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2014 Reggae on the River


Welcome to Reggae!

Reggae on the River® so colorfully showcases the remarkable connectivity of our community. Every time I venture forth to buy food or get a drink at Reggae, I’m reminded of how purchases directly benefit and help fund our local non-profits, fire departments and schools. It feels good knowing that I’m not only satisfying a craving, but also supporting organizations that have the community’s best interests in mind. Your presence at Reggae on the River® is a blessing to the land you dance upon and to all those you meet here. And, for the Mateel Community Center, it means we can continue to offer a plethora of youth, arts, education and social service programs for which this event is the primary fundraiser.

We at the Mateel Community Center are glad you can join us on this historic occasion: the 30th anniversary of Reggae On The River®! Last year, the Mateel brought this community fundraising event back to its historic home at French’s Camp, thanks to the efforts of many hard working volunteers, staff and community members. Our former Board President and emcee, Doug Green, who passed away just after last year’s event, worked in the entertainment business for over 30 years and was one of the people who played an instrumental part in helping Reggae On The River® return home. Doug never gave up on his vision- and this was a driving force in helping others see such a huge endeavor was possible. It was with great joy mixed with sorrow that I watched Doug emcee for the last time at the festival he helped found and protect. It seemed fitting that he was able to say goodbye to not only his friends and family, but to Reggae itself.

Many of us, including myself, have grown up with Reggae On The River® as a part of our community and festival experience. After twenty-three years of gathering at French’s Camp, we then went through five years of being estranged from our true home. Last year, as I walked across the bridge towards the concert bowl for the incredible homecoming, it felt like I had indeed returned to the roots and ways of my long lost family, a family where we greet each other by simply saying, “Happy Reggae.”

More recently, our festival community lost yet another prominent person. Tim Olsen was the Briceland Fire Chief and Reggae’s Critical Incident Team leader. He happily dedicated many years of his life to protect and serve our community, developing a strong, professional rural fire department that is admired and respected by all. It was an honor working with someone who cared so much about keeping people safe. Tim is a great example of someone who knew what needed to be done and found a way to get those tasks accomplished.

Like any family, we tend to one another. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed people lending a helping hand, making sure someone was okay, getting enough water, sunscreen or simply sharing a smile. A big part of what makes Reggae great are the open hearts that people bring to it and the heightened collective celebration that is born from that.

Both these men exemplify the spirit of Reggae On The River® because of their community mindedness, their deep sense of volunteerism, their dedication in the face of adversity, and their ability to put vision to action for the greater good. These very elements that make their contributions so great are also what makes ROTR so special- and truly unique amongst festivals.

Enjoy this year’s festival. Let’s make this 30th Anniversary of Reggae On The River® one of the best experiences yet! Happy Reggae,

Garth Epling

As I sit here writing this greeting, welcoming you to the place where I was born, and heralding the great people whose shoulders I stand upon, I see how

Mateel Board President

Reggae On The River ® Crew

Accounting Amie McClellan

Ads/ Sponsorship Cathy Miller

Admissions- Loop Lot

Richard Murray

Press/ Marketing Asst Kaati Gafney

Site David Patak

Program Guide Design Chris Mole’

Site- Bridges Ipo Savoire

Site- Plumbing Phil Kreider

Rehydration Station Babette Bach

Kidlandia Shanda Rial

Rehydration Station Lois Cordova

Kidlandia Circus Nature

KMUD Live Broadcast Eric & Sunshine Johnston KMUD Press Tent Dana Corey

Ambiance Pooba

Ambiance Mystic Lion

Art Cave Marjorey Brown

Art Cave Assistant Lucy Stanley

Artist Merchandise Honeybear

Artist Shuttle Blu Graham

ATM David Katz

Site Mike Miller

Jah Med John & Mary Bustamante Jah Med Amber Wallan

Admissions- RV Park Rob Then Ann Mcilwain

Site Sony King

Alter Able

Poster Artist Bree Smith

Alter Able Tanya Lee Jackson

Popcorn/ Sno Cone Assistant Melissa Vallot

Admissions- Walk In Kira Graeff

Jah Med Patte Rae

Info Booth/Merchandise Megan Gomes

Jah Motion Shuttle Alisha Goodrich

Legal Roxanne Olson Laminates Sailas McCrady-Hirsch Lights Mark Mehlman Loader Crew Sherri Bybee Mateel Kitchen Manager Cortney Gossett

Site- Troubleshooter Bruce Champie

Runner Crew Stewart Wilson

Runner-Misc Vashon Rannow

Sound Engineer Loren Miller

Stage Manager Jay Patton

Recycling and Restoration Jeff Ackerly

Stage Manager Marc Mason

Recycling and Restoration Mike Ward

Street Team Heather Rowbury

Recycling and Restoration John Moore

Town Patrol Traci Bear Trademark Attorney Tim Allen

Recycling and Restoration Donald Rivers

Recycling and Restoration Chris Wilson

Recycling and Restoration Ken Hanks

Soft Drinks Sherman & Lisa Landry

Traffic- Interior Shiloh Croy-Baker

Audio Archive Rob Seifert-Gage

Mateel Kitchen Sherry Moore

Security Steve Rigney

Vendor Coordinator Ashley Wilma

Backline Ray Moreta

Mateel Kitchen Mike Lovatto

Security Mike Rigney

Vendor Camping Aaron Ochoa

Security Todd and Kathy Pisarek Security- Backstage Dan Whyte Security-Bar Doug Dale

Brew Crew Garth Epling

Brew Crew Assistant Brian St. Clair

Briceland Fire Jim Fulton Briceland Fire/ Site Construction Shanon Taliaferro

Communications Dan & Leanna Gribi

DJ Coordinator Justin Miller

Drink Tickets Alden Akselsen

Electrical Ted Sloan

Festival Operations Katz Boose

Mateel Kitchen Melody Hayhurst Mateel Meal Juice Booth Jackie Panteleo

Mateel Meal Juice Booth Scott Kender

Neighborhood Response Team: Piercy VFD

Online Marketing/ Video Stream Julia Minton

Parking Manager Joe Moran

Parking- Exterior Jerry von Dohlen

Security-Bar Dave Sundberg Security- Overnight Tim Lyman

Video Archive Andrew Burnett Video Projection Stefan G. Video Projections Chad Rea

Volunteer Camping Bert Clements

Volunteer Camp Info Karrin Palmer

Security- Overnight Dustin Petersonallred

Security- Prairie Hags Lori Ellis

Volunteer Camp Tent Tagging Lila Benson Volunteer Check-In Pleasure Strange

Volunteer Check-In Assistant Samantha Charlesworth Volunteer Check-In Assistant Jen Clements

Parking- Interior Paul Tuzzolino

Signage Matt Dicks

Performer Check In Kelley Lincoln

Signage Artist Sara Young

Site Manager John Jennings

Volunteer Coordinator Michele Wood

Performer Hospitality/ Artist Bios Joellen Clark Peterson Performer Hydration Nansi Ochoa

Site Patty Torbert

Will Call Charity Green

Greenway Partners Steve Salzman

Performer Kitchen Eric Moore

Site Erik Kay

Will Call Assistant Annie Pierson

Highway Contractor Paul Rosenblatt

Popcorn/ Sno Cone Chrysse Otteson

Site Jesse “Fuzzy” Louth

Festival Operation Guide Casandra Taliaferro

General Manager/ Talent/ PR Justin Crellin


Mateel Community Center

Will Call Assistant Coco Hogan

2014 Reggae on the River


General Information Venue Opens To Public:

8am Thursday, July 31 (for 4-day early arrival ticket holders) 8am Friday, August 1 (for 3-day main event ticket holders) *Please do not arrive at the venue any earlier than the times listed above for your type of ticket

Admission Hours: Thursday - 8am to 12am Friday - 8am to 12am Saturday - 8am to 12am Sunday - 8am to 8pm *Please note that arriving after dark is discouraged and it is advised to arrive on site no later than 8pm. Though admission will be granted during the times listed above, those arriving after dark will not be allowed to cross the bridge in their vehicle and will be parked and camped on the west side of the river.

Music/ Stage Hours:

Thursday- 2pm to 12 am (for 4-day early arrival ticket holders only) Friday - 12am to 1am Saturday - 10:30am to 1am Sunday - 10:30am to 10am

Camping Info/ Protocol:

The option of camping on site (in designated areas only) is included in the price of your ticket. Please note that there are two types of tent camping options (listed below). You’ll be placed in a site upon arrival at the venue according to your needs or available space. • General - most camping on site is general and offers exposed camping on the river bar. • Alter-Able - available by advance registration only for a limited number of placard holding alter-able patrons. Call Alter-Able Camping Coordinator, Tanya Lee Jackson, at 707 986-7069 to register. * Please note that camp hosts will interface with you upon arrival and will help ensure your camping space is reasonable for the size of your party and that you are clear on other campground info and rules. Please note that camping setbacks of 25ft from the river’s edge (100ft for vehicles) apply, as do strict space and shade limitations per campsite. Oversized (or unreasonably sized) tents and shade structures will not be allowed- so don’t bring them. Be respectful of your neighbors and help us make space in the campground for everyone. All camping is at your own risk/ personal liability. Valuables should not be left unattended.

