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Perfect seed spacing!


A Seed Space Rule £19.99 Take the guesswork out of seed spacing with this handy rule with seed sowing holes along its length, markings for the correct spacing for different veg so you don’t have to keep consulting your planting manual and metric and imperial markings. Not only will all your seeds be equally and correctly spaced, they’ll also be in a straight line and your plot will be the envy of all. An excellent tool if you are new to veg growing or if you take pride in your work. Water the ground, drop one or two seeds through each hole at the spacing shown. Lift the rule, cover with sieved compost, then sit back and wait! Made from FSC timber L100cm

4 | Order online:

Order No: BB005


C Steel Dibber £16.99 Invaluable for planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings. Presented in a gift box. L24.5cm x W2.5cm. Order No: BB089





B Potting Shed Collection £35.00 Contains everything to get seeds and plants off to a great start. The contents are beautifully crafted from FSC certified oak. THE SET INCLUDES:

Paper Pot Maker – for making pots from newspapers.

Calibrated Dibber – prepare the soil for seeds or seedlings. Tamper – for firming the soil and removing air gaps.

Dibblet – for pricking out seedlings and transferring them to bigger pots. Garden Lines – use to help you sow or plant in a straight line. Order No: NW009

D Waterproof Marker £4.99 E 10x Plant Labels £2.99 Suitable for plastic, wood, rubber and steel. Either push in or tie on, each label is White Order No: GSGAR103 10cm in length. Order No: GSGAR102 Black Order No: GSGAR101 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 5

Sowing B Seed Sowing Kits ÂŁ12.50 Grow your own chillies, tomatoes or herbs from seed and then just pop the seedling pots straight into your chosen final planting pot. A

These excellent kits contain all the equipment needed to nurture from seed so that you can have a healthy plant to pot-on. Choose from chillies, tomatoes and herb kits. INCLUDES: Full Sowing and Growing Guide 8x Seed Compost Discs 4x Seedling Pots 3x Seed Packets 4x Plant Labels 1x Propagator Tomato Kit Order No: GS513 Chilli Kit Herb Kit

6 | Order online:

Order No: GS512

Order No: GS510



Prepare the ground with horticultura l fleece befo re sowing seed s to ensure soil is warm enou gh.



C Rootrainers £8.99 Deep Rootrainers ensure your seedlings grow strong straight roots right down into the soil where they can access water and nutrients. The reusable Rapid Rootrainer helps seedlings develop strong, fibrous root systems. Tray Size: L36 x W22 x D9cm. Deep Rootrainers – Cell Depth: 12cm. Order No: SS001 Rapid Rootrainers – Cell Depth: 8cm. Order No: SS002 D

Space you r seeds a ccurate and save your back ly ! B Seed Sowing Hopper £32.00 The Super Seeder is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. The seeder has an adjustable furrow depth to suit all seed types. Insert the appropriate disc for your vegetable seed to set the sowing distance and select from the three different sowing depths. The Super Seeder is a must for allotment growers and is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. Length 39.5cm Order No: BG001

D Potting-up Tray £7.00 Fits neatly onto greenhouse staging for potting-up. L56 x W40 x D4cm

Order No: TI107

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 7





B 50x Peat Free Compost Discs £8.99 Sow seeds in these pellets and when you’re ready to pot on plant the whole pellet into the ground or a pot. 3cm Diameter. GM008 D

C Seed Trays Quality half-seed trays with drainage holes. L23 x W17 x H5cm. 12x trays GS792 £5.00 6x trays GS791 £3.00 E

A 2 in 1 Gardening Sieve £10.99 Highly practical, deep plastic sieve, two complete interchangeable screens supplied with 6mm and 12mm hole sizes. Each screen features tough, galvanised woven wire. The plastic outer is made from recycled polypropylene. L35cm x W35cm x H12.5cm Order No: GSGAR116

8 | Order online:

D Organic Seed Cubes £7.00 Give your seeds and cuttings some VIP treatment with these organic seed starter cubes. Pack of 24 cubes. Order No: GS733

E Pot Tamper £5.00 Firms the compost and removes air gaps for better germination. L12cm x W6cm Order No: NW005




F Large Plant Pot Maker £15.00 Make 7cm deep pots from newspaper with this handy tool. W6.5cm x D7cm

G Eco Pots x10 £4.95 Ideal for herbs, made from rice husks. W14cm x D10cm

H 25 Organic Pots £4.00 6cm biodegradable pots. Provide roots with better access to oxygen.

Order No: NW004

Order No: VI001

W8cm x D6cm Order No: HP006


I 55x Seed Pots £6.00 These 9cm pots are perfect for sowing seeds and can be used time and time again. Order No: GS795


J 10x 7.6cm Pots £2.99 Pack of 10 reusable 7.6cm plastic plant pots. W10cm x H7.6cm Order No: GM003



K Plastic Plant Labels x50 £5.50 Keep seeds and plants in order with these rot-proof plastic plant labels. L15cm. Order No: GM016

L Wooden Labels x50 £4.00 A naturally reusable, cost effective way to label your seedlings. L14cm Order No: BB035

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 9

Which Propagator to choose? There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than propagating plants from seeds or cuttings and it’s actually far more cost effective than buying more. Whatever you’re looking for - something electric and heated or a little more basic – we are sure to have a product to meet your needs. We have dozens of different kinds of propagators in stock, and each one is designed to help you in a slightly different way. You mainly need to consider whether you are growing from seeds or cuttings, and how much space you will need for them to grow.

10 | Order online:




Thermostatically controlled




Precision heat 5–30ºC




No hot spots or cold spots




Humidity control vents

In the lid

In the lid

Lids & Sides

Anti-yellowing UV protective coating








Height adjustable




Wattage options

37 watt or 100 watt

37 watt or 100 watt

50 watt or 100 watt


Propagation A

Geopod Large 50W Propagator


A 50W Electric Propagator Large These electric propagators are great for use on a table top. The small size feature 4 small independent propagators with small vents in the lids and the large size has 3 separate propagator lids with both featuring a heated base. The inbuilt fixed temperature thermostat maintains a compost temperature of 19°C. Small – L59.5cm x W41cm x H20cm Order No: GAR163 £45.00 Large – L80.5cm x W41cm x H20cm Large Order No: GAR78 £60.00 A

Small 50W Propagator

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 11

Vitopod Most Innovative Garden Product


Most Innovative Garden Product

Best Buy Propagator



Best Buy

100 Watt triple height Vitopod with 2x Lights and Support Kit

“ this is simply the best heated propagator on the market” 12 | Order online:

“It’s a bit of a dream machine”

Vitopod Heated Propagator A The ultimate heated propagator available with and without lights. Fast, healthy growth without legginess. Give your seeds the best possible start with the professional Vitopod Heated Propagator. Award-winning Propagator – the Vitopod propagator is renowned as the most advanced propagator available. It has won many awards including the Gardener’s World Best Buy award and Grow Your Own magazine Most Innovative Product award. Precise Control – the propagator thermostat can be set to any 1°C and with a range of 5°C to 30°C using the thermostat. The heat is delivered evenly throughout the base with no hot or cold spots and the temperature sensor triggers more or less heat depending on the sensor reading. Large Vents – for humidity control, so your plants don’t dampen-off.

Height Adjustable – the Vitopod can be bought as a single, double or triple height, or you can order height extensions at any time. Each extension is 15cm tall, so you can protect plants for longer and can overwinter without heating your greenhouse. Add Lights – 2x lights sit in a specially designed secure bracket. When you adjust the height of the Vitopod, simply move the brackets. The lights can be switched on and off independently of the propagator and typically have a life of 10,000 hours.


Height Single 24cm


50 Watt Heated Vitopod

Double 39cm

100 Watt Heated Vitopod

Double 39cm

Triple 55cm Single 24cm Triple 55cm

L56cm x W55cm L111cm x W58cm

Order No GS800 GS803 GS381 GS802 GS804 GS380

Optional Extras – Light Kits 2x Lights & Support Kit for 50 Watt Vitopod


2x Lights & Support Kit for 100 Watt Vitopod


Vitopod Lights Support Kit


Price £150.00 £170.00

£205.00 £160.00 £190.00

£220.00 £85.00 105.00


100W triple height Vitopod without lights

Humidity C ontrol vent s

Nanotech Reflector – The lights are housed in a nanotech enhanced reflector that reflects 99.9% of previously lost light, increased lumen availability by 300% and diffuses light deep into the plants leaves.

Stackable la for hei ght yers allow adjustmen t

Our 50 Watt Vitopod fits 6 half size seed trays or 18 seed pots. The 100 Watt version fits 12 half size seed trays or 55 seed pots. B

B Vitopod New Season Kit £14.00 Prepare your Vitopod for the new season with this essentials kit. Includes seedling labels, seed trays, and RootMagic. Order No: GS021

Digital thermostat Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 13




“ Overcome the challenge of keeping cuttings properly watered”







14 | Order online:

Hydropod 40 Cuttings Propagator without lights

Hydropod Heated Propagator

Humidity C ontrol vent s

A Hydropod Mist Cuttings Propagator Mists cuttings to reduce the risk of damping-off, drying out and fungal infections and speeds up growth. No wonder BBC Gardeners World, Kitchen Garden magazine and Grow Your Own magazine have all sung its praises. Take cuttings from the existing plants (our guide shows you how) and place them in the Hydropod, plug the Hydropod in and wait until the roots are around 3 inches long, then pot them on as you usually would. It’s a great way to restock your garden for free. The Hydropod Propagator is also available with Lights. Perfect for: Softwood and hardwood cuttings including Fuchsia, Chrysanthemum, Geranium, Hydrangea, Begonia, Dahlia, Pelargonium, Honeysuckle and other plants you want to grow from cuttings. Cuttings


Order No


Hydropod 20 Cuttings

L46 x W39 x H40cm









Hydropod 40 Cuttings

L60 x W41 x H41cm

Hydropod 80 Cuttings

L76 x W61 x H43cm

Hydropod 120 Cuttings

L117 x W66 x H50cm

GS540-V2 PT400V3GS

Hydropod 80 Cuttings Propagator with lights




Optional Lights 2x Lights for 20 Cuttings


2x Lights for 40 Cuttings


2x Lights for 80 Cuttings


Optional Extras Heater for Hydropod Pack of 50 Coloured Mesh Pots 120 Sponge Disks for Hydropod


HE103 AC008 GS120S

B Hydropod Propagator Deluxe Kit Deluxe Kit

L60 x W41 x H41cm



£20.00 £12.50 £29.95 £97.00

B Deluxe Hydropod Kit Grow even more beautiful and productive plants with our Deluxe Hydropod Kit. You’ll receive our heated 40 space Hydropod, a bottle of Revive Plant Tonic and a tub of Root Magic mycorrhizal planting out granules.

Save a small fortune by growing new plants from existing ones!

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 15

Propagation A Unapod & Geopod Propagators

100 Watt Geopod Heated Propagator A

The Geopod and Unapod heated propagators have a massive 23cms of height – giving your plants plenty of space for growth before you have to remove the lid! They are both award-winning, deliver precision temperature control, event heat, humidity control and lots of growing space. The Geopod has all this plus lights! Precision temperature control – The temperature can be set to any 1°C from 5°C to 30°C. The low temperatures are great for over-wintering and the higher temperatures are great for more exotic plants. Energy efficient – The heating element switches itself off when the set temperature is reached so that you’re not wasting electricity. Even heat – the Geopod and Unapod delivers heat without hot spots and cold spots, so your seedlings grow more evenly and it’s easier to get the watering right. Humidity control – large vents in the lid allow condensation to be released preventing dampening-off without having to remove the lid.

37 Watt Geopod Heated Propagator

Easy-use lights – the Geopod includes two lights which sit in specially designed grooves in the lid at the correct distance from the plants. The lights create healthy growth, preventing legginess even in a gloomy spring. The lights have an average 10,000 hours life. The lights are very energy efficient, their nanotech-enhanced reflector reflects 99.9% of previously lost light, increases lumen availability by 300% and diffuses light deep into the plant leaves. The 23cm high lid means that you don’t need to remove the lid (wasting heat) when your plants grow.

“ Best Buy”

Quality HHHHH Capacity HHHHH Value for money H H H H H

16 | Order online:

Digital Controller

Lid High Dome

Humidity C ontrol vent s

Di gital Controller

Window Propagators B

100 Watt Unapod Heated Propagator

13 Watt Window Propagator

37 Watt Geopod propagator with lights L62cm x W42cm x H28cm Order No: GSL60 £145.00

B Window Propagators Compact electric propagators are a complete nursery for the windowsill.

100 Watt Geopod propagator with lights L112cm x W62cm x H28cm Order No: GSL90 £195.00

Designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8°C.

