Chinese Medicine; Oct. 21st, Plant Anatomy and Child and Family Services - Every Mon & Wed. Maui Singles Investment Club - Tue. This call or go to for further Botanical Nomenclature; Oct. 28th, Plant Families. STELLA BLUE’S Child and Family Services is dedicated to strengthevent gives Maui singles a chance to mingle while information. 12:15 p.m. Kihei Aquatics Center, 1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei- -4:15 874-3779 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eve Hogan’s Sacred Garening families through 37 educational programs. On learning about investments. 5:30 - 7 p.m. Cary & 303 E. Lipoa St., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-572-4665. den, Makawao, HI 96768. 808-937-4218. and Wednesdays CFS will provide men’s Halemanu PearlMondays Rose Eddie’s Hideaway Restaurant, 500 N. Puunene Yo Yo Workshop & Demo STOPWATCH SPORTS BAR- Sun. Yo Yos are si- Self Esteem Workshop Sun. Explore sub-pereducation. 5 - 6:30, 6:30 - 8 p.m. $3, 9pm - -1am No Cover,domestic-violence 8 - 11pm 1127 Makawao Ave., Makawao 572-1380 Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-579-9249. lent, so encourage your -kids to learn how to use sonality with auto suggestion techniques, including 305 E. Wakea Ave., Kahului HI 96732. 808-877-6888. Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise - Tue. Join the them and finally get some peace and quiet! A free Ernie Larsen’s creative journaling. 4 6 p.m. Call for TIFFANY’S Wednesday Bridge Club Wed. Join the Maui Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise for fellowship and Karaoke Karaoke Karaoke Karaoke MON - WED - Karaoke workshop by Maui Toy Works. 4 - 5 p.m. Lahaina 1424 L. Main St., Wailuku - 249-0052 details. 808-573-5313. Bridge Club Wednesday mornings. All events are breakfast at the Pioneer Inn with an informative Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, Facial Yoga: The Natural Facelift - Mon. Learn guest speaker each MakeWednesdays reservations with - Launch Party forweek. Next Level Undone w/ Q Ross feat. Passion w/non-smoking. DJ Del Sol Lessons are available. 9 a.m. - 12:30 WED 96761. 808-661-5304. TIMBA Jarett Martin Fundraiser how to improve texture and muscle$10, tone9:30pm p.m.- Kenolio Recreational Complex, 131 S. Kihei PresidentNo Charles 7 - 8 a.m. Pioneer Inn, Cover,Keoho. 9pm - 12am liveyour sax skin’s with Ami Schorr 2am 505 Front St, Ste. 212, Lahaina - 661-9873 Keiki Chess Club - Mon. For little masterminds with simple acupressure, stretches, and yoga posRd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-891-1093. 658 Wharf St., Lahaina, HI 96761. 808-264-5438. age 8-12. Taught by magician Neil Bruce. Free. Watercress Trio MON -Monday Night Footbal / Karaoke tures for your face, taught by Maha Conyers, LMT WATERCRESS Kahului Lions Club - Thu. Anyone interested in Karaoke Karaoke 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. Makawao Public Library, 1159 Karaoke Waiehu Beach Center, Wailuku-243-9350 Ikaika Blackburn TUE - Live Music; WED - Karaoke and Preventative Health Care Specialist. 4:30 - 5:30 being involved is encouraged to attend this dinner Makawao Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-573-5313. p.m. VITEC-Continuing Education & Training, Maui meeting. 6 p.m. Maui Beach Hotel, 170 W. KaahuWOW-WEE MAUI’S Community College, Laulima Bldg., 310 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI, 96732. 808-243-7402. Botanical Gardening - Wed. Push up your 333 Dairy Rd. #101, Kahului - 871-1414 manu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. (808) 984-3231. The Maui Investment Club - Thu. New memsleeves and rake, hoe and pull weeds in a beautiful Hormonal Chi Gong - Mon. Maha Conyers bers are always welcome and there are no dues! garden setting with the “Weed & Pot Club.” 8:30 shares the low-impact movements of Chi Gong, Topic: Where should I invest now in this difficult 10:30 a.m. Maui Nui Botanical Garden, 150 Kanaloa an ancient Chinese method of moving meditation Spark by Irreplaceable Spark - Fri. Beginning Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-249-2798. market? Call John to RSVP. 5:30 p.m. Cary & Edthat boosts the immune system, increases energy with a social gathering at Cafe Des Amis (optional) Daily Onsite Coral Reef Naturalist Program die’s Hideaway Restaurant, 500 N. Puunene Ave., level, and improves general health, radiance, and at 6:15 p.m., a Friday night lecture series—begin- Mon-Fri. Learn names of fish you’ve seen while Kahului, HI 96732. 727-564-9416. snorkeling and how to protect Maui’s reefs at the balance. Includes instructional DVD. 5:45 p.m. ning at 7:30 p.m., upstairs—will be presented by Papale Pepe Na Kupuna Knitting & Cro-

