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Brilliant Gardening Products

Propagators & Seed Sowing Essentials s d od ha Vitop volutionise e h T “ e r ly lete g.” comp sowin d e e my s e, ourn Val B Telegraph y l Dai

Precise control - the digital thermostat can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C. Large vents in lids and sides - for superior humidity control, so your plants don’t suffer from damping-off. Even heat - there are no hot spots or cold spots and your seeds and cuttings will germinate evenly. Height adjustable - a  dd the optional extra layers to give plants more space.

Digital Thermo stat




Small single height

L56 x W55 x H24cm


Small double height

L56 x W55 x H39cm


Vitopod Propagator

Large single height

L110 x W58 x H23cm


 ur Vitopod heated propagator has won many O Best Electric Propagator awards, so you can be confident that it provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

Large double height

L110 x W58 x H39cm


 he Vitopod is built to last. The lids and sides T are made from a robust acrylic and are treated to protect them against the UV deterioration which makes other propagators turn yellow and brittle.

Height ble Adjusta Even he at distribut ion

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pingPrevents dam out g off and dryin

Award Winning ! Hydropod Cuttings Propagator Improve the success rate of your cuttings the professional way with our electric Hydropod propagator. The Hydropod sprays a mist over cuttings to maintain perfect moisture levels without water-logging, so you get healthy growth with no risk of root rot or fungal infections. This misting speeds up growth because it encourages roots to grow out to access the water.  he heated version enables T you to use the Hydropod in an unheated greenhouse all year and the Hydropod’s 7-day reservoir means that you can go on holiday and not worry about your cuttings. Product



Heated 20 space

L46 x W39 x H40cm


Heated 40 space

L60 x W41 x H41cm


Unheated 20 space

L46 x W39 x H40cm


Unheated 40 space

L60 x W41 x H41cm


Seed Storage Tin: £18.90

 eep your seeds dry and K tidy in this sturdy powder coated storage tin. Includes monthly dividers so you won’t have to hunt around for the seeds you want to sow that month. Size: W28 x D20 x H16cm

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Propagators & Seed Sowing Essentials Paper Potter Dibblet: £4.95

Make biodegradable pots from newspaper with this solid oak potter.  ow your seeds in the S paper pot and when the plants are large enough, simply plant the whole pot into a larger pot. The roots will grow through the paper into the larger pot, so there’s no root disturbance, no transplant shock and the paper helps keep the compost moist. Includes full instructions

Re-use old newspapers

Small: £9.95 Makes pots W4 x D5cm Large: £13.95 Makes pots W6.5 x D7cm

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Perfect seed spacing!

 ith 8 x1cm graduations, W this dibblet makes it easy to plant seeds and seedlings at the correct depth to increase germination and transplanting success rates. Beautifully crafted from hand turned FSC beech wood. Size: 18cm

Paper Potter Patter: £4.95  nce you’ve made O your paper pots and filled them, use the double-ended Paper Patter to firm the compost.

Removes air pockets when sowing seeds




ur G

Seed Sowing Rule:

Seed Sowing Tamper:

 ake the guesswork out of seed T spacing with this handy rule. Seed sowing holes with markings along its length show the perfect spacing for different veg, so you don’t have to keep consulting your planting manual. Metric and imperial markings.

 his hand crafted Tamper is T perfect for levelling compost and removing air pockets when sowing seeds. If you don’t already include this step in your seed sowing routine you’ll be impressed by the improved even germination and increased success rate.

Size: 1m long

Base: 8 x 8cm


st B ard


Rust-proof galvanised steel mesh




Potting Riddle: £11.95  ieve out lumps and create the perfect grade of compost to S give seeds the best start with this Potting Riddle. Amateur Gardening awarded this Riddle a ‘Best Buy’ accolade thanks to the sturdy design and rust-proof 4mm galvanised mesh. Perfect for sowing seeds in trays. Size: Base diameter 20cm, height 7cm

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Propagators & Seed Sowing Essentials

NEW: Duogrow Holiday-Proof Planter: £32.00

Planting Line: £14.95

Grow much bigger harvests with our new good-looking Duogrow planter. Each of the two pots in the Duogrow produces 2x bigger harvests than a normal pot or growbag.

Get your planting straight with this 20m planting line – you’ll have the neatest veg patch for miles around! Push the two posts into the ground and unwind the 20 metres of natural jute twine to guide you when seed sowing and planting-out.

Quadgrow’s stylish little The bumper harvests are thanks to the Duogrow’s 25 litre sister

SmartReservoir and FeederMats. The FeederMats pull the water up from the SmartReservoir to the plant roots in the pots as and when the plants need it. The moisture levels around the roots will be perfect at all times, preventing the problems caused by overwatering and under-watering as well as putting a stop to arguments about holiday watering rotas!

Size: 20m length of twine Height of wooden posts: 30cm

Twine in a Tin: £6.95 This stylish enamel tin keeps twine from unravelling, and getting wet or lost. Perfect for supporting climbing and tall cropping plants, the twine is biodegradable, so doesn’t have to be removed from climbing annuals and vegetables when composted at the end of the season.