37 Watt Unapod Heated propagator L62cm x W42cm x H28cm Order No: ZI200


100 Watt Unapod Heated propagator L112cm x W62cm x H28cm Order No: ZI400


Small Unheated Unapod propagator L62cm x W42cm x H28cm Order No: ZI299


Large Unheated Unapod propagator L112cm x W62cm x H28cm Order No: ZI298


13 Watt Window Propagators 7 mini propagators with lids. L76.5cm x W18.5cm x H15cm Order No: GAR51 £33.00 10 Watt Window Propagator 3 mini propagators with lids. L76cm x W18.5cm x H20.5cm Order No: GAR50 £33.00

10 Watt Window Propagator

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 17




A LED Lights LED lights are remarkably energy efficient and they run cool – so plants aren’t scorched. These cost effective lights are enabling gardeners to enjoy the benefits of growing under lights without incurring large energy bills. •C omplete - include a built-in reflector

• Dust and splash resistant IP Rating: IP44

• L ow running costs - Extremely efficient at converting power into usable light

• Link up to 7 light strips together to cover a larger growing area

• L ong life, up to 50,000 hours

• 3 Year Warranty

Season Propagation 6500k LED

Flowering 2700k LED

All-seasons 6500/2700k LED Daisy chain cord to link multiple lights to one power source


Order No


30cm 45cm 60cm 90cm 120cm 30cm 45cm 60cm 90cm 120cm 30cm 45cm 60cm 90cm 120cm


£35.00 £45.00 £55.00 £70.00 £80.00 £35.00 £45.00 £55.00 £70.00 £80.00 £35.00 £48.00 £58.00 £75.00 £85.00




18 | Order online:

H O U RS ONLY 100g




B Sunblaster T5 Propagation Lights T5 Propagation lights can be used over a propagator or seed trays at the start of the season to prevent legginess and yellowing, and then in autumn place them over mature plants to help with late stage growth and ripening. Our lights use very little power thanks to their super-efficient nanotech enhanced reflector. The reflector increases lumen availability by 300% and diffuses light deep into the foliage. Uses 50% less energy than a fluorescent lamp. Typical lamp life is 10,000 hours. 11 Watt 30cm Lights 17 Watt 45cm Lights 24 Watt 60cm Lights 39 Watt 90cm Lights 54 Watt 120cm Lights

Order No: LIGHT12T5 Order No: GSLIGHT18T5 Order No: GSLIGHT24T5 Order No: GSLIGHT36T5 Order No: GSLIGHT48T5

Replacement Propagation Lamps 30cm Lamp Order No: GSLIGHT12T5RL-B 45cm Lamp Order No: GSLIGHT18T5RL-B 60cm Lamp Order No: GSLIGHT24T5RL-B 90cm Lamp Order No: GSLIGHT36T5RL-B 120cm Lamp Order No: GSLIGHT48T5RL-B

£20.00 £25.00 £30.00 £35.00 £40.00

£10.00 £12.00 £14.00 £16.00 £18.00



4Ft Wide Light Stand

rget Don’t Fo s! nd Your Sta C Multi-Bulb Propagation Lights These 4-bulb propagation lighting units are the ideal size for use with the Vitopod propagators.

Strip Hanger

Small 24W Light – L59cm x W37cm x D6cm Order N : GSL24 £87.00 o

Large 54W Light – L120cm x W40cm x D6cm Order No: GSL44 £110.00 D

D Light Hangers (pair) £10.00 Hang lights weighing up to 68kgs. Adjustable cord length up to 2 metres. Order No: GSCI100

E Light Stands & Hangers Using LED or T5 Lights to support your growing? All our light stands are made from steel and are built to last. Our range of light stands and hangers offer a fuss-free set up and instant, secure support for your lighting. Just place the stand over your plants on the floor or table-top. 2ft wide Stand – 62cm x 46cm x 66cm GSSTAND2FTW 4ft wide Stand – 62cm x 46cm x 127cm GSSTAND4FTW 4ft x 4ft Stand – 120cm x 46cm x 127cm GSSTAND4FTH4FTW 4ft x 2ft Stand – 120cm x 46cm x 66cm GSSTAND4FTH2FTW Vertical Stand – 57cm x 57cm x 125cm GSSTANDVERT Mini Stand – 75cm x 90cm x 13.5cm* GSSTANDMINI Strip Hanger – 3cm x 2cm x 50cm GSSTANDSTRHAN

£25.00 £32.00 £45.00 £30.00 £30.00 £18.00 £35.00

Product is height and width adjustable – Height 42–75cm x Width 30–90cm.


Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 19

Self-watering Planters Most Innovative Garden Product



Nominated Most Innovative Gardening

Best Space-saving Product Award by Magazine Readers

Which? Best Self-watering Planter

20 | Order online:

Quadgrow Planter

“ T he answer to most gardeners’ prayers. No more coming home to find your peppers parched.”

Double your harvest and holiday-proof your plants with our award-winning Quadgrow self-watering planter. Our clever FeederMats pull water up from the SmartReservoir (below the pots) into the pots as and when plants need it. Soil is never too dry or waterlogged so you get bigger harvests.

“ N o more struggling to keep up with the twice daily watering tour.” “ If you know a chilli / tomato grower, they would love one of these.”

A Quadgrow Planter Best Seller Keeps 4 plants perfectly watered for 2 weeks at a time. 2x bigger harvests than pots & grow bags. For tomatoes, beans, chillies – anything you would grow in a grow bag. Each Reservoir measures L62 x W36 x H18cm 1x Quadgrow Planter (for 4 plants) Order No: Q0601 Set of 2 Quadgrow Planters (for 8 plants) Order No: Q0602

Optional Extras Mulch Cap and Cane Locator Kit Order No: QO615 £13.00 4x Quadgrow Protective Pot Lids Order No: GS847 £18.50

£46.00 £80.00

“ E nsures plants take up exactly what they need.” “ Y ou can go away for a weekend and the plants will not run short of water.”

Optional Water Butt Link Kits Leave your plants for longer by linking a water butt to the Quadgrow(s) using these Water Butt Link Kits.

Water Butt Link Kit Order No: AT151GS £10.00 Add-On Kit (Connects an extra Quadgrow) Order No: AT152GS £8.00 250L Water Butt Order No: GS743 £42.00 100L Water Butt Order No: GS740 £23.00 25L Water Butt Order No: GS159WB £13.00


All self-watering planters come with award winning FREE PLANT FOOD!


The eco friendly planter, made from recycled plastic

B Quadgrow New Season Kit £17.50 Prepare for the new season with FeederMats, Nutrigrow refills and potting up Granules. Order No: GS020

Nutrigrow Best Buy Award Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 21

Self-watering Planters A

A Duogrow Holiday-proof Planter B Chilligrow Holiday-proof Planter Grow bigger crops with our Duogrow and Chilligrow planters which keep plants perfectly fed and watered. Your harvest will be on average 2x bigger than that produced by growbags or pots. Your plants will never go thirsty, even when you’re on holiday and the soil won’t get water-logged. These planters are incredibly easy to use. Place the FeederMats in the pots, add compost and plants, and fill the SmartReservoir that sits below the pots.

Duogrow Holiday-proof planter

“Best Buy” Best for Small Spaces

Which? 22 | Order online:

The FeederMats will pull water up from the SmartReservoir when the plants need it, keeping the soil perfectly watered for 5–14 days at a time without over-watering. Plants in a Duogrow and Chilligrow are healthier and stronger because there’s no risk of erratic watering - the cause of root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot. Ideal for growing on a patio or in a greenhouse. All self-watering planters come with FREE PLANT FOOD.

“ The Duogrow planter produces bigger harvests than grow bags and pots.”


“ Fuss-free summer watering and bigger harvests.” “ T he Chilligrow planter doubles your crop and keeps plants fed and watered for up to 5 days at a time.” “ T he chilli revolution that will take your stress away.” A Duogrow

B Chilligrow

L67cm W32cm H56cm

L79cm W24cm H27.5cm

Number of Pots

2 Pots

3 Pots

Pot Volume

12 litre

6 litre

Reservoir Volume

25 litre

7 litre

Keep Plants Watered

14 Days


Tomatoes Ideal For

Chilli Peppers Sweet Peppers Tall-Cropping Plants

Order Number Price



5–7 Days Chilli Varieties NuMex Twilight Prairie Fire Padron Lemon Drop Aji Fantasy Bolivian Rainbow 7-pots Trinidad Scorpions Bhut Jolokia


Chilligrow planter

Awarded 5 Stars



Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 23

3 Plant Vivigrow

Self-watering Hydroponic Planters A Vivigrow (grow in water) Our Vivigrow is the most advanced of our planters. It constantly pumps a stream of water and nutrients to the plant roots and provides unrestricted access to oxygen. It’s no surprise that this planter produces the biggest harvests. When plants are transferred from a pot to the Vivigrow no extra soil is added, the roots grow out of the soil and fill the planter tray forming a thick root mat. Because the roots are not restricted by soil they can access as much oxygen as they need for optimum growth.


Your plants will have constant access to the water and nutrients which are continuously pumped from the planter reservoir to the roots in the planter tray. Requires electricity.

“Provides yields up to 3x as heavy as those grown in compost”

3 Plant Vivigrow – 70 x 40 x 20cm Order No: GS100UB £65.00 5 Plant Vivigrow – 112 x 50 x 20cm Order No: GS200UB £80.00

5 Plant Vivigrow 24 | Order online:

Grow Exotics B

B Tropical Planter Our Tropical Planter waters plants up to 15 times per day. The frequent watering makes it ideal for tropical edibles such as ginger, dwarf bananas, cape gooseberry, lemon grass, papaya, kiwi, pineapple, cardamom and melon as well as producing outstanding harvests of chillies and tomatoes. Simply add water to the planter’s reservoir, add pebbles (included) and set the timer (sold separately). The plants will be watered at the set times and any excess drains back to the reservoir.

Large Tropical Planter

Small Tropical Planter

Fresh air is pulled down into the root area at every feed giving the roots an extra boost. The planter costs a few pennies a day to run and you’ll be more than repaid by the huge harvests you’ll produce. Large Tropical Planter L71cm x W71cm x H26.5cm Order No: GS400UB £99.95 Small Tropical Planter L55cm x W46cm x H29cm Order No: GS300UB £45.00

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 25

Growing Salad


Large Salad & Veg Planter


Enjoy delicious salads all year round by growing in one of our salad planters. These are so helpful if you’re short of space as our planters are perfect for greenhouses and patios. Urban gardeners and allotment gardeners alike will benefit from growing at home to snip a few leaves when they are needed. Depending on what you are trying to grow, there is a specific style of planter out there to suit your needs. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow, so make sure they are given the best places to develop. All of our Award winning planters have been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests.


A Salad & Veg Planter The perfect salad planter! Keeps salad plants watered for 2 weeks at a time. Grow salad & veg all year with this award-winning self-watering, holiday proof planter. Standard Salad & Veg Planter – L55cm x W55cm x H25cm GS611NL £40.00 Large Salad & Veg Planter – L105cm x W55cm x H25cm Optional Extras

Lid for Standard GS811. Standard Salad & Veg Planter

26 | Order online:


2x Lids for Large GS811X2 £35.00

“Best Buy 2019”

GS612NL £55.00

Greenhouse & Lid for Standard ZI108 £45.00 Greenhouse & Lid for Large

ZI110 £55.00

“A low-maintenance planter that keeps plants in the best health.”

Self-watering Salad Planters C



PLUG & GO! B Quadgrow-Plus £62.00 The Quadgrow-Plus combines our best selling Quadgrow with a handy salad and herb planter, giving you a complete veg plot. Place tall cropping plants such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers in the 4x 11Litre pots and use the central planter for herbs, salads and shallow rooting veg. The planter keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered at all times thanks to the large SmartReservoir and FeederMat controlled watering, so that your plants are healthier and produce bigger harvests.

C Super-Fast Salad Planter £52.00 Simply add water, plug it in and watch your salad grow! Add water every 7–14 days and let the salad planter look after your plants by constantly pumping oxygen-rich water and nutrients around the roots. The roots always have access to water and nutrients and much more access to oxygen than in a grow bag or standard planter, so the plants grow much more quickly.

Waters plants for 2 weeks at a time.

You don’t add soil to this planter (because soil restricts access to oxygen), instead you raise the seed in a compost pellet (included) and drop the pellet directly into the planter when the roots are visible.

L105cm x W55cm x H38cm Order No: GS650NB

Includes planter, seeds, compost discs and plant food. Requires electricity.

With 4 pots and a middle section for salad crops.

L70cm x W40cm x H20cm Order No: GS027 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 27

Growing Potatoes



Whether you have acres of land, a greenhouse or consider yourself a windowsill urban gardener, our planters come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. New to gardening and need a little guidance on which ones to choose? Never fear, our friendly experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch today. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow, so make sure they are given the best places to develop. Our planters have been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests.