Thursday 09/24

Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

Sunday 09/27

Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30

Meetings & Clubs

Lecture/ Workshops



SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


DA KINECALENDAR Pacific Whale Foundation’s free Coral Reef Information Station. 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Ulua Beach, Wailea, Between the Renaissance Wailea Resort and the Wailea Marriott Resort Hotel. 808-249-8811. East End Nature Hike - Daily. A kanaka tour guide will lead hikers through the Kipahulu area of Haleakala Park, including a bamboo forest, Waimoku Falls and Kapahu Living Farm, which features lo’i kalo. An excellent way to learn about the area’s history, nature and culture. Organized by the Kipahulu ‘Ohana. 12:30 - 4 p.m. Kipahulu, Hana side - reached via Route 36 to 360 to 31. 808-248-8558. Farm Sanctuary Tours - Every Wed & Sat. Explore Leilani Farm Sanctuary’s eight acres of tropical land and meet rescued animal friends, like the farm’s first resident and namesake Leilani the donkey. This all-volunteer, non-profit organization boasts goats, hundreds of trees, a botanical garden for bunnies, and roaming fowl. Wed, 4 p.m.; Sat, 10 a.m. Leilani Farm Sanctuary, 270 W. Kuiaha Rd., Haiku, HI 96708. 808-298-8544. Maui Coastal Land Trust Service Project - Fri. Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Volunteering on Vacation” program (though you don’t have to b e a visitor to participate) gives you a chance to help save unique dune ecosystems in Waihee. Help weed out invasive plants and get a free tote bag


ll Wat ch EV ERY Fo ot ba EF -D GA M E! W ith 13 HI PL AS M A T. V. ’s


Ladies Night

DJ BLAST $3 Drinks Oct. 3rd with




Oct. 8th


15% 26

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009



with valid ID. Food only

for your efforts! Please call in advance to sign up. 7:15 a.m. - 12 p.m. Maui Coastal Land Trust, 2371 W. Vineyard St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-294-8811. Kama’ike - Explore the Na Wai ‘Eha of Maui - Sat. Kumu hula Luana Kawa’a leads a weekly expedition of the Na Wai ‘Eha—”the four waters of Maui.” Feel the mana of the Kealaka’ihonua heiau, picnic in Iao (catered by Dani’s), and learn Hawaiian language and mythology. Call for reservations. 8:50 a.m. - 12 p.m. Maui Tropical Plantation, 1670 Honoapiilani Hwy., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-205-0868. Malama Honokowai - Valley Restoration Sat. Visit remote Honokowai and Launiupoko Valley, to help save archeological sites of old Hawaii, as part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Volunteering on Vacation” program (though you don’t have to be a visitor to participate). Pull invasive plants and possibly plant native species. Please call ahead for reservations. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. North Sugar Cane Train Station, Puukolii Rd., Kaanapali, HI 96761. 808-294-8811. Olowalu Volunteer Work Day - Sat. Help restore and preserve the Olowalu Cultural Reserve by removing non-native plant species. Bring along gloves and field work tools, and remember to pick up or pack a lunch. Please meet at the Wailuku end of the Olowalu Store and bring along a lunch, gloves, and other field work tools. Meets at the Wailuku side of the General Store. 7 - 11 a.m. Olowalu General Store, 820 Olowalu Village Rd., Lahaina, HI 96761. 808-214-8778. Save the Forest from the Trees - Sun. The Pacific Whale Foundation is hosting a group of ten volunteers to pull invasive pine trees near Hosmers Grove. Transportation is provided. Pick ups: 7:30 a.m., Harbor Shop, 300 Ma`alaea Rd.; 8:15 a.m., Upcountry Tavares Community Center, 91 Pukalani St. Hosmer’s Grove, Haleakala National Park. 808-856-8341. Hoaloah’aina, South Maui - Mon. Put on your sunscreen and closed shoes and help maintain South Maui Coastal Heritage Trail. Volunteer with Hoaloha ‘Aina, a grassroots organization committed to protecting Maui’s shoreline—a great area for bird watching! Part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Volunteering on Vacation” program. Call ahead, then meet at the north end of the Kihei Boat Ramp. 7:30 - 9:30 a.m. Kihei Boat Ramp, 1280 S Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-249-8811. Invasive Species Education Event - Tue. Free community training workshops are slated for the Hawaii Early Detection Network, which monitors for invasive species. Participants will learn to identify pests like Banana Bunchy Top, little fire ant, invasive marine algae, and others. 5 - 7 p.m. Hana Community Center, 5091 Uakea St., Hana 96713. 808-984-3717. Kanaha Beach Project - Tue. Join group leader Val Magee in helping restore the natural landscape as part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Volunteering on Vacation” program (though you don’t have to be a visitor to participate). Meet at the Volunteer Trailer