Miscellaneous Information: • ATM - Need cash? Visit one of two solar powered ATMs. Please see the festival map for approximate location. • Telephone Charging Stations - Info on charging stations is available at the Mateel information booth. • No Dogs Allowed - Attendees with dogs will be asked to leave. • Watch Your Kids - Don’t leave your children unattended. Safety I.D. tags are available at admission gates. Look for lost children at security central or contact a member of our security team. • First Aid/ Medical - First-aid stations are strategically located throughout the festival grounds. Stop in for trained medical attention, or find a member of our security or emergency crews, which are roaming and available 24 hours a day. The main medical station is located in at the top of the concert bowl by security central. • Be Fire Conscious - Please note that we are in the height of fire season and that no fires or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds. Those caught with illegal fires or fireworks will be ejected from the event. Propane BBQs and camp stoves are OK. Please no candles or flames in tents. • No Lifeguard On Duty - Swim at your own risk. Please note there is no lifeguard on duty and that rocks can be slick and the river swift in spots. • Don’t Drink & Drive - Please drink responsibly and be sure to take the shuttle or find a designated driver if you’ve had any alcohol and intend to leave the concert site. • Be Prepared - Bring hats, layers of clothing, biodegradable sunscreen/ soaps, coolers, adequate camping gear, flashlights, and lots of drinking water. • Safety First/ Safety Last - This is a family event and we want every child, woman, and man to be safe. Take care of yourself and those around you.

Protect Our Environment:

On-Site Parking:

On-site parking fees are not included in the price of your ticket. They are assessed upon your arrival at the event and you will be charged the following to park on site: $40- per standard size vehicle (oversized vehicles extra- no trailers) $500- per RV (advance reservation required for all RVs through the Mateel office at 707 923-3368 x21); we request that RV purchasers have a 4-day ticket and arrive on site with their RV on Thursday, July 31; RVs must be of no more than 40 total feet in length (including the truck length for tow-behind units) and standard RVs are not allowed to have trailers or vehicles in tow; please also note that any cars traveling with your RV will be assessed the standard parking fee and will be parked with the general public (not in the RV lot). *Please note that the above parking options are good for the whole weekend, but do not allow for in and out privileges. All vehicles are subject to security search and environmental inspection upon arrival. **All parking is at your own risk/ personal liability. Valuables should not be left unattended.

Day Use Parking:

There is no day use parking available on the festival site. The Golf Lot in Benbow is the closest day use parking area and is available on a first come-first served basis for a price of $10 per day. This lot is serviced by the festival shuttle.


Free festival shuttles will offer regular service to Redway, Garberville, Benbow, and within the local French’s Camp area from Thursday, July 31 through Monday, August 4. • The town shuttle will pick up/ drop off approximately every 30 minutes with stops at the Majestic Center (Redway), Chevron (Garberville), and the festival site. • The local French’s Camp shuttle will pick up/ drop off approximately every 30 minutes with stops at Richardson Grove State Park, Cook’s Valley Patriot Station, and the festival site- plus the Benbow Golf Lot (Fri-Sun only) *Shuttle stops will be clearly marked with the approximate shuttle schedule posted and will operate continuously, starting approximately one hour before the concert bowl opens each day and ending 1 hour after the show ends each night, plus from 9am to 2pm on Monday, August 4. **Important note: Make sure you go directly to the French’s Camp shuttle stop after the concert is over to ensure you don’t miss your ride.


Mateel Community Center

Help Us Protect The Eel River - The wild and scenic Eel River is a beautiful but imperiled waterway. Protection of this resource is of paramount importance to our local community and also to the future of Reggae On The River. • Conserve water - In an effort to reduce festival water use, we request that each attendee bring at least two gallons of drinking water with them. Water stations are also available in the campground to refill containers. • Use only bio-degradable soaps and sunscreen - We request that all attendees use exclusively bio-degradable sunscreen, tanning lotions, soaps/ shampoos, etc, and that you restrict use of all soaps and shampoos to the public shower only. Please visit the campground store if you neglected to bring bio-degradable products with you.

Recycling & Restoration:

The Recycle and Restoration crew requests your participation in the greening of ROTR. Restoration and preservation of the environment is our goal and we seek to restore the natural beauty of the site and preserve it for future generations. Please take with you what you bring, and may we recommend using the same cups, plates, and utensils for the whole event. We aspire to a future zero waste green festival and are hoping you’ll join us in inspiring others to keep it clean and green. • Recycling Stations: We have manned recycle separation stations in many locations, with receptacles for CRV and Non-CRV plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard, glass (all colors), and hazardous materials. Ask our crew if something seems questionable. • Solid Waste: We also have receptacles for solid waste (landfill garbage) at all Recycling Stations, including butt cans for your cigarettes (please don’t leave them on the river bar!). We can even facilitate you with bags and/ or cans for your camp. • Food Waste: Please note that we will not be composting this year. All compostable materials should be treated as solid waste.

Vending Information Vending In The Concert Bowl

Please note the concert bowl will be open during the following hours: Thursday- noon to 1am Friday- 9am to 2am Saturday- 9am to 2am Sunday- 9am to 11pm

The Art Cave

Look for the live performance painters and you’ll know you’ve reached The Art Cave- a lion’s den of reggae influenced fine art, some of which was freshly created at the festival. Featuring the works of Marjory Brown, Noa, Cinnamin Price, Lucy Stanley, and Bree Smith, among others, most pieces are for sale and benefit both the artists and the Mateel Community Center.

Artist Merchandise

Art painted live at ROTR 2013 by Noa

Located just inside the north entrance to the concert bowl, the Artist Merchandise Booth is the place to go for artist meet and greets and to pick up the latest music/ gear from many of our featured festival performers. Help support these great artists and take home a CD or shirt as a memento of your Reggae On The River experience.

Vending Beyond The Bowl Campground Store

Reggae On The River® Information & Merchandise Booths Offering… • Program guides, stage schedules and other festival info • Limited edition 30th annual Reggae On The River t-shirts & merchandise • 30th annual Reggae on the River collectible memorabilia- including stickers, posters, shirts, hats, and more • Mateel memberships and community center info • Mateel merchandise- including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stainless steel water bottles, and more • Info on cell phone charging stations • Stuff check- for $5.00 you can check your stuff in a safe location while you enjoy the festival. Free for MCC members. • Lost & found- turn in found or claim lost items here (or at Security Central)

Vending Booths Always a favorite festival attraction, more than 60 handcraft, import, non-profit, and food vendors will surround the French’s Camp concert bowl. Take a stroll to enjoy a wide variety of offerings from longtime Reggae On The River participants and a host of new vendors offering everything from food and refreshments, to crafts of every variety, plus a mix of sponsor and non-profit information booths. We take pride in noting that that all Reggae food/ drink concessions support non-profit organizations.

The local chapter of Support Our Schools (SOS) will run this 24-hour campground store which offers cold sodas, hot coffee, snack foods, and basic amenities like sunscreen, band-aids, toothpaste, and camping items.

Public Ice Sales

Located outside the north concert bowl entrance, Salmon Creek VFD will offer ice to fill those thirsty coolers. Open all weekend- 8am to 8pm.

Late Night Food

Late night food options will be available to service hungry patrons at times when the concert bowl is closed. Look for these offerings just outside the north entrance to the concert bowl.

Local Neighbor Businesses

We encourage you to support our neighboring businesses. Please refer to the festival map for specific locations, all of which are either walking distance or served by the festival shuttle. • Cooks Valley Patriot Station - offering gas, snack foods, cold drinks, beer/ wine, etc. New this year! - a crosswalk for convenient foot traffic across Hwy 101 • Thunderbird Mountain Trading Co.- offering Native American jewelry, salmon jerky, and gifts • Grandfather Tree- offering beautiful wooden keepsakes to commemorate your trip to redwood country • Benbow Inn- fine dining and lodging in an historic hotel; also features the adjacent Benbow Valley RV/ tent campground and golf course • The many businesses, shops, and restaurants of Garberville & Redway

Reggae On The River® Site Map

2014 Reggae on the River


Masters of Ceremonies Special Guest Emcee: Roger Steffens A world-renowned reggae archivist, author, radio/ TV host, actor and photographer, Roger Steffens first discovered reggae 41 years ago. Co-host of the award-winning NPR radio program, “Reggae Beat,” which was syndicated on 130 stations, he is co-founder of “The Beat” magazine, and has lectured internationally for 30 years on “The Life of Bob Marley.” Founding chairman of the Reggae Grammy Committee (1984-2011), he has written six books about Marley and the music’s history. The Jamaica Observer declared him #8 of the Top Ten Most Influential People in Reggae.

And Featuring ROTR Emcees: Agnes Patak – Agnes has been involved

with ROTR since the beginning- photographing, working the press tent, emceeing, and participating on the talent committee. Host of the World Beat Show on KMUD for the last 27 years, between her show and the ROTR press tentshe has interviewed just about every reggae and world music artist out there. She is also proud to represent as one the few female emcees of a major festival.

Hoy Kersh – Hoy loves the Mateel Community

Center and was one of its founding members more than 34 years ago. She started cooking at ROTR in the early days and later performed at the event numerous times with her reggae band, Massawa. In recent years she’s been a regular festival emcee and remains an active member of the Mateel family and local community.

Spliff Skankin’

- Veteran emcee and reggae DJ, Spliff Skankin’, has been a fixture at ROTR for years. He is a founding member of the seminal Bay Area sound system, Massive Sound International, and is a popular host of reggae radio programs on KKUP, KPFA and KFJC. He will be emceeing and spinning tracks throughout the weekend.