Potato/Tomato Planter

Vegetable Planter

B Folding Planter Planter ideal for patios and small gardens. A

Potato/Tomato Planter – Dia.35 x H48cm HX010 £7.00 Vegetable Planter – Dia.30 x H40cm HX011 £5.49

Don’t Stab ! Your Spuds


C A Potato Grow Pots (Pack of 3) £18.00 Superb space saving Potato Grow Pot. Plant 3 seed potatoes in compost. After 8 weeks your spuds will be ready for picking (10 weeks if the potatoes haven’t been chitted). Simply lift the inner pot, pick the larger tubers and leave the small ones to grow on. Includes full growing instructions. W30cm x H27cm – holds 12L of compost. Order No: AG001

C Potato Harvest Scoop £17.00 Harvest your potato crops without damage – the bar across the end of the tines prevents accidental stabbing, the gaps allow potatoes to be sifted from the soil. Stainless steel. Order No: BB008

28 | Order online:

D Vegetable Storage Bag £2.95 Keep your home-grown vegetables in cool storage allowing a free flow of air with this storage bag. Max. Weight 15kg. L60cm x W50cm. Order No: GSGAR107

E Quadgrow Root Veg Planter £50.00


You’ll have no more soggy spuds or forked carrots with our Root Veg Planter for potatoes and root veg which prevents drying out and water-logging. The planter has 4 pots containing a FeederMat which pulls water up from the SmartReservoir to the plants exactly when they need it. This slow watering maintains perfect soil moisture. There’s no risk of soggy rotten roots and you raise bigger harvests of better tasting veg. Just top-up the SmartReservoir every 7–14 days. By pulling water up slowly the Quadgrow Root Veg ensures there are always air-gaps in the soil, which fuels more productive growth. Your plants will be bigger, healthier and more resistant to pests. The pots each hold 18 litres of compost. Includes a 30 litre SmartReservoir to keep plants watered for up to 14 days. If you’re going away for longer add our 25 litre holiday watering kit. Perfect For: Potatoes, Carrots, Chard, Leeks, Baby Turnips, Beetroot & Onions.


L60cm x W60cm x H43cm Order No: GS800H

All self-watering planters come with FREE PLANT FOOD

“Your crops won’t suffer from waterlogging or drying out”

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 29




A Self-watering Grow Pot £26.75 The easy assembly Green Self Watering Tower has an 11L planting capacity equipped with an easy fill self-watering system which includes a 4 litre reservoir. It measures 1.5m in height with a sturdy, aluminium 4 ring support frame that slots securely into the pot. Plus there is an ‘anchor’ support for optional central bamboo cane and a float indicator which shows the water reservoir level. Order No: GSGAR104 30 | Order online:


B High Planter £49.99 This planter has 2 deep planting troughs allowing a wide variety of container vegetables, salads and herbs to be grown. Plants can be out of reach of wild animals, pets and all but the determined slugs. The protection cover provides a cosy, moist and protected growing environment for fast growing, healthier crops throughout the year. Adjustable air vents at each end offer climate control on warmer days. W80cm x H115cm x D33cm Order No: HX009


Planters & Pots C Fabric Pots These fabric pots are made from recycled plastic bottles, they prevent root rot and have cane supports for tomatoes, veg, herbs and flowers.

Cane Supports

No water-logging – better drainage Easily-moved – the handles in the than plastic pots, so roots are healthier pots make it easy to move your plants as they grow. and plants are more productive. No over-heating – especially useful if you’re growing in a polytunnel or greenhouse, fabric pots retain less heat than plastic.

Durable – use year after year. 7.6L Fabric Pot GSSG001X1 £2.00

11.6L Fabric Pot GSSG002X1 £2.50 Cane Supports – slots at the top and 15L Fabric Pot GSSG003X1 £3.00 bottom of each corner of the pots for slotting support canes through.




D 2x Wall Planters £9.00 Bring a striking splash of colour to a bare fence or wall with our wall planters. H51cm x W30cm x D10cm.

F Fence Pot Holders x3 £5.50 E 2x Strawberry Planters £8.99 Grow your own strawberries season Each plant pot holder supports after season with this spacious planter. pots between 5–6 inches.

Green Order No: BB063 Purple Order No: BB065

H35 x Dia.19cm Order No: GM007

H18cm x W14cm Order No: SW003

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 31

Grow Herbs


B Herb Pots in Tray £20.00 Keep your favourite herbs to hand on the kitchen windowsill with this well-made and stylish planter. It’s a great gift for any cook, or you could treat yourself!


W34 x D12 x H12cm


A Herbgrow Holiday-proof planter £28.00 Grow four different varieties of herbs, and save a small fortune.

Cream BB027-V2 Lime BB026 C

Plant your favourite herbs all year round – Including Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Basil, Mint, Coriander, Chives and Marjoram There’s no more coming home to parched, bitter-tasting herbs with our Herbgrow planter which keeps herbs perfectly fed and watered for up to two weeks at a time. Herbs can be difficult to keep properly watered and incorrect watering affects the taste, not to mention killing-off the plants! This clever planter has FeederMats which pull water up to the soil from the SmartReservoir only when plants need it, so your herbs are always perfectly watered. Simply add compost and young plants and top up the 8 litre SmartReservoir. L79cm x W24cm x H26cm Order No: GS666 32 | Order online:

C Window Planter £12.00 This stylish natural willow planter is perfect for herbs, salad crops, radish, beetroot and garlic. L50cm x W15cm x H15cm. Order No: BB025

Grow Herbs


D 3 Metal Pots on a Tray £10.00 These metal pots look gorgeous and have a water catchment tray. L25cm x W20cm x L18cm Order No: LD006 E Basil Growing Kit £14.00 Recycled from 180 yoghurt pots in the UK, this is ideal for anybody wanting to start growing basil. H20cm x Dia.26cm. Mushroom SW006

Grey SW005


D F 3x Metal Pots This elegant set of 3 metal plant pots will look gorgeous on any kitchen windowsill, balcony or patio. These pots are great for herbs, cactus and house plants. 3x Large Metal Pots £6.00 Dia.23.8cm x H18.3cm LD005

3x Small Metal Pots £4.00 Dia.16.1cm x H14.2cm FFLD004 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 33

Planters & Pots


A 5x Stylish Enamel Pots Create a colourful display with this set of enamel indoor plant pots of 5 different sizes. Ideal for orchids, herbs, cacti, hyacinths and all small house plants. Largest Pot: Dia.18cm x H12.5cm Smallest Pot: Dia.10cm x H9cm Blue BB078 £20.00

34 | Order online:

Pink BB080 £20.00

Grey BB081 £20.00

Planters & Pots B 11L 25cm Plant Pots pack of 4 These durable 11 litre pots are the perfect size for growing tomatoes, aubergine, sweet peppers, beans, cucumber and peas in your greenhouse or on your patio. The pots are made from durable plastic, which means that they will not crack or split if dropped and will last for many years. They are also lightweight enough to move around even when full of compost.


D25cm x W 25cm – 11 litre capacity. Order No: GS841 £10.00 C 7.5L Coloured Pots (3 Pack) These super-glossy 7.5 litre pots will brighten up your greenhouse or patio.


Perfect for herbs, all veg including tomatoes, chillies, green beans, peppers as well as flowers.


Available in sets of 3. H20cm x Dia.26cm. Holds 7.5 litres of compost Green Order No: GS377 £9.00

Purple Order No: GS376 £9.00 D 2x 12L Green Pots £10.00 Will not fade or become brittle. 30cm Diameter Order No: GS024 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 35

A Click & Drip

Automatic Watering Kits

Fuss-free non-blocking drip irrigation kit for raised beds, veg plots, borders and grow bags. Click this micro drip irrigation kit onto a water butt or mains tap and place the drip irrigation pipe on the area to be watered. Even use-able during a hosepipe ban! A

Benefits • Extension kits available • Reduces water waste • Simple to install • Can be used during hose-pipe bans

• 180ml of water released per drip hole per hour • Drip holes spaced 30cm apart • No blockages

Watering Kit for Outdoor Tap

GS150M GS156M GS150MT GS156MT

£30.00 £35.00 £60.00 £62.00

10m Click & Drip Kit for water butt 15m Click & Drip for water butt 10m Click & Drip for water butt – with timer 15m Click & Drip for water butt – with timer

GS150W GS156W GS150WT GS156WT

£25.00 £30.00 £49.00 £56.00

Optional Extras 100L Water Butt 250L Water Butt Extra 10m Drip Pipe Extra 5m Non-Drip Pipe Easy-Fit Extras Kit

GS740 GS743 GS163 GS194 GS192

£23.00 £42.00 £9.50 £4.00 £2.25

10m Click & Drip for outdoor tap 15m Click & Drip for outdoor tap 10m Click & Drip for outdoor tap – with timer 15m Click & Drip for outdoor tap – with timer Watering Kit for Water Butt

“Forget summer watering woes.”

As seen in Optional timer available 36 | Order online:

Hi-tech gadgets for your shed

“Ideal for reliable watering when you are away on holiday.”

Solar Watering Kits


B Solar Powered Watering Kits from £99.99 Waters plants more when the sun shines more! The kits connect to a water butt and include either 12 or 24 drippers. Watering plants every 3 hours during daylight hours and the amount of water released depends on how much sun there’s been. Typically a 200 litre water butt lasts 3 weeks, saving plants from drought even when you are on holiday. SET INCLUDES: 2x 15m non drip pipe for between drippers and the water butt 1x smart solar controller with integrated pump 24x drippers and stakes with tees 3x rechargeable batteries 1x water level sensor Solar Powered Watering Kit 24 £119.99 Order No: GSCG009 Solar Powered Watering Kit 12 £99.99 Order No: GSCG008

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 37

Garden & Greenhouse Watering Kits A



B Raised Bed & Borders Watering Kit £35.00 Water your raised beds and borders with this simple to use complete kit. Just click onto a water butt or mains tap. The water is delivered by the 12 metres of dripper pipe with dripper holes spaced 30cm apart. Waters a 1.2m x 2.4m area. Order No: GSCG012 A Greenhouse Watering Kit £35.00 GSCG011


Water your greenhouse with this simple to use complete kit. Just click onto a mains tap, run the pipe between your pots, borders or grow bags and put the drippers and misters in place.

250L Water Butt

This kit is ideal for a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse and you can link 2 kits together if you want to water a larger area. The watering kit releases 1.3 litres per hour, direct to the roots! INCLUDES All necessary connectors

24x drippers

2x 3.6m of hose

2x misters

C Pots & Container Watering Kit £24.99 Water 16 pots, hanging baskets and containers with this superb dripper watering kit which connects to a main tap or water butt. Water is released at a rate of 1.3 litres per hour and this water is delivered directly to the plant roots preventing run-of and evaporation. Length 10m GSCG010

38 | Order online:

D Water Butts The average house roof collects approximately 85,000 litres of rain each year. Put some of it to use with these durable water butts. 250L Water Butt GS743 £42.00 100L Water Butt GS740 £23.00 25L Water Butt GS159WB £13.00

Grow Bag Watering Kits E Grow Bag Click & Drip Watering kit that clicks onto a water butt to keep plants watered without wasting a drop.

Most Popular


Holiday watering – our timed option has a battery operated timer which has 10 watering duration options from 1–120 minutes, and 11 watering frequency options hourly to weekly.

Grow Bag Click & Drip

+ 25L Reservoir

+ Timer

+25L Reservoir and Timer

Waters 3 Grow Bags





Includes Non Drip Pipe Between Water Butt and Grow Bags





3 7 7

3 3 7

3 7 3

3 3 3









Includes 9 Pegs

DRIP RATE: 540ml per grow bag per hour.

Includes Water Butt

Extension for Grow Bag Click & Drip (Waters 3 extra grow bags). Order No: GS253 £5.75


Includes Timer

Order No

As seen in The Times hi-tech gadgets for your shed

“ From opening to deploying the first flush of water, I felt confident and assured that the job would be done well.” F

F Water Butt Tap £4.99 Click-fit Hose Connection, easily fitted to most water butts. The rubber seal prevents leaks. GS170


G Water Timer £36.00 For holiday-proof watering – just set the duration and frequency of the watering sessions. GS149


H Grow Bag Frame £15.75 Plastic covered steel support frame for grow bags, suitable for any size cane. GSGAR105 W0.8 x H2 x L1.2m



I Grow Bag Support Frame £25.00 Perfect for 2 grow bags, or our 3 plant Vivigrow. L75 x W75 x H150cm GS013

J Pop-Up Grow Bag Cage £15.99 Protect your grow bag plants, 4mm netting. H55 x W45 x L110cm GPN100-10

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 39

Pot Watering Kits These superb German designed watering spikes are a simple way to water plants. They release water to the roots in a dosed and targeted manner so no more over-watering. A

A Hydro-Wine Watering Kit £15.00 Recycle your wine bottles into waterers! Simply place the clay watering spikes on the end of the wine bottle filled with water, and put the spikes in the soil. Your pot plants will be watered for approximately 2 weeks – perfect for summer holidays. Includes watering spikes for 4 bottles. Order No: BG019



B 5x Outdoor Watering Cones £40 Ideal for raised beds, pots, borders or veg plots. Simply cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and attach to a clay cone. Suitable for 1 or 2 litre plastic bottle. Rain water will refill the bottle and be released to the roots slowly. Order N : BG016 o

40 | Order online:

Each cup holds 2.5 litres of water


C 4x Watering Spikes & Cups £42.00

D Orb Watering System £22.00

You can leave the lid off the cups so they refill with rain, or if using in a greenhouse keep the lids in place to prevent evaporation. Each cup holds 2.5 litres of water.

Prevent under and overwatering of house plants with our watering globe. It releases the right amount of water directly at the roots even while you’re on holiday!

Pack of 4.

Holds 0.7litres, suitable for medium to large container plants.