Ideal for all plants you would grow in a pot or growbag – tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers etc.

Transplanter: £9.95 Perfect for precision planting of bulbs thanks to the digging depths marked on the face of the tool. The neck is forged at the optimum angle for digging and accurate planting. Comfortable FSC hardwood handle.

Size: L67 x H56 x D30cm

Overall length: 29cm

Size: 120m of jute twine 120m refill of twine: £2.95

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*Free plant feed not included with Duogrow. Duogrow with feed is £36.00.

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Planters most er to w s n a rs” “The praye ’ s r e n garde ers Answ n e d r Ga zine Maga

Quadgrow Planter with 4 pots: £42.90 or buy 2 for: £64.90

Quadgrow Veg Planter

with 4 pots: £42.90 (buy with a Quadgrow Slim for £64.90)

 ur best-selling planter, the Quadgrow O planter produces harvests typically 2x bigger than plant pots and growbags thanks to the clever way that it keeps plants perfectly watered at all times.

 row 4 varieties of veg all year round in our G self-watering vegetable planter. Your plants have access to water whenever they need it, and because they are never stood in water, you raise bigger harvests of better tasting vegetables. Perfect for your balcony, decked area or patio.

No more holiday watering rotas, and definitely no disappointing harvests caused by erratic watering.

Best Selling Planter!

nhouses, Perfect for gree patios polytunnels and

Ideal for all plants usually grown in a growbag (including tomatoes, beans and peppers) and guaranteed to produce bigger harvests. Simply fill the 30 litre reservoir which sits below the pots and let the FeederMats in the pots pull water up to the roots when they need it. Although the plants have access to water whenever they need it, roots are never stood in water, so access to oxygen is never limited. Size: L130 x W24 x H36cm

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Size: L60 x W60 x H43cm

Chilligrow Planter with 3 pots: £28.90 or buy 2 for: £50.00  he hottest planter around! This T great planter has 3 pots and it keeps chilli plants watered for 7 days at a time. Designed in partnership with chilli growing experts to produce bumper harvests of ripe chillies.

4 deep pots perfect for root veg!

Herbgrow with 4 pots: £23.00 or 2 for £40.00 You’ll never come home to unintentionally dried herbs again with this clever planter. This clever design keeps your herbs perfectly watered for up to 2 weeks. Produces bigger plants and better tasting herbs. Size: L79 x W24 x H26cm

Size: L79 x W24 x H27cm

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Planters Patio Allotment: from £49.90

Solar-Quadgrow: £79.90

 he Patio Allotment combines our best selling Quadgrow with a handy salad T and herb planter, giving you a complete veg plot. Place tall cropping plants such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers in the 4 x 11litre pots and use the central planter for herbs, salads and shallow rooting veg.

Size: L130 x W24 x H36cm

 s with all of our planters, A our handy Patio Allotment keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered at all times. Thanks to the large SmartReservoir and FeederMat controlled watering, your plants are healthier and produce bigger harvests. Size: L105 x W55 x H38cm

 ased on our best-selling Quadgrow, but producing even B bigger harvests thanks to solar-powered drippers which enable us to use super-aerated HydroCoco instead of compost.

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Solar panel co ntrols drippers which feed the plants in relatio n to the intensity of th e sun

 ydroCoco retains very little water so the roots have much H better access to air than if they were grown in soil and the plants produce much bigger harvests.

Saladgrow  oodies and urban gardeners will love this clever F space-efficient salad planter. It keeps salad plants perfectly watered for up to 2 weeks at a time. Just add compost and seeds, pop the lid on and salad will be ready for eating in just 4 to 6 weeks. Available in 3 sizes for patios, windowsills or balconies.

Complete veg plot!

Super-light and airy HydroCoco increases root access to oxygen by not retaining water





L55 x W55 H23cm



L55 x W105 H23cm


Harvest in 4-6 weeks

 hen the solar panel W detects light, water drips into the pots in relation to the intensity of the light. FeederMats continually pull water up from the reservoir to the roots at a rate suitable for the HydroCoco Excess water drains back in cloudy conditions. into the reserv oir, pulling fresh air into Includes: 50 Litres of the root HydroCoco (to be used area instead of compost) and 2.5 Litres of concentrated plant nutrients.

Water pump

d pull water an FeederMats oir rv se from the re nutrients up

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Growing Kits Vivigrow: from £46.00

Small mains powered:

Competitive gardeners love this planter which grows plants in water instead of soil. It promises 3 to 4x bigger harvests than when growing in growbags and pots.

£44.90 L55 x W46 x H29cm

Perfect for anything you would usually grow in a growbag or pot, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and beans. Place young plants into the Vivigrow, add water to the reservoir and plug it in. The planter constantly pumps water from its reservoir directly to the plant’s roots, so your plants have constant access to everything they need with oxygen, nutrients and water all in constant perfect balance.

3 x bigger harvests!