Rasta Stevie - Featured as a guest emcee

at Reggae On The River® from 1995 through 2006, Colorado based radio personality, Rasta Stevie, is a gifted talent on the mic. Equally adept at presenting information as he is at giving historically based introductions, he can be heard on Friday nights on KDUR in CO with his popular program, Heart Beat Of Zion- rebroadcast online on Randy’s Reggae Radio.

Madi Simmons - Passionately creating

music for over 20 years, Simmons is a Rasta born and raised in the US. A longtime resident of Humboldt County he is ever ready to spread the good message of reggae. Lately he’s been releasing singles and working with producers in Europe- and will now be taking up the mic for the first time as an ROTR emcee.

Marley - Born and raised on the rocks of

Reggae On The River, Marley is a local DJ continuing the legacy of the SHC! He is making his augural appearance on the ROTR stage as an emcee to introduce some of his local brethren.

In Memoriam: Doug Green

The Mateel Community Center lost a longtime friend- and Reggae On The River a great emceein the passing of Doug Green, who succumbed to his battle with cancer on Sunday, September 22- just after Reggae last year. A tireless supporter of the Mateel Community Center and ROTR from its earliest beginnings through the festival’s 2013 French’s Camp homecoming, Doug played a pivotal role throughout the history and evolution of Reggae On The River®. His statesmanship helped facilitate the creation of the now-famous French’s Camp venue and, in recent times, he guided Mateel in our efforts to bring the show home to this beloved spot- an experience we are so thankful to have shared with him one last time. Despite his sickness, he continued to serve as Mateel Board President through his final days and will forever be remembered as a man of great courage, strength, and wisdom- someone who gave himself to his community. This one’s for you Doug!

Ishi Dube - Born in India and raised in NorCal,

Ishi Dube is one of Humboldt’s favorite and most seasoned reggae performers. As a musician, his sweet vocals carry a melodic, roots sway, yet he is also able to belt to a rougher dancehall delivery. Ishi brings fire to the mic as both performer and emcee and we are proud to have him representing as both for the 30th annual Reggae On The River®.

Wisdom - Progressive music artist, Wisdom,

has been in the forefront of the Bay Area’s hip hop/ reggae culture for well over a decade. Committed to a path of self-mastery through meditation and spiritual growth, Wisdom recently released his third full-length album, “Full Spectrum,” featuring Sizzla and Michael Rose, and we are happy to host him once again as an ROTR emcee.

Irie Dole - A well established DJ, event host

and radio personality, Irie Dole is an all around reggae advocate. Whether alone or with Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi Sound System, his unique delivery and selection puts him a cut above the average selector. After 20 years of service to the CA reggae scene, Irie Dole now resides on Maui where he is programming/ operations director and a favorite on-air radio voice for Q103, the only commercial radio station in the US to play strictly reggae music.


Mateel Community Center

Reggae On The River® Vendors Ali Designer Alma’s Mexican / CASA of Humboldt Baltic Amber and Creations Beginnings Blaze 1 Clothing Blessed Botanicals California Rocks Coboo Creations Coco Loco Jewelry Cool Shoes and Moccasins Cutting Edge Soulutions Eagles Nest Outfitters EPIC & Get Fried Rice Evolutionary Tie-Dye Face & Body Art by Kathleen Fatbol Clothing Forever Stoked Garden of Beadin Grassroots California Heartwood Institute Humboldt County’s Smoking Caterpillar Humboldt Republic Clothing & Print Co. Humboldt Nutrients/ Fertile World Island Tribe Apparel Kiwanis of the Redwoods KMUD Redwood Community Radio Kona Pipes Light Up Coats Lydia’s Lovin Foods / Hempstead Project Heart

Mali Sabatasso Design Mama’s Medicinals Mateel Meal Juice Booth Matt Jones Art May’s Chinese Food Nectar Creations One Love Irie Arts Outlaw Kitchen Pedicab People Movers Planet Skills Pure Anywhere RedEye Laboratories Rise & Shine Posse Rock N Rugs Round Tuit Wood Spoonz Royal Restoration Royal Roots Clothing Sageman Drums Satori Movment Clothing Shamus T Bones/ South Fork Booster Club SHC Industries Simpy Salma’s Treasures So. Hum. Community Park Farm Spiros Gyros Sprowel Creek Vol. Fire Dept. Synergy Organic Clothing Thaoe Wellness Coop The Humboldt Connection We Are California Grown

Stage Schedule THURSDAY July 31

FRIDAY August 1

2:00 Tchiya Amet 2:35 Majic 3:00 Jade Steel 4:00 Ishi Dube

12:00 Opening Ceremony

5:10 SHC Records presents Lacy Redhead 5:25 Winstrong 5:55 Los Rakas 6:50 Stay Positive presents MRB’s Cootdog, Marko, and Kat 7:05 Paapa Wastik 7:25 Iba MaHr 7:50 Blessed Coast presents Bobby Hustle 8:05 Megah Banton 8:25 Jahdan Blakkamoore 9:10 Courtney John Project 10:30 GAUDI w/ Danny Ladwa & Michael Rose

1:55 Majic

12:30 Thicker Than Thieves 3:20 i-Kronik 3:45 Iba MaHr 4:45 Megah Banton 6:10 Fishbone 7:55 Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang 8:55 Bitty McLean


SUNDAY August 3

10:30 Opening Blessing

10:30 Opening Blessing

10:45 John Trudell & Bad Dog

10:45 Ras Marcus Benjamin

12:10 Indubious


1:40 Abya Yala

12:25 Meta & The Cornerstones


Marlon Asher

4:40 Etana 6:15 SEE-I 7:55 Third World 9:35 Iration 11:30 Jimmy Cliff

10:00 Michael Rose 11:30 Gentleman & The Evolution

Zili Misik

2:05 Mutabaruka & Skool Band 3:40 Jah9 5:00 Gyptian 6:35 Israel Vibration 8:30 Alpha Blondy & The Solar System

DJs & Sound Systems Sound Systems Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi featuring Rocker T - Known for

their quality selection and performance, this sound has been entertaining the Bay Area and beyond since 1998. As CA’s leading reggae sound system, they feature selectors Irie Dole, King I-Vier and Jah Yzer, along with special guest, Rocker T, an international underground sensation whose newest album, “The Hurban Warrior of Peace,” was released last year.

Blessed Coast - In 2006, a growing stack of vinyl birthed Blessed Coast

Sound. They now provide a firm foundation for the reggae scene that thrives in the Pacific Northwest- from Santa Cruz, CA to Bellingham, WA. Known as one of the top sounds on the West Coast, they will present Bobby Hustle and support Jahdan Blakkamoore in this ROTR showcase.

WBLK - Operated by DJ Jacques and DJ Guacamole since 2000, WBLK hosts a

weekly party in Sebastopol, plays festivals throughout the state, and even rocked the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. DJ Jacques has also garnered attention by the public and industry folks alike for a series of mix CDs he has released.

Guerrilla Takeover - Armed with exclusive dub plates, remixes and the

biggest tunes out of Jamaica, Mendocino County’s Guerrilla Takeover always turns up the heat with some rude boy tunes and something real for the ladies, too.

One Wise Sound - Representing the Humboldt County reggae scene since 2001 with a diverse arsenal of original productions, remixes, mixtapes, deep crates, and dub plates, One Wise won the Club Dread Sound Clash in San Francisco back to back in 2010 and 2011.

I N I Vibrations - Founded at the turn of 2006, I N I Vibration crew is best known for SKYLARKING, a Bay Area all-vinyl reggae jamboree that’s been going on eight years in San Francisco’s Mission District. Representing from coast to coast, they also hold residency with See-I at Rocker’s International in Washington, DC.

Stay Positive Sound - Since 2002, from Chico to San Diego, Stay Positive

Sound has rocked crowds with the best in reggae, hip-hop and electronic dance music. As a special ROTR treat, they will feature Cootdog, Katherine Ramirez and Marko of the Mystic Roots Band, along with Selecta Diesel and DJs PhG, Shayne T and Johnson Parker.

Massive Sound International - Playing ROTR since the 1980s, Massive

Sound Int’l consists of DJ’s Robert Rankin & Spliff Skankin’. Together, they have been spinning reggae music in the Bay Area (on KKUP, KFJC and KPFA), in the clubs, and at festivals for the last 30 years.

Brimstone Sound - DJ Crown of Eugene, Oregon, blazes the freshest and finest in reggae and dancehall- new joints, the classics, the obscure, and the rarities. Playing with the people and for the people, Crown’s musical revolution will be amplified!


Dub Cowboy - Since 1999, Dub Cowboy has been on the bill for over 1,000

local events. He is currently spinning five nights a week and produces the #1 reggae radio show in Humboldt County, the Reggae Jamdown on KHSU.

Just One - Just one is a New York City grown DJ/ producer that’s been rocking shows since the early 90’s- spinning the best hip-hop and reggae parties. Since reallocation to CA in 2000 he has gotten to produce, remix, and spin for some of the greats of our Northern Cali music community, and is now part owner of SHC Records & Studios in Garberville.

Galen Davis - A DJ, producer and drummer from Southern Humboldt

County, Galen has crafted tracks for artists such as J Boog, Demarco, M1 of Dead Prez, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Ishi Dube, Winstrong, and many more. He has rocked countless shows and parties from the West Coast to Colorado, Hawaii, and Central America and is also part owner of SHC Records in Garberville.