Order No: BG018

Order No: BG020






E Double Tap Connector £9.99 Connect 2 hoses or watering kits to a single tap. GSCG004

F Ground Hose Guide £5.99 Eliminate kinks and twists in your hose. GSCG006 I

I Hose on a Reel £39.99 20m hose with portable reel, snap-fit connectors and spray nozzle. The reel can be wall mounted. GSCG001


G Flopro Wall Hose Guide £6.99 Ideal for wall mounted hose reels. GSCG007

H Flopro Spray Gun £14.99 Garden spray gun with eight spray options. GSCG002 K

J Flopro Hose Connector £3.99 K Hose Connector Starter Set £4.99 Standard hose connector to allow a snap Hose connector starter kit includes variety fit to all watering accessories. GSCG005 of nozzles. GSCG003 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 41

Watering A

A 1 Litre Burgundy Watering Can £34.99 Hand-made watering can made from galvanised metal with oval brass rose for fine spray. Made from galvanised sheet metal, with a powder coated paint finish. Gift boxed. Order No: 165/2/BUR


B Watering Can Hose Holder £23.00 Garden hoses can be difficult to store, but this gorgeous racing green hose holder attaches to a wall allowing you to store your hose neatly and conveniently. The heightened front of the holder in the shape of a watering can ensures the hose stays in place and doesn’t slide off. It is even easily mounted on the wall. Size 25.5 x 15.8 x 19.2cm Order No: TG5G

42 | Order online:

Watering C

C Classic Cast Iron Hoseguide ÂŁ10.00 Guide your hose to prevent damage to plants and bushes, the hoseguide can be firmly stuck in the ground wherever you want. Order No: TG112


D Tap Lock ÂŁ8.00 Prevent unauthorised and accidental use of your water, with an outdoor tap lock. LockaTap is easily fitted to wall mounted or standalone taps and to taps with hosepipes fitted. No need for a screwdriver or allen key! Simply position over your tap and close the padlock. Comes complete with a padlock and 3 keys. The Garden Tap lock fits most 1/2" outside taps. Order No: GGS205-V2. Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 43

Plant Supports A

A Decorative Garden Arch £89.99 Decorate your garden with this beautiful scroll design archway. It will make a beautiful addition to any garden, acting as a plant support, trellis or simply left on its own as an arch. It is made from iron with a white finish. H235 x W120 x D45cm Order No: GM030 44 | Order online:



B Plant Cones Maximum support to plants in borders or containers. Small H46 x D18cm

GSGAR109 £7.50

Medium H61 x D35cm GSGAR110 £9.25 Large H76 x D35cm

C Hinged Plant Support £15.00 Steel frame for tomatoes, peas, beans and other climbing plants. 4x hinged steel panels. Each panel W33cm x H110cm

o GSGAR111 £10.75 Order N : HX008




E 200m Twine £8.00 Perfect for tying up flowers and herbs, wrapping gifts and more... Order No: BB061 G

D Pea & Bean Frame £30.99 Support your beans, peas and other climbing plants. Order No: HX015 D80cm x H200cm x L120cm.

F Twine in a Tin £8.00 Contains biodegradable twine which is dispensed through the hole in the tin. Length 120 metres. BB060 H

G Soft Plant Tie – 26ft H 24x Support Rings £3.99 Cushioned flexible plant tie secures For speed and ease of securing plants to supports without damaging. plants to canes or stakes there is no better way than using these plant Soft Plant Tie GS209 £5.00 support rings. Dia. 4.5cm BB093 2x Soft Plant Tie GS210 £8.50 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 45

Temperature Monitoring & Control



A Greenhouse Thermostat £90.00 This dual function digital greenhouse thermostat controller is perfect for ventilating your greenhouse in the summer and heating your greenhouse in the winter. Features accurate temperature control between 0–40°C with its easy to use touch controls. • Thermostat for all heating and cooling appliances up to 3000W

• Function 1 for ventilation in summer

• 1.5m Temperature sensor length Including plug socket

• Includes step by step guide

• Thermostat Range: 0–40°C digital display

• Function 2 for heating in winter • 2 Year Guarantee

Order No: BG009

46 | Order online:

B Wireless Weather Station £24.99 Records temperature and humidity inside and outside. Order No: GM014

D Thermometer and Hygrometer £11.00


Display, monitor and record minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels of your greenhouse with this digital Thermometer & Hygrometer. You will know exactly what’s happening in your greenhouse. Includes a built in stand and can be wall mounted.


• AA battery included • 12 month guarantee H10.5cm x W9.5cm Order No: GS930 E


F In and Outdoor Thermometer £11.99 Monitor indoor and outdoor maximum and minimum temperatures with this essential thermometer. Designed with a trailing sensor to monitor outdoor temp. C Digital Max/Min Thermometer £14.99

E Outdoor Thermometer £8.00

Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included).

Displays and records temperatures. Use indoors or outside. Order No: GM013

Attaches to an outside window. Battery included. Order No: GM011

Order No: GM012

H8 x W11.3 x D2cm

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 47

A A Greenhouse Heater and Fan 2.8kw £240 This 2.8kw electric greenhouse heater and fan has an accurate thermostat with a range of 0°C to 26°C and provides frost protection for greenhouses up to 12ft x 20ft. It’s will heat your greenhouse during winter and spring and can be used as a fan during the summer, circulating the air to prevent fungus and mould. • Cost-effective – switch between 1kW, 1.8kW and 2.8kW power outputs • High rate of air circulation (450m3/hour) for even heat distribution • Includes suspension chains for hanging and feet for floor standing • Spray waterproof IPX4


L41cm x H33cm x W22cm Order No: BG002

GUARANTEE B Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater This electric heater with inbuilt thermostat has very low running costs so you can maintain the temperature of your greenhouse or poly tunnel without spending a fortune on energy bills.


The heater has an inbuilt thermostat accurate within +/-2°C. An optional digital thermostat controller which maintains the desired temperature to within for more precise temperature control.





“ Simple, effective”

Fan Heater BG007 £140.00

C Tube Heaters Keep frost at bay in your greenhouse or poly-tunnel with our tube heaters which provides a steady background heat at a low cost.

Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat Controller BG010 £200.00

2ft 120W Tube Heater Order No: TH2H-PL-WH £28.95

L28cm x W19.5cm x H31.5cm

48 | Order online:

3ft 180W Tube Heater Order No: TH3H-PL-WH £32.95

Temperature Monitoring & Control D

D Greenhouse Autovent £34.99 Maintains your greenhouse at an even temperature by automatically opening and closing with temperature changes. Built with durable metal. L38cm x W9.5cm x H5cm Order No: GM019


E UV Treated Greenhouse Shading £10.99 Prevent overheating and scorching with this UV treated, mesh greenhouse shading. Simply cut to size and clip in place. W60cm x L500cm Order No: GM018

Greenhouse Fixing Clips Order No: GM024 £4.99

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 49

A Extendible Cloche Tunnel with Tunnel Ends Protect plants from low temperatures, drying winds and pests with these extendible mini cloche tunnels. Simply snap each piece together to extend the length of your tunnel. At the end of the season, disconnect pieces and stack away for easy storage.

Frost Protection A


The integrated water collection tray in the lid, allows water to slowly drip inside to water your plants. The 80cm option includes a removable hatch with a handy support prop for easy access. Large: L80cm x W60cm x H50cm Order No: PV011430 £40.80 Small: L104cm x W40cm x H30cm Order No: PV00230 £30.80

10x Cloche Pegs PV000280 £6.90

B Cloche Tunnels Ends £10.90 Give plants growing in your cloche tunnels additional protection with these packs of 2x tunnel ends. Perfect for all year round use. 2x Ends for L104cm Tunnel Order No: PV000220 2x Ends for 80cm Tunnel Order No: PV011420

50 | Order online:


Frost Protection D

C 35cm Dome Cloche and Extension Protect plants from frost and with this cloche and optional cloche extension. The 32cm tall extension protects taller plants. Includes pegs. Diameter 35cm Dome Cloche + Extension H32cm PV001242 £13.00 Dome Cloche Extra Layer H32cm PV001241 £6.50 Dome Cloche H32cm PV001240 £6.50 E D Large Cloche £14.00 This 1m long cloche is great for protecting tender plants from the first frosts at the end of the season and for hardening-off in the Spring. The 3 vents enable you to manage humidity. 12 month guarantee. L105cmx W57cmx H22cm. Order No: GS660 E Dome Cloche Set of 3 £14.99 Two pegs per cloche – keep the cloches securely in place even on windy days. The adjustable air vent gives you control over humidity. H27cm x D33cm x W33cm Order No: GS661 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 51

2m long!



Frost Protection B

A 100gsm Large Plant Frost Fleece Cover

B 70gsm Plant Frost Fleeces

This 2 metre wide drawstring-pull garden fleece cover makes it easy to protect multiple trees or shrubs from winter weather.

Specially designed to protect plants from sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and will prevent your plants from drying out.

Strong enough to protect plants from the elements but permeable At 100gsm this fleece is very durable and thick enough to protect plants from sustained harsh conditions. The drawstring ends make it easy to secure the cover enough to allow air, light and water through to your plants. around base of pots. H180 x W120cm Order No: BG014 £15.00 Large Plant Frost Fleece Cover – H240cm x W200cm H80cm x W60cm Order No: BG013 £12.00 Order No: BG015 £25.00 Pack of 2 Large Plant Frost Fleece Covers – H240cm x W200cm Order No: BG015X2 £47.00 52 | Order online:




E 45gsm 3m Fleece Tunnel 3 metre long fleece tunnel pulls out like an accordion for easy placement over your plants.

D Easy Fleece Jackets £7.69 These easy fleece jackets are perfect Giant L300cm x W60cm x H45cm for overwintering large plants. They Order No: HX006 £28.00 are quick and easy to use, giving plants instant protection from frost G 35gsm Frost Fleece £10.99 C Plant Pot Frost Covers and other harsh winter weather. Double the thickness of standard Ingenious protection for your 35gsm fleece. W120 x H180cm garden fleece, you can wrap around potted plants. The roots will be o Order N : HX012 prized plants or lay down on soil protected from freezing and pots when ready to plant out young won’t crack with these super covers. plants. L1000 x W180cm F Velcro fastenings and drawstring Order No: HX002 closure keep the jacket in place Outer jacket and bubblewrap inner provides frost protection Polystyrene base elevates the pot from the ground and provides additional frost protection Standard Cover BG003 £20.00 For pots up to 40cm in diameter

F Pot Carry Belt £9.00 Carry heavy pots and potted plants XL Cover BG004 £32.00 up to a diameter of 65cm. For any pot up to 65cm in diameter. L250 x W35cm. BG005


Standard L300cm x W45cm x H30cm Order No: HX005 £19.99


Double thickness H Pack of 10 Fabric Pegs HX003 £3.99 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 53



A Grow Dome – 5.5ft Tall £120.00 At 10ft long x 8ft deep x 5.5ft tall there’s even space for greenhouse staging. This dome is a great alternative to a full greenhouse or poly-tunnel and it won’t break the bank. The cover opens from both sides and folds all the way into the centre to give your plants fresh air and to give you easy access. When you lift the cover it stays in place while you complete your jobs so you don’t have to tend to your plants one-handed while holding the cover up. Your plants will thrive in the warm micro-climate and the four mesh covered air vents help control humidity, preventing mould growth. This mini poly-tunnel is built to last, the PVC cover is treated to prevent yellowing and deterioration from UV light and the robust frame is made from light but strong and flexible fibreglass poles. The steel pegs, guy-lines and elasticated loops and eyelets around the bottom keep the dome securely in place even in bad weather. Construction is simple and, with two people, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Simply feed the poles though the fabric sleeves, fix it down and you’re ready to go. Pegs and guy-lines are supplied.


B Grow Dome £39.95 This Growing Dome is great for getting plants off to a head start and for growing salad, brassicas and herbs all year. H87cm x L174cm x W135cm Order No: HH004 54 | Order online:

H167cm x L334cm x W250cm Order No: HH003

Protection C


C Wall-Mounted Greenhouse £65.00 D Small Wall-Mounted Greenhouse £20.00 The mesh ventilation panels in the cover prevent humidity build-up and mould growth, the clever design enables you to leave the cover partially or fully open and there’s even space for greenhouse staging.



E Clear Poly Tunnel Cloche £38.99 Easy access – zipped side panels for easy access and heat and humidity regulation.

We are huge fans of this welldesigned mini greenhouse, ideal for protecting smaller young plants. Wind-resistant – sewn side pockets can be filled with sand or H87cm x W135cm x D87cm soil for extra wind resistance and o Order N : HH002 the guy ropes can be attached to The cover is UV stabilised to reduce canes or poles yellowing from the sun and the strong Ultra-stable structure – Build but flexible poles are made from with carbon rods and high grade fibreglass for maximum durability. PVC creating a remarkably strong Includes wall plugs, screws and structure which maintains its ground pegs. Folds away for strength and tension season easy storage. after season. H167 x W250 x D167cm L3m x W1m x H1m Order No: HH001 Order No: GPN200-21

F Pop-Up Poly House £35.99 This genius poly house has hardwearing polythene and a superstrong steel frame that ensure it will give you many years of service. The unique domed roof allows rain water run-off, ensuring that the poly house retains shape and stability. The large zipped entrance regulates heat and humidity and gives easy access to crops. • Easy assembly, no tools needed • Ultra-clear UPVC cover with UV protection L1.25m x W1.25m x H1.35m Order No: GPP125-04

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 55

Pest Control Tunnels



A Popadome Tunnel £23.99 This crop protection tunnel is a superb solution for that extra protection your plants need. Keep out butterflies, slugs and snails. L1.8m x W0.6m x H0.45m Order No: PAD011

Optional Covers

Insect Netting – 50gsm netting Order No: PAD014 £11.99

Frost Cover – 60gsm frost fleece Order No: PAD012 £10.99 PVC Cover – mini greenhouse Order No: PAD013 £13.99

56 | Order online:

Insect Netting

B 3m Net Grow Tunnel £24.99 Protect plants from insects, birds and other pests with this 3 metre net growing tunnel. Specially designed material also provides shading from strong sunlight and reduces the risk of drought by conserving moisture.