BY ANU YAGI ANU@MAUITIME.COM across from the Canoe Hale at Kanaha Beach Park. 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Kanaha Beach Park, Amala Pl., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-249-8811. Save Honolua - Tue. Meeting to inform, educate and involve the community on the proposed development of Honolua Bay. 6:45 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina 96761. 808-870-0052.

Sports & Fitness

Free Hatha Yoga Class- Kihei - Wed. Classes focus on breathing as you gently stretch into and out of a variety of poses and postures, revitalizing and toning the entire system creating a sense of flexibility, well-being, peace and much much more. All levels. 8 - 9:15am. Waipuilani Park, Kihei, HI 96753. 808-344-8068. Group Run - Wed. Group meets at Kihei Community Center. Open to runners of all ages and fitness levels. Sponsored by Valley Isle Road Runners. 5:30 p.m. Kihei Community Center, 303 E. Lipoa St., Kihei 96573. 808-879-4364. Learn-to-Swim - Wed. Adult learn-to-swim classes will be conducted by Valley Isle Masters Swimmers Swim Coach, Janet Renner. Held every Wednesday (except Sept. 16th and Sept. 20th), pre-registration is required and space is limited. 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Kihei Aquatics Center, 303 E. Lipoa St., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-874-8137. Maui Canoe Club - Mon-Fri. Join the Maui Canoe Club, dedicated to “paddling just for fun,” for a morning of exercise plus turtle and whale watching. The Maui Canoe Club offers recreational canoe paddling every weekday morning, located on the beach across from the Maui Lu Resort in Kihei. 5:45 a.m., 7:15 a.m., 8:15 a.m. 575 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-875-9161. North Shore Ashtanga Yoga - Daily (except Sat). This series of Ashtanga yoga moves is performed in the tradition of Shri K Pattabhi Jois. All levels welcome. Mon - Fri, 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Sun, 11 a.m. Sprecklesville (call for details). 808-269-9003. Paddling for Women Cancer Survivors - Every Mon & Wed. Get together with the Pink Ladies of Mana’olana for canoe paddling. Sponsored by the Pacific Cancer Foundation. 8:30 a.m. Maui Canoe Club, Ka Ono Ulu County Beach Park, 650 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-243-2999. Pool Hours - Daily. Pool Hours - Despite the fear of contracting super-strain ukus, I really enjoy a good swim in a public pool. Sometimes the thought of dealing with sand is just too much to bear. Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina, War Memorial, Pukalani, and the Old and New Wailuku Pools: Mon - Wed, Fri - Sat 9 a.m 4 p.m.; Thur, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Sun 12 - 4:30 p.m. These hours can change due to events. To double check, please call, 808-270-6135. Ultimate Self Defense & Fitness with Taekwondo - Mon-Sat. Get in shape to feel younger, faster and stronger by training in the Taekwondo,

The Grid lists nightly entertainment at bars, clubs, cafes, other non-dinner serving establishments, as well as restaurants with entertainment after 9pm.