DJ Sister Yasmin - As the founder of Mendocino County’s first reggae

radio program, Heartbeat Vibrations on KZYX, this reggae pioneer has been rocking CA’s airwaves, festivals and venues since 1989. She believes in the healing and revolutionary power of music to transcend borders, elevate consciousness, and inspire us to dance with love and joy.

Rundat - DJ Rundat was raised on reggae in Southern Humboldt, attending

ROTR at a young age. Her love for the music inspired her to create Royal Roots Clothing, and she began spinning at local bars and music venues. Rundat gives back to the community by throwing Kids Dances and showing youth the music.

Green B - Representing Coo-Yah! Ladeez sound system from San Francisco,

Green B is a California native who became obsessed with reggae while living in Boston in the 90’s. She is now one of the top reggae/ dancehall DJs in CA and known for her mix CD series, “Hot Gyal Promotion.” Each disc is a seamless mix of new reggae and dancehall with elements of African, Bass, Twerk and Hip Hop.

Sun Dub - Co-host of the Rankin’ Reggae Rotation on KMUD, DJ Sun Dub is knowledgeable on a wide range of world music and mixes a variety of global flavors into her reggae selections. 2014 Reggae on the River


Artist Bios

THURSDAY, July 31 5:55 | Los Rakas

1:50 | Opening Blessing 2:00 | Tchiya Amet

This Panamanian hip-hop duo has built a serious reputation by mixing the rhythms of reggae and Caribbean dancehall with ferocious, bilingual, emcee-devouring microphone skills. The two cousins (in their 20s), who grew up in Panama and are now based out of Oakland, give a distinct “Panabay” twist to the streetwise sounds of the places they call home. This year, Los Rakas reached a milestone in Afro-Latino hip-hop with their major label debut album, “El Negrito Dun Dun and Ricardo.”

Kicking off the live entertainment with a solo acoustic set, this contemporary urban, indigenous woman – a First Nations, crosscultural reggae representative from nearby Covelo, CA - is a singer-songwriter and keys player whose every song is a celestial, rhythmic prayer. A longtime performer at ROTR, she hit the international scene with the release of “Black Turtle Island” in 2003.

6:50 | Stay Positive Sound presents Cootdog, Marko & Kat from Mystic Roots Band

2:40 | Majic See the Friday schedule for artist description.

3:00 | Jade Steel From the mountains of Humboldt County to the concrete jungle of the Bay, Steel consistently reinvents himself through music. With a background in rock, reggae and world-beat, Steel’s music is current and melodic. With more than four albums self-distributed worldwide, his next anticipated album is rumored for release at the end of this year.

4:00 | Ishi Dube

7:05 | Paapa Wastik

A master of many Jamaican styles, Ishi shifts easily from roots to lovers rock to singjay and onto dancehall with well-crafted anthems of freedom and songs of praise. Grown right here in the heartland of ROTR, he has long been a respected pioneer on the local scene. Ishi’s most recent album, “Mr. Music” has been received with critical acclaim by industry-insiders and fans alike.

Straight from West Africa’s Ghana, this artist sings in the roots-life genre, which brings soca and soul to African highlife, classic reggae, and traditional music styles. Having toured alongside Turbulence and I-Wayne, headlined several multi-cultural festivals and established an independent record label (Asaase Music Foundation), he released his third album, “Unity For Africa” in 2012.

5:10 | Lacy Redhead

7:25 | Iba MaHr

Lacy Redhead is a singer/ songwriter whose roots lie in the Reno/ Tahoe area. New to the Northern California music scene, her surprise appearance on the river bar at ROTR last year put her on a musical journey with SoHums own- SHC Records. The reggae/ neo soul sounds from her debut LP, “ Soul Cherry,” are written by Lacy R. and produced by Galen Davis and Justin Miller. 

See the Friday schedule for artist description.

7:50 | Blessed Coast presents Bobby Hustle

5:25 | Winstrong A conscious singjay, Winstrong embodies an urban culture sound by fusing West Indian cultural roots with the dancehall sounds of today. With two albums out including 2014’s “Love is in the Air” and bringing favorite tracks like “One Ganja Tree,” Winstrong is a lifetime student of Rastafari and armed with a message that is inspirational and uplifting.

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Mateel Community Center

Mystic Roots Band vocalists Marko, Cootdog and Katherine Ramirez will each rock a track to the rhythms of MRB’s DJ collective, Stay Positive Sound. See bio on DJ page for more info on Stay Positive Sound.

A polished lyricist who delivers the perspective of a young hustler, Bobby has tunes featured on internationally recognized riddim releases from Jamaica and the UK. He has toured multiple times with Konshens, Protoje, and Gappy Ranks respectively, as well as played in Japan alongside Mighty Crown and Stone Love. Hailing from the state of Washington, Bobby possesses a natural sense for melody and is considered a rising star in the U.S. reggae scene.

8:05 | Megah Banton See the Friday schedule for artist description.

Straight from West Africa’s Ghan a, Paapa Wastik sin gs in the roots-life gen re, which brin gs soca an d soul to African highlife, classic reggae, an d tradition al music styl es.

Long-time Brooklyn-based artist, Jahdan is one of the more interesting dancehall reggae, dubstep, hip-hop and jungle vocalists operating within the global commercial underground. Performing a track set, we are excited to host this versatile singer-songwriter who was both a contributing writer and featured artist on Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnated” album as well as the voice on “Cash Flow” produced by Diplo for the Major Lazer project. An experimental artist always seeking out unlikely collaborations, Jahdan is savvy with a mic in his hand and a DJ on the decks – New York City style. His newest album, “Upward Spiral” will likely be released by this summer.

9:10 | Courtney John Project One part reggae mash up, one part euroelectronica and 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music, this unorthodox trio out of Kingston, JA are generating a new kind of alchemical audio journey they’re calling “rootstronic.” Although each of the artists have long been making music, it was in the spring of 2013 that they released their debut album, “Future.” At 26 years old, The Wizard (who is the daughter of JA’s king of the love song, Beres Hammond) is already a super-producer of other heavyweight artists, running production and bringing vocals to the CJP. The electrifying Courtney John himself adds his trademark ethereal falsetto to the lovers rock melodies while directing the masses like an orchestra conductor. Prior to the CJP, John had already established himself as a an artist with his writing for Marcia Griffiths, Culture and Luciano along with vocal contribution to Sly and Robbie’s 2011 Grammy nominated album, “One Pop Reggae.” The Courtney John Project appeals to the hardcore Caribbean fan base as well as to newcomers, by keeping reggae at its core while weaving around it a rich tapestry of drums and bass, elements of dubstep and electronic dance music. Amidst a mystical set design, costume changes and video projections, if this music is the future sound of JA’s burgeoning electronic scene then it can’t come soon enough.

10:30 | GAUDI with Danny Ladwa & Michael Rose There’s no easy way to encapsulate GAUDI’s vast body of work. For the past three decades, the innovative producer and solo artist has been shattering genre barriers, pioneering the electronic and dance music worlds, and amassing a stunning collection of originals, remixes, collaborations, and soundtracks spanning the worlds of reggae, dub, breaks, globalbeat, and cutting-edge psychedelic bass music. Whether he’s finessing high-profile projects in the studio, or whipping a crowd into a frenzy, the Italian-born UK-based artist places all importance on sonic perfection and providing the best aural experience for his fans. His career has seen the release of 13 solo albums, over a hundred compilations, 250 productions and a number of movie soundtracks. Honoring the traditions of old school dub, every GAUDI performance is unique and unpredictable in the best possible way as he never uses a computer onstage. A consummate musician and performer, he plays live theremin, MiniMoog, vocoder, tape echoes, electronic percussion, multi-effects, Stylophone and dub sirens, and mixes live dub vocals thru his analogue equipment to maximum effect. For ROTR 2014, GAUDI and his partner in rhyme, UK beatboxing champion, Danny Ladwa, will be performing tracks from his current album, “In Between Times,” with none other than the legendary Michael Rose joining them on stage as a VERY special guest.

The Courtn ey John Project appeals to the hardcore Caribbean fan base as well as to n ewcom ers, ...if this music is the future soun d of JA’s burgeon in g el ectron ic scen e then it can’ t com e soon en ough .

Tahoe Wellness Cooperative was founded in 2009 to create a safe space for anyone in the community to express positive and creative ideas. We do this through the support of medical cannabis. Our first priority is to provide high quality, pure and safe medicine to cannabis patients in our community. We also provide a variety of classes, support groups, and holistic services to the entire community.

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Bijou Shopping Center Fair w a y D


8:25 | Jahdan Blakkamoore

3445 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 2014 Reggae on the River


Artist Bios

FRIDAY, August 1 12:00 | Opening Ceremony 12:30 | Thicker Than Thieves Their first return to the festival in 10 years, the music of Thicker Than Thieves is multi-faceted and widely appreciated. Featured in various surf movies and slated to release their fourth LP showcasing the group’s diverse songwriting skills and musical talents, TTT first came on the scene in 2002 with “Smuggler’s Run.” Local to the region of ROTR, Humboldt’s homegrown guitarist, Brian Sykes along with fellow musicians with roots in Hawaii and Costa Rica, find themselves currently based in San Diego. This group of rockers pumps out a sun-baked and surf-inspired mix of heavy bass lines and blazing guitars, successfully blending soulful vocals and a searing rock-reggae based rhythm section to create an original style that has earned them fans the world over. With influences ranging from Bad Brains, Bob Marley, and The Clash, TTT pulls out all the strings and tricks to play audiences into a fun-filled frenzy.