This giant net tunnel is ideal for protecting larger plants or to cover a Frost Cover double row. Its pale green colour makes it as unobtrusive as possible in your garden or plot. Simple to construct and its drawstring ends allow easy access and ventilation control by closing the ends. Allows air and moisture through so your plants stay healthy and well PVC Cover nourished. Even better, there’s no need to remove it when watering, just apply directly through the mesh. L300cm x W60cm x H45cm Order No: HX007

Pest Control Covers


“ 14/15 stars for quality, effectiveness and value for money.”

C Insect mesh 1.8m

PVC cover

Fleece cover

C Net Pop-up Cage £39.99 Tall pop-up insect netting cage with 4mm netting. H1.35 x W1.25 x L1.25m. Order No: GPN125-05 D Net Tunnel £37.99 This superior pest control tunnel is built from carbon fibre rods making it much stronger than conventional hoop and wire tunnels. It also has guy ropes and ground pegs for stability. 4mm netting. L3 x W1 x H1m Order No: GPN200-20


E Popadome up to 2m tall This superb award-winning pop-up plant cover with butterfly netting will revolutionise your growing. It's fitted with 10mm insect netting which keeps out birds, cabbage white and other pests while allowing pollinating bees in and out. Insect mesh 1.2m PAD004 £11.99 L1.2m x W1.2m x H1.2m Insect mesh 1.8m PAD008 £12.99 L0.9m x W0.9m x H1.8m Insect mesh 2m PAD010 £21.99 L2m x W2m x H2m

Optional Covers PVC cover 1.2m PVC cover 1.8m

PAD003 £11.99 PAD007 £12.99

Fleece cover 1.2m PAD002 £11.99 Fleece cover 1.8m PAD006 £12.99

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 57

Pest Control Cages



B Veg Plot Cage 0.65m Tall Great for smaller sized brassicas including smaller cabbages, lettuce and other salad crops. With 7mm butterfly mesh. W1.25 x L1.25m GLD225-01 £44.99 W2.5 x L2.5m GLD225-10 £69.99 C

A Walk In Fruit Cage Our sturdy 2 metre high walk-in crop cages offer ideal protection for large fruit and vegetable patches. Made from high-grade square aluminium tubing and steel reinforced joints. Comes with 20mm woven mesh netting and large door for easy access to your crops. W8m x L2m GHD200-14 £389.99 W2m x L2m GHD200-11 £205.99

W6m x L2m GHD200-13 £325.00 W4m x L2m GHD200-12 £274.99

58 | Order online:

W1.25 x L2.5m GLD225-04 £56.99 C No Frills Butterfly Cage Great value fruit and veg cage. Comes with 7mm butterfly net, making it ideal for protecting low growing brassicas such as cabbage and cauliflower. All cages 0.65m Tall. W1.2m x L1.2m GNF200-12 £29.99 W2.4m x L1.2m GNF200-13 £34.99 W2.4m x L2.4m GNF200-15 £49.99

Pest Control Cages


D Pop-Up Net Cage £32.99 Perfect for strawberries, brassicas and salad crops. The pop-up fruit and veg cage features 4mm netting. It self-assembles instantly – unzip the bag and watch as the cage pops up. • Large zipped entrance controls ventilation and allows easy access to crops • 4mm UV protected netting keeps out birds and other pests • Includes ground pegs and space-saving storage bag • Sturdy steel frame creates an instant cage L1.25m x W1.25m x H0.75m Order No: GPN125-02 E



E Cane Balls Set £14.99 Create fruit & veg cages out of standard bamboo canes with our cane ball connectors. The unique clamping system allows you to adjust the grip on individual canes – simply attach cane ball connectors to bamboo canes and tighten as necessary. Includes 8x cane ball connectors and 16 clamps.

F Pop-up Anti Insect Cage £28.99 The pop-up anti insect cage is fitted with an ultra-fine 0.6mm mesh cover to protect your crops against insect attack. This cage features a self-assembling spring steel frame that pops up in seconds – simply open the bag and you’re ready to go. Great for carrots, parsnips and other susceptible crops.

Order N : GSK2025PK

H0.75 x W1 x L1m Order N : GPN100-03



G Pop-Up Net Cage x3 £29.00 The most flexible fruit cage on the market, now in miniature size. Protecting individual plants from pest attack has never been easier! Protect brassicas, strawberries and other crops from butterflies, birds and wasps. 4mm netting. H50 x W50 x L50cm Order No: GPN050-01P

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 59

Pest Control Netting A



Pack of 10 Fabric Pegs A Insect Netting Made from high quality heavy duty weather resistant polyethylene, with a mesh size of 0.6mm2. Fine enough to protect against attack from insects and all other garden pests. Order with our durable ground pegs if you need to hold your netting down. • Heavy-duty 0.6mm woven PP netting in white • Protects crops from insect attack • Complete UV protection • Easy to store and reuse X-Large: W1.5m x L100m Order No: GSK1813L100 Large: W1.5m x L50m Order No: GSK1813L50 W1.8m x L5m Order No: HX004 10x Fabric Pegs Order No: HX003

B Insect Netting 0.6mm Made from high quality heavy duty weather resistant polyethylene, with a mesh size of 0.6mm2. Fine enough to protect against attack from insects and all other garden pests. • Complete UV protection • Easy to store and reuse

£289.99 £189.99 £20.00 £3.99

60 | Order online:

W1.5m x L5m Insect Netting Order No: GSK1813L5 £29.99 W1.5m x L25m Insect Netting Order No: GSK1813L25 £119.99

C Butterfly Netting High quality, heavy duty and weather resistant netting, with 7mm mesh. W4m x L5m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1801L5 £30.00 W4m x L25m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1801L25 £71.99 W4m x L50m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1801L50 £114.99 W6m x L5m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1990 £30.00 W6m x L25m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1990L25 £109.99 W6m x L50m Butterfly netting Order No: GSK1990L50 £169.99




E 2x Fruit Tree Sleeves £11.99 Protect soft fruit from birds, aphids and heavy rain. Length 1m Order No: CA001 G

F Bird Net High quality 20mm bird netting. W4m x L5m GSK1809 £13.99 W4m x L25m GSK1809L25 £54.99 W6m x L5m GSK1922 £18.99 W6m x L25m GSK1922L25 £76.99 W8m x L5m GSK1708 £24.99 W8m x L25m GSK1708L25 £99.99 W8m x L50m GSK1708L50 £149.99 H

D Fruit Tree Protectors £36.00 G Net Clips Pack of 10 £10.00 A wildlife-friendly pest and frost cover, with an easy Convenient way to join pieces of garden netting. to use lift over design and seal-able opening side. Order No: GSK2151P W2m x L2m Order No: HX013

H Ground Pegs Pack of 10 £5.99 Use with Fruit and Vegetable cages. Order No: GSK2159P10

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 61

Pest Control




A Bio Control Whitefly 1,500 £23.00 A few days after hanging these treatment cards the encarsia formosa emerge to search for whitefly to parasitize. They lay an egg inside the whitefly pupae, which turns it black and kills the whitefly. Order No: JIBWDD D 10x Mulch Mats £5.00 Keep fruit clean and prevent rotting with this pack of 10 biodegradable mulch mats. Perfect for strawberries, lettuce and newly planted shrubs and roses.


B Lacewing Attractor Food £4.00 Combat aphids, red spider mite and thrips by attracting lacewings with this food. Place the food on the entrance of a lacewing/bug house. Order No: WW009

C Set of 5 Sticky Traps £5.00 Traps flying insects. Simply hang in your greenhouse or poly tunnel. Order No: GS931


Mulch mats help to prevent the growth of weeds, which deprive plants of nutrients and moisture. They protect plants roots from extremes of temperature whilst retaining valuable moisture in the soil. L26cm x W26cm Dia7.5cm hole for the plants. Order No: 6MM1

62 | Order online:

E Cabbage Collars x30 £4.00 Prevent cabbage root fly and suppress weeds. Order No: 6CC1

Slug Control


F Nemaslug Slug Killer Organic Nemaslug Slug Killer has been used extensively by professional growers for years, but only recently made available to the public.

Nemaslug 100sqm



2x Nemaslug 100sqm SL100D2 £43.95

Nemaslug is a nematode, a living organism that preys on slugs. Contains 300,000 of these nematodes for every square metre of soil, giving at least 6 weeks control of slugs giving time for seedlings and plants to establish.



100sqm + hose feeder SL100HE £30.00 Nemaslug 40sqm 40sqm + hose feeder 2x Nemaslug 40sqm



SL40HE £12.95

SL40D2 £22.95

I As used Chatswo at rt House! h

G Slug & Snail Shocka This re-useable fabric has been impregnated with a special formulation containing copper. When slugs and snails attempt to move onto Slug & Snail Shocka! they feel discomfort, and move away. Does not kill slugs or snails.

H Organic Slug Gone Pellets 3.5L Pet safe. Effective for 12 months and then they biodegrade and fertilise your soil. Made from sheep wool. 1x bag Order No: SG001 £7.95 2x bag Order No: SG002 £13.00

I Copper Slug Tape £5.00 Protect potted plants from slugs naturally with this essential copper tape. This adhesive copper tape can easily be cut to size. Includes clip strip. L5m Order No: GM009

10x Discs Dia.29.5cm ZZSHOCKA7 £12.00 L150 x W30cm roll RSHOCKA £8.00 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 63

Gardening Essentials



B Gardening Kneeler & Seat £24.99 Save your back and your knees with this all in one gardeners kneeling pad and gardeners seat. Lilac Order No: GM021 Black Order No: GM020 C RollMix Composter £21.99 Composting made easy for even the smallest of spaces. Order No: HX016 Diameter 54cm x Length 68cm C

A Foldable Wheelbarrow £50.00 Incredibly sturdy but easy to store, folds away neatly to fit into a shed or hang on a wall using the hanging loop. Easy to assemble metal frame and strong canvas holder complete with front tool carry pouch. Capacity 30KG max. H73 x W69 x L107cm Order Number: GT138 64 | Order online:

“Practical In Every Sense.”

Tan Tool Bag & Seat



E Tool & Clippings Bag £10.00 D Tool Bag & Seat £20.00 Save your back and your tools with this practical foldaway gardeners stool Spacious outside pockets to store hand tools and a central hold-all with detachable tool bag. Lightweight, yet sturdy, this stool and tool bag to store garden waste, seeds, plant pots. is ideal for sitting and carrying out low level gardening jobs such as weeding. Dia. 28cm x H26cm L40cm x W40cm x H26cm. Green Order No: GT89 Tan Order No: GT05 o Tan Order N : GT01 Green Order No: GT85 F Kneeling Pads £14.99 F The set of Gardeners Knee Pads wipe clean, so can even be used in muddy conditions! ABLE


Green Tool Bag & Seat

L9.7cm x W8cm x H24m. Order No: GT78

, so can even They wipe clean conditions! be used in muddy

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 65

Aztec Gold Plant Treatments Premium plant treatments made in Lancashire by Greenhouse Sensation. The ingredients are naturally derived and work in harmony with nature to bring out the best in your plants.




One tablespoon supports the plant for life!


A Revive 250ml £5.00 This plant tonic blend of natural trace elements, bio-stimulants and sugars boosts growth naturally. Order No: AZG001

B Leaf Magic 1L £8.00 Organic ingredients superconcentrated for faster productive growth of leafy vegetables, herbs and shrubs. Order No: AZG002

66 | Order online:

C Root Health 1L £8.00 Humate and seaweed-rich feed for incredible root health. 100% organic ingredients used. Order No: AZG004

D Flower Magic 1L £8.00 Feeds plants and friendly micro-organisms in the soil which break down nutrients to make them more available to the plants. AZG001

E Root Magic 350g £9.00 Planting out mycorrhizae treatment adds drought, disease resistance and helps plants become established more quickly. AZG005

Soil & Plant Care F


F Nutrigrow from £8.50 Award winning Nutrigrow plant food produces bigger crops, faster growth and healthier plants. Our super-concentrated feed is used at 6ml per 1L of water making it great value. Suitable for both soft and hard water. The special blend of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium plus micro-nutrients and trace elements ensures plants receive everything they need for optimal health. Your plants will develop a larger root system, stronger stems, more fruiting sites and a bigger crop.

G Anti-Leaf Disease Kit £10.00 Cures and prevents mildew, botrytis and other leaf diseases fast. All-organic ingredients. Essence is a brew of friendly bacteria. The friendly bacteria out-compete the leaf diseases and colonise the surface of the plant so there’s no room for new leaf diseases to take up residency.

Nutrigrow has loyal followers and is used by professional growers and champion veg growers alike.

The mix is dormant, it’s activated by adding it to warm water, stirring or oxygenating it with an air pump and leaving it to brew overnight. Once activated the brew can be poured into a spray bottle and applied to the leaves and stems.