Are you ready to take the plunge into growing in water? *Frame not included




Vivigrow small (3 plants)

L70 x W39 x H25cm


Vivigrow large (5 plants)

L115 x W50 x H25cm


Heater (for small)



Heater (for large)



“The res ults we’v e had with these kit s are truly brilliant” Ballantyn e’s Nurs ery

superRoots areted aera

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Large mains powered:

GardenPop Instant Veg Kit: £19.00 These brilliant kits contain everything you need to grow chillies, tomatoes or patio veg from seeds and are ideal for patios and balconies.

t Perfec gift

Kit contents: • 9 x Seed starter discs • 6 x Hairy seedling pots • 3 x Final planting pots • 3 x Seed packets • 3 x Reusable plant labels

A great gift, or a treat for yourself!

£99.95 L71 x W71 x H26.5cm

Rain & Drain:

plus £15 of FREE extras!

Free clay pebbles

 ardeners with a creative or ambitious side G will love this planter for exotic and tropical plants such as bananas, ginger and papaya. Specifically designed for exotics, this planter automatically waters plants several times per day, mimicking the conditions of a tropical environment without the risk of over-watering.

Grow veg in 4 easy steps STEP



Place seeds in the seed disc. When roots appear, drop the discs into the hairy pots and add compost.




When 2nd set of leaves appear, place the hairy pots into the colourful pots and add compost. Enjoy your veg.

Made from plastic coffee cups!

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 13

Growing Kits Naked Herbs

complete herb kit: £15.00 This complete herb kit includes everything you need for a kitchen herb garden. The really clever bit is that the seed starter discs and hairy pots are made from the fibre of coconut shells, so the roots have better access to air and are stronger and healthier.

Coloured Pots (3 pack): £9.00

Kit contents:

Easy to pot-on

Brighten up your greenhouse or patio with these super-glossy 7.5 litre pots.

• 9 x Seed Starter Discs • 6 x Hairy Seedling Pots • 3 x Cereal Pots • 3 x Packets of Seeds (basil, coriander and thyme) • 3 x Reusable Plant Labels with Wax Pencil • Full Step by Step Guide

Perfect for chillies, herbs and flowers as well as dwarf varieties of green beans, peppers, tomatoes and aubergines. Size: H20 x W26cm Holds 7.5 litres of compost

Size: H6 x W8cm

Long-life Eco Pots (10 pack): £4.95 These long-lasting Eco Pots are ideal for growing herbs and chillies, and are excellent as intermediate pots for larger crops.

Simple to use: WEEK



Push the seeds into the seed starter discs. Place the discs into the hairy pots and add soil.


5-6 WEEK


They are made from the inedible outer husk of cereal crops, and are coated with a vegetable varnish that prevents them from degrading whilst in use! After 2 or 3 years, break the pots into small pieces and they will biodegrade.

Pop the hairy pots into the cereal pots and add soil. Enjoy your herbs.






or 1 of each colour

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Give seedlings a healthier start with these biodegradable pots made from the fibre of coconut shells. They provide roots with much better access to oxygen than plastic pots, so the seedlings develop stronger, healthier roots. When seedlings have outgrown the hairy pot, simply place the whole pot into a larger standard pot and the roots will grow through the hairy pot.

The hairy pots are certified as fair trade and are handmade by a co-operative, and the large pots are made from the inedible shells of cereal crops. Our favourite part is the slatelook plant labels which are made in Cornwall from plastic vending machine cups. Each plant label is made from 10 plastic cups which would otherwise have gone to landfill!

Hairy Pots (25 pack): £3.90

Holds 1 litre of compos t

Size: H10 x W14cm

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plants “Keeping st got ju watered ” r ie s a lot ea ine n Magaz


Garde Kitchen

Click & Drip:

Complete Watering Kits

 fficient watering for E raised beds, borders and veg plots from your waterbutt or mains tap. The kit includes everything you need. Kit contents:

Timer Settings

 erfect for holidays or P if you can’t make it to the veg plot every day.

Day and Time Setting Set the time(s) of day you want to start each watering session and set the desired watering duration - you can even skip days if you want. Frequency Setting Set watering intervals to the exact hour, minute and second. If your plants need extra water, there is a manual override setting for on-demand watering.

The timed Click & Drip allows you to customise your watering times and duration down to the second.

 • Tap connector •1  0 or 15m irrigation pipe • 5m non-drip pipe • 10 or 15 pegs •D  igital water timer (optional)

Timed Watering:

 he Click & Drip releases water slowly and evenly T through drip irrigation pipe so that your plants take up the water before it forms puddles which evaporate.

mmer u s t e “Forg ing woes.” r e wate arden Magazin en G


Growbag Click & Drip Kits  eep growbag plants watered even when K you’re on holiday. Our Growbag Click & Drip is simple to set-up and includes everything you need to water 9 plants in 3 growbags. Optional extensions are available.

The drip holes are spaced 30cms apart and only open with internal pressure, so they allow water out, but won’t become blocked when hidden under soil.