1:55 | Majic In only a short span of time, this 17 year old roots pop reggae artist has already achieved things most acts only dream about. A member of the Jack Knight Song Writing Academy, Majic stated her quest in 2011 to become involved in music as a reggae singer. Becoming the first female from New Zealand to record at the legendary Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, her singles, “Likkleman” and “Punky Reggae Party” are sweeping the airwaves. Incorporating the guidance of her tribal elders from Te Tai Tokerau, the northern region of Aotearoa (New Zealand), along with the musical sensibilities of Lauryn Hill, Maisey Rika, Katchafire, India Arie, and Bob Marley, Majic is manifesting an unusually hip twist to something otherwise ancient. Working alongside fellow youths and promoting youth initiatives through music, Majic’s artistic vision is all-inclusive and knows no bounds. We welcome their first-ever U.S. performance!

3:20 | i-KRONIK One of the best bands to emerge out of Jamaica in 25 years, i-KRONIK represents the future of the “classic” reggae band. Since their official debut in October 2011, they have been rising steadily with their versatility, wide range appeal and high level musicianship. Born from the lineage of the Gumption Band in which the majority of the members had been playing professionally, all five of them sing and play instruments, including a featured melodica. A hard act to follow, i-KRONIK mixes distinct vocal styles with crafty lyrical compositions and their live performances showcase the skills of each individual member. Their chemistry is so irresistible, so authentic, so playful and so magnetic that they are easily the most interactive, refreshing, and up-to-date sound around. On the heels of the release of their first EP, they are sure to perform some of their hot new original material along with sets backing Iba MaHr and Megah Banton at this

year’s ROTR.

3:45 | Iba MaHr At the helm of the Roots Revival with Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje and Jah9, is Iba MaHr. With a new single out, “Babylon Debating,” this young Jamaican sensation draws upon Rastafari for inspiration. Born Mario Greaves, his friends granted him the name “Iba” meaning calm and humble and “MaHr” the acronym for a small province in Ethiopia. A singer of reggae and lovers rock, at the age of 19 he voiced his first song with Charmax Music, chanting from Linstead, St.Catherine. He released his first song in 2008, “Had It and Lost It” with Charmax Music and Max “Romeo” Smith. Committed to the promotion of roots and culture, this young artist credits it for enabling him to withstand the many dangers of his volatile community. Now in his mid-20s, he is more intent than ever to pursue this mission. With tunes “Will I Wait” and “Let Jah Lead the Way” and tour stops at Summerjam in Germany as well as in France and Poland, the world has just begun to hear what Iba MaHr has to offer.

4:45 | Megah Banton Megah’s gruff and provocative lyrical delivery distinguished him from fellow emerging singjays of the early 90s, which his first ever track, “Give It A Ease” epitomizes. Having toured extensively with Beenie Man, and Tanto Metro and Devonte, Megah (formerly Mega without the new addition of an “h”) continues to leave his mark in reggae dancehalls the world over. Like his musical inspiration, Buju Banton, Megah chronicles the harsh realities of life in Jamaica with a positive spin. Growing up outside of Kingston in the city of Portmore, Megah was writing and singing his own tunes and developing his own style by the second grade. Crooning the lyrics of Dennis Brown, Yellow Man and Alton Ellis over his father’s sound system at neighborhood sessions, his 1993 debut album on VP Records, “First Position” rewarded him with the song “Sound Boy Killing” that charted on the U.S. Billboard, propelling his career to the next level. His hardcore edge gained the attention and support of notorious reggae producer, Jack Scorpio and later Sony Records with “Money Ina Mi Pocket” and “Pon Di Corner” staying on the reggae charts in JA and the U.S. for several months in 2003. Although his appearances on dancehall riddims have been limited in the last few years, he has preserved his untouchable style and status as exemplified on his most recent album, “Thug Poetry” (2009).

6:10 | Fishbone From the shifting fault lines of Hollywood fantasies and the economic racial tensions of Reagan’s 1980s America, Fishbone rose to become one of the most original bands of the last 25 years. With a blistering combination of ska, punk, funk and reggae, they demolish the walls of genre and challenge the racial stereotypes and political order of the music industry and the nation. Lead singer, Angelo Moore’s ability to combine thoughtprovoking, humorous social commentary with his Fishbone brethren’s frenzied, up-tempo music and frantic, euphorically entertaining

With a blisterin g combin ation of ska, pun k, fun k an d reggae, Fishbon e demolishes the walls of gen re an d chall en ge the racial stereotypes an d political order of the m usic in dustry an d the n ation . 12

Mateel Community Center

stage show has cultivated their undisputed reputation as one of the best live acts in music. Still composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music together, the band is experiencing a resurgence of energy fueled in part by their critically acclaimed full-length feature documentary, “Everyday Sunshine – The Story of Fishbone” which tells the story of the band’s love for and dedication to their art in spite of struggles with money, family and racial stereotypes of being black punk rockers. These genre-bending artists are consistently re-inventing themselves and their courage and talent were recognized this year with a featured slot at Coachella. Despite having a close connection to our community for all these years, Fishbone has never played ROTR before! Thus, we are especially excited to welcome them to our 30th anniversary for which they have planned a special, reggae-infused set.

started working together at the newly created Channel One label and studio, one of the best in Jamaica. Responsible for consistently reshaping the landscape of JA’s music, in 1976 they introduced a beat called “Rockers” which quickly replaced the prevalent “One Drop” style. In the early 80s they introduced the “Rub a Dub” sound. Sly and Robbie were also a markedly crucial component in developing the trend toward computer assisted music and programming in the mid-80s. As arguably the longest lasting production team in music history and having worked with every notable artist in Jamaica, Sly and Robbie and The Taxi Gang are returning to our stage, tipping their hats to ROTR’s three decades of bringing reggae music to the United States.

7:55 | Sly and Robbie with The Taxi Gang

Truly one of the finest singers in the lovers rock genre, Bitty McLean has a voice that could melt butter. Born in 1972 in Birmingham, England, his earliest memories are punctuated by his performances with local sound systems, including his father’s, where he started singing over dub and instrumental riddims as a teenager. After studying sound engineering at college, he was invited in1992 to join UB40 not only as a producer and engineer, but also to play and sing on what would become the internationally renowned album, “Promises and Lies” which sold in excess of eight million copies. Bitty, with his elegant presence and astonishing voice, has an unnerving ability to pen pop smash hits and his own material notched up a string of top ten hit singles throughout the 90s, including “Walk Away from Love” which continues to be a big club hit. The release of the superb album, “On Bond Street” (1994) showcases McLean’s reworkings of vintage American soul tunes and his impressive ear for Motown and classic rocksteady. His cover tunes are so brilliantly executed, using his own lyrics over the warm nostalgic sounds that it’s hard to believe that he was not there when the tracks were originally recorded. Bitty followed soon after with an album he co-created with the world’s greatest rhythm section and production team, Sly and Robbie, titled “Movin’ On” (2009). Receiving widespread critical acclaim, including Reggae Album of the Year by the New York Times, McLean and Sly and Robbie have continued to collaborate, tour, and record, including their most recent album, “The Taxi Sessions” (2013). In a rare American appearance, Bitty McLean, together with Sly and Robbie and Taxi Gang, will alight the stage at ROTR Friday night.

Sly and Robbie are more than just a rhythm section; they are the premiere architects of the modern sound of Jamaican music. As well as being on the scene during the roots hay day, this duo helped power reggae into the 1980s, sharing the sound of the mighty Black Uhuru and numerous others on their own Taxi label. They are also the go-to guys for international stars wanting a taste of Jamaica. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, No Doubt and Herbie Hancock are just a few of the extensive list of artists who have sought them out for the good groove. One staggering estimate is that these two have played on or produced some 200,000 songs and may well be the most prolific recording artists ever. The rhythm section of drummer Lowell Dunbar (nicknamed Sly after Sly Stone, one of his favorite musicians) and bass guitarist, Robert Shakespeare, started working together in the mid-70s after having established themselves separately in JA’s music scene. They describe their being drawn together as being something akin to magic, as before meeting and joining forces they had noticed each other’s talents. Upon finding out that they shared the same ideas about music in general (both are huge fans of Motown, James Brown, and The Beatles), they

8:55 | Bitty McLean

2014 Reggae on the River


10:10 | Michael Rose With arguably the most high profile, signature voice in reggae music, Michael Rose has been recording and performing music for over 35 years. In the1970s and 80s, Rose’s charismatic stage presence and voice as the front man of the legendary, Black Uhuru, (which won the first ever Grammy in the Reggae category for the album, “Anthem”) was key to their becoming one of the biggest and best loved reggae acts. Throughout his career, even as different Jamaican musical styles have phased in and out of popularity, Rose has always remained a modern roots artist. The mastermind behind and voice on such massive tunes as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” “General Penitentiary,” and “I Love King Selassie,” and most recently, his collaboration with Damian Marley on, “Shoot Out,” Rose shows he has staying power. In fact, the industry calls Rose’s trademark styled voice (that reached mainstream America when featured in a scene on The Cosby Show in the 1980s) “the Waterhouse sound” after the rough section of downtown Kingston from where Rose hails. Additionally, his magnetic stage presence seems to defy reason. Spiritually ordained? Perhaps. Talented? Without contest. Boasting an epic career and extensive biography, Michael Rose is truly a reggae superstar. In addition to this featured Friday set with fellow Black Uhuru contributors, Sly and Robbie, Rose will also perform close out Thursday night at ROTR in rare collaboration with famed producer, GAUDI.