Nutrigrow 2.5L bottles Order No: GS909 £12.50 Nutrigrow Refill Sachets Order No: GS003 £8.50

Spray every 7 days if plants are infected and every 14 days if used as a preventative measure. Makes 5 litres.

‘‘Best Buy Award’’

Order No: MI057

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 67

Soil & Plant Care


A B Soil pH Meter £14.00 Pop this probe into your soil and the display will tell you the pH. Includes a plant pH guide. Order No: STM251 C

A Deluxe Soil pH Meter £18.00 The Deluxe Soil pH Meter can be clipped to a belt and has a flexible cable to make it quick and easy to measure the pH levels of soil in the garden and greenhouse. Includes a comprehensive guide to the ideal pH level of a variety of plants. No batteries required. Order No: STM259 68 | Order online:

C Soil Moisture Meter £14.00 Instantly measure the moisture content in your soil. The probe length is 8 inches. Order No: STM250

Soil & Plant Care D

D Soil pH Tester ÂŁ11.00 Perfect for testing the acidity of soil and water. You can conduct approx. 10 tests with this kit. Order No: STK257


E Soil Test Kit ÂŁ17.00 This comprehensive testing kit includes everything you need for testing pH, phosphorous, nitrogen and potash. 60 tests can be taken with this kit. Order No: STK258

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 69


Cutting & Pruning AWARDG WINNIN



Maximum cutting pow er ‘RECOMMENDED’ A Pruning Knife Set £50.00 A wonderful gift for gardeners presented in a luxurious gift box. The carefully crafted pruning knife is a pleasure to use with a pleasing weight, the blade shape ensures each cut is completed in one pass and the blade folds into the handle. The brass handled sharpening steel will keep the knife in excellent condition for many years to come. Pruning Knife L18cm – Blade 8cm and Handle 10cm Sharpening Steel L9.5cm.

Order N : BB016 o

70 | Order online:



B Folding Pruning Saw £27.99 Designed with a full hardened & tempered high-carbon steel 15cm blade for lasting sharpness, this folding pruning saw gives you the cutting power of a bow saw in your pocket. • Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade • Patented triple teeth design – maximum cutting power Order No: BB017

C Secateurs Gift Set £22.50 Includes easy grip handle designed for comfortable cutting and pruning of live stems, clever sap grove to prevent sticking, wire cutting notch, rubber cushion stops and a super-grip coating over lightweight alloy handles. Blue BB067 / Red BB069

Red Secateurs Gift Set


Cutting & Pruning D

Prune thorny plants without touching stems.


Guaranteed not to stick!

D Rose Pruner £15.00 Ingenious bypass cutter for thorny stemmed or skin irritant plants, from roses and brambles to rue/ruta. Order No: BB099 F


Blue Secateurs Gift Set


F Florist’s Shear £14.00 These super tough shears will slice through fibrous and thin stems, hard or soft, like butter. Lightweight but robust. Order No: BB033

E Non-Stick Secateurs £19.99 Produce the cleanest, healthiest cuts of live stems with these bypass secateurs. The blade ‘bypasses’ the cutting block to produce a very clean cut. Order No: BB054 G


G Flower & Fruit Snip £10.00 Using a scissor action, this high quality snip is perfect for harvesting flowers and fruit – even from tough stems. Order No: BB034

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 71



B Gardening Trug £30.00 Beautiful handmade trug perfect for carrying around tools, harvesting your veg or collecting up cut flowers. Each trug is held in place by solid brass pins and screws. This trug is a highly versatile piece of garden equipment and an essential for gardeners. L40cm x W23cm Order No: BB701-V2



A Metal Trug £23.00 This beautiful trug by Sophie Conran is handmade and aged to give each piece its own character. Waxed Beech wood handle. W21 x D13.5 x H33.5cm Order N : BB036 o

72 | Order online:

C Colander Trug £10.50 Once you’ve collected your veg in the trug, simply place the trug on the trainer with the colander end over the sink to wash all your veg. Once washed, drain the excess water off through the colander holes causing no fuss, mess or spillage. L56 x W31 x H12cm Order No: GSGAR106

D Vegetable Harvesting Knife £11.00 An allotment and veg plot essential. For easy harvesting of thick stemmed vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Forged from high carbon steel for durability and edge retention, the serrated teeth on the curved blade ensure a clean cut every time. With a stylish hardwood handle and leather hanging thong, the harvesting knife is supplied with a blade protection sleeve.




F Ripening Cover £14.99 Speed up ripening by draping this cover over plants. L10m x W1.8m. Order No: HX001

Harvesting E

• Serrated blade saws through the stem under the surface of the soil. • Sharpened tip slices through the spear under the soil. High carbon steel for long life. FSC Hardwood Handle. Length 30cm. BB095

Order No: BB009


E Ultimate Asparagus Knife £11.00 A unique tool combining the two most popular methods of cutting asparagus:



G Berry Picker H Herb & Flower Dryer £22.00 There’s no more scratched arms and Dry your home grown herbs and sticky hands when picking berries. flowers with this 8-hook vintage cast iron herb and flower dryer. Small NW006-V2 £12.00 Large NW007 £13.00 Dia 30.5 x H29.5cm. NG19

Short listed 'Product of the year', Chelsea Flower Show

I Herb & Chilli Dryer £29.50 Dry your chillies, herbs, seeds, fruit, mushrooms and more on this handy dryer. W37 x D37 x H25cm.

Order No: NW001 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 73

Weeding & Tidying

B Stiff Brush and Weeder £10.99 Remove moss and weeds like magic with this compact paving brush.


Designed with 3 rows of converging, tough wire bristles for extraordinary, targeted cleaning power.


Prises out more established weeds with the weeding knife. Perfect for smaller areas of paving, such as paved steps – or larger areas that are heavily weeded. 45cm Long. Order No: BB094 E Twist & Pull Weeder £20.00 Removes weeds and their roots. C



Order No: BB090

C Borders Weed Slice £19.99 D Block Paving Knife £10.99 Remove weeds with this For weeding in tightly packed borders. BB098 sharp fine hook. BB106 F

A Wonder Weed Puller £19.99 Wonder Weed Puller eliminates weeds from lawns without bending. Length 110cm. Order No: BB118

F Weeding Fork £10.99 Gets under the base of weeds to remove them. Order No: BB051

74 | Order online:


G Weeding Finger £10.99 Removes weeds from larger gaps. Order No: BB101


H Dandelion Weeder £10.99 Remove tap rooted weeds without chemicals. Order No: BB102


I Daisy Grubber £10.99 Remove daisies and other short-rooted weeds. Order No: BB105

Weeding & Tidying


J Leaf Pickers £12.00 Simply grip the handles and these light but robust 40cm long and 34cm wide hands enable you to scoop up huge piles of leaves and prunings quickly and easily. Order No: NW008 K



O Claw Cultivator £10.99 Breaks up and aerates soil before sowing and planting. Order No: BB103


K Leaf Collector £14.99 This giant garden dust pan with rake is a simple way to keep your garden tidy. BB086


P Rockery Trowel £12.99 Robust rockery trowel, endorsed by the RHS. Order No: BB109


L Hand Rake £16.99 Clears leaves in bushes, hedges and between plants. Gift boxed. Order No: BB087


Q Fluorescent Hand Trowel £10.99 Shows up under any foliage and torchlight. Yellow Order No: BB111Y Pink Order No: BB111P

“Huge hands to help you out in the garden!”


M Shrub Rake £10.99 Remove leaves from places a large rake can’t reach. Order No: BB107


N Composting Leaf Sacks £2.25 Make compost from fallen autumn leaves. Order No: NW015 S

R Fluorescent Hand Fork £10.99 Precision forged tang to the optimal angle for ergonomic working. Yellow BB114Y Pink BB114P

S Tool Scraper £8.95 Ingenious way to clean garden tools! Order No: NW016

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 75

A Hoe £16.99 The unique angle of the Ergo Hoe makes weeding & cultivating in even baked soils a doddle.



FSC Beechwood handle, brass ferrule and stainless steel head. Presented in a gift box for easy wrapping. Length: 22cm. Order No: BB088



B Vegetable Hoe £12.00 For weeding between rows of onions and root veg. Order No: BB096



C Hand Hoe £12.00 Extremely versatile weeding tool and hoe. Order No: BB104

D D Mighty Pick £13.99 Break hard ground without breaking your wrist. L40cm Order No: BB097

E Magnetic Sharpening Steel Chunky steel with hanging ring ideal for sharpening medium to small sized blades. L19cm Steel £14.00 BB044

L7cm Mini Steel £12.00 BB043

76 | Order online:

F Pressure Sprayer This pressurised sprayer is ideal for misting plants or applying pest treatments. Includes shoulder-strap and lance for easy and convenient use. 1L GM001 £5.95 5L GM002 £14.99

Tools G


G Curved Trowel £17.00

H Compost Scoop £14.00

The curved back prevents soil spills! Glides through soil. Length 27cm.

Curved to prevent compost from spills. Length 30cm.

Order No: BB053

Order No: BB004



J Round Tine Fork £12.00 I Soil Cultivator £16.99 Excellent for heavy or clay soils. Break soil up before sowing and Length 29cm Order No: BB100 planting. Presented in a stylish gift box. Length 16cm Order No: BB038


K Hand Fork £17.00 The prongs are shaped to slide through soil effortlessly. Gift boxed. Length 26cm Order No: BB042


L Compost Scoop – Gift Box £19.00 No-spill compost scoop. Presented in a lovely gift box. Length 28cm Order No: BB083

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 77


A Bulb Planter £16.99


This robust hand held bulb planter makes short-work of planting bulbs. The sharp serrated edges cut through even compacted soil and the depth measurements on the outside make it easy to plant your bulbs with precision. Can be used for all types of bulbs from daffodils to alliums. Stainless steel barrel and polished ash handle. W6cm x L28cm. Order No: BB032


“ Make the laborious task of planting bulbs easier”

B Bulb Planter £16.99 Glides effortlessly into all soil types thanks to its exceptional design – the tapered shape, pointed tip and weight of the dibber have all been carefully thought through. Length 27cm. Order No: BB011


ENDORSED 78 | Order online:

C Transplanter £10.99 Our Bulb Planter has clever depth markings, no more guesswork! The steel has been hardened and tempered for rust resistance. 29cm long. BB052

Rose Tools D

Aerates Soil. Ideal For Roses D Rose and Root Fork £37.99 Using this fork to gently lift and aerate around roots is especially good for roses, but other shrubs and even small trees will also benefit. Overall length 98cm. Order No: BB117

Forged tines for outstanding strength.



Prune thorny plants without touching stems. E Rose Pruner £15.00 Ingenious bypass cutter for thorny stemmed or skin irritant plants, from roses and brambles to rue/ruta. When the pruner is squeezed close the grip locks onto the stem, holding it firmly in place until release, without having to ever touch the stem.

F Florist’s Shear £14.00 These super tough shears will slice through fibrous and thin stems, hard or soft, like butter. Lightweight but robust. Order No: BB033

Fully hardened and tempered, high carbon steel blade for that lasting sharpness.


Robust alloy handles, covered in a comfortable grip. Order No: BB099


G Thorn Stripper £8.95 Remove thorns quickly and cleanly. A must have for any rose grower. Order No: BB092

H White Tool Oil £11.00 Professional tool cleaning oil. Order No: BB125

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 79




Holds 7 tools

B Greenhouse Shelving Unit £35.00 One of the strongest shelving units we’ve found. Ideal for greenhouses and even outside in the garden. Each shelf is ventilated and can hold up to 50KG in weight. Easy to assemble and no tools are required! The shelving units can be attached to a wall. L80cm x W40cm x H97cm. Order No: GSGAR100



C Greenhouse Shading 500ml £8.50 Apply to greenhouse glass to prevent overheating and scorching your plants. Simply washes off. Order No: 5GHS500


E Corner and Extender Clips £4.99 Pack of 20 greenhouse corner and extender clips Order No: GM023 F

A Garden Tool Tidy £16.25 Holds tools in place. Easy to assemble. Holds up to 7 tools. H54 x L60 x W30cm GSGAR108

D Pegboard £24.00 A stylish way to keep your tools and essentials tidy. W30 x D5 x H50cm Order No: BB122

80 | Order online:

F Greenhouse Fixing Clips £4.99 Twist and lock clips for securing support lines in aluminium frame greenhouses. Order No: GM024

G Bubble Wrap £19.99 Ideal for insulating greenhouses. L30m x W0.75m Order No: GM022

Greenhouse Equipment H Greenhouse Cleaner £6.00 Make your greenhouse gleam in double quick time with this easy to use greenhouse cleaner. Perfect for removing algae, mould, lichen and greenhouse sun shading. Covers approximately 6 square metres. Contains 750ml. Order No: 5GHC750



H J Weatherproof Socket Box Ideal for plugging in propagators and heaters in a greenhouse and for outdoor lights, water features, electric garden Completely biodegradable, appliances, pressure washers, it is an efficient, effective outdoor heaters. natural cleaning product for garden and home. Black Soap Large W33 x H23 x D14cm o is also a permitted product for Order N : DB330 £17.00 organic agriculture. Medium W28.5 x H15 x D11cm Order No: DB285 £13.00 Order No: NW012 Small W20 x H8 x D9.5cm Order No: DB200 £10.00 I Eco Gardener’s Soap 1L £19.95 An environmentally friendly solution for home and garden.