Click & Drip - Waterbutt


Click & Drip - Mains Tap


Click & Drip - Growbag


10 Metre Click & Drip Kit


10 Metre Click & Drip Kit


Growbag Click & Drip - 3 Growbags


15 Metre Click & Drip Kit


15 Metre Click & Drip Kit


Growbag Click & Drip with 25L Reservoir


10 Metre Click & Drip Kit with Timer


10 Metre Click & Drip Kit with Timer


Growbag Click & Drip with Timer


15 Metre Click & Drip Kit with Timer


15 Metre Click & Drip Kit with Timer


Growbag Click & Drip with Timer & 25L Reservoir


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Water Timer: £33.00

25L Waterbutt: £13.00

 his clever timer clicks onto T your outside mains tap or waterbutt tap to automatically water your raised beds, pots, growbags, veg plots or decorative borders.

 he 25L Mini Waterbutt fits T nicely onto most staging. Fill it with your hose to save you traipsing to and from the garden tap. It will save you time, effort and probably backache - we’re thoughtful like that! Attach to your irrigation kit or pair with our Click & Drip!

Choose between day and time settings or frequency settings and let your timer do the watering for you!

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 17

Frost and Pest Protection

MAke t h of the e most rain!

Watering Waterbutts

Galvanised Steel Watering Can: £35.90

 he average house roof T collects approximately 85,000 litres of rain each year, put some of it to use with these durable waterbutts. Both waterbutts include a tap, a stand and a lid.

 his rust resistant Galvanised Steel Watering T Can should last a lifetime. Cleverly weighted for automatic pouring, it tips forward as it empties taking the hard labour out of watering. The oval shaped handle is ergonomically designed, so there’s no twisting of the back to grip the handle with both hands. We would never have guessed we could get this excited about a watering can, but it really is fabulous to use.

100 Litre with stand: £30.00 250 Litre with stand: £57.00

Save Water!

Length: 4m

18 | Order online:

Maxi-Fleece Jackets  rotect plants in pots from frost. At 100gsm but with a hi-tech fabric P design which allows air, light and moisture to penetrate, the Maxi-Fleece is simply the most effective frost jacket around. Your plants will be protected from wind, hail and frosts at temperatures as low as -8°C. Available in three sizes Product



W70 x H100cm



W90 x H150cm



W110 x H200cm


s perature plays tem is d Your whole plant and d n a °C Records °C to +50 pot sits inside the from -10

Water Siphon: £19.95  e-use your bath water stylishly with this fabulous R siphon kit. Pump the central part a few times and the water will flow into a watering can ready for you to use in your garden. Attach the short end of the tube to the bottom of the bath using the suction cup and put the long end out of the window (or into a watering can) to the garden below.

Humidity readings from 25% to 98%

Greenhouse Thermometer & Hygrometer: £10.95 Holds 9 Litres (2 Gallons)

 his accurate digital greenhouse Thermometer & T Hygrometer monitors and records the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse. You can take action so that your plants don’t succumb to humidity related problems like mold and botrytis, or frost damage.


jacket, so that the pot is covered and roots are protected. This is easier than it sounds thanks to the wide zipper openings and the drawstring toggle. Wipes clean to be used again and again.

Size: H10.5 x W9.5cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 19

Frost and Pest Protection

Double the thickness of standard garden fleece

Water directly through the mesh! Perfect for tomatoes chillies melons and peppers!

Maxi-Fleece Covers

Frost n protectio down to -7°C Product




W70 x H95cm



W120 x H180cm


Protect borders and large shrubs from frost with these extra wide fleece covers. The 70gsm material protects against temperatures as low as -7°C and allows air, light and moisture to penetrate. A zip down the side and drawstring opening makes covering your plants quick and easy!

Insect Sticky Traps:

£3.99 for a pack of 5

 lying insects are attracted to the bright F yellow strips and they stick to the non-drying glue coating. Effective against most flying insects including; greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and midges. Size: Each strip measures 10 x 23cm

Extra Thick Garden Fleece:

Ripening cover: £14.99

for covering plants and  Perfect wrapping around palms, shrubs and fruit trees. Our Garden Fleece provides highly effective protection against frost, wind and hail, but is also light enough to be placed directly on your plants and trees. Permeable enough to allow air and moisture through to maintain healthy growth.

 peed up ripening with this S ingenious cover. Simply drape over plants to retain the warmth which is essential for ripening. The large aeration holes prevent overheating and allow pollinating insects and water to pass through easily. We think this is an essential for anyone growing tomatoes and chillies outdoors.

Size: L10 x W1.8m

Size: L10 x W1.8m


20 | Order online:

Ultra-fine 0.6mm holes keep out even tiny insects

Insect Mesh Netting: £17.99

 on’t let insects ravage D your veg plot. Protect your crops from all types of pest with this ultra-fine mesh which allows air and moisture through so your plants stay healthy. Size: 1.8 x 5m

Uses biodegradable material suitable for organic gardening

Fabric Pegs x 10: £3.99  -shaped pegs made from U galvanised steel for use with insect mesh, frost fleece and ripening cover.