Thursday 09/24

Friday 09/25

Saturday 09/26

All Access Entourage Friday 10pm

Unified Soul 10pm

Scotty Rotten No Cover, 7 - 10pm

Damien Awai No Cover, 7 - 10pm

Jazz on the Green w/ Brian Cuomo; No Cover


Free Beer Tomorrow No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Unifires No Cover, 10pm - 1am


Laser Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Laser Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Damien Awai of An Den No Cover, 10pm - 1am


Laser Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Laser Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

Laser Karaoke No Cover, 10pm - 1am

OCEANS BAR & GRILL 1819 S. Kihei Rd. - 891-2414


200 Kapalua Drv. Lahaina - 669-9600

Sunday 09/27

Monday 09/28 – Wednesday 09/30 WED - Wet Wednesdays w/ DJ Blast / Ladie’s Night


Kahana Gateway, Kahana - 669-8889 2290 Kaanapali Pkwy - 661-3123 115 Bay Dr., Lahaina - 669-6286 1881 S. Kihei Rd., Ste. KT116 -879-0004


900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7805

SOUTH SHORE TIKI LOUNGE 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-6444

MON - Ryan Palma WED - Dan & Anne Just Us

Unifires DJ Sonny No cover, 10pm

DJ Magnetic No cover, 10pm

Vince Esquire No Cover, 9pm - 12am

Kulture Klash 808 No Cover, 9pm - 12am

Halemanu $3, 9pm - 1am

Pearl Rose No Cover, 8 - 11pm




Jarett Martin Fundraiser

Undone w/ Q Ross feat. live sax with Ami Schorr

Passion w/ DJ Del Sol $10, 9:30pm - 2am

Watercress Trio Ikaika Blackburn



DJ Slackin No cover, 10pm

SPORTS PAGE GRILL & BAR 2411 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-0602

Kama’aina Night

MON - Ladies Night w/ DJ Rozak TUE - Ryan DePalma

Kanoa of Gomega No cover, 10pm

MON - DJ Blast; TUE - DJ Nature Boy; WED - ADD Twins; All No Cover, 10pm


MON - WED - Karaoke


1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 874-3779


1127 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-1380


1424 L. Main St., Wailuku - 249-0052


505 Front St, Ste. 212, Lahaina - 661-9873


Waiehu Beach Center, Wailuku-243-9350

WED - Launch Party for Next Level Wednesdays No Cover, 9pm - 12am MON -Monday Night Footbal / Karaoke TUE - Live Music; WED - Karaoke



333 Dairy Rd. #101, Kahului - 871-1414

the most practiced martial art in the world. Great cross training for all sports, keiki and adults alike can improve focus, agility, balance, speed and even school grades. Most importantly, it’s fun. Kiffmanns’ Maui Elite Taekwondo Center 111 Hana Hwy., Ste. 201, Kahului HI 96732. 808-877-4311. Adult Swim: Training Sessions - Every Mon, Tue & Thu. Pre-registration is not required for these training sessions held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (except Sept. 15th and 29th), brought to you by Valley Isle Masters Swimmers swim coach, Janet Renner. 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Kihei Aquatics Center, 303 E. Lipoa St., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-874-8137. Four-Week Introductory Ki-Aikido - Thu. Across from the Wailuku Gym, you’ll find the stunning Shunshinkan Dojo. There, beginning Sept 3rd and continuing every Thursday through the 24th, an introductory training seminar will be held on KiAikido—”a Japanese Martial Art based in Zen principles.” Designed for adults and teens, the course fee includes a training manual. Should you decide to continue your training, the fee will be applied to student dues. 7 - 9 p.m. Shunshinkan Dojo, 194 S. Market St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-244-5165Maui Ki-Aikido, 808-244-5165 or 808-357-5172. Healing Movement Classes for Cancer Patients - Every Tue & Thu. Using Dragon & Tiger, an ancient self-healing system based on Chi Gung, this movement series releases stress, lessens pain and illness, and increases energy for cancer recovery and prevention. Free. 3 - 4 p.m. YMCA, 250 Kanaloa Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-243-2999. Maui Croquet Club - Every Sun, Tue & Thu. You could be an amazing croquet player and not even know it. No mallet? No problem. 2 - 5 p.m. Waipuilani Park, Kihei, HI 96753. 808-879-0087. Free Tai Chi - Every Mon & Fri. Get your Tai Chi in during your lunch break with Dr. Lorrin Pang. Noon - 12:45 p.m. State Office Building, 54 High St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-984-8200. Samurai Swordsmanship - Every Tue & Fri. Study the Way of the samurai with Komei Juku Maui, the U.S. Headquarters for Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu. 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai, 688 Nukuwai Pl., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-573-1965. Volleyball Day - Sat. Bump, set, spike! Open to everyone. Free. 12 p.m. Kamaole III Beach Park, Kihei. Badminton Nights - Mon. West Maui Parks and Recreation presents this opportunity for folks to play this most delightful shuttlecock-centric sport. 6 - 9 p.m. Lahaina Civic Center, 1840 Honoapiilani