11:30 | Gentleman & The Evolution Born Tilmann Otto in 1974, the son of a Protestant pastor, Gentleman has become a highly esteemed international headliner and the face of reggae in Germany. Songs such as “Dem Gone,” “Superior,” and “Send a Prayer” have become modern classics in the canon of contemporary roots reggae. His career was initially inspired by a collection of sound system tapes brought back from Jamaica by a friend. “There was an incredible energy about it, “ he remembers, “The first time I went to JA myself was at the age of 18 and it completely changed the way I look at music….that music is much more than entertainment- that it is important and can shape societies.” A phenomenal songwriter with a distinct singjay vocal style and an unmistakable sincerity, Gentleman refreshed the reggae genre, giving it new relevance at a time when it was lacking luster. His album debut in 1999, “Troddin On,” was just the beginning of the impact he was to make in reggae, while 2002’s “Journey to Jah” was the real breakthrough album that was heard worldwide. His album, “Confidence” (2004) went Platinum while his sixth and latest album, “New Day Dawn” (2013), is heralded as the purest Gentleman album to date. Nearly all of its 16 tracks originated on the latest addition to his creative flow: a grand piano in his Cologne apartment. The intensity of Gentleman’s vibes, the tremendous interaction he shares with his audiences and his unpretentious confidence have him and his band, The Evolution, performing with the same spirit and uncontrollable joy that his spiritual home in Jamaica first inspired. Friday night, the ROTR massive will be electrified by this artist’s perfect balance of roots reggae, dancehall, pop and hip-hop.

A phen om en al son gwriter with a distin ct sin gjay vocal styl e an d an un mistakabl e sin cerity, Gentl eman refreshed the reggae gen re, givin g it n ew rel evan ce at a tim e when it was lackin g l uster. Respect the River. Protect the River. 14

Mateel Community Center

Artist Bios

SATURDAY, August 2

10:30 | Opening Blessing 10:45 | John Trudell and Bad Dog Acclaimed poet, recording artist and activist, John Trudell’s universal following reflects the universal language of his words, work and message. Of Santee Sioux lineage, he was a spokesperson for the occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969-1971 and served as Chairman of the American Indian Movement during most of the 1970s. Following a terrible tragedy, he began to find his voice as an artist and poet- to, in his words, “Stay connected to reality…I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.” Recording his provocative poetry to rock and roll, blues, and traditional Native American music, he creates a compelling backdrop for his views on society, love and life. An outspoken and prolific artist with a long legacy of work, his latest,” The Madness and The Moremes” showcases some of the best music the razor sharp band, Bad Dog has ever created. Following appearances at ROTR’s 10th and 20th anniversaries, it’s only fitting that John Trudell is back now for our 30th.

12:10 | Indubious Playing an eclectic mix of dancehall and new roots reggae (rootstronica) with visionary lyrical messages, two and three part harmonies, and electro funk fusion jams, Ashland, Oregon’s Indubious is a group of intergalactic revolutionaries. Best known for their impactful live shows, they’ve recently exploded onto national and international markets leaving in their wake the makings of a conscious arising. Winning the 2010 Global Marijuana Music Award in the “Best Reggae” category for their song “Ganja Weed,” and a finalist in last summer’s Marley Mellow Mood Band Contest, Indubious has made a huge impact on the West Coast’s conscious music scene. Aiming to reconnect the people of the world with rightful living, their third studio album, “Wake The Lion,” (2013) produced by GAUDI, proves that Indubious is on a quest to change the face of music.

1:40 | Abya Yala

The intention of this 11-piece band from Santiago, Chile is to generate attitudes of environmentalism, community building, the promotion of youth self-sufficiency and the general upliftment of life on the planet. With over 10 years experience in a completely independent and self-managed manner, they have produced two albums: “Change” (2010) and “Day and Night” (2014). In the spirit of the group’s namesake, “Abya Yala” meaning “land of vital blood,” they have been living together for several years in Chile in a home that includes a temple and a

studio where many important projects of the new Chilean scene are incubated, including their band. Abya Yala has been sharing its music on stages across Chile and in a parallel universe across the world via social networking, inspiring the band to continue working despite how difficult it is to sustain an artistic project independently. Armed with a great sound and a ton of heart, ROTR is so happy they embarked on this journey for our 30th anniversary – their first appearance in North America!

3:15 | Marlon Asher Marlon Asher’s runaway hit, “Ganja Farmer” (2004) helped kick-start the Trinidad and Tobago dancehall/reggae movement, taking the music to a global audience and breaking down barriers for other T&T artists in the process. The tune was an instant classic and chosen as the lead track on the annual Greensleeves Record compilation, “Biggest One Drop Anthems of 2006.” Asher’s sweet voice and tender passion delivered another anthem for those who appreciate the benefits of cannabis, “Ganja Cowboy,” and together the tunes have received over 15 million views/downloads. A calm and humble artist, his approach to music is about more than putting out hit songs and selling ringtones. Having been exposed to reggae music as a youth, it was natural for him to use reggae music as a medium rather than soca and calypso music which is what dominates T&T. Hailing from Chaguanas in central T&T, he was given the name “Marlon” while “Asher” stems from when he became a proud member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel who gave him his spiritual upbringing and the desire to share Jah’s message through music. Asher’s musical style was recently reinvigorated by the release of the mixtape, “Higher Learning” (2013). We at ROTR welcome Marlon Asher to our stage for the very first time!

4:40 | Etana Since she came on the scene in 2007, Etana has remained the queen of socially conscious reggae. Her debut single, “Wrong Address” highlighted the discrimination some Jamaicans face who live in violence-ridden communities. Meanwhile, hits like “Roots” and “Jah Chariot” quickly made her a household name within reggae circles. With her third fulllength album, “A Better Tomorrow,” (2013) recorded at Kingston’s legendary Tuff Gong Studios, Etana consistently wraps encouraging and edifying sentiments in gorgeous melodies and lushly textured rhythms. Raised in August Town, JA, Shauna “Etana” McKenzie was studying in Florida to be a nurse when she left college to join the female popR&B trio, Gift. While shooting a music video with the group, she defied the overtly sexual stereotypes that were being forced upon her and her bandmates i.e. protesting the requisite attire of lingerie, stiletto heels and invasive camera angles. She returned to Jamaica where she had a destined meeting with Richie Spice’s management which resulted in her becoming his backup singer. Shortly thereafter, she chose the name “Etana” which in Swahili means “the strong one” (also the title of her first album - 2008) as she left to work on strictly her own terms as a solo artist. “I looked at how women were being represented in Jamaican music and how little girls think that is the way it’s supposed to be, and I wanted to be a positive influence and change some of the things they are taught,” Etana reflects. Etana’s powerful vocal range and elegant and modest rasta-chic style is as distinct as her sultry verve, empowered songwriting and authentic regality- proving that she is indeed the empress of reggae soul.

I looked at how wom en were bein g represented in Jamaican m usic an d how littl e girls thin k that is the way it’s supposed to be, an d I wanted to be a positive in fl uen ce an d chan ge som e of the thin gs they are taught.” ~ Etan a 2014 Reggae on the River


6:15 | See-I Representing ROTR’s 30 year commitment to host artists defining the future of reggae music, the story of See-I begins with two brothers, Rootz and Zeebo Steele. In the heady days of the 1980s, the two vocalists launched a musical project that quickly became a fixture on Washington, D.C.’s burgeoning music scene. Crossing paths with Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton, who became determined to include them in future projects, they have gone on to record, perform and tour the world as the backing band for the famed musical group. One of the East Coast’s premier party bands; an eight piece powerhouse ensemble which includes the foundational members from Thievery’s live band, they weave original roots and dub reggae through intoxicating layers of funk, rap, rock, and Latin jazz. With a full length album and an EP out on Fort Knox Recordings label, when this crew rolls in, the dance floor takes off on vibrations set off by echo effects and bass-heavy rhythms. Otherwise and usually booked up with Thievery Corporation dates, this is a rare west coast performance for the group- and we’re happy they chose ROTR to be their first-ever NorCal festival.

7:55 | Third World Over the years, Third World is most certainly one of ROTR’s favorites. With four decades of smash hit songs, sold-out tours and inspirational messages, Third World is more than just one of the top reggae bands of all time, it is an institution. Founded in 1973 by members of Inner Circle, Third World is credited as being the first reggae act to incorporate funk, Philly soul, hip hop, South African township music, and even strains of classical into its boundless style. Third World joined Bob Marley and The Wailers as the opening act for their 1975 world tour. The following year, Third World’s adaption of the Abysinnians’ “Satta Massagana” and their own original “96 Degrees in the Shade” – both enormously successful songs - set the stage for their commercial breakthrough album in 1978, “Journey to Addis” which


Mateel Community Center

featured a funky, disco-flavored cover of the O’Jay’s, “Now That We’ve Found Love,” a song that hit the Top Ten in both the United States and the U.K.. Hailed far and wide as the “Reggae Ambassadors,” Third World is one of the longest lived reggae bands of all time and one of Jamaica’s most consistently popular crossover acts among international audiences. With 10 Grammy nominations, 23 albums, and a plethora of awards including the prestigious United Nations Peace Medal, Third World has stood, since the beginning, for producing and performing music that holds firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of its members while continuing to push at the cutting edge of all music forms. In a 1992 interview with Billboard Magazine, founding member Bunny Rugs, who passed away this February, described the band as “Strictly a reggae band – no. Definitely a reggae band – yes.” Their most recent album, “Patriots,” was released in 2010 and their performance at ROTR will pay tribute to Rugs as well as help us commemorate our 30th anniversary is a mutual nod of respect and a testament to this ever-living music.