Trap pests before they eat the fruits of your labour! Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 21

Frost and Pest Protection

Organic Slug Pellets: £7.95 for 3.5 litres or £13.00 for 7 litres

” oice h r C ers’ “Ou Gardenazine g C BB ld Ma r o W

Garden Wildlife Year round crop protection

pets Safe for ren and child

22 | Order online:

Ladybird and Lacewing Log: £24.99

As used by Chatsworth House, winner of a Green Innovation award and named ‘Our Choice’ by BBC Gardeners’ World magazine. These organic pellets are made of sheep wool which irritates the slug’s foot, so they go off elsewhere to eat somebody else’s plants. These slug pellets remain effective for 12 months after wetting, then they biodegrade and nourish your soil with the phosphates, potash and nitrate naturally occurring in the wool acting as a slow release fertiliser.

Attract th benefi e cial bugs!

3 metre Veg Tunnel: £16.99  rotect your vegetable plants from frost and wind in P the colder months and from sun scorch and pests in the summer. Thick enough to provide protection but also permeable enough to allow water to flow through, just water over the top of the fleece. Leave the tunnel in place for the whole season and in the summer, open the ends to provide protection without over-heating your plants. Size: L350 x W100 x H50cm

 ombat aphids, red C spider mite and thrips by attracting lacewing and ladybirds with this bug house which provides shelter during the spring and a hibernation den during the winter. Size: H30 x W13 x D17cm

A lacewing can consum e 50 -60 green fly every day!

Hibernation Chamber

Bee & Bug House: £22.99  his superb Bee & T Bug House will bring ladybirds, lacewings and bees to your garden, greenhouse or veg plot. The bees will pollinate while collecting nectar and pollen to fill the nesting tubes, and the lacewings and ladybirds will shelter in the lower chamber, feeding on any aphids, greenfly, red spider mite and thrips that they find on your plants. Size: H25 x W18 x D13cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 23

g nin e ard f G st t o l “Beoduc ar” Channe Pr e Ye ltural u th rtic

Garden Wildlife

o eH Th

Beneficial Insect Attractant

 his no-hassle bee hive with bumble T bees is simply genius. We will send you the Beepol Lodge and when you are ready, call our bee breeder to arrange delivery of your queen bee, 40-50 worker bees and eggs all packed in a carton that slots into the lodge.

 ttract beneficial A ladybirds, lacewing and butterflies to your garden or veg plot with these specially formulated attractant foods. Ladybird Attractant: £3.99 Butterfly Food with Vitamins: £3.99 Lacewing Attractant (slow-release): £3.99

Beepol Lodge and Colony of Bumble Bees: £150.00

Cabin Nester: £19.99

Bird Apple Feeder:

 ecide which bird species D you want to attract with this beautiful nest box with 3 variable entrance sizes. An inner waterproof liner keeps birds snug and the swing side door makes it easy to clean.


This stylish feeder can be used for fruit, kitchen scraps and fat balls. The rustless steel skewer holds scraps in place and the perch provides birds with a resting place.

Size: H22 x W18 x D16cm

Size: H23 x W22 x L80cm

24 | Order online:

No nee d fo protecti r ve bee suit s or speciali st equipm e nt

Bumble bees are non-aggressive, don’t swarm and they look after themselves, so there is no need for protective bee suits or specialist equipment. Size: W26 x D20 x H14cm

Guide to Solitary Bees: £1.99 Everything you need to know about solitary bees in a gardenerfriendly laminated guide. This 4-page guide will help you to identify bee species and to attract them to your plants.

Bee Log: £16.99 Bee Log with Pole: £27.99  ttract pollinating non-aggressive A solitary bees with this superb nesting log. The females will lay eggs in the bamboo tubes and fill them with pollen and nectar for the grubs to eat. A year later the grubs emerge as adult bees, to mate, pollinate your plants and start the process again. Size: W14 x L17cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 25

Garden Wildlife

ies Help butterfl ive rv u s s and bee g in id v by pro food nectar rich

Hogitat Hedgehog Retreat: £23.00

Butterfly & Bee Feeder: £6.99  elp butterflies and bees survive by H providing nectar-rich food. This sheltered feeding station’s sponge feeder, landing platform and 2 feeding cups mean that several butterflies and bees can feed at the same time, treating you to a lovely display. Size: H19 x W12 x D8.5cm

Pollinating Bee Wildflower Pack: £4.99 Bumble Bee Wildflower Pack: £4.99  hese native wildflower seeds T were specially selected to attract pollinating bees. The wide range of species included ensures that your garden has flowers to keep bees busy all season as well as providing you with a stunning display.

26 | Order online:

Butterfly House: £27.99  utterflies find this feeder and hibernation chamber B irresistible. The UV blue feeding tray attracts butterflies, the perches provide resting places and the central section can be filled with straw to keep hibernating butterflies warm and dry. Size: H36 x W16 x D21cm

Butterflies are in decline, attract them back to your garden or allotment

Hogilo Hedgehog Home: £42.00

Featured on BBC Autumn Watch

Hedgehogs love this safe, predator-proof retreat, and feeding station. It looks unobtrusive in your garden, and hedgehogs will be attracted to its natural appearance. The habitat can be anchored down for extra security and it has a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame and waterproofed roof. Size: H25 x W43 x L50cm

Do your bit for the struggling hedgehog population with the Hogilo, which is ideal for hibernation, nesting and feeding. It boasts some great features; the entrance is predator resistant, the wooden interior prevents condensation, the large lid can be opened for cleaning and inspection, and the raised feet prevent the hedgehog house from rotting. Hedgehogs are often called the gardeners’ friend because they prey on caterpillars and slugs, so attract them to your garden and they’ll repay you by keeping pests under control! Size: H50 x W39 x L23cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 27

Garden Wildlife

Safe for children, wildlife and pets! Wildkleen Sanitizer Spray: £3.99

Conservation Bat Box – Twin Chamber: £44.95

This wildlife and child-safe disinfectant spray keeps bird and wildlife housing, garden furniture and decking germ free.