K Garden Tool Belt £10.00 Designed with multiple pockets and spacious compartments for storing your hand tools and accessories such as twine, secateurs, seeds, labels and even your mobile phone! L34 x W3.8 x H34cm. Slate/Green GT87 Tan GT04

L Zipped Garden Tool Belt £15.00 With reinforced secateurs pocket, phone pocket and zipped pocket for valuables. Adjustable belt extends up to 50 inches. Green BB071 Navy BB070


M 10x Yo-Yo Supports £12.25 Our 1.4 metre yo-yos are self-tightening, so no need for daily adjustments. CI103

N Bobbin of Twine £6.00 Compost this biodegradable twine and foliage together. 40 metres. Order No: B127

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 81




Soft Tweed Gloves £18.00 Ultra-soft feel glove in hardwearing fabric that doesn’t stiffen after drying. 2-way stretch mesh between fingers regulates hand temperature and improves dexterity. Wrist strap provides snug fit and stops debris dropping into glove. The padded palm gives extra cushioning.


AR ed S/M BB133 M/L BB134 B Denim M/L BB137 L/XL BB138 C Patterned S/M BB135 M/L BB136


D Tweed Gloves M/L BB115 L/XL BB116

enuine Decorative g . leather trim

82 | Order online:



E Blue Garden Gauntlets £16.99 These long gloves are amazing to wear for pruning & cutting – soft, supple and beautiful. Order Number: BB128


F Patterned Gloves These gardening gloves are both comfortable and practical which makes them ideal for a variety of garden duties. One size. Flora & Fauna Gloves Order No: BB139 £18.00 Soft Garden Gloves Order No: BB119 £18.00 G

G Fluorescent Gloves £6.00 Fluorescent stretch fit and comfortable gloves designed with nitrile-coated fingers and palm to help with grip and protection against moisture and dirt. The design includes a reflective logo which glows under torchlight. Available in two sizes. Pink Small BB112P Pink Medium BB113P

Yellow Small BB112Y Yellow Medium BB113Y Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 83



A Kitchen Compost Bin £25.00 Essential compost caddy for any kitchen. W28 x D21 x H19cm. Green BB028 / Cream BB031


B Seed Storage Tin £22.99 Perfectly sized for collecting, storing and organising your seed packets. W27 x D13 x H14.5cm. Green BB131 / Blue BB130

D Seed Storage Envelopes £5.00 Perfect for storing any seeds that you have been collecting. Pack of 12. Order No: BB110

C Garden Caddy £24.99 Order No: BB129 A perfect home for your gardening essentials. W29 x D16.5 x H16cm. 84 | Order online:



E Tool & Tuck Tins £24.99 Spacious and robust with a sliding compartment in the lid for lunch and a larger main compartment for all the other gardening essentials - trowels, seeds, string etc. Powder coated to last. W28cm x D15.5cm x H25cm. Petrol blue BB030 / Burgundy BB007




F Greenhouse Caddy £22.99 This is one of our favourite products. The stylish greenhouse caddy has six compartments and a carry handle.

G Gardener’s Storage £22.99 This gorgeous gardener’s gubbins pot set is perfect for keeping all your gardening ‘bits and bobs’ in perfect order.

W28 x H17 x L20cm

9 pots in a tray. W26 x D10 x L20cm

Green BB013 / Burgundy BB039

Order No: BB082


H Storage Tins £15.00 Lovely printed storage tin, made from powder coated galvanized steel. L17 x W11 x H20cm. Rabbit BB072 / Dog BB073 / Cat BB074 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 85

Juicing Harvest your fruit and make your own juice or cider with our range of cider making kits. It’s easier than ever to enjoy the fruits of your labour! A

A Quicker Picker £12.95 Speed up the picking of your apples, pears and plums with the Quicker Picker fruit picker. Made from powder coated galvanised steel, the picker includes a cotton bag large enough to hold a kilo of fruit. You can use it on its own or attach it to a standard 2.5cm broom (not supplied) for extra length. Order No: NW014 86 | Order online:


B Fruit Tree Picker £15.00 Makes light work of picking those hard to reach apples, pears and plums, with a cushioned foam liner to prevent bruising. Faster and safer than using a ladder! An essential for anyone lucky enough to have fruit trees. Wire head mounted on a 146cm long FSC wooden handle. BB024-V2

Juicing C


D Apple & Pear Crusher £195.00 Crush apples and pears with this stainless steel fruit crusher. Simply drop halved or quartered apples into the hopper, turn the crank handle and make your own pulp ready for making some tasty juice or cider! Using a crusher before pressing massively increases the amount of juice produced. Adding 30 quartered apples to a press produces approximately 350ml but adding 30 crushed apples produces around 1600ml! L42cm x W60cm x H28cm Order No: VP125

C Classic Apple & Pear Crusher £245.00 Designed with a cast iron hand-wheel, designed to build up momentum for easier fruit crushing. This crusher will produce a high quality pulp ready for making your own delicious fruit juice or cider. Exceptional build quality. The cast iron hand-wheel builds up momentum for easier crushing. The stainless steel cutters chop the fruit and the rollers crush it to a pulp ready for pressing. H28cm x W42cm x L60cm Order No: VP101


E Apple & Pear Crusher £24.00 Great value. Attach this crusher to a drill to create pulp for cider or apple/pear juice. The stainless steel blade runs smoothly and the lid is very strong. Simply crush the fruit then tip the contents into one of our presses. Diameter 26cm x H25cm Order No: VP000+VP118

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 87


A Cider & Juice Making Kits from £140.00 Harvest your fruit and make your own juice with our range of cider making kits. It’s easier than ever to enjoy the fruits of your labour! A


Most Popular Kitchen




Classic Fruit Crusher





Apple & Pear Crusher





9L Fruit Press





4.5L Worktop Fruit Press





12L Fruit Press





Pulpmaster Fruit Crusher





Straining Bag





Drinks Storage Box





Cider & Juice Guide





Filling Frame













Price Order No

88 | Order online:

B Worktop Fruit Press £75.00 This great press makes up to 3 pints of juice from 7lbs of fruit per pressing. Dia.25cm x H38cm. Order No: VP324


C Fruit Presses Our best selling presses. These sturdy presses are simple to use, just fill with crushed fruit. Juice flows out of the press cage into the base plate for collection. Press apples and any soft seeded fruit like grapes, pears, raspberries, strawberries and more. Compatible with all of our crushers. 12 litre Fruit Press – Produces up to 24 pints (13.5L) of juice per hour. H57cm x Dia.43cm Order No: VP303 £250.00 9 litre Fruit Press – Make around 7 litres of fruit juice per hour. H59cm x Dia.36cm Order No: VP302 £150.00


9 litre Fruit Press

12 litre Fruit Press

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 89

Gift Hampers A



A Deluxe Veg Gardener Hamper £55.00

B Deluxe Eco Gardener Hamper £45.00

C Eco Gardener Hamper £32.00

Deluxe Veg Gardener’s kits are handsomely presented in a wicker hamper.

Our Eco Gardener’s Kit is packed full of equipment to help environmentally conscious gardeners tread lightly on the planet.

Our Eco Gardener’s Kit is packed full of equipment to help environmentally conscious gardeners tread lightly on the planet.

• Organic gardener’s soap • Newspaper potter

• 50x Wooden Seedling Labels

• Gadget for making pots from newspapers • Vegetable harvesting knife • Gardeners twine in a tin • Veg storage sack • Seedling Labels Order No: GS427

“Indy Best Gardening Gift”

• Biodegradable twine • Eco gardener’s kit • Wildflower seeds and bee guide Order No: GS425

90 | Order online:

• Bird feeder made from recycled pots

• Organic gardener’s soap

• 50x wooden labels

• Eco Gardeners Kit

• Newspaper potter • Bird feeder Order No: GS423

D Deluxe Wildflower Hamper £45.00 Give the gift of a wildflower garden that will attract birds, butterflies and bees with this gorgeous hamper.



1x FlowerMagic plant food, 1x Revive tonic, 1x Butterfly Mix Wildflower Seedballs, 1x Bee Mix Wildflower Seedballs, 1x Bird Mix Wildflower Seedballs, 1x wicker hamper Order No: GS438 E Wildflower Hamper £40.00 Give the gift of a wildflower garden that will attract butterflies and bees with this gorgeous hamper. 1x Revive plant tonic, 1x FlowerMagic food, 1x Butterfly Mix Wildflower Seedballs, 1x Bee Mix Wildflower Seedballs, 1x Beautiful wicker hamper. Order No: GS437 F Plant Care Hamper £28.00 3 premium treatments for the most beautiful plants ever.


1x RootMagic 1x FlowerMagic 1x Revive Order No: GS434

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 91

Gift Boxes

A Wildflower Gift Box ÂŁ40.00 Give the gift of a wildflower garden that will attract birds, butterflies and bees with this gorgeous hamper which fits through a letterbox. Each Seedball tin contains enough seeds for 3 or 4 medium pots or a square metre space. So this gift will fill up to 24 pots or 6 square metres of garden space. The perfect gift for wildlife and flower loving gardeners. Order No: GS435

92 | Order online:


Gift Vouchers



C Greenhouse Sensation Gift Vouchers Know someone who would love one of our products but hasn’t bought yet? Then our Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for you or that someone special. Choose Between: £5 Voucher Order No: GS995 £10 Voucher Order No: GS996 £20 Voucher Order No: GS997 £50 Voucher Order No: GS998 Note vouchers must be used within 12 months.


B Chilli Lover’s Gift Box £20.00 This Chilli Lover’s Gift Box is presented in a box perfect to fit through a letterbox. It will arrive in a box with a wrap band and a card for you to add your message to. To add the message add your item to your basket and at the check-out put who your gift is TO: and who it is FROM: in the Special Delivery Instructions section and our lovely Gardening Angels will make sure this is added for you. Order No: GS420 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 93

Gifts A Deluxe Gardener’s Kit £55.00 A deluxe gardening kit including all the essential gardening gifts! • Wooden Plant Labels • 9 storage pots • Twine in a Tin • Secateurs Order No: GS431

94 | Order online:



B Deluxe Plant Pot Maker Kit £31.00 Turn newspapers into pots with this boxed kit. Made In England. Order No: NW010


C Eco Pot Maker £12.99 This simple kit allows you to make a limitless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots. Makes a 3cm, 4.75cm and 6cm wide pot. Order No: BB132

D Hand Trowel & Fork Gift Set £22.50 This gardeners hand trowel & hand fork set is at the top of our Gardening Angels gift list.


Made from carbon steel with FSC hardwood painted handles, these stunning tools are built to last and sure to be essentials in your tool box for years to come.


Thanks to the superbly designed hand fork, you’ll be gliding through the soil and making light work of weeding and aerating tasks. Blue BB066 / Red BB068

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 95

A Secateurs Gift Set £22.50 Includes easy grip handle designed for comfortable cutting and pruning of live stems, clever sap grove to prevent sticking, wire cutting notch, rubber cushion stops and a super-grip coating over lightweight alloy handles. Blue BB067 / Red BB069

Gifts B

B Money Box £9.50 A perfect gift for saving for those big gardening dreams! In powder coated FSC steel with beech lid. W11cm x H11.5cm Cream Order No: BB120 Navy Order No: BB121


C C Acorn Key Keeper £5.99 This decorative acorn key keeper is a good hiding place for keys.

Blue Secateurs Gift Set Red Secateurs Gift Set

96 | Order online:

Order No: LH165

Gifts D



D Fruit Drink Infuser £23.00 Fuss-free infuser and flask in-one is so simple to use that it’s ideal for taking to the allotment or the office to make delicious flavoured hot and cold drinks from home-grown fruit and herbs. H25cm x W8cm. Hold approximately 830ml.

E Fruit Drink Infuser & Flask £15.00 Use your home-grown fruit to make delicious drinks and water will never be boring again. Infuse water with fruit. Cut fruit, twist it onto the in-built juicer, then add water. H25cm x D8cm. Holds approximately 830ml.

F Beer Chiller £17.00 Keeps your beer cool to the last sip. Simply store in the freezer (for a minimum of 2 hours), pop the top off of a bottle of beer, and insert. The beer will then stay cold while you drink. L22cm x W3cm.

Order No: GSAQU1

Order No: GSCZING1

Order No: RS004 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 97

Decorative A


A Cast Iron Garden Tool Hooks £9.99 Use the cast iron hooks to hang up your coat, apron or even your tools! W30cm. Order No: LH99


B Welcome Bells £24.99 A decorative welcome sign with bells. W46cm. Order No: FA004


C Dog Tail Hooks £14.99 The tails of these four dogs can serve as a coat rack. The slate back panel has four fixing holes for easy mounting on the wall. This decorative cast iron piece is hand cast according to ancient tradition and craftsmanship. W30cm x D7cm x H10cm Order No: LH151 98 | Order online:

D Cast Iron Garden Line £13.00 This tool makes sure you plant your seeds or plants in a strait line. H33.3cm Order No: W8052

Boot Accessories E


E Hedgehog Boot Brush £19.00 Who could resist this handsome chap? Made from cast iron so you can keep it outside your door.