9:55 | Iration Arguably the quickest rising band on radar, Iration’s number one album on iTunes, “Time Bomb” still remains in the Top 20 four years later and has sold 40K copies. In fact everything this Southern California based band puts out creates a buzz. Their debut album, “No Time for Rest” (2007) topped the Billboard Reggae Album Chart and by the next year they were off on a national tour. An alternative-reggaerock group of musicians that met while growing up in Hawaii, they formed their band while reconnecting in Santa Barbara. Iration has since become a crucial factor in the shaping of a popular new subgenre within reggae, one that brings the stylings and charge of the coast of California to its Caribbean roots. Creating truly original sounds by fusing reggae with fresh pop and rock influences, Iration has something that people these days can’t get enough of. With three EPs and three full length albums, this quintet has sold over 60K albums along with over a quarter of a million single downloads to date with their latest album, “Automatic” (2013) having shot to #1 on Billboard’s Reggae Album Chart. The aloha spirit captured by this quintet’s fresh blend of music is why Iration is ripping it up on stage and in the studio, while getting a surf in whenever possible.

2014 Reggae on the River


11:30 | Jimmy Cliff Jimmy Cliff was reggae’s first international star and he remains its greatest living ambassador. Having taken the music to all corners of the Earth, Cliff’s first hit, “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” (1969) soared high on the charts in the U.K. and the U.S., six years before Bob Marley and The Wailers cracked the charts with “Natty Dread.” A spectacular showman with incomprehensible energy, Cliff is also a Grammy award winning ska and reggae singer, songwriter, musician and actor. His career made a full-throttle breakthrough in 1972 with the groundbreaking Jamaican film, “The Harder They Come” in which he starred and contributed the title track in addition to half of the songs on the soundtrack (“You Can Get It If You Really Want It,” “Many Rivers to Cross,” and “Sitting in Limbo”). “The Harder They Come” was the first feature film written and directed by a Jamaican and was shot on location using an all-native cast. The movie was a huge success in JA and a cult classic everywhere else. The soundtrack, released in 1973, sold well around the world and is singularly credited for helping to popularize reggae music. A true Jamaican icon, Cliff was born James Chambers on April 1, 1948 in St.James, Jamaica. As a teenager, he adopted the stage name “Cliff” to acknowledge the heights he intended to climb. With a career spanning nearly 50 years, Cliff’s material can be found on a total of nearly 100 albums/compilations/ EPs/singles. His first album to win a Grammy was “Cliff Hanger” (1985). Then, in the early 90s, Cliff returned to the mainstream with his hit remake of Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” from the Cool Runnings movie soundtrack. The only other Jamaican, besides the venerable Bob Marley, to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2010), he is also the only living musician to hold the Order of Merit (2003)- one of the highest honors granted by the JA government for achievement in the arts and sciences. His 2012 album “Rebirth,” was his first studio release in seven years. It received a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album as well as earned a number 12 spot in Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2012. With his signature fusion of reggae, pop and soul, Cliff continues to make Jamaica proud with his exuberance, talent and grace.


Mateel Community Center

The onl y other Jamaican , besides the ven erabl e Bob Marl ey, to be in ducted into the Rock an d Roll Hall of Fam e (2010), Jimm y Cliff is also the onl y livin g m usician to hold the Order of Merit (2003)- on e of the highest hon ors granted by the JA govern m ent for achievem ent in the arts an d scien ces. His 2012 album “ Rebirth ,” was his first studio rel ease in seven years. It received a Gramm y award for Best Reggae Album as well as earn ed a n umber 12 spot in Rollin g Ston e’s 50 Best Albums of 2012. SUPPORTING SUSTAINBILITY & OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 1988


2014 Reggae on the River


Large assortment of hand blown glass, hookahs, and vaporizors. Don’t forget the great assortment of trimmers, bagging machines, pollinators, bubble bags, presses, scales, money counters, scissors, trim trays, and more!

Open Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm & Sat-Sun 10 am to 5 pm

1911 Barnett Court, Suite 6, Redway CA 95560 (follow our signs to the last right hand turn in the Medows Business Park between Garberville & Redway)

(707) 923-9319


Mateel Community Center

Artist Bios

SUNDAY, August 3 10:30 | Opening Blessing 2:05 | Mutabaruka and Skool Band Jamaica’s most revered poet/artist, Mutabaruka is one of the country’s earliest 10:45 | Reggae Dub Poet Ras Marcus Benjamin dub poets. A combo of the spoken word approach stemming from the Jamaican Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ras Marcus Benjamin has been writing and performing poetry for nearly three decades. Incorporating deep roots sounds from Reggae and Dub, in 2013 he released “Dub Talking,” the first-ever dub poetry album set to Nyabinghi drums in a live “from the floor” studio recording. The album includes several pieces from his self-published book, Dub Talking, which came out in 1995. With his current single, “Dread Inna Babylon,” he explores new rhythmic patterns collaborating on UK-style dub productions in a look to the future of dub poetry.

11:00 | Zili Misik

deejay style, paired with the sonic reduction of dub music, dup poetry was initially defined in the early 80s. A firebrand who repeatedly attacked the injustices and hypocrisy he saw both in Jamaica and in the western world at large, Muta was born Alan Hope in Kingston in 1952 and grew up in a working class neighborhood where he turned to Rastafari at a young age. As a schoolboy he found his adopted name in a book of poems and later discovered that, in Rwanda, the name means “one who is always victorious.” The charismatic Mutabaruka belongs to a tradition of Rastafari oratory and has been featured as a guest lecturer at American universities, has released multiple albums, and hosts a weekly music/talk show on JA’s Irie FM which has made him a national figure, albeit a controversial one. This witty, bare-footed Rasta with a wicked sense of humor will perform an extraordinary musical set at ROTR backed by one of Jamaica’s most prolific ensembles, the Skool Band, which was the (touring) Sunsplash house band and one that has played all of the island’s major stage shows. Muta’s innovative word plays will be illuminated by their sweeping musical genres including tribal-house to dancehall, reggae and R&B.

An all female, new world soul group out of Boston, Zili Misik evokes the captivating sounds of the African continent, retracing the routes of forced exile and cultural resistance through diasporic rhythm and song. Often dressed in matching elegant white linens and representing five countries and three continents, these seasoned Berklee School of Music alums will make your heart, body and soul shake with their original creations. For more than 10 years this seven piece ensemble has been transmuting Haitian mizik rasin, Jamaican roots reggae, Afro-Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban son and African American spirituals, blues, jazz and new soul into stomping beats, thick harmonies and rich rhythms. Creating a soul that is uniquely Zili Misik, the troupe takes its name from a Haitian spiritual entity, “Ezili” who is envisaged as mother, lover and warrior. Lyrically sliding seamlessly from English to Kreyol to Portuguese to Spanish, Zili offers a rare, euphoric, pan-global feast for the senses.

12:25 | Meta and The Cornerstones By way of pure musical genius and the spirit of humility, Meta has been proclaimed the next “African reggae voice.” Fusing Afro-pop, hip-hop, rock and soul music with lyrics in French, English, Wolof and Fulani, Meta’s unforgettable vocals soar amidst the support of the incomparable sounds of his band, The Cornerstones. Channeling the roots of reggae while breathing new life into the genre, Meta and The Cornerstones offer what critics are calling, a “soul-pounding spiritual experience” for their live audiences. Born in Senegal, West Africa, Meta grew up listening to reggae on the radio. Performing on the streets and stages of Dakar, by 2000 he was heralded as a pioneering voice for the culture of hip-hop in West Africa. Soon thereafter, Meta moved to New York City where he formed his Brooklyn-based band, a melting pot of musicians hailing from Israel, Texas, Japan, and Jamaica -- ethnic influences which are each clearly expressed in the repertoire. The first African artist to be signed to the iconic VP Records, their second album, 2013’s “Ancient Power” features Damian Marley and was recorded at the mythical Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston, JA. Their phenomenal and passionate music finds them traversing further oceans and borders, and ROTR is proud to be the first to host them on the West Coast.

2014 Reggae on the River


3:40 | Jah9

5:00 | Gyptian

Flaming hot, Janine “Jah9” Cunningham is part of the “Roots Revival” movement being forwarded by her brethren Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid and Protoje. Her signature style of singing over a blend of classic jazz melodies and reggae riddims with overtones of dub was created at her underground poetry shows in Kingston, JA. Born in 1983 near Montego Bay, this choir singing, introspective daughter of a preacher and a social worker experienced a spiritual, afrocentric and artistic awakening while studying psychology at the University of the West Indies. Like many of the Jamaican new wave, she came up through the live music and performance poetry scene rather than chanting on a sound. Linking up with producers such as Rory “Stone Love” and Don Corleon to produce magnificently powerful roots anthems, Jah9 has the cool style of Billie Holiday and confidence of Sizzla Kalonji. A yoga teacher, Jah9 captures audiences with her lyrical prowess about healthy living, delivering hard hitting, imaginative messages promoting social justice, gender equality, and matters of the heart. Her bold 2013 debut album, “New Name” has added new fuel to the reggae fire and its tracks are already in heavy rotation on the airwaves. Europe has booked up this hot new artist and we at ROTR are lucky to have this be her first Northern California festival appearance.