Bats keep flying garden pests under control but they are suffering habitat loss, so give your neighbourhood bats the perfect home with this Conservation Bat Box.

The advanced formula kills the Bird Flu virus, E.coli, Salmonella and stops the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria. Spray surfaces every 7-14 days – if you suspect disease, you might need to spray daily.

The 2 separate vertical chambers with angled cut-aways provide plenty of crevices for the bats. Ladder style grooves on the entrances make it easy for bats to climb into either of the chambers, and stop predators from entering the box. The sloping roof directs water away from the box to keep your inhabitants dry.

Size: 200ml

Frogilo Frog House: £19.95 Attract frogs and toads to your garden and keep them safe from predators with this attractive retreat. The frogs will pay you back by eating insects and keeping snails at bay. The Frogilo has an open area at the base to allow the amphibians to regain moisture from the ground, as well as a base shelf to sit on in the summer months which allows them to cool down. Made from ceramic. Size: H20 x W20 x D20cm

28 | Order online:

Squirrel Feeder: £14.95 This heavy duty squirrel feeder will ensure squirrels become regular visitors to your garden without wrecking your bird feeder! The feeder has a perch, so squirrels can enjoy the nuts one at a time - squirrels just lift the lid and remove food. Supplied fully assembled ready to attach to a tree, post or wall. Size: H23 x W17 x D19cm

Made to last from solid FSC timber. A hinge door gives easy access to inspectors.

Bat ns Co ervation Trust p A proved

Easy to fix to a tree or wall 2.5m to 5m off the ground. Delivered fully assembled. Size: H45 x W33 x D14cm

*Please Note: You require a license to inspect bat boxes in the UK, but you will be able to see the bats flying in and out of the bat box at night.

Bat Box – Double Chamber: £25.95 Bats are in need of habitats as many of their roosting places are disappearing, so attract them to your garden and they’ll repay you by preying on hundreds of flying pests each night. Twin chambers inside the entrance allow several different species of bat to roost. The narrow entrance slot and strong FSC timber design discourages predators. Delivered fully assembled. Site 2.5m to 5m off the ground. Size: H28 x W16 x D16cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 29

Harvesting Essentials Vegetable Harvesting Knife:

Potato Scoop: £14.90

 or easy harvesting of thick stemmed F vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower you can’t beat this curved serrated knife. The serrated teeth on the curved blade ensure a clean cut every time. Stylish hardwood handle and leather hanging strap.

 ake light work of harvesting spuds with this M wonderfully robust tool made from steel. The bar across the end of the tines/prongs prevents accidental stabbing, but still allows potatoes to be sifted from the soil. The long handle and generously sized scoop make light work of harvesting whether your potatoes are in the ground or in a planter. Stainless steel with a hardwood handle and leather hanging strap.


Length: 31cm

Made f rom high c arbon steel!

Don’t Stab Your Spuds!

Size: W15 x L50cm

Suitable if your harvesting from the ground or planter!

Herb Dryer: £29.95 Air drying herbs, chillies and fruit preserves crops. This traditional method intensifies the flavour and enables you to use your homegrown produce all year. Made from salvaged rubber wood and washable unbleached cotton. Size: W37 x D37 x H25cm

30 | Order online:

ar oduct of the Ye Shortlisted Pr 11 20 w ho S er Chelsea Flow

Fruit Tree Picker: £11.95  ur Fruit Tree Picker makes light work of O picking hard to reach apples, pears and plums without bruising them thanks to the cushioned liner. Faster and safer than using a ladder! Handle length 146cm

Berry Picker  o more scratched arms and N sticky hands when picking berries with this ingenious Berry Picker, which is light enough to throw in a bag for a foraging trip. This clever tool scoops the berries into the container and leaves the twigs and foliage behind. Small (L16 x W10 x D6cm): £9.95 Large (L22 x W13 x D8cm): £11.95

Faster and safer than a ladder

Fresher veg for longer

Root Veg and Spud Sacks Pack of 2: £4.95

 hese natural hessian sacks are perfect for storing T parsnips, carrots, potatoes, turnips and all other root vegetables over the winter.  he material is breathable and allows air to T circulate around the vegetables. This keeps them dry and prevents your veg from sweating, which means there is no risk of storage rot and veg is kept fresher for longer. Size: W40 x D50cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 31

y!” u B st ing

Gardening Essentials

“Beateur Garden

Endorsed l by the Roya l ra tu Horticul y et ci o S

Am azine Mag

Boot Jack: £9.95  et your muddy boots off quickly and easily with our Boot Jack. The solid block G prevents wobbles - we wondered how we ever got by without it! Solidly built from FSC beech.