Hwy., Lahaina 96761. 808-661-4685. Lahaina Canoe Club Weekly Paddle - Tue. Get buff, talk story, check out the scenery. 5:30 p.m. “paddles wet”. Hanako’o Beach Park (Canoe Beach), 200 Nohea Kai Dr., Lahaina, HI 96761. 808870-6466.

Song & Dance

Free Hula Performance - Every Tue & Thu. Enjoy the pleasures of Polynesian dance with this free performance every Tuesday and Thursday. This week, check out Te Tiare Patitifa (Thurs.) and Na Kamalii Nani O Lahaina (Tues.). 7 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, 96761. 808-661-5304. Shakin’ Keiki - Fri. Come see little hula dancers in adorable outfits doing the cultural dance of their ancestors. Free. 3:30 p.m. Lahaina Center, 900 Front St., Lahaina, HI 96761. 808-667-9216. Backyard Jam - Sat. This weekly pa’ina features hula performances courtesy of Tihati Productions as well as an all you can eat island food buffet and discounted drinks. 5:30 p.m. Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa, 2605 Kaanapali Pkwy., Lahaina, HI, 96761. 808-661-0031. Free Keiki Hula Show - Every Sun & Sat. Sharing with you their cultural dance passions, these keiki light up the stage with their enthusiasm and hula know-how. This Saturday, check out Na Kamalii O Ke Akua and on Sunday, Halau Hula O Keola Aliiokekai. 1 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, 96761. 808-661-5304. Hula Show - Every Sun & Sat. Get a taste of Hawaiian history and culture. 1 p.m. Maui Mall, 70 E.Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-877-8952. Country Western Line Dancing - Sun. Get your boots on for country line dancing at the Lahaina Cannery Mall stage this Sunday. Music includes both pop and country. 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, 96761. 808-667-9513. International Folk Dancing - Sun. Israeli and international folk dancing in cool Kula. 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Grace Church, 1000 Kula Hwy., Kula, HI 96790. 808-280-1051. Line Dancing - Sun. Practice your tush push ya’ll and come on down for some line dancing by the Maui Paniolo Posse. Lessons: 6:30 p.m.; Dancing: 7 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, 96761. 808-661-5304. Dance Jam - Mon. Celebrate the end of the month with a free-form dance party with great music and no instruction, just come to shake your booty. 7:30 -

10 p.m. Studio Maui, Haiku Marketplace, 810 Haiku Rd., Suite 265, Haiku, HI 96708. 808-575-9390. High Hopes Square Dance Club - Mon. A place for beginners to pick up some steps and seasoned square dancers to show off their moves. Free. 7 p.m. Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center, 91 Pukalani St., Pukalani, 96768. 808-572-0671. Hula Show - Mon. A most dazzling performance executed with the aim of helping to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. 10 a.m. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, 275 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-877-3369. Pipe Up - Mon. No experience is needed for drummers and bagpipers at these open lessons and practices for the Isle of Maui Pipe Band. 6 p.m. Call for Directions. 808-876-0154. Senior Line Dancing - Mon. Line dance lessons for people 55 or better. 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. Kaunoa Senior Center, 401 Alakapa Pl., Paia, HI 96779. 808-270-7313. Swing & Lindy Hop Dancing - Mon. You’re money, baby. This group incorporates rock, hip hop and anything else rooted in jazz. 7-10 p.m. Kenolio Recreational Complex, 131 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-344-8180. Zumba for Beginners - Mon. Join instructor Rayo McPhee in a fun-filled cardio class that combines easy dance moves from around the world including meringue, cha cha, hip hop, belly dancing, and rock and roll. 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. VITEC-Continuing Education & Training, Maui Community College, Laulima Bldg., 310 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. (808) 984-3231. Israeli Folk Dancing - Tue. Israeli folk dancing with The Jewish Congregation of Maui. 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Beit Shalom Synagogue, 634 Alulike St., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-280-1051. Non-Profit Polynesian Dance - Tue. Support the kids of the Napili Kai Foundation by watching their Polynesian dance show. $10 adults, $5 kids. 5:30 p.m. Napili Kai Beach Resort, 5900 L. Honoapiilani Rd., Napili, HI 96761. 808-669-6271. Ukulele Lessons - Tue. Learn some strumming techniques to impress you friends with. 5:45 p.m. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 1221 Honoapiilani Hwy., Lahaina, 96761. 661-5304.