F Cast Iron Bootjack £15.00 By placing the heel in the jack taking off shoes and especially boots becomes a breeze. This simple cast iron bootjack has been hand cast according to age-old tradition.

H15 x W25 x L16cm Order Number: LH61

L31.2 x W13.5 x H8.1cm Order Number: LH167

G G Bootjack & Brushes £18.99 Get your muddy wellies off quickly and easily with our all in one bootjack and boot cleaner. Solidly built from FSC pine. L35 x W26 x H11cm Order Number: NVV2

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 99

Plants & Seeds A These vouchers are a great gift idea. When you’re ready you redeem the voucher for a delivery of organic veg plants to grow, a complete growing guide with advice on how to plant and look after their veg and regular gardening tips will be received by email. Product


No of Plant Space Required

Order No


500 Veg Plants





300 Veg Plants





220 Veg Plants





250 Baby Plants





150 Baby Plants





90 Gourmet Veg Plants





Family Favourites Veg Patch





Children’s Veg Patch





15 Gourmet Herb Plants





80 Plants Urban Gardens





Everyday Herb Garden





50 Plants for Pots





100 | Order online:

Plants & Seeds


B Herb Kit £15.00 Everything you need to grow herbs. This growing kit is made from coconut fibre, rice husks and plastic cups – beautiful in its simplicity. Contains seeds, pots, compost discs, plant labels and instructions. EK001 D

D GroBox Garden £6.99 Grow your own herbs or salad in a few easy steps with this instant garden kit. Simply plant the box in your chosen growing position, cover and water. This garden kit is biodegradable. Herb FO001 / Salad FO002


Salad Seeds

GSVS £5.80

GS070 £3.80

Herb Seed Collection HERBS £3.50 Chilli Seed Collection CHILLS £2.25 Tomato Seeds

C GardenPop Kits £15.00 Grow your own tomatoes, chillies or veg with our GardenPop Kits. It includes everything you need. Rainbow Veg Kit GP001 | Tomato kit GS944 | Chilli kit GS945 F

E Seed Packets We have a great range of seeds that will pave the way to garden success. Vegetable Seeds


GS858 £2.25

F Seed Tins £5.99 Seedballs are ingenious. They are seeds encased in compost and clay which is infused with chilli to keep ants and birds off the seeds. Simply throw onto the garden or pot. Bird Mix Seed Tin Shade Mix Seed Tin



Urban Meadow Seeds GSSB006

Butterfly Mix Seed Tin GSSB003 Poppy Mix Seed Tin


Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 101

A Bumblebee Nester £40.00


This lovely handmade wooden habitat will encourage bumblebees to nest in your garden.


The sliding lid allows you to have a look inside the box to observe the colony and vent holes in the rear of box prevent condensation. Queen bumblebees often make their colony after a mouse has nested, so if you attract a mouse in year one, this is good news and will make the box more attractive to a queen bumblebee in year 2. Be sure to leave the mouse nest in place. Bumblebees are not naturally aggressive and it takes a lot to provoke them. They will only sting if their nest is threatened or if you squeeze them, sit on them, or stand on them.

Bees pollinate OVER 80% of the world’s food crops. It’s bee-sy work. Give them a place to rest their wings. B

B Bee Hyve £20.00 The Bee Hyve provides a home for pollinating bees. Order No: WW028


C Bee Nester £20.00 A gorgeous nest for nonswarming solitary bees. Order No: WW041

102 | Order online:


Made from durable solid FSC timber. Includes meadow hay bedding. Length 32cm Order No: WW019 E

E Butterfly & Bee Feeder £8.00 D Bee Log House £20.00 Attract non-aggressive solitary bees Butterflies and bees love this feeder. Order No: WW003-V2 with this superb nesting log. Order No: WW007

F Deluxe Bee & Ladybird House £24.00 Bee and ladybird house with free seeds. WW006-V2 G Wildflower Seeds £5.99 A mix of native wildflowers that bees will just love! Order No: GSSB002 F


H Standard Bee & Ladybird House £16.00 Provide a home for bees, ladybirds and lacewings. 24cm tall. WW018


I Pollinating / Bumble Bee Wildflower Packs £5.00 Native wildflower seeds. Pollinating Bee WW001 Bumble Bee WW002-V2




J Bee Guide £5.00 Identify 28 different bee species. Order No: WW033

K Solitary Bee Guide £2.50 Identify and attract solitary bees. Order No: WW014-V2

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 103



A Garden Insect House £25.00 Provide a home for ladybirds, lacewings and other insects. Order No: WWEIH D

D Ladybird Log £25.50 A year-round home for ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees. Hand Crafted in England Order No: WW011


B Butterfly House £20.00 Attract butterflies to your garden with this beautiful habitat and feeder. Order No: WW026


E Ladybird Tower £12.00 The ladybird tower comes with a ground pole so it can be stuck in the ground or a pot. 29cms Tall. Order No: WW027

104 | Order online:

C Insect Hotel £15.00 Give butterflies, ladybirds and other insects a place to nest, feed and hibernate. WW039


F Grow Your Own Ladybirds £26.00 Control critters the natural way. Includes ladybird eggs, food, rearing box, larvae brush and observation chart. Order No: AG002


G Ladybird Attractor Food £4.10 Place this food in one of our ladybird habitats or in a bowl to attract ladybirds to your garden. Order No: WW010-V2

Hedgehog Care


Hedgehogs can eat up to 80 slugs per night. What better way to say ‘thanks’ than by giving them shelter. It’s best feeding hedgehogs than the slugs we say! I


AS SEEN ON H Hogilo Hedgehog House £53.00 The entrance is predator resistant, the interior is warm, breathable and prevents condensation, the lid can be opened for cleaning and inspection. Approved by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Hand Crafted in England. Order No: WW017 K

I Hedgehog Food £4.50 Specially formulated dry food maintains healthy teeth and gums. WWSPKDO65

K Hedgehog Haus £32.50 The Hedgehog Haus provides a stylish, predator-proof habitat for hedgehogs.

J Guide To Hedgehogs £2.00 Make your garden hedgehog safe. Order No: WW034


Built to last with a sturdy steel frame and waterproof felt lining Delivered in a hedgehog decorated gift box. H21 x W38 x D49cm WW016 L Hogitat Hedgehog House £25.00 A fabulous house for hedgehogs. The roof is waterproofed and the house is built around a sturdy rust-proofed steel frame. H25 x W43 x L50cm Order No: WW043 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 105





A Conservation Bat Box £47.00 Bats are desperately in need of habitats, so help them out with our lovely Conservation Bat Box and they’ll prey on flying garden pests. Approved by the Bat Conservation Trust. H45 x W33 x D14cm Order No: WW022 B Double Bat Box £23.50 Several different species can roost in this bat box as it has 2 chambers. H28 x W16 x D16cm Order No: WW021


C Squirrel Feeder £20.00 Our heavy-duty squirrel feeder with perch attaches to a tree, post or wall. Made to last from solid FSC natural timber. H23 x W17 x D19cm Order No: WW023


D Bird Feeder £25.00 Small birds can enter the feeder and dine in, and larger birds can use the perch to feed from outside! Order No: WW037

106 | Order online:



E House Apple Bird Feeder £7.00 F Heart Apple Bird Feeder £7.00 Simply pop an apple onto the spike This charming bird feeder will add and watch your garden visitors appear. a touch of designer style to your garden, and give wildlife Order No: BB140 a helping hand. Order No: BB141





Best Buy G Bird Nest Box £25.00 This nesting box is ideal for tits, wrens and sparrows. 10 year guarantee. Natural FSC timber interior for extra warmth. H16cm x W16cm x L15.5cm Order No: WW038 K

H Triple Action Bird House £19.95 Bird nesting box and feeder in-one. Entrance size can be changed to attract different species and at the end of the nesting season the front is removed to transform into a feeder. Order No: WWBBIO-V1 L

I Bird Nest Box £8.50 Perfect for small bird species such as blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits. Made from FSC timber for extra warmth and breath-ability. Order No: WW036Y M

J Blue Tit Nester £17.99 Attract small birds with this well insulated nesting box. Ideal for small birds including blue tits, great tits and coal tits. H22 x W20 x D21cm Order No: N7 N

M Bird Food Tin £18.99 N Bird Table Scraper & Cleaner £5.99 K Bird Feeder Cup Set £5.50 L Bird Cake Kit £8.50 Spiked steel Bird Feeders. Stick the Make your own bird cake with this kit. This superb tin with scoop fits neatly Clean bird tables and nests with this under your arm. Order No: BB079 sturdy scraper. Order No: WW030 spike in the ground or a pot. WW040R Order No: SW001 Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 107





B Saving Vegetable Seeds £8.00 Step-by-step guide of how to save seeds from 20 popular vegetable plants. Order No: BK008

C A The Vegetable and Herb Expert £12.00 A comprehensive guide to growing your own vegetables and herbs. Focussing on how to get started, where to grow your vegetables and how, what types and varieties to grow to help you grow a healthy crop. Plus, you will learn how to deal with pests and diseases. Reliable, easy-tofollow advice and information. Order No: BK001

D Practical Guide to NFT £8.90 By the founder of Hobby Hydroponics C. J. Molyneux and introduced by the late BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Geoff Hamilton.

C Growing Tropical Plants £13.99 Grow tropical plants from coffee and chocolate to pineapple and papaya. Order No: BK007

108 | Order online:

From the theory behind NFT to preparation and plant care, this guide is packed with 153 pages of handy hints & tips, photos and illustrations and is a great book for anyone interested in NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). Order No: GS180

E F F Chilli Recipe Book £10.00 If you’re a fan of chillies you will love ‘Hot Sauce’ written by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. Here are 32 recipes for making hot sauces and 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from buffalo wings to bouillabaisse. There are even recipes for scorching cocktails. Order No: BK006



E Epic Tomatoes Book £15.00 If you love everything about tomatoes, then you’ll adore the “Epic Tomatoes” Book by Tomato expert Craig LeHoullier. Includes everything you need to know on growing and harvesting 200 varieties of tomatoes. Incredibly photographed and beautifully laid out with comprehensive guides from sowing and planting to dealing with pests. Includes the fascinating history of tomatoes and 33 of Craig LeHoullier’s 33 favourite tomato varieties. Order No: BK010

G Guide To Saving Seeds £16.99 How to collect, save, and cultivate seeds from more than 300+ vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and trees. Order No: BK009

H New Kitchen Garden £25.00 “Rush out and buy it.” – Monty Don. A guide from the former River Cottage gardener. Order No: BK011

Order by phone or ask questions: 0845 602 3774 | 109

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Delivery (Quoted before payment is taken) 98% of our orders are delivered within 2 workings days after the order is placed. Orders are delivered by courier (except items that fit through a letterbox). Delivery Prices Orders up to £19.99 - UK Mainland Delivery charge is £2.95 Orders over £20.00 - UK Mainland Delivery charge is £4.95 Maximum UK Mainland Delivery charge is £4.95 Standard delivery is for UK Mainland only. Islands, Highlands and Ireland postage charges are calculated and displayed when you add to your shopping basket.


Delivery During Busy Periods Please note delivery will be within 3 working days except during exceptionally busy periods. Orders placed after 8:30am on a Thursday will be delivered Tuesday. Delivery to Islands, Highlands and Ireland N.B. Definition of UK Mainland: Couriers define the following postcodes as Highlands and add a surcharge of £15.00 AB31-38, AB40-56, IV1-28 , IV30-32, IV36-49, IV51-56, IV63, KA27-28, KW, PA20-38, PA41-49, PA60-70, PH4-44, and PH49-50. Delivery to the above post codes incurs a surcharge, which will be displayed when you enter your postcode. For orders to Ireland, Islands and the above postcodes please allow an extra working day for delivery. Delivery to Europe and The Rest of the World For orders to Europe and the rest of the world, we simply charge cost for the delivery. Please email with the details of your order requirements and we will send you the quote. Email: Alternatively, see our European online retail partners at What if you're out? You can add a safe place to leave your parcel when you place your order. If you are not in and you have not provided ‘if out’ instructions the driver will leave a card with instructions of how to arrange a redelivery.

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Returns & Cancellations Return postage will only be refunded if the item is faulty, damaged or if the incorrect item has been sent. Simply phone 0845 602 3774 or email to notify us of your intention to return the unwanted goods within 14 days of delivery and 30 days for faulty/damaged goods. Except for the extended returns period at Christmas, you will then have 7 working days for the goods to be returned. • This guarantee does not affect your statutory consumer rights • In the case of faulty goods being delivered please contact us immediately by telephone or email • Faulty goods will be replaced by us and return postage costs incurred will be refunded. Or we can refund the full price paid including the delivery charge and we will arrange for the product to be collected at our cost • Refunds are processed within 7 working days of the returned product(s) being received by Greenhouse Sensation Cancellations You can cancel your order before your order has been received by you. To cancel an order call 0845 602 3774 or email with the subject line 'CANCEL ORDER'. If your order has not been dispatched we will refund your payment card in full within 7 working days of the cancellation email been received. We will email you a confirmation that your refund has been processed. Guarantees All of our products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months and for longer where indicated. If you have cause to use your guarantee please call 0845 602 3774 or email and we will repair, replace or refund your product as per your statutory rights.

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all the way. Excellent service mend them to om rec I would highly nies should offer anyone. All compa ry service. pla em this ex



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