Gardener’s Tool & Tuck Tin: £18.90

oop Deep sc nt eve helps pr ! spillages

Recom me by Hele nded n Yemm The English


 his sturdy and spacious Tool & Tuck Tin T is ideal for allotment gardeners. There’s a sliding compartment in the lid for lunch and a larger main compartment for all your other gardening essentials trowels, seeds and string. No need for separate tool and lunch boxes. Powder coated to last.

Stainless Steel Compost Scoop: £9.95

Folding Pruning Saw: £22.90

 coop compost in style with this Stainless S Steel Compost Scoop which was voted Amateur Gardening Magazine Best Buy. The deep rust-resistant scoop is shaped to prevent spillages.

Size: W28 x D15 x H25cm

Length: 30cm

 he cutting power of a bow saw in your T pocket. The patented design has 3 cutting faces per tooth and high-carbon steel guarantees highly effective cutting and lasting sharpness. Ideal for pruning amongst dense growth.

32 | Order online:

Blade length when extended: 15cm

Pruning Knife & Sharpening Steel Luxury Gift Set: £49.95 Enjoy a bit of luxury when pruning! This carefully crafted pruning knife is a real pleasure to use, the blade is shaped to ensure each cut is completed in one pass and folds into the handle so it can easily be carried around the garden or allotment. The sharpening steel will keep the knife in excellent condition for many years to come. This is a superb looking gift and has been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Hand Held Bulb Planter: £14.95 This tool’s deep serrated edge penetrates packed soil quickly and easily removing a 6cm diameter core for your bulbs. The depth markings allow for precise planting, perfect for layering bulbs. Makes light work of planting bulbs. Size: W6 x L28cm

Size Knife: 9cm blade folds into 10cm handle Sharpening steel: L7cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 33

Gardening Essentials

R ‘We rd Awa

Bypass Secateurs: £17.95 Produce the cleanest, healthiest cuts of live stems with these Bypass Secateurs. The blade ‘bypasses’ the cutting block to produce the clean cut. A sap groove prevents the blade from sticking when in use.


m ecom


nsw en A d r a e G azin Mag


Support your beans, peas and other tall cropping plants with this weather-proof support structure.

• Covered handle for comfort. • Spare blade and spring included. Cuts up to 2cm diameter.

Twist Cultivator: £14.95 Prepare soil before sowing seeds and planting bulbs with this superb tool. Clay, baked and stony soils will be quickly broken up with this Twist Cultivator. The compact size makes it easy to work between plants that are close together in raised beds or even in pots. Waxed FSC beechwood handle, brass ferrule and stainless steel head. Size: L16 x W13cm (including handle)

34 | Order online:

Sophie Conran Trowel: £14.95

Bean and Sweet Pea Support:

Florist’s Shears: £11.95 Slice through stems with no effort with these super tough scissor-action shears. Effective on fibrous, thin, hard and soft stems. • Finely pointed blades for precision work amongst stems. • Fully hardened and tempered high- carbon steel blades for lasting sharpness. • Lightweight and easy-grip handles. Size: W5 x L20cm

Position the 1.7metre aluminium pole in the middle of your plants, and use the 6 strong jute supports to train your plants to the top of the support – this will give them plenty of room to grow, flower and fruit! 6 galvanised steel pegs included. Height: 1.7m

Curved backstop to prevent soil falling over the back of the trowel

This beautiful trowel glides smoothly through soil and has a curved backstop to prevent soil falling over the back of the trowel. You’ll be completing your planting jobs tidily and quickly. The mirror polished finish can be quickly wiped clean and the beechwood handle is attached with a brass ferrule. Supplied in a stylish gift box. Overall length: 27cm

Weeding Fork: £9.95 Remove weeds and their roots quickly and easily. The tines of this handy weeding tool get under the base of the toughest weeds to remove them along with their roots. Ideal for cultivating in tight spaces or rocky areas. Made from hardened and tempered steel with hardwood handle. Overall length: 28cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 35

Gardening Essentials Reusable Plant Labels (5 pack): £6.95

These stylish plant markers look like slate and are made from recycled coffee cups. They look great indoors and are durable enough to be used outdoors! Size: L15cm

Compost Bin: £18.95

Available in Green and Jersey Cream

This compost bin is far too attractive to be hidden under the sink, and is the most stylish way to reduce waste! Pop this on your worktop to make it easy to save your egg shells and vegetable peelings for valuable compostable waste. Includes 2 strong kitchen waste bin liners. Size: W28 x D21cm x H19cm

de We inclu il so c n e a wax p reuse n you ca els the lab

Super Seeder: £27.00

Dome Cloche (3 pack): £18.95

Space your vegetable seeds accurately and save your back with this great little machine.

Protect tender plants from frosts and pests, and get seedlings and young plants off to a head start with this set of 3 Dome Cloches. Adjustable air vent gives you control over humidity.