Opening Reception: Connie Adams - Sat. “Water’s Edge,” the latest collection of artwork from Connie Adams will be on display—a collection

of element inspired works of watercolor and paper sculpture. 5 p.m. Viewpoints Gallery, 3620 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, HI 96768. 808-572-5979. Exhibit: Hi’iakaikapoliopele - Daily. “Visual Stories by Contemporary Native Hawaiian Artists.” Enjoy this free, innovative exhibit displaying the works of accomplished and emerging artists including Hoaka Delos Reyes, Solomon Enos, Mark Chai, Marques Hanalei Marzan, Puni Kukahiko, Matthew Kawika Ortiz, Carl F.K. Pao, Abigail Romanchak, Maika’i Tubbs, Pualani Lincoln and Miki’oi Wichman. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Schaefer International Gallery, MACC, One Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732. 808-242-7469. Featured Artist: Linda Whittemore - Daily. A painter and printmaker working in the viscosity monotype style, Whittemore presents a two series—a variety of orchids in triptych, hand-colored after printing, as well as as on-site created watercolors in 6x9 format—as they related to her landscapes. You can meet the artist every Wednesday during the month of September from 12 - 5 p.m. Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Maui Hands, Lahaina, 612 Front St., Ste. D, Lahaina, HI 96761. 808-667-9898. Featured Artist: Steve Sundram - Daily. “In all my art, I endeavor to convey a sense of beauty. I trust my paintings will remind you of all the Earths mysteries and wonders,” says Sundram, who in 1990 left his home in Australia after falling in love with Hawaii while on a trip. His work is part of the collections of celebs such as Kim Basinger, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Klugman and Carlos Santana, and his showcase at Maui Hands, Paia will run the month of September. Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Maui Hands, Paia, 84 Hana Hwy., Paia, HI 96779. 808-579-9245. Meet the Artists - Daily. Every day the Four Seasons’ resident artist will be on hand to discuss his or her work. 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Four Seasons Resort, 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, HI 96753. 808-874-8000. Post:Nicotine, a Community-based Art Project - Daily. Designed by the Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center to raise awareness about tobacco use. Submissions from community members, parents and fellow students were requested in postcardsized form to express feelings about tobacco usage and begin a dialogue. Over 200 provocative, anonymous pieces of art were received, from around our community including local schools like Kula Elementary, Paia Elementary, Haiku Elementary, Seabury


SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


DA KINECALENDAR Hall, Pomaikai Elementary, Lokelani Intermediate, Haleakala Waldorf School, Montessori of Maui, and Roots School, the compilation to be displayed from Sept. 11th through Nov. 1st at the Wailuku Public Library and is free and open to the public. Mon - Wed, Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Thurs 1 p.m. - 8 p.m., closed Sat & Sun. Wailuku Public Library, 251 S. High Street, Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-579-8354. Showcase: Liluushka - Daily. Combining “the passion with the mystical,” this intriguing artwork showcase will run from Sept. 19th through Oct. 14th. Mon - Sat 7 a.m. - closing, Sun closed. Cafe Marc Aurel, 28 N. Market St., Wailuku, HI 96793. 808-244-0852. WOW! - Wed. Wailea on Wednesdays presents live island music, gallery receptions, artist appearances and more. Featured artists this week include the Te Tiare Patitifa. 6:30 - 8 p.m. The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, HI 96753. 808-8976770 x2. Art Night - Fri. Stroll through Lahaina Town’s many art galleries. Special gallery shows, featured artistsin-action and refreshments. Each week features


a different guest artist. Featured artists this week include the Twins, whose work will be on display at Lahaina Gallery. Free. 6:30 p.m. Lahaina. 661-6284. Featured Artist: Sandy Vitarelli - Daily. An opening reception will be held from on September 25th, the festivities including refreshments and live music. Vitarelli first began her art on the equatorial island of Palau and has operated a pottery studio on Maui since 1977. 6:30 - 9 p.m. Maui Crafts Guild, 69 Hana Hwy., Paia, HI 96779. 808-579-9697.

ian arts and crafts. 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort.