There are layers and multiple facets to this velvet-voiced artist. First there’s the conscious reggae singer who listeners first came to know from his breakthrough hit “Serious Times” (2005) that went Gold in the U.S. and catapulted him to the forefront of reggae music worldwide. Then there’s the champion lover with the signature growl, who captivated females worldwide with his crooning on “Hold You,” the sultry island pop smash that topped multiple charts globally in 2010 for up to 29 weeks. A remix of the song was done by Nicki Minaj, resulting in his first official crossover success. Born (1983) Wendel Beneto Edwards and raised in the countryside of St. Andrew, Gyptian grew up singing in the choir with his Seventh Day Adventist mother by day and at night, wowing the masses on his Rastafarian father, Basil Edwards’ sound system. Nicknamed from his habit of tying a shirt around his head and twisting his chin hair like an Egyptian pharaoh, Gyptian was introduced to Jamaica’s talent scouts/producers, Ravin Wong and Earl Chinna Smith who helped him hone his sound. Arguably the male reggae artist with the most sex-appeal, Gyptian’s 2006 debut album, “My Name is Gyptian” earned him comparisons to the great Gregory Isaacs for his mature and conscious reggae and lovers rock. Since then he has dominated the charts with a slew of hit singles including crossover hits, “Beautiful Lady”(2006), “I Can Feel Your Pain” (2008), and the infectiously catchy, “Nah Let Go” (2010). A Soul Train award winner for Best Artist, Gyptian’s fourth album, “Sex, Love, and Reggae” (2013), featuring Major Lazer and Estelle among others, takes the listener from dancehall to soca to global pop sounds. For Gyptian, who has also collaborated in the past with Mary J.Blige, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Lion, it’s all about versatility and keeping the door open to old and new listeners alike.

Jah 9 captures audien ces with her l yrical prowess about health y livin g, deliverin g hard hittin g, imagin ative m essages promotin g social justice, gen der equality, an d matters of the heart.


Mateel Community Center

Lost & Found at Info Booth and Security Central

6:35 | Israel Vibration with Roots Radics

8:30 | Alpha Blondy & The Solar System

Mention the name Israel Vibration in reggae circles and watch the warmth of recognition and appreciation of anyone who has seen or heard this very special vocal group. For over three decades the positivity emanating from this group has been spellbinding audiences, critics and DJs alike. Cecil “Skelly” Spence and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin were both born in Jamaica and met as children with Polio at Kingston’s Mona Rehabilitation Center in which they were placed because of their families’ limited resources and need for specialized care. There, the boys discovered Rastafari, found strength and willpower through their faith and began composing and singing songs. The expression of their spirituality and stance on issues relating to the rehab center caused them to be expelled from the institution, putting them on the streets of the capital city singing for their suppers for nearly six years. However, by their early 20s they had become a force to be reckoned with, and their prayers were answered when members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel agreed to finance their debut single. The group’s exquisite dread sound and militant cultural themes made an instant impression and they found themselves on stage opening for the likes of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. Albums “Same Song” (1976), “Pay the Piper” (1999), “Jericho” (2000), and singles such as “Cool and Calm” (1988) and “Rudeboy Shufflin” (1997) are just drops in the bucket of what has been nothing short of a mesmerizing career. Their most recent album, “Reggae Knights” (2010) finds them unendingly popular and an ever-vibrant live act as well. Since the beginning, Israel Vibration has been fully committed to singing honestly from their hearts with the true spirit of universality. Accompanying Skelly and Wiss for their Sunday night performance will be Roots Radics, the band credited for having developed and recorded a majority of the rub-a-dub riddims of the early-80s which were the precursor to the island’s fertile dancehall period.

A commander of the great African groove, Cote d’Ivoire’s Alpha Blondy is among the world’s most popular reggae artists. Rising to fame with the release of his debut album, “Jah Glory” (1983) with his 12-piece band the Solar System, Blondy delivers a reggae beat with a distinctive African cast. Calling himself an African Rasta, Blondy creates Jahcentered anthems promoting morality, love, peace and social consciousness. Discovering reggae music in 1977 while attending a Burning Spear concert in New York City, Blondy was inspired by the powerful dub rhythms he heard and began singing with various local groups, soon becoming a major star on the Abidjan music scene. Reggae, which up until then, had been thought of as a typically Jamaican sound, was seen for the first time to be successfully reinterpreted in Ivorian style. Blondy’s rebellious stance, his excitable personality and his endless supply of energy inspired Cote d’Ivoire to adopt Blondy as their own national version of Bob Marley. This revered status received a kind of unofficial confirmation when the famous Jamaican beatmaker/producer, Clive Hunt encouraged Blondy to sing in his African languages and create his own style. Blondy’s path was set; he flew out to Kingston in 1984 to record the title track of his new album, “Cocody Rock” with Marley’s former backing group, The Wailers, and he has continued to reinvent himself in each of his 20 plus albums ever since. Singing in Dioula, French, English, Hebrew, and Arabic, incorporating the call and response qualities of African music, the synthesizing beats of Jamaica and the strutting guitars from American funk-rock, Blondy uses the microphone to speak as a prophet for Africa. His 1991 album, “Masada” went Gold in France and his 2002 album, “Merci” earned him a Grammy nomination in the States. Ultra prolific in recent years, 2007’s “Jah Victory” through 2011’s “Vision” prove he’s still in his prime- and his latest, Mystic Power (2013) on VP Records is further reassurance that Alpha Blondy is a symbol of hope and the most important living African reggae artist working today.

2014 Reggae on the River


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The Reggae Brew Barn Conveniently located at the back of the concert bowl, the Reggae Brew Barn will feature over 10 brews from Lagunitas, Eel River, Anderson Valley, Ninkasi, Ace Cider, Mendocino and many more. Fine local wine and refreshing mimosas will also be available. And, in an effort to shrink our environmental footprintand also bring you a groovy ROTR pint - this year we are proud to be partnering with Klean Kanteen to offer a solution to single-use plastic cups. Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, the 16oz Steel Pint Cup is durable, versatile, reusable, and dishwasher safe. It won’t break like glass pints and won’t fill the landfill either. We will have a limited number of Reggae On The River Steel Pint Cups available for purchase, so stop by Reggae Brew Barn to get yours before they are gone. They feature a custom Reggae On The River logo and are priced at $10 each or $14 filled with the beer of your choice.



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Reggae on the River is broadcast live on your local community radio station KMUD. 91.1 SoHum. 88.1 NoHum, 90.3 Mendo, 99.5 Shelter Cove. Tune in during the event to hear main stage acts, and artist interviews live from the KMUD press tent! KMUD is volunteer driven listener supported radio and is proud to work with the Mateel to deliver this exciting event to your radio! Tune in at your campsite at 91.1FM!

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Welcome to KidLandia at Reggae On The River®! Arts & Crafts Activities Tent

Offering ongoing creative arts opportunities for kids and parents, this popular tent will get your artistic juices flowing as we make costumes, instruments, and other keepsakes.

Circus Nature Tent

Look for the rainbow circus tent and expect the unexpected with impromptu performances by clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians, and more. Hosted by A’OK The Clown, this is the place for a wide array of creative play.

Jump House

Offered free of charge and supervised by our event crew, the Jump House is a favorite attraction in KidLandia. * Please note: children must be accompanied by an adult to participate in all KidLandia activities.

In Memoriam: Tim Olsen This community cherishes our local fire departmentsthe wonderful professionals and well-trained volunteersfighting to protect this beautiful area. Sadly, we lost one of our very best earlier this year when Briceland Fire Chief and Reggae On The River’s Critical Incident Commander, Tim Olsen, died suddenly of a heart attack on March 20th. Tim was a tireless professional and volunteer who served in many capacities in the medical and emergency response community throughout Humboldt Countyincluding as head of the Mateel Community Center’s Critical Incident Team for Reggae On The River® and the Summer Arts & Music Festival. More than a thousand people came out to honor Tim’s life at memorials held in Fortuna and his home community of Briceland, truly showing the love Humboldt County has for this man. Tim was a warm-hearted, extraordinary person and a consummate emergency services professional who will be deeply missed.

JahMed Tent Offers Earplugs For Children Why ear protection for your little ones? The cumulative effects of conditions which cause acquired hearing loss in children is largely due to noise exposure. NIHL (Noise Initiated Hearing Loss) is 100% preventable. This year, JahMed received grant monies from Humboldt Sponsors, Inc and McLean Foundation for Humboldt County infant and children hearing protection. Supplies are limited- information is not, so stop by the JahMed Tent to find out more. JahMed, Inc. is a non-profit medical organization whose roots began at ROTR in 1996. Part of their mission involves educating the public on health concerns. More information can be found at


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100%•organic deli • bakery • espresso bar bulk • sushi • beer wine • grass fed meats • vegan & gluten free friendly

811 I St. in Arcata (707) 822-5947 | 25 4 th St. in Eureka (707) 443-6027


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Serious Felonies Cultivation/Drug Possession DUI & DMV Hearings Domestic Violence Juvenile Delinquency Pre-Arrest Counseling


Kathleen Bryson Attorney

732 5th Street, Suite C, Eureka, CA 95501

707.268.8600 Former Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Member of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Member California DUI Lawyers Association


Roving Rasta Poet Look for Joaquin Andres as he moves about the festival grounds, reciting Rasta poetry from his latest work Rucksack Rambles.


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