Fill the hopper, select the sowing depth and distance and walk along your vegetable patch pushing the lightweight hopper along as you go. The Super Seeder will sow your seeds evenly and at the correct depth. Suitable for all vegetable seeds. Size: L39.5cm

36 | Order online:

Size: W33 x H27cm

Electric Fan Heater: £94.00 This powerful electric heater distributes warm air quickly and efficiently to maintain the desired temperature without spending a fortune on energy bills. Its user friendly temperature controller is accurate to 2°C and can be set from -5°C to + 85°C. Size: L28 x W19.5 x H31.5cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 37

Gardening Essentials

Winner of Garde n Innovati on Award

Handy Leaf Pickers: £11.95

Metal Herb Pots: £12.95

 pend less time bending to collect S leaves and trimmings thanks to these giant ‘hands’. These lightweight hands enable you to scoop up huge piles of leaves and are especially useful for collecting prickly gardening material.

These herb pots look fabulous on kitchen windowsills and ensure that your favourite herbs are always to hand. A tray underneath the pots keeps everything tidy – you’ll be growing herbs in style.

Each hand is L40 x W34 cm

g bits Keep all your gardenin ! ce together in one pla

Greenhouse Caddy: £15.99  his Greenhouse Caddy is perfect for keeping T your greenhouse or potting shed neat and tidy. 6 individual storage compartments allow you to organise all your gardening bits & bobs and keep them all together. A useful carry handle makes moving between your greenhouse and potting shed easy. Size: W18 x H23 x L16cm

38 | Order online:

Organic Plant Food Maker: £29.95 Make nutritious plant food from nettles or comfrey with this organic plant food maker.

Soft-Tie Plant Tie: from £4.95  he soft, strong and super-flexible T plant tie tenderly secures and supports your plants. It is made with a galvanised steel wire core and a soft, foam coating that creates a strong tie with a cushioned body. 8 metre roll/26 feet

Takes 2 weeks to produce feed using nettles (ideal for leafy growth) or 6 weeks if using comfrey (perfect for tomatoes, potatoes and flowers). Size: W29 x H28cm Plant food in 3 easy steps: STEP



 hop-up your chosen C leaves. Add the leaves to the central chamber and fill the outer section with water.



After 2-6 weeks, remove the lid and your plant food is ready to use.

A great gift for any cook, or you could just treat yourself! Size: L32 x W11 x H11cm

Galvanised Metal Trug : £19.95 Trugs are perfect for storing garden tools and carrying them around the garden. Each trug is handmade and aged to give each piece its own character. This useful gift has a waxed beech wooden handle. Size: W21 x D13 x L33cm

Waxed beech handle

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 39

Books Pest and Weed Expert: £7.99  he world’s bestT selling book on pests and weeds. This no-nonsense guide helps you identify, prevent and overcome pests, disease and weed problems.

World’s best selling book on vegetables and herbs

Eco Gardener: £8.95  ovely colourful hard backed book full of L handy eco-gardening tips. Includes guides on seed saving and swapping, encouraging wildlife, water harvesting and conservation, reusing and recycling, maintaining tools, composting, preserving home-grown produce and reducing chemicals.

40 | Order online:

The Vegetable and Herb Expert: £7.99

Tomato Book: £8.00  his 130 page book explores growing T tomatoes, from the origins to pollination & breeding right through to growing tomatoes and protecting from pests and diseases. There are also 60 pages of recipes. Written by tomato and chilli expert Matt Simpson of Simpson’s seeds.

Indispensable guide full of reliable advice on almost every crop from artichokes to turnips. Includes everything you need to know about vegetable and herb gardening, from preparing land to preserving the fruits of your labour!

Garden to Kitchen Expert: £9.99  80 recipes to prevent 6 you from ever despairing at a glut again. Recipes for every vegetable from artichokes to turnips as well as fruit, herbs, flowers and weeds!

The Chilli book ‘Chilli, Chili, Chile’: £8.00 Fruit Expert: £7.99  verything you need to know about E growing just about every fruit from apples and apricots to kiwi and wineberry. Includes sections about choosing the best varieties for your garden, how to care for your plants, pruning, and pest and disease prevention and control.

 ritten by chilli-legend Matt Simpson of W Simpson’s Seeds, what this man doesn’t know about chillies probably isn’t worth knowing!  must for anyone who loves chillies. A This superb book guides you through the different species of chillies, how to grow them and how to avoid the pitfalls associated with growing chillies. It also includes 33 delicious chilli recipes.

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 41

Gift Vouchers Instant Garden Boxes: from £24.99 Instant Gardens are boxes full of young plants ready to place in your raised bed, window box or allotment – they make the perfect gift.  here’s no need to grow from seed – your plants are T looked after by professional gardeners when they are young and vulnerable and are sent to you when they are ready to be transplanted into your garden. The plants are packed in straw and delivered direct to your door. Instant Gardens are given to your loved one as a voucher, so they can choose when to receive the young plants.

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Greenhouse Sensation - Brilliant Brochure 2014  

Greenhouse Sensation - Brilliant Brochure full of award-winning planters, propagators and watering kits.

Greenhouse Sensation - Brilliant Brochure 2014  

Greenhouse Sensation - Brilliant Brochure full of award-winning planters, propagators and watering kits.