Farmers market, Art/ Craft Fairs

Ho`olokahi Arts & Crafts Fair - Every Tue &

Farmers Market of Maui, Honokowai - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Lots of fresh local produce plus baked and canned goods. 7 - 11 a.m. Farmers Market Maui & Deli, 3636 Lower Honoapiilani Rd., Honokowai, HI 96761. 808-669-7004. Farmers Market of Maui, Kihei - Every Mon, Wed & Fri. Sample the goods at this local market for fresh produce. Mon - Thur, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Farmers Market of Maui, 61 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753. 808-875-0949. Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair - Every Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat. Great deals on locally grown produce and locally made goods. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Maui Mall, 70 E. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-871-1307. Ohana Farmers & Crafters Market - Every Tue, Wed & Fri. Vendors bring a plethora of juicy wares to Ka’ahumanu’s Center Court. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, 275 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-877-3369. Resort Craft Fair - Every Wed & Fri. Hawai-

Chefs Produce & Products Farmers Market - Every Tue & Thu. Get fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week right in Lahaina. 7 a.m. - 12 p.m. Corner of Lahainaluna Rd & Honoapiilani Hwy. Aloha Craft Fair - Fri. Check out all the locally made home & gift items—great stuff!. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Maui Mall, 70 E.Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-872-4320. Fri. Fresh flower lei-making classes from 9-11 a.m. on Fridays. 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wailea Beach Marriot Resort & Spa, 3700 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, HI, 96753. 808-879-1922. KBH Craft Fair - Fri. Cultural crafts and live demos in the lobby. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, 2525 Ka’anapli Pkwy., Ka’anapali, HI 96761. 808-667-5978. Maui’s Swap Meet - Sat. From camo hunting gear and koa carvings to vintage aloha postcards and delicate, locally-crafted jewelry, this place pretty much has it all. Killer produce market, too. Admission: 50 cents. 7 a.m. - 12 p.m. Maui Community College, 310 Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732. 808-877-3100. Organic Farmers Market - Sat. Fresh produce that’s cheaper than the grocery store. 6:30 a.m. 12 p.m. Eddie Tam Memorial Center, 931 Makawao Ave., Makawao, 96768. 808-572-8122. Napili Craft Fair - Mon. Proceeds earned from sales of these locally-crafted goods go to Maui Family Support Services. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Napili Plaza, 5095 Napilihau St., Napili, HI 96761. 808-242-0900.




Guest Artist THURSDAYS

Ah-Tim Hawaiian Jam FRIDAYS

Backyard Jams


By the Airport ~ First Stop, Tattoo Shop 111 Hana Hwy #202 B • Kahului, HI. 96732

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009


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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

I bet we’d be shocked at what percentage of people have totaled a car at some point in their lives. However, I doubt we’d be that surprised at how few of them were Virgos. Of course, there are some of you who’ve probably managed to wreck your vehicles, but I’d be willing to bet that the percentage is much lower than for those reckless Aries, death-wish Scorpios, or spacey Pisces. However, there are times when the improbable is much more likely to happen—and this is one of those. Drive especially carefully this week, Virgo.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Some of the things you do frustrate the people around you to no end. Make up your mind already! Of course, it’s not that easy, and I understand that your ability to see all sides makes it very difficult to make clear decisions or choices. However, just for this week, can you cut us all a break? I know it’s impossible to change your nature and start being inflexibly opinionated—but can’t you pretend for a while? Make a choice, arbitrarily if necessary) and just stick to it like you really can’t see the other side of the coin.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Being fairly obsessive yourself, you know how to handle others’ obsessions. Instead of defusing them, though (you know perfectly well that this bomb, primed to blow, would be rendered harmless if you just snipped the blue wire), you have a propensity to fuel the fire instead, just to see what happens next. Although that’s a fascinating tendency, it’s hardly constructive, and this week it’s ironically likely to distract you from more interesting and positive things. Resist those negative impulses (the kind that compelled you to scorch ants with a magnifying glass when you were kid), and just cut the blue wire already, so you can see all the cool shit that’s behind the bomb.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Cast a wide net. Ironically, I’m giving the same advice to your cousins, those Leos, for a totally different reason. While they know exactly what they want, it’s so specific that they’ll need to search far and wide just to find it. You, on the other hand, are much more vague and undecided about what you’re looking for. That means you need to try many different things in order to figure it out. There are loads of fish in the sea, and while you may think you’ll know you’ve found the “right one” when you pull it out of the net, you actually probably won’t realize that until you’ve tried a dozen more. Keep tasting. Somewhere down the line when you miss a certain flavor, you’ll know it’s time to go back and get more.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

If you rode your bike across America, chances are you’d arrive on the opposite coast noticeably thinner than when you began. However, you could, if you only ate at greasy truck stop restaurants (and carefully selected the fattiest meals), end up more overweight at the finish line than you were at the start. This is almost like what you’re doing. Your intentions are good, and would succeed, if you weren’t so busy (consciously or unconsciously) thwarting them with many of your other actions. Get all your impulses in order. Go with your excellent plan, and don’t sabotage it—what, after all, is the point?

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

I’m a big fan of having and eating cake at the same time, but sometimes that’s just logistically not possible. Imagine a shady, tree-lined yard, perfect for barbecues and a cool haven from the summer sun. It’s also a crappy place to have a garden—which would require you to chop down all those shade-producing trees so your vegetables can get enough sunshine to grow. This is one of those situations; if you want your garden to grow, you simply need to make sure it gets enough of what it needs—which means cutting some other things (you probably enjoy) out of your life.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Although it’s perfectly possible for you to evolve to be direct and clear, Pisces do unfortunately have a tendency towards passive-aggression. Since you’re loathe to engage in conflict, you’re more likely to express yourself or advance your agenda in ways that are too subtle, devious, or tricky for others to really counter. That’s frequently worked for you so far, which is why it’ll be hard to break the habit of being so subtly manipulative. Still, being more open and direct is what you should be aiming for, especially this week, when being passive-aggressive will only lead to exactly the kind of conflict you’re trying to avoid.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Be in charge of your own evolution. The trap you Rams can fall into is getting involved with people who don’t really appreciate just how wonderful you are. They require you to change in ways that suit them. Being the eager and enthusiastic person you are, you’ll usually attempt to rise to the challenge, and ultimately make yourself miserable by trying to be things you’re just not cut out to be. Screw that. Everyone needs to evolve and become more and better versions of themselves. But you’ll do that best while supported and adored by people who love you just as you are. Find them.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

There’s a reason you’re called the Bull. Once you get something in your head, you’re obsessively persistent. That’ll get you results much of the time, but in some cases, it’s better to take a break and approach something with a fresh perspective and some new energy, because you’re just stubbornly banging your head into an immovable obstacle. This is one of those times. Chill out! I don’t know how to get that concept into your thick skull, but it’s important—if you don’t you could keep on this track forever; since it leads exactly nowhere, that’s hardly a happy ending. Take a break. When you can think of a completely new direction you’d be happy heading in, resume your journey.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Being involved with any of the “dual” signs (Libra and Pisces are the other two) is tricky at best, but you’re so hard to pin down that it makes life with you both exciting and extremely frustrating for those who love you. In many cases, it’s like trying to forge a relationship with two different people. Being in a couple is hard enough; can you imagine how challenging your lovers find this particular ménage a trois? There’s not much you can do about your dual nature, but there are ways you can simplify things for intimate friends and lovers. This week, find and implement some of those.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancers suck at casual sex. In fact, it’s hard for you to have a superficial human relationship with anyone; that’s just not the way you’re wired. This, of course, has led to many painful moments for you in the past. I can’t suggest that you stop caring. That won’t work, anyway, and it’ll just make you miss out on all the wonderful times that can happen when you manage to forge a heart-to-heart connection. All I can advise is that the pain you experience from time to time comes with the territory; giving a shit is a wonderful thing, and well worth the suffering that comes with.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

I advised Sagittarians to cast a wide net, simply because they don’t know what they’re really looking for, and will need a large sample in order to figure it out. You, too, need to use the biggest net you can find, for quite the opposite reason: you know exactly what you want. The problem is, it’s so specific that you’ll need to search for a long time and in many places in order to find it. Keep looking. What you need to know as you seek is that while you have some very set ideas in your head, the person who’ll actually fulfill the brief is bound to be surprising in several dramatic ways. You don’t need to give up your dream, but you do need to be open-minded enough to recognize it when it appears in a form you never expected.


SEPTEMBER 24, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 2